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Older News ~ June 2013 -- December 2013

NOTE: not in pure chronological order


Swedish study: Good night's sleep crucial for brain health

Colombo: Sri Lankan authorities deny Canadian MP under house arrest

Conflicting reports: Is Canadian MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan
under house arrest in Sri Lanka?

Rathika Sitsabaiesan, the Member of Parliament for
Scarborough-Rouge River. ~ Brian Thompson QMI Agency


Celebrate tonight the Canadian way! With Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians from the Waldorf Astoria, the way it was for decades [YouTube]

Guy Lombardo is best known for almost a half-century of New Year's Eve big band
remotes, first on radio, starting in 1928, and then on television. Radio broadcasts (and
later telecasts) of their performances were a major part of New Year's celebrations
across North America; millions of people watched the show with friends at house
parties. On December 31, 1956, the Lombardo band did their first New Year's TV
special on CBS; the program (and Lombardo's 20 subsequent New Year's Eve TV
shows) would include a live segment from Times Square (long the focal point of
America's New Year's Eve celebrations) showcasing the arrival of the New Year.
Even after Lombardo's death in 1977, the band's New Year's specials continued
for two more years on CBS. Lombardo and his band The Royal Canadians were
noted for playing the traditional song Auld Lang Syne as part of the celebrations.
Their recording of the song still plays as the first song of the new year in Times
Square. This YouTube recording has had references to the year removed so it'll
work tonight! But don't wait, watch it now. ~ Wikipedia

It's 2014 somewhere! The world celebrates the new year

The celebration is on! [top to bottom] The new year is colourfully welcomed in London, England, Berlin, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Sydney, Australia, Jakarta, Indonesia, on The Great Wall of China in Beijing, and in Edinbugh, Scotland. At bottom, Alex Thomson steals a kiss from PC Heather Clark of Police Scotland. ~ Daily Mail

More winter: Major snowstorm may affect Northeast Thursday

The snowier of two scenarios would suggest that New England will be hit with a powerful nor'easter that
produces blizzard conditions, damaging winds and coastal flooding. ~ Accuweather

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Casselton concern: Weather shift near burning North Dakota oil train?

Shark or Dolphin?: Marine experts debate lurker in dramatic photo

Is that a dolphin or shark? Either way, June Emerson was photobombed! ~ June Emerson UGC

Grizzlies are video stars: Alberta bear hijinks go viral [video]

'What goes on when you are not around' video compilation of Alberta Grizzly bears has gone viral since
its July release online. ~ Glenn Naylor YouTube

Fireball: 106-car crude oil train derails & burns 25 miles west of Fargo

Huge fireball rises over derailed oil train near Casselton, North Dakota, about 25 miles west of Fargo,
on Monday afternoon. ~ Carter Hackmann, Casselton Star Tribune

Volgograd: Suicide bomber confirmed in trolley bus blast; toll may rise

The trolley bus was attacked in Monday morning rush hour bombing.~ Alexey Ulianov RIA Novosti

2nd Volgograd attack in 2 days: 14 more die as trolley bus blown up
during morning rush-hour, less than 24 hours after train station attack

Volgograd: Toll rises to 17 dead in train station suicide bombing;
"Canada strongly condemns today's cowardly act of terrorism": Baird

Volgograd: Video captures moment of train station blast

updated ~ Olympic worries: At least 14 dead after 'black widow'
suicide bomb attack in Russia train station in Volgograd

Russian firefighters and security personnel inspect the damage at train station following a suicide attack
in the Volga River city of Volgograd, about 900 kms (560 miles) southeast of Moscow,
on December 29, 2013.~ AFP Photo

Charles Krauthammer: Story of the year is a nation waking up
to just how radical Obamacare is — which is why it required
such outright deception to get it passed in the first place

Sandy Hook: Jealousy the Adam Lanza trigger?

Newtown's hellbent madman: Heartbreaking accounts
from child survivors of Sandy Hook massacre and images
from inside the school released in final police report

[top] Adam Lanza bypassed the locked front doors at Sandy Hook Elementary School by blasting
through adjacent window. [middle] Lanza's blood-spattered pants shown in forensic investigation
photo with each bloodspot white-circled. [bottom] Madman killer Adam Lanza in younger days
with a rare smile. His mother rejected treatment for the clinically diagnosed autistic boy with
distinct anti-social tendencies and a fascination with violence.

Connecticut: State responds to deadly Newtown
attack by madman with new school standards

New York: Federal judge rules NSA phone surveillance is legal

CNN poll: Women comprise biggest opposition to Obamacare;
takes away "not only plans they liked and counted on, but personal
relationships with the doctors" on whom they rely

Canada's biggest shopping day: Boxing Day
frenzy under way coast-to-coast

Ice storm: Hundreds of thousands remain without power in U.S. & Canada -- from Michigan to Nova Scotia -- as restoration efforts
threatened by wind, snow and continuing cold

Trees frozen in ice cripple a section of power lines on Maplehurst Drive in Belgrade, Maine, Tuesday, December 24, 2013. From Michigan to Maine, and across Southern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia hundreds of thousands remain without power days after a massive ice storm _ which one utility called the largest Christmas-week storm in its history _ blacked out homes and businesses in the Great Lakes and Northeast. ~ Michael G. Seamans AP Photo/The Central Maine Morning Sentinel

2013's biggest international stories: Video overview


NORAD Santa tracker 2013: Santa on his way

Tragedy unfolds: Ice hockey on the streets in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as always-slow process
to clear fallen trees and restore power continues

Power lines and the downtown CN Tower are seen through ice covered branches from Scarborough,
in eastern Toronto. ~ Alex Urosevic National Post

WWII hero: Alan Turing, Enigma code-breaker
and computer pioneer, wins Royal Pardon

[top] The London 2012 Olympic Torch flame was passed on in front of Turing's statue in Manchester on his 100th birthday. Turing's shadow has loomed large over the years, both for his genius and the tragedy of his treatment. During WWII, Turing worked at Bletchley Park, Britain's codebreaking centre. For a time he was head of Hut 8, the section responsible for German naval cryptanalysis where he devised techniques for breaking German ciphers. After the war, he worked at the National Physical Laboratory, where he designed the ACE, one of the first designs for a stored-program computer. [bottom left] A blue plaque marking Turing's home at Wilmslow, Cheshire. [bottom right] Turing memorial statue plaque at his feet in Sackville Park, Manchester.

Canada: No respite from storm as millions in 3 provinces shiver in the dark

Brampton: Downed trees, power outages cause chaos in & around GTA

This is a common scene in the Greater Toronto Area municipality of Brampton, northwest of Toronto's
Pearson airport. ~ @kylegriffith07

Icepocalypse: More than a million without power in Ontario at 9:30 p.m.
Over half are supplied by Toronto Hydro; may be out for 72 hours

This map from Hydro One does not show the 300,000+ customers without power that are supplied by Toronto Hydro . Each customer may reflect anywhere from one to 350 people (single-person homes to multi-unit apartment buildings) without electricity. Power outages across Ontario as heavy ice brings down wires. Click to check interactive map. ~ Hydro One

Kingston: Thousands of Ontarians currently without power due to storm;
'Texas Low' may dump 30mm of freezing rain by Sunday morning

Skating on the road in Kingston, Ontario. ~ The Canadian Press

Freezing rain: Brutal ice storm brewing trouble

Freezing rain is bringing back bad memories of 1998 ice storm which crippled Eastern Canada. The areas in red (above) have had many hours of freezing rain already and roads, trees and power wires are suffering. ~ Environment Canada

'An early Christmas': Astronauts remove faulty pump ahead of schedule

Saturday's successful spacewalk lasted about six hours and saw some minor dramas, including a smoke alarm going off inside the ISS. It was, however, quickly declared a false alarm. ~ NASA

ISS repairs: Watch mission to repair space station pump via NASA feed

Brian Hutchinson: Radical opposition in B.C.
to Northern Gateway exposed as nonsense

Krause: American lobbyist ForestEthics claims credit for 87%
of NEB letters on Joint Review Panel for Northern Gateway:

"Our campaign to halt the Enbridge Gateway pipeline has cemented itself in the Canadian media and citizenry. Grassroots organizing teams have mobilized an unprecedented amount of Canadian civic participation in the government’s environmental review and approval process. In the last six months of 2012, we amassed more than 25,000 new supporters for this campaign and helped organize the largest act of Canadian civil disobedience in the history of the pipeline fight. In August, we submitted to the National Energy Board 4,119 (out of 4,722 in total submitted) unique Letters of Comment on the Enbridge tankers/pipeline project, written by our supporters."
~ ForestEthics to IRS, September 20, 2013

Vivian Krause: ForestEthics’ cash pipeline from U.S. billionaires;
Rockefellers, Hewlett and Tides Foundations buying astro-turf campaign
geared to deluding Canadians and crippling Canadian interests

Whether it was the intention or not, environmental activism has become a form of economic protectionism. In the name of protecting the environment, economic and trade interests are being protected. By blocking pipeline and port infrastructure projects, environmental organizations landlock Canadian oil within North America and continue the U.S. monopoly on Canadian oil exports.

Calgary: Gateway pipeline benefits include $300B of economic growth

Washington: In yet another Obamacare flip-flop, "bare-bones coverage" now available to some; last-minute change blasted by insurance industry

Calgary: Panel recommends Northern Gateway approval, 209 conditions;
1,178 kilometre Alberta-B.C. pipeline will diversify Canada's oil market

Apollo Theatre, London: 80 injured, 7 seriously, as ceiling collapses
on audience of 700 at 112-yr-old West End theatre during performance

Get the LED out: The shape of bright things to come

New shape of Philips SlimStyle LED bulbs solves the heat problem which have made solid state 'bulbs' so expensive.
New restrictions in the U.S. and Canada on importation and sale of incandescent bulbs will quickly make LEDs
(Light Emitting Diodes) the go-to choice for high light, low energy home use. ~ Philips

Successful launch: Billion-pixel Gaia camera to map galaxy in 3D

Gaia will spin slowly in order to make systematic repeated observations of stars covering the whole sky with its two telescopes. Over its five-year mission, Gaia will monitor the positions, motions, temperatures, luminosities and compositions of a billion stars. ~ C. Carreau ESA/ATG medialab

Montreal: Bombardier sells another $2.2B order of business jets

Not since 1933: Winnipeg records coldest December day in 80 years, with temperatures plunging to -37.9°C

Winnipeg: Manitoba Hydro workers return home from helping restore power in Toronto

"First truly disease-modifying intervention": Vitamin E may slow Alzheimer's disease progression

Sweden: Canadian hockey Juniors beat U.S. 3-2, take first place in group

Toronto: Canadian stocks end 2013 trading on a high note, net 9.55% for the year

Winnipeg: Water main break in -35°C weather freezes parking lot full of cars in 8 inches of solid ice

Surrey, BC: Hockey mom dies two days after 'unprovoked, random attack' outside arena where she was picking up her son, police say

Ignore what's behind the curtain: Ontario Liberal Premier Wynne wants to fight Spring election on $2B transit tax increase (the $$ billions lost in gas plants, ORNGE, Ontario Northland closing, eHealth, etc. she won't mention)

Prudent booksmanship: Bank of Canada’s vaulted gold coins to be liquidated as part of federal push to balance books; 30,000 to be sold to collectors and more than 200,000 gold coins from 1912 to 1914, when Ottawa suspended gold standard, to be melted down

Loonie lovers: Canadian dollar new favourite among the world's central banks

Sochi Gold? Canadian Olympic Committee launches biggest ad campaign

Adventure of lifetime: 'I loved it,' says Swiss tourist rescued from cracked-hull container ship in Northern Atlantic off Newfoundland

Will provinces start enforcing laws equally? B.C. government ordered to pay logging company $1.75M over aboriginal blockade

Two-tier treatment: Ontario Government compensation for lost food during ice storm only for Toronto; hundreds of thousands outside city were also without power for days

Winnipeg: United Airlines cancels flights due to cold; wind chills in -40 to -50 range

2014 Winter Classic in the 'Big House': Rivalry between Leafs and Red Wings to be renewed before 110,000+ in Ann Arbor's legendary Michigan Stadium on New Year's Day (1 p.m.)

Winnipeg: Coldest December in decade brings grief

Eye in the sky glitch: Two Canadian cameras on space station temporarily removed

Population at highest, but: Vancouver’s six homicides in 2013 is the lowest annual number in the city’s history, police say

Surrey: 'This is a tragedy': Hockey mom beaten near death outside Newton Arena; second unprovoked attack in recent weeks

$35 Billion investment: Huge story gets little coverage

Wynne loser: Residents unimpressed with Premier's food hamper; using ice storm misery for campaign gimmick

Christina Blizzard: Libs play storm politics

Ice storm aftermath: Communication should have been better; Torontonians 'felt abandoned' during week-long power outages

Over-billing! Toronto Hydro smart meters not so smart; billing people for power during black-out; PR flack claims it's all a misunderstanding, they have to charge something every day

Ford: Power to be fully restored in Toronto by Tuesday; some without for 9 days in cold weather

Montreal: Will Vito Rizzuto funeral mark end of Mob dynasty?

El Salvador: Evacuations underway after Chaparrastique volcano erupts for first time in 37 years

Sad news: Husband of former Deputy-Premier and 2010 Toronto mayoralty contender George Smitherman found dead

Former Brockville MP: Father of Canadian flag, John Ross Matheson, dies at 96 in Kingston

PM Harper interview: "We’ll get a surplus and no matter how big it is, the demands will be ten times as big as the surplus but we’ll pick our spots carefully, to make sure we keep our debt going down, make sure taxpayers get their share, and also make sure that we contribute to “some dreams and some development” but in ways that provide real concrete payback"

Lorrie Goldstein: Ice storm blunders; too many mistakes were made by those in charge of Toronto’s response

Saint-Come: Arson destroys 12-room chalet co-owned by head of Quebec provincial police

French tightrope walker: Henry's, rope name of Henri Rechatin, who balanced above Alps, Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, dies of natural causes at 82

Huge #FAIL: Retailer says it won't honour 50% discount automatically implemented for hours on online purchases Christmas Eve and morning; self-imposed PR damage by The Brick follows website error

Officials underestimated damage: No power until new year for some in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick

Not ready for ‘toodleloo’: Don Cherry's 80th birthday is something even the chatty Canadian icon won't talk about

Sells stock: BlackBerry dives as Lazaridis gives up plan of taking company private

Ice storm aftermath: Warmer weather could mean more blackouts

Not just a country, eh: From ‘toque’ to ‘mickey,’ ten Canadianisms that leave other English speakers utterly confused

Unprecedented decline for a national party: Green Party has lost 55 local riding associations since 2011 election

Not a pensioner: Justin Bieber is not retiring, he was just mocking "the latest in a long line of inaccurate or wildly exaggerated media reports about him"

Surgeon and Cabinet Minister: Kellie Leitch does double-duty as doctor and MP

Charges pending: Ongoing OPP investigations will hound provincial Liberals in 2014

MS game-changer? Scientists at Western University make breakthrough in fighting multiple sclerosis, fine-tuning MRIs to detect disease before it ravages victims

London, Ontario: Fanshawe College's new downtown campus expected to give big boost to quiet city core

Preston Manning: Senate ethics – what about Press Gallery ethics?

Toronto ice storm: Ford made 'right decision' on state of emergency: experts

Probe Research Poll: Manitoba PCs open up 12-point lead over governing NDP as Selinger support continues to drop

Toronto: Frustration mounts as thousands in Toronto remain without power; Deputy-Mayor Kelly flies to Florida; Ford stays on job and talks to residents

Ice storm: 54,000 customers in Toronto still without power 7 days after storm began; Toronto Hydro says aware of 'relapses'

Canada: Loblaw one of 4 retailers to contribute to $40M Bangladesh compensation fund; others are from Spain, France and UK; no U.S. retailers have signed on

Toronto: Man flu no myth, say scientists — and ‘manly’ men are more susceptible — men more susceptible to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infection than women

Charles Lane: Legalizing prostitution doesn’t make it safer

Toronto: Man seeking warmth killed in car fire

Saskatchewan: No injuries, everyone accounted for at explosion at refinery in Regina

Christmas message: Think of 'brave men and women in uniform,' says PM Harper

Help when it's needed most: 42 Manitoba Hydro workers head to Ontario

Cold, deadly Christmas: Five dead from carbon monoxide as 220,000 face frigid east Canada winter without power

Why he's gone: Mike Duffy claimed more than $23,000 in travel expenses to and from PEI amid Senate scandal

Neighbourly: Manitoba Hydro looking for workers to assist in Toronto

Deadly cold: Hundreds of thousands wake up in Toronto to shivering -10°C temperatures as widespread power outage reaches third day

Toronto: Carbon monoxide kills 2, sends others to hospital after residents attempt to keep warm during blackout

Ezra Levant: Climate scientists running a medieval witch hunt [video]

Ice East: Storm leaves tens of thousands of 'customers' in darkness in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Rogers: Helping ice storm victims by funding Red Cross shelters across province and providing hygiene kits; Rogers retail locations welcoming people to charge their devices, use courtesy phones and laptops to keep in touch with loved ones, and providing access to stores' WiFi networks

Canada: What insurance may and may not cover after the ice storm

Ontario: 2 dead after possible carbon monoxide poisoning in Newcastle

Nairobi: Canadians, Brits still in South Sudan city U.S. evacuated over weekend

Kelly McParland: Harper makes it clear: He expects to lead the Tories in the next election, and he expects to win

KnowRoaming: Startup offers cheaper roaming without the chip-swapping hassle

Ottawa: Feds set to replace prostitution laws to help hookers

Toronto: Christmas Day or later before some Ontario residents get power back

Toronto: Ice storm darkens much of Ontario, still hitting Maritimes; dropping temperatures mean ice is here to stay, says Environment Canada

Montreal: Vito Rizzuto, former Montreal Mafia boss, dies at 67

Icepocalypse: Toronto Hydro says 264,000 "customers" still without power and still 72 hours before full restoration [video]

Montreal: Icepocalypse: icy mix 'a perfect cocktail' for outages

Icepocalypse: Power providers understating numbers afflicted by ice storm power losses; each "customer" can represent from one to many people; millions of residents actually without power

Icepocalypse: All Toronto area schools closed Monday

Icepocalypse: Ice storm hammered Toronto and the rest of southern Ontario; flights, roads, electricity disruptions widespread

Lorrie Goldstein: Yankee go home! Dear America: Please stop sending us your environmental rent-a-mobs, funded by wealthy American foundations backed by American billionaires, to protest against our oilsands and oil pipelines

Icepocalypse: Storm toll up to at least 5 dead

Martin Regg Cohn: Time to liberate our beer from The Beer Store

Edgar Bronfman: Former Seagram chairman, WJC head, Canadian-American businessman, dead at 84

Ontario, Quebec: Current ice storm unlikely to be as bad as 1998 killer

Canada: Federal government advises Canadians to leave South Sudan

Lawrence Solomon: For global warming believers, 2013 was the year from Hell

Rex Murphy: The despicable Dennis Rodman

Conrad Black: The Toronto Star’s ideological shakedown operation

Golden, BC: Alberta man dies from avalanche in B.C. after snowboarding out of bounds

NY Post: Foxconn deal buoys BlackBerry

Go for the mail: Walking 20 more minutes a day cuts heart risks; prediabetics benefit from walking 2,000 steps a day, researchers find

Plumbing the heights: Space station astronauts begin urgent spacewalking repairs

Ottawa: Homicides drop in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, marginally up in Ontario, Quebec and Northwest Territories; result is lowest national homicide rate since 1966; 31% of killings were by stabbing

Toronto: Nevada brothel owner plans Canadian expansion after Supreme Court struck down anti-prostitution laws; "We’re gonna see a Bunny Ranch Toronto. We’re gonna start working seriously on it now that they’ve made this decision"

Ottawa: Canada issues Santa Claus a passport

Waterloo: University of Waterloo buys BlackBerry buildings, land for $41M

Light at end of tunnel? Why BlackBerry stock is soaring after a $4.4B net loss

$2B savings: Canadian military scraps plans for new light-armoured combat vehicles

Saint John: Canada’s top judges struck down the laws 9-0 and gave Parliament a year to create new laws, if it chooses to; Selling sex has always been legal in Canada, but it has been illegal to keep or be in a brothel, live off the avails of prostitution, and communicate in public with clients for the purposes of prostitution

Montreal Gazette Editorial: A studied judgment on prostitution; The Supreme Court "specifies that it is not about whether prostitution should be legal or not, but rather whether present laws dealing with prostitution pass constitutional muster"

Ottawa: Supreme Court strikes down Canada's anti-prostitution laws as Charter breach

Major strides: Scientists unlock the complex transition from HIV to AIDS and how the immune system plays a key role; drugs already exist to address the cause

Senior oversight committee: First Nations submit proposal to Stephen Harper on reforming land claims process

Peter Foster: Northern Gateway beats back ENGOs

Ken Dryden: Why Rob Ford is mad as hell, and why people support him

Windsor: Obama holding up new Windsor-Detroit bridge; wants Canada to pay for U.S. Customs plaza, too

Year-end interview: Harper has 2014 to-do list ready; ‘Anger, betrayal, disappointment’: PM describes learning about secret Senate payment

Edmonton: SUV driver survives crash with moose by ducking beneath dashboard

Ottawa: Suspicious powder quarantines 200 people at Gatineau Passport Canada building

Toronto: PCs would freeze full-day kindergarten expansion, and sell surplus government lands and buildings to help fund public transit: white paper

Recovery? U.S. construction spending highest in nearly five years

London: Global stocks drop on weaker Chinese manufacturing

Rome: Italian navy rescues 233 migrants south of Sicily

Prague: Probe deepens over blast that killed Palestinian diplomat

Italy: Fiat stock soars on Chrysler deal

Winter continues: 2014's first big storm bears down on northeast U.S.

India: Bus plunges into gorge, killing 27

Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial: It's time to repeal and replace Obamacare

Banff, Alberta: British fundraiser gets belongings back after being beaten, robbed

Detroit: Fiat swallows rest of Chrysler for $4.35B

Minneapolis: 6 critically injured, 14 hospitalized, some residents unaccounted for after explosion in mixed use building that contains apartments

Bag stolen: British man running across Canada for charity beaten up after New Year's Eve celebrations in Banff, Alberta

Prague: Palestinian ambassador to Czech Republic killed after old safe explodes

'F word' beer: Missouri bar gets cease-and-desist order from Starbucks, responds with hilarious letter and $6 cheque

Arctic nonchalance: U.S. seen falling behind others in 'cold rush'; has only 3 ice breakers and two were built in 1970s

Ducking the law: New Hampshire Democrat lawmaker investigated by police for ducking hit-and-run — state Transportation Committee chair mows down friendly mallard ducks outside hotel with his BMW, flees scene; DUI?

'DropoutJeep' Apple insists it did not work with NSA to create iPhone backdoor program

How do you like socialism so far? If 2013 was hard on Obamacare, just wait for 2014

Times squared: Chinese recycling tycoon to buy New York Times?

Washington, DC: Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor delays Obamacare birth control mandate for Catholic groups at last minute

Incredibly insensitive: NASA upset with Beyonce's use of post-explosion Challenger audio sample; disaster "should never be trivialized"

Volgograd: Putin vows to annihilate 'terrorists' after suicide bombings

Riga: Fireworks and fear as Latvia joins eurozone

Lowlife: MSNBC host finally apologizes to Romneys for poking fun at family's adopted black baby

No more hangovers? New ‘alcohol surrogate’ comes with antidote that can make you sober again in minutes

Coastal rivalry: Los Angeles New Year’s Eve countdown in Grand Park aims to rival New York’s Times Square

South Sudan: Rebels agree to talks as fighting rages

Misplaced blame? Another Obamacare head rolls; lawmakers real culprits, not implementers

Tomorrow: More Obamacare taxes ready to slam your wallet

Volgograd: City on alert as dual blasts death toll rises to 34; 60 were injured

Hope springs: 'Slight improvement' for Michael Schumacher after operation

Egypt: Likely to change roadmap, hold presidential vote first

Media self-censorship: Third icebreaker abandons rescue of climate scientists' boat stuck in Antarctica ice, media fog, obscure, won’t say “climate”

Bloomberg paid New York City to be mayor: Accepted $1 a year but spent $650 million of his own money, including food for staff, private flights on public business

Fly the friendly, congested skies: U.S. announces six drone test sites in six states

Volgograd blasts: IOC 'confident' Sochi Olympic Games will be safe

NY Times: Volgograd bombings jolt Russia, raising Olympic fears; will tourists avoid?

updated ~ Doctors: Michael Schumacher 'fighting for life' after ski accident, 'cannot predict fate'; in medically induced coma following brain surgery

Athens: German Ambassador's home sprayed with automatic gunfire in Greece capital

China: Chinese police shoot dead eight after Xinjiang 'terrorist attack'

Guardian: Terrorism in Russia: the road to Sochi

Vivid video: Sun has 'flipped upside down' as new magnetic cycle begins

'Completely false': Sources on ground in Benghazi challenge New York Times report

Said to be in coma: F1 legend Michael Schumacher 'in critical condition' after hitting head on rocks during skiing accident in French Alps; at first, injuries were downplayed

Los Angeles: Hollywood struggles against new film meccas around the world

Blackout: Anger and compensation in UK after windstorm knocks out power to 300,000; two days later 3,000 remain without electricity and blame government for slow response

UN: Syria chemical deadline 'unlikely' to be met

Christina McDowell: An open letter to the makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the wolf himself: Dear Kings of Hollywood, you have been conned...

Fast and Furious cover-up: FBI played a key role in events leading to 2010 murder near Nogales, Arizona, of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

Dave Barry: 2013, the Year of the Zombies and one shining ray of hope in the person of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Bari Weiss: Camille Paglia: A feminist defense of masculine virtues; the cultural critic on why ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization itself

Obamacare mess, Vol. : 16,000 Iowans asked to re-apply

Obamacare debacle still has more big surprises: After loss of policies, hospitals and doctors, higher premiums and deductibles, and the ongoing website mess—tax time will hammer a lot of unsuspecting people

Youth revolt: Facebook 'dead and buried' as teens switch to Snapchat and Whatsapp

It's elementary: Sherlock Holmes now in public domain

Too good to be true? Diet drink that acts like a gastric band could help people lose weight; amino acid and super-fibre take tag team approach, burning fat and making taker fill full

Wet end and beginning: Half a month's rainfall set to batter Britain in just 12 hours as country faces constant wet weather until New Year

Dr. Tim Ball: Many climate reconstructions incorrectly attributed to temperature change

Winter storm power cuts: Frustration grows with tens of thousands still in the dark from Michigan to Nova Scotia

Maine: Big power providers bully, threaten upset customers after week-long outages; time for end of power monopolies?

Egypt: Cairo campus torched by Muslim Brotherhood supporters during protests

After huge backlash: A&E backtracks, calls off 'Duck Dynasty' suspension

India: Fire on train kills at least 23 people

Robert Fulford: The Clichémonger-in-Chief

George F. Will: The best argument for conservatism — real life

Faster growth: New York soon to trail Florida in population

Agrees not to apply again for 3 years: Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants

LED lightbulb road test: Their longevity measured in years, not hours; what to look for, expect

Legendary artist painted with bad brush: Family of Norman Rockwell says new book on illustrator has inaccuracies, 'phantom theories'

Beirut: Blast kills Lebanon's ex-ambassador to U.S., Mohamad B. Chatah; his last tweet was critical of Hezbollah

Sterling Burnett: Native Americans protest eagle deaths at wind farms

After Obamacare: A frenzy of hospital mergers could leave the typical American family spending 50% of its income on health care within 10 years—and blaming the Democrats

Tokyo: Rakuten allows Tanaka to pursue MLB career; posting period underway, negotiations expected to be fast and furious

Obamacare effect: GOP lead grows, on track for wave election year

Egypt: Police arrest Muslim Brotherhood supporters under anti-terror laws

UK: Britons joining Jihad in Syria stripped of British nationality

AGW: The false claims of Anthropogenic Global Warming that no one should have fallen for

Antarctic: Summer expedition stranded as ship gets stuck in heavy ice

Caribbean: Heavy rain kills eight in St. Vincent

Moscow: Russia drops charges against Greenpeace activists

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood formally designated terrorist group

London: Christmas storm power outage at Gatwick airport causes temperatures to rise as passengers stranded

Brazil: 30 dead, 50,000 evacuated from flooding, landslides

Ottawa: Baird condemns Syrian air raids on Aleppo as Assad forces continue offensive

Payback: Syria signs oil exploration deal with Russian firm

Iraq: Bomb attacks on Christians in Baghdad kill 37

UK: Storm problems cause severe delays at London Gatwick Airport and on many rail lines, roads

South Sudan: UN says mass grave found with about 75 bodies, reportedly from Dinka ethnic group

Syria: In new round of air raids, government planes pound Aleppo, killing at least 15

ISS: Astronauts make rare Christmas Eve spacewalk to finish pump replacement

Obamacare: Sign-up deadline quietly extended by 24 hours; why one day? why not announced? millions to lose health insurance on January 1st

Gallup: Record high in U.S. say Big Government greatest threat; now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labour

Cairo: Egypt Govt rejects U.S. choice for Ambassador; doesn't want two lemons in a row

Cairo: Egypt labels Muslim Brotherhood a ‘terrorist’ group after a car bomb blast at a police building, which killed at least 14 people

Cold, dark Christmas: Rain, ice taper; cold temps stay for parts of U.S.

U.S.: Holiday sales down for 3rd week

Jennifer Sygo: Cheese and fat are good, gut bacteria matters (a lot) and other nutrition lessons of 2013

Moscow: Chinese billionaire killed in helicopter crash in France

South Sudan: Violence leaves Canadians, Brits trapped; death toll from week of violence surpasses 1,000

Moscow: Freed members of Pussy Riot denounce release as Putin 'PR stunt'

CNN/ORC International poll: Obamacare support drops to all-time low — 35%

Hong Kong: Holiday travel snarls expected as winter storms hit Britain, Canada

Chevrolet scores double: Corvette and Silverado named car and truck of year by Detroit Free Press [video]

South Sudan: Oil-producing state capital taken over by renegade militia

Obamacare: Sticker shock ahead as deductibles and premiums rise

updated ~ Icepocalypse: 95,000 customers without power in northern NY, Vermont and Maine due to storm

Begun after 9/11/2001 attacks: White House tries to prevent judge from ruling on surveillance efforts

BBC: BAE shares fall on setbacks over Middle East fighter jet sales

South Sudan: U.S. military aircraft hit; 4 service men wounded

Moscow: Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky a free man

Tripoli: Libyan intelligence official killed outside home

Scientists still learning: New revelations about how we die will help more live after the previously thought point of no return

Morning after: Inside debris-strewn Apollo: Planks of wood and plaster cover seats where 88 West End theatregoers were injured after ceiling collapsed 'like an avalanche' following massive thunderstorm

Premature taper? U.S. data says housing sales dropped in November and unemployment moving up

C-17 to the rescue: RAF evacuates Britons as South Sudan conflict escalates

NY Times: Target says personal data was stolen from 40 million retail shoppers; had access to customer accounts between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15

Rigby hacked to death on street: Two Muslim extremists convicted in fatal attack on British soldier

Juba: South Sudan loses control of key city as ethnic rivalry spurs bloodshed

Canadian FM: Baird urges Snowden to surrender to United States and ‘face the consequences’

$4.5B contract: Saab wins Brazil jets deal after NSA spying sours Boeing bid

PR move? Task force urges limit on NSA snooping

Taper fever: Fed will reduce bond purchases in January from $85B to $75B in modest 'taper'; "Fed will continue to buy bonds every month to keep long-term rates down and remains strongly committed to low short-term rates"

NY Times: What happens in the brain after a concussion

Newsweek: The court case that could topple Obamacare

Foreign Policy: U.S. fingers Iranian commandos for kidnapping raid inside Iraq

Washington: Robust housing data point to strengthening economy

Chris Cillizza: This is the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014

Megan McArdle: By January 1st more people will have lost health insurance than gained it under Obamacare

Minneapolis: Delta Air Lines says it won't allow voice calls in flight, cites objections of frequent fliers

TransCanada: CEO sees Mexico oil pipeline opportunities if market opens

Massachusetts: High-tech startup launches device that transforms any bike into an electric-hybrid

Egypt: Ousted President Morsi to be tried for conspiring with Palestinian group Hamas

Russia: Duma votes 446-0 for bill which would release jailed Greenpeace, Pussy Riot members as first offenders

New York: Undiplomatic treatment of India's deputy consul general by U.S. federal authorities an "outrage"—reatliation on U.S. diplomats in India; India-U.S. relations go from high point in 2008 to low point in 2013

Germany: Syrian convicted of spying

South Sudan: Up to 500 dead 2 days after failed coup

Las Vegas: The re-birth of downtown, step-by-step

DoD spin? Snowden ‘stole everything — literally everything’

Reno: Man shoots 4 people in hospital, then kills himself

Expensive bait and switch: Obama 'hijacks' tech executive meeting to make 'PR pitch' on Obamacare website fix instead of dealing with NSA surveillance

Battle with EU: Russia to buy $15B in Ukraine bonds

Popular yesterday, gone today: America’s disappearing restaurant chains

Wrong to be righted: Florida school named in 1959 after Democrat slave trader and Confederate General who was the first KKK 'Grand Wizard' — to be renamed

Politics and the Pentagon: Mansfield, Ohio, air base fate reflects Washington flip-flopping and waste

2014 class: Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame to add Nirvana, Kiss, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens

Las Vegas: Genting to spend $3-4B on finishing Echeleon 87-acre resort started by Boyd on former site of Stardust

Moscow: Putin has it both ways: says NSA spying necessity to fight
terrorism, but also expresses admiration for fugitive leaker Snowden

Moscow: Putin says he will pardon Khodorkovsky

Kingston: Crane operator recalls harrowing rescue, not going back up;
Adam Jastrzebski: "Oh no, I'm retired from that"

Rescued crane operator Adam Jastrzebski, 68, talks to Kingston
Whig-Standard. He walked the length of the boom without a
safety harness and then lay down at the very end, waiting for
help to arrive. "So I called 911 and they told me the helicopter
is already en route and he said 30 minutes but they came faster
than that," he recalled. He said he wasn't scared during rescue
because he's not afraid of heights. "That's why I work in the
tower crane," he said.

Kingston: Crane operator, 68, recovering in hospital from 'severe burns'

Rescued crane operator Adam Jastrzebski 'severely burned' Tuesday — receiving morphine for pain. ~ YouTube

Kingston: Fire officials fear damaged crane may collapse; buildings at risk

Rusty brown, not green: 14,000 abandoned wind turbines in the USA;
“It’s a bubble which bursts as soon as the government subsidies end”

Kingston: Operator left crane control cab in brutal cold; flames destroyed it

Just in time: Chopper rescues crane operator trapped
above massive Kingston, Ontario construction blaze [video]

Rescue chopper plucks injured crane operator from tip of construction crane above raging inferno which destroyed
student condominium complex being built for Queen's Univerity students in Kingston, Ontario. In top photo you can
see the crane operator at the upper left trying to get as far away from flames as possible. Recuers came from Canadian Forces Base Trenton 65 miles away. The adjacent green-roofed Canadian Legion-operated seniors complex was evacuated safely. ~ photos by @BruceCadieux-Twitter, Lars Hagberg-CP, @ChrisinKingston-Twitter

Money waste: Multi-vitamins do nothing to protect us from illness;
one study gave vitamins and placebos to two different groups
with no difference found after 4.5 years

Chinese doctors graft hand to ankle to keep it alive

It won't move now: Brazil man refused to move pick-up,
so concrete was poured around it

A car dealer refused to move a parked VW Caddy from the pavement in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Brazilian transport department sent a towing company to remove the car following a number of complaints from locals but found the car
wouldn't budge, cemented firmly to the ground. ~ TV Globo

Canadian ponders' dream: Helicopter hockey video goes viral

Pilot who skated helicopter through hockey game explains how it was done and defends stunt. ~ CTV

Moon units: China's Jade Rabbit rover on the roll;
probe and its rover send home pictures of each other

Lunar probe and the 'Jade Rabbit' rover, shot by each other in images released by China on December 15.

At rest: Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu ancestral home

Universe collapse: Are objects in telescope
about to be closer than they appear?

Toronto hit hard: Snowstorm causes traffic chaos in southern Ontario

Radar tells the story. Heavy snow whacking Toronto ~ Environment Canada

We're back! China lands probe on Moon, launches 6-wheeled lunar rover

Conrad Black: ‘Star values’ on parade;
"The voters control this city, not the Toronto Star"

Following his controversial television interview with Rob Ford, Conrad Black hits back at the Mayor's
most shrill detractors. ~ Michelle Siu National Post

AdScam: "Taxpayers are still waiting on the Liberals to pay back missing $40M - but instead, Chretien is fundraising for his old pal, Justin Trudeau."

How can you tell it's snowing in Egypt?

Corriveau assets frozen: Will federal treasury get more
money back from Liberals' AdScam?

Gomery fall-out: Chretien "good friend" Jacques Corriveau charged with fraud, forgery and laundering proceeds of crime in sponsorship scandal; former Liberal organizer set up kickback system, RCMP allege

Suicide bomber arrested in Kansas: Wichita airport target of suicide
car bomb by "radicalized" avionics worker caught by FBI at tarmac
gate; Terry Lee Loewen, 58, read Islamist materials on internet

North Korea: Kim Jong-un's uncle executed as a traitor;
Jang Song-thaek was a mentor until publicly purged last week

Kiev success? Ukraine leader 'intends to sign' EU deal after protests

Putin sabre rattles over North Pole: Canada defends Pole & Santa

Orbit emergency: Space station's coolant system crippled; crew safe

Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman on board the International Space Station (ISS) is shown here. A
space walk may be necessary to complete emergency repairs that have shut down one of the space station's
two main cooling systems. ~

South Africa: Canadian PM Stephen Harper announces scholarships
for Africans and Canadians in the name of Nelson Mandela

Mandela memorial: Selfie condemned around the world; lack of respect;
no surprise, Obama's words to wet, cold crowd were mostly about himself

This and other pictures showing President Obama and Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt behaving badly at the Mandela Memorial in Johannesburg drew heavy condemnation around the world, on Twitter and other social media. This fun and games 'selfie' with British PM David Cameron was especially criticized. Funerals and memorials are about the deceased and call for respect, as displayed here by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. ~ AFP/Getty Images

Mandela memorial: Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro,
gets inappropriately political; crowd boos Zuma

Mandela: World pays tribute in cold and rain to chameleon who
transcended race with grace, and led by example [gallery]

The cold and the steady rain didn't keep people away from the Mandela memorial at the FNB Stadium, on Dec. 10, 2013 in Johannesburg. More than 60 heads of state and many more past world leaders were in attendance. ~ Global News/Getty Images

Hot dog: Talented dog 'Scout' seeks to use fame from amazing balancing skills to raise money for less fortunate pooches [video]

Nine-year-old pit bull Scout and owner Jen Gillen want to use his growing fame to highlight need for foster pet homes and the challenges faced by banned breeds such as pit bulls. In the meantime, check out his amazing poise and balancing talents at ~ CTV

Canadian moron: Man trashes six police cars, floods
Burnaby hospital ER in destructive rampage

Three of the police cars damaged in rampage by a 38-year-old Surrey man who faces mischief and theft
charges. A Jeep Cherokee was also stolen and destroyed and a second hospital was flooded, but police
are still assessing evidence before saying it was the same perp in custody. ~ Arlen Redekop PNG

The Quantum Computing Revolution: BlackBerry billionaire
Mike Lazaridis is betting on tech that hasn’t been invented … yet

Quantum Nano Fabrication lab at The Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo,
in Waterloo, Ontario, Tuesday December, 2013. ~ J.P. Moczulski National Post

Ontario: Barn fire kills 900 milking goats, $2M in damages

An early morning barn fire killed nearly 900 goats at the Donkers family farm near St. Thomas, Ontario. "Every animal seems like your pet and it’s really hard to lose all 900 milking goats," said co-owner Ed Donker. With more than 1,200 goats, the Donkers farm was one of the largest goat farms in the area, selling goat milk and cheese to vendors across the province. The family says it will rebuild. ~ CTV

Funeral December 15: South Africa mourns Mandela

Canada reacts to death of Nelson Mandela

'A cut above the rest': Canadian politicians pay tribute to Mandela;
"With grace and humility, he modelled how peoples can transform
their own times and in doing so, their own lives..."

In 2001, on his final visit to Canada, Nelson Mandela was granted honorary Canadian citizenship. He chose Canada to make his first speech before an elected body after leaving prison -- speaking to the Canadian Parliament on June 19, 1990 as a thank-you for the efforts by Canadian Conservative Prime Ministers John Diefenbaker and Mulroney in the 1960s and 1980s in helping bring world opinion against South African apartheid, which led to his release from prison.
He returned several times as President of South Africa, and was warmly welcomed each time. ~ CTV and CP

RIP: Nelson Mandela dead at 95

Nelson Mandela in 2004. ~ Reuters

updated - Sana: 52 dead, 167 injured in Al-Qaeda
attack on Yemen Defense Ministry HQ

Arctic: The geography and history underlying Canada's claims

Canada will base its Arctic claims on factors including the continental shelf, the underwater extensions of Canada's Arctic archipelago of 36,563 islands, and its relative location to its Arctic neighbours.

Cold: Freezing rain headed south for painful visit

Mexican official: Stolen Cobalt-60 found near empty truck

North Korea: Power struggle instability creating new risks for world

Mexico City: Radioactive Cobalt-60 waste that could be used to make dirty bomb stolen from Mexican hospital truck

Strathmore, AB: Trans-Canada Highway closed by heavy storm,
hazardous goods truck, drivers stranded in emergency centre [video]

Vehicles sit beside Trans-Canada Highway outside Strathmore, Alberta, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. ~ CTV

Winter back: Southern Alberta digging out from massive storm [video]

A vehicle is buried under snow after a blizzard hit Saddle Ridge, Calgary, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. ~ CTV

Free Press editorial: Bankruptcy eligibility ruling a victory for Detroiters

Motown milestone: Judge rules Detroit eligible for historic
Chapter 9 bankruptcy, says pensions can be cut

The skyline of the City of Detroit from the Detroit River. ~ Mary Schroeder Detroit Free Press

Natives have European ancestors: ‘Surprise’ DNA profile linking
24,000-year-old Siberian skeleton to modern Native Americans
rewrites First Nations’ origin story; removes it from mushy myths

The 4-year-old’s skeletal remains — excavated at the Mal’ta archeological site in south-central Siberia
in the 1920s and kept since then at Russia’s Hermitage State Museum — yielded a DNA signature
shared by modern European populations but also by many present-day aboriginal people throughout
the Americas.

Super Bowl: 'Norwegian Getaway' to debut as 'Bud Light Hotel' [video]

Still undergoing final fitting in Europe, the huge cruise ship will bump up Big Apple hotel capacity for big game
in February in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey's Meadowlands.

Thailand: 4 dead as Bangkok sees worst political violence since 2010

Gates-way: Secret Santa Bill Gates gives cow on behalf of his matched recipient; Reddit user shocked when she realizes who 'Bill' is

Something completely different: Researchers in UK and Canada collaborate to prove potential for molecular communication; use evaporated vodka to transmit 'O Canada'

Empty chair: Mulcair takes swipe at Trudeau, saying ‘he was telling the truth’ with line ‘nothing to propose for next two years’

Choked herself to death in prison: Ashley Smith's death ruled a homicide

CRTC makes news: Starting in Spring, consumers must have option of subscribing to Sun News Network and every other Canadian news channel, both in packages and stand-alone; huge victory for SNN

Developing: Major ice storm possible across southern Ontario on weekend

Forum Research poll: People in Toronto Liberal redoubt not paying attention to politics, still support Wynne, while rest of province gets it and supports PCs

Supreme Court of Canada: Police officers under investigation by a civilian watchdog are not allowed to have a lawyer help them prepare their notes

Crux of the matter: The 'hidden agenda': CPP age 65 reduction to defined pensions

AGW oops: Analysis finds NOAA satellite data is incompatible with theory of man-made global warming

Angus Reid Global poll: Changes to Canada Post mail delivery fine for most who don't have door-to-door and/or voted Conservative, 38% of public wants privatization

Ottawa: Ex-Bloc MP Maria Mourani says she is no longer a sovereigntist; says rights of Quebec citizens better served by federalism

Vile attack: Liberal MP mocks cancer and hepatitis C victims; Leader Justin Trudeau backs Gerry Byrne after MP deleted tweets personally attacking Canadian actress Pam Anderson and Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, who is dying of cancer

Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers free app for smartphones to help parents keep up-to-date information on their children ready for an emergency

Mothers Against Wind Turbines: New larger, louder wind turbines 'sad and scary' news for rural Ontario

Richard Roeper: Ron Burgundy: Visionary for the ages; 3.5 stars out of 4

Scott Stinson: Kathleen Wynne’s folly; Queen's Park's Orwellian double-speak: 'less is more'

Graham Hicks: Ontario's green fiasco is a lesson to us all; going all-out green will cost the average Ontario family an extra $636 a year by 2018

Closed minds: Reddit bans comments from global warming skeptics; becomes propaganda hub

Jack Mintz: Ontario’s bleak pension options; if Ontario is to introduce its own pension plan, it will help some save more but force most Ontarians to hold a plan they may not want

Ottawa: Bank of Canada sees less volatility from Fed tapering

Ottawa: Domestic wireless roaming fees to be capped; big carriers won't be allowed to gouge small carriers

Los Angeles: 19-yr-old popster Justin Bieber says he will step back from his career after next album released; "I'm actually retiring, man. I'm retiring"

Toronto: City council breaks out into dance with live version of Bob Marley's 'One Love' [video]

Jimmy Kimmel: 'Canadians are much weirder than we thought' as Toronto City Council dances during meeting [video]

Sochi: Kevin Dineen, former Florida Panthers' coach, named new bench boss of Canada women's Olympic hockey team

Economic Freedom: Alberta and Saskatchewan beat out all 50 states

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals' pension plan would be the worst of all the bad alternatives; an almost unfathomable leap of faith is required to expect the Liberals to establish a pension plan without their traditional rash of boondoggles

'Respect the law': MacKay scolds rebellious judges over failure to enforce victim surcharge

Kingston: First mission as Search and rescue aircraft commander a success for Capt. David Agnew of Belleville; CFB Trenton's 424 'Tiger' Transport and Rescue Squadron hustled to Kingston; rescued crane operator had burns but wanted to walk into hospital

Pest control: How the Chinese domesticated cats 5,300 years ago

Lawrence Martin: Liberals visited by the ghosts of Chrétien’s past

Morven: Tragic Sunday farmhouse blaze kills three; mother and two adult sons

Vancouver: Kinder Morgan files formal application for $5.4B Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Guilty: Offenders can sell belongings, if need be, to pay victim surcharge says MacKay

Calgary: Lotto winner Tom Crist to give $40M prize to charities in memory of his late wife; retiree won the lottery in May, but kept it a secret until now

Missing: 600 head of cattle

Canadian banks’ Caribbean mystery: Little known about how giants make money in paradise

Dramatic implications? How Mexico is emerging as a new rival to Canada’s oil sands

Terence Corcoran: Finance ministers make right call on big CPP that was bamboozle from beginning

Ottawa: Friends in shock as two young women die in house fire

New diagnosis: Bloc Quebecois Leader Daniel Paille steps down because he has epilepsy

Scott Luft: Big Thunder is a big mistake, and it's not the only one; industrial wind turbines are being approved where power isn't needed

Price drop? North America to be flooded with oil as Mexico ends Pemex monopoly

Wellington Times editorial: Entire wind industry throws backing—and lawyers—into fight to overthrow Ostrander Point ERT decision; small group of Prince Edward County naturalists now under siege by multiple huge law firms; need help from public at-large

Turtlegate: Ostrander Point wind developer argues gates can protect Blanding’s turtles; seeks to overthrow Environmental Review Tribunal decision so can construct nine 50-storey industrial wind turbines on provincially owned crown land

Listen! Industrial wind turbine noise ruins countryside tranquility; shakes homes; new video lets you hear the grinding sounds for yourself: The 1234ever Lament [video]

Winter: Now the Maritimes getting the big storm, roads, flights stopped

Wikileaks: Stolen documents show Canadian Government departments do their homework, keep up on intelligence

Ottawa: Flaherty favours targeted approach to CPP reform, no need for 'bazooka'

Lorne Gunter: Feds aren’t shortchanging aboriginals; since 1947, per capita spending on First Nations people has risen by nearly 900%

Lorrie Goldstein: Wynne can’t fix hydro mess

Toronto: Gravy train rolls through the TDSB; auditor's report cites "a board rife with nepotism, overspending, and fear-mongering"; often places interests of its trustees and employees far above the interests of students

Canada Post: Raitt says country not ready for privatized mail

NHL: Part 1 of HBO '24/7' puts focus on teams' adversity; Leafs vs Red Wings

Ontario Government breaks its promise: Buddhist retreat shafted by Liberals

UK: The fatcat ecocrats exposed: Web of 'green' politicians, tycoons and power brokers who help each other benefit from billions raised on your bills

Lloydminster: Small plane crashes, slides into home, pilot killed; no one in home

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation train: Nearly 300 train passengers stranded for hours in Labrador in freezing cold

Main Duck Islands: Trillium Power re-files suit against Ontario Govt for $500 million, this time for "malfeasance" over off-shore wind power moratorium; wants to build monster wind turbines near islands in Lake Ontario in major migration flight path

Windsor land grab: How bridge baron Matty Moroun ruined a neighbourhood

Changji: 21 miners confirmed dead in gas explosion at western China coal mine

"What's a $billion?"— Liberals' Pan-Am fiasco another $$ muncher: Paul Henderson predicted problems with TO2015

Costs dropping: Lockheed aims to deliver all 36 F-35 jets in 2013 that were ordered by U.S., sees progress on program

Slams political correctness, puts religious freedom first: Sikh Conservative MP from British Columbia says ‘Merry Christmas’ in House of Commons [video]

NDP MLA stretching definitions? Aussie-Canadian actress/politician Lenore Zann says 'cyber-bullied' when nude image of her from 2008 cable TV show tweeted by teen constituent

$200M Cisco photo op: Ontario Liberals paying tech giant big bucks to do what it was going to do anyway

Ottawa: Creaky Green Party gains second MP as pro-gun Independent Hyer joins; ex-NDP MP blasted by former colleagues

Pan-Am Games spending casualty: Troop chopped by Chair Peterson after years of living expensively; 2015 Games CEO just latest Liberal hire let go after controversy

Cisco: U.S. network equipment maker says adding up to 1,700 jobs in Ontario over next 6 years

UK: Lobby group 'influenced wind farm noise report’

Major policy move: Ottawa to designate crude oil as highly dangerous

New Brunswick: Anti-fracking activists for hire

That was quick: Twitter backtracks on block feature after users revolt

Margaret Wente: Did Harper end compassion? No—The Toronto Star and the other propagandists tell you what they want you to think, not the truth

Canada: Women's hockey coach resigns weeks before Olympics

A short history of climate hysteria: "The largest conspiracy the world has ever seen"—Ruper Darwall’s The Age of Global Warming: A History is a wonderful book, the best account of the politics of global warming to date

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals extend their record of claiming to know absolutely nothing about their own appalling spending

E-change: Calgary postie says end of door-to-door delivery no surprise; even Christmas volume way down

Boeing Boeing: Air Canada orders 61 Boeing 737 MAX jets; may buy 48 more

Public gets it—online responses: End of door-to-door delivery seen as inevitable, many, perhaps most Canadians don't have it now

Ottawa: Canada Post to stop door-to-door delivery, convert to community mailbox delivery; already common in suburbs and small towns; to cut up to 8,000 positions, mainly through attrition

Christina Blizzard: Taxpayers run over by Liberals' Ontario Northland boondoggle; another $B to shut down railway lifeline to North country; 14 years of 100% salary for severance to hundreds of employees

Ottawa: MPs' staff asked to sign standardized confidentiality agreements; anonymously, some balk

Power crisis: The Auditor-General put it in black and white; the Ontario Government is an energy black hole, out of control

McGill study: You are what your father eats; pre-conception diet matters for both mom and dad

Kelly McParland: So, ducks dying in the oil sands is bad, but killing eagles to advance U.S. wind energy is less bad?

Green lesson for the world: "What happened in Ontario . . . provide(s) universal lessons regarding how a simple, appealing, but unrealistic idea" can destroy an economy

Forum poll: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's approval rating holding steady; still highest in country

Two-day work week: Justin Trudeau defends poor Commons attendance record, says he accomplishes more meeting with public; also only national party leader to skip Mandela memorial

Ontario Auditor: Nanny state school menus turn off kids, have students seeking fast food elsewhere; schools lose income

Ontario Auditor: Liberals feel heat as Ontario Power executives fired over auditor's report; CFO, Exec VP Strategic Initiatives, VP Internal Audit

Ontario Auditor: Five highlights from A-G's scathing report on Liberal incompetence

Undergoing psychiatric assessment: Pot-smoking Mountie stun-gunned, charged with assaulting another officer

Ontario Auditor: "More than 50% of OPG staff, including senior staff with access to confidential nuclear information, had never obtained required security clearances or had expired clearances; Numerous staff with family members working at OPG were not hired through the normal recruitment process"

Ontario Auditor: "Maintenance, janitorial and custodial services staffed 170% above industry benchmark in 2013; meanwhile, some operational functions were understaffed, including nuclear plant operations"

Ontario Auditor: Top-heavy OPG wastes money, bonus money unearned by performance, 62% of employees earn over $100,000

Manila: Justin Bieber charms the Philippines, launches worldwide aid campaign

Ontario: Criminal trial date set for Joe Fontana, London mayor and former Liberal MP accused of fraud

Christina Blizzard: Ontario Liberals play politics with lives; pay for refugee claimants health care, but won't help Ontario's Madi, hanging on for her life

Ontario power costs drive away another manufacturer: Kellogg closing London, ON plant, sending jobs to Thailand; Ontario power rates up 140% since 2007 and due to rise another 42% in next 3 years

updated ~ Despite South Africa protocol police: All in Canadian delegation able to be inside for Mandela stadium ceremony, welcomed by crowd [video]

Private Member's Bill: MPs to debate pulling pensions from MPs and Senators convicted of indictable offenses

Newfoundland and Labrador: Premier to announce financing for Muskrat Falls hydro project

Did school rules kill Ryan? After son's death, Ontario mom urging schools to let kids with asthma carry puffers; Yurek Bill would put lives first

Chantal Hébert: MIA Trudeau hasn’t seized Layton’s Quebec legacy; Léger poll shows he remains a polarizing figure in Quebec

Baird makes it formal: Canada will claim seabed around North Pole as sovereign territory; continues to work on detailed undersea mapping

More CBC non-news: Reports non-revelation that Canada and U.S. have worked together for six decades on intelligence activities for their mutual defence; no doubt their next report will tell us NORAD tracks Santa Claus

CBC puffs up derailment story: Eight-year-old non-story about unreported CN derailments centres around claims by former TSB employee, mostly minor derailments in company railyards during shunts

Leamington suffers new blow: Ontario agriculture leader shot dead by Brazilian bandits in attempted car-jacking during business trip

Global warming? Ha! It's the 5th day of summer in Australia and the snow keeps coming down; will they have a white Christmas?

Huge Canadian delegation on way to South Africa: Trudeau only national leader not on Harper plane to Mandela funeral; Martin and Turner only ex-PMs not attending

Boat anchor backer? Liberal leadweight Smitherman backs Chow for Mayor; Ford smiles at Chow challenge

Olivia Chow parties at public trough: Invisible MP in Ottawa uses federal funds to promote her candidacy for Toronto Mayor; known for living in rent-assisted housing when served as Councillor; known to love public 'gravy train'

Christie Blatchford: Nigel Wright looks like a heroic figure as more of the Senate mess becomes public

Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore: Skyrocketing hydro bills bring protesters to Minister Chiarelli's office

Ontario energy nadir? Chiarelli opens mouth and inserts foot

Mandela memorial: PM Harper to be accompanied by former PMs Mulroney, Campbell and Chretien

Bali: WTO reaches its first-ever trade deal; could add $1 trillion to global economy

Canada-Vietnam dairy cow deal: Vietnam dairy plant will acquire 10,000 Canadian dairy cattle in 2014

Guardian: Wind turbines trash the landscape for the benefit of billionaires

Mayor fights back: Conrad Black interviews Rob Ford, says he might endorse him

Fall-out from electing unqualified youngsters not from the area: NDP shows they can dish it out but can't take it as Quebec Senator stands up for constituents; 23-yr-old Ontario-born MP described by voters as "useless and powerless to address their concerns"

Followed by Berlin, NYC, Dallas, Paris, Chicago and London: Toronto most youthful city in the world, global index says

Crux of the Matter: The problem of the “Lucy” welfare-for-life entitled mindset

Times they a-changed: Bob Dylan’s guitar from seminal moment when he ‘went electric’ onstage in 1965 sells for nearly $1M

Twitter breakthrough: To be available on mobile phones without Internet

PBO makes it up: Flaherty says EI funds won't be used to create budget surplus in 2015-16

Fleet renewal: Air Canada appears close to buying up to 60 jets; Airbus and Boeing competing hard for the business

Northern growth: Yukon Premier pushes for new hydro dam, federal help

Canada: Labour productivity edges up in third quarter

updated ~ Job growth doubles expectations: Canada adds 21,600 jobs in November, unemployment rate unchanged at 6.9%

Canadian role: How Brian Mulroney spearheaded the push to end apartheid

Nelson Mandela: From a young man in Pretoria to the last photo taken: The long walk to freedom in pictures

Kelly McParland: Nelson Mandela's achievements in stark contrast to South Africa's neighbours

Standing up for the North: Minister Leona Aglukkaq's support for Northern way of life attacked by NDP fishing for votes in South

David Frum: In praise of the Prime Ministerial ‘control freak’

"Robust and durable": Microsoft 'disrupts' ZeroAccess, one of the world's largest botnets

WTO: Global trade deal seen 'very close' after hiccups

Nelson Mandela: Inspired by Canadian approaches and support

Ottawa: Report that Harper is preparing to announce his resignation 'absolutely false': spokesman

Nelson Mandela: Special retrospective

Toronto: Group wants Toronto ID cards so illegal immigrants have full access to all city resources; others say give them full access to deportation

Consolidation: Sun Media sells 74 community newspapers in Quebec to rival Continental as print advertising under continuing digital siege

Ottawa: Mulcair throws stones, lives in glass house

Surplus sooner than forecasts: PBO says Canada getting closer faster to end of deficits; says Flaherty being conservative

London: Audit finds Mayor Fontana and friends pocketed $8M from charity

Ezra Levant: A tale of two mayors; why doesn't the media care about London Liberal Mayor Joe Fontana and theft charges he faces? [video]

Ontario spending out of control: Tim Hudak targets ‘giveaways to government workers’

Vancouver: 'Unlimited liability' among 45 recommendations from expert panel on how to improve Canada's preparedness for oil spills from tankers and barges

Ottawa: Canada posts first trade surplus in 22 months as imports & exports both dip

Ottawa: Bank of Canada keeps interest rate at 1%

Toronto: Mayor Rob Ford joining Washington, D.C. sports radio station

Montreal: Iraqi Airways signs firm order for five Bombardier CSeries aircraft

Ottawa: Senate plans comprehensive review of CBC’s role in Canadian society (and how it spends billions in subsidies); Liberal Chair pre-determines what it can't find

Kelly McParland: Toronto unleashes a Fordenstein monster by enabling him to campaign full-time and point out all their tax and spending profligacy

Ottawa: ‘Supporting documents’ for CBC’s bombshell NSA scoop don’t support the story much, if at all; there is no proof of "widespread surveillance"; the CBC story was written from a political standpoint, not journalistic

$50 million jackpot: Ontario lottery officials able to ID winner via security video, credit card receipts, time stamps, despite ticket loss; OLG showed up and told Hamilton woman she won

Toronto: RCMP searching for masterminds of allegedly wide-ranging, global fraud scheme

Billion dollar bungler: Ontario Premier Wynne gas-grilled again; plays Sgt. Schultz again

Crux of the Matter: How the media use pollsters as propagandists for Canada’s Liberals

Bakken oil different: The deadly secret behind the Lac-Mégantic inferno

Globe and Mail editorial: Ontario’s low-voltage electricity policy; "The first rule of political holes: if you get into one, stop digging"

Parker Gallant: Ontario lost $1.2B this year exporting power; only the most incompetent could foul up so badly

They get it: Quebec's major power consumers say "non" to needless wind costs

Ezra Levant: What’s an ITO? It stands for Information to Obtain, but could also be Intended for Tories Only

More bad news: Ontario electricity bills could jump more than 30% cent in next 3 years

Basel III: EU banks shrink assets by $1.1T as capital ratios rise

Big plans: Packard-plant buyer predicts rebirth for symbol of Detroit decay; will clean up 40-acre site and put to multiple uses

Extortion? Snowden would help Brazil, but only if given asylum; would tell them what's in stolen documents about them

London: GlaxoSmithKline to change the way it promotes drugs

Los Angeles: Police chase policies questioned after string of deaths

Tokyo: Japan to bolster military, boost Asia ties to counter China

Seoul: GM to cut South Korean jobs as Chevy pullout looms in Europe

Patrick Coffee: Celebrity endorsements are basically worthless

Lebanon: Car bomb strikes Hezbollah stronghold in east, casualties

Mathew Ingram: John Paton says what most media CEOs won’t about paywalls — they are a short-term tactic at best

Denver Post: As NORAD Tracks Santa, critics track NORAD

South Sudan: Curfew imposed after attempted coup

Judge rules: NSA collection of phone records is likely unconstitutional; preliminary injunction granted that temporarily blocks the controversial program, but judge stayed his ruling pending a government appeal in recognition of the "significant national security interests at stake in this case and the novelty of the constitutional issues"

Mark Landsbaum: Climate alarmists' search for proof going cold

Said was spook, no one checked: Climate change expert defrauded EPA out of over $900K by claiming he was an undercover CIA agent for 13 years; did no work, vacationed on EPA tab

Germany yule match: Father Christmas wants help from UNESCO to fend off Santa Claus threat

Fervent Islamist: Notorious Russian terrorist could target Westerners at Sochi Olympics says report

Showdown: Ex-Scientology leader sues Church for harassment

AP-Gfk poll: Obamacare seen as eroding coverage; 69% say their premiums will be going up, while 59% say annual deductibles or copayments are increasing

Syria: Aleppo airstrike death toll rises to 76

Texas: George P. takes baby steps away from Bush name

South Sudan: Foreign Minister says disgruntled soldiers, politicians attempted to overthrow government overnight

Brian's back! Seth MacFarlane reveals he killed Brian Griffin to teach Family Guy fans a lesson; "Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash"

Haaretz: Israeli army shoots two Lebanese soldiers on border; 'Missing' Lebanese soldier surfaces after Israeli killed on border

Russia: Sochi Olympics torchbearer dies in latest mishap; a previous bearer had his jacket catch fire

Reuters: Heavy gunfire, blasts heard in South Sudan capital of Juba

Tom Laughlin: Dead at 82; filmmaker drew huge following for 'Billy Jack', changed Hollywood marketing

Detroit: Paving over 'paradise': The story of I-375 and the warmly remembered but decrepit neighbourhoods lost

'Supported' husband's execution: Kim Jong-un's aunt Kim Kyong-hui survives purge

Jerusalem Post: 'Rogue' Lebanese sniper kills Israeli soldier near border

Philippines: Manila bus crash leaves at least 21 dead

Peter O'Toole: Tributes pour in for 'a giant of film and theatre'

Peter O'Toole: Lawrence of Arabia star, dead at 81

How the West was lost by the selfie president: the infamous “look at me” moment "confirms we have unserious leaders in a dangerously serious time ... they will never be confused with FDR and Churchill"

'MI6 spy' captured by Iran: Iranian authorities say they have arrested an individual who has confessed to working for British intelligence

Yemen: Japanese diplomat stabbed in kidnap bid

Ego, identity and retribution: Colorado school gunman made threat against librarian/teacher in September, say authorities

More White House lies uncovered: Officials delayed enacting regulations on the environment, worker safety and health care ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy; denied it for many months

CBS: Nearly 15,000 Obamacare sign-ups didn't reach insurers

On-site Deputy made the difference: Despite being having shotgun, multiple rounds of ammunition strapped across his body, a machete and a backpack filled with three Molotov cocktails, cowardly student knew Deputy would be coming after him, and committed suicide after shooting one student and exploding only one Molotov cocktail

Australia: Ford, GM pull out — the end of an auto industry?

Colorado HS shooter: Student who sought revenge on teacher for being bumped off debate team was political left-winger with "closed mind", mocked Republicans on his Facebook page
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Shooter Pierson: Was he so absorbed in Democrat talking points that all perspective was lost?

Jack Kelly: Talk of who will take the White House starts three years early

Pat Buchanan: Reagan was right on South Africa

More secrets: By cracking cellphone code, NSA has capacity for decoding private conversations

Charles Krauthammer: Obama the oblivious; This blinding revelation of the ponderous incompetence of bureaucratic government came just a few weeks after Obama confessed that "what we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy"

Russia: Greenpeace activists on bail must stay in country over Christmas, court rules

NY Times: New 'Los Angeles Register' conservative newspaper will focus on "hyper-local reporting", has hired hundreds of reporters; competitors openly mock, not unexpectedly

Central African Republic: Thousands seek refuge with French troops as mainly Muslim rebels clash with Christian militias

South Pole: Prince Harry and 'Walking with the Wounded' team arrive at bottom of world; 12 injured servicemen and women from UK, U.S., Australia and Canada made the 200-mile walk

BBC: 59 Beatles rarities being released to beat copyright laws

Kiev: Ukraine's Yanukovich to hold talks on political crisis

Why the leak? American missing in Iran worked for CIA

Tehran: Iran halts nuclear talks after U.S. blacklist move

Sad news: 40-yr-old dead fetus found within elderly Colombian woman complaining of abdominal pain

After big loss in Oklahoma: Toyota looks to settle sudden-acceleration lawsuits

Space shocker: Hubble Space Telescope sees geysers on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Snow in the manger: Wintry storm Alexa continues to batter parts of the Middle East

Fukushima: Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities, coast-to-coast

Kiev: EU promises more aid for Ukraine if it will sign trade and co-operation deal

Yemen: Reported drone strike kills 15 civilians on way to wedding

Sunni vs Shiite: Sectarian clashes kill at least 40 in Yemen

It's a Wonderful Life: Is Bedford Falls located in northern New York State, disguised as Seneca Falls? Frank Capra visited before making the movie; residents are convinced, and host annual festival

Mandela memorial: Despite insensitive media mockery, interpreter not a 'fake', may have suffered schizophrenic episode; says heard voices in his head: "I was alone in a very dangerous situation. I tried to control myself"

Bangkok: Thai protesters cut off power to PM's offices

Courses packed: Aviation schools prepare for boom in drone jobs

Rapid adaptability: Diet changes gut bacteria within a day, Harvard study finds

Wall Street Journal: Pulling back the shameful curtains on when the U.S. lobotomized 2,000 WWII veterans

MLB wussification? Baseball to ban plate collisions; Pete Rose appalled

Fraud patrol: 5th Obamacare Navigator fired after James O'Keefe video ambush [video]

State exchanges deserted: Oregon signs up just 44 people for Obamacare despite spending $300M; fiasco is multi-dimensional

Ukraine protests: Bishops lead protesters in morning prayer after night of police action in Kiev

TIME Person of the Year: Pope Francis, The People’s Pope

WestJet Christmas video goes viral: Try to watch without tears; seasonal marketing equivalent of a home run [video]

Auto-magic? The tangled web of ownership, engines, chassis and philosophies among world's 24 major carmakers

Bipartisan: GOP, Obama line up behind modest budget deal

Kiev protests: Police use chainsaws on barricades; unexpected scenes only hours after President Yanukovych pledged restraint to EU foreign policy chief

Mandela: Behind eulogies, U.S. deeply conflicted

But Obama silent: Ukrainian government's newest problem — George Clooney: Star releases video backing protestors amid crackdown

Cookie Monster: NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking

Florida: Former Megachurch Pastor, 36, dead after suicide; served on Obama advisory council

Uruguay: Legalizes pot, recasting drug war; Senate vote gives government monopoly over pot sales and distribution

Detroit: Five career tips from GM's new CEO, Mary Barra, the first woman to take the reins of a global automaker

Colorado case: New York appeals court rules reporter doesn't have to reveal sources on theatre massacre

Brasilia: China-Brazil satellite launch fails, likely fell back to Earth

Thailand: Tearful Thai PM won't resign, urges protesters to take part in February 2nd election; demands protesters clear streets

Obamacare: Provisions could force thousands of volunteer fire departments to shut down

South Carolina: Will vote in January on bill to end Obamacare in the state

Self-serving hypocrisy: Biggest private data collectors call on government to stop collecting data; Facebook, AOL, Apple, Google

Bye bye RIA Novosti: Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media

Hopper doodle: Google honours Grace Hopper, the computer pioneer who taught computers to use words; she was the mother of COBOL, and found the first computer bug, a moth; Hopper retired from the U.S. Navy at age 79 as a Rear Admiral, one of the single most influential people in the first 40 years of computers

Winter: Big storm dumps snow, freezing rain on East Coast, travel dicey for millions

Wire service spins for Obama: AP demonizes American Dream success stories; says their wisdom and fiscal self-discipline risk to socialism

North Korea: Purge sends chilling message to comfy elite

Germany: Trade surplus declines in October

Deal 'to save' Dead Sea: Israel, Jordan, Palestinians to sign historic Red Sea-Dead Sea agreement

Foreign workers: Rare riot shocks Singapore

Official Party line: North Korea purged Kim Jong Un's influential uncle over "depraved life" of corruption, drugs

Obamacare "sub-prime" scandal: Two-tier government "care" forces insurance buyers to accept sub-prime cancer hospitals

Thailand: Thai PM dissolves Parliament, calling snap elections

Australia: Hockey says carbon tax has to go to save Holden; GM will pull plug without government action

Golden year: Olympic gold medal won by Jesse Owens in 1936 sells for record $1.4M; bought by co-owner of NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins

Farmers in the crosshairs: With backing from Silicon Valley investors, food-tech start-ups aim to replace eggs and chicken

Brain food: Mediterranean diet, not drugs, key to dementia fight, say doctors

Ukraine: Lenin statue toppled in Kiev protest

High-stakes chess: South Korea expands air defence zone after Chinese overlaps their airspace

Trailblazer: Obama has shown how a future GOP president can gut Obamacare

Charles Krauthammer: Obama acts like he wandered into White House on a tour and discovered he was President [video]

Central African Republic: France, African Union send more troops as Christians and Muslims battle

More progress: Gene therapy scores big wins against blood cancers

Killer weather: Snow, ice, deep-freeze hit large swath of U.S.

Charles Krauthammer: Incompetents in the White House: woe to U.S. allies

Mexico: Draft energy reform spans profit-sharing to licenses; Pemex loses monopoly

George F. Will: Containing Iran is the least awful choice

Jennifer Rubin: Obama's cluelessness about Obama; the curse of electing an unaccomplished president who runs as a cult figure

Syria: Iranian-made drone shot down over Aleppo by Al-Qaeda

Day of infamy: 96-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor thrives meeting visitors

Bali: U.S. Trade Rep Froman confirms WTO deal

Suppressed data damning: Windfarm noise "common and serious problem"

Bulgaria: Government votes 20% levy on wind producers, cuts subsidies; panic among formerly coddled producers

Star-crossed Carrera model: Paul Walker's family to sue Porsche over car crash death?

Power outages multiply: Icy storm slams Southwest, shuts down North Texas

Protecting Big Apple: New Mayor de Blasio makes proven hire in police commissioner Bratton who says sustaining low crime rate depends on proper policing, including active stop-and-frisk

Pinocchio White House again admits it lied: Obama lived with his Kenyan-born, illegal immigrant uncle while attending law school; it originally said there was no record of the two men ever having met; Onyango Obama has lived in U.S. for 50 years, 43 of them illegally

The Hill: Unemployment rate drop is meaningless; nation has seen a staggering drop in the labor participation rate over past five years; October hit a 35.5 year low; almost three quarters of a million fewer teens have jobs today than when Obama took office, with half a million fewer even looking for work

Finally? U.S. unemployment rate hits five-year low of 7.0%; will Fed stop the unprecedented stimulus?

Cold in deep south: Deadly ice storm in U.S. knocks out power, halts flights

Global fraud: Global-warming ‘proof’ evaporating on all fronts by all measures

Obamacare mess: 'Fixed' website still fails 10% of enrollees

Being tested for radiation exposure: 6 detained in Mexico theft of radioactive material

Obamacare mess: Lives in balance as 25% of Obamacare enrollees in first two months aren't actually enrolled due to system failures

Licence to kill: In the name of green energy, Obama sanctions the killing of an American icon — the bald eagle

Hair hair: Skin molecules that cause baldness, unwanted hair ID'd as researchers discover ways to stop both

Winter hits: Worst flooding in 60 years threatens UK, Europe

Forbes: Epic freshwater reserves discovered under ocean floor

Weak evidence: Study linking GM maize to rat tumours is retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology

Forbes: Forget the drones: Amazon's Sunday delivery is the big innovation

Central African Republic: Nearly 100 dead as armed Christians fight back

New frontier: U.S. Navy launches fold-up drone from submerged submarine; another game-changer?

BlackBerry only: President Obama says he’s not allowed an iPhone for ‘security reasons’

Hero: How a ‘tiny’ flight attendant wrestled a gun from a hijacker’s hands and helped 159 passengers escape safely

Nature: Find of 400,000 year old human DNA disrupts previous theories of human evolution; previous oldest mapped DNA was 100,000 years old

updated ~ Paul Walker autopsy: LA County Coroner says actor died from trauma and post-crash fire "within seconds"

Sacramento: Controversial bullet train project in danger after judge blocks sale of bonds

Exploring bankruptcy options: Detroit art sale could raise up to $866M, auction house says

Montana: Cold snap felt across West, Midwest; temps 40° F below normal, California citrus threatened, cold could last a week

Field poll: Support for Obama weakening among California Democrats

Reliability fail: Green energy risk to U.S. power grid [video]

Harvard Youth poll: Survey of young Americans’ attitudes toward politics and public service: 24th Edition

Sea Change: Harvard poll shows young people skeptical of Obamacare, amid Obama outreach; only 22% of young Americans -- defined in survey as between 18 and 29 years old -- plan to sign up for Obamacare

Peggy Noonan: Low-information leadership

NY Post editorial: Working website or not, Obamacare’s still a disaster; putting politics before public health was always dumb

Terrorist group supports Syria's Assad: Hezbollah commander killed at home near Beirut

Nigeria: Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic, rescued after finding air pocket in tugboat; rescue video goes viral months later [video]

Rail safety: CN wants new, safer tanker car designs used by its customers who own most rolling stock

Metro-North: Sleepy engineer ‘nodded’ before crash

North Korea: Leader Kim Jong Un's powerful uncle, widely believed to be power behind the throne in secretive dynastic state, has been sacked: South Korean media

Yemen: Police and Qaeda clashes kill nine

Jack Kelly: Sack Sebelius; Her remaining in office says a lot about Obama

updated ~ Bronx: 4 dead, 63 injured in Metro-North train derailment;
speed blamed, black boxes found, operator said brakes failed: report

Cars from a Metro-North passenger train are scattered after the train derailed in the Bronx neighbourhood
of Manhattan, Sunday, December 1, 2013. Metropolitan Transportation Authority police say the train
derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station. ~ Edwin Valero AP

North Pole? Canada to file huge Arctic seafloor claim this week

Polar bear as seen on an ice floe in Baffin Bay above the Arctic Circle from the Canadian Coast Guard
icebreaker Louis S. St. Laurent, in 2008. ~ Jonathan Hayward The Canadian Press

Zombie comet: ISON dies again

Glasgow chopper drop: Police confirm 8 dead; 14 in hospital

Glasgow: At least 3 feared dead after police helicopter stalls in mid-air,
drops out of sky into Clutha Vaults pub; witnesses say 'multiple injuries'

Scene of the police helicopter crash at the Clutha Vaults bar in Glasgow. ~ Jan Hollands PA

Lake Louise: Blunt talk welcomed as Rex Murphy praises cross-Canada pipelines as nation-building at its finest; he mocked pipeline opponents

A words-weary audience jumped to its feet with an enthusiastic ovation for broadcaster Rex Murphy
after he urged pipeline builders Friday to stop being ashamed of the multibillion-dollar projects they
are trying to build.~ Ted Rhodes Calgary Herald

ISON: Hope still for 'dead' Comet; 'something' survived

Astrophysicist Karl Battams: "This comet has confused and amazed us right from the word go..." ~ NASA

Hold the obituary: Comet ISON shows some signs of life after 'death'

ISON follow-up: Scientists' answers and questions about Sun victory

The end of ISON? As with mythological Icarus, ISON flew too close to the sun... ~ NASA

ISON: Watch on livestream - drop the drumstick, watch a real turkey

updated ~ ISON goner: Comet destroyed by close
encounter with Sun; scientists say surprised

Syria: U.S. offers plan to destroy chemical weapons at sea

ISON: Critical time for ‘comet of the century’

NASA photo taken Wednesday, November 27, 2013 shows Comet ISON, which was discovered a year ago, making its approach to sun; it will come closest to the super-hot solar surface at 1:37 p.m. EST. It may take a few hours before astronomers know if the comet survives. If it does survive, and maybe even if it doesn't, people in the Northern Hemisphere will have a good chance of seeing the comet — or its remains — in the first two weeks of December just before sunrise and after sunset. It won't be visible with the naked eye on Thursday, but NASA has a fleet of telescopes trained on ISON.

Montreal: Mystery sound may have been sonic boom from meteor

Tuesday 8pm: Loud boom felt west of Montreal

updated ~ Thanksgiving Blast: Freezing rain and snow causing havoc

The great Thanksgiving Week storm of 2013 continues to head northeast. This map shows what can be expected on Wednesday, November 27th. Click for up-to-date information and travel safely. ~ NOAA

Pulitzer: Photographer Bob Jackson recalls his Oswald moment

This image and this moment in time for millions of TV viewers is seared into memory. Photog Bob Jackson
explains what led to pressing the shutter at that moment, and his Eureka in the darkroom when he saw the
developed negative. He won the Pulitzer Prize for this picture. Above is the full-frame shot that he printed
in the Dallas Times-Herald darkroom along with the original editing marks by the lay-out editors.

Thanksgiving Day: Comet ISON, if it survives trip around sun, could bring spectacular sky show; its tail may get ripped off by cloud of solar particles, or it may be completely destroyed by sun’s brutal radiation & pressure

Thanksgiving: East Coast winter storm to snarl holiday travel

It's going to be a cold — and white Thanksgiving Week.

Netanyahu calls Iran nuclear deal 'historic mistake'
jitters felt throughout Middle East over Iran's acceptance on global stage;
Netanyahu said world had become a "more dangerous place" as a result;
reiterated Israel "has right and duty to defend itself by itself"

Iran Deal: Not as bad as it could be, but still bad

Washington: Obama calls Iran deal a "first step"; bipartisan group of
Senators describe threat not as Iran having nuclear bomb, but having
capability to produce one; the group said they would seek "to pass
bipartisan Iran sanctions legislation as soon as possible"

Jerusalem: Israel minister: Iran deal based on 'deceit'

AP source: Nuclear deal does not include
recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium

Geneva: French & Iranian Foreign Ministers say have Iran nuclear deal

Time and place: Dallas ceremony marks
JFK assassination: Millions share the moment

A cold day in Dallas: In the first-ever Dallas commemoration of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago today a huge crowd stood in the rain and cold (mid-30s) as [top] Main Street through Dealey Plaza was closed and became the focus of ceremonies. [second] The speech JFK was to deliver that day was read to the crowd, and the final paragraph is now captured for posterity on a new monument unveiled today. [third] As the ceremonies ended, the Dallas Metro Police Pipes and Drums marched up Elm Street over the pavement where the bullets killed the President. [bottom] Dealey Plaza empties after the ceremonies as attendees walk past the infamous setting with the former Texas School Book Depository looming. ~ CBS

Legacy: Remembering JFK in Dallas, Boston, and around the world

Dallas News Editorial: November 22, 1963,
a date Dallas will never truly get beyond

Like yesterday, in vibrant colour, the Lincoln limousine, President Kennedy's self-confident,
inspiring smile, Jacqueline Kennedy's pink outfit and poise, the happy Dallas crowds.

The historic moments: An interactive timeline and database of events

50 years later everybody of school age and above remembers how they first heard and where they were...
This is true not only for Americans, but also for Canadians, Mexicans, people across Europe and in many other countries worldwide who relied upon the U.S. during the white-knuckle years of the Cold War and had followed the life of President Kennedy in the television age like none had been followed before.

JFK50: The assassination that stirred the turbulent, eventful 1960s

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy cradles the president, who slumped forward after the first bullets hit him.
"I remember falling on him and saying ... 'Oh my God, they shot my husband,'" she said. ~ AP

The man who told the world: CBS newsman Walter Cronkite: "From Dallas, Texas, the flash
—apparently official—President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. (CST), 2:00 Eastern Standard Time,
some 38 minutes ago." His emotional confirmation of Kennedy's death has become
an unforgettable TV image. ~ CBS

At 2:38 p.m., Lyndon Johnson, with Jacqueline Kennedy at his side, is sworn in as president by U.S.
Judge Sarah Hughes on Air Force One. Earlier, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy told
Johnson he should take the oath there before leaving for Washington.

Detroit Free Press: Memories of November 22, 1963; limo in Dearborn

April: Earth 'dodged a bullet' when 'monster' cosmic blast zipped by

Parks Canada unleashes Google Street View in parks and historic sites

Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park in the province of Alberta is one Canada's gems now viewable online.
Others include Ontario's Rideau Canal and the Halifax Citadel national historic sites, Green Gables Heritage
Place and Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, and the 300-year-old Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia.

Dallas: Stolley, LIFE Magazine and the JFK Zapruder film [video]

Former LIFE magazine reporter Richard 'Dick' Stolley talks about how he heard about and acquired the Abraham Zapruder home movie that shows the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas. ~ Zapruder

Fan favourite: Mayor Rob Ford mobbed by fans at CFL East Final

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford poses for photos with fans as he attends the Toronto Argonauts and
Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL Eastern Conference final game in Toronto on Sunday,
Nov. 17, 2013. ~ Nathan Denette The Canadian Press

Polar brother: Live Reality TV in which you can see teeth sink into...fur

Churchill, Manitoba: Hundreds of polar bears are gathering along Hudson Bay to await freeze-up,
and the polar bear cams are back to capture all their live action. In the first few days the cameras
have captured a number of bears napping, wrestling and lumbering along the water’s edge. The
cameras will be operating for about another month, while 200 to 300 bears migrate through the
area – about 1,500 km north of Winnipeg – waiting for the big saltwater bay to freeze.

Australia: Eagle steals crocodile-monitoring camera, hauls it hundreds of kilometres, shoots selfie [video]

Kevin Donovan: ORNGE paid Mazza $9.3M over six years; much more than the public previously knew

Weather mild for location: Injured helicopter crew stranded in Antarctica after emergency landing

London: Britain unveils shake-up of levies on energy bills as 'green' policies hike power costs

Ottawa: Prime Minister Harper to visit Israel, Jordan and the West Bank in 2014

Jerusalem Post: "Israel will always have Canada", Harper lauded by Netanyahu, performs at huge Toronto Jewish fundraiser; received award; announces 2014 trip to Israel

Stay classy, Winnipeg: Ron Burgundy sits in as curling analyst/announcer at Canadian Olympic trials on TSN [video]

Burlington: Ontario man charged with trying to send classified RCN ship info to China

Montreal: Champlain Bridge replacement to be built 3 years earlier, by 2018; design competition cancelled to get project underway sooner

Honduras: Conservative won Presidential vote by 8-point margin over Leftist

Spiegel: German Eurocopter deal examined by federal auditors

Ottawa: Sale of Domtar river properties expected within days, opening door to development

Ontario: Police detonate suspected pipe bomb in Lindsay

Notre-Dame: Four teenagers killed after crashing on highway in eastern New Brunswick

5 arrested: Anti-shale gas protest closes Highway 11 in New Brunswick for hours

Ontario: Great Lakes levels rise dramatically in 12 months; Superior, Erie and Ontario at about normal levels, Huron and Michigan still low

Online: University of Pittsburgh researchers digitize and publish a century's worth of weekly data on contagious diseases

Kamloops: Eight native bands to share $7M in copper mine deal

Ottawa: Canada to join U.S. safety crackdown on oil shipments

Toronto: Former Leafs captain Rick Vaive wants his name removed from NHL concussions lawsuit

Leamington: Hudak promises to make Ontario a job welcoming province again

Toronto: Are U.S. prices better? Comparing Black Friday deals on both sides of the border; Canada gets more shopping time as turkey eaten last month; price gap not what it was

Ottawa: Canadian loonie advances on surprisingly strong GDP numbers

Ottawa: Canada’s economy grows at fastest pace in two years

Ottawa: Alberta flood relief bill boosts federal deficit to $3.8B in September

Toronto: Jewish National Fund to honour Stephen Harper for 'outstanding support' of Israel at 65th annual Negev Dinner

Quebec: PQ miss budget by $$ billions; opposition parties say will vote against next budget, triggering Spring election

Ukraine: EU openly blames Russia for failure to get landmark deal

Hubert Lacroix: Creative partnerships are CBC’s new norm; doing TV differently

Ottawa: Canadian economic growth rate rises to 2.7% in Q3; beats estimates

Toronto: Mayor Rob Ford taking his 'Ford Nation' TV program to YouTube channel; will launch before Christmas

Ontario: Energy Minister blames the victims: says rising power bills are consumer responsibility

Canada: Trio of suicides by soldiers leaves military, minister reeling

London: Federal Government sells Canadian High Commission building in London for $530M

Canada: Information Commissioner embraces dark ages, favours ban of government use of instant messages, other modern technologies

U.S. study: Dementia developing at later ages; incidence rates decline among people born in first half of 20th century

Toronto: Lawyer spearheading Trump lawsuit disappears; funds missing; investigations underway by Law Society

Breakthrough: Tongue pierce lets the paralyzed drive wheelchairs

Washington: NHL concussion suit grows to 200 players

CBC: New Snowden docs show U.S. spied during G20 in Toronto; it would have been far bigger news if they hadn't

Toronto: Canadian dollar pares gains after soft U.S. economic data

Peter Kuitenbrouwer: Give the Fords some credit for encouraging innovation as Toronto libraries boom with 99th and 100th branches; world's busiest urban library system

Canada: Philippines typhoon relief matching donation period extended to Dec. 23

Cam Cole: The looming death of TSN? Or will KHL be featured starting in 2014?

And Cherry on top? Rogers Broadcast President to meet with Don Cherry as $5.2B deal, reached quickly, raises many questions to be answered

Private by 2016: Canadian Wheat Board moves toward privatization by buying two companies with major grain-handling facilities in Western Canada, Thunder Bay and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Sears Canada: Laying off close to 800; re-organizes repair services and parts business

Robin Sears: Media spun by Liberals over by-elections; few national political reporters know much about 'flyover' communities like Provencher, Manitoba, so they can be fed spinners’ colourful and compelling tales with ease

TSN shut out: NHL signs $5.2B deal with Rogers Sportsnet to give them all Canadian national rights on all platforms through 2025-26 campaign, including all playoff games and the Stanley Cup Final; Rogers is sublicensing Saturday night games to CBC's Hockey Night in Canada

Ontario fails to read Constitution: Province says 'surprised' by Harper's Ring of Fire comments; even though mining is under provincial jurisdiction

TSN loser? NHL closing in on deal with CBC, Sportsnet

update - By-election night: Conservatives keep two Conservative seats; Liberals keep two Liberal seats, only quirk is Dinsdale name recognition in Brandon; no apparent protest vote

By-elections between the numbers: Chance for Opposition to make their mark shows they could generate little enthusiasm; three of four electoral districts have turn-out around 20%, while fourth is about 35%

Election night: Elections Canada link for today's 4 by-elections in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba

Toronto: Ex-Leafs Gary Leeman, Rick Vaive among 10 NHLers launching concussion lawsuit; suit similar to NFL case claims league concealed risk

Ford-led: Toronto named 'Youthful City of the Year', edging out Berlin and New York

Calgary: Council debates cancelling $52M tax hike which would create rebate; gravy train councillors want to spend on pet projects

End 'tax and spend': 69% of Toronto residents want end to Toronto Land Transfer Tax, up four points from May 2013; tax grab really hurts first-time home buyers

Gravy train returns in Toronto after Ford ousting: Toronto unveils budget that would hike property taxes 2.5% as gravy re-appears with watchdog Ford in doghouse

Stay classy Winnipeg: 'Ron Burgundy' to help cover "Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings" curling competition on TSN

Buried: Parts of southern Ontario between Detroit and Toronto digging out from under 70 cm of snow, with another major storm on the way

Ban wrong but WTO allowing anyway: Canada to appeal ridiculous WTO ruling on EU seal ban

Toronto: BlackBerry CFO to be replaced; two other executives leaving

Baird "deeply skeptical": Canada to enforce sanctions against Iran despite nuclear deal

Regina: Roughriders crush Tiger-Cats to win 101st Grey Cup

Put up or shut up: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty asks opposition MPs for ‘low-cost’ budget ideas to ‘grow the economy’

Ottawa: Harper didn't know staff asked Conservative Party to pay Duffy's expenses: spokesperson

Ontario: Your hydro bill this month should be a 'doozy' as once again the costs of production far outweigh export selling price for excess 'green' power

Ontario’s horse racing industry on unstable ground: How the province’s decision to cancel the slots-at-racetracks program has left thousands of people wondering what the future holds [video]

Breakthrough: Sleep therapy seen as an aid for depression

Father of Doctor Who and The Avengers: Canadian Sydney Newman talks BBC glory days in 1966 interview [video]

Mining is provincial responsibility: Solving 'Ring of Fire' mine delays up to Ontario, Harper says

Attawapiskat: Emergency evacuation underway after fire destroys homes; candle started fire

Andrew Coyne: Nigel Wright a victim of Mike Duffy 'bait and switch' ploy

New tactic: Wind company tries to end appeal by buying out appellants; others step forward to add names

World reaction: Canadians remember where they were the day JFK was assassinated

Montreal: Champlain Bridge authority plans to install 'super beam' after crack discovered; lanes closed

Forum Research poll: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford retains support; holding strong at 42%

Toronto: 'Gravy train' already rolling back into City Hall, Ford warns

Bedrock history: University of Toronto acquires General Wolfe’s letters for almost $1.5M

Toronto: Top Canadian squash player on way for training dies when bicycle hit by car

Massachusetts lawsuit: East Falmouth homeowners suing town as Wind Turbine Syndrome ruins lives; their homes are bathed in waves of infrasound pressure created by industrial-scale wind turbines

Liberal Senator: Colin Kenny faces sexual harassment complaint, has history

Tongue in cheek: Canadian PM Harper: "I've heard Mr. Ford's statements that he would like to become Prime Minister of Canada. Obviously, this is not something I'm in favour of..."

Lac-Mégantic: Federal and Quebec governments sharing $190M cost to decontaminate water and soil after train cataclysm

Represented Canada at 1948 Olympics: Beloved wrestling bad guy Maurice 'Mad Dog' Vachon dead at 84

RCMP documents: Duffy's Senate speech accusations are not borne out by the documentation says Mountie sleuth

RCMP documents: Duffy instigated fraud, drew others into murk say Mountie investigators

Beyond the schoolyard: Bell applauds federal government for legislation to help stop cyberbullying

Still too big says Govt: Bank of Canada says price gap with U.S. adjusts with currency rates, but slowly

Supported by mayors, rail industry: Railways must tell cities about dangerous cargo, effective immediately, Transport Minister Raitt orders [video]

Free trade: Canada and South Korea return to negotiation table

Jobs in the balance: Cliffs suspends Ring of Fire chromite project in northern Ontario over issues with government, natives

Christina Blizzard: Liberals squeezing life out of 'made in Ontario'

Dallas: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation looks at '72 Hours That Changed America' - filled with iconic images, a view from the north of the event that changed the world [video]

Toronto Centre by-election: Will Freeland learn how to do politics in time to win?

Ann Arbor: Winter Classic between Red Wings, Maple Leafs sold out; 107,000 fans expected New Year's Day

Olympics: MPs told Canada's goal at Sochi is to place first overall after taking third spot in Vancouver

New Brunswick: Judge rejects application for injunction to stop shale gas testing

Toronto: Police detonate ‘incendiary device’ found in stopped car in entertainment district [video]

Harvard Crimson reveals: Harvard students can't name capital of Canada

Toronto: Ford Brothers tag team their council muggers with appearances on all U.S. and Canadian TV networks - and debut of 'Ford Nation' TV talk program on Sun News Network [video]

Toronto Council falls into electoral trap: Ford brothers game of chicken may pay off

Lawrence Solomon: Fossil fuels now beat wind and solar on environmental as well as economic grounds

Toronto: Mayor Ford challenges councillors to call an election

Canada: Pulling the plug on traditional cable and satellite TV still a slow-moving trend; only 3.5% are believed to have "cut the cord" since 2011

Ontario: Storms cause widespread power outages; more than 100,000 homes, businesses between Windsor and Kingston area without power at storm's peak

New York: 10-ton wind turbine blade breaks off and debris flies over 1,000 feet in low wind

Wisconsin: Lawsuits against industrial wind turbine developers will be facilitated by proposed legislation

Calgary: Homebuilder suing Calgary mayor for $6M for defamation

Philippines: Villagers mob U.S. aid choppers as relief effort spreads

Philippines: Toronto medic helps deliver aid to native land

Freeing trade: Harper debates 'biggest' trade deal with Mulroney watching; Harper compares Canada-EU trade agreement with FTA and NAFTA deals; tough act to follow, but there's more opportunity and 'free' in CETA

Canadian-owned Circle K scoops up another 36 stores in U.S. Couche-Tarde now owns and/or operates over 17,300 convenience stores worldwide through Circle K and other names

Saskatchewan a manufacturing tiger? The prairie province best known for endless fields of wheat is hitting record sales on the manufacturing front; sales went up 9% from August to September

Canadian manufacturing soaring: Hits nearly $50B in September; up four of last five months

Philippines: Latest travel advisory update from the Govt of Canada

Canadian star leads Grand Prix in Paris: Three-time world champ Chan's record-breaking performance puts him in command at Olympic warm-up

Toronto: Ford brothers don't miss opportunity to promote Toronto even in the middle of personal maelstrom; give signed Toronto t-shirts to visiting American media [video]

Toronto: Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti says vote to strip authority from Mayor Ford sets "horrible precedent" [video]

Toronto: Councillor Doug Ford says council can't remove mayor or his powers, only voting public can do so; councillors have created "slippery slope" [video]

Toronto: Mayor Ford hires top municipal lawyer in country after council mutinies and votes to remove his statutory authority; have they gone too far? has council put own seats at risk by going outside the law? [video]

Nunavut: Recently elected MLAs choose Peter Taptuna as next Premier; no political parties in elections for government of largest, northernmost and newest territory of Canada, covering 2,093,190 km², neighbour to Greenland

Philippines: Filipinos not waiting for aid, busy with hammers and saws re-creating homes and living space destroyed in typhoon

Vancouver: 14 hurt as 17 vehicles, including Greyhound bus, collide 90 km east of city

Revolution: McDonald's tries out burger customization after decades of no options

Germany: Free Democrat parliamentarian slams IPCC science, proposed climate policy; speech calls on colleagues to acknowledge facts on climate

Blair record not pretty: The scathing police watchdog report on G20 police conduct in 2010; mass violations of rights, excessive use of force and law-breaking by officers who were “blindly following orders”

Toronto: Rob Ford not taking council's limiting of powers lying down; did they overstep their authority? mob rule?

Christie Blatchford: Rob Ford’s downfall leaves sobering questions about Toronto police probe; have police leaks been calculated to remove mayor?

Toronto: Poll says most citizens back police chief even after questionable release of investigation documents on uncharged Ford; Blair was also given a pass by public after blowing G20 security in 2010, despite scathing report by watchdog

Gaffe watch: Justin Trudeau's latest

Toronto: Council votes to strip Ford of legal powers; Ford says will go to courts to stop illegal move

Champagne dreams: Pan Am Games organizers' posting of expenses long overdue

Whistleblowers: Robocalls witnesses named after judge lifts publication ban

Crisis: Diabetes cases hit record 382 million worldwide

France: European stocks spooked by manufacturing data

Compensation up to 2009: Bank of America to pay $404M to Freddie Mac to settle mortgage dispute

China: U.S. sends new submarine-hunting jets to Japan amid East Asia tension

Slow internet? It's either because it's 'Cyber Monday' or you're at (aka still-slow Obamacare website)

Maiduguri: 'Scores' dead after hundreds of Islamic militants in trucks and a stolen armoured personnel carrier attack Nigerian air force base, burn planes

'Faster' claimed, but still doesn't 'work' properly: Obamacare website 'fixers' claim it can handle more people now, but admit "back end" doesn't yet work despite PR claims and coming advertising blitz

Black weekend: Record crowds, but spending down

Big reveal on 60 Minutes: Delivery drones coming: Jeff Bezos promises 30-minute shipping with Amazon Prime Air -- IF you live within 10 miles of 'fulfillment centre'

John Dodson: How the U.S. gave guns to Mexican cartels

Washington: Deadline passes, but Obamacare Web site still full of glitches

Valencia: Speed a factor in Paul Walker death crash: police

New York: Baby not covered under Obamacare family plan

Anchorage: Plane crashes in western Alaska, killing 4 passengers, including infant

California: Fast and Furious star killed in car crash; was passenger

The other America: "Taxpayers are the fools... working is stupid"

Kiev: Ukraine riot police break up pro-Europe protests

Nanjing: Communist China restores Chiang Kai-shek's house, and image

Charles Krauthammer: An outbreak of lawlessness

Jack Kelly: Democrats herding the 'sheeple' — sheep to be sheared, cows to be milked, suckers to be swindled

David Shribman: Obama in retreat

Moonage daydream? Japanese company proposes turning moon into solar power producer for Earth

USA: Secret tipper leaving behind thousands for wait staff

Charles Krauthammer: Death of Obamacare will be at hands of Democrats trying to save their skins in 2014 mid-terms; demise won't be held against Republicans [video]

East China Sea: China flies fighter jets into disputed air defence zone; Japan remains defiant

Passing on wind subsidies? U.S. may be ending billions flowing to wind producers

Holland: Google 'spins invisible web' with user data, watchdog says; Web giant's practice of combining user data from its different services violates data protection law

East China Sea: U.S. cautions airlines crossing China's newly declared air defence zone; commercial flights advised to take safety measures as China-Japan row persists

Quinnipiac poll: Obama hits historic low in bellwether Ohio

Obamacare turkey: Ten talking points to ruin your Thanksgiving meal

Times of Israel: U.S. now indicates Iran interim deal wasn’t quite finalized; just a pre-Thanksgiving diversionary tactic?

Obamacare: New delay, this one for 12 months, as failures and excuses mount

Dana Milbank: Obama’s photo policy smacks of propaganda; Tass, DC-style

Sao Paulo: Two die in Brazil World Cup stadium accident

Charles Krauthammer: ‘Sucker’s deal’ - "precisely at the point of maximum leverage, President Obama is offering relief in a deal that is absurdly asymmetric: The West weakens sanctions in exchange for cosmetic changes that do absolutely nothing to weaken Iran’s nuclear infrastructure"

Ohio: Hundreds remain evacuated after railcar derailment causes flammable liquid leak

George F. Will: How a Presidency unravels; "Obama is like someone who burns down your house. Then shows up with an empty water bucket. Then lectures you about how defective the house was."

Attention travellers: TSA is no match for mad scientist and his gun made with junk from airport stores

Maryland: Man on fire enters Ocean City church, sparking blaze that killed rector

Panama prosecutor reverses story: None of crew of seized on North Korean ship has been freed

Panama City: Panama to liberate North Korean ship, most of crew; ship was seized for carrying hidden arms from Cuba

Geneva: Talks on global free-trade deal collapse

Check your bookshelf: First book printed in North America —in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1640— sells for record $14.2M

German coalition: : Merkel's party reaches deal with SPD

Iran: White House lying about details of nuke deal; Iranian officials say fact sheet ‘invalid’, being used to mislead American public

Backs Japan: U.S. defies China with B-52 flight over disputed islands

"It's kind of like Jimmy Carter all over again" Former hostages react to Iran's nuclear deal

Low ratings, slur suspension, diva behaviour: Alec Baldwin fired from MSNBC

Maoist collective at centre of UK 'slavery' scandal: Member of Maoist group died in mysterious circumstances after falling out of a bathroom window on Christmas Eve

Pakistan: "56 women killed in 2013 for giving birth to girls" - Rehman

Unlike every other website ever built: White House doesn't want big traffic next week; afraid of more crashes; Obamacare promoters should 'cool it'

Newtown: Sandy Hook report answers some questions, but many still a mystery; Adam Lanza 'had a fascination with mass shootings and firearms,' but displayed no 'aggressive or threatening tendencies'

They shoot horses, don't they? Canadian author Yann Martel's Oscar-winning 'Life of Pi' nearly drowned its star tiger; American Humane Association comes under fire for cover-ups of animal deaths in movies

Online petition: 'Family Guy' fans not happy with Brian's death

Premature release? U.S. unfreezes $8B in Iranian assets; Iranian officials praise ‘new path towards Iran’

Afghanistan: Adulterers may be stoned under new Afghan law, official says

Toronto Maple Leafs tops: Forbes names the NHL's most valuable teams

New York City: Approaching Nor’Easter threatens holiday travel, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade; heavy rain, gusty winds expected to roll in late Tuesday

Cairo: Egypt's president bans large protests

COP 19: The Left walks out on the climate talks

Iran deal: Bad and morally indefensible

U.S. loses $139M in loan guarantees: Fisker hybrid auto-maker goes bankrupt, sells assets off-shore

Ohio: 5 'Occupy Cleveland' activists who plotted to blow up busy highway bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park sentenced to a total of 45.25 years in prison; sentences range from to 11.5 years

Couple released on bail: Police begin house-to-house inquiries in alleged slavery case

Cult 'brainwashing' blamed: Collective 'slaves' were not physically restrained

Not a simple case: London 'slaves' had been in political collective with captors, police say; first met male suspect through shared political ideology

Riga: Latvian president calls store collapse that killed 54 "murder"; toll may go higher, at least 7 presumed trapped under rubble; death toll includes 3 rescue workers

Syria: Activists say government warplanes kill 44 in north

Chicago: The largest Kennedy artifact collection in the world; from the 'Queen Mary 2' 1956 Caddy used by the Secret Service to Jackie's clothes, Oswald's mail, and the ambulance that tried to save him, Jack Ruby's shoes, and even a piece of fence from the grassy knoll [video]

WGN: Chicagoans share memories of JFK’s assassination [video]

Dallas: Gov. Connally's son recalls day of dad, JFK's shooting

CBS replay: The still-stunning TV coverage by CBS News from November 22, 1963 makes for riveting viewing, complete with video glitches and inspired man-on-the-street interviews

CBS - Bob Schieffer: Parkland doctor who treated the President believes JFK's back brace cost him his life; held him upright as a target for kill shot

CBS replay: Walter Cronkite announces the death of JFK to a stunned nation; this made the nightmare official

Spurns Obama: California won't extend health plans terminated by Obamacare

Dallas: Watch home movie newly available today that was shot 50 years ago by 12-year-old minutes before JFK assassination; now a retired Methodist Minister he wants to share it beyond his family

CBS: Dallas remembers JFK at downtown event

Dallas: Crews rush to ready Dealey Plaza for 50th-anniversary commemoration

Obamacare cover-up: CNN finds documents that reveal the only part of the website that actually worked at launch was shelved for political reasons; the govt didn't want 'anonymous shoppers' to find out how much new health plans would cost

Tokyo: Japanese affection for JFK unwavering 50 years later; new Ambassador Caroline Kennedy treated like a rock star

Ottawa: U.S. move to sell GM stake will push Canada closer to break-even on bailout investment; Canada still holds 110.1 million GM shares or about 8% of shares outstanding

Detroit: U.S. to sell last 31.1 million GM shares by year-end; $10B loss for taxpayers

updated ~ Latvia: Now 51 dead, 28 in hospital, some still trapped after Riga supermarket roof collapsed during busy shopping hours

World-scale internetjacking: How somebody forced the world’s internet traffic through Belarus and Iceland—and why

Ezra Klein: Nine reasons the filibuster change is a huge deal

Changing the rules: Reid, Democrats trigger ‘nuclear’ option; eliminate most filibusters on nominees; the wounded beast snaps

Obamacare: Top New York City hospitals, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, won't accept Obamacare health plans; institutionalizes two-tier medicine

Obamacare: Second wave of plan cancellations looms in 2014

JFK: J.D. Tippit's sometime partner speaks to media for first time about hearing shots and assassination aftermath, including his tackling and handcuffing of Jack Ruby

ABC News: U.S. may have let 'dozens' of terrorists into country as refugees

The killer: How and why the media served as pallbearers on November 24th; "Cochran, if we're gonna write a story about the burial of Lee Harvey Oswald, we're gonna have to bury the son of a bitch ourselves"

Pakistan: U.S. drone strike kills 8

Pinocchio: Obama was briefed last Spring on Obamacare problems

Nuts for that: Lower cancer, heart death risk

Olympics doubtful? Lindsey Vonn may be on ice for Sochi after multiple injuries including tear of her just-repaired ACL in Colorado training crash

Obamacare fails mount: None of the promises true; can't keep doctors, can't keep hospital, can't keep insurance, premiums up, deductibles up, website far from functional

CBS News poll: 84% of Democrats want Obamacare changed or repealed

CBS News poll: 61% of Americans disapprove of Obamacare; number is growing

Next Obamacare bombshell from Project Veritas: Undercover video catches 'Enroll America' Director in Texas conspiring to release private data for political uses

Obamacare: Sebelius South Beach PR visit turns into nightmare of website crashes and sad stories; brags to media that "at least two more South Floridians had successfully signed up for the program" yesterday

India: Bomb scare turns into smuggling probe

Egypt: Suicide car bomber kills 10 soldiers

Baghdad: Wave of attacks in Iraqi capital kills at least 24

AHA study: Kids are less fit than their parents were at same ages

Broad opposition: Obama plunges ahead toward Iran nuclear deal

updated ~ Mexico-bound medical flight: Learjet crashes off Florida coast, two bodies found; 2 pilots, doctor and nurse aboard

Gettysburg 150th: Missing in Action: Obama a no-show at Gettysburg Address anniversary

Tongaat: South Africa mall roof collapse traps dozens

V2V next frontier: NHTSA may mandate that new vehicles broadcast location, direction, speed, number of passengers

Worse than we thought: Chao admits that "between 30% and 70% of Obamacare’s online system has not yet been constructed or tested—they’ve had over three years"

ABC News poll: Obama hits new approval low, 70% see country on wrong path [video]

Zero Hedge: The faked October 2012 pre-election jobs report, the people who saw it then, and the media people who ran cover

Derek Burney and Fen Hampson: A weakened President’s desperate diplomacy

Lebanon: Al-Qaida affiliate Abdullah Azzam Brigades claims responsibility for deadly Beirut attack

updated ~ Charlottesville: Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds stabbed multiple times, son dead of gunshot wound; Democrat was a 2009 candidate for governor

Philadelphia: Wild high school brawl caught on video and spread on social media; described as "zoo" by school worker

Economic suicide: The volcanoes in Indonesia and Italy have pumped more CO2 into the air than decades of laws and trillions or dollars could stop, even if it mattered

Italy: 17 dead in Sardinia from rain, flash floods - State of emergency declared

Italy: Mount Aetna blows smoke rings as nature makes art

Lebanon: Twin suicide bombings outside Iranian Embassy in Beirut kill 23

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Gettysburg Address: A President’s speech, almost Biblical in scope and power

More Obama fraud: 2012 U.S. unemployment reports in weeks before election were based on falsified data on "orders from above"

Joe Bastardi: Haiyan was only the seventh strongest recorded typhoon to hit the Philippines, which has been struck 58 times by super typhoons; the strongest was in 1970

U.S. Midwest: Forecasts, warnings, church attendance spared lives from tornadoes; toll now 8 in late-season outbreak; still a low-twister year

Gallup: Majority in U.S. now say healthcare not government responsibility

Vermont: Welch calls ethanol a 'well-intentioned flop'

Tehran: Iran unveils its biggest drone yet, capable of 30-hour flight

New Hampshire Union Leader editorial: Ignorance or malice: Obamacare and NH's three Democrats

Peggy Noonan: Why we still talk about JFK

Byron York: 27 Democratic senators who promised you could keep your health coverage

Edward Luce: The Obama Presidency is not over, but it is failing

Indonesia: 2 volcanoes erupt, prompting flight warnings and evacuation preparations

Dubai: Boeing and Bombardier collaborate on a lower-cost, Challenger-based Maritime surveillance plane

Syria: Top rebel commander Abdul Qadir al-Saleh dies

Syria: 31 dead, including 4 generals, as government building near Damascus levelled by bomb, say activists

U.S. Midwest: Storms killed at least six, destroyed/damaged hundreds of houses

Michael Barone: A devastating poll on Obama—and Obamacare

Brandon: Trudeau pushes drug legalization in meeting with teenagers; tweet from newspaper editor suggested primary school students present ("audience was combined younger kids and high school"), then story changed

Crux of the matter: PCs ready to start healing Ontario as Hudak town hall tour shows in Niagara

Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau: the featherweight of Canadian politics? just "famous-for-being-famous"? [video]

updated ~ Ontario: Child porn probe began with Toronto man, ends with 348 people arrested worldwide

Ottawa: CRTC ordered to study impacts of TV unbundling as public agrees with government to kill bundling boondoggle

Ontario: Warren Buffett buys Heinz, closes plants in Leamington, ON, Florence, SC and Pocatello, ID; 740 jobs lost at Leamington plant which processed 40% of field tomatoes grown in Ontario, was 2nd largest Heinz plant in the world

Toronto: Rob Ford names and vows to sue former staffers and waiter for libel over prostitution, drugs and other allegations in unredacted police documents released Wednesday; media feigns shock at Mayor's reaction [video]

Chantal Hébert: Justin Trudeau still making rookie mistakes; " If they had been flies on the Liberal wall in Montreal on Tuesday night, Mulcair and Harper would have liked what they saw. ...his over-scripted performance in Bourassa would have reinforced the perception that he can only avoid putting his foot in his mouth by sticking to banalities. If this were the real thing rather than a handful of byelections, the Liberals would be in trouble."

Illegal donation? NDP attacks Liberals’ Montreal by-election candidate over use of $100,000 allowance

Scott Feschuk: Justin Trudeau is un-smart like me; What if Trudeau’s China gaffe wasn’t a gaffe at all, but a genius political strategy?

Philippines: Canadian DART aid is on the ground in Iloilo staffed by 70 Canadian aid personnel and soldiers; a second C-17 full of supplies and soldiers is en route from Trenton airbase

Ontario: Bumbling Liberals blew $1.1B cancelling two gas plants, will they now blow $2B to cancel a wind farm in Lake Ontario within sight of the re-located Oakville gas plant? Read the court documents

Ottawa: Chiarelli won't budge on unilateral suspension of municipal planning control over industrial wind turbines; 'province knows best'

Crux of the matter: Conservative Gov’t of Stephen Harper responsible for Canada’s prosperity!

Ottawa: Released documents show Conservative Party co-operated with robo-call investigator

Errata: Is a college ‘dimploma’ to blame for this Globe and Mail headline?

updated ~ Toronto: Judge orders release of redacted court documents in drug case of Ford friend Lisi; wild allegations to become public

Philippines: Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) headed to city of Iloilo, so far under-served by ongoing humanitarian efforts

Toronto: Rob Ford faces his Council accusers in public, admits for first time to buying illegal drugs, wants to get on with city business

UN: Besides Typhoon Haiyan, 2013 storm season just below average worldwide; Atlantic at its quietest since 1994

Thinkers50: Canada scores at business 'Oscars'

Andrew Coyne: Justin Trudeau's gaffes reveal the gulf between his intellectual reach and grasp; "It is harder and harder to see this as a refreshing candour, or even a dangerously loose lip. Rather, we seem to be tapping directly into the workings of a cluttered and undisciplined mind."

IEA: Canada to emerge as the fourth-fastest growing oil player in the world

Terry Glavin: The government Trudeau most admires

Bjørn Lomborg: Why subsidizing renewables won’t stop global warming

DRIC: New Windsor-Detroit international bridge moving ahead on both sides of the river

Minimums got your tongue? Trudeau tweet provokes debate on mandatory minimums but not another word from liberal leader

Canada fiscal update: Federal debt-to-GDP ratio lower now than in 2005-06, on target to be 25% in 2021-2022

Fiscal update: Canada has best performance among G7 countries over recovery in both output and job creation

Typhoon relief: Canadian military advance team reaches Philippines, begins assessment

Montreal: Three children, elderly driver injured after car crashes into daycare

IEA: Americas will top Middle East in oil output over next decade, but energy demand will be driven by China and India

Ottawa: In 2006, 81.5% of Canada's exports were to U.S.; down to 74.5% in 2012 as other markets expanded

Ottawa: Government of Canada update of economic and fiscal projections

Ottawa: Former MP Ted Menzies to head CropLife Canada

Fiscal update: Canadian Finance Minister Flaherty projects $3.7B surplus in 2015-16; deficit eliminated faster than budget projected

Toronto: Bobblehead bedlam: Rob Ford dolls a hit as hundreds line up to buy

Blowin' in the Wind: Turbine install problems deepen, inspection firm reports 84% of blades inspected have defects related to manufacture, wear or transportation

Making law: Ontario Appeals Court says serious gun crimes deserve harsh sentences but rules thumbs down on mandatory minimums as 'cruel and unusual punishment'

Hydro power: Quebec and Boeing partner in innovative river turbine power project on St. Lawrence; jobs, exports and remote power all goals

Mark Bourrie: The witch of November; death on the Great Lakes

Tuesday fiscal update: Not merely balanced budget, but useful surplus for 2015?

Susan Delacourt: Trudeau's three Thursday mistakes

Mexico: Montreal Mafia figure killed in Acapulco

Toronto: Canadian tailor Garrison Bespoke makes bulletproof three-piece suit

B-24 Liberator: Worst plane crash in RCAF history frozen in time

Toronto Sun editorial: Justin talked, we listened; CBC left, covered for him

Philippines: Final storm of year could be following Typhoon Haiyan’s path

updated ~ Philippines: U.S. aircraft carrier George Washington leaving Hong Kong to provide help

Philippines: UK sending ship from Singapore, C-17 full of supplies

Philippines: Canadian Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) aboard C-17 on way to help; NOTE: these transport planes are officially designated as CC-177 Globemaster IIIs by RCAF

Ypres, Belgium: Prince Philip, 92, given soil from Flanders Fields for a memorial garden in London; the 70 bags of earth were collected by schoolchildren from the WWI battlefield

Canada: Environmental weasels trying to exploit Philippines tragedy; link typhoon to oil; ignore fact hurricanes, tornadoes at record lows

Philippines: Province of Ontario pledges $1M for Typhoon Haiyan relief

Philippines: Aid beginning to 'trickle' into hit areas: Canadian Red Cross

India: Mars mission hits a snag

Philippines: Waterloo man launches fundraiser

Unsettled science: New study: ‘...climate system is only about half as sensitive to increasing CO2 as previously believed’

Remembrance Day: Canadians pause and paying respects, from coast to coast, at cenotaphs and memorials, and battlefields from the War of 1812

Red Lake,ON: 5 dead after Bearskin Airlines plane crashes short of runway; 2 passengers survive and able to escape post-crash fire; plane was a 19-passenger Fairchild Metroliner

Canberra: Australian PM faces pressure to boycott Sri Lanka summit along with Canada and India

Check your roof: GOCE satellite missing and presumed in water or disintegrated but they don't really know

Vietnam: Weakened Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall east south-east of Hanoi

Terence Corcoran: Despite everything, Rob Ford’s fiscal record is solid

Rex Murphy: An early, bitter Christmas for the Ford-haters

Chris Vander Doelen: Tobacco smuggling crackdown means perps will face minimum sentences, including years in jail for the professionals and repeat offenders

Marois: Quebec Liberals 'completely isolated' on opposition to Values Charter

Typhoon Haiyan: Members of Canada's Filipino community come together to aid victims

Blame the whistleblower: Montreal media that revealed more Elections Canada incompetence gets the blame

Typhoon Haiyan: Statement by Canadian Prime Minister Harper as Canada pledges help to close friends in Philippines

Frontiersman: How Mike Lazaridis plans to turn Waterloo into the Silicon Valley of quantum computing

Vietnam: 600,000 people evacuated as Typhoon Haiyan nears

Power scavenger: New invention converts microwaves into electricity; offers breakthrough potential for charging batteries, remote applications

Collector's item: Toronto Mayor's office selling Rob Ford bobblehead dolls to raise money for United Way

Tiny Township: Pilot and missing Cessna thought to be at bottom of Nottawasaga Bay: police

Admiration: Human rights activists want Trudeau to apologize for China "dictatorship" comment

Forum Research poll: Rob Ford voter support holding steady at 44% despite week of unrelenting media bombardment

Chrysler: 1.2 million Ram trucks recalled after crashes, injuries

BlackBerry: Manulife Financial investing $70M

Gaffe-prone: Trudeau's 'dictatorship admiration' at sexist fundraiser keeps making waves, fits into pattern of outrageous comments

Manila: Typhoon Haiyan’s speed may have spared Philippines from worse damage

Know your storm: How a hurricane differs from a typhoon or cyclone: Mostly where they are and when they hit

Edmonton: Canadian Filipino community watching closely as super typhoon slams the Philippines

Llama follow-up: Serge the tram-riding Llama is back home in the circus after spending a night out on the town in Bordeaux, France and becoming an instant social media celebrity; the students were arrested and released without charges

Anchorboy: Former TSN anchor Jay Onrait turns attention to printed word; now big shot with Dan O'Toole in Los Angeles on Fox Sports 1 network

Air Canada: Stock jumps to 5-year high as profit exceeds estimates

Justin Trudeau: "Country he most admires" is China because he likes ability of their "dictatorship" to get things done; Justin appalls Canadians and enrages China in same answer...

Canada: Unemployment stays at 6.9%; 12 months ago it was 7.4%

Christie Blatchford: Paid-for video of inebriated Rob Ford takes Canadian journalism to new lows; Toronto Star says it paid $5,000

Toronto: Justin Trudeau hosts intimate sexist fundraiser, can't get arrested; invisible kid needs guitar and spray can

Part of the game, eh: Current and former NHL players bristle at debate over abolishing fighting

Ottawa: Wounded ex-soldiers to be first in line for federal government jobs

Flaherty: Enriching CPP benefits good idea, but only when economy stronger

Ottawa: Clement vows to ensure Senators' two suspended years don't count as pensionable time

And then the world... Iconic Tim Hortons coffee looks to expand its current presence in Canada, U.S. and Middle East—and then across the globe

Ottawa: Canada fiscal update to be delivered on Tuesday in Edmonton

Crux of the matter: Toronto media need to STOP bullying Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto: Police charge SUV driver that ran over Christopher Skinner in 2009; say more of the 6 occupants of the vehicle will be charged soon; Skinner, 27, was beaten, then run over

Ontario: Liberals in denial as they ignore $11.7B deficit and claim running "lean" operation (that regularly throws away $$ billions, of course)

Brazil: Will Justin Bieber be extradited from Paraguay? Will Canada intervene? As the Biebs turns...

Jack Mintz: Ontario’s bad tax credits

Canada: Big business and big unions no longer fund federal politics, individual party supporters do; and some people really hate that

Kathryn Marshall: Hey Justin Trudeau, we're not your ladies; anti-social insult backfires for Liberal leader

Naifs and scoundrels: D-Day veteran's message to left-wing white poppy activists [video]

Flattery: Burger King continues to copy McDonalds menu

Cereals North America: China to increase grain imports this year, but likely not corn

Trending up: Canada seen exporting more wheat to U.S. in 2013-14, also more external exports

Bunge: Record-big 17.43 million Tonnes Canada canola crop

Saskatchewan: Province repeals elected Senate law, passes motion calling for abolition

Ilinois: Storm left its marks, some unique and tell-tale

A rare view of a tornado's footprint is revealed in this aerial photograph of
Washington, Ill., the day after the EF-4 tornado. ~ Zbigniew Bzdak Chicago Tribune

Homestead: Jimmie Johnson wins 6th NASCAR Sprint Cup in last 8 years

'Six Pack' Jimmie Johnson and crew chief Chad Knaus tear up the NASCAR record book again.

Total tornado devastation: Washington, Illinois

"I went over there immediately after the tornado, walking through the neighborhoods, and
I couldn't even tell what street I was on," Washington, Illinois, Alderman Tyler Gee
told the Associated Press. ~ Twitter

Kokomo: Twister-destroyed BMO bank

BMO bank branch ripped apart by tornado in Kokomo, Indiana. ~ @KokomoPolice

Outbreak! 50 twisters sighted as of 4 p.m. - National Weather Service;
stunning video by Anthony Khoury - tornado in backyard [video]

Chicago: Tornado warnings hit new areas; Coal City whacked

City webcam shows twister touching down in Coal City, Illinois. ~ @ChuckGoudieABC7

Chicago: Bears game suspended; fans told to seek cover from storm

Soldier Field in Chicago as NFL game suspended.

Chicago: 'Very dangerous' storm puts 53+ million at risk
in U.S. Midwest and Southwestern Ontario

The twister-filled storm approaches Chicago [above].

The SW Ontario warnings from storm front [above].

Tornado tears up Peoria, Illinois. ~ Anthony Khoury Twitter

Russia: Boeing 737 crash kills 50 passengers and crew

The Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashed at the city of Kazan airport at 7:20 p.m.
local time. Reports said the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second
landing attempt, crashing and catching fire. Weather in the city soon after was
reported to be light precipitation and winds of about 18 mph.

Toronto: City Council broke law by stripping Mayor of powers;
Ford lawyer may be seeking court injunction Monday

Philippines: DART blog—complex challenges await aid crews

Philippines: On the ground with Canada's DART

Two men transport livestock on a road between between Roxas and Pilar. ~ David Common CBC

Philippines: Natural disasters are common;
ways to reduce their impact aren’t

Survivors struggle in the Philippines: Destruction across chain of islands leaves authorities with a
complicated relief operation, on a scale exceeding any other in the history of the
disaster-prone nation. ~ Washington Post

Philippines: NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman 'in awe' of Israeli medics

Seoul: LG Electronics VIP chopper hits apartment building in fog

An LG Electronics-owned Sikorsky S-76C++ helicopter used for VIP transport crashed into a 30-storey apartment building in Seoul, Korea. ~ MBN

Philippines: Tacloban school now 'home' to 1,500 people [video]

Philippines: Stunning scenes of typhoon damage in Tacloban [video]

Slate: China ends urban one-child policy, if one parent is only child;
also, will no longer try to "re-educate" people in slave labour camps

LA Times: Batkid captured hearts of San Franciscans

Batkid: San Francisco makes 5 yr old's wish come true, city goes Batty

The 12,000 volunteers who donned superhero capes and morphed San Francisco into Gotham City can’t make sure a California boy will stay clear of leukemia for the rest of his life. But, in handing the 5-year-old the key to the city on Friday, they sure gave him every boy’s dream-come-true for a few hours and a memory for a lifetime.

November 22, 1963: Dallas' Sixth Floor Museum gives
bigger picture of JFK assassination

Left, Oswald's sniper's nest preserved in the Texas School Book Depository, the definitive museum for the dark events
of November 22, 1963. Right, President John F. Kennedy, in the Lincoln limousine in which he would die minutes later that Friday afternoon 50 years ago next week. Bottom, Oswald's view. The X marks the spot where the bullet hit.

Reuters: U.S. official in July feared Obamacare 'crash'

Quagmire: Six weeks ago Democrats loved Obamacare
and wouldn't change a word; now they get it

Washington: State Commissioner says stuck with Obamacare as-is

Philippines: Official fired for estimate of 10,000 dead from typhoon

Not that simple: Logistically impossible now for insurance companies
to suddenly let people keep plans banned by Obamacare

Mea culpa: Obama admits not "honest and trustworthy";
tries to delay some Obamacare pain until after 2014 elections

UN: 4,460 dead in Philippines, 920,000 displaced

Philippines: USS George Washington arrives; Canada's DART producing
drinking water in volume, may send fleet of Griffon helicopters via C-17

Philippines: Delivery logistics has been problem as aid flows in

Philippines: UK appeal raises £13M

Philippines: Communist rebel attack makes matters worse,
disrupts mass burial effort in typhoon-ravaged Tacloban

Philippines: Death toll numbers are difficult
and not a priority during race to save the living

Philippines situation desperate: Bodies piled in the streets
as makeshift mortuaries overrun and survivors await rush of help

Tens of thousands are in desperate need of basic shelter, food and clean water.

Debris everywhere, infrastructure non-existent near Tacloban city as survivors tip-toe through ruins.

Arms strong: Montrealer Mylène Paquette's solo row across Atlantic

Paquette, 35, becomes 1st North American woman to cross North Atlantic solo after leaving Halifax 4 months ago.

AP: Philippines death, injured, missing tolls show growing human disaster

Philippines: Desperate survivors seek to flee typhoon zone

Remembrance: Harper marks the battle at Crysler's Farm 200 years
ago today "that saved Canada" - media acts confused

Manila Times: World joins rescue efforts; 22 countries, plus European
Union and Taiwan, have pledged aid or sent relief and rescue teams

Philippines: Death from above

Striking satellite image shows perfectly formed storm. Super Typhoon Haiyan battered Philippines with ferocious
winds of up to 320 km/h (199mph). Although not the most powerful storm to have ever formed in recorded
history, it could be the strongest at the time of landfall. ~ BBC

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines declares state of calamity

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan: Before and after the storm

Cargo ships were pushed on land at Anibong town, near Tacloban city. ~ BBC

Remembrance: A Day for the living and the dead who gave so much

Lest We Forget

Today in Ottawa at the National War Memorial.

Philippines: Govt of Canada to match donations of individual Canadians
to registered Cdn charities in addition to $5M aid announced Saturday

Philippines: Family members head to hit areas with food, supplies, hopes

Vietnam: Typhoon Haiyan changes course, threatens north

Philippines: Horrific scene: bodies in debris, trees, water and streets;
"From shore and moving a kilometre inland, no structures standing"

Philippines: U.S. sends in Marines to help after typhoon

Philippines: Battle on to get storm aid to battered survivors

Philippines: Tacloban in ruins - utter devastation to the horizon

The death toll is mounting in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan tore across the country on Friday. Among the worst hit areas is eastern Leyte island and the city of Tacloban where the devastation resembles the aftermath of a tsunami. ~ BBC

Philippines: 300 dead, 2,000 missing in typhoon-hit Samar Island

Philippines: Most deaths from drowning and collapsed buildings [video]

Philippines: Official estimates now say at least 10,000
died from Typhoon Haiyan in province of Leyte alone

Philippines: Tacloban, population 200,000, "in ruins" after typhoon

Vietnam next: Philippine typhoon death toll could top 1,200

A view of destroyed houses after super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city in central Philippines
November 9, 2013. One of the strongest typhoon ever to hit land, it devastated the city of Tacloban,
killing at least 100 people, turning houses into rubble and levelling the airport in a surge of flood water
and high wind, officials said Saturday. ~ Erik De Castro Reuters

Manila: U.S. groups launch relief efforts to help Philippines storm victims

235 mph: 'Biggest storm in history?' batters the Philippines

Flag Counter

Manila: More than 100 dead after massive typhoon hits Philippines

Hubble: Spaceship, spinning asteroid or UFO?
Described by NASA as "weird and freakish", scientists offering up theories

The mysterious "rock", located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, was seen
spewing matter from its surface by the telescope on September 10. Then in a second
image taken on September 23rd, the asteroid, dubbed P/2013 P5, appeared to have
swung around significantly.

Egypt: Senior security officer in charge of monitoring Muslim Brotherhood assassinated near home

More Obamacare roadkill: D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obama's fix

New Zealand: Startling starling talks just like a human [video]

Russia: The Greenpeace 30 made their prison bed—let them lie in it

Changing of the guard? Gulf airlines splash out over $150B as Boeing launches new 777 mini-jumbo jet

After the lies: Obama struggles to save Obamacare; will the public choose expensive healthcare over food and shelter? will unemployment go up so people can get free healthcare?

Kathleen Parker: The sinking ship of Obamacare

Dana Milbank: Does the health-care fumble mean game over for Obama?

Obamacare: At least 60 million Americans won't be able to sign up through balky website, even when it's working properly

NY Times: Russian manhunt ends as bus bomber’s husband is killed in shoot-out

JFK: Casualty of the Cold War; Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist who idolized Castro and hated America

Reuters: FBI warns of ongoing U.S. Government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Krauthammer: The collapse of Obamacare is the turning point in the Presidency; it's become obvious to the American people that it was fraud all along

Don't believe all the typhoon talk: Only one of six world basins, the North Indian Ocean, is above normal in 2013; worldwide we're at 74% of normal, the North Atlantic is 28% of normal and the entire Southern Hemisphere is just 8% of normal Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE)

Brownstein: Obamacare's problems could haunt Democrats for years; "The last time something blew up on the runway like this. Things were literally blowing up on the runway"

But kept it quiet: U.S. offering $10M reward for Benghazi attackers

NBC: Officials scramble to import emergency meningitis vaccine, not currently licensed in U.S., to halt outbreak at New Jersey's Princeton University

Byron York: The President and his party knew full well the trade-offs they were making; they just didn't tell the rest of the country; and they lied when confronted with the truth; now they have to explain why "some of the trade-offs" of the law that favour some Americans over others weren't explained before now

Ed Rogers: For Democrats, dark days ahead; is the Obamacare “fix” part of the Obama administration’s pattern of deceit or a product of its frequent delusion?

Kimberley Strassel: The President's ObamaCare backpedal isn't a political escape hatch for beleaguered congressional Democrats

Charles Krauthammer: Why liberals are panicked about Obamacare: "For four years, this debate has been theoretical. Now it’s real. And for Democrats, it’s a disaster."

Greece: 12 dead after immigrant boat overturns

Another backdown: In a first, EPA cuts ethanol standard

updated ~ Libya slaughter: 31 dead, 235 injured in Tripoli after Misrata militiamen open fire on unarmed protesters who had politely asked them to leave capital; militiamen now holed up in their compound

Jimmie Johnson: Unchallenged in NASCAR, unappreciated in Charlotte; 5-time champ favoured to make it 6 in Sunday season finale

Obama says will veto: House of Representatives passes Upton 'fix' for Obamacare cancellations to make old policies legal again for new customers; 39 Democrats jump sinking ship to support

Journal: Modern-day pooches most closely related to European canines; domestication started more than 18,800 years ago

Bremerton: Woman leaves bomb in car at Washington state hospital—second found in her home

4 dead: Explosion of dud rounds killed Marines at Pendleton

Salon: Wakeup call for helicopter parents: Mom’s much-needed rant goes viral

Obamacare: President admits plan was to strip existing policies from users, says will make it so they can keep them one more year; uncertain what legal grounds he has for changing implementation of law; linked to 2014 elections?

India: Train hits elephant herd crossing tracks in forest; 5 adults, 2 calves dead

Man in the moon: Andy Kaufman's brother says late comedian is alive, in love and has a 24-yr-old daughter; says he faked his death in 1984 and made contact in 1999

Seattle: Boeing machinists reject contract; company says it may move 777X production line to another state; job losses to Puget Sound will have a major impact on community

UK: Sri Lanka gives Cameron a 'war crimes' warning over Commonwealth meeting which Canada, India and Mauritius are boycotting

Benghazi: Details emerge about the Americans badly injured in attack

Obamacare: Only 26,794 enrolled in first month; but that claim is also empty—it includes website visitors who put health coverage in their online "shopping cart" but didn't commit to it or pay for it; 39,000 enrollees per day are needed for the program to be successful

Philippines: Typhoons always tragic but not 'unprecedented'

Sun spots one link: Multiple lines of evidence suggest global cooling

Milan: Apple under investigation in Italy for alleged tax fraud

Egypt: 'Coup' is a betrayal of the oath Al-Sisi swore: Morsi lawyer

Bill Gates: Here’s my plan to improve our world—and how you can help

India: Official under fire after anti-rape analogy taken out of context

Study: Depression may accelerate the aging process

Fort Drum: U.S. military drone crashes into Lake Ontario

Philippines: U.S. Navy sending two more warships from Japan base

Unintended consequences: Prairies vanish in U.S. push for 'green' energy

Australia: Abbott moves to repeal carbon tax

Lotsa beans: Starbucks told to pay Mondelez $2.7B in coffee dispute

Dallas: One fired, three suspended after undercover Obamacare video reveals deceits

Chicago: TV infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau guilty of criminal contempt over diet book claims

Quinnipiac poll: Obama approval drops to 39%; 52% say he is "not honest and trustworthy"; only 19% say Obamacare will improve their healthcare

Walk on: Exercise boosts memory in adults 50 and older

updated ~ Egypt: State of emergency and curfew ended by court order, two days before expiration, 3 months after imposition

Obamacare: Problems deepen as union front group drops out of Navigator program

TIME: Interactive ‘comet of the century’ tracker: Where’s ISON now?

Cooling? 56% of the U.S. below normal temperature in 2013

Sought to alter story: Industry takes aim at AP ethanol investigation

AP: The secret, dirty cost of Obama's green power push

Sochi: No Tweets, Instagrams, iPhones at the Olympics, authorities declare, or accreditation pulled

Obamacare: Undercover video catches official ‘Navigators’ advising healthcare applicant to ‘lie’ about income, smoking

Atlanta angst: As MLB Braves head for new home 12 miles from Turner Field; sudden announcement catches everyone by surprise

Obamacare: Obama’s massive fraud; if he were a CEO in the private sector, he’d be prosecuted for such deception

Kerry: Iran backed out of agreed-upon nuclear deal

Saudi Arabia: Camel tests positive for MERS virus; owner also suffering from MERS; testing underway to see if identical virus infected both

New York: 4 Iranian musicians dead after murder-suicide; 3 were in band 'Yellow Dogs'

Remembrance Day: A brief history of the role of the poppy; the American and Canadian roles in its rise as an international icon

Warsaw: Polish nationalists attack Russian embassy during Independence Day march

Tehran: Iranian deputy-minister shot dead

NY Times: To grow, Twitter looks to wider web and outside developers

Michael Goodwin: New York Times’ Obama cheerleading harms the nation

MERS: Saudi Arabia death toll reaches 53

Egypt: Israel helps return artefacts stolen from antiquity museums during political upheavals

Passing the buck: Should you get refunded for bad internet service?

Court of Appeal: Brothers get green light to sue eBay over pulled sale of rare sneakers

Gallup reveals: Democrats face numbers crunch as only 22% of uninsured plan to buy Obamacare while 88% were happy before

USS Gerald R. Ford has a better idea: First U.S. carrier redesign in 40 years sets a new standard; will carry manned and unmanned fighters, deploy lasers

Iran: No nuclear deal: 'Some differences' remain after France objects to terms

Retail: Black Friday gobbles up Thanksgiving - and grows into a 2-month season

Philippines: Telecommunications devastated but gradually being restored as mobile cell hubs moved in

Argentina: Kirchner cleared by doctors post-surgery

UK: 20,000 pensioners died from cold last winter

Obamacare: San Francisco programmers build alternative to—over a weekend—and it not only works, but allows bypass of government mess

Ottawa: Stephen Harper’s decision to boycott Commonwealth summit fuels debate in India

Byron York: A brewing IRS fiasco

Charles Krauthammer: Rhetoric vs. reality

Thomas Sowell: Obamacare: An old 'new' program

Look out: European satellite to crash to earth in a few days

Philip Klein: Why Obama's non-apology won't work

Ed Rogers: Six reasons Obamacare will only get worse for Democrats

Obamacare: Media apologism continues, Democrats who were 100% for fiasco now scrambling to distance themselves as 2014 looms and insurance costs jump for the healthy

Jack Kelly: Questions surround true intentions of Obamacare; never before has a president and his party conspired to do deliberately so much harm to so many

Mexico: Crusading mayor who denounced extortion found dead at roadside

Reuters: Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords

Says source misled them: '60 Minutes' issues apology about Benghazi report

Cebu City: 3 dead, thousands flee as Yolanda blasts Philippines

But no mea culpa: Politifact finally acknowledges Obama lied on insurance pledge

New York: 'Very unreliable' jobs report says U.S. unemployment is 7.3%

Syria: Chemical weapons disarmament running behind schedule, will miss deadlines

Netanyahu: 'This is a bad deal--a very, very bad deal'

U.S. Economy grew at 2.8% annual rate in third quarter

China: October exports rise better-than-expected 5.6%

French cuisine: Paris restaurants usher ugly customers to back tables

UN: Jordan to take Saudi Arabia seat on Security Council

Killer offers tenuous claims of innocence: Canadian Omar Khadr set to appeal his five U.S. war crimes convictions

Manila: Super typhoon Haiyan slams into central Philippines, millions flee

Typhoon Yolanda: 17-ft storm surge threatens Ormoc, Leyte

Obamacare: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood mock at CMA Awards [video]

Krauthammer: On Obama's Obamacare apology: "The President now is toxic" [video]

Obamacare: Couple considering divorce, living together, to save on health care [video]

Obamacare: Under the gun, Obama issues hollow apology for lying to Americans about being able to keep their policies; Democrats starting to realize the mess they've created for themselves by destroying American healthcare system; the politicians again are putting their interests first, with the Obama apology not being well-received or seen as good enough

Obamacare: How employer-provided insurance will change

Madrid: First case of MERS virus in Spain; patient infected in Saudi Arabia

Brazil: Google ordered to hand over Street View data

"Never a good idea": Dwindling sales clip wings of heavy Airbus A380

Detroit: Three dead, six hurt in attack on gambling room

Euro zone: Bonds rally after surprise ECB rate cut

National Toy Hall of Fame: Chess, rubber ducky inducted

Twitter: IPO-active: Will stock keep rising?

Pakistan: Malala plotter chosen as replacement Taliban leader

Syria: Russia offers to host talks

U.S. FDA to ban trans fats

updated ~ AP: Twitter surges in opening trade on NYSE

CNBC interviews Twitter chief: Transcript: CEO Dick Costolo speaks on today's IPO, stock pricing

Jonah Goldberg: The Big Apple's mistaken turn left; along with every other fault, new Mayor de Blasio is a Red Sox fan

Voluntary contract: CIA is said to be paying AT&T over $10M a year for phone data

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial: Obamacare: The lies grow

Repeal piece-by-piece and in increments, by courts, by circumstance and by its own incoherence: Vulnerable Democrats casting wary eyes at Obamacare and 2014 election

Kathleen Parker: The sin of omission in Obamacare

Virginia: Why Terry McAuliffe barely won despite massively outspending and a double-digit lead just weeks ago

Murdered: Forensic tests on Yasser Arafat's corpse 'reveal he was fatally poisoned using radioactive polonium' in 2004

Obamacare: Sebelius says needed "a couple of hundred website fixes" when it went live on Oct. 1st; and it still needs a lot of them; anyone who visits knows how bad it it still is, even at most basic level of functionality

Obamacare: Life and death situation developing for some who have now lost health insurance

CNN: U.S. intelligence suggests Syria may hide some chemical weapons

Syria: U.S., Russia fail to agree on peace talks date

Illinois: Audit reveals half of people enrolled in state's Medicaid program not eligible: 357,000

China: 1 killed, 8 injured in IED explosions outside Communist Party offices in North; terrorism or isolated act?

Lakshman Achuthan: "The U.S. is 'still' in recession"

Virginia: Obama Campaign 'bundler' helping fund Libertarian Sarvis in tight gubernatorial race to siphon votes from Cuccinelli

McAuliffe wins Virginia
99.72% of precincts
7 precincts unreported
Cuccinelli (R) 45.42%
McAuliffe (D) 47.57%
Sarvis (L) 6.58%

Virginia votes: Will Obamacare fiasco sink Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe from his lead for Governor? He's behind in early results

Virginia: The 5 counties that matter in Governor race

Jack Kelly: Obama knows nothing; apparently nobody tells him anything about anything

Jonah Goldberg: President Pinocchio: He clearly lied about Obamacare

Obamacare: Another Democrat bails out of the Titanic; Landrieu offers up self-serving lifeline

Paramus: New Jersey mall gunman's brother: It was "an act of self-indulgence"

Liars: Obamacare defenders and architects explain why it's okay that President lied to Americans about health care to get it passed; claim ends not the means that matters; moral bankruptcy

Dhaka: Bangladesh court sentences 152 to death for 2009 mutiny

Pew: Twitter news consumers: young, mobile and educated

Berlin: German government aiding probe into huge art find reported to include Nazi-looted masterpieces

Chicago: Obama sends email to Illinois voters telling them to vote today—but there are no votes in state today

Kazakhstan: Russians are one-upping the Americans who took the 1996 Olympics torch aboard space shuttle Atlantis—they're taking it to the space station and then out for a space walk—unlit, of course

London: British crime commissioner creates pension fund for police dogs

India: 'Textbook launch' as Indian spacecraft send its first mission to Mars in step toward space travel

BBC: North Korea reveals October warship sinking and loss of life

NY Times: Public Editor Margaret Sullivan takes editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal to the woodshed for using misleading language on whether or not Obama lied about Obamacare

Romney: Obamacare fiasco "rotting" Obama's second term

Twitter: Most retweeted of last 24 hours?

California: Meteors streaking across SoCal night sky

Anterolateral ligament: Scientists identify new body part in the knee

Dr. Steven Claes and Professor Johan Bellemans identified the anterolateral ligament in the central part of
the knee and 97% of people are thought to have one. The ligament may be responsible for injured knees
giving way during exercise. The surgeons who found it are now researching surgical techniques to repair
damaged anterolateral ligaments. ~ Daily Mail

California: Non-violent inmates being taught in civilian firefighting camps

Heads up: February's Russian fireball shows big meteor risk

The Manicouagan Crater (above), 300 km north of Baie-Comeau in Quebec,
is estimated to be between 206 and 214 million years old. It is one of the best
preserved craters on Earth. It's original rim is thought to have been about 100 km
wide, and was caused by the impact of an asteroid only 5 km in diameter.
In contrast, the Chelyabinsk meteor was only 62 feet wide but burst with the force
of about 40 Hiroshima-type atom bombs, scientists say. It released a shock wave
that shattered thousands of windows and injured more than 1,600 people, and its
flash was bright enough to temporarily blind 70 people and cause dozens of skin-
peeling sunburns just after dawn in icy Russia, hitting at 42,000 mph.

Senate—Strike 3! Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy suspended;
pay gone, trio will retain health, dental and life insurance benefits

CTV: Transcript of Ford's statement at afternoon news conference

Ford: "I will continue as Mayor..." media laughs out loud at his apology;
classless media members make hyenas look civil...

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford this afternoon. Admission "toughest thing I've ever done";
"I love my job, I love this city, I love saving taxpayers money and I love being your
mayor. There is important work that we must be doing and important decisions that
must be made," Ford said during a news conference late Tuesday afternoon. "For
the sake of the taxpayers of this great city we must get back to work immediately.
We must keep Toronto moving forward. I was elected to do a job and that is exactly
what I am going to continue doing." ~ at afternoon news conference

Frontpage: Like Obama, Ford admits to cocaine; where is line drawn?

What's his next move?
Toronto: Mayor Rob Ford: 'Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine'
...says smoked crack about a year ago. “I don’t even remember.
Probably in one of my drunken stupors.”

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford this morning: "No, I’m not an addict and no, I do not do drugs. I made mistakes in the past
and all I can do is apologize but it is what it is. And I can’t change the past and I can apologize to my family, my
friends, my colleagues and the people of this great city... I felt I had to say it. It is what is. I feel two inches
high right now but I needed to deal with it. I am not going to quit or take a leave." ~ Toronto Star

NBC: Wisconsin skydivers' miraculous plane crash
survival caught on helmet cams [video]

At least 5 of the skydrivers had helmet cams. The video is riveting. ~ NBC

New Jersey: Body of mall shooter found in closed-off area, note found

CBS: Hundreds of police, including SWAT teams, move on NJ shooter;
Paramus & area police sweeping large Garden State Plaza Mall

Police vehicles are streaming into the Garden State Plaza Mall as employees and patrons are locked
down inside stores. Police have found a rifle shell casing; multiple shots were reported.

Virginia: Obamacare central to Cuccinelli's closing argument; neither Obama nor Biden mentioned it in their speeches - first showdown of 2014?

NY Times: Will the universe suffer an "unlucky quantum fluctuation"
and all will be gone? That's what some theoretical physicists contend

David Frum: The Obamacare death spiral

Obamacare: Implementation 'incompetence' top to bottom says memo;
"no one in charge who had any experience in complex business start-ups"

Vatican: Pope wants to step up fight against modern slavery

TIME: Meet the TEA Party's impassioned,
engaged grassroots patriots [video]

The TEA Party scares American governing elites for many reasons, but primarily because its common
sense politics approach is clearly resonating among vast masses who were previously disengaged. As
any political scientist worth his or her salt will tell you, revolutions are led by the previously disengaged
masses (e.g. Russia 1917, Germany 1933, China 1949). The Democrats have demonized TEA Party
activism, while Republicans have tried to accommodate some of it, but both parties have been changed.
It's no longer elite accommodation, broker politics as normal. In this balanced TIME video essay there
may be a hint the media is starting to realize the Taxed Enough Already people aren't one-dimensional
cartoon figures as the mainstream media has continually presented them. ~ TIME

Obamacare: How political fear was pitted against technical needs;
Obama chose implementation strategy, proved he wasn't up to being CEO

Canadian NOMAD: Vancouver company designs incredible micro-house;
to sell for $25,000, assemble easily, fit on tiny plot, be shipped anywhere

A (small) place to call home: Canadian company NOMAD has designed a 10ft by 10ft 'micro-home'
that can be shipped anywhere in the world and assembled easily by its new owners within days.

Snug: The home is fitted with a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor of the structure.

Home: It is light enough to ship but durable enough to insulate and protect against the elements.

Upstairs: It also makes the most of its space - doubling up storage units as seats here in the bedroom.

680news: Prime Minister Harper 'delivers' in Calgary keynote speech;
heralds legacy of lower taxes, vows to protect victims' rights

Harper defiant on economy, Senate; principles & results first; budget
will balance in 2015, laws will keep it balanced; echoes Throne Speech

Calgary speech: "I couldn't care less what they say, we will do the right thing" on Senate

Crux of the Matter: uh-oh... Trudeau Jr. promises NEP Jr.

Losers: When you've lost The New Yorker, you've lost...

Reboot: When you're the cover punchline, you've lost. Obamacare—the biggest government
overreach/fail ever? ~ Barry Blitt The New Yorker

Sharyl Attkisson: Obamacare in brutal shape by every measure, CMS Head Tavenner misled House Committee about numbers [video]

Sharyl Attkisson blows lid off Obamacare deception and lies. 'War Room' meetings twice a day since
October 2nd with all enrollment numbers and updates freely discussed and yet CMS Head Marilyn
Tavenner baldly told the House Committee she wouldn't have such numbers until "mid-November".
The Administration lies just keep on coming. ~ CBS

Sharyl Attkisson: Obamacare early enrollment numbers
very small, documents show; public repeatedly misled:

"The website launched on a Tuesday. Publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. But at a meeting Wednesday morning, the war room notes say 'six enrollments have occurred so far'.

By Wednesday afternoon, enrollments were up to 'approximately 100'. By the end of Wednesday, the notes reflect '248 enrollments' nationwide.

The health care exchanges need to average 39,000 enrollees a day to meet the goal of seven million by March 1. The war room notes give a glimpse into some of the reasons customers had problems:

  • "Direct enrollment -- signing up directly on an insurer's website -- is not working for any issuers."
  • "Experian" credit reporting agency is "creating confusion with credit check information."
  • "Issuer phone numbers are not appearing correctly on the Pay Now page."

Obamacare a disaster: they googled; engineers from Google, Oracle and Red Hat join emergency team after website down for over 36 hours

Syria: Confirmation that Israeli warplanes have attacked target
said to be Russian-made SA-125 missiles in port city of Latakia

updated ~ CBS: Sebelius subpoenaed to produce Obamacare documents

National security: Canadian plane flew 600 miles into U.S., no one noticed; wreckage beside Nashville Airport runway found 6 hours later

Sharyl Attkisson: Obamacare website failed in September tests just
before launch date; this is contrary to claims made to the House
Committee Tuesday by Marilyn Tavenner, the head of CMS

Previously unknown testing by a group of users using test data failed miserably and repeatedly in late
September. When asked about testing by the House Committee no witnesses have talked about the
failed testing, instead claiming all systems were 'go' for October 1st launch. ~ CBS

NBC/WSJ poll: Majority think Obamacare needs overhaul or elimination

Only in it for the money? Wallin's lawyer says Senate can’t take away her pension eligibility despite two-year suspension; wouldn't be eligible anyway until 2015

Marilla Stephenson: Wallin should stop whining about democracy

Bill C-7 passes: The Canadian Museum of History will replace the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull; the new name and mandate "will highlight the national achievements and accomplishments that have shaped our country" [was C-49 in previous Parliament]

Premier Christy Clark: B.C. gas reserves are double the size of previous estimates

Niagara Falls: Casinos on the Canadian side of the border are wary now that New York state voters have approved up to 7 privately-owned casinos in the state; will one or more try to locate near the American Falls?

BlackBerry: Former Apple CEO John Sculley says he was lining up bid

Breakthrough sets terms: British Columbia, Alberta Premiers agree on pipeline negotiations framework

Ottawa: Ex-Senator Harb put bank ‘at risk,’ Mounties say; odd mortgages on houses at issue

New York City Marathon: Joy Johnson, oldest woman to run Sunday, dies at 86; fell during race, died next day after appearing on 'Today Show'

Medicine Hat: British Army to continue to train thousands of troops in southern Alberta

Vet snub: Leftists say they "don't care" if white poppy offends; exploit Remembrance Day for political campaign; ignore inclusiveness of red poppy symbolism

Hamilton: City not liable for Toronto teen's late-night fall off Niagara escarpment; "It's impossible to bubble wrap everything"

Calgary: Encana cutting workforce by 20%, closing Plano office, spinning off assets, slashing dividend in new strategy

NY Times: Canadian hockey history, as documented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, fits into the genre with insight and warm detail

Montreal: Luggage treadmill unloading plane catches fire, sending five people to hospital and forcing the emergency evacuation of Royal Air Maroc 767 flight arriving from Casablanca

David Gorski: More bad science in the service of anti-GMO activism

Hockey book released Tuesday: Prime Minister Harper talks puck with Bob McCown about his new book: 'A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of Professional Hockey' [mp3]

Blue Jays: Won't make qualifying offer to Josh Johnson, other free agents

Anthony Watts: ‘Let’s face it. The climate has never been more boring’— hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts all at low ebb while the "U.S. spent months of the summer setting cold temperature records"

A good deed: Nisga'a First Nation, the first Canadian aboriginal group ready to implement ownership of private property, and some oppose it

CTV News/Ipsos Reid poll: Four in five Canadians back CETA trade deal with EU

Toronto: Fairfax nixes BlackBerry purchase, but will invest additional $1B; CEO Heins and Board Chair Stymiest to leave, replaced by industry veteran Chen

Montreal: New Mayor Denis Coderre calls for unity after hectic year of multiple mayors and corruption allegations

Munich: Artworks worth $1.6B, stolen by Nazis, thought burned in Dresden, discovered in German apartment

Climate Dynamics: Journal article says climate models 'miss the wave', and current non-warming trend will continue at least into 2030s

Caracas: Afghan, Iranians found on Toronto-bound Air Canada flight with fake tickets

Polar terror: Man, 69, who saved woman from polar bear with shovel is in stable condition in hospital after neighbour fired shotgun, honked horn and drove pick-up truck at bear to scare it off

Liberal scandals have consequences: The more money the Ontario Liberals waste, the less money they have for health care; it's not abstract, it's life and death

Don Braid: Harper's command over party remains masterful, despite Senate fiasco

Economic outlook: World according to Bank of Canada head Stephen Poloz: 'cloudy with chance of spaghetti sauce'

Alberta: 13 cars jump the tracks as CN train derails west of Edmonton; 12 carried lumber, one "carrying sulphur dioxide is upright and not leaking"

Weekly radio show: Toronto Mayor Ford apologizes, calls on police to release alleged drug video

Forum Research poll: Rob Ford approval goes up despite media-pumped video scandal; Toronto mayor at 44% approval after police revelations

11th win of season: Champ Vettel wins seventh successive Grand Prix

Flashpoint: Stinging letter by former aide to Pamela Wallin helped trigger expenses audit

Wind turbine human health scandal: New evidence from Australia supports scientific claims of a direct causal link between wind turbine low-level pressure pulses and symptoms of sickness in humans—even up to 20 miles away

Sunday electing 4th Mayor in a year: Montreal mayoral candidates pledge to rid city of corruption

Calgary: Conservative delegates deal decisively with votes media had hyped for months as 'divisive'

Alberta Premier: U.S. failure to approve Keystone pipeline will affect relations with Canada

Ottawa: Canadian sociology professor wanted by France in 1980 bombing challenges extradition order

London,ON: Three family members found inside apartment building died of gunshot wounds; seen as murder-suicide

Calgary: Conservatives condemn union handcuffs in passing support for right to work legislation; pass resolutions against legal euthanasia: "Care, not killing", one delegate urged, and a measure calling for greater transparency on political activities by federal public sector unions

Takin' Care of Business: A Premier gig for Harper and his band Herringbone; takes the stage at Calgary's Cowboys nightclub and lays on the favourites

Montreal: Hydro-Québec scrambles to restore power after wind storm hits southern Quebec

Wanted Party to pay: Mike Duffy's $90K Senate expense refused by Tories

Eastern Pacific: Canada and U.S. gang up to seize 1,107 kilos of cocaine

George Jonas: Like him or not, at this point there is no reason for Rob Ford to resign

James Delingpole: How the BBC persuades itself it's not biased; And why this is a nonsense

Brake problems: Honda recalls 344,000 Odyssey minivans in U.S.

Accepted wisdom on frack fluid proven bogus: Top Halliburton executive sips fracking fluid with colleagues in industry show stunt; it consists of ingredients sourced entirely from the food industry

Due process: Outside audit into wayward Senate expenses cost taxpayers almost $530,000

Assault and kidnapping charges: Russia shocked by U.S. arrest of hockey star Semyon Varlamov

Chrystia Freeland: Liberal candidate in Toronto Centre apparently thinks offering abstract analysis of U.S. politics in NY Times a better use of her time than knocking on doors in her own election battle

Protecting the buyers and the sellers: Feds planning to return to verifying weights and measures after long absence

CETA: Historic trade deal truly win-win say both sides, each getting more than expected; EU to use deal as basis for trade negotiations with Americans

Over 400,000 affected: Powerful winds, heavy rain leave thousands in Quebec, Ontario in the dark

Base jumping: Incredible story of Canadian in wheelchair parachuting off roof of 33-storey building in Malaysia

Due process: RCMP allege in court documents that Senator Pamela Wallin committed fraud, breach of trust, defrauded Senate of more than $5,000

Crux of the Matter: CBC’s 24/7 anti-Conservative bias unethical & embarrassing!

Toronto: Rob Ford's lawyer: The video should be released; Ford not smoking 'crack cocaine' [video]

Nashville puzzle: Windsor man who died in unnoticed airport crash identified; has long criminal record including armed bank robbery; was he involved in drug or people smuggling? How did he fly 600 miles into U.S. without being noticed by authorities on either side of the border? Is air border security really that lax?

Ottawa: Supreme Court of Canada says end-consumers can join class suits over price-fixing

Another Ontario mess: Windsor Parkway fiasco has Liberals re-considering international control of Ontario infrastructure and resulting job losses and quality issues

Calgary: Preston Manning on Senate scandal: 'Everybody should be embarrassed', including the media

Alberta: Train kills elderly man and woman in Wetaskiwin as one tried to help the other tripped up on tracks

Montreal: Man found clinging to life after three months in deep woods, stranded after surviving bear attack

Toronto: Amazon competes against Canadian supermarkets by entering grocery business

Quebec City: Quebec government backs away from balanced-budget pledge

Calgary: #CPC13 Policy resolutions to watch: gender selection, guns, union finances, supply management, foreign investment, free speech, privacy and cyberbullying

Calgary: All eyes to be on 'Cowtown' for the weekend’s Conservative convention

Calgary: Federal Conservative Policy Convention website

Calgary: Redford backs sanctions on Senators, urges other provinces to elect theirs as Alberta does

Doggie signals: Fido's tail wags may reveal more than you think; right and left wags tell different stories

Toronto: Mayor Rob Ford says he won’t resign after police confirm they’ve seen 'crack' video

Toronto: Overview and details of Thursday in media's minute-by-minute Mayor Ford Watch

Montreal: Hells Angels helped fix FTQ elections, Charbonneau Commission told

updated ~ Toronto: Police arrest and charge Mayor Rob Ford's friend Sandro Lisi with extortion; court appearance Friday morning

Toronto: Read full Toronto Police documents on Mayor Rob Ford investigation

Toronto: 12 highlights from Toronto Police investigation into Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto: Police say have found the 'crack video' shown to journalists, purportedly of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Canada: Economy shows signs of forward momentum, posts solid 0.3% growth in August; bank economist says may mean 3Q growth of 2.8%, higher than expected

Canada: Payroll earnings rose 0.4% in August

Mexico: 5,000 evacuated in Tlajomulco after Pemex pipeline spews gasoline geyser caused by fuel theft

First triple winner in 21st Century: Bosox steal Blue Jays' manager, ride bat of Big Papi and renewed arms in year of Boston Strong World Series

Manitoba: Pallister joins former premiers, Hydro execs in calls for Hydro review

Fungus and wind turbines decimating numbers: Much-feared Halloween favourites, it's bats that are facing danger

ABC News: 'Wind Turbine Syndrome' blamed for mysterious symptoms in Cape Cod town [video]

William M. Briggs: Climate change certainties?

BBC: U.S. scientists track what's killing protected golden eagles; one of the terrible answers: industrial wind turbines [video]

Hallowe'en: When did it become so gory? Rooted in the macabre, but bloody imagery is more recent phenomenon

Syria: OPCW says chemical weapons production equipment all destroyed

Forbes: Ranking the world's most powerful people 2013; top 72 out of 7.2 billion on planet; from an American point of view

Famed Canadian tightrope walker: Jay Cochrane, tightrope's 'Prince of the Air,' dies at 69 of cancer

Canada’s largest energy company by market value: Suncor Energy Inc approves $13.5B Fort Hills oil sands project to boost production

Carlos Slim: Gives $74M to Boston centre make genomic research less ethnically-biased

Domestic violence: Semyon Varlamov, Colorado Avalanche goalie, arrested, held without bond on second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault charges

CTV News/Ipsos Reid poll: Bad news for Trudeau as support stagnates, now tied with NDP who jumped 5 points to 31%, Conservatives down only 2 points to 30% after weeks of attack

Obama drops: The world's most powerful person is Vladimir Putin

San Diego-Tijuana: Major drug tunnel found on U.S.-Mexico border

Quebec: Evacuation cancelled as Granby chemical plant fire deemed non-threat

Murder on the border: Wolfe Island bird slaughter continues unabated even as authorities make 'search area' smaller so they don't find as many carcasses near the huge wind turbines

Quebec: 300 homes evacuated after chemical plant explodes in Granby, 80 km east of Montreal

Canadian Senate: Mulcair dinged for hypocrisy; against Duffy legal costs being paid by Conservatives but when he was a Quebec Liberal MNA had both his legal expenses and a judgement against him paid for by his party

Unprecedented security: UBC cranks up police presence after 6 sexual assaults on campus since April

Windsor: 'Unnoticed' Nashville plane crash that killed Canadian pilot getting even more mysterious; he had filed flight plan to Pelee Island in Lake Erie and called in that he had landed, then ended up hundreds of miles away in flaming wreck at Nashville Airport in fog

Canadian Senate: Conservatives to support allowing trio of Senators to keep health benefits while pay suspended

Multicultural since modern founding in 1780s to apparent surprise of media: 1921 census provides a glimpse into Toronto’s multicultural past

More debt: Ontario unveils plan to sell ‘green bonds’ to fund transit, infrastructure

Disadvantages of wind energy: Many and big; from inefficiency to bird killing to effects on humans and electronics

Brainwaves: Scrambling the brain's timekeepers to banish jet lag

New England: No, wind power still isn’t competitive with conventional sources; far from it

Maine: Opponents of Oakfield wind farm file lawsuit in federal court, worried about eagles and salmon

Scotland: Donald Trump triumphant after Blackdog offshore energy substations refused; billionaire backed local opponents which said Swedish industrial wind turbine development would have ruined their village

Windsor: Canadian killed in odd Nashville Cessna crash in fog had been pilot since 1989

Parker Gallant: (Tongue in cheek) Minister Chiarelli: is it my turn yet?

Michigan: Judge voids township ordinances in Clinton County that limited $120M wind project

Toronto: Shut down driver-gouging Drive Clean program, says former politician who started program; was designed to be time-limited, still running 14 years later

Ottawa: Unneeded/unwanted industrial wind turbine assault on rural Ontario continues; MP and MPP stand with opponents of North Gower proposal

London: Mayor Joe Fontana, former Liberal cabinet minister, to stand trial for allegedly mis-using federal funds after 2-day preliminary hearing

Wilful blindness: Obama's 'social cost of carbon' is at odds with science and ignores 'social benefits of carbon'

Hamilton: Coke production will continue at former Stelco Hilton Works; but no steel production or casting

Hamilton: U.S. Steel to shut down former Stelco Hilton Works permanently, CEO says; 2,200 jobs at 445-hectare site

Breathlessly reported Arctic study riddled with flaws: Bad science + uncritical media = meaningless bumpf

Hypocrisy watch: Unions and NDP central party gave and 'loaned' NDP MP Pat Martin money to pay off a libel judgement against him in a $5M defamation lawsuit; NDP now plays different tune in House of Commons

CETA: Widespread benefits of Canada-EU trade agreement to Canadian workers and businesses

CETA: Technical summary of final negotiated outcomes: Non-agricultural goods, Agricultural goods, Services & investment, Govt procurement, Intellectual property, Dispute settlement - institutional & horizontal provisions, Sustainable development - environment & labour [pdf]

Toronto: Thomson Reuters to trim 4,500 jobs by end of 2014

Forum Research poll: Gas-gate: Voters want Ontario election over Liberal gas plant fiasco, not inquiry

CETA: What the Canada-EU trade deal means for Alberta

Jeff Griffiths: CETA golden opportunity to finally address Canada’s skills system

Toronto: Five hospitals to share $50M private donation from Slaight family

San Francisco: Dell seals $24.9B buyout, delisting Tuesday

Toronto thuggery: Police to investigate assault and arrest of radio host

Nanny state: Ontario rejects call to sell beer, wines in convenience stores

Retrenching: Sears Canada sells 5 store leases for $400M, including flagship Toronto Eaton Centre store; will Nordstrom move in?

Cloud cleared: RCMP dismiss sexual abuse allegation against John Furlong

Solar activity is now falling more rapidly than at any time in last 10,000 years: Real risk of a Maunder minimum 'Little Ice Age' says leading scientist

Nunavut election: By the numbers: turn-out high, two ties in Monday's territorial election

Ontario: Rise in Drive Clean failure rate exhausting for motorists [video]

Loblaw challenges competitors to step forth: Rana Plaza compensation for Bangladesh garment workers would cost retailers little

Canadian Senate expenses scandal: Mike Duffy makes new batch of claims; no smoking guns

Improved road safety and airbags cited: Brain death decline may explain fall in organ donations

Non-profit group hails successes and commitments: Federal Tories praised for efforts to combat problem of homeless Canadians

Geoffrey Johnston: Child brides: How to fix the problem

Mirvish will rent for up to three years: Toronto's Honest Ed's sold to Vancouver developer, deal to close this year

Guinness study: Boys night twice a week keeps guys healthy

Britain says 'no' to green levies: More than half of voters object to paying eco taxes

Suiting Lou Reed tribute: A new family of velvet spiders that live underground was named genus 'Loureedia' in the musician's honour

Now 3rd largest in the world: Canada’s growing video game industry pumps $2.3B into economy

Monte Solberg: A loathe-hate relationship: PM refused for years to appoint senators, now they’re chained around his neck

CUPW calls targeted Conservative MP: Another $50,000 fine levied for illegal robocalls

Montreal: Police investigating suspicious package found at Trudeau airport

Rock pioneer: Lewis Allan 'Lou' Reed dead at 71

Good surprise: PBO wants details of Govt's unexpected $7B gain on deficit; sees bigger gain down the road

Norway: Three people including driver killed after knife-wielding man hijacks passenger bus

Washington Post: Remembering the innocence of the internet in 1988—before it went big time with the World Wide Web protocols, nerds built many of 'net's critical founding features into their daily lives when it was "still officially limited to universities, research facilities and government offices"

Obamacare: Manual enrollment also defective; "officials saw problems with paper applications even as White House encouraged people to sign up that way instead of going to broken website" —NY Post

Washington: DOJ: Johnson & Johnson agrees to pay $2.2B settlement over 3 drugs

Saudi Arabia: Raids begin as Saudi Arabia’s amnesty period for illegal workers ends

Kenya: 4 Somalis charged with aiding Westgate Mall attack

Saudi Arabia: Washington, Riyadh agree: no interim role for Assad

Egypt: Morsi supporters block Cairo’s ring road

updated ~ Egypt: Trial of Morsi disrupted by outbursts, adjourned until January

Iran: Protesters swarm former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, defiant against diplomatic outreach as hardliners snap the whip

TIME: Five anti-spying hacks; just because you're not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you

Big fireball: Skydivers and pilots survive after 2 planes collide in Wisconsin; 9 skydivers, 2 pilots parachute to safety

AP: Obamacare sticker shock follows insurance cancellations

Byron York: Memo: Administration bungled Obamacare from the start

Obamacare life and death: WSJ—You also can't keep your doctor; I had great cancer doctors and health insurance—my plan was cancelled—now I worry how long I'll live

Egypt: Venue changed to thwart riots for Monday start of Morsi trial

Refugee tragedy: Boat carrying at least 70 Muslim Rohingya capsizes off western Myanmar; 8 survivors found

Hillary, Obama, Kerry and the damage done: Kerry meets Saudi leaders to ease tensions; Secretary of State lands in Riyadh, his second stop on a Middle East tour that has become an exercise in damage control

George F. Will: ‘It’s possible more people have lost coverage than signed up for Obamacare’ [video]

TIME: LAX shooter Ciancia was an unemployed motorcycle mechanic with little internet presence; notes suggest was influenced by conspiracy theorists; determined to kill "at least one" TSA agent

Egypt: U.S., Egypt try to put brave face on frayed relations, commit to restoring full partnership

Parasites: Larger California oarfish was filled with 'little monsters'

Thailand: At least six dead after tourist ferry sinks off resort

France: Shock and anger at French journalists' murder in Mali

France: Journalists killed in Mali were shot

LAX shooting: Accomplice sought; someone dropped off shooter at airport; Ciancia charged with murder

updated ~ 'Targeted murder': Missouri Southern football coach killed outside movie theater; arrest made

Obamacare security breach: users warn of security risk, loss of privacy; user re-directed to others' data

Mark Steyn: A phalanx of lies; remember that health insurance you could keep?

Obamacare debacle has become national collective focal point: All health care politics is personal; the entire country is engaged, and it’s not a holiday or a sporting event—it’s more like a natural disaster—a slow motion, rolling disaster—and the storm surge might not peak until Nov. 2014

LA Times: LAX shooting comes amid mounting aversion to the TSA

Bye-bye furnace and AC? Personal temperature control: New invention monitors your body temperature and heats or cools you; seen to save $$ millions now spent on space heat/cooling

JFK Legacy: Style plus daddy's $$ changed politics in 1960 and brought us modern primary system

Jerusalem: Israel vows to deny Hezbollah weapons as details of Syria raid emerge

Michigan: Businessman claims he told U.S. about bin Laden's hiding place, deserves $25M reward

SR-72 game-changer: Lockheed shows plans for hypersonic spy plane; focus on low cost

UK: Snowden reporter's partner involved in 'espionage' and 'terrorism'

France: Eurostar, majority-owned by a French public rail company, places ad that urges French tax exiles to head to UK

Egypt: 45 arrested in Alexandria as Morsi supporters clash with residents ahead of Monday's trial

Peshawar: U.S. drone kills Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, 2 others

LAX shooting: Shooter Paul Ciancia, 23, had handwritten note in bag that said he 'wanted to kill TSA and pigs'; had hinted at "taking his own life" to NJ family member; NJ Police called LAPD for help

LAX shooting: Live ABC News video coverage of aftermath; gunshot victims have "multiple wounds"; suspect identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, formerly of Pennsville, NJ who lives in LA area; he was shot and is in hospoital under custody

updated - Los Angeles: TSA agent shot dead at LAX, at least 7 others shot; suspect in custody; Terminal 3 in lockdown

Stephen F. Hayes: Questions they won’t answer; Benghazi isn’t going away

Google’s secret revealed: Mystery barges to offer high-end showrooms, party deck

Obamacare: Main data hub contractor cited for security lapses

Detroit Free Press: GM auto sales up 16%; Ford up 14%; Chrysler up 11% in October as industry gets back on track

Obamacare: Oversight pressure grows, along with doubts and 'experts' added

Under attention: JPMorgan discloses wider probes of hiring, currency trading by the U.S. Department of Justice and agencies from other jurisdictions that are investigating hiring practices in Hong Kong that were already being probed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Forbes: People are moral in the morning, dishonest in the afternoon

Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare laid bare; every disaster has its moment of clarity: this week's policy cancellations lay bare three pillars of Obamacare: (a) mendacity, (b) paternalism and (c) subterfuge

Washington,DC: In the Clintons’ talk of brokering compromise, an implicit rebuke of Obama years; can the insider run against the capital?

Another 6.6M quake: Chile hit by big, shallow quake but no tsunami and no damages reported

Obamacare: yet another worrying sign: in first month, the vast majority of sign-ups are in Medicaid

Another obstacle: Many hospitals won't accept Obamacare insurance policies

Tunisia: Suicide bomber blows himself up on empty Mediterranean beach after chased out of hotel

Rasmussen poll: Benghazi threatens to crash Hillary Clinton's 2016 bid

Examiner: aka Obamacare appears to violate White House OMB guidance on web security

Global News: Twitter accused of ruse to pump up share price

updated ~ Taiwan: Shallow 6.6M quake hits hard; no casualty reports yet

Richard W. Carlson: The mess in Egypt: Restricting aid is a mistake

Michelle Malkin: A medical records disaster on horizon

Nawaf Obaid: Saudi Arabia's coming of age

Marc Thiessen: Delaying the individual mandate won't fix Obamacare

Jack Kelly: Benghazi slowly getting media attention it deserves

LA Times: Obamacare: Unfair to the young middle class, punished enough already

Obama officials knew in 2010: 93 million Americans will be unable to keep their health plans under Obamacare; disruption of existing health insurance market—a disruption codified in law, and known to White House—is only just beginning

100% ownership: The whining Democrats, led by weasel Waxman, have stopped frothing at the mouth about Republicans being 'terrorists' for opposing Obamacare and now want their help as "the single most partisan piece of major social legislation in a century" tightens the noose around their necks -- and all Americans'

IBD editorial: The biggest Obamacare lie? 'Keep your plan' - precisely calculated deception

Quinnipiac: Clinton buddy McAuliffe losing ground in Virginia Governor's race, now clinging to a slight 45% - 41% lead over GOP's Cuccinelli, just above poll's 2.9% error margin

Innocence pretense? China, other Asian nations say angry over embassy spy reports

Niger: 92 bodies of migrants found at edge of Sahara Desert after trucks break down

True colours: Former Homeland Security Chief and new President of the University of California, Janet Napolitano commits $5 million in unversity funds to aid UC students who entered U.S. illegally

Charles Krauthammer: Collapse of Obamacare would be huge setback for liberal ideology

The lie was part of core strategy: How Obama’s false promise that you can keep your health plan key to passing Obamacare

Texas Storm Chasers: Dangerous flash flood event unfolding in Central Texas

Mitt Romney: Rejects White House effort to compare Massachusetts health law roll-out to Obamacare; "a plan crafted to fit the unique circumstances of a single state should not be grafted onto the entire country. Beyond that, had President Obama actually learned the lessons of Massachusetts health care, millions of Americans would not lose the insurance they were promised they could keep, millions more would not see their premiums skyrocket, and the installation of the program would not have been a frustrating embarrassment"

CBS: Because of Obamacare more than 2 million people getting booted from existing health insurance plans - so far [video]

'Friends' share: NSA tapped Yahoo, Google data centres

John Dickerson: The President always had a tough time selling Obamacare; now his weak assurances are making Republicans look wise

Andhra Pradesh, India: 45 charred to death in bus fire, DNA tests to be used for identity

Booty from Blackbeard's sunken ship: Five huge 300 yr old cannons raised from depths off North Carolina

Frontpage Mag: Obama lied, (existing) healthcare coverage died

Landing gear issue: Mini space shuttle crash-lands after free-flight test

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam el-Erian arrested in Cairo

Why Obamacare 'tech surge' creates more problems: 10 classic mistakes that plague software development projects

Memos reveal: Obamacare finger-pointing and dire complaints going on fast and furiously between vendors, consultants and government; consultant asks: is Obama Administration "stupid enough to fix the front end of this thing before they fix the back end?"

NY Times: Clapper: 'White House knew of spying at home and abroad'

George F. Will: "The first thing I'd say is . . . he's embraced it, he wants to go forward. Let it. The quickest way to refute all the arguments for Obamacare is to experience Obamacare" [video]

CNN: More excuses: U.S. commandos were poised for raid to capture Benghazi suspect this month

Daniel Henninger: Obama's credibility is melting here and abroad; Obama's partners are concluding they cannot trust him

War-isome words: China and Japan trade more than snark over disputed islands; China warned any bid to shoot down its drones would constitute "an act of war"

See the USA in your Chevrolet: U.S. swallowed $9.7B loss on General Motors bailout

Kansas: Man trapped and dying in his car wrote love letters to family

Burying exclusive? NBC hides its bombshell that Obama knew millions would lose health insurance

New Yorker: Glad to be unhappy: At 75, WNYC-FM DJ Jonathan Schwartz plays what he wants for 4 hours at a time from the 'American Songbook'; "You know, we’ve reached rock bottom these days," he says. "The music of the street—much of it is not music. It’s just threats, with an occasional rhyme. And the popular music sung by—what?—by nude women is, alas, hopeless."

Kenya: Police detain five over Nairobi Westgate mall massacre

Outsourcing? Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S.

Peace pitch: Israel to free second batch of Palestinian prisoners - held for murder

Axis of evil's North Korea: Eccentricities treated like joke - but realities are deadly serious; behind military parades and Kim Jong-un's bizarre posturing is repressive regime the world can no longer ignore

Apple results: Five things we learned; iPad mini shortages, new product categories, 7 mystery acquisitions

U.S. spying: Senate intelligence committee orders review; "Feinstein said eavesdropping on leaders of friendly nations was wrong"

Brazil: River of caramel threatens to engulf town after warehouse fire melts 30,000 tonnes of sugar

Not-so-secret: British Baptist minister's son charged with hacking into top secret U.S. Army databases, NASA, and other govt agencies

Iran: Human rights group condemnation for reprisal hangings; "nothing has changed under the country's 'moderate' new President"

Syria: UN confirms polio outbreak

Syria: Tracking the Iranian-backed fleet that’s fuelling the Assad regime

States the obvious: Obamacare official tells Congress website glitches 'not acceptable'

Tiananmen Square: China believes deadly sidewalk-jumping SUV crash was no accident; investigating as a suicide attack [video]

Premiums and deductibles jump: Former Democrat staffer who fought for Obamacare admits she was wrong

War on media? Federal agents make pre-dawn raid on reporter's home, take things not listed on search warrant

Ford 26th of 28: Toyota slammed by Consumer Reports as Audi surges

Yemen: Police halt fireworks causing rumours of U.S. embassy attack

Dana Perrino: Five tips for Republicans questioning Secretary Sebelius about ObamaCare this week

East coast racket: Three pharmacists among 9 charged with running massive mail-order painkiller ring

Boston: Prosecutors seek to maintain restrictions on defiant Marathon bombing defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Obama administration knew for three years that millions could not keep their health insurance while they lied about it

TIME: Sen. Lindsey Graham vows to block Obama nominees until Benghazi survivors are allowed to testify

Somalia: 2 senior Shabab members reported killed by drone

Accused of NAS-type crimes: UK phone-hacking trial opens for top Murdoch aides

Prescience from 2012: Is Obamacare too much work for the Obama administration?

The long haul: Will the force be with him? Pentagon weighs future of its 92-year-old ‘Yoda’

160 kph winds: Deadly storm shuts down power in UK, Netherlands

Latest bad sign: U.S. factory production edges up only 0.1% in September

NSA fall-out continues: Spanish newspaper says U.S. has monitored 60 million calls in Spain in a month

Hushed-up: Crash at Beijing's Forbidden City kills 5

Something new up the sleeve: Police trying out car-mounted air cannon that fires GPS 'bullets' at fleeing cars; allows covert following that's safer for all concerned

Dick Cheney: Mideast Allies no longer trust the U.S., enemies ‘don’t fear us’

Buenos Aires: Fernandez's allies thumped in Argentina mid-term vote

60 Minutes: Full transcript of October 27, 2013 episode 'Benghazi', correspondent Lara Logan

Phoenix: Barking may have led to neighbour killing next door family and their dogs, then himself

Today, a new problem: Obamacare offline Sunday due to unexpected webhost "outage"; Monday, more fur will fly

updated - 60 Minutes: The U.S. State Dept wouldn’t allow guards at the U.S. Benghazi Mission to carry guns; whole episode [video]

Healthcare itself the real problem: Republicans hint at long-term strategy: Obamacare website only 'tip of the iceberg'

Gale-force winds: Travel warnings as UK braced for severe storm and rain

Five dead in Brooklyn: Chinese relative arrested for deadly New York stabbings

Jack Kelly: Spin won't do anymore for Obamacare; the President's health care plan looks like it's heading into a death spiral

Salena Zito: The view from 'tea party country'

Kathleen Parker: The lights are flickering in the city on the hill, and our ship of state is foundering

Ezra Klein: Sorry liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the Web site

Raleigh,NC: Someone tampered with state fair ride that injured 5

Jeff Jacoby: Saudi Arabia’s message to Obama; the UN has become a joke and more are willing to say so

Sticker shock: Many middle-class Californians with individual health plans are surprised they need policies that cover more - and cost more, under Obamacare

Detroit: Sister fatally shoots self at eastside bar, brother dies in crash on way to see her at hospital

Oregon: School board votes to allow staff to pack heat at school

Hint: not incompetence: What it takes to get fired from the Obama Administration

NBC News: ‘If the Obamacare website were a patient, it would probably be in intensive care by now.’

Fast Company: Think you can live offline without being tracked? here's what it takes

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama approval sinks to new low

The Who's: Roger Daltrey sends a point-blank message
to legislators and Americans: 'We Won't Get Fooled Again'

The Who's Roger Daltrey, right, performs in Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill in front of John Boehner, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. ~ AP

'Miserably frustrating': Sebelius apologizes for Obamacare 'debacle'

House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing: Secretary of Health and Human Services
Sebelius made excuses, expressed frustration, blamed Republicans, contractors and deadlines, while
saying everything will be fine shortly. Democrats threw softball questions while Republicans asked
blunt questions and read a litany of horror stories from constituents' emails.

As Sebelius told the House Committee Obamacare had "never crashed" it crashed, once again.

Doesn't know law: Sebelius falsely claims she can’t join Obamacare

On cue: Obamacare crashes minutes before Sebelius testimony

New Brunswick: Fracking survey company sues Rexton native protesters

CNN: Obama Administration given stark warning about Obamacare
website & data hub just one month before launch: leaked report

Security hole: Cybersecurity expert hacks into Obamacare user accounts

Flag Counter

Forbes: European economic stability threatened by bank
account & Treasury-draining renewable energy subsidies

Introspection: The aliens among us

A mystaceus spider. ~ ©Colin Hutton

Game-changer: 'Hexacopter' changes way TV reporters work [video]

The hexacopter is able to take video footage while soaring in the air and creeping across the ground.~ BBC

Under the Bosphorus Strait: Turkey realizes Ottoman dream
with $5.5B rail tunnel linking Europe to Asia

The Marmaray will carry subway commuters in Europe's biggest city and eventually serve
high-speed and freight trains under one of the busiest and most strategic waterways in the world.

CTV News/Ipsos Reid poll: 73% of Canadians believe Duffy, Wallin & Brazeau should be "immediately suspended from the Senate without pay"

[Left to right] Sen. Pamela Wallin, Sen. Patrick Brazeau and Sen. Mike Duffy get thumbs down from
Canadians in each province. ~ Patrick Doyle, Adrian Wyld THE CANADIAN PRESS
Montreal: Man arrested Sunday charged with mischief, endangering safety of an aircraft or airport and being in illegal possession of explosive

Montreal: Bomb-making elements found in suspicious package: police;
man arrested heading to California, "allegedly not a Canadian citizen"

Montreal: Man, 71, in custody after suspicious package
found at Trudeau International Airport Sunday morning

Jody Hey: On the number of New World founders: A population
genetic portrait of the peopling of the Americas
~ founding was by about 70 individuals about 14,000 years ago ~

A total of nine DNA sequence datasets that included Asian and Native American (Amerind-speaking)
samples were analyzed jointly using a probability distribution procedure. ~

F1: Vettel wins fourth world title at Indian GP

Sebastian Vettel, 26, drove a perfect race to secure his sixth consecutive victory this season and become
only the fourth driver in history to win four titles. Vettel joins legends Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost and
Michael Schumacher as a four-time champion. The victory keeps Vettel on target to equal the all-time
record of nine consecutive F1 race wins. ~ BBC

Skate Canada - Saint John, NB: Chan, Virtue and Moir win gold

Patrick Chan celebrates his gold medal after men's free skate event at Skate Canada
Oct. 26, 2013. ~ Andrew Vaughan The Canadian Press

History: Distant War of 1812 helped create British Columbia; B.C. fur traders headed south and bought Fort Astoria from American fur traders, thus giving Britain a claim to modern-day Washington state

HMS Raccoon was a British Navy sloop-of-war similar to this, a drawing of a
sister ship in the South Pacific. ~ Vancouver Sun

Japan quake: No tsunami danger for Hawaii, Alaska, British
Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California

Japan: 7.3M quake off east coast; 4 small tsunamis

Tsunmai warning was issued and people were directed to stay away from coast. ~ USGS

Niagara Falls: Maid of the Mist completes final voyage from Canada

The Maid of the Mist takes tourists along the Niagara River to the very base of the thundering falls. The
final tour from the Canadian side of the Niagara River in Niagara Falls, Ontario was made Thursday,
October 24, 2013. ~ Aaron Lynett CP

Australia: NSW bushfires: Another day of extreme fire danger

Four Royal Generations Official pictures
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. ~ Jason Bell Camera Press

Australia: Rescue operation on for smallest survivors of fires

Australia: Two NSW bushfire emergencies re-emerge

A massive fire sparked by lightning explodes out of control on the Putty Road. ~ Nick Moir Sydney Morning Herald

Breakthrough: The neuroscience behind how sleep cleans your brain

Australia: Fires bad and getting worse; winds hampering firefighting
aircraft and fanning flames with worse weather still to come

The wildfires are starting to threaten Sydney's periphery.

Metaphor alert: U.S. Capitol dome has 1300 cracks [video]

The U.S. Capitol dome was last repaired in the 1950s, built in the 1860s.

Check the chart: How will YOU fare in the Obamacare exchanges?

Click on the chart (above) for the article and full state chart in a larger font size.

After roadtrip of a lifetime: Toronto Zoo elephants arrive in California

Talladega,AL: Jamie McMurray wins, Junior second as 'big one' averted

Austin Dillon (14) goes high in the air after being hit at 200mph on last lap of Talladega 500. He fell from 3rd place
to 26th, but was not injured. In a rarity, the high-speed wreck involved only a few cars, so the almost-inevitable 'big
one' didn't happen. The field was frozen and front-runner Jamie McMurray won the big pay day. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
placed second. There were 52 lead changes. Top average lap speed was 202.873mph.

Lanni Marchant sets new Canadian record at Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Lanni Marchant celebrates after crossing the line to set a new Canadian record at Toronto Waterfront
Marathon Sunday with time of 2:27:59 October 20, 2013. ~ Frank Gunn THE CANADIAN PRESS

World's fastest superspeedway: Treacherous Talladega's gut-churning
high-banked pack racing made much safer in last decade by NASCAR

[TOP] The Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama is a high-banked oval track enabling extreme high
speeds. NASCAR puts restrictions on engine output to 'slow' them down to just over 200mph. From
this in-car camera you see the driver's view of the 33° banking. The latest NASCAR race cars are the
safest race vehicles racing anywhere with tight specifications for roll cages, bracing and chassis integrity
along with SAFER track walls which absorb energy and new driver harnesses which restrict head
movement in violent jolts at the extreme high speeds at which these cars drive for 500 miles, just inches
apart. Because of the pack racing, which enables all cars to go faster, big multi-car accidents are inevitable
at every NASCAR Talladega race - two per year, Spring and Fall -- LIVE right now
[MIDDLE] Max Gresham (8) and Chris Fontaine (83) get past a tumbling Miguel Paludo (32). Twelve
racetrucks crashed together on the final lap of the NASCAR Trucks race at Talladega yesterday,
Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013. ~ Dan Lighton AP
[BOTTOM] Last year, the 'Big One' in the top-level Sprint Cup race happened on the last lap and
involved 25 cars. Tony Stewart (14) flips over as Kasey Kahne (5), Clint Bowyer (15), Dave Blaney
(36), Terry Labonte (32), Regan Smith (78), Jeff Burton (31), Jimmie Johnson (48), Dale Earnhardt
Jr. (88), Paul Menard (27) and David Ragan (34) crash around him at Talladega Oct. 7, 2012.
This race is in the middle of the NASCAR 'Chase' play-offs, which makes it a critical challenge for
championship contenders. ~ Dale Davis AP

Quiet: Ontario protest slowed Hwy 402 traffic Saturday to draw attention to rural blight of inefficient, ugly, unneeded industrial wind turbines

Rexton,NB: AFN Chiefs in New Brunswick call for peace and open roads

Christie Blatchford: First Nation band behind violent anti-fracking
protests and thuggery fights for 85% welfare status quo

Rexton,NB: Video shows abuse and profane threats of violence
protester thugs hurl at reporters from 3 TV networks [video]

Ezra Levant: Pulling back the covers on the cowardly eco-terrorist
thugs in Rexton, NB and the Rockefeller $$ behind them [video]

Gainford,AB: Authorities give briefing; evacuation zone extends a mile;
1 liquified petroleum gas tanker exploded, sending up a fireball and damaging other cars; 13 cars derailed, 9 LPG cars, 4 crude oil tankers;
3 cars damaged: one exploded, two venting hot gas; 2 CN injuries [video]

Alberta: CN train carrying carrying liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil derailed and exploded about 80 km west of Edmonton, early Saturday morning, prompting evacuation of small community of Gainford

The burning CN Rail cars can been seen in this aerial photo taken at 4:40 am Saturday. ~ Parkland County

Rexton,NB: Reporter told: "Shut that camera off now or I'll bust it myself"

Breaking: NB natives seize CTV satellite truck, Global TV News car;
Disagreed with Friday news reports about violent fracking protest

REXTON, NB: Reporters and technicians told to leave and leave their camera equipment behind.
Native firefighter @BrennanSock on twitter says "Angry for airing one sided news that made
us look bad. Nobody mentioned or showed our elders getting maced." He also appears to claim
that the RCMP torched their own six police cars burned during Friday protest. "No harm will
come to anybody. Our men will escort the trucks out. I didn't seize anything. I've been trying
to get them out peacefully. Other media are starting to show up with no problems. The crowd
that stopped the truck has calmed down."

The CTV News satellite truck and the Global TV News car were confiscated under threat by a small group of native
protesters in Rexton, NB. In background are some of the police vehicles burned in Friday protest. ~ @BrennanSock

Rexton,NB: Video shows Molotov cocktails being thrown at police;
Natives hurl demeaning taunts as officers enforce court order [video]

[TOP] Native fracking protesters on left hurl Molotv cocktails at police on right. [MIDDLE] Native taunts police, tells them there are people in the woods behind them. [BOTTOM] Some of the six RCMP vehicles that were burned Thursday sit in a row. At least one native protester has claimed the police burned their own vehicles. ~ CP

Ban Ki-moon: 'No notification' yet of Saudi Arabia SC snub

TIME: Unprecedented act by Saudi Arabia to reject seat on UN Security
Council gets point across by confusing everyone

The 15-member UN Security Council sits at the pinnacle of UN power. The 5 permanent members
since the UN founding in 1945 are: China, France, Russian Federation (formerly Soviet Union),
the UK and the U.S. On Thursday, Saudi Arabia was elected as one of 5 countries to replace
half of the 10 non-permanent members (each is elected for a two-year term by the UN General
Assembly). Less than 24 hours later, Saudi Arabia announced it was rejecting the coveted seat
on the Council it had lobbied for, an unprecedented move that shocked diplomatic community.

Former PM Brian Mulroney lauds CETA as legacy for Stephen Harper

CETA: Background and details from Government of Canada website

CETA: Background and details from European Commission website

CETA: By the (big) numbers

China: Bombardier sells 30 CSeries jets to Chinese leasing firm

John Ivison: Harper’s huge EU free-trade deal justifies hyperbole

CETA: Historic trade deal; added to NAFTA, Canada will have
preferential access to more than half of the world’s economy,
more than any other country; sweeping agreement covers
everything from cars to food to intellectual property

Ottawa: CETA statement by Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:
"Agreement will provide Canada with preferential market access to the European
Union’s more than 500 million consumers. The elimination of EU tariffs in the
agricultural sector and the fish and seafood sector will mean that lobster fishermen
in the Maritimes, maple syrup producers in Québec, apple growers in Ontario, grain
producers in the prairies, cherry growers in British Columbia and arctic char farmers
in the Yukon who export to the EU will see their bottom lines improve."

Brussels: Canada-European Community CETA joint declaration:
"CETA is a 21st Century, gold-standard agreement which will create new opportunities
on both sides of the Atlantic, generating more trade and investment, thus promoting
growth and supporting more European and Canadian jobs. The Canada-EU CETA addresses
a wide range of issues including improved access for goods and services; greater certainty,
transparency and protection for investments; enhanced cooperation in areas of mutual
interest, such as regulatory development and labour mobility; and new opportunities in
procurement markets. Once implemented, the agreement is expected to increase two-way
bilateral trade in goods and services by 23% or about €26 billion (C$38 billion)."

Brussels: CETA statement by José Manuel Barroso, President, EC:
"this agreement opens a new era in European Union-Canada relations"

CETA signed: Harper: "Very, very positive. Big win for Canada"
"Most ambitious trade agreement Canada has ever negotiated"
All provinces onside with negotiations, EC expects full ratification by 2015
by all 28 countries, including approved translations in 24 languages

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Community sign the
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Friday in Brussels. It is the largest trade agreement in
Canadian history, larger than NAFTA, which is between Canada, Mexico and the United States. CETA drops
industrial tariffs by 100% between Canada and the countries of the European Community. Immediately upon implementation 98% of tariffs - both ways - will be eliminated. Canada is committed to compensating
agricultural producers and provincial health programs for any negative consequences down the road.

Brussels: CETA press conference completed:
Canadian PM Stephen Harper and José Manuel Barroso, President, European Community

CETA: Harper all business on Brussels trade mission

Brussels: Canada-EU trade agreement to be announced this morning:
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) could
increase Canada's GDP by estimated $12B and help create 80,000 jobs

Calgary: BCC sees CETA as a 'good opportunity' for Canadian Barley

Brussels: Ontario, Quebec seek aid for dairy sector
as provinces back EU trade deal

Montreal: A courtship that began with a bluff:
Jean Charest tells how Canada pursued huge EU trade pact

New Brunswick: 40 arrested, Molotov cocktails burn RCMP police cars
as natives' shale gas protest near Rexton turns violent over court order

An RCMP police cruiser on fire is seen at site of shale gas protest in Rexton, NB,
Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. ~ Ossie Michelin Twitter

A charred police car at anti-fracking blockade. ~ Ossie Michelin Twitter

The shale gas protest site attracted hundreds of protesters who blocked access to
a compound where shale gas testing trucks remain idle. ~ CTV Atlantic

updated ~ Goin' to California: Beloved Toronto Zoo elephants
packing trunks [extended video report]

Long-time Toronto Zoo resident Thika ready for retirement in California after years of enriching community.

The shipping containers were placed in their compound for a few weeks to allow familiarization. Then, with
the pachyderms inside, a heavy crane moved them to the float truck for their journey into the sunset. ~ CTV

It's a cross-country roadtrip many dream of making, but there are fears for the beloved elephants' road health.

Ottawa: Toronto man charged with mischief, uttering threats at PMO

Scourge of humanity: India has nearly half of world's estimated 30 million slaves, report says; Mauritania, Haiti and Pakistan also big slave states

Ottawa: Harper to conclude huge free trade deal with EU in Brussels
on Friday; the provinces and EU countries will need to ratify

Ottawa: ‘Quanto’s Law’ will recognize roles of service animals

Quanto was an Edmonton Police Dog who died last week after a suspect stabbed him. 'Quanto's Law' will
recognize valuable roles of service animals and set penalties for harming them.

Ottawa: Five stand-out promises in 2013 Throne Speech

Ottawa: Read the Throne Speech here

Ottawa: Throne Speech covers a lot of bases: balanced budget legislation,
provincial cross-border beer and spirit trade, $70B for municipal
infrastructure funding, stopping growing practice of charging
customers for mailed bills, and said Senate status quo "is
unacceptable" and "must be reformed or ...vanish"

Governor General David Johnston delivers the speech as Prime Minister Stephen Harper (left) looks on. ~ CBC

Washington: McConnell announces the deal on the Senate floor

Ottawa: PMO evacuated, man arrested at the scene due to security threat
"a man entered, threw a suitcase and started praying in a foreign language"

Ottawa: Bomb scare at PM Harper's Langevin office

Ross McKitrick: IPCC models getting mushy; model/data mismatch
" ...the next few years will be electrifying. There is a high
probability we will witness the crackup of one of the most
influential scientific paradigms of the 20th century, and the
implications for policy and global politics could be staggering.

Chamonix: See how cool it is to be a bald eagle [video]

A Go Pro camera was attached to a bald eagle and the results are uniquely stunning, like dreams you've had. ~ Youtube

Gananoque: Ontario police seize 65 pounds of cocaine from car

Nunavut Election 2013: Education common issue as voters head to polls Monday

Hoodwinking the media: Suzuki tops ‘most-admired’ list on a poll that in truth is a complete sham

Attractive investments: Canadian energy sector vital funder of government programs

Profligates: Senate to consider changing suspension motion; Sen. Carignan to seek consensus before making changes

Disappointing turn-out: Feminist 'Janettes' rally way under predicted numbers

Les Janettes: Thousands march in Montreal for values charter

TIME: Inside Prince Charles' world as he quietly takes charge

Paul Reichmann: His self-built empire included London’s Canary Wharf, Toronto’s First Canadian Place, New York's World Financial Center

Text and photos: Chris Hadfield releases first book: 'An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth'

BlackBerry success: BBM going gangbusters on Android and iPhone; BBM Channels to exit beta soon, plus BBM Voice and Video calling coming to Android and iOS users ‘within months’

1995: MacKay apologizes for federal mistakes in MacIntosh sexual abuse case

No time: Harper tells radio show that no business would wait to see if an employee was guilty in court before suspending their pay and/or employment

Christie Blatchford: Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin ought to just shut up and go quietly into the good night

There's other keinz: McDonalds phasing out ties to Heinz after Burger King owner installs former CEO at ketchup maker

Multiple excuses: GO Transit wind turbine producing 91% less power than expected

Spying eyes: Harper an unlikely target for the NSA, intelligence expert says

Connections: The inglorious exit of Bo Xilai, Canada’s closest ally in China’s power structure

World landmark builder: Paul Reichmann, dead at 83

Senate deal or no deal? Brazeau says he was offered a deal, Carignan says he was asked to apologize and propose a deal; some media then claim Carignan confirmed Brazau's claim, which wasn't the case

300,000 to 400,000 Canadian homes a year: Spray foam insulation can make some homes unlivable; touted as green option, spray foam insulation can lead to off-gassing and health problems

Sovereignty grab? Olympic flame reaches North Pole for first time [video]

CETA: Trade agreement offers tariff relief to farmers, fishers

Senate: Government moves to limit ongoing delay tactics of opposition Senators and will call for vote on suspending pay of Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau early next week

Public: "Taxpayers are the victims, not the trio of 'whining' senators"

Abacus Poll: Conservatives and Liberals both up, NDP down; Conservatives 32%, Liberals 32%, NDP 23%

Terence Corcoran: Mike Duffy’s verbal flim-flam turned villain into victim in eyes of gullible anti-government media

Gainford,AB: Emergency braking led to fiery CN accident, investigators say

Carney: Bank of England Governor says banks must become more resilient, offers easier liquidity

Quebec reference case: Provincial Appeals Court says Govt of Canada cannot unilaterally reform Senate; can only be done by amending formula; Supreme Court answers same question in November

Who? Roger Daltrey to sing at U.S. Capitol ceremony honouring Sir Winston Churchill

Actor, singer, athlete: Noel Harrison, 79, dies in England, lived in Canada for decades

$3 Billion? Japan scaling down planned main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

April disaster: Loblaw to compensate victims, famililies of Bangledesh factory collapse

Connections? Bruce Power fundraiser held for Ontario Liberals weeks before cancelling plan to build nuclear plants by rival company

Market roiled: Potash Corp cuts outlook more than expected as sales slump

Control more important than results to native leaders? First Nations asked for input on draft education bill which aims to raise native education standards and results across Canada

CTV News: RCMP seeks former Liberal Mac Harb's bank info, alleges ex-senator committed breach of trust

Aaron Wherry: Darn tootin’, the Duffy affair is a perfect absurdity and a roaring spectacle

From the mouths of star candidates dept: Chrystia Freeland: Dad's job key to success today [video]

Anthony Watts: Mann, oh Mann

Dufferin County: Need for more wind farms questioned; 'if you can cancel gas plants, you can cancel wind farms'

Crux of the matter: Duffy/Wright issue highlights yellow journalism & opposition desperation

University of Waterloo RETH study: "Statistically significant results for sleep, vertigo and tinnitus" connected to proximity of Industrial Wind Turbines

QP Live: PM Harper responds to explosive allegations

Income up 45%: Canadian Pacific stock soars on record Q3 earnings

Senate miscreants: Pamela Wallin attacks fellow Senators in emotional speech; alleges vendetta, swings wildly, offers no evidence, plays "cancer survivor" card using Duffy health 'victim' approach

Royalty: Prince George christened with water from River Jordan; 4 royal generations present [video]

Hairy plan: Baldness cure may be within reach; growing follicles in a petri dish and implanting [video]

Seismic: New Brunswick Energy minister disputes notion province hasn't consulted with aboriginal community over shale gas exploration and development; releases a list of more than a dozen workshops and meetings that involved aboriginal communities or leaders in last 15 months alone; one meeting involved 23 AFN elders

Christina Blizzard: Liberal make-work project hurts hard-working tradespeople

Liberal Kenny: Ex-Senate staffer quit because she was forced to do personal tasks half the time; ordered clothes, paid cable bills

Bell: Move to track customers’ web history, TV viewing sparks probe by privacy regulator

2-for-1 stock split: CN profit beats estimates, plans buyback

$5.7 Billion: Sobeys-Safeway deal approved by Canada's Competition Bureau

Canadianization, eh: Canadian values can only be learned by living here, judge says in rejecting citizenship application

Scammed $800,000 from Florida company: Alleged U.S. fraudster impersonated Canadian deputy health minister, FBI says

Aaron Wherrry: Stephen Harper sits down and Mike Duffy stands up; Senators don't want to be held accountable

Goes for sympathy, exposes greed: Sen. Duffy says he was strong-armed over spending by Harper, PMO in explosive speech; was told to pay back what he owed, Canadians see nothing wrong with that

Raising standards: Ottawa aims to improve First Nations education by taking control of failing schools

Flaherty: Last year's deficit $7B less than projected, federal budget may balance before 2015

15,700-km cable from Japan to Newfoundland: Company completes filing on proposal to run broadband line through Canadian Arctic

Thugs: Suburban Winnipeg Mayor beaten by two men with baseball bats in his front yard

Lac-Mégantic: Quebec rail victims could begin to see compensation in mid-2014: U.S. trustee

'Negative stereotypes': Ontario nurses call for cancellation of MTV series ‘Scrubbing In’

Canada: Federal gov’t remains on track to balance budget by 2015: Flaherty; will balance without tax increases or benefit/transfer cuts

Values: Facebook allows beheading videos, bans breastfeeding videos

Canada: Bell to collect customer personal information for marketing, targeted ads

Gasgate: Liberals didn't consider extra $513M cost of moving Oakville power plant to Napanee, top civil servant says

India: Cyclists account for over half of all road fatalities

Crux of the matter: Ontario PC Leader Hudak asks Premier Wynne to explain Liberal job creation plan

Hall of Famer: NHL Defenceman Allan Stanley dies at 87; 22-year career, won 4 Stanley Cups with Toronto, spent a decade on blueline with Tim Horton

Greece: Photo of mystery girl found in Roma settlement triggers inquiry in Canada

Up for 5th straight session: TSX gains on miners, possible Maple Leaf bake sale

Adam Goldenberg: Canada has death panels that can overrule family wishes; reiterated in Friday's Supreme Court ruling

Home at last: Toronto elephants getting used to new surroundings in California sanctuary after long roadtrip; TV's Bob Barker financed the $950,000 transfer

Matt Gurney: In the new Montreal politics, transexual prostitutes are fine; just don't get cute with money

Gainford,AB: CN still working to get residents home after Alberta derailment

Hypocrites in power: ‘How dare they talk about open access’: Ontario PCs mock Wynne call for transparent government

Senate: Do they stay or do they go? Duffy's lawyer says his client unfairly accused, did as told he could

Monte Solberg: Anti-anxiety throne speech: Only remotely political? Then this was right up your alley

Justice Minister MacKay: Victims to get louder voice in legal system through new victims’ bill of rights

Australia: Melbourne police say a Canadian drug syndicate was stopped when they seized an estimated $300M of ice or crystal meth from being made and trafficked; 8 Canadians and 2 Australians have been charged

Telegram: CETA a big opportunity for fishery: McCurdy; best thing to happen to the province’s fishery in a generation, and good news for Newfoundland and Labrador overall

St. Petersburg: With frustration mounting, Harper and Barroso put CETA talks on road to success

Ottawa: Royal Mail’s IPO success triggers envy

Large harvest: Corn prices plunge amid oversupply, retreat from ethanol

Ottawa: City files lawsuit a day late, loses chance to recover $700,000 from sewage sludge disposal company

Upsala,ON: Five men dead in northwestern Ontario Trans-Canada Highway crash; all occupants dead after pickup and transport hit head-on Saturday night

Gainford,AB: 100 remain displaced after CN derailment and explosion early Saturday morning as two cars still burn

2012: Philippines Canada’s biggest source of immigrants to likely surprise of most Canadians; China and India followed

China: Governor General Johnston ‘delighted’ by reception, encourages Canadians to participate in changing relationship

Federal by-elections set for Nov. 25: Empty Commons seats to be filled in 'Bourassa' in Quebec, 'Provencher' and 'Brandon-Souris' in Manitoba, and 'Toronto Centre' in Ontario

PQ to Harper: Only Quebec can decide its future on independence question

Gainford, Alberta track was tested last week: CN defends safety record in face of three train derailments within a month

Get out snow shovel: Below normal temperatures start of brisk week ahead

Toronto: Ontario mobsters on the run: police

Levant: Foreign-funded terrorism radicalizing and exploiting Canadian Indians

Gainford,AB: CN Rail apologizes to displaced residents and promises to "repair, remedy and remediate" all damage for train derailment and explosion; LPG tankers still burning Saturday night [video]

Lorrie Goldstein: Wynne's electricity disaster; Ontario’s Liberal government is making up energy policy on the fly, for its own political ends

Windsor Parkway fiasco: Engineer overseeing production of parkway girders quit more than a year ago over concerns about safety and durability -- the key issues currently engulfing the $1.4B project

Free Trade election of 1988: The sky didn't fall, "the overall benefits to Canada are manifest", and the Canadian economy is absolutely humming compared to what Pierre Trudeau left behind in 1984

CETA: Canadian agriculture groups respond mostly in positive, practical way as export barriers drop, but some wield ideological axe

CETA: By killing 98% of tariffs on both sides upon ratification, free trade deal 'changes world' for consumers and businesses of all stripes

Jeffrey Simpson: The NDP fails its free-trade litmus test

Canadian Senate: Sen. Wallin’s lawyer threatens legal action against possible suspension

CETA: Last-minute cheese compensation assurance got Quebec on board

CETA: 5 ways trade deal will impact Canadians

Throne Speech: The worst of the worst will be eligible for real life sentences under upcoming federal legislation; Justice Minister Peter MacKay said Friday he will introduce a bill denying certain people sentenced to life in prison any chance of parole ever: "the absolute worst, violent, multiple offenders"

Quebec solidly behind CETA: Government expects reduced prices on EU-made clothing, perfumes, automobiles and other products, while Quebec-based industries as aluminum, recreational vehicles, wood, auto parts, telecommunications equipment, petrochemicals and mobile homes as well as such foods as pork and maple syrup will significantly benefit from the elimination of tariffs

Ontario: Electricity rates up 140% since 2007; rates rising due to Liberal wilful incompetence: opposition

Saskatchewan likes CETA: Premier Brad Wall says deal could mean billions for uranium industry and his province

Paul Wells *exclusive*: Stephen Harper’s legal challenge to Quebec secession

Andrew Coyne: With his EU trade deal, Stephen Harper finally has a real consumer charter

New Brunswick: Explosives, firearms seized by Mounties during fiery Rexton clash on Thursday which destroyed 6 police cars; police found pipe bombs constructed using large commercial-grade fireworks packed into cylinders with shrapnel in the form of shotgun pellets or small crushed rocks

Craig Oliver: CETA should win ratification by October 2015; the 1988 FTA and subsequent NAFTA agreement proved naysayers wrong about free trade, he says, and the public is generally in favour, having seen the many benefits for 25 years [video]

Safe and sound: Windsor man invents stereo speakers for bike helmets that enable riders to hear traffic, too [video]

CETA: Wynne says Ontario supports monster trade deal without conditions, welcomes already committed federal compensation for any negative effects on dairy industry and in health-care costs

CETA: Two Atlantic Premiers embrace CETA; New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador praise benefits for fisheries and forestry industries and see new jobs in the deal

CETA kudos: Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters industry association welcomes CETA, calls it "the Wayne Gretzky of trade deals" and says "CETA is our economic power play in the global arena"

Ottawa: Supreme Court of Canada rules doctors do not have ultimate say in removing life support

New Brunswick: Justice Minister calls for calm after violent shale gas protest

Ottawa: Canada September inflation holds near central bank floor

Kitchener-Waterloo Record editorial: Wynne’s pitiful pension plans

Terence Corcoran: Harper gets the big issues right

Mexico: Canadian bride dies on first day of honeymoon as resort hotel balcony collapses

Quebec City: Quebec human rights commission blasts PQ's dangerous and unnecessary values charter

Obstructionism: Quebec contests Supreme Court nomination of Marc Nadon, could keep Harper pick off bench for years

Number two tries harder: Second overall in world reputation ranking, Toronto was first when people rated cities they would work in, beating Zurich

International reputations: Toronto second most reputable city in world, second to Sydney, Australia; last year's number one, Vancouver, fell to 14th; top American city was New York in 21st position

Toronto: Wife of Somali suspect in Ottawa bomb scare at PMO expresses surprise; didn't know where he was; acquaintance says suspect was 'gentle' and the "only thing that seemed to anger him lately wasn’t being able to access English-language training"

Not so green: Former NHLer, Green Party leader May’s deputy, Georges Laraque, steps down to face fraud allegation; he had previously refused to step down

Rates jump 12.2% on annualized basis: Ontario consumers face sharply higher rates for electricity starting Nov. 1st, especially during off-peak hours; Liberals need $$ to pay for cancelled/relocated gas plants

Ottawa: Senate motions will move to suspend Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau without pay

New suitor? Lenovo weighing BlackBerry takeover, reports WSJ; Chinese PC vendor could use BlackBerry as a way to expand its global brand in smartphones

Green Party VP and candidate: Former NHLer turned politician Georges Laraque facing fraud charges

Ontario: Cash-strapped Liberals handing out plenty of wage increases despite claimed "wage freeze"

North American Windpower: OFA VP to Ontario wind developers: 'You guys did a lousy job'

Oshawa Express: New nuclear scrapped by Liberals, hurting Ontario's future of cheap, reliable power and "removes thousands of high-paying jobs from the area"

A moving protest: Wind protesters are taking it to the streets, or rather a major highway linking Canada and the U.S., to protest the Ontario government's abuse of citizens; "The megaphone politics of protest isn’t working," says Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley. "There’s a sense of desperation. Ordinary people cannot get a change in government policy and they’re taking this (rally) as a last step of opposition."

Ontario: NDP leader Andrea Horwath is Premier Kathleen Wynne’s secret policy adviser: Cohn

HHoF: Bobby Orr believes Don Cherry belongs in Hockey Hall of Fame as a builder

Belfast: Workers escape as 140-ft wind turbine collapses at harbour site; "utter devastation"

Throne Speech 2013: Quotes from and reactions to

Hey, NY Times: No signs of moose dying off in Alberta

Throne Speech 2013: Canadian Home Builders' Association gives two thumbs up

Prices higher, but: Canadian wireless speeds faster than in U.S.

Throne Speech 2013: Dempster Highway approved for completion to the Arctic Ocean; Canadians will then be able to drive to all three oceans

Kenneth Green: Many Canadians don't see vital importance of oil export; jobs, of course, but taxes cover deficits and oil company investments power various pension plans, including CPP

Germany: Merkel seeks renewable energy reform as households pay record green surcharge

The true global warming crisis: The fibs underlying the 'theory'

Jonathan Kay: Ezra Levant is making media mincemeat out of fallen Saint Suzuki

Evidence for the prosecution of David Suzuki, part four: Suzuki’s world: Mankind as a malignant growth

Ottawa: Canada on verge of major trade deal with European Union

Ottawa: NDP slams omnibus government motion which will resume investigation into missing and murdered aboriginal women as well as resurrect dead bills; Opposition puts gamesmanship ahead of best interests of country

Ottawa: $3B on major transit expansions over next 18 years, with none to serve either Canadian Tire Centre or Ottawa airport

Arizona: Grapple over high rates paid to home solar customers for their excess power has continent-wide implications; utility forced to pay premium for power it can't always use

Ottawa: 6 Throne Speech themes to watch for today

Ottawa: Canadian Loonie overvalued by 10%, economic group says

Ottawa: 5 things to know about the Throne Speech

Newfoundland: At least 2 killed in strip mall shooting in Conception Bay South; killer on the loose

Ottawa: Malala Yousafzai to be named honorary Canadian citizen in Wednesday Throne Speech

No chaff: Pick-and-pay channels get warm reception

Bonnie and Clyde: Ontario teen runaways steal multiple vehicles as chased by police through Ontario, Quebec and across border into Maine; finally caught on foot

Denmark may want say: Greenland votes to allow uranium, rare earths mining

Layers of politics: India looks to China, Iran for onions to cool political heat

updated ~ Baghdad: Car bombs kill at least 55 in Iraq

India: Blasts kill five at rally for opposition candidate Modi

Reuters: Key U.S. official faces Monday grilling over how Obamacare website became fiasco

Blame game: Obamacare roll-out casts cloud over 2014 Democrats

Syria: 15 Hezbollah soldiers killed outside Damascus

AFP: UAE to give $3.9B to Egypt's military-installed govt

Germany: Merkel's phone 'bugged for decade by U.S.'

Variety: Event films are cannibalizing each other

Rewarding failure? Same company in charge of failed Obamacare website is in charge of failed Sandy relief; only $700M of $60B has been disbursed to victims a year later

NSA: Obama, Kerry trying to quell anger abroad over spying

Kirsten Powers: Obama can’t blame the Republicans this time

Single payer in the sights: As Obamacare changes U.S. healthcare landscape, little Vermont eyes bigger goal

Truth and consequences: NSA spying blowback threatens to hamper U.S. foreign policy

Killer rampage: Police chase gunman, hostages across Mojave Desert

Down the shore: Decades of tradition lost as Jersey Shore will never be what it was for 'second home' owners

Deadly date approaches: JFK's image shines on despite contradictions

Iraq frontier: Kurdish fighters seize Syrian border post from Islamists

Finger-pointing: Five people Obama could fire over Obamacare

Built-in racism: Obamacare seeks to segregate patients, doctors by race

Coincidence? Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is Sr. VP at company that built Obamacare website

Fall-out: The litany of Obamacare broken promises and the growing anger [video]

Steve Forbes: Obamacare website rollout 'incompetent from top to bottom'

Forbes: Sebelius now says Obamacare exchange website needed six years of development, instead of two

Kirsten Powers: After supporting Obamacare, Daily Beast columnist gets an unwelcome health care surprise in the mail

Oklahoma: Toyota fined $3M by jury

Elysee Palace: France had feared U.S. had hacked its President, was Israel involved?

Casablanca: Morocco teen jailed for Twitter threat to Obama

Austria: FIS ski chief slams 'god-like' FIFA over winter World Cup

NSA: Brazil 'wants to question tech giants'

Obama-mess: GOP threatens subpoenas over Obamacare rollout

No bidders showed up: Obama’s first land auction for solar goes bust

Were vehemently against: Under pressure, 10 Senate Democrats push for Obamacare extension

Syria: Norway rejects U.S. request to destroy chemical weapons arsenal

NSA: Chatty leaders vulnerable to foreign surveillance

Califonia: Oarfish was female, carrying hundreds of thousands of eggs

NSA: German spy chiefs to visit Washington for talks on U.S. spying allegations

Italy: Coast guard rescues more than 700 illegal migrants in 24 hours

Timothy Carney: Critic in Chief: Charles Krauthammer diagnoses Obama's policies and psyche

No surprise: Financier George Soros backs Hillary Clinton for U.S. President in 2016

State subsidies: China and Europe make up after averting trade war

NSA: Germany demands U.S. answers over Merkel bugging

Hearings: Contractors blame tight deadlines and not enough time for testing; Democrat Waxman offers laugher of the day, calling Obamacare "an enormous success"

Obamacare: Now Democrats agree with Republican proposal to delay deadline which they fought and called 'racist' just 3 weeks ago

House hearings: Website contractors point fingers at Obama administration, saying changes were made late to specs which created huge bottleneck

Merkel: U.S. spying has shattered allies' trust

Guardian: NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after U.S. official handed over contacts

Obamacare fall-out: Obamacare operator fired after taking call from Sean Hannity radio show on Monday; Hannity announced today he is giving her a year's salary and will help her find a new job

PJ Media: Analysis of NY Times article shows they don't get it; Obamacare not only doesn't allow access across state lines it largely doesn't allow access across county lines

Obamacare meltdown: CareFirst says 76,000 customers will lose current coverage due to Obamacare

NY Times: Obamacare negatively affects poor and those in rural areas

John McAfee: Government-designed architecture of Obamacare website was ill-considered; as a result hackers will rip off personal data and empty bank accounts of "millions" of people [video]

Just the first adjustment? Obamacare enrollment deadline pushed to March 31 [video]

Bill Daley: Firing Secretary Kathleen Sebelius "like firing Captain Smith on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg" [video]

Pittsburgh shame: Famous rivers filled with junk: from shopping carts to hundreds of cars to a B-25 bomber

Desperation in Venezuela: Inept leaders running out of excuses to provide better government

House hearing underway: Obamacare site 'nothing short of a disaster'

Obamacare fall-out: Democratic Party unity starts fraying as self-preservation takes over

Ransom: Pirates seize two Americans off Nigeria's coast

Obama call didn't help: Germany summons U.S. ambassador over alleged spying on Merkel phone, says no business as usual

Changed the world: Boeing's 747 is an icon, but future now in doubt

Norway: Ex-pat Somalis worry extremism is spreading

BBC: Secret memos 'show Pakistan endorsed U.S. drone strikes'

Bernard Squarcini: Paris also snoops on U.S., says ex-French spy boss

Eurozone's fourth-largest economy: Spanish jobless rate dips to 25.98% as recession ends

Rift? EU leaders meet as U.S. spying allegations build

Catherine Herridge: Key suspects in Benghazi attack include former courier, bodyguard for Al Qaeda, sources say

Robert J. Samuelson: Obamacare backfires -- on everyone

Obama-Clinton-Kerry amateur diplo-mess: U.S.-Saudi crack-up reaches a dramatic tipping point

Sank in 1946: $50M operation will raise sunken U.S. military ship from waters near Prince Rupert, BC

Intelligence quotient: Why the NSA spies on France and Germany

Obama-mess: Contractor behind Obamacare to testify extra testing could not have saved site; usually means architecture a problem

Ethiopa: Signs $4B geothermal deal with American-Icelandic company Reykjavik Geothermal to develop a 1,000MW geothermal farm

Odd way to push public healthcare: Short on beer money? Look to Obamacare

Boehner: More people will lose insurance under Obamacare than sign up in exchanges

Scam-apalooza: Obamacare launch spawns 700+ cyber-squatters capitalizing on, state exchanges

Syria: Much of country blacked out by rebel attack on gas pipeline

Obamascare or political theatre? How real was well-timed near-faint of woman behind Obama? Conspiracy theory or happensatnce?

Rose Garden metaphor: Ineptness of Obama leaves America staggered

Alexis Simendinger: Can a President expect Obamacare flaws but be in the dark too?

Mark Gollom: Can Obama recover from the 'bungled' Obamacare roll-out? 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

updated ~ Northern suburb of Boston: 14-year-old charged with killing beloved Danvers, Massachusetts, teacher

uh-oh: Angela Merkel calls Barack Obama over suspicion U.S. monitored her phone

Major Garrett: The biggest joke of the Obama Presidency

F.F. Wiley: Niall Ferguson shatters Paul Krugman’s delusions

American drug companies use scare tactics: Prescription drug importation legalized in Maine [video]

CBS News: Obamacare pricing feature can be off the mark; "incredibly misleading"

Howie Carr: Boston gala another Obamacare flop; incompetents and incompetence

Red Sox owner trying to buy: Injunction over suit blocks Boston Globe sale

Boston: FBI victim linked Tamerlan Tsarnaev to 9/11/2011 triple killing

Jeffrey Zients: Obama calls trusted fixer to help save Obamacare website

Golden lumbers: Eucalyptus trees in Australian goldfield depositing gold in leaves as their deep roots draw in rich moisture

Animation domination: World's greatest GIF-maker works 100 hours a week in job that goes on and on and on

China jerky treat mystery: Nearly 600 U.S. pets dead; still no source, FDA says

Hillary Clinton legacy: Saudi complaint list long during Obama 'residency' - Washington has failed in Syria, in Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in Bahrain in 2011, and now growing closer to Tehran

When friends fall out: Kerry holds urgent talks as U.S.-Saudi rift deepens over Middle East policy

Seventh grade: Nevada shooter may have been bullied

Pupils: We begged 12-yr-old gun boy for our lives

Professor: 'States can nullify Obamacare', cites Thomas Jefferson’s 1789 Kentucky Resolution

Global News: Norway considers taking, destroying bulk of Syria’s chemical weapons

NOAA: U.S. to do away with nautical charts; PDFs, digital and on-demand maps deep-six paper

We warned, you didn't listen: Seattle police say Canadian fugitive Michael Stanley is suspect in sex assault

Spain: Barcelona start-up lets you print your own dinner with 3D food printer

CBS News: Krokodil use reportedly spreading: 'most dangerous drug in world' killingly addictive

Bombshell: Federal judge suddenly green-lights lawsuit that could stop Obamacare in its tracks

Michael Barone: Unions turn on Obamacare, but don't call them hypocrites

Ann Coulter: The shutdown was "magnificent" and "run beautifully" by GOP; it branded GOP as anti-Obamacare party just as people starting to realize the scale and scope of the Obamacare disaster

Michael Barone: What if Obamacare software crashes and burns?

The huckster blues: Obamacare (as seen on TV)

Syria: Opposition weighing negotiations with Assad

White House tries to blame contractor: Obama apologists blame Obamacare system contractor, note its involvement in Canada's failed gun registry, the 'billion dollar boondoggle'

Obamacare snake oil: How Jon Stewart became President Obama’s biggest problem

AP: Builders of Obamacare website saw red flags "for months", tested by govt not specialists, accesses multiple outside databases; if hacked, offers ultimate data prizes across govt

Washington Post-ABC poll: Majority believe Obamacare website problems indicate broader issue with law

Jon Stewart: Lampoons and lambastes Obamacare [video]

Consumer Reports: ‘Stay away from’

45,000 drop from August: U.S. hiring slows in September to just 148,000 jobs

Brrrrrrrrrr: Last 10 days of October could be America’s coldest in 20+ years!

LA Times: Scientists link deaths of two rare oarfish but say it's too early to know what happened; they may have been together and got caught in currents they couldn't deal with; full toxicological tests are underway

Don't follow these leaders: Boy Scouts axe 2 men who toppled ancient Utah rock formation

Mike Barnicle on MSNBC: White House 'lying' about Obamacare website [video]

Two weeks of ‘Sea Serpents’ or Harbingers? Oarfish washed up year before Japan quake

No mea culpa at press conference: White House deems health exchange glitches ‘unacceptable’, but offers no explanation, GOP calls Obamacare DOA

Egypt: Christians mourn Cairo shooting that killed 4

Why Obama should be freaked out over Obamacare: It's worse than we know, this is the easy part, and millions of Americans could be hurt

Whose rights? Sex offender who caused international manhunt now registered living a block from preschool

"I knew nothing" Federal Reserve Chair until 2006, now 87-yr-old Alan Greenspan writes book denying there was any observable weakening of the U.S. financial sector under his 18-1/2 year tenure

Third month in a row: Yahoo again tops Google in U.S. web visitors in Sept

Russia: Dashcam video vividly shows suicide bomb explosion on Volgograd bus

updated ~ Nevada: 2 dead; teacher killed defending students from gun-wielding student at Sparks middle school; student apparently committed suicide

Kidnapping: Al Qaeda group is operating on ransom money from the West

Obamacare: HealthCare.Gov needs 5 million lines of code re-written says specialist

Obamacare bait-and-switch? Next shoe to drop: people buying coverage on the exchanges may owe more money than they're being told

Syria: Top rebel commander killed in clashes

Afghanistan: Afghan special forces commander defects with guns and equipment to Taliban-connected insurgents

France: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has summoned U.S. ambassador over Snowden-based newspaper claims that U.S. spied on millions of phone calls in France

Daniel Greenfield: The American tribe

updated ~ Russia: Female suicide bomber believed responsible for bus explosion which kills 6, injures 33 in Volgograd

Lost opportunity: 15% of U.S. youth out of school, work

Washington,DC: Despite setback, GOP has impressive budgetary wins and stand united against tax increases

Mexico: Hurricane Raymond surges north on Pacific coast with a hurricane watch in place from Acapulco to the port city of Lazaro Cardenas

Japan: Record string of trade deficits: 15 consecutive months

Infrastructure: Crown Castle to buy rights to AT&T towers for $4.85B

Syria: Suicide bomber kills at least 30 in Hama; Arab League announces possible dates for renewed peace talks in November [video]

Nigeria: Pirate attacks by heavily armed gangs surge off coast

Egypt: Ride-by gunmen shoot 3 dead outside Cairo church

Bolivia: Coca growers ambush, kill 2 security anti-drug forces, 8 taken hostage

When wasn't it? NY Times: News sexy again; tech wealth and ideas are heading into news

Obamacare: Spaghetti code govt solution? More cooks; 'best and brightest' techies drafted to fix

Tea Party’s victory: Americans will not forget who warned of impending Obamacare disaster

Michael Barone: A software installer's view on the Obamacare IT mess

Wired: How a radical new teaching method could unleash a generation of geniuses

Jim Lakely: Age of climate alarmism is coming to an end

Iraq: At least 37 dead as suicide bombing hits Baghdad cafe in Shia Amil area

Philippines: Truck rear-ends bus, killing 20

Washington,DC: AP source says 476,000 applications filed for Obamacare in first 3 weeks, but officials won't give enrolment figures; other sources say as many as 5 applications have been filed for a single person due to problems with sign-up system; 330 million Americans have to sign up or face heavy fines

California: 2nd ultra-deep-dwelling oarfish - sea serpent of mythology - has washed ashore in a week; rarely seen; is this a harbinger of a coming underwater earthquake?

London: JPMorgan 'record fine' of $13B explained: how company contributed to 2007-2008 global financial meltdown

Tijuana cartel: Mexico drug lord shot dead by clown assassins during family children's party in Cabo San Lucas

Washington,DC: JPMorgan in tentative $13B settlement deal with U.S. Justice Department over bad mortgage loans sold to investors before 2008 crash

Argentina: At least 80 injured as commuter train slams into station, again; same location as deadly crash in 2012

updated ~ Belgium: Birthday present skydiving flight tragedy leaves 11 dead; 10 skydivers and pilot; piece of wing broke off causing plane's death spiral

Rasmussen: 50% of Americans believe the U.S. is in a recession

Egypt: Car bomb hits Army intelligence building north of Cairo

Joe Bastardi: Can an AGW climatologist be truly objective?

Laos: Lao Airlines crash: 27 bodies found in Mekong River

Fast and Furious: Still infuriating

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood facing wave of trials

Syria: Bomb near Damascus kills 16

Maldives in crisis: Police block attempt at presidential vote

Somalia: 12 killed in suicide attack

Georgian skull discovery: Theory there were several different human species walking Earth two million years ago is being called into question by find [video]

UN investigator says terrorists have rights: U.S. should publish drone attack data; apparently hanging out with terrorists while they plot new atrocities makes you 'innocent'

Cleveland cold cases re-opened: Ariel Castro's neighbour charged with murders from 1990s

Most ice EVER: Antarctica set a third all-time record while U.S. Govt was ‘shutdown’

Alberta: Former Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr to remain in maximum-security prison in Canada; jailed for murder of American Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer in Afghanistan when Khadr was a teenaged Taliban fighter

CETA: Canada, EU trade deal beats America's stalled TTIP to the punch; Canada only G8 nation to claim trade deals with United States, Europe

California: The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system strike is paralyzing all the cities around San Francisco Bay as subway tunnels under the waters remain quiet and their normal 400,000 commuters clog surface routes and bridges instead

Forbes: International Monetary Fund openly lays the groundwork for global wealth confiscation

Shrillsters lament: '2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’ ~ Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’ ~ tornadoes, wildfires, extreme heat or hurricanes, the good news is that weather-related disasters are all way down this year compared to recent years and, in some cases, down to historically low levels'

Obamacare hearings: Are Administration officials refusing to appear before House Committee to explain roll-out fiasco?

Déjà vu: Congress re-launches budget talks as Washington returns to work, this time with a February shutdown deadline

Michael Barone: What if Obamacare software crashes and burns? Mega-fiasco awaits as system has all hallmarks of a government committee-designed solution

Philip Klein: Behind the curtain, more waving red flags for Obamacare

Saudi Arabia: Angered over MidEast muddle, declines Security Council seat; unprecedented action shows depth of resolve anger over failure of the international community to end war in Syria and act on other Middle East issues

Libya: Militia rivalries threaten new war

Michael Graham: In 2014 GOP to get last laugh; they just forced Democrats to embrace disastrous Obamacare one last time before mid-terms just as it's becoming a lexicon replacement for 'Edsel'

Australia: Fires claim more homes [video]

India: U.S. ship crew arrested over lack of weapons paperwork [video]

Why is anyone surprised? Students pirating e-textbooks is not news except that someone thinks it is

Libya: Gunmen kill Benghazi's top cop

Laos crash: Lao Airlines pilot was told to change course before crash due to extreme weather conditions

Kenya: Nairobi mall terror gunman unmasked as his Norwegian family claims he was 'brainwashed' in Somalia; new video shows attack underway

It's not April 1st: British geneticist says DNA analysis suggests Yeti aka Bigfoot may be both real, and an undocumented polar bear hybrid, a descendant of a prehistoric bear

Philippines: Quake deaths reach 158 as recovery underway

California: 9th Circuit Court weighs students' right to wear American flag shirts vs. administrators' desire to ban them

Border madness: Multi-convicted, violent sex offender who U.S. border guards allowed to leave Canada finally being forced to register as sex offender in Washington state; the Canadian citizen cut off electronic monitoring bracelet before fleeing south across border; American authorities have so far refused requests for his arrest

Oklahoma: Why the growth of wind energy worries weather forecasters in Tornado Alley

USA Today: Tech experts: Health exchange site needs total overhaul

Lawsuit looms: Obamacare website violates licensing agreement for copyrighted software

Daily Beast: Why the shutdown was a Republican victory

Los Angeles: LAX airport changing policy on the discarding of dry ice used on planes after it was used by employee to build bottle 'bombs'

Washington, DC: Obama signs bill ending partial shutdown, raising debt ceiling

Washington, DC: House votes to avoid U.S. default, open govt, bill on way to White House

Washington, DC: Short-term debt deal won't mask big barriers ahead

Washington, DC: Senate votes to avoid U.S. default, open govt, House next

New Jersey Senate: Democrat Booker declared winner

New Jersey Senate: Cory Booker, Steve Lonegan await results as polls close

What Greenwald and Snowden kept hidden: NSA-type spying? Everyone does it

Washington, DC: Cruz: Deal 'embodies everything' people dislike about DC

Washington, DC: 'Kentucky Kickback'? Not so much

Read it yourself: 'Working draft' of McConnell-Reid bill to end government shutdown and extend U.S. borrowing authority through February 7, 2014

Ezra Klein: Democrats should surrender on taxes

New York: Advance Auto expands repair shop business with $2B buy, will be largest North American retailer of auto parts

Mary Katharine Ham: Chicago Tribune drops the hammer on Obamacare

Syria: OPCW has destroyed chemical weapons production equipment at 6 sites

Ezra Klein: Five thoughts on the Obamacare disaster

Enduring love: Elderly couple found ‘holding hands’ after fatal crash

Robert Bryce: U.S. today is planet's energy giant

Los Angeles: Ground employee arrested in LAX airport ice blasts

Forbes: Obamacare's website is crashing because it doesn't want you to know how costly its plans are

Another hurdle: Fake Obamacare insurance exchange sites already spotted

Fraud alert: Don't fall victim to these Obamacare scams

Burma: U.S. Embassy gives security message to U.S. citizens "regarding recent bombings general security awareness"

updated ~ Laos: Lao Airlines plane flying from Vientiane crashes in Pakse; 49 dead from 11 countries; incl one Canadian and one American

Leaves Guardian: Greenwald to take helm of new multi-bureau media venture backed by eBay billionaire

Miami: Bomb scare evacuates Concourse J at Miami International Airport; dog sniffed cargo pallet

Allison Schrager: How the Nobel-winning economists changed investing forever

Syria: Clashes in east kill more than 40 fighters

Florida: 4 dead, 11 rescued by U.S. Coast Guard after migrant boat capsizes off Miami

Pay more: EU seeks carbon tax for all flights over Europe

Moscow: Russia 'regret' over attack on Dutch diplomat

India: Large fuselage panel falls from Boeing 787 Dreamliner in flight; lands safely

Washington, DC: Senate leadership says close to finishing deal

Washington, DC: House shutdown plan fails; dire predictions being made for consequences of default don't match reality

It begins: Clinton: I backed bin Laden raid, Biden didn't

Washington, DC: Fitch puts US AAA rating on rating watch 'negative'

New Jersey: Cory Booker campaign path bumpier than anticipated; lots of skeletons in his political closet

updated ~ Japan: At least 17 dead, 50 missing as Typhoon Wipha hits; mudslides deadly

Chris Stirewalt: President Crisis and the wishful thinking brigade

Lessons: Ireland's recovery: Several years of austerity lead to a turnaround

Geneva: Iran presents nuclear proposals at Swiss talks

Afghanistan: Mosque bombing kills governor in Puli Alam

New York: Libyan pleads not guilty to 1998 terrorism charges

Washington: Deal reached to avoid default and re-open U.S. government;
spending cuts conceded by Democrats; Cruz will oppose but not filibuster

Google: Now YOU can cruise around the Milky Way: interactive
space map lets users navigate in incredible detail

The above animation of the ‘100,000 Stars’ Google map, reveals, in incredible graphic detail, the
vast distances which lie between our home and alien planets. Zooming out provides a dizzying look
at the galactic plane and the Milky Way, which is home to up to 400 billion stars.

Catalina Island: Carcass of 5-meter-long sea serpent found off California

This photo taken on Sunday October 13, 2013 shows crew of sailing school vessel holding an 18-foot-long
oarfish that was found in the waters of Santa Catalina Island, California. The serpent-like oarfish is rarely
seen and is believed to be source of sea serpent legends. ~ AP Photo/Catalina Island Marine Institute

Los Angeles: After another explosion, more dry ice bombs found at LAX

Two dry ice 'bombs' -- plastic bottles filled with dry ice -- have exploded at Los Angeles' LAX
airport and at least two others have been found before they exploded. At least one was found
"near planes". Police say terrorism not suspected at this time, and all the ice bombs were found
in non-public areas accessible only by employees. ~ KTLA

updated ~ Philippines: 7.2M quake hits island of Bohol; 93 dead;
collapsed buildings in Cebu, many injured, shallow shaker

Syria: Kerry wants peace conference, Assad replacement

Tear down these walls! Vets storm World War II Memorial in Washington, pushing through barriers to protest unnecessary closing under shutdown

A veteran in a wheelchair recites the Pledge of Allegiance at a rally centered around forcibly re-opening
outdoor national memorials closed by petty decree during the so-called government shutdown. The vets
were denied porta-toilets provided earlier in week to illegal immigrants who demonstrated
for immigration reform. ~ Andrew Burton Getty Images

Rule of O: White House makes carbon policy out of thin air, by fiat

Canada: Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

The traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Day family meal is pretty much the same as the American
Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, cranberries, potatoes, squash and pumpkin pie.

Phailin: 17 dead so far, but evacuation of million saved many lives;
American forecasters criticized for extreme warnings

Phailin: 5 dead, half a million in shelters as storms spins inland

Cyclone: Phailin losing some power onshore; over 500,000 flee

India: Wind, rain, seawater pound as immense,
powerful cyclone Phailin hits hard

This satellite view shows the cyclone coming ashore this morning. A storm surge of 20 - 30 feet (7 - 9 metres) is
expected even in the most optimistic forecast. Satellite images showed the cyclone filling nearly the entire Bay of
Bengal, an area larger than France. ~ Weather Channel

Twister: How the best stormchasers in the world were killed in Oklahoma;
Denver Post recreates their thinking and moves which led them to doom

With deceptive speed, a tornado touched down near El Reno, Oklahoma, on May 31, 2013 and spawned smaller
twisters within its record 2.6-mile span. ~ Chris Machian Omaha World-Herald -- Chevy Cobalt chase vehicle
photos before and after by Ed Grubb (before) and KWTV News 9 (after)

Canada: Unemployment drops to 6.9% as September jobs beat estimates

Nobel Peace Prize: Goes to OPCW, world's chemical weapons watchdog

Leak: Just 51,000 completed Obamacare applications during 1st week,
out of tens of millions of Americans in 36 states; at this rate, 6-month open enrollment will sign up just 2 million Americans, including in the 14 states and D.C., which have their own insurance exchanges; CBO says needs at least 7 million to stay afloat financially

Nobel: Poser’s Guide to Alice Munro: 6 tips for owning any conversation

TIME: Alice Munro: 7 things to know about the Nobel winner

Very deserving: Canada's Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize for literature

Alice Munro, acclaimed Canadian author, has been awarded the 2013 Nobel prize for Literature.
Munro, 82, is the first Canadian-based writer to win the award and only the 13th woman.

Libya: Zeidan now freed several hours after being grabbed;
Ex-rebels seized PM over U.S. snatch of Al Qaeda suspect

Tripoli: Gunmen abduct Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan from hotel

In this March 13, 2013 file photo, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan speaks during a joint news conference with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department in Washington. He was kidnapped by gunmen early Thursday morning October 10, 2013 from the hotel in Tripoli where he resides.~ AP

Wide open spaces: Half of Canada lives in just these few municipalities

The handful of municipalities marked in red are home to over half of 33 million Canadians.

Cape Breton: Hunters who killed rare white moose say they made mistake

Mi’kmaq natives claim rare albino moose was sacred symbol. But did they tell anyone before it was shot?

Toronto Sun: "It’s a $1 billion-plus boondoggle"

Scott Stinson: With the final bill for the gas-plants now in,
it’s all the more evident why McGuinty quit

Toronto Star: $1.1B Liberal price tag to steal 5 electoral seats

Gas plant bombshell: Auditor says cancellation cost $1+B, made worse
by McGuinty; Liberals repeatedly lied, claimed cost was only $40M

Claim: Is Chinese discovery of Americas documented by 1418 map?

Does this depict Chinese mapping of North and South America in 1418? ~ Daily Mail

Bali: Global trade weakening, economy to slow: APEC

Egypt: Deadly violence continues to rock country as police murdered;
gunmen, suicide bombers launch Monday attacks across country

Medical sources said three were killed and 48 injured in this blast near the state security building
in South Sinai. ~ Reuters

Houston: Dario Franchitti, 14 others, hurt in last-lap IndyCar wreck;
Indy 500 winner has fractured spine and ankle, concussion [video]

Debris flies as Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti's car rips through crash fence at the Grand Prix of Houston
road course outside Reliant Stadium. ~ photo/video by Gary Johnson

updated ~ Egypt: Now 53 dead in clashes on 40th anniversary of war;
48 killed in Cairo, 5 more south of capital; 268 wounded

Malaysia: Petronas $36B LNG project in Canada, to build "all
the facilities upstream including investment in a pipeline" the
"largest foreign direct investment in Canada by any country"

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
shake hands during a photo call outside Razak's office in Putrajaya, near Kuala Lumpur,
October 6, 2013. ~ Samsul Said Reuters

Lunatic fringe: Geldof: 'All humans will die before 2030'

James Delingpole: The climate alarmists have lost the debate:
it's time we stopped indulging their poisonous fantasy

Malaysia: Harper arrives for APEC summit after receiving
$36B commitment for job-rich investment in Canada

Ottawa: Canadian Govt secured release of pair through diplomacy;
coming home Sunday after nearly 2 months behind bars

Egypt: Canadians Loubani and Greyson released from prison

Dr. Tarek Loubani London, Ontario and
filmmaker John Greyson of Toronto. ~ BBC

The Boss: 32 years of Bruce Springsteen captured by renowned photog

Debra Rothenberg opens the vault. She captured enduring
portraits of the artist as a young man and ever since.

Washington, DC: Police still can't find evidence to justify Carey killing

Washington, DC: Cops clam-up on 'use of force' rules as criticism mounts
over killing of unarmed woman by police who may have been furloughed

Police were close beside car on both sides yet claim they didn't see
1-yr-old in rear car seat. Were shooters officially furloughed and
therefore not authorized to fire guns? ~ Daily Mail

updated ~ Washington, DC: Man sets himself on fire on National Mall;
heroic joggers saved his life, took off shirts, used them to smother flames

The two men with bare backs were reportedly jogging and took off their shirts to extinguish the gasoline-soaked
burning man on National Mall in Washington, DC. ~ Twitter

Italy: 300 dead in Lampedusa migrant ship tragedy mourned

Washington, DC: Many questions after police kill unarmed woman
with her 1 yr-old daughter in back seat; why was she seen as a threat?
why didn't police beside car see her terrified child? why over-reaction?
after her car was blocked, was a trained police negotiator not available?

Police were close enough to grab the black Infiniti's door handles but claim none of them saw the 1 year-old in back.
Why didn't they shoot out the tires when they could have, as this photo shows? Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist
from Stamford, Connecticut deftly drove away and was shot dead minutes later. All police injuries were self-inflicted
and their gunfire twice took place "in areas busy with tourists and office workers." ~ Washington Post

Italy: More than 300 now feared drowned off Sicily in ship disaster

Washington, DC: Dead, unarmed suspect identified as CT dental hygienist
said to be suffering post-partum depression; 1 yr-old daughter unharmed

Italy: Ship death toll up to 130, while 200 remain missing

Washington, DC: Video shows black Infiniti chased by police

Washington, DC: Gunfire forced brief lockdown at U.S. Capitol

Watch WJLA-TV LIVE: Police kill 34 yr-old female from Stamford, CT
driving black Nissan Infiniti; was chased, rammed police near U.S. Capitol

The Nissan Infiniti which was chased by police down Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues. One-yr-old child in the
car was not shot. ~ Mark Wilson Getty Images

Capitol Police car was damaged by security barriers moved into place during chase. ~ Kevin Lamarque Reuters

An eyewitness explains he heard shots and went outside to investigate and saw young child in the car. ~ WJLA-TV

Washington, DC: Shots fired after car chase from White House;
officer in hospital with 'non-life threatening' injuries

A car chase that began when female driver tried to breach White House security barrier and ended
across downtown Washington near U.S. Capitol, with a confrontation that included shots fired and
one Capitol Police officer injured, police said. ~ Washington Post

updated - Italy: Death toll now 114, feared to rise far higher;
150+ rescued, 200 others unaccounted-for

Ottawa: Federal government concerned new LRT will debilitate flagship observatory with low-frequency magnetic noise

Harvard study: Daily slice of bacon can harm men’s fertility; but cod, halibut help it

Liberal disease: Lawyer, Professor Deborah Coyne owes $61,000 after failed leadership bid

Inventions: Noise-cancelling window sensor helps you enjoy the silence amid cacophony; like noise-cancelling headphones for a room [video]

Govt-industrial-wind complex: London environmental review tribunal suspended after expert witnesses disallowed and chair wouldn't allow proceedings to be recorded

ERT today: NextEra is bullying Esther Wrightman - let’s make them stop

Wind bully background: NextEra slammed for suing Esther Wrightman, Canada’s Joan of Arc; freedom of speech, eh

Stray voltage: Cows behaving oddly could mean stray voltage; sources can include solar arrays, industrial wind turbines; can kill, or reduce water consumption

DIY: Rise of the drone hobbyists

Live wires: Why firefighters fear solar power

Rex Murphy: Duplicitous Dalton, Inc. - wasn't up to the job

Ontario: Wynne government refusing to hear testimony from experts on noise and safety in Environmental Review Tribunal

Mega job losses: Ontario drives manufacturers away with over-priced electricity

Mark Kennedy: The Conservative plan to become Canada’s 'Natural Governing Party'

Vientiane: Baird to travel to Laos as Canada re-starts funding to deal with cluster bombs

Brazil: Fans vandalize World Cup stadium; dozens detained in violence across country

Round 1: Canada, U.S. women’s hockey teams brawl

London: Buckingham Palace intruder arrested 'in possession of a knife'

Christina Blizzard: Gas plant cancellation fiasco Queen's Park biggest scandal to date

Toronto: Talks between union and CN Rail break down, strike looms

Agenda bloat: As crisis fades, G20 tries to get its mojo back

In the belly of the beast: Tesla shows off Model X SUV at new Palo Alto showroom

Medicare downside: Liberals cut physio for seniors to save bucks they blew on gas plants

Bobby Orr: Finally, the guy who changed hockey forever writes his memoir [video]

Windsor: Liberals’ new horse-racing plan panned locally; "They’ve left us and places like Dresden, Sarnia and other tracks not in central Ontario completely out"

Lac Mégantic: Rail line remains closed after Transport Canada inspection that found problems

Toronto: The two Suzukis: There’s Saint Suzuki, the one you see on CBC, and Secret Suzuki, the capitalist millionaire

UBC study: Some people genetically predisposed to spot danger

Peru: Bus plunge kills 51, including 14 children

Decisions: Abandoned subways in Cincinnati, Rochester, Chicago, New York [photos]

Vietnam: Explosion at military-run fireworks factory kills 19

Nova Scotia: Anatomy of the NDP defeat; the Liberals won running exactly the same problem their cousins in Ontario inflicted on that province; the lesson? only winning matters for Liberals

Philippines: Typhoon floods villages, kills 13 people

David Suzuki: Why are the Australians and Ezra Levant the only ones to tell the truth about the CBC hypocrite?

Saskatoon: Two injured by premature explosion of pipebomb; no word on charges

UK: Axe green tax or energy bills will go up every year for a decade, says energy chief

Can-Am gets thumbs down: Wandering flying squirrels heat up new Canada-U.S. dispute

Home free: 'Really obvious we made mistakes,' freed Canadians Greyson and Loubani say on arrival from Egypt

American border incompetence? Wanted sex offender allowed into U.S. from Canada after U.S. border agents checked his data

Merger? Are nickel producing heavyweights Glencore Xstrata and Vale going to merge their Sudbury operations?

Nuisance: Snowbirds to keep their name despite complaint it violates the language law

After first destroying horse industry: Wynne now giving $400M to save Ontario racing; wants public to forget $1.1B for gas plants cancel

Lawsuits: Toronto pays $200M in settlements since 2000; want to slip on ice and sue? do it here

Risk to consumers: Herbal product contamination 'considerable,' DNA tests find

Egypt: Canadians Loubani, Greyson leave for home; refuse to talk to Canadian media before flight

China: Auto sales surge by 21% in September

Big deal: Canada Pension Plan part of joint $2.55B offer for Commonwealth Bank of Australia's office trust

India: Massive cyclone approaches east coast, thousands flee

Brunei: Concluding statement from 23rd ASEAN Summit

Canada-Asean Business Forum: Geographic distance between Canada and Asean countries not a barrier, says Singapore's trade minister Lim Hng Kiang

TPP success: New Zealand PM revels in agreement finalize deal by end of year

The pause in world trade since 2008: The shift in focus from multilateral WTO to regional and bilateral pacts

Michael Wilson and William Robson: A final push for Canada-Europe trade

Gas plants fiasco: Ontario paid for cancelled plant land and then let Eastern Power keep it; now worth $5.3M

Disaster looms: Canada outlines new aid for displaced Syrians, while UNICEF warns child refugees especially vulnerable

BC Court of Appeal: Judges uphold ban on assisted suicide

Margaret Wente: The true price tag of McGuinty’s green fantasy

Crux of the matter: Harper Government has accomplished what was promised in post-election Throne Speech

Re-birth? BlackBerry co-founders looking at potential takeover bid

Detroit: Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sentenced to serve 28 years in federal prison for public corruption

Sneaky? Commissioner says Ontario Liberals snuck language into budget which enables them to hand Crown land over to private entities by Cabinet regulation

Demand: Rogers responds to public call for new BlackBerry model, to offer Z30 after all

New Westminster: Fire destroys historic downtown buildings in Vancouver urban suburb

Egypt: Greyson, Loubani now free to leave country, lawyer says

Christina Blizzard: A billion reasons Kathleen Wynne must call an election -- or be forced into one

Report's in: Public service restraint works; "more, please"

Windsor Star editorial: How the NDP props up this scandalous Liberal government

Chris Vander Doelen: Abusing our trust; "it’s finally starting to dawn on Ontario voters just how breathtakingly cynical McGuinty and his cabinet were about blowing through public money"

New TV option: Twitter deal will let viewers change channels from tweet

Re-election strategy: Ottawa mayor puts re-election before ending pollution dump in Ottawa River; doesn't care about non-voters downstream

Clashes continue: Brazil can't kick negative attention ahead of World Cup, Olympics

Low energy: Ontario backs away from plans to buy new nuclear reactors; to rely instead on high-cost gas/wind/solar mix for half of needs

Wireless: Rogers' mystery outage "unacceptable" says CEO

Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough? British scientists discover how to halt death of brain cells, say paves way for simple pill to cure disease

Spin: Mulcair says provincial NDP losses in BC and NS a lesson for federal party

Hapless: Tone-deaf unelected Premier Wynne gets pounded on twitter for billion dollar waste and cover-up; 'Call an Election' she is told

Boondoggle: Hudak calls for non-confidence vote over gas-plant scandal

Spy vs Spy: Brazil-Canada espionage: Which countries are we spying on? Canada is 'targeting countries that are targeting us,' says intelligence expert

Fraudsters in office: Ontario NDP wrongly claims it's helpless to help force an election in wake of billion dollar boondoggle revelations; prefers to prop up Liberals rather than remove arsonists from barn

Liberal finger-pointing: It wasn’t Ignatieff’s fault; it was Liberals’ fault for picking him

Jack Mintz: Quebec’s $2B economic plan is a micro-management fantasy

Liar-gate: Tories push NDP to back non-confidence motion over $1.1B cost of gas plant fiasco

China: Wingsuit flyer dies during gorge jump

Crux of the matter: The Senate scandal is NOT a Harper Gov’t scandal!

Pinnocchio: McGuinty set to testify at Elliot Lake mall collapse inquiry

Non-Canadians say: Toronto second 'friendliest' city in the world, 4th 'safest', and "8th best by brand image"; up 5 places in last 2 years

Diplomacy: Disagreement over whether EU-Canada trade talks hit snag on wording of human rights clause

Toronto Sun editorial: Gas plant report shreds Liberals

Cohn: The banality of billion-dollar boondoggles and $Loonie excuses

Christina Blizzard: Horwath stamps feet over gas plants yet still won't dump Liberals

Lancet: Cause of MS cannot be attributed to constricted neck veins: Canadian study

Ottawa: Canada prepared to review any foreign bid for BlackBerry: Tony Clement

Montreal: Trudeau Airport scoops up much of Air Canada’s increased capacity to Europe

Guardian treason: Left-wing paper's leaks caused 'greatest damage to western security in history'; MI5 chief Andrew Parker calls paper's exposé a 'guide book' for terrorists

Déjà vu: Toronto Council re-affirms subway for Scarborough

Edmonton: Quanto's killing prompts call for law to protect police dogs

Nova Scotia election: Stephen McNeil leads Liberals to majority government, turfing NDP's Premier Darrell Dexter from office into 3rd place

Nova Scotia election:
LIVE results: Liberal 33 PC 11
NDP 7 GRN 0 ~ 12:10 am (Atlantic)

Metadata: Harper 'very concerned' about allegations of Canada spying on Brazil

Wearing his hockey historian hat: Harper speaks out against violence, but says it was never a gentle game

Skills in Canada: First Results from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) show Canada above and below OECD averages across measured competencies

Incompetence, yours to discover: McGuinty could have cancelled gas plant with no compensation costs, audit to show

No-brainer? Englert, Higgs win physics Nobel for particle mass

review: ‘Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World’: The perfect coffee table book, out today, from pen of Robbie Robertson

John Ivison: Commonwealth boycott shows Stephen Harper is tired of despots and dictators

Rockin' and rollin': Via Rail program lets musicians trade songs for travel

October 7, 1763: Prime Minister Harper notes 250th anniversary of Royal Proclamation of 1763 which helped establish Canada as a new nation after Seven Years' War while helping to precipitate the American Revolution by restricting settlement west of Appalachians

Memoir: 'An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth': Astronaut Chris Hadfield reveals worst fear 'floating off into space'

John Ivison: Harper entirely justified in skipping Commonwealth meeting; more important work to be done at home

More teeth, less tail: Canadian defence review aims to redirect $1B a year in spending

Maldives election problems: Canada's Baird under fire after advising tiny Maldives to get its electoral house in order at UN

Brazil: Greenwald spying allegations against Canada unusual, possibly part of a ‘war game scenario,’ former CSIS official says

Farzana Hassan: Calgary imam to Muslims: "Go home"

Commonwealth: Harper expands on Sri Lanka abuses, Canadian boycott of Commonwealth Conference may extend to funding of organization

Legendary Elaine Tanner: Athletes 'used and abused' while elites skim the bucks from the public

Canadian: Climate guru puts 'global warming' on ice; Low sunspot activity means Earth chilling until at least 2030

Henry had a better idea: How Ford's assembly line has changed over 100 years [video]

Bureaucracy: Red tape the final barrier for two Canadians released from Egyptian prison

October 7, 1913: A century ago, Ford's assembly line changed society, and the world

Indonesia: Bali on a high amid APEC summit drawing world leaders

Rio de Janeiro: Greenwald-assisted TV report alleges Canadian interests spying on Brazil's Mines and Energy Ministry; no word on type of government fraud being targeted

Bali: Harper scrubs Sri Lanka visit over human rights violations

Bali: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit kicks off in Indonesia; Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact talks to proceed on sidelines among 12 of the countries attending

Mexico: Monster truck takes deadly detour through crowd - caution when watching [video]

Crux of the Matter: Pan Am Audit of TO2015 highlights Ontario Liberal ineptitude

Quebec: More anti-charter protests in Quebec City, Montreal

Bali: APEC heads urge fewer protectionist policies to spur growth

Games-gate: Wynne Liberals knew about Pan-Am mess, pretend didn't

Ezra Levant: What is the truth? Now that Loubani and Greyson have been freed from an Egyptian jail, we may never know

updated ~ Mexico: Monster truck wreck kills 8, injures at least 80

Ireland: Voters reject plan to abolish Senate

High seas drama: Canadian warship 'Toronto' makes another big heroin seizure in Arabian Sea

Developing countries: Coca-Cola plans kiosks with water, internet and cellphone charging

Crux of the Matter: Why did media ignore Patrick Moore’s anti-Greenpeace demonstration?

Reuters: Cisco, Google, SAP discussing BlackBerry bids - sources

Malaysia: Canadians vie for market share, exposure in emerging Southeast Asian economies

Pan-Am profligracy: 2012 internal compliance audit proof heads should roll; 'champagne wishes and caviar dreams'

Nova Scotia election: Final push to woo voters begins; Jamie Baillie, Darrell Dexter and Stephen McNeil campaign in Halifax

Malaysia: Harper meets with business leaders, tours maritime air base ahead of APEC summit in Bali

New York: BlackBerry hit with class action suit in U.S.

How 'toxic' is sugar? Some research suggests links to deadly diseases but some doctors and food industry representative are skeptical

Toronto: Police bust up war between rival gangs, seize 1,000 grams of cocaine and arrest 41; 417 charges

Profligacy: Outrage growing over Pan Am Games execs collecting $7M in bonuses [video]

Indispensable already? Twitter files for IPO with implied $12.8B value

Various differences mean no parallel to Canada: Polls closed on Irish referendum to abolish their Senate

MLSE welfare: Ontario Premier defends giving $500,000 to wealthiest sports operation in Canada; politically tone-deaf

Busy jobs agenda: Harper touches down in Malaysia to begin week-long Southeast Asia visit

Incandescence: Canada to allow less efficient light bulbs to align with U.S. policies

A-Rod lawsuit: MLB is like the mob

Trading made us a nation: A history of Canadian free trade negotiations

Some done, some to go: The Harper trade agenda, what's next?

Discrimination Games: Pan-Am decisions to be made based on what you look like, or claim to be, not price, or quality of food

Screaming for quiet: Germans crank up anti-noise protests

Self-preservation before reproduction: Insects’ carnal urges curbed by storms on the horizon, study shows

Study followed 73,615 women: Breast cancer risk lowered by walking 1 hour a day; American Cancer Society involved

Ottawa: Canada launches ‘social financing’ programs to boost literacy and job skills

Kishon River: Canadian-Israeli ties to be strengthened by clean water project

Owned by two mega-corps: Ontario gives MLSE $500,000 for NBA all-star game; why?

Slapshot: Canadians get first close look at Marc Nadon - the former NHL prospect nominated for Supreme Court

Andrew Coyne: Remember our Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition crisis if you think the U.S. shutdown is crazy; they vowed to bring down government over - what? A budget? A national healthcare plan? No, the removal of their public subsidies

Antonia Maionin: Obamacare vs. Canada medicare: Five key differences

Ottawa: Liberal support slipping as Parliament’s return draws near

Nanos Research poll: Jobs and economy number one issue for Canadians

Rocky: Iowa raccoon survives month at sea on container ship from Halifax to Liverpool by eating cardboard and drinking condensation; in rehab

Montreal: Construction begins on temporary Champlain Bridge replacement

Toronto: Royal Bank commits $100M over 5 years for kids, youth programs

Former PQ Premier: Jacques Parizeau opposes PQ's Charter of Quebec Values

Impotence and intransigence: Saudi Arabia cancels UN speech over inaction on Arab, Muslim issues

Trade diversification: Envoy says India wants more Canadian oil and gas as uranium deal inked

Bali: Harper heads to APEC summit preaching trade amid Asian economic worries

Cracking the code: Gene sequencing solves one-fourth of mystery diseases in kids, adults

Christina Blizzard: Wynne at the beck and call of unions

Tim Hudak: Subways: We have the man and the plan; Holyday will oversee Toronto transportation revival

Study: The 'disease' killing Canadian jobs is the fluctuating U.S. dollar

Cerberus? BlackBerry stock driven up by reported interest from new buyer

San Diego: Disgraced ex-Mayor Filner charged with 3 crimes

Iraq: Bomb near mosque in Kirkuk kills 12 Sunnis

More red flags: Obamacare website security called 'outrageous'; "no safeguards"

Egypt: Morsi supporter linked to Cairo attack arrested

Shutdown fall-out: China's state press calls for 'Building a de-Americanized world'

Even Democrats are asking: Will someone get fired for Obamacare?

Washington, DC: Senate leaders said to be within striking distance of deal to end shutdown, raise debt limit

Making links: NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

Economics: One of three Americans who won Nobel Prize warns of 'bubbly' global home prices

Peter Morici: In Washington right now Democrats = teenagers, Republicans = adults

Tick, tick, tick: New meeting on default threat and partial government shutdown; Reid reports progress

Games Democrats play: Paul Ryan details rejected House shutdown offer [audio]

Shelves cleared: Card glitch used as excuse for mass thievery at Louisiana WalMart stores

Turning point Phailin: Lessons were learned from the past

Al Qaeda: September attack targeted joint Yemeni-U.S. drone base

Putrajaya: Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims

India: Police arrest principal after 23 pupils die after eating school lunch contaminated with pesticide

SJ Mercury News: Weekend sees little progress on any debt ceiling, shutdown deal

Abraham Zapruder: The most famous 'home movie maker' in history [video]

Christine Lagarde: IMF ready to resume Egypt loan talks

Dubai/Genveva: Iran rejects West's demand to ship out uranium stockpiles

Iraq: Bomb blasts kill 25

Jerusalem Post: Has Islamism peaked in the Middle East?

Washington, DC: Spending appears to stumbling block to budget deal

South Dakota: Ranchers reeling from cattle losses; tens of thousands lost in early blizzard

Venezuela: U.S. oil exploration ship seized in Guyana waters by Venezuelan warship; multi-national crew

Washington, DC: McConnell backs Collins bi-partisan debt-ceiling plan as Democrats continue to play games

Syria: Gunmen kidnap 6 from Red Cross and one from Red Crescent in north

Washington, DC: Million vet march storms National Mall; vets remove 'Barrycades' blocking war memorials

Who does what and why: Shutdown driving debate over role of government

updated ~ India: Death toll in India temple stampede rises to 109

George F. Will: A ‘Wonderland’ moment for the court; when is unequal treatment not unequal?

Charles Krauthammer: The way out of the shutdown; Obama's refusal to negotiate over the debt ceiling is a bluff the Republicans need to call; "The rule is simple: shutdown good, debt ceiling bad. Every day the debt ceiling approaches, President Obama's leverage diminishes."

Mecca: More than two million worshippers arrive for hajj pilgrimage... with another million expected to join them in world's largest annual gathering of Muslims in shadow of construction cranes in fast-building Saudi Arabia city

Saving grace? China’s Dongfeng to 'buy up to 30% of Peugeot'

6.3M: Minor damage reported so far in Crete quake

Fear the image? Syrian cartoonist reported executed by Assad regime

6.3M Earthquake: Strong quake hits west of Crete; intermediate depth

Nate Silver: The six big takeaways from the government shutdown

Debt limit/shutdown talks stall as Obama dithers: "The president isn't negotiating with us"

Peggy Noonan: Now is the time to delay Obamacare; it's not what Americans were promised - or even what Congress enacted

Sen. Rand Paul: Why I plan to grill Yellen

Finally, common sense: Let the market, not government, pick new taxi for Big Apple

Jack Kelly: Obama makes federal shutdown worse out of spite

NFL shares hurt: Adrian Peterson mourns 2-year-old son’s murder

NY Post: JFK’s teen mistress addresses relationship in memoir

Petty reigns: South Dakota, private donors pay to re-open iconic Mount Rushmore amid ongoing fed shutdown

Italy: 27 dead but 200 saved in latest migrant ship capsizing off Sicily

Syria: Mortar shells hit near inspectors' hotel

Iran: Espionage trial under way

Future jailbirds? Some lawbreaking government officials can't be prosecuted until after shutdown no matter how many laws they broke

Pigford stink: Obama crony Sherrod's ugly suit against Andrew Breitbart's widow

Again: Texas on track to be among world’s largest oil producers

Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare worst thing in U.S. since slavery

Afghanistan: U.S. troops capture senior Pakistani Taliban commander Latif Mehsud

Obama finally negotiating: New GOP shutdown/debt plan, but no agreement yet

Italy: Another migrant boat has capsized off Sicily; 200 passengers were aboard and search and rescue is under way

Winter: Heating oil, natural gas starting seasonal rise

Red flags ignored: CIA warned on Snowden in 2009

Libya: Car bomb hits Swedish, Finnish consulates in Benghazi

Injured last year: Former F1 test pilot Maria De Villota found dead

Arizona: Yes, snow has fallen early this year

Janko Roettgers: Google to sunset Google TV brand as its smart TV platform merges with Android

Canada: Finance Minister Flaherty says Fed should taper as quickly as possible; QE not right path now due to long-term consequences

Japan: Fire at Fukuoka hospital kills 10, injures 8

Another MidEast bungle: Freeze of aid whips up anti-U.S. sentiment in Egypt

Kerry confusing: Egypt criticizes U.S. aid cuts, Washington says not severing ties

Conditional: Boehner says will extend debt deadline for six weeks but only if Obama agrees to negotiate spending cuts; Carney admits Obama will likely sign the bill if passed

Deadlines: Canadian province of Ontario fired IT firm behind troubled Obamacare website in 2012

Sean Gallagher: Why U.S. government IT fails so hard, so often

Illegally: White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info

UK follows Canada's lead: Cameron chops funding from Commonwealth

Thomas Sowell: Barbarians at the campus gates; why colleges cave to the demands of naive, over-heated student activists

Kerry's loose lips blamed: Libyan PM grabbed by militia due to American claims

Obamacare: Lies candidate Obama told Americans repeatedly which his acolytes want you to forget; read them again, he was very specific

Unemployment: U.S. jobless claims leap 66,000 to 374,000; doesn't include furloughed government employees

Egypt: The real force behind 'revolution of the state' wasn't the 30 million people in the streets or the army, says Reuters special report

Egypt: U.S., EU condemn violence; hypocrisy?

Wheeling update: Shooter at court house killed by return fire; was a former police officer

Egypt: Suicide car bombing kills 3 soldiers, 1 policeman in turbulent Sinai

Energy needy: China passing U.S. as biggest oil importer as economic growth, car sales drive demand

George F. Will: When liberals became scolds

Allegation: Keith Richards' Connecticut neighbour was planning to blow him up with home-made bombs

Mexico: Police and gang gunmen engage in 3 gun battles, leaving 3 officers, 11 others dead

City held hostage: Democratic Mayor of Washington, DC sides with Republicans on letting city spend its own money during federal shutdown; Reid hushes him "Don't screw this up"

The American Javert: Obama's pursuit of Edward Snowden has damaged U.S. relations with Latin America

Russia: Drugs found on Greenpeace ship, additional charges possible

After supporting Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi: U.S. now cutting hundreds of millions in aid to Egypt after his extremism has been excised; last night they denied the cuts

Wheeling: Gunman fires at U.S. courthouse in West Virginia; in critical condition after return fire; motive unknown

Variety: Behind Fox News’ primetime shuffle, an effort to thwart digital distraction

Malala Yousafzai: Taliban shooting made ‘millions of Malalas’ speak up

Robert Laurie: AP buries story lede as Obama approval plunges to 37% -- lower than George Bush at same time in Presidency -- mainstream media ignores

Financial Post: Moody’s CEO says U.S. debt default unlikely despite political impasse; disagrees with Obama

Peggy Noonan: Now Obama rescues the GOP

Bloomberg: Republicans didn't sabotage health exchanges, Obama did

Computer hygiene: NSA simply uses same tricks as run-of-the-mill fraudsters and hack artists to get in to your computer and take it over, if you believe this take

Boston Herald editorial: Obamacare meltdown; "when has 'sensible' ever entered into the thinking of this administration?"

Michael Goodwin: Move over Jimmy Carter, Obama has my vote for worst president -- ever; "Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation"

Debra Saunders: Obama sold voters bill of goods on health care

Cowboy cops: Car in 'chase' from White House was driving backward when officers opened fire; cops broke protocol, killed driver apparently confused by DC streets, protecting her baby in back seat

Spin zone: Jon Stewart destroys HHS Secretary Sebelius in trainwreck of an interview on Obamacare

Brunei: U.S., China grapple for influence at SE Asia summit

Diane Francis: Journalist who wrote book about U.S.-Canada merger scenarios gets heated feedbacke

Manhattan madness: Wojciech Braszczok, off-duty detective, latest arrest in NYC motorcycle-SUV melee

Microsoft: Happy 10th b-day, Patch Tuesday: TWO critical IE 0-day bug fixes make this a must

Aka illegal immigrants: In Paris, undocumented workers intensify their protests

Nobel: Prize in chemistry goes to 3 Americans for laying the foundation for computer models used to understand and predict chemical processes

Will they like it? Jos. A. Bank proposes to buy Men's Wearhouse for $2.3B

Fed: Obama to choose Yellen to take Bernanke's place, markets relieved

Egypt: Morsi to stand trial in November on charges of inciting murder and violence

Timely: A timeline of concussion science and NFL denial

Argentina: President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner undergoes successful surgery for subdural hematoma; expected to make a full recovery

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood to be written off registered NGOs list

Washington, DC: Eight Democratic Party House members arrested during immigration intimidation rally

Mexico: Driver of monster truck charged with manslaughter; death toll now 9

Finally: Obama opens door to negotiations with Republicans; after insisting for weeks he won’t negotiate with "a gun to [his] head", President tries to give Republicans a way out; but he wants country to know he’s being the "reasonable" one

Who owns water? Waukesha, Wisconsin, just miles from Lake Michigan, yearns for water after aquifer drops and becomes radium-contaminated, told 'no'

Shutdown-Debt fight: There's talk - about talks

Bangladesh: Garment factory fire kills at least 10

PIAAC: American adults score poorly on global test

Syria: Fighter jets bomb rebel-held areas in north

But not really closed: Obama to Boehner: No talks until government opens; who won't negotiate?

Preventable? Tom Hanks and diabetes

Brinkmanship: Boehner says no 'lines in the sand' on debt limit

Forbes: Can Twitter save TV? (and can TV save Twitter?)

Sabre rattling: North Korea puts army on alert, warns U.S. of 'horrible disaster'

Erol Araf: The Israeli 'nuclear alert': How Washington and Moscow reached the brink of war in 1973

Obamacare: Goblins or glitches, fatal or fleeting? Disastrous first week has a lot of heads shaking

Argentina: President Cristina Fernandez to undergo emergency operation to relieve pressure on her brain caused by subdural hematoma

Washington, DC: Sisters of chase victim dispute police account

Career criminal: Biker in Manhattan SUV assault caught prison break from soft judge

NY Post: Why reporters fear Team Obama

Double-standard: 'Amber Alert' website goes offline amid U.S. government shutdown, but Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s move’ website stays up

Meltdown? Gold befuddles Bernanke, he admits, as central banks’ losses hit $545B

Early winter: 80 people remained stranded in snowbound vehicles Sunday night after snow and tornadoes pounded U.S. MidWest states

AP analysis: American Indian tribes, trusted leaders mishandle group funds, usually go unpunished

Vesicle traffic: 2 Americans, German win Nobel medicine prize; their research helped scientists understand how "cargo is delivered to the right place at the right time" inside cells

Moscow: Putin lights Olympic flame on Red Square for 123-day relay to Sochi for Winter Games

Kenya: Islamist thug claims martyred Muslim clerics helping al Shabaab recruit

Malala Yousafzai: In Pakistan terrorists are afraid of education

CS Monitor: Failed Navy SEALs raid on Somali target could bolster Al Shabab

Tripoli: Kerry defends raids on suspects amid Libya criticism

LA Times: Are weekend raids in Somalia & Libya a turn away from drone killings? conflicting accounts from Washington sources

Egypt: At least 300 Muslim Brotherhood Islamist agitators arrested in deadly riots

Pitot tubes: Fatal crash glitch hits 3 British Airways flights

President stance unprecedented: Boehner says U.S. on path to default if Obama won't negotiate

Obamacare: Insurance cost jumps for the healthy can be heavy; $10,000 more per year for family of four puts lie to "keep your existing policy"; "Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally."

Oblivious generation? Pew surveys of audience habits suggest perilous future for news

Argentina: Blood on brain, rest ordered for President Cristina Fernandez

CBS: Somalia mission by Seal Team Six was aborted after firefight resistance, unauthorized sources tell media

Lee Lane: On climate change, international economics trump science claims

Joe Miller: Russia’s Pravda declares "Communism won in America with Obama; U.S. suffering has only begun"

Diane Dimond: Homeland security vs. your civil rights

Larry Kudlow: Obama's reckless default