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Older News ~ January 2014 -- June 2014

NOTE: not in pure chronological order


Trust: Ontario election reversal: Thornhill goes PC, not Liberal, after 'data entry error'

Billion dollar gas plants scandal: We kept few records, McGuinty tells OPP; Court documents reveal details of former Ontario premier's talk with investigators

Montreal: Canada's Amaya Gaming Group Inc. buys owner of online PokerStars for US$4.9B

Windsor Star: The Liberals had to answer to the deficit, the gas plant scandal, an OPP raid, a multimillion-dollar green energy lawsuit, Ornge and eHealth — but in the end, reducing 100,000 public sector jobs through retirement and attrition frightened voters

Ontario election 2014: 'Smokey' Thomas: Kathleen Wynne is lying about public sector cuts

Ontario election 2014: Bloomberg: Wynne/Sousa budget foretells biggest Ontario cuts in decades; Wynne lies about it for weeks

Ontario election 2014: Matt Gurney: Throw the Liberals out

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Ontario election 2014: Media union weighs in on election; Liberal media bias on display?

June 9: 'Tax Freedom Day' is later than last year: Fraser Institute

F-35: Only the best jet fighter is good enough for RCAF

Ontario election 2014: Proof builds on Liberals' cozy relationship with unions

Ontario election 2014: McGuinty government changed green energy rules to benefit Liberal-linked firms, court filing charges; being sued for $653 million by T. Boone Pickens

Ontario election 2014: Lorrie Goldstein: Politically corrupt choices caused gas plants scandal

Ontario election 2014: Latest scandal: New MaRS lab adds $86M to taxpayers’ bill; cost of a state-of-the-art infectious disease laboratory in troubled building in addition to $477M Ontarians already on hook for: Toronto Star

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: End the scandals and vote PC

Ontario election 2014: Liberal Party links to Metrolinx perks becomes latest election controversy

Ontario election 2014: Toronto Sun editorial: We endorse Tim Hudak, for Ontario

Brampton: Ten-year-old boy dies in sleepover, 300 left homeless as major fire consumes townhouse complex

Ontario election 2014: Election is a 'referendum on corruption'—Horwath and Hudak attack Liberals over gas plants

Ontario election 2014: Toronto Star editorial: Police—including OPP union—should stay out of elections

Ontario election 2014: Daniel Dickin: No matter who won the Ontario debate, Wynne lost

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Why do Ontarians keep electing corrupt Liberals?

Ontario election 2014: National Post editorial board: A Conservative government for Ontario

Ontario election 2014: Labour’s $4B election fund: Unions free to spend compulsory dues on political activities

Ontario election 2014: EKOS: Dramatic shift in poll results toward Hudak PCs

Moncton: RCMP release names of 3 slain officers

Toronto: Canadian team finds root causes for 146 rare childhood diseases

D-Day + 70: A short chronology of 1944 D-Day landings in Normandy by Canadian forces

Maine: Rwandan man accused of war crimes arrested crossing into U.S.; had been rejected as refugee by Canada

Moscow: Russia bans anonymous access to wi-fi

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines to become fully state owned after 2 disasters

Moscow: Russian retail stocks slide on Putin import ban as ruble weakens

Moscow: Russia retaliates against sanctions, bans some food imported from U.S., EU

Baghdad: Iraqi army airstrike on Islamic State group kills 60 suspected militants, state TV says

NATO: Russia could be poised to invade Ukraine

Update: Chinese earthquake death toll rises to 589

Monrovia: Bodies dumped in streets as West Africa struggles to curb Ebola

New York: Murdoch abandons $80B Fox plan to take over Time Warner

Wired: Why the security of USB is fundamentally broken

NY Times: Will lower speed limit on Broadway cut traffic deaths, lead to more tickets, and/or just gum up Manhattan surface travel?

Fast Company: Rebooting YouTube

Gaza: Israel declares 7-hour humanitarian ceasefire

updatedChina: Shallow M6.1 quake kills over 380 in a remote mountainous area of Yunnan province; 12,000 homes collapsed

Vancouver: Ebola remedy developer Tekmira's share value spikes

Jerusalem: Soldier feared abducted is dead, Hamas will pay heavily for more attacks, Israel says

Richard Warnica: Living in a luxury hotel in Qatar while urging Palestinians to die for him, will war turn them against Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal?

Gaza City: How a 72-hour truce in Gaza fell apart in less than 2 hours; Hamas suicide bombing, kidnapping

Daily Mail: 'A lot of people die out here' and 'all this on Obama's hands': Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings

Washington Post: Who are Hamas’s friends these days? It’s more complicated than you might think

Charles Krauthammer: John Kerry the Clueless wins a victory for Hamas

Tripoli: Libya hospitals face collapse if Indian staff flee

Shanghai: Blast at China car-parts supplier kills at least 68

Jerusalem: UN chief Ban condemns Hamas violation of latest cease-fire, capture of IDF soldier

Legacy: The day before 9/11, on 9/10/2001, ex-President Bill Clinton joked to an Australian audience about choosing to NOT kill Osama bin Laden when he had the chance; smoking tape emerges

Cairo: Israel, Hamas agree to 3-day cease-fire

Sierra Leone: Ebola outbreak: fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft, warns British doctor

Scotland: Ebola terror at Commonwealth Games - Sierra Leone cyclist's 4 days' isolation in Glasgow

Atlanta: American with Ebola to be treated at Georgia hospital

Sapporo: Australian tropical cyclone activity said to be at the lowest level in modern history

Jerusalem: IDF strikes Gaza power plant, Haniyeh’s home as it methodically takes out terror targets

Washington: Russia tests missiles, violates 1987 treaty with U.S.

MH17: U.S., Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia

Senegal: New fears about Ebola spread after plane ride by Nigerian man just days before his death; he had visited his infected sister who later died

Journal of Palestine Studies - 2012: 'At least 160 children died digging tunnels for Hamas'

Washington: White House shows thin skin and poor skills as an ally, as it fumes over Israeli criticism of lame John Kerry

Mark Steyn: Israel and Ukraine, each fighting against the forces of terror and chaos

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr: In the Middle East, a new alignment being born?

TIME: Chemical in coffee, fries, and baby food linked to cancer, report says; advice given on how to avoid

Gil Troy: Why Hamas is guilty for the Gaza war

Jerusalem Post: Israel President Shimon Peres accuses Qatar of financing Hamas terrorism with petro dollars; one of last acts, as president steps down

Ukraine: Malaysia jet probe seeks missile evidence in black boxes, bodies

Curt Smith: Romney can say ‘I told you so’; in a new Quinnipiac University national poll, America deems Obama the worst U.S. President of the last 70 years, dating to the end of World War II

Soon? Apple granted comprehensive 'iTime' smartwatch patent with in-strap circuitry, arm gesture support

Kiev: Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down over rebel-held territory

Reuters: Sierra Leone's chief Ebola doctor contracts deadly virus

Incheon: South Korea ferry fugitive hid behind cabin wall, bags of cash at hand

MH4: Malaysia Airlines defends rerouting flight over Syria war zone just days after MH17 shot down over Ukraine

Unintended, ignored consequences: Killing marine life with ethanol

Ross Douthat: The parent trap

Jerusalem: Gaza militants infiltrate south Israel, IDF suffers casualties; IDF troops uncover 40 tunnels in Gaza, 14 of them intact

MH17: Outrage building over treatment of bodies at debris site

MH17: Recovered bodies put on refrigerated train

Donetsk: Rebels say they have what may be MH17 black boxes

NY Times: Attack kills at least 21 Egyptian soldiers at checkpoint in western desert

David Singer: Israel takes off the gloves

Gaza City: Israeli troops battle Hamas, uncover more than a dozen cross-border tunnels, destroy arsenals as Hamas rockets kill in Israel

Jerusalem: IDF starts Gaza ground offensive to take out terror tunnels

Johnny Winter: Blues legend dies at 70 in Zurich

Lois Lerner: Justice Dept: Missing emails now part of IRS probe

Media quake: Murdoch undeterred, continues to pursue purchase of Time Warner; would sell CNN, wants HBO to compete with Netflix

Israeli schoolgirl: My Letter of apology to the world media

Lenore Skenazy: Mom jailed because she let her 9-year-old daughter play in the park unsupervised... gasp

updated: Claim not terrorism: At least 21 dead, 136 injured in Moscow subway derailment

WSJ: Syria's allies are stretched by widening war

Tripoli: UN pulls its staff from Libya due to worsening crisis

Washington: Middle East descends further into chaos, endangering Israel -- and U.S. influence; Obama's foreign policy sandstorm "has the potential for much wider conflict" says John Bolton

Pew: Russia becoming more unpopular around globe due to invasion of Ukraine

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu says more 'stages' to come in Gaza operation

Spy vs Spy: Germany asks CIA station chief in Berlin to leave country over U.S. spying row

Jerusalem: Gaza dead reach 78 as Israelis hint at invasion

Ukraine: Donetsk bridges blown up to halt access to rebel-held city

Wall Street Journal: Obama's new Ambassador to Canada is a diplomatic bungler; appears keen (or oblivious) to upset relationship with America's biggest trading partner

Kampala: Uganda says kills 60 gunmen, troops deployed near oil area

Kiev: Ukraine forces retake two more rebel-held cities

SOUTHCOM General: Southern border crisis threatens U.S. existence

Slavyansk: Pro-Russian rebels seen fleeing eastern town as Kiev savours military victory

Another bogus claim revealed: Plastic bag fantasy island vanishes like Atlantis, scientist corrects made-up million-ton floating estimate

Better than a helmet: Airbag head protection contained in collar for bikers promises safer landing

ISIS/ISIL: ‘You have to kill them’ says former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

Joel Achenbach: Science is open to error, misinterpretation and even fraud

LA Times: Europe starting to see the flaws in the 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Brazil: Overpass collapses in World Cup city; at least two dead

Quinnipiac University: Only CBS covers new poll labelling Obama as the 'worst President' since WW II

Wall Street Journal: Sanctions could have 'significant impact' on Russia's economy: Russia Finance Ministry

Washington: U.S. seeks beefed-up foreign airport security after reports of undetectable bombs surgically implanted

Baghdad: U.S. sends Apache attack helicopters to Iraq

Baghdad: Iraq's Maliki says hopes for deal on government that could see him go

2007 campaign link: Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, detained in corruption probe

Murder: Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza after bodies of 3 missing teens found; 34 locations targeted as Israeli troops raid homes of abductors

Detroit: GM recalls 8.2 million cars for ignition switches

MH370: Power outage linked to possible hijacking attempt

Kevin D. Williamson: Politics pays; no society can long thrive by making its innovators subservient to its bureaucrats

New Delhi: 2 arrested, 22 dead in India building collapses

Shot changed the world: Sarajevo marks 100 years since WWI with concert

Obama record of failure: ISIS success shows U.S. out of touch with Iraq's reality

MH370: Australian report assumes Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost oxygen

Cairo: Kerry and U.S. need Egypt for regional stability

'Fault line between civilization and savagery' — Netanyahu: Israel airstrikes hit 9 military targets in Syria

Iraq crisis: Iranians get shorts in a knot claiming Americans trying to exploit Iraq crisis as they try to exploit Iraq crisis

Chicago Tribune editorial: More smoke at the IRS — and not only from the hard drives; Special Prosecutor needed

American Thinker: MSM cofferdam around IRS scandal springs a leak; "Make no mistake: the weaponization of the IRS and subsequent cover-up is biggest political scandal in history of United States"

IRS cover-up plot thickens: IRS cancelled contract with email-storage firm weeks after Lerner’s alleged computer crash

Summer: Iced water really is good for dogs on hot days

Hollywood: Actor James Woods decries New York Times ‘lapdog media’ coverage of Obama’s ‘thugs’ at IRS

Doug Schoen: Obama flubs Iraq; "We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq"

Baghdad: Iraq insurgents capture fourth town in Anbar

Mexico: Central American migrants are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.

Neil Macdonald: Washington throws the book at 'campus rape culture'; but new university guidelines on sexual behaviour go well beyond the laws of the land

Cairo: Egyptian court confirms death sentence on Brotherhood leader

Carl J. Asszony: Our foreign policy has been a flop

Mexico: Illegal migrants to U.S. massing at Rio Grande's edge

Daniel Keyes: Author of 1966 novel 'Flowers for Algernon,' dies at 86

Syria: Car bomb kills 34, injures 50

New York: Global refugee figure passes 50m for first time since WWII

Iraq: 1,083 assassinations, 4,465 car bombs: ISIS publishes detailed figures on terror campaign

Baghdad: Iraqi forces, militants battle for oil refinery

Kuala Lumpur: Boat sinks off western Malaysia, 66 Indonesians feared drowned

Report: U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base

Iraq crisis: Militants take control of Tal Afar, advance closer to Baghdad

Jeff Wise: My MH370 Mea Culpa; How I went wrong in my analysis of the missing airliner

Iraq crisis: The bare-faced ISIS executioner who spreads terror with his open killing

Iraq: ISIS extends grip in north, freely post pictures of atrocities they commit

ISIS crisis: U.S. rules out co-ordinated military action with Iran

Can-Am study: Brain injury rates on the rise in cities with bike-share programs

Mombasa: Gunmen kill at least 50 in Kenya during World Cup TV screening

How convenient: IRS lost Lois Lerner's emails in tea party probe

Iraq: Army claims it kills 279 Islamic militants in 24 hours

Mosul: Iraq crisis: despite decapitations and deaths thousands return willingly to city held by ISIS terrorists

Ukraine: Russia sends tanks, other heavy weaponry into Ukraine

Kiev: Bomb found near Ukrainian president's office

ISIS crisis: The jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul — and how Obama let him go

Obama's folly: Iraq disintegrating as insurgents advance; Kurds seize Kirkuk

ISIS crisis: Obama says he won't rule out any type of help for Iraq; given his 100% failure rate in international matters, who will care?

Iraq crisis: al-Qaeda militants push towards Baghdad

Iraq: ISIS just stole $425M and became the ‘world’s richest terrorist group’

Las Vegas: Five reported dead in North Las Vegas police ambush

Kiev: Pro-Russian rebels launch latest assault in beleaguered Ukraine's east

Hidden hero: Exploits of Britain's first ever double agent revealed in new book; Canada and Hollywood connections revealed in 'Snow – The Double Life of a World War II Spy'

Kiev: Poroshenko takes oath as Ukrainian president, offers amnesty to armed groups

The final frontier: Sleep's memory role discovered

Afghanistan: Afghan election front-runner escapes car bombings in Kabul

D-Day 70th anniversary: Benedict Cumberbatch to read original D-day news bulletins on Radio 4; BBC's 70th anniversary coverage of Normandy invasion includes new recordings

Guelph: Monarch butterfly decline due to loss of milkweed, new study shows; link to growing corn for ethanol

Warsaw: Obama vows to defend freedom in Europe, support democratic movements worldwide

British Columbia: TransCanada plans $1.9B pipeline to serve Canadian LNG plant

Vin Scully: A legendary 65 years behind the microphone

MH370: After Malaysian flight disappearance, IATA says it will propose new tracking options

Madrid: King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates

Abuja: One arrested after Nigeria football pitch bombing that killed 40 people

Former NHL, NBA owner: Media, sports mogul among dead with 6 others in Massachusetts 'fireball' plane crash

Guantanamo Bay: The Gitmo detainees swapped for Bergdahl: Who are they?

Karachi: Taliban claim responsibility for Pakistan airport attack; 29 dead

Quebec City: Police search for 3 inmates after helicopter jailbreak

Normandy: Soldiers return to beach where Canada fought

Canadian Army ammo driver Joseph Cauch, from Toronto, makes his way up Juno Beach in Courselles-sur-mer, France on Friday. ~ Adrian Wyld The Canadian Press

D-Day in Canada, 1944: 'Anxious times' on the home front

D-Day 70 years on: The day that changed the course of World War II

On June 6, 1944, around 160,000 Allied troops crossed the English Channel and stormed the beaches of Normandy. Two beaches beaches were assigned to U.S. control, two to the British, and one to Canada. Soldiers taking part in the Normandy landings came from Britain, Canada, Belgium, Greece, the United States,Czechoslovakia, Norway, Poland, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Australia.

D-Day 70th anniversary: Canada’s veterans made an extraordinary
contribution to Allied victory on D-Day; as veterans of that battle
dwindle in number, it’s vital to honour their sacrifice

Canadians who landed at Juno Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, made an extraordinary contribution to Allied victory in World War II. ~ Peter Macdiarmid GETTY IMAGES

D-Day 70th anniversary: D-Day brings thousands back to fabled
beaches of Normandy; veterans, now in their 90s, bring
memories of triumph and tragic loss of comrades

This June 6, 1944, file photo shows American soldiers of the Allied Expeditionary Force securing a beachhead during landing operations at Normandy, France. ~ Weston Haynes The Associated Press

D-Day 70th anniversary: Juno Beach where Canadians triumphed

Map of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landings on Juno Beach showing D-Day objectives, front line at midnight June 6.

D-Day 70th anniversary: 'I remember every detail of the landing even now'

A mass parachute jump in Ranville, Normandy, to mark the D-Day anniversary. ~ Ian Jones The Guardian

Moncton: 3 RCMP officers dead, 2 wounded; 24-yr-old suspect sought

The RCMP identified the suspect of a massive manhunt as 24-year-old Justin Bourque. This image of Bourque was taken by Moncton Times and Transcript photojournalist Viktor Pivovarov.

London: Queen Elizabeth and Philip will be at D-Day 70th

Ottawa: Harper heads to Europe for D-Day 70th
Anniversary celebration with Putin on his mind

Oklahoma: Collection of 200 classic cars re-discovered after 61 years

Fords, Hudsons, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, even a rare 1937 supercharged Cord 812 sedan. All will be sold
at auction on June 7th before years of restoration begins.

Toronto: Harper chastises Putin, slams communism in keynote speech

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses a fundraiser for a memorial to the victims of Communism
in Toronto on Friday, May 30, 2014. ~ Darren Calabrese THE CANADIAN PRESS

Saskatchewan: Not the same as rescuing a cat from utility pole

The SaskPower crew was worried about whether it would be able to get the bear back down without harming it, or bringing down the power in the local area, it says in a message on Facebook. In the end, the bear came down of its own accord - but not before it took a short nap. "He did manage to get down from the pole safely and is not injured as far as we know.. no damage to the pole or cause any sort of power outage".

Donetsk: 40 to 100 killed as rebel attack repelled by Ukraine troops

A military truck with armed pro-Russian militants drives through a police checkpoint towards the Donetsk airport. An insurgent said up to 100 rebels were probably killed in Monday's fighting. ~ Yannis Behrakis Reuters

Ukraine: Pro-Russian rebels seize Donetsk airport; new President
Poroshenko launches air strikes and sends in paratroopers

Pro-Russian militants take position on the roof of the international airport of the eastern Ukrainian city
of Donetsk. ~ Getty Images AFP

Ukraine election: Long lines in Kiev as voters blocked in volatile east;
Pro-Russia insurgents trying to block voting by snatching
ballot boxes and patrolling polling stations

Ukrainian polling stations opened on Sunday. ~ Kacper Pempel Reuters

1,012 killed 100 years ago: 'Canada's Titanic' finally getting its due

On May 29, 1914, the Canadian Pacific steamship, the Empress of Ireland, collided with a Norwegian
freighter near Quebec, sinking in 14 minutes and killing 1,012 people. ~ The Canadian Press

Ukraine: 500 rebels attack convoy, 20 killed

Ukraine: 'The war has started': Pro-Russian militants storm checkpoint,
kill 14 Ukrainian soldiers in deadliest clash yet in mounting conflict

Two destroyed Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers and an army lorry show the aftermath of bloodiest
attack yet in the Ukrainian conflict. Fourteen soldiers died and dozens more were wounded in ambush by
pro-Kremlin forces who attacked a Ukrainian mobile military checkpoint today. ~ AP

updated ~ Jos: Second attack kills 48 more
after 2 car bomb blasts in Nigeria killed at least 118

Bangkok: Thailand army declares martial law

Tripoli: Gunmen storm Libyan parliament, raid offices of lawmakers

Turkey: 301 dead in mining disaster blamed on high methane levels

Bakersfield: Hero cat to 'throw out' first pitch at minor league ball game

Ottawa: RCMP report debunks myths/claims regarding aboriginal women
murders/missing; cases solved at same rate as other missing & murdered
Canadians; make up 16% of female murders, 11.3% of females missing

Canadians can help find ALL missing Canadians at the Canada's Missing national website (link).

Canada: Rift among First Nations leaders over radicals'
threat for ‘economic shutdown’ coast-to-coast

Yucatan: 12,000-year-old human skeleton found in underwater cave

San Diego: Fires burn more than 10,000 acres, and counting

Firefighters retreat as a propane tank explodes behind a residence on
Country Club Drive in Escondido. ~ Luis Sinco Los Angeles Times

Turkey: Coal mine disaster death toll climbs to 238

Turkey: Now 151 workers dead after coal mine explosion

Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said 787 people had been inside the mine at Soma in Manisa province when
an electrical fault triggered the blast. A huge rescue operation is under way to reach hundreds more
miners still trapped underground.

Lac-Mégantic: 47 counts of criminal negligence filed against Montreal
Maine and Atlantic Railway Ltd. and three of its former employees

Finally: The car that drives like a boat
and vice versa — both in a good, fast way

The $275,000 CAMI Hydra Spyder is an impressive sports car/boat, that costs more than some Ferraris. But, unlike
any Ferrari, it can go 46 knots on water AND over 200 kilometres per hour on land.

National Day of Honour: Canada recognizes our heroes in Afghanistan

Canada honours the men and women who fought in Afghanistan.

Ottawa: Federal Tories fire back at loose-lipped Wynne: Clement
attacks Ontario Liberals’ ‘disastrous record,’ calls for party’s defeat

ISS: Watch Earth roll by LIVE from space station HD link

Activated on April 30, the cameras from the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment are enclosed in a
pressurized and temperature-controlled housing. Since the station orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes, viewers
who watch long enough may be able to see a sunrise or a sunset every 45 minutes. ~ ISS

Ontario election 2014: Campaign official now; Liberals had busses
painted and rolling but call delayed by religious holiday not figured in

Mississauga: Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak's Million Jobs Plan
touts economic competence — for a change

Tim Hudak came to Mississauga's famed Metalworks Studios to launch his campaign with area PC candidates. Hudak's
Million Jobs Plan is about lower taxes and less debt, reducing energy costs, training more skilled workers, a focus on
trade and cutting government red tape to free job creators. The first task is cleaning up the mess left by the billion
dollar Liberal wastrels currently running the province. ~ Livestream

Providence, RI: 9 performers in critical condition after
fall during Barnum & Bailey high-wire circus act

An injured female performer is lifted onto a stretcher and is taken out of the building. She waved to the
crowd as she was taken from the ring. ~ Bob Breidenbach The Providence Journal

Saudi Arabia: MOH report: MERS deaths now at 111

A man wears a mouth and nose mask as he walks in a street in Jeddah on April 27, 2014. Many
residents in the kingdom are still not wearing protective masks despite the rising number
of MERS coronavirus infections. ~ AFP

No cure: First U.S. case of MERS virus found
in Indiana man who visited Mideast

Ontario: A unicorn budget built on delusion and magical math

Since 2003, when the Liberals promised to end deficits, they have missed every target by every measure. That's why no one believes the imaginary election-inspired targets to the right of the dotted line above. According to the Candian Taxpayer Foundation, Ontario now has the seventh-largest sovereign debt load in the world, in the company of Greece, Italy, Ireland, and the other Euro-debt crisis nations. The Ontario economic train wreck created by the Liberals is what makes Canada's national economic performance all the more remarkable.

MH370: Probe shows how confusion began right as jet vanished

Diet breakthrough? Scientists find a chemical
that tells the brain you've eaten enough

Echoes of Lac-Mégantic: Train carrying crude oil derails in downtown
Lynchburg, Virginia, explodes in fireball on James River [video]

People in the general area have been evacuated, and the City of Lynchburg is asking people to avoid downtown. There
are no reports of injuries. It’s not clear yet what caused the derailment.

Forget global warming and melting polar caps — groundwater
extraction is causing cities to sink beneath sea level

Experts have warned that subsidence is a much greater risk than rising sea levels for megacities on the coast.
Some cities have already sunk below sea level and more are set to follow suit, by sinking between six and
100 millimetres per year.

Twisters: At least 35 dead as South braces for more tornadoes

Ontario: Canadian Taxpayers Federation fires shots into bow of sinking
Liberal ship; names names; puts Finance Minister Sousa on notice

This Canadian Taxpayers Federation billboard is at corner of Dixie and Caterpillar Roads in Mississauga, immediately
adjacent to provincial riding of Mississauga South currently represented by under-performing Ontario Finance Minister
Charles Sousa who has lost control of the provincial finances. Leaked documents say Sousa will deliver a budget this
week that again increases the province's unwieldy deficit, even as the federal government eliminates the national deficit.

Garth Manning: Human cost of Ontario's Green Energy Act; no cost-benefit analysis or impact study on property values, tourism, health

Moncton: Justin Bourque in police custody

Ontario election 2014: PC candidate earns Liberal endorsements in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

Ontario election 2014: OPP serve court order at Queen’s Park, McGuinty interviewed; judge-issued order requires staff to hand over various records, including visitor logs for the times police believe an off-the-books computer tech accessed hard drives in the Premier’s office

Reuters: Canadian review will recommend buying Lockheed F-35 fighter jet - sources

Ontario election 2014: Ontario Auditor General investigating government loans to MaRS; another billion dollar boondoggle

Ontario election 2014: Windsor Star editorial: Hudak has the right plan to restore Ontario’s economic health

Ontario election 2014: Peter Shawn Taylor: Driving off a cliff? Wynne says, let’s floor it!

Toronto: Power outage affecting 16,000 customers in east end

Toronto: Personal data of 8,300 new moms sold to financial firm in hospital security breach

Quebec City: Quebec deficit higher than projected; government spending to be cut

Ontario election 2014: John Ivison: If OPP union’s attack on Hudak is not illegal, it is at least unprofessional; OPP CAO is a former Liberal candidate

Ontario election 2014: Kelly McParland: OPP attack on Hudak relegates the public interest to second place

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: Math for Hudak Million Jobs Plan correct based on past PC performance

Calgary: William Shatner to lead Stampede Parade, alongside Sochi heroes

Ottawa: NDP won’t commit to repaying funds for mailings, which may run into the millions

Ontario election 2014: Michael Den Tandt: Tim Hudak clear winner in Ontario leaders debate

Ontario election 2014: Adam Radwanski: Stumble early in debate could spell trouble for Wynne

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Hudak only leader who gave the straight goods; Kathleen Wynne was on defensive from outset

Ontario election 2014: Leaders debate saw Kathleen Wynne on the defensive from the get go; But "If I don’t balance the budget in two years, I’ll step aside," Tory leader Tim Hudak told reporters after the debate. "I hope the other two leaders will make the same commitment"

Ontario election 2014: Philip Cross: Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan is easy to achieve

Ontario election 2014: Margaret Wente: The police get political

Ontario election 2014: Tim Hudak: Job creation requires a government we can afford

Ontario election 2014: Paul's Voice of Reason: OPP attack ads against Tim Hudak a violation of Police Services Act?

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: Ontario Provincial Police news release self-serving twaddle & The Big Lie!

Ontario election 2014: Did Wynne Liberals prematurely call election on Friday May 2nd to avoid damning ORNGE report on May 5th; leaked report shows why, Liberals slammed unanimously

Windsor: New Detroit River bridge a step closer to reality after Moroun loses court challenge against Coast Guard permit

Montreal: Canadian nun, 2 others free after 2 months of captivity in Cameroon

British Columbia: 59-yr-old B.C. randonneur cyclist, shot during Cache Creek 600

Newfoundland: Five fishermen rescued from ice floe

Ontario election 2014: Gas plants a sore spot at Mississauga South election debate

Ontario election 2014: Jeffrey Simpson: The Ontario Liberals haven’t made the tough choices

Ontario election 2014: Ontario facing another credit downgrade; Moody's report yet another warning sign the province must act now to overcome its indebtedness

London: Horror house London neighbourhood taken aback; boy held captive in bedroom for two years, rescued

Ontario election 2014: Scott Stinson: Documents show Liberals knew all along that $317M MaRS bailout would raise questions; son of gas plants

Ottawa: Ornge, Ontario's air ambulance service, faces 17 labour code charges; related to May 2013 Moosonee crash that killed 4 Ornge helicopter crew members

Ontario election 2014: Less than one percent of $40M nurses' fund spent on nurses; auditors called in; fund was set up to buy support of nurses unions for Liberals; now they're acting like Liberals with public money — wasting it and spending millions with no accountability

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: On June 12th remember these 50 reasons NOT to vote Liberal

Terence Corcoran: Nothing bogus about Hudak plan; media ignores fact only left-wing economists are critics

Scott Stinson: Ontario Liberals’ research centre bailout echoes gas plant and Ornge scandals; tried to hide it during election campaign

Toronto: Police make arrests in region-wide drugs and guns sweep, execute more than 50 search warrants

Ottawa: Federal tax cuts are saving Canadians $30B; low and middle income earners benefit most

Four heroes acted quickly: Mom of abducted day-old baby thanks social media for helping find infant

Ontario election 2014: Paul's Voice of Reason: Liberal Finance Minister Sousa gets Hudak's job numbers 100% wrong

Knowlton Nash: Legendary newsman, and trusted, nice guy, dead at 86

Ontario election 2014: CTV/CP24 Ipsos poll: 72% say 'Time for a Change'; In 'certain to vote' category: OPC—41%; OLP—30%; NDP—26%

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: Wynne’s Liberal budget declares war on small business with latest payroll tax

Ottawa: Justin Trudeau’s iffy judgment again on display

Stephen Skyvington: A million reasons to vote for Tim Hudak

updated ~ Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: Reality Check: Ontario Liberal job record over 11 years a mess

Quebec City: Prepare for belt-tightening, Premier Philippe Couillard tells Quebeckers

Ottawa: PM, G-G deeply saddened by army training tragedy

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: How the Million Jobs Plan numbers compare to reality

Winnipeg: Prince Charles visits Winnie the Pooh museum, feeds Hudson the polar bear on last day on Canadian tour

Blunt talk: Prince Charles not afraid to compare Putin and Hitler, make other frank observations

Ontario election 2014: Crux of the Matter: Ontario Liberals tripled health care costs, for management, not patient care

Ontario election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Libs keep getting nastier on campaign trail

Ontario election 2014: CBC Vote Compass users put priority on economic issues, then health care and accountability

Mississauga: Tim Hudak will call a judicial inquiry into the billion dollar gas plants boondoggle

Halifax: Prince Charles, Camilla to touch down in Canada today for whirlwind tour

Crux of the Matter: Who do Ontarians think will keep promises: Liberals or PCs?

Candice Malcom: Kathleen Wynne’s travel tax will cost jobs

Worthy reading: Proportionality and the Rule of Law: Rights, Justification, Reasoning, from editors Grant Huscroft, Bradley W. Miller, and Grégoire Webber, Cambridge University Press, 2014

Crux of the Matter: Wynne’s desperation & union noise proves ONPC plan will work

WHO: Life expectancy up in Canada by five years to 80

Ontario Election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Kathleen Wynne's re-election tactics turn desperate

Ontario Election 2014: Toronto Sun editorial: Hudak talks policy, Wynne talks nonsense

Ontario Election 2014: Ipsos Reid CTVNews/CP24 poll: OPC - 39%; OLP - 30%; NDP - 24%; Support for Hudak's PCs continues to climb as NDP falters

updated ~ Toronto: Doctor who travelled to Canada from Florida hospital tests negative for MERS

Ontario Election 2014: Christina Blizzard: Hudak nails Ontario PC platform speech

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak will end provincial deficit in two years; provides details of various cuts, all costed

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak releases full 'Million Jobs Plan' election platform

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak says PC government would never run deficit

Ontario Election 2014: NDP pledges to create minister for cutting budget; job would be to cut $600 million every year

Toronto: Chris Hadfield’s space photos earn him prestigious photography award

Toronto: Sears Canada may be sold by U.S. parent

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak will end wind, solar fiasco

Ottawa: Fair Elections Act passes, heads to Senate

Ottawa: Mulcair defends use of parliamentary funds to pay staff in party offices

Ottawa: Former NDP MP says she was pressured by leader’s office to help fund staff in satellite bureaus

Conrad Black: My constitutional blueprint for Canada

Toronto: Unorthodox influential multi-instrumentalist Nash the Slash dies at age 66

Crux of the Matter: Proof Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan can indeed work!

Ontario Election 2014: Kelly McParland: Hudak tests Ontario’s fortitude by offering an honest choice

Matt Gurney: Praise the pothole vigilante, who don’t need no stinkin’ government

Ottawa: Four federal byelections set for June 30; two in Toronto and two in Alberta, following MP resignations

Ontario Election 2014: Toronto Sun editorial: Only Hudak will tackle deficit

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak will cut corporate taxes by 30%, giving Ontario lowest tax rate in North America, creating 120,000 new jobs; replaces Liberals' corporate welfare

Ontario Election 2014: Toronto Sun editorial: Wynne can’t defend the Liberal record

Paul's Voice of Reason: Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty — the College Of Trades cash grab

Ontario Election 2014: Scott Stinson: Ex-Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan warned his party that deep spending cuts are needed to balance Ontario budget; was ignored

Crux of the Matter: Unilever shut down proves why Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan needed

Ontario Election 2014: Ipsos Reid CTVNews/CP24 poll: OPC - 37%; OLP - 31%; NDP - 28%; Ontario desire for change strengthening along with Tim Hudak’s image as potential Premier

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak will balance budget by 2016, freeze salaries of civil servants and MPPs, reduce cabinet from 27 to 16

Crux of the Matter: Why liking Tim Hudak has nothing to do with why you should vote PC in Ontario

Ontario Election 2014: Hudak vows to cut 100,000 public sector jobs; Ontario currently has a million civil servants; Liberals have added 300,000 to payroll and exploded deficits for 11 years

Ontario: Canada loses 28,900 jobs in April; unemployment up in Waterloo Region and Guelph

Ontario Election 2014: Job losses exploding as hapless Wynne tries to defend higher costs for energy, borrowing and expensive pension tax-grab proposal

Ontario Election 2014: Scott Stinson: The beauty of Tim Hudak’s ‘Million Jobs Plan’ is it has an eight-year window for success

Ontario Election 2014: Oracle poll: OPC - 42%; OLP - 31%; NDP - 25%; Jobs, deficit talk paying off for Hudak as new poll shows increasing support

Ontario Election 2014: Vaughan: Tim Hudak will change apprenticeship rules to create 200,000 skilled trades jobs in Ontario and address shortages

Newfoundland: Royal Ontario Museum working to transport two blue whale carcasses to Toronto; largest animals on planet were killed in extra-thick sea ice

Brampton: Multiple explosions at propane filling facility

Fort McMurray: Worker dead from bear attack at Suncor site

Russ Campbell: On June 12th Ontarians have chance to choose a better way

Paul's Voice of Reason: The damaging duo: McGuinty and Wynne, two peas from same pod

London: Mayor Joe Fontana, a former Liberal cabinet minister, closely linked to Ontario couple that bilked investors for $21 million: RCMP

Ottawa: Justin Trudeau bans pro-life advocates from seeking federal Liberal nominations

Ottawa: Mulcair dodges questions about letters his MPs wrote asking for temp worker leniency

Farley Mowat: Canadian author, dead at 92

Toronto: Tories' Lisa MacLeod sends OPP documents to help 'hard working' officers on gas-plant probe

Crux of the Matter: Throw the Ontario Liberal bums out!!

Mississauga: Billion dollar demolition site active again as Ontario election starts; partially built power plant again sees action, just in time for its second election star turn; it was cancelled suddenly during 2011 election to save Liberal MPPs

Ontario election 2014: 'Unique' start due to Liberal failure to look at calendar, triggers quirks in laws regarding black-outs, campaign length

Montreal: 600 police officers break up Quebec drug-trafficking ring; searches on drug trafficking network underway in 20 towns

Ottawa: Legendary Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins among 45 receiving Order of Canada today

Halifax: Lt. Derek de Jong won't be demoted after desertion guilty plea

Ottawa: Bernard Valcourt puts aboriginal education bill on shelf until chiefs ‘clarify’ stand

Calgary: Girl saw her mother and aunt killed, says neighbour

Crux of the Matter: Ontario voters need to ignore all Liberal friendly media & pollsters!

Calgary: 2 women dead, 1 hurt in Penbrooke stabbing attacks; male suspect arrested near scene and taken to hospital

Meteor: Streaked over Ontario Sunday, experts confirm

Not so green: Parasitic wind killing its host

Ontario election 2014: Horwath says she no longer trusts the Liberals

Ottawa: Canada imposes more sanctions against Russia over treatment of Ukraine

Ontario election 2014; Christina Blizzard: A guide to winning the Ontario election

Then and now: NFB film shows not much has changed in Toronto since 1951 [video]

Ontario election 2014; Forum Research poll: OPC - 38%; OLP - 33%; NDP - 23%; OGP - 6%; pollster Bozinoff shows why's he's a number cruncher and not a pundit with naive analysis on first poll of campaign

Ontario election 2014: Jobs, health care and accountability are among the key election issues identified by Ottawa voters Saturday

British Columbia: B.C. Interior power restored to 700 after slide caused by beavers

Intervention needed: The Wynne tax on aviation fuel is a loser, says Mississauga South PC candidate; "Mississauga depends on our Pearson Airport for both direct employment and for the many tourism and trade-related jobs it supports. How many jobs would be lost here and across the GTA by this foolish tax increase? Too many. A voter intervention is needed," says Effie Triantafilopoulos, whose opponent is Finance Minister Charles Sousa

Ontario election 2014: Wynne says her controversial tax, spend and borrow budget is only delayed by election, will go ahead if she wins

Toronto: IATA blasts Ontario Liberals for $100M fuel tax grab; "This tax hike could literally drive travellers and shippers away from Ontario's airports. Aviation is intensely competitive and air travellers and businesses have options to spend their dollars elsewhere, using nearby airports"; "It makes no economic sense because it will be a blow to Ontario's competitiveness at a time when job creation is a priority"

Ottawa: Chief Justice of Supreme Court crossed line by trying to intervene on Harper SC appointment says PMO; then when issue was before the Court Beverley McLauchlin didn't recuse herself; big separation of powers issues being raised

Brampton: 2,000 guests at ‘mansion party’ raided by police; had been promoted on twitter

Ottawa: Shawn Atleo resigns as national chief of Assembly of First Nations; power struggle over education changes led to his withdrawal; PM Harper said he was "saddened" and said Atleo was "a conciliator and strengthened the relationship between First Nations and the Crown"

Chris Vander Doelen: Finally, an election voters want

London: Harper announces 3,000 paid internships in high-demand fields for post-secondary grads

Kelly McParland: This budget isn't for those unhappy about borrowing new billions when they haven't repaid the previous billions

Toronto: NDP's Horwath hammers Wynne and Sousa; NDP will vote against 'Bonnie and Clyde' budget and trigger Ontario election

Livio Di Matteo: Budget diagnosis: Ontario’s addiction to debt now a chronic condition

Pierre Cliche: The Wynne-Sousa budget must be defeated

Andrew Coyne: Kathleen Wynne’s budget makes Bob Rae’s NDP look like flinty-eyed fiscal conservatives

Terence Corcoran: Ontario’s Liberal budget is a road to fiscal hell

London: Ontario family throws in towel after 5-year fight against monster wind turbines surrounding rural nursery business; bullied by Florida utility giant NextEra with assist from Ontario govt, Wrightman going to re-start business in Maritimes

Tasha Kheiriddin: Ontario’s road to ruin; even next door in profligate Quebec, the government has got the austerity message

Toronto: Nanny-state budget from Ontario's Bonnie and Clyde government raises taxes, deficit and debt, says they know what's best for you; Ontario now has greater reliance on borrowing and debt than any other province or state-level government in the world

Canadian problem/solution: Angry beaver delays traffic, roams around Miramichi

Montreal: Mirabel Airport, Pierre Trudeau's $500M white elephant, to be torn down

Toronto: Rob Ford takes leave from his re-election campaign and from mayor's office "to seek immediate help"

Ukraine: Canada sends frigate HMCS Regina to Eastern Europe

Ukraine: Canada to take over leadership of military observer mission

Glen McGregor: 'Star' Liberal candidates ran 2013 byelection campaigns into the red

Chantal Hébert: Federal Liberals adrift in Quebec

updated ~ Nanaimo: Two dead, two injured after shooting at lumber mill on Vancouver Island, suspect arrested is former co-worker

Tim Hudak: Stopping Ontario's spiral; jobs must be the focus of government, not digging a deeper debt hole

Olympics surcharge: Canada’s economy grows on mining, factories, but NHL hiatus for Olympics made big negative impact

Toronto: Tax, spend and borrow more and more -- the Ontario Liberal plan remains the same, as leaked details reveal

Adam Radwanski: Why Premier Wynne likely to put her staggering government out of its misery; hurt NDP, avoid more gas plant damage, mislead voters again

Toronto: What Ontario Premier Wynne should have but hasn't learned from Quebec's Premier Couillard — cutting spending wins elections

David Reevely: Glen Murray plays the Liberal lawsuit card — almost predictable now — and threatens to sue MPP John Yakabuski for asking gas plant cover-up questions he apparently doesn't want to answer

Ottawa: RCMP raids offices of IRFAN after fed govt designates it a terrorist entity

Windsor parkway boondoggle: Ontario Govt allowed girder installation despite knowing they were non-compliant, documents show; "When the Liberals thought people’s safety was at risk, they looked the other way. When they thought Liberal seats were at risk, they suddenly reversed course because they feared media exposure"; cost = delay of at least a year and more $$ millions

Ottawa: Canada designates IRFAN a terrorist entity; has operated as a Canadian aid group working in Gaza and West Bank; was about to appeal its loss of charitable tax status

Ottawa: Canadian government announces successful sale of 50-year bonds; previously, longest-term bond was 30 years, but these lock in for longer at lower rate

Ottawa: Canada imposes more sanctions on Russia over illegal occupation of Ukraine

Toronto: OLG's modernization plan too ambitious, killed horse racing industry: Auditor General

Toronto: Eager for election to hide from police investigations, Premier Wynne won’t rule out dropping writ herself

Toronto: Liberals used 'fake' deficit numbers; PCs release cabinet documents to prove it

Calgary Herald: Prentice to run for PC leadership crown: source

Ottawa: Long-time MP Karygiannis: ‘This is not the same Liberal Party we knew’

Ottawa: Federal government considers 50-year bonds to lock in low interest savings and reduce federal debt borrowing costs

Ottawa: Federal deficit to disappear a year early says Parliamentary budget watchdog

Toronto: Canada hosting 'Saving Every Woman Every Child: Within Arm’s Reach', an international summit on child and maternal health collaborations in Canada and around the world, from May 28-30, 2014

Toronto: Ontario deficit to increase for a second year in a row

Montreal: Celebration of Canadian unity in Dorchester Square; long-gone Charter of Values' silver lining?

Ontario: Working Families group sues Tories; Liberal front group uses Liberal Party tactic to deny being Liberals ahead of election

Winnipeg: Flooding forces evacuations, highway closure in western Manitoba

Toronto: Canadian obesity epidemic is a myth, says report

Scott Stinson: Five ways the Ontario Liberals are messing with the province’s economy

Toronto: Understanding the Ontario Liberals' gas plant email deletion scandal — with the use of cartoons

Ottawa: Irate Hydro ratepayers keep heat on MP Bob Chiarelli; rural residents being gouged by power 'delivery charges'

Winnipeg: Manitoba and Saskatchewan say they want Senate abolished

updated - Cronyism: Ontario Liberal insiders paid millions in secret publicly funded deals; names named

Mexico: Shallow M6.2 quake hits offshore, 188 miles SW of Puerto Vallarta

MH370: Navy official: Pings now not thought to be from black boxes

Seoul: Fire at South Korean hospital for elderly kills 21

Kabul: White House blows cover of CIA chief in Afghanistan in memo to thousands of reporters

Lucknow: Express train slams into freight train, killing at least 40 people in northern India

Kiev: Petro Poroshenko claims Ukraine presidency

Paris: Euroskeptic 'earthquake' rocks EU elections

Santa Barbara: Is killing rampage of deluded 22-year-old proof enough that people kill people, whatever the weapon? Stabbed, shot and drove at people with his BMW, killing 4 men and two women

Washington Post editorial board: U.S. inaction on Syria helped make it a hell on earth

Thessaloniki: 266 reported hurt as M6.3 quake rattles Greece, Turkey

Santa Barbara: 7 dead in California drive-by shootings near college town called 'premeditated mass murder'

Sam Foote: Why I blew the whistle on the Veterans Administration

Peshawar: Pakistan jets and helicopter gunships pound militant hideouts in volatile North Waziristan, killing 60

Detroit: Parade of GM recalls rolls on; 2.4M more vehicles

New York: 97 people in 16 nations charged with using hijacking software

Beijing: China summons U.S. ambassador over hacking indictment

New York: Credit Suisse pleads guilty in three-year U.S. tax probe

Beijing: China denies U.S. cyberspying charges, claims it is the real ‘victim’

New York: Abu Hamza found guilty of terror charges

Soma: Three suspects charged over Turkey's coal mine disaster

Bogota: 31 children burned to death in Colombia bus accident

Washington: U.S. offers condolences after Lao plane crash

New York: AT&T will not pay break-up fee if regulators reject its $48.5B deal for DirecTV

Dave Pell: Whiter shade of pale; race and diversity on the web

Chicago: Babe Ruth's 97-year-old daughter throws first pitch at Wrigley and is a fan of ... Boston?

New Paltz: Roommates find $40K in used couch, return money to widow

Detroit: GM recalls 2.7M cars including for brake light problem it has known about for 6 years

Washington: GM to pay U.S. record $35M fine over deadly ignition fails

India election results: Modi heaps humiliating defeat on Congress

Mayo Clinic: Woman’s cancer killed by measles virus in unprecedented trial

Washington: Obama Administration threatened Nigeria with sanctions in 2013 for fighting Boko Haram terrorists

Haiti: Christopher Columbus flagship Santa Maria believed found; sank in 1492 [video]

MERS: MERS outbreak: Is it an emergency yet? WHO will consider; SARS-like virus expanding, with early outbreak blamed on lax practices in Saudi Arabia

Luxembourg: Google must respect 'right to be forgotten'; Court of Justice of the European Union ruling highlights free speech vs. privacy debate

Orlando: Florida health officials announce a second U.S. case of mysterious MERS virus

Donetsk: Pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; Kremlin urges Kiev to hold talks

What warming? Late Spring snows hit hit Rockies; U.S. Plains face high winds

Washington: In memoir, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says Obama White House wanted him to lie on Sunday talk shows during economic crisis

Afghanistan: Taliban kill 21 at start of Afghan spring fighting

Benghazi: The AP version

DR Congo: 15 killed in football match stampede

Libya: At least 40 drown as boat to Europe capsizes

Springsteen: 40 years ago May9th 'Rock 'n' Roll Future' was sighted

Nigeria: Canada offers technology and operators to search for Islamist-kidnapped girls

Warsaw: NATO's Rasmussen: Still no sign of Russian troops withdrawing from Ukraine border

Nigeria: 310 people killed in latest Boko Haram attack while hundreds of girls remain missing [video]

Washington: House of Representatives votes 231 to 187 Wednesday to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress; Lerner used IRS to target Obama opponents; some see it as gravest abuse of U.S. Govt power for at least 40 years

Washington: FEC chair warns that Drudge and Hannity face regulation — like PACs

Auburn Hills: Chrysler to axe Dodge Grand Caravan, plans full-size crossover

Lagos: Nigerian girl describes kidnap, 276 still missing

Bangkok: Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra ousted by court

Nigeria: Boko Haram and kidnapped schoolgirls: $337K reward offered

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia says broke up Al-Qaeda cell planning strikes

Odessa: Fighting in eastern Ukraine kills 12; Kyiv sends elite force to try to halt violence

Anatomy of a kidnapping: How were more than 300 girls seized in Nigeria 3 weeks ago?

Afghanistan: Now aid pouring in has been bottlenecked by local conflicts following landslide which killed more than 2000

Ottawa: Russia mounting "a slow-motion invasion" of Ukraine: Harper

Kano: Boko Haram threatens to sell abducted Nigerian girls

Mexico: Chinese fishermen airlifted from Pacific by U.S. Air Force helicopters in complicated rescue after boat explosion

Kyiv Post: Four Ukrainian soldiers killed, 30 wounded in anti-terrorist operation in Sloviansk

TIME: Ukrainian Special Forces headed to Odessa after deadly clashes

BBC: Ukraine crisis: Rebels 'retreating' in Sloviansk

Kiev: Pro-Russians storm Odessa police station, free 70 activists; Ukraine PM accuses Russia of engineering Odessa riots that killed more than 40 people

Japan: M6.0 deep quake hits 98km SSW of Tokyo

Kyiv Post: Pro-Russian activists surround Odessa police station, demand release of detainees

Kiev: Ukraine PM appeals for unity after Odessa fire tragedy that killed dozens of pro-Russian thugs now being hailed as martyrs

Nigeria: U.S. warns of possible Sheraton Hotel attack in Lagos by 'groups associated with terrorism'

Cyberspace: Beyond net neutrality; the new battle for the future of the internet

Seoul: South Korea ferry was routinely overloaded

Belfast: Protestant leader blasts his Sinn Fein coalition colleagues, accusing them of attempting to intimidate police into freeing Gerry Adams without charge

NY Times: Why only one top banker went to jail for the financial crisis

The Cult of Fisticuffs: Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes home $32M for 12 rounds of punch and parry

Kyiv Post: Ukraine presses assault on rebels with warning of ‘war’

Slovyansk: OSCE observers held in east Ukraine released; the 7 OSCE military observers and 5 Ukrainian assistants had been held for more than a week

California: Jury says Samsung infringed Apple smartphone patents, awards $119M; but found Apple infringed on Samsung, too; Apple had sought $2.2B

Kiev: Police in Ukraine's Odessa detain 130 after fire, fighting kill dozens

Swidwin: Canadian Army soldiers will take part in Exercise ORZEL ALERT in Poland

Kabul: Landslide in Afghanistan kills at least 350; possibly 2000 missing

Toronto: News Corp. buys Harlequin, romance novel publisher, for $455M from Toronto Star

Charles Cooke: School shootings and America’s problem of the heart; political focus on ways and means misses reality

South Korea: 200 injured in Seoul subway train collision

New York: U.S. unemployment drops to 6.3% after U.S. adds 288,000 jobs in April; lower domestic energy costs drive rebound of manufacturing

Washington: U.S., Germany display unity against Russia

updated ~ Kiev: Many insurgents killed in Slovyansk as Ukraine strikes at pro-Russian provocateurs in East; 2 helicopters shot down

Abuja: Toll up to 19 dead from car bomb in Nigerian capital

Abuja: Abducted Nigerian girls now held total 276, police say; 53 have escaped

Eric Cantor: New Benghazi email proves White House misled Americans

NY Times: Up North, on top: Life in Canada, home of the world’s most affluent middle class

White House lies: 'Will You Correct The Record?': ABC's Jon Karl hits Jay Carney on Benghazi smoking gun email [video]

Dublin: Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrested over 1972 IRA murder of a single mother

China: 3 killed, 79 injured in terrorist attack at train station

Nigeria: Anger grows with government over kidnapped schoolgirls; it's alleged they're being sold into marriage

Ottawa: Canada mulls Keystone XL challenge under NAFTA after Obama dodges decision again; the appeal would be based on a major tenet of the bilateral trade agreement — unfettered access for exporters to markets

WHO: 'Antibiotic resistance now a bigger crisis than the AIDS epidemic': impact of bacteria evading drugs means you could die from a mild scratch

Bob Hoskins: Versatile actor, familiar face, dead at 71

MH370: Australian agency dismisses multispectral analysis that suggests plane crashed in Bay of Bengal

New York: Exxon’s $900B Arctic joint venture at risk due to Russia sanctions

Kyiv Post: Prosecutor General: Yanukovych took $32B to Russia, is financing separatism in Ukraine

Flashback: Vivian Krause unearthed Tides interference in Canadian energy market in November; is it economic sabotage?

San Francisco: U.S. Foundations underwrite Canadian anti-oil groups; Canada investigating

New York: LA Clippers owner banned for life by NBA, fined $2.5M over racist remarks

Brussels: EU names 15 new Russian targets for sanctions

updated ~ Washington: Kerry finally apologizes for remark that Israel risks becoming an apartheid state; issued unusual statement Monday evening

Politico: John Kerry's private remarks allegedly taped by Daily Beast reporter who snuck into meeting of Trilateral Commission

Ted Cruz: John Kerry should step down for Israel remarks

Ukraine: UN Secretary General calls for immediate release of OSCE monitors seized by pro-Russian separatists

Ukraine: Mayor of Kharkiv fights for life after murder attempt blamed on Kremlin

Baltimore: Possible food poisoning sickens 100 at food safety summit

Sioux Falls: 4 dead as plane crashes at South Dakota wind farm

Cairo: Egyptian court passes death sentence on Muslim Brotherhood leader, 682 supporters

Ukraine: New U.S. sanctions target Putin’s inner circle

Los Angeles: Magic Johnson says Donald Sterling ‘shouldn’t own a team anymore’ after alleged racist comments [video]

Los Angeles: Disgraced NBA owner Donald Sterling a major Democrat funder, records show, was due to receive 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from NAACP; was wrongly painted as a Republican

Beijing: China bans TV show 'The Big Bang Theory', won't say why

Baghdad: Suicide attacks in Iraq kill at least 21 as army, police forces vote for new Parliament

Vatican City: Pope Francis declares John XXIII, John Paul II saints

OPCW: Syria 'still holds chemical weapons'

Seoul: South Korea Premier tenders resignation over ferry response

Kandahar City: Five British soldiers believed to have been killed in UK helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Washington: Russian fighters "flew into Ukrainian airspace a handful of times over the last 24 hour" in continuing provocation

Seoul: Obama speculates on more North Korea sanctions during Asian trip

MH370: Seabed search to widen

Saudi Arabia: WHO says deadly MERS virus could spread globally

East Ukraine: Toronto Star journalist narrowly escapes detention in Slavyansk after kidnapped by belligerent pro-Russians

Back to the Cold War: Russia sends long-range bombers into European airspace; NATO fighter jets chase them away

Kiev: Ukraine PM thanks Canada for support in struggle against Russia

'incomplete, inadequate and ambiguous observations': Climatologist Judith Curry levels both barrels against alarmist climate science

Washington: At Take Our Daughters, Sons to Work event, girl with jobless dad hands First Lady his resume

Washington Post editorial: Keystone XL’s continued delay is absurd

Rarities curated by Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin set to unleash unheard recordings

Asia visit: China defies Obama’s slow Asia pivot with rapid military build-up

Keystone: New delay aids Senate push to bypass Obama

Ukraine: Murder of Vladimir Ryback near rebel-held Slovyansk raises tensions

South Korea: Divers feel with their hands for corpses in depths of sunken ferry; confirmed death toll on Wednesday was 146

Geology: Chunk of Africa found underneath Southeastern U.S.

Ukraine: 600 U.S. soldiers on way to Europe [video]

South Sudan: 'Piles and piles' of bodies after slaughter: UN

Cold War: With sharp rebuke to Russia, Biden offers strong support to Ukraine

Nepal: Mount Everest climbs called off in wake of Sherpa deaths

South Sudan: UN says hundreds killed; murder and rape urged over radio broadcasts; war crimes committed in attack last week

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia replaces health minister over MERS spread

Chicago: Windy City a 'war zone' as 45 shot, 9 die over Easter weekend; suspected homicides 90 for 2014

Washington: NBC hires psychologist as 'Meet the Press' struggles way into third place

Keystone XL: Another year, another delay for frustrated pipeline workers

San Francisco: Apple unveils free recycling of all its devices

Los Angeles: Fox executive fired over MH370 charity email

Minneapolis: Smartphone kill switch could backfire [video]

Seattle: Harbour tunnel plan takes 16-month detour; Bertha, the machine boring the State Route 99 tunnel stuck, broken, underground and needs major repairs

Nepal: Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster

Chicken Little: The long, vile and hilarious history of 'climate tipping points'

Nepal: Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster

Pakistan: 42 killed as overloaded bus slams into empty trailer near Pannu Aqil

Maui wowee: 16-yr-old wheelwell stowaway survives California to Hawaii flight

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: Invoking Reagan, angers GOP colleagues, but wins fans elsewhere

Decline of American power and influence: Failed Obama has ‘manhood problem’ in Middle East says New York Times columnist David Brooks

Easter Island: In a busy day worldwide for moderate earthquakes, Easter Sunday sees M5.4 undersea quake in South Pacific off namesake island

Kansas: Topeka tells controversial First Lady Michelle Obama "to stay home" — don't want her presence and speech ruining their high school graduation

Kiev: Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk asks for U.S. economic support to 'overhaul the Ukrainian military'

Joe Bastardi in 2011: 'Three of next five winters could be as cold or colder' — "Cold is a lot worse than warm"

Beijing: GM investing $$ billions in China, boosting production capacity to 5 million vehicles a year

U.S. Govt funded study: Heavily subsidized, Obama-backed bio-fuels made from corn waste worse than gasoline at generating 'greenhouse gases'; aka a bogus solution for a bogus problem

Pittsburgh: Jobs make the difference as unions embrace fracking and reject political propaganda

Bylbasivka: Ukraine, Russia trade blame for eastern shootout

Ukraine: Deadly gun attack in eastern Ukraine shakes fragile Geneva accord

Afghanistan: Abdullah Abdullah widens lead in Afghan presidential vote

Hurricane Carter: Fearsome 1960s boxer wrongly convicted of murder, dies at 76 at his home in Toronto; case was chronicled and championed by Bob Dylan in 1975 song 'Hurricane'

Papua New Guinea: M7.5 quake latest large quake in a series over past week - 75km SW of Panguna

Washington state: Fur flies as U.S. gets to grips with stray cats

Papua New Guinea: Shallow M6.6 offshore quake - 59km SW of Panguna

Washington: Republicans and Democrats condemn Obama decision to keep blocking Keystone; threaten moves to go around President

Mount Everest: NBC tragedy as five of the 13 sherpas killed by avalanche were employed by network's expedition for next month's Discovery Channel special

Milwaukee: USDA orders hog farms, labs to report infections from PED virus that has killed millions of pigs

Buffalo: Western New York, Ontario events mark War of 1812-1814 bicentennial; battle re-enactments planned from war that locked-in current borders between two countries

Washington: Lame duck President Obama hits ally Canada again, delays Keystone XL decision until after November mid-term elections

South Korea: Vice-Principal of school in ferry disaster commits suicide

South Korea: Texts from ferry after it was submerged were faked; earlier ones as it was sinking were real

New York: Wal-Mart jumps into the money transfer biz, loudly

Malaysia: Deadly viral disease MERS spreads from Middle East to Southeast Asia

Nepal: Everest disaster: avalanche kills six Nepalese guides, six are missing

Ukraine: Three pro-Russian separatists killed as Ukrainian troops repel attack

Maiduguri: 129 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls taken to Islamist stronghold, say parents

South Korea ferry disaster: Texts from the doomed ship; passengers typed final goodbyes

Nebraska: Missing child found in a Claw game machine? It's surprisingly common

Washington: Canadian government scolds Jimmy Carter over position on Keystone XL pipeline

NY Times: Citing Russian moves, NATO plans new deployments

Boston: Marathon organizers confident of safe race on April 21st

Fiscal crisis warning: Congressional Budget Office predicts that over the next 10 years the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio will double to 78%

Boston: Person in custody after suspicious unattended bags found at Marathon finish line

Kramatorsk: Ukraine bares teeth against eastern uprising; repells attack Tuesday by 30 gunmen at airport

Moving on: Obama Generation losing interest in disappointing Obama

Jeff Bauman: Thank you Boston!

Kiev: Ukraine Vice-PM: Russian agitators identified as from Moscow airborne regiment [translated]

Buffalo: Donald Trump wants to buy Bills, would keep team in Buffalo

San Francisco: More questions arise about safety of new Bay Bridge

Ottawa: Poilievre introduces list of amendments to Fair Elections Act; vouching to be replaced by sworn oath by voters without ID

Ottawa: Harper says Supreme Court reference decision means Senate reform 'off the table'

Ottawa: Federal Govt posts $5.1B surplus in February; could balance books a year earlier than expected

Ipsos Reid poll: Canadians strongly support Fair Elections Act; 87% say it's “reasonable” (65% said 'very', 21% said 'somewhat') to "require someone to prove their identity and address before they are allowed to vote" and 70% say it's 'acceptable' to eliminate vouching, including a minimum of 66% from voters identifying with opposition parties opposing it

Off the hook: Ottawa can't be blamed for not reforming the Senate; Supreme Court reference decision says changes would require support of 7 provinces containing at least 50% of the country's population

Ottawa: Full text of Supreme Court of Canada reference decision on changes to Senate

Toronto: McDonald’s Canada hammers CBC for distorting news and ignoring "its responsibility to provide objective and balanced reporting to the public"; it says "the CBC has repeatedly omitted facts and pertinent information provided by McDonald’s"; the chain says "we sincerely believe that a few isolated incidents across our system have been exaggerated by the CBC to serve its own agenda rather than the public interest" and says Canadians "deserve better from their national broadcaster" [video]

Ottawa: Temporary Foreign Worker Program for fast-food sector suspended

CTV News/CP24/Newstalk poll: Ontario's Progressive Conservatives move to 5-point lead: OPC—37% , OLP—32% , NDP—27%

Toronto: Grand & Toy closing all 19 retail stores after 132 years on the street; will maintain online operations; current owner is OfficeMax

Quebec City: Quebec deficit higher than expected

Bank of Canada: Canadians can bank on low interest rate environment for years to come

Angus Reid poll: Conservatives lead Liberals, NDP among both eligible and likely voters in April; support for federal Liberals in Ontario, BC declines among likely voters

updated - Ontario: Tories file notice to ‘vigorously’ defend against Wynne’s $2M libel suit; Wynne continues Liberals' gas plant cover-up with new tactic

Crux of the Matter: Trudeau & Mulcair now know Canada’s middle class doing very well!

Liberal doubletalk contradicted: Justin Trudeau stumped by New York Times study on Middle Class which shows Canada's booming mids leading world; second recent dose of reality showing Liberal leader's duplicitous claims

Ottawa: Canada poised for an export boom as U.S., global economies improve: EDC

Ottawa: Robo-calls investigation halted by elections commissioner over lack of evidence

Christina Blizzard: Ontario Liberals using Ontario Hydro debt retirement charge as slush fund

updated - British Columbia: M6.6 shallow quake hits offshore 94km S of Port Hardy, BC; no tsunami warning

Mob ties? Cosimo Commisso link to Toronto construction firm prompts union to ask for police probe

Toronto: Ontario Liberals can't handle the truth; try procedural tricks to muzzle Tom Adams gas plant testimony

Ottawa: Justin Trudeau's middle class miss [video]

Mississauga: 4 firefighters hurt in industrial fire

Ottawa: Canada to send up to 500 observers to Ukraine election

Quebec: Tanker ship carrying chemical products grounded in St. Lawrence River southwest of Quebec City

Ottawa: HMCS Regina sailor dies in Tanzania; circumstances 'unknown'

Ukraine: Russia expels Canadian diplomat from Moscow

Ontario: NDP now claim they haven't decided to stop backing the Wynne Liberals

Herb Gray: Former Deputy-PM dies at 82

Ontario: NDP wake up, smell coffee, realize Liberals have destroyed the provincial economy; decide to force election

Where the scam ends: U.S. wind energy industry 'under siege' as end of ridiculous subsidies make it a big money-loser — like everywhere else in the world

London: Long live the Queen! Elizabeth II turns 88

Lives in Quebec: Ontario Liberal appointee under fire for violating Elections Act with big union donations

Calgary: Joint statement made by families of stabbing victims

Fraser Institute: Is there any wonder why Ontario is in the state it's in?

Ottawa: Canada pledges nearly $1.3M to fight Ebola in West Africa

Toronto: Ontario mega transit plan filled with holes, especially the funding part, but Liberals say they'll just cut healthcare and education to find the $$

Ontario: NDP quietly working behind the scenes; clearest indication yet the New Democrats are set to trigger a spring election

Toronto: Liberal govt won't release names of driving instructors who committed illegal acts, such as selling alcohol and cigarettes to students

Lowell Green: The corrupt cronyism at the centre of Ontario Liberal energy policy is AdScam-type skimming on steroids [audio]

Toronto: Foreign Minister Baird meets with detained journalist's family; Fahmy in Cairo prison since December

Calgary stabbings: Funerals for 3 of 5 victims set for Monday

Vancouver: Dutch man arrested in connection with suicide of Canadian teen Amanda Todd

Ottawa: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Dr. Kellie Leitch pay tribute to the late Jim Flaherty [video]

Ottawa: Canada sends six CF-18 fighters to serve with NATO

Ontario to the Atlantic: Hundreds evacuate homes as flooding hits Eastern Canada

Ontario: May 1st set as delivery day for budget that could trigger provincial election

Toronto: Flight instructor who appeared on CNN MH370 coverage, fired for 'shaming Canadians'

Jim Flaherty's legacy: Making Canada the envy of its peers

So much for 'open nominations': Liberals to acclaim Chrystia Freeland for 2015 in University Rosedale; decision to wrap up nomination race nettles some local Liberals

Toronto blackout: Hydro One blames blackout on sagging Toronto Hydro wires due to ill-placed pole

Calgary: Son of senior police officer charged in city's worst mass murder

Resolute Bay: Canadian Olympic hockey champions join wounded soldiers on march to magnetic North Pole

Ottawa: Suspended Senator Mike Duffy likely to be charged soon

Saskatchewan: Boy, 15, charged with Regina mall stabbings of 4 men

Saskatchewan: Four people injured in random stabbing in Regina, youth suspect in custody

Timely: Wind power creates market havoc, is unreliable and costly; why does Toronto have major blackouts?

Ontario: East Oxford group files FOI for wind farm details

Wind Concerns of Ontario: WCO request to Ombudsman in “early stages of consideration”

updated - Ontario: Major blackout hit Toronto Tuesday night, most of city remained in dark for hours on a cold night; province-owned Hydro One at fault

Silver lining? Skin cancer tied to lower Alzheimer’s risk by study; cause and effect not established

Ottawa: Nigel Wright won't face charges over $90K payment to Mike Duffy; Wright says RCMP's "detailed and thorough investigation has now upheld my position"

Whitby: Over a thousand line up in his hometown to pay respects to Jim Flaherty; in his honour, the country's five largest banks pledged a combined $1 million to the Abilities Centre for the disabled where the visitation is being held

Belleville: Moira River floods surpass 2008 levels

Ontario: Brampton school stabbing: two in custody, police search for third

Ottawa: RCMP asked Canada Revenue Agency to delay announcement of security breach over weekend so investigation could advance

British Columbia: Northern Gateway pledges to hire local staff

Toronto: Wynne names her brother-in-law as head of eHealth at $210,000 salary, neglects to make it public

Toronto: Trudeau and his Ontario campaign co-chair sued for $1.5M in libel action; former Liberal candidate Christine Innes is suing after she was blocked from running as a Liberal in the Trinity-Spadina by-election; Justin Trudeau and David MacNaughton made public allegations against her

Toronto: Canadian house prices unchanged in March; first time in 15 years

Toronto: TSX heads slightly higher on strong U.S. retail sales, resource acquisitions

Toronto: Former NCAA basketball player charged in fatal drive-by shooting of mom of four

Ottawa: CRA reopens public website after shutdown linked to 'Heartbleed' bug

Jim Flaherty: Details of state funeral, visitation released

Toronto Star: Forum Research poll: Liberal gas-plants scandal fuelling a surge in support for Ontario Progressive Conservatives; Hudak PCs - 38%; Wynne Liberals - 31%; Horwath NDP - 23%; Schreiner Green Party - 7%

Like incompetence and lack of transparency? Still voting for Wynne-McGuinty Libs?

Crux of the Matter: Flaherty’s tax policies vs Justin Trudeau putting “a price on carbon”

Northern Gateway: Kitimat residents vote no to $6.5B pipeline/port project in non-binding plebiscite unlikely to stop British Columbia project

Monaco: Olympic slopestyle produced 'unacceptable' number of injuries according to IOC member; will it be dropped?

Grosvenor: Toronto tops survey of world's most 'resilient' cities

Belleville: Flood update for Moira, Napanee, Salmon rivers; Mayor Ellis: "We need more volunteers"

Eric Reguly: The brave move that showed Jim Flaherty's true character

Heartbleed: Canada’s tax agency expects online services up again soon

Higher ground: Melting snow, rainy forecast trigger flood watches across Southern Ontario

British Columbia: Northern Gateway pipeline proposal heads to vote in Kitimat today

London: Jim Flaherty's legacy felt on the world stage, says Mark Carney

Foxboro: Sand-bagging volunteers needed through weekend to help as Moira River floods north of Belleville

Ottawa: Jim Flaherty remembered for his New Brunswick Irish roots and fondness for the province

North Bay: Ontario budget leaks concern local MPPs

Toronto: Ontario Finance Minister Sousa signals Liberal economic panic; sets up panel to look at liquidating govt assets previously called 'sacred' to fund new spending

Simcoe-Grey: MP Dr. Kellie Leitch mourns loss of 'mentor' Flaherty

Ottawa: All federal departments using software vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed bug have been ordered to immediately disable public websites

Ottawa: The announcement of Jim Flaherty's sudden death hit the House of Commons like a ton of bricks

Ottawa: Jim Flaherty remembered as 'great Canadian' by business community; Finance minister was a good listener but decisive, as well as respected internationally

Quebec: Stéphane Bédard is PQ's interim leader

Ottawa: Royal Canadian Mint expresses condolences on death of Jim Flaherty; "Part of his legacy will now live on in the many coins to which he gave sanction during his tenure as our Minister"

GasGate: MPPs consider rare Speaker’s warrants to get key gas-plant figures to testify

GasGate: OPP working list of folks they want to interview in their gas-plants criminal investigation

Quebec: Wal-Mart, Best Buy win court battle against Quebec govt of now-gone Marois; Superior Court rules major retailers with non-French trademark names won't have to translate signs

Toronto: CBC to cut 657 jobs, will no longer compete for professional sports rights, but will still pursue Olympics

Ottawa: Patrick Brazeau arrested, facing new assault, cocaine possession charges

Financial Post: 25 huge trends that will make people billions of dollars

Ottawa: Canadians filing taxes late due to 'Heartbleed' bug won’t face penalties

GasGate: McGuinty’s chief responsible if emails deleted, top IT official says

Toronto: Will big Alpine-style cable cars provide a cost-effective end to gridlock?

Ontario: Hudak vows to scrap trades college; "The College of Trades is a wall between new Canadians and young people getting a new job. I’ll tear down that wall"

Crux of the Matter: Complaints about Fair Elections Act re: 'vouching' unfair to those with ID

Ottawa: House of Commons Board of Internal Economy may pursue NDP for millions illegally spent funding satellite offices

Vancouver: Trevor Linden hired by reeling Canucks as president of hockey operations

Ontario: Foreign-owned 'Beer Store' attacks losing its semi-monopoly on provincial beer sales

Toronto: Man in custody after York Mills stabbings; Yonge Street southbound at 401 closed by police

Toronto: How to protect yourself against the 'Heartbleed' bug

Ottawa: Heartbleed bug lets attackers fish for information even on protected web servers used by banks and others, rendering huge swaths of the internet vulnerable to catastrophic breaches

Ottawa: Security concerns over 'Heartbleed bug' prompts tax agency to shut down website

Toronto: 4 stabbed in Yonge/York Mills office; two in serious condition with multiple stab wounds, 2 others with serious wounds are at a trauma centre

Cash cow gone: CBC expected to make deep cuts Thursday in wake of losing Hockey Night in Canada

Quebec: Philippe Couillard promises change, transparency during mandate

Fair Elections Act: Mayrand wants "wants more power, a bigger budget and less accountability"; but refuses to admit to ongoing Elections Canada incompetence and lack of responsibility documented in Neufeld report

Quebec federalist victory: Quebec election a boon for Canada and Harper, may be even better for his opponents, each of whom has reason to celebrate

Ontario: Clayton Kennedy, former Attawapiskat co-manager and partner of Chief Theresa Spence, charged with fraud

National Post editorial board: Good riddance to Marois-ism — her legacy belongs in the dustbin of history

Crux of the Matter: Liberals worry about AGW in future while rest worry about pollution now

Ottawa: Canada orders Russian diplomat out of country

Quebec election 2014: Quebec Liberals win majority: 'Division is over, reconciliation has arrived'; Marois loses own seat, resigns; PQ support at 25%, its lowest since 1970

Quebec election 2014: Pauline Marois resigns as PQ leader after crushing defeat

Quebec election 2014: Election was more about who lost than who won

Quebec election 2014: Global News LIVE coverage — 9 pm - Global TV declares Liberals winner of a majority government (63 seats needed in 125-member National Assembly)

Quebec election 2014: Liberals take early lead in Quebec election counts

Quebec election 2014: Elections Quebec handling complaints about company that promised day off for a PQ defeat

Quebec election 2014: Voter turn-out for 2014 up slightly from 2012

Chantal Hébert: Quebec Liberal victory could be short-lived

Toronto: Finance Minister Joe Oliver pledges tax relief after federal budget balanced

Crux of the Matter: Australia doesn’t want 'climate change' on next G20 agenda

Quebec election 2014: Last day of campaigning, vote on Monday

Cameroon: Gilberte Bussières, abducted nun from Quebec, still weak from cancer, friend says

Toronto-area Ukrainian church: Pastor on church fire: 'It's like a death in the family'

Lawrence Solomon: North America slow to reverse renewables projects, but its turn will come soon

GasGate: Gas-plant scandal exposes Liberal rifts

Crux of the Matter: Perspective, bias and point of view; when do millions equal $90,000?

Quebec election 2014: Leger poll says local races close, majority not assured; Liberals 38%; PQ 29%; CAQ 23%; QS 9%

Quebec election 2014: Quebec Liberal Party holds its dominant position in latest EKOS poll; Liberals 40%; PQ 26.3%; CAQ 21%; QS 9.6%

Connie Woodcock: ‘Vouching’ stinks. Get rid of it, now

GasGate: Police consider targeting more suspects in gas-plants probe

Toronto: Ford launches community Clean Toronto Together campaign after rough winter that brought huge ice storm damage and left a mess

Ottawa: Former AG Sheila Fraser inked $65,000 contract to advise Elections Canada; no known electoral expertise; accountant gets big bucks for providing advice on electoral reform and co-chairing panel that has met only twice; this week backed her boss before committee

Vaughn Palmer: Laura Miller’s level of co-operation with Ontario legislative committee being questioned

Toronto: Finance Minister Charles Sousa admits his budget a mess; missing by at least $3.5B this fiscal year, more in the future

Toronto: ‘Many months’ needed to determine if and which computers wiped after Kathleen Wynne took power: OPP

Toronto: Kathleen Wynne is just another Dalton McGuinty, warns Tim Hudak; 'looms over Kathleen Wynne like a dark cloud because there is no daylight between them'

Ottawa: 43,000 new jobs in February, double what was expected; unemployment rate down to 6.9%

Victoria: $1M in penalties levied against B.C. mill for deadly 2012 explosion

Scott Stinson: Ontario's short-term deficit targets in doubt but fear not, the Liberals have a (secret) plan

Afghanistan: Canadian reporter shot and German AP photographer killed as Afghan policeman opens fire on their parked car; the two women were covering Afghan elections and were travelling in a heavily guarded convoy

Ontario: Unifor push to unionize Ontario Toyota workers hits snag; didn't do homework

Quebec election 2014: CTV poll says potential referendum the dominant vote driver

Quebec election 2014: CTV News Ipsos Reid poll: Liberals 37%; PQ 28%; CAQ 19%; QS 13%; support for Liberals unchanged, but PQ has lost 4 points since last CTV-Ipsos Reid poll March 19th; CAQ and QS have each risen 3 points

Mississauga: Historic Canadian Victims Bill of Rights launched

GasGate: McGuinty aides refuse to talk to police: OPP

Ottawa: Export surge swings Canada to $290M trade surplus

Mississauga: Hudak puts Sousa on hot seat: "They’re making 39 new, big-spending announcements at a cost of $5.7 billion. I want to know where they’re going to get that money since we’re deep in debt."

Toronto: OPP step back from Rob Ford investigation after dispute with Toronto Police

Toronto: Bill Clinton says Rob Ford 'destroyed every stereotype... about Canadians'

Quebec election 2014: More than one million Quebeckers have already voted

Montreal: Election night shooting survivor from 2012 seeks $295,000 in lawsuit citing inadequate security

Ontario: Southgate to Samsung: NO — Southgate Council today voted not only to not accept proposed agreement offered by Samsung but in fact to become an "unwilling host" to 56-turbine wind power project; among other errors, Samsung didn't address decommissioning the 'money machine' wind power project at its end

Toronto: Canadian researchers developing treatment for celiac disease

Quebec election 2014: PQ Minister Drainville takes incriminating 'selfie' at polling station; shows him with PQ pamphlet, contrary to rules

GasGate: Ontario PCs take aim at top bureaucrat in purged document scandal

Quebec election 2014: Two Axor executives say they were involved in illegally funding Marois campaign

Late Sousa-mess: Growth of Ontario GDP to slow over next 20 years says out-of-touch Finance Minister in report legally due last October

Scott Stinson: Ontario budget leaks plan suggest Liberals have embraced politics above all else

Quebec election 2014: Four miscalculations by Marois and the PQ that led to a catastrophic election campaign

CIBC report: Canadian manufacturers that survived recession are stronger, leaner and more productive — ready to outperform

Toronto: Man given 9 months in jail for promoting hatred

Beginner's luck? First-ever lotto buy nets Ottawa woman a $48M jackpot

Quebec election 2014: New Forum poll shows same numbers as internal CAQ CROP poll [translated]

Quebec election 2014: Forum Research poll - March 31st: PQ continues slide; Liberals headed for majority; Liberals 41%; PQ 29%; CAQ 19%; QS 7%; 39% of Francophones will vote Liberal, with only 30% voting PQ

The GasGate diversion? Secret documents point to big-spending Ontario Liberal budget; confidential Ministry of Finance documents leaked to the PCs reveal Finance Minister Charles Sousa will table a big-spending budget on May 1st as province wallows in Liberal defict and debt

GasGate: Faist's ongoing work for Liberals raises more questions about Wynne’s role, says Lisa McLeod

GasGate: PCs, NDP fume as Premier Wynne ducks question period

GasGate: Boyfriend/tech expert who wiped hard drives of gas plant emails, worked for Ontario Liberal Party until yesterday (Sunday); 'bombshell' revelation shows Peter Faist paid by Liberals for over a year after Wynne became Party Leader

Toronto: Canadian bonds lower after better January GDP figures

La Presse: Vincent Marissal: The shock, the load, the Charter [translated]

Quebec election 2014: Liberals accuse PQ of ‘despicable’ ploy to spark Quebec referendum after La Presse revelations

Calgary: Encana to sell assets in Wyoming natural gas field for $1.8B

Measles: Exposure warnings for 3 Ontario cities

Cancer fundraiser: Justin Trudeau drops f-bomb at charity event [video]

Ottawa: Conservatives to roll out Victims Bill of Rights within "next few days" says Justice Minister MacKay; criminal rights advocates 'outraged'

Where does buck stop? Ontario PCs say they won't be 'muzzled' after Premier Wynne threatens legal action over gas plant remarks

Phil Gillies: Brant must not be sidelined from provincial politics

Election soon? In Ontario's power plant scandal, the crime and the cover up stink

Sue-Ann Levy: Liberals to blame for public sector salary explosion

Kelly McParland: Andrea Horwath has a duty to end Liberal misrule in Ontario

Quebec election 2014: Pauline Marois denies any knowledge of alleged bid-rigging scheme run by Parti Québécois

Chantal Hébert: Ghosts of governments past could be a horror story for Kathleen Wynne

Martin Regg Cohn: Spring election in the air over gas-plant stench; by putting Kathleen Wynne under the gun, Andrea Horwath has put herself in the spotlight as a Liberal enabler — and accessory to scandal

Toronto Sun editorial: Liberals green dream now our nightmare

Ross McKitrick: Earth hour: a dissent

Criminal gamesmanship: McGuinty’s gas plant cover-up would have succeeded had they received a majority in 2011; how many other things have they buried since 2003?

'Sunshine list' 2014: Ontario's top public earners list released; increased 11% to 97,796 names, and an 82% increase from 2008, when there were 53,774 names on list; searchable link

Quebec election 2014: Québec Solidaire asks Marois how she can be against tax havens when her high-profile candidate, Pierre Karl Péladeau, appears to use them extensively for his Quebecor family of companies [translated]

Prince Edward Island: Three dead in fire at vacant building in Charlottetown

Montreal: Man falls from Big O balcony during Blue Jays-Mets exhibition game; police say man in his 40s was critically injured after falling 10 to 15 metres

GasGate: McGuinty staffer named in gas-plant documents was paid $154,000 for less than two months of work in 2013, according to Ontario 'sunshine list'

Unravelled: A history of the Ontario gas-plant scandal

Thunder Bay: Northwestern Ontario municipalities support TransCanada's Energy East pipeline

Quebec election 2014: Grasping at extremist straws, now PQ's Pauline Marois blames Liberals for decline of French

Ottawa: Canada posts $2.16B surplus in January; revenues up, expenses down, as numbers beat budget

Ottawa: Feds to impose heavy fines on firms who abuse foreign worker program

GasGate: McGuinty Chief of Staff broke multiple security protocols in bringing in an outsider to tamper with government computers says detailed account drawn from police files

Toronto Mayor 2014: Mayor Rob Ford tells CBC Metro Morning "people are starting to become numb" to talk of his recent troubles

MH370: Rex Murphy: The mesmery and mystery of Flight 370, putting the whole world in limbo [video]

Ontario irony: Ontario Power Generation launches program to save endangered Blanding's turtle, while govt appeal overturned environment review tribunal decision to protect same turtle from wind turbine development in Prince Edward County; will OPG contribute to appeal costs? will they support further court action?

Islamist group blamed: Blast in Nigerian capital kills 71

MH370: Oil slick spotted in search area near ping detection area, to be tested

Yelled 'Heil Hitler': Man kills 3 at Jewish Centers in Kansas City suburb of Overland Park; attacks came on eve of Jewish holiday of Passover

Guardian: Most Ukrainians are neither loyal Russians nor fascists; in the propaganda war between Putin and the west, the complexities of Ukraine, and its people's interests, are ignored

Mexico: 36 killed in fiery bus crash

Idaho: M4.9 shallow quake rattles rural central part of state near Challis

California: FedEx truck didn't brake before it hit tour bus on I-5, killing 10; witness says it was on fire before crash

What's safe? Will changing your password really protect you from Heartbleed? Tech giants under pressure to advise and reassure users in wake of bug

Nevada: Victory for Cliven Bundy, rancher who challenged feds

Ukraine: In Donetsk, a 'self-made' oligarch learns to play nicely with others

MH370: Call traced to co-pilot's phone

Kiev: Ukraine calls emergency meeting of national security council

Washington: Heartbleed OpenSSL bug reveals the true cost of open source software

UAE: Paramedic dies from MERS, others infected

Washington: White House denies Bloomberg report that NSA used Heartbleed bug to spy for two years; first heard of it this month, it says

NATO: Boom, here's proof of Russian troops on Ukraine border

Washington: U.S. court upholds ruling against SeaWorld over trainer safety

New York: U.S. Internet ad revenue surpasses broadcast TV for the first time

updated - California: 10 dead, 30 injured in I-5 crash between student-filled tour bus and FedEx tractor trailer north of Sacramento

Washington: U.S. says Russia using energy supplies "as a tool of coercion" to try to control Ukraine

Bukamal: Syria rebel infighting kills 51 near Iraq border

Bad security: Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech before an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay resort; the woman who threw the shoe was arrested

NFL: Niagara Falls, Toronto and Los Angeles seen as front-runners for Buffalo Bills; St. Catharines, Ontario a dark horse

Offbeat: Alberta dentist plans to clone John Lennon using $33,000 tooth pulled from famous Beatle

Washington: Emails show IRS's Lois Lerner fed tax information to Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings

Orlando: One child dead, another 11 hurt, as cops seek driver in hit-and-run daycare crash

Kiev: Ukraine unrest will be resolved by force or talks in 48 hours, minister says

Periods of consciousness: Michael Schumacher faces long recovery from coma, say survivors

Pennsylvania: 4 in serious condition all expected to survive after school stabbing spree

Pennsylvania: 16-year-old suspect wielded two knives, is in custody, was questioned by Murrysville police and Westmoreland County before treatment at hospital for minor injuries

Pennsylvania: 19 students, 1 adult stabbed at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, east of Pittsburgh

Rome: Italy rescues 4,000 migrants in 48 hours in escalating crisis

Tokyo: Toyota recalls 6.76 million vehicles worldwide including RAV4

Pakistan: Bomb kills 15, wounds 35 in Islamabad market

Donetsk: Ukraine tries to quell pro-Moscow uprisings; U.S. accuses Russia of fomenting unrest

Mob rat? Al Sharpton denies secretly working as an FBI mob informant

Detroit: Duped or complicit? What did U.S. Govt know about GM ignition scandal, and when did it know it? Did it mislead stock market when it sold all its GM stock?

Mass production? Sci-fi meets reality as stem cells are turned into noses, ears

Seoul: North Korean official ‘executed by flamethrower’

Windows XP: Still on almost 30% of PCs, second only to Windows 7 with about 47%, XP continues to tower above shiny new Windows 8 and 8.1 versions, with their combined 10.6%

This is the end: Windows XP users face end today to Microsoft support, updates

Ukraine: Government has seized back control of building in eastern city of Kharkiv from pro-Russia separatists; 'hope buildings in Luhansk and Donetsk will be freed shortly as well'

James Delingpole: NASA scientists and astronauts blast global warming alarmism, blast NASA for muddying its good name

Technology exists: Malaysia jet loss speeds moves to track planes during flight

Kiev: Pro-Russia activists declare eastern Ukraine independent

Hollywood legend: Mickey Rooney dies at 93 after battling long illness; began career in the 1920s

Medina, MN: Minnesota Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham arrested for 2nd time in 3 days — for making terrorist threats

New Delhi: India to kick off world's biggest election in remote northeast

Masked thugs: Pro-Russian crowds storm government buildings in eastern Ukraine

California: Two drug tunnels, with rail systems, found at U.S.-Mexico border

Texas tragedy: Fort Hood gunman wanted time off, told to come back next day; one soldier died blocking door to a room full of unarmed soldiers; shooter had been in Iraq but not in combat

Montreal: Woman shot dead in Lachine was a wanted drug ‘queen-pin’ in U.S.

Forbes: McCutcheon Supreme Court Case is a victory for free speech

Kabul: Karzai orders probe into shooting of German and Canadian AP journalists

Washington: U.S. adds 192,000 jobs; unemployment rate steady at 6.7%

New York: David Letterman to retire from CBS in 2015

Tokyo: Japan agrees to call off Antarctic whale hunt after UN court judgment

Ukraine: Russian security agents behind killings; "Yanukovych issued the criminal order... to open fire against protesters on February 18-20"

Toronto: Hudson's Bay to invest in online retailing, warns on profit

Jack Kelly: Obamacare's wording haunting Obama administration

EIA: Natural gas in storage falls to lowest level since April 2003

Blocked March 21st: Turkey's Twitter ban lifted after top court shoots it down

Egypt: Islamist group claims responsibility for Cairo University blasts

4 new cases in 24 hours: Miners in lock-down in Guinea as Ebola death toll hits 84

Bangkok: Seven dead after scrap metal workers cut open WWII bomb in Thailand [video]

Pre-planned say sources: U.S. sending additional Marines to Romania

updated - Texas: 4 dead, 16 injured in Wednesday Fort Hood shooting; shooter among dead [video]

New York: Chinatown skin infection outbreak from handling raw seafood spreads in NYC, number of cases doubles

North America-wide: Anti-vaccination movement means preventable diseases making a comeback

Brussels: NATO’s Rasmussen: more Russian intervention in Ukraine would be ‘historic mistake’

Brussels: Russia could achieve Ukraine incursion in 3-5 days: NATO General

Brussels: NATO to firm up its presence in Eastern Europe

Australia: International Court of Justice orders Japan to end Antarctic whaling

London: NATO sees no evidence Russia pulling back troops from Ukrainian border

Nairobi: 6 killed in blasts in Somali area of Kenya capital

Vanity Fair: The numbers Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you to see

London: David Cameron orders probe into Muslim Brotherhood amid fears group is plotting extremist activities in UK

Paris: France's Socialist PM and entire government quit following electoral meltdown

London: Everything you know about the Black Death is wrong, say the bones

Richard Tol: Bogus prophecies of doom will not fix the climate

Ukraine: Barron’s: “Here comes $75 oil…potentially crippling the economy of Vladimir Putin's Russia”

Deadly: Senegal closes border with Guinea, where Ebola death toll hits 70

Breakthrough? Blood test helps rule out heart attack in people who go to the ER with chest pain, study finds

Tectonics: 12 signs that something big is happening to the Earth’s crust under North and South America

Unsettled science: IPCC author brands upcoming climate report 'alarmist'; Professor Richard Tol withdraws from writing team for UN climate science panel's report on impacts of global warming

Los Angeles: Experts say a strong earthquake on Puente Hills fault could do more damage than 'the big one'

Forbes: Twitter is killing itself in order to grow and please Wall Street

Kabul: Militants attack Afghan election office

Los Angeles: Aftershocks rattle Southern California after M5.1 earthquake

Brasilia: Brazilian plane makes emergency landing with no front wheels

Ukraine: War jitters reality-based in Ukraine after a month of Russian aggression

Washington: Putin calls Obama to discuss Ukraine; have sanctions started to cool his jets?

Reuters: Russia threatened countries ahead of UN vote on Ukraine

Detroit: GM recalls 824,000 additional vehicles over ignition fears

Ukraine: Russia's window of opportunity in Ukraine; if Putin wants to make a grab for Ukraine's east and south, he'll need to move soon

Motivation: Democrats who oppose Keystone XL pipeline own shares in competing companies

Roger Pielke Jr: Disasters cost more than ever — but not because of climate change

Ukraine: Russian troops said to be hiding positions, creating supply lines near East Ukraine border

updated - India: 5 killed as Indian Air Force's new C-130J Super Hercules crashes near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

New York: Fracking billionaire Hamm: eliminating tax breaks for oil companies would reduce Bakken activity by 30%

Ukraine: Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko to run for President on May 25

New York: UN General Assembly declares Crimea secession vote invalid; 100 votes in favour, 11 against and 58 abstentions in 193-nation assembly despite heavy Russian lobbying

Official statement: IMF announces agreement with Ukraine on US$14-18B stand-by arrangement, gives kudos on stabilization efforts over past month; critical need to achieve cost recovery in energy sector, which will be "accompanied by scaled up social protection to mitigate the impact on the most vulnerable"

Brussels: IMF agrees to $18B bailout fund for Ukraine

Moscow Times: Russia will support banks if financial crisis occurs, Minister reassures as impact of sanctions getting real in West-targeted energy, banking, finance and arms industries

San Francisco: Democrat Yee's arms trafficking scheme includes link to Islamist rebels; the sworn FBI account reads like a crime thriller, involving hypocrisy, wire fraud, money laundering, corruption, bribery, murder-for-hire plots and large international weapons trafficking operations; the state Senator is running to be Secretary of State for California and was known for anti-gun rhetoric and bills

Chicago: Union ruling comes at bad time for NCAA

San Francisco hypocrisy: Democrat Yee wanted campaign cash from gun conspiracy, feds say; publicly he was anti-gun, privately he was trying to sell illegal automatic weapons to a gangster

Charlotte: After only 6 months in office, mayor resigns hours after charged with federal public corruption and bribery following an FBI sting

updated - Boston: 2 firefighters killed in 9-alarm fire on Beacon Street in Back Bay; 18 in hospital, including more than a dozen firefighters

Cairo: Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has resigned as Egypt's military chief, enabling him to stand as a candidate for President

San Francisco: Police arrest Democrat state Senator Leland Yee in ‘massive’ FBI sweep related to organized crime

Caracas: Venezuelan President Maduro announced Tuesday the arrests of three air force generals he said were plotting a coup

Good news: Burger King Baby finds birth mom, feels 'pure joy'; used Facebook and Twitter to let 'mom' know she was looking

Technology and change: For nearly 13 years, the most-used operating system ever has powered everything around us; it's still used by 30% of computers worldwide; will the world end when Windows XP support ends in April?

530slide: Rescuers scour Washington state mudslide rubble where 30 homes were hit; toll expected to rise

Ukraine: Busloads of Ukrainian troops leave Crimea

Mathew Ingram: What the Oregonian’s new web strategy gets right and what it gets wrong about online media

Syria: Saudi Arabia says rebels need more help in ‘catastrophic’ civil war

530slide: There was M1.1 earthquake near surface 100 yards behind the slide on March 10th

Time for new management? Copenhagen Zoo that killed Marius the giraffe puts down four healthy lions

Washington: IRS says bitcoin will be taxed like property instead of currency

Ukraine: Non-lethal aid to Ukrainians may include buying hemp seeds; prized for commercial and industrial applications

Ukraine: U.S. poised to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest producer of crude oil by 2015; will it start exporting to Europe?

Buffalo: Buffalo Bills founder Ralph Wilson dies; Hall of Famer founded team 55 years ago

NY Times: Google's lower-priced assault on Amazon web services

Washington: Redskins owners sets up foundation to help native Americans

The Hague: Obama meets Putin ally with Ukraine still in mind

Norfolk: Two dead as civilian kills sailor onboard moored destroyer, then killed by security

Fred Hiatt: Crimea’s suddenly inevitable ‘sovereignty’

NY Times: Michael McFaul: Confronting Putin’s Russia after the post-Cold War era he ended

Moscow Times: Capital flight expected to hit staggering $70B in first quarter

New York: 5 Bernie Madoff employees convicted of bilking investors

High-sticking: Mark Steyn takes on Michael Mann's unsubstantiated claims with flare and teeth-bared legal beagles

London: Rash of banker deaths worldwide leave industry concerned as coroners probe

Telegraph: Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals; considered 'medical waste'

Cairo: Egypt court sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death; convicted on charges including murder

Ukraine: Russian troops 'overrun Crimea's Feodosia naval base'

Unsettling science: IPCC admits the scientific consensus was wrong in a stunning reversal on biofuels; growing crops to make “green” biofuel harms the environment and drives up food prices

Obamacare debacle has become national collective focal point: All health care politics is personal; the entire country is engaged, and it’s not a holiday or a sporting event—it’s more like a natural disaster—a slow motion, rolling disaster—and the storm surge might not peak until Nov. 2014

updated ~ U.S. tornadoes kill at least 28 over 2 days; tens of thousands
without power in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi

Constance Lambert embraces her dog after finding it alive when returning to her destroyed home in
Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday. Lambert was at an event away from her home when the tornado struck
and rushed back to check on her pets. ~ Brad Vest The Commercial Appeal/The Associated Press

MH370: Air search called off; underwater effort may take 8 months

updated ~ Outbreak: At least 18 killed by Sunday
tornadoes in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa

A damaged vehicle is seen amid debris after a tornado hit the town of Mayflower, Arkansas around
7:30 pm CST, April 27, 2014. ~ Gene Blevins Reuters

Arkansas: 'Mass casualty' situation reported after tornado hits Vilonia

Oklahoma City: Tornadoes rip through 3 states; at least 2 dead

Ukraine: U.S. pressures Russia on captive OSCE observers

Ukraine: Pro-Russian separatists offer
to exchange OSCE captives for prisoners

MERS: Killer virus spreads to Egypt, 5 more die in Saudi Arabia

Ukraine: Pro-Russian separatists hold international observers hostage

Ukraine: G7 leaders agree to swift new sanctions on Russia

Ukraine crisis: Russia fails to fight ruble slide with rate rise

Beijing: Global stocks tumble amid Ukraine tensions; Standard & Poor's
cuts Russia credit rating, warning of capital flight, investment risks

MH370: Surprise report coming next week from Malaysian Government

Taking action: Canada aggressively removes unsafe rail tank cars;
5,000 of most dangerous tank cars pulled off tracks in next month

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announces new railway safety measures during news conference Wednesday,
April 23, 2014 in Ottawa. ~ Adrian Wyld THE CANADIAN PRESS

Canada: Five Senate reform questions Supreme Court will address Friday

Time machine: Google adds 'time travel' feature to Street View

Look for a clock icon in the upper left corner of a Street View panorama, and you can move a slider to see how your
neighbourhood has changed over the last seven years. Skim through the timeline to find a particular moment in history,
then click it to open a full-screen view. ~ PC Mag

South Korea: Sunken ferry massively overloaded; other allegations emerge

Russia: Warns Ukraine it could see repeat of Georgia War

Political value of NY Times/LIS analysis = PRICELESS

Canada's opposition parties speechless after New York Times analysis
directly refutes their claims about economy and middle class

Daily Mail: New research shows America's middle class no longer
world's richest; and it's Canadians that have taken over

Boston: Meb Keflezighi’s `incredible’ American success story

Boston Marathon champion `wanted to win it for Boston’.
American Meb Keflezighi won the men’s title today, kissing
the ground and weeping after he crossed the finish line to
the roar of the joyous crowd. ~ Boston Herald

Nigeria: Parents say 234 girls actually missing in school kidnapping
by Islamist extremists, not 85 previously reported

MH370: Cyclone threatens to disrupt search

The Bluefin-21 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is craned over the side of the Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield
in the southern Indian Ocean. ~ Reuters

MH370: Australia sees ‘regroup’ on search in a few days

Heads up: Big asteroids hit Earth far more
than we're told, say NASA astronauts

updated - South Korea: More bodies recovered; death toll tops 50

South Sudan: 58 killed in attack on UN peacekeeping base; children
among dead; 5,000 members of an ethnic minority had sought shelter

Good Friday: Winnipeg cross walk

Parishioners from across Manitoba took part in the Good Friday public Way of the Cross procession beginning at Holy Rosary Church and covering a 1.5-km route through Osborne Village, ending at the church. Close to 1,000 people took part. ~ Winnipeg Free Press

Mexico quake: No immediate reports of injuries or major damage

Mexico: Shallow M7.2 quake hits 170 miles SW of Mexico City

South Korea: Captain Lee Joon Seok, 69, arrives in court, faces arrest

Lee Joon-seok, center, the captain of the sunken ferry Sewol in the water off the southern coast, arrives at court in Mokpo, south of Seoul, South Korea, Friday, April 18. ~ AP

South Korea ferry: Texts from missing, accounts from saved, tell of terror

South Korea: Crew describes chaos & confusion on bridge of sinking ferry

South Korea ferry: Sad numbers: 475 people aboard,
25 confirmed dead, 179 rescued, 271 missing

South Korea: 3 of 4 ferry passengers came from a single high school

South Korea: Bad weather hampers search for ferry survivors

South Korea: Fears rise for 287 missing in ferry sinking;
confirmed death toll now set at 9

Jim Flaherty state funeral: Political players of all
party stripes gather for fond farewell

Jim Flaherty's wife, MPP Christine Elliott speaks at his state funeral. Triplet sons, Quinn, John and Galen stand with their mother. Quinn and Galen gave moving and humourous reminiscences of their father and their family life.

updated - Seoul: South Korea says 290 still
missing after ferry sinking, 6 confirmed dead

The Sewol flipped over and sank as helicopters and boats rescued over a hundred from the decks and the cold water.

Ottawa: RCMP charge London, Ontario teen over CRA Heartbleed hack;
Western student's dad is a Western Computer Science professor

Seoul: 290+ missing, 2 dead as student-filled ferry capsizes and
sinks off South Korea's southern coast Wednesday morning

The 6,325-ton Sewol was carrying 477 people, including 325 students from a high school in Ansan, just south of Seoul, when it sent out a distress signal at 8:58 a.m. in waters 20 km off the island of Byeongpoong, according to the Coast Guard. ~ Yonhapnews

updated - Seoul: 2 dead, 14 injured, 100+ missing after ferry with
476 students aboard sinks off South Korea after ran aground

Video capture of sinking ferry. Passengers mostly high school students. ~ YTN

Boston: Bomb squad detonates bags left near Marathon finish line

Member of bomb squad inspects bag at Boston Marathon finish line. ~ WBZ-TV

Calgary: Students gather at UofC to mourn stabbing victims

Calgary: Live press conference on UofC end-of-classes party stabbings;
arrested suspect was an invited guest, son of a 33-yr member of police;
no records for victims or suspect; charges will be 1st degree murder;
police being careful not to jeopardize case by releasing too much detail;
father/mother of suspect 'devastated', give apologies to victim families

Calgary: Stabbing rampage at house party kills five young people;
arrested suspect is the son of a senior Calgary police officer: sources

Police say five young people were killed in an after-midnight stabbing rampage at a house party on this
northwest Calgary street. ~ Jen Gerson National Post

Ukraine: EU agrees to tougher sanctions against Russia

Ukraine: NATO's Rasmussen calls on Russia to "start rebuilding trust"

NY Times: Ukraine asks UN for peacekeeping troops

Ukraine: Canada lambastes Putin, blames
'Russian provocateurs' for escalation:

  • "When a major power acts in an aggressive, militaristic, and imperialistic way, this represents a significant threat to the peace and stability of the world, and it's time we all recognized the depth and seriousness of that threat. Canada will take additional measures. We've already imposed a number of sanctions, and we will clearly be taking further action," said Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  • "We also know from history that anybody who makes it their historical mission to turn the clock back as Mr. Putin has determined to do, that those kinds of missions always fail in the end. We will do all in our power to make it fail," Harper said.

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian attack in Ukraine's Horlivka

There were rival pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian rallies in the town of Kharkiv on Sunday. ~ AFP

Heartbleed: 900 social insurance numbers stolen from Canada's CRA

MH370: 1st sub to be deployed

The Bluefin 21, Artemis autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), can create a sonar map of the search area to chart any debris on the seafloor. ~ Specialist 1st Class Peter D. Blair/U.S. Navy The Associated Press

MH370: Black box pings end, raising fears batteries dead, won't be found

MH370: Plane flown 'like fighter jet' to avoid radar

Ukraine: Russia whines to UN as Kiev clamps
down on pro-Russia violence in east

Ukraine: Russia says Kiev's planned operation against rebels is 'criminal'

Ukraine to launch 'full-scale' offensive against rebels involving army

Ukraine says it can prove Russia coordinated weekend attacks

Pro-Russian activists wave a Russian flag and shout slogans during rally near a razor wire-topped barricade outside regional government building in eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 13, 2014. Kiev said on April 13 that several had been left "dead and wounded" in fighting to oust pro-Russian gunmen holed up in a police station in the restive east in the city of Slavyansk, as Washington warned Moscow to de-escalate the crisis or face the consequences. The latest wave of unrest began when protesters last weekend seized the seat of government in Donetsk, followed by similar actions in Lugansk and Kharkiv. ~ Alexander Khudoteply AFP PHOTO

MH370: Searchers prepare to stop listening for black boxes after
two days without a ping and settle in for long seabed search

Ukraine: Shootout in Kramatorsk next on wave
of Russian assault on Donetsk Oblast

Solomon Islands: M7.6 sea quake - 100km SSE of Kirakira, 30km depth

Belleville: Flooding threatens 200 homes; state of emergency
declared in Eastern Ontario as waters rise on four major rivers

Firefighters and volunteers have been sandbagging residences around Belleville, Ontario as water levels rise on the Moira, Salmon, Napanee and Trent Rivers. All four rivers cross under Hwy 401 and if waters continue to rise, Ontario's main highway could be at risk. ~ Natalie Kalata CBC

Ukraine crisis: Canada imposes more sanctions to punish Russia

Kiev: Risk of 'gas war' looms in East Ukraine

Kiev: Pro-Russian militants seize hundreds of guns from police buildings

Kiev: Gunmen storm police buildings in East Ukraine

MH370: Optimism fading as signals fading, big task remains: Australia PM

Ottawa: Online book of condolences set up for Jim Flaherty

State funeral for Jim Flaherty Wednesday in Toronto

Doctor/MP Kellie Leitch who fought to save Jim Flaherty's
life leads deeply moving tributes in House of Commons

MH370: Latest detected signal 'not step forward' say Australians

How they listen and why the search craft have to run quietly.

MH370: Australian PM says searchers confident signals are from plane

MH370: Possible new signal detected, being analyzed

National outpouring of tributes to late Jim Flaherty

Ottawa: Friends and rivals alike salute Jim Flaherty

Ottawa: Prime Minister Harper pays tribute to late Jim Flaherty [video]

A shaken and teary-eyed Prime Minister Stephen Harper gives condolences to family of Jim Flaherty.

Global News: Jim Flaherty passed away 'peacefully' on
Thursday in Ottawa, according to a family statement from his wife
Christine Elliott and their triplet sons, John, Galen and Quinn

The nation is stunned as word spreads that the loved and lauded former Finance Minister has passed away. Above, Jim Flaherty's goodbye wave and last tweet on March 18th as he left the Cabinet after 8 years guiding Canada's finances through tumultuous times: "It has been an honour to serve Canada. Thank you for the opportunity."

BREAKING: Jim Flaherty has died at 64;
'massive heart attack' Thursday afternoon

MH370: New possible signal detected as search area shrinks to smallest
size as hydrophones dropped from airplanes start to pinpoint the source

MH370: Hunt for black box signals zeroes in on 'final resting place'

Newfoundland: Extra-heavy ice traps, kills 9 blue whales [video]

Nine majestic blue whales, the largest animals on earth, were caught in and killed by thick pack ice off the southwest
coast of Newfoundland. Whale experts say the lost whales represented 4 percent of the Atlantic population. ~ NTV

MH370: Tuesday pings lasted 5:32 and 7 minutes; "Ocean Shield has now
detected 4 transmissions in same broad area. These will assist in better
defining a reduced & much more manageable search area on ocean floor"

MH370: Floating objects spotted where Ocean Shield detects signals

MH370: Two more pings detected by Australian ship

The Australian Navy's 'Ocean Shield' has picked up two more pinger signals. ~ AP

MH370: Search crews confident locator beacon still running

Ukraine: Scuffles in parliament follow Donetsk building seizures; Kyiv says
actions are Crimea replay; Russia's Lavrov denies de-stabilizing Ukraine

Pro-Russian activists barricaded themselves inside a government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, on April 7th,
amidst calls for a referendum on seceding from Ukraine — moves Kyiv described on Monday as part of a Russian-orchestrated plan to justify an invasion of the country. ~ Reuters

Quebec: Majority win ends separatist referendum talk for now

MH370: Current search at final contact point calculated 2 weeks ago

Quebec election 2014: Official results from Elections Quebec - 10:25 pm
Seats: PLQ - 70; PQ - 30; CAQ - 22; QS - 3; 15 other parties - 0

MH370: Oceanographer: If pings confirmed "search area goes from
85,000 sq miles down to about 10 sq miles"

MH370: Hussein: "We are cautiously hopeful that there will be
a positive development in the next few days, if not hours"

MH370: Authorities say they are “very close” to finding plane
after Australian ship detects pulse signals - believed to be from
black box pinger - which lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes

MH370: Biggest breakthrough in the mystery that started a month ago

A graphic shows the respective signals received by Ocean Shield and Haixun 01 in the southern Indian Ocean, in this handout image released by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on Monday, April 7, 2014.

MH370: Do different locations of detected pings mean the two
black boxes aren't together? Latest puzzle as ships race against time

MH370: More electronic pulses picked up not far from original signal

MH370: Australia PM hopeful, cautious on possible breakthrough

MH370: Australians caution "There's a huge chance of false positives here";
but signal detected by Chinese has same frequency as flight recorders

MH370: Chinese search vessel detects underwater pulse signal

Never before: Norwegian skydiver almost hit by falling
meteorite — and captures moment [video]

Above, a time-lapse view as the tumbling rock narrowly misses lucky skydiver...
Anders Helstrup was skydiving in Hedmark, Norway. When he reviewed video from two cameras
fixed to his helmet during the dive, he saw a rock plummet past him. He took it to experts and they
realized he had captured a meteorite falling during its “dark flight” — when it has been slowed by
atmospheric braking, and has cooled and is no longer luminous.

MH370: 2 ships start black box hunt

Yellowstone: Scientists poo-poo supervolcano
despite biggest quake in 34 years

Chile: New evacuations in Chile after major aftershock

updated - Chile: M7.6 shallow aftershock hits inland 19km South of Iquique

MH370: British nuclear submarine joins search for missing plane;
HMS Tireless join 10 planes & 9 ships combing 221,000 sq km

What do they know? Animals fleeing Yellowstone Park
over imminent Supervolcano?

The mass and rapid exiting of bison herds and other animals from Yellowstone National Park may be a foreshadowing
that something very dramatic is happening. According to some, the animals may be detecting something vast and deadly
that could be the much-feared and anticipated Yellowstone supervolcano.

Chile M8.2 quake: 6 now dead, 2 dozen of 300 escaped inmates
captured; tsunami alert ended, major damage to roads, hillsides

Chile M8.2 quake: Five dead, many injured; fires, landslides

Chile M8.2 quake: 2 dead, 3 seriously injured: Iquique governor

Chile M8.2 quake: Fires and fears as aftershocks hit

The Chilean interior ministry told the BBC one of main roads outside Iquique was cut off by hillside
debris. Partial landslides have also taken place between the towns of Putre and General Lagos. The
Interior Minister told Chilean TV that some 300 women inmates had escaped from a prison. ~ AFP

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami caution for Alaska, BC, Washington,
Oregon & California; 7.6-foot tsunami observed off Pisagua, Chile

Chile M8.2 quake: Coastal evacuations ordered; 2-metre tsunami waves

Chile: Offshore quake upgraded to M8.2 by USGS

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami threat to Hawaii being evaluated

Chile M8.2 quake: Tsunami warning issued for Chile, Peru and Ecuador

updated - Chile quake: M8.2, very shallow - 99km NW of Iquique

Offshore quake - 19.630°S 70.863°W depth=10.0km (6.2mi) ~ USGS

MH370: Real last words from cockpit revealed

How to survive an avalanche: Skiers dig four people
out of snow in frantic rescue on Alberta mountain

Doug Ohrn, centre, after he was dug out of the snow by Michael Peterson, who took this photo

MH370: Sea trash misleads searchers looking for debris

Seoul: North and South Korea exchange fire with hundreds
of artillery shells fired into sea over disputed border

Passengers watch a television program showing reports on North Korea's plan
to conduct live-fire drills, at a railway station in Seoul. ~ Reuters

MH370: Australian PM Abbott says search "building momentum"

Nova Scotia: Trucker rescuers recount how they saved driver & dog [video]

A tractor trailer hauling furniture plunged into Great Bras d’Or Lake at the western end of Seal Island Bridge Saturday.
It was southbound on Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Way, Hwy 105, west of Sydney when the big rig apparently
went out of control and crashed through guardrails and ran down a 20 to 50-metre embankment to land on its side in
the water. The driver and her dog were rescued by locals who jumped in.

MH370: 'Promising lead' as Australian pilot spots 4 orange items

The North-westerly view of the search area. The Diamantina Escarpment drops from depth of about
800 metres to over 5000 metres.

530slide: Confirmed deaths up to 18, missing down to 30

MH370: Objects retrieved by Chinese ship Saturday not IDed as from plane

MH370: Planes saw multiple bits of debris in Saturday search, marked them

MH370: Searchers aboard a Chinese Ilyushin IL-76 have sighted
three floating objects of white, red and orange colours, respectively

MH370: Australian Maritime Safety Authority search maps, video, etc.

MH370: Air crash investigation likely to be based in Australia

MH370: Journalist captures one of 'objects spotted' in new search area

This image of one the objects spotted was taken by a journalist on board the New Zealand search plane.

MH370: Planes spot several objects in new search area; six ships
on way to zone 1,150 miles west of Perth in attempt to verify wreckage

Brampton: Police officer in stable condition after courthouse shooting

Brampton: Gunman dead, SWAT responded to courthouse shooting;
Court officer rushed to Sunnybrook, reportedly shot in chest [video]

Police and ambulances were on the scene and heavily armed SWAT team members entered Brampton, Ontario
courthouse after the two shootings inside. Brampton is a neighbour city to NW of Toronto.

Brampton: Courthouse shooting sends policeman to hospital

MH370: AMSA changes search area 1100 km to northeast after re-analysis
of various data suggests plane was travelling faster and therefore not as far

GasGate: Wynne in denial; Hudak wants immediate resignation

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and Energy critic Lisa McLeod say the jig is up. Time for Premier Wynne
to stop cover-up and step down. Hudak had called on OPP to investigate. They found evidence
suggesting criminal breach of trust.

GasGate was on Wynne's watch: Premier and Finance Minister Sousa
at the centre of the "biggest scandal in Ontario history"

MH370: Fresh clues but bad weather

Wynne part of cover-up? How will Premier's election platform spin this?

Criminal charges? Police say 24 of Dalton McGuinty’s computers were
illegally wiped of gas plant info; warrant that led to police raid unsealed

Former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he has 'regret'
over cancelling a gas plant project that cost the province
$1.1 Billion. Will he face prison time?

MH370: Thai satellite finds debris field of more than 300 floating objects

Anond Snidvongs, executive director of Geo Informatics and Space Technology
Development Agency, said that Thaichote satellite or Thailand Earth Observation
Satellite, has recorded the objects, ranging from two to 15 metres, in the Indian
Ocean, about 200km SW of where the ill-fated flight is thought to have hit.

MH370: Montreal Convention of 1999
will have a direct bearing on loss compensation

MH370: Lawyers start with huge lawsuit threats

MH370: Thursday search suspended due to bad weather

530slide: 24 confirmed dead; 90 missing, 35 now listed as unknown

MH370: Planes, ships race to search zones to beat bad weather

Nova Scotia: Cyclonic blizzard blasts Canadian Maritime provinces

The cyclone-blizzard smacking the Maritimes is huge and powerful with legitimate hurricane-force winds. Environment Canada says in western Newfoundland, wind gusts could reach 160 km/h to 180 km/h (over 100 mph).

Germany: PM Harper cautions Putin trapped in 'Cold War' mentality

MH370: New debris field finds "the most credible lead that we have"

MH370: Major find - 122 new objects spotted in March 23rd
satellite images - Malaysia Minister; more ships arrive

The images, taken on March 23rd, show objects up to 23 metres (75 ft) in length, Hishammuddin Hussein said.

MH370: How cockpit's security door could
have left conscious passengers helpless

Houston: Construction worker rescue caught in riveting video [language]

Similar to a fire in Kingston, Ontario a few months ago, a large wooden apartment complex in Houston was destroyed by fire Tuesday. This video chronicles the rescue of a construction worker trapped on top floor [man with white hat on ladder]. He dropped down one floor and then made it to ladder as flaming walls started collapsing. No one was injured. Warning: There is colourful and profane language from the college students who filmed it.

MH370: Six questions: Once found, will secrets be revealed?

530slide: 24 likely new death toll; FEMA, National Guard join search

A search dog on Tuesday sniffs through the debris field caused by the massive mudslide near Oso.
Teams from the Washington Army National Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency
arrived to help with ground & air rescue. The recovery effort now includes hundreds of searchers.

530slide: Slide wan't "unforeseen" — happened many times before

This lidar map shows that many past mudslides have occurred up and down the Stillaguamish River
in the vicinity of Saturday’s slide. Lidar is a laser mapping method that can strip away
vegetation and reveal the underlying landforms.

MH370: The math and physics behind current search and conclusions

MH370: Search resumes, but still looking for 'haystack'

530slide: Interactive: Before and after the mudslide

Before and After: This aerial photograph shows the devastation Monday afternoon near Oso, Snohomish County. In this view to the west, Highway 530 runs along the Stillaguamish River -- until the highway disappears into the debris field. The pile of mud and debris at centre, 20 feet deep or more in some areas, blankets Steelhead Drive and surrounding homes. On north side of the river, which is cutting a new channel, stands cliff left behind, 1500 feet wide and 600 feet tall. Click on this link to access the interactive features.

MH370: Probe has created its own rules as authorities scramble

MH370: Families welcome to visit Australia, says Aussie PM

MH370: Bad weather stops search, airline continues family assistance

530slide: 14 now confirmed dead, number of missing jumps to 176

G7: Sanctions on Russia energy, banking, finance and arms industries

The Netherlands: The Hague Declaration

  1. We, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission met in The Hague to reaffirm our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

  2. International law prohibits the acquisition of part or all of another state’s territory through coercion or force. To do so violates the principles upon which the international system is built. We condemn the illegal referendum held in Crimea in violation of Ukraine’s constitution. We also strongly condemn Russia’s illegal attempt to annex Crimea in contravention of international law and specific international obligations. We do not recognize either.

  3. Today, we reaffirm that Russia’s actions will have significant consequences. This clear violation of international law is a serious challenge to the rule of law around the world and should be a concern for all nations. In response to Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to demonstrate our determination to respond to these illegal actions, individually and collectively we have imposed a variety of sanctions against Russia and those individuals and entities responsible. We remain ready to intensify actions including coordinated sectoral sanctions that will have an increasingly significant impact on the Russian economy, if Russia continues to escalate this situation.

  4. We remind Russia of its international obligations, and its responsibilities including those for the world economy. Russia has a clear choice to make. Diplomatic avenues to de-escalate the situation remain open, and we encourage the Russian Government to take them. Russia must respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, begin discussions with the Government of Ukraine, and avail itself of offers of international mediation and monitoring to address any legitimate concerns.

  5. The Russian Federation’s support for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine is a step in the right direction. We look forward to the mission’s early deployment, in order to facilitate the dialogue on the ground, reduce tensions and promote normalization of the situation, and we call on all parties to ensure that Special Monitoring Mission members have safe and secure access throughout Ukraine to fulfill their mandate.

  6. This Group came together because of shared beliefs and shared responsibilities. Russia’s actions in recent weeks are not consistent with them. Under these circumstances, we will not participate in the planned Sochi Summit. We will suspend our participation in the G-8 until Russia changes course and the environment comes back to where the G-8 is able to have a meaningful discussion and will meet again in G-7 format at the same time as planned, in June 2014, in Brussels, to discuss the broad agenda we have together. We have also advised our Foreign Ministers not to attend the April meeting in Moscow. In addition, we have decided that G-7 Energy Ministers will meet to discuss ways to strengthen our collective energy security.

  7. At the same time, we stand firm in our support for the people of Ukraine who seek to restore unity, democracy, political stability, and economic prosperity to their country. We commend the Ukrainian government’s ambitious reform agenda and will support its implementation as Ukraine seeks to start a new chapter in its history, grounded on a broad-based constitutional reform, free and fair presidential elections in May, promotion of human rights and respect of national minorities.

  8. The International Monetary Fund has a central role leading the international effort to support Ukrainian reform, lessening Ukraine's economic vulnerabilities, and better integrating the country as a market economy in the multilateral system. We strongly support the IMF's work with the Ukrainian authorities and urge them to reach a rapid conclusion. IMF support will be critical in unlocking additional assistance from the World Bank, other international financial institutions, the EU, and bilateral sources. We remain united in our commitment to provide strong financial backing to Ukraine, to co-ordinate our technical assistance, and to provide assistance in other areas, including measures to enhance trade and strengthen energy security.

The Netherlands: G8 for Sochi cancelled; replaced by G7 in Brussels

530slide: 8 dead, 108 missing after deadly Washington landslide
completely covers subdivision of 30 homes, river and highway

Eight people are confirmed dead and 108 people are missing after a massive mudslide near Oso, Washington collaped over the North Fork Stillaguamish River and 30 houses in a subdivision on the opposite bank. It is believed the river eroded the base of the bluff that collapsed after heavy rains saturated the area. A mile of Highway 530 south of the subdivision was also deeply covered.

Malaysia PM: Flight MH370 'crashed in south Indian Ocean'

Najib Razak: "It is with deep sadness and regret, that according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the
southern Indian Ocean." The revelation by Prime Minister Najib Razak came at a late-night news conference
in Kuala Lumpur. It was based on new analysis by British satellite firm Inmarsat, which provided satellite data,
and the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB). The firms "have concluded that MH370 flew along
the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth."

MH370: Search planes 'zigzagging' ocean [video]

MH370: Search intensifies on new debris sighting

MH370: Chinese IL-76 plane spots floating objects in Indian Ocean;
"2 larger floating objects & some smaller, white debris over several sq km"

MH370: Sunday a fruitless search day, Monday adds 2 more planes, rain

MH370: With French images showing potential debris in 'southern
corridor', list of satellite sightings in Indian Ocean search grows

MH370: French satellite radar images offer fresh lead

MH370: Use this DigitalGlobe link to help in the crowd search

MH370: Plane search widens on new images of debris from China

MH370: Missing plane WAS carrying highly flammable lithium batteries;
Malaysian Airlines admits to dangerous cargo 4 days after denial;
Lithium batteries have caused 140 mid-air incidents in last 20 yrs

MH370: RAAF: reasonable chance of success; longer range planes added

MH370: India says has scoured all radar data and found nothing

Ukraine: Canadian PM Stephen Harper visits Kiev in show of support;
commits to re-start free trade negotiations; sends warning to Putin [video]

Canadian PM Stephen Harper paid respets on behalf of Canada at Kiev's Independence Square and spoke
at press conference with Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

MH370: Australian officials say new Chinese image within
the 36,000-sq-km (14,000-sq-mi) area they searched Saturday

MH370: Chinese satellite spots potential debris
75 miles from where previous debris seen

China said today it had this new satellite image of what could be wreckage from a missing Malaysian
airliner, as more planes and ships headed to join an international search operation scouring some of
the most remote seas on Earth. The new potential sighting was dramatically announced by Malaysia’s
acting transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, after he was handed a note with details during a
news conference in Kuala Lumpur, scooping the official announcement from China.

MH370: BBC LIVE updates - as search widens on new info [video]

MH370: Australia searchers empty-handed after Friday search,
but will be back over desolate stretch of ocean at sunrise

Moscow: Russian stocks plummet in early trade on U.S. sanctions

MH370: Friday search has 5 aircraft looking for satellite-detected objects

MH370: Owners of freighter on scene, the Hoegh St. Petersburg, commit
their ship to searching "until further notice" for debris and any survivors

The Hoegh St. Petersburg has remained alone at the search site for over 24 hours as
planes are forced to return to base to re-fuel and at night. Other ships are en route.

MH370: Did the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 suffer same
fate as Payne Stewart Learjet in 1999? (here's what happened then)

MH370: Insurers brace for payouts for plane and private flight insurance

MH370: Under 1999 Montreal Convention, Malaysia Airlines liable
for damages per passenger up to $175,000 without proof of fault

MH370: The prescient March 10th hypoxia theory on what happened:
a defect, a skin tear, loss of oxygen, loss of communications = zombie plane

MH370: The FAA airworthiness directive which might be the key to a
zombie Boeing 777 on auto-pilot running by itself until the fuel ran out

MH370: Why death from hypoxia is the most likely scenario

MH370: Search resumes off Australia as sun rises

MH370: Indian Ocean find raises likelihood pilots
incapacitated and plane was flying on autopilot

Sturla Henriksen, managing director of the Norwegian Shipowners Association, left, and Ingar Skiaker, CEO of Hoegh Autoliners brief the press in Oslo Thursday March 20, 2014 on the movements of the ship Hoegh St. Petersburg. The car-carrying ship is engaged in searching for possible debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane in the Indian Ocean, south-west of Australia. ~ Terje Bendiksby AP Photo/NTB scanpix

Next Putin domino? Trans-Dniester; big consumer of Soviet kool-aid

The separatist region of Trans-Dniester has already offered itself to Moscow - a request which Russia has promised to consider. More than 800 were killed in 1992 when Trans-Dniester, backed by Russia, fought to stop the tiny country of Moldova from becoming independent from a disintegrating Soviet Union.

MH370: Sea search halts overnight, weather "extremely bad" for searchers

Is the solution to part of the mystery at hand?

MH370: World's most difficult recovery; time and depth

MH370: The world holds its collective breath as Australian,
American and New Zealand planes and ships on the move

MH370: Flock of planes and fleet of ships on way to search

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority released these pictures of suspect object found in satellite photograph.

MH370: Australian Maritime Safety Authority press conference [video]

John Young gave complete details of the AMSA search and what they've seen and
would not speculate beyond observations.

MH370: U.S. Navy P8 Poseidon aircraft now in search area but weather bad; press conference described "multiple objects", one estimated at "24
metres" in length, and referred to a "debris field", new imagery to come
from multiple re-positioned satellites, more planes, ships on way

Satellite imagery shows a debris field 2500 km SW of Perth, Australia. The weather is bad and the
planes are hours away. Higher quality will be released as available. Map above shows today's
pre-planned search areas.

NATO Sec-Gen Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Leading by example: Women,
peace, security and NATO
; speech today at Georgetown University

Crimea: Pro-Russian thugs seize Sevastopol Ukrainian naval base

Blocked again: Publicity seekers again block main Ontario rail line

The illegal blockade by Tyendinaga Mohawk activists on the CNR mainline just west of Greater Napanee at Wyman
Road went up Tuesday night at about 9:30 pm. Contrary to the expressed views of the protesters, Canada tracks missing people very carefully across the country. The national missing persons website is at: National information has been available since 1988:

Garry Kasparov: Vladimir Putin and the lessons of 1938;
He’s not Hitler — but we’ve got to stop him all the same

Jewgen Worobiow: Five lies that Putin peddled in his 'Crimea Speech'

NY Times: Russia’s aggression in Crimea brings NATO into renewed focus

Ukraine: NATO Secretary General condemns moves
to incorporate Crimea into Russian Federation

Crimea: A step closer to all-out-war: Ukrainian officer shot dead,
dozens rounded up by masked gunmen at under-siege Crimean army base;
interim PM says crisis with Russia has moved from political to military

Armed Russian forces arrest Ukrainian army officers during an operation in Simferopol, after the crisis
moves from political to military action between the two countries, after one Ukrainian serviceman
has been shot dead. Meanwhile, in the West, Putin apologists push Chamberlainian appeasement.

Ukraine: Britain suspends all arms exports to Russia
as fears grow of military escalation

WWIII? Putin speaks war words as he is urged to 'snatch back' Belarus
and Kazakhstan; gov't organizes Crimea celebrations across Russia;
Putin tells the Duma he will not tolerate NATO 'next to our home'

Seattle: Two dead after news helicopter crashes near Space Needle

In this photo provided by KOMO-TV, a car burns at the scene of a helicopter crash outside the KOMO-TV studios near the space needle in Seattle on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. The station says the helicopter was apparently coming in for a landing on its rooftop Tuesday morning when it possibly hit the side of the building and went down, hitting several vehicles on Broad Street. ~ Kelly Koopmans AP Photo/KOMO-TV

Ukraine: Russia tossed out of G8 as Putin signs Crimea annex order

MH370: Did jetliner escape in the 'radar shadow'
of another 777? latest outside-the-box theory

Kyiv Post: Ukrainian government refuses to remove
troops from Crimea, prepares for war

Ukraine vs Russia - Budapest Memorandum of 1994 ties U.S. to protecting Ukraine. ~ AFP

Canada: New economic sanctions & travel bans on Russians & Ukrainians responsible for undermining sovereignty/territorial integrity of Ukraine

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with Vadym Prystaiko, Ukrainian ambassador to Canada,
Monday March 17, 2014 in Ottawa. ~ Adrian Wyld THE CANADIAN PRESS

Ukraine: EU and U.S. impose sanctions over Crimea; assets frozen

MH370: Times of Israel: Ex-El Al expert says 'Iran likely involved';
another expert assures: "it will be found, probably in one piece..."

MH370: Australia leads southern search for missing plane

Evolution of the search for a plane thought lost, disabled, then finally presumed hijacked.

London: Crimea result makes "a mockery" of democracy says Hague

Obama to Putin: U.S. will "never" recognize sham vote in Crimea;
Russia will face 'additional costs' for violating Ukraine territorial integrity

Canadians protest Crimea referendum, express solidarity with Ukraine

"The so-called referendum held today was conducted with Crimea under illegal military occupation. Its results are a reflection of nothing more than Russian military control," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement.
"This 'referendum' is illegitimate, it has no legal effect, and we do not recognize its outcome," the Prime Minister said, adding Canada is working with other countries on the possibility of further sanctions.
"Any solution to this crisis must respect the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine as well as the constitution of Ukraine. Mr. Putin's reckless and unilateral actions will lead only to Russia's further economic and political isolation from the international community."

A protester in military garb takes part in mock referendum outside Russian Embassy in Ottawa, Sunday,
March 16, 2014. ~ Fred Chartrand THE CANADIAN PRESS

Unconstitutional ballot: Crimeans overwhelmingly vote for secession

Simferopol: Polls Close in Crimea's Referendum

MH370: Timing of final words from cockpit reveal intent to deceive

Kiev: Ukraine defiant despite Russian troop build-up in Crimea

Crimean adventurism: Reporting from the front lines during Putin's Folly

Quebec election 2014: Second debate: Front-runner Liberal Philippe Couillard attacked but refused to sling mud back

Quebec election 2014: Chantal Hébert: Quebec’s Liberal leader cut from different cloth than Charest

Verdict in: Liberals' land use changes in 2005 have driven up housing costs in Ontario by 60% in 9 years

Toronto Mayor 2014: Forum Research poll shows Rob Ford approval rating went up to 46% after Wednesday's TV debate; 4 in 10 voters say Ford won

Toronto Sun editorial: Horwath must bring down Wynne

Ontario: Wynne Govt boosts price of natural gas by over 40% starting next week; province's use of gas-powered power plants to back up non-performing wind turbines and solar panels exacerbated shortage

Christina Blizzard: Wynne government trapped like rats in cage

Quebec election 2014: Don Macpherson: This most intense campaign in 40 years is also the dirtiest

Scott Stinson: Kathleen Wynne may have a scandal she can't outrun

Ottawa Citizen editorial: Ontario’s trust gap

Quebec election 2014: PQ attempt smear against Couillard but facts don't fit the smear

GasGate: Criminal cover-up say police after called in by Hudak Tories to investigate; how many Liberals will be charged?

Ottawa: Tom Mulcair to face grilling over NDP's 'outreach' offices; illegally funded by House of Commons instead of NDP party funds; caught in trap when too many NDP MPs playing hooky from House

Quebec election 2014: Liberal leader Philippe Couillard lays all cards on table, divulges his and his wife's entire financial holdings; Premier Marois refuses to follow suit

GasGate cover-up: Police allege criminal breach of trust against McGuinty chief of staff over gas plants scandal; what was being deleted? Did Premier's office conspire to cover-up their role in blowing $1.1B or is the truth even darker?

Toronto: Huge mattress factory fire upgraded to 6 alarms; no injuries, in city's north end, near Dufferin & Eglinton

Punished for a good deed? Man gives cash to strangers, arrested, held for mental-health assessment

MP defends Lake Ontario's largest island: Scott Reid blasts massive wind project that will despoil Amherst Island, "home to a globally significant wildlife habitat and conservation area known as Owl Woods which serves as an important migratory location for wintering hawks and owls"; the species are particularly at risk from wind turbines

Ottawa: Ottawa tables legislation to clear grain transportation backlog; legislation could potentially allow more service by more rail companies

Toronto: Railways should serve all customers — not just one industry; the grain, chemicals, mining and fertilizer industries have all experienced poor service that go beyond cold weather and are systemic and deliberate in nature

Toronto: RCMP arrests 6 people in 'massive investment fraud' — $200 million — targeting thousands of investors

Picton: Prince Edward County field naturalists granted construction stay at Ostrander Point; wind development co-owned by OPSEU won't be allowed to destroy the Blanding’s turtle habitat before the outcome of the current appeal

Toronto: Cold weather isn't going away, forecasters warn; Spring likely won't begin in earnest until mid-April

Windsor: ANOTHER Herb Gray Parkway construction fiasco?

Ottawa: Government, public sector unions reach deal over health benefits; deal stickhandled by Clement will save Govt $6.7B over 6 years

Lysiane Gagnon: In Quebec, bottom line is that people don’t want a referendum because they don’t want sovereignty – period

Stay off the roads! Spring blizzard paralyzes Nova Scotia; 12 cm of snow an hour could fall at height of storm

Journal of Climate: New paper finds "surprisingly, there are many U.S. weather stations that show cooling" over the past century

Pearl Harbor: Heat damage from fire aboard HMCS Protecteur may have warped hull

No implied exclusion: The Supreme Court Nadon gaffe; can we trust them with other decisions?

Andrew Coyne: Flaky Supreme Court ruling meets dubious appointment

Denial: Supporters of CO2-driven theory of anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) in full panic mode

Christina Blizzard: Hydro 'debt retirement charge' has to go

Ukraine: Harper rejects Russian lawmaker's charge that Canada should back off; says Ukrainian-Canadians give him mandate to speak up; attacks Russia's ethnic sanctions

The Hague: Canada pledges $28M at summit to combat nuclear terrorism; will also open doors to nuclear safety inspections by international experts

Ottawa: Harper says he'll respect Supreme Court's Nadon ruling; Government still reviewing decision, undecided on possible candidate

Safety move: CN to phase out own fleet of older rail tankers; CN's owned and leased tankers just small fraction of what is on the rails

Hero: Ottawa father drowns while saving young son at Cuban beach resort

Flight 6560: First Air captain ignored co-pilot's warnings before Nunavut crash in 2011

The Sunday Post: Damning evidence of wind farms polluting the Scottish countryside revealed

Not green: Solar modules result in more greenhouse gas emissions than modern coal power plants

Ooops! Much-touted 2006 Polar Bear survey used by ESA to list them as ‘threatened’ …now invalidated; didn't take into account that bears wander

Quebec election 2014: Leger numbers say a Liberal majority if vote held today; PQ swoon continues as Liberals keep rising [translation]

Ebola: Man in Canada may have killer virus; traveller returned from Liberia in quarantine in Saskatchewan

Grant Huscroft: The Supreme Court’s faulty logic on Nadon; a professor of constitutional law takes the Supremes to the woodshed

Clive Hambler: Wind farms vs wildlife; the shocking environmental cost of renewable energy; wind farms are devastating populations of rare birds and bats across the world, driving some to the point of extinction

Paul Wells: Maclean's columnist describes Parti Québécois as a "bunch of idiots" [translation]

Quebec election 2014: Leger poll: Liberals 40%; PQ 33%; CAQ 15%; QS 9%

Ottawa: Canadian Govt said no to BlackBerry sale to Lenovo

Pierre Poilievre, Minister of State for Democratic Reform: Why the Fair Elections Act is, in fact, fair

Kiev: Harper calls for 'complete reversal' of Crimea annexation

Toronto: Grey County pair faces weapons charges after guns, grenades seized at border; linked to shootings

Ottawa: Russian sanctions against Canadians a 'badge of honour'; "Instead of responding to calls from the international community to withdraw its troops, Russia has continued its provocative actions and this is completely unacceptable. Canadian officials named today by Russia aren't oligarchs, they are not people threatening to annex parts of peaceful neighbours by military force and we find this announcement deeply concerning:" FM John Baird

Matthew Fisher: Harper doing rhetorical heavy lifting as 'free world' struggles to restrain Russian Bear

Toronto: Ontario follows Germany in renewable failure

Wellington: OMB grants 12-year-old appeal, but that ship has sailed

Ottawa: CSIS tracking 80 Canadians who came home after going abroad for ‘terrorist purposes’

Ottawa: Conservatives won’t rule out another attempt to reappoint Nadon; specious technicality blocked eminent jurist

Trudeau the arsonist: Meech Lake drama unveiled in release of 1990 cabinet minutes

Persecution? Has the media gone too far in its coverage of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? [video]

Election sign? Wynne loses Municipal Affairs Minister to Brampton mayoral race

Edmonton: Dave Hancock to be sworn in as interim Alberta Premier

Quebec election 2014: Parti Quebecois scrambles as numbers drop, raises alarm over Ontario student voters

Quebec election 2014: crunches all polls, projects Liberal majority

Gravenhurst: Father and son stop violent home invasion with shovels and kitchen knives [video]

Ontario: MPP says College of Trades violates province-to-province skilled-trades agreement

Ontario: College of Trades putting jobs at risk

Joseph Quesnel: Restrictive ratios hamper job growth; Manitoba is missing out on major policy changes to improve access to the trades, particularly for young Aboriginal people

London: Meteorite from Ontario fireball described as 'Rosetta stone'; public urged to look out for space rock 5 km north or northwest of St. Thomas, Ontario

Cairo: Canadian-Egyptian Al-Jazeera journalist jailed in Egypt loses full use of arm; attributed to lack of medical care

Quebec election 2014: PQ candidate Péladeau mocks economists; economist and PQ Minister of Finance and Economy, Nicolas Marceau, cringes [translated]

New York: Humans can detect one trillion smells says study, millions more than previously estimated

Montreal: Quebec tries to clarify rules after English-speaking students turned away; residency, age and ID not good enough?

Quebec election 2014: Price tag for Quebec sovereignty too high: Liberal leader Couillard

Kiev: Canada's Harper says he'll push for Russia's expulsion from the G8

Toronto: Ontario Liberals say they're ready for an election despite ongoing criminal investigations, billions of dollars in blown taxpayer money and a Finance Minister whose efforts make California look like a fiscal paradise; call could be only days or weeks away

Leonid Sirota: The Supreme Court of Canada's embarassingly big fail; a review by a legal mind, from a legal perspective, not partisan

Ted Morton: Three strikes, and Redford is out

Toronto: More Pan Am execs dismissed amid shake-up of 2015 organizers as mess continues

Alberta Oil Sands: Washington Post falls for left-wing fraud, embarrasses itself

Vancouver: NDP MLA caught scamming funds from anti-poverty group denies she knew what her then-husband was doing, documents suggest otherwise

Montreal: Marois claims she's clear on referendum -- translation: it will only be called when PQ is sure they can win

Kabul: An optometrist is identified as one of two Canadians killed in Afghanistan hotel attack

Ottawa: Harper government 'genuinely surprised' by narrow-focus Nadon decision

Kabul: Afghanistan hotel attack kills 9, including 2 Canadian women who were development workers

Ottawa: Narrow, technical decision denies Nadon seat on Supreme Court; can qualify by spending one more day as member of Quebec bar

Ottawa: Stephen Harper makes historic stop in Ukraine on trip to Europe for nuclear summit and emergency G7 meeting

Toronto: Justin Trudeau under fire from Trinity-Spadina Liberals; the party "made unproven and malicious allegations against the candidate and her family" in an effort to "cover up its desire to control the nomination process"

Montreal: Bombardier sales of $3.4B worth of planes to Russia, to be built there, put on backburner as sanctions bite

Ottawa: Months after historic breakthrough, female premiers fall

Kingston Whig-Standard editorial: Ontario finances ‘worse than California’

Quebec election 2014: 'They all attacked me,' PQ Leader Marois says of debate; stuck in the referendum tarpit, she could only struggle

Quebec election 2014: Marois expected to back off referendum talk in televised debate

Edmonton: Who will seek Alberta Premiership? Some surprising names being advanced

Edmonton: Redford's replacement Dave Hancock promises 'government Albertans want'

Toronto: Mayoral candidate Stintz changes tune on Billy Bishop airport extension for Porter's quiet Bombardier jets; now in favour of obvious improvement along with Ford; Chow wanted it shut down in 2003, against expansion now

Winnipeg: Manitoba considers Russian booze ban

Quebec election 2014: Forum Research poll: Liberals pull into huge lead in Quebec; headed for majority; Liberals 45%; PQ 32%; CAQ 13%; QS 7%; Liberal support is especially strong among the oldest (58%), Anglophones (91%), Allophones (77%), among those who don't want an independent Quebec (67%)

Edmonton: Dave Hancock to be interim Alberta Premier as Redford's staff shown the door

Edmonton: The highs and lows of Alison Redford’s political career

updated - Edmonton: Alberta Premier Alison Redford has resigned at a hastily called press conference at the Alberta Legislature; "too much time has been spent on questions of loyalty and allegiance", "I am resigning as Premier" effective Sunday [video]

Minnesota: Court reverses ex-nurse's convictions for his online coaxing of a depressed Canadian woman and British man to kill themselves, which they did

Calgary: Federal Government committed to new grain-hauling legislation; CN Rail warns against more regulations

Quebec election 2014:
CTV News/Ipsos Reid poll: Liberals 37%; PQ 32%; CAQ 16%; QS 10%

Ottawa: New Canada Finance Minister Oliver wants budget surplus in 2015

Halifax: New fireball in sky seen over Nova Scotia this morning

Ottawa: Toronto's Oliver moves to Finance; Kenora's Rickford to Natural Resources; London's Holder to Science and Technology

CBC: Joe Oliver replaces Jim Flaherty as Canada Finance Minister; former investment banker and executive director of Ontario Securities Commission; MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business, BA and civil law degrees from McGill University

John Ivison: Jim Flaherty leaves his successor a budget that's the envy of the G7

Ottawa: Having missed scoop that Flaherty was leaving, 'insiders' betting on his replacement

Quebec election 2014: Quebec Mohawks likely to declare own independence if PQ wins sovereignty referendum: Grand Chief

Ottawa: Read Jim Flaherty's statement on resigning as Canada's Finance Minister; one of longest serving in Canadian history

Ottawa: Jim Flaherty, federal finance minister, quits politics; resigns from Conservative cabinet after 8 years running Canada's finances

Quebec election 2014: CROP poll shows continuing trend of growth for Liberals and sag for PQ

Toronto: Ontario carrying a much worse debt burden than state of California

Chantal Hébert: Quebec election campaign unfolding in Stephen Harper’s favour

Quebec election 2014:
CROP poll: Liberals 39%; PQ 36%; CAQ 13%; QS 10%

Andrew Coyne: The West’s foreign policy ‘realists’ are actually apologists for Russia

Ontario: Natural gas price hike will also hit electricity bills since Liberals use gas-powered generation to back-up unreliable solar and wind power: Chiarelli

Toronto: Cabinet documents prove Liberals 'lying' about Ontario's financial health: Hudak

Robert Lyman: Can Ontario's Green Power program save the planet? No... even if it worked, it doesn't work

As seen on TV: Pitchman Kevin Trudeau gets 10-year sentence

David Akin: From Fort Mac to Fort York: The ripples of Chow’s resignation on federal politics

Toronto: Trudeau ban of former candidate has collateral damage as another Liberal nomination candidate, Paikin, drops out in disgust at strong-arm tactics renewing "party-wide toxicity"

Threat from Putin appointee: Russia could turn U.S. ‘into radioactive dust,’ influential Moscow news anchor tells viewers

Montreal: Bombardier wins contract to build 240 freight locomotives for South Africa

updated- Port Aux Basques: At least 40 dolphins die after trapped in heavy ice off southwestern Newfoundland says group

Vancouver: $50,000 payments to children of serial killer Robert Pickton's victims to settle their legal action over a botched criminal investigation

Asleep at the switch: Ontario Govt wakes up, smells coffee, after chief justice of the Ontario Court of Justice unilaterally decided last month to use her judicial powers to increase fine for using hand-held devices in cars

Winnipeg: Girl, 7, mauled to death by dogs; RCMP, animal services investigating after attack by 2 Alaskan malamute dogs

Helena: Canada-Mexico flight makes emergency landing in Montana

Quebec election 2014: Jewish group refuses PQ candidate's tepid apology; requests Marois to disavow candidate's anti-semitic statements and conspiracy theory pronouncements

Ottawa: Ukrainian-Canadian soldier’s family stunned by charge in Russian diplomat stabbing; Russian quickly left Canada; disagreement may have been over Putin's Ukraine moves

Canada: Iconic Arctic caribou herd is booming; Porcupine herd has grown to an estimated 197,000 animals — the highest since biologists in Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest Territories began counting in 1972; grown by 30,000 since the last caribou census in 2010; 2 million caribou countrywide

Toronto mayor race: Career politician Olivia Chow admits she smoked pot 'a little bit' as a school-board trustee

Seoul: North Korea fires 18 short-range missiles into sea

Alberta: Father, son killed in avalanche on shores of Lake Louise

Niagara River: Ducks hard hit by severe winter, ice starvation

Maine: Superior Court rules state agency didn't enforce wind turbine noise standards; Fox Island Wind Neighbors win case which may provide precedent in other cases

Ready to protest: Toronto's Ukrainian community says Crimea referendum being ‘rammed down people’s throats’

Green results: Studies show increased CO2 in atmosphere is greening the planet, reducing deserts, speeding crop growth

David Brenner: Popular comedian and documentary filmmaker dead at 78

Quebec election 2014: Offensive PQ candidate says she's sorry if she offended with her slurs against Christians and Jews but doesn't retract her attacks

Toronto: Early reviews of massive $5.3B rail construction along Eglinton not encouraging

Robert Fulford: Pauline Marois is playing a dangerous game of make-believe

Rex Murphy: Canada’s separatism fatigue

George Jonas: Pauline Marois bets the farm

Toronto: Ombudsman questions speaking fees for CBC employees

Washington: U.S. wouldn't have recognized Quebec independence in wake of Yes vote in 1995

Washington: U.S. sues 16 big banks, including Royal Bank of Canada, that set key global interest rate

Quebec election 2014: Marois defends PQ candidate accused of spouting anti-Semitic myths

Toronto: Ontario Tories warn of Pan Am Games ‘traffic chaos’

updated - Canada: Russian diplomat stabbed in Ottawa, naked military man found in bed; Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says there's no indication stabbing was politically motivated

Leslie McKinnon: 'No evidence' of voter fraud doesn't mean it doesn't happen; voter fraud is almost impossible to prove without an eyewitness account; only way to be certain is to have tight rules and make sure they're followed

Who's the bully? Liberal candidate denies running ‘bullying’ campaign after Trudeau blocks her candidacy; real reason is Trudeau coddling of rookie Freeland

Quebec election 2014: PQ start to play down sovereignty talk as polls suggest it gives Liberals boost

Scott Stinson: Kathleen Wynne's funding announcement leaves the transit plan she's advocated in a smouldering ruin; Finance Minister Sousa as invisible as usual as Premier flees tax increases both had hugged

Christie Blatchford: What if Toronto progressive darling Olivia Chow ran for mayor, but had nothing to say?

Wanted: Global Warming: Enbridge applies for 40-50% natural gas rate hike in Ontario due to cold winter

Playing with fire: Housing market economist linked to real estate monsters criticizes federal government for trying to steer Canadian economy away from a U.S.-style housing crash; unsurprisingly promotes runaway housing prices

Killers: Wind farm co-owned by OPSEU pension plan, vows to start destroying turtle habitat within days, despite legal appeal; NDP caucus is a party to OPSEU pension, will they use influence to stop the killing of endangered Blanding's turtles after tough winter?

Trudeau spin: Blocked ex-MP's wife from returning as a Liberal candidate because she's a bully; won't allow local Liberal Party members to make a choice

Trudeau the Liberal dictator: Former Liberal candidate Christine Innes blasts Justin Trudeau and "unelected backroom advisors" for blocking her from seeking any Liberal nomination; oldtime Liberal infighting still alive and well with strings being pulled by Trudeau's inner circle

Ottawa: Canada will offer $220M to prop up Ukraine's finances though IMF: Baird

Bill Brioux: Ron MacLean could be big winner in 'HNiC' shake-up

Quebec election 2014: Anti-Islam Facebook post forces PQ candidate to drop out

Montreal: Ex-cop Benoît Roberge pleads guilty to leaking info to Hells Angels

Phi Phi Island: Deaths of Quebec women in Thailand in 2012 appear to have been caused by bedbug pesticide not approved for hotel use

Lévis: Pierre Karl Péladeau won't address possible referendum

Coast Guard: Warning of bad ice year for Atlantic Canada ships; 10% more ice this year compared to the 30-year average

Vancouver: NAFTA could be re-opened, Harper hints during trade talk

Quebec election 2014: PQ has 'Alice in Wonderland' vision, Couillard says

This job not for faint of heart: Two icebreakers (one Canadian and one American) keep power tunnel intakes free of ice; only a few hundred yards from crest of Niagara Falls [video]

Jules Verne was right: Water hidden deep in the Earth

Nature journal: Hydrous mantle transition zone indicated by ringwoodite included within diamond

University of Alberta geochemists: Deep Earth filled with oceans' worth of water; revelations published today in journal Nature

Kabul: Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan formally ends

EON: Premier must act now to reverse Kemptville, Alfred closures; Premier Wynne a part-time, incompetent Ag Minister says MPP

Ottawa: Closing of Kemptville College after 97 years; devastating to Eastern Ontario where it taught generations of farmers

Kemptville: University of Guelph closing agricultural schools in Eastern Ontario; blame declining enrolments

Sochi: Canada's Brian McKeever falls, gets up, wins Paralympic gold in cross-country one-kilometre visually impaired race

Toronto: NDP MP Olivia Chow resigns; to kick off mayor campaign Thursday; served as a Toronto Councillor for 14 years, federal MP since 2006

Seoul: Free-trade deal with South Korea may give Harper political boost [video]

Liberal letdown: Ontario's creeping two-tier healthcare is having a huge cost; Ontario Health Coalition says taking such things as diagnostic services, physiotherapy and operations such as cataract surgeries out of hospitals is contrary to Canada Health Act

Missing OHL junior player: Saginaw Spirit forward Terry Trafford found dead

Toronto: Mayoral candidates question MP Olivia Chow's federally taxpayer-funded mailouts ahead of her expected entry into local race

Quebec election 2014: Security at airport levels for PQ events after assassination attempt at 2012 victory party; knives were confiscated at recent meeting but weren't considered a menace and were returned after event

Windsor: Local small business owners being crippled by surging power costs

Quebec election 2014: Quebec's net debt much higher than most think, think-tank says; Quebec's $175.5B debt could actually be about double that amount

Canada-Korea trade a big deal: For Canadian farmers, South Korea deal a chance to catch up

Ottawa: Some mayors concerned over separatist ownership of English community newspapers

Ford hypocrisy: Harper hits back at Ford Canada's position on free-trade deal; "Ford supported the Korea-U.S free trade agreement, thereby Ford got access to the United States and has access through the United States to the Korean market. What we are doing here is allowing other Canadian companies and other Canadian sectors to have the same access that Ford already has. So it is, I don’t think, realistic for a company to think it will have one set of rules for it and another set of rules for the entire rest of the Canadian economy."

Toronto Sun editorial: More trade deals good for Canada

Quebec election 2014: Pauline Marois says independent Quebec would have no borders or tolls; Canadians 'could continue to come visit us,' Parti Québécois leader says

Quebec election 2014: For the PQ, the two-edged sword that is Pierre Karl Péladeau; media mogul not someone used to taking orders, or following someone else's playbook

Nirmala Menon: Canada’s free-trade agreement with South Korea a boon for agriculture sector and a win for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his push to diversify trade into fast-growing markets

Sen. Hugh Segal: We must deploy NATO forces in Eastern Europe

Barrie McKenna: Pact with Seoul helps level the playing field

Crux of the matter: Alberta’s Education Minister Johnson defends the indefensible re math curriculum

Andrew Coyne: Rogue Quebec billionaire not so much going into politics as launching a takeover bid; this is oligarch politics of a kind more usually identified with Russia or Italy, a concentration of power that is not just unwise, but dangerous

Ottawa: Ex-Harper aide Bruce Carson allegedly illegally lobbied for energy group also tied to Trudeau advisor: RCMP

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets-Dallas Stars game suspended in first period after 31 yr old Rich Peverley has heart attack on Dallas bench

Quebec election 2014: Pierre Karl Peladeau's jump to PQ spurs calls for Videotron boycott

Manitoba: Canadian province stands in solidarity with Ukraine: "Ukrainian immigrants have shaped our culture and economy, and will forever be a part of the Manitoban identity"

Australia: Hand-knit penguin sweaters overwhelm wildlife charity

Quebec election 2014: Media mogul and PQ candidate Pierre Karl Péladeau says he won't sell Quebecor holdings if he wins

Bloomberg: Harper in South Korea hoping to clinch trade deal [video]

London: Blood test that can detect dementia with 90% accuracy could lead to Alzheimer’s cure

Toronto: Rogers unveils broadcasting ‘dream team’ [video]

Hockey nights in Canada: Rogers re-jig of Canadian hockey experience moves veteran Ron MacLean to host new Sunday night community broadcasts while George Stroumboulopoulos will anchor Saturday and other nights of Hockey Night in Canada; Don Cherry will continue with Coach's Corner with MacLean

Birmingham: The brain is wired by stereotypes, not sex

Crux of the Matter: How would a public inquiry stop violence against Aboriginal women?

Ottawa: Revoke the Canadian broadcast licenses of Russian state television channels in Canada – a petition by Canadians For Russian Democracy

Quebec election 2014: Quebecor’s Vice Chairman Pierre Karl Peladeau resigns to run for PQ; declares he is a separatist; Quebec Federation of Labour attacks his candidacy immediately, posing problem for PQ from traditional ally

Ottawa: Canada-Korea free trade agreement negotiations

Ottawa: Canada's Free Trade Agreements

Syria: Canadian news photographer Ali Moustafa killed in Aleppo [video]

Ottawa: PM Stephen Harper heading to South Korea with Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, and James Moore, Minister of Industry; "working to increase trade, investment and cooperation"

Korea Times: Canadian PM to visit for summit Tuesday

Arlington: Washington landslide death toll doubles to 8

Paris: France offers 4 warplanes for Baltic air patrols

Kiev: Ukraine’s top diplomat says risk of war with Russia grows as thousands of Russian troops gather on his country’s border

Moscow: Russia staring at recession on sanctions

Washington: Russian charged by U.S. over hidden Swiss accounts

Sochi: Avalanche at Rosa Khutor in post-Olympics Russian ski resort kills two

Istanbul: Turkish jet downs Syrian warplane near border

Putin 'calculating how much he can get away with': Russia says 'no expansionist views' despite warning Ukraine territory grab not the last; NATO commander speculates about threat to Transdniestria region

Tinderbox: German Foreign Minister worries Russia may open 'Pandora's Box'

Washington mudslide: 'Too dangerous' for rescuers on foot; 18 people unaccounted for in quicksand-like mudflow; 28 to 30 homes impacted by Saturday's slide

Rolling disaster: Obamacare turns 4, just 1.4% of uninsured Americans covered

March madness: Perfect (so far) NCAA bracket holder didn’t enter Warren Buffett’s $1B challenge

Another one bites the dust? Bitcoin exchange Vircurex freezes customer accounts as it battles insolvency

Europe: ‘Very sizable’ Russian force on Ukrainian border, NATO chief warns

John R. Schindler: Nobody knows anything; why American wonks appear clueless when confronted by Putin and his merry band of Chekists in the Kremlin

MH370: Current search involves 8 planes, with Chinese warships en route

MH370: Search is now in the middle of nowhere where few ever go or have gone

MH370: Probe into mystery call to captain of doomed jet; unknown woman used a fake ID when buying phone to bypass security checks

Washington: U.S. regulators failed to spot deadly GM defects that others saw

New York: Why Africa is the next frontier for fund investors

David Böcking: Crimea sanctions: Europe should impose stiffer penalties

Uwe Klussmann and Matthias Schepp: Ticking timebomb: Moscow moves to de-stabilize Eastern Ukraine

Today's chuckle: Russia demands $11B from Ukraine — it says it paid Ukraine for Crimea military bases by selling it gas at reduced price; these are same bases Russia used to intimidate Crimeans during referendum and whose Russian military illegally voted in sham referendum

Washington: Three die in massive mudslide 55 miles north of Seattle

Kabul: Video shows gunmen who killed 9 people at Afghan hotel were searched twice before entering

Crimea: Shots fired as Russian troops force their way into Ukrainian base

Chile: Shallow M6.2 earthquake hits in north, no damage reported

China: U.S. media ban doesn't stop Daily Mail from reporting trouble with vacation visit by Michelle Obama, her mother and entourage of 70 to China paid for by taxpayers

Italy: Venice votes 89% for return to independence in unofficial referendum

Highly contagious: Ebola epidemic confirmed in Guinea, death toll quickly rising; virus kills 90% of those infected

Ukraine: Illegitimate PM of Crimea Sergey Aksenov has been a Russian citizen for 11 years [translated]

Ukraine’s foreign minister: World must reject Russia’s ‘anschluss’ in Crimea

George Jonas: Putin and the perils of prudence

London: Oil prices climb on tensions over Ukraine

MH370: Malaysia Grand Prix pushes grieving families of jet passengers from hotel

Vienna: Russia finally agrees to international monitors in Ukraine

Point Pleasant Beach: 4th body found in New Jersey shore motel fire; victims had been displaced by superstorm Sandy

Tallinn: Moscow rattles Estonia with talk of 'concern' for its Russian population

Putin's Folly: With Russian stock market already down by $70B in March, stocks dropped again with new U.S. sanctions that hit more targets each week; if imposed at Iran levels they could cause Russian economy to implode, say observers

Washington: OAS bars press for session on Venezuela; media transparency called "circus" by Brazil; Mexico, Panama, U.S. and Canada among those who wanted session open to press

London: EU member states decide to further reduce dependence on import of Russian oil and gas from current 25% supply [translated]

Brussels: Crimea goes east to Russia, rest of Ukraine moves west toward EU as political landscape changes

Moscow: Visa, Mastercard freeze customer cards at Russian bank

Ukraine: Sans Putin, G7 to meet next week in Holland

American Thinker: Too busy to be President; Obama's reign of error

MH370: LIVE updates: China sending 3 ships; 7-hour roundtrip from Australia for search planes, have enough fuel to search for only two hours before returning; the Australian intelligence agency, Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation, were the ones who found the debris on the images from DigitalGlobe

MH370: Search 'far, far harder' than 2009 Air France AF447 investigation

Kiev: Ukraine slams Russia 'confiscation' of chocolate factories

Washington: U.S. notes "With its currency near an all-time low, its stock market down 20% this year and a marked rise in interest rates, Russia has already started to bear the economic costs of its unlawful effort to undermine Ukraine’s security, stability, and sovereignty"

Moscow: Tightening the screws; a look at the Russians hit by U.S. sanctions so far

Moscow: Russia imposes own sanctions on U.S. politicians; "I guess this means my spring break in Siberia is off, my Gazprom stock is lost, and my secret bank account in Moscow is frozen," said Sen. John McCain

Moscow: Who's next? Another Putin oligarch dumps his shares ahead of sanctions

Canada: Ottawa weighing stricter sanctions against Russia

Washington: Obama hits closest Putin allies with more sanctions over Crimea

Houston: More than 100 people found in suspected illegal immigrant stash house [video]

Washington: All big U.S. banks but one pass Fed's health test

MH370: British satellite company says it predicted missing plane's relative location 10 days ago

NY Times magazine: Carlotta Gall: What Pakistan knew about Bin Laden [the best account ever published]

MH370: Debris find 'credible' says Malaysia as passenger and crew families wait for any hopeful word [video]

MH370: U.S. satellite the unspoken source that sparked current seas search

NY Post: Amir Taheri: If Russia goes rogue

NY Times: Alexey Navalny: How to punish Putin

Detroit: $1.2B Toyota penalty sends warning to auto industry; Attorney General Eric Holder said Toyota engaged in a cover-up to keep selling cars, even though it knew it had problems; "By the company’s own admission, it protected its brand ahead of its own customers"

MH370: Australian Maritime Safety Authority press conference refers to debris field 2500 km SouthWest of Perth, Australia

MH370: Australian PM Abbott told Parliament “new and credible information” had come to light; “Following specialist analysis of this satellite imagery, two possible objects related to the search have been identified.”

MH370: Possible breakthrough says Australia PM: checking on 2 objects in search for plane

MH370: Did crowd-searching find the plane?

MH370: ACARS cannot be totally disabled from plane as it goes into standby mode much like a telephone on flight mode

MH370: Pilots and passengers innocent until we find otherwise, says Malaysia

Fred Kaplan: How to stop Putin in his tracks; he knows he’s weak—the West must show we know it, too

Ukraine: Russian forces seize two Ukrainian bases in Crimea

MH370: Missing plane lacked $10 upgrade that could have provided crucial satellite data for search

New York: Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, a former Al-Qaida spokesman, recalls spending 9/11 with Bin Laden

MH370: A visual guide to how planes take off, navigate, approach, and land (i.e. airliners for dummies)

MH370: Personal accounts of Maldivians who said they saw low-flying airliner in early morning are being challenged; Malaysia says confident it's "not true"

MH370: No one made phone calls from missing jet, and this could be the reason

Kiev: EU Ambassador Jan Tombinski decries human rights situation in Crimea, demands kidnapped Ukrainians be released

Moscow: Chechen warlord who threatened Sochi Olympics is reported to have been killed

MH370: Were files deleted from pilot's home flight simulator just normal maintenance, or a smoking gun? Investigators checking

Kimberly Marten: Vladimir Putin: Ethnic Russian nationalist

Ann Arbor: Graphene contact lenses could give you infrared vision

Kiev: Ukraine 'preparing withdrawal of troops from Crimea'

Jonathan Marcus: Russia's Crimea move poses West huge questions

Moscow: For Vladimir Putin, this is a decade-long mission to right Cold War 'wrongs'

MH370: 10 theories examined in detail by BBC

MH370: Countries 'scouring' radar data to see if they missed something

MH370: Pilot ‘had five Indian Ocean runways programmed into his home flight simulator’, including Maldives and Diego Garcia

Ukraine: Putin's shredding of the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, signed by Russia, which guaranteed Ukraine's territorial integrity

Ukraine: Russian threat re-energizes Sweden's push to join NATO, boost military spending

MH370: U.S. Air Force General believes plane landed in Pakistan; hints he has sources he can't reveal; he says he has no idea about the fate of the passengers: "I don’t know anything about their status"

Jerusalem: Israel bombs Syrian posts over Golan attack on its troops

Max Hastings: Putin’s act of armed aggression, with threats of more to come, relies on exactly the same arguments that Hitler deployed to justify his 1938-39 lunges into Czechoslovakia and Poland

MH370: Why the “startlingly simple theory” about the missing airliner sweeping the internet—the Goodfellow thesis—is wrong

MH370: U.S. says missing plane did not land at Diego Garcia military airbase, answering questions raised in China media

MH370: Maldives island residents say they saw ‘low flying jumbo jet’ on March 8th when Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared; Maldives located halfway between Malaysia and Somalia, just north of military airbase at Diego Garcia

MH370: U.S. investigators say missing plane made its first turn via computer [video]

MH370: Fed up with China vitriol over missing plane, Malaysians retaliate online

MH370: China now has 20 satellites looking for missing plane

Washington: State Department shuts down Syrian Embassy and consulates in U.S., orders all diplomats out of country

updated - MH370: The Goodfellow thesis: From a pilot's POV this was all about a fire onboard and an attempt to get to nearest airfield; is this simple and popular explanation the right one? What facts does it miss?

MH370: Did 777 land on airfield controlled by Taliban and send final satellite signal from ground; is ransom in the wind?

MH370: What if the missing Malaysia plane is never found?

MH370: Thailand gives radar data 10 days after plane lost; says it wasn't asked

London: UK sending Typhoon fighters to the Baltic States

Beijing: Economist warns that China's 'Bear Stearns moment' may strike any time

Kiev: Freedom in Russian exists only in Ukraine; millions of Russian-speakers read a free press and learn from an uncensored internet

Venezuela: Economic mess deep enough to also hurt the Caribbean nations who depend on it for under-priced energy

Ukraine: Meet the 'dirty eleven' Russians and Ukrainians sanctioned by the U.S.

MH370: A Boeing 777 can land and take-off from a much shorter-than recommended runway says pilot; not much market for stolen parts; scrap value?

MH370: NY Times: Malaysia backtracks on when airliner's communications were disabled

Ukraine: Former top Putin advisor sounds the alarm: Putin has already declared war on Kiev

MH370: As focus turns to hijacking, passengers under renewed scrutiny; father of aircraft engineer defends his 29-yr-old son, invites search of his home

Kiev: After Crimea, east and south Ukraine ask if they are next for Russia

MH370: Kazakhstan says detected no unidentified planes when Malaysian jetliner vanished

Ukraine: Did Putin 'cook' the Crimea referendum vote? The voter turn-out in Sevastopol was 123% [translated]

MH370: Politics and actions of pilot not seen as extreme; 'liked' politicians on Facebook, offered YouTube home repair tips

MH370: U.S. said leaning towards pilot suicide plot for insurance purposes

MH370: Planning could hold key to plane's disappearance; other pilots comment

Ukraine: Fear of sanctions has oligarchs squirming and in denial; Akhmetov says he last talked to Yanukovych on Feb. 22, when he urged him to resign

John McCain: Obama response to Ukraine almost as weak as ‘doing nothing’

Brussels: Ukraine to sign political aspects of EU pact on Friday

Detroit: GM announces three additional recalls affecting 1.5 million vehicles

MH370: Malay Mail: "The family of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilot of the vanished MH370, had moved out of their residence in Laman Seri even before the flight's disappearance last Saturday" -- this is being denied by people mistakenly relying upon a machine translation from another source

Mumbai: Toyota shuts 2 India plants in lockout of union workers making threats

MH370: Boeing 777 hijackers plunged to 5,000ft and used low altitude 'terrain masking' maneuver used by fighter jets to avoid radar detection; makes sense of observations reported by fishermen, others

Tripoli: U.S. forces seize tanker carrying oil from Libya rebel port

Los Angeles: M4.4 earthquake strongly felt across city

Sydney: MH370 questions answered

MH370: Another theory: plane was hijacked through a smartphone...

Sergei Guriev: Putin’s Imperial road to economic ruin

Tokyo: Japan does not recognize Crimea vote

NY Times: Obama’s 'light footprint' policy fails the test as crises pile up

MH370: Why did the missing pilot's wife and three children move out of the family's home the day before the plane's disappearance?

MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane; Al-Qaeda informer told a court last week the Malaysian plane plot was being masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal architect of 9/11; was the Boeing 777 to be used to target towers in the Middle East?

Venezuela: More clashes in Caracas after anti-Cuba protest

updated - Earthquake: Big M6.7 undersea mid-depth quake hits off Chile coast

Gorbachev from February, on Ukraine crisis: "Ultimately this is the result of the failure of the government to act democratically" and to engage in dialogue and fight corruption. He added the root cause of unrest in Ukraine was an "interruption of perestroika," referring to his reform policies, and "an interruption of the democratic process" there by ex-President Yanukovych and others.

Accuweather: Today's storm has nasty ice and snow across Ohio Valley, and into the South

Sochi: Putin's Winter Games end under a Crimean cloud as Paralympics flame goes out amid crisis

Panama City: Deal signed to end row over Panama Canal expansion

MH370: Malaysia requests countries' help; some 25 countries now involved in the vast search operation

Simferopol: Crimean secession likely to spark economic disorder

Kyiv Post: Ukraine moves to restrict entry on eastern border with Russia, will prosecute separatists

MH370: A case for the missing plane to have made it to Central Asia

Brussels: NATO websites hit by cyber attacks

Simferopol: Amid vote preparations in Ukraine’s Crimea, allegations of poll rigging, intimidation

MH370: Singapore ready to provide any required further support to assist Malaysia

Moscow Times: For some foreign investors, Crimea is worst crisis since fall of Berlin Wall

Moscow: Foes of America in Russia crave rupture in ties

Simferopol: Tatar leader mistrusts Russia, fears new troubles in Crimea

USS Truxton: U.S. destroyer to conduct more drills in Black Sea amid Crimea crisis

Simferopol: Religious banners, Russian propaganda and ragtag militias herald Crimea vote; fraudulent PM Aksyonov, elected behind closed doors in February, says 80% will vote to join Russia

Simferopol: Crimea prepares for referendum under heavy military presence

Cairo: Egypt militant group says founder killed by own bomb when in car accident

Kharkiv: Deadly clashes in east Ukraine ahead of Crimea vote

Seoul: South Korea expresses relief over Abe's comments on Japan war apologies

Crimea: Russia ships more troops into Ukraine, baldly repeats invasion threat

New York: Stocks end lower ahead of critical Ukraine vote

New York: Euro climbs on Ukraine crisis worries

Washington: U.S. officials issue alert for Americans in Russia

Washington: U.S. to seek extradition of Ukrainian industrialist

Detroit: U.S. safety watchdog says 303 deaths linked to recalled GM cars between 2001 and 2007 as air bags failed when faulty ignition switch which shut off engines unexpectedly and vehicles crashed

London: UK says time has come for tougher EU action against Russia

Charles Krauthammer: How to stop — or slow — Putin

Ukraine crisis: U.S. won't recognize Crimea vote, Kerry says; after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for 6 hours

Ukraine: Crisis sharpens focus on European shale gas

Angela Stent: Why America doesn’t understand Putin

Ukraine: Sanctions will badly squeeze Russian economy: ex-Putin aide

Charles Krauthammer: The wages of weakness

Ukraine opinion poll: Limited differences between east, west Ukraine, contrary to Russian propaganda; both regions backing negotiations to resolve differences over Crimea; more than 76% of respondents in eastern Ukraine saying they "strongly" or "somewhat" favour talks to guarantee minority rights and ensure Russian troops in Crimea return to their bases

Ukraine payback? Hackers down Russian presidential site in ‘powerful cyber-attack’

New York: Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk tells UN Security Council Crimea is and will remain part of Ukraine

Singapore: Gold hits fresh six-month highs on Ukraine, China

M6.2 and deep: 17 injured as quake hits prefectures in western Japan

Flagstaff: Google launches virtual tour of rafting trip on Colorado River through Grand Canyon

John Kerry: U.S., EU will react with immediate, "very serious series" of steps if Crimea annexed

Montpelier: Northeast digs out from late winter storm that dropped more than 2 feet of snow in Vermont

Howard Kurtz: Sharyl Attkisson vs. CBS: Ace reporter first tried to quit a year ago; but promises not kept

NY Times: Russia again massing military forces near border with Ukraine

updated - Austin: 2 dead, 23 injured as drunk driver car hits crowd outside club at Texas SXSW festival; high-speed wrong way down closed-off street; driver was tackled and tased by police and is charged with 2 counts of capital murder, and 23 counts of aggravated assault

Florida lesson: Global Warming alarmism now a political liability for U.S. Democrats

updated - Latest on Harlem explosions: Now 7 dead, 5 missing, 60+ injured; residents had complained repeatedly in recent weeks about "unbearable" gas smells

WSJ/NBC News poll: Obama's approval rating hits new low

WWW @ 25: World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee: I wasn't expecting kittens

Cincinnati: Ohio grand jury indicts 9 Greenpeace activists

New York: Residents of two blown-up buildings say they complained about "unbearable" gas odours "many times"

NATO alert: Now Putin says Ukraine didn't legally leave USSR [translated]

Michigan: Dead for six years, but woman found mummified in her home voted in 2010 elections

updated - New York: Two dead, 18 injured, more missing after explosion, fire in East Harlem destroys two apartment buildings; 5-alarm fire; gas smelled and Con Edison called but explosion before they arrived; debris covers area, including adjacent Metro North elevated train tracks, which has shut down major commute route into NYC [video]

MH370: Missing Malaysian jetliner befuddles world that’s online 24/7

Chris Cillizza: Republicans won the Florida special election—here’s what it means

Breaking up is hard to do: Crimea relies on Ukraine for 80-85% of water it consumes, 82% of electricity and 35% of gas

Ukraine: Some actually believe blatant Moscow propaganda; the backlash of moral equivalency on Ukraine; the pushback on those exposing Putin's myths

San Francisco: Six-alarm blaze downtown near AT&T ballpark [video]

Australia: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter makes the cut Down Under; will order up to 86 of the fifth generation fighters for delivery starting in 2018

Putin's Folly: U.S. Senators ready bill to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Gentle giants: Elephants make good use of big ears; can guess a human's age, intent and even ethnicity by listening to a voice

See-saw saga ends: Men's Wearhouse stitches up deal to buy Jos. A. Bank

MH370: Don’t rely on Google Maps to search for plane, says Google

Warsaw: With eye on Crimea, U.S. starts military drills on Russia's doorstep

MH370: Malaysia investigating 5 passengers who didn't board jet; checked in, but didn't show up at gate

U.S. Supreme Court: Nothing wrong with kids wearing 'I heart boobies' bracelets

MH370: Did the Malaysian Airliner turn towards Subang? One of the theories being considered

Crisis talks: Obama courts support from wary China on opposition to Russia's incursion in Ukraine

MH370: Pilot a political fanatic; just hours before take-off
he attended trial of now-jailed opposition leader he supported;
FBI reveals passengers and crew could be held at a secret location

MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53

Crimea: Russia raises the pressure on Ukraine

Crimea: Ukraine denounces Russian invasion on eve of referendum;
4 helicopter gunships & 3 armored combat vehicles landed near Strilkove

Russia using force ahead of fraudulent quickie vote.

Moscow Times: Ahead of rushed Crimea vote, sharp divisions on display

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia officials open criminal inquiry into missing jet

~ by Sergio Pecanha, Archie Tse and Tim Wallace Source: Malaysian government

Ukraine: Ukrainian troops confront invading Russians alongside Crimea

Moscow: State-organized pro-Putin rally of 15,000
over-matched by anti-Putin rally of 30,000 over Crimea

Ukraine: Russia vetoes U.N. resolution against Crimea referendum;
significantly, China abstains in 13-1 vote of 15 Security Council members

Ukraine: Russia propaganda war hits 'Soviet' levels ahead of Crimea vote

MH370: Technical experts now believe plane could have ended up
anywhere in one of two zones — one as far north as Kazakhstan
in Central Asia, the other crossing the southern Indian Ocean

MH370: Malaysian PM Razak: plane's disappearance deliberate

Hijacked! Was it stolen? Did it crash? Are the passengers still alive? The race to find out.

MH370: Malaysian PM: plane flew for up to 7 hours after 'disappeared'

MH370: Malaysian investigators conclude flight hijacked

Malaysian officials say they have finally concluded plane was hijacked, but still don't know by whom.

MH370: Airliner may have run out of fuel over Indian Ocean: source;
India searching remote, densely forested islands; baffling mystery

Canada: Prime Minister Stephen Harper travelling to Ukraine next week;
"Canada remains united with its allies in recognizing the government of Ukraine, and in
supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. We will continue to work
with our allies to support efforts to restore the country to stability and unity so that
the people of Ukraine can thrive and prosper free of intimidation and threat."

Black Sea showdown: Strongman Putin playing a 'short game on Ukraine'

A float displaying a giant likeness of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a muscle like a bomb reading "Crimea" on his arm during the traditional Rose Monday parade in Duesseldorf, western Germany on March 3, 2014. Since his return to the Kremlin, Putin has grown more powerful than ever before. And more reckless. The strongman, who has ruled Russia for the past 14 years, has muzzled his opponents, check-mated the West on Syria and is now on the verge of annexing Crimea. Will it be his Waterloo? Analysts say, the price he will pay for the control he has, and for the seizure of Crimea -- the sovereign territory of an independent country -- is high, and each throw of his dice seems to be closing down options, instead of opening them up. "He is winning but at a very great cost, both strategically and economically. It's a price that no reasonable person would pay," said Gleb Pavlovsky, a Kremlin adviser in the early 2000s. Russian economic growth is struggling, the ruble is on the slide and capital is racing out of the country as investors take fright. ~ Patrik Stollarz AFP

MH370: Theories of piracy or suicide gaining credence from new evidence

MH370: Investigators focus on foul play behind missing plane

MH370: Satellites scour earth for clues as Malaysia jet mystery deepens

Ukraine: Prepare for war ‘at any moment,’ Ukrainian President
warns after Putin sends 8,500 soldiers, 270 tanks to border

"In an unusually robust and emotional speech, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, warned of “catastrophe” unless Russia changed course.
“We would not only see it, also as neighbours of Russia, as a threat,” she said. “This would also cause massive damage to Russia, economically and politically.”
The head of the Russian Duma’s international relations committee acknowledged that Russian troops were controlling Crimea, in a break from Moscow’s position that armed, uniformed men in the area were “self-defence units.”

updated - MH370: Radar data suggests missing Malaysia
plane flown deliberately toward Andaman Islands;
New hope for survival of passengers;
"We are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards"

MH370: India sends 4 warships, 6 aircraft into multi-nation search effort

MH370: How missing jet could have reached India

Malaysian officials disagreed with a Wall Street Journal report that said U.S. investigators suspect – based on engine monitoring data – that the missing Malaysian plane remained in the air four hours past the time of its last confirmed location.

Intimidation: Russian troops, tanks massing near Ukraine’s eastern border

According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, some 50 Ukrainian border service
facilities have been blockaded or seized by Russian troops. Andriy Parubiy,
secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, told Ukrainian
television that Russian forces are “two to three hours away from Kiev.” The
forces include over 80,000 troops, up to 270 tanks, and up to 180 armored
personnel carriers. Also, the forces include about 380 artillery pieces, 18
multiple-rocket launcher systems and 140 combat aircraft and 90 helicopters.
Russian naval forces arrayed against Ukraine include 19 warships and cutters.

MH370: U.S. sources confirm: Boeing 777 monitor feature sent
pinging signals to satellite 4 hours after vanishing from radar

A U.S. official on Thursday said the plane was sending pings to a satellite for four hours after the aircraft
went missing, an indication that it was still flying. The jet had enough fuel to reach deep into the Indian
Ocean. These are issues we reported on Tuesday.

Le Shove: The moment bossy Pauline Marois pushed
Pierre Karl Péladeau away from HER election podium

Who's 'bossy' now? Premier Marois lets candidate Péladeau know who's boss.

Philadelphia: U.S. Airways plane aborts take-off; all safe

Passengers mill around and take pictures after being evacuated safely from US Airways Flight 1702. The nose gear collapsed when the take-off was aborted. ~ Will Jager CBS

MH370: Does U.S. military believe missing plane crashed in Indian Ocean?

Radius: U.S. officials reportedly believe missing plane could have come down in the Indian Ocean (left),
rather than the South China Sea (right). U.S Destroyer USS Kidd is now reportedly being moved to the
Indian Ocean in order to search the area.

MH370: The mystery, already unprecedented, just got even bigger: was
plane diverted "with the intention of using it later for another purpose"

Ukraine: Jittery customers run on banks in Crimea

MH370: Rolls-Royce staff in Derby monitoring 'mystery' plane

The Services Operations Room at Rolls-Royce, Derby. It is thought that its staff would have been
monitoring the engines of the Malaysia Airlines plane, which has been missing since last Friday.

MH370: Hypoxia + auto-pilot theory meshes with Rolls-Royce
data said to say engines ran for at least 5 hours in total

MH370: Missing plane flew on for hours; engine data suggest airborne
for 4+ hours after radar disappearance, U.S. investigators say

MH370: No debris found as Vietnam aircraft repeatedly circle area
of South China Sea where Chinese satellite photos saw objects

Denver: DigitalGlobe's online crowdsourcing platform experienced an
unprecedented number of visitors—500,000—within first 24 hours
of campaign to locate missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

MH370: China says its satellites have found 3 potential debris fields

MH370: AFP—U.S. regulators warned of problems on Boeing 777s,
its link to Payne Stewart tragedy (as we first reported Tuesday)

Ukraine: World powers warn Russia against Crimea 'annexation'

Ukraine: Kerry: Sanctions against Russia could 'Get ugly fast'

MH370: Oil rig worker says saw burning plane go down

MH370: Search extended to India as plane pivot expands possibilities

MH370: Did the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 suffer same
fate as Payne Stewart Learjet in 1999? (see theory below)

If the crew and passengers were rendered unconscious by hypoxia the plane could have continued on auto-pilot for thousands of miles, reaching any of Japan, Korea, Somalia, India, any of various bodies of water or even up into the Himalayas. Have radar logs throughout the region been examined? ~ Google map

MH370: The airworthiness directive which might be the key to a zombie
plane on auto-pilot running until fuel ran out (see theory below)

MH370: Hypoxia theory on what happened is now attracting attention:
a defect, a skin tear, loss of oxygen, loss of communications, zombie plane:
carefully reasoned, this appears to be the current most plausible explanation

MH370: China’s satellites missed airliner because pointed elsewhere

MH370: Plane sent engine data before vanishing, says magazine

MH370: Conflicting radar reports cloud search for plane

After four days of fruitless searching, the consensus among aviation experts seems
to be that searchers haven't looked in the right areas. Whether the plane broke up
in mid-air or dropped largely intact into the water, various pieces would have
been left behind. ~ WSJ

MH370: More questions than answers; where the search stands now

MH370: Location transponder was 'switched off' before
it made U-turn and flew at lower altitude for up to an hour

Hunt for Flight MH370; Was it an attempted or successful hijack? Mega-failure? Theories abound.

MH370: Two men claim to have seen plane plunging into sea

MH370: Well off-course, military radar data says reached Malacca Strait

MH370: If terrorism, police think fake passport duo not involved in it

MH370: 'All passengers' under investigation, police say;
questions: is it a 'whodunnit' or a 'whatwentwrong'

MH370: Do you know these men? They used the stolen passports;
were they simply escaping Iranian regime by any means possible?

These are the two men police say were travelling on stolen passports aboard missing
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, taken just before departure at Kuala Lumpur International
Airport, March 11, 2014. ~ handout Malaysian Police

Joint Statement by President of Korean Republic and PM of Canada:
"The Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Korea is a 21st Century trade agreement that will strengthen our trade and investment ties across the Pacific, translating into increased export opportunities, innovative partnerships, as well as creating jobs and economic opportunities for Koreans and Canadians alike..."

Seoul: With South Korean deal, Canada secures free-trade foothold in Asia

MH370: Here is the DigitalGlobe link so you can join with
others to help search satellite photos for missing plane

This is the type of high-definition satellite imagery DigitalGlobe is asking the public for help in scanning at home for any
sign of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

MH370: Colorado satellite imaging firm DigitalGlobe asks public
to help analyze high-def images of area where plane went missing

Calgary: Man and woman from group of snowshoers killed in avalanche near Lake Louise

Vancouver: Container truckers union vote to reject Port Metro Vancouver deal

Napanee: 4 Mohawk protesters arrested in Ontario rail blockade; Via Rail trains between Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal delayed by First Nations protest

Ottawa: Conservatives to insert a "for-greater-certainty clause" in Fair Elections Act to correct the misconceived claim that the Chief Electoral Officer is being muzzled, part of the over-the-top politics being played by the Opposition parties; "He can speak, write op-eds, issue press releases, write reports, testify before committee – none of that is going to be affected"

People power: BP cancels $300M wind farm project in Cape Vincent, New York at east end of Lake Ontario

Toronto: Liberals boot chairs of Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation and replace with Pupatello and Lord

Parker Gallant: Wind turbines: Divisive and useless or welcome easy money?

Edmonton: Team Canada women's goalie Shannon Szabados signs contract with men's pro team in Columbus, Georgia

Ontario: MTO admits not as many plows on Hwy 401 this year as last year, despite much more snow

Ottawa: Full report text - The Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women

Ottawa: They can't help it -- opposition parties turn special committee into political football instead of keeping focus on facts and issues

Bird chopper: Amherst Island group files lawsuit to stop incomplete application for deadly industrial wind turbine farm to proceed

Ottawa: Federal Government orders railways to move minimum volume of grain each week

Quebec election 2014: Campaign Day 2: Marois on referendum -- maybe... but, maybe not

Elections Canada report: "Widespread and serious procedural errors in Etobicoke Centre and the national audit signal unmistakably that an overhaul is urgently required"; in 2011 election "averaged across 308 ridings, election officers made over 500 serious administrative errors per electoral district on Election Day"

International survey: Toronto to get lots more rich people

Ottawa: Canadian labour productivity rises 1.0% in fourth quarter

Canada: February cold costs 7,000 jobs, jobless rate stable

Vancouver: Container truck drivers reach tentative deal at Port Metro Vancouver

Ottawa: Russian soldiers training in Canada given 24 hours to leave country

Nova Scotia: Pictou newspaper makes insensitive non-apology for cartoon showing Nazi swastika flag flying over Parliament Buildings

Nova Scotia: Statement on Cartoon in the Pictou Advocate: "The tasteless and inappropriate use of the swastika to make a political point only trivializes the horrific crimes of the Nazis. Such a cartoon is offensive to the Jewish community, to all who suffered during WWII, and to Canadian veterans who sacrificed so much to liberate Europe from Nazi rule. "

Quebec election 2014: Premier Pauline Marois says she won't take part in an English-language leaders debate

Calgary: Public rallies behind fired school bus driver who used own vehicle to transport students on cold morning when school bus wouldn't start

Ottawa: Allan Rock finally speaks out against 'repugnant' behaviour at University of Ottawa, which he heads; Chancellor Michaelle Jean, a former Governor General, are the tip of an iceberg when it comes to society as a whole; so the university showed leadership, or blames everybody?

Nicholas Lewis and Marcel Crok: How the IPCC hid the good news on global warming

Toronto: Canada's Ivey purchasing index rises in February

Gary Dimmock: Police probing McGuinty email deletions seized at least a dozen hard drives

Neurology: Death rate from Alzheimer's vastly underreported

Parker Gallant: Biomass is carbon neutral, and the world is flat!

Canada: Q & A: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on Russia's 'provocative' actions in Ukraine

Windsor Star editorial: Blame the province for high energy costs

Toronto Sun editorial: Pan-Am spend-a-thon: the Ontario Liberals always insist everything is hunky-dory up to the moment the billions of dollars they’ve wasted are revealed and taxpayers are left holding the bag, again

Ontario: Prices soar in cold weather; current cold snap pushing Ontario electricity prices into record territory

Chantal Hébert: Quebec election not a foregone conclusion

Ontario: Pan-Am Games security cost doubles, may go up more; government won't explain why the price jump

Ontario: Amherst Island wind farm will be a multi-level disaster says study; financially, bird-killing, unreliable power production

Ontario: AMPCO survey shows how Liberals have made Ontario power market most expensive, rates much lower for neighbours

Soaring rates: Ontario energy policy multiple negatives; consumer gas prices jump as gas supplies depleted to generate electricity

Green disaster: Ontario's big industries plead for lower hydro rates; province’s industries pay highest electricity rates in North America: survey

Politico: Snow job: It's time to blow the whistle on Edward Snowden

No shame: Liberals hustle cash from Baby Trudeau well-wishers

Montreal Gazette: Marois confirms election call for April 7, seeks majority

Ontario: Courts say Minister Chiarelli wrong, govt can cancel outrageous FIT contracts "in public interest"; so "question now is, why not cancel these contracts for power we don’t need and can’t afford? Does he answer to Ontarians, or the wind power lobby?"

Pearl Harbor: Family members, contractors who were passengers on RCN's fire-hit HMCS Protecteur arrive in Hawaii courtesy of U.S. Navy

Quebec Election 2014: New poll suggests tight race ahead

Journal of Physical Activity & Health: Sitting too much bad for health in many ways

Saskatchewan: Provincial government sending $60,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine; may send more plus supplies

Windsor: Chrysler withdraws request for $700M in government funding

Quebec: Marois expected to call April 7 election after Wednesday cabinet meeting

February: Chrysler Canada sales up 10%; Ford Canada down slightly; GM Canada off by 7.2%

1,660-km line from Alberta to Wisconsin: Enbridge wins support for $7B pipeline replacement project

Quebec: Provincial language police back down over Facebook complaint

Another Bitcoin bank bites the dust: Bitcoin bank Flexcoin shuts down after $600,000 theft

Ontario: Distracted driving caused more 2013 deaths than impaired driving

HMCS Protecteur: Crippled ship limping towards Pearl Harbor at end of tow line; 400 slow kilometres to go

Chicago: Alzheimer's buddy program pairs patients, students

Andrew Coyne: Russia enabled by West’s foreign policies of vacillation, uncertainty; opportunism preys on weakness

John Ivison: Stephen Harper a key player in G7’s hard line against Russia over Crimea

Ukraine fall-out: Russian markets shudder under threat of sanctions; its currency hit a record low and stock market plunged

Quebec: Body of former Quebec Liberal politician found near highway 400km NE of Quebec City

Christina Blizzard: Brave Madi Vanstone's plea falls on Premier's deaf ears; $$ billions for Ontario Liberal waste and cronyism, none to save life of 12-year-old girl

Ukraine: Foreign Minister John Baird tells TV interviewer what Canada is doing with allies to support crisis resolution [video]

Ottawa: Canada mulls Crimea observer mission to debunk Russia, Ukrainian envoy says

Ukraine: Canadian Prime Minister Harper calls for Russia to immediately withdraw from Ukraine; pledges ongoing support to people of Ukraine [video]

Ontario: What do subways, the Oakville gas plant, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation have in common? And why is Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa attending a Liberal fundraiser at home of lawyer who some say fleeced the Ontario taxpayer?

Lubomyr Luciuk: Ukraine gave up its nukes – and got broken promises in return

Shannonville: Mohawk radicals block road with teepee east of Belleville; Chief doesn't support protest

Foreign Minister Baird: Putin's justification for invading Ukraine make him look 'ridiculous'; Russia's ambassador to Canada, has been reamed him out "in the strongest terms"; Baird did not rule out further sanctions, including freezing Russian assets, trade and investment penalties and a ban on visas; NDP Leader Mulcair, briefed by Harper Saturday, threw full support behind Canada's response to the crisis

Winnipeg: Ukrainian-Canadians have their hearts in Kiev and Crimea as they live the horror of the Maidan Massacre and Putin invasion from afar

Traders avoid risky assets: Gold helps send TSX slightly higher amid rising Russia-Ukraine tensions

Canada: 'Synthetic' identity fraud costs country $1B a year; fake names you wouldn't believe, but are believed

Brrrrrrrr... Latest Arctic blast pushing Great Lakes to 100% ice cover for first time on record; even Lake Ontario about to get full cover; will people walk from Rochester to Toronto?

Canada: Violent crime cost tops $12.7B in one year (2009); consequences of assault, criminal harassment, homicide, robbery, sexual assault tallied in Justice Canada report

Mississauga: Deleted gas plant e-mails could send people to jail

West Lincoln: Enforce the law: Hudak to Energy Minister; calls for industrial wind turbine moratorium

Ottawa: Canada considers expelling Russian ambassador as Ukraine crisis continues [video]

John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister: 'Standing with the people of Ukraine' - originally published in Ukrainian-language Dzerkalo Nedeli (Weekly Mirror) on February 28, 2014

London: Subsidy common sense re-think puts wind farm plans in tatters

Los Angeles: Jimmy Kimmel in livery as limo driver, picks up Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at LAX

Ottawa: Ukrainian Canadian Congress condemns Russian military intervention

Cathal Kelly: Canada needs to boycott Paralympic Games in Sochi

Toronto: Ukrainian-Canadian protesters rally outside Russian consulate, protesting Ukraine invasion [video]

Ukraine: Harper urges Russia to withdraw forces

Ukraine: Canada recalling Ambassador from Moscow for consultations, suspends preparations for G8 Summit planned for Sochi

Manitoba, dam it: The $17-billion question

Rex Murphy: A coalition is a surrender trying to strut like a victory

Ottawa: Harper holding special emergency cabinet meeting on developments in Ukraine

China: At least 27 dead and 162 injured after gang of knife-wielding men attack train station

Ottawa: Department of Foreign Affairs says Canadians in Ukraine's Crimea region should leave while still can

Sochi: Paralympic officials monitor Crimea crisis next door as athletes fly in

UCLA study: Tylenol use in pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids

Canada: Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz threatens railroads with regulations or legislation to clear grain-shipping backlog, which he blames partly on increased shipments of crude oil by rail

Edmonton: 2 dead, 4 injured in stabbing rampage at warehouse

How many conflicts of interest can one Govt have? One in a series: "Player in cancelled gas plant fundraises for Ontario Liberal Mitzie Hunter"

MH370: Not first plane to disappear over an ocean, aviation experts say; since start of jet age in 1958, only a handful of jets have gone missing and not been found; if it had exploded mid-air along its normal flight path—"we would have found it by now"

MH370: BBC says mystery fake-passport holders were Iranian; says had bought the fake passports in order to migrate to Germany and Denmark

MH370: Capt. Sullenberger says it's "very clear" that whatever happened, happened "suddenly" and "perhaps catastrophically"

MH370: Nuclear test experts to check recordings to see if missing plane exploded

MH370: Missing Malaysia Airlines passengers' phones ring, but no one answers; bizarre theories pushed on possible hijacking

MH370: Colorado satellite imaging firm asks public to help analyze high-def images of area where plane went missing

MH370’s new mystery: Who is ‘Mr. Ali,’ and why did he buy tickets for passengers with stolen passports?

Boston: New rules for spectators of 2014 Marathon include using clear bags to carry belongings

Berlin: Ukraine crisis will kill the G8, fears Germany’s Merkel

New York: Citing Liberal bias, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson resigns from CBS News

California: Powerful M6.9 quake was widely felt but appears to have caused no damage

Kiev: Russia has already lost the war

Kuala Lumpur: Missing Malaysian plane was carrying 29 elite Chinese artists

California: Very shallow (7km) M6.9 quake hits off Northern California coast, 50 miles west of Eureka

Telegraph: Russia’s information warriors are on the march—we must respond; a robust campaign to tell the truth about Crimea is needed to counter Moscow’s lies

Vienna: Media freedom under siege in Crimea, Ukraine, says OSCE rep; "Extreme censorship, shutting down media outlets and press hubs and attacks and intimidation of journalists must stop immediately"

Ukraine: Why Crimea can't secede unilaterally and the many international rules Russia is breaking

Mexico: Government 100% sure drug capo dead this time, fingerprints match; thought they had killed him in 2010

Mexico: Shallow (10km) M5.8 quake hits west coast, 42km SW of Santiago Pinotepa Nacional; no damage/injuries reported

Kiev: Putin foe Khodorkovsky says Russia lying about Ukraine; was imprisoned for 10 years on trumped up charges, knows not to trust Putin

Caracas: Venezuela divisions deepen as protest over food shortages is halted by troops; National Guardsmen prevent ‘empty pots’ march from reaching food ministry; U.S., Canada and Panama stand together against one-sided OAS resolution

Interpol: Passports on flights must be checked—but aren't always

Palisades spark: Opposition vocal as national treasure of New Jersey's Palisades cliffs along Hudson River put at risk from over-size LG tower

MH370: Vietnam says it may have found missing jet's door

MH370: Four possibly flew with false ID aboard missing Malaysia Airlines plane

MH370: Vietnam reports object in sea that may be part of missing jet

MH370: Fake passport bearers bought tickets together

Baghdad: Suicide car bomb, attacks kill at least 42 in Iraq

MH370: 'Strange object' sighted from sky not debris from missing Malaysia Airlines flight

MH370: Radar recording indicates Malaysian plane may have turned back before disappearing

MH370: Debris spotted but unclear if it's from missing Malaysia Airlines plane, says Chinese official

MH370: Pilot on way to Japan says he made contact with missing Malaysian flight

Terrorism? Malaysia probes identity of four passengers on missing jet

Ukraine: Fear rife among Crimea's minority Tatar population; Russian-speaking thugs marking Tatar homes; "We don't want to join Russia because it's a police state"

Denver: Wacky scientist proposes building several 100-storey walls that are 100 miles long to block tornadoes; others mock the expensive idea, including for unintended side-effects

NY Times essay: Russia’s move into Ukraine said to be born in shadows; KGB reflex reaction, invade and deny

Milan: Terrorism possibility seen rising after revelation that two passports on missing Malaysian plane were stolen

Ukraine: Russia may halt U.S. inspections over sanctions

Boston Globe: Putin’s long game? Meet the Eurasian Union; it starts in 2015 and sounds like a scheme to rebuild the USSR, but its history is quite different — and troubling for the West

Typography and civilization: The loss of and finds of Mike Parker, typographer

CNN: Did Snowden leak info to Russians which compromise U.S. response over Crimea?

Kuala Lumpur: Latest news on missing Malaysia Airlines plane: 13 nationalities aboard, 2 infants among 239 passengers and crew

Robert Zubrin: The Eurasianist threat; Putin’s ambitions extend far beyond Ukraine

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines says plane missing; Boeing 777-200 with 239 aboard including crew, on way to Beijing

VICE News: Russian Roulette: The invasion of Ukraine (dispatch four) [video]

Florida: Obama heads for Key Largo vacation -- his third in 2014 -- despite Ukraine crisis

Ukraine: Canada and U.S. impose travel bans on certain Russians

Garry Kasparov: Cut off the Russian oligarchs and they'll dump Putin; target their assets abroad, their mansions and IPOs in London, their yachts—use banks, not tanks

Ukraine: Students produce compelling YouTube video imploring world - 'Stop Putin Now'

Mikheil Saakashvili: When Putin invaded my country

Charles Krauthammer: The wages of weakness

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Keystone XL project overwhelmingly favored by Americans, by 3 to 1 margin

China: 1 dead, 12 missing after dynamite factory explodes

Sochi: Ukraine Paralympic chief says will quit Games if Russia invades

New Delhi: Indian navy officer dies in accident on new destroyer

Rex Murphy: Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, the reason Vlad taunts the world - neither leader measures up [video]

Ukraine: Open letter of Ukrainian Jews to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin

Mathew Ingram: Of Bitcoin and doxxing: Is revealing Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity okay because it was Newsweek and not Reddit?

Illarionov: Russia would attack Russians to justify war in Ukraine, ex-Putin aide alleges

Kyiv Post: Gunmen seize Simferopol television station, turn off Channel 5, 1+1, turn on Rossiya 24

Ukraine: Debunking another of Putin's 'Big Lies'—Ukraine’s revolutionaries are NOT anti-Semites

Sevastopol: BBC on board Russia-blockaded Ukrainian ship; Russians unhappy [video]

WSJ: Text of President Obama's Statement on Ukraine

Haaretz: Ukrainian sailors feel nationalism surging; as Crimean stand-off continues, neither side looks ready to blink

Joe Schlesinger: The problem with Ukraine's history, the Russian version; Ukrainians and Russians are brothers, Vladimir Putin says, but even if so, events have intervened

Hillary: Clinton calls spade a spade, likens Putin moves to Hitler's in 1930s, agrees with Canada's Foreign Minister

Washington: Obama orders sanctions against people who impeded democracy, looted assets in Ukraine

Boston: Staples to shut 225 stores in North America as sales fall

Washington: U.S. factory orders, shipments fall in January

Washington: Russia Today presenter quits on live television over Moscow's actions in Crimea; "I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin"

Matthew Fisher: Why Crimea matters so much to Russia

Kiev: A divided Ukraine? Think again

Washington: Pentagon more than doubling jets in NATO air policing mission

Tokyo: Japan may tax bitcoin deals, stop banks, brokerages from handling

Washington: Weather again blamed for bad U.S. hiring numbers with February gain of sub-estimated 139,000 jobs; January's job count was revised sharply down to 127,000 from previously reported 175,000

Jerusalem: Israeli naval raid nabs Gaza-bound arms from Iran

Ukraine FM: No armed pro-Russian troops will be allowed for a vote on Crimean independence; must be replaced by international observers

UN: Envoy was threatened by 10 to 15 armed men, but not kidnapped in Crimea, correcting preliminary reports carried by news wires

OSCE: Inane claims by Russian Federation "not only far-fetched, disrespectful to all of us"

Tehran: Iran says Revolutionary Guard has acquired multiple-warhead missiles

Washington: IRS stonewalling continues as Lois Lerner again pleads 5th; subpoenas ignored; Issa says contempt of Congress charges may be next step; shuts down hearing, blasts Cummings

Faith-based, fear-riven: The doomsday cult of Bitcoin

Singapore: Bitcoin firm CEO found dead in suspected suicide; death brings to 8 number of questionable world financial-sector deaths this year

Norway: Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

London: Ukraine calm holds, euro dips in pre-ECB jockeying

Ukraine: No surprise that former Obama advisers think Russians can't be forced out of Ukraine -- they advised Obama who has consistently been trumped by Putin; underestimate power of sanctions

Ukraine: New Premier Yatsenyuk: 'Crimea will remain in Ukraine'

Vienna: OSCE sending at least 35 military observers to Ukraine; from 18 member states, including from Canada, U.S. and Europe

Beijing: China signals focus on reforms and leaner, cleaner growth

Ukraine: Stop gun barrel politics, Kerry warns Putin

Beijing: 10 killed as bus catches fire in NE China; country's 2nd deadly bus fire in less than a week

"Lost his mind": A brief rundown of Vladimir Putin’s strange, rambling press conference

Washington Post-ABC poll: Republicans 50%, Democrats 42% in 34 states with 2014 Senate elections

MH370: Is missing airliner the victim of another terrorist test run?

MH370: Security footage of mystery passengers to be released

Malaysian civil aviation director general Azharruddin Abdul Rahman says one of the two passengers with stolen passports aboard flight MH370 resembles an Italian fooballer. International security agencies will soon release security video of the two men who used stolen passports to board the Malaysia Airlines plane.

Kyiv Post: Russian forces on move today in Crimea,
seize military hospital in Simferopol and base in Bakhchisaray

Ukraine: Former governor of Kharkiv Oblast arrested for separatism

MH370: Was the Malaysia Airlines Flight headed for Asia's Twin Towers?

Were the Petronas Towers the target of a terror sequel to 9/11?

MH370: Ships scrambled after debris field seen off Vietnam

A Cathay Pacific airliner en route to Hong Kong Monday reported via radio that its pilots saw a large
field of debris at a position about 92 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Telegraph LIVE: Missing Malaysian Airlines 777 mystery grows;
oil slick not from plane, no terror 'chatter', stolen passport syndicate?
one of stolen passport users has been identified, no debris found

Vietnamese military personnel prepare for search mission. ~ Le Quang NHAT/AFP/Getty Images

Crimea: Now an armed camp, with non-conforming lives at risk

Crisis simmers: Pro-Ukraine activists beaten up in Crimea [video]

Violence has erupted at a pro-Ukrainian rally in the Crimean city of Sevastopol. About 100 pro-Russians with clubs attacked people who were guarding the rally being held to commemorate the 200th anniversary of poet Taras Shevchenko, attended by some 200 people. ~ BBC

Novoozerne: Blockaded by sunken Russian ships,
Ukraine navy stays defiant [video]

Russia has deliberately sunk three of its own ships to block Ukrainian navy vessels entering a lake off the Black Sea, highlighting Moscow's determination to wear down the morale of Kiev's forces in Crimea. The Ochakov -- a Soviet-era warship decommissioned in 2011 and set to be sold for scrap -- was towed to the entrance to Lake Donuzlav on Crimea's western coast from the Russian base at Sevastopol on Thursday and blown up. "It is blocked so we cannot get out," said Captain Viktor Shmyganovsky, second-in-command at the base in Novoozerne, one of the four biggest in Crimea. "If it wasn't blocked, we could have taken our ships to Odessa and it would stop them being seized by Russian forces. We would be more powerful in alliance with ships in Odessa." ~ AFP

Crimea: Russians again block international OSCE observers, rough up
media, as truck convoys complete full occupation of Crimea [BBC video]

[top] OSCE observers from Canada, U.S. and Europe were again turned away by armed Russians hiding their uniform insignia, in breach of international law. [bottom] The Russian trucks, their license plates covered, keep rolling into Crimea from amphibious landing craft. ~ BBC

Crimea: Cold War (for now) between Russia and Ukraine
as forces face off across 25 km buffer; Russians embed land mines

[top] Note Russian flag deep inside Ukraine. Everyone here is armed. Some combatants are wearing Ukrainian police uniforms, the same uniform that Berkut riot police officers wore during clashes in Kiev. Others are dressed in pixel camouflage uniform, that is said to be available only for Russian army. The location is north of the Crimean border close to Sivash on the Yalta-Kharkiv roadway. [middle] The Ukrainian army is hunkered down near Chonhar about 25km north of the Russians. [bottom] Both sides appear ready for the worst. Here is the Ukrainian checkpoint. They have weapons but they are not loaded, to avoid any pretext for escalation. ~ Evgeny Feldman Mashable

Crimea: Major Russian amphibious assault under way; 200 vehicles ashore

Kuala Lumpur: Vietnam Navy says Malaysian plane crashed into the sea

NY Times: Oil slick sighting between Malaysia and Vietnam
first sign Malaysia Airlines plane may have crashed

The last recorded position of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was 150 km, or 93 miles, northeast of Kuala Terengganu, a port on the northeast coast of peninsular Malaysia, according to Fredrik Lindahl, the chief executive of Flightradar24, an online aircraft tracking service. ~ NY Times

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Airliner with 239 aboard still missing;
intensive search underway, terrorism raised as possibility;
no distress signal, indications of rough weather, or other signs of trouble

NY Times: Kremlin explicit, it intends to annex Crimea

Sevastopol: Showdown ends, Russians withdraw; 2 journalists beaten

State Border Service: Up to 30,000 Russian soldiers deployed in Crimea

TIME: Russian troops in Crimea storm Ukrainian base; assault began
soon after dark on Friday, ramming gates with a truck & rushing inside

Crimea: Is current attack at Ukrainian base to set up
pretext for a full-scale Putin invasion?

Crimea: Russian soldiers stormed Ukrainian military unit
A2355, reports Interfax-Ukraine [translated]

Crimea: Ukrainian base at Sevastopol reportedly under attack from Russian paratroopers; one report says have retreated to safety of a base bunker

Ukraine Foreign Ministry: OSCE observers still can't enter Crimea;
international military observers there to confirm/deny Russian allegations

Russian obstructionism: Again international OSCE observers blocked

Simferopol: Putin rebuffs Obama again as Ukraine crisis escalates;
Ukraine's border guards say Russian troops pour into Crimea

Northwest Territories: Fireball explodes over Yellowknife

The fireball exploded over Yellowknife at around 2 a.m. MT Thursday. It was so bright it turned the dark
night sky blue. ~ Yuichi Takasaka CBC

Ukraine Govt: Crimean parliament and Russian authorities colluded

Henry Kissinger: How the Ukraine crisis ends

Ottawa: NEB approves Line 9B Project with conditions - decision text

Between 1975 and 1999 Line 9B was approved for sending oil from Montreal to refineries at
Sarnia. It was reversed in 1999, and now, 15 years later, Line 9B has been approved to revert
to its original directional usage. ~ NEB

Ottawa: Enbridge given NEB approval to reverse Sarnia-Montreal
Line 9B pipeline back to original West-East flow direction

Ottawa: "Canada will not recognize a referendum held
in a region currently under illegal military occupation"

Ukraine: West targets Russia with sanctions, threats over Crimea

A Ukrainian serviceman peers over a wall at uniformed men, believed to be Russian servicemen, standing
guard at a Ukrainian military base in the village of Perevalnoye, outside the Crimean capital,
Simferopol, on March 6. ~ Reuters

Ukraine: Canada, U.S. and Europe reject March 16th
Crimean referendum to join Russia

Ukraine: 'Illegal' Crimean referendum condemned

Simferopol: Crimea votes to join Russia, accelerating Ukraine crisis;
Parliament vote to be followed by referendum in 10 days

HUVr hoax: Chris Lloyd apologizes for lying about HUVr board [video]

HUVr board: Back to Future? Hoax everyone wanted to believe [video]

Will Ferrell's comedy website 'Funny or Die' is behind the viral marketing video for the HUVr board first seen in 1989
movie 'Back to the Future II' in which a hover board was used by actor Michael J. Fox in the year 2015.

Brussels: EU offers Ukraine $15B (€11B) of financial aid via loans &
grants from EU budget & EU-based financial institutions: Barroso

Ukraine: Putin ultimatum: 'Ukraine can be united, or be a
country free from Russian influence—but it can’t be both'

Paris: U.S. and Russia set for talks on Ukraine

Niagara Falls: The almost solid pinch-point between two Great Lakes

Black Sea showdown? Super-carrier USS George H.W. Bush plus 17-ship
battle group and 3 subs said to have passed through Aegean Sea today

The George H.W. Bush is carrying 90 aircraft including helicopters of various types, and several squadrons of F-22 Raptors, the most advanced combat aircraft in the world. The submarines each have 24 missile silos, with each silo housing a missile armed with 8 separate nuclear warheads which operate as MIRV's (Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicles) that can be independently targeted. The George H.W. Bush is the first and only aircraft carrier in the world that has successfully sea-launched and landed an unmanned X-47b Stealth Drone which can be used for long-term surveillance or for offensive attacks. The number of ships accompanying the George H.W. Bush in this strike group is significant: 17 ships and 3 submarines. Aircraft carrier Strike Groups are assembled as-needed so there is no particular number of accompanying vessels. However, the graphic above gives readers a sense of the types of vessels that accompany a U.S. Carrier which is being sent into battle.

Putin's folly: Russian invasion has already cost more than Sochi Olympics;
Kerry visits Maidan, promises respect for sovereignty & more assistance

Bravery: Unarmed Ukrainian soldiers face heavily armed Russian troops

The incredible moment unarmed Ukrainian troops marched towards heavily armed Russian
forces, who fired warning shots.

Ottawa: Ukrainian flag flies on Parliament Hill
as protesters gather at Russian embassy

The Ukrainian flag is flying on Parliament Hill between East and Centre blocks of Parliament Buildings.

Ukraine Liveblog Day 14: Could a Cold War turn hot today?

Ukraine: Why Putin is playing with fire

The Northrop Grumman B2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber, is an American strategic bomber, featuring low observable stealth technology designed for penetrating dense anti-aircraft defenses. The bomber can drop up to 80 500-lb (230 kg)-class JDAM GPS-guided bombs. The B2 is the only aircraft that can carry large air-to-surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration. It was designed to evade Russian air defenses. The U.S. has 20 of these and they can fly return sorties from Missouri day and night. It's estimated the Russian fleet could be sunk in less than a day. Then there's cruise missiles and B52 bombers...

Washington Post editorial: Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy

Crisis deepens: Russia demands surrender of Ukraine's Crimea forces;
Black Sea Fleet chief sets deadline and threatens attack "across Crimea"

History: Will Russia fight and lose another Crimean War in last gasp
of old USSR empire whose loss ex-KGBer Putin so laments?

Ukraine: Does China really back Putin? What if Cold War turns hot?
How will Russian 'adventurism' be resolved?

Ukraine has substantial military resources, and backed by the West's military might,
Putin has good reason to blink—and withdraw, if it comes to that. Sky News

Statement by the G7 Nations: "...condemn the Russian Federation’s
clear violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine..."

Kiev: Ukraine mobilizes for war after Russia military moves

Ukrainian Maria, 23, right, and Vanui, 22, hold posters against Russia's military intervention in Crimea,
in Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday. The poster in the right side reads in Ukrainian: "I am from Russia, please
protect me and remove the weapons and soldiers from Ukraine." ~ Emilio Morenatti Associated Press

Perevalne: Hundreds of Russian gunmen surround Ukraine
military base in Crimea, blocking soldiers from leaving

Ukrainian soldiers show their faces, unlike the Russians, and stand at the gate, backed by a tank. They are blocked in their Perevalne base by hundreds of armed Russians who arrived in 13 troop vehicles each containing 30 soldiers, and backed by four armoured vehicles with mounted machine-guns. The vehicles — which have Russian license plates — must withdraw, according to the Ukraine government and the international community.

Kiev: Ukraine pleads for 1994 Budapest Memorandum signatories Britain
and U.S. to come to its rescue as Russia accused of 'invasion'

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, left, American President Bill Clinton, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma,
and British Prime Minister John Major, extreme right, sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
—The Budapest Memorandum— during the CSCE summit in Budapest, Hungary in 1994.

New York: Ukraine's Yuriy Sergeyev speaks at UN, Saturday night [video]

Yuriy Sergeyev, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, on situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine: UN holds open meeting on Russian invasion

A man holds the Russian flag in front of a statue of Lenin in Simferopol, Crimea. Russian President Putin
wrested control of the Ukrainian Black Sea region of Crimea from Kiev on Saturday, citing a threat to
Russian citizens and servicemen of the Russian Black Sea fleet based there. Adolf Hitler used the same
pretext to invade Germany's neighbours in the 1930s. If Crimeans want to live in Russia, leave now;
lots of room there, it's the largest country in the world. ~ David Mdzinarishvili Reuters

Ottawa: Canadians say 'Russian troops get out of Ukraine'

Kiev: Putin asks Russian Parliament to use military in Ukraine

Obama to Russia: There will be 'costs' for Ukraine invasion; Putin ignores

Mikheil Saakashvili: Lessons from the Putin Wars;
"Russia will try to Balkanize Ukraine"

Sevastopol: Crimean PM hijacks control of military, police;
in separatist move, asks Putin for help

Kiev: Invasion: Russia admits its troops are moving in Crimea

Ukraine's State Border Guard says coast guard base surrounded by about 30 Russian marines.

Kiev: Ukraine accuses Russia of 'military invasion'

Ottawa: Federal Govt posts $1.1B surplus in December 2013;
improvement of $1.832B over December 2012

Ottawa: Canadian economy shakes off impact of December ice storm,
picks up steam; grows at 2.9% in final quarter of 2013

Spectator: Vladimir Putin's new plan for world domination

Vlad the Putin starring as Dr. Evil

Geneva: Switzerland blocks Yanukovych assets, launch laundering probe

Kiev: Ukraine says Russian forces control Crimea airport

Kiev: Ukraine prosecutors to seek Yanukovych extradition from Russia

Kiev: Canadian Foreign Minister Baird meets with Yulia Tymoshenko

Kiev: 50 armed, unidentified men seize
airport of Crimea's capital Simferopol

Kiev: Ukraine looks to IMF bailout; Russia tells U.S. their military
exercises on border have nothing to do with political upheaval there

Kiev: Fears of a divided Ukraine rise as pro-Russia
demonstrators storm Crimean Parliament

Moscow: Kleptocrat Yanukovych emerges from hiding
as new Ukraine leaders warn Russia over Crimea

Churchill: Manitoba polar bears pose for Google's Street View

Ready for his close-up - Polar Bear approaches Google buggy in Churchill, Manitoba.

Moscow: Fugitive Ukraine President Yanukovych in Russia?

NY Times: Simferopol: Russian gunmen seize govt buildings in Crimea;
barricade themselves inside and raise Russian flag; invasion coming?

Rival protesters clashed in Simferopol, Crimea’s regional capital. ~ Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

Kiev: U.S. warns Putin as 150,000 Russian troops on Ukraine border

Kiev: Russia says urgent military exercises test readiness of border forces

Washington Post: In Ukraine, objections from Maidan
slow naming of new cabinet as mourning continues

Mourners and demonstrators remain in Independence Square. Ukrainians honour with flowers the protesters who were killed last week, and opposition leaders have urged thousands of demonstrators still in Independence Square in Kiev to remain for now to guarantee that changes won’t be reversed.

Ottawa: Canada sending delegation to Ukraine on February 28th

Crimea: Russia threatens to intervene as Ukraine’s fugitive
ex-President said to be holed up near Soviet-era submarine base

Kiev: Interim President Turchynov warns of 'separatism' risk

Independence Square has been filled with tributes to those gunned down just days ago.

Kiev: Warrant issued for fugitive ex-President
Yanukovych for "mass murder of peaceful citizens"

Protesters say they will not leave the Maidan (Independence Square) until elections are held in May.

Ottawa: Deal reached on Canada Job Grant with all but Quebec

Assumptions and presumptions: When a remote judge can deep-six a decision made by a four-eared environmental review tribunal, Ontario citizens see disregard for the environment and our endangered species; greed vs the Blanding's Turtle

Barbara McDougall: History, not politics, drives Canada’s support of Ukraine

Gas plants: Will Ontario Finance Minister Sousa be among those facing criminal charges?

Christina Blizzard: Wynne, Sousa a couple of bad actors; wasting billions and pointing fingers

Carlos Lozada: 150 journalism cliches — and counting

Ottawa: India, Canada ink Letter of Intent to collaborate on research exchanges

Ontario: Hard drives from government computers seized as part of criminal probe into Liberal gas plants scandal: OPP

Tamworth: Killer and victims identified; heroic volunteer firefighter saved life of woman whose car was rammed on main street and then attacked by killer; village still in shock

Ottawa: Quebec shop owner ordered to use French on her store's Facebook page or face fine

We're #14: Canada ranks above U.S. in the 20 best places to retire in the world... "With its laidback culture and high quality of life, Canada is a great place to live out your golden years and maybe catch a few hockey games"

Ottawa: Aga Khan: 'Canada is a leader in the community of nations'

Like last year: March weather will be colder than 'usual', forecasters say; Long, cold winter means slow transition to Spring

StatsCan: Median net worth of Canadians up 44.5% since 2005

John Ivison: Stephen Harper’s stellar week courtesy of the NDP and Liberals

Kelly McParland: Tories don’t owe the opposition a free flight to Ukraine

Mark Steyn: Trudeau's terrible comedy: Jokes are a powerful tool in politics — but not glib, heartless ones

Ontario: Highway 400 between Barrie and Toronto closed after 96-vehicle pile-up

Chris Vander Doelen: A different kind of protest

Windsor: Non-partisan protesters picket office of NDP MP, urging him to support Conservatives' budget

Leamington: New firm will save 250 local tomato processing jobs; Highbury Canco Corp acquiring Heinz facility and will do some work for them

Ottawa: Aga Khan brings deep ties to Canada in address to Parliament today

Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis: Today's Liberals could ruin Canada; false assumptions, bad choices imported from U.S.

updated ~ Tamworth: Single shooter may have shot self after he shot 3 people in multiple locations; 2 dead, 2 in hospital, 6 crime scenes, Ontario police watchdog investigating; post office, fire hall, two homes and a County Road all crime scenes in hamlet of 500 people

Winnipeg: Doctors recommend more freedom for man who beheaded Greyhound passenger

Ottawa: Report raises new allegations against Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny

Toronto: Target posts $941-million Canadian loss, analysts say price wars loom

Lysiane Gagnon: Did the Liberals forget Quebec?

Adam Chapnick: Solving the next Andrew Leslie problem

Forbes: BlackBerry surges on return to classic keyboards, BBM sale potential

Railroad/weather nightmare: Oats stuck in Canada clog the market; monthslong grain-shipping backlog pinches incomes for farmers and sends oat-futures prices soaring in the U.S.

Carol Goar: ‘Basic annual income’ loaded with pitfalls; eventually you run out of other peoples' money

Joe for America: Canadian Prime Minister Harper smacks Obama, leaves a mark

Montreal: PQ using language as a political club one more time

John Ivison: NDP looks irrelevant in spat over Trudeau’s insulting Ukraine comments

Montreal: Broad consensus among corporate leaders on focus to arrest the city's decline

Montreal: Alcoa reaches power agreement to improve competitiveness of Québec aluminum smelters, secure 3,000 jobs

Newstalk 1010: Some Heinz jobs in Leamington may be saved by new supplier contract

Ottawa: How Target’s push into Canada stumbled

Robyn Urback: Justin Trudeau shows his greenness. Again

Toronto: Tim Hortons to add 500 Canadian outlets, 300 in U.S., 220 in Middle East by 2018

Rings and rinks: The fate of past Olympic venues worldwide

Canada: Own The Podium sets sights on 2018, 2022 Olympic medallists; challenges ahead as it seeks to keep up with rival countries; broaden pool or narrow the focus?

Ottawa: 'Ex-Liberal' Senator expenses missing key details; info on spousal travel costs left out of online posting

Barcelona: BlackBerry announces low-cost phone for Asian markets; brings back 'classic' keyboard

Toronto: Police seize $2M in cash, 200 kg of pot; bulk imported from BC via unwitting courier company

Release expense data day after convention: East Coast MPs among Liberals' highest spenders

Ottawa: Canada maintains threat of sanctions on Russia if it interferes in Ukraine

Refused to produce evidence: Michael 'hockey shtick' Mann faces bankruptcy as his courtroom climate capers collapse

Ottawa: Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada calls on Justin Trudeau to apologize to people of Ukraine: "You have to be extremely careful when you talk about 82 people who died fighting ... for their future and everyone's in danger"

Sydney: G20 pledges to add $2T to global economy

Australia: Canada set to outperform 2% economic growth target: Flaherty

Journal article: Copper may play a role in Alzheimer’s Disease

Ottawa: Foreign Minister John Baird: Canada welcomes Presidential transition in Ukraine

Toronto: $40M Buddhist temple project in jeopardy after Ontario government approves noisy wind farm next to it

Peterborough: Sumac Ridge wind farm interferes with flight paths and will affect future plans for local airport; wind turbines a concern for airports across Ontario

Ottawa: Canada's response to the situation in Ukraine; "Canada stands firmly behind" people during transition to new government

Jack Mintz: Liberals under Justin Trudeau eye same current U.S.-style fiscal agenda of deficit spending which has hamstrung Canadians for a generation since its abuse by Pierre Trudeau

National embarassment: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau makes appalling joke about hockey and possibility of Russia invading Ukraine, draws criticism from Tories, NDP

Picton: Prince Edward County Field Naturalists take battle for Blanding’s Turtle to next level, launch appeal for funding help

Jim Merriam: Liberal camp gets new whiff of desperation

Nunavut: Mining for Gold at minus 45 Celsius

Parker Gallant: Ontario’s Ministry of Energy 'Achieving Balance' would be a surprise

Sub-way: John Tory running for Mayor of Toronto: promises to build downtown relief line

USAtoday: An American look at Canada though an Olympics prism

Kiev: Canada threatens sanctions if Russia disrupts peace in Ukraine as U.S. warns sending troops would be ‘grave mistake’

Sochi: Brimming with pride and medals, Russia closes most expensive Olympics ever with spectacular show; Russia celebrated 17 days of sport-driven global unity Sunday with a farewell show that hands off the Winter Games to their next host, Pyeongchang in South Korea

Cam Cole: Canada did ‘exceptionally well’ at the Sochi Games

Decision day: John Tory, Karen Stintz both to run for Toronto mayor; field of contenders becoming more clear eight months ahead of election

John Ivison: Half-baked or visionary? Liberal Party too quick to wave through raft of 'transformative' policies; 'third party' all hat no horse?

Tim Harper: Liberals shrink-wrap Trudeau as policy is debated; Liberal leader had nothing to say Sunday as his party came up with a pricy, big ticket wish list; evaded media at end of convention

Sochi: Sweden’s Backstrom misses Olympic final due to positive drug test

Globe & Mail editorial: How would Justin Trudeau govern? Time for him to start talking

Montreal: Trudeau promotes star recruits, hopes to influence nomination outcomes, gets blowback

Andrew Coyne: If the Liberal Party’s strategy was to reinvent itself, it’s not working

Montreal: Liberal party executive race could face questions over integrity as email suggests backroom deal

John Ivison: Trudeau faithful eat up his bland repast and ignore hints he may be cavalier with public debt

Revolution: Joy, relief, wariness as Toronto's Ukrainians watch eruption of change

Legendary Sarah Burke: Her ashes spread at Sochi Olympics to recognize her powerful presence, foresight and perseverance

Tim Harper: Lt-Gen Leslie fails first media test, awkward and uncomfortable delivering amateur hour lines Liberals wrote for him; question pervades, what is he hiding?

Ottawa: Leaked emails show how retired Lt-Gen Leslie pursued govt job from Conservatives; told reporters he sought to be a candidate with "parties" other than Liberals before hitting taxpayer for $72K for 4-block move

Toronto: Family searching for answers after three sisters hit by three different cars at same Toronto intersection in three years; driver charged each time

Good for another 45 years: Windsor Salt to pour $300M into mine

Ottawa: Illegal downloaders in federal court’s crosshairs; order to release names, addresses of suspected ‘pirates’ could affect millions

Kerry: Russia trying to create pretext for larger invasion

George F. Will: Misreading Putin, and history

Roger Cohen: Putin's Crimean crime

Ukraine: A survey look at 7 questions and attempts at answers

Putin doctrine: Says Russia has right to use force in Ukraine; mocks sanctions, says they'll backfire

New York: RadioShack chops 1,100 stores, 4,000 remain

Endless winter: Cold and snow records continue to fall nationwide, along with the white stuff, as Arctic air much colder than warmists claim

Ukraine: Pro-Russian Crimean officials claim to have secured peninsula with surrenders and pledges of allegiance

Ukraine: Putin says no immediate need to invade eastern Ukraine, leaves threat dangling

Ukraine: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Kiev with $1B aid package

From Russia, with trouble: ‘Tourist’ activists stir up anti-West protests in eastern Ukraine

Violation of sovereignty: Ukraine praised for 'refusing to rise to Russian provocation'

Putin triggers market meltdown: Russian central bank hiked interest rates, and burned its way through as much as $12B of reserves to prop up ruble

Strengthen greenback: It's time to drive Russia bankrupt -- again

Washington: U.S. and EU marshal economic tools to punish Russia

Collateral implications: Ukraine crisis new rallying point for U.S. energy export backers

Ukraine: Four reasons Putin is already losing in his wreckless 'adventure'; example: Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey Monday that showed 73% of Russians reject it—even after weeks of propaganda

Ukraine: Merkel describes Putin as 'out of touch with reality' after urging him to back down from Crimea occupation

Ukraine: Keep your eyes on Angela Merkel

Ukraine: A second cold war threatens Europe

Telegraph editorial: It is time for the West to stand up to Putin

Ukraine: Obama’s weakness emboldens Putin

Ukraine: Latest Russian yarn: 'Deposed Ukrainian leader asked Putin for troops'

Ukraine: Russians pressure Ukrainian forces in Crimea to disarm, defect; using threats, psy-ops

Ukraine: Russian bear squeezes tighter, surrounds naval station, blockades Ukrainian ships at naval base

Jennifer Rubin: The bizarro world of Obama's foreign policy, and the fringe players that make it even worse

Warren Buffett: Decline in hurricanes over past 5 years has allowed his insurance companies to rake in extra $$ billions

Kelly McParland: It's backbone time in Washington

Bedtime terrors: Frequent nightmares in childhood linked to mental problems later in life

Ukraine: Putin cooks up Obama's Chicken Kiev moment; weakness and dithering have their geopolitical costs; will Obama grow out of his appeaser-in-chief role?

Ukraine: Crimea move makes Sochi look like $50B in wasted PR for Russia

Bridge politics: Christie rep takes bigger blow as conspiracy alleged over GWB toll hikes, credit for rollbacks

Ukraine and the West: Cold War makes most sense for West as Russia pours military might into its attempt to partition Ukraine, rest of world works on economic and diplomatic retaliation; while saying 'nothing is off the table' no sabres are currently being seriously rattled

Ukraine: Russian troops take Crimean ferry terminal in Kerch, just up the Black Sea coast from Sochi

Oscars: '12 Years a Slave' wins best picture, McConaughey Best Actor, Blanchett Best Actress, Nyong'o for Supporting Actress, Leto for Supporting Actor, Gravity for most awards, Ellen DeGeneres won kudos and brickbats for hosting and a star-filled 'selfie' which flew around the world via Twitter

Brrrrr: Wide range of wintry conditions affects half of U.S. a month after Groundhog Day

Ukraine: World scrambles as Russia tightens grip on Crimea

Taylor, Pifer and Herbst: Ukraine must exercise restraint in the face of Russian aggression

Ukraine: G7 jointly condemns Russia, halts G8 prep; Ukraine mobilizes for war as world leaders threaten to isolate Russia economically

Washington: U.S. economic growth rate revised down; actually grew at an annualized rate of 2.4% in 4th quarter of 2013, down from initial estimate of 3.2%; 2013 growth was 1.9%

Gallup: Putin's popularity drops almost as low as Obama's

London: UK ministers to boycott Paralympics over Russia's military moves in Ukraine

Sevastopol: Ukraine says its 10 ships in Crimean port stay loyal

Ukraine: Cameron & Merkel: 'The world is watching'

John Kerry: ‘All options On the table’ to hold Russia accountable in Ukraine [video]

Czech Republic: Russian Ambassador summoned, 'Prague Spring in Crimea' [translation]

Ukraine: The biggest victims of Saturday's events: the Crimean Tatars

Crimea and Punishment: A ridge too far; has Putin miscalculated?

Ukraine: 2006 cables revealed by Wikileaks showed U.S. concerns over Russian de-stabilization efforts in Crimea; author is now highest ranking U.S. diplomat in Moscow

London: Foreign Secretary William Hague heads to Kiev for crisis talks

Kiev: Ukraine calls up reservists after Russian deployment; BBC has seen what appear to be Russian troops digging trenches on the Crimean border

Leonid Kravchuk: Ukraine's first independent President (1991-1994) says 'Britain and the U.S. must stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty’

Kunming, China: Witnesses recall fear, chaos after China train station knife attack

Kiev: Ukraine army on full alert as Russia parliament rubber stamps sending troops

Ukraine: Readout of President Obama’s calls with President Hollande and Prime Minister Harper

Ukraine: Canada and U.S. join forces to call for Russia withdrawal from Ukraine

Guardian - LIVE updates: U.S. calls for international observers as Ukraine places forces on combat alert and threatens war after Russian invasion

Michael Barone: Wanted: The rule of law; in Ukraine and Venezuela, protesters are fighting for rule of law, not electoral democracy

Washington: Top officials at White House meeting on Ukraine; but not Obama

WUWT: White House science adviser attacks Roger Pielke Jr. for his Senate testimony, Pielke responds with a skillfull counterstrike

West paralyzed? Crimean coup is payback by Putin for Ukraine's revolution

Ukraine: The haze of propaganda; obscuring a classic popular revolution

Voice of Russia: Russian flag raised at regional administration building in Kharkov

Kharkov: Gun shots heard and beatings in the street as Ukrainian patriots and pro-Russia mob clash [translation]

Violence: Protesters raise Russian flag in two east Ukrainian cities

Krauthammer: Obama tells world we aren’t going to do anything about invasion of Ukraine

The Bear awakes: Russia seeks access to bases in 8 countries for its ships and bombers

Donetsk: At heart of Ukraine drama, a tale of two countries

Afghanistan: Militants ambush polio workers, kill 12

How the other half perks: The allure of built-in coffee makers

Accuweather: Kansas to Massachusetts: Up to a foot of snow to fall across 1,300 miles

Moscow: Defiant Yanukovych intends to keep fighting

Washington: Whispers persist that Hillary Clinton won’t run in 2016: Health may be worse than disclosed

Charles Krauthammer: Putin’s Ukraine gambit

Washington: Al-Qaida plots comeback in Afghanistan

Japan: Tokyo bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy

Rio de Janeiro: Critics blast Rio's World Cup, Olympic evictions

Moscow: Will Putin put relations with Ukraine, Europe and the West ahead of support for thief Yanukovych, or double down?

Caracas: Venezuela unrest shakes up opposition

Brussels: NATO commander plays down tension with Russia over Ukraine

Detroit: U.S. safety regulators probe GM recall

Ping pong: Jos. A. Bank rejects Men's Wearhouse bid, says open to talks

Cold War: Why did Russia send a spy ship to Cuba? No word from Communist nation as armed vessel docks in Havana

Washington: Sen. Bob Corker is worried Russia will invade Ukraine, Obama has no plan

Putin's brinkmanship: Russian moves raise stakes in Ukraine conflict

Kiev: Yatseniuk, confirmed as Prime Minister, accuses Yanukovych administration robbing Ukraine of $70B; 'treasury is empty'

715 new planets: NASA announces 'mother lode'

Moscow: Russian Prime Minister rewards each Olympic medallist with Mercedes-Benz

Berlin: 'Ditch Green Energy Law' Merkel told by expert panel appointed by German Bundestag; neither cost effective nor has any measurable impact on innovation; spiralling Green energy subsidies (up to €22 billion last year) ineffective, threat from climate change over-estimated

Arizona bill vetoed: Gov. Jan Brewer: "Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value — so is non-discrimination"

Telegraph: Viktor Yanukovych 'is in Moscow', says Russian news agency

Ann Coulter: Raise the minimum wage to $14 an hour using this one weird trick!

Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific evidence of man-made global warming

Miami: Sharks may help researchers predict hurricanes

Ukraine Crimea: Tension rises as rival rallies confront one another

Vatican: Pope pleads for 'end to violence' in Venezuela

Damascus: Syrian forces 'kill many rebels' in Eastern Ghouta

Kiev: Arseniy Yatsenyuk named Ukraine Prime Minister as default battle looms; Yatsenyuk is the leader of Yulia Tymoshenko’s opposition party in Parliament

Cairo: Explosion hits Egyptian gas pipeline in restive Sinai Peninsula

Simferopol: Russian troops take control of main access to port city

Moscow: Interfax: Putin suddenly orders a readiness check for the Western and Central military districts, including Airborne Troops, and long-range military transport aviation [translation]

Ukraine: Churn continues in Kharkiv, in eastern part of country, as conflict bubbles over Lenin statue and other evolving issues following Yanukovych removal and resignations of regional officials [translation]

NY Times: An unfinished Ukraine palace and a fugitive leader’s folly

New Delhi: Two unaccounted for in Indian submarine incident

Tokyo: Japan authorities looking into closure of Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange

Kiev: Ukraine 'disbands elite Berkut anti-riot police' who pulled the triggers against civilians last week

Ukraine: Viktor Yanukovych boasted of Ukraine corruption, says Mikheil Saakashvili; Georgia's former president says deposed Ukrainian leader had 'no idea about morality' and was brazen in his abuse of office

PC World: 360 million account credentials, with passwords, found "in the wild", says security firm

California: Generous couple unearth Gold Rush coins worth at least $10M on their property during daily dog walk

Latest cooling excuse: Volcanoes to blame... uh-huh... and you want how much to study?

Washington: U.S. expels three Venezuelan diplomats following expulsion of three Americans from Caracas

YanukovychLeaks: How Ukraine journalists are making history

Dr. Tim Stanley: Venezuela: the Left's favourite 'socialist paradise' is sliding into poverty and dictatorship

Caracas: Venezuelan protestors dig in for long struggle

Kiev: 'We were trapped', special forces snipers on rooftops, AK-47s shooting civilians like fish in a barrel: eyewitness to the massacre in Kiev

Kiev: West scrambles to save Ukraine from economic collapse

Bannu: Pakistan Air Force targets Taliban, kills more than 25 in latest airstrikes Tuesday

Cynically buried anouncement on a Friday: iOS software bug 'scary'; Apple’s reputation for software security a 'myth': expert

Charles Krauthammer: The myth of ‘settled science’

Yola: Islamic militants kill 40 students in pre-dawn attack on a northeast Nigerian college, setting ablaze a locked hostel and shooting and slitting the throats of those who escaped through windows, some burned alive

Cass Sunstein, Alinskyism and Obama's personally directed subversion of your online encounters: The conspiracy theory that's true: U.S. agents infiltrated websites intending to "manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations" - Glenn Greenwald's latest, from Snowden files

Revolution determination matched by internal discipline: But can Russia keep its hands off Ukraine?

Kiev: Ukraine's new government is not legitimate: Russian PM Medvedev

Kiev: Izvestia reports: "Russian fleet redeployed towards Sevastopol" with "a special forces regiment currently relocated to Anapa," Russia on the Black Sea [translated]

Washington Post Fact Checker awards 4 Pinocchios to President: Obama’s nose-stretching claim that 7 million got ‘access to health care for the first time’ because of his Medicaid expansion

Tokyo: Honda creates new Acura planning arm to lead brand overhaul

Moscow: Proposed bill would streamline granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainian citizens "of Russian nationality and their families" [translated]

Moscow: Russia police detain hundreds, including Pussy Riot members, protesting against jailing of activists

Kiev: Russia reportedly moving hundreds of troops into Crimea by air and by landing craft from its Black Sea fleet [translated]

Caracas: Venezuela death toll rises to 13 as protests flare

Kiev: Russia ties $2B in aid for Ukraine to new government

Washington: U.S. Deputy Secretary of State to travels to Ukraine this week

Elitist climate propaganda: The merchants of smear

Groundhog Day, Caddyshack director: Beloved Harold Ramis, actor/director, comic genius, dead at 69

New York: Hedge funds turn bearish on S&P 500 as VIX advances

Cairo: Egypt interim government resigns unexpectedly

Bangkok: Trained snipers escalate violence

Aleppo: Syria rebel leader Abu Khaled al-Suri killed; linked to al-Qaeda

Toronto: Chanting "Heroes live forever", Ukrainians hold bittersweet vigil

Gallup: Obama unpopular in states with key 2014 Senate races

Sochi: It's clear the ice has been sub-par in the Iceberg Skating Palace, but Charles Hamelin and other elite skaters are reluctant to blame it; however, it's clear to observers that unprofessional re-surfacing has applied layers that can't take the pressure top skaters apply in corners

Sochi: Conservative government's 'Own the podium' is paying off in medals and athlete development

Montreal: Breaking Justin's word; Ousted 'Liberal' Senators spotted at Liberal convention

Montreal: Retired Lt-Gen Andrew Leslie ‘approached’ Tories before joining Liberals; shopped himself to "parties", apparently found wanting, then Libs call him "star"

Toronto: Oil sands costs beat those of U.S. tight oil, new studies show

Ottawa: Encouraged by developments, Canada puts Ukraine sanctions on hold

Steve Simmons: Henderson, Crosby and now Poulin; greatest Gold-medal game in women's history

Ottawa: Giant sinkhole opens in middle of street near underground tunnelling work, closes Laurier Avenue; LRT tunnelling suspended, concrete pumped into hole to stabilize

Sochi: Suburban Buffalo bar says it won't sell Canadian beer during USA-Canada hockey game

Ontario: Court favours wind turbines over endangered Blanding's turtle; NDP has conflict-of-interest in turbine cluster ownership as do provincial employees that okayed them, through OPSEU pension fund investment

Trudeau's act: Shallow leader makes no mention of Kiev massacre or prayers for its victims as he embraces a vacuous version of Obama's failed hope and change to Liberal delegates; if budget was "buried" during Olympics why are Liberals meeting during Olympics?

Damien Cox: Canadian women's team pulls off most sensational Olympic hockey victory ever for this country

Canadian unity: Deadspin video peek shows wild Canadian reaction to Marie-Philip Poulin's Gold medal goal

Ottawa: Harper: Canada "outraged" by "ongoing violence" in Ukraine, sending aid to protesters "in their time of need"

Ottawa: Harper wins case of beer from Obama with Gold hockey win

Toronto: OPP execute search warrant in probe of cancelled gas plant emails; reportedly seek old computers from office of former Premier Dalton McGuinty who resigned in disgrace over the $1.1B scandal

Ontario: Toronto hospital to live-tweet heart surgery, including photos and videos

Toronto: Hockey fans gear up for rival showdowns; Canadian men and women set to play U.S.

Ottawa: Federal Govt rakes in $5.27B in 700MHz wireless auction; Vidéotron wins wireless licences outside Quebec to contend as fourth major national carrier

Ontario: Pair arrested in Harrow after found in car stolen in Halifax; owner went missing over the weekend; foul play suspected in disappearance

Halifax: Car carrier arriving from Europe filled with millions of dollars worth of damaged vehicles and farm equipment that broke free in a storm [video]

Three Amigos: Obama and Harper meet on bilateral issues, show warmth and humour over differences, staked out Olympic hockey turf and condemned violence in Ukraine

Three Amigos: Mexico, U.S., Canada leaders agree to form working group on conservation of Monarch butterflies

Terence Corcoran: Trudeau and others stuck in a political and policy wasteland of their own creation

Special deals: Ontario Opposition cries foul over Metrolinx freebie ticket fiasco

Stephen Gordon: Trudeau's understanding of economics causes headscratching, and his fervor to spend will mean higher taxes

2014 Mercer Quality of Living rankings: Canadian cities tops in North America for quality of life: Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal take top four spots

Ontario: Noise bylaw could stifle noisy windmills in rural municipalities

Ottawa: Realtor says former Gen. Leslie’s daughter ‘did not benefit’ from controversial house sale which netted a $600,000 profit while he billed DND $72,000 for moving expenses, including real estate fees; Leslie's daughter works for real estate firm which handled sale

Angus Reid Global poll: Conservatives lead 31% to 30% for Liberals in likely voters; NDP at 26%

Mexico City: Canada and Mexico will sign a Declaration of Intent on Defence Cooperation in April 2014 at a trilateral meeting of defence ministers; the implementing authorities will be the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND), Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defence, and the Mexican Navy

Mexico City: Prime Minister Harper and Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, today announced renewal of the Canada-Mexico Joint Action Plan for a further three years, from 2014 to 2016

Mexico City: An expanded Canada-Mexico Air Transport Agreement was signed today; when ratified it will lead to expanded opportunities for direct flights by and to both countries

Mexico City: Canada and Mexico sign two agreements that will facilitate bilateral trade and investment, starting immediately

Mexico City: Harper to push for Keystone approval as leaders gather for trilateral talks in Mexico; Mexican President also supports Keystone

Sochi: Virtue, Moir lament split allegiance with Americans for coach Marina Zoueva

Sochi: Canada seems to be taking over the Olympics

Mexico: Canada's Harper, Mexico's Pena Nieto meeting before Three Amigos summit Wednesday

Montreal: Quebec euthanasia bill on verge of becoming law

Chris Vander Doelen: Unifor union’s uphill battle at Toyota in Ontario

Three Amigos: Stephen Harper arrives in Mexico for tri-country summit [video]

Montreal: Quebec reeling from nine domestic homicides in less than two weeks

Three Amigos: More air-travel links between Canada, Mexico to be unveiled

Three Amigos: In 2012, Canada's exports to Mexico were $5.4B, overshadowed by imports of nearly $26.7B; Mexico is Canada's fifth largest export market and third biggest source of imports

Sochi: IIHF president says women’s hockey won’t leave Olympics

Canada: Federal government opens up prostitution law rewrite to public input

Ezra Levant: The Liberals attacked Lt Gen Andrew Leslie multiple times, was turned down when he wanted to run for the Conservatives, and other revelations [video]

L'Affaire Leslie: According to this CTV News account from 2008 Gen. Andrew Leslie admitted under oath that he had received a Meritorious Service Medal under false pretenses and made statements about the war in Croatia to the BBC which were later proven false; also, Leslie made severe war crimes allegations and testified before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia against Croation Army Lt Gen Ante Gotovina; in November 2012, Gotovina was found not guilty on all charges by the appeals panel at the ICTY [video]

L'Affaire Leslie: Global News made the Access to Information request leaked by CTV News on 72K 4-block move by Trudeau adviser which he blames on his wife; military expert: "The rationale is that they want to be in the city of their choosing for their retirement. Moving within that city makes no sense. That was never the spirit of that entitlement."

Sochi: Canadian Olympians get up close with the Stanley Cup; "it’s great to have a symbol of Canadian culture in Russia"

Christie Blatchford: Canadian duo’s scores part of bizarre judging 'game'; who is the one judge "and one alone that marked Virtue and Moir so harshly on the technical side in their free dance Monday?"; "had the outcome really been determined in advance?"

Three Amigos: North American trusted-traveller plan set to be unveiled in Mexico

Ottawa: Prime Minister Harper departs for Mexico today for Three Amigos summit

BC: Vacant Vancouver jail transforms into affordable, low-income housing

Prince Edward Island: Provincial government confirms first case of pig virus

IPSOS Reid/CTV News poll: Ontario Progressive Conservatives take provincial lead from Liberals; 69% agreed "it is time for another provincial party to take over and run the province"

Ottawa: Government to examine former general’s 'grossly excessive' moving expenses, including real estate charges for luxury home

Ottawa: ‘Hero’ broadcaster saves Coptic Christians in Egypt revolution, flees to Canada

Windsor: Unpaid suppliers to Freyssinet, supplier of faulty parkway beams, suing as Liberal MPP denies oversight failure the fault of government [video]

Windsor: Traffic chaos ensues as first of 300 faulty girders are removed from Herb Gray Parkway after fiasco that has delayed the mega-project and cost untold $$ millions

Liberal entitlements: Retired General Andrew Leslie, Trudeau adviser, convention speaker and Liberal nomination candidate, claimed $72,000 in expenses for 4-minute move within Ottawa; sees nothing wrong, says he was entitled

David Akin: Those non-partisan Senators are not getting Trudeau’s message

LA Times: says U.S. travellers love London, Paris, Toronto best

Never fit in: Piers Morgan's CNN show to end amid mediocre ratings that were falling

Kiev: Ukraine ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s stash: $12 million in cash, a boar statue, pricy tea room; residence was a treasure trove, both literally and figuratively; he left very quickly

Peshawar: Bomb planted at bus terminal in northwest Pakistan kills 14 passengers

Telegraph: Why the pictures from Kiev didn't tell the whole story

BBC Profile: Yulia Tymoshenko

Chicago: ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ billboard updated after U.S. hockey loss to Canada

New York: UN demands humanitarian aid for all of Syria

Mexico City: Mexico's Sinaloa drug chief arrested

Venezuela: 15 years of solitude and servitude

NewsWatchCanada Editorial: It's time to pump water out of oceans to natural reservoirs such as California's Salton Sea; money invested in creating sea water reservoirs in deserts such as Sahara & Kalahari or the lowest point on Earth, Death Valley, California, would be better spent and more productive than bogus carbon dioxide regulation

Nature Geoscience: Fresh water demand driving sea-level rise faster than glacier melt; trillions of tonnes of water have been pumped up from deep underground reservoirs in every part of the world

Finally: Parched California pours mega-millions into desalination tech

Melting for centuries: Big Antarctic glacier to keep raising seas, even without warming

Caracas: Venezuela says 8 killed in violence

Premium on prediction: Unyielding winter weather inconveniences airlines, passengers

What warming? Coldest U.S. autumn/winter afternoons for 115 years

Takes British male solo artist title at 67: David Bowie wins Brit award, asks Scotland to 'stay with us'

Caracas: Is Venezuela burning while world watches Ukraine? six people now confirmed dead in the past week

Eggs and making bacon: Testicular time bomb or key to evolution?

Kiev: Protesters denounce pact; don't trust Yanukovych, demand he step down now, not December

Kiev: Ukraine announces deal to end crisis

Science editorial: "It is time to move forward on the Keystone XL pipeline to transport crude oil"

Washington: Former USGS head, now editor of the journal 'Science', endorses Keystone pipeline

Houston: Warren Buffett's BNSF railroad to move into tank car ownership, to buy safer fleet of 5,000 oil cars; big Obama backer raking in oil-by-rail profits

Kiev: Ukrainian opposition MPs head to possible emergency parliament session

Kiev: EU, Canada impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials; violent clashes kill 70 on deadliest day of protests; 500 wounded; 67 police officers captured by protesters

Kiev: Ukrainian opposition MPs head to possible emergency parliament session

London: Britain summons Ukrainian ambassador as death toll rises in Kiev

Moscow: Russia calls Western sanctions against Ukraine officials 'blackmail'

Sochi: Brutal attack on Pussy Riot girls and entourage by Cossack militia with horsewhips only "unsettling" to the IOC [graphic video]

Sochi: Ukrainian Alpine skier withdraws from Olympics in response to violence in Kiev; in "solidarity with the fighters"

450 million users: Facebook buying messaging app WhatsApp for $19B

Toronto: The Northern Lights are putting on a really big show Canada-wide this week as they are stimulated by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun [pictures]

Caracas: Clashes flare across Venezuela as nation waits for word on fate of jailed opposition leader

Nebraska: Temporary court setback for TransCanada's acquisition of pipeline right-of-way

Brookings: How to strengthen NAFTA’s next 20 years

Thames flooding: Molluscs before homeowners; grand river wasn't dredged because of shellfish, so water went sideways, flooding vast areas

Lebanon: Five killed, 80 injured in southern Beirut blasts; Al-Qaeda linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades have claimed responsibility

Net neutrality? Verizon seeks payment for carrying Netflix traffic; feud between ISPs, Netflix, and Internet bandwidth providers continues

Sochi: U.S. Navy ship providing Olympic security ran aground off Turkey

Kiev ~ LIVE ABC video: Police clash with protesters in Ukraine

Sochi: Olympians tiptoe around sponsorship ban

Bangkok: Thai police clash with protesters, leaving 4 dead

Caracas: Fears of more protest clashes high in Venezuela

Harare: Former U.S. Democratic Congressman who resigned in 1995 after convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography, has been arrested in Zimbabwe for allegedly possessing pornographic materials and violating immigration laws

Washington: Iranian infiltration of U.S. Navy computer network more extensive than previously thought

London: 'Climate Change Obsessed' Smith 'should resign' says official; ignored flood warnings

Sochi: Two members of Pussy Riot said to have been arrested at Olympics

North Korea: Kim Jong Un warned by UN panel he could be accountable for ‘crimes against humanity’

Los Angeles: Feds cite Canadian owner of downtown LA skyscraper for cellphone interference

Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare’s war on jobs

Australia: Police raid TV network over alleged payments for exclusive interview with criminal, contrary to law prohibiting profits from crime

Overhaul: Irving Oil to convert railcar fleet, remove older cars from service

Bret Stephens: Climate prophets and profiteers; the most cynical part of John Kerry's climate-change speech

Near-miss: Earth marks close encounter with enormous asteroid

Sochi: The Stanley Cup wows Russian journalists

TIME: Is Apple about to buy Tesla?

Daytona: Emotional moment as number 3 Chevy SS takes pole for Great American Race; has not run in Sprint Cup competition since late Dale Earnhardt crashed on last lap in 2001

Hypocrisy Watch: John Kerry generates 12 tons of CO2 on trip promoting climate change theology

Egypt: Sinai bombing of bus filled with South Korean Christians visiting Biblical sites in Egypt and Israel raises worries on tourism

Sochi: Olympic security increasingly 'uneven'

updated ~ South Korea: 10 dead, 100 injured in Gyeonju resort building collapse during freshman orientation

Mitt Romney: Bill Clinton 'embarrassed the nation'

Caracas: Venezuela blasts U.S. interference, expels 3 diplomats as large street protests continue

Shirley Temple: From child star to Ambassador [video]

Barn finds: Wrecks of classic cars selling for more than new models as prices go through the (rusting) roof

Mississippi: Surprise! Mom delivering triplets learns she's having identical quadruplets

Hockeytown, USA: Minnesota village pop. 1,770 has produced seven Olympians

Sochi: Olympic events postponed due to heavy fog

Andrea Peyser: Al Gore’s global-warming rhetoric is put on ice

Sochi: Canadian firm's snow-making machinery churning out 120 tons a day, no matter the temperature

Geneva: Hijacker of Ethiopian Airlines flight was a co-pilot say police

Colorado: Huge avalanche kills 2, injures 3

updated ~ Geneva: Swiss police: Hijacker of Ethiopian Airlines plane arrested; request for asylum

Fresno: California father watches family die in fiery crash

Boston: Northeast U.S. hit with another storm

Egypt: Blast on tourist bus in Sinai kills 5, including driver and 4 South Korean tourists, 33 wounded

South Africa: More than 200 miners reported trapped in abandoned gold mine

Teen Satanist: I've killed at least 22 throughout U.S.

Daytona first: Chevy SS Pace Car fire during Sprint Unlimited NASCAR Race caused by extra batteries in trunk?

Windsor: Imminent strike at huge salt mine has municipalities worried

Katmandu: Plane with 18 people missing in Nepal's mountains

Venezuela: National police tear gas and pellets leave 17 protesters injured in fourth day of unrest

Venezuela: Venezuelans blocked on twitter as opposition protests mount

TIME: Children exposed to more brain-harming chemicals than ever before

Latest attack: Kickstarter hacked, user names and encrypted passwords accessed

New York: Plane damaged at LaGuardia after colliding with de-icing truck

New Jersey: Target store closed due to fear of roof collapse from snow

Sochi: U.S. dumped high-tech suits after dismal speedskating start; no apparent benefit as Brian Hansen finished 7th and Shani Davis finished 11th in 1500M Saturday

Sochi: Americans get biggest hockey win since 1980's ‘Miracle’

University of Texas: Scientists grow human lungs in a laboratory for the first time... but they won't be transplant ready for at least 12 years

updated ~ Sochi: Russian skicross racer Maria Komissarova breaks, dislocates spine; immediate 6.5 hour surgery deemed a success

Jonah Goldberg: The Olympic whitewash of Soviet evil

Linda Chavez: ObamaCare—a huge mess that we’re stuck with

Will push for net neutrality: Netflix will leverage, not loathe, Comcast-TWC merger

Kyiv Post: Ukraine protesters freed under amnesty but streets still tense

Chattanooga: Volkswagen employees said no the UAW Friday in a high-profile organizing failure; politicians celebrated, saying it would help bring other assembly plants to the state

Mount Kelud: Indonesian airports re-open after Java volcano eruption

Venezuela protests: Tanks, tear gas used by security forces to open Caracas' main highway

The 800-pound donkey in the room: Is Hillary Clinton too old to run?

Drug crime waves: Robber gangs terrorize Colorado pot shops

Daytona: Dale Earnhardt Jr does as he says he would, joins Twitter, tweets

Daytona: Junior-mania: 'biggest win of his career'

Daytona 500: Dale Earnhardt Jr class of field, takes 'Great American Race'

Dale Earnhardt Jr. got to the front and stayed there in the 30 or so final laps of the Daytona 500 as multi-car mayhem behind took out dozens of back-pack competitors. He led the most laps and was able to maintain his edge at the front, ahead of other previous winners, where the competition was intense and inches apart at 200+ mph. Earnhardt Jr., voted the sports's most popular driver for the last 11 years, first and last won the Daytona 500 in 2004. Sunday's race was delayed for hours by rain. The green flag dropped at 1:30 pm and the checkers came out after 500 miles, nearly 10 hours later, as Earnhardt's Chevy SS roared across the finish line to a standing ovation.

Kiev: European integration “a priority” says Ukraine acting President

Kiev: Claim: Putin to work with Merkel to keep crisis-hit Ukraine intact

Kiev: Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov named interim President of Ukraine

Kiev: Report says Putin told Obama he's ready to move
250,000 troops into Crimea to keep it from Ukraine

Sochi: Canada wins Gold game 3-0

Sidney Crosby scores to make it 2-0 as Canada kept the offensive pressure on throughout the game. Carey Price provided another shut-out as Canada's goalies held opponents to only 3 goals against in 6 games.

Kiev: Rivers of tears amid Ukrainian revolution [video];
Tens of thousands raptly listen as just-released Yulia Tymoshenko speaks

Yulia Tymoshenko sits in a wheelchair as she addresses the huge crowd. She then paid tribute at the spot where a protester died. ~ Baz Ratner/Andrew Kravchenko REUTERS

Kiev: Ukraine Parliament votes out Yanukovych, sets election for May 25

Kyiv Post: Defiant Yanukovych, in video, says nothing
about resigning; parliament votes to free Tymoshenko

Kiev: Opposition asserts authority in a day of fast-paced events;
Yanukovych gone, new speaker, A-G and Interior Minister; Tymoshenko
reported free; her daughter giving thanks who "have just released her"

Ukraine Crisis: Russia said ready to go to war over Crimea

Simferopol: Pro-Russian separatism said to be
rising in Crimea as Ukraine crisis unfolded

Kiev: With reports Yanukovych has fled Ukraine, Parliament votes to free Tymoshenko and appoint Turchynov acting PM; impeachment vote next

Opposition Member of Parliament Oleh Liashko on Feb. 22 addresses a crowd that has formed outside Verkhovna Rada. With reports that President Yanukovych has fled Ukraine, Parliament moved to fill the leadership vacuum by freeing ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko from prison and appointing Oleksandr Turchynov, her former deputy, as acting PM. Parliament is also set to consider Yanukovych's impeachment today. ~ © Katya Gorchinskaya Kyiv Post

Kiev: Activists guard Ukrainian presidential buildings "for the nation";
concern about counter-revolutionary attacks and civil war [video]

Kiev: When will Yulia Tymoshenko be freed? [video]

Yulia Tymoshenko is a former two-term Prime Minister and founder of the Fatherland Party, the largest opposition party in Ukraine. She was sentenced to seven years in prison in August 2011 over an expensive natural gas deal she signed with Russia. Supporters have called her conviction politically motivated, and the European Union had demanded that she be released. Her picture was displayed prominently in Independence Square, the focal point of protests in Kiev.

Kiev: President Yanukovych return to palace 'unlikely';
appears to have headed for the hills; will pal Putin give refuge?

Kiev: Inside Presidential complex; cowards fled Friday night

Kiev: Ukraine power vacuum as Presidency unguarded [BBC LIVE];
Opposition leader Klitschko tells Parliament Yanukovych gone;
calls for elections by May 25; Tymoshenko to be freed?

Kiev: President's offices unguarded; murderous cowards have fled;
protesters, always backed by public, now apparently control capital

One group of protesters has been driving around Independence Square in a military vehicle. Others are guarding buildings and reinforcing barricades. many thousands of citizens have ppoured into square and surrounding area.

Kiev: Ukraine President Yanukovych flees East from capital;
will he ever return? are we talkin' 'bout a revolution?

Kiev: Victory in Ukraine; People pressure appears to
have flushed regime out of capital; security MIA says BBC;
Parliamentary speaker Rybak resigns, cites ill health

Sochi: Men to play for 2nd straight hockey Gold after blanking U.S. by 1-0

Jamie Benn supplied the lone goal of the contest at 1:41 of the second period, and Canada earned the right to defend its vancouver 2010 Gold medal thanks to a 1-0 decision over Team USA in Friday's semifinal of the Sochi Olympics. Carey Price turned aside all 31 shots he faced for the Canadians, who will take on Sweden in Sunday's title contest. The Swedes advanced earlier Friday with a 2-1 victory over Finland.

Sochi: Charle Cournoyer wins Bronze in 500m short-track speed skating

Sochi: Canada's Brad Jacobs strikes Gold in lopsided curling final

Brad Jacobs and his Sault Ste. Marie rink gave Canada its golden three-peat in Olympic men’s curling. The team of Jacobs, Ryan Fry, E.J. Harnden and brother Ryan Harnden beat Great Britain's David Murdoch 9-3 on Friday in the men’s gold medal final. Murdoch conceded after the 8th end. It marks the third time in as many Winter Games that Canadians have claimed the top spot on the men's podium, and the first Olympics where Canada claimed gold in both men’s and women’s events. ~ Phil Noble Reuters

Sochi: Canada's Marielle Thompson, Kelsey Serwa
win Gold, Silver in Ski Cross

Marielle Thompson (left) won the gold medal and Kelsey Serwa (right) took the silver with a 1-2 Canadian finish in the women's Ski Cross final on Friday. Sweden's Anna Holmlund finished third to win the Bronze.

Kiev: Police snipers caught on multiple videos as they shoot hundreds;
100+ dead and 500 wounded in unprecedented Thursday morning slaughter

Police snipers took aim and deliberately fired. Other police with AK-47s fired automatic bursts of gunfire into civilians, mowing them down in cold-blooded murder. The world watched on multiple live video channels. Click to watch on Youtube. Scroll to bottom of this page for selection of live video links.

Sochi: Solid Gold! Overtime thriller as Poulin blasts two, in late 3rd & OT

Marie-Philip Poulin tied it with seconds on the clock, and here wins it in overtime. Team Canada goes Gold for fourth Olympics in a row. Monster comeback as U.S. has to make do with a Silver medal, again.

Kiev: Massacre of the unarmed: Medic says at least 70 protesters dead

Activists pay respects to some of the protesters mowed down by police automatic gunfire, some from snipers, in early morning clashes in Independence Square, the epicenter of the country's current unrest. ~ Efrem Lukatsky AP Photo

Sochi: Canada's curling Golden Girl - "from a great to a legend"
Jennifer Jones makes history as first undefeated Gold medalist

Jennifer Jones and her Winnipeg rink finished their juggernaut-like run in Sochi on Thursday, and will leave Russia as Olympic champions. The Canadian team of Jones, Kaitlyn Lawes, Jill Officer and Dawn McEwen beat Sweden's Silver medal winner Margaretha Sigfridsson 6-3 in the women's curling Gold-medal final, capping off an undefeated Olympic run of 11 straight victories. It was the first time a team had gone unbeaten in the Olympic tournament and was also Canada's first Gold medal in women's curling since the late Sandra Schmirler won in Nagano in 1998. Earlier in the day, Great Britain's Eve Muirhead defeated Mirjam Ott's Swiss team 6-5 in the Bronze-medal match.

Kiev: More blood on Yanukovych's hands; at least 21 civilians dead
after police openly murder protesters, EU talks delayed by gunfire;
sanctions could target assets held in West by Ukrainian business oligarchs
who have either backed Yanukovich or are sitting on the fence

Kiev: Battle aftermath; many dead, wounded; barricades being re-built

Kiev: Major conflict underway as protesters surge and re-take square;
many, many casualties as gunfire and loudspeakers punch up urgency;
unbelievable police thuggery as they fire automatic weapons into crowds

In top picture there are at least three dead bodies on the ground a wounded person being taken to a makeshift triage centre. The gunfire is almost non-stop and victims are also being carried out of the front lines non-stop as protesters overwhelm riot police firing automatic weapons and re-take all of Independence Square Thursday morning. Sirens wail as ambulances take away casualties. Bottom picture, captured police officers are seen being led away after the gunfire calmed.

Kiev: No truce is apparent; automatic gunfire as riot police retreat

Kiev: Truce said to be in place; police to stop charging at protesters;
but the barricades continue to burn and many shots still heard

Sochi: Kaillie Humphries, Heather Moyse win repeat Bobsled Gold

Canadians Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse made history on Wednesday, becoming the first women bobsledders to repeat as Olympic champions. Humphries and Moyse posted a blistering final run for a combined time of three minutes, 50.61 seconds to take the Gold. The Silver medal went to Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams of the United States with a time of 3:50.71. And Bronze also went to Americans, Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans in 3:51.61.

Sochi: Brad Jacobs wins 7th in row to cinch Silver, to go for curling Gold

Kiev: Ukraine protesters seize post office; world reacts to deepening crisis

Kiev: Canada closes embassy as Ukrainian violence escalates

Sochi: Finland eliminates Russia from men's Olympic hockey

Sochi: Jennifer Jones remains unbeaten, cinches Silver, will go for Gold

Kiev: EU calls emergency meeting to weigh sanctions against Ukraine

Kiev: Toll up to 26; police now have foothold on Independence Square

Kiev: Looking North towards the protest camp, behind police

Kiev: 25 dead, 241 injured, but Yanukovych blames protesters

NY Times: Kiev protesters set square ablaze to thwart police

Ottawa: Ukrainian Canadians call for NATO intervention in Kiev

Kiev: Brave defiance in streets as sun rises over flaming police assault

Flames, blood and throaty defiance mark the sunrise in Kiev's Independence Square. The brave protesters won't back down as the government's criminal assault continues. View looking south towards police.

Kiev: Baird and Harper blast Ukraine Government for bloody violence;
Canada gives refuge to bloodied protesters in Canadian Embassy in Kiev

These two screen captures show destruction in past few hours. Top is a live view at 11:22 pm ET showing firefighters
battling a blaze in the building to the left as fires rage in the streets; bottom is the same scene 8 hours earlier, showing
the buildings lit up with a huge video screen displaying the conflgration live. It's not known who set the building on fire
or whether there's a chance to save it, as smoke billows unrelentingly, despite firefighters efforts in the middle of this
war zone. As bombs explode, guns fire and the sounds of broken glass dominate, the overwhelming sound is that of
the protesters singing gloriously and their drums beating in defiance. It is a scene out of Dante's Inferno as the sun
starts to rise over the Ukraine.

Kiev: As Ukrainian police storm protest camp, now at least 21 dead

Kiev ~ LIVE CBC video: Ukraine violence grows in fiery showdown

It's been a brutal day and night in Kiev as police were ordered to remove the protest camp and encampment tents were set on fire. Protesters are holding their ground and battling back. There are dead on both sides and many injured. If you watch the LIVE TV feeds [click here or other link in left column] you'll see the number of ambulances and hear their sirens over guns firing and concussion grenade blasts. The CBC contact at the scene believes the police are firing rubber bullets. World leaders have called for calm and Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird has told them the world is watching and the time for peace is now.

Sochi: Canada's Mike Riddle wins Silver in Ski Halfpipe

Canada's Mike Riddle flies through the air during men's freestyle skiing halfpipe, winning the Silver medal. Gold went to David Wise of the United States & Bronze went to Kevin Rolland of France. ~ Jonathan Hayward CANADIAN PRESS

Sochi: Canada wins silver in women's short track 3,000-metre relay

The Canadians were upgraded to Silver from Bronze after the Chinese team was disqualified due to a violation on an exchange. Canada's team consists of Marianne St-Gelais, Valérie Maltais, Marie-Ève Drolet and Jessica Hewitt. South Korea took the Gold medal, while the Italians took Bronze upon China's disqualification.

Sochi: Meryl Davis, Charlie White dethrone 2010 Olympic champions;
Canadians Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win Silver in ice dance

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s Olympic reign is over. The defending champions set a new free dance world record for their routine, but it was smashed only a few minutes later when Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the U.S. countered
with a world record of their own to capture the Gold medal. Virtue and Moir took the Silver. Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Russia took the Bronze.

Sochi: Jones makes history, goes entire curling round-robin undefeated

Winnipeg skip Jennifer Jones made Olympic history Monday, defeating South Korea 9-4 to become the first woman to
go through the Olympic curling round-robin unbeaten.

Sochi: Stanley gets a hug from Silver Medalist Patrick Chan</