Jason Rodger: Has soccer finally made it in North America?

Reuters: Merkel, called 'traitor', defends refugee stance in rowdy east Germany

CNBC: Trump is a 'victim' and is being 'bullied' by mob mentality

Turku - AP: Finnish police arrest one, look for more stabbing suspects

AP: Barcelona's victims: A snapshot of the world

AP: Police: Attacks in Spain are linked, took long time to plan

Finland - Mirror: One killed after knifeman 'screaming Allahu Akbar' goes on rampage in city

Washington Examiner: Good riddance to White House corporate commissions

White House: Trump makes major infrastructure push; Executive Order speeds approvals, good news for 80% of projects not funded by federal govt

Independent Journal Review: Apocalyptic communist group at vanguard of left-wing agitation in and since Charlottesville; anti-everything

AFP: Venezuela rivals trade blame after jail shootout kills 37

Fox News: Missouri Democratic state senator says she hopes Trump is assassinated; top Missouri Democrats call for her to resign

Fox News: Democrat scandal grows as Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT aide, indicted on 4 counts

AFP/Yahoo: Since 2007, using vehicles as weapons of terror in Europe

Bloomberg: Africa’s richest man to invest up to $50B in U.S., Europe

BBC: Trump defends 'beautiful' Civil War statues against ISIS-like removal; "You can't change history, but you can learn from it"

Conrad Black - American Greatness: Who was really at fault in Charlottesville?

CNBC: Dow posts biggest one-day fall in 3 months; concerns over Trump agenda grow but Cohn says he's going nowhere

AP: Maine Governor: Removing Confederate statues like losing 9/11 memorial; blames extremists on both sides for weekend conflict

CNBC: A Gary Cohn resignation would 'crash the markets,' management guru Jeffrey Sonnenfeld says

Reuters: Trump mulling lifting status of Cyber Command: sources

AP: Why hate came to the progressive island of Charlottesville

Reuters: U.S. to honor Japan defense pact 'without reservation': Tillerson

CNBC: Andrew Puzder: CEOs are 'shortsighted' leaving Trump's special councils

Freetown: Fears that Sierra Leone death toll will top 500

Pakistan - Reuters: Karachi rail revival faces shanty town delay; people literally living on the rails

Baltimore - AP/Yahoo: Mayor suddenly removing historic Confederate statues in dead of night was wrong say critics

Daily Caller: Woman who destroyed Durham Confederate statue is a pro-North Korea Marxist

Mike Murphy - Marketwatch: Steve Bannon: ‘We’re at economic war with China,’ there’s no North Korea solution

CNBC/Yahoo: China has got to fix its debt problem, the IMF says

Robert Kuttner - American Prospect: Steve Bannon, unrepentant

Reuters: South Korea's Moon says U.S. to seek Seoul's approval before any action on North Korea

AP: Two to tango; Virginia clashes bring attention to violence-prone 'anti-fascist' movement

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Obama’s viral tweet is sweet but wrong: science research shows babies are totally racist

U.S. News and World Report: A newer NAFTA; 3 ways President Trump can modernize the trade agreement

U.S. GDP jumping: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta projects real GDP growth in 3Q 2017 at 3.8% on August 16th, up from 3.7% on August 15th

Independent Journal Review: On Thursday, ICE announced unprecedented prosecution of White Supremacists

John Nolte - Daily Wire: Trump's epic presser clarifies three truths that have driven the MSM insane

Politico: Confederate statues in U.S. Capitol statuary hall likely going nowhere

Origins and membership of Ku Klux Klan: Founded by Democratic Party, KKK "sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era, especially by using violence against African American leaders"

Jack Shafer - Politico: The good news about the Nazis; America’s tolerance of fascist and communist idiots is one of its greatest strengths

Understanding American history: The Democratic Party opposed end of slavery, created Confederacy and triggered U.S. Civil War; post-War they "disenfranchised blacks (who were Republicans)"

Politico: Trump accuses Amazon of hurting 'tax paying retailers' and stripping jobs away from towns and cities across the country

Washington Free Beacon: Al Qaeda publishes blueprint for attacks on key U.S. transportation systems

Washington Post: Hope Hicks interim White House communications director amid search for Scaramucci replacement; first time comms director and press secretary have both been women

AP/CP24: Philippines police now say 32 drug suspects killed in 1 day

Don Pittis - CBC: For or against? Business leaders feel forced to take a stand when moderation should prevail

LA Daily News: LA County leaders greenlight effort to pay homeowners to house the homeless

AFP/Yahoo: Trump defiant on Charlottesville unrest: 'Blame on both sides'; acts Presidential, won't give a pass to any extremist thugs

CBC: The Daily Stormer is offline after Google, GoDaddy disable the Neo-Nazi site's account

NY Times Magazine: Down the Breitbart hole

Obama deal evaporates - LA Times: In direct challenge to Trump, Iran's president says it could restart its nuclear program 'within hours'

USA Today: Trump says CEOs leaving manufacturing council 'not taking their jobs seriously'

Albert R. Hunt - Bloomberg: Democrats Fret as Clinton Book rollout looms

Bob McManus - City-Journal: Avoidable mayhem: Why did Virginia’s political leadership order the police and National Guard to stand down?

AP/CBC: Trump says 'alt-left' also to blame for Charlottesville violence'; masked, helmeted, carried long clubs

AP/Global News: At least 12 dead, 52 injured after large tree falls at Portugal religious festival

Austin Bay - Observer: Trump’s full-court press is squeezing the nukes out of North Korea

Scott Johnson - Powerline blog: Collusion gone missing

Bill O'Reilly - The Hill: Yes, 'many sides' are ripping Charlottesville, America apart

ABC News: Haitians chasing false promises flee from United States to Canada

WSMV: Fleas test positive for the plague in parts of Arizona

CBC: Ford now faces class-action lawsuits in Australia and Canada over Fiesta/Focus transmissions, as U.S. class-action settlement pends court approval

updated BBC: 20 dead in Islamist terror attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso; foreign nationals among the dead

Dave Wiegel - Washington Post: Fear of violent left preceded events in Charlottesville after year of increasing mob violence; mainstream media oblivious, don't follow twitter, alt-media reporting

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Media one-sided bias re: Charlottesville is contributing to social hysteria

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: How Tesla’s Elon Musk became the master of fake business

updated Washington Post: One dead and 19 injured as car strikes crowds along route of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

New Delhi - Washington Post: ‘A massacre’: At least 30 children die in Indian hospital after oxygen is cut off

Venezuela - Reuters: U.S. military ready to protect U.S. citizens and America's national interests in crumbling neighbor; Trump says 'military option' open as civil war threatens

Gwynne Dyer - Brantford Expositor: Venezuela drifting toward civil war

Mirror: Donald Trump tweets 'military solutions for North Korea are locked and loaded'; talks to rogue bully state in language it understands

CNN: Elderly man found dead in elevator a month after he called for help and no one came

Financial Post: Putin's Venezuela: How Moscow is grabbing oil assets through loans to Caracas

updated Egyptian Streets: 41 killed, 179 injured in Egypt’s Alexandria train collision

Bedminster - CNN: Not on vacation: Unscripted Trump takes on tough questions

Jonathan Kay - National Post: The Google Manifesto contained truths that we're not allowed to say

David Brooks - NY Times: Sundar Pichai should resign as Google’s CEO

NKnews: North Korean crosses western maritime border, defects to South: JCS

Adrian Humphreys - National Post: Mysterious hearing loss of Canadian, U.S. diplomats in Cuba blamed on ‘covert sonic device’

Hollywood Reporter: New York Times editorial writer must testify under oath in Sarah Palin defamation lawsuit

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Little Guam could be where World War Three begins

Syracuse: Applebee's closing over 100 restaurants; IHOP to close up to 25 locations

AP/Global News: North Korea details plan to fire 4 missiles toward Guam

Marni Soupcoff - CBC: Google axing someone for mouthing off in a memo was not a smart move

Erik Wemple - Washington Post: New York Times guilty of large screw-up on climate-change story; unusual admission that it was clueless and quoted 'experts' who were also clueless as they made severe accusations

Daily Wire: No Bluff: 'Mad Dog' Mattis says North Korea must back down, or face 'The end of its regime and the destruction of its people'

Lucas Tomlinson - Fox News: U.S. spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat

Kimberly Mascott Zieselman - WUSA9: I was an intersex child who had surgery. Don't put other kids through this.

Paris terror - Daily Mail: Algerian, 36, arrested; mowed down six soldiers outside barracks; shot five times in firefight while 'driving his BMW towards Calais'

Tom Rogan - Washington Examiner: The lies behind the Paris climate accord; Chinese govt data fabricated

USA Today: Mazda says it has new, secret way to save fuel; New tech for engines will add about 10 mpg

Paris - Telegraph: Police hunt BMW driver who mowed down six French soldiers in hit-and-run

Politico: Politico/Morning Consult poll: Voters support Trump-backed immigration reform bill

Bloomberg: Americans are dying younger, saving corporations pension billions

Telegraph: A pint of beer can release creative block, say scientists

New York - CTV News: Announcement of new Disney streaming service causes Netflix shares to tumble

New York: Disney ups ownership of BAMTech to 75%; created by MLB also co-owned by NHL; Disney will use BAMTech technology for new sports/entertainment streaming service to compete with Netflix

Champlain - AP: Canada's illegal migrant crisis in nutshell; AP story says U.S. "plans" to stop Haiti program, doesn't mention Canada stopped same program a year ago, promotes route for illegals

Sporting News: Umpire Joe West suspended for 3 games after calling Adrian Beltre 'biggest complainer' in MLB

Rolling Stone: Iconic Glen Campbell, top-level studio guitarist, chart-topping singer, movie actor and hit television host in 1960s and 1970s, dead at 81

Daily Signal: At 200-day mark, Trump still trails predecessors in filling jobs due to Congressional obstructionism

Sportsnet: NHL: Players under contract in minors can’t go to Olympics

National Post: Hackers leak stolen HBO Game of Thrones scripts, demand $6M ransom

Hollywood Reporter: HBO hackers leak top executive's emails

Gizmodo: Full texts of internal Google debate memos over 'diversity'

Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star: Donald Trump is right. He doesn’t always get a square deal from media

Roger Friedman: New York Times reporters squabble over familial swamp connections, Deep State, on twitter

Editorial - Investor's Busness Daily: Is the Trump jobs boom beginning?

David Ignatius - Washington Post: On Russia sanctions, Trump has a point

The Times: Internet hoax drives Haitian asylum seekers over U.S. border to Canada

Bre Payton - Federalist: Obama’s Attorney General used fake identity to hide Clinton investigation e-mails

Seth Barron - City-Journal: Between Chaos and Competence; The Trump administration has been remarkably substantive

NBC News: U.S. may begin airstrikes against ISIS in Philippines

Fred Barnes - Weekly Standard: Why so expensive? The real reason Obamacare premiums have gone up so much

Politico: Why Trump’s new immigration bill makes sense; Hey, it works in Canada

Reuters: Military can destroy drones over domestic U.S. bases: Pentagon

Editorial - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: In ObamaCare's wake: A rising tide of losers

Reuters: Moscow to cut dependence on U.S. payment systems due to Congressional sanctions: RIA

Globe and Mail: New sanctions collapse North Korean seafood prices, but Pyongyang vows to continue nuclear program

WaPo/Stars and Stripes: A majority of Americans favour deploying U.S. troops if North Korea attacks South Korea, poll finds

AP: North Korea vows harsh retaliation against new UN sanctions

AFP/Focus: China says will enforce North Korea sanctions '100 percent'

AP: Nations race to prevent backsliding on North Korea sanctions

Telegraph: Mike Pence dismisses reports of 2020 run as 'fake news' and insists he will work for Donald Trump's re-election

Steve Cortes - Fox News: Sanctuary city debate: Tragedies happen when Democratic mayors, governors favor agendas over safety

AP/ABC News: China urges North Korea to stop missile tests, resume talks

Michael Goodwin - Imprimis: The 2016 election and the demise of journalistic standards

Climate Depot: Temperature readings plunge after Australia's Bureau of Meteorology orders end to 'tampering'

London - AP: Bronze and gone: In a shocker, Bolt third at worlds

Daily Caller: WaPo’s Trump transcripts dispute previous AP reports; more evidence of unreliable sources

AP: Should springing of US terrorism convicts alarm Americans?

Orlando Sentinel: Central Florida program pairs housing for homeless families with job placement

Denver Post: 'Unwelcome mats' extremely effective at warding off hungry, curious bears without hurting them

CBC: New sanctions on North Korea approved by UN to cut into exports

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Someone just noticed that Trump is getting stuff done

Kimberley A. Strassel - Wall Street Journal: The scandal that matters

Deadline: AT&T mulling sell-off of major assets under Turner after Time Warner merger; CNN to be sold to CBS?

Washington Free Beacon: Democrats suddenly drop obstructionism, confirm 65 Trump nominees Thursday afternoon

Niagara Falls - CBC: Politicians call for resignations, investigation into Niagara River sewage dump from New York side

Washington - BBC: U.S. Attorney General Sessions says four charged in crackdown on leaks

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Stephen Miller’s immigration facts trump Jim Acosta’s fantasy

Bloomberg: The oil trader known as ‘God’ is closing down his main hedge fund after big losses in the first half of the year

Washington Post: U.S. Attorney General Sessions says Justice Dept. has tripled the number of leak probes

Reuters: Toyota takes 5% stake in Mazda, links up for $1.6B U.S. plant seen as win for Trump

Wall Street Journal: That drone hovering over your home? It’s the insurance inspector; 40% of car insurers no longer use employees to physically inspect damage in some cases

BBC: Australian terror suspect 'planted plane bomb on brother'

Bloomberg: Hollywood might not bounce back from theaters’ $1.3B stock collapse this week

Los Angeles Times: Asian Americans are divided after the Trump administration's move to stop discrimination

AP/ABC News: U.S. trade deficit narrowed to $43.6B in June

NY Post: Tesla loses 63K preorders for Model 3 due to long wait

AP: For homeless on heroin, treatment can be elusive without ID

Los Angeles Times: Justice Department calls for review of race-based college admissions which is blocking Asian students

Caracas - AFP/France24: Venezuela's currency crumbles at dizzying speed

Bloomberg: Cannabis grower buys California town to build pot-friendly outpost

Detroit Free Press: Toyota, Mazda to jointly build/operate $1.6B, 4,000-job U.S. automotive assembly plant in another Trump win

Jenna Johnson - Washington Post: West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice isn’t the only Democrat Trump won over

Fredericksburgh: Authorities say woman, two children free after being held captive in Spotsylvania home for at least two years

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: A ham sandwich made with Dems’ sour dough

Alex Pappas - Fox News: Trump tells West Virginia rally: ‘We didn’t win because of Russia. We won because of you’

CBS News: West Virginia Democrat Governor announces he's switching to Republican Party

Spectator: Acosta pulls the media’s mask off; cements the media’s reputation as the opposition party

Reuters: Senators propose unconstitutional legislation to protect special counsel from Trump

Reuters: Grand jury subpoenas issued in relation to Trump Jr., Russian lawyer meeting - sources

Independent: Delivery riders refuse to work in parts of London after spate of acid attacks

CNN: 'Hero' who stopped WannaCry ransomware arrested for creating other malware

Washington Post: Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia leaked to WaPo show Trump consistency with campaign rhetoric

Washington Times: Preaching violence from the pulpit; California imam’s hate speech and incitement attract remarkably little mainstream media attention

NBC: Leaks say Trump unhappy with Afghanistan options from his generals

Moscow - ChannelAsia: Russian PM Medvedev uses Facebook to call new U.S. sanctions "a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia"

Washington - AP: Trump joining with GOP senators to push immigration change to Canadian-style merit-based system

Washington - NBC News: U.S. test-launches ICBM from California amid North Korea tensions

David Ignatius - Washington Post: Trump is right about China and North Korea

Chronicle of Higher Education: Instructor who said on Twitter Trump should be shot loses job at Montclair State University

David A. Graham - The Atlantic: Trump has quietly accomplished more than as appears in mainstream media

Fox News: Insurers seeking huge premium hikes on ObamaCare plans

Warsaw - AP: Poland ponders demanding WWII reparations from Germany

Victor Davis Hanson - American Greatness: Republicans and the lost art of deterrence

Foggy Bottom - Politico: Tillerson slammed for NOT spending $80M on propaganda

Howard Kurtz - Fox News: It's unstoppable: Trump, Kelly and Scaramucci hit by new gusher of leaks, or claimed leaks

Jasper - Pix11: All 12 Alabama peanut butter escapees captured: officials

David Bossie - Fox News: The dirty little secret that is haunting Democrats

Defense One: Trump wanted a cheaper Air Force One. So the USAF is buying a bankrupt Russian firm’s undelivered 747s

Star Advertiser: Former Hawaii reporter at center of lawsuit claiming Fox conspired with White House on "false" story

London - Yahoo: At 96, Prince Philip begins his retirement

Times of India: Will defeat all invasions, never allow anyone to split China: Xi Jinping

Sara Carter - Circa: Former Obama Aide Ben Rhodes now a person of interest in unmasking investigation

Wall Street Journal: How U.S. Allies undermine NATO; European countries divest from American defense firms that help protect them

James Rosen - Fox News: Pentagon investigators find ‘security risks’ in government's immigrant recruitment program, ‘infiltration’ feared

American Banker: The great re-bundling of financial services

Herat - Reuters: Attack on Shi'ite mosque in Afghan city kills at least 29

NY Post: Latest White House leak proves no one can be trusted

BBC: The 'creepy Facebook AI' story that captivated the media, and was misrepresented, of course

Danny Lam - The Hill: China may use Canada as 'Trojan horse' into U.S. market

updated CBC: Failed escape attempt by prisoners at Moscow courthouse leaves at least 3 dead, 4 wounded

Washington Examiner: With Medicaid block grants, Canada (yes, that's right) offers a useful model

Washington Post: Top Venezuelan opposition leaders taken into custody amid fears of wider crackdowns

Reuters: Putin bans VPNs to stop Russians accessing prohibited websites

Washington Examiner: Mooch timeline: The remarkable rise and fall of Anthony Scaramucci

Sun-Sentinel: Florida suddenly plunged into state of emergency after tropical depression Emily goes rogue and whacks Gulf Coast with rain and wind

Wall Street Journal: U.S. companies post profit growth not seen in six years

BBC: Putin orders 755 U.S. diplomatic staff to leave

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: Fusion GPS - in bed with the mainstream media all along

Coatzacoalcos - AFP/Yahoo: Nearly 150 smuggled Central American migrants rescued in Mexico

BBC: Philippines mayor accused by Duterte of drugs trade links shot dead by police in disputed firefight

Dubai - Reuters: Saudi Arabia says Qatar calls for internationalization of holy sites 'a declaration of war'

Daily Mail: Two Lebanese-Australian father and son teams are the four men arrested 'over Islamic extremist cell's plot to blow up a flight to Dubai with a homemade bomb using kitchenware'

Smithsonian: Does the Narwhal’s majestic tusk have a point?

NBC News: Australian PM says 4 arrested in raids to disrupt plot to bring down plane

Daily Mail: 2 dead, 3 fighting for lives as attacker with machine gun opens fire in German nightclub; killer slain by police

Yahoo: Europe battles Google, Facebook over 'snippet tax' proposal; news aggregators that use more than links would pay for it

Financial Post: Starbucks admits failure in tea business, to close all Teavana stores

Daily Caller: One year later, journalists exposed by WikiLeaks carry on as before

Fox News: Obama official made 'hundreds of unmasking requests,' GOP chairman says

Germany - Reuters: 1 dead, 6 injured by knife-wielding asylum seeker; Hamburg attacker was known to security forces as Islamist: minister

updated Washington - Fox News: Chief of Staff Priebus secretly resigned Thursday, Trump replaces him with Homeland Security Chief Gen. John Kelly

Washington - AP: U.S. economy expanded at strong 2.6% rate in Q2, before coming tax cuts

Triangle Business Journal: Eastern N.C. readies for just-approved Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Lee Smith - Tabletmag: News-for-hire scandal deepens: ‘Fusion GPS’ sleazy Venezuela links shed new light on 'Trump Dossier'

Kimberley A. Strassel - Wall Street Journal: Who Paid for the 'Trump Dossier'? Democrats don't want you to find out

John Solomon - The Hill: Intelligence Chairman accuses Obama aides of hundreds of unmasking requests

NY Times: Russia seizes 2 U.S. properties and orders U.S. Moscow Embassy to cut staff

Three traitors - Washington Post: The night John McCain killed the GOP’s health-care fight

Politico: Scaramucci declares war on Priebus, Bannon

NY Times: Spain’s long economic nightmare is finally over

Politico: McCain kept his skinny 'no' vote secret while Graham and others accepted assurances from House Leader Ryan that it would serve as a procedural bridge to further negotiations

Politico: After health care vote loss, Trump tweets 'let ObamaCare implode'

CNBC: Senate blocks 'skinny' Obamacare repeal bill in dramatic late-night 51-49 vote as ailing McCain goes rogue

Washington - AP: McConnell puts up a 'skinny repeal' 8-page bill to start the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare

Sara Carter - Circa: A top FBI lawyer is allegedly under an investigation for leaking classified information to the media

Adam Carolla - The Daily Beast: There’s nothing funny about campuses chilling free speech

San Salvador - AP: Sessions not leaving unless pushed; says he's dedicated to Trump agenda

Backgrounder — Telegraph: Fish becoming transgender from contraceptive pill and other chemicals flushed down drain which aren't filtered by treatment plants

Washington Times: Russian dossier operator Fusion GPS in business of doing dirty deeds for corrupt dictatorships

CBC: Mysterious fallen UFO 'weather balloon' whisked away by military in 1962 was actually a CIA spy camera

Guardian: Guideline that patients should finish prescribed antibiotics is wrong, says new study; stop when you're feeling better

Washington - Wisconsin State Journal: Trump effect: Foxconn to build $10B plant in Wisconsin employing 13,000

Fox News: Sessions to announce investigations into intelligence leaks: source

AP/Global News: Rep. Steve Scalise out of hospital after being shot during Virginia GOP baseball practice attack

Salena Zito - NY Post: Why the Rust Belt just gave Donald Trump a hero’s welcome

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Mueller's Russia probe is a political hit job: Either rein him in, or fire him

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: So-called fact checkers keep butchering the facts about Obamacare

The Hill: Wasserman Schultz IT staffer arrested trying to leave the country

Washington - AP: Pence breaks tie, Senate takes up health bill

Observer: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s image tanks again due to IT staffer investigation

Washington - AP: Rand Paul to vote 'yes' on health care vote

ZeroHedge: Obama's CIA Director calls for coup d'etat if Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller; swamp dweller plays treason card

Global News: Egyptian tank runs over terrorists' car in attempt to thwart deadly bombing at checkpoint

Jordan Gehrke - The Federalist: How Kid Rock can win Michigan’s 2018 Senate seat

Washington - AP: Senate opens 'Obamacare' debate at last but outcome in doubt

Politico: Scaramucci plans to oust White House press aide, offers ‘amnesty’ to others

Dubai - AP: U.S. Navy ship fires warning shots near Iranian ship

Economic Times: Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg has 'limited understanding' of AI

Joe Pompeo - Vanity Fair: The agony and the anxiety of The New York Times; unease is now gripping the paper as a large-scale reorganization (physical, personnel, and psychic) looms. “The mood at the paper is poisonous in a way I’ve never seen it in the past 15 years,” as one editor put it

Meadows and Jordan - Washington Examiner: The truth behind the CBO

James Freeman - Wall Street Journal: Mueller and Associates: Still no collusion evidence, but investigation without limit

CNET: Flash loses final appeal: Adobe sentences its web tech to death; the pioneering software paved the way for YouTube and countless games, but Adobe will kill Flash in 2020. Here's what it means for you, browser by browser

Oakland - PJ Media: Bay Area ISIS supporter wanted to 'redefine terror,' kill 10,000

LA Times: Double standards, hypocrisy, criminal liability; What did USC's leaders know about Dr. Puliafito's double life, and when did they know it?

AP: John McCain making dramatic Senate return for crucial health vote

Andrew Klavan - PJ Media: Trump has done a pretty darn good job so far and may yet become a terrific President

Gloria Johns - Miami Herald: Democrats snoozing through their wake-up call

Reuters: Driver in Texas denies he knew immigrants were in stifling truck

NY Post: Kushner says first meeting with Senate intel panel went swell

Bloomberg: Why the Germans blew it at Dunkirk

Alex Daugherty - McClatchyDC: Lawmakers divided over a ban on Venezuelan oil amid fears of a Russian takeover

Reuters: KKR to buy WebMD in $2.8B deal

Trenton - AP: Tool to help police in opioid crisis draws privacy concern

McClatchyDC: Troops said to worry Trump crackdown on border jumpers puts their illegal immigrant families at risk

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Is Trump's goal of 3% growth realistic? You bet it is

AP: NASCAR's Earnhardt Jr. headed to NBC broadcast booth in 2018

Reuters: OPEC moves to cap Nigerian oil output, boost compliance

Bloomberg: Future of Airbus A380 superjumbo hinges on Emirates order

McClatchyDC: GOP trashes Trump’s plan to end dozens of government programs

Esther Goldberg - American Greatness: Trump cancels failed CIA operation in Syria, gets grief from usual blowback, but actually it was “a nod to reality”

Yaron Steinbuch - NY Post: Washington is ‘much worse than anyone ever thought’: Trump

Kabul - AP: 24 dead; Taliban claim deadly suicide attack in Afghanistan

Jerusalem - AP: Israel Embassy shooting in Jordan complicates shrine crisis

Daily Caller: FBI seized smashed hard drives from Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT aide’s home

Reuters: U.S. Senators predict veto-proof support for Russia sanctions

Daily Mail: British women have shorter lifespans and the second worst life expectancy in Europe because of heavy smoking and hard drinking, experts say

Reuters: BMW rejects media reports of emissions manipulations

Jill Ward, Zainab Fattah - Bloomberg: UK joins U.S. in calling for an end to boycott of Qatar

Reuters: Justice Department expected to drop $3M Harley-Davidson emissions penalty: sources

BBC: Bank of America picks Dublin for EU hub

Reuters: Germany must act now to stop re-run of refugee crisis, Merkel rival says

Julian Lee - Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia turns off the U.S. oil tap

Derrick Perkins - Falmouth Enterprise: Powered-down turbines continue to cost Falmouth money

Andrew Conte - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Journalism & accelerating technology

NY Post: Jersey Shore’s Asbury Park returns to its glory days

Lee Smith - Tablet: Fusion GPS illuminates the brave new world of manufactured news for hire

Editorial - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Opioids & crime: Feeding off an epidemic

NY Post: Driving too much is bad for your brain: study

Damian Sebouhian - Observer Today: League of Women Voters hosts debate on benefits, detriments of wind power in Chautauqua County

Politico: Senator Kid Rock. Don’t laugh.

Larry Kudlow: Big economic ideas from Art Laffer and Steve Forbes

AFP/Inquirer: Popularity tumbles by 10% for France’s Macron — poll

Patsy Conyers - Connersville News Examiner: Wind farms 'do harm humans'

Daily Mail: German girl, 16, who ran away to join ISIS was found with a malnourished baby boy in her bombed-out fortress

NPR: Trump's new message man is a Harvard-educated former Wall Streeter with humble roots

Gordon G. Chang - World Affairs Journal: Trump puts squeeze on Beijing over North Korea

Iraq - Windsor Star: Runaway German girl, 16, ended up as an ISIS sniper until she was captured in Mosul

AP/CBC: Police ran 2nd dark web marketplace as sting to spot drug deals

Amman - NRT: Iraqi refugees in Jordan long to return home

Telegraph: Elon Musk claims approval for 30-minute underground Hyperloop between New York and Washington, DC

Washington - NY Post: Scaramucci fills long-empty White House communications director position as media frenzily allege angry Spicer resignation; deputy Sarah Sanders replaces Spicer as Trump's new spokesperson

AP/CTV News: U.S. to ban travel to North Korea

Honolulu - National Post: Hawaii is making plans for a North Korean missile attack. Tourism officials are not pleased

France - Toronto Sun: Up-and-coming French singer Barbara Weldens, 35, dead after electrocuted on church stage

Quantum breakthrough? - Express UK: ‘Angel Particle’ found which could lead to 100 million times faster computers

Christopher Brooker - Daily Mail: Every green initiative imposed on us by politicians has ended in disaster — the great folly of our age

Washington Examiner: DHS Chief John Kelly: U.S. drug demand causing Central America to 'suffer terribly'

Daily Caller: Solar panels generate 300 times more toxic waste than nuclear reactors

LA Times: O.J. Simpson is granted parole after serving 9 years for Vegas robbery

NY Post: ObamaCare repeal would leave 32 million without insurance, cut deficit by $473B

Fox News: McCain brain cancer treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation

Chicago Tribune: Sen. John McCain diagnosed with aggressive type of brain cancer

NY Times: Citing recusal, Trump says he wouldn’t have hired Sessions

Watts Up With That: Green cronyism gone wild: It looks like the state of California is bailing out Tesla

Washington - AP: Trump tweets health bill 'will get even better' at White House lunch with 51 GOP Senators

London - AP/CTV News: Spice maker McCormick buys French's, Frank's RedHot food brands

Hollywood Reporter: Spotify hit with two lawsuits claiming "staggering" copyright infringement as IPO looms

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: ICE chief: 80% jump in illegal targets, readies national 'Sanctuary' crackdown

Byron York - Washington Examiner: No surprise: On Obamacare, GOP senators don't do what they don't want to do

CNBC: GOP gives up on replacing Obamacare now: McConnell and Trump call for simply repealing with 2-year delay

Fox News: Omar Khadr: Canada pays ex-Gitmo detainee who killed US soldier millions, but soldier's widow may never see a dime

The Hill: Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, then 'start from a clean slate'

The Hill: McCain calls for 'return to regular order' on ObamaCare repeal

Anna Giaritelli - Washington Examiner: Border Patrol union chief praises 'miraculous' drop in illegal immigration under Trump

Amman - AP: Jordanian soldier gets life term for killing 3 U.S. troops

Byron York - Washington Examiner: What campaign wouldn't seek motherlode of Clinton emails?

Caracas - AP: Venezuela opposition calls for escalation of street protests

Jon Gabriel - Arizona Central: If Uncle Sam stopped 'fixing' things, we'd be better off

AP: Health plans hinge on the young, but they're a tough sell

Hollywood Reporter: Martin Landau, Mission Impossiblist, Oscar winner, dead at 89

Reuters: Venezuela opposition votes against Maduro, woman shot dead

KNPR: NOAA halts whale disentanglement efforts after veteran Canadian rescuer dies

AP/Detroit News: Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.3M vehicles for alternators, air bags

Chicago Tribune: 20 people wounded, 6 fatally, over 19-hour period in city shootings

CTV News: Jimmy Carter released from Winnipeg hospital, back at charity site

Detroit News: Switchblade switcheroo, spring-assisted blades now legal in Michigan

Muppet star booted - Standard: Let go after 27 years as Jim Henson's successor as Kermit the Frog puppeteer, Steve Whitmire devastated

Mosul - Reuters: Iraqi police display 23 armoured car bombs seized from ISIS

Elise Cooper - American Thinker: Sharyl Attkisson exposes big media in The Smear

Breitbart: Kid Rock confirms he's seeking Michigan Senate seat

Jonathan Swan - Axios: Trump's favorite new TV defender: Sebastian Gorka

Chicago Tribune: Russian-American lobbyist says he was also in Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer/lobbyist

John Solomon, Jonathan Easley - The Hill: Trump Jr. pitch was part of broad Russian effort; California Congressman Rohrabacher says not unusual, he was lobbied on Magnitsky Act, too

Chicago Tribune: Kiss rockers Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley to open 10 to 15 rock 'n' roll-themed restaurants in Chicagoland

Daily Beast: Pence hires hotshot GOP veteran everyone trusts as Chief of Staff in hot summer for White House

Paris - AP: Trump: Son's Russia meeting 'standard campaign practice'

Washington - AP: New 172-page Senate GOP health care bill alive on delivery, but teeters on brink as Senators Paul and Collins bail for different reasons

Vatican City - AP: Room with a view: 2 ex- Vatican hospital officials charged

Winnipeg Sun: Jimmy Carter, 92, treated for dehydration at local Habitat for Humanity build

Beijing - BBC: Liu Xiaobo: China's most prominent dissident dies

Pete Kasperowicz - Washington Examiner: Harvard Prof and prominent Democrat Alan Dershowitz: 'I don't see any crime' that Donald Trump Jr. committed

Moscow - BBC: Boris Nemtsov murder: Five Chechens jailed for attack

Paris - AP: Trump seeks consensus with France despite differences

Mick Mulvaney - Wall Street Journal: Introducing MAGAnomics; the Trump agenda for achieving 3% economic growth

Washington - AP: McConnell rolling out new GOP health bill to uncertain fate

NY Post: Deal by Leiweke and Azoff to acquire concert tracker Pollstar is raising eyebrows

Michael Barone - Washington Examiner: Anti-Trump overreach could backfire

John Solomon, Jonathan Easley - The Hill: Obama's DOJ let Russian lawyer into U.S. without visa before she met with Trump team

Washington - AP: House reaches deal on biggest expansion of GI Bill in decade

Weekly Standard: Dadaist science; Look under the hood on climate change 'science' and what you see isn't pretty

Indianapolis - AP: Democrat Senator profits from Mexico outsourcing he slams

Alex Rodriguez - NY Post: A-Rod shares his vision for a better, more fan-friendly MLB

Jeddah - Reuters: Tillerson ends talks in Gulf; no sign Qatar crisis resolved

Editorial - NY Post: The ‘Sleaz-E-Pass’ out-of-state ripoff

Gaspard Sebag - Bloomberg: Google spared $1.3B tax bill with victory in French court

James Robbins - USA Today: Donald Trump Jr. was within his rights to meet with Russian lawyer

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Why the latest Russia story is just another Trump witch hunt

Nebraska - Omaha World-Herald: Illegal immigrant drunk and speeding before deadly crash at I-80/680 interchange; had been deported 7 times

Fox News: Donald Trump Jr. tells Sean Hannity: 'In retrospect I probably would have done things a little differently'

Washington - Axios: Inside the White House scramble on the Trump Jr. emails; who had access to, or hacked and leaked his personal emails, will leaker face criminal charges?

Gateway Pundit: Was Veselnitskaya a Democrat plant? Appeared in prominent seat at Congressional hearing behind Obama Russia Ambassador McFaul

Reuters: Controversial cleric Gulen says he would not flee U.S. to avoid extradition to Turkey

Fox News: FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe as new director nominee faces Senate; lack of co-operation stands out

Jonathan Turley - The Hill: Don Jr.'s Russia meeting wasn't collusion — just amateur hour

Axios: Scott Pruitt: Americans "deserve" a TV debate on climate change

Hollywood - Yahoo: Clint Eastwood casts real-life heroes to play themselves in next film ‘The 15:17 to Paris’

Iraq - AFP/Yahoo: ISIS chief al-Baghdadi reported dead after jihadists lose Mosul

NBC News: Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr.: 'I didn’t have Clinton info they wanted'

Guardian: Coffee cuts risk of dying from stroke and heart disease, study suggests

Honolulu - AP: U.S. soldier arrested after pledging loyalty to Islamic State

Abbaspur - AFP/Samaa: Thousands flee as tensions escalate over Kashmir

New Delhi - AFP/Yahoo: India holds naval exercises with U.S., Japan

Stockholm - U.S. News: Immigration forces Sweden to re-evaluate its welfare state

Detroit - AP/Global News: U.S. man repairing Honda car killed when Takata airbag inflator exploded; 12th U.S. death attributed to the faulty inflators

Iraq - Yahoo: ISIS, driven out of Mosul, leaves behind a city in ruins and a society shattered by distrust

NY Post: The Times ‘exposé’ on Donald Trump Jr. is a big yawn

Editorial - Washington Times: Trump in Europe: The president rose to the occasion, saying what needed to be said

Jonathan A. Greenblatt - TIME: Anti-Semitism is creeping into Progressivism

The Hill: Chaffetz: Comey's silence on memos 'raised a lot of eyebrows'; if the memos contained classified info, he broke the law by sharing

The Hill: Common touch: Trump retrieves hat for Marine after chopper turbulence blows it off

BBC: Arrests over China 'straddling bus' project

Reuters: Trump says discussed forming cyber security unit with Putin

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: While de Blasio whined in Germany, Trump was our defender

Carl M. Cannon - Orange County Register: Trump, Poland and Russia

Sara A. Carter, John Solomon - Circa: Donald Trump Jr. gathered members of campaign for meeting with Russian lawyer before election

Daily Beast: Amelia Earhart captured and killed? New evidence debunks History Channel’s crazy theory

John Hinderaker - Powerline blog: Reckless disregard: The New York Times is in trouble

Rod Dreher - American Conservative: Why people hate the media, Chapter MDCXIII

ABC News: U.S., Russia and Jordan agree to southwest Syria cease-fire

Eddie Scarry - Washington Examiner: Trump's visit to Poland and the incoherent media

AP: ISIS claims attack in Egypt's Sinai that killed 23 soldiers

Marist poll: More people trust Trump administration than the media

Robert W. Merry - American Conservative: Trump’s Warsaw speech threw down the gauntlet on Western Civilization

Hamburg - NY Post: Trump says he had a ‘tremendous meeting’ with Putin

Fortune: Sears closing another 43 stores, making for a total of 308 closed U.S. stores this year

Roar - CNBC: U.S. non-farm payrolls jump by 222,000 in June vs 179,000 expected

Hamburg - Reuters: All eyes on Trump-Putin dynamics as they meet for first time at G20

Bloomberg: It’s boom times for recruiters after U.S. job market tightens

Hamburg - AP: Trump and Putin to meet at G20 summit in Germany

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Trump is winning the argument on immigration

Reuters: U.S. job growth seen accelerating; unemployment rate steady

Fox Business: Trump's agenda will bring higher U.S. growth if implemented says IMF

Reuters: At least 10 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai car bomb attacks

Kimberley Strassel - Wall Street Journal: Washington’s leak mob; trying to topple Trump, current and ex-officials damage national security

Seoul - Reuters: South Korea bomb shelters forgotten with no food, water as North Korea threat grows

Michael Barone - Washington Examiner: Trump's 'remarkable' speech in Poland

Andrew Klavan - PJ Media: Doin' the CNN two-step

Reuters: Luxury sports cars destroyed at Hamburg dealer ahead of G20

Paul Sperry - NY Post: New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe

Honolulu - Reuters: U.S. judge rejects Hawaii's bid to exempt grandparents from Trump travel ban

Fox Business: So long, Hamburger Helper: America’s venerable food brands are struggling

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NY Times: Trump tells aides he has decided to remove Stephen Bannon;
he submitted resignation to Trump August 7th, leaving delayed by Charlottesville?

Spain - Guardian: Attackers in Audi at Cambrils hit "several pedestrians"
before police killed all 5 from car, who were "carrying explosive belts"

Cambrils - ITV: Five shot dead as Spanish police 'stop second terror attack'

Barcelona - Bloomberg: 13 dead but Catalan regional govt says
death toll could rise; at least 100 injured, driver not caught

Barcelona - Mirror: Horrific videos show bodies and blood strewn
across ground after deadly ISIS-claimed terror attack

CBS News: At least 13 dead in Barcelona after van plows into crowd
in terror attack, according to Spanish media reports

Barcelona: Two gunmen storm Turkish restaurant and take hostages
after Las Ramblas terror van rampage leaves dead and injured in wake

RCS: Winter comes early to the Arctic – Greenland gains 33% above normal ice

Marketwatch: Canada places three cities in top 5 of Economist Intelligence
Unit’s 10th annual Global Livability Ranking of 140 cities around the world

The Southbank Pedestrian Bridge in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne was ranked Number 1 in the Global Livability Ranking for the seventh consecutive year.

Freetown: Nearly 400 bodies recovered from Sierra Leone mudslide, 600 still missing

updated Toronto - CBC: CN Tower's broadcast antenna fire extinguished

updated The fire in the broadcasting antenna of Toronto's CN Tower started around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. Firefighters extinguished it within 4 hours, shutting off power to the antenna mast atop the tower and evacuating all personnel from the structure. Over the air signals will be affected for an undetermined period of time. At 1,815.3 ft high, the CN Tower in Toronto was the world's tallest man-made structure for 32 years, until 2007. It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. ~ CBC

updated Freetown - AP: 1,000 missing in deadly Sierra Leone mudslides

CBC: Toronto police release photo of suspect after Bloor-Yonge subway station bomb threat

Toronto police say they are looking for this man after a bomb threat was made on a Line 1 subway train on Sunday. The threat forced the evacuation of the train 'in an unsafe manner' at Bloor-Yonge station. ~ Toronto Police Service

CBC: Parti Québécois wants to nix Safe Third Country Agreement amid asylum seeker boom

Accuweather: Say goodbye to summer weather

September weather way ahead of schedule as Arctic cold comes south early. ~ Accuweather

Sportsnet: Canadian Denis Shapovalov wins again, advances to Rogers Cup semifinals

National Geographic: 100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica is ‘almost’ edible

Rogers Cup - TSN: 18-yr-old Canadian Denis Shapovalov
stuns Nadal in thriller to advance to quarters

Some are calling it the biggest win in the history of Canadian tennis, as 18-yearold Denis Shapovalov of Richmond Hill, Ontario defeated top-seeded Rafael Nadal 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (4) at a sold out Uniprix Stadium in Montreal. Shapovalov dropped to the ground and covered his face in joy and surprise as the cheers reached deafening levels after the match point fell, completing his comeback from a 3-0 deficit in the third-set tiebreaker.

CBC: Beer fests best for new, upcoming craft brews, not established suds

Shawn Mallioux, owner of Stack Brewing in Sudbury, says he's more selective about which craft beer festivals his business attends since they're purely marketing opportunities, not financial ones.

CBC: Political world reacts to Saskatchewan Premier Wall's sudden resignation

CTV News: 'Thank you Saskatchewan': Premier Brad Wall announces shock retirement

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has announced he’s retiring from politics after a decade. Wall made the announcement in a video on his Facebook page Thursday morning. “I’ve always thought that the 10-year mark, should I be so fortunate to serve that long, might be the right time to re-evaluate. Together with Tami, I’ve decided that now is the time for renewal — for my party, for the government, for the province,” he said.

NBC News: Truth or misdirection? B-1 bombers key
to a U.S. plan to strike North Korean missile sites

Bloomberg: Armchair General: What war with North Korea might look like

South Korea fires Hyunmu-2 missiles into the East Sea during a South Korea-U.S. joint missile drill aimed to counter North Korea's ICBM test on July 29th. ~ South Korean Defense Ministry via Getty Images

Bloomberg: Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ warning to North Korea puts war potential in focus

McClatchyDC: America no longer sees Kim Jong Un as a joke

A TV screen in South Korea shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with superimposed letters that read: “North Korea’s nuclear warhead” during a news program at Seoul Railway Station on March 9, 2016. North Korea claimed last year the pictured orb was a miniaturized nuclear weapon, a claim that was widely mocked. U.S. intelligence officials have now concluded North Korea has successfully miniaturized such a warhead, according to a report in the Washington Post. ~ Ahn Young-joon AP

Reuters: North Korea says seriously considering plan to strike Guam: KCNA

North Korea has now threatened Guam, a U.S. possession and military base in Pacific. Will it risk annihilation by launching an attack? That's the question being asked seriously now, not just theoretically.

New Jersey - CNBC: President Trump warns that an attack by North Korea
"will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen"

BREAKING Washington Post: North Korea now has missile-ready nuclear weapons: U.S.

Earthquake-Report: Shallow M7.0 quake hits Sichuan, China; at least 24 dead, 63 injured

California: Cool canines hang ten, wag tails at World Dog Surfing Championship

The up-and-down competition was bitingly fierce, the waves woofingly unpredictable, the breaching whales in the background a bit distracting for some of the wide-eyed retrievers, and thousands of fans enjoyed the 2nd Annual World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica near San Francisco, where over three dozen amateur pooches and top dog surfers participated in the event.


Reuters: Cyber threats prompt return of radio for ship navigation

The risk of cyber attacks targeting ships' satellite navigation is pushing nations to delve back through history and develop back-up systems with roots in World War Two radio technology. Ships use GPS (Global Positioning System) and other similar devices that rely on sending and receiving satellite signals, which many experts say are vulnerable to jamming by hackers. About 90% of world trade is transported by sea and the stakes are high in increasingly crowded shipping lanes. Unlike aircraft, ships lack a back-up navigation system and if their GPS ceases to function, they risk running aground or colliding with other vessels.

Global News: Trans-gender impulse: nature, nurture, mental 'illness' or DNA-embed?

Bloomberg: Paul Singer says passive investing is ‘devouring capitalism’

Joan Bryden - CP/Toronto Star: NAFTA talks could hinge on
Mexico’s disproportionate share of auto investment, jobs

Since NAFTA came into effect in 1994, four auto assembly plants in Canada and 10 in the U.S. have closed, while eight new plants have opened in Mexico. ~ Scott Olson Getty Images

updated Dubai - Telegraph: 1,100-foot Torch Tower residential fire now under control

Dubai's Torch skyscraper has been engulfed in a huge fire, as scores of firefighters battled to control the blaze and evacuate the tower. Debris could be seen spiralling to the ground across the famous Marina district. The 1,100ft, 79-storey skyscraper was previously devastated by a fire in February 2015. The external cladding on the building was blamed for the rapid spread of the 2015 fire, leading to the decision to fully renovate the exterior cladding - works which began last summer and were believed to be ongoing.

CBS: NTSB report shows Air Canada plane came within 59 feet of SFO taxiway

Top photo from San Francisco International Airport shows how close disaster was; landing lights of Air Canada jets are seen just above four jets lined up on taxiway. The fuel and passenger-filled planes were sitting ducks if the Air Canada plane hadn't suddenly changed course when ordered by tower. Bottom illustration shows last-second pull-up to avoid deadly crash. ~ CBS NTSB

Prince Philip retires: Duke of Edinburgh to meet Royal Marines at final public event

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, pictured inspecting troops during the annual Trooping the Colour parade in 2012, is Captain General of the Royal Marines Credit: ~ Dominic Lipinski PA

BBC: Why did men stop wearing high heels? When will women stop — again?

Bloomberg: How two brothers turned seven lines of code into a $9.2B start-up

AP/Bloomberg: July violence pushes Chicago's 2017 homicide total past 400

Fox News: U.S., allies prepared to use “rapid, lethal and overwhelming force”
in North Korea, American General says; B-1B bomber flypasts send message

On Saturday, two U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers, under the command of U.S. Pacific Air Forces, joined counterparts from the South Korean and Japanese air forces in sequenced bilateral missions. According to the Pentagon, the U.S. bombers took off from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, then flew to Japanese airspace, where they were joined by two Koku Jieitai (Japan Air Self Defense Force) F-2 fighter jets. The B-1s then flew over the Korean Peninsula, where they were joined by four F-15 fighter jets from the South Korean air force. The B-1s then performed a low-pass over Osan Air Base, South Korea, before leaving South Korean airspace and returning to Guam. A single B-1B can carry 125,000 pounds of ordnance combined, internal and externally mounted, with both conventional and nuclear capabilities. ~ @PACAF

Rex Murphy - National Post: Canada 150 fell flat
because national abasement trumped gratitude

Rex: "We are also in an era where celebration has adopted a peculiar mode: that of the confession of sins not our own. The form has become too familiar. The preacher of the day puts on a mantle of showy humility and soulfully takes on the “responsibility” for all the dim deeds of our past. He chants the litany of past wrongs, and turns his affluent, virtue-ripe eyes to the derelictions and cruelties of the unenlightened generations that went under the Earth without an iPhone. But to view the past as exemplary, to see its actors in the round as men and women subject to the codes of their day, is to invite a different kind of comparison. In the days before affluence and technology, was it perhaps more difficult to live those virtues that come so easily to us? Should we not partner gratitude with judgment when it comes to our common past and those who lived it?"

updated Pyongyang - AP: North Korea says 2nd ICBM test puts 'entire' U.S. in range

NY Times: Down the mighty Columbia River, where a power struggle looms

Telegraph: What secrets does the world's hidden 8th continent hold?

A team of scientists have set sail from Australia on a two-month expedition to discover the secrets of the mysterious, largely submerged continent of Zealandia, the world’s eighth and smallest continent – and the newest to be discovered. It is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, including New Zealand, New Caledonia and two Australian islands, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. The continent spans 1.9 million square miles but 94% of it is under the Pacific. It is about two-thirds the size of Australia.

Science News: Latest theory: Half of the Milky Way comes from other galaxies

We’re all made up of matter from galaxies all over the Universe, just like the rest of the Milky Way, theorizes a new study. Astrophysicists from Northwestern University say that up to half of the matter in our Milky Way galaxy was actually blown here on intergalactic winds from galaxies far, far away. The research team used supercomputer simulations to come up with this new and unexpected method for how galaxies acquire their matter. Although intergalactic winds blow at several hundred kilometres a second, it would still takes several billion years for matter to move through the vast Universe, because different galaxies are so far away from each other. ~ Forbes

Claudia Cattaneo - Financial Post: ‘A tragedy for Canada’: Petronas cancels
$36B LNG project as B.C. jacks up demands amid collapsing energy prices

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada says dispute resolution mechanism essential to NAFTA re-do

Pakistan - Reuters: Suicide bomber in Lahore kills 25, many of them police

The Guardian: Moon wetter than previously thought: Indian probe

Paula Dwyer - Bloomberg: Should America’s tech giants be broken up?

updated: San Antonio - Reuters/CBC: 10 illegals now dead, driver charged, in human
trafficking case; 38 found in and around tractor-trailer in sweltering heat

Edmonton Journal: Alberta PC Party also votes 95% to create United Conservative Party
Merger votes by two parties historically dissolves them and creates successor party

CBC: Wildrose approves creation of United Conservative Party with 95% voting 'yes'
Needed only 75% to give green light; PC results still to come, with 50% + 1 threshold

National Post: Man punches grizzly bear in the nose, survives B.C. beach battle

Randal Warnock received 30 stitches after his tangle with a grizzly bear, some on his ring finger and his left knee, but most of them were around his right knee. Warnock hobbled to his skiff to get to his fishing boat, leaving behind a bloody trail. He bandaged himself up on his boat as he headed toward the nearest hospital in Port Hardy and called the Canadian Coast Guard, which sent a couple of vessels that arrived two hours later.

Regina Leader-Post: Curling rink in small Saskatchewan town destroyed by twister

The curling rink in the community of Strongfield, Saskatchewan was destroyed Thursday evening. ~ Gillian Wankel Twitter

ABC News: 2 killed, 120 hurt as M6.5 quake damages buildings on Greek island

Robyn Urback - CBC: Trudeau's silence on Payette's assault charge shows double standard

AP: Lancet report looks at developing lifestyle connections to Alzheimer's

Napanee Beaver: Tall ships return to Bath, make a splash

Just as it would have been 150 years ago, the village of Bath’s port was bustling with magnificent sailing vessels during Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. The event, which was part of Canada’s 150th celebration, drew over 30,000 visitors to the Ontario village as they witnessed a parade of 11 tall ships, a re-enactment of an 1812-era battle on the lake, living history encampments, live music, vendors and a beer garden. ~ Adam Prudhomme Napanee Beaver

CBC: Canadian comedy royalty rally for good cause, eh

Paul Shaffer, Ian Thomas and Murray McLauchlan provided the music, and a who's who of Canadian comic royalty came together to help paralyzed Luke Thomas, nephew of Bob and Doug Mackenzie's Dave Thomas. Martin Short was emcee, and others on stage included Dan Aykroyd, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley. Rick Moranis and Thomas donned their famous toques for the rare Great White North appearance together.

Iraq - Telegraph: Canadian female ISIS fighter among 20 captured in Mosul

Winnipeg - CTV: Four seriously injured as stolen mystery bomb explodes in pick-up truck

The mystery improvised bomb went off Saturday inside a pickup truck in Winnipeg, on Gallagher Avenue at Midmar Avenue. Two people were in critical condition in hospital Tuesday and two were treated for serious injuries. ~ CTV News

National Post: Fire crews from Nova Scotia, Australia join fight against B.C. wildfires

Rex Murphy - National Post: Trudeau must explain how
Khadr payout was ever the honourable option

ABC: M7.7 ocean quake triggers tsunami warnings for Russia

A M7.7 magnitude earthquake struck in the North Pacific Ocean just east of Russia, triggering a tsunami warning for that nation's coast. Officials said preliminary info indicates there is no tsunami danger for the U.S. West Coast or Alaska. The earthquake hit near the Komandorskiye Ostrova region of Russia. It was centered in an area near the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, off the coast of some sparsely populated islands.

Reuters: U.S. outlines NAFTA objectives, includes currency provision

CBC: Canada funds Europe-based missile defence program but won't join one at home

Vancouver Sun: All of Williams Lake ordered evacuated as fire threatens last highway out

Smoke rose from fires earlier in the week that threaten the Xatsull First Nation north of Williams Lake. Saturday, their firefighting team joined an earlier evacuation of non-essential personnel, as strong winds whipped the fire into a raging inferno on Saturday afternoon. About 24,000 people were affected by Saturday evening's evacuation order

John Solomon, Jonathan Easley - The Hill: Russian lobbyists on Magnitsky Act
went after and met with Democrat & Republican Congressmen, not just Trump Jr.;
nobody called FBI as Russian lobbyists stalked members in halls of Capitol

Whig-Standard: Federal Govt urged to stop high wakes among high-water Thousand Islands

Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands has urged the federal government for emergency measures to restrict boaters' wakes on the St. Lawrence River. Councillor Jeff Lackie wants the Ministry of Transport to impose temporary restricted-wake laws on the river to protect property owners being hammered by record-high water levels in the St. Lawrence. Lackie requests the ministry restrict wakes to no higher than 15 inches and that it apply to boats within 200 metres of shore. The requested measure would last until the end of this year or until the river recedes 15 inches, whichever comes first, he said. Lackie said the 200-metre restriction is meant to mirror a similar law on the United States' side of the river that limits boat wakes within 600 feet from shore.

CBC: Omar Khadr fights attempt by widow of soldier he killed to freeze his assets

Washington Examiner: House spending bill funds all of Trump's initial $1.6B wall plan

The $44.3B House measure pays for a broad array of federal security programs, including aviation security, border and immigration enforcement, customs, cyberterrorism protection, drug smuggling prevention and natural disaster response. The legislation includes $1.6B for a "physical barrier construction along the U.S. southern border." The move will appease Trump voters, but will likely set up a spending showdown with minority Democrats, who have pledged to block spending legislation that funds the wall. The bill includes funding increases aimed at enhancing border security, including $100M to hire 500 new border patrol agents and $106M for new aircraft technology for use along the border. ~ Torres

Fox News: At least 16 bodies recovered from Mississippi
crash site of Marine KC-130 refuelling tanker

Ruth Brown - NY Post: Trump: Comey leaked classified information to the media

Kamloops - CTV News: More fires break out amid B.C. state of emergency

Ground and air crews are preparing for another day battling dozens of out-of-control wildfires that drove thousands of residents from their homes in British Columbia's central Interior. A provincewide state of emergency was declared after more than 173 fires ignited Friday. On Saturday, nearly 100 new fires sprang up and crews were battling a total of at least 183 blazes, many of which remained uncontained. The three biggest fires range in size from approximately 14 to 20 square kilometres and have forced thousands of people from their homes in the communities of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, 100 Mile House, 105 Mile House, 108 Mile House, 150 Mile House and the Alexis Creek area.

Jane E. Brody - NY Times: I tried to avoid knee replacement
surgery for years – here’s what I wish I knew

John Ivison - National Post: Khadr apology likely to unite
Canadians, but not in the way Liberals hoped

Hamburg - AP: U.S., Russia announce Syria ceasefire after Trump-Putin talks

Charles Krauthammer - IBD: North Korea — The Rubicon is crossed

Julie Kelly - The Federalist: Leading climate scientist
says debating scientific theories would be ‘un-American’

RealClimateScience: Greenland sets record for coldest July
temperature ever reported in Northern Hemisphere at -33°C

Warsaw - BBC: "As the Polish experience reminds us, the defence of the West
ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail"

Trump told the large Polish crowd on the site of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 that Western countries will confront the threat of "radical Islamic terrorism," declaring, "we will win." "We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and any form of ideological support," Trump said to the Polish people, whose government has taken a firm stance against accepting Syrian refugees. "While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism." Trump added, "We cannot accept those who reject our values, and who use hatred to justify violence against the innocent."

Warsaw - The Guardian: Trump says West must ‘defend our civilization’
from terrorism, bureaucracy and erosion of traditions

Warsaw - ABC News: Trump calls for energy diversification in Poland

New York - AP: U.S. warns China it risks losing access to
American market if it can't control North Korea

Reuters: U.S. prepared to use force on North Korea 'if we must': UN envoy

Daily Mail: Trump calls for emergency meeting of UN Security Council
to formulate 'measured response' to North Korea's record-breaking missile test

Calgary Herald: Military families condemn $10M settlement to Omar Khadr

TIME: Khadr sued for millions by widow of soldier he was convicted
of killing; rewarding terrorist a black eye for Canada

AP/Miami Herald: North Korea propaganda revels in ICBM: A look at what it means

Seoul - AP/ABC News: Kim vows North Korea’s nukes are not on negotiation table

AP: North Korea ICBM test means warhead minaturization only barrier for Pyongyang

Canada and the U.S. are now in the North Korea nuclear cross-hairs. Bill Clinton's 'kicking the can down the road' not looking so brilliant a couple decades later as the two remaining members of the 'Axis of Evil' threatens the world.

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Khadr payment, apology is ‘odious’ to Conservatives

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals reportedly set to pay millions to terrorist killer Khadr

IBD: Global warming: The imminent crisis that never arrives

Home: Kyle Lowry had more than $100 million reasons to re-sign in Toronto

CBC: Bank of Canada may hike interest rate for 1st time in 7 years next week;
what will impact be on housing, bankrupcty and governments addicted to borrowing?

Winnipeg Free Press: Thousands gather at Portage and Main to create living maple leaf

Over 3,600 people gathered this morning at Portage and Main to create a living maple leaf. - Dan Harper Winnipeg Free Press

Rob Shaw - Vancouver Sun: NDP asked to form next B.C. Govt after Liberal defeat

CTV News: Major security measures for Ottawa's Canada 150 bash amid ISIS threat

Tri-coastal trader: Canada 150: From beaver pelts to mega-exporter

Over 93% of Canada's exports go to just 15 countries. But exports to the USA are 20 times larger than to that of the second largest export market, which is China. ~ Curexe

National Post: 'A bureaucratic creation': Why it's hard for Canada 150
to compete with Expo 67; lacklustre events have fallen 'with a bit of a thud'

Global News: Canada 150: 6 Canadian stereotypes that are true, eh

David M. Shribman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: A good neighbour among nations; The long, undefended U.S.-Canadian border reflects a deep history of shared values

When the United States celebrated its 150th birthday, Calvin Coolidge was President, Al Capone's gangsters were running wild in Chicago, NBC was just being formed and Gene Tunney was girding to defeat Jack Dempsey. Generally, it was a quiet, contented country, not all that important in world affairs, not all that worried about war or depression. This coming Saturday, Canada turns 150 in a different world, more quiet and contented than its neighbor to the South, about as influential in world affairs as the United States was in 1926, indeed very much like America was then: on the rise, admired globally, a little self-conscious, but overall a relatively uncontroversial force for good worldwide. Of course, Canada's history is as old as the United States, also originating from English colonies -- ones that didn't revolt -- and drawing the majority of its original English-speaking settlers from those who remained loyal to the British Crown in the face of the American Revolution.

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QP Briefing: Brown's PCs at 49% support in Toronto: Mainstreet Research poll

London - City News: Western University music students to live in retirement home with seniors

CTV News: Group of Sears Canada creditors wants to sue executives and board

Globe and Mail: Mother says she felt pressured to send daughter on trip where Toronto student died

BNN: American dairy divided: Some want Canada’s supply management left alone in NAFTA

CBC: Former LNG advocate Gordon Wilson sues B.C. Premier John Horgan for defamation in $5M lawsuit

CP/CTV News: Canada on list of 34 countries with citizens killed or injured in Barcelona

National Post: Rebel Media meltdown: Faith Goldy fired as politicians, contributors distance themselves

Montreal - Globe and Mail: Ontario to open shelter to help assist with influx of asylum seekers

Reuters: Auto groups side with Canada, Mexico on NAFTA origin rules; but modernization needed anyway

BBC: Peanut allergy treatment 'lasts up to four years'

Quebec - Reuters: Canada sees 'unsustainable' spike in illegal asylum seekers at U.S. border

Marketwatch: Raising the minimum wage leads workers in these industries to be replaced by robots

Toronto Sun: Facebook threat forces cancellation of free speech event at Ryerson: Jordan Peterson

CTV News: Agricultural leaders demand delicate touch to any potential NAFTA changes

CP24: Arson suspected in fire that destroyed part of Burlington Baptist church: Pastor

CBC: CIBC to swallow PC Financial's banking business, rebrand as Simplii

Toronto Star: NAFTA has ‘fundamentally failed,’ Trump’s top trade official says to open renegotiations

CBC: Confederate plaque on Montreal Hudson's Bay store removed

Global News: Illegal refugee claimants found in possession of child porn at Quebec border

Camrose - CBC: 'It still fits': Diamond ring missing since 2004 turns up on garden carrot

Kim Moody, Kenneth Keung - Financial Post: Canada’s tax proposals read like a class-warfare manifesto against private businesses

Toronto Star: Canada’s NAFTA demands unlikely to be considered, U.S. trade vets say

Charles Burton - Ottawa Citizen: Chrystia Freeland's disquieting silence around trade talks with China

Global News: Toronto police release more images of suspect in TTC subway bomb threat

National Post: Is the Liberals’ NAFTA wish list a sign they are setting up talks to fail?

Victoria: Economic hit to guide and outfitter industry as B.C. NDP ends Grizzly Bear hunt

Hamilton Spectator: Two Canadians killed in Burkina Faso attack were a pregnant newlywed grad of Queen's University, and a veterinarian food expert from Guelph

Independent: LinkedIn: Having a public profile just got more risky thanks to new U.S. court ruling

Global News: Tributes pour in for Brooklyn stunt stand-in for Domino character killed on ‘Deadpool 2’ movie set in Vancouver

Windsor - CTV News: Chatham man admits to threatening to blow up Parliament, gets 180 days in jail

Daily Caller: Illegal refugees complain about housing in Montreal

Vancouver - CTV News: Female stunt driver dead after accident on Deadpool 2 set

Toronto Star: Business coalition sounds alarm over Ontario’s minimum-wage hike; say will cost consumers and jobs

CTV News: McDonald's Canada selling 67-cent hamburgers to mark 50th birthday

Global News: Two Canadians among at least 18 killed in Islamist terror attack on popular restaurant in Burkina Faso

Daily Commercial News: Upsize announced for set of Napanee cannabis facility builds by ABcann

CTV News: RCMP shortages leave Mounties in 'crisis,' officers say

Toronto - CBC: Over 630 Ontarians have ended own lives since new law brought in; but now advocacy group wants to force religious institutions to allow assisted deaths, too

Showing the hand - CTV News: From labour standards to red tape, Canada outlines broad NAFTA goals

CTV News: As NAFTA talks begin, U.S. negotiator who praised the deal knows where all the compromises are buried, won't be buffaloed

CBC: Small business owners say they are unfairly targeted by proposed federal tax changes

CBC: Memo raises doubts about who was 'architect' of residential schools; Trudeau wrong again?

CBC: 'No guarantees' asylum seekers will get refugee status, Quebec premier points out; Philippe Couillard says it's 'sad' that people are being told it's easy to be admitted to Canada

Quebec - CBC: 1,200 asylum seekers wait to be processed at Lacolle border crossing

Toronto Sun: Ontario PCs initiate watchdog probe into Quebec power purchase

Conrad Black - National Post: Canada is failing to see the North Korea crisis clearly; It has been painful to read and watch the asinine Canadian media reaction to the North Korean crisis. The focus has not been on the lunacy of the North Korean regime but on President Trump

CBC: StatsCan blames computer error for spike in number of English speakers in Quebec

Montreal - CBC: Fire at Morin Heights' legendary recording hub, Le Studio

NY Times: A surge of illegal migrants crossing into Quebec tests Canada’s welcome

Chris Selley - National Post: Northern Ontario superballots are hard to justify, even in the name of reconciliation

Murray Mandryk - Regina Leader-Post: Through Brad Wall beat the heart of Saskatchewan

CBC: Montrealer sole resident of condo building after other units rented on Airbnb

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: From pipeline to Wall and Fildebrandt, a day that went all wrong

Huffington Post: Only French speakers should be allowed to immigrate to Quebec: PQ Leader

CBC: Military builds tent village to house surge of asylum seekers at Quebec border

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: Saskatchewan politicians, business leaders and others react to Brad Wall's resignation

Global News: Late Napanee teen to be remembered through music festival, scholarship fund

CBC: Brad Wall's departure highlights changing political landscape of Western Canada; All 4 provinces will also have new Opposition leaders soon

CBC: Ottawa to force ships to slow down to prevent whale deaths in Gulf of St. Lawrence; Montreal, Quebec City raw sewage the real killer?

Edmonton - CBC: Fildebrandt apologizes, takes leave of absence from UCP finance critic role

CBC: Restaurant industry concerned lower blood-alcohol limit could serve up trouble

Marc Brouillette - Toronto Sun: Ontario-Quebec hydro deal bad for Ontario

CBC: Hamilton girl mistakes alligator in yard for a pool toy; takes authorities an hour to respond

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Thanks Mr. Runciman for a job well done!

Sophia Harris - CBC: Tim Hortons is hiring to feed 'huge' UK expansion, job postings say

Globe and Mail: Sweden aided Canada in North Korea's release of pastor

CBC: Impasse over intellectual property tying up warship bids; Unidentified ally has complained about the program 'directly to Canada,' internal documents say

CBC: 22-year-old man dies after being punched inside Starbucks in Burnaby, B.C.; police cover-up?

CBC: 'Mob' of motorcyclists menacing major highways in Ontario prompts investigation

New York Upstate: Lake Ontario 12 inches lower since late May, record water releases continue

Shawn Jeffords - Toronto Sun: Liberals overpaying in deal to buy Quebec hydro: Brown

Toronto Star: Judge orders former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to testify in horse breeders’ $65M lawsuit against the province

Financial Post: Safe haven assets jump amid North Korea threats

Global News: Napanee wildlife centre appeals to anglers to help them feed two injured ospreys who need local fish to survive

Seoul - Japan Times: North Korea says it has released detained Canadian pastor who was serving life sentence

Editorial backgrounder - Sudbury Star: Wynne not on trial, but will be judged

Kingston Whig-Standard: Guards' union says fentanyl found twice at Collins Bay Penitentiary

CBC: Canadian delegation in North Korea to seek Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim's release

CBC: Saskatchewan families divided on whether fumbling MMIWG inquiry needs 're-set' or should continue as-is

CTV News: Grand Theft Brainpower: Montreal study ties video games to reduced grey matter

Huffington Post: Jason Kenney bashes Al Gore's 'hypocrisy' after oilsands comment

CBC: MMIWG loses another key staffer as families slam 'colonial' inquiry process, demand hard reset from Trudeau

Energy Ontario: Ontario Energy Association disappointed about secret discussions between Hydro-Québec and Ontario on 20-year deal requiring payment whether power used or not

Fraser Institute: Obstacles to business investment in Ontario — high electricity prices

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Trudeau’s lost all control of our border crisis

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Social media Samaritans enable OSPCA to rescue dog abused on TTC subway

CTV News: Hydro One Q2 revenue, profit fall as lack of mythical global warming cuts peak-price demand in Ontario

John Ivison - National Post: NEP 2.0: 'Another Trudeau's' tone-deaf rules sow seeds of another unity crisis

Montreal - Toronto Sun: More asylum shelters needed as refugees overload Olympic Stadium location; ironically, Trudeau ended Canada's temp program for Haitians a year ago, while Trump extended similar U.S. program until 2018

Christie Blatchford - National Post: Cases show deadly power of a teenage girl over love-struck boy

Globe and Mail: Andrew Scheer laying groundwork for federal election in summer travels

Surrey Now Leader: 111 people died of drug overdose in B.C. in June; total is 780 lives lost to overdoses so far this year, up from 414 at this time last year

CBC: Illegal border crossings could create 'urgent need' to revisit policy, Immigration Minister was warned in March

Editorial - Toronto Sun: How the Ontario Liberals buried us in debt

John Gormley - Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: The needless debate over 'ASIMIL8'

Fast Company: How Vancouver built itself into an urban transportation success story

Ontario - CBC: Waterspout, tornado, other high winds blamed for thousands of power outages in Muskoka, Brockville after wild Friday

CBC: Cut by construction: details emerging about why the lines went dead in Atlantic Canada

Toronto Star: Liberals mocked over ‘frivolous’ complaint that Tories, NDP are breaking fundraising law

Edward Keenan - Toronto Star: 500% property tax increase triggered by Ontario's MPAC will change the face of Yonge Street

CBC: Major Bell-connected Canadian cell, internet outages hammering customers in Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario

Globe and Mail: Canada’s trade gap widens as exports pull back

Toronto - Global News: Princess Diana pal Bryan Adams, Kelly Clarkson to perform at Invictus Games closing ceremonies in September

Global News: Quebec City accepts Muslim community’s bid for land to build cemetery

Ottawa - CP/CTV News: Boosted by Trumponomics, Canadian economy adds jobs for eighth month in a row, though pace of growth slows

Toronto Star: Large commercial operators a growing concern in the Airbnb market, disputed study says

Peterborough Examiner: Two killed in fiery truck crash that closed Highway 401 between Port Hope and Cobourg

CBC: Rump idealists try to form Alberta Advantage Party from dregs of defunct Wildrose Party

Halifax - CP/CBC: Documents reveal two previously unknown nursing home deaths due to pushing; number disclosed since 2008 rises to 11 in Nova Scotia

Les Perreaux - Globe and Mail: Quebec's resources wear thin as wave of asylum seekers swells

Ultimate Classic Rock: Goldy McJohn, founding member and keyboardist of Canadian rock band Steppenwolf, dead at 72

Hill Times: Only five ex-Tory leadership candidates still paying off campaign debt; none say worried

CBC: Ambrose, ex-Tory minister Moore on Liberal government's NAFTA advisory council

Kingston Whig-Standard: 186th edition of Napanee Fair this weekend

CTV News: Kelly Knight Craft confirmed by U.S. Senate as Ambassador to Canada

Christie Blatchford - Calgary Herald: Why not name murder victims? New Alberta policy is absurd

Vancouver - The Province: Former Liberal MP Blair Wilson awarded $125,000 in defamation case

CBC: Rural electricity customers wary of Ontario's temporary rate cuts; "With their history, we know we're going to pay one way or the other. It's pretty obvious"

CP/Globe and Mail: Quebec dealing with 150 asylum requests a day: immigration minister

CP/National Post: Trump leaked phone call: 'Don't worry about Canada,' says he's happy with trade

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Is Trudeau’s Canada for sale?

Bob Hepburn - Toronto Star: Bad news keeps coming for Kathleen Wynne: polls, desertions, corruption trial

Big Brothers: Google, YouTube screening threatens free speech: U of T's Peterson

City News: Another crane rescue in downtown Toronto, man detained under Mental Health Act

Graham Thomson - Edmonton Journal: In UCP leadership race, Jason Kenney marches to his own drummer

Montreal - CBC: Montreal's Olympic Stadium used to house surge in asylum seekers crossing from U.S.; 1,000 illegal migrants in July alone

Toronto Star: Allegations of long-term financial mismanagement put African Canadian Legal Clinic’s funding at risk

Chatham Daily News: Pile-driving for wind turbines destroys well water; family spends $4,000 on water testing

Father Raymond de Souza - National Post: Trudeau evidently willing to use racial stereotypes to his advantage

680News: Former PM Brian Mulroney's daughter Caroline is seeking Ontario PC nomination for York-Simcoe

Bloomberg: Bees buzzing back from colony collapse disorder

Sean Coughlan - BBC: How Canada became an education superpower

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Minimum wages: The small-town impact will be immense as local businesses and jobs evaporate

Montreal Gazette: Indigenous advocate wants Trudeau to write Rolling Stone to express ‘regret’ for his racist remarks

CBC: If the U.S. is alarmed about North Korea, 'we should be alarmed,' says MacKay

Napanee Guide: Grocer offended by Wynne Minister's minimum wage response

CP/Times Colonist: Trudeau Govt bolsters Canadian team in U.S. in prep for NAFTA talks

Financial Post: Walmart Canada scraps online pickup fee in latest shot across grocery bow

Janet McFarland - Globe and Mail: Canada’s cooling experiment; How a year of housing reform has affected Canada's real estate markets

Calgary Herald: Poll shows UCP would handily defeat Alberta NDP if election held today

BNN: Sprott Energy Fund joins exodus from Canada’s energy patch

CBC: Canada condemns Venezuela's 'undemocratic' vote but is not ready to follow U.S. sanctions yet

Chesapeake Shores - Times Colonist: Star-struck in Qualicum: film crews transform mid-Island into Qualiwood

Global News: 9 maps show where Canada’s illegal drugs are coming from

Martin, Wingrove - Hamilton Spectator: NAFTA battle will test strength of renewed Canada-Mexico ties

CBC: Napanee company FireRein sending corn-based fire suppressant Eco-Gel foam to fight B.C. fires

updated CBC: Hwy 401 now partially open after all 16 lanes shut down in Toronto due to fatal truck crash and fire

Globe and Mail: Wynne shuffles cabinet as Manitoban Murray leaves environment post to head radical Calgary lobbyist Pembina Institute

Gary Mason - Globe and Mail: Christy Clark’s undoing comes down to three tactical miscalculations

CBC: Liberals try to assuage fears ahead of possible free trade deal with China, documents show

CP/Times-Colonist: ‘Buy America’ policies to loom large as Canada gets ready for NAFTA talks

Peter Edwards - Toronto Star: Shootings, explosions, killings and the bloody fight to be ‘the next boss’ after mobster Vito Rizzuto’s death

Backgrounder - National Post: When will Commissioner of Elections Canada investigate unregulated foreign $$ millions spent to hijack 2015 Canadian election? Russian? American? Chinese? Whose $$ decided our election?

Financial Post: The more governments abuse and misuse carbon taxes, the more Canadians dislike them

Andrew Lawton - Global News: Justin Trudeau values coolness over competence, Rolling Stone reminds us

Editorial - National Post: Petronas debacle confirms that Canada simply isn't open for business

Hill Times: Jagmeet Singh positions himself as ‘growth candidate,’ makes gains in vote-rich B.C., as rivals attack

National Post: 'It's raining money': Quebec's economy crawled out of the doghouse. Now, it's a powerhouse

CBC: Trudeau Minister admits MMIW a big mess, says cabinet will address changes demanded by AFN, families

Neil MacDonald - CBC: CBC columnist calls Canadians "a supine, uninformed, apathetic bunch, inclined to do whatever they're told and behave like milk cows" as he advocates NAFTA changes

Randall Denley - Ottawa Citizen: Hydro One no longer has Ontarians' interests at heart

Dimmock, Miller - Ottawa Citizen: Two-year-old Ottawa boy fended for himself in apartment for 10 days after mom was killed

Colby Cosh - National Post: 'Forced' Aboriginal sterilizations a devastating failure of medical system

CBC: Christy Clark resigns as leader of B.C. Liberal Party, effective August 4th

CTV News: Woman sought in Calgary quadruple homicide taken into custody in Toronto

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Bernier shows he's still politically inept; says he wants to be CPC finance critic and also wants to run again for leader

CTV News: AFN Chiefs pass a resolution calling for changes to Liberals' stumbling MMIW inquiry

CBC: Adidas to sell CCM to Toronto-based firm for $110M U.S.

Reuters: B.C. Premier Horgan says 'hopeful' of softwood lumber deal with U.S. in August

CTV News: Woman sought in Calgary quadruple homicide might be in Ontario or Quebec

CTV News: Melania Trump leading U.S. delegation to Invictus Games in Toronto in September

Globe and Mail: Supreme Court of Canada: Indigenous people do not have a veto over resource projects affecting their traditional territory

CBC: Toronto mulls plans for 3 super-tall buildings in downtown core, ranging from 92 to 98 stories

CBC: 'What else was I to do?': Ontario jail guard faces discipline after tweets revealing desperate situation of inmate in segregation

Ontario - CBC: Human case of West Nile Virus reported in Timiskaming District

680News: Supreme Court quashes seismic testing in Arctic, allows Line 9 pipeline reversal; says local consultation adequate in one, inadequate in other

Hill Times: Trudeau’s 14-seat majority could ‘easily’ be reduced to minority ‘or worse’ in 2019

CTV News: 'Mountain' Police? 'Liberty' Party? Rolling Stone bumbles facts in fawning error-filled Trudeau profile

Global News: Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus on Toronto Island

Globe and Mail: Canadian Forces aim to improve transgender policy; U.S. says job of military is "decisive and overwhelming victory", not implementing social policy

Global News: Via Rail terror plotter Esseghaier to appeal life sentence after undergoing mental health treatment

Global News: Loblaws says minimum wage boost will mean higher food prices; analysts predict fewer jobs, more automation, too

Andrew MacDougall - Toronto Star: Payette scramble highlights a serious Trudeau flaw

Napanee Beaver: Four charged following armed robbery on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Globe and Mail: Protecting what used to be deemed swampland, now known as 'sacred wetlands' by bureaucratic decree, derails giant development near Niagara Falls

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Trudeau is rapidly running short of allies in the West

Financial Post: Condos buck Toronto housing slowdown as new construction sales hit record

Toronto Star: Liberals' desperation on Khadr fall-out reflected in Liberal columnist's conflation of unrelated economic and morality issues

Rob Carrick - Globe and Mail: The new Canada Child Benefit: Difference-maker or dud?

Chris Selley - National Post: Kathleen Wynne, witness for the prosecution at a bribery trial. That's special

Hill Times: Alberta Tory MPs lining up behind Kenney in provincial leadership race

National Post: Ex-Nazi interpreter stripped of Canadian citizenship a fourth time intends to challenge order

Ottawa - CBC: Botched procurement delays new inflatable boats for military

Toronto Star: Kathleen Wynne to testify in Sudbury byelection corruption trial involving former deputy chief of staff and Liberal activist

Ottawa Citizen: Serial killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer was fired twice but nursing regulator didn't take notice

Moodys Investor Services: Hydro One outlook changed to negative after $6.7B Avista splurge

Global News: B.C. wildfires likely to add to U.S. homebuyers’ frustration, as lumber supply crunch worsens

Peterborough - Global News: Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins selling legendary Stony Lake estate where rock royalty frolicked and made history

Globe and Mail: No surprise: Ex-nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer found guilty of professional misconduct; murdered at least 8 patients

CTV News: 14-year-old girl drowns after trying to save dog in Edmonton

Times Colonist: B.C. religious community leaders found guilty of polygamy

CTV News: Tens of thousands of B.C. wildfire evacuees head home

Chronicle Herald: Shelburne bids celebratory send off to derelict MV Farley Mowat as weather delays towing

National Post: Liberals overhaul citizenship test: Warnings about barbaric cultural practices taken out, making fun of Indigenous peoples and immigrants put in

Montreal Gazette: Unborn baby dies after pregnant mother stabbed, man arrested after brutal Montreal North attack

Ross Ayotte - Bay Today: Liberal government buys and supports coal power plants in the U.S.A. that it blamed

CBC: Canadian dollar tops 80 cents U.S. for 1st time in 2 years as U.S. dollar sinks and commodities rebound

Justin Giovannetti - Globe and Mail: Ontario to select new private operator for GTA gambling sites

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Saving Charlie Gard: It's a parent's decision, not the state's

Toronto - Global News: 2 men dead, woman in serious condition after shooting at backyard birthday party in Scarborough

Emma Graney - Edmonton Journal: United Conservative Party: The next steps

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals' move to send frigate building off-shore running into rough waters

PEI Guardian: Team in B.C. rescuing animals from wildfires; so far have saved 27 horses, some mules, four miniature horses, a donkey, nine cats, nine dogs, seven goats, two sheep and 250 chickens

CTV News: Federal Govt giving $900 per household to Red Cross to help BC fire evacuees

CTV News: Ontario transit agency won't let its longtime commuter train operator bid on next contract; attack on Bombardier and its Ontario employees takes Wynne Govt to new low

Edmonton - CBC: PC, Wildrose members decide today if there will be be a United Conservative Party in Alberta; leaders Kenney, Jean optimistic

Peterborough - Metro News: Driver charged after dramatic video shows him viciously attacking 74-year-old cyclist with a club

Catharine Tunney - CBC: Trudeau 'not working hard enough' on NAFTA file, says Scheer

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: Voting troubles cloud conservative unity vote

Belleville Intelligencer: Journalism in crisis as business models break down under digital assault

Robert Fulford - National Post: I'm older than I ever expected to be. Am I worth the expense?

Toronto - BNN: Magna warns Ontario at a ‘tipping point’ amid mounting costs; high hydro, new labour laws threaten jobs

CBC: Illegal border crossings by asylum seekers decline in Manitoba but spike in Quebec

CBC: Ontario businesses want corporate tax cut to offset crippling $15 minimum wage hike

Thunder Bay - TBNewswatch: Liberal Mayor Keith Hobbs and wife Marisa charged with extortion

Editorial - Toronto Star: Ontario ratepayers should share in gains of Hydro One; it should be used to offset crippling electricity costs

InQuinte: Napanee OPP asking boaters to slow down; police report high water damage to the shoreline continues in Greater Napanee, along the Bay Of Quinte and Adolphus Reach

Lake Mazinaw - CTV News: Man loses court battle over electricity charges for cottage without power connection for 8 months; Ontario Govt should intervene

Toronto Star: Five key NAFTA issues bound to spark friction between Canada, U.S.

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Hydro One's takeover of Avista is fake capitalism for monopolies; "benefits should be passed on to ratepayers, not shareholders"

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: How Ontario is getting back into the coal-power business

CBC: Julie Payette's vetting for Governor General questioned amid 'disquieting' revelations; cover-up's data erasure thwarted by U.S. background check databases

AP/Global News: 2 members of missing Burundi robotics team spotted crossing into Canada

Toronto Star: Hydro One's $6.7B acquisition funded by gouging ratepayers

National Post: Trudeau again vague on Payette vetting; claims didn't raise questions with her about police charges, deadly Maryland accident, her long years outside Canada

CBC: Dark web's largest illegal marketplace, founded by Canadian, shut down by Trump Justice Dept.

Global News: Canada revokes charity status of two Islamic groups, audit cites possible funding link to Pakistani militants

Montreal - Toronto Star: Four men found inside shipping container that arrived in Montreal from Germany; alive, but hurting after 10-day sail in heat of summer

Toronto - CityNews: 10 TTC employees face charges in health benefit fraud case

CTV News: Price shock: Fraser report shows Ontario hydro prices surging at twice national average

BNN: Average Toronto electricity bills highest in Canada; $201 vs $83 in Montreal; have risen by $77 in last 6 years

Financial Post: Ontario drivers, already paying the highest insurance rates in Canada, get dinged again

B.J. Siekierski - iPolitics: PMO has no comment on Julie Payette's expunged 2011 second-degree assault charge; one family court motion by Payette from 2013 withdrawn only on June 11, 2017; Payette lived outside of Canada for over 20 years

Napanee Beaver: Brampton transport truck driver, 52, charged with driving wrong way on Highway 401

CTV News: Trudeau faces questions over Julie Payette appointment, refuses to answer them

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Trudeau had numerous defences in Khadr lawsuit

Kevin Donovan - Toronto Star: Future Governor General Julie Payette involved in fatal collision months before assault charge in Maryland; other skeletons locked in closet?

John Paul Tasker - CBC: Andrew Scheer to unveil 'regional, gender diverse' House leadership team Thursday

David Akin - Global News: New documents on Trudeau’s Bahamas trip raise fresh questions on long-running ethics investigation

Sue-Ann Levy - Toronto Sun: Stepgate shows City Hall reality check needed

CP/Ottawa Citizen: Trudeau refusing to comment after pushed for details on government vetting of Payette for Vice-Regal role; will Queen be amused?

CBC: Deadline for decision on Canada Post home delivery missed as Liberals ponder way forward

Financial Post: Hydro One signs controversial blockbuster deal to buy U.S. West Coast energy company Avista for $6.7B in cash

Zerohedge: Is Canada really "In serious trouble": Goldman responds

Hamilton - CBC: Karim Baratov, alleged Yahoo hacker, to fight extradition in September

CTV News: Queen Elizabeth marks Canada 150 at Canada House in London

London - CBC: Governor-General David Johnston breaches royal protocol by touching Queen to avoid her stumbling on 'slippy' carpet

CBC: Changing the order paradigm: Tim Hortons order app to launch next week, franchisee says

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Private lives, public scrutiny: Julie Payette and the media; do messy divorces disqualify people from high office?

CBC: Health trouble brought on by mould exposure on Navy destroyers ends sailor's career

Hill Times: Shared Services Canada to begin talks on allowing federal departments to ‘opt out’ from centralized IT service

Ottawa - CBC: Trudeau Liberals secretively hire consultants to advise on airport sell-offs; includes former Ontario Liberal cabinet minister

Globe and Mail: Conservatives mount campaign against Trudeau over Omar Khadr settlement

J.J. McCullough - Toronto Sun: Much of Khadr debate has little to do with him

Edmonton - CBC: Buzz kill? Brian Pallister pushes other Premiers to delay legalization of pot by 1 year

National Post: Tories, NDP want Liberals to outline NAFTA priorities before Commons committee

CBC: 340 jobs axed at Siemens wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg

Victoria - CTV News: B.C. NDP set to form government for first time since 2001

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Our governments drown us in debt

Washington - CTV News: 'This will not be a short negotiation': U.S. releases list of demands for NAFTA

Financial Post: Return of the revolving door; Liberals to name industry veteran Ian Scott as new head of the CRTC

John Ivison - National Post: NDP leadership race about to heat up as party searches for a new voice

Global News: 5 Toronto businesses temporarily shut down after mice seen on video, infestation found

David Pugliese - National Post: Chemical weapons from secret Canadian-U.S. mustard gas program in Panama to be destroyed

ABC: Two dual citizens forced to resign from Australian Senate; Larissa Waters was born in Winnipeg in 1977

Montreal - CTV News: Warrant issued for imam who called for killing of Jews

CBC: NAFTA talks with U.S. and Mexico, and race for new pot rules top agenda for Premiers' meeting

Global News: Peel police say church fire in Brampton deliberately set

CBC: Average Canadian house worth $504,458 in June, down 10% since April

Paul Svoboda - Belleville Intelligencer: Taxpayers deserve better from mayor; found guilty by judge, won't apologize to taxpayers

Jason Miller - Belleville Intelligencer: Mayor guilty of conflict of interest but will remain in office

Global News: Most U.S. businesses positive about trade with Canada – but not Midwest, key Trump stronghold: Nanos poll

Stewart Bell - Global News: Female genital mutilation practitioners are travelling to Canada, border officers warned

Kelowna Now: Eight homes lost in Okanagan Centre fire

Globe and Mail: Ottawa gives unbudgeted millions more to shore up propaganda-filled Canada 150 project budgets

Toronto Star: George A. Romero, father of the zombie genre, dead at 77

Saint-Apollinaire - CBC: Referendum blocks re-zoning needed to allow Muslim-only cemetery near Quebec City

CBC: 'Smoke was billowing in behind us': B.C. wildfire evacuees arriving in Kamloops; thousands forced to leave Williams Lake Saturday night

Don Braid - Calgary Herald: Alberta: New parties looming in opposition to united conservatives

Providence - CBC: Freeland 'cautiously optimistic' after hearing Pence's 'win-win-win' comment; won't predict whether Monday's NAFTA scope will be a tweak or overhaul

Huffington Post: Canadians donating to family of slain U.S. soldier after Khadr settlement; $134,000 so far to the family of Sgt. Chris Speer

Winnipeg - CBC: Andrea Giesbrecht sentenced to 8.5 years for concealing remains of 6 infants; Judge says police unable to determine whether deaths occurred before or after birth

CBC: Trudeau curtly says he did not reach out to soldier's widow in wake of Khadr payout; 'I did not reach out and I have no comment on what the former prime minister did'

Editorial - East Bay Times: Canadians saying more about SFO near-disaster than FAA

CTV News: Scheer says Speer family and Americans generally need to know Canadians don’t back Khadr payment

Ottawa Citizen: Thursday's rowdy Bluesfest crowd threw rocks and cans of beer during much-hyped appearance by Atlanta hip-hop trio

Ottawa - CBC: 'Like animals': Bluesfest mob bent on mayhem, security boss says

Michael Gorman - CBC: Failed wind turbine plant needed 'special support' from Nova Scotia Govt from the start

CBC: Toronto Hydro investigates after another electrical vault explodes, sending smoke billowing through financial district

Norris McDonald - Toronto Star: Indy racing in Canada celebrates 50th anniversary in 2017

Accuweather: Cool air to suppress prolonged heat waves in Ontario and northeastern U.S. into August Trudeau won’t recuse himself from hiring of new lobbying watchdog despite ongoing investigations

Whig-Standard: Kingston woman organizes top-free run to commemorate 1991 role of Gwen Jacob in making topless legal in Ontario

John Ivison - National Post: Canada's rocket woman personifies image to which Liberals aspire

CP/CityNews: Calgary quadruple homicide: Owner of burned-out car believed to be main target; 16 children lose moms

Star Phoenix: MMIW inquiry riven by division and accusations of incompetence; families complain about approach and treatment

David Rosenberg - Financial Post: The Bank of Canada is behind the curve, so get ready for more rate hikes

Maura Forrest - National Post: Insiders speak out on 'dysfunctional' missing, murdered Indigenous women inquiry

CP/570News: Trudeau changes tune, now says Khadr settlement troubles him, but it could have cost more

Michele Mandel - Toronto Sun: Judge rejects widow's bid to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets

Toronto Sun: Former PM Stephen Harper reaches out to Khadr victim

Global News: Mortgage calculator: See how rising interest rates affect your payments

Alexandra Posadzki - CP/Financial Post: Consumers quickly feel the pinch as all five big banks follow BoC rate hike

BBC: Surge in higher tuition-paying foreign students into Canadian universities boosts economy

CTV News: Profile: Next G-G Julie Payette

St. Thomas - AP: NASCAR's DJ Kennington balances family, snow and Daytona; "fastest snowplow driver in Ontario"

Berlin - BBC: Germany makes arrests over theft of giant 100 kg solid-gold Maple Leaf Canadian display coin

Kevin Libin - Financial Post: The awesome, unstoppable revolutionary electric-car revolution that doesn't actually exist

CBC: Bank of Canada raises interest rate for 1st time in 7 years to 0.75%

Tu Thanh Ha - Globe and Mail: Federal Court voids fraud-related Canadian citizenship revocation for 312 people

CTV News: Families want more resignations from missing, murdered Indigenous women inquiry

Kathleen Harris - CBC: Problem-plagued MMIW inquiry loses Métis Commissioner Poitras; slams Liberal process, racist structure on way out door; latest in a series of setbacks, delays and criticisms

CBC: Employee featured in hit Sears Canada ad with famous brother Mike Myers loses job and severance

Éric Grenier - CBC: Jagmeet Singh tops NDP leadership endorsements, but front-runner status yet to be confirmed

CBC: Trudeau looks to court U.S. Governors as NAFTA talks loom; PMO claims not attempt to 'go around' Trump

Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: Federal commissioners asked to probe Liberal-connected firm’s cash-for-access pitch

Osoyoos - Jagran Josh: Defense Minister Sajjan faces wrath for littering road with cherry pits

CBC: Former astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada's next Governor General

Toronto Star: Buzz over ‘close to the greatest aviation disaster in history’ as Air Canada pilot almost lands on top of four packed planes waiting on taxiway beside designated San Francisco runway

Hamilton News: Ontario Tories will scrap selling unused power outside province, chop Hydro One executive salaries, stop signing contracts for unneeded power, says party’s finance critic Fedeli

Windsor Star: PC Leader Brown promises to scrap cap-and-trade, help greenhouse growers

John Ivison - National Post: 71% of Canadians say Liberals were wrong to settle with Omar Khadr; worse still, for Liberals, 61% of past Liberal voters agree government did wrong thing (along with 64% of 2015 NDP supporters)

Vancouver - Bloomberg: Could this be North America’s most fun business hotel? The $490M Parq Vancouver project is using its Las Vegas roots to create a non-Vegas experience

Rex Murphy - National Post: Trudeau skips the theme socks for his scheming Khadr apology

Dale Smith - Macleans: Protected nominations for MPs are an affront to our democracy; Liberals don't agree

Three Hills - National Post: Alberta 'Lawnmower Man' who defied tornado takes rightful place on top of parade float

Ottawa - Hill Times: Ridings won by 5% or less to be ‘battleground’ in next federal election; totals 70 seats, includes 5 cabinet ministers

CP/Vancouver Sun: 'Thank you for giving back:' Help pours in for evacuees, firefighters in B.C.

Calgary - Metro News: ThinkHQ/Metro poll: 62% disapprove of how NDP has managed Alberta economy since taking office

Michael Smith - National Post: Dalhousie Student Union's ban on Canada Day celebrations was shameful

CBC: Catholic bishops say Trudeau playing politics with abortion in foreign aid

Kelly McParland - National Post: If Khadr has changed, he'll give the money to the kids he orphaned

Paul Wells - Macleans: In the Khadr settlement, the Conservatives find their fight; score one for Andrew Scheer

Montreal - Toronto Star: Fatal Quebec seniors’ home fire was criminal, police believe

Ottawa Citizen: Despite cost, building warships in Canada good for navy: government official

Stewart Bell - Global News: More violent criminals entering Canada from Mexico after Liberal decision to lift visa requirements

CBC: 10,000 evacuees and counting: How B.C.'s wildfire fight took a turn for the worse

Toronto - CBC: Ontario Govt suddenly seeks input on $15 per hr wage after suddenly announcing $15 per hr wage

BBC: Canada 150: What is Canada really good at? Entertaining, invention, engineering... How much time do you have?

Global News: Halifax veterans speak out against Omar Khadr settlement

Heather Mallick - Toronto Star: Why I abandoned the left-left

Gord Henderson - Windsor Star: The war on history just beginning

Toronto Star: Average rent in Toronto passes $2,000 a month due to provincial govt actions: report

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah veteran angry over Canada paying $10.5M to terrorist Omar Khadr

Editorial - Globe and Mail: Why subsidies for electric cars are a bad idea for Canada

John Williamson - Globe and Mail: A clean-energy future comes with significant costs for Canadians

Lee Berthiaume - CP/CTV News: Much-maligned unit for injured soldiers facing third leadership change in a year

It has come to this - Globe and Mail: Across Canada, dump trucks and buses protect summer crowds from vehicle attacks

John Paul Tasker - CBC: Canadian Govt formally apologizes to Omar Khadr; Andrew Scheer condemns 'disgusting' payout made in secret on Wednesday

Financial Post: Trump bump helping across the border, as Canada adds more than 45,000 jobs and unemployment rate drops to 6.5%

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Liberal bias in Bloomberg’s Marc Champion analysis of Trump’s Warsaw speech

John Michael McGrath - TVO: Metrolinx was supposed to take the politics out of transit planning. Instead, it’s become a way for the Liberals to dress up taxpayer dollars for partisan gain

Robyn Urback - CBC: Terrorist Omar Khadr might be entitled to a settlement, but it's wrong to say he 'deserves' it

Global News: Petition against Omar Khadr’s $10M payout gains more than 52,000 signatures

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Ottawa quietly pays out $10.5M to Khadr in a move that circumvents legal efforts by two Americans to stop it

Chatham Daily News: Water Wells First continues battle with Chatham-Kent and Ontario Govt

John Robson - National Post: From the U.S. to the EU, people are desperate for some blunt conservative truth

updated John O'Sullivan - Principia Scientific International: Michael Mann risks contempt of court in libel suit against Canadian Dr. Tim Ball; 'climate science trial of the century'

Calgary Herald: Apache Corp. sells off Canadian assets in strategic exit from country

Vic Fedeli: Latest 'Focus on Finance' study reveals Ontario Liberals' new depths of deceit in denying facts and promoting untruths

Ottawa - Reuters: Federal Liberals publicly ignore widespread criticism on Khadr deal; privately panic

David Ljunggren - Reuters: Canadian exports and imports both hit record highs in May: StatsCan

Toronto - Reuters: El Salvadoran asylum seeker takes Canada to court over refugee law More Ontario job losses; Hydro rates force wire production out of Erin

Financial Post: Greater Toronto Area home sales plunge 37.3% in June despite jump in listings

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