Health alert: Understanding the connections between alcohol and breast cancer

Leah Libresco - Washington Post: I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

CNBC: Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform

Toronto Star: Trump directs NASA to send U.S. astronauts to the moon and Mars

Piers Morgan - Daily Mail: It's true, we've never had a President like Trump - he actually keeps his promises. No wonder the liberal media can't stand him

Global News: Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, Tennessee Titans NFL players among celebrities reaching out to Tennessee boy after bullying video goes viral

AP/CBC: Saudi Arabia to allow movie theatres to open after 35-year ban

Global News: North Korea’s nuclear test in September still causing aftershocks, shifted Earth’s crust

Kangaroo court? - Reuters: Judge tells fired Trump campaign chair Manafort to stop communicating with media; pre-trial gag order given unprecedented extension

Fox News: Port Authority explosion suspect: What we know about Akayed Ullah

AP: Rash of retirements triggers Texas political bonanza

Fox News: Convicted South Carolina serial killer says he has other victims, 'outside state, and outside country'

CTV News: Israel: Hamas tunnel destroyed using new techniques

Daily Caller: Seven times CNN botched the news in 2017 — so far

Rex Murphy - National Post: Endless sex scandals expose hypocrisy of Hollywood and media industry

Paul Beaudry and Martin Masse - Financial Post: Don’t freak over ending net neutrality. It’s only been making the Internet worse

Kurdistan24: Iraq ‘totally liberated’ from ISIS, says PM Abadi

Editorial - National Post: On Jerusalem, Trump finally reveals hard truths about Mideast 'peace'

Daily Caller: CNN botches major ‘bombshell’ alleging contacts between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks; any credibility left?

LA Times: State Democrat Assemblyman Matt Dababneh to resign following sexual misconduct allegations

The Hill: Analysis: Apple poised for $47B windfall from GOP tax bill

AP/Global News: 14 UN Peacekeepers killed, 40 wounded in Congo attack

CNBC: Economy firing on all cylinders as November job growth tops hopes; 228,000 jobs created, 200,000 had been predicted by economists

LA Times: As winds kick up again, tall flames menace communities far and wide

CNBC: Boeing CEO says 'tax reform is the single most important thing' for U.S. economy

St. Paul - AP: In Franken’s fall, sudden Senate pickup chance for GOP

LA Daily News: On Day 4 of Southern California fires, a stark collection of losses and gains

Fox News: Bernie Sanders' wife's land deal still under FBI probe; witness recently questioned

AP: Flames engulf semi-rural San Diego area, destroying dozens of houses, in newest wildfires

Weather: Winter storm Benji delivering a wintry mess to the Deep South, then the season's first snow along the Eastern seaboard

Reuters: AT&T/Time Warner antitrust trial set for March

Extremetech: Nvidia launches $3,000 Titan V, ‘world’s most powerful PC GPU’

PC Mag: Apple is ready to ditch the Mac

AP: Elite thoroughbred race horses killed in California wildfire

Baltimore Sun: Even newer forms of birth control can increase the risk of breast cancer, study says

Atlanta - AP: Some panic as wintry mix threatens wide swath of South

LA Daily News: How to buy your own piece of vintage Disneyland

Inverse: The story of human migration out of Africa just got re-written

Reuters: Japan to acquire air-launched missiles able to strike North Korea

AL: Snow falling on Alabama: Weather service raises some projected amounts to 5 inches

Washington Post: Argentine ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner charged with treason

KSAT: Snow making a kid out of everyone in San Antonio

LA Times: Scientists use CRISPR to turn genes on without editing their DNA

Vivian Bercovici - National Post: It took Trump to expose the stupidity of denying Jerusalem's reality

AP: Key Republicans oppose effort to reduce corporate tax cut

Financial Post: GE to slash 12,000 jobs, almost 20% of its power division's workforce, as world turns its back on reliable conventional power

AP: As Franken’s support collapses, Democrats expect resignation

LA Times: Fires close 265 L.A. Unified schools; Santa Monica-Malibu closures continue

AP: Trump move on Jerusalem highlights Arab divisions

KTLA: Nearly 30 horses found burned to death by Creek Fire in Tujunga Canyon

LA Times: Homes burning in ritzy Bel-Air as 150-acre fire closes the 405 Freeway and forces evacuations

Fox News: Corey Feldman's 1993 audio files naming alleged sexual predators found by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

CBS News: Al Franken to make announcement after fellow Democrats urge him to resign

David Harsanyi - Federalist: Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem makes ‘peace’ more likely

updated Reuters: At least 25 Democrat Senators call for Franken's resignation; rubbed a lot of people the wrong way

Ben Voth - American Thinker: Tax cuts do not cost money and, empirically, they are almost certain to increase revenue to the U.S. Federal government

Chris Edwards - National Review: The Senate tax bill favours the middle class, not the rich

Boston Herald: Fourth Republican takes state seat from a Democrat this year nationwide as Tran flips Massachusetts Senate race

Will Rahn - CBS News: President Trump starts to rack up wins

Editorial - NY Sun: The Mueller firing speech Trump should deliver

Reuters: Saudi-led blockade cuts fuel lifeline to Yemen

Bloomberg: It’s official: Putin says he’ll run for re-election

Paul Sperry - NY Post: Double-crossing FBI agent must be held accountable

Chuck Ross - Daily Caller: Top Clinton aides face no charges after also making false statements to FBI

Reuters: U.S. Air Force unveils criminal reporting reforms in wake of Texas shooting

Reuters: Fox and Disney reportedly near a deal for TV and studio assets

Michael Ledeen - PJ Media: Nothing about collusion

NY Post: British security had intel about Manchester concert bomber weeks before

Catherine Herridge - Fox News: Mueller deputy praised DOJ official after she defied Trump travel ban order: 'I am so proud'

NY Post: Wisconsin closer to drug-testing adults applying for food stamps

CBS News: Under siege, Rep. John Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to run for seat

Stuart Varney - Fox News: A growing economy is close to being the end of the world for Democrats

LA Times: More than 150 structures destroyed, 27,000 people evacuated in raging Ventura wildfire

Lee Smith - Federalist: Fusion GPS scandal implicates media in possible pay-to-publish scheme

USA Today: How will the tax bill conference committee work? Not the usual way (because the Democrats lost their gamble when they chose not to participate)

Reuters: Yemen's ex-president Saleh shot dead after switching sides to back Saudi coalition in civil war

Fox News: Supreme Court permits full enforcement of Trump travel ban

CNBC: CVS-Aetna deal could force Wal-Mart to buy Humana, analyst says

Reuters: Aeromexico eyes Delta's CSeries Bombardier jet order amid U.S. trade spat: sources

AP/National Post: Airstrikes pound Yemen's capital as Saudis back ex-president

Guardian: 10 arrested over murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Reuters: CVS-Aetna deal to change how big employers buy health benefits

CNBC: Cathay Pacific crew saw North Korean missile from plane

Byron York - Washington Examiner: In Trump-Russia probe, was it all about the Logan Act?

Reuters: Trump account tweets about Russia probe spark warnings from lawmakers; lawyer says he drafted tweet, and made misleading punctuation mistake

Fox Business: CVS agrees to buy Aetna in $69B deal: sources

Guardian: Why did Roy Moore go to Australia in the 1980s?

Toronto Star: 13 dead, 2 missing after South Korean fishing boat capsizes after collision with tanker

Washington Post: Trump’s campaign: Big Macs, screaming fits and constant rivalries: Lewandowski/Bossie book

Reuters: Mueller removed FBI agent from Russia probe for anti-Trump texts: reports

Daily Mail: Israeli bomber jets 'kill 12 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard' in Syrian airstrike

Timing critical - Fox News: ABC News suspends Brian Ross over 'serious error' in Trump-Flynn report; affected stock market

New York - AP: American Airlines, pilots reach deal to avoid cancelling flights

AP: San Francisco defends sanctuary status as backlash mounts over unjust verdict in Kate Steinle murder by five times deported illegal immigrant

NTK Network: Leon Panetta: It’s a ‘stretch’ to say Trump team broke law with Russian contacts

AP: NBC source: No payout for Lauer on rest of his contract

Washington Post: McConnell says Senate has the votes to pass GOP tax bill

Fox News: Gen. Michael Flynn pleads guilty to false-statements charge in Russia probe

Fox News: Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting report triggered FBI hunt for leaker, new emails show

Breaking Defense: Canadian Navy competition previews U.S. frigate fight

Fox News: McCain to vote for Senate tax reform bill; boosts chances of passage of sweeping legislation as it faces a likely final vote within hours

France24: Argentina ends efforts to rescue sub survivors

NY Post: Matt Lauer’s lawyers trying to get him $30M payout after firing

Editorial - NY Daily News: Expose Lauer’s enablers: Who protected the 'Today' show predator?

Nicholas Kristof - NY Times: Americans don't realize how likely war with North Korea is; one lesson from history: when a President and his advisors say they’re considering a war, take them seriously

David French - National Review: Elizabeth Warren, progressive fraud

Global News: Man in Sweden found guilty of ‘online’ rape of girls in Canada and around the world

Fox News: Conyers 'sure as hell' won't be pressured by Pelosi to resign, attorney vows

Global News: Newly tested drugs could cut monthly migraines by half: study

Huffington Post: CNN fires Jake Tapper's senior producer after behaviour complaints

AP: Haley: North Korea ‘brings us closer to war’ the U.S. doesn’t seek

Fox News: GOP Rep. Barton announces retirement after more lewd messages surface

AP: What North Korean photos say about new Hwasong-15 ballistic missile

The Hague - CBC: UN war crimes defendant dies after taking poison in court

Fox News: Garrison Keillor fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of inappropriate behaviour; had mocked criticism of Franken for loutish behaviour

Boston Herald: NPR chief news editor David Sweeney ousted after sexual harassment allegations

NY Times: NBC fires Matt Lauer over detailed sexual misconduct allegation

Boston Herald: McDonald’s worker charged in Tampa serial killings was a St. John’s hoops player

NY Post: Minnesota paper calls out Franken for lame apology

Fox News: North Korea fires ICBM into Japanese waters; flew 10 times higher than international space station

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren: OK, Fake Indian, time to either give up the claim or prove it

Reuters: Indonesia extends Bali airport closure due to Agung eruption

Emily Miller - Washington Post: In defense of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Fox News: Marine colonel challenges Moore in Alabama Senate race, launching long-shot bid 15 days before election

Bloomberg: White House weighs personal mobile phone ban for staff

Fox News: 'Blowback': Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe, Obama intel watchdog says

Global News: Victims of scams involving Western Union wire transfers eligible for refunds

Fox News: Possible North Korea defectors may be occupants of skeleton-filled ghost ship found on Japan coast

EDNS blog: 'Net Neutrality' wasn’t all it was cracked up to be

LA Times: Better Homes and Gardens publisher buys Time Inc. in $2.8B deal

Fox News: Bali volcano: Lava pools up in crater, ‘will certainly spill over to the slopes’

AP/CBC: Saudi crown prince leads Islamic military alliance meeting; 'Today we start the pursuit of terrorism and we see its defeat,' Mohammed bin Salman tells Muslim nations

Reuters: China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after UN sanctions

Washington Examiner: President Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving

AP/CBC: Myanmar, Bangladesh sign deal for Rohingya's return

AP/Globe and Mail: Hunt for missing Argentine submarine zeros in on mysterious 'noise' in ocean

Reuters/Business Insider: Air China indefinitely suspends flights between Beijing and Pyongyang

Todd Shepherd - Washington Examiner: Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

LA Times: Wave of Hollywood sex assault claims sends LAPD into uncharted territory

Marsha Lederman - Globe and Mail: I woke up so sad this morning: An appreciation of teen idol David Cassidy

Vanity Fair: The New York Times is "torn" about whether its White House reporter Glenn Thrush should lose his job over sexual-misconduct allegations

Editorial - Detroit Free Press: U.S Rep. John Conyers must resign

AP: U.S. declares ‘ethnic cleansing’ against Rohingya in Myanmar

AP: In surprise reversal, Lebanese PM Hariri puts resignation on hold

Bloomberg: Millionaire tunesmiths, including longtime airwave rulers Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Drake and Steve Miller, threaten to withhold their music if radio stations don’t give songwriters a bigger share of revenue; big boys doing it for the low-profile composers who fuel the industry

Reason: FCC Head Ajit Pai: Killing net neutrality will set the internet free; "we're going to see an explosion in the kinds of connectivity and the depth of that connectivity" like never before

Ajit Pai - Wall Street Journal: How the FCC can save the open internet

Daily Mail: What is causing the mysterious 'booms' heard in 64 locations around the world this year?

Bloomberg: Uber paid hackers to delete stolen data on 57 million people; heads have rolled, but how does anyone know data was deleted?

AP: Applications for U.S. unemployment benefits drop 13,000

AP: Zimbabwe’s incoming leader Mnangagwa, 75, returns home to cheers

Dutch News: The Hague tribunal finds Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity; gets life in prison

Hollywood Reporter: John Lasseter's pattern of alleged misconduct detailed by Disney/Pixar insiders

Geoffrey York - Globe and Mail: Zimbabwe erupts in celebration as Robert Mugabe quits

Fox News: CBS News fires high-profile veteran Charlie Rose following sexual misconduct allegations

LA Times: Controversial Obama-era net neutrality rules targeted for repeal by FCC chairman

Toronto Star: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe resigns; recently fired VP to take power, party official says

Buzzfeed: She said that a powerful (Democrat) Congressman harassed her. Here’s why you didn’t hear her story.

Fox News: New York Times star White House reporter Thrush suspended after sex harassment claims

LA Times: As sexual harassment in politics investigations widen, California Democrat Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra accused by six new women; he announced today he will resign in 2018; was reprimanded for groping in 2009

Reuters/Global News: Zimbabwe to start impeachment process for President Mugabe on Tuesday

Globe and Mail: Trump administration ending temporary permits for almost 60,000 Haitians in July 2019; Trudeau ended Canada's program in August 2016

David Lauter - LA Times: Strong economy boosts Trump among otherwise skeptical voters

Chuck Devore - Fox News: Does your gas and electricity cost too much? You can thank liberals for that

Deutsche Welle: German coalition talks collapse: 'A terrible end is better than unending terror'

Kurt Schlichter - Townhall: Let’s all savour the Democrats’ Pervgate pain

Washington Post: Over the past 20 years, Congress has paid $17.2M in settlements for violations including sexual harassment

CBC: CBS suspends Charlie Rose, PBS halts show amid sexual misconduct allegations

Washington Post: Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls

Globe and Mail: Trump declares North Korea a state sponsor of terror; new sanctions expected

Calgary Herald: Green groups seek new ways to block Keystone XL pipeline after final Nebraska approval

Editorial - Wall Street Journal: Germany’s green energy meltdown; voters promised a virtuous revolution get coal and high prices instead

LA Times: Charles Manson crawled from the Summer of Love to descend into Helter Skelter

Washington Post: Charles Manson, cult leader and serial killer who terrified nation, dies at 83

680 News: Truck and minibus collide head-on in Pakistan, killing 20

Fox News: Southern border agent killed, another injured while on patrol in Texas

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Review of former DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s election post-mortem book — 'Hacks'

News 24: Zimbabweans pray for Mugabe to step down

CNBC: Trump calls Crooked Hillary the 'worst' loser ever, after she says he's 'disgraced' the office

Toronto Star: Attempted communications heard from missing Argentine submarine

The Economist: Price of cannabis falling; Mexican drug cartels losing market share; American producers raising funds in Canadian stock market

BBC: George Bush Senior accused of groping by eighth woman

Bloomberg: Snapchat has a child-porn problem

Global News: More than 1,000 North Koreans defect every year. It’s dangerous but here’s how they do it

CBC: Malcolm Young, AC/DC co-founder and guitarist, dead at 64

Conrad Black - National Post: Trump is already the most successful U.S. President since Ronald Reagan

David Booth - Driving: The inconvenient truth about Tesla’s truck

Editorial - NY Post: A big win for tax relief – despite Chuck Schumer’s fact-twisting

Reuters: Trump starts paying his own legal bills on Russia probe: attorneys

CBC: Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF replaces Mugabe with his fired vice president as party leader

Reuters: Tanzania: 11 die as tourist plane crashes in Ngorongoro crater

NY Daily News: Menendez bribery in plain sight: Is quid-pro-quo corruption fully legal in America again?

Canadian Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

American Red Cross: Use this link to donate to Hurricane Irma relief

ABC Miami LIVE video link

NBC Tampa LIVE video link

CBS Miami LIVE video link

NBC Miami LIVE video link

CBS News LIVE video link

ABC Tampa LIVE video link

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NY Daily News: NY Gov. Cuomo wants internet companies
to sound alarm when terrorists research bombs online

NY Times: Port Authority bomber was inspired by ISIS Christmas attacks, officials say

Fox News: NYC Port Authority explosion: Suspect ID'd in 'attempted terrorist attack'

Four injured, no deaths as New York rush-hour 'ISIS-inspired' attack failed because bomb went off early. Explosive belt detonated at massive Port Authority bus station near Times Square.

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Canadian finds
polar bears are doing fine — and gets climate-mauled

LA Daily News: Southern California brings in big 747 tanker as fires explode

As the fires that have burned hundreds of homes and tens of thousands of acres rage across Southern California, a Boeing 747 capable of dropping 18,500 gallons of retardant was finally put to use Thursday afternoon to help battle the Liberty fire in Murrieta. But the plane has its limitations, and wasn’t used for the fires burning in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. For one, the 747’s 211-foot wingspan makes it difficult and dangerous to fly the huge plane into canyons, said Battalion Chief Mike Mohler, a Cal Fire spokesman. ~ Cy Phenice

Independent: 10 key sentences from the Brexit document and what they really mean

Financial Post: $53B Brexit deal struck, clearing path for tough trade talks

LA Times: Ventura fire rages on, threatening communities both coastal and inland;
90,000 acres scorched, path of destruction more than 10 miles from Santa Paula to Pacific

An aerial view shows homes that burned in the Thomas fire in Ventura County. ~ Brian van der Brug Los Angeles Times

Seoul - AP: North Korea says war is inevitable

Reuters: As promised, Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, starts Embassy move

Ventura: More than 1,000 firefighters battle out-of-control southern California inferno

A fire crew passes a burning home during a wind-driven wildfire in Ventura, California, U.S., December 5, 2017. The Thomas Fire raged in the foothills above and in the city of Ventura some 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Los Angeles, fire officials said late Tuesday. The blaze, which began on Monday, had charred more than 50,000 acres, they said. “We are still in the middle of an aggressive and active firefight on the ground,” said Robert Welsbie, spokesman for the Ventura Fire Department. “If the winds pick up, we will face quite a challenge.” The fire, which was entirely uncontained, was being whipped by unpredictable Santa Ana winds, which blow in from the California desert. Wind gusts were forecast to top out at 70 miles per hour (115 km per hour) on Wednesday and remain strong through the week. ~ Mike Blake Reuters

Telegraph: MI5 foils Islamist suicide terror plot to kill Prime Minister May

NY Post: Sky News says terrorist plot to assassinate British PM Theresa May foiled

CTV: Thalidomide survivors say 'degraded, insulted' by Liberal Disabilities Min Kent Hehr;
"So, you probably have about 10 years left now. That's good news for Canadian Govt."

Global News: Russian Olympic team banned from 2018 Winter Games over doping scandal

Russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics as neutrals despite orchestrated doping at the 2014 Sochi Games, the International Olympic Committee said Tuesday. The IOC suspended the Russian Olympic committee and IOC member Alexander Zhukov, and also banned Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vilaty Mutko from the Olympics for life. Mutko was the sports minister in 2014 and is the head of the organizing committee of soccer’s next World Cup.

Syracuse: 2017's only supermoon spectacular around the world this weekend

The moon rises over the CN Tower and skyline in Toronto, Saturday, December 2, 2017. ~ Mark Blinch AP

NY Times: Bali volcano evacuees sneak back into danger zone

Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali vented ash and smoke this week, prompting an evacuation. More than 1,000 died after a major eruption in 1963. ~ Andri Tambunan Getty Images

Financial Post: Canadian weed grower plans cannabis-infused
dog chews to help improve canine quality of life

Fox News: Latest North Korean missile could hit entire U.S. mainland, Pyongyang says

Bloomberg: North Korea says nuclear program completed after today's ICBM test

NY Daily News: Shania Twain’s Grey Cup entrance was as Canada as it gets

Shania Twain arrived at the Grey Cup half-time show in a dog sled Sunday night. ~ Justin Tang AP

Mercury News: Using open-source technology, and smarts, U.S. non-govt researchers are figuring out North Korea’s nuclear secrets

Ahram: Egypt army launches air strikes in North Sinai following deadly mosque attack

updated Egypt - Independent: Toll 305 in North Sinai mosque terror attack;
survivors say as children screamed in terror, the extremists shouted Allahu Akbar

Dutch News: A Thanksgiving story: How the Netherlands
played a part in the iconic American holiday

The embarcation of the Pilgrims by Robert Walter Weir

CBC: What's ruthenium-106? What you need to know about Russian radiation

The Guardian: Russian nuclear facility denies it is source of high radioactivity levels

BBC: Will Merkel ask German President to call snap election?

The Guardian - LIVE: Markets rattled as German coalition talks collapse

CP/Sportsnet: National Hockey League had humble beginnings a century ago

The Stanley Cup stands in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. ~ Nathan Denette CP

William Watson - Financial Post: Turns out Harper Govt was actually terrific
for wage growth; “real average income of all tax filers rose 2.6%” from 2014 to 2015

Neil Mohindra - Financial Post: Who's the skunk that's stinking up
the TPP party? Trudeau's Canada, of course

Driving: A few more inconvenient truths about EV emissions;
Tesla battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

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Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC 'People’s Guarantee!'

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Host Stephen LeDrew fired from CP24 by Bell for being interviewed on Fox News; ironically, one question was whether free speech in Canada

John Ivison - National Post: Public deserves answers on Chinese takeover of Canadian construction giant

Defamable? - CBC: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne sues Opposition Leader Patrick Brown for defamation; least popular Ontario Premier in history plays weak card; red herring to distract from Wynne's abysmal record?

Global News: Ontario Liberals on track for $4B deficit in 2017-2018, watchdog says; continue to mislead citizens on finances

Tristin Hopper - National Post: What everybody got wrong about that viral video of a starving polar bear

CBC: Uber apologizes after customer billed $18K for 21-minute ride; says massive over-charge a result of driver error

CTV News: Ontario PCs call for criminal investigation into ineligible expenses by power generators

Global News: The math bogeyman: Anxiety in Ontario students, teachers and parents show dismal record of new programs

CBC: B.C. Coroners Service says fentanyl detected in most of the 1,208 overdose deaths so far this year

Times Colonist: BC Govt lets $10B Site C hydro project go ahead, says it has regrets

CBC: Feds reach deal with provinces on sharing pot tax revenue; price pegged at about $10 a gram; provinces to get 75% of tax revenues from legal cannabis sales, federal share capped at $100K

National Post: "Shame shame on you!" Hundreds complain to Veterans Affairs about disorganized Vimy Ridge ceremony

CBC: Canadian doctor says there's evidence of 'man flu'; that some men experience harsher cold and flu symptoms than women who disparage them as 'whiny'

New Scientist: Brock University researchers may have found answer to 'fraternal birth order effect' in increasing levels of antibodies in immune systems of gay sons

Global News: Mississauga wants to raze long-time trailer park and evict 200 residents, many of whom are on fixed incomes

CTV News: 'Widespread snowfall' headed for Toronto, GTA in time for evening commute

Vancouver Sun: Coquitlam school trustees' free trips to China raise ethical concerns

Divided loyalties - CBC: As Australia ousts MPs with dual citizenship, Canada's Parliament embraces many in its ranks

British Columbia - Global News: Carbon monoxide exposure at farm in Delta sends over 40 to hospital

Stuart Thomson - National Post: We've come a long way from Little Potato: Is the international media's treatment of Justin Trudeau changing?

Andrew MacDougall - Ottawa Citizen: In China, Justin Trudeau discovers hard limits of soft power

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Top court ruling on text messages protects predators, says dissenting judge

CTV News: CRA backs down in row with diabetics denied disability tax credit

Andrew Coyne - National Post: CBC's idea of a ‘level playing field’ — subsidies for us, taxes for others

CTV News: Ontario communities can't opt out of marijuana shops: Wynne Govt

Chris Selley - National Post: Liberal Minister's thalidomide disaster an insult to all Canadians' intelligence

Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star: A damning indictment of the Ontario Liberal government’s private power strategy

Toronto Star: Toronto Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong to seek Ontario Tory nomination for 2018 election

Ottawa - Global News: Text messages can be private once received, Supreme Court rules

Reuters: Kinder Morgan Canada wins Trans Mountain pipeline expansion appeal

CP/Global News: Ontario opposition parties call for names of power generators that billed ineligible expenses

BBC: U.S. trade agency rules against Canada in lumber dispute

CP/Global News: Ontario drivers worry legal marijuana will impact road safety: CAA survey

Huffington Post: Liberal Indigenous Relations Minister quiet on call to replace head of troubled MMIW Inquiry

CTV News: Flu cases showing up earlier than usual, could be harbinger of bad season: experts

Globe and Mail: First Nations demand control over cannabis sales

Lisa McLeod - Toronto Sun: The Liberals' waste and special insider treatment needs to end

iPolitics: Cities want a third of cannabis excise tax revenues

Editorial - Toronto Star: Trudeau blunder in Beijing risks undermining Canada on NAFTA

Windsor Square: Ontario AG reports excessive government waste

Theresa Boyle - Toronto Star: Ontario’s AG says cancer patients travel to U.S. for stem-cell transplants caused by tardy response to known needs; audit of province’s 75 community health centres found insufficient info to show whether cost-effective

Toronto Sun: Waits for cancer biopsies in Ontario not meeting targets: AG

CTV News: Ontario Hydro customers paying for scuba gear, car washes: AG report

Toronto Sun: Ontario lags in emergency planning: Auditor report

Toronto Star: Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk takes aim at Ontario Liberals over continuing mis-spending and waste

Lorne Gunter - Toronto Sun: Morneau charges ahead with tainted tax changes

CBC: NDP MPP's bill would create Ontario poet laureate position in memory of Gord Downie

Windsor Star: More than 1,200 St. Clair College students claim full tuition refund after strike ruined their academic quests

CBC: The day after Boeing filed its trade complaint, Australia offered Canada its used fighter jets

Toronto Star: Two former teachers in Durham admit sexual misconduct with teens

Financial Post: Rogers is considering selling the Toronto Blue Jays, Cogeco stake, CFO says

Toronto Star: Basil Borutski gets life with no parole for 70 years for three Renfrew County killings

Alex Pierson - Global News: Ladies, pick your battles

CTV News: WestJet, Delta sign preliminary deal to expand partnership

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Tearful Liberal MP should accept James Bezan's fifth apology and move on

CTV News: Saskatchewan to let landlords make the rules on tenants' use of pot

China Economic Review: China and Canada abandon launch of trade agreement talks

CTV News: 'Free the beer' advocate says prohibition-era rules are holding Canada back

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Trudeau’s trade deal with China turns into an embarrassment

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: For God’s sake, stop using sexual harassment as a political weapon

National Post: After Liberals bend to Senate's will on Indian Act bill, watchdog predicts seven times the cost

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Trudeau can’t land a trade deal — because he’s no free trader

Reuters: Canada scraps plan to buy Boeing fighters and will go with used Australian F-18s: sources

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau breaks the three rules of doing business in China, leaves Beijing empty-handed

David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen: Liberals reject warship proposal that companies said would save taxpayers as much as $32B

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: Forum Poll shows Kathleen Wynne's Liberals trail both Brown's Tories and NDP

Lindsay Shepherd - National Post: My Laurier interrogation shows universities have lost sight of their purpose

Chris Hall - CBC: Justin Trudeau's great expectations clash with reality in China

Edmonton Journal: Hail-damage claims by Alberta farmers drop in 2017 as fewer severe storms hit province

Hamilton - CTV News: Father says paramedics didn't take dying son's injuries seriously; Good Samaritan had been trying to stop a senior from being accosted outside mosque

Calgary Herald: With no candidates declared, Alberta Party moves back leadership vote

Global News: Search for missing plane near Revelstoke suspended after 9 days; two aboard

Mark Cameron - Toronto Sun: Brown's carbon tax a win-win; truly revenue-neutral, it allows taxes to be cut

CBC: Ontario has 'zero' chance of meeting 2020 electric vehicle target, analysts say; govt way short on promised charging stations

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Thumbs up on Brown's pledge to kill Green Energy Act

Victor Schukov - Montreal Gazette: Canada 150th anniversary let-down

Trevor Tombe - Macleans: Kathleen Wynne’s attack on the Ontario PC carbon tax plan misleads voters

Antonella Artuso - Toronto Sun: PC transit plan specific and detailed: Toronto Mayor John Tory

John Snobelen - Toronto Sun: Wynne's worried about Brown's People's Guarantee

CBC: Ontario to limit criminal prosecutions of HIV-positive people who don't disclose status

Global News: Canada’s unemployment rate dips below 6% for 1st time since 2008

CTV News: Proceeds from Neil Young's high-profile live-webcast show from Omemee tonight to go to village's Scott Young Public School, named for his famed writer dad

Toronto Star: Canada has not talked to U.S. about joining missile shield, defence chief says

Ottawa - CBC: Supreme Court rules 1990 Umbrella Final Agreement trumps Yukon Government's sovereign powers in rejecting Peel watershed land use changes

Editorial - London Free Press: No hidden agenda, Brown's a Red Tory

David Akin - Global News: Bill Morneau’s father sold 200K shares in family company days before tax changes announced

Drew Brown - Vice: The Liberals need to end the suffering of Bill Morneau; For the good of the Liberal Party, I mean.

Financial Post: Canada's global prosperity ranking slips to lowest level in 11 years, but we still beat the U.S.

Philip Cross - Financial Post: Trudeau and Morneau understand tax dodging. They do it, too

Toronto Star: MPP who’s battled depression accuses Liberal Health Minister of insensitivity for flippant remark over mental health funding shortfalls

CTV News: Tory leader Scheer calls for Morneau to resign Finance post

Tony Keller - Globe and Mail: Pragmatism on steroids: An Ontario PC platform that could actually work

Financial Post: Canada's reliance on foreign financing grows as exports tumble; current account deficit widened to $19.3B, third highest on record

John Ivison - National Post: Liberals stand by beleaguered Morneau in face of Conservative calls for his head

London - CBC: Brown commits to 'safety first' on Hwy 401, will build concrete median barriers west of London

London Free Press: Tory Leader Patrick Brown says high-speed rail ‘would be great for Southwestern Ontario’, will continue environmental assessment

Global News: Second-hand ‘toke’ could lead to people failing workplace drug tests: University of Calgary study

iPolitics: Indigenous groups disappointed with PM’s Supreme Court pick

Windsor Star: St. Clair College has seen 600 students withdraw since strike ended

Global News: Missing Florida teen may have fled to Canada with 27-year-old soccer coach: police

Financial Post: Is Dollarama about to meet its match? Miniso, Japan's $2.99-store, plans to open 500 shops in Canada

Ottawa - Global News: Liberals lag in gun control promises, mass shooting survivors say

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: For Alberta NDP, using a tight belt won't be enough to balance the budget. They need a compactor

Global News: Toronto woman charged after threat made against Mississauga school

Warren Kinsella: An open letter to the worst Minister in Canada

CP/Global News: Driver arrested in naked multiple kidnapping south of Edmonton facing more charges

Kelly McParland - National Post: The Liberals are in trouble when even the Toronto Star applauds Brown

Omeemee - CTV News: Small town residents excited amid evidence Neil Young's live show Friday night will be broadcast from his childhood hometown

iPolitics: Trudeau names Alberta judge Sheilah Martin to SCC

Kitchener - CTV News: Witnesses describe seeing ‘wall of flames’ along Hwy 401 as out of control grass fire shuts down Canada's busisiest highway at Cambridge

Mike Crawley - CBC: Ontario PCs try to grab political centre, build trust in Patrick Brown as Premier-in-waiting

Steve Paikin - TVO: Ontario: One little sentence sets the Progressive Conservative platform apart

CTV News: Canadian Karim Baratov accused in Yahoo hack pleads guilty in American court

Radio Canada: Majority of Canadians want to dismantle trade barriers between provinces: Ipsos poll

CBC: 'Time's a-wasting': Prescott mayor renews call to make Hwy 401 safer as 2017 death toll rises

Toronto Star: Finance Minister Bill Morneau silent on stock sell-off before tax changes

Times of India: Touch affects babies at molecular level, find researchers at UBC and BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Ottawa Citizen: Hwy 401 partially closed as two dead, trucker arrested in crash near Prescott

iPolitics: Poilievre alleges Morneau sold $10M in shares before tabling fiscal measure

Hamilton Spectator: As many as 50 GTA families who defected from North Korea facing deportation

Tasha Kheiriddin - iPolitics: Patrick Brown plays it safe

Editorial - Toronto Star: Patrick Brown’s plan deserves a serious look from voters

Kelly McParland - National Post: Trudeau announces another plan he expects the provinces to pay for

Toronto Star: Province should take over TTC and other cities’ transit systems, says Toronto Region Board of Trade

Global News: Postmedia shuts down 21 community newspapers after swap with Torstar, which will shut down three of seven daily newspapers it acquired in deal

Global News: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle engaged

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: Ontario's Tories promise all things to all people with their new platform

Martin Regg Cohn - Toronto Star: Tory leader Patrick Brown is singing a new tune

National Post: ISIS brides returning home and raising the next generation of jihadist martyrs

CP/National Post: Ontario PCs vow to cut taxes, hydro rates in new 'People’s Guarantee' platform

Pierre Poilievre - Ottawa Citizen: Why Morneau's tax changes are anything but neutral

Chris Selley - National Post: You can argue it's 'Liberal lite,' but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory

CTV News: Ontario allowing several water bottling companies to take water on expired permits

Robert Benzie - Toronto Star: People's Guarantee: Brown's Tories would take over and expand Toronto’s subways, cut taxes, early-release election plan reveals

Toronto Star: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown opens up about life, love and his new haircut as a June election looms

Toronto Star: Ontario PCs convene in Toronto to hone election strategy, hear from Patrick Brown

CBC: 'Free speech advocates' rally to support WLU TA Lindsay Shepherd

Global News: The emotional reunion with two dogs that helped their walker survive 2 days in the wild

CBC: RightNow co-founder says group aims to elect 'enough pro-lifers' to pass 'much-needed legislation'

CBC: Canadian Karim Baratov, charged in Yahoo hacking case, to plead guilty in U.S., court records say

CBC: Sobeys to lay off 800 workers across Canada as part of reorganization

CBC: Mosque attack a reminder of threat to Canadian Sinai force

Calgary - CBC: Fear of 'imminent building collapse' forces 125 people to flee Kensington apartment block

CTV News: Profs call on Wilfrid Laurier University to support free speech without limits

John Ivison - National Post: Canada’s allies are killing their ISIS fighters, while we put our hope in counselling

Not polite enough? - CBC: 'It's okay to be white' posters pop up at University of Regina; security investigating

CBC: Refugee lawyers under 'major pressure' amid backlog of asylum claims; U.S. decision to follow Canada's 2016 lead and end emergency residency for Haitians in 2019 expected to mean another wave of illegal arrivals in Canada; why not simply deport illegal arrivers?

Metro News: Tone-deaf Liberals nixed plan for NHL game on expensive Parliament Hill temporary rink; typical clueless Joly move in 100th year of NHL and 150th for Canada

Tim Naumetz - iPolitics: MPs slam cost and duration of temporary $4.3M rink on Parliament Hill lawn; a puck shot away, the Rideau Canal ice rink is free alternative

CBC: Chief Liberal Party fundraiser tied to $8M loan to offshore trust in Cayman Islands; flies in face of prior claims by Trudeau buddy Bronfman

CBC: Ontario Liberals roll dice on major job losses by boosting minimum wage to $15 an hour in re-election bribe instead of simply reducing payroll taxes from lowest earners

London - CBC: Unbeaten, record-setting football Mustangs head to 53rd Vanier Cup in Hamilton to take on defending champs from Laval for university title

CTV News: Queen's University PhD student makes groundbreaking discovery that may prevent spread of cancer

CBC: Toronto District School Board, Canada's largest, falls for activist rhetoric and cancels police presence in schools program started after student shot to death in 2008; some snowflakes intimidated? how many lives lost before reinstated?

660 News: Missing dog walker, three dogs, found alive in Coquitlam backcountry

Editorial - Globe and Mail: CRA to Canadians: Thank you for not calling

Calgary Herald: Bad news, Stamps fans: No touchdown horse allowed at Grey Cup in Ottawa

Globe and Mail: Toronto families in ‘panic mode’ as Big Brother Ontario caps after-school program time

CBC: Auditor criticizes cheating and misconduct at Royal Military College in Kingston; examined 54 'serious' incidents involving drunkenness, drug abuse and mental distress

Windsor - CBC: Alone, cold and forgotten: 4-year-old girl left on school bus, driver fired

Financial Post: CRA blocks more than half of calls to meet service targets, regularly provides wrong information to taxpayers: Auditor General

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Stuck on hold: The AG’s report and a government that can’t get things done

CP24: Feds not tracking outcomes for Syrian refugees: AG

Globe and Mail: Morneau didn't seek clearance from Ethics Commissioner before introducing pension bill

Global News: Andrew Scheer: Laurier University controversy highlights larger issue of ‘stifling’ free speech

CBC: Another lawyer quits MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount; at least 8 resignations and firings in last 2 months alone

BNN: Morneau gets lowest approval rating among Trudeau’s cabinet ministers, Angus Reid poll finds

Toronto - CBC: TTC CEO Andy Byford leaving job after 5 years to lead New York City Transit

Toronto Star: 'Talking Points' Wynne gets an earful at raucous town hall; blasted for "gutting" healthcare, Hydro rip-off

BNN: Canadian Business Hall of Fame unveils 2018 inductees

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Time proving that Harper Conservatives were better at governing than Trudeau Liberals

Jen Gerson - National Post: In disciplining Lindsay Shepherd, Wilfrid Laurier chooses catechism over education, bullying over opening minds

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Wilfrid Laurier graduate student delivers a wake-up call; thought police alive and well and running Canadian universities

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