100+ reasons to vote Conservative in 2015

Judith Curry: Global climate agreements could be counterproductive

Washington: Government was wrong to steer people away from consuming whole milk

New York: Stocks rise as weak dollar lifts commodities, emerging assets

Wolfsburg: Volkswagen chief warns on existential threat of cheating scandal

Kabul: Afghan forces called for air strike in Kunduz: U.S. General

Yemen: Gulf Arabs wrest strategic Yemen island from Iran-allied group

Santa Catarina Pinula: Hundreds still missing as Guatemala mudslide death toll reaches 56

Kabul: U.S. says conducted air strike near Afghan hospital, MSF says 19 killed

Roseburg: Oregon gunman may have killed more if not for heroic combat veteran who stopped him

Roseburg: Media narrative: Half-black Oregon killer is a "White Supremacist"; was he a half-white supremacist?

Oregon: ‘ISIS’ claims Chris Harper-Mercer Umpqua College shooting

Beirut: Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria: sources

Moscow: Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Why the world economy as we know it is about to be turned on its head

Georgia: Mars study finds evidence of liquid, salty water on surface

Washington: Obama's dithering over Syria has cost lives and triggered Europe's massive refugee crisis

Washington: John Boehner announces resignation as U.S. House Speaker

Los Angeles: VW scandal threatens to ensnare BMW as EU urges wider probe

Wolfsburg: Europe's carmakers caught up in VW storm

Los Angeles: U.S. judge rules 'Happy Birthday' song is public domain

New York: Yogi Berra, Yankees hall of fame catcher with a one-of-a-kind wit, dies at 90

Refugees or economic migrants? Not every migrant is fleeing Syria’s war; Australia deploys first bombs on ISIS forces in Syria

Washington: GM pays $900M in U.S. criminal settlement over ignition switches

Sydney: Australia deploys first bombs on ISIS forces in Syria

Syria: ISIS advance pushes France to begin air strikes

Hawaii: Wind turbines killing more hoary bats than expected

Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban storm Ghazni prison, freeing hundreds

Lebanon: ISIS jihadis 'may be posing as Syrian refugees'

New York: Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria: Brutality of Mideast regimes fuel refugee crisis

Paris: Majority of French people favour sending troops to Syria: poll

Berlin: Germany 'to reinstate border controls' as country struggles with influx of refugees

Ankara: India restaurant blast in Madhya Pradesh kills 89

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia blames Mecca Grand Mosque crane collapse on high winds

Ankara: Turkey announces first airstrikes on ISIS as part of U.S.-led coalition

Parndorf: Austria finds dozens of migrants dead in truck on roadside

Moneta: Emotional newscast after shooting that shocked millions

Newark: Trump's lean campaign structure breaks the mold

Reuters: 10 automakers sued in U.S. over keyless ignitions

Virginia: Vester Flanagan’s family apologizes for on-air murders as others from his past remember him as ‘a different person’

Shootings 'timed to our live shot': WDBJ-TV news director

New York: Asian stock markets mixed after China rate cut

Sacramento: U.S. student who helped stop France terror train attack arrives home

Detroit: New car technologies often unused by drivers, J.D. Power finds

Karlsruhe: Apple loses 'swipe to unlock' patent battle in Germany's top court

Beijing: China meltdown has burned global carmakers

Havana: Kerry urges 'genuine democracy' at U.S. flag ceremony in Cuba

Athens: Greek PM Tsipras wins bailout vote, faces widening rebellion

PPP poll: Trump's momentum keeps rolling

Cohen and Levin: How ISIS gained traction in the Middle East

Missouri: State of emergency called in Ferguson after gunfire mars protests

Istanbul: U.S. consulate in Turkey targeted as wave of attacks kills 9

Afghanistan: Kabul bombings leave at least 50 dead and hundreds wounded

Abha: Suicide bomber kills 15 in Saudi security site mosque

TPP boat rocking: Obama goes rogue and blindsides NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico in parts supply concessions to Japanese; Japan stunned that U.S. didn't consult its neighbours

Rome: Spain emerges as Europe's economic star after years of austerity

Athens: Greek government concedes early elections likely; stock market suffers losses

Nigeria: Commodities rout erases billions from Africa's biggest fortunes

Beijing: China limits stock market short selling to curb volatility

Charles Krauthammer: George Weidenfeld’s attempt to repay Christian kindness

Toronto: Cerebral palsy linked to genetic anomalies

Paris: Suspected Flight MH370 wing flap reaches France for analysis

Dannemora: Former New York prison worker Joyce Mitchell pleads guilty, agrees to 7-year prison term

New York: Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back 500,000 defective pick-up trucks, 1.5 million Jeeps

Islamabad: Pakistan condemns militant attack in Gurdaspur, India

New Delhi: Rebels attack police station in India, killing 10

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton’s private email practice ’criminal’

Rex Murphy: Don’t blame Trump … blame America

Bar fun: Makers of new machine to make Jello Shots predict huge market

Drunks or terrorists? Paris police open fire on car at Tour de France barricades

Harsh realities sinking in: Crimea is now Putin's problem child

Edmund S. Phelps: What is wrong with the West’s economies?

Sub-Saharan: GE books $2.5B African orders from oil to locomotives

Brave New World: Do new brain implant technologies bring dystopian reality to life?

Jeff Jacoby: Iran can buy a lot of terror with $100B

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Mainstreet/Postmedia poll: Conservatives lead as NDP slips
Conservatives 37%; Libs 29%; NDP 24% among decided/leaning voters

#Elxn42: Liberal Montreal Mayor vows to push ahead with plan
to dump 8 billion litres of raw sewage into St. Lawrence

Moldova: Nuclear smugglers tried selling radioactive materials to ISIS

#Elxn42: 'Trade wins hands down': TPP big winner on hustings

#Elxn42: 'This deal is, without any doubt whatsoever, in the
best interests of the Canadian economy': Harper lauds TPP

Stephen Harper speaks during press conference regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in Ottawa on Monday, October 5, 2015.

Burney and Hampson: TPP deal a clear win for Canada

Toronto: Canadian business owners applaud signing of TPP

#Elxn42: TPP will supercharge beef, pork, fruit, alcohol, grain,
mineral and forestry product exports from Canada; only minor
impact on dairy and other supply-managed sectors

The TPP was negotiated between Canada, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.

John Ibbotson: TPP deal reached, "biggest regional trade agreement
in history is golden news for Stephen Harper's Conservatives"

#Elxn42: Canada at risk of fiscal ruin if opponents win: Harper

Atlanta: TPP talks may be extended again as talks bog down over drugs

Atlanta: Harper to release TPP details if deal reached

Saskatoon: Many Saskatchewan farmers eagerly await signing
of TPP trade deal; big markets await for beef, grains, cash crops

Paul Wells: ‘As far as I can tell, Stephen Harper is winning’

Ottawa: New photos reveal moment of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo shooting

9:53:50 A.M. — French tourist snaps a photo of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau pointing his rifle at Cirillo, who has moved from his post to seek cover, as has Cpl. Stevenson. Zehaf-Bibeau shot Cirillo three times.

#Elxn42: CBC poll tracker: Harper Conservatives inching toward victory

Toronto Star: Forum Research poll: CPC 34%, NDP 28%, LPC 27%

Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff attributes the latest bump in Tory fortunes to the party scoring points amid the recent flare up in the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony controversy over the niqab, the face veil worn by some Muslim women.

#Elxn42 Bombshell: South China Morning Post: The courting of
would-be Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, by Chinese
corruption suspect Michael Ching Mo Yeung

Justin Trudeau, flanked by Raymond Chan (left) and graft suspect Michael Ching (circled) at a June 2, 2013, fundraiser that a pro-Trudeau organization based in Ching’s office helped stage. Photo:

Harper: TPP trade deal will be decided by Canadians, not 'foreigners'

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is promising to protect Canada's dairy industry and says any international trade deal must be a benefit to the entire economy. ~ CBC

Jen Gerson: The Munk Debate was the moment the Left began to eat itself

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, right, walks on stage as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair prepare for Munk Debate on Canada's foreign policy in Toronto, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.

#Elxn42: Liberal fundraiser charged in by-election bribery scandal

Gerry Lougheed, Jr., shown here with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, has been charged with unlawfully influencing or negotiating an appointment, contrary to the anti-corruption provisions of the Criminal Code. Premier Wynne had refused to remove him as Chair of the Sudbury Police Commission, a provincial appointment.

Mecca: Stampede at haj kills 717 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
at least 863 pilgrims injured in the crush

Cairo: Canadian Mohamed Fahmy a free man after presidential pardon

Canada sends more officials abroad to speed up refugee processing

75 years: Battle of Britain re-enactment as Spitfires and Hurricanes scramble to battle the Luftwaffe once more

A group of Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires fly in formation above the crowds gathered at Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

#Elxn42: Leap Manifesto reveals 'Tommunism' behind NDP centrist façade

Conservatives pledge $2,000 Single Seniors Tax Credit for 1.6M seniors

#Elxn42: Liberal lies and incompetence start at the top, blatantly

Harper to lower small biz tax rate from 11% to 9% over next 4 years
Largest tax cut for small business in 25+ years
Will provide $2.7B in tax relief to 700,000 small businesses

#Elxn42: Ottawa beats estimates again
posts $1.9B surplus for fiscal 2014-2015

#Elxn42: Canadian Govt creates $100M Syrian emergency relief fund

#Elxn42: Mulcair refuses to axe top aide for anti-Catholic tweets

London: Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest-reigning
monarch on a day of characteristic modesty

The Queen was all smiles as she broke record for reigning monarch.

#Elxn42: Left launches blitz of wildly inaccurate anti-Conservative ads

Las Vegas: British Airways jet taking off at 100 mph as flames erupted

A passenger photo shows smoke from a a British Airways flight as it burned on the McCarran Airport tarmac on September 8, 2015. ~ David L. Somers twitter

#Elxn42: $8B hole in NDP spending plans means massive tax hike in store

#Elxn42: Anti-Conservative campaign gets even nastier as Montreal candidate Valérie Assouline's posters target of sexist graffiti

Valérie Assouline plans to file a police report after several campaign posters were crudely vandalized. Photo has been censored due to language.

Ottawa: Harper Govt ran $5B surplus over first quarter: Finance Canada

At the open: Stocks jump on strong U.S. GDP

Virginia: Gunman kills reporter and cameraman live on air; kills self

Terror: European ministers to talk security in Paris after train attack

Paris: Train attack suspect hit with terror charges

Police lead French train attack suspect, 26-year-old Moroccan national Ayoub el-Khazzani, into a Paris court, Aug. 25, 2015. ~ AP/ITELE

#Elxn42: Conservatives promise tax credit for parents who adopt children

Toronto: Blue Jays fever grips nation from sea to sea to sea

With the Toronto Blue Jays riding a thrilling 11-game winning streak that has propelled them into first place in the American League East, fans from coast to coast to coast are falling back in love with the franchise that captured their hearts with back-to-back World Series titles in 1992 and 1993.

#Elxn42: Debate chaos as Mulcair, Trudeau camps waffle, delay;
NDP leader demanded late changes for Munk Debates

#Elxn42: Why Harper & Co. don’t seem all that worried;
rivals' gaffes are mounting, candidates being dropped

Conservative leader Stephen Harper shakes hands at a rally Monday in Brampton, Ontario. ~ Sean Kilpatrick Canadian Press

#Elxn42: Harper will ban travel to extremist hotspots

Neil Macdonald: "Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister.
And he looked like one." in Macleans debate

#Elxn42: Mulcair hesitant in leaders debate, but keeps 'Angry Tom'
at bay with a 'creepy' grin no matter the subject

#Elxn42: Harper effectively defends record, makes positions clear on economic & national security issues as he wins Macleans leaders debate

Harper had the advantage of looking exactly like the current prime minister; otherwise it was more a question of who didn’t look prime ministerial. This was a missed opportunity for Tom Mulcair. Despite his reputation as a seasoned performer in the House of Commons, he seemed uncomfortable for large portions of the debate and was not as engaged as Justin Trudeau, who jumped into the debate assertively and challenged Harper. ~ Frank Gunn Canadian Press

MH370: Malaysia confirms wing part is from missing Malaysian jet

Ottawa: Canada's trade deficit narrows dramatically as exports surge

#Elxn42: Harper steps up attacks on Trudeau, Mulcair;
Canadians face "choice between risk and stability,
between half-baked ideas and proven track record"

#Elxn42: Harper: a re-elected Conservative government will
increase and extend its apprenticeship job creation tax credit

Kingston: Harper brings campaign into Ontario heartland,
takes aim at riding with weak Liberal candidate

Ottawa: Federal election campaign is underway!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at front door of Rideau Hall, announcing the campaign has begun with critical decisions to be made by Canadians on issues of safety and security.

Ottawa: Harper headed to Rideau Hall, election call expected

John Ibbotson: Stephen Harper: The making of a Prime Minister
"He has brought peace to a fractious federation. Under his leadership, Canada speaks with a very different voice in the world."

"He has made the federal government smaller, less intrusive, less ambitious. He has made Canada a less Atlantic and a more Pacific nation."

Reputation Institute: Canada 'most admired' country in world; praise for
"effective govt," "absence of corruption", "friendly & welcoming people"

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David Akin: On trade, the Harper Conservatives get the picture right

Terry Milewski: TPP: The disaster that didn't happen for dairy and auto sectors; fearmongering by NDP and Liberals fails again

Kelly McParland: TPP should end coalition talk: Mulcair may have condemned the NDP to third-party status

Stephen Gordon: The Tories have done so well on the economy that the other parties fear to change course

Kelly McParland: Canada would gain no honour in abandoning Syrians to their fate

Toronto: Oil sands takeover bid helps TSX bounce higher

#Elxn42: Farmers continue to fight false information about supply management

Raheel Raza: Past time to stop barbaric treatment of women and girls

#Elxn42: Marijuana 'infinitely worse' than tobacco, should be discouraged: Harper

Montreal: Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe confuses Bank of England Governor Mark Carney for actor Art Carney in debate

#Elxn42: Conservatives buoyant over election, see boost in votes

David McLaughlin: How to play the campaign endgame

#Elxn42: Liberals’ proposed child benefit would offer biggest boon in Trudeau’s own riding, analysis suggests

Crux of the Matter: How are Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau connected to Michael Ching?

Toronto: Iceland airline to offer ultra-cheap flights to Europe from Canada

Toronto: Ex-CBC announcer Jian Ghomeshi pleads not guilty to sex assault, choking charges

#Elxn42: Vancouver candidates promise to track down Canadians flouting foreign-asset disclosure laws

#Elxn42: Liberals try to distance themselves from Trudeau donor wanted by China

#Elxn42: Canadians agree on spending for infrastructure, but not about deficit spending; Harper Govt spends $5B a year on infrastructure while balancing budget

#Elxn42: Another one bites the dust: Cheryl Thomas, Victoria Liberal candidate, quits after anti-Muslim, anti-Israel remarks surface; can't be replaced

#Elxn42: Conservative Andy Brooke: 'I'll go to the mat for Kingston and the Islands'

MLB: O Canada: Nationalism soars as Blue Jays head into post-season glory

Metro interviews Stephen Harper: PM talks terrorism, Syrian refugees and 'elite political correctness on steroids'

#Elxn42: Economy’s bounce back from recession bigger than expected; annualized growth above 2.5%

World Economic Forum: Canadian banks ranked world’s soundest for 8th straight year

#Elxn42: Better news for Conservatives as economy ‘appears to be picking itself back up’

#Elxn42: Canadian economy turning a corner from recession to sustainable growth

#Elxn42: Victim surcharge constitutional, judge rules in appeal

#Elxn42: Sinking NDP sets sights on Trudeau in bid to recapture momentum

#Elxn42: Clueless NDP candidate Johnstone quietly steps aside as education board vice-chair to focus on campaign; didn't know what Auschwitz was

#Elxn42: BC Liberal candidate quits race over 9/11 Facebook post

Kelly McParland: Mulcair to promise special treatment for civil servants, and other reasons to fear for humanity

Vaughan: Man faces 18 charges after 3 siblings, grandfather killed

#Elxn42: Harper promises legislation to ban federal tax hikes, touts latest surplus numbers

Crux of the Matter: Wake up Canada to NDP Obama-lite PC socialist multi-culture relativism

#Elxn42: Death of Jack Layton and arrival of Tom Mulcair led to Thibeault's bolting from NDP

Toronto: Lougheed charges put Ontario Liberals other scandals -- deleted gas plant emails and ORNGE air ambulance fiasco -- back on front burner

#Elxn42: Ekos/La Presse poll: Conservatives 35.4 % among decided voters, Liberals 26.3%, NDP 24.5%

Crux of the Matter: Undecided Canadians can check out these 100 reasons to vote Tory!

#Elxn42: Canada wasn't and isn't in a recession; Canada is world's 11th-biggest economy and suffered far less damage from financial crisis and great recession than U.S.

Kinburn: Man arrested after three women found murdered in Wilno, Cormac and Bancroft; small towns in shock

Toronto: Life in prison for two men convicted in VIA terror case; Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser must each serve at least 10 years before eligible to apply for parole

#Elxn42: Covered faces should be allowed during citizenship oath, Mulcair says

#Elxn42: Two new polls find Stephen Harper’s Conservatives on the rise in B.C.

Montreal: Justin Trudeau's 'anyone but Harper' moment

#Elxn42: Harper: Conservatives won't abandon allies, fight against ISIS, our military or our aerospace industry, unlike Trudeau Liberals

Ottawa: Canada remembers the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

#Elxn42: NDP's plan to run surplus next year is not realistic, experts say

Crux of the Matter: 15 economic reasons Canada better off with Harper

#Elxn42: Trudeau in trouble in Papineau riding: poll

Jeffrey Simpson: The Prime Minister looked, well, prime ministerial; Justin Trudeau appeared the opposite of prime ministerial

Toronto: Loonie up as U.S. dollar declines, markets fall

Lewis Furey: Justin Trudeau the big loser in Calgary debate

#Elxn42: How to watch The Globe and Mail leaders debate tonight (September 17)

Peter Foster: Naomi Klein’s great leap backwards

National Post View: Enough with the fallacy of a Liberal Golden Age

#Elxn42: NDP wants to burden job creators with more taxes to pay for expensive election promises

Toronto: Two-thirds of Canadians oppose rollback of TFSA limit: Angus Reid poll

#Elxn42: NDP puts 17.5% cap on corporate tax hike; backtracks on call to raise capital gains taxes

Toronto: TSX rallies as energy stocks soar

Montreal: La Presse to cease print editions, save for Saturdays; goes digital-only with website and app

Ottawa: Manufacturing sales up 1.7% in July, and May and June revised higher

Stats Can: Canada’s July factory sales ‘have banner summer’

Montreal: Canadien' star P.K. Subban donates $10M to children's hospital; largest donation by a pro athlete in Canadian history

Crux of the Matter: Is Canada 'ready for change' and 'hidden agenda' NDP would offer?

Toronto Sun: Surprise surplus lifts Tory fortunes; budget more than balanced a year ahead of schedule

Toronto: Ontario Premier Wynne withholding details on Hydro One sale to spare Trudeau’s Liberals

Globe and Mail: Surprise surplus good news for Conservatives ahead of Globe leaders' debate

Anthony Furey: The moral need for conservatism

#Elxn42: Majority of Canada’s veterans appreciate efforts of Harper Conservative Government

Crux of the Matter: Mansbridge interview proves PM Harper best leader for Canada

#Elxn42: Trudeau blasted for smearing small business owners

Toronto: GO trains resume commuter service after police clear bomb threat

Montreal: Canadian court hears teen terror suspect blast 'infidels'

#Elxn42: Canada a leader in Syria refugee resttlement

#Elxn42: Mulcair and Trudeau KNOW Canada doing a lot for Syrian refugees

#Elxn42: Can Trudeau think on his feet?

#Elxn42: Harper takes blame for Canadian recession that likely never was

#Elxn42: Harper says economy ‘back on track’ as data points to technical recession

#Elxn42: Economy shrinks; Canada faces ‘strangest’ recession; excluding the oil, gas and mining sector, the economy actually grew in the second quarter due to higher consumer spending on the strength of the housing market as well as a jump in exports, led by the automotive and energy sectors

#Elxn42: Harper slams ‘ridiculous’ laws against cross-province alcohol transport

Crux of the Matter: Toronto Star editorial by Healey intolerant to label Trump evil

#Elxn42: Globe and Mail editorial: Three questions to ask about the Liberals’ deficit promise

#Elxn42: Online petition calls for resignation of Liberal Oakville Mayor Rob Burton after he likens Canadian veterans to Nazi thugs

#Elxn42: General Rick Hillier post to Facebook expresses dislike of disgusting Friends of Canadian Broadcasting ad

Cairo: Egyptian court sentences Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and two other Al Jazeera journalists to prison

Toronto: TSX set to open higher on strong U.S. economic data

But won't it 'balance itself'? Trudeau says will take "years" for Liberals to re-balance budget after their spending binges

Toronto: TSX set to open higher on oil prices, RBC results

Toronto: Royal Bank reports $2.4B profit on record-high earnings in Canada

#Elxn42: Parties take shots with unique error pages

Calgary: Drivers charged $20 'toll' after fatal crash triggers emergency detour through First Nation territory

Ottawa: Canada wholesale trade rebounds in June, rising 1.3%

Laurie Graham: Harper's son Ben in spotlight on Conservative campaign trail

#Elxn42: Ontario teachers’ unions taking on Stephen Harper with pledges to campaign against Conservatives

David Frum: The delusions of the Canadian mind

Corey Laroque: Stephen Harper won week 2 of election campaign

#Elxn42: Harper tours far north, reiterates local infrastructure and national security are pillars of Conservatives' northern outlook

Crux of the Matter: Like Nigel Wright, ALL politicians & staffers do 'issues management'

Colby Cosh: Of course Justin Trudeau would like to turn this election into a campaign of feelings

#Elxn42: The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don’t need to like a politician to elect him

Regina: Justin Trudeau's pie-in-the-sky platform

Toronto: Sexual assault lawsuit filed against former Ontario Liberal Premier David Peterson; when alleged victim complained to Pan Am officials she was told to ignore it

Vancouver: $267309 tax-free: Chief of 90-member BC First Nation may be Canada's highest paid politician

London: Butter is all right, but margarine just might kill you, massive Canadian study finds

Hamilton: Small business body calls Ontario pension plan a ‘job-killer’

#Elxn42: CBC biased headline 'Canada loses 6600 jobs' an outright untruth!!

#Elxn42: Stephen Harper's travel ban won't apply to fighters against ISIS

#Elxn42: Nova Scotia NDP candidate resigns after Israel Facebook post emerges

Paul Wells: Stephen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Justin… and me

#Elxn42: Wynne wants rest of Canada to suffer like Ontarians already suffer; re-directs federal health transfers, blocks pipeline

Parapan Am Roundup: Canada collects 16 medals on Day 1

#Elxn42: NDP star candidate raises eyebrows with oil sands comment; cavalierly endorses killing tens of thousands of jobs

#Elxn42: Canadian Israelis launch crowdfunding campaign to re-elect PM Harper; money raised will support GOTV

#Elxn42: Mulcair’s wage promise minimally truthful

Ottawa: Canadian recall of certain Heinz and Mott's products over potentially defective seal

Ottawa: Canada adds jobs in July, unemployment rate steady

#Elxn42: Quotes from Macleans debate

#Elxn42: Cautious Mulcair, pugnacious Trudeau jockey to be Harper’s main foe

#Elxn42: NDP numbers plateau as Conservatives have strong July: Nanos

#Elxn42: Harper Government fiscal record vs Notley NDP’s $120M tax increase

#Elxn42: Wynne needs to fix her mess in Ontario before she tries to put fix on in Ottawa; Ontario deficit bigger than rest of federal and provincial deficits combined

#Elxn42: Chicken strategy: Mulcair fear of debates raises ugly head again; says he didn't agree to Munk and Globe and Mail debates

Gwyn Morgan: Some vital perspective on Conservatives’ economic record

At midday: TSX gains for fifth day as oil rise lifts energy stocks

Margaret Wente: With Liberals squeezed out, a new two-way race

#Elxn42: Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau confirm Globe and Mail debate attendance on September 17th in Calgary

Toronto: Muzik nightclub shooting: 2 dead, 3 in hospital

Lorrie Goldstein: Welcome to our nightmare; If Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister, backed by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, it's not going to be pretty, Canada

#Elxn42: Which “leader & party can you trust” likely ballot question

Michael Den Tandt: Relaxed, forceful and confident Harper bets extra-long campaign will favour Conservatives

Teviotdale: Tornado hit Ontario village with 220 km/h winds, left 9-km trail of damage, Environment Canada says

#Elxn42: Stephen Harper’s remarks at launch of election

#Elxn42: Opposition AND media versus Conservative Party on election spending; LPC and NDP have been taking free rides

Diane Francis: Why Stephen Harper’s opponents are critics, not contenders

Ottawa: NDP threatens to pull out of consortium debates; Conservatives already pulled out, want to accept broader group of debates; first debate is August 6th, hosted by Maclean's Magazine

Federal election 2015: 5 things that change when the campaign (really) starts

Toronto: U of T to transform regenerative medicine thanks to historic $114M federal grant, the largest in the University's history

Crux of the Matter: The media, not PM Harper, have effectively dropped election writ

Egypt: Cairo court postpones verdict for Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Lorrie Goldstein: The fall of Justin Trudeau

Crux of the Matter: NDP leader Tom Mulcair has the audacity & arrogance to play victim after ripping off taxpayers for $2.75M

Peter C. Newman: The centre-left’s divine right: The arrogance of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

Iqaluit: Sergey Ananov, Russian helicopter pilot missing in Davis Strait between Baffin Island and Greenland, found alive; shared ice floe with polar bears after crash and loss of round-the-world copter

Geoffrey Stevens: Flora MacDonald was an exceptional Canadian; 1926-2015

Toronto: Canadian math whiz wins international competition

Toronto: Mega armoured vehicle made in Ontario by hand attracts the rich and powerful; but not in Canada "because Canada is a very safe country"

Chris Selley: The Liberals are missing the mark: the NDP’s real weaknesses don’t lie with the Unity Bill

Ottawa: Federal government ‘well ahead’ on path to surplus, Harper says; NDP and Liberals shy away from previous commitments to balanced budgets

Says 'no' to abolition: Nova Scotia Senate seats won't be given up says Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil

How low can they go? NDP begs parents to send child benefits to them; NDP puts Mulcair martinis ahead of ending child poverty

Pressure on provinces: Stephen Harper puts moratorium on Senate appointments

Crux of the Matter: Some Canadian media in full “Harper Derangement Frenzy”

David Rosenberg: An NDP federal election win would not be Loonie friendly

Reuters: Canada bouncing back, further rate cuts unlikely, economists say

Montreal: Quebec NDP candidates, including incumbent MPs, having trouble raising election funds, putting seats at risk

Mississauga: Liberal candidate Spengemann called a "proven cheater" by retired Liberal MP Paul Szabo; says he cheated on nomination expenses, and should be barred from election

Terence Corcoran: Media in grip of pre-election Harper Derangement Frenzy, but Canada still tops global rankings in growth, reputation

Anthony Furey: Trudeau fizzles out this summer; dithering further reveals lack of leadership skills

John Ivison: NDP MP will regret saying party’s top priority is toppling Harper government

Loose cannon? NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen advocates post-election coalition with Liberals; leadership needed during unsettled world economy, not coalition uncertainties

Ottawa: Crime rate up for child porn, ID fraud, sexual violation against children, and abduction; youth accused of attempted murder up 37%

Picton: Ontario Government signs new death sentence for millions of migrating birds; international groups point out the birds "don't belong to the province"

Toronto: What you can learn from the Pan Am Games marketing disaster

Toronto: Ontario PC MPP Garfield Dunlop steps down so new leader Patrick Brown can run for Simcoe North seat in Ontario Legislature

Delta: Safety Minister Blaney says Anonymous threats against RCMP taken seriously

Toronto: Finance Minister Oliver confident about federal budget surplus

Ottawa: Canada’s federal finances in good shape, but provinces not so much: PBO

Ottawa: Modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) announced

World’s most indebted sub-sovereign borrower: Ontario, more indebted than California, ignores S&P in borrowing

Long-time Liberals turn on Trudeau arrogance & incompetence: Warren Kinsella: Team Trudeau: the news is in… and the news is not good

Ottawa: Third-place Justin Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum in polls

Montreal: Separatist NDP candidate in Papineau riding resigns after past comments come to light

Éric Grenier: Poll Tracker: Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race

Windsor: PC leader Patrick Brown consults with auto sector; decries job-killing hydro costs and payroll taxes

Tom Flanagan: The irony of the AFN leadership’s call for an anti-Tory vote

Ottawa: NDP eager to shed big-spender image as party crafts social policies; needs to make people forget 8 decades of tax-and-spend socialist promises

Balanced budget bonus: Conservatives hand out child benefit cheques as campaign ramps up

Ottawa: What you need to know about the Universal Child Care Benefit; or some of it, anyway

Ottawa: Harper scraps Arctic trip, expected to start election campaign early

Toronto: Four Pan Am athletes test positive for drugs; from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic

Ottawa: Gen. Jonathan Vance becomes chief of defence staff, vows to tackle harassment

Toronto: Court refuses to stay federal voter ID rule after late appeal of new proof requirements

Ottawa: RCMP no longer releasing names of crash victims due to Privacy Act

Dawson Creek: Masked man shot dead after confronting police during Site C dam open house

Steve Simmons: Closing Pan-Am Games with Kanye West is wrong because he isn't Canadian

Mulcair pulls a PET: Whistles different tune depending on province he's in; lacks national view

Ottawa: Canadian inflation inches up to 1% in June; held back by dropping energy prices; core inflation up 2.3%

Montreal: Rona buying 20 stores in Quebec, Ontario, eliminating franchise structure

Crux of the Matter: Canada ranked as “most admired” in the world

Transmission maker changes owners: Magna to buy Germany’s Getrag for $2.5B

Vancouver: Canada’s largest First Nations newspaper says it was responsible for offensive Liberal ad which stereotypes natives and ran 3 weeks ago; but only apologizes now, says ad salesperson to be fired

Crux of the Matter: PM Harper on interest rate cut and Canada’s financial future

Bloomberg: Canadian, New Zealand and Australian currencies drop as demand for raw materials dips and interest rates cut

Ottawa: Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose demands action on drug costs; Feds want into provincial buying alliance to reduce prices

Ottawa: New Sovereign's Medal to honour Canadian volunteers

Ottawa: Stephen Harper announces conclusion of Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Ukraine

Ottawa: Employment and Social Development Minister Pierre Poilievre reminds Canadians of coming increases in Universal Child Care Benefit payments, and the need for some to apply for benefits for older children

Vancouver: New grain terminal will allow full trains to unload much more quickly

Ottawa: Canadian Press reporter apparently believes Canada being "pro-European, pro-democratic” is hot news; non-story is old news reported in 2014 at time of Ukrainanian uprising against Putin puppet Yanukovych

Crux of the Matter: Remember, Conservatives enacted Rouge National Urban Park Act!

Pickering: PM Harper announces the expansion of Canada’s first national urban park, adding 21 sq km of new lands to Rouge National Urban Park on eastern edge of Toronto

Forum Research poll: Conservatives and NDP tied at 32%; Liberals continue steep drop, now down to 26%

Toronto: Fiat Chrysler CEO fires warning shot at Ontario

NASDAQ: Unemployment rate holds steady; Canada jobs data eases concerns about economy

Ottawa: Canada gains 64,800 full-time jobs, beats analysts' expectations as part-time jobs drop

Ottawa: Health Canada addresses serious acetaminophen (aka tylenol) overdose risks

Windsor: Wheatley company to build $43M mini-fleet of Coast Guard search and rescue boats

Ottawa: Pace of Canadian housing starts picks up in June, better than expected

Ottawa: Canadian economy in lockstep with U.S. as low energy prices bite production sectors; IMF reduces Canadian growth forecast in 2015 to 1.5%

Montreal: 2 men shot dead Wednesday night; residents nervous as Marieville manhunt continues

Hamilton: Dog attack wasn't cause of man's death, police say

Hamilton: Sharpei Fila dog being walked allegedly kills one of men walking it; nearby residents heard screams and rushed to help, 1 used bat to try to fend off animal

Pinhorn: Newly-discovered Alberta Wendiceratops dinosaur had crown of horns

Kelly McParland: Europe is in crisis, China is in turmoil, ISIL is expanding, Mulcair is gaining. So why isn’t Harper panicked? Canada an island of tranquility in volatile world

National Post: Ontario has to get its house in order now, while it still can

Toronto: Ontario's credit rating downgraded again over heavy debt load, budgeting; borrowing costs go up

Bounceback: Rainfall pushes levels on Great Lakes to their highest since 1990s

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