Health alert: Understanding the connections between alcohol and breast cancer

Matt Kwong - CBC: Why sending the U.S. spy chief to meet Kim Jong-un was a 'savvy' move by Trump

CBC: 'Like calling next door:' Direct phone line between leaders of North Korea and South Korea established

ABC News: Trump claims vindication after Comey memos released

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Revealed: Robert Mueller’s FBI repeatedly abused prosecutorial discretion

Ottawa Citizen: Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe facing criminal referral

Havana: Cuba’s new president unlikely to undo Castro economic legacy

Bloomberg: China’s $1B white elephant

Toronto Star: Gunmen open fire on UN team at suspected Syria chemical attack site

Global News: Donald Trump says ‘good relationship formed’ in meeting between Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong Un

CTV: CIA director Pompeo met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un: U.S. officials

NBC: Barbara Bush dead at 92; wife and mother of Presidents

NY Post: Passenger dead after engine explodes; hero female pilot who landed Southwest flight was a Navy jet-fighter ace

CBC: China to open up auto sector, allow full foreign ownership of automakers in five years in win for Trump

CNBC: North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war

Global News: U.S. to hit Russia with new sanctions over Syria chemical weapons attack

The Hill: France issues report detailing evidence of Assad role in chemical attacks

LA Times: Trump Administration abandons crackdown on legal marijuana

CBC: What should the 'inevitable' regulation of Facebook look like?

Globe and Mail: In crosshairs of U.S. Congress, Facebook’s Zuckerberg concedes regulation of internet economy ‘inevitable’

CTV: Keeps 'em guessing: Trump: Syria attack 'very soon or not so soon at all!'

Techcrunch: Zuckerberg admits Facebook collects detailed data on non-users, too; a privately owned spook database?

The Verge: If Facebook has reached status of public utility, how can it justify harassment, political censorship of voices it doesn't like; not just Zuckerberg's playtoy, Senators tell him

Al Arabiya: Saudi air defense forces intercept missile over Riyadh

Editorial - San Francisco Chronicle: Despite Zuckerberg’s apology, Congress shouldn’t let Facebook off the hook

Washington Post: Texas’s official maternal mortality rate was unbelievably high. Now we know why. Bad paper work.

CBC: 257 dead as Algerian military plane crashes after take-off

Jennifer Wells - Toronto Star: Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony shows Facebook is a monster too big to control

LA Times: Senators vented at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — but may leave it at that

AP: Trump says Syria attack will be met ‘forcefully’; followed Monday night meeting with his top military leaders, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford

Telegraph: Alzheimer's gene neutralized in human brain cells for the first time

CNBC: Hopes are high for China to announce market access reforms on Tuesday

Telegraph: Donald Trump condemns chemical attack in Syria and says Vladimir Putin will pay 'big price'

CTV News: 'SICK!': Trump calls out 'Animal Assad' for alleged chemical attack in Syria

AFP: Border crisis: Hopping the wall into Trump's U.S., in under 2 minutes

NY Post: 1 dead, 4 firefighters hurt in Trump Tower blaze

BBC: Brazil's Lula misses deadline for surrender to police; the 72-year-old ex-President had been ordered to hand himself in to start a 12-year prison term for corruption

Steve Cuozzo - NY Post: The world’s hottest shopping city is becoming a ghost town

CNBC: Americans turn to trucks and SUVs in mass numbers; American sedan now an endangered species

National Review: Syracuse gun-store owner thwarts potential mass shooting by student

CNBC: Jamie Dimon believes Trump has 'legitimate complaints' over trade

Marketwatch: U.S. adds just 103,000 jobs in March, wage pressure growing as unemployment rate holds firm at 17-year low

Philip Klein - Washington Examiner: ‘Chappaquiddick’ helps expose liberal 'lion' Ted Kennedy’s true character

Editorial - Detroit News: Hit brakes on EPA mileage rules

Fareed Zakaria - Washington Post: Trump is right: China’s a trade cheat

NY Post: U.S. sanctions Russians in Putin’s inner circle for ‘malign activity’

Conrad Black - NY Sun: GOP will soon reap what Dems sowed in their resistance

Washington Examiner: Mitt Romney backs Trump's China tariff threat as 'wake up' call

The Guardian: 'The third era of Zuck': how the CEO went from hero to humiliation

CNBC: China will not hesitate with 'major response' to new tariffs: Ministry of Commerce

Washington Examiner: Larry Kudlow: New China tariffs are only under consideration, negotiations haven't started

CNBC: Social media users treated as 'experimental rats,' EU data watchdog says as he urges more changes from Facebook

NY Post: ‘Chappaquiddick’ is a long-overdue dismantling of the Kennedy myth

CNBC: Ford recalls about 350,000 F-150s and Expeditions for faulty transmission gears

Global News: U.S. to sanction Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin, Russian government

Daily Beast: Trump has a point about Amazon that resonates with his base

Jonathan Turley - The Hill: When will the media accept that Trump is not a criminal target?

Rasmussen: Trump approval at 51% now higher than Trudeau's

Byron York - Washington Examiner: On the Trump-Russia investigation and the rule of law

NY Post: Trump orders National Guard deployed to Mexican border

The Week: Why Trump is more popular than ever

CNBC: Zuckerberg says most Facebook users should assume they have had their public info scraped

Toronto Star: Suspected YouTube shooter Nasim Najafi Aghdam had a grudge, ‘hated’ the company over treatment of her videos: father

updated ABC News: 1 dead, 4 injured in shooting at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California

Boston Herald: Studies link legal marijuana with fewer opioid prescriptions

LA Times: California Supreme Court upholds controversial law allowing DNA collection upon arrest

Daily Mail: Using new research, mind-reading machine could translate your thoughts and display them as text instantly; explanation found in the Journal of Neural Engineering

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The stunning statistical fraud behind the global warming scare

Charles Gasparino - NY Post: Why the regular business leaders are bullish on the U.S. economy

AP: Russian ships may be using underwater cables to spy

Global News: Russian accused of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox computers appears in U.S. court

CTV News: Israel says it will expand response if Gaza clashes go on

Jerusalem Post: World weighs in on Gaza violence as Israel condemns Hamas for border violence

New Zealand Herald: A huge crack in Kenya could mean the continent will break up (over next million years)

Fox News: 'Satan 2' nuclear missile again test-launched by Russia, as Putin brags of 'invulnerable' arsenal

KVOA: EPA expected to announce rollback of ridiculous Obama-era mileage standards

Global News: Starbucks must have cancer warning on coffee in California, judge rules

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Roseanne revival is a wake-up call for Hollywood

AP: McDonald’s expands worker tuition benefits, cites new Trump tax law

NY Post: Dozens dead after riot, fire at Venezuelan police station

AP: Rival Korean leaders to meet April 27 in historic summit

Northeastern University: Guide to rise of cryptocurrency, digital currency and Bitcoin

ABC News: 27 countries pledge to kick out Russian diplomats over poisoning of ex-spy

CBC: Awareness overload? We've had 13 different World 'something' Days in just 1 week

Bloomberg: Kim Jong Un made a surprise China visit by train, sources say

CBC: U.S. opens probe into fatal Tesla crash in California as shares plunge

Bloomberg: Trump’s Russian expulsions leave Moscow stunned

Toronto Star: You don’t have to quit Facebook — just start lying about yourself; stuff it with spurious nonsense, rendering it useless to those trying to manipulate or monetize you

Bloomberg: Germany at odds with France over tariffs on U.S. cars

Reuters: GSK buys out Novartis in $13B consumer healthcare shake-up

Financial Post: Facebook has lost $70B in 10 days — and now advertisers are pulling out

Benny Avni - NY Post: In response to Putin, Team Trump is going ‘multilateral’ without the United Nations

AP: Arizona Governor suspends Uber from autonomous testing

Washington Times: Trump expels 60 Russian officials over nerve-agent attack in Britain

Fox News: American journalist who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: White House shake-ups prove Trump’s putting America first

AP: US stocks rally; Dow surges 669, clawing back lost ground

updated CBC: No alarms as Russia shopping mall fire kills at least 64, witnesses say

CBC: Fugitive ex-Catalan president arrested by police in Germany

The Guardian: Two policemen killed by bomb targeting Egyptian security chief

Hugh Hewitt - NY Post: The Beltway establishment is wrong again: John Bolton is a great pick for Trump

Reuters: Former Catalan leader faces arrest in Finland

Mark Davis - Townhall: John Bolton: The wisdom of this choice is made clear in the panic of Liberals

AP: U.S. charges 9 Iranians in massive hacking scheme targeting universities, government, companies

NY Post: Between fake news and data harvesting, Facebook has no way to win

Politico: Trump moves to ban most transgender troops; if "require surgery or significant medical treatment"

NY Post: Trump says DOJ will ban bump stocks, blames Obama for legalizing them

update The Guardian: 'He has fallen a hero': French gendarme who replaced hostage dies

BBC: France shooting: Hostage swap officer 'fighting for life'

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Sorry, Facebook was never ‘free’

LA Times: French police officer hailed as hero in supermarket attack that left 3 dead, 16 injured

CBC: Toys 'R' Us founder Charles Lazarus, 94, dies amid chain's U.S. collapse

Financial Post: Trump orders $50B tariff hit on Chinese goods as trade war fears escalate

CBS News: Trump announces new tariffs on China, asks for reduced trade deficit

CNBC: Early spring nor'easter grounds more than 3,900 flights

Katie Pavlich - The Hill: A good guy with a gun stops a school shooting

Real Climate Science: NOAA data tampering approaching 2.5 F. degrees

Axios: Boris Johnson likens Putin's 2018 World Cup to Hitler's 1936 Olympics

Editorial - Boston Globe: Uber fatality drives home need for uniform safety rules

CNBC: Twitter is soaring after a big sell-off this week. Here’s how high the stock could go

Forbes: The problem isn't Cambridge Analytica: it's Facebook

Accuweather: 4th nor’easter in 3 weeks yields snow day from DC to NYC, travel mayhem

CNBC: Elon Musk doesn't have to stay CEO to get a $50B payout from Tesla

CNN: Small-town America has gotten an economic jolt under Trump, as he promised

Conrad Black - National Review: The anti-Trump effort backfires

CNBC: Facebook looks ‘radioactive’ after brutal sell-off, says market watcher

Gary Abernathy - Washington Post: The D.C. bubble’s credulous embrace of McCabe is embarrassing

The Verge: How to delete Facebook

CNBC: Tesla shares skid into a bear market amid a ‘make-or-break year’ for automaker, says market watcher

Baltimore - CNN: Armed Maryland school officer stops armed student dead; 2 students shot

Washington Post: Trump prepared to hit China with $60B in annual tariffs?

Jonathon Trugman - NY Post: Larry Kudlow was the right choice for Trump all along

Reuters: Wall Street sinks as Facebook-led tech sell-off deepens

Reuters: Facebook under pressure as EU, U.S. urge probes of data practices

Jason Howerton - IJR: Ex-Obama Campaign Director drops bombshell claim on Facebook: 'They were on our side'; Facebook gave them detailed access to personal data

Austin Statesman: Police hope home security video yields clues in bombing, chief says

Austin - AP: Agent says ‘stakes went up’ with latest bombing

NY Post: DC lawmaker blames Jews for bad weather; apologizes: "I did not intend to be Anti-Semitic, and I see I should not have said that after learning from my colleagues"

Austin Statesman: Police checking suspicious backpack near scene of blast

CNN: Trump's opioid plan to take three-pronged approach, including death penalty for high-volume drug dealers; Conway: "The opioid crisis is viewed by us at the White House as a non-partisan problem searching for a bi-partisan solution"

CBS News: 2 injured, police respond to new explosion in Austin, Texas

AP: China appoints U.S.-trained central banker

Bloomberg: No breach says Facebook, but not secure: Cambridge misuse shows Facebook flaws

AP: Some wanted Parkland killer forcibly committed in 2016

Miami Herald: Blame game escalates in pedestrian bridge collapse that killed six

Lauren Hirsch - CNBC: Toys R Us built a kingdom and the world's biggest toy store. Then, they lost it.

Politico: Trump slams Comey, mentions Mueller for first time in tweet

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: Trump didn’t start the trade war. He’s just finally fighting back in a world of protectionists

Miami - ABC: Smoking Gun? FDOT was warned about FIU bridge cracking 2 days before fatal collapse - but relevant official "didn't hear voicemail"

CBS News: FBI's disgraced Andrew McCabe fired, effective immediately, before he could retire with full pension; charges may be pending

John Nolte - Breitbart: Media already hit with massive lay-offs in 2018, as they mis-fire on story after story

Sonny Bunch - Weekly Standard: Will any shows from the Golden Age of TV endure? 57 channels and everything on...

Bloomberg: Russian hackers attacked U.S. aviation as part of breaches

Conrad Black - NY Sun: Korean summit strains capacity of ‘resistance’ to debunk Trump

CNBC: Toys R Us closures will leave hundreds of vacant stores on the market with few obvious replacements

Editorial - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Campus mobs are modern-day book burners

Editorial - Washington Times: Larry Kudlow: A good choice for the econom

Reuters: South Korea aims for high-level talks about talks with North

AP: Former South Africa president Jacob Zuma to be prosecuted

CNBC: ProPublica Correction: Trump’s pick to head CIA did not oversee waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah

Reuters: Russia to expel UK diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens

CNBC: Investors just pumped the most money ever into stock funds for a single week

Reuters: Mexican minister ramps up pressure for speedy NAFTA deal; says willing to go it alone with Canada if can't agree with U.S.

AP: U.S. gets tougher on Russia; new sanctions, accusations

CBC: Toys 'R' Us planning to liquidate its U.S. operations; iconic retailer will look to sell stores in Canada, central Europe and Japan, CEO says

Fox News: Dodd-Frank rollback wins Senate approval

NBC News: FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility has recommended the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe before pension eligibility

AP: Tariffs lift hopes for jobs in American mill towns

Fox News: Former Reagan official Larry Kudlow accepts job of White House National Economic Council director, replaces Gary Cohn

AP: Trump picks camera-proven Kudlow as top economic aide

Toronto Star: UK to expel Russian diplomats, cut high-level contacts over ex-spy poisoning

Mirror: British Royal Family and government ministers will boycott World Cup in Russia after nerve agent attack on spy; PM May told MPs Russia culpable for attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and daughter

The Guardian: Google bans bitcoin adverts in cryptocurrency crackdown

AP: Microsoft finds few gender discrimination complaints valid

Fox Business: Equifax exec charged with insider trading after massive data breach

Deutsche Welle: Angela Merkel elected to fourth term as German chancellor

Fox News: U.S. appeals court upholds Texas law targeting sanctuary cities

CBC: Border wall protesters and supporters greet Trump in California

Sun-Sentinel: Prosecutors to seek death penalty for Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz

NPR: Nikolai Glushkov, Russian exile linked to a Putin critic, dies suddenly in London

Reuters: Trump's new CIA Director is Gina Haspel, former Deputy Director, and first woman to hold top spymaster job

Michael O'Hanlon - USA Today: New SoS Mike Pompeo has an opportunity to shake up Russia, China policy, reform State Department

Fox News: Trump replaces Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State by CIA Director Mike Pompeo

CNBC: Jim Cramer: Larry Kudlow is the leading contender to replace Gary Cohn as Trump's top economic advisor

Dallas News: Third in 10 days; Another explosion reported in Austin hours after Monday blast that killed teen, injured woman

Fox Business: Trump blocks Broadcom’s $117B bid for Qualcomm; will CNN purchase also be blocked?

Financial Times: Donald Trump’s diplomatic turn to North Korea deserves acclaim

Business Insider: Case closed? House Republicans say they’ve found no evidence of collusion in one of the big 3 Russia investigations

NY Post: May says ‘highly likely’ Russia was behind nerve agent attack on ex-spy

Climate Depot: Climate hypocrite Schwarzenegger used private jet for daily commutes to California’s Governor’s mansion

CTV News: Bombardier waiting for answers to plane crashes in Nepal and Iran

Washington Post: MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed

Ad Age: Fox News touts 'real' news and opinion in new marketing push

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump critics lack "compassion for the families who pay the price of trade policies through lost jobs and hollowed-out towns"

Eyewitness News: At least 50 killed in Bangladeshi plane crash in Nepal

updated Fox News: Helicopter crashes in New York City's East River; all 5 passengers dead, pilot only survivor

NY Post: Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage

CTV News: Entire bachelorette party feared dead in Turkish plane crash in Iran

Reuters: Trump considers ex-Microsoft exec as top economic adviser: official

Sebastian Gorka - The Hill: President Trump hits global reset button from Paris to Pyongyang

Paul Sperry - NY Post: Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall

The Hill: White House unveils proposals to 'harden' schools in wake of Florida shooting

Reuters: Not just theater: U.S. officials defend Trump-Kim meeting

The Hill: Trump called 'Fox & Friends' host Hegseth for opinion on veteran care during meeting with VA chief: report

Washington Post: Trump tweets claims of support by China and Japan for summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

NY Times: Trump’s abrupt ‘Yes’ to North Korea: The 45 minutes that could alter history

USA Today: Korean War II could be bloodier than the first, a reason why U.S. and North Korea may meet

Chronicle Herald: Trump flies solo more, is said to want to rely less on staff

Washington Examiner: Black unemployment falls to second-lowest level on record in February

MarketWatch: The 313,000 jobs added in February represent the biggest gain in a year and a half

CNBC: U.S. non-farm payrolls increase by 313,000 in February vs. 200,000 estimate; unemployment rate remains at 4.1%, lowest since December 2000

Fast Company: Chances are you’re spending 24% less time on Facebook

CTV News: White House preparing rollout of Trump's tariff plan

CTV News: Earthquake death toll at 55 as aftershock hits Papua New Guinea

The Guardian: Russian military plane crash in Syria kills 39

CNBC: Fresh beef is coming to a McDonald's near you

Reuters: Kobe Steel admits data fraud went on nearly five decades, CEO to quit

Bloomberg: Trump uses steel tariffs as a NAFTA bargaining chip; 3D chess leaves media in dust again?

Kevin McCullough - Townhall: Six simple reasons ‘They’ are wrong on tariffs

Outer Places: Scientists create 'artificial photosynthesis' to generate clean energy

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: The coming Trump landslide

Jonathan Turley - The Hill: If Andrew McCabe lied, could he be charged like Michael Flynn?

BBC: Critically ill man is former Russian spy; poisoned by Putin?

CTV News: China sets ambitious growth target, promises steel cuts

Times Colonist: Euroskeptic parties surge in Italy election, but no majority

Marketwatch: Trump steel tariffs to hit these 8 countries the hardest — and China isn’t one of them

BBC: Syria war: Aid enters Eastern Ghouta despite air strikes

The Guardian: 'No one does self-deprecating better': Trump tries standup at Gridiron dinner

Black Hole philosophy - Tech Times: Theoreticians on steroids? The Cauchy Chronicles: when determinism break down, which means that the past no longer determines the future

CTV News: China sets stage for Xi's historic bid to rule indefinitely

The Hill: Trump rightly puts foot down on steel cheating

Bloomberg: EU warns tech giants to remove terror illegal online terrorist content within an hour, or risk facing new EU-wide laws

ABC News: President Trump expected to seek age hike for rifle purchases with school, gun safety plan: Sources

Independent: Human brain still active minutes after heart stops beating, new research finds

Top 12 cancer fighting foods

LA Times: 150 arrested in Northern California immigration sweep; ICE official says others eluded authorities after Oakland mayor's 'reckless' alert

NPR: Supreme Court ruling means all immigrants can continue to be detained indefinitely as their legal status is determined; only U.S. citizens are fully protected by the U.S. Constitution

Fox News: Brad Parscale, Trump's tech 'genius,' tapped to be campaign manager for President's 2020 re-election bid

CTV News: Saudi military leaders replaced amid stalemated war in Yemen

Global News: UN approves Syria ceasefire resolution after airstrikes kill over 500 in a week

Backgrounder - Ann Coulter: U.S. gun laws "originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks"

NY Post: Four sheriff’s deputies hid during Florida school shooting

Fox News: Cop who didn't enter school during Florida shooting resigns, has home guarded by police better than he guarded students; slammed as 'coward' by Trump

Washington Examiner: Sheriff's deputy did 'nothing' as gunman hunted students during Florida shooting

John Crudele - NY Post: Why the Dow nosedived after the Fed minutes release

Detroit - AP: Ford names Lincoln chief to replace ousted North American head

Liz Peek - The Hill: Soaring economic optimism could torpedo Dems' 'blue wave' midterms

AP: Trump endorses raising minimum age to 21 for broader range of weapons

Jonah Goldberg - NY Post: Sorry: Trump’s campaign wasn’t competent enough to pull off collusion

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: GOP tax cuts are turning out to be a disaster ... for Democrats

Editorial - NY Post: Fake photo tells the truth about NY’s pathetic ‘economic development’ schemes

Miami Herald: Broward school cops will add firepower. ‘Rifles from this point forward.’

Politico: Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference

Conrad Black - National Review: Exit, pursuing a bear; with the Democrats’ Russian obsession having dwindled to absurdity, President Trump can continue to move the country forward

NY Post: Trump: I only said I would arm some teachers

Miami Herald: Trump backs arming educators in meeting with school shooting survivors

U.S. News and World Report: Trump’s emotional listening session

Darel E. Paul - Quillette: Diversity: A managerial ideology

Global News: At least 44 dead after bus hurtles down cliff in southern Peru

Rich Lowry - NY Post: The Russians didn’t do anything to us that we weren’t already doing to ourselves

Global News: Kirstie Alley criticized by Olympic curlers after she calls sport ‘boring’

Jacob Sullum - NY Post: Russia’s trolls were barely background static in the 2016 campaign

Henry Olsen - City Journal: Trump, Twitter, and the GOP’s improving poll numbers

The Hill: Dopey Russian ads didn't swing voters — federal coverups did

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: It’s time to believe tipsters when they warn us about maniacs

Global News: Let teachers carry guns, say 2 Republican lawmakers including Columbine survivor

CBC: UN expresses 'outrage' over bombardment deaths in Damascus suburbs; worst daily death toll in 3 years in rebel-held region eastern Ghouta

PC Magazine: Samsung Squeezes 30TB Into a 2.5-Inch SSD

NY Post: Trump endorses former rival Mitt Romney for Senate bid

CTV News: Guitar-maker Gibson fighting for survival

Global News: Former employees of Russian ‘troll factory’ back U.S. indictment

Caught again - Reuters: Russian team in shock over latest Olympic Games doping scandal

National Post: Trump slams FBI for failure on Florida shooter tip, says 'too much time' spent on Russia

The Guardian: Five killed in Dagestan church shooting; women shot dead in Islamist attack on Orthodox church in North Caucasus region

Global News: Benjamin Netanyahu warns Israel could act against Iran’s ’empire’

CBC: Who's that commanding stares from North Korea's Olympic troupe? Only Kim Jong 'Um' — satire and fury as Kim Jong-un lookalike tours the Olympic grounds

CBC: Russian athlete in Pyeongchang suspected of doping violation

AP/Global News: 66 dead after Iranian twin-engine TurboProp crashes in southern mountains, killing all aboard

CNBC: Stocks close higher, post best weekly gain since 2013

AP/CBC: Florida Governor demands resignation of FBI Director after agency admits it got detailed tip Parkland high school shooter-to-be had 'desire to kill'

CNBC: Russia's political disinformation group had about 80 tech employees, DOJ indictment says

Neil MacFarquhar - NY Times: Meet Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian Oligarch indicted in U.S. election interference

Alternet: Rod Rosenstein: Americans listed in Mueller indictment were 'unwitting' pawns in Russian meddling

NY Post: Trump to visit the families of Florida massacre victims

NBC New York: 'No collusion' — Mueller indicts 13 Russians accused of election meddling; charges include conspiracy, wire fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft

Daily Caller: Mass layoffs at IJR, leaving future uncertain

NY Post: Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years

Miami Herald: FBI apologizes, says it failed to probe tip on school shooter Nikolas Cruz

NY Post: Spared student says Parkland killer warned him: ‘Things are gonna start getting messy’

NPR: Oxfam Chief asks forgiveness for sexual exploitation by aid workers

NY Post: Police transcripts reveal frantic search for Florida gunman

Washington Post: U.S., Turkey return from brink, aim to ‘normalize’ ties

CTV News: Suspect confessed to Florida school attack: Sheriff's report

Debra Heine - PJ Media: Sharyl Attkisson explains the origins of the 2016 'Fake News' narrative in TedX Talk

Fox News: Trump condemns Florida shooting as act of ‘hatred and evil,’ vows to ‘tackle’ mental health issues

Fox News: Nikolas Cruz: A portrait of the Florida 19-yr-old who killed 17

Press Democrat: First blood test to help diagnose brain injuries gets U.S. OK

AP/Star Tribune: Florida governor vows to keep mentally ill from getting guns

Parkland - Miami Herald: 17 dead, 15 wounded after expelled student shoots up Stoneman Douglas High in Broward County

updated Fox News: 17 dead; Florida Senator Nelson says "Many people have been killed" in high school shooting in Parkland, in South Florida

CBC: Minnie Driver quits as Oxfam ambassador after paid sex in crisis zone scandal

Dallas Business Journal: $10.7B set aside in U.S. budget to buy dozens of Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter

Laura Barrón-López - Washington Examiner: Democratic super PAC warns Trump's approval is rising

Salena Zito: Democrats' biggest liability wears 4-inch heels

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The Trump, Clinton scandals are claiming a lot of bodies — at FBI and Justice

Politico: Poll: GOP gains on generic ballot, Trump approval ticks upward

Baltimore Sun: One injured in shooting at Fort Meade, SUV stopped at NSA security gate

AFP/Digital Journal: Macron boots French media from presidential press room

CNBC: North Korea is an increasing threat despite charm offensive, warn top intelligence officials

The Local: France sticks by plan for new compulsory 'national service' for young people

Fox News: Susan Rice's Inauguration Day email raises new questions for Comey

Miami - CBS News: Derek Jeter to critics: "We're trying to fix something that's been broken"

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Christopher Booker - Daily Mail: From killer diesel fumes to ruinous floods, every green initiative imposed on us by politicians has ended in disaster... this is the great folly of our age

'Then there was the dream of ‘carbon capture and storage’, for which Gordon Brown’s government offered £4B for companies to come up with a way of removing CO2 from the coal and gas used to make electricity, and then piping it away for burial in holes under the North Sea'.

Toronto Life: Ontario's hallway health care — she spent 47 hours waiting for surgery in the Sunnybrook ER, with shattered wrists, a broken elbow, cracked ribs and internal bleeding

Her bed was pushed up against a wall, with the IV pole and other paraphernalia wedged in beside her. Clough had nowhere to sit, so he stood awkwardly next to her until a nurse kindly brought him a chair. There was a curtain, but no switch to turn off the lights at night. That location would be Yerxa’s home for the next 19 hours—and her predicament would get worse from there. Hallway health care is epidemic in Toronto right now...

Global News: Hospitalized Humboldt Broncos get visit from Stanley Cup

A tweet was issued from the account of Broncos defenceman Ryan Straschnitzki showing him with family, friends and the Stanley Cup, noting that in keeping with an NHL superstition, he did not touch the trophy. ~ @strazsr twitter

Fox2 Detroit: Explosions rock Syrian capital as Trump announces strikes

NY Times: U.S., Britain and France strike
Syria over chemical weapons attack

Edmonton Journal: It's official: Edmonton has 167 consecutive days at or below zero

NY Times: Former FBI Deputy Director is faulted in scathing Inspector General report

Dementia risk 'much greater' for victims of brain injuries – even decades after a knock

Howard Kurtz - Fox News: Trump's shoot-first style, panned by press, may not be so crazy

AP: Trump says ‘missiles coming’ against Syria, ‘new and smart’

CTV: Alberta Premier says province prepared to buy Trans Mountain pipeline outright

AP: China’s President blinks, promises to cut auto import tariff

AP: Trump targets heart of China’s economic blueprint

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: Toll rises to 15; bus driver, two coaches, 10 players,
stats volunteer and team broadcaster confirmed dead in Humboldt Broncos bus crash

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: #WeAreBroncos: Three of 15 injured are in critical condition

The wreckage of a fatal crash outside of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, is seen Saturday, April, 7, 2018. A bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team crashed into a truck en route to Nipawin for a game Friday night killing 14 and sending over 15 more to the hospital. ~ Jonathan Hayward CP

Premier Moe: 'You are in Saskatchewan's hearts'
14 confirmed dead in junior hockey team bus crash, 14 injured

There are 24 members of the Humboldt Broncos, with members of the team ranging in age from 16 to 21. Police say there were 28 people on the bus at the time of the crash, including the driver. Three of the injuries are critical in nature. RCMP would not confirm whether the deceased were players or coaches as they work with partner agencies to notify and support families. ~ Humboldt Broncos Twitter

Global News: Humboldt Broncos deadly roadtrip: "semi-truck T-boned players’ bus"

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: NASA reports massive hole in Sun’s atmosphere;
Huge hole over 400,000 miles (700K kilometres) long is 55 times wider than the Earth

The canyon-shaped hole is remarkably wide, stretching more than 700,000 km from end to end. As a result, Earth could be under the influence of its gaseous emissions for days. ~ NASA Spaceweather

Mainstreet Research: Budget gives no boost to Liberals, PCs still in commanding lead

Ray Heard - National Post: Fifty years ago today,
MLK was killed. And before my eyes, Washington burned

National Post: Non-stop party: Canada spending
twice as much on wining and dining in the U.S. under Trudeau: documents

Reuters: Central American 'caravan' to end in Mexico City, migrants defiant

The Guardian: 'Splendid' fireball: China's Tiangong-1 space lab to hit Earth on Monday;
Canada looks safe, debris expected to hit anywhere between New Zealand and U.S. Midwest

Global News: Not just Facebook: How retailers and the payments industry track you

Space: Where will debris from China's falling space station land? latest update...

The Guardian: Scientists solve eggshell mystery of how chicks hatch

AP: Kim family has made denuclearization vows in China before

CTV News: Ahead of Trump summit, new activity at North Korea nuclear site

CBC: North Korea's Kim commits to 'denuclearization' during visit, China says;
Beijing briefs Trump on Kim's visit, as U.S. and North Korean leaders aim to meet in May

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, centre right, and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, centre left, inspect the honour guard at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Monday. ~ Korean Central News Agency Korea News Service via Associated Press

Live Science: Meet your interstitium, a newfound 'organ'

CBC: Ethics loophole keeps Aga Khan's gifts to Trudeau family secret;
because 'unacceptable' they don't have to be revealed to public

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s
nightmare: regime change in Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa

Conrad Black - National Post: Our legal system is failing us
every bit as badly as journalism is

The Guardian: 'A grand illusion': seven days that shattered Facebook's façade;
"guzzling personal data so we can micro-target you with advertising"

Andrew Coyne - National Post: The pessimists might be right,
social media may have plunged us into a new dark age

The addictiveness, and the isolation from ordinary social interactions that can result, is one of the potential problems with social media (and mass transit?). ~ John Keeble Getty Images

National Post: The numbers are in: Trudeau and Trump tied in popularity, 6 Premiers have lower approval, and at the very bottom is Ontario's Wynne, who is still sinking

Fox News: Austin bomber recorded 25-minute 'confession' to his deadly crimes, police say

Fox News: Austin serial bombing suspect Mark Conditt may have
other devices 'out there,' cops uncover 'treasure trove of information'

Austin Statesman: Bombing suspect was Pflugerville resident Mark Anthony Conditt

Austin Statesman: Bombing suspect, 23-year-old man, dies as police close in: Chief

Officials investigate near a red vehicle believed to be that of the Austin bomber on I-35 in Round Rock on Wednesday March 21, 2018. ~ Jay Janner American-Statesman

Fox News: Self-driving Uber car kills Arizona pedestrian, police say

Miami - AP: Authorities expect to find more bodies in bridge rubble

CBC: Death toll in Miami bridge collapse rises to 6 as crews search debris

Miami Herald: Just days ago now-fallen bridge was lauded for its innovations

Miami: Multiple fatalities as new pedestrian bridge collapses on Tamiami Trail

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson says as many as 6 to 10 people are dead in the bridge collapse. Top, the scene after the collapse. Bottom, a rendering of the completed bridge with suspension stays attached. It was not stayed at the time of collapse, and the 950-ton, 174-foot span is said to have been under a "stress test" over live traffic lanes when it collapsed. The Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapsed Thursday afternoon, trapping an unknown number of people and cars underneath. The bridge was installed at Southwest 109th Avenue Saturday morning, intended eventually to provide pedestrian access across Tamiami Trail from FIU’s main campus to Sweetwater, where thousands of students live in off-campus housing or in FIU’s newer dorms. Before Saturday’s installation, FIU said the method of overall installation significantly reduced the risk to workers, walkers, drivers and minimized traffic disruptions for construction.

Baseball blasphemy? - AP: Extra innings to start with runner at 2nd base in minors

CBC: The problem with runways at Canada's major airports

The Guardian: Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dies aged 76

Professor Hawking’s insights shaped modern cosmology and inspired global audiences in the millions. ~ Sarah Lee for The Guardian

BBC: Muscle loss in old age linked to fewer nerve signals

Muscle loss: The femur bone is in the middle creating a black ring, muscles are shaded grey and fat is white. Prof Jamie McPhee, from Manchester Metropolitan University, said young adults usually had 60-70,000 nerves controlling movement in the legs from the lumbar spine. But his research showed this changed significantly in old age. "There was a dramatic loss of nerves controlling the muscles - a 30-60% loss - which means they waste away," he said. "The muscles need to receive a proper signal from the nervous system to tell them to contract, so we can move around." The research team from Manchester Metropolitan University worked with researchers from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and the University of Manchester. ~ Piasecki et al

MLive: NASA study reveals 7% of astronaut's genes changed after year in space

Financial Post: Apple buys Texture digital magazine service in subscription revenue push

NY Times: Trump meeting with Kim another pledge to do what nobody else can

The Guardian: 'Shocking, incredible': what experts say about Trump meeting with Kim

The Guardian: Korean summit plans drive markets higher as trade war fears fade

AP: Seoul: Koreas agree to hold summit talks at border in April

Hani: Results of 4-hour dinner with Kim Jong-un “not disappointing”

Global News: North Korea willing to freeze nuclear missile
tests, hold talks with U.S.: Seoul

Variety: Oscars: 7 quick takeaways from the 90th Academy Awards

CTV News: Masked, black-clad mob self-dubbed 'The Ungovernables'
trash downtown blocks in Hamilton, Ontario; cause mega $$ damage

Mob of anarchist simpleton vandals in black walks down Hamilton street, smashing windows of vehicles and businesses, including restaurants, in which patrons hid under tables as they were showered with broken glass. The cowards ran away when police arrived in force. The investigation continues. ~ @OliverioCarmela

The Guardian: Roger Bannister: the death of a running legend who
surpassed that fame with his work in neurology that benefits all of us

Sportsnet: Roger Bannister, first to run mile in under 4 minutes, dies at 88

British athlete Roger Bannister breaks the tape to become the first man ever to break the four minute barrier in the mile at Iffly Field in Oxford, England. ~ AP

CTV News: Moderate alcohol consumption may lower risk of diabetes: research

ABC News: Putin boasts about new 'unstoppable' nuclear weapons in state-of-the-nation speech; says weapons include nuclear-powered cruise missile and underwater drone,
and a new hypersonic missile, all with no equivalents in the world

Financial Post: Morneau budget in deep denial about the dangerous territory we're in;
"the budget makes matters worse by continuing the government’s self-destructive policies of chronic deficit-financed spending and new taxes on entrepreneurs"

CTV News: Check your wallet: Rare paper bills to lose legal tender status

Canada’s only $500 bill in circulation was issued in 1935. Only 40 bills from the original printing of 20,900 remain in circulation. ~ Bank of Canada

Pew Research: 73% of teens have access to a smartphone; 15% have only a basic phone

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics come to an end looking forward to Beijing 2022

All good things come to an end. Pyeongchang 2018 made its mark and now has left the stage.

CBC: Ontario PC leadership candidate Patrick Brown serves CTV News notice of libel;
Brown accuses CTV of 'false, malicious, irresponsible and defamatory' reporting

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Did Trudeau Liberals lobby India to admit Atwal?

London Free Press: No injuries as bridge in Port Bruce collapses

The Lake Erie community's bridge over swollen Catfish Creek collapsed as a loaded dump truck crossed over. The driver was rescued by firefighters.

CBC: Invitation to convicted terrorist throws cloud over Trudeau's India visit

Huizhong Wu - CNN: From 'snub' to scandal, Trudeau's India visit sparks outrage

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Is Trudeau ‘hobnobbing’ with terrorists?
Why India doesn’t trust Canada all that much

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir to pay tribute to Gord Downie in Olympic gala skate

Editorial - Toronto Star: PCs are right to give Patrick Brown a chance to run

updated CBC: Patrick Brown cleared to run for Ontario PC leadership

National Post: Leaders express admiration, sadness for Billy Graham, dead at 99

In this June 27, 1954 file photo, Evangelist Billy Graham speaks to over 100,000 Berliners at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany. Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, has died. Spokesman Mark DeMoss says Graham, who long suffered from cancer, pneumonia and other ailments, died at his home in North Carolina on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. He was 99. ~ Werner Kreusch AP

Mississauga - CBC: Patrick Brown appeals to grassroots supporters at enthusiastic PC
leadership campaign event; throws down gauntlet, flanked by loyal candidates and MPPs

Toronto Star: Helicopter assessing Mexico quake damage crashes; 13 on ground killed

Mexico’s Interior Department said that the helicopter was carrying Secretary Alfonso Navarrete and Oaxaca state Gov. Alejandro Murat, who were evaluating reports of damage from the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake, before their helicopter crashed, killing 13 and injuring 15, all of them on the ground. ~ Patricia Castellanos AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Reuters: Strong Mexico quake cuts power and damages homes; no deaths reported

updated USGS: Huge, mid-depth M7.2 quake hits 2km SE of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico

Buildings are reportedly shaking in Mexico City from this huge quake. ~ USGS map

updated CBC: Patrick Brown registers to run in Ontario PC leadership race

'I filed my papers': Patrick Brown wants to join Ontario PC leadership race.

U.S. Department of Justice: Text - Indictment of 13 Russians

BBC: Russians charged over U.S. 2016 election tampering

CBC: 'Startlingly high mortality' among single dads in Canada

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: Key accusation against Patrick Brown false,
CTV News now admits; should Brown be reinstated as PC Leader?

John Robson - National Post: Stoking fiery division
over the Boushie verdict doesn't show you care

Sportsnet: Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth retires after 36 seasons

Stephen Brunt - Sportsnet: Call it 36: a tribute to Jerry Howarth

Health issues force broadcasting legend Jerry Howarth to pull the plug after 36 years. His voice will be missed by millions of Canadians and other baseball fans around the world.

National Post: To avoid defections, North Korea Olympic
athletes kept under 24-hour guard, including pee breaks

Climate Depot: Record snowfall amounts pile up around the globe

Pyeongchang, South Korea - AP: Wind, ice & cold are making this Olympics too wintry

CTV News: Olympic roundup: Veteran figure skating team wins Canada's first gold

Toronto Star: Massive job losses in Ontario followed minimum wage
hike on January 1st; record 50,900 part-time jobs lost in the province

NY Post: Olympic Games officially kick off in PyeongChang

Fireworks go off during the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. ~ AFP/Getty Images

Global News: Hundreds of aftershocks rock Taiwan hampering rescue efforts

CBC: SpaceX's 'Starman' misses Mars orbit, heads to asteroid belt

CBC: Dozens missing after M6.4 Taiwan quake leaves buildings tilting precariously

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, centre back facing, is briefed Wednesday at the site of a collapsed building from the earthquake that hit Tuesday night in Hualien, southeastern Taiwan. ~ Taiwan Presidential Office

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Ross Ayotte - Two Row Times: Holding Wynne accountable; incompetence and broken promises

CBC: Wine industry, business groups disappointed by Supreme Court's interprovincial beer ruling

CBC: How 'Free the Beer' ruling could impact the B.C.-Alberta pipeline war

Huffington Post: All in the Liberal Family; Facebook exec Kevin Chan defends his access to Trudeau cabinet; but not registered as a lobbyist

CBC: MPs call Facebook on the carpet to answer a question: can it be trusted?

Toronto Star: Hydro One board should resign over secret changes to CEO’s compensation deal, Ford says

Kelly McParland - National Post: Ontario Premier predicts 'vicious' election campaign, then gets vicious; afraid to run on record

CTV: No damage or injuries reported after minor M3.6 earthquake hits southwestern Ontario

National Post: Ontario PC leader Doug Ford says he would end subsidies to parties, calls it ‘political welfare’

Sportsnet: IOC declares Canadian weightlifter Christine Girard is 2012 Olympic champion

Toronto Star: ‘There must be a better way’: More medical grads expected to be jobless after graduation than ever before

Ottawa: Supreme Court gets it wrong, rules no free trade between provinces; you can't buy beer and cross a provincial border if province says you can't

Napanee Beaver: Plans revealed for Napanee redevelopment project on historic Gibbard Furniture factory site

Lorne Gunter - Toronto Sun: The motivating factors behind our pipeline crisis

Toronto Sun: Ontario’s power-price crisis -- how it happened and who got hurt

Globe and Mail: Queen urges Commonwealth to name Prince Charles as its next leader

Bloomberg: That gorgeous Toronto condo you signed up for? They just scrapped it

CTV: CN Tower closed for 4th consecutive day due to falling ice risk

Tom Blackwell - National Post: Failed Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne calls Doug Ford a Canadian Trump as campaign turns 'vicious' — but is it a winning strategy? Not when your incompetence is well-known and loathed

CTV: Quebec man who caused flight to return to Montreal ordered to pay $17,450

Guelph Today: Stone Road Mall to cut hours in attempt to combat negative impact of minimum wage hike

Moody's downgrades Ontario's credit rating to negative from stable

K-W Record: Canadian drug mule jailed 8 years in cocaine cruise

Global News: Doug Ford tells Nepean crowd the ‘days of gouging the taxpayers is done’

Jerry Agar - Toronto Sun: Minimum wage law kills job opportunities for disabled

Brian Lilley: Bureaucrats advice to Trudeau, hide the real immigration numbers from the public

Montreal Gazette: 'We've reached our limit to house illegal asylum seekers', Quebec says

CBC: Canada sending home families of diplomats in Cuba after cases of 'new type' of brain injury

CTV: Thousands remain without power in wake of Ontario ice storm

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: First Trans Mountain, then the resurrection of Energy East

Ottawa Citizen: Hundreds brave ice storm to attend Doug Ford rallies in Ottawa

CBC: Ford promises minimum wage earners will pay no provincial income tax, saving typical employee $800

Windsor Star: Windsor mayor fears border woes once cannabis legal

Toronto Star: Trudeau’s top security adviser denies blaming Indian government for ‘conspiracy’ in Atwal affair

Globe and Mail: Alberta introduces law to restrict flow of oil, gas amid pipeline dispute with B.C.

Global News: Canadians scrambling to pay off debt as interest rates rise: poll

updated Toronto: Ice falling from CN Tower smashes cars and office windows, and punctures Rogers Centre roof; risk to fans postpones Blue Jays game; doubleheader Tuesday

Global News: Sentencing hearing begins for American woman over role in Halifax mall shooting plot

Lorne Gunter - Edmonton Sun: Failed policies force feds and Alberta NDP to backstop Trans Mountain

CTV: FCM Guide to cannabis legalization predicts home-grown pot will give municipalities headaches

Global News: Monster ice storm continues to ravage southern Ontario, OPP warns motorists to stay off roads

Editorial - Globe and Mail: David Livingston’s jail sentence sends the right message about accountability

Global News: Trudeau whiffs; Trans Mountain pipeline battle continues, B.C. goes ahead with legal reference case challenging federal power

CBC: It just got personal: PC supporters, Liberals roll out pre-election attack ads

Toronto Star: Mike Pence thanks Trudeau for supporting Syria strikes, says NAFTA deal close

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Wynne no modern-day Robin Hood

CBC: Environment Canada upgrades potential ice storm warning for Southern Ontario

CBC: Ham-handed Liberal Govt meddling; Sellers blame new mortgage rules as average Canadian house price falls 10% in past year

CBC: Quebec City mosque shooter set off by Canada's open stance on refugees

Madoc: Social-media threats against high school lead to charges in Centre Hastings

Guelph Mercury: Doug Ford vows to fire CEO and board of Hydro One if elected Premier

Ottawa - CBC: Finally, Trudeau to interrupt foreign trip to meet with NDP Premiers Notley and Horgan on pipeline impasse which threatens Canadian economy

CBC: 16 Canadians arrested during international investigation into online child sex abuse

Humboldt Journal: SJHL to go ahead with remainder of playoffs

Toronto - CBC: Mayor urges Torontonians to wear hockey jerseys today in support of Humboldt Broncos

No Spring warming, Winter weather continues - CBC: Freezing rain today in southern Ontario, ice storm coming this weekend; some areas could get as much as 20 mm of ice or more on Saturday

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Justin Trudeau’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Tom Blackwell - National Post: At $1B, cancelling gas plants was actually one of Ontario Liberals’ cheaper, expensive electricity decisions that has needlessly indebted Ontarians for decades to come

iPolitics: Wynne tries to distance herself from former Liberal Chief of Staff to Premier given jail sentence for political cover-up

Toronto Star: Premier Wynne forced on defensive at Black community debate

C2C Journal: Down and out in Ontario; "it is hardly a revelation that more government control, through higher taxes and more regulation, yields poor fiscal, economic, and social outcomes"

CBC: Doug Ford targets seats in northern Ontario, long a wasteland for PC Party

Global News: Ontario Liberal budget fails to woo voters as PCs gain double-digit lead: Ipsos poll

Calgary Herald: 'He's a good guy': Truck driver in Humboldt crash worked with Calgary company for 'about a month'

CBC: Trumps, Trudeaus, Obamas not invited to wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Global News: Calgary trucking company suspended pending investigation of Humboldt Broncos crash

Sportsnet: Body in Humboldt Broncos bus crash misidentified

CBC: 1st Humboldt Broncos team player released from hospital

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: 'He's actually a miracle': Father of Broncos player was first on scene, called by his spared son: "the bus was in an accident" just a quarter-mile down the road

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: 'It's got to rip the heart out of your chest': Leafs head coach and Saskatoon native Mike Babcock on Humboldt crash

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: 'The tears just keep coming': Humboldt Broncos captain and head coach among 14 dead after Saskatchewan hockey bus crash

Joe Oliver - Financial Post: Kathleen Wynne switches her cynical political machine into fake caring mode

CBC: Doctor who survived Ebola visits Winnipeg to thank ZMapp scientists

Saskatoon - CTV News: RCMP confirm fatalities after Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus, semi crash

Adam Radwanski - Globe and Mail: Why Doug Ford's controversial campaign-bus decision does everyone a favour

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Serious questions remain around Atwal affair despite partisan silliness

Globe and Mail: Ontario Liberals paid English Catholic teachers’ union $31M as part of settlement for wage increase delays

Don Martin - CTV News: Political hot air to blame for pending carbon pricing failure; shallow McKenna floundering out of her depth

CTV News: Budget has not swung election as Tories still enjoy big lead: poll

Kelly McParland - National Post: Why Doug Ford doesn't need a plan to win the Ontario election

Sohail Gandhi - Huffington Post: Having learned nothing, Ontario Liberals keep trying to vilify physicians

Global News: Private sector workforce declines by 7,000 but nearly 20,000 new government jobs holds Canada unemployment rate steady as part-time positions disappear

Halifax Chronicle Herald: Statistics Canada reports trade deficit grows to $2.7B in February; 700K above predictions

Global News: Hamilton resident arrested in Locke Street anarchist mob vandalism

CTV News: Ontario storm cuts power to thousands, causes mega-damage with high winds, snow

iPolitics: Lobby wrap: Google’s Sidewalk Labs registers director to chat data collection, use with privacy watchdog

CTV News: Money to move: Newfoundland and Labrador government offers up to $270K per home to clear out tiny towns

CBC: 3 more Ontario Liberals, including 2 cabinet ministers, won't seek re-election

Rex Murphy - National Post: Cheers for the meat-eating hero who took on 'privileged' vegan bullies

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: PC leader Doug Ford gets warm reception in NDP, Liberal hotbed of Hamilton

Global News: Hwy. 400 near Barrie re-opens after up to 50 vehicles involved in crashes: police

Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Post: Canada's churches aren't interested in Trudeau's 30 pieces of silver

Lorne Gunter - Toronto Sun: How the Liberals' attestation will ruin summer for many Canadians

Global News: Windstorm knocks out power for nearly 100,000 customers in southern Ontario: Hydro One

Globe and Mail: Trudeau government’s Davos trip cost taxpayers nearly $700,000 — so far

Toronto Star: Keeping the Pickering nuclear plant open until 2024 is good for economy, report says

Doug Ford - Toronto Sun: Kathleen Wynne’s farewell budget

Ross Ayotte - Lake Superior News: Waiting for Vote Liberal Free Groceries for Life; they've tried every other bribe

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Justin Trudeau unwisely plays media like April fools

CP: Quebec, Ontario budgets reveal vastly different approaches: prudence and recklessness

Global News: It just got tougher to take Quebec’s back door into Vancouver and Toronto real estate

CTV News: Mulcair's advice to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh? Get a seat

Montreal: Supporting winning sports teams boosts heart attack risk, study finds

Adam Radwanski - Globe and Mail: As Wynne goes further left, Ontario looks more polarized than ever before

Huffington Post: 1 in 4 Anglo-Canadians have ditched cable, majority use Netflix: report

Washington Post: Canadians’ love affair with Justin Trudeau is over

Napanee Guide: Loyalist OPP arrest five males after pursuit that ends in collision with train

CTV News: Recession path? Statistics Canada says economy pulled back 0.1% in January

CTV News: Spendaholic Ontario budget says 'damn the torpedoes' and tries to buy votes for Wynne with billions of new debt for world debt leader

Toronto Star: Peter Munk, founder of Barrick Gold, dead at age 90

John Michael McGrath - TVO: The Auditor General gives the Liberals a headache on the eve of their feel-good budget

Martin Regg Cohn - Toronto Star: Ontario budget delivers most ambitious pre-election blueprint in recent memory — at a huge cost

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Nothing Wynne and Sousa say is believable

Globe and Mail: Auditor-General blasts ‘bogus’ hydro accounting strategies in Ontario

CTV News: 'Abusive and exploitative': Petition seeks to eliminate birth tourism in B.C.

Toronto Star: Doug Ford says he will cut red tape and hydro rates to revive Ontario manufacturing jobs

CBC: Tim Hortons, franchisees spat over $700M plan to reno most Canadian locations

CTV News: 'Perfectly Canadian': Hockey mom hailed for breastfeeding during intermission

Global News: Liberal approval rating drops to 44% as women, middle class look to Tories: Ipsos poll

Canadian Press - Canoe: Canada joins list of countries expelling Russian diplomats en masse following ex-spy nerve agent attack

CTV News: Canada gives border security extra powers to crack down on imports of cheap steel, aluminum

Toronto Star: Ryerson transit expert challenges the TTC’s findings on the King St. pilot project; businesses suffering heavy losses, street vibe gone

A.J. Somerset - Ottawa Citizen: The Liberals take their shot at gun control — and satisfy nobody

Tristin Hopper - National Post: What really happened in the Chilcotin War, the 1864 conflict that just prompted an exoneration from Trudeau?

Bloomberg: Canadian dairies are booming amid Trump’s trade threats

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Liberals' effort to blackmail churches over abortion opposition backfires

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Liberals losing support of women despite Trudeau pandering

National Post: The hospital CEO who created the continent's 'first digital hospital' is now behind Doug Ford's health policy

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Green energy is Grits' mega-blunder; "facilitated the waste of billions of dollars of public money, as documented by two Ontario auditors general" and "denied natural justice to the citizens of rural Ontario, by dictatorially usurping the planning powers of their municipal governments"

Toronto Star: Air Canada flight makes emergency landing in Washington, D.C. after smoke found in cockpit

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Wynne hiding major cuts to public services?

Sue-Ann Levy - Toronto Sun: Doug Ford unstoppable

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading

Stewart Bell - Global News: Juno Awards ‘attractive’ terrorist target, government report says. But what isn’t these days?

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: 'I think we made our point': Conservatives end their nearly 21-hour-long House of Commons voting marathon in protest of Liberal refusal to provide witness

Windsor Star: Sunshine List: Two years after termination, Switzer still top LHIN salary earner

National Post: New Democrat MP punished after supporting Conservative's Summer Jobs motion

CP: Canada’s allies frustrated with Trudeau handling of Mali peacekeeping announcement

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Time to #deletefacebook

Rob Breakenridge - Global News: Canada must ensure dangerous criminals are deported

Rex Murphy - National Post: 'Facebook made me do it' is no excuse for bad decisions

CBC: Federal Liberals spend $150K over 2 years to fly in stakeholders for announcements

CBC: Kaetlyn Osmond wins figure skating worlds, 1st Canadian female champ in 45 years

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Liberals are all talk and no action when it comes to protecting the integrity of Canada’s next election

Toronto Star: American-born Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins American activists against oil pipeline; arrested in PR ploy

Global News: Ontario Sunshine List: Number of public sector workers earning over $100k tops 130,000

CBC: New titanium industry could grow out of oilsands waste

Joe Oliver - Toronto Sun: In support of populism and Doug Ford

Halifax - CBC: On the night he nearly died, this man resorted to leaving the ER to call 911 for help

CP: Just For Laughs sold to Howie Mandel and partners

Toronto Star: Doug Ford, PCs find traction with affordability, accountability message, poll finds

Toronto Sun: Ontario Tory leader Doug Ford to put business assets in trust

Walied Soliman - Toronto Sun: Unreservedly for Doug; a must-read

Kelly McParland - National Post: As Quebec gets its house in order, Ontario continues bankrupting itself

Spend, spend, spend - CBC: Beleagured Ontario Liberals use Throne Speech to make big spending promises for health care, child care

Toronto Star: Doug Ford fires up 2,000 PC Party supporters at ‘unity rally’

Jennifer Wells - Toronto Star: A growing list of reasons to unfriend Facebook; The foundational truths of the social-media giant now lie in tatters

Stuart Thomson - National Post: Justin Trudeau is less popular than Stephen Harper was at this point in his tenure as PM

Global News: Here we snow again? Winter weather forecast for Metro Vancouver Thursday

CTV News: Facebook whistleblower previously pushed data-mining boundaries in Canada, source tells CP

Huffington Post: Justin Trudeau's disapproval rating jumps over 50% for first time; Angus Reid says Tories now have a shot at winning a majority government

CBC: Uber halts self-driving test in Toronto after Arizona pedestrian death

CBC: Super-fast, next-generation 5G wireless to get $200M research boost from governments

Toronto Star: Canada to deploy helicopters, medical team to UN Mali mission

Global News: Ontario NDP platform to include universal benefits for workers, deprivatizing Hydro One, but no announced plan on how to pay for the promises

CTV News: Tory defence critic questions plan to send Canadian peacekeepers to dangerous Mali under UN command

CBC: RCMP move to arrest pipeline protesters at entrance to Trans Mountain work site

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Queen's University joins the academic bullies against author of colonialism article; the world, it appears, needs not more Canada, but less

CBC: How Ontario's soaring auto insurance rates could swing the provincial election

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: NDP brain trust was unprepared to manage Sikh independence controversy

CBC: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh oddly preoccupied with Indian politics and events from 1984, instead of focus on current Canadian domestic conditions

CBC: Progressive Conservatives outline plan for northern Ontario; Ford says Ring of Fire project impact comparable to Alberta oilsands

Global News: Man charged with 3 counts of 2nd-degree murder in Ajax triple homicide

updated CBC: B.C. Premier, Washington state Governor announce study of high-speed rail connecting Portland, Seattle and Vancouver

James Wallace - Toronto Sun: Patrick Brown’s story is far from over after withdrawal from June election

Chris Selley - National Post: With Wynne taking a Reefer Madness tone, Doug Ford is voice of reason on marijuana; "Kathleen Wynne has never looked more like a fraud..."

Reuters: Canada household debt-to-income near record high, home sales fall

CTV News: Federal NDP leader Singh says he'd attend future Sikh-separatist events; divided loyalties?

Reuters: Canada factory sales dip 1 percent on aerospace, autos weakness

Global News: Ontario PC Party could get majority government as Tories have lead in seat-rich GTA: Ipsos Poll

Financial Post: Canadian crude just found a new way to Asia — no pipeline necessary

Kingston Whig-Standard: Mother convicted of killing 3 daughters in Kingston 'honour killing' ordered deported

Brian Lilley: Trump vs Trudeau, who is right and does it matter?

CBC: New U.S. tariffs will cost Corner Brook Pulp and Paper $30M a year

Fraser Institute: Ontario’s Lost Decade: 2007–2016; Ontario underperformed the rest of the country in each of the metrics examined in this study, specifically, real economic growth per person, private sector job growth, progress in real median household incomes, or debt accumulated per capita

Global News: 3 killed in domestic-related case in Durham, male suspect charged: police

Toronto Star: Trump’s new economic adviser Kudlow called Trudeau a ‘left-wing crazy guy’ — but he sides with Canada on NAFTA, tariffs

CITY News: Could Kathleen Wynne lose in her own riding? Forum Research poll raises the possibility

Martin Patriquin - iPolitics: Jagmeet Singh can’t endorse separatist politics in Punjab while denouncing them in Quebec

CBC: Doug Ford wants govt out of cannabis business in Ontario; Ford has also promised to repeal Ontario's extreme sex-ed curriculum, not accept a federal carbon tax in Ontario, and end provincial income taxes for people making $30,000 or less a year

Toronto Star: Doug Ford’s pitch to Ontario voters will cut costs, size of government — but no layoffs

Paul Wells - Macleans: Where Jagmeet Singh is really coming from; Canadians are getting used to hearing half answers from the new NDP leader — on questions he himself is raising — about Sikh extremism

Ottawa Citizen: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh defends attending Sikh separatist rally in 2015, but condemns terrorism

Not-so-closet radical? - Globe and Mail: Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh attended Sikh separatist rally in San Francisco in 2015

Joe Oliver - Financial Post: Yet more proof foreign radicals (yes, radicals) are sabotaging Canada’s economy

CTV News: Canada holds onto seventh rank in World Happiness Report, Finland first; Canada was 7th in 2017, 6th in 2016 and 5th in 2015

Toronto - CBC: Doug Ford says Ontario PCs are 'always going to be progressive'

570 News: Peladeau says Quebecor has $2 billion available for networks, stock buybacks

Tarek Fatah - Toronto Sun: Four Lefties for Doug Ford

Halifax - CBC: Nor'easter downs trees, church steeple, causes widespread power outages; winds gusting up to 128 km/h blew through Nova Scotia Tuesday night

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Ford is no Trump; he’s a lot more like Harper

Global News: How Rex Tillerson’s firing affects Canada

Royal Central: Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde kick off their State Visit to Canada with another big diplomatic mistake from Trudeau Govt

Toronto Star: Air Canada says services restored after massive system outage affected Pearson, other airports

CBC: Doug Ford's messages resonate in Waterloo region, says MPP Michael Harris who had supported Elliott

Toronto Star: Jr. Snub: Trudeau skips meeting Belgian royalty, business delegation

Toronto Sun: Doug Ford plans broad 'movement' that includes many Liberals and NDP

Calgary Herald: Federal Environment Minister McKenna says she will force Saskatchewan to have a carbon tax

Global News: Vancouver, Toronto residents digging into debt faster than any Canadians, data shows

CTV News: Canada's busiest highway shut down in Ajax as Ontario police pursue bank robbery suspects

Global News: RCMP launches DNA program hoping to link victims, families, offenders, remains

Montreal - CTV News: Prime Minister, Premier meeting with Quebec's aluminum and steel workers; failures in NAFTA negotiations coming home to roost

CBC: Saskatoon police consider murder charges after 2 fatally OD on cocaine suspected of containing fentanyl

Global News: From sex-ed to a carbon tax: Here’s where Doug Ford stands on big issues

CBC: Forget the 416 — Doug Ford says his biggest fans are outside of Toronto; promises wins in new places due to widespread dread of Wynne

CTV News: Man charged after drug lab explodes in Pembroke

Financial Post: Canada among three economies in world most at risk of banking crisis, BIS warns

Halifax Chronicle Herald: Competition Bureau searches Torstar, Postmedia offices in newspaper swap review

CTV News: Man charged with First Degree Murder in Napanee crash that killed 88-yr-old

Rex Murphy - National Post: The contemptible concept of 'white privilege' is just ugly, angry racism

Breitbart: Canadian Climate Minister urges attention to the ‘gendered impacts’ of climate change

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Ontario PC Leadership race results

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Federal leaders would have little to celebrate with Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario

Toronto Star: Ottawa to pursue settlements with residential school survivors that suffered student-on-student abuse

CBC: Doug Ford named new Ontario PC leader after chaotic convention day; won on 3rd ballot preferences

Toronto Star: PCs would win next Ontario election despite media-generated voters’ dislike of Doug Ford, Forum poll finds

Calgary Herald: Alberta Education Minister puts school superintendents' pay and benefits under review

Toronto Star: Toronto trial hears cop tipped off drug dealers in exchange for cash

Financial Post: 'Fear and uncertainty': Out-of-province homebuyers could rush to sell if B.C. slaps speculation tax

Toronto Star: Saskatchewan stands pat against carbon tax after meeting with Trudeau

CP24: Judge blocks request for PC leadership race extension

Global News: NAFTA termination could result in loss of 85k jobs in Canada: report

CBC: Names of Indigenous groups who won coveted Arctic surf clam quota announced; 5 winners come from Atlantic Canada and Quebec, which has angered shut-out Nova Scotia Indigenous groups

CP24: Ontario PC Party members going to court to try and extend leadership race

CTV News: Alberta Premier threatens to turn off oil taps in B.C. dispute

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau's blunder-filled India trip sinks Liberals in the polls; Trudeau’s personal popularity has dropped from 47% to 39% in the last month, while negative impressions rose from 31% to 38%

Toronto Star: Tories stick to Saturday for leadership results despite some candidates’ complaints

CBC: Ottawa rejects bid by all 13 Nova Scotia First Nations partnering with Clearwater Seafoods for clam quota; Clearwater had long held the quota; gives instead to undefined coalition partnering with Premium Seafoods

Globe and Mail: Ontario heading back into deficit in pre-election budget

Reuters: Canada, Mexico will be temporarily exempted from U.S. metals tariffs: Washington Post

CBC: Loonie wobbles as Bank of Canada cites trade fears in interest rate decision; Bank's statement also mentions housing slowdown in decision to leave key rate unchanged

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: As the PCs' leadership race gets ugly, Mulroney's ideas are worth a look

CBC: Requirement to tell foster kids Easter Bunny is real violated couple's charter rights: court

National Post: Trump's tariffs will hit Canada nearly five times harder than China, the apparent target; raise NAFTA stakes for hapless Liberals, put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk

CBC: Ottawa Public Health urges ban on pot smoking in condos, apartments, on balconies; also urging province to outlaw smoking, vaping in outdoor designated areas, hotels

updated CBC: SIU investigating after high-speed crash in Napanee claims life of innocent Florence Wyatt-Morris, 88, while police chasing SUV

CBC: BlackBerry files patent infringement suit against Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Christie Blatchford - National Post: More Liberal gaffes uncovered from Trudeau's not so excellent India visit

Toronto Star: Scheer off to London with sights set on Canada-UK free trade deal

CBC: GTA home sales down 35% from February 2017, selling prices also dropped more than 12%, Toronto Real Estate Board reports

CBC: Ontario to bring in 'pay transparency' bill aimed at closing gender wage gap; pay transparency measures will begin with Ontario public service before applying to large employers

Global News: Donald Trump warns Canada won’t get a break on steel tariffs without ‘fair’ NAFTA deal; says 'walk the talk' or 'just walk'

CBC: Court orders investigation of $3B Sears payout; pensioners hope to recoup money they say has been missing since company went bankrupt

Politico: Lighthizer warns NAFTA could be split into separate deals with Canada and Mexico if tripartite agreement unreachable

Global News: Doug Ford calls for Ontario PC Party leadership voting to be extended, use of paper ballots; tactic or real concern?

Toronto Star: Toronto police release photo of 7th suspected victim in Bruce McArthur case

CBC: Canadian dollar dips below 77 cents U.S. on trade worries; loonie has steadily slid lower as protectionist trade talk has begun to overshadow NAFTA negotiations; Liberals overlooked Trump card?

CP24: $100K Hamilton vandalism spree was ‘not a spontaneous act’

CBC: Kenney threatens to stop flow of oil to B.C., put toll on natural gas; 'If the NDP in Victoria breaks the law, and blocks the export of our major product, we have to respond'

Vancouver Sun: CRA rapped as Nanaimo couple awarded $1M in damages arising from malicious prosecution

CBC: Burns Lake residents say shocked at sex-related allegations against B.C. Liberal Party membership chair, and former local mayor

Huffington Post: Brian Jean, ex-Wildrose Party leader, quits Alberta Legislature

CBC: Toronto police make grisly discovery of 7th set of human remains in Bruce McArthur's planters

Hill Times: Trudeau’s image takes biggest hit since 2015 on India trip, goes from ‘golden boy’ to a ‘bit of a joke,’ say politicos

UPI: Made in Canada, 'Shape of Water' wins 4 Oscars, including Best Picture

Irina Slav - Oilprice: Canada’s oil crisis continues to worsen

Joe Warminton - Toronto Sun: 'We are the Ungovernables': Masked mob vandalize Hamilton; were some of G20-level thugs in town for 'Anarchist Book Fair' inexplicably hosted by Hamilton high school? Quebec licence plate link?

Toronto Star: As we watch Amazon, its ‘HQ2’ decision-makers are watching us

Halifax Chronicle Herald: White House gets pressure from within U.S. to spare Canada from steel and aluminum tariffs

CTV News: Morneau finally says Canada 'prepared to react' against U.S. tariffs if necessary

iPolitics: B.C. Liberal MP now says he didn’t invite Atwal

Toronto Star: Freight train derailment east of Kingston causes major passenger delays

CTV News: Ontario Tories extend deadline to verify eligibility to vote in leadership race

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: New video casts doubt on Trudeau's version of Atwal scandal

Global News: Justin Trudeau would lose if an election were held tomorrow, India trip a symptom of shift in mood: Ipsos poll

Toronto Star: Mulroney says it’s time for a generational change at Queen’s Park

Hank Daniszewski - London Free Press: Progressive Conservative leadership earthquake shakes local bedrock

Global News: Special weather statement issued for Toronto due to snowfall Thursday night

Miami - ABC News: RCAF life raft drops off helicopter, falls through roof of Miami house, injuring woman

Tim Harper - Toronto Star: On the India fiasco, Trudeau is looking for blame in all the wrong places

London Free Press: Plight of ailing London man in Mexico sparks Queen's Park debate

Global News: London, Ontario man stranded in Mexico hospital due to lack of available Ontario hospital beds

Globe and Mail: Conservative MP ‘chased down’ Jaspal Atwal after assassination attempt in 1986 when he was a Mountie

Bloc buster? Montreal Gazette: Bloc Québécois blows up as seven of 10 MPs quit to sit as independents

Global News: Taxpayers to shell out $605M for June G7 meeting in Quebec

Toronto Star: Caroline Mulroney has raked in $700K in her bid to succeed Patrick Brown

Lorne Gunter - Toronto Sun: Federal budget ignores big items while pandering on gender issues

Andrew Coyne - National Post: The Liberals deliver a federal budget that has nothing to do with budgeting, or the economy

CBC: Families celebrating $81M in budget to fix the no-fly list system

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Trudeau Liberals just tabled Canada's first full-blown social justice budget

CTV News: Ontario PC leadership candidates race face off in second debate in Ottawa

Adrian Morrow - Globe and Mail: Blame Canada: Trump paints us as suave international swindlers

Edmonton Sun: City council approves permanent closure of Coliseum

National Post: Convicted Liberal aide stops short of apologizing for crime in Ontario gas plants scandal

CBC: New hornet's next; Passive investment income tax changes target only richest corporations, Morneau says

CHCH: Nanticoke station’s landmark twin chimneys to be demolished Wednesday

Toronto Star: Groups urge independent review of missing persons cases in wake of Bruce McArthur charges

India Today: Justin Trudeau blames Indian elements for Khalistani Jaspal Atwal, India says baseless

Terry Glavin - Macleans: How Trudeau’s top national security advisor lost the plot in India

CTV News: Bus passengers describe terrifying scene after pile-up on B.C. highway

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