David Shribman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Governing in fraught times; Rutherford B. Hayes didn’t have an easy time uniting the country, either

Tammy Bruce - Fox News: Trump-Reagan parallels are scary, but not for the reasons critics think

Alex Shephard - New Republic: Establishment Democrats just won a needless proxy war

Tehran - AP: Iran begins navy drill off Strait of Hormuz as U.S. newly wary

Editorial - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democrats becoming unhinged in their talk about getting rid of Donald Trump

Vatican City - AP: Vatican copyrights Pope Francis' image, holy emblems

Jay Cost - Weekly Standard: Hating the press is a venerable presidential tradition

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump’s State of the Union speech is going to be wild

Salena Zito - Washington Examiner: A referendum on Trump in Newt's old district

Carl M. Cannon - Orange County Register: The idiocy of accusing Trump of anti-Semitism

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Keep giving the fakers hell, Donald; Frauds’ outrage more bogus news

Kevin Mooney - The Daily Signal: CO2 Coalition defends carbon dioxide as ‘elixir of life’ in climate change debate

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Analysis shows Trump hit by an average of one 'fake news' story a day

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: The journal Nature is going to begin requiring reproducibility in submitted papers, finally

Paul Mulshine - New Jersey Star-Ledger: Trump's appointment of H.R. McMaster: A return to realism in foreign policy

David French - NY Post: Sorry, this President is way less ‘authoritarian’ than the last one

Lisa Boothe - Washington Examiner: Trump exposes the media as partisans

Tokyo - AP: Japanese cult also used VX; survivor recounts how it felt

Los Angeles - Daily Mail: Another benefit of the fasting diet: Now doctors say 5 days of 770 calories could reverse diabetes

Bob Weber - Canadian Press: Survey finds two High Arctic polar bear populations larger than expected

Philadelphia - CBS: James Rosen: Obama treated media worse than Trump

Daily Mail: Two leading Swedish politicians say Trump was right about their country's problem with refugee-fuelled crime

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Is the media repeating mistake about Trump polls?

Peggy Noonan - Wall Street Journal: Washington still reels from the quake of 2016; from the White House’s empty offices to overly giddy CPAC, everyone seems a little lost

Charles Krauthammer - National Post: So long as it doesn’t fail spectacularly, Trump’s foreign policy just might work

McKay Coppins - The Atlantic: The bow-tied bard of populism; a punch-back against Tucker Carlson

Salena Zito - NY Post: Why all your news now comes with a heap of condescension

Tokyo - Nikkei Asian Review: UN Ballast-water convention to take effect in September

Chicago Tribune: Some Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower, police say

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Democrats are asking all the wrong questions of wannabe party chairs

Washington Times: CPAC expels ‘alt-right’ leader, declares war on movement

Paris - Washington Post: Terrorists are building drones. France is destroying them with eagles

Cannon Ball - Daily Mail: Police in riot gear arrest 47 Dakota Access protesters as they clear out camp before floods come

Caracas - AP: Socialism destroys Venezuela; short on food, short of hope

Marc Thiessen - NY Post: Funny — ‘enemies’ wasn’t so offensive when it meant 'Republicans'

Washington - AP: Mnuchin says goal is to pass tax reform by August

Mexico City - BBC: Mexico thinks it can tell U.S. to keep illegal immigrants; Tillerson and Kelly in town to explain they're wrong

Editorial - NY Post: Team Trump’s latest immigration orders are tough — not harsh

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Actually, Sweden is having big trouble with Mideast refugees

Joseph Curl - Washington Times: Media responds to Trump’s ‘fake news’ charge — by pumping out fake news!

George Neumayr - American Spectator: Trump is beating the media at its own game; the Left’s own politics by shorthand is now being turned against it

London - Reuters: Iraqi suicide bomber was ex-Gitmo detainee; 50-year-old Briton had been compensated by British Govt in 2010

Tijuana - AP: Reaping what it sowed; Mexicans weigh daunting prospect of deportee camps

New York - NY Post: ‘Sanctuary city’ law let gang member walk free from Rikers

Cannon Ball - AP: Deadline today for last pipeline protesters to leave camp they're torching before flood season begins Trump hiring 10,000 new immigration agents and officers to enforce existing immigration laws, remove criminals Trump keeps true to word, new DHS guidelines will enforce laws; ends 'catch-and-release' as new detention facilities to be built, illegal alien criminals targeted

David Sherfinski - Washington Times: Trump smashed Obama’s small-donor fundraising pace, bested Clinton, Sanders combined

Robert W. Merry - The American Conservative: The meaning of Trump; he alone perceived America’s status quo crisis

Copenhagen - NY Times: Danes fighting for ISIS were paid welfare benefits, government says

D.C. McAllister - The Federalist: Obama’s incompetence and chaos far eclipsed what’s coming from Team Trump

Lucas Tomlinson - Fox News: Military branches drafting expansion plans as Trump vows to rebuild 'depleted' force

Washington - AP: Trump denounces 'horrible' threats against Jewish centers

Michael Auslin - Wall Street Journal: The logic of Trump’s foreign policy

Washington - Daily Caller: House Democrat IT guys under criminal investigation secretly received $100K from Iraqi politician

John Nolte - Daily Wire: Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics registered to vote

Sweden - AP: Riot in Stockholm suburb after drug suspect is arrested

Adriana Cohen - Boston Herald: President’s successes trump biased media

Holly Robichaud - Boston Herald: Election of outsider Trump rankles federal bureaucrats

Beirut - Reuters: France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti after demand she wear headscarf

Melbourne - Reuters: Five dead afer light plane crashes into Australian shopping mall

PC Magazine: Qualcomm's X20 modem busts the gigabit barrier

Mar-a-Lago - Fox News: Trump selects Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser

updated Jamie Schram - NY Post: Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies after passing out at embassy

Paris - Bloomberg: Le Pen gains in French polls as security concerns win voters

Karol Markowicz - NY Post: Lefties keep showing off their incredible civic ignorance

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: The media doesn’t call the shots — Trump does

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: ICE: 950,000 illegals with 'removal orders' free, raids get just a sliver

Kuala Lumpur - AP: Murder of Kim Jong Nam, diplomatic spat over return of his body could cost North Korea a rare friend

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press?

San Francisco - NY Post: Common sense from the bench; actors may no longer be able to hide their age online

David Horowitz - Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump's agenda includes hitting back — hard

Critics have egg on faces - HeatStreet: Looks like Donald Trump was right about Sweden after all

Pat Buchanan: The 'Deep State' targets Trump

Margi Murphy - NY Post: Bill Gates warns of wide-scale bioterrorism

Chauncey DeVega - Salon: Obama pollster Cornell Belcher: Hillary and her party 'blew election'

The Hill: Rand Paul: 'We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge'

Phil Demers - MassLive: Nearly 2,000 died from opioid overdoses in Massachusetts last year, a 13% increase over 2015

Anna Giaritelli - Washington Examiner: House intelligence chair says top Obama official leaking to media on Trump

Olivia Beavers - The Hill: Former Obama national security adviser blasts his decisions in Syria as a 'colossal mistake'

Albany - AP: Victims' owner pushing for toughening penalties if pets are harmed during crimes

Washington Post: Trump supporters see a successful President — and are frustrated with critics who don’t

Tove Lifvendahl - Spectator: Trump is right: Sweden’s refugee policy has led to problems it never imagined

Alix Culbertson - Sunday Express: Sweden’s two year U-Turn: How Liberals' refugee policy turned public against migrants

Backgrounder - NBC: Majority in leading EU nations support Trump-style travel ban: February 2017 Poll

Backgrounder - Sunday Express Sweden at breaking point? Police make urgent plea for help as violent crime spirals

Washington: If you’ve ever agonized over expiration dates on groceries, get ready for a big relief

Tim Johnson - McClatchyDC: Security analysts link arrested Russian computer expert to crime websites; CIA link?

Washington - NY Daily News: Leaker Deare fired from National Security Council

Martin Andersen - Miami Herald: Backgrounder - published 4 days before Deare fired; Craig Deare’s ‘ethical and moral flaws’ make him unfit for NSC job. He should follow Flynn out the door.

Mogadishu - CBC: Suicide bomb at market in Somalia capital kills 20, wounds 50

Kuala Lumpur - Daily Mail: North Korean chemistry expert suspected of killing Kim Jong-un's half-brother is arrested in a dramatic raid

Paul Sperry - NY Post: Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

Mark Bonokoski: Donald Trump pulls out guns, lays waste to detractors

Charles Krauthammer - National Review: The cover-up in search of a crime

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency by 52-46 vote

Ed Rogers - National Post: It’s delirious to call Trump a failure. We’re not even a month into his Presidency

Washington - AP: McConnell intends to replace 'Obamacare' with or without Democrats

Islamabad - AP: ISIS 'emboldened' in Pakistan, say analysts, officials

Reuters: Accenture to create 15,000 jobs in U.S.

Cody Derespina - Fox News: Trump mounts bid to find leakers, as speculation surrounds Obama officials

Salena Zito - NY Post: How immigration will change the electoral power of states Trump needed to win election

Editorial - NY Post: Bogus NY Times scoops on Trump, Russia are recycled propaganda

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Kudos to President Trump for calling out fake news

Washington - Reuters: White House: Report National Guard may round up immigrants is false

Andrea Peyser - NY Post: Everyone needs to ignore RFK Jr.’s misinformed anti-vax claims

Fringe - Global News: Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe

Germany - Reuters: Mattis, in Munich, eyes "arc of instability" on Europe's edge

Washington - AP: 2016 U.S. traffic deaths jump to highest level in nearly a decade

Madrid - AP/Fox News: Almost 500 migrants smash through border fence into Spanish enclave in Africa

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Historic Trump presser signals mortal combat between MSM and president now a two-way fight

London - Reuters: Unilever rejects $143B Kraft Heinz bid as without merit

Leonid Bershidsky - Bloomberg: President Trump's Boris Yeltsin moment

Baghdad - Reuters: ISIS readies for close combat in alleyways of west Mosul

William Cummings - Boston Herald: Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, Trump supporters call for his head

Edward Morrissey - Fiscal Times: America gets its first real test of the CEO Presidency

Kuala Lumpur - Reuters: Suspect in North Korean's killing had wad of cash, moved hotels, cut her hair

Justin Fox - Bloomberg: Terrorism: stop telling me how dangerous my bathtub is

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Trump is the answer to all that ails Washington

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Sorry, media — this press conference played very differently with Trump’s supporters

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: The three-headed Hydra of the Middle East

Arturo Chang - BNN: It ‘just took off’: The story behind the #hashtag, 10 years on

Lynn Sweet - Chicago Sun Times: Trump: ‘Two Chicagos,’ one ‘safe,’ other ‘worse than Middle East’

Road and Track: Has NASCAR given up on rewarding winners with baffling new point system?

Kuala Lumpur - Brisbane Courier Mail: Woman ‘paid $100 to target Kim Jong-nam in prank’

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: Finally it’s safe for the whistleblowers of corrupted climate science to speak out

White House - The Hill: Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule; saves thousands of jobs

NY Post: Trump revising executive order on immigration ban

Philadelphia - AP: Media misrepresents the huge difference between legal and illegal immigrants; dishonest reporting creates fear and fuels national protest

Rasmussen Reports: Trump approval at 55%

Adriana Cohen - Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren the liberal darling to the rescue? Politico/Morning Consult poll says no

Michael Rubin - NY Post: Flynn’s fall should have the intel community in the hot seat

Charlotte - AP: Passengers uninjured after American Eagle jet hits deer on takeoff, returns to airport

Washington - AP: Trump slams intel officials, media over Flynn and Russia

Washington - AP: Trump urges Israeli Premier to 'hold off' on settlements; wants solution both sides agree on

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Majority of U.S. Hispanics back Trump deportations and ending 'sanctuary cities'; also back executive order to end Obama administration's 'catch and release' policy at the border

Gone with a whimper - Reason: Obamacare individual mandate, fought over in Supreme Court, suddenly disappears with Trump's IRS policy change

AP: Jordan commander: ISIS expands hold in border camp for Syrians

David Martosko - Daily Mail: White House official calls bluff of Clinton-friendly reporter by taping their 'confrontation'

Washington - Politico: Political media establishment attacks new media monitoring them with slurs, accusations; Gateway Pundit undeterred

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Trump, GOP Congress have already cut $2.8B in regulations; regulation watchdog group

Daniel Halper - NY Post: White House signals major change in approach to Israel peace talks

Tokyo - Reuters: Toyota sees plug-in hybrids catching on faster than conventional hybrids

Joshua Rhett Miller - NY Post: Fatal shooting in Chicago streamed on Facebook Live

Washington - AP: Trump Administration ushers in changes to Obama health law

Alan Dershowitz - Washington Examiner: Why Trump and Netanyahu will get along well

Washington - Reuters: Trump assails U.S. intelligence agencies amid Russia questions

Brussels - AP: Pentagon chief says NATO members must boost defense spending

Moscow - Reuters: Russia tells White House it will not return Crimea to Ukraine

Kuala Lumpur - Chronicle Herald: Woman arrested in killing of North Korean leader's half brother

Dubai - CNBC: Middle East outpacing U.S. in $19 Trillion digitalization opportunity, says Cisco chairman

Editorial - Washington Times: Flynn’s out, but the moles are not; There’s more mischief coming in the important back story

Kevin Libin - National Post: Dear carbon-tax Republicans — Canadians are here from the future to stop you before it’s too late

Washington - AP: White House: Mideast peace may not be 2-state solution

Mark Moore - NY Post: Trump says ‘illegal leaks’ are the ‘real story’ of Flynn’s resignation; seditious 'fifth columnists' put country at risk

Eli Lake - Bloomberg: The political assassination of Michael Flynn

Adam Kredo - Free Beacon: Former Obama officials, loyalists waged secret campaign to oust Flynn

Pat Buchanan: Is the Left playing with fire again?

Miami Herald: U.S. sanctions Venezuelan vice president and accuses him of being a drug kingpin

Oroville - AP: Evacuation lifted for 200K Californians living below dam

Conrad Black - National Review: How Trump can succeed

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: Why the 'resistance' is the best thing that’s happened to Donald Trump

Robert Burns - AP: U.S. official: Russia deployed missile in violation of treaty

Richard Pollock - Daily Caller: In final interview, defiant Flynn insists he crossed no lines, leakers must be prosecuted

Damon Linker - The Week: America's spies anonymously took down Michael Flynn. That is deeply worrying.

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: CIA spooks broke the law to take out critic General Flynn

NY Post: NBC News names new president, buys $30M, 25% stake in Euronews, majority owned by Egyptian billionaire

Bogota - Spectator: Colombian authorities work to combat cocaine smuggled with Valentine’s Day flowers

Financial Times: YouTube and Disney drop vlogger PewDiePie over anti-Semitic videos

Kuala Lumpur - AP: Kim Jong Un's brother 'assassinated' at Malaysian airport: Reports

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Why you should fear the leaks that felled Mike Flynn

Fox News: Trump's National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn resigns; Gen. Kellogg replaces on interim basis

John Fund - National Review: Washington is out to get Steve Bannon

Newt Gingrich - Fox News: Why Trump’s Presidency will be great not just for America but Canada, too

updated LA Times: Oroville Dam is highest in U.S., over 4 times higher than Niagara Falls

Sacramento - LA Times: Threat at Oroville Dam slightly diminishes, but more than 100,000 still under evacuation order

Kevin Liptak - CNN: At Mar-a-Lago, Trump tackles crisis diplomacy at close range

Michael Goodwin - NY Times: Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election

Jay Cost - Weekly Standard: Of course court fights are bitter; Judicial arrogance is the ultimate cause

Thomas Sowell - National Review: Who is “Fascist”? The abuse and proper use of a political label

Dan Lucas - USA Today: Trump is surprising me in a good way

Tom Shattuck - Boston Herald: Radical left resorts to intimidation

Eli Lake - Bloomberg: Trump's travel ban is not recruiting more terrorists

Justin Fox - Bloomberg: OK, Google, who's the most popular President of all?

Wellington - AP/Global News: More than 200 whales swim away after New Zealand stranding

Paul Sperry - NY Post: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s Presidency

Nolan Finley - Detroit News: Left bites Ivanka’s liberal hand

Germany - Breitbart: Undocumented migrants to be forced to hand over mobile phones

Telegraph: Americans still support Donald Trump's immigration ban, Politico poll shows

Brussels - Daily Mail: Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn; 450,000 rejected migrants to be sent home

Cal Thomas - Baltimore Sun: The media are still in denial about President Trump

Leanna Orr - Institutional Investor: Why America’s airports suck; And how New York City — the worst offender — plans to make them suck less

Dave McKinney - Reuters: The man behind the fiscal fiasco in Illinois

Derek Donovan - Kansas City Star: Star readers share why they voted for Donald Trump

Lawrence Solomon - National Post: The 1% are rising up in glamorous protest against the Trumpen Proletariat

Rex Murphy - National Post: Exploring the new meaning of words with our post-fact, post-truth activist warriors

Megan McArdle - Bloomberg: Democrats need immigration policies that are more than just freak-outs over Trump

William Watson - National Post: Trump won’t like seeing U.S. refugees slipping into Canada — and that’s trouble for Trudeau

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: The Democratic Party has lost its mind — and its soul

Robert Fulford - National Post: Can Islam be reformed? Who will, or even can be, a Muslim Martin Luther?

Editorial - Orange County Register: Teachers unions in a panic over school choice

John Lloyd - Reuters: Does Europe fear Muslims more than the United States?

Mar-a-Lago - AP: Patriots owner Kraft joins Trump and Japan's Abe for dinner

Detroit News: Tigers, Red Wings owner, pizza magnate, philanthropist Mike Ilitch dead at 87

Melanie Zanona - The Hill: Trump says he’s considering ‘brand new order’ on immigration

Asra Nomani - The Hill: The alt-left’s cyber jihad against Trump and his supporters

James Jay Carafano - National Interest: Out with globalization, in with Tillerson

Wall Street Journal: The Ninth Circuit ignores precedent and threatens national security; Under its ruling, a state university could go to court on behalf of any alien, anywhere

Kyle Shideler - The Federalist: A not-so-short list of foreign-born terrorists that reporters can’t believe exist

Washington - AP: Trump hugs ally Japan after phone call eased U.S.-China tensions

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Make SCOTUS great again: Liberal judges push their own end

AP - Boston Herald: German defense minister visits U.S., calls NATO demands 'fair'

Howie Carr - National Interest: The simple reason why America's F-22 Stealth 'Raptor' would crush Russia's PAK-FA in a fight

LA Times: Los Angeles, Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, analysis shows

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Wordplay by Dems gives new meaning to foreign language

Chris Perez - NY Post: Russia considers returning Snowden to U.S. as ‘gift’ to Trump: report

Newsmax: MSNBC's Scarborough: Court's ruling on Trump ban 'laughable'

Katie Pavlich - Townhall: Progressives, Nordstrom, and the moronic crusade against Ivanka Trump

Farewell Spit - Rescued whales beach themselves again as mass New Zealand stranding catastrophe deepens

Seth Lipsky - NY Post: Actually, Trump has a duty to ban dangerous immigrants

Dave Gold - Politico: ‘Data-driven’ campaigns are killing the Democratic Party; wrong lesseons learned from Obama's wins

San Francisco - Bloomberg: Appeals Court keeps U.S. doors open during immigration fight

Los Angeles - AP: Illegal immigrant deportations causing stir as laws enforced

Grand Prairie - CBS: Mexican citizen in Texas sentenced to 8 years in prison for voter fraud, fined $5,000

Not Russians - Daily Caller: Congress IT probe suspects had massive debts, years of suspicious activity

Bloomberg: Tax trade-offs come into focus as major tax reform plan would benefit domestic U.S. producers and raise cost of imports

Victoria Craig - Fox Business: Stocks hit record highs after Trump says tax plan coming soon

James Delingpole - Breitbart: Why renewables are doomed and fossil fuels are the future

Wall Street Journal: The real Democratic Party; beholden to unionized reachers, why not a single Senate Democrat voted for Betsy DeVos

Capitol Hill - Fox News: Top U.S. General says Afghanistan war at 'stalemate,' more troops needed

Breitbart: Twitter shares crash following quarterly earnings report release

White House - Fox Business: Trump says 'big league' tax reform details coming in weeks

Breitbart: Kellogg’s to shutter 39 distribution centers as layoffs loom

Pew Research: 20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S.

Editorial - Union Leader: Warren crosses the line: Recycling Ted Kennedy's trash

AP: Multiple states moving on Voter ID laws to reduce election fraud

Jerusalem - AP: Palestinian wounds 6 Israelis in attack near market

Ankara - AP: Turkey detains 4 ISIS suspects, seizes 24 suicide attack belts

New low for Democrats - Globe and Mail: Trump suggests Blumenthal misrepresented Gorsuch’s remarks

John Stossel - Fox News: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump

French wall - Bloomberg: Paris to build barrier around Eiffel Tower to counter terrorism

NY Times: Rule of law returns; Felony fraudster showed up yearly to meet Obama's immigration agents. Now they’re deporting her after 22 years here illegally. There should be applause

Conrad Black - NY Sun: Trump starts his revolution as reporters and judges scream like banshees

Rich Lowry - Politico: Our overly sanctified view of the Judiciary

Dave Epstein - Boston Globe: Updates say a foot to 14" of snow for Massachusetts coast from Thursday storm

NY Post: Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General

Chespeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel - NY Post: Driver dies after tractor-trailer blows off bridge

Pentagon - NBC: U.S. airstrikes killed top Al Qaeda figure, 10 others in Syria, Pentagon says

Financial Post: Nordstrom ‘trumped’ again when President tweets store treated Ivanka unfairly; boycott bullies tagged

Ankara - AP: CIA chief to visit Turkey in sign of improving ties with U.S.

Rud Istvan - Watts Up With That? Even more on the David Rose bombshell article: How NOAA software spins the AGW game

Washington - Bloomberg: Trump’s plan to tap offshore profit for infrastructure gains an ally

Caracas - AP: Bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers urge Trump to sanction Venezuela

Julian Zelizer - Washington Post: Protests didn’t hurt Reagan, and they’re not going to stop Trump

Manila - AFP/Straits Times: 15,000 homeless after huge fire engulfs overcrowded slum in Manila, destroying thousands of homes

Editorial - NY Post: Looks like Team Trump just made Iran blink

Rush Limbaugh: The Russians hacked the Super Bowl!

Heather Mac Donald - LA Times: UC Berkeley's descent from place of learning to victimology hothouse

Charles Gasparino - NY Post: Trump’s move to end Dodd-Frank disaster all about helping small biz

New Orleans - Orlando Sentinel: Homes destroyed as tornadoes touch down, wreak havoc in southern Louisiana

Politico: Henry Kissinger: Trump could offer 'extraordinary opportunity' in foreign policy

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Senate confirms Betsy DeVos as Education secretary as VP Pence breaks 50-50 tie

Marty Durbin - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Trump's energy plan will fuel the economy

Kim Janssen - Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Army to allow completion of Dakota Access oil pipeline

Cannon Ball - KFYR-TV: Self-proclaimed 'environmentalist' pipeline protesters left behind a mountain of toxic garbage which threatens harm to waters they said they were protecting

Kabul - CTV: 19 dead after suicide bomber strikes Afghan Supreme Court

Editorial - National Review: Robart’s renegade ruling

Kim Janssen - Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning

Florida - AP/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Trump: Allow those into U.S. who 'want to love our country'

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Sorry: Trump’s immigration order is totally legal; Robart’s handiwork is shoddy and usurpatory

Beirut - AP/Toronto Star: Syria hanged at least 13,000 at ‘slaughterhouse’ prison in just four years, Amnesty International report says

Daniel Payne - The Federalist: 16 fake news stories reporters have run since Trump won

Maryland - Fox News: Blogger forced to pay 'substantial sum' to Melania Trump in defamation lawsuit

Mark Gollom - CBC: Why Trump supporters say the U.S. President is doing a 'phenomenal' job

Editorial - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: For the high court: Why Dems should avoid a battle over Gorsuch

Gregg Jarrett - Fox News: : Why the law is on Trump's side with his immigration pause

Glenn Reynolds - USA Today: Conspiring to stifle free speech is a crime

Reuters/AP - CBC: Kremlin demands apology over 'killer' question from Fox News' Bill O'Reilly to President Trump

Tom Knighton - PJmedia: The Left blasts Lady Gaga for not ruining the Super Bowl

John Fund - National Review: Trump’s best asset may be his unhinged opponents

Houston - CBC: Yes, those were 300 Intel drones in Lady Gaga's spectacular Super Bowl halftime show

Douglas E. Schoen - Wall Street Journal: Sharp left turn ahead — beware

Adam Andrzejewski - Forbes: Mapping $27B in federal funding of America's 'sanctuary cities'

Roger Kimball - PJmedia: Judge Robart’s black humor

Showbiz411: White House correspondents dinner in trouble as parties cancel, group has funding issues

Daily Caller: Errors from the press are piling up in the opening weeks of the Trump Administration

Debra Killalea - Donald Trump vs Malcolm Turnbull: Why Australia still needs the U.S.

NY Times: Appeals Court rejects request to immediately restore travel ban

Canberra - AP/CTV: Australia's leader says Trump isn't chasing a refugee deal

Rowan Dean - The Courier-Mail: Turnbull put Australia on a collision course with Trump who had made his views clear during election campaign

Ilya Shapiro - The Federalist: Top 10 ways Obama violated the Constitution during his Presidency

Tokyo - AP: New Pentagon chief an instant hit in Japan, South Korea

Robert Barnes - Law Newz: Why Trump’s immigration ban will win over Seattle Judge’s nationwide order

Washington - AP: Trump's Supreme Court pick wary of 'politicians with robes'

Rogue judge puts country at risk - Globe and Mail: Trump’s travel pause is blocked: Six things you need to know

Paris - Telegraph: Louvre machete suspect Egyptian who posted 'support for ISIS minutes before attack'

Rex Murphy - National Post: There are fascists on campus. Protesters don’t realize it’s them, not Milo Yiannopoulos

Washington - AP: Trump on jobs report: 'It's going to continue, big league'

Avdiivka - AP: Worst fighting in east Ukraine since 2015; 33 dead this week

Rasmussen Reports: Trump at 54% in daily Presidential tracking poll

NY Post: UN ambassador Nikki Haley condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine

Paris - Wall Street Journal: Machete attacker at Paris’s Louvre Museum shot by police, stoking terror fears; Man, who shouted ‘Allahu akbar,’ taken into police custody

Daily Mail - AFP: Iran 'playing with fire,' Trump says

Washington - Reuters: U.S. job growth unexpectedly accelerates in January

Washington - Reuters: Lockheed to announce $8.5B F-35 order; Trump price cut shaves $700M off govt bill

Seoul - Reuters: North Korea sacks head of secret police amid signs of 'crack in elite'

Washington - AP: U.S. hits 13 people, dozen companies in new Iran sanctions

Daily Mail: Trump denies angry call with Australian Prime Minister - labeling reports 'fake news'; thanks Turnbull for setting record straight

Bethany Mandel - The Federalist: Facebook dead at 12, a victim of 2016

Hollywood Madness: Sarah Silverman asks military to overthrow 'fascist' Trump

Nicole Russell - The Federalist: Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do

Crux of the Matter: Violence at Berkeley re: Milo Yiannopoulos liberal fascism

Smyrna - AP: Police storm Delaware prison, end hostage standoff; guard found dead

Detroit: Man who claimed mom died in Iraq after Trump's ban lied, Imam confirms

The Daily Beast: These are the groups behind those ‘spontaneous’ anti-Trump-ban protests

David P. Goldman - PJmedia: Fake news, failed states, and 'America First'

Washington - Daily Mail: UAE say Donald Trump's migration ban is NOT anti-Islamic and point out that the majority of Muslims are still free to travel to the U.S.

ABC7 - Berkeley: Violent protests by anti-free speech mob forces cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos appearance at university once known for spawning Free Speech Movement

Washington - Fox News: U.S. National Security Adviser Mike Flynn says Iran 'on notice' after missile test

Keith Boag - CBC: With Trump willing to 'go nuclear' over Supreme Court pick, filibuster could be shortsighted

Washington - AP: Post-election campaign cash flows for Trump, top aides, stops suddenly for high-spending Clinton

Sky News: Brexit bill vote: Article 50 legislation clears first hurdle in Commons; supported by 498 votes to 114

Lizzie Dearden - Independent: Mass terror raids thwart 'planned ISIS attack' in Germany as more than 50 mosques and buildings searched

Washington Examiner: Reuters editor tells his Washington reporters to stop their petty airing of grievances about Trump White House

Washington - Reuters: Trump moves fast, has already frozen $181B of last-minute regulations jammed through by Obama; analysis shows a savings of 5.5M hours of paperwork

Washington - Politico: Trump on immigration order: Call it what you want — it's about keeping 'bad people' out

Washington - Reuters: Senate panel backs Price as Health Secretary, Mnuchin for Treasury after Democrats boycott

Washington - Reuters: VW, Robert Bosch agree to pay $1.55B to settle U.S. diesel claims

Bloomberg: Who will pay for San Francisco's $750M tilting tower?

Washington - Reuters: U.S. factory activity hits two-year high; private payrolls surge

Brad Hunter - Toronto Sun: ISIS corpses being devoured by starved dogs

Bismarck - AP: Senator: Army Corps told to approve Dakota pipeline easement

Mosul - AP: ISIS using drones, other innovating tactics with deadly effect

Editorial - Washington Post: Democrats shouldn’t go scorched-earth on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Neal K. Katyal - NY Times: Why Liberals should back Neil Gorsuch

Ramesh Ponnuru - National Review: Neil Gorsuch: A worthy heir to Scalia

Alan M. Dershowitz - The Hill: Sally Yates was wrong and should have resigned

John Moody - Fox News: No borders. No nations. No clue.

Washington: Senate Majority Leader McConnell welcomes President Trump's naming of Judge Neil Gorsuch to open seat on U.S. Supreme Court

updated Washington - AP: Foot-dragging Democrats force additional delays in votes on 3 more Trump Cabinet nominees; have approved only 4 Cabinet Secretaries; by same point in 2009 Senate had approved 12 Obama Secretaries

Robert Donachie - BizPac Review: President Trump lays it out for big pharma: Drug prices must come down

NBC: Apple’s pile of cash swells to a record high

Washington - AP: Speaker Ryan defends Trump travel pause as Veep Pence addresses GOP concerns

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Time to still the full-bore freak-out hysteria over President Trump’s executive order to pause travel from 7 countries identified by Obama

Fox News: Pentagon believes attack on Saudi frigate meant for U.S. warship

Chris Cillizza - Washington Post: If you’re a Democrat, these 3 charts should really worry you

Reuters/IPSOS poll: Majority of Americans back Trump's travel pause

Washington - Reuters: Trump administration to allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week - document

Arthur Herman - Fox News: Trump's travel pause and the Democrats' big con

Rich Lowry - NY Post: No, Trump’s immigration plan isn’t ‘un-American’

Aaron Blake - Washington Post: President Trump has turned ‘a pen and a phone’ into a pen and a megaphone. Thanks, Obama?

Simon Jack - BBC: Trump's weapon in trade war

Washington - CBC: Donald Trump extends Obama's LGBTQ workplace protections

Sean Hannity - Fox News: Dems gamble with American lives with lies about Trump order

The Hill: Sean Spicer: It's safety first; if State Dept. officials oppose the temporary Trump ban they 'can go'

Debra Heine - PJmedia: Rasmussen poll shows only 33% oppose Trump's temporary ban on immigrants from terrorist havens

Flashback - The Hill: In 2015, Democrats fretted refugee numbers; Schumer: "a pause may be necessary"; Durbin: "background checks need to be redoubled in terms of refugees"

Bob Fredericks - NY Post: Iran defies UN resolution, tests ballistic missile

Washington - Reuters: Saudi King agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones: White House

Politico: Even before nominee announced, Senate Democrats say they will mount only the second Supreme Court filibuster in history; McConnell has 'nuclear option' to force it through with simple majority

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Stunning media malpractice on Trump suspension of entry

The Hill: Obama administration originally flagged the 7 countries in Trump's immigration order

Jack Heretik - Washington Free Beacon: Schumer tweets incorrectly that Tillerson won’t divest from Exxon; he actually divested in early January

Carl M. Cannon - OC Register: Seven days in January: The Trump Presidency begins

Aron Heller - AP: Israel's Netanyahu says U.S. Embassy should be in Jerusalem

Dan Balz - Washington Post: Amid distractions of his own creation, Trump moves swiftly to change the country dramatically

Michael Walsh - NY Post: The real shocker: Trump is a politician who delivers on his promises

Protecting America - AP: Priebus defends swift action to temporarily bar refugees and others from 7 countries where current vetting doesn't work

Sophia Rosenbaum - NY Post: Trump defends immigration ban, calls the world ‘a horrible mess’

VandeHei, Allen - Axios: The Trump bulldozer; a remarkably productive start, 13 Presidential actions in first week tied to specific campaign promises

Phoenix - AP: Trump reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law

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Terry Devitt - University of Wisconsin: From rocks in Colorado, evidence of a ‘chaotic solar system’

For most of the Late Cretaceous, exceptionally high sea levels flooded the low-lying portions of several continents around the world. In North America, a warm, shallow sea called the Western Interior Seaway extended from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, subdividing the continent into eastern and western landmasses, known as Appalachia and Laramidia, respectively. Plumbing a 90 million-year-old layer cake of sedimentary rock in Colorado, a team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Northwestern University has found evidence confirming a critical theory of how the planets in our solar system behave in their orbits around the sun. The finding, published February 23, 2017 in the journal Nature, is important because it provides the first hard proof for what scientists call the 'chaotic solar system', a theory proposed in 1989 to account for small variations in the present conditions of the solar system. The variations, playing out over many millions of years, produce big changes in our planet’s climate — changes that can be reflected in the rocks that record Earth’s history. ~ Ron Blakey Northern Arizona University Geology Dept.

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Is global warming science just a fraud?

Rex Murphy - National Post: In Ontario, the taxpayers
sustain Wynne’s green energy perpetual motion disaster

Charles Hurt: Trump’s war on ‘fake news’ offers a great civics lesson

Washington Times: Trump orders all federal agencies to set up
‘regulatory reform task forces’ to cut job-costing red tape

Amy Minsky - Global News: Rejected refugees who cross border
into Canada illegally will be sent to home country, not back to U.S.

Ivan Semeniuk - Globe and Mail: Red Dwarf and the Seven Worlds: Astronomers
excited by bonanza of Earth-sized planets — only 39 light years away

The discovery, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, marks the first time that so many terrestrial planets – planets that are primarily made of rock, like Earth – have turned up in one solar system. Three of the planets fall within a temperature range that should allow water to exist on their surfaces – a placement that is sometimes referred to as “the Goldilocks zone” because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Given the right sort of atmosphere, water could also be present on three of the others. ~ NASA/JPL-CALTECH

CBC: 5 byelections in safe seats to be held April 3rd;
will it turn into electoral test for Trudeau Govt?

Angus Reid poll - CBC: 54% of Canadians say refugees do not
make enough of an effort to fit into mainstream society

Angus Reid poll - CBC: 41% of Canadians want to stop accepting refugees,
25% want Trump-style travel ban from risky places: bombshell survey

Globe and Mail: Influx of refugees fleeing U.S. is putting Ottawa to the test

Somali refugees Abdullahi Warsame, left, and Lul Abdi Ali slip under a roadblock in Noyes, Minnesota, to enter Canada on Sunday. ~ Ian Willms The Globe and Mail

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Mulroney sings at Mar-a-Lago
cancer fundraiser, prompts praise for Canada from Trump

CTV News: Emerson homeowner blames Trudeau for spike in asylum crossings;
went out to truck and "16 people who had illegally crossed border were in his driveway"

Emerson - CBC: 'Someone is going to slip through': Worry grows
over influx of asylum seekers across U.S. border into Manitoba

Emerson-Franklin Reeve Greg Janzen says there are some worries in the community that among those who are legitimately seeking refugee status, someone, possibly with a criminal background, might be able to sneak in. ~ Lyza Sale CBC

Melbourne - AP: Trump rallies tens of thousands of supporters,
once again tears into 'dishonest media'; lays out ambitious agenda

There were 9,000 packed inside the hangar and another 20,000 outside according to media at the event. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One before the rally, Trump said he was holding a campaign rally because "Life is a campaign. To make America great again is absolutely a campaign," he said. "It's not easy, especially when we're also fighting the press." ~ VOA News

Washington Examiner: CBS anchor Dickerson: Press ruined its reputation 'on its own'

Jim Geraghty - National Review: Is the media too comfortable with its own mistakes?

David Prentice - American Thinker: The Left's once mighty echo chamber is losing power

Washington - AP: Transcript of Trump press conference

Reality President: Watch Donald Trump's remarkable press conference

Karachi - AP: 75 dead after ISIS suicide bombing at Pakistan shrine

Daniel Halper - NY Post: 'Dishonest media' put in the crosshairs
in unprecedented long and wide-open Trump press conference

Canada's beloved bard: Stuart McLean, CBC Radio host
and award-winning humourist, dead at 68

Stuart McLean, a brilliant mind, a gentle soul and a transcendant Canadian, will not be forgotten. He filled halls and hearts from coast-to-coast and made his CBC Radio show, The Vinyl Cafe, a must-listen experience. ~ CBC

Chicken Little Dept: UK university says vast pool of molten carbon
discovered 350 km under western U.S. presents apocalyptic climate danger

New York - Reuters: Wall Street hits record on Trump's tax comments, strong data

Jack Mintz - Financial Post: The public backlash rises
as the credibility of high-cost low-carbon policies collapses

The public won’t be fooled by policies that results in higher taxes and energy costs, undermine our economy and do little to reduce emissions, Jack Mintz writes. ~ Postmedia

Steven Chase - Globe and Mail: How much trade
leverage does Canada really have with the U.S.?

Globe and Mail: How Trudeau recruited a key businesswoman, Ivanka Trump

Washington - CBC: Trudeau, Trump find common ground on economy, security;
Trump says trade with Canada 'very outstanding,' and that NAFTA needs only 'tweaking'

updated CBC: Mr. Trudeau goes to Washington; takes part in
White House Women's Roundtable with Trump and business leaders

President Trump greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the porticoed north entrance to the West Wing of the White House. ~ CBC

Northumberland News: Three escape school bus stuck on rails before hit by CP train

The school bus became stuck on rails after re-starting from mandatory stop at crossing. Two adults and a student scrambled out of bus before it was hit in Cramahe Township in Northumberland County, west of Belleville. ~ Karen Longwell Northumberland News

Germany - BBC: Hamburg airport evacuated and 50 treated over 'substance in air'

WSJ: Japan condemns North Korea missile launch; Trump supports ally

Karl Rove - WSJ: Trump and the 21st-Century Nullifiers; What
‘sanctuary cities’ have in common with 1832 South Carolina

Conrad Black - National Post: From TV drama to the news
media, the prime-time programming of Western decline

Montpelier - BBC: France police avert 'imminent' Islamist terror attack;
arrested 16-yr-old girl had made jihadist declarations online say reports

Hill Times: Liberals and Conservatives tied at 34% in nationwide poll;
Grits still strong in Central Canada, but losing younger voters

Climate fraud fall-out follow-up - National Review: What happens
when a top climate scientist blows the whistle on shoddy climate science

Alberta - CBC: Wild bison roam Banff National Park
for 1st time in more than a century

The first wild bison to roam Banff National Park in more than a century have been airlifted into a remote valley in a "historic homecoming" aimed at re-establishing a thriving herd, Parks Canada said Monday. While many remember what Parks Canada calls a "display herd" of bison housed in a paddock near the Banff townsite until 1997, this new herd represents a return to wild animals, eventually free to wander their surroundings. The 16 bison — primarily pregnant two year olds — were loaded onto shipping containers on trucks in Elk Island National Park, about 35 kilometres east of Edmonton, and transported to the park in the past week.

NY Times: Patriots mount comeback for ages to win 5th Super Bowl

Whitehorse - CBC: 1,600 km Yukon Quest sled dog race kicks off in Whitehorse

Musher Matt Hall arrived in Dawson City - the race's halfway point - during last year's Yukon Quest sled dog race.

Conrad Black - National Post: The country is waiting for
a big and timely push to move Canada beyond a 'middle power'

Steve Lambert, CP - National Post: ‘We need to live’: Inuk singer
says Facebook suspended her account over photo of sealskin coat

Daily Mail: Paris fraud exposed: How world leaders were duped into
investing billions over NOAA-manipulated global warming data

The misleading 'pausebuster chart': The red line shows the current NOAA world temperature graph – which relies on the ‘adjusted’ and unreliable sea data cited in the flawed ‘Pausebuster’ paper. The blue line is the UK Met Office’s independently tested and verified ‘HadCRUT4’ record – showing lower monthly readings and a shallower recent warming trend.

Rukmini Callimachi - NY Times: Not ‘lone wolves’ after all:
How ISIS is guiding terror plots from afar; ISIS vets members, plans, arms attacks

Reuters: Japan readies package for Trump
to help create 700,000 U.S. jobs

Smyrna: Union: Guard killed in Delaware prison riot
warned colleagues of 'trap' with last words

Michael Barone: Trump's 2nd-week follow-through

Owen Sound Times: No shadow, Wiarton Willie says spring is on its way

Pennsylvania: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts 6 more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil and Bill Murray starred in classic Groundhog Day movie in 1993 -- and every day since.

Terry Glavin - National Post: The very least Trudeau could do
is get out of the way. But he won’t, because hypocrisy...

Ottawa - CP24: Trudeau abandons promise to change voting system for 2019;
orders revealed in mandate letter again show real power in PMO, not Cabinet

Washington Examiner: Rex Tillerson confirmed by U.S. Senate to lead State Dept.

Ketchum - AP: Moose crashes basement; all ends well for curious teen

Law enforcement officers and those from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game tried to shoo the moose upstairs beginning at about 2:30 a.m. A Fish and Game officer arrived from Twin Falls at about 5:30 a.m. and shot the moose with a tranquilizer dart. Homeowner Julie Emerick says eight officers carried the approximately 600-pound animal up the stairs. Emerick says the moose got up and ran off about 15 minutes later.

Quebec City - CBC: 2 of the 19 wounded in mosque massacre remain in critical condition

Globe and Mail: Suspect in Quebec City mosque attack
charged with six counts of first-degree murder

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Mohamed Belkhadir: "I understand, I respect
that they caught me. They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that's normal.
For them, someone who flees is a suspect" Arrested, but innocent, he praises police

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Massacre suspect Alexandre Bissonnette
described as anti-social online troll with strong xenophobic, misogynist views

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, of the Quebec City suburb of Cap-Rouge is the suspect in Quebec City mosque massacre. ~ Facebook

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, scheduled
to appear in court charged with mosque attack that killed six and wounded 19

Quebec City - Toronto Star: One of those arrested has been
released by police after describing him as a "witness"

Quebec City - Journal de Quebec - translated: The six victims were two Algerians,
one Moroccan, one Tunisian and two citizens from sub-Saharan Africa

updated Quebec City - Telegraph: Mosque arrestee Bissonnette a student at
Université Laval; fourth mass shooting in Canada since 2014

updated Quebec City - Globe and Mail: Court names massacre arrestee:
Alexandre Bissonnette; second man mistook police for shooter, and ran, now released

updated Quebec City - CBC: 6 dead, 19 wounded in mosque attack

One of the two men arrested was near the scene of the shooting, while the other was arrested near l'île d'Orléans, kilometres from downtown Quebec City, following a police chase of the SUV he was driving. This suspect called police and waited for them to arrive to arrest him. Police called special technicians to where the chase ended, because they believed explosives may have been inside the SUV. Radio-Canada, CBC's French-language service, reported a gun was found inside the vehicle. A witness from inside the mosque attack, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBC's French-language service Radio-Canada Sunday night that the two shooters were masked. "It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!' The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head," said the witness. Along with the dead, there are multiple wounded, according to CBC's French-language service Radio-Canada. Quebec City police have set up a perimeter around the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood. Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said in a tweet that the province is mobilizing to assure the safety of Quebec City residents. He added that "Quebec categorically reject this barbaric violence" and offered solidarity with the families of victims and wounded. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the shooting a "cowardly attack" and said Canadians were grieving for the victims. ~ Radio-Canada

Al Arabiya: U.S. raid in Yemen kills 57, including 41 al-Qaeda militants

Conway: Trump's temporary immigration order against leading exporters of terror
not a 'Muslim ban'; can currently vet immigrants from other countries not on list

The Hill: Trump blasts 'fake news' and 'failing' New York Times

Draining the swamp: Trump sets 5-year and lifetime lobbying bans for officials

Jesse Ferreras - Global News: GM jobs are just
the tip of what Canada has lost to Mexico

NAFTA lifted tariffs between Canada, the United States and Mexico, and it opened the door for companies to choose where they wished to manufacture their products within North America. But data released by CIBC in November shows that Canada has lost ground to Mexico in the two decades that NAFTA has been in force.

Keeping promises: Trump signs orders on rebuilding military and 'extreme vetting'

Calabogie: Canadian-made 2017 Ford GT, their fastest car ever

The new GT is being built for Ford at Multimatic’s Markham, Ontario, facility, and the first one rolled off the line last month. Ford plans to make 250 GTs a year for four years. Potential buyers had to fill out an application and, by May 2016, the first two years’ worth of cars were sold. Thanks to its twin-turbo, 3.5-litre V6, which develops an official output of 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque, the 2017 Ford GT can reach a top speed of 346 km/h.

Reuters: Trump has 'friendly' call with Mexican leader but demands change

Jake Novak - CNBC: Why the outrage over
Trump’s potential 20% border tax is ridiculous

updated Washington - AP: Media clarifies that 20% tax on imports from Mexico
to pay for border wall was only Air Force One discussion, not imminent policy

World first: Burlington woman spent 6 days without lungs; healthy now

What if NAFTA is cancelled or Mexico pulls out? Trump has major bargaining chips

Washington - BBC: Trump signs order for wall on
Mexican border, strips funds from U.S. sanctuary cities

Bloomberg: How to hack an election, by a guy
who did so for almost a decade. He tells his story.

Andrés Sepúlveda ~ Bloomberg

Playing God: Organisms created with synthetic
DNA pave way for entirely new life forms

A standard DNA molecule. Floyd Romesberg and his team have expanded the genetic code from four letters to six by adding two new molecules they call X and Y. ~ Deco Images II

updated Washington - CTV: Trump keeps promise, green lights Keystone XL pipeline

Trump signed Executive Orders today to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be completed, subject to final negotiations. He also signed an Executive Order that all pipe used in U.S. pipelines will be American-made to create American jobs.

Washington - CBC: Trump keeps major promise, cancels TPP trade deal

CNBC: Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more'

Washington - AP: Full schedule as Trump fulfills campaign promises on first day

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Journal of Climatic Change: Canada wins; country may gain 3 weeks of "nice days" from projected climate change says peer-reviewed study by Princeton Prof

London Free Press: Daytona 500: D.J. Kennington of St. Thomas ready for biggest NASCAR race

CTV News: Close the 'safe third country' loophole: Jason Kenney

London Free Press: Urban and rural Ontario uniting against Liberal destruction of power system says Brown

Ottawa - CTV News: Parliamentary Press Gallery opposing plan to fingerprint and conduct criminal background checks on journalists who cover Parliament Hill

Ottawa - CTV News: Liberals looking at banning smoking in apartments, and on college and university campuses; raising smoking age to 21

Ontario - Toronto Sun: PCs poised to win 'super-majority': Forum poll

Janice Dickson - iPolitics: O'Leary says he'll stay on Shark Tank reality TV show in U.S. for at least a year if he wins CPC leadership

Zahra Premji - Global News: More asylum seekers make the trek from the U.S. in to Manitoba Saturday morning

CBC: No injuries as Air Canada plane from Halifax skids off runway in rainy Toronto

Halifax - CTV News: Nova Scotia sees 2.2 million visitors in 2016, best year in history

Nicole Bogart - Global News: Who is responsible when a self-driving car crashes? Insurance companies aren’t sure yet

Victoria - Times-Colonist: Small quakes this week not a sign of 'Big One': expert

Saskatoon - CBC: Injustice: Van de Vorst family outraged after drunk driver Catherine McKay sent to healing lodge; family of 4 killed say punishment doesn't fit crime

Greg Fingas - Regina Leader-Post: Trudeau's words ring hollow, as his actions favour the privileged

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Liberals pretend our laws don’t matter

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Ontario Liberals say they'll overhaul electricity system again and this time it'll work

Toronto - Global News: Ontario Energy Minister admits mistake with green energy program, but blames others

Bloomberg: Canada's MacDonald Dettwiler buys DigitalGlobe for $2.4B

Bloomberg: Canada stocks tumble as Trump trade concerns spread, oil falls

Toronto Star: Major power failure strands thousands of GO train passengers

Financial Post: Ottawa is now $14B in the red, compared with a $3.2B surplus last year

Daytona - Inside Track Motorsports News: Canadian DJ Kennington races his way into Sunday's Daytona 500 in last few hundred yards; praises longtime sponsor

Conrad Black - National Post: Parliament can’t simply demand people feel good about Islam

Washington - CBC News: Wall with Canada? White House spokesman, media share a laugh over question; longest undefended border in the world

Ottawa - Washington Post: The trickle of foreign refugee claimants fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring

Belleville - CTV News: 18 arrested include Ontario Govt employee, Hell's Angel, in cross-border probe that seized fentanyl-laced pills, guns; arrested Service Ontario employee allegedly forged documents, including passports, driver's licenses and health cards

Brockville - CTV News: Ontario senior puts truck up for sale, leaves rental home over hydro costs

Winnipeg - CBC: Manitoba announces funds for housing, resettlement services for U.S. asylum seekers

John Ivison - National Post: Retired air chiefs urge Liberals to ditch ‘costly and unnecessary’ plan to buy Super Hornet jets

St. John's - CBC: Nearly 300 jobs cut as Newfoundland and Labrador looks to make 'flatter, leaner' civil service; 90 of positions being eliminated are currently vacant

Calgary - Global News: 4 inmates charged in jailhouse beating of triple-murderer Douglas Garland

Andrew Coyne - National Post: A crisis is coming: If this many cross the U.S. border in February, how many will come by June?

Toronto - Global News: Cold-hearted utility defends cutting off power for 76-year-old for 3 months in winter

Paulina Firozi - The Hill: Trudeau: Canada will continue to accept failed asylum seekers from U.S. despite laws Canadians must follow

CBC: Edelman poll says only 43% of Canadians now trust government; Delacourt says Trudeau has to start keeping promises

Laura Stone - Globe and Mail: Liberals show hypocrisy, vote down Conservative anti-racism motion

Montreal Gazette: Quebec creates task force to keep businesses in the province

Conrad Black - National Post: If the Conservatives want to win, they need a leader who can speak French — period

Hemmingford - CBC: Porous border, catch-and-release treatment keeps illegals flowing into Canada

Montreal - CBC: CBC radio host badgers Tory MP Clement for plan to stop illegal border hoppers; won't accept "apply the law" with additional resources answer; doesn't ask Minister

updated Oakville - CBC: Tim Hortons/Burger King owner buys Popeyes fried chicken for $1.8B

Ottawa - CTV News: 'Keep our kids from dying': Ottawa dad pens popular Facebook letter warning of overdoses; 'Every time these kids are doing drugs, they're playing Russian roulette'

CBC News: Sanctuary city movement grows in Canada, but could bring tension with police, immigration officials, general public; Montreal joins Toronto, Vancouver in protecting illegal immigrants from deportation

Fredericton - CTV News: New Brunswick saw spike in refugee claimants at U.S. border in 2016

CTV News: Montreal councillors vote in favour of sanctuary city status; no reaction from federal government

Montreal - CTV News: Quebec turns up the maple syrup taps amid internal revolt, foreign competition

Vancouver - Globe and Mail: Conservative leadership candidates reject Michael Chong’s carbon-tax proposal which ignores impact on economy, jobs

Ottawa - Global News: Former Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler says Liberal MP Iqra Khalid has misrepresented his remarks to her on contentious M-103 anti-Islamophobia bill

Crux of the Matter: Anti-Trump & CPC leadership media bias in Canada & U.S.

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: He’s ‘moving on,’ but campaign to keep Mulcair as leader picks up steam as NDP grassroots call ousting unfair

CBC: City council set to vote on making Montreal an illegal 'sanctuary city'

London - Global News: Hydro crews restore power to 88 disconnected customers in city after politically delayed order from Ontario Energy Minister to finally stop winter disconnections

Amy Minsky - Global News: Liberals hint at more defence spending in upcoming budget as U.S. demands more

Syria - Globe and Mail: Canadian warplanes quietly return to anti-ISIS war role; now locating and identifying targets for U.S. attacks

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada wholesale trade picks up in December on machinery sector

Greg Quinn - Bloomberg: What "tweaking" U.S.-Canada trade relations under NAFTA could look like

Rex Murphy - National Post: M-103 is a political billboard. Pick a side and advertise your virtues

CBC: Minneapolis woman shocked friend walked to Canada; economic migrant from Somalia had been rejected for asylum in U.S. before Trump elected

Ottawa - CTV News: Two Tory MPs call on Ottawa to stop illegal Canada-U.S. border crossings

Manitoba - CBC: At least 22 more asylum seekers, baby, cross into Manitoba Sunday

Chris Selley - National Post: As Trump’s refugees stream into Canada, will our immigration policies hold up?

Montreal - CBC: Bomb-making materials found at teen terror suspect's home, court documents say

Berlin - Globe and Mail: Trudeau blames corporate elites for rise in global public anger; doesn't mention politicians' broken promises

Toronto - City News: Bruce County on hook for mountain biker's quadriplegia; top court won't weigh in

updated Toronto - Global News: Energy Minister says he'll end "political games", finally tells utilities to stop cutting power during winter; why did he delay response to call by PC Leader Brown?

Calgary Herald: Denying abortion akin to violence, Monsef says of Planned Parenthood funding

Edmonton - CBC: Study of alleged sexual assaults shows 72% don't result in criminal charges

Berlin - CTV News: Trudeau, Merkel differ on NATO spending

Toronto - CBC: TTC dismisses 73 people over alleged multimillion-dollar benefits fraud scheme

Nova Scotia - Globe and Mail: Ottawa abandons Sable Island wind project 15 years after its launch

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Don’t fear Trudeau’s proportional representation bogeymen

Toronto - CBC News: Lawyers misappropriated millions from clients' funds but few faced criminal charges

David Martin - Independent: As Britain's longest-serving MEP, I can tell you that the critics are wrong about CETA – we need this trade deal with Canada

Globe and Mail: Warm memories from friends and associates show Stuart McLean just as interesting when off-air

Daniel Armstrong - Vancouver Sun: Anti-Islamophobia bill poses problems

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Leitch, others fight back against 'politically correct nonsense'

Charlottetown - CBC News: Stuart McLean remembered on P.E.l.: 'It really stayed with me, his generosity'

Vancouver - Global News: Trump family to attend Vancouver Trump Tower grand opening this month

Barrie - CTV News: Barrie man reunited with $100K in 'rainy day' money left inside old television

Global News: Pierre Karl Péladeau returns to Quebecor as CEO

Quebec - CTV News: Snow plow driver shot in Verdun

Strasbourg - CBC News: 'A deal for the people': European Parliament approves trade deal with Canada

Ottawa - CTV News: Manufacturing sales rise 2.3% in December: Stats Canada

CBC News: Man charged with murder in fatal attack on Winnipeg Transit driver

Christine Dobby - Globe and Mail: Ottawa approves BCE-MTS tie-up; deal to benefit Xplornet

Montreal - CTV News: Canadiens fire head coach Therrien, ex-Boston coach Julien named replacement

Rob Merrifield - Financial Post: Trump’s biggest threat to Canada’s economy isn’t NAFTA—it’s that he’s about to out-compete Trudeau

Hemmingford - CTV News: Four more people illegally cross U.S. border into Quebec on foot: RCMP

Nick Westoll - Global News: 31 Toronto hospital employees dismissed after benefit claims ‘breach’ code of conduct

updated Toronto - CTV News: Massive six alarm fire at Yonge and St. Clair 1924-era racquet club causes chaos; still burning 14 hours later

CBC: Winnipeg Transit bus driver dies after being attacked with weapon at University of Manitoba

Brampton - CTV News: Couple, one daughter die in Ontario house fire

Alberta - Metro News: Two flight instructors dead in Mount Royal University aviation plane crash near Waiparous

CBC News: Blizzard shuts down most of Nova Scotia for 2nd day

Ontario - CBC: Judge sides with Sixties Scoop survivors

Alexander Panetta - Chronicle-Herald: Trump promises Canada: No wall for you, only more 'bridges,' extra trade

Alexander Panetta - CTV News: Pierre Trudeau, Ivanka Trump, and how the White House meeting got set up

A sad look back - Chronicle-Herald: Mountie who witnessed 2008 Manitoba bus beheading killed himself in 2014

Windsor Star: Howe bridge highlighted during Trudeau-Trump meeting

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: First date goes well for Canada

Globe and Mail: Another broken promise: Tax cuts for the middle class

Halifax - CBC: Much of Nova Scotia shuts down as blizzard pounds province

Ottawa - CityNews: Anxiety running high as Trudeau holds first face-to-face meeting with Trump

Toronto - CBC: Ontario Liberals scramble over voter anger on high power costs; consider minor tweak to 'global adjustment' boondoggle

Whig-Standard: Unique Canadian whisky has link to Napanee's past

Reuters - BNN: Canadian support for NAFTA grows before meeting with Trump says Angus Reid poll

Ian Austen - NY Times: Canada’s Conservatives seek a champion, and redemption

Luke Kawa - Bloomberg: Canada’s AAA rating is on thin ice Petition opposes Liberal MP's free speech stifling Islamophobia bill M-103

Ottawa - CBC: Liberal MP's so-called anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate next week; some critics worry Motion 103 could chill free speech and ultimately lead to blasphemy laws

Crux of the Matter: Greyhound beheader Vince Li, aka 'Will Baker', released without conditions

New Westminster - CBC: B.C. MP Peter Julian to announce NDP leadership candidacy

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals' pre-clearance Bill C-23 would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers; could question, search and even detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil

Halifax - CBC: Blizzard warning in place for Nova Scotia, with up to 60 cm of snow possible

Manitoba - CBC: U.S. needs to be 'much more vigilant' to stem flow of asylum seekers crossing border to Canada: security expert

Emerson - Globe and Mail: RCMP say another 21 people arrested for illegally crossing border from U.S. at Manitoba town

Bill Redekop - Winnipeg Free Press: 'Busiest night yet' for asylum seekers crossing at abandoned border station

Montreal - CTV: Quebec sees 'biggest increase' in asylum seekers

Halifax - CBC: Nova Scotia Liberals to start imposing contract on teachers Monday

Winnipeg - CBC: Somali asylum seekers en route to Canada caught, turned back by U.S. border officials; 2 men, 1 woman to try to cross into Manitoba in bitter cold

Winnipeg: Freedom for man who beheaded fellow passenger on Greyhound bus

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Canada’s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau was always a joke to the right; he should worry now the left's joined in the laughter

Graham Slaughter - CTV: Leitch rebuffs Trudeau's shot by calling Prime Minister 'fringe'

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Dramatic increase in people having Canadian citizenship revoked since Trudeau elected

Toronto - CTV: Bombardier files injunction to stop Metrolinx from terminating $770M contract

Why numbers mislead - CBC: New Brunswick unemployment rate declines, but 3,000 fewer people working; Statistics Canada says jobless rate fell to 8.9% in January from 9.3% in December

Vancouver - CP: B.C. highways paralyzed by winter storm of freezing rain, snow

William A. Macdonald - Globe and Mail: Why a failed bid for electoral reform is a win for Canada

Leslie Young - Global News: Justin Trudeau says electoral reform is ‘not in the best interest of the country’

Brunkild - Pembina Valley Online: Manitoba plane crash claims lives of two Winkler men

Ottawa - CTV: Syrian student, embraced by Canada, opts for U.S. after Trump order halted

Susan Delacourt - Toronto Star: The Federal Liberals love to consult us. But does anyone listen?

Ottawa - Huffington Post: NDP MP Murray Rankin: Trudeau 'spreading alternative facts' after breaking electoral reform pledge

Regina - Global News: Saskatchewan Premier Wall calls on PM to suspend Syrian refugee plan

Global News: Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau to meet Monday in Washington

updated B.C. buried in huge winter storm - Global News: The Coquihalla is open between Hope and Merritt – extreme weather expected

John Robson - National Post: Stop saying we’re all Muslims. It doesn’t help and it hurts

Michele Jarvie - National Post: Why trains run down grizzlies: ‘After six years of study, Parks Canada, Canadian Pacific blame the bears’

Kelly McParland - National Post: Bob Rae, anti-union crusader (no, really)

The Sun: Missing Toronto man found in Amazon after walking 12,000 miles to Argentina and on way back north, mostly without shoes

Laurin Liu - The Globe and Mail: Women should never be used as political cover; hits Trudeau

Caley Ramsay - Global News: Syrian refugee charged with 6 counts after ‘multiple sexual assaults’ at West Edmonton Mall waterpark

Montreal - The Kitchener-Waterloo Record: Brazil files WTO complaint against Canada over assistance to Bombardier

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Liberals’ Bombardier ‘loan’ — to 1930s public works spending, add 1970s industrial policy

Quebec - CP/Chronicle Herald: PQ report calls the party an aging 'social club'

Lise Ravary - National Post: Stop calling feminists ‘Islamophobic’ for fighting for the right of Muslim women not to cover themselves

Editorial - Globe and Mail: Canadians may want a trade war with Trump, but Trudeau shouldn’t

National Post: Ottawa’s attempt to block ruling on ’60s Scoop of aboriginal children slammed as unprecedented, galling

John Ivison - National Post: Boost border security funding before Canada finds itself in Donald Trump’s crosshairs

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau concerned about refugee influx in Manitoba border town

Emerson - CBC: 'This is right off the scale': Border town seeks help after spike in refugees

CBC: Chrystia Freeland says Canada prepared for 'strong offensive position' on NAFTA

Financial Post: Toronto Stock Exchange makes its bid to host a slice of the gargantuan Saudi Aramco IPO

Winnipeg - CBC: Asylum seeking border hopper denied refugee status in Canada; documents challenged for authenticity

Tarek Fatah - Toronto Sun: Muslims are responsible for what ails Islam

Barbara Kay - National Post: How long until my honest criticism of Islamism constitutes a speech crime in Canada?

Ottawa - CTV: Federal Liberal Govt to give Bombardier $372M in loans

Seven months later, still no start date - CBC: Wasting time; 'We're very much aware of the impatience': MMIW commissioners make excuses at 1st press conference

Wall needed - National Post: Manitoba town’s generosity is tested amid spike in asylum-seeking ‘border jumpers’ since Trump elected

John Ivison - National Post: Clueless in Ottawa; Bill Morneau pledges to spend — but first he has to cut

Reuters - Financial Post: De Beers shelves diamond mine expansion in northern Ontario after failing to win Attawapiskat’s support

CBC: 22 more self-proclaimed 'refugees' enter Manitoba near Emerson border over the weekend

David Akin - National Post: Liberals know how much its carbon tax will cost consumers — but won't tell you

Theresa Boyle - Toronto Star: Ontario Medical Association executive resigns en masse

Reuters - CBC: Queen Elizabeth marks 65 years on Britain's throne

Murray Bewster - CBC: Former top security boss says it's 'almost impossible' to trace defence leaks

CBC: Trade briefing for Trump's team flagged Canadian softwood, dairy

Winnipeg - Toronto Star: Man who beheaded passenger on Greyhound bus expected to seek freedom

Toronto Sun: Wynne earns kudos in the 905 and scorn in the 416 area by killing tolls: Poll

Barbara Shecter - Financial Post: Don’t let incumbents hog the blockchain, new report urges regulators and policy makers

Peter MacKay - Toronto Sun: How we can make NAFTA great again

National Post: How a former editor allegedly used Vice Canada to recruit drug mules for a global smuggling ring

Stewart Bell - National Post: Liberal MP ‘was not aware’ man he posed with is being deported for role in terror group

National Post: Kellie Leitch says her campaign will continue going in ‘same direction’ after unexpected Kouvalis exit

Toronto - CBC: After insulting GO train commuters, Liberal cabinet minister finally apologizes

CBC: Chatham man facing charges after pouring bleach on police during fire

Toronto - Reuters: Hudson's Bay makes takeover approach for Macy's: source

Toronto - CTV: Interfaith groups to form 'rings of peace' around mosques in Canada today

Ottawa/Washington - Globe and Mail: Trump’s call to speed up NAFTA talks puts Canada on guard

Quebec - Globe and Mail: Vandals smash window and throw eggs at Montreal mosque

Washington - CBC: What will Trump want from Canada on NAFTA? A U.S. document may offer clues

Sportsnet: Halladay plans to get back into baseball, possibly with Blue Jays

Toronto Sun: Conservative leader Brown urges Liberal Sandals to apologize to GO riders

CBC: Nick Kouvalis, controversial campaign manager for Kellie Leitch, resigns

Tom Flanagan - Globe and Mail: What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception

Washington - CTV: Trump calls for negotiations on NAFTA as soon as May

CBC: Kevin O'Leary pulls gun range video 'out of respect' for shooting victims funeral

Andrew Coyne: It’s not the Liberals’ fault for lying about electoral reform, it’s yours for believing them

Quebec City - CTV: Shooting suspect visited mosque days before attack

CBC: Why Quebec City mosque shooting suspect may not face terrorism charges

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Advocates, lawyers mull court challenge to Canada’s refugee pact with U.S.

Ottawa - CTV: Liberal report highlights busy signals, long waits for EI service; hints at new spending

John Ivison - National Post: Scuttled electoral reform betrays those who saw Trudeau as antidote to political cynicism

John Robson - National Post: Canada puts itself first, too (by putting its military last)

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition

Editorial - Globe and Mail: On electoral reform, it’s bad promise made, bad promise broken

Windsor - CBC: 3,500 Windsor-Essex students face suspension for lack of immunization records

Rob Mason - Globe and Mail: The broken promise of electoral reform: The emperor has no shirt

Ottawa - CTV: NDP, Greens vow broken promise of electoral reform will cost Liberals votes

Saskatchewan - CBC: Cameco threatening legal action after Japan's TEPCO tries to cancel billion dollar uranium contract

Quebec - CBC: Montreal police hiring 55 people whose jobs will include monitoring social media sites for hate speech

Laura Stone - Globe and Mail: Kellie Leitch says a Canadian values test could equally apply to white supremacists and others applying to immigrate into Canada

Tony Keller - Globe and Mail: Criticizing Trump isn’t in Canada’s national interest – and Trudeau knows it

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Tories criticize Trudeau over letter to Fox News about tweet; say should focus on crises being ignored

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Temporary Trump security measures won’t lead Canada to increase existing refugee quotas

Montreal: Will inevitable Canadian search for 'root causes' lead to clampdown on freedom of speech, radio censorship? 4th mass attack in Canada since 2014 was first to target a group

CBC: Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates

CTV: Eiffel Tower goes dark to honour mosque shooting victims

Winnipeg - CTV: Man who beheaded Greyhound bus passenger seeking discharge: family

John Ivison - National Post: Millions of Canadians will pay at least $1,000 more if Ottawa taxes health and dental plans, study finds

Barbara Kay - National Post: Fascism in America? Sure, but not because of you know who

Thunder Bay - Chronicle Journal: Queen's Park natural gas loan cancellation hurts northern communities say local leaders

Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Post: Quebec mosque attack was murder and hate in a house of God

Montreal - CTV: Reported hate incidents up since Quebec City mosque massacre: police

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau, Pena Nieto talk trade, jobs over phone call

Windsor Star - AP: Grass carp have invaded Great Lakes Erie, Michigan and Ontario: binational, peer-reviewed study

Winter crisis continues - CBC: Storm cleanup continues as 21,000 remain without power in New Brunswick a week after storm

Shippagan - Globe and Mail: Military to help in New Brunswick ice storm recovery effort

Laura Payton - CTV: Ottawa think tank promised access to PM in exchange for sponsorship

Tracadie-Sheila - CTV: Military team assessing aid for New Brunswickers hit by ice storm

Gail Harding - CBC: NB Power's efforts continue on 6th day of power outages; 20,000 customers on Acadian Peninsula still without power

Jeff Lagerquist - CTV: Liberals less popular after Trudeau's town hall tour: Nanos survey; drops below 40% after 'charm offensive'

Ottawa - CTV: Rona Ambrose lauds Canada-U.S. trade advantage over Mexico

Editorial - National Post: The military is an instrument of national policy, not Liberal vanity

Chris Hall - CBC: Trump's first week re-shapes U.S. relationship with Canada

Saskatchewan - CBC: Trudeau's comments in Saskatoon 'disrespectful,' says chief

CTV: Unifor auto workers union says latest GM shift of workers from Ontario to Mexico shows need to renegotiate NAFTA

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Report on struggling news business is responsible, high-minded, and profoundly wrong

Chris Selley - National Post: Wynne’s spineless attempts to save her job drown out Toronto’s courage on road tolls

Saskatchewan - CTV: Two pilots safely eject before Canadian military training plane crashes near CFB Moose Jaw

Slav Kornik - Global News: Wildrose Leader Brian Jean: ‘I have not flip-flopped’ on unifying the right

Oliver Moore - Globe and Mail: Bitter over tolling veto, Mayor Tory says Toronto being treated like child

Carmen Chai - Global News: Prenatal vitamin A deficiency increases risk of Alzheimer’s later in life: Canadian doctors

Oakville - CBC: Tim Hortons to expand into Mexico

Sharon Crowther - Globe and Mail: Insurance claim ‘chaos’ slows Fort McMurray rebuild

Richard Warnica - National Post: Is Kellie Leitch for real?

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Federal government posts $3.3B deficit in November alone

Claudia Cattaneo - Financial Post: Jason Kenney promises to restore Alberta as top energy investment destination

Conrad Black - National Post: Donald Trump will be popular, and Canada will adapt

Catharine Tunney - CBC: CRTC's Super Bowl ad ruling on Trump's radar, claims NFL

Rex Murphy - National Post: Justin Trudeau the Boy Scout must settle into Donald Trump’s world

Toronto - CBC: Premier Wynne rejects Toronto's request for tolls on DVP, Gardiner Expressway

updated Ingersoll - CBC: GM axing 625 jobs at Ontario plant, sending jobs to Mexico

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau’s political dominance wanes as bad news budget looms and electorate tires of bread and circuses

Coquitlam - CBC: Move over skimmers, 'shimmers' are the newest tool for stealing credit card info

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau to end controversial cash-for-access fundraisers

Rachelle Younglaie - Globe and Mail: Britain keen to maintain trade with Canada after Brexit: UK negotiator

Jesse Snyder - Financial Post: Impact of Trump’s ‘America First’ policies on Canada likely to be muted, senior RBC economist says

Edmonton - CBC: Brian Jean caves to relentless Kenney unite the right pressure, says he would seek to lead the united party

CBC: TransCanada has now submitted new application for Keystone XL pipeline

Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: Ottawa, provinces poised for sweeping — and secret — internal trade deal

Huffington Post: Harper: Trump's Keystone XL green light a 'great first step'

Michele Zilio - Globe and Mail: Canada's refugee industry urges Trudeau to keep open border policy amid Trump cleaning up U.S. system

Paul Adams - iPolitics: How the Toronto Star got its O'Leary poll story dead wrong

CBC: Grizzly bears need better sightlines and signals along rail lines, 5-year study concludes

Crux of the Matter: Trump’s Inauguration numbers prove conservatives must fight dishonest media

Edmonton - CTV: Jason Dion Bews, 34, charged with assault and uttering threat after attacking Rebel-TV reporter Sheila Gunn Reid during Saturday protest

Calgary - CBC: Secret 2014 visit to Aga Khan's island was also by private helicopter, Trudeau finally admits

Calgary: New U.S. Defense Secretary chooses Canadian counterpart for his first international call

Bloomberg: Trump’s Keystone XL boost sends Canadian dollar soaring against peers

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