Big Brother: Apple patents technology for deactivating iPhone cameras at live concerts; fears it could also be used by oppressive regimes to block documentation of atrocities

Future Shock: Alvin Toffler, influential pop futurologist, dead at 87

Rex Murphy: Those who voted to leave the EU weren’t stupid. They were just angry. And with cause

James Delingpole: Michael Gove — the next Margaret Thatcher

Rasmussen Reports national poll: Trump now in front of Clinton by 4 points, 43% to 39%, as he rises and she drops

Florida: Man who claims he invented iPhone in 1992 sues Apple for $10B

San Jose: Google launches giant, 9,000-km trans-Pacific undersea internet cable

Tesla S: First self-driving car fatality recorded in U.S.

Cairo: EgyptAir black box data suggests fire on board

Baghdad: U.S.-led airstrikes pound ISIS in Iraq, kill 250 fighters

New Hampshire Union Leader editorial: Clinton exposed: Benghazi report highlights ineptitude

London: Boris Johnson announces he's not running for Conservative Party leadership; surprises all

Payback: Iraqi strikes destroy 260 ISIL vehicles fleeing Fallujah

Anthony Watts: Study: Record cold and snowy North American winters not due to climate change – within normal variation; Obama White House dinged by judge for 'bad faith' in how it handled global warming records request

Sweden: Ikea recalls 29 million dressers after 6 children killed

Post-Brexit: MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Farage calls out the EU hyenas to their faces in Brussels; UK will "not be the last member state to leave the European Union"

updated San Francisco: Volkswagen to spend up to US$15.3B to settle emissions-cheating cases

Cameron: Britain seeks 'strongest possible economic links' with European neighbours

Trump cards: Simple request brought Trump campaign $3M last week, in small donations, showing power of a broad-based movement to fund its campaign needs

Baghdad: Iraq coping with 85,000 displaced persons — many more than expected — after liberating Fallujah from ISIS

Secret Service book revelations: Clinton White House was den of coke, mistresses

Stayed away in droves: Young people – if you're so upset by the outcome of the EU referendum, then why didn't you get out and vote?

Stephen F. Hayes: Ignoring reality

Ying Ma: Trump's temporary Muslim ban shows he's serious about defeating radical Islam

The Week: Democrats' strategic fiasco on gun control

NY Post editorial: Only thing transparent about Hillary is her dishonesty

Washington Times: Benghazi survivor fights radical Islam, counters Obama’s ‘lies’ on terrorist threat

Ramsgate: In port and factory towns gone quiet, the Brexit uprising was born; not in xenophobia

Post-Brexit shrug: Nikkei leads gains among major Asian bourses, closing up 2.4%

The Hill: Clinton lives up to website

Wilbur Ross: I bought pounds after the Brexit vote; I may buy more today

Charles Gasparino: Brexit won because common sense prevailed

CNBC: It's official — Brexit's 'Black Friday' sell-off was the worst ever at $2 Trillion

London: Spain's borrowing costs slide as hopes for new government override Brexit fears

Madrid: Spain's conservatives win general election, vote rises from December election: official data

Beirut: Group of suicide bombers kill 5 in eastern Lebanon

London: Distorted Brexit 'analysis' from elite, naive, uninformed CBC reporter who is sad; and real value to be read in the comments section

London: Britain can cope with EU exit turmoil, finance chief says

Beijing: 35 killed in China bus fire

Labour meltdown: Jeremy Corbyn warned he faces leadership election battle if he does not quit

London: British political turmoil deepens after EU referendum; sore losers think they can block will of the people

NY Times: ‘Brexit’ revolt casts a shadow over Hillary Clinton’s cautious path

Berlin: Merkel signals sober separation from EU 'partner' Britain; disagrees with EU foreign ministers there's a need to rush

Trump: Debt will affect America more than #Brexit [video]

Jessica Morrison: USGS finds data fraud from 2008 to 2014, closes environmental chemistry lab; "Some data were manipulated" ... "lab customers, some collaborators, and relevant journals" all notified

Brookings analysts: Brexit a sign of same anti-elite revolt supporting Trump and sweeping Europe

Larry Elliott: Brexit is the rejection of globalization

Lessons learned? Infatuated killer of singer Grimmie had twice been in trouble with the law for violent incidents but not arrested

Scientific American: List of possible Zika birth defects grows longer

Mogadishu: At least 14 killed after Islamist gunmen storm Somalia hotel

London: Behind the support for #Brexit and Trump: economic apartheid; elites comfortable while those in hinterlands suffer

Conrad Black: A fresh start for Europe

Kelly McParland: The numbers tell the tale of a disgruntled country divided against its own

Marni Soupcoff: Brexit is about autonomy and overbearing bureaucracy, not chauvinism or bigotry

Eric Worrall: Naomi Klein tries to link climate and racism, but in constructing her fallacious arguments embraces ugly colonial paternalism

Paladino: Trump doesn't need as much funding to run his non-traditional campaign

TIME: Hillary Clinton failed to hand over key email to State Department

Kern County: 2 dead in California fire that torched 19,000 acres; still out-of-control

Charleston: Now 23 dead in devastating West Virginia flooding

Vernon Coleman: Was Britain taken into the EU illegally? (yes, and here's why)

Montreal: World doping watchdog shuts down Rio Olympic laboratory

Flashback: Divided they joined in 1973 (without a public vote), and divided they leave, but democratically

Brexit losers: Britain’s richest pummelled, 15 wealthiest lose as $5.5B shaved off fortunes

Bloomberg: Brexit domino effect means tourism losses, trade questions and the need for EU and UK to disentangle with mutual respect

Illegal immigrants still illegal: Judicial Watch hails Supreme Court tie that stops "Barack Obama’s lawless power grab" that would have allowed him to grant "legal status and, potentially, citizenship to millions of illegal aliens"

Lake Isabella: Flames roar through central California homes; thousands flee

Crooked Hillary? Detailed review by Associated Press finds hundreds of names scrubbed from Clinton's calendar as Secretary of State; who got what for their donations to Clinton Foundation?

London: Second big loss this week for Obama; how many votes did his inappropriate hectoring cost 'remain' side?

Scotland: British radio reporter intentionally distorts Trump Brexit comments in tweet; bad journalism not native to just North America

Breitbart: CNN’s Clinton cash ‘fact-check’ ends in embarrassment for its non-fact-checkers

Scotland: Trump promises that as President he would 'strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense'

Ayrshire: Trump hails #Brexit vote, saying voters "took back their country" and said American voters would do the same

Brexit: Britain votes with Trump, against Hillary, Obama

London: #Brexit spreads across Europe: Italy, France, Holland and Denmark ALL call for referendums

Baltimore: Trial of van driver in Freddie Gray case reveals prosecutor violations; failed to turn over several pieces of key evidence to defence

Feeling Berned: Nearly half of Sanders supporters won't support Clinton

#Brexit vote: British pound plummets over uncertainty of results

Benghazi link, too: Ex-Clinton official got Boeing bucks while pushing Iran nuke pact – before $25B jet deal

Orlando Sentinel: Federal officials: No evidence gunman used gay apps, looked at gay porn, had boyfriends

Jury unanimous: Led Zeppelin did not steal age-old opening riff for 'Stairway to Heaven' from California band Spirit

Orlando: After account from first responding officer, question remains, why did police withdraw from Pulse club and let killer kill and the dying die

Hacker open house: Emails reveal how Hillary Clinton's 'homebrew' server had a technical problem so serious its security systems were shut off

Nahlah Ayed: #Brexit could unravel the Prime Minister, his Party — and the EU

Bloomberg: Political power slipping from unpopular Mexican leader’s grasp

Mara Liasson - NPR: Trump just gave the speech Republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear

Miami: Man who worshipped at same mosque as Orlando killer had reported him to FBI for radical comments

Pith, and on point: Trump: "We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism to a policy of globalism"

Tim Hains: NBC's Steve Kornacki: Amazing how thin Clinton/Trump margin is, despite Trump's recent problems

New York: Trump speech: "For amount Hillary would spend on refugees, we could re-build every inner city"

Larry Edelson: Will Britain go or will it stay? #Brexit is right choice and here's why

She's a 'world-class liar': Major Trump speech throws down gauntlet, lays out case against Clinton forked tongue globalism; invites Bernie Sanders' supporters to join his effort against her

Ironic language, serious failure: "This should trump all other activities", State Dept tech email showed seriousness of issues with rogue Hillary Clinton email server; temporary disabling of security features on government systems to speed email traffic to Clinton opened them to illegal access

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Clinton collapse: Quinnipiac national poll: Clinton, Trump in dead heat

Kabul: Taliban suicide bombing kills 30 Afghan trainee police

Stephen F. Hayes: Benghazi Lie in black & white; Obama Admin
public and private timelines of what happened are very different

Chicago Tribune editorial: On Clinton Benghazi failures: "the Secretary of State failed a crucial chance to show decisive, principled leadership" — "during and well after the chaos of the attacks... Clinton and the Obama Administration promoted a false narrative for public consumption"

updated Turkey: Death toll now 42 after Tuesday attack by
3 back-clad ISIS suicide bombers on Istanbul airport; 160 wounded

Mississauga: Massive explosion destroys home;
1 person dead, 25 houses damaged

Debris litters a street after a house explosion in Mississauga, Ontario, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Police are evacuating homes as they investigate. ~ Global News

Quebec City: In Canada, Mexican President calls
for ‘economic integration’ of North America

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto shakes the hand of Canada's Governor General David Johnston (L) at the Citadelle in Quebec City, Canada June 27, 2016. ~ Mathieu Belanger Reuters

In-depth — Lead: The real criminal element? From gasoline
to windows to pipes, the links make the argument compelling

Boris Johnson: Britain is part of Europe – and always will be

Nigeria: 5,000 trapped in 10 Boko Haram-controlled villages freed
in NE Borno state; at least 10 of Islamist group's fighters killed

Baghdad: Iraqi army declares Fallujah 'fully liberated' from ISIS

A member of the Iraqi government forces flashes the sign for victory as they hunt down remaining jihadists in the city on June 18, 2016. ~ AFP

Brexit do-over? Petition for 2nd referendum crashes Commons' website

Who needs sailors? Rolls Royce says remote-controlled 'roboships' will take to the sea by 2020; the single operator will oversee ships from a land-based holographic control room

Rolls Royce says it has already begun testing the technology needed to make the ships a reality, and expects them to take to the sea by the end of the decade.

London: Yes, David Cameron lost the #Brexit referendum,
but he showed his commitment to democracy by calling it

London: Brexit wins, Cameron to be replaced "by October";
EU disentanglement may take 2 years; Farage calls it "victory for ordinary people against the big banks, big business and big politics"

BBC on #Brexit: Historic referendum sees UK leave European Union

The BBC's website showed results as they came in, with only one major shift from 'leave' to 'remain' before the counts shifted permanently to favour the 'leave' side and the tally grew for the final tense hours as the world watched democracy change the world again. NewsWatchCanada used this source as it tweeted incremental tallies last night -- those tweets can be re-visited by scrolling down this page to the NWC twitter display.

updated Telegraph: Brexit most likely outcome says pollster as votes shift

#Brexit: Make tomorrow Britain’s 'Independence Day' says Nigel Farage

Las Vegas: Donald Trump assassination attempt foiled as British man
grabs police officer's gun; illegal immigrant, had practiced at gun range

Michael Steven Sandford was arrested and taken out of the Trump campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, after trying to take a police officer's gun with the intention of killing GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. ~ Polaris

Afghanistan: Bombing kills 14 Nepalese guards en route
to their work at Canadian Embassy in Kabul

Afghan police soldiers inspect the site of the suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on June 20, 2016. ~ Rahmat Gul AP

London: Russian drug whistleblower may be allowed
to compete in Rio as 'independent athlete'

Dopers: Russia ban from Rio Olympics by IAAF upheld

Ottawa: Urging Canada to join NATO forces in Baltics,
Latvia says it would send ‘very strong message’ to Russia

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Neighbourhood destroyed: Second body found at site of Mississauga house explosion as first victim identified

Robyn Urback: Canada is living large today while dumping the costs on future generations

Ian Mulgrew: Liberal pot legalization plan like a Cheech and Chong skit

Stand-up guy: P.K. Subban reassures Montreal he's committed to children's hospital pledge of $10 million he made in 2015 despite being traded to Nashville

Ottawa: Canada set to lead new NATO battle group against Russia, says Sajjan

Ottawa: Federal Court of Appeal stops Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in confused 2-1 decision likely to go to Supreme Court

Cochrane: Kenney to PC-Wildrose merger resisters: grow up

Ottawa embarrassment: Canadian lawmakers chant 'Four More Years' to Obama after speech in House of Commons

Former Chief of Staff: Another high-ranking Chretien-era Liberal charged; alleged illegal payments from SNC-Lavalin

John Ivison: Three Amigos talk trade talk but don’t walk the walk

Germany: Bypassing parliaments on EU-Canada deal 'foolish'; Brexit logic made clear again

Montreal: Air Canada finalizes $3.8B order for 45 Bombardier CSeries jets

Montreal: Quebec lost 600K residents to other provinces since 1971

Ottawa: As expected, Canada lifts visa for Mexican visitors; will expensive refugee claims soar once more?

Soda, Arson, James-Taylor and Harper: A deep dive into the 2015 Alberta baby name list

Toronto: Limitations in assisted-dying legislation faces constitutional challenge from B.C. woman, 25, and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association; issue was raised by Senate, too

Ottawa: Mexican President, Trudeau aim to renew ‘bilateral relationship’

Toronto: For Hockey Night In Canada employees, the party is over; focus is back on the hockey, with a leaner workforce, as Strombo, Healey, Stock and others out the door

Mexican President visits Ottawa: Canada pushing Mexico to fully re-open beef market

Windsor Star: Building bee hotels helps pollinators and humans

Edmonton: Battered local economy leaves Alberta towns struggling with viability

Manila: ‘You’re next’: Freed hostage says extremists were happy beheading her Canadian fiance, Robert Hall

Toronto: Ontario considers mandatory work experience programs for all students

Ottawa: Greens draw outrage, ‘anti-Israel’ accusations, over proposal to add BDS to party policies

Michael Den Tandt: Two crucial Brexit lessons for Liberals; focus on the economy, listen to the people who need jobs, not just ensconced elites

Using NAFTA protections: TransCanada seeks $15B compensation for Keystone XL pipeline

Ottawa: UK wants free trade deal with Canada, British High Commissioner says

Colby Cosh: Britain voted for Brexit because it wants to be Canada — and we hate the idea

Rex Murphy: Results of the Brexit referendum is a rebuke to Western elites

Ottawa: Nepal seeks answers from Canada for deaths of 13 guards killed in Kabul while riding uprotected minibus

Ottawa: Canadian politicians weigh in on Brexit: ‘A magnificent exercise in democracy’

Greens more than tone-deaf: B'nai Brith calls for action in response to Elizabeth May's email

Toronto: Canadian dollar declines 2% after Brexit vote; most in 6 years

Post-Brexit: As Toronto Star writer admits he's dazed and confused, Jason Kenney calls on Canada to "immediately demonstrate respect for the choice made by the British people and prioritize negotiation of Canada-UK free trade"

Ottawa: New sonar device could help bicyclists catch cars that drive too close to them

Andrew Scheer: A strong Britain is an independent Britain

Kady O'Malley: Mike Duffy challenges Senate committee over new repayment demands

Ottawa: Senate demands Mike Duffy re-pay $16,995 in ‘ineligible expenses’

Toronto Sun/Forum Research poll: Premier Wynne's personal 'popularity' hits all-time rock bottom at 18%

Evidence-based decision-making? Civil servants warn Trudeau against lifting Mexico visa requirement; say crime, drugs, security problems will result

Andrew Coyne: Employees and employers alike may live to regret 'historic' CPP agreement

Alberta: Buzz around Jason Kenney's political ambitions highlights his political power

Ottawa: Mexican activists call on Trudeau to push Mexican President on poor human rights record

Waste, continued... Taxpayers spent close to $20M on Ontario pension plan that never started and is now winding down

Ottawa: Trudeau refuses to commit to open competition to replace Canada’s aging CF-18 fighter jets; puts politics ahead of pilots, national security

John Ivison: Trudeau 2.0 takes the stage, and does so very quietly

updated Sept-Îles: Hostage situation over at jail; courthouse had been evacuated, and security perimeter set up

Chantal Hébert: Stephen Harper has left the building

Waukesha: Wisconsin city approved to draw tap water from Great Lakes amid extra-basin concerns; commits to return treated water to Lake Michigan

Largest in world? Massive innovation complex coming to Kitchener-Waterloo

Stephen Saideman: Why Canada should join NATO’s Eastern Europe mission

What transparency? Ottawa keeps under wraps plan to foster ties with Arab Gulf states

John Ivison: Trudeau's grand design glosses over inconvenient details as it fills Liberal pockets

Ottawa: U.S. Navy pilots report oxygen shortage while flying Super Hornet jets being considered by Liberals

Vancouver: CPP changes help relatively well-off; give huge boost to pensioners formerly limited to max pension of $54,900

Vancouver: Federal government, provinces agree to new deal on CPP reform

Jen Gerson: Jason Kenney still considering a federal Tory leadership run but his focus is on stopping Alberta’s NDP

Michael Campbell: The gaping hole in our public school system [video]

Stephen Gordon: When it comes to pension reform, don’t try to fix what isn’t broken

Andrew Coyne: A successful Brexit could reignite moribund Quebec sovereignty movement; or is this apples and oranges?

Smiths Falls: 'Green cremation' growing in Canada; bodies are dissolved and discharged into sewer system

Apartheid justice: Woman convicted in torture killing can go to native healing ceremony, though she’s not aboriginal

Matthew Fisher: Canada owes debt to fearless Nepalese warriors

Oslo: Norway politician calls Canada's handling of 94-year-old veteran's case 'disrespectful'

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