Moscow: Gorbachev shows old Soviet stripes, blames West for 'new Cold War' despite Putin's invasive adventurism; frets 'all-out war' coming

Revisiting the Lindt Siege: ‘Australia is under attack by Islamic State’

MH370: Malaysia declares 2014 flight disappearance an accident

Washington: AG nominee Loretta Lynch splits with Barack Obama on pot’s dangers

Israel: Spanish UN peackeeper killed; 2 Israeli soldiers killed as Lebanese Hezbollah hits convoy

Yola: Boko Haram Islamic extremists rampaging in northeast Nigeria, killing, burning and looting with no troops to defend people say fleeing survivors; 'slaughtered people like rams'

Athens: Markets tumble as Greek government begins to backtrack on austerity; 3rd day of chaos

Libya: ISIS splinter group claims responsibility for deadly Tripoli hotel attack

Amman: Jordan ready to swap terrorist prisoner for pilot held by Islamic State

Washington: Spy General unloads on Obama’s ISIS war plan; the Islamic militants are "fuelled by a vision for worldwide domination, achieved through violence and bloodshed. They want to silence all opposition. They hate our ideals and they hate our way of life"; he condemned Obama timidity "You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists"

Matt DiLallo: Oil production declines in key countries, increasing demand, mean oil price will rebound in 2015: Halliburton

Moscow: One-fifth of Russian banks could collapse in 2015

Libya: Gunmen storm luxury Tripoli hotel, killing 8

London: S&P downgrades Russia credit rating to junk

Syria: Kurds celebrate ousting ISIS from Kobani

Washington: Hobbyist comes forward to claim crashed White House lawn drone as his

Spain: NATO training accident: 10 dead, 19 hurt in take-off crash of Greek F-16 jet at base

Washington: Small drone found on White House lawn?

Brussels: Euro gains after Greek vote as copper declines with gold; Russia’s ruble again weakened

IFOP poll: 80% of French want a return to national service

Brussels: Russia faces mounting pressure over rising Ukraine violence

Sanaa: Suspected U.S. drone strike kills al Qaeda militants in Yemen

Paris: IMF's Lagarde rules out special treatment for Greece

New York: Deep drop in U.S. gasoline prices diminishing, Lundberg says

Frankfurt: Gold futures drop by most in three weeks after Greek election

New York: Oil slides to near 6-year low; Saudi Arabia holds firm despite supply glut

New Delhi: Will the India-U.S. nuclear deal work?

Kiev: Seven Ukrainian soldiers killed in intensified rebel attacks

In for long haul? Falling oil demand a greater concern than glut for Saudis

Cairo: At least 16 dead on Egypt uprising anniversary

Athens: Greek leftists ally with right against bailout after huge election win

Live updates: Greek election: Reaction to Syriza's victory

Man who escaped ISIS: They want to plan an attack ‘more brutal’ than 9/11

Nick Gillespie: Bob Dylan to AARP: "The government's not going to create jobs. It doesn't have to."

Damian Pachter: Why I fled Argentina after breaking the story of Alberto Nisman’s death

NY Daily News: A potentially historic blizzard threatens to pummel New York; up to two feet of snow predicted

Des Moines: Scott Walker wows Iowa conservatives at weekend convention sizing up 2016 candidates

Dakar: After thousands of Ebola deaths, tide may be turning

Tokyo: Japan condemns apparent ISIS execution, demands surviving hostage be released

Berlin: Ukraine’s ceasefire has become a farce, with Vladimir Putin the author

Tehran: How politics explains the baffling Iranian response to Paris attack

NASCAR: Jeff Gordon, 43, going out at top of his game, 3rd all-time in wins; 2015 will be his last season

Havana: Senior U.S. diplomat ruffles Cuba by meeting dissidents

Charles Krauthammer: Iran’s emerging empire gets a pass from inattentive White House

Washington: Russia pulls out of two-decade deal to co-operate with U.S. on safeguarding its nuclear stockpile

New York: GoPro, NHL sign deal to put cameras on the ice, show content in live broadcast of games

New York: Expedia buys Travelocity for $280M in cash

Donetsk: Pro-Russian rebels reject peace deal, launch Russian-weaponed offensive

From perspective of ME producers: Learning to live with cheaper oil in the Middle East

Washington: Middle East roiled by Yemen chaos and Saudi succession

Washington Post: U.S., Cuba find ‘profound differences’ in first round of talks

Havana: U.S. says it's not clear after Cuba talks if new policy works

Syria conflict: Assad Govt air strike on Damascus suburb 'kills dozens'

Riyadh: World leaders react to King Abdullah's death

Riyadh: Amid mourning, a new generation enters line to Saudi throne

Niger: 45 churches burned in Charlie Hebdo protests

Uncertainty: Oil surges in New York after death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah

Mexico City: Drug-laden drone crashes in parking lot near U.S.-Mexico border; six pounds of methamphetamine onboard

Brussels: ECB launches €1 Trillion Euro rescue plan to revive euro zone economy

Sanaa: Yemeni government collapses as President and Prime Minister resign

Miami: Jay Leno on Bill Cosby: ‘I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women’

Paris: France says ex-soldiers have joined ISIS, including ex-elite special forces and French foreign legionnaires

New York Times: The Megyn Kelly Moment

Ottawa: U.S. Ambassador to Canada says "Keystone not dead" on Canadian TV

London: 'Christian patrols' take on muslim street bullies in England, opposing Mohammedan bigotry [CBS News video]

Washington: House Speaker John Boehner invites Benjamin Netanyahu to address joint meeting of Congress on need for Iran sanctions

Canada again a leader: Get used to it, Fidelity says of Bank of Canada shocker

SOTU fraud: Woman showcased by Obama in State of the Union is a former Democratic campaign staffer; pretended she was 'ordinary American'

Irish Times: Opposition by Arab countries to ISIS neither unified nor certain; lack of coherence in U.S. foreign policy collides with local matrix of loyalties

Washington: Obama runs to front of parade in State of the Union and tries to take credit for economic revival built on fracking on private lands

France: Paris kosher supermarket hero gets French citizenship

Jerusalem Post: Israeli source: Thought we were hitting low-ranking guerrillas about to launch an attack from Syria, not an Iranian general

New York: How Swiss shock humbled the king of leveraged currency trading

Argentina: Sudden death of government prosecutor and critic before scheduled testimony sparks protests in Buenos Aires [video]

Cincinnati: Part of I-75 to be shut for days after bridge under demolition collapsed

Paris: Four men facing preliminary charges over assisting with France terror attacks

Alex Pollock: Why did no one predict the oil-price collapse?

Incompetence on Pennsylvania Avenue: An embarassing White House beyond parody

New analysis: Even with regular exercise, excessive sitting linked to disease, premature death

Fire official: 6 still unaccounted for in fierce blaze that destroyed waterfront mansion in Annapolis, Maryland

QZ8501: AirAsia jet climbed at rates beyond design of commercial planes

Sydney: Australia raises terror threat level against police to 'high'

German embed reporter: ISIS plans on killing ‘hundreds of millions’ in ‘religious cleansing’

New York: Caesars bankruptcy reorganization dealt setback by federal judge

Tel Aviv: Iranian General in elite Revolutionary Guards killed Sunday in Israel's attack in Syria that took out top Hezbollah terror figures

Tubmanburg: U.S.-built Ebola treatment centers in Liberia are nearly empty as outbreak fades

QZ8501: AirAsia crash not the result of terrorist attack [video]

Beijing: China calls Snowden's stealth jet hack accusations 'groundless'

Washington: Twitter and Nielsen say interest in the State of the Union address is falling

Spiegel: The digital arms race: NSA preps America for future battle

Franc unplugged: Bank losses from Swiss currency surprise seen mounting; "The losses will be in the billions -- they are still being tallied"

China: Developer Kaisa on brink of dollar default spooks money managers

2014: The most dishonest year on record

CBS poll: 59% of Republicans want Romney to run for election; 85% of Democrats want Clinton to run

Israel pre-emptively killed him Sunday: Jihad Mughniyeh planned attacks against Israel; to 'kill soldiers, hit Israeli communities in the Golan Heights and kill Israeli civilians'

New York: 5 killed as ice, snow glaze highways across Northeast U.S.

Donetsk: Ukraine Govt says it has launched a 'mass operation' against separatist rebels and reclaimed almost all the area in and around Donetsk airport

New York: Sharp slump in oil prices pumping up U.S. economy; tax increases do the opposite

Idlib: Syria Army plane crash kills 35 soldiers; rebels they shot plane down

Media #fail: NASA only 38% sure 2014 was warmest; media ignored huge margin of error in headlines

Beirut: Israeli strike in Syria kills senior Hezbollah terror figures

Abuja: Boko Haram stages attacks in Nigeria and Cameroon

Clint Eastwood film: 'American Sniper' smashes records with $90M weekend

Washington: Obama tax increase proposals run into Republican resolve; Democrat Congresses haven't passed his budgets, either

Brussels: Suspects held in Greece as European terror crackdown widens

Ukraine: Fresh fighting for control of Donetsk airport

WSJ: Canada’s Ivanhoé buys Manhattan office tower for $2.2B; second-most-expensive sale of an office building in U.S. history

Larry Kudlow: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's words of wisdom on radical Islam

Cairo: Japan PM Shinzo Abe pledges $2.5bB in non-military aid in Middle East for refugees and fight and against ISIS

France: No more Monsieur Nice Guy: Paris cracks down on terror

Paris: European authorities arrest dozens in anti-terror raids Friday

Washington: Obama, Cameron vow to take on 'poisonous ideology' of radical Islam

Karachi: Photographer is shot in the chest as hundreds of Charlie Hebdo protesters clash with police in Pakistan outside French Embassy

NASCAR: Explaining how new pit road policing with HD cameras will work; safer, by keeping officials off active pit roads

Washington: U.S. consumer prices post biggest drop in six years

London: Oil up $2 as IEA sees signs 'tide will turn'

NY Times: Economic lessons from Switzerland's one-day, 18% currency rise

Minneapolis: Pride took down a giant: Target’s corporate hubris was its undoing in Canada

George F. Will: The more Obama talks about Keystone, the less economic understanding he demonstrates

Wichita: Bombardier to cut 1,000 employees in Mexico, U.S., parks Learjet85 program

Washington: Starting Friday, U.S. will ease restrictions on travel to Cuba

France: Motorist drives at, injures policewoman outside Paris presidential residence

Paris attacks: Hostage recalls thinking 'we're all going to die'

Cincinnati: Ohio man arrested for ISIS-inspired plot on U.S. Capitol, FBI says

Odessa: At least 10 dead after Texas prison bus collides with train; slid off icy I-20 overpass onto train tracks; 8 prisoners, 2 guards dead; the 5 others in crash badly hurt

View from Associated Press: Conservatives cheer on Romney moves as establishment field grows

Washington: House of Representatives votes to undo unilateral Obama immigration policies

Outer space: Astronauts flee U.S. side of space station after a coolant problem emerged Wednesday but no sign of ammonia leak

France: Hollande says aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle could support Iraq operations

London: Cancer deaths in the UK could be 'eliminated' within 35 years for anyone under 80, study claims

Chicago: Mother of teen to ISIS: 'Leave our children alone!

Brasilia: Nightmare in Brazil: An interventionist government and bribery scandals have darkened the country’s prospects

Hockey shtick: As Steyn goes, so goes Mann

Paris: French Parliament extends military intervention in Iraq

Reuters: Saudi cleric bans building snowmen, declares them anti-Islamic

updated ~ Donetsk: Shelling hits Ukraine bus, killing 11, as airport battle worsens

New York: Slump in oil drives down equities around the world

Washington: Source of smoke at L'Enfant Plaza subway station still unknown as 1 dead, 84 injured

Rheumatoid arthritis: Joint pain, from gut bacteria?

Washington: Democrats show true stripes on Keystone procedural bill; results today show it will clear Senate

Washington: U.S. military Twitter feed hacked, apparently by ISIS sympathizers

Istanbul: Paris suspect Hayat Boumeddiene 'caught on Turkey CCTV'; coward scurrying

Caracas: Venezuelan shortages, long queues spark violence, arrests

Mozambique: ‘Crocodile bile poison’ in beer kills 56 and poisons 195 others at funeral

Paris: France to deploy 5,000 police to protect Jewish schools

Pangkalan Bun: Indonesian divers retrieve AirAsia flight data recorder from sea

Dammartin-en-Goele: Making coffee for the Kouachi brothers: Hostage spent hours with Paris gunmen before their final, bloody stand

Washington: U.S., allies carry out 19 air strikes in Syria and Iraq

Paris: Amedy Coulibaly, the kosher market killer, shot video pledging allegiance to ISIS before attacks

Washington: White House to hold global security summit Feb 18: U.S. official

Paris: Terror cells activated in France, Police source says

Don't understand meaning of Free Speech: ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked newsroom emails reveal Al Jazeera fury over global support for Charlie Hebdo

France: Muslim worker at Paris kosher market saves 6 people from attack

Paris: France works to avert new terror attacks, hunts suspect

Pangkalan Bun: Crashed AirAsia QZ8501's tail hoisted from sea in search for black boxes

California: Sacramento-area Muslims publicly denounce attacks in France

Dammartin-en-Goele: Hero hiding in cardboard box guided police by texts as they moved in to take out jihadi Kouachi brothers at print plant

Charles Krauthammer: France terror attacks 'the third stage of the jihadist war against us'

Paris: 30 Jewish shoppers avoided being taken hostage at kosher market by locking themselves in freezer, huddled together to stay warm

Downgraded again: Russia 'has deteriorated significantly'; Fitch cuts credit rating

Fox News: At least 1 dead in 123-vehicle pileup along snowy Michigan highway

Baghdad: U.S. reports 11 air strikes against ISIS in Syria, Iraq

Washington: Wizards forward Kevin Seraphin wears 'Je Suis Charlie' shirt during warmups; 2nd NBA player to do so

Abu Hamza al-Masri: Muslim cleric sentenced to life in a U.S. prison for inciting terrorism

California: 32-year study refutes claim antioxidants prolong life

NY Times: Obama facing rising pressure on Keystone oil pipeline; as Nebraska Supreme Court cleared way through the state and House passed a bill to approve project

Buffalo: Mars was warmer on Thursday than 14 U.S. states

Mumbai: ‘Fears of man-made global warming exaggerated’: 2 of 3 scientists at a session on climate change and society at the Indian Science Congress

American Thinker: Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates

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Click this for Kiev/Ukraine video links, videos & screen caps from Feb. 20/21, 2014

QZ8501: Co-pilot was at controls of crashed AirAsia jetliner

John Ivison: Question Period slugfest shows Trudeau ready for KO,
not ready for prime-time or election debates; just a deer in headlights

Ferndale: Shallow M5.7 quake rocks California coast
north of San Francisco; aftershocks expected

Maritimes: Schools closed, flights cancelled as blizzard hit hard

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland hammered by NorEaster Blizzard the way New York City had feared.

St. Albert: 2,000 police officers pay respects to Mountie David Wynn

The Wynn procession includes 860 Mounties in their traditional red serge and 450 officers from the municipal police force in nearby Edmonton. Mounties have come from as far away as Newfoundland, Iqaluit and British Columbia. A handful made the trip from Bridgewater, N.S., where Wynn served as a paramedic and was inspired to join the national police force. ~ CBC

al-Adnani: ISIS spokesman calls for more Ottawa-style
attacks in Canada, warning ‘what lies ahead will be worse’

Halifax: Maritime winter storm already causing travel cancellations

Ottawa: New security bill coming this Friday

Ottawa: New Canadian security legislation to be unveiled this week;
Harper: "Measures designed to help authorities stop planned attacks, get threats off our streets, criminalize promotion of terrorism, and prevent terrorists from travelling and recruiting others... we shall be safeguarding our constitutional rights of speech, of association, of religion..."

New York: Mayor: Coming winter storm like 'we've never seen before'

CNN: A monster snow storm is expected to slam into the northeast Monday and Tuesday, dumping what could be up to 3 feet of snow in Boston and New York, with freezing rain and strong gusts -- possibly reaching hurricane level.

updated ~ Mariupol: At least 30 killed in rocket attack on Ukraine's
strategic government-held port city by Russia-backed rebels

BBC: One resident told Agence France-Presse by telephone: "Obviously, everyone in the city is very scared. The rebels have already seized the airport. And now they are starting to destroy Mariupol itself." The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, tweeted: "Today's indiscriminate shelling of Mariupol part of an apparently Russian-backed general offensive in complete violation of Minsk agreements."

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's new King Salman promises continuity

Riyadh: Saudi King Abdullah has died at 90: Saudi state TV

King Abdullah.

FinMin Oliver: Oil drop won’t keep Canada from 2015 balanced budget

New York: Central Banks step up low-inflation fight as Canada cuts rate

Ottawa: Interest rate cut may boost job creation, home ownership

Ottawa: Bank of Canada drops interest rate to .75%

Israel: Palestinian stabs up to 10 people on Tel Aviv commuter bus

Beziers: Five Chechens arrested, including one
with explosives, amid high alert in southern France

Cairo: Japan PM vows to save hostages under ISIS threat

Tokyo: ISIS death threat stirs anger, shock in Japan

72-hour deadline: ISIS says $200M ransom to be paid, or else

Jerusalem: PM Abe demands ISIS release of Japanese citizens 'unharmed'

ISIS: Big ransom wanted for two Japanese hostages, or death

Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto featured in threat video released by ISIS.

Cincinnati: I-75 closed after old bridge collapsed onto it; worker dead

A construction worker was killed and a truck driver injured in a 'major' collapse of an Interstate 75 overpass north of the new Hopple Street bridge, according to police dispatch. The ramp that collapsed onto I-75 was being prepared for demolition; it has already been replaced by a new bridge.

Ottawa: Generals Vance, Rouleau brief on Canada's Iraq anti-ISIS efforts;
Special Forces came under fire recently, 'neutralized' the ISIS opponents

In campaign update, the range of efforts by Canada were reviewed. These screen captures from Canadian Forces video shows two command and control buildings destroyed by Canadian CF-18s firing laser-guided missiles.

Ukraine conflict: Battles rage in Donetsk and Luhansk

The airport's control tower is now in ruins [right] but was intact last autumn [left] despite repeated shelling.

Ramallah: Baird brushes off Palestinian protest; "We share same desire for peace and prosperity for Palestinian people"; "Canada strongly supports Israel's right to defend itself and to live in peace with its neighbours."

Ramallah: Palestinian violence towards Canada's Foreign Minister
Baird won't change Canada's stance against Islamist terrorism

John Baird: Canada stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel: "terrorism
is the struggle of our generation"; then attacked by mob of egg-throwing
Palestinians in Ramallah while police stand by and do nothing

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird leaves the Palestinian Foreign Affairs ministry and smiles toward an egg-throwing mob after meeting with his counterpart Riyad al-Maliki on January 18, 2015 in the West Bank city of Ramallah. ~ Abbas Momani AFP

Charlie Farquharson: Don Harron, entertainment icon, dead at 90

Don Harron acted on Broadway, in London's West End, at Stratford, in 4 movies over 4 decades, and on TV in many episodes of many series; he brought Anne of Green Gable to TV and to the stage as a writer; he was radio host of CBC's Morningside for 5 years, and was on Hee-Haw for 18 years as his famous alter-ego Charlie Farquharson. He published this memoir in 2012.

Brussels: Belgium deploys troops following anti-terror raids

Soldiers are initially being deployed in Brussels and Antwerp.

Belgium: Killed suspects had police uniforms, Kalashnikovs
and bomb-making kit; "planning to dress as police
to launch a deadly gun and bomb attack"

Redwane Hajaoui (left) was one of terrorists killed in Belgium after starting firefight with anti-terror police.

Brussels: Islamists killed in Belgian terror raids
‘planned to massacre police in street’

Paris: Post Office hostage crisis ends with arrest; NOT a terror attack

Brussels: 15 detained after Belgian police kill Islamist gunmen

updated ~ Police: Belgium group thwarted from 'major' attack got orders
from ISIS; "ongoing terror threat appears to involve up to 20 sleeper
cells of between 120 to 180 people ready to strike in
France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands"

updated ~ Verviers: 2 dead, 1 arrested by Belgium police in terror raid;
terrorists were 'under surveillance' after returning from Syria;
suspects opened fire 'for many minutes' when police first arrived

Multiple raids are reported to be underway. Above, the scene in Verviers. Police throughout Belgium are being told they may be targeted in possible attacks. They are being told that if they go out on patrol they must wear bullet proof vests. Journalist Johan de Graaf wrote on Twitter: "BREAKING: Police throughout Belgium are warned for possible attacks: if they go on patrol they have to wear bullet proof vests." ~ Mirror/Getty Images

Wilma! From people-powered to race-battered, Detroit show has them all

The Future People's Cyclone Now here’s a phrase you don’t hear too often at a car show, or anywhere for that matter: “human-powered luxury vehicle.” That’s how the husband-and-wife team behind The Future People describe their Cyclone cyclecar. Yup, it’s pedal-powered, but looks like a car. Sort of.

Paris: France arrests 54 in crackdown on hate speech, defense of terrorism

Paris: The threats just keep on coming for Charlie Hebdo

Den Tandt: Luminous new Charlie Hebdo cover cartoon fearlessly
defiant — and hopeful; "it may also be the single most impactful
work of art of the 21st century, thus far"

French cartoonist Renald Luzier, aka Luz, holds up the new issue of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. "In depicting Muhammad weeping, Luzier implicitly acknowledges that Islam, like its Abrahamic sister faiths, Christianity and Judaism, aspires to peace. And in the caption he holds out hope that from the current madness, some accommodation will arise, across the sectarian divide. For Charlie Hebdo to have produced this, even as its creators cope with grief, anger and fear, is more than remarkable; it is luminous." ~ Martin Bureau AFP/Getty Images

Bulgaria: French associate of Kouachi brother
was arrested trying to enter Turkey on January 1st

New Charlie Hebdo cover is Mohammed holding 'Je Suis Charlie' sign

The cover of this week’s issue of Charlie Hebdo as depicted in Libération, the newspaper that has given Hebdo’s staff use of its offices. “I am Charlie,” goofy cartoon Mohammed’s sign reads. “All is forgiven,” the text above says.

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Harper Government accomplishments over
the last 9 years:


Quebec: Shamed, jobless after speaking English at work: 'It was a big slap in the face'

Where, not how much: Lower loonie will sway snowbirds, reduce cross-border shopping but not reduce spending, say analysts; lower dollar boost for economy

Jason Kenney: New Conservative anti-terror bill will distinguish between legitimate religious expression and inciting terrorism

Keeping Canadians safe: Communications Security Establishment (CSE) tracks/reviews millions of downloads daily: Snowden

E.coli scare: Winnipeg boil water advisory remains in effect

Ottawa: 15 Members of Parliament to watch in 2015

Stephen Gordon: Petro plunge won't be so painful; it's only 6% of diversified Canadian economy; has declined relatively as other sectors grew faster

Bethesda: Marriott expanding in Canadian market with purchase of Delta Hotel brand

St. Albert: Thousands line streets for Const. Wynn's funeral procession

Toronto: RBC is first to cut mortgage rates as bond yields plunge

Victoria: H7N9 bird flu confirmed in B.C. resident who travelled to China

St. Albert: Funeral today for Mountie David Wynn to honour slain officer; Prentice, Harper to attend

Kingston: Ontario family makes public plea for liver donor for twins; adoptive father's liver a match, but a second match needed so both twins can survive

Legend on skates and in the air: Toller Cranston, 65, dies in Mexico from heart attack

Toronto: TSX ends slightly higher with climb in retail sales

Paul Viera: Canada retail sales rose unexpectedly in November; experts had predicted decline; up 4.8% over 2013

Ottawa: Canada could tap contingency fund on oil drop: Oliver; "The contingency fund is there for unexpected and unavoidable shocks to the system and, you know, the oil price decline—which was a dramatic one—would fall in that category"

Kelly McParland: Justin Trudeau’s hidden agenda; raid pension pools

Ottawa: Canada Revenue Minister wins Golden Scissors award for cutting red tape

Kelly McParland: Years of overspending is forcing change on Canadian provinces, like it or not

Halifax: New Canadian warships to be designed and built over 30 years in $26B project; will create huge industrial infrastructure in Nova Scotia

Sir John, eh: Winnipeg one of 5 cities to hold 'kilt skate' honouring Macdonald

Toronto: Ontario Finance Minister Sousa won’t rule out tax hike to help eliminate $12.5B deficit; proven inability to control spending

Vancouver: The impact of a dropping Canadian dollar on sports franchises competing against American teams

Toronto: Canada stocks rise to extend 2-month high as banks gain

Vancouver: Chu’s stepping down as VPD chief seen as ‘great loss’

St. Catharines: If ISIS terrorists fire on Canadian troops, 'we'll kill them': Harper

Waterloo: Quantum investment about ensuring Canada retains world leadership position

Waterloo: Harper Govt announces $15M investment in quantum research at University of Waterloo

Toronto: TSX nears two-month high as central bank actions boost

St. Catharines: Harper announces improved access to financing for Canadian small businesses

St. Catharines: Harper backs Bank of Canada rate cut, doesn't plan fiscal stimulus

Toronto: As banks hold off on cuts, brokers see record-low mortgage rates from quarter-point interest rate cut

Toronto: Target Canada owes billions to long list of creditors

New York: Canadian extradited to U.S., charged with bombing truck in Iraq

Ottawa: Federal Cabinet did not put ‘limits’ on special forces’ actions in Iraq: Defence Minister Nicholson; no micro-managing life and death from politicians

Osmium tetroxide: What is it and why is it dangerous?

Ottawa: Man in Halifax chemicals case threatened police, had osmium tetroxide

Ottawa: Canada denies mission creep after troops kill ISIS troops who fired on them

Edmonton: Alberta Minister announces review into Alberta Crown Prosecution Service following St. Albert Mountie killing

Toronto: TSX finishes day up 250+ points at close as bank rate cut and Loonie drops, helping exports

Toronto: TSX up to 2-week high; Canadian dollar plunges with interest rate cut, mortgages to follow

Toronto: Dirty nomination race tricks alleged by losing Liberal candidate, wants result overthrown; Liberal Party won't comment

Ottawa: No hazardous material found after arrest, hotel evacuation

Ottawa Citizen: Chemical scare: RCMP sought suspect who had 'issues with law-enforcement personnel'; arrested Halifax chemist Christopher Phillips formerly married to U.S. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller

Nova Scotia: ‘Large quantities of chemicals’ found at cottage linked to Ottawa arrest

Ottawa: Man arrested at Ottawa hotel linked to Halifax hazardous chemicals investigation

Nova Scotia: Grand Desert homes evacuated as RCMP find chemicals in cottage

London: Trudeau says Canadians want a federal government as bad as the one in Ontario, run by the same losers; of course, his adviser was behind province's downward spiral

Swift Current: Saskatchewan Mountie charged with trafficking cocaine, Ecstasy: Police

Dog gets his man: Police dog gets credit for finding Alberta man hiding inside couch in Vancouver home

St. Albert: RCMP Constable David Wynn dies after weekend shooting

Ottawa: Self-defense actions by Canadian Special Forces in 'neutralizing' ISIS gun battery makes headlines in Europe as first ground action against ISIS by West

Toronto: TSX steady as gold miners jump, energy shares slip

Winnipeg: Frivolous prosecution? Mom being tried for leaving six-year-old son alone in home for 90 minutes

Toronto: Critics say free fares for children will plug TTC and turn transit into an 'amusement ride'

Vancouver: Ottawa bars use of 'Buy America' rules at Prince Rupert ferry project in Canada

Edmonton: Wife of injured Alberta Mountie says her husband will soon be in better place

Toronto: Children under 12 to ride transit at no charge; adult fares to rise by 10 cents as new vehicles, routes added

Quebec: Class action against Longueuil for handling of water crisis

Rex Murphy: Plummeting gas prices are a welcome break for Canadians — until a carbon tax comes along

Quebec: Montreal's African community rallies against Boko Haram

Toronto: Public opinion finally turns against the Beer Store monopoly as lobbyists’ influence on Queen’s Park exposed

Infected and undocumented: Thousands of Canadians dying from hospital-acquired bugs

Marcus Hondro: Man who shot RCMP officers should have been in jail—for good; dead coward had a long, violent record

Polls show continuing downward trend: Trudeau’s got that sinking feeling

St. Albert: Man who shot two Mounties was a career criminal under a lifetime ban from owning firearms

Geoffrey Johnston: Be bold in the face of terror

St. Albert: Shooting of auxiliary Mountie in Alberta raises safety concerns; Auxiliary Const. Derek Walter Bond was shot in the arm and torso; he wasn't armed

Alberta: Wounded St. Albert Mountie David Wynn not expected to survive: RCMP

Vancouver: Harsh winter weather leads to power outages, snowfall warnings across B.C.

Alberta: Porch light tributes for shot Mounties in St. Albert

Kenney: Government will continue to control operating expenses in light of oil price uncertainty; new family benefits are boosting economy; higher taxes kill jobs

Canada leads: Child brides: How to fix the problem

St. Albert: Suspect wanted for shooting 2 Mounties is found dead; one officer in 'grave condition'

Edmonton: Mounties were shot inside St. Albert casino while investigating vehicle theft complaint; shooter 'armed and dangerous'

Edmonton: Chopper overhead as RCMP search for suspect in shooting of two Mounties

Vancouver: Despite Trudeau's claim of 'open nominations', federal Liberals reject nomination for 'Prince of Pot' wife Jodie Emery

Sudbury: OPP takes second look at Olivier case after 'bribery tapes' released by dumped Ontario Liberal candidate

Ottawa: Supreme Court overrules itself and the Ontario Court of Appeal and gives Mounties the right to collectively bargain based on a Charter interpretation with a 6-1 vote

Newfoundland: Gladys Osmond, Springdale's Granny Brigade founder, dies at 91

Flashback: Accused child-porn maker Dr. Benjamin Levin marched with Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne in Toronto Pride parade in 2013

Toronto: Adviser to Premier Kathleen Wynne, tenured OISE Professor Dr. Benjamin Levin to plead guilty to some of 7 child porn-related charges in March; out on bail since July 2013

Andrew King: Did meteor strike give birth to mysterious 'Bermuda Triangle of the North' in Lake Ontario?

Washington/Ottawa: Canada insists on phase-out of outmoded oil train tanker cars ahead of U.S.

Toronto: Wal-Mart, Sears ‘sad’ to see Target go, welcome job applications, shoppers

Global News Ipsos Reid poll: Conservatives on cusp of majority; CPC 35%, LPC 31%, NDP 24%

Montreal: Martin Couture-Rouleau peace bond denied police weeks before fatal attack

Oliver: Federal budget to be delayed until April because of economic uncertainty caused by fluctuating oil prices

Michael Den Tandt: Five reasons to believe it when Stephen Harper says there will be no election until October

Ottawa: Tom Mulcair and Stephen Harper agree on one thing: Justin Trudeau is not fit to lead Canada

Christina Blizzard: Sudbury byelection just got uglier for Liberals

Saskatoon: 14 charged after Hells Angels raids in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Ottawa: Sony announces it will close all 14 Sony stores in Canada as it considers exiting TV and cellphone businesses amid years of huge losses

Minneapolis: Target to exit Canada after botched expansion; will liquidate its 133 stores, take $5.4B loss

Cairo: Fahmy's bags packed, but Baird cautions no release yet

Ottawa: Conservatives poised to outspend opponents in key election battlegrounds

Ottawa: As they shed Parliamentary deadwood (though they won't admit it), NDP is muscling up to get its September momentum back

Ottawa: Mulcair shuffles senior staff to strengthen team before election

Saskatchewan: RCMP arrest man over Facebook post to 'blow up' Yorkton detachment

Boom times: Freed from crippling duties by Ottawa, Great Lakes shippers are modernizing fleets in $7B spending spree of asset and infrastructure renewal

Family: 3 ISIS recruits from Edmonton believed killed

Election oops: Crombie, McCallion chickens come home to roost; decades of fiscal mismanagement mean Mississauga has no money to pay for any of planned $1.6B LRT or Crombie election promises; still needs to raise taxes yet again

Waterloo: BlackBerry denies Samsung takeover report

Vancouver: Joe Oliver says projected $1.6B surplus takes falling oil prices into account

Marsh Lake: Yukon judge rules phone wedged between ear and shoulder is 'hands-free'

Toronto: Report: Samsung wants to take over BlackBerry for $7.5B; stock has skyrocketed by 30% on rumours

Rosie DiManno: Star should have published Charlie Hebdo front cover; You won’t see the cartoon of a weeping Prophet Muhammad because the Star does not wish to offend. That’s the thing. The deeply wrong thing.

Thomas Walkom: Why the oil price slump could help Stephen Harper

Detroit: Industry Minister James Moore says more auto investment coming to Canada; meets with automotive leaders at Detroit auto show

Windsor: Fiat Chrysler confirms investment of $2B in local flagship minivan plant

John Ivison: Why current events are making it seem increasingly likely Harper will call an early election; or not

Ottawa: Jason Kenney rejects crackdown on religious satire

Ottawa: New Parliament security plan takes into account Charlie Hebdo-type attack

Calgary: Suncor cutting 1,000 jobs, reducing investment budget by $1B, or about 1/7th

Toronto: Canada sending 3rd mobile lab to help Ebola fight

Toronto: 21 Ontario school boards hike pay for directors despite wage freeze; boost to $289,000 salary for Toronto director

Toronto: TSX advances as U.S. hopes lift banks, insurers

Ottawa: John Baird headed to Egypt to push for Canadian journalist's release

Chris Selley: Why Canada’s media won’t show the Charlie Hebdo pictures. Being fearful or being polite?

Andrew Coyne: With some exceptions, being offended by what we see before us is a choice

Montreal: Former TVA journalist Pascale Déry to seek Conservative nomination in Mont-Royal

Ottawa: Conservatives top list of MPs with best attendance records for House of Commons votes in 2014

Montreal: St. Lawrence Seaway enjoys 'blowout' year

Toronto: New ISIS video threatens Canada again; calls for death to civilians and members of police and military

BC: 3 climbers die on Joffre Peak north of Pemberton

Media spat or worse? Did Amanda Lang break the rules and try to sabotage a CBC story that scandalized the Royal Bank of Canada, which was paying her?

Toronto: Energy stocks down again, TSX drops 172 points

Ottawa: Exxon and Imperial Oil moving forward on $25B project to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from British Columbia; 6,000 jobs, with construction starting in 2017, first shipments in 2024

Ottawa: Governments of Canada, Ontario providing $50M loan and grant to Linamar for next generation of fuel-efficient automotive transmissions; 1200 new jobs

Montreal: Thousands join local march in show of solidarity and sympathy with France

Ottawa: Budget ‘on track’ as negotiations with federal unions enter critical stage

Kingston: SirJAM weekend a successful celebration of his 200th birthday with current and 2 ex-PMs on hand; petty partisans showed up, too

Ontario: Hundreds rally in Toronto to support France and victims of Charlie Hebdo terror attacks

Ottawa: Gov-Gen Johnston hails 200th birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald: Father of Confederation, Canada's first Prime Minister, a businessman, lawyer and politician "who left an indelible mark at the heart of our collective heritage"

Andrew Coyne: How remarkable that a humour magazine has led the fight against fanaticism

Rex Murphy: We are not Charlie Hebdo; "Where was this 'we' when a video critical of Islam was mendaciously identified as the 'cause' of the terror attack on Benghazi?"

Christie Blatchford: When push comes to shove, isn’t it curious how it’s always about the Jews?

Hamilton: 'We believe the women!': Hecklers rise up during Bill Cosby show and start chanting as the comedian asks his fans 'not to react'

Windsor: Police arrest 22-yr-old career criminal after they find cache of guns, drugs; was awaiting trial on 2013 charges for assault, forcible confinement and illegal weapons

Toronto: Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts suspended; did he cross the line?

Windsor: Chrysler investing at least $1B in iconic plant say insiders; 90-day shutdown enables re-tooling in preparation for next generation minivan says company

Joseph Brean: Charlie Hebdo’s legacy: Defence of free speech takes on new urgency in an age of intimidation

Ottawa: Canada stands in solidarity with France, Harper tells Hollande today; gave 'heartfelt condolences' from Canadians

Ottawa: Stephen Harper reflects on Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, 200 years after his birth

Richard Gwyn: Sir John A. Macdonald, the greatest PM of all

Huntsville: Clement says new security legislation to be introduced this month is needed to protect Canadian society against jihad

Ottawa: Local imams 'categorically' denounce ISIS member's calls for violence

Bounceback: Rainfall pushes levels on Great Lakes to their highest since 1990s

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