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Older News ~ June 2012 -- December 2012

NOTE: not in pure chronological order

NWC Commentary:
November 7, 2012
Pressure building on NHL to resolve lock-out;
fans joined by sponsors & others in demanding deal
There's finally some stirring of the NHL pot outside of the league and its players, and it's good news for those who believe professional hockey belongs to more than just those who stage and play it.

As the Windsor Star reported today: "MONTREAL — The NHL lockout has forced Molson Coors into the penalty box by reducing beer sales across Canada for its marquee brands.

The Montreal and Denver-based brewer said the financial impact of the nearly two-month labour dispute is difficult to tabulate, but the company’s most important cold-weather driver of sales has disappeared.

“Whether it’s people not actually physically going to the venues and consuming there, consuming in venues around the outlet before that, or indeed having NHL sort of parties at home, all of those occasions have disappeared off the map and you just can’t replicate them,” CEO Peter Swinburn said Wednesday in an interview."

In decades past, teams measured their supporters by filled seats and looked to to concession sales to boost the bottom line. But in an age of mobile sports consumers there are a lot of invisible but very real interested parties who miss the games. And they're not just hometowners. Fantasy leagues are a big deal in all pro sports and critical sports league info sites such as Betfair Canada are among those places fans are are keenly watching to see if the league or any teams are buckling under the pressure. Fantasy leagues live on day-to-day information, and so do fantasy leaguers waiting for the latest lock-out-ending update.

The National Post reports that is much work to be done before skates are sharpened in earnest:

"The work stoppage reached its 54th day, and this week is considered critical for the hockey season to be saved. The lockout is threatening to force the second cancellation of an NHL season in seven years.

Even if an agreement is reached soon, it isn’t clear if any of this season’s games that have been called off through Nov. 30 can be rescheduled. The NHL, however, has said a full 82-game season won’t be played."

The pressure from Molson Coors, sponsors with contractual connections, and other corporate parties is accompanied by building concern from cities and non-team arena owners seeing local job losses and a broken bottom line.

As the National Post reported: "Both sides have made proposals that included a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenues.

The NHL has moved toward the players’ side in the contentious issue of the “make-whole” provision and whose share of the economic pie that money will come from. But work remains to get an agreement done.

Other core economic issues — mainly the split of hockey-related revenue — along with contract lengths, arbitration and free agency also will need to be agreed upon before a deal can be reached."

This kind of showdown is often presented as solely in the hands of those who write and cash the play-related cheques, but, in truth, the pressure on owners and players can make a real difference and both sides are very much aware of the brand and career damage at risk.

So if your fantasy league is just waiting for the good word on a resolution, don't think you can't push the process along by making your voice heard on social media. They're watching and listening. You can bet on it.


"Merry Christmas" will stay on Saskatoon buses

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Sabotage is behind the Bangladeshi factory blaze that killed 112, probe finds

Bias against Pickton's victims led to police failures, indifference: inquiry

Blue Jays finalize latest big trade, sign Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey; hope to be in post-season for first time since 1993

Gawker: Is NBC's Richard Engel missing in Syria?

TIME: In the shadow of Sandy Hook, a powerful pro-gun organization keeps silent

AccuWeather: Chicago to break record for latest measurable snow

AFP: Wave of Iraq attacks kills 48 people

LA Times: Man arrested after threatening to shoot up Los Angeles schools, police say

20 miles from Newtown, schools in Ridgefield, Connecticut placed on 'lockdown' after report of suspicious man carrying a rifle

Blast kills 10 Afghan girls collecting firewood

Chinese officials say man who stabbed 23 children was affected by ‘doomsday rumors’

Gunman’s computers may be key in Connecticut school shooting investigation

CT Post: Mental illness and mass murder

Newtown puts mental health care in spotlight

Philippines typhoon death toll tops 1,000

Yen fall boosts Nikkei, Asian shares pause on "fiscal cliff"

What does Google get from supercharging Kansas City’s Internet?

Sochi Olympics: Winter Games and no snow? No problem for Russians

Morosi/Rosenthal: Mets, Blue Jays agree on 7-player Dickey trade; contingent on contract extension

AP: Egypt rights groups say constitution vote marred

Clackamas man, armed, confronted mall shooter

Indiana man with 47 guns arrested after school threat

Awesome use of time-lapse photography; 6 hours of Kingston, Ontario in 3 minutes (watch in HD) [video]

Edmonton nightclub apologizes for checkstop tweet; will provide free cab rides to patrons

'Anonymous' targets vile Westboro Baptist Church for planning Newtown funeral picket

Mark Carney’s career may be tarnished by controversy

BBC: First round voting high in Egypt; critics say new Constitution is poorly drafted and favours Islamists

Egyptians narrowly back Islamist-shaped constitution, say rival camps

Ontario PCs want to save horse racing industry and throusands of related jobs; would turn slots over to racetracks, ditch some new casino plans

'There is nowhere else in U.S. we would rather live': Ex-Toronto resident on her adopted home in Connecticut

Union confirms Tuesday walkout for teachers in eight Ontario school boards

NHL players to vote on giving executive board authority to dissolve union

Astounding naivete from New York Times in failing to grasp U.S., Canada, Britain and European nations leadership in stand against UN control of internet

Canadian political leaders reacted on twitter to Connecticut shooting

Telegraph: Economists warn Carney it is a mistake to change Bank of England's focus

How the Liberal Party lost Mark Carney; not-so-independent Bank of Canada Governor was open to woo for top job, stayed as guest of Liberal Brison in Nova Scotia

Teck liable for Columbia River clean-up in Washington state, U.S. judge rules

Canada cracks down on fake refugees from European Union

Major cancer breakthrough by Toronto scientists: some cancer cells dormant during chemotherapy

Assassins’ bad sense of direction may have saved Justin Bieber’s life; alert Vermont border guard made arrest

Texas cop writes struggling father a traffic ticket — with a $100 bill wrapped inside

John Ivison: There are no cheap alternatives to the F-35s for Canada; Australia's 'Super Hornet' F-18s cost more

12-12-12 Concert raised $30M before airing; total for Sandy relief will be much higher but Robin Hood Fund holding back on releasing full amount raised until have 'accurate' number on Monday

Sleeping teen set on fire, filmed at party 2 men charged with aggravated assault in Kelowna, B.C.

Marois wants to sell $6M Montreal home to European businessman, but law prohibits sale of agricultural land to foreigners

‘Don Corleone’ figure who helped install Rizzuto family to top of Canadian Mafia released from U.S. prison

Two former U.S. inmates arrested arrested in plot to kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard

Never mind the LCBO — The Beer Store is an embarrassment

Quebec doctor who killed his two kids in 2009 set free

Crux of the Matter: Ontario teachers angry with Bill Davis, Bob Rae, Mike Harris & now Dalton McGuinty

Paul Henderson, Dave King and Mark Messier honoured with 'Order of Hockey' by Hockey Canada

Petronas closes acquisition of Progress after it wins approval from Ottawa

National Fighter Procurement Secretariat (NFPS) delivers progress report on plan to evaluate alternative fighter aircraft

due to incompetence: $1.4B in unpaid corporate taxes being written off in Ontario: Auditor-General

Honda recall hits 52,000 minivans and SUVs in Canada

Baird cancels visit to Mali in wake of military coup

Canada to make announcement on fighter jets this afternoon

Bosnian Serb officer convicted of genocide in Srebrenica massacre

Border crossings at Windsor and Sarnia slow down over name tag dispute

Sitar legend Ravi Shankar dead at 92; nominated for Grammy last week

Standard and Poor's re-affirms Government of Canada’s AAA credit rating and praises Canada’s resilient economy

BBC: 'Flower power border' dividing U.S. and Canada at Stanstead/Derby Line tougher than it used to be; locals not happy

Pentagon about to greenlight purchase of 29 F-35s in 2013 [video]

Rush to be inducted into Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; hall on shores of Lake Erie closer to their home province than to any other U.S. state

Scott Stinson: ‘Feisty’ Tim Hudak recasting himself as a man of ideas

Plan B: Boehner to pursue backup bill to avert fiscal cliff after Obama shows little movement; bill will "cancel a wave of tax increases and spending cuts now poised to begin in early January"

AP: Dick's Sporting Goods suspend sales of certain rifles

Top Republican and Democrat pro-gun senators say gun control issues "now on the table"

NY Times: A rising chorus, but not quite consensus, on guns

Is Facebook effectively killing Instagram with new (non) privacy policy? Your photos now their photos

Killer smashed his computer's hard drive before rampage; data recovery possible but difficult so far

missing Steve Jobs: Desperate iPhone users download 10M copies of Google Maps for iPhone in 48 hours (but can't delete Apple's disastrous app)

Will Sandy Hook become an ACLU/NRA battleground? ACLU fought Connecticut mental health bill defeated in 2012

Key witnesses in Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre are two adult survivors

27 die in Colombia bus crash

Will return to former 'assault weapon' ban make any difference?

Cops deliver warning to social media creeps spreading lies about school massacre: You will be tracked down and prosecuted

Michael Barone: Fiscal cliff - states have NO choice but reform

Group of terrified first-graders tried to escape from crazed gunman Adam Lanza - but didn't make it

Paris and its image at stake: French energy minister proposes to snuff out the 'City of Lights'

Syrian vice president says army can't win

Pork-arama: Obama Sandy aid bill filled with holiday goodies unrelated to storm damage; victims suffer as $60B aid plan gets porked up

Jittery nation: gunfire erupts at San Antonio theatre; gunman in custody

Brush with death: School nurse hid under desk as Lanza came into her office in middle of killing spree

Mass killers in Virginia, Colorado, Arizona and Connecticut all suffered from mental illness; so why is reflex response to attack guns rather than address mental illness?

Nancy Lanza kept trials of home life hidden

NY Times: Japan election returns power to 'old guard'

Egypt evacuates 4,000 from Syria

Autism experts express caution about linking killer Adam Lanza’s Asperger’s syndrome to his murderous rampage

Adam Lanza was a 'deeply disturbed kid' according to neighbours and former schoolmates; couldn't feel pain

Terror at California mall as police arrest man suspected of shooting 50 rounds in parking lot

Daily Mail: Nancy Lanza was a 'survivalist'; stockpiled supplies as she planned for economic collapse; son shot her in the face while she lay in bed; killings connected to Mayan Apocalypse coverage in media?

Coroner: Lanza shot mom 4 times in head; school may not re-open

Sandy Hook School staffers hailed for heroism under fire

NY Post: Killer Lanza shot way into locked school, killed self as police arrived; it's now believed prompt police response saved lives as Lanza still had plenty of ammunition to kill more

Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse

In Texas school, teachers carry books and guns

Egypt starts casting ballots on new Constitution

Iran warns against Patriot deployment on Syria frontier

Oklahoma student arrested for planning school killings same day as Sandy Hook; allegedly plotted to bomb and shoot students

As Connecticut story unfolds, media struggle with facts

CT Post: 'Someone is trying to kill us. We were told to run.'

'Ditto' Christmas lights message catches popular imagination

Steven Mufson: To solve our debt problems, let’s sell Alaska

Paramount postpones Pittsburgh premiere of Cruise film 'Jack Reacher' after Connecticut school shooting

2016 front-runner Hillary Clinton, suffering from stomach virus, fainted this week at home and sustained a concussion; will be unable to testify on Benghazi

Police say they have "good evidence" of motive in Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook school

22 Chinese schoolchildren hurt in stabbing spree

Newtown news conference: killer forced his way into school; mother did not work there; teachers scrambled to protect children

Pension fund slams San Bernardino for "sham" bankruptcy; sweeping implications

Gunman Adam Lanza was honor student, loner

NATO says Syrian Scuds hit "near" Turkey

U.S. troops will man Patriot anti-missile batteries along Turkey’s border with Syria

Dr. Charles Krauthammer: I would start with the psychology of the killer

8-year-old says teacher saved him in Connecticut school shooting

NHL files unfair-labour practice complaint

NHL labour stalemate renews Stanley Cup debate; it doesn't belong to NHL say advocates for an amateur winner if NHL season lost

War of 1812: Mythbusting tales of Canada’s victory in the 1813 Battle of Ogdensburg

Emotional Obama on school shooting: Child victims 'had their entire lives ahead of them'

Supreme Court of Canada orders former Waterloo grad student extradited on terrorism charges

A striking addition to the Etobicoke waterfront; 66 and 45-story towers take place of old motels

Windsor Star editorial: Skilled job can’t go wanting

St. Clair College instructor Gary Steed teaches apprentice Ryan Solcz techniques on a vertical
mill machine. ~ photo: Dan Janisse The Windsor Star

SpaceX performs amazing 12-storey ‘test hop’ of reusable rocket [video]

Screenshot of video of SpaceX's third publicly posted test flight in December 2012 of its prototype Grasshopper
reusable rocket, which reached 12 storeys (about 130 ft) in this test before successfully landing vertically.

Largest class action settlement ever: Toyota to pay at least $1.2B to
settle sudden-acceleration lawsuit; must install brake-override system in
3.25M vehicles & compensate owners for reduced value of vehicles

U.S. retailers scramble to offload excess inventory after lacklustre sales

Chevron aims to own half of Kitimat, B.C. LNG plant
Company will join Apache in ownership, become plant operator

Apache Canada An architectural rendering of storage and loading facilities at the proposed Kitimat
liquefied natural gas plant being developed by Apache Canada. Chevron has agreed to buy 50% stake.

Blind dog lost in Alaska snowstorm and -40 degree temps
finds way back to owners through dogged determination

Queen Elizabeth II hails Olympic athletes,
Jubilee well-wishers in first 3D Christmas message

Stephen Harper’s Christmas message: Canada ‘best country
in the world’ remains an island of stability

NORAD Santa Tracker: Here comes Santa Claus!

NORAD tracking Santa on radar

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, began tracking Santa at 6 a.m. Monday.

Almost 36,000 Quebec homes still without power

Siberian reindeer work more than once a year

The Nenets have two types of sledges: Larger ones are driven by the women, and men handle smaller sledges, which travel
faster. Men are responsible for regrouping reindeer around camp each morning and keeping the herd moving in one direction
throughout the day. ~ photo: ©Sebastiao Salgado Amazonas-Contact Press Images

Canadian scientists discover how cancer cells
communicate with healthy cells in major breakthrough

How cancer cells communicate with healthy cells in the body could hold the key to new types of therapies and drugs
that help prevent the spread of treatable cancers to areas of the body that are less easily treated.

Chris Hadfield's cheerleaders put on their game faces in Kazakhstan

SPACE CADETS: Supporters of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gathered before a Soyuz rocket carrying him,
American Tom Marshburn and Russian Roman Romanenko departed for the international space station in a Soyuz
spacecraft from the steppes of Kazakhstan Wednesday. ~ photo: Dmitry Lovetsky Associated Press

Snow Fall: the Avalanche at Tunnel Creek ~ a cautionary tale
in words and the best video and graphics web technology has to offer

Multi-media presentation from New York Times shows the power and terror of being caught in an avalanche. ~ photo: NY Times

BC's new Port Mann Bridge reopens after falling ice damages vehicles [video]

Falling ice on the newly opened $3.3B Port Mann Bridge hit dozens of cars and injured at least one person Wednesday,
raising questions about safety and bridge design. ~ photo: GlobalTV

Doomsday? 12 ways the world could end tomorrow

IntercontinentalExchange to acquire NYSE for $8.2B

Bushmaster M4 carbine used in Newtown massacre not "assault weapon"
according to 1994-2004 ban; media and politicians misleading public

Macleans: The man at the centre of the Quebec storm over kickbacks
in the construction industry and illegal political financing

GM won’t build next generation Camaro in Oshawa; 2015/16

Flaherty says Canada won’t be long-term
GM shareholder; but still no 'fire sale' plans

GM to spend $5.5B to buy back shares from U.S. Government

Harper steps in to save Radarsat upgrade in face of budget cutbacks

Stephen Harper during a trip to Canada's Arctic in 2007. He has long been a proponent
of the Radarsat program. ~ photo: Fred Chartrand The Canadian Press

Inquiry into Benghazi attack sharply critical of State Department;
cites lack of seasoned security personnel, ignored requests for more guards;
waited for warnings of attacks rather than adapt to deteriorating environment
and poor leadership; Clinton accepting all 29 of panel's recommendations

U.S. groups pressure Obama to approve DRIC bridge

Truck traffic backed up on Huron Church Rd. in Windsor, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. ~ photo: Dax Melmer The Windsor Star

Montreal highway bypass officially opens; will reduce local congestion
and speed up main traffic route between Ontario and Atlantic provinces;
Highway 30: ‘Cynics said the road would never be built’

The last link of Hwy 30 across St. Lawrence River west of Montreal officially opened December 17, 2012.

Canada's natural gas industry could be worth $1T

Cat fight continues to pit government against Key West Hemingway museum

"Hairy Truman," a six-toed "Hemingway cat" walks on a table at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
in Key West, Florida. ~ photo: Rob O'Neal AP

SWAT team responds to Newtown Church bomb threat, does sweep
'Everybody was just rushing out. People just didn't know what do.'

A Newtown police officer stands behind a tree with his gun drawn during bomb threat investigation. ~ photo: ©Reuters

NY Daily News: Nancy Lanza feared son, Adam, was ‘getting worse’;
told friend ‘he was burning himself with a lighter’

Newsday: Sandy Hook investigators warn against fake social media reports

Newtown Church evacuated after apparent bomb threat

Massacre victims all shot multiple times: Medical Examiner

Story changes once again; Medical Examiner says rifle main murder weapon

NBC: 'Altercation' with 4 school staff Thursday, he killed 3 of them Friday;
police say Lanza had 4 pistols with him, assault rifle was left in car;
rebuffed in Tuesday attempt to buy rifle in Danbury due to gun laws

Killer Adam Lanza, 20

Officials: Heroic Sandy Hook Principal died as she lunged at killer

Saturday's front page headline says it all; Connecticut is in deep grief

Final campaign push a day before Sunday's Japanese election

Can mental screening predict mass murder?
Whitman, Loughner, Holmes & Lanza all mentally ill

AP: Hero custodian screamed warnings; not known if a victim;
shooting done with two registered handguns; assault rifle left in car;
screams came over intercom as teachers huddled students in classrooms

Atlanticwire: Adam Lanza: a portrait of a troubled youth; parents divorced

Telegraph Live: NBC reporting guns were registered to slain mom

Report: Adam Lanza had Asperger Syndrome, personality disorder

CBS: Report says second suspect arrested: “I did not do it”

ABC News: Newtown shooting timeline and live updates
6:25 p.m.: Nancy Lanza, mother of gunman, was found dead in her home.
20-yr-old shot her in face, then drove to school and used pistols to kill 26.

NY Post: Killer was Adam Lanza, 20, not older brother Ryan Lanza, 24
Mother Nancy was teacher's aide; Lanza "had a dispute with her"

Police: 20 children killed, 6 adults, plus shooter - won't confirm suicide;
secondary scene, presumed to be home of parents, another body found

AP: Second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history

Staggering death toll and a small Connecticut town in chaos

The Sandy Hook Elementary School was considered one of the very best in Connecticut.

updated: Shooter's mother an aide at school; shot her first

NY Times: 20-yr-old killed mother at home, then killed her students

"May be more than 27 dead" - latest report from scene of school shooting

Reuters: Latest photos from scene of Connecticut school massacre

State Police cavalry arrived, grim-faced to Sandy Hook school.

LIVE TV coverage of Connecticut elementary school shooting
parents says it was "sheer terror" when first heard news

video: CT hospital talks to media; tightlipped: say at least 3 treated

Video reports on Connecticut shooting

State police confirm there are dead but not numbers; families being contacted;
in brief statement say more information to be released later

LIVE news conference from Newtown, CT at this link

AP source: 20-year-old shooting suspect had ties to CT school
New Jersey state police said to be investigating NJ location

report: 20 children among those shot dead at their elementary school

CNN: Parents in shock

CBS: At least 27 dead in Connecticut elementary school shooting

Connecticut State Police responded to reports of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

updated: Elementary school shooter in Newtown, CT reported dead

Canada & U.S. report progress on perimeter
security and economic competitiveness

Vodka saves elephants from death in Siberian frost

Latest report says Montrealers really do like their iconic Olympic Stadium
want retractable roof made workable once and for all; want park
spruced up & better integrated as a Quebec cultural asset: "lively future"

The striking stadium has had a controversial history but Montrealers heart it. ~ photo: Gordon Beck Postmedia

Canada’s world junior team final roster named

Members of the Canadian National Juniors team pose during a news conference that named the team
in Calgary Thursday. ~ photo: Jeff McIntosh The Canadian Press

Wi-LAN sues RIM for Bluetooth patent infringement

Dean of education at University of Windsor suspended over plagiarism

Google accidentally transmits self-destruct code to army of Chrome browsers

Private Ontario liquor stores will benefit consumers

Three newborn polar bears die at the Toronto Zoo, cause unclear

Crux of the Matter: Ontario PC Party & leader Tim Hudak best option to turn Ontario around

TSX rises as Nexen, Progress rally on deal approval

Nexen, Progress Energy shares up on takeover approvals Despite new restrictions, government says Canada still open to foreign investment

Peterborough school board closes 90%-full high school due to "declining enrolment" then spends $$ millions for fake turf at other school; latest profligate spending has local taxpayers exasperated

Three-year cellphone contracts should be banned: Public to CRTC

Fleury calls Canada 'Disneyland' for predators

UPI: Brain 'pacemaker' to treat Alzheimer's

NIMBY numbskulls: Residents shocked by GE uranium facility that has been 'hiding' in plain sight for 50 years; newbies want it closed

More Ontario school boards announce teacher walkout plans

Unmasked: The Indian text pest bombarding Britain with 500,000 spam messages a day

George Jonas: The noose is tightening around Assad’s neck — what will he do next?

Spain arrests 28 people suspected of links to Toronto-based child porn ring

School board shows it's totally out-of-touch with its role; to spend $150,000 promoting its 'strategic plan'

Crux of the Matter: Striking teachers acting like bullies

Alberta liquor lessons support Hudak's ideas for Ontario

CP24: Extended video: Harper discusses Nexen and Progress deals and new rules in future for foreign government investors to prove net benefit [video]

John Ivison: Rumours of F-35 death premature; leaked KPMG report validates all of DND numbers: purchase price of $8.9B for 65 planes, $1B per year operating cost for full fleet, and full cost of 65 planes for their full 42-year lifespan at $45.8B; opponents proven wrong

Canada approves two foreign energy firm purchases; the $15.1B sale of Nexen to the China National Offshore Oil Corp. will proceed, as will the $5.2B sale of Progress Energy to Malaysia's Petronas; Govt will raise the bar for future foreign energy firm deals

Conrad Black: Of warplanes, the homeless, teachers’ unions, oil, drugs, immigration and monetary policy

Australian radio DJs removed from air after nurse they fooled with Kate Middleton prank call dies

Aussie DJs drop off Twitter after being bombarded by thousands of angry messages in wake of nurse’s apparent suicide

Duchess, Prince William 'deeply saddened' by apparent suicide of nurse who fell victim to radio hoax

2Day FM: Australia's shock-jock station with history of backfiring stunts

Guardian: Kate's admission, a hoax call and a nurse's death – royal hospital timeline

Nurse duped in Kate Middleton prank call found dead in suspected suicide

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Sandra Pupatello calls rivals ‘too Toronto’

CNBC: Apple may fall another 20% on 'panic selling': analyst

CNBC: Apple rank in China's smartphone market falls to No.6

Facebook stock just got a lot more owners

rumours: Canadian F-35 purchase stopped by cabinet committee?

Ontario teachers suggest walk-outs could last more than one day; job action reportedly planned provincewide

Toronto Salvation Army thefts larger than first thought, and including much more than toys; larger than $2 million; recovered goods being returned in time for Christmas distribution

Terence Corcoran: After Rob Ford’s court victory, expect a cold winter for the Toronto Spring

NHL: Inching closer to end of lock-out? That's what experts say [audio]

Toronto Star: Toronto District School Board's $143 pencil sharpener just the tip of the boondoggle iceberg; are taxpayers fed up yet?

Liberal flip-flop: Now McGuinty says he will allow one-day teacher strikes

RONA, Canada's largest home-improvement retailer, to sell non-core assets to improve profitability

Bombardier lands regional jet deal with Delta worth up to $3.2B

Loblaw to create one of Canada's largest REITs; to start with property valued at $7B

Ontario PCs pursue new deal for the public sector in latest white paper; includes a top to bottom program review, starts with two-year public sector compensation freeze

updated: Michigan unveils right-to-work legislation to save economy, create jobs; union protesters flood Michigan Capitol

Quebec mother charged with murder in deaths of 3 children

John Ibbitson: Harper sends warning to Israel over settlement plans; once again media got story wrong

Rare tornado kills 3 in New Zealand's largest city

End sole-sourcing of government contracts: PC Leader Tim Hudak

NHL lockout: The nuts and bolts of getting players back on the ice

Construction crew razes beloved 18th-century French chateau ‘by mistake’; owner to re-build identical replica

Microsoft blowing it and RIM too?

Cheek Frick Award a big one for Toronto radio station where he mesmerized and educated Canadian baseball fans [audio]

Late, legendary Tom Cheek win Ford C. Frick Award; goes to Cooperstown; called the first 4,306 regular-season and 41 postseason games in Toronto Blue Jays history; famed call: "Touch 'em all, Joe..."

breaking: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wins stay of court order removing him from office; will remain mayor until appeal heard

Daly, Steve Fehr make joint appearance after constructive NHL talks; meeting lasted Tuesday until nearly midnight

Crosby, Penguins owners push to save NHL season

With Bettman and Fehr absent, bargaining talks between NHL owners and players stretch on into the night stoking optimism for imminent end of lock-out

Will NHL lock-out lead to loss of COO John Collins, the guy who built the league profile over past six years?

Fighting surges around Syrian capital of Damascus

NY trader charged in Connecticut with $1B Apple stock scheme

PC Leader Tim Hudak: Time to end LCBO and Beer Store monopolies in Ontario; create competition, new jobs, and sell LCBO in whole or in part to reduce provincial debt and capital spending

David Rosenberg: Why I am bullish on Canada

Broadcaster Tom McKee dead at 76

Canada's homicide rate grew 7% in 2011: StatsCan

CBC wind propaganda

Police say mother of three drowned kids in Quebec an ‘important witness’

Arson suspected at Montreal home of self-described ex-Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe

Canadian volunteer from Colligwood was shot in head, say Tanzanian police

$4B Baffin Island iron ore mine gets OK; 2,000 jobs to start, 500 permanent jobs will have big impact on northern economy

Tim Hudak: Time to get Ontario government out of places it doesn't belong, such as gambling; oversight, yes; designing scratch-to-win tickets, no

New Port Mann Bridge now open to eight lanes of traffic [video]

NHL should eliminate bodychecking: concussion expert

Chris Selley: Justin Trudeau’s craven reversal on gun registry is excellent news

MIT urban guru comes to praise, not bury Windsor

Led Zeppelin given their due at Washington lovefest; Letterman, Hoffman, Guy and Makarova also receive Kennedy Center honours

If not the F-35 for Canada, then what? [graphics]

Josh Hamilton signing by Angels sends shockwaves through MLB

Obamacare still facing court challenges

Owner of crashed Rivera plane being investigated by DEA

Windsor labour leaders fret new disclosure requirements created by passage of Bill C-377; will 'creative accounting' get around unions' $5,000 disclosure threshold?

World stock markets mostly rise as survey shows China's manufacturing grew to 14-month high

More modest goals for fiscal cliff negotiations?

'Free World' vs repressive regimes in battle over world internet control; UN on side of internet control, Canada, U.S., Britain and several European nations defend freedom

Russia flip-flops on prediction of doom for Assad in Syrian civil war as Obama sends missiles and troops to Turkey

Child rapist-murderer hatched castration/murder plot after Justin Bieber didn't return his love letters: court records

CBC: Supreme Court of Canada unanimously upholds anti-terrorism law in denying appeal of convicted terrorist Momin Khawaja; long-awaited decision weighed law against freedoms of expression, religion

James Delingpole: Man-made global warming: even the IPCC admits the jig is up

Susan Rice withdraws as candidate for Secretary of State

Airbnb will be filling more room nights than all Hilton hotels by end of 2012

Japan scrambles F-15 fighter jets over China surveillance plane

NFL: Reading between the lines of the Tagliabue bountygate ruling

Today's kneeslapper: Iranian media report claims Alberta police abduct, traffic Aboriginal children for profit

U.S. confirms Syria has fired Scud missiles at rebels

Paul McCartney to replace Kurt Cobain in Nirvana reunion for Hurricane Sandy benefit tonight

Will U.S. adopt Canadian voter registration model, including ID required at polls?

Honda's Urban SUV concept to debut at Detroit auto show; new plant in Mexico brings their North American production capacity up to 1.92 million vehicles, more than in Japan

Keeping it real: The professor who learns from peasants; why top-down planners don't get it, demands make life work, not commands

Burney and Hampson: Harper’s measured takeover verdict

Carney carries Canadian lessons to the Bank of England; cites need for speedy and transparent action

Sharyl Attkisson: No shots fired from U.S. security during Benghazi attack

gay puzzle solved? Scientists say epigenetics, not genetics, in control; sons affected by mothers, daughters by fathers

CNN: 3 dead after masked gunman opens fire in Oregon mall, including shooter; Santa hits ground, safe

The world's most famous drone costs only $200,000 and fits in a backpack [video]

Michigan lawmakers approve union-dues measures amid protests; will become 24th state with right to work laws; unions won't be able to confiscate dues from non-union members

Violence threatened in Michigan legislature over right-to-work vote; ‘There will be blood’; Thugs follow-through with violence; Americans For Prosperity tent stormed, Steven Crowder punched

Bloomberg opinion: Michigan's union fight is between Republicans and Democrats

Union temper tantrum in Michigan ignores facts about right-to-work laws

Thousands gather at Michigan Capitol as debate continues in House over right to work bills

IMF loan to Egypt delayed as crisis deepens

U.S. Treasury to sell remaining AIG shares for $7.6B

Lighting up Napanee

‘Where was the outrage?’ As hundreds of thousands cheer Hamas chief in Gaza, world remains silent: Israel

Despite election rhetoric about a spirit of compromise in second term, Obama says he 'won't compromise' on taxes

Recreational pot use now legal in Colorado following Governor's proclamation of a voter-approved amendment; made legal in Washington state last week

BBC: Al-Qaeda 'number two Khalid bin Abdur Rahman killed'

Grammarians fight whether English is a Scandinavian language

TIME: Why the U.S. employment figures are not so good after all

Obama finally meets Boehner to discuss fiscal cliff

North Korea delays rocket launch due to "technical deficiencies"

updated: Mexican superstar singer Jenni Rivera and 6 others die in LearJet crash in northern Mexico following concert; pilot was 78 yrs old, plane had been damaged previously

Chinese group buys 80% of AIG plane unit for $4.2B

Canadian citizens urged to flee Syria

updated: Chávez announces his cancer has returned; names his successor

global cooling, eh: Freezing Britain: Siberian front brings ice, snow and -16C temperatures

Cowboys death, arrest serve as another sad reminder that DUIs are a major problem for NFL

NFL: Dallas Cowboy dies in Irving car crash; teammate arrested on manslaughter charge

Nanny state bureaucrats tell kids what they can eat; USDA to 'allow' more meat, grains in school lunches

Mandela hospitalized

548 dead, 500 missing: Killer typhoon Bopha turns back towards Philippines

Telegraph: Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears

Rex Murphy: Vilifying Stephen Harper

Egypt delays early voting on new constitution

Protesters surge around Egypt’s presidential palace

350,000 exit U.S. workforce

Janice Dean: The screw-up by National Hurricane Center on Sandy may have cost lives; will change future forecasting [video]

new details emerge: Cat parasite toxoplasma uses 'Trojan horse' to infect human brain and may cause suicidal thoughts and risk-taking

NY Times: Obama proposes $60.4B hurricane-recovery bill; states asked for $82B; would cover only primary residences

U.S. unemployment down to 7.7% as workforce shrinks a lot; Sandy impact less than expected

Psychiatric evaluation ordered for Marois election night assassination suspect Richard Henry Bain

Judge may lower Apple's award in Samsung patent case

Death toll from typhoon in Philippines rises to 420

Daily Mail: Former BBC director general Mark Thompson spent thousands on expenses for travel to the U.S. in months before he quit to join New York Times

Assad rejects exit calls, vows to 'live and die in Syria'

Turkey has located 700 Syrian missiles, minister says

In Thursday TV speech Morsi calls for national dialogue to solve crisis

FEMA teams told to 'sightsee' and stay away from affected areas as Sandy victims suffered

NHL lock-out: League wastes no time rejecting NHLPA’s latest offer; leaves voicemail for NHLPA

Morsi refuses to rescind disputed constitution; called just "another Mubarak"

NY Times: Obama Campaign data director says he isn't 'big brother'; now have data tools to treat voters as individuals, not herds of cattle

Good news: Canada among least corrupt countries, report says; Bad news: analysis done before recent wave of corruption allegations that has toppled political leaders in Quebec

George Zimmerman sues NBC for portraying him as a 'racist and predatory villain' in Trayvon Martin case

Mathew Ingram: What the Instagram fight says about Twitter as a media platform

5 dead, 600 injured in Cairo

BBC: Tanks deployed after fatal Cairo clashes

Overnight clashes in Cairo kill 3, constitutional crisis worsens

The ‘return’ of a visual columnist; value self-evident

Romanians suspected of smuggling Gypsies into Canada through Mexico, U.S.

report: Girls in West Africa exploited by their teachers have coined a phrase: “sexually transmitted marks”; sexual exploitation and physical abuse by teachers said to be worldwide problem

Did Serbia NATO envoy kill self at Brussels airport in fall from parking garage?

The case for Alaska becoming part of Canada and various provincial consolidation scenarios [map]

Fleet Street papers lining up to support key Leveson media reform recommendations, stand firm against others; will statutory intervention be avoided?

NY Times: 'Not Fade Away' from David Chase may be the movie that gets it and gives it on the role of music in the explosive 1960s, with help from E Street

Angus Reid poll: Americans warming up to idea of Puerto Rico becoming 51st state

KT McFarland: My Petraeus interview firestorm silly, off-base

Colour picture of Zimmerman's broken nose and bloodied face taken by police withheld from defence lawyers since February; were given a low-resolution black and white photocopy instead

Egypt: Morsi leaves Cairo palace as police battle protesters outside

Jennifer Rubin: Did the House Republicans stump the White House?

NATO foreign ministers set to decide on sending Patriot air defenses to Turkey

Fiscal struggle puts Detroit under credit cloud

Typhoon hits south Philippines, 40 dead or missing

U.S. denies Iran's reports of captured drone

'The Simpsons' slapped with fine by Turkish TV authority for poking fun at God

UN finally pulling staff from Syria, violence near Damascus

Will keys to Obama political machine be handed over to Michelle for a run at White House in 2016?

Will Big Bang Theory's 'Penny' lose her job due to Obamacare?

CBS: Obama warns Assad against using chemical weapons: "There will be consequences"

Bloody new photo of Trayvon Martin’s killer released

updated: GOP offers own proposal to avert ‘fiscal cliff’; would achieve a net savings of $2.2 trillion, increase tax revenue by $800B

NFL killer Belcher said to have had concussion, alcohol, drug problems

Man charged in Alaska barista's death found dead, authorities link him to 7 other killings

Ford has a better idea, re-names luxury division it purchased 90 years ago with original name as Lincoln Motor Co.

Announcer plays along when 3 deer beat horses onto U.S. racetrack

Two large M6+ quakes strike off coasts of Mexico and southern California

‘Aggressive’ manhunt for cool, precise
New York killer after brazen daylight shooting

This still image made from a video provided by the New York City Police Department shows the gunman, left,
behind Brandon Lincoln Woodard pulling the weapon from his jacket pocket a moment before
the shooting, Monday Deccember 10, 2012 in New York.

12-12-12 Benefit Concert raises over $30M for Sandy relief [videos]

Toronto leading western world in 45-storey+ highrise development

By 2015, Toronto will be home to 44 highrises exceeding 150 metres, more than triple the 13 skyscrapers
that graced the city’s skyline in 2005, says the Chicago-based clearing house on all the latest in
tall building design and construction. ~ photo: Bernard Weil Toronto Star

Six-hour 12-12-12 Benefit Concert most impressive line-up ever;
Who, Stones, Keys, McCartney, Waters, Martin, Springsteen all bring it,
but Adam Sandler absolutely killed with re-write of Cohen's 'Hallelujah'

'Sandy, screw ya' nailed it for Madison Square Garden crowd that donated huge sums for
close seats to mega-fundraiser. Sandler was accompanied by Paul Shaffer.

Talk to Santa: Is this the 2014 C-7 Corvette? official release 1-13-13

Chevrolet teases that "nothing will be the same" when 2014 Corvette debuts.

Lure of luck on 12/12/12 has couples flocking to chapels, gamblers to casinos

Twelve couples participated in this wedding today in Indonesia as part of a surge in marriage across the globe
to mark the once in a century date of 12/12/12. ~ photo: Ulet Ifansasti Getty Images

ABC: North Korean missile hits its target of alarming the world

Canada condemns North Korea rocket launch; "reckless, provocative"

North Korea: long-range rocket launch successful; "satellite" in orbit;
Defied U.S. and UN days before South Korean presidential elections;
UK condemns 'provocative' launch, will consult 'urgently' with UN partners

Michigan Governor Snyder signs right-to-work bills; now law

U.S. Air Force sends mystery X-37B unmanned mini-shuttle back to space

In a testing procedure, the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle taxis in 2010 in Titusville, FL.

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with the X-37B at Space Launch Complex-41 launch pad at Cape Canaveral, FL.

Lawyer-owner of #IKEAmonkey upset at confiscation;
vows to get "her baby" Darwin back, leave Toronto

Canadian company's camouflage fabric 'that can make soldiers invisible'
HyperStealth Biotechnology says has Pentagon backing for miracle material

Mock photo demonstrates concept. For security issues company can not show technology in action.

updated: #IKEAmonkey Darwin: "stressful time" despite celebrity

Darwin checks into new home at animal sanctuary in rural Ontario.~ photo: Darren Calabrese National Post

Motor mutts pass doggie driving test with flying collars on live TV

Monty shows his stuff driving a modified Mini Countryman in Auckland along New Zealand race track.
The canines passed, despite the odd off-road detour.

M7.1 quake hits off Indonesia; no tsunami alert

monkey mystery solved: IKEA celebrity Darwin
is 5 months old and from Montreal

World's largest container ship "first of many"

396 metres in length, the Marco Polo is the first of the next generation of super-vessels. ~ photo: © SOLENT NEWS

Mystery monkey gets loose at IKEA store in Toronto; owner fined

updated: Owner of now-famous #IKEAmonkey in posh shearling coat has been fined $200
~ photo: Lisa Lin Instagram

Santa takes a wet and wild break before his big push

Santa Claus takes a break from preparing for Christmas to take a dip in Brandon, Manitoba
during the 5th Annual Swim with Santa on Saturday. ~ photo: Tim Smith Brandon Sun

Egypt: Mohamed Morsi cancels decree that gave him sweeping powers

A picture that says it all: Father displays dead daughter's
mangled car in warning not to drink and drive like she did

UK dad hopes wreck will help stop people from boozing and getting behind the wheel this Christmas.

Global outrage over Australian prank call that led to nurse suicide

Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy."

Today: The USS Arizona sits on the bottom of Pearl Harbor where it was sunk 71 years ago today. ~ Google Earth

Tsunami warning lifted

Strong M7.3 quake shakes Northern Japan

Canada's 'blockbuster' job growth six times better than predicted
59,300 jobs reduces unemployment rate to 7.2%; "pleasant surprise"

CBS: Michigan bills to stop unions from forcing non-members to pay dues

Michigan House, Senate each pass 'right to work' bills; next steps unclear

Michigan House passes first piece of 'right to work' legislation

More on the hyper-popular driving dogs of New Zealand [video link below]

Monty the Dog enjoying one of life's simple pleasures in his modified Mini. ~ Associated Press

New York subway killer blames victim

New Zealand SPCA viral video: teaching stray dogs to drive cars

The Auckland SPCA took three rescued dogs and taught them how to drive cars.

Self-powered swimming robot reaches Oz; record-breaking trip from California

Papa Mau was the first of the firm's four marine robots to complete its journey.

Cairo: Pro-Morsi forces attack palace sit-in; Molotov cocktails tossed

Hamilton's War of 1812 shipwrecks 'an archeologist's dream'

The 'Hamilton' and 'Scourge', two ships from the War of 1812, sit on the bottom of Lake Ontario.
Surveys by the City of Hamilton and Parks Canada reveal the ships are still in remarkable condition.
Figurehead, a carved figure on the prow of the Hamilton, taken in 1982.

BBC: Fateful subway photo draws flack; Post photog defiant

NY Post photog was firing camera flash to warn subway driver

Suspect confesses in pushing death in Times Square subway station

Horrific moment caught as Ki Suk Han, 58, frantically tries to climb to safety as a subway train bears down on him.
He was fatally struck seconds later. ~ photo: R. Umar Abbasi New York Post

Canada & U.S. move to protect internet from UN / international regulation
other countries don't jump onboard; tough negotiations seen ahead

Protest by 100,000 outside Morsi palace turns violent; 18 injured

Voyager discovers ‘magnetic highway’ at edge of solar system

Google makes strong stand against UN regulation of Internet: "A free and open
world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working
behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people
around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice."

Baby news crashes Royal website; media firestorm

Pauline Marois now gets it: ‘I believe it was an assassination attempt’

Japan orders tunnel inspections after Sasago collapse;
9 confirmed dead after concrete panels collapsed and started fire

Image from monitoring camera of Central Nippon Expressway's Hachioji branch, Tokyo,
shows fallen roof panels in Sasago Tunnel. ~ photo: Associated Press / Kyodo News

updated: BBC: Prince William and Kate expecting a baby

China surpasses U.S. as top global trader

Egypt's highest court joins judicial strike

CNN: Burned bodies found after Japanese tunnel collapse

7 missing in Japan highway tunnel; risk of more damage hampers rescue

Multiple cars trapped in tunnel collapse, fire outside Tokyo

Morsi calls for December 15th referendum on new Egyptian constitution

Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto inaugurated as President

You can’t start a fire without a spark: Why going to concerts matters

Bruce Springsteen, 63, rides energy of Vancouver audience on Nov. 26, 2012. ~ photo: Ian Lindsay Postmedia

Morsi's no-consultation Egyptian constitution sparks mass protests

NASA actually working on a faster-than-light warp drive, but...
the welcoming party may not be happy campers...

The concept of warp travel on Star Trek worked a lot like the Alcubierre drive, even if the engines
are the wrong shape. Bigger problem is effect on destination.

updated: Canadian scientists create a functioning, virtual brain [video]

40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva

Germany's Ulli Boehme poses with his invention, the Ball Rider, a new sport and leisure vehicle.
~ photo: Fabrice Cofferini AFP/Getty Images

NASCAR: Chevy unveils 2013 Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS race car in Las Vegas
SS will be made in Australia; first rear-wheel drive Chevy sold in U.S. in 17 yrs

Bloomberg: Canada shows how U.S. states can fix immigration

Investigation under way: Why didn't U.S. National Weather Service
issue Hurricane Sandy warnings as it did for Hurricane Irene in 2011?

Kelly McParland: The UN holds hush-hush talks on regulating the Internet,
behind closed doors in a repressive country

John Ivison: Enbridge looks east: New Brunswick
pipeline now a Gateway alternative

Alaska: Culture clash between billions of barrels of oil,
whales, and indigenous customs

Shell Oil estimates the Arctic holds some 30% of the world's undiscovered natural gas
and 13% of its yet-to-find oil - the equivalent, overall, of 400 billion barrels of oil.

Telcos charge more for sending a text message next door
than the cost of sending data from Mars

Google Maps team goes to Canada’s Far North

A Google Street Vew image of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, residents fishing for Arctic char. The Google team used a
Street View tricycle to record images of every part of the hamlet on the southeast corner of Victoria Island in Nunavut.

Default delayed: U.S. appeals court gives Argentina reprieve in debt case

Leger poll: Two-thirds of Quebec residents call
Maple Leaf flag source of 'personal or collective pride'

Canadian flag famously is passed through a crowd in Montreal on Friday, Oct. 27, 1995 as thousands
of Canadians streamed into the city rallying for national unity.

BP oil suspended from new U.S. government contracts due
to criminal record resulting from Deepwater Horizon disaster

Bombardier wins record $3.1B to $7.8B Exec jet order with VistaJet

The order for its Global business aircraft could swell to 142 planes if all options are exercised, raising its value to $7.8B.

Mexico: As power changes hands from outgoing Felipe Calderon to new
President Peña Nieto, the drug war focus will change to reducing murder rate

Ford vows to fight ouster attempt by left opponents "tooth and nail" [video]

Global: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will appeal ousting by judge

Ford ousted as Toronto mayor in conflict case over football foundation
judge orders mayor to exit office within 14 days

Bank of Canada's Mark Carney to lead Bank of England; first foreign head

Toronto Argonauts win 100th Grey Cup, beat Calgary Stampeders 35-22

The cup is in the house - for the 100th time

After a 5km public walk of the Grey Cup from Varsity Stadium, it was delivered to the 55-yard line by Mounties.

Canada comes together in the name of the Grey Cup

Grey Cup: Bruised and abused for over a century,
hallowed chalice endures and brings Canadians together

The University of Toronto Seniors won the first Grey Cup in 1909.

Festivities continue in Toronto ahead of Grey Cup game [video]

NATO to consider Turkey's Patriot missile request

Grey Cup memories make for Canadiana ad mari usque ad mare

Argonauts’ Chad Owens named CFL Most Outstanding Player

100th Grey Cup fever: Marty takes Toronto [video]

Stampeders' horse Marty gets his moment inside the Royal York Hotel

Fletcher Armstrong, with the Calgary Grey Cup committee, rides his horse, Marty, in the front foyer of the Royal
York Hotel Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012 in Toronto. Calgary Stampeders will play the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL's
100th Grey Cup championship game Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012. ~ photo: Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press

And then Marty the horse signs the guestbook at the Royal York Hotel. Note carrot crumbs from feeding.

Royal York senses PR disaster, invites Marty the horse to come visit after all

Royal York Hotel blocks horse from re-creating 1948 Grey Cup lobby stunt

100th Grey Cup fever: CFL leaves door open to Stamps mascot at big game

Calgary Stampeders' touchdown horse Quick Six and rider Karyn Drake may be at the Grey Cup after all.
~ photo: Jeff McIntosh The Canadian Press

Homeless man who accepted boots from NYPD officer is barefoot again; illustrates difficulty of social problem

NASA probe reveals ice, organic material inside permanent night of Mercury’s north pole

Police seize $3M worth of counterfeit goods in Toronto; range from drugs to Angry Birds

Spector: 'Great Carney chosen to run Bank of England, but should step down in Canada until takes those reins'

Dolphins used by U.S. Navy to track down mines will soon be replaced by robot submarines

Health warning issued against eating walnuts, hazelnuts

Left-wing group blatantly misleads about federal job reductions in Atlantic Canada; ignores 550 new jobs coming to region by 2016

Visa-free travel for Mexican visitors is in the works, PM tells Mexican President-elect on his pre-inauguration visit to Canada

Perrin Beatty and Andrés Rozental: What’s good for Mexico is good for Canada

Canada's first shipping container housing project being built in Vancouver

Canad Inns shows its commitment to Winnipeg, puts $17M into restoration of 1919 theatre as downtown jewel

Former GM engineer, husband convicted of stealing information about hybrid car technology

coddling violent criminals: No barber, lack of sunlight: Band of violent prisoners suing over ‘uncomfortable’ conditions at Saskatchewan penitentiary

Terence Corcoran: Clayton Ruby won’t succeed in bringing down Pharaoh Ford despite apparent Toronto Spring uprising

Marni Soupcoff: Maybe we’re the ones who owe Rob Ford an apology

Don Macpherson: Breton’s resignation exposes doubts about Marois’s credibility

Interest rapidly cooling on global warming as facts trump alarmism

Ottawa schools to close if teachers walk out

Liberal senator Joyce Fairbairn finally resigns

"I intend to stay": Flaherty vows to remain Finance Minister until 2015; "until we are balanced"

‘The one thing I wish I knew at 17’

Globe & Mail makes mischief or simply misinterprets; nether government of Ontario or federal government has any plans to dump GM shares "at fire sale prices"

Salvation Army theft: Police find another $24,000 worth of toys at Toronto business

Judge clarifies that ousted Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can run in by-election for mayoralty; ousting ruling under appeal

Will price tag kill Canadian purchase of F-35 begun under Chretien regime? KPMG study will provide fodder for discussion and decision

Canada’s economic growth slows to 0.6% crawl in 3rd quarter

Canada one of only nine countries to vote against ‘symbolic’ Palestinian statehood

Ontario education minister says government won’t allow teacher walkouts

Scientists from Ohio and Japan discover how a strain of tick-borne bacteria hijack white blood cells as a food supplier; conventionally white blood cells operate as part of immune system to destroy bacteria

Christie Blatchford: Controversy grows over why judge took ‘nuclear’ option in Rob Ford ruling

Often-wrong Parliamentary budget watchdog says economy not as bad as government says; critical of 'cushion' used by Flaherty

Toronto police arrest/charge second person with theft from Salvation Army; third toy cache found in Brampton warehouse; 40 charges include include 10 counts of theft over $5,000, seven counts of theft under, criminal breach of trust, trafficking in stolen goods and conspiracy to commit indictable offence

Royal Bank of Canada reports net earnings of $1.9B in 4th quarter, record year

Chris Vander Doelen: Naming of Windsor parkway for Herb Gray a well-deserved tribute

RIM shares surge on Goldman Sachs upgrade

U.S. Powerball lottery: Two tickets share $550M jackpot; not tax-free

U of T team gets $2.2M from Gates Foundation to continue building better toilet

Toronto Maple Leafs first NHL team worth $1B, according to Forbes magazine

Chantal Hébert: Liberal leadership field a mile wide and a foot deep

Kelly McParland: Marc Garneau offers Liberals a chance to prove they’re serious

Sandy caused $100M in Canadian insurance claims

Exclusive Le 357c club in Charbonneau spotlight: Premier Pauline Marois says she also frequents Old Montreal spot; ‘Everyone who goes there cannot be accused to being there to be bought:’ Marois

Furlong suing Georgia Straight newspaper, others over abuse allegations; will writer counter-sue as she said she would?

Nokia sues RIM over patents, threatens BlackBerry sales

Clinics ordered to stop 'useless' breast cancer tests

BQ misspent public funds and should pay them back says Commons Committee

Glendale officials approve $320 million deal to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in the city's arena

Adverlab: 'I miss my old media'

Burned Bangladesh clothing factory produced goods for major European and North American retailers

Canadian banks bracing for U.S. law requiring they inform on dual citizen accounts

How Toronto's Ford finding might play out; from stay to two mayors to by-election to repair of the flawed Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Nigel Wright extends leave of absence from Onex, to stay on for awhile as Harper Chief of Staff

Microsoft sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in month

Grey Cup parade: Argos fans jump for joy in party at Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launches legal appeal of conviction on conflict of interest charges over his kids' football foundation and resulting eviction from office; request for stay of sentence pending appeal to be heard Dec. 5th

Company collects data on millions of illegal downloaders in first step to crackdown on digital piracy in Canada

Two moves during the crisis show why Mark Carney is considered one of the shrewdest central bankers in the world

Mediator Guy Serota fired hours after being assigned to NHL lockout; controversy over tweets and whether account hacked or not apparently made him too risky for sensitive negotiations role

Rogers Best Canadian Film prize bumped up to $100K, from $15K last year

Marvin Miller dead at 95 - changed baseball forever, freed players, made them wealthy

Conservatives and NDP hold their seats in 3 federal by-elections; NDP keeps Victoria in B.C., and Conservatives hold Alberta's Calgary Centre and Durham in Ontario

Andrew Coyne: Mark Carney’s ambitions were too big for the Bank of Canada

Lightning strikes 'Two and a Half Men' again -- this time Angus T. Jones attacks show in church-posted video, calls it 'filth'

Sports Business News: The big business of Major League Baseball and television

Leaks from external marketing meetings say Fox has plans well under way for changing Speed channel into Fox Sports 1 as best competitor to ESPN

updated: Former Toronto Salvation Army Executive Director David Rennie arrested and charged in multi-million dollar toy theft; more stolen goods found in weekend raids; second suspect sought

John Ivison on Mark Carney: Canada just lost one of its best and brightest

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals’ legacy equals $17,626 of debt per person

Black Friday, Cyber Monday set to surpass Boxing Day sales

Toronto police say man charged in theft of toys, donations from Salvation Army

CIBC gives RIM a big vote of confidence ahead of BB10 launch

China says has successfully landed first fighter jet on new aircraft carrier

Russian energy firm tries to take LNG tanker through Arctic Ocean via Northeast Passage from Norway above Russia to Japan; led by Russian nuclear-powered ice-breaker

Onex to buy insurance brokerage from Goldman fund for $2.3B

Fox owner News Corp. to acquire stake in Yankees' YES Network

San Antonio school hacked in protest of micro-chip tracking of students

The Rolling Stones '50 and counting' tour kick-off marred by late start and early curfew which knocked 'Satisfaction' off setlist, but otherwise rave reviews for geriatric rockers in big London gig

Roots of North America: Virginia's lost history

Billboard: Frank Barsalona, music agent who revolutionized concert business, dead at 74

Black Friday sales online top $1 billion for first time

Former SNC-Lavalin executive charged in Switzerland: reports

Toronto: Dundas Square building demolition stopped to avoid radioactive contamination

Justin Trudeau’s anti-Alberta remarks aren’t going over well in Quebec either

Grandfather, grandson drown in Quebec lake as ice skating outing ends in tragedy

updated: Toys stolen from Salvation Army in Toronto recovered by police in Brampton warehouse; inventory and investigation continuing

Three federal by-elections Monday; B.C., Alberta and Ontario

Andrew Coyne: Justin Trudeau hurt more than saved by context of anti-Alberta comments

Justin Bieber receives Diamond Jubilee medal from Prime Minister Harper

Larry Hagman dead at 81

Conservatives produce copies of cheques from riding association donors; when will accusers apologize?

Road to becoming Prime Minister 'travels through Alberta,' Nenshi cautions Trudeau

Justin Trudeau maintains a Canadian Prime Minister must be from Quebec

NHL cancels games through December 14

CBC: Reaction to Trudeau's 2010 Alberta comments and today's apology

Justin Trudeau apologizes for anti-Alberta comments made in French in 2010 Quebec video interview which surfaced in English Canada on Thursday [video]

Kelly McParland: McGuinty and Trudeau give Albertans new cause to be wary of Liberals pitching woo

Public support for Harper goes up; he gets the big things right

John Ivison: Financial transparency bill may usher in a 'Native Spring'

Terence Corcoran: A food fight worth having; the Trudeau interventionist legacy empties pockets daily

No bribes, no deal: In 2007, pipe-maker refused to pay $150K kickback; the product hasn’t been used by Montreal since

For Mike Harris’ forgotten legacy, look up

Hennessey: time to call the President's budget bluff; Republicans have more leverage than they imagine, if they play cards carefully

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘I think we’re going over the cliff’; says White House has "made a political calculation"

Microsoft attacks Google for its pay-for-rank shopping listings; says its Bing searches can't be bought

Liberals and the race card

NJ Democrat caught in lie after making false claims against trooper who pulled him over for speeding; forgot troopers have video and microphones; politician wanted "special treatment" during speeding stop

Jonathan Tobin: Israel’s building no obstacle to peace

Tour bus hits Miami airport overpass; 2 dead, many others hurt

updated: Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, 25, kills girlfriend, then fatally shoots self at stadium in front of coach and GM

Famous 'middle of the road' house sold and demolished in China

Obama created the fiscal cliff; it's really a series of smaller steps: Gingrich

Thomas Jefferson: The monster of Monticello?

After more than 8 years away from public performing, Canada's Shania Twain to start 2-year run in Las Vegas

Morris: How the Christian Right spawned feminism and women’s suffrage

$80 Trillion in unfunded liabilities the true noose around our necks

Nick Schulz: Five ways to re-launch innovation in America over the next 30 years; if Thomas Edison was the 'most important man in the world over the last 1,000 years', as LIFE said, it's time to look ahead

Dutch to scrap blasphemy law on insulting God

Gender vs religion: Woman refused haircut by Muslim barber highlights problem of colliding 'rights'

Lynn Sweet: David Axelrod reveals campaign surprises

North Star closer to Earth than previously thought

Nova Scotia: Record lobster catches drive down prices to $3 per pound

Oregon inmate released, robs bank within hour

Two Florida men charged with plotting to unleash weapon of mass destruction on U.S.

FEMA doesn't walk the talk; Angry New Yorkers say Obama pledge to cut red tape ignored by FEMA

NY Times: Polls show below-average post-election approval bounce for Obama

Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund to invest $11B in U.S. real estate market

Rice urges Israeli and Palestinian authorities to resume negotiations “without preconditions” and “further provocative actions” after UN vote

AP: Will U.S. drop singleton greenback for American-style Loonies?

Kimberley A. Strassel: This unserious White House; the President makes the GOP a fiscal-cliff offer he knows they will refuse

Charles Krauthammer: Cliff-jumping with Barack

Alleged Canadian arsonist wanted for eco-terrorism surrenders to the U.S. after decade on the run

Canada temporarily recalls Middle East and UN envoys after Palestine vote

Pew: U.S. birth rate falls to a record low; decline is greatest among immigrants

Democrat Kirsten Powers: Obama has said too many things that “just don’t add up” on Benghazi

Obama flip-flops on spending cuts; what happened to his plan?

Krauthammer on fiscal cliff negotiations: "Republicans ought to simply walk away"

In historic vote, Palestine becomes non-member UN state with observer status

Government cuts internet access across Syria

AP: NYPD officer's kindness sparks online sensation

Critics upset U.S. Secretary of State hopeful Susan Rice, married to a Canadian, holds investment in Canadian pipeline company

Daniel Henninger: The racializing of American politics; even the exit polls now force people to put themselves in a racial category

Early gains for U.S. stocks

U.S. economy grew at 2.7% rate in 3rd quarter, more than first estimated

New York City celebrates day without violent crime; "Monday was the most bloodshed-free 24-hour period in recent history"; killings down 23% in 2012, a 50-year low, to 366

AP: Palestinians seen as certain to win UN recognition as 'non-member observer state'

Bangladesh factory owner says wasn't told additional emergency exits needed

NY Times: Prominent Taliban commander wounded in Pakistan explosion that killed six?

2 BP rig supervisors, former executive face charges in court in Gulf oil spill

Harper confirms Canada will vote 'no' on Palestine at UN

Royal Canadian Mint selling 30,000 1912-1914 rare gold coins

Egypt in crises

Sandy caused $37B in damage in NJ: Gov. Christie

The Left's Scrooge McDuck mythology of the wealthy

American Thinker: Reminder -- Iran still working on an atomic bomb

Boston: Nearly 200 released as result of drug lab scandal

Ontario teachers to walk out, closing many elementary schools

Peter Duhaime, former SNC-Lavalin CEO, arrested on fraud charges

Telegraph: Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50% tax rate

Grover Norquist: Obama placing ‘left-wing fantasies’ above American families

One running shoe in the grave; new studies on older endurance athletes suggest the fittest reap few health benefits

Germany will not back Palestinian UN bid

Germany hosts conference on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

WND: Benghazi cover-up continues as roles and goals of Libyan 'mission' peeled back; intimate connections to Syria jihadi recruitment

Adnan R. Khan: Egypt, like Pakistan before, is making its constitution a work of fiction

Startup Canada wants to turn Canada into a 'start-up incubator'

Twin car bombs rip through Damascus, killing at least 34

UK set to abstain in Palestinian UN status vote unless commitment made to peace process

Wall Street falls, hit by Reid's "fiscal cliff" comments

Obama Administration backs down, won't call China a 'currency manipulator'; assailed by both Democrats and Republicans

Addiction counsellor accused of driving drunk with dying pedestrian embedded in her windshield

'Beliebers' defend Justin for his overalls in picture with PM Harper

Fiscal cliff FAQ

Washington Post: Egypt’s Morsi appears to accept some limits on his power

U.S. Supreme Court opens door to a new Obamacare challenge

AP: Surge-proofing New York City will be expensive, inexact and partial

Gov. Cuomo: Sandy cost NY, NYC $42B in damage and loss

Warren Buffett calls for minimum tax rates on the wealthy

Egyptian justice minister says end of Morsi power-grab crisis 'imminent'

Israel, Palestinian militants begin talks on truce details

Separatists winning in Catalonia, Spain: early results

Springfield officials: Gas company investigator inadvertently punctured gas line, causing strip club explosion that destroyed or damaged 42 buildings and injured 21 people in entertainment district

Libelled Lord McAlpine settles with BBC and ITV; other tweeters will be treated depending on size of their followership

NY Times: Morsi feeling heat; justice minister speaks against new powers, at least three other senior advisers resign

Syrian rebels claim to have seized important military airport and an air defense base just outside Damascus on Sunday

Condoleezza Rice: Syria is central to holding together the Mideast

Fiscal cliff negotiations revolving around rates, caps and pledges as Republicans start putting tax cards on table

Morsi to meet judges over power grab

CNN: Egypt's Morsy defends decree as protesters clash with security forces

Egypt stocks plunge as anti-Morsi protests ongoing

At least 112 killed in fire at Bangladesh garment factory

Evacuation order saves many lives as natural gas blast in Springfield, MA levels multi-story building in city centre, injures 18

David Horowitz: Democrats groom the mentally disabled to vote

Code-breakers wanted: Experts stumped after dead pigeon found with encrypted Second World War message strapped to leg

Egypt's top judges call President Morsi's new powers an 'unprecedented assault'

NY Times: Suicide bomber devastates a government center in Afghanistan

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood offices torched, Morsi on defensive

NY Post: Man dressed as clown dies during Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Clashes erupt across Egypt over Morsi's new powers

AP: A look at powers decreed by Egypt's president

Gaza crowds surge at Israel border fence, 1 dead

AP: Black Friday creeps into U.S. Thanksgiving permanently?

Obama told top economists he didn't know how to fix the economy, but didn't tell voters

AP: Earlier Black Friday kicks off U.S. Christmas shopping season

Damien Cox: NHL old-timers in their 70s, 80s and 90s caught in crossfire of lockout

CBS: Egypt's Morsi grants himself far-reaching powers

Study: 1.3 million overdiagnosed for breast cancer in U.S.

European stocks, metals climb as Euro strengthens

Salvation Army 'overwhelmed' by public response to toy theft at Toronto facility

Cracks showing in Muslim Brotherhood: Day after president brokered Gaza truce, Egypt's Brotherhood leader slams peace with Israel

Should birth control pills be available without a prescription?

Single event betting bill gets support from Chambers of Commerce who see it attracting American bettors at border casinos; private member's bill faced no opposition in House of Commons but Senators are making noises after opposition from NHL, NFL, NCAA and other leagues who oppose it

California-Vegas party train could hit tracks in 2013; first stop: build train station in Las Vegas

Matt Gurney: Anti-Alberta Trudeau interview reminds Canadians why the Liberals were voted out

Bands in Belleville, Ontario holding Sandy fundraiser for New York and New Jersey tonight

David Akin: 2010 on TV: Trudeau 'tired of Albertans running Canada'; country 'better' when Quebec politicians in charge

Grey Cup zipline from top of Toronto City Hall a thrill of a long lifetime for 82-year-old [video]

updated: RIM shares surge 17% Thursday as optimism around new BlackBerry devices grows

Profits across Canadian automotive manufacturing industry are expected to hit 10-year high this year

Chris Vander Doelen: “Re-shoring” work from China

Canadian retail sales rose for third straight month in September: StatsCan

What Sinofsky’s departure suggests about the current state, and likely future, of Microsoft

Man charged with harassment after Twitter attacks

Can a Canadian 'Black Friday' keep shoppers from crossing the border?

Facebook to slow down after move to secure HTTPS protocol [video]

CRTC approves addition of MLB Network to approved non-Canadian services for Canadian distribution; Blue Jays owner Rogers wanted, Bell didn't

Second McGuinty brother forced out: MP David leaves role as Liberal critic after roundly condemned attack on Alberta

Mayor of London, Ontario, Joe Fontana, charged with fraud for actions while a Liberal MP

Speculation increases over NASA’s history-making Mars finding

Asbury Park Press: As waters rose during Sandy, truck drivers became lifesavers

definitely naughty: Kingston police arrest man who told children lies about Santa Claus at annual parade

Windsor Star editorial: Tim Hudak changes message to how he'd do things differently; "the Conservatives are doing something productive with their down time" after McGuinty pulled plug on Ontario democracy

Elmo stays behind with Big Bird after his puppetmaster leaves Sesame Street under cloud

Justin Trudeau tries to distance self from tainted Western political legacy of his father after Ottawa Liberal MP treats Alberta like 'backwater'

The 'toilet of dreams' goes for $5300

Gizmodo: China company claims will build 220-story building in just 90 days once foundation ready; 5 floors per day, 220,000 tons of steel

Graeme Hamilton: Quebec’s fiscal mess forces PQ to deliver ‘budget of shattered hopes’

Christie Blatchford: Whatever Rob Ford did or didn’t say about him, restauranteur is no ‘road kill’

San Francisco sheds part of free-spirited past; 6-5 vote places tighter restrictions on full nudity in public places

L'Express: Did U.S. hack French President's computers? Elysée Palace computers were compromised say newspaper, in attack worthy of James Bond [Google translation]

Salvation Army directors fired in Ottawa and Toronto as $2M in toys, nearly $250K in cash go missing

Mercy plea rejected; lone surviving gunman from 2008 Mumbai massacre of 166 is executed by India

342-year-old Hudson's Bay Company goes public again but response muted to IPO as seeks to raise $365 million

What was Hamas thinking?

Canadian snack firm sweet-talks America; Canadian Twinkie maker selling home-grown Jos. Louis across the border

CNOOC agrees to Canada’s demands for Nexen takeover: sources

Harper warns of consequences if U.S. fails to avoid fiscal cliff; likens dire consequences to cascade of problems after failure of Lehman Brothers

BCE submits new $3.4B proposal for buying Astral to CRTC for approval

Texting, once all the rage, on the decline among cell phone users [video]

Seven survivors of Manitoba plane crash in stable condition in hospitals; pilot killed

MLB approves Blue Jays-Marlins blockbuster 12-player deal

Canadian federal government won't intervene to block generic versions of Oxycontin; usage regulation a provincial responsibility

Kelly McParland: Who told Walmart Quebec language laws should make sense?

Canadian study finds blue-collar women more likely to develop breast cancer

Maureen Dowd: Is Rice cooked?

MacKay calls on Russia to exert influence to end civil war in Syria

Vito Rizzuto has dropped out of sight since return from Colorado prison six weeks ago

Israeli retaliatory airstrike kills 11 civilians in Gaza claim Palestinian medical officials

Israel ready to ‘significantly expand’ Gaza offensive

Rex Murphy: Freedom’s bad hair day

Harper: Israel has a right to defend against ‘terrorist attacks’

Conrad Black: Clearing the Quebec air

Maine: Plane hits truck during take-off, crashes; 3 dead

updated: Egypt - 51 dead after speeding train slams into school bus

Andrew Coyne: The problem isn’t giving people money when they don’t work … it’s taking it away when they do

7,500 federal government jobs cut through attrition in six months; 3-year goal is 19,200: Clement

NY Times: Apple now owns the page turn

Christie Blatchford: For the man so often painted as Toronto’s clown mayor, Rob Ford had a pretty decent day in court

Michael Applebaum voted Montreal’s first anglophone mayor in 100 years; succeeds resigned Gerald Tremblay

Plot to massacre theatregoers at Twilight premiere foiled after man’s mother found assault rifles: Missouri police

Canadians are shifting support from the NDP to the Liberals: Ipsos Reid poll

Jordan protesters call for "downfall of the regime"

Ontario Liberal hopefuls split over McGuinty's line on teachers; all are former Ontario education ministers as each seeks to replace McGuinty as Premier and Liberal Leader

RIM's BlackBerry 10 app strategy: Local, global

Hostess to shut down after 80+ years; crippled by bankruptcy and strikes, maker of iconic Wonder Bread, Twinkies and Ding Dongs to close and liquidate its remaining 33 bakeries and 565 distribution centres

Treating farmed salmon for sea lice prevents transfer to wild fish

Apple's plunging stock price takes company out of $500 billion club

updated: BP to pay $4.5B in Gulf oil spill settlement

Medium-depth M6.0 quake shakes west-central Mexico; no injury/damage reports

Reuters: War looms over Gaza as death toll rises

ever-incompetent: FEMA sold off 'surplus' disaster shelters as Sandy roared up east coast

Trudeau goes after pot voters

John Ivison: Thomas Mulcair offers Alberta an updated version of a bad idea

Charitable giving on rise in Canada

Hockey lock-out song going viral [video]

Glass panel falls from 34th floor of Toronto Trump Tower during rush hour, cars hit but no serious injuries

Globe and Mail editorial: Banning acorns? That’s one nut too far

iPhone to get makeover, Apple to debut iTV: report

Canadian consumer debt loads grow at fastest pace in 2 years

Toyota recalls 2.77 million vehicles for steering defect; some also have water pump woes

Rona shares surge after shareholder seeks sweep of retailer's board of directors

Blue Jays extreme makeover is about winning, not bookkeeping

Are the Blue Jays done dealing?

Obama's military meltdown: Generals Petraeus & Allen dallied as furor over Benghazi raged

Ex-MP, 2006 leadership veteran Martha Hall-Findlay joins federal Liberal leadership race

Jon Paul Morosi: Could monster baseball trade with Marlins lure Bobby Cox to manage Blue Jays?

McAfee founder, ‘prime suspect’ in slaying, buried himself in sand to elude Belize police

Opposition hollers over Flaherty economic update; conservative numbers will improve if U.S. and world economies pick up, says Flaherty

‘They forgive him for the most part’: Toronto man’s family stands by him despite conviction in wife’s ‘honour killing’

City engineer tells Quebec corruption inquiry he refused companies’ offers of prostitutes — he only took the wine, hockey tickets

Sun Media to cut 500 jobs

Kelly McParland: IEA report suggests an earthquake in global politics

After 145 years, Canada Year Book will close forever

Spiegel: Desertec's promise of solar power for Europe fades

Canada revokes charitable status of three organizations, puts others on notice

Daily Mail: 'I'm in no pain': Canadian in vegetative state communicates using the power of thought

Ontario Liberal Leadership: Hoskins becomes sixth candidate vying to succeed McGuinty

Susan Delacourt: Justin Trudeau’s campaign looks to Obama’s team for lessons in winning

Simon Kent: UN agency wants to control Internet

Ontario woman's right to choose California as place of birth stands; Supreme Court of Canada won't hear appeal; defers to California courts

NHLPA's new offer gets cold shoulder

Disney Online Movies' demise is another blow for transactional VOD and digital lockers

Waterlogged Britain: Homes, roads and railways flooded as storms wreak havoc and bad weather set to continue

Susan Rice, a risky replacement for Clinton?

Greece angry after EU ministers fail to reach rescue deal

AP: Gaza deal seals major role for Egypt's president

Israel-Hamas cease-fire goes into effect, rockets launched at Israel shortly after

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns, citing mental health 2 weeks after re-election; facing House Ethics and federal criminal probes

Shot dead, dragged through the streets: The fate of an alleged spy in Gaza

Gaza is testing the limits of Iran's Mideast ambitions

From flakes to flacks: How cereal transformed American culture

Egypt confiscates trucks of warheads smuggled from Libya

Anti-poverty group wants Canadian government to end equal treatment of children with taxpayer funds and re-direct to poorest

updated: Hamas claims responsibility after bomb rips through bus in Tel Aviv

Poor today, rich tomorrow: permanent underclass in Canada is a myth, study reveals

Jesse Kline: The American dream is alive and well — in Canada

Deadly suburban Indianapolis house explosion now seen as remote control homicide

American Thinker: Vulture unionism and the death of Hostess

AP: Syrian rebels seize base, arms trove

How Intel's faith in x86 cost it the mobile market

2013 looks a lot like 1937 in four fearsome ways

Air sirens sound as rocket strikes outskirts of Jerusalem

Latest warfare reflects Hamas' miscalculation

Capretta and Levin: Why ObamaCare is still no sure thing

updated: Gaza militant group says top fighter killed in missile hit on media centre

NYC's $2B 911 emergency call system failed during Sandy

Israeli military asks citizens to stop broadcasting rocket attacks via social media; helps terrorists refine their aim

White House denies changing story on Benghazi

Rubio makes first post-election trip to Iowa

Israel, Egypt talk Gaza ceasefire as strikes widen

Obama says Israel has right to defend itself against attacks from Palestinian militants

‘This is not our first time’: Israel prepares to invade Gaza

The hunt for Canada’s $1,000 bills: There are nearly a million left, most in the hands of criminal elites

King: Petraeus testified White House edited CIA info to 'remove terrorism'

Egypt-led truce hopes crumble as Gaza rocket rattles Tel Aviv

Israel readies ground troops as rockets target Tel Aviv

Xi Jinping officially named China's new leader

'Trial by Twitter' to go on trial as British Lord announces unprecedented series of libel actions against people who tweet-linked him wrongly to child abuse allegations

LA Times: 4 killed, 17 hurt when train hits veterans parade truck in Texas

NY Times: Egypt torn between allies in Gaza and treaty with Israel

Thomas Friedman: Obama's Middle East nightmare

Eurozone slides back into recession

Jobless claims surge to 18-month high in wake of superstorm Sandy

In recovering from Superstorm Sandy, a setback for every triumph

no surprise: U.S. electrical grid a huge vulnerability: report

Fred Barnes: Same old Obama

Petraeus mistress Broadwell had ‘substantial’ classified data on computer

Jonathan Kay: In Gaza, Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari got what he deserved

Egypt's Morsi says Israel 'aggression' in Gaza unacceptable

Obama admits he sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice to 5 Sunday talk shows with White House talking points

Canadian utility crew reflects on massive damage they found in New York and New Jersey, and the 16-hour days

Obama reaps what his cynical, divisive campaign sowed: All 50 states now covered by secession petitions

Charles Krauthammer: Was Obama White House blackmailing Petraeus?

Staten Island death toll cover-up?

Israeli defense chief: Rebels take Syrian border villages

Petraeus agrees to testify on Libya before congressional committees

Long Island Power Authority head out the door after Sandy recovery debacle; whose head will roll next?

Iranian chopper carrying car accident victims crashes, killing all 10 aboard

Windsor Star: Obama’s standing on the fiscal cliff, looking down; and the Canadian economy hangs in the balance

FBI investigating how Petraeus biographer Broadwell obtained classified files

Obama to open talks with $1.6T plan to raise taxes on corporations, wealthy; how much will flee next door to Canada?

Jennifer Rubin: 5 areas where Congress can get things done

Democrats lay off staffers but Romney keeps paying, personally working to find jobs for his people

Jennifer Rubin: The path to a deal on the fiscal cliff

U.S. lawmakers probe widening generals scandal, implications for national security

Jill Kelley, Florida socialite at center of swirl around downfall of two indiscreet U.S. 4-star generals, is also an 'honorary consul' of South Korea

Suspected North Korea missile parts seized en route to Syria in May

Non-union FEMA crews, water and other supplies sit idle thanks to unions & red tape in New York and New Jersey

Byron York: In Ohio, the GOP puzzles over missing white voters

Bin Laden's 'former righthand man', terror suspect Abu Qatada released in UK after immigration court rules his human rights would be breached if sent to face charges in Jordan

U.S. Afghan mission chief Gen. John Allen dragged into scandal as Petraeus investigation widens

Paula Broadwell’s home raided by FBI as CIA sex scandal’s details continue to emerge

CBS: Timeline: How Benghazi attack, probe and cover-up unfolded

New York Post editorial: Time to tell the truth; what did Obama know about Petraeus FBI investigation; if he didn't know, who will be fired?

Petraeus helped whistleblower's lawyer twin in nasty custody fight

Wesley Pruden: The web of deceit about Benghazi begins to fray as media suddenly wakes up

‘Willfully ignorant’: New York Times journalists openly attack their new boss as child sex scandal threatens to engulf ex-BBC head

New twist: FBI Agent in Petraeus case under scrutiny

Fox News confirms U.S. was holding Libyan prisoners at Benghazi Annex [video]

Petraeus mistress may have revealed classified information at Denver speech on real reason for Libya attack

Petraeus mistress Broadwell says in October speech that CIA held militants in Benghazi; CIA denies it

Did FBI suppress Petraeus scandal for months to protect President?

Telegraph: Paula Broadwell's 'love rival' Jill Kelley speaks out

l'affaire Petraeus: House majority leader knew of Petraeus matter in October though FBI leak

Denmark cancels fat taxes

Israel drawn into Syria fighting for first time; fires warning shots after Syrian mortar hits Israel military outpost

Jennifer Rubin: What will the GOP do?

Karen Tumulty: Karl Rove and his super PAC vow to press on

Spencer Ackerman: How I was drawn into the cult of David Petraeus

Quick examination of county voting totals doesn't support "over-voting for Obama" thesis [interactive]

Strong M6.8 quake strikes Myanmar, 12 reported dead

Columbus Dispatch: Voter rolls in Ohio bloated with ineligible voters: experts

Townhall: Obama likely won re-election through election fraud

Petraeus resignation: Lover’s threatening emails led to downfall

Anger towards Obama, Cuomo, Bloomberg in Irish Rockaways - President’s visit may trigger a hostile reception for governor, mayor too

Vote fraud expert: Romney votes not counted in key states

Turkish officials say 17 soldiers killed in helicopter crash in southeast Turkey

NY Times: For Romney, all his career options are still open. except one

Did negative ads suppress voter turn-out?

Charles Krauthammer: The way forward

Scott Rasmussen: Parenting politicians is hard work

For Afghan troops, donkeys are the new helicopters

Election finger-pointing: Whither Karl Rove?

Karl Rove: The President's 'grand bet' pays off; a relentlessly negative campaign secured a victory but will make it harder to govern in the second term

As seen in TV ads for ID protection products, access to gas pump internals easy route to ID theft; one key works for most pumps in U.S.

Elections have consequences: Republican Party begins election review to find out what went wrong, reconsider policies

Bipartisan Seanate initiative targets tougher Iran sanctions

2012 Inventions of the Year: MIT’s freaky non-stick coating keeps ketchup flowing

Sandy’s blackout-weary towns left in dark by utilities

New York to begin gas rationing as storm further delays recovery

Post-Communist-era Chinese property rights creating showdowns

Elderly couple refused to move after they rejected offered compensation. The road through the village of
Xiazhangyang will lead to the Wenling railway station. ~ photo: Reuters

Trapper captures pet-preying Winnipeg wolf

Pet-eating wolf trapped in suburban Winnipeg weighed over 150 pounds.

CSM: Gaza truce holds as region steps back from brink

Netanyahu: Cease-fire will allow Israelis "to get back to routine"

Reuters: Ceasefire agreed upon between Hamas and Israel says official

Gaza conflict sees bloodiest day yet as Hamas-Israel ceasefire ‘delayed’

Top Hamas commanders hiding behind civilians, media and propaganda 'tools'

Israel denies Hamas truce claims as rocket strike kills IDF soldier

Hamas gunmen publicly execute, defile six accused ‘Israeli spies’

Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag dead body of a man who was accused of working for Israel,
in Gaza City November 20, 2012. ~ photo: Suhaib Salem Reuters

AP: Push for Israel-Hamas cease-fire gains momentum

updated: After media focus pole finally removed from road
'Bureaucratic bungling left hydro pole planted in middle of Quebec highway'

An electric pole stands in the middle of a road in Johnville, Que. on Monday Nov. 19, 2012. ~ photo: Jocelyn Riendeau Canadian Press / Sherbrooke La Tribune

Egypt's Morsi says Israel Gaza offensive to end Tuesday

CBS: Feds nab four Southern California men in alleged terror plots

Hillary Clinton, Ban Ki-moon to arrive in Israel for talks on Gaza truce

Four-in-one flat a new wrinkle on space race

Push a button and one room becomes another.

NY Times: New York City to demolish hundreds of Sandy-damaged homes

Friends demolish house in Midland Beach, Staten Island. The home was swept off its foundation. ~ photo: Seth Wenig AP

Jerusalem Post: Iron Dome intercepts 2 Iranian Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv

Hamas PM's offices "completely destroyed" by night airstrike

A Palestinian man walks among debris after an Israeli airstrike at Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh's
office in Gaza City Saturday. ~ photo: Bernat Armangue AP

BBC: Israel air strikes hit Hamas HQ; target homes of rocket brigade members

Petraeus tells Congress that Benghazi attack was terrorism

‘Tonight won’t be calm in Gaza’: 75,000 Israel
reservists on alert as it vows to ‘intensify’ raids

Two rockets land outside Jerusalem following 2 fired at Tel Aviv

Reuters: live coverage of Israel-Palestinian conflict

Air raid sirens wail in Jerusalem

Haaretz Live Blog: Rockets slam Israel's south in third day of IDF operation

430 rockets in 48 hours: Where Hamas is hitting Israel

National Post: Air raid sirens wail in Tel Aviv
after first rocket attack on city since 1991

A smoke trail is seen as rocket is launched from northern Gaza Strip Nov. 15th. ~ photo: Darren Whiteside Reuters

BBC: How Palestinian and Israeli firepower compare

Telegraph: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza: latest

A rocket launched by Palestinian militants towards Israel makes its way from the northern Gaza Strip,
seen from the Israel Gaza Border, southern Israel. ~ photo: Ariel Schalit AP

Israel: A carefully calibrated response to rocket attacks

Washington Post: Israel intensifies air offensive as rebel rockets rain down

Israel: 3 killed by Palestinian rocket fire in Kiryat Malachi

Israel has ‘opened gates of hell’: Hamas vows revenge

Israel strikes back: 20 Hamas rocket sites hit, IDF reservists called up

Canadian dollar declines amid fiscal cliff worries, mixed commodities

Israel: Airstrike killing of Hamas military head launches broader operation

Jerusalem Post: Dozens of rockets from Gaza Strip slam Israel with near-misses

3 Mississippi pilots die in crash on way to FAA safety conference

Global uncertainty will add to Canada's deficit, Flaherty says

Tiny, rare chameleons born in UK after parents nabbed from smugglers

Abacus poll: Liberals afloat on sinking NDP support; nationwide droop

Americans from 20 states petition White House to secede from union

M6.4 quake shake - 248km South of Cape Yakataga, Alaska

Israel reports 'direct hit' on target in Syria, stoking fear of widening conflict

Toronto war memorial vandalized hours after Remembrance Day services

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day is for the dead, not politics

A lifetime after shooting down the one and only Red Baron, Canada’s
forgotten First World War ace Roy Brown to be honoured in his hometown

A mural painted in honour of Captain Roy Brown in Carleton Place, Ontario, to be formally unveiled on November 13.

‘Unimaginable bravery’: How 700 Canadian soldiers defeated 5,000
enemy troops in the forgotten battle of Kapyong in Korean War

FBI investigation uncovered Petraeus affair with high-profile journalist

Was now-resigned CIA Director Petraeus blackmailed?

House Committee: Benghazi hearing to proceed without Petraeus

shocker: CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair

U.S. road to bin Laden began with interrogation of Montreal Imam

Bitter cold inside FEMA refugee tents in New Jersey
'You could see your breath,' displaced resident says

11,000 Syrian refugees flee in past 24 hours into Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

Flaherty: 'I'll act if U.S. fiscal meltdown triggers recession, threatens jobs'

Nor'easter Athena piles up snow, knocks out power, but warmer weather coming

U.S. election results county-by-county

Controversial Windows boss Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Elmo puppeteer accused of sex with underage boy, taking leave of absence from Sesame Street

Greece: Extreme nationalist, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn movement rises out of margins with 'Nazi-styled' rhetoric

U.S.: The hard fiscal facts

Obama seeking ideas, support from labour and business leaders for deficit reduction package

WSJ: Afghan women fear rights will erode as U.S. leaves

Crumbling concrete, see-through deck a safety issue with Ambassador Bridge

Founding convention slated for Labour Day 2013 for new 'super union' merger of Canadian Auto Workers and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers unions

Gerard Kennedy promises shake-up in Ontario Liberal leadership race; running as anti-Dalton candidate

Harper announces signing of tax treaty with Hong Kong; will enter into force once ratified by Canada and Hong Kong

Crux of the Matter: Supreme Court of Canada's legal precedent re: Jeffrey Moore means public schools must provide remedies for learning disabilities

M4.3 quake rattles eastern Kentucky; no damage reported

New York Giants use off-day to help Sandy victims; team donates $1 million

Sad eyeshore: NJ evacuees see wrecked homes for first time

UMass Boston students show creativity in six-word story contest

The rich must pay more: Barack Obama sets his terms for avoiding fiscal cliff

power-less: Nassau County officials want military to take over Long Island Power Authority as blackouts continue for 150,000 addresses still without power

SEC left computers vulnerable to cyber attacks; didn't encrypt

Jennifer Rubin: Ten fix-it projects for the GOP

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: The election… The election of 2014

James Taranto: The evanescence of majorities; the last election won't be the last election

Conrad Black: Obama’s thin victory

Canada's corn belt attracts the hot money

Two killed, 19 injured as explosion leaves Quebec chemical plant in ashes

Harper announces new Canadian consulate in Bangalore, India

NY Gov. Cuomo: Sandy damage in New York state alone could total $33B

Obama’s layoff bomb goes BOOM!

Paul Boothe: Nexen, China and ‘net benefit’: what you need to know

McDonald’s monthly sales fall first time in nine years

Starving the beast: What Canadian Conservatives can teach U.S. Republicans

Decades in the making, Montreal’s beltway bypass for through traffic to avoid downtown will open Dec. 15th

Beloved Toronto police horse Royal Sun dies on the job; 12-year veteran of force

RIM wins key U.S. security certification for BlackBerry 10 platform

Harper set to announce expansion of Canadian diplomatic presence in India

Saskatchewan ponders lowering drinking age back to 18 from 19; old arguments from 1970s are new again

Molson Coors to seek compensation from NHL over beer sales hurt by lockout

$2M bond set for alleged Michigan highway shooter

M6.3 quake strikes off Vancouver Island

Hall of Famer Gadsby a living legend

Rubin: Boehner proposes a grand bargain, again

Fred Barnes: The survivor in chief

NY Times: How a race in the balance went to Obama

Modern variants on blimp technology, airships of the future take shape in Orange County, California

EU: Eurozone recession to be worse, rebound slower

Nature: 2011 Virginia earthquake revealed previously unknown quake risks for eastern U.S.

New York Daily News editorial: President Obama must take advantage of opportunity to fulfill promise he made four years ago

U.S. election ballot measures see Washington, Colorado legalize marijuana, 2 states approve gay marriage

Legendary coach Darrell Royal dies at 88

VP loser Ryan also winner; like Biden in 2008, ran for Congress, and won, too

Dan Aykroyd goes from Ghostbuster to bone duster

Harper congratulates Obama, applauds Michigan’s bridge decision

Failure of Proposal 6 in Michigan means new bridge will be built between Windsor and Detroit

Margaret Wente: Election envy? Canada’s the lucky country

Canada and India seal deal for supply of Canadian uranium

Paramilitary thugs from 'New Black Panthers' repeating intimidation tactics from 2008 at same polls in Philadelphia

Coming Nor'easter forcing mandatory evacuations along Jersey Shore by 6 p.m. tonight

After NYC Deputy-Mayor Wolfson's generator commitment falls apart, he delivers leftover peanuts to Staten Island

Sandy exposed huge flaws in New York City's new, $2B 911 emergency call system; ghost, duplicate and misdirected calls numbered in thousands

New week of gaso-lean times; price up 9 cents a gallon in NYC; since Sandy struck, 41 people have been arrested for fights at gas lines

Gallup - Nov. 5 - final poll: Romney 49%, Obama 48%; among likely voters

Michael Den Tandt: Who’s better for Canada? It’s Romney, hands-down

‘It’s just dried up’: B.C. earthquakes pull plug on centuries-old Haida Gwaii hot springs

National Review: Two theories on the polls

Misleading polls? CNN/ORC International poll has Romney and Obama tied at 49% but the methodology fine print -- see p. 29 -- notes "41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans"; one real takeaway from this poll is that Independents broke big-time for Romney

unskewed - ABC News/Washington Post poll - latest: Romney 51%, Obama 47%

The myth of auto bailout jobs

Times-Union/Insider Advantage Florida poll - Nov. 5: Romney 52%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

UMass Lowell/Herald Massachusetts Senate poll - Nov. 5: Brown 49%, Warren 48%

Rasmussen - Virginia - Nov. 5: Romney 50%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Rasmussen - Nov. 5: Romney 49%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Bay of Quinte brand expands opportunities

How the U.S. presidential election will affect Canada (and it will)

New York's gas crisis continues into Monday: Waiting in gas lines now a ‘fuel’-time job

NHL-Players meeting 'covered a lot of ground' -- NHL's Daly

London Mayor and ex-Liberal Cabinet Minister Joe Fontana cited for links to so-called 'sham' charity

Comparing the actual policy positions of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Iconic USS Enterprise, world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, ends 50-year career at sea

Alberta oil workers score $25M lotto win

Boy, 2, mauled to death by African wild dogs after mother dangled him over railing at Pittsburgh Zoo

Sandy housing crisis: 40,000 displaced New Yorkers

Stephen Harper kicks off six-day, trade focused visit to India

Survival of Canadian payphones in danger, but Sandy shows their worth in crises

Canada braces as housing slowdown takes hold

Risky to have Western-style polls in China: State-run daily

Conrad Black: My London adventure

Mitt Romney’s Canadian ‘white house’: Family has vacationed at cottage in private, gated Ontario community for 60 years

Canadian Food Inspection Agency orders XL Foods to upgrade plant safety

The fog of Benghazi; what we now know—and still don't—about President Obama's 9/11

Parsing the polls; if Gallup is right, Tuesday will be a long night for the Democratic Party

Rasmussen - Nov. 4: Romney 49%, Obama 49% - includes 'leaners'

Budweiser canning water in Georgia plant and shipping north for distribution to Sandy victims in NY and NJ

Christie launches New Jersey Relief Fund with with $2.5M donation from Hess

Clueless NYC Marathon officials blame media for race cancellation; don't 'get it'

CNN: What really happened in Benghazi?

NHL sides still holding discussions past midnight

Rejection of Palestinian right to return by Mahmoud Abbas ‘courageous’: Shimon Peres

Curfew lifted in Asbury Park, NJ as power returns

Help 'Restore the Shore' with a donation and get a t-shirt as thanks

New Jersey struggles back from Sandy devastation [photo gallery]

Low poll turn-outs in New York on Election Day could trigger a second election day within weeks; and delay national result

Benghazi: 9/11 parents publicly blame Obama for deaths of their sons

Obama makes campaign photo op at FEMA HQ, then refuses to answer reporter's question about "frustrations" of victims

Sandy state-by-state update: Power still out everywhere but numbers narrowing

Sandy: Lights in lower Manhattan, misery in outer regions as politicians play favorites and anger continues rising

Former Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray to launch campaign for Ontario Liberal Leadership Sunday at Maple Leaf Gardens; promises tax cut specifics; Wynne to announce bid Monday

Jeb Bush: A global leadership opportunity being missed

Looming Nor'easter threatens to flood Jersey Shore again now that sand barriers are gone

Anger builds post-Sandy as tens of thousands cope with flooded basements, and destroyed food, clothing and households

Flooded New York plans to tame the sea, but who pays?

Canada extends review of CNOOC-Nexen deal to Dec. 10

Rasmussen - Nov. 3: Romney 48%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Sandy death toll now 102 in U.S., Canada

As cold snap looms, Sandy sets NY up for a new fuel crisis

Sandy death toll climbs to 41 in NYC; 22 dead in NJ

Miami Heat players feel NBA game in Manhattan should have been cancelled due to Sandy; they 'get it'

Edward Niedermeyer: Romney's plan would also have 'saved' Detroit

cooked books: Auto bailouts bleeding more taxpayer cash; Obama cronies profit

FEMA adds Rockland, Westchester to New York state disaster help list

FEMA accepting applications from Sandy victims in 8 hard-hit New Jersey counties, but not Bergen County, which had 5 cities flooded by Hackensack River

With tone-deaf, can-do stance on marathon, Mayor Bloomberg misreads NYC, takes eye off real misery

Rasmussen - Nov. 2: Romney 48%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Sandy death toll up to 98 as Staten Island devastation starts to dawn on out-of-touch New York Mayor Bloomberg

Wynne resigns from cabinet, clearing path for run at Ontario Liberal leadership

Terence Corcoran: McGuinty tries dodging his $1.2B bullet

McGuinty’s dark secrets on cancelled power plants revealed

The pumps that are saving New York; moving up to 16,500 gallons per minute

Eyes turn to Sandra Pupatello as 6 contenders drop out of Ontario Liberal leadership race

Canadian-built minivan powers Chrysler U.S. sales increase in October

New York: NYC’s battle stations; scramble at pumps amid gas shortages caused by no power at most gas stations

New York Post editorial: Cancel the marathon and help New York City's cold and dying; billionaire mayor's elitist heart in wrong place

New York: Con Ed says power to be restored to 'vast majority' of customers by Nov. 10

New Jersey Shore: Sea Bright's beach clubs, Donovan's Reef, all gone

New Jersey Shore: Sandy power outages and restoration updates

25 arrests for burglaries, looting in Monmouth County, NJ; no curfew violations in 26 county communities

New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places; lack of power means voting will be "old school" with pencils and ballots

AP: Staten Island says help is slow after Sandy

NY Times: Surveying the damage along the Jersey Shore

Beer foam gene discovered; will help improve "froth" and create ideal pint, researchers say

They outlived dinosaurs and are evolving faster than ever: incredible bird family tree suggests flight is their secret to success

Iran’s Canadian assets frozen over $13M U.S. terrorism payout

Reuters: Fuel shortages, power outages hamper Sandy recovery

CBS: Romney posts big leads among independents

Kathleen Parker: Time to bury the race card

NBC/WSJ/Marist poll - Nov 1st: Obama leads in Iowa, running neck and neck in New Hampshire, Wisconsin

Marc Thiessen: Will Obama’s blatantly false bankruptcy line work in Ohio?

Chicago Tribune - Jonah Goldberg: Benghazi: No mere 'October surprise'

Dan McLaughlin: On polling models, skewed & unskewed

Savile sex scandal spurs British soul searching

Six stunning Asbury Park Press aerial videos show Sandy's NJ Shore damage

12 NJ water utilities issue boil-water advisories including Ship Bottom, Cedar Bonnet Island

New Jersey: 70 rescued from Brick barrier island

There's been a shift in thinking on the global economy — and it's not good for the U.S.

Sandy aftermath: Looting, rescues and rising death toll

Sandy by the numbers

Judge orders Kansas newspaper to reveal name of online commenter

Sandy toll up to 74 as pumps busy

Sandy death toll grows as more drowning victims being found in their homes and vehicles

New Jersey's barrier islands are scenes of devastation

House of Commons passes private member bill to ban face masks during riots

Sandy cleanup effort claims Ontario power worker’s life

Rasmussen - Oct. 31: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

JFK and Newark airports to re-open today; flooded La Guardia to remain closed

French alive and well in Canada, official-languages watchdog says

Lorrie Goldstein: NIMBY McGuinty implodes; Hypocritical Premier buries Liberals with a shovel

Hurricane Sandy a ‘divine slap on the face of U.S. arrogance,’ Toronto Islamist website declares

More than 100,000 Canadians were still without power on Tuesday from Sandy's winds

Photos: Before and after Hurricane Sandy

Northern Ontario, Wawa-area flood evacuation accelerates as Sandy threatens

One crew member died, captain still missing; HMS Bounty taken by Sandy after losing power [pictures]

NYC airports -- JFK, La Guardia and Newark -- may stay shut until November 1st on Sandy flooding

Sandy disrupts Northeast U.S. telecom networks

FEMA, White House send storm victims to Internet; blithely ignore minor details such as power blackouts for both victims and internet providers

A day after Sandy, New Yorkers find a changed city

Gallup suspends daily tracking poll for second night

updated: At least 80 flooded houses destroyed in Breezy Point, New York City firestorm

State-by-state: storm damage

Rasmussen - Oct. 30 - Trust with Economy: Romney 51%, Obama 45%

Crux of the Matter: Is Hallowe'en being destroyed by political correctness?

Gallup - Oct. 30: Romney 51%, Obama 46%; among likely voters; polling suspended on Oct. 29 due to Hurricane Sandy

Rasmussen - Oct. 30: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Superstorm Sandy takes Ontario and Quebec with "vicious winds"

updated: Firefighters in Queens borough of NYC battle 6-alarm Fire in Breezy Point; 50+ houses destroyed in flooded area

updated: Levee break along Hackensack River in New Jersey's Bergen County flooded towns of Moonachie, Little Ferry, South Hackensack, Hackensack and Carlstadt with up to 5 feet of water; just a few blocks north of the Giants/Jets' MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands in East Rutherford

2:00am EDT, Oct.30: At least 13 deaths, 5.7 million without power in Superstorm Sandy's path

Superstorm Sandy winds up to 50 mph knock out power to 33,000 in metro Detroit Monday night

National Post: Superstorm Sandy’s wind gusts are biggest threat to Toronto overnight: officials

CBC: Superstorm Sandy-blown sign kills woman in Toronto

AP: Consolidated Edison says New York City power outages could last up to a week

WSJ: Floods reach subway system, with damage likely to linger

Atlantic: Sorting the real (dramatic) Superstorm Sandy photos from the (obvious and less-obvious) fakes

AP: State-by-state look at impact of Superstorm Sandy - 12:01am EDT

Power out at NYU hospital, patients being evacuated

Manhattan plunged into darkness

Superstorm Sandy waves on Great Lakes may be 40-footers

Much of New Jersey's Garden State Parkway closed by flooding; at 4 p.m. GSP will close in both directions below Exit 129 in Woodbridge Township (just north of Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island)

Airlines move all planes away from Philadelphia; airport a "ghost town"

Harper urges U.S. to avoid fiscal cliff, but looks to Asia as a backup plan

Bad Sign: FEMA office on Staten Island closes 'due to weather'

Dead candidates won elections in Florida, Alabama

Sandy might send more than 250,000 cars to scrap heap

Legal battle looms over two state marijuana initiatives

Syrian President Bashar Assad vows to ‘live and die’ in Syria

Life after defeat for Mitt Romney: Public praise, private questions

George F. Will: And the winner is: The status quo

Guatemalans huddle in streets after deadly Wednesday quake, many buried, rescue attempts continue

Who else won big last night? The pollsters and forecasters

NY Gov. Cuomo fires state emergency management chief who had a crew sent to clear his driveway

Boehner speaks on Capitol Hill, advocates tax reform, embraces closing deduction 'loopholes' to find 'new revenue' to spare small businesses from job-stifling tax increases

Gridlock as usual or new era of compromise? Washington stares down 'fiscal cliff' crisis after election

Dow's 300-point slide takes it back to August levels

Sandy clean-up poses towering task: New York City has already hauled away 150,000 tons of debris and hasn't scratched the surface

Stunning interactive before/after shows Sandy devastation

Challenge ahead: time to pursue ideas instead of scoring points

Across the board, stocks plunge after Obama win

Many Staten Island residents battered by Sandy not evacuating ahead of new storm; nowhere to go, no way to get there, no help from MIA government

New York-New Jersey coastline residents urged to evacuate as as powerful Nor'easter approaches; more flooding, blackouts predicted

Benghazi Bungle: 53 House members demand of Obama: were pre-9/11/12 Benghazi bombings in Presidential daily briefs? Issue that won't go away

Detroit Red Wings fans: cancelling Winter Classic was the last NHL straw for many

Early figures show fewer Americans cast votes in 2012 race than in 2008; in some states, fewer than 2004

If Romney wins, what then?

Storm-weary voters in Northeast face delays, confusion

updated: Now 27 dead in car-bombing at military base north of Baghdad

Daily Mail Exclusive: Romney UP one point in Ohio and TIED in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to his campaign's internal polling

At final pre-election rally in an overflowing arena in New Hampshire, Romney speaks of optmism for American future of renewal and growth

Even with Jay-Z and Springsteen there to attract attendees, Obama finishes campaign in half-empty Ohio arena

Montreal Gazette: Politicians have little to say on Tremblay resignation

Sun: Scandal-plagued Montreal Mayor Tremblay quits

Michael Gerson: The trouble with Obama’s Silver lining

Jordan: Return of the Independents to Romney

Bret Baier: What President Obama really said in that '60 Minutes' interview about Benghazi

Bing West: Cynicism Confirmed; White House leaks are organized and orchestrated, national security be damned

Eli Lake: Ansar al-Sharia’s role in Benghazi attacks still a mystery

Peggy Noonan: Nobody knows anything. Everyone’s guessing

Farewell lever and punch-card machines

Romney to make Election Day stops in Cleveland and Pittsburgh

Suffolk University: Presidential bellwether counties in Ohio and New Hampshire show electoral path to victory for Romney

Housing, voting, power: problems abound post-Sandy

AP sports writer's harrowing tale of Sandy in Staten Island

CNN: 50 Syrian soldiers killed in suicide bombing: opposition

Small 2.0M, shallow quake rattles New Jersey; next, locusts?

FEMA fail as bad as in Katrina; shows ongoing problem with a national top-down response

Red Cross regrets not responding to storm victims sooner; when will politicians express their regrets for incompetence?

What went wrong in Libya?

Red flag over the Atlantic

WSJ: Wave of death hit Staten Island enclave

Sandy victims beg for help [video]

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden personify their parties

There's a CIA reason why all of the reports about Benghazi are so confusing

Incompetence and intransigence: Excuses abound as generators and supplies sit unused in Manhattan's Central Park while people starve and freeze in Staten Island; finger-pointing officials blame runners

Election 2012 isn’t a campaign, it’s a brawl

Margaret Wente: Why Obama doesn’t deserve to win

Washington Post: Black preacher spreads the Word ... against Obama; say “no more to President Obama”

Cold weather and approaching Nor'easter deepen gloom among Sandy's victims; some seek solace in faith

Romney urges rally attendees to support storm relief through Red Cross and Salvation Army

New Jersey residents displaced by storm can vote by email

Romney leads swing state newspaper endorsements 24 to 15 over Obama as many papers change support from 2008

Inland New Jersey towns on Hackensack River above the Meadowlands still reeling from Sandy flood surge; ever-dry Little Ferry, Moonachie inundated

Friday's one-hour NBC Sandy fundraiser for Red Cross brought in $23M with local star power

Daily Mail: Pollsters see U.S. election go down to wire: key states targeted in last-minute scramble for votes

Kyle Smith: Mud on his hands Obama had one strategy this campaign: character assassination. But thanks to a voter backlash, Romney’s optimism may well win the day

George F. Will: Taking America’s pulse

Detroit Free Press: Romney right: flashback: Fiat to export Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Maserati from underused Italian factories

Ann Coulter: Romney is what the country needs now

Adam Housley: Security officials who were on the ground in Libya challenge official CIA cover-up account

Mark Steyn: A tale of two crises

Locations of 16 New York City Sandy daytime warming centers

Locations of 15 New York City Sandy shelters

Jennifer Rubin: 10 surprises from 2012 election season

Philip Klein: Will Obama’s Sandy bounce fade by Tuesday?

Michael Barone: Romney beats Obama, handily

Reason: 2012 election is a referendum on Obama’s policy agenda

With time on their hands, NY Marathon runners run over to Staten Island and volunteer to help; marathoners spread out after arriving by iconic Staten Island ferries, took backpacks full of food up as many as 20 flights of stairs

Apple paid 1.9% tax on earnings outside U.S., left $82.6B cash outside of U.S. (so not subject to repatriation taxation)

Syrian rebels capture oilfield near Iraqi border

Sandy leaves Connecticut Gold Coast shaken

Cold weather and new storm add to Sandy victims' misery as politicians starting -- a week later -- to clue in to scope of disaster; why weren't generators, gas, food and a million heavy-duty blankets part of plan a week ago? Marathon prep?

Devastated Rockaways residents lash out at Bloomberg during unannounced visit; out-of-touch mayor tells media out of concern for cold is sending 25,000 blankets to neighbourhoods where 100,000 people are without power for another two weeks

The Columbus Dispatch editorial endorsement: For president: Romney has real-world experience to lead nation out of economic malaise

Arizona Republic editorial endorsement: Romney can lead economy forward

New Hampshire Union Leader editorial endorsement: Romney for recovery: His is the only way forward

Wisconsin State Journal editorial endorsement: Our pick: Mitt Romney

New York Daily News editorial: Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for President

Lorain Morning Journal editorial: Barack Obama let America down

New York Post: Cuomo 'free gas' fiasco adds to chaos; was only supposed to be free for first responders, not everybody; so all 5 locations were mobbed and situation made worse

Staten Islanders upset over lack of assistance; expect death toll to rise dramatically; multiple bodies being found in piles of debris; officials drive by with clipboards but don't stop [video]

Amid Sandy’s devastation, Long Island IBEW union sent written demand to Florida utilities: 'Pay dues or stay home'

WTSP: Father of Benghazi consulate victim Sean Smith latest parent to call for action against Obama Administration officials for "not answering 911 call" on 9/11

Daily Mail: Obama campaign defends telling voters to get 'revenge'; but facts don't support the spin

Fuel flows again in New York City, long lines remain as each person in line allotted free 10 gallons (3 days before election)

Governors unite to claim Sandy wasn't a hurricane, so hurricane insurance deductibles won't apply

U.S. investigators to get access to Benghazi suspect after intervention by Republican Senator

The Romney turnaround; the Republican has adapted as a candidate to offer genuine change that meets the political moment

FEMA failure as Sandy victims beg for food and clothes

Fuel shortage means gridlock in lines for gasoline; slow-acting governments knew about Sandy a week ago, only making fuel decisions Friday

Steven Horwitz: FEMA doesn't have local knowledge needed for effective relief

American Thinker: Wow. Las Vegas Review-Journal lets Obama have it.

Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial: Benghazi blunder: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief

Canada job market stalls in October after hefty gains, unemployment stays at 7.4%

U.S. jobs up, jobseekers, too, so unemployment up to 7.9%

Charles Krauthammer: The choice; at stake is the relation between citizen and state, the very nature of the American social contract

Numbers: source of Romney confidence in Iowa

RNC pushes 6 states to fix machines that give Romney votes to Obama

Millions stuck in dark, cold in more than a dozen states as temperatures fall; Sandy death toll at least 90

FEMA already failing to hit its own announced goals; generators caught up in bureaucratic red tape, most not even in transit to North East

Mystery deepens, rumours swirl around health of Russia’s Putin

Hurricane Sandy proves a dream for Great Lakes bird-watchers

New York Marathon faces backlash amid Hurricane Sandy aftermath

Peggy Noonan: How far Obama has fallen; from historic figure to beleaguered incumbent in less than four years

Don’t blame Sandy on Global Warming; it's not the 'new norm', it's not even the 'old norm'

As a Senator, Obama voted against aid for Hurricane Katrina victims

Obama eases off 'one-term proposition,' says economic fix takes more than 4 years; but it didn't for Reagan after Carter debacle

U.S. Navy goes drone -- equips remote-control boats with missiles

Obama supporters slam ‘Romney’ policies…then find out they’re actually Obama’s [video]

Obama did not inherit this economy, he and the 2006-2010 Democrat Congress created it

Foreign Policy: 'Troubling' surveillance before Benghazi attack

Sandy-starved New Yorkers dumpster dive [video]

Devastated Hoboken needs food, supplies: Mayor [video]

Grim search & rescue efforts in Staten Island [video]

Obama evades scrutiny on Libya

Early voting buoys Romney

Anger builds in devastated Staten Island over misplaced priorities, including putting preparations for this weekend's New York Marathon ahead of rescuing people from drowned homes

Romney supported by CEO on Obama's jobs council (which hasn't met since January)

San Diego Union-Tribune editorial: ‘You have the blood of an American hero on your hands'

George F. Will: Obama’s campaign goes empty and strident

Jennifer Rubin: Romney’s turn to spin

In Ohio, Romney’s ads against lopsided auto bailout make pitch to the decideds

Romney forces see Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota ripe for turning red [video]

John Podhoretz: Just unpredictable; Sandy latest campaign curve

Obama bungling in Benghazi: A case study in incompetence

New Jersey Senator Menendez called dishonest by two Dominican Republic hookers who claim he paid them less than he had promised

Reverend who gave Obama’s inaugural benediction says black people must vote for Obama and that all white people are going to Hell; sounds like racism

Karl Rove: Sifting the numbers for a winner; A crucial element: the mix of Democrats and Republicans who show up this election

David Ignatius: Lingering questions about Benghazi

Obama’s Libya stonewalling isn’t working

Kansas blood drives aim to slow Sandy shortages

Fox News poll: Race for the White House a dead heat

Syria war puts anti-US alliance on the defensive

European news sites want Google to pay for privilege of indexing them; Google says no

Who can fix political gridlock? AP-GfK poll favors Romney 47% - 37%

Chris Christie moves Hallowe'en in New Jersey to next Monday by executive order

Wedding turns into disaster as electric shock kills 24 east of Saudi Arabia

Obama, Romney set to re-emerge, return to campaign trail after Hurricane Sandy

Dick Morris: Here comes the landslide

Romney expands the map

Michael Graham: Mitt Romney set to win, maybe by a mile

Some see GOP voting tsunami coming as two GOTV strategies compete

U.S. officials denied access to interrogate a Tunisian man arrested in Turkey in connection with 9/11 attack in Benghazi

Disney to realize vision of 9 Star Wars episodes

Near-death experiences occur when the soul leaves the nervous system and enters the universe, claim two quantum physics experts

Daily Mail: One in four New York buildings without power... and Mayor Bloomberg warns Manhattan blackout could last for days [pictures]

Hurricane Sandy may slow economy as workers forced to stay home; blackouts, drowned subways, washed away commuter rail tracks, water-filled road, subway and rail tunnels

Benghazi’s invisible man: Charles Woods

Hanson: The wages of Libya; "we have had ambassadors murdered abroad before, but we have never seen anything quite like the tragic fate of Chris Stevens"

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama erodes the American dream

Obama loses his 2008 coalition

All those attacks did Obama no good

Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4B

Feared snow pounding New York, New Jersey -- up to 8" expected

Nor'easter brings rain, snow, and misery to Sandy victims

Michigan Gov. Snyder: Groundbreaking now just
weeks away for new Detroit-Windsor bridge

updated: Huge Guatemala quake kills at least 48

M7.4 medium-shallow quake hits off-shore Guatemala

Obama re-election prompts reflection on conflicts, concerns around the globe

Big bet six months ago paved way for President

President Obama wins re-election; Romney concedes

Fox News - 12:10 pm: Obama ahead 290 - 203 in Electoral College;
retains Presidency

11:28 pm: 20,000 lead when Fox & CNN called Ohio for Obama,
but now only a 991-vote lead for Obama

Fox News - 11:13 pm: Obama ahead 262 - 203 in Electoral College;
projected to win Ohio, Presidency

Fox News - 11:05 pm: Obama ahead 244 - 203 in Electoral College;
Romney ahead in popular vote by 1.3M

Fox News - 11:02 pm: Obama ahead 244 - 193 in Electoral College

Fox News - 10:55 pm: Romney ahead 174 - 172 in Electoral College

Fox News - 10:40 pm: Romney ahead 174 - 162 in Electoral College

Fox News - 10:30 pm: Romney ahead 163 - 162 in Electoral College

Fox News - 10:10 pm: Romney ahead 163 - 157 in Electoral College

CNN - 10:00 pm: Obama ahead 237 - 206 in Electoral College

Fox News - 9:30 pm: Romney ahead 154 - 153 in Electoral College

Fox News - 9:10 pm: over 500 still in line to vote at one VA poll; was to close at 7 pm

Fox News - 9:05 pm: Romney ahead 154 - 123 in Electoral College

Telegraph - 9:00 pm: Romney ahead 82 - 79 in Electoral College

Fox News - 8:45 pm: Romney leads in both popular and Electoral votes

USA Today - 8:30 pm: Romney up in popular vote, Obama up in Electoral votes

Washington Post: Democrats have exit poll anxiety

Boston Herald: Exit poll shows economy still the top concern

Toronto Star Live: Voting faces machine glitches, high tensions, history

Telegraph Live: U.S. polls open countrywide as clocks tick across time zones

Obama, Romney tie 5 - 5 in Dixville Notch, NH;
first ballots cast/counted on Election Day

$400 million Canadian Motor Speedway gets OMB green light in Fort Erie
820-acre site will have road track and NASCAR-ready one-mile oval

Erik Wemple: A CBS News Obama-Libya scandal? Certainly

CBS suppressed 9/12 video evidence from Obama on Benghazi attack;
started cover-up, refused to tell '60 Minutes' it was 'terrorism'

Video shows SUV running stop sign, hit by landing plane in North Texas

Latest swing-state polls and predictions

Finally ~ someone called: Marines begin Sandy relief work
in devastated Queens and Staten Island;
Cuomo unhappy with looting, Bloomberg says 'under control'

25,000 turn out in cold for monster Romney rally in Pennsylvania
surging 'Keystone state' could hold key to Electoral College

FEMA Fail: Bragged-about supply strategy for Sandy has failed miserably:
has put many lives at risk: short on water, food, gas, blankets, shelter

Byron York: Romney closes big: ‘Love of country’ vs. ‘Revenge’

NYC Marathon generators sit idle while people freeze in dark nearby

Romney met by enthusiastic backers in 3-state swing: NH, IA and CO
Crowds loud for 5-point plan, boo Obama for broken 2008 promises

Israel on alert as 3 Syrian tanks enter Golan Heights demilitarized zone

At the Jersey Shore, tears and disbelief in Sandy aftermath

TV actor: Storm aftermath 'a lot worse than how it's being portrayed by media'

NYC failed to organize evacuations for most vulnerable; elderly paid with lives

New Yorkers "recoiled" at Marathon insensitivity of Mayor Bloomberg

NYC Marathon cancelled! Mayor wants it to go ahead but reluctantly caves
in to common sense and human decency in face of post-Sandy misery

New York diverts trucks, generators, manpower from saving citizens to making Sunday Marathon cozy; insult to injury, run begins in hardest hit Staten Island

Sources, emails point to communication breakdown
in Obama administration during Libya attack

Millions in cold and dark but New Jersey turns away volunteer
utility crews from Alabama because they're non-union [video]

NYC Mayor Bloomberg blasted for putting circus of New York
Marathon ahead of bread for starving, homeless, cold residents

Exasperation and desperation builds on Day 3 in storm-stricken New York City

The flood barrier ‘that could have saved’ New York City from Sandy

New York re-opens most subways -- ahead of expectations
key under-river road and subway tunnels remain closed

New Jersey took biggest hit from Sandy • still 2 million w/out power • 6,000 in shelters • 20,000 stranded by floodwaters in Hoboken (one pump station) and only a few trucks trying to rescue • seashore towns devastated, and their amusement parks, arcades and restaurants all but vanished • line-ups for gasoline to power generators and vehicles • bare shelves in food stores • strict curfews in many towns and cities • FEMA invisible but Obama dropped in for photo op

Benghazi bombshell: Classified cable warned in August that
consulate couldn't withstand 'coordinated attack'

Sandy's death toll hits 62, as tales of tragedy and heroism emerge

New York struggles to get back 2 days after killer storm Sandy
damaged Bellevue Hospital evacuated, some subway lines pumped out early

Superstorm Sandy: Obama visits devastated New Jersey
death toll across U.S. and Canada now 55

Superstorm Sandy moves northward, still packs punch;
now centred over Pittsburgh, to head east of Toronto this afternoon

New York's Sandy state of mind • pumping out • mopping up • 111 homes burned to ground in Queens • 10 days before power restored to 650,000 addresses • 660 miles of underground transit filled with salty water • including 7 subway tunnels under East River • taxis, limousines and livery cabs will now be able to carry multiple fares • public schools to remain closed for a third day • Obama told by Mayor to stay away • “We’d love to have him, but we’ve got lots of things to do” • which don't include shutting down streets for a Presidential motorcade

$50B Big Apple disaster? New York subway system faces weeks to recover
from storm; early shutdown saved "most" subway cars says Bloomberg

Sandy moves west, leaving devastation, deaths behind

Sandy: Gov. Christie: 'level of devastation at the
Jersey shore is unthinkable;' search and rescue underway

Sandy death toll reaches 48; 8.2 million households without power in 17 states

Sandy remains a windy 'monster', dumping rain and snow

(4:45 pm EDT ~ click to enlarge)

NJ Transit bridges struck by boats, major damage from Sandy

FOX News: At least 39 dead, millions without power in Sandy aftermath

MTA bus service re-starts in New York City at 5 pm; fare-free;
Brooklyn Battery and Holland Tunnels remain closed;
subway system may be 5 days away from re-start

USA Today: devastation to homes, roads, rail lines,
road and rail tunnels and bridges in New Jersey and New York

Monster storm leaves U.S. East Coast crippled

breaking: Bridges between New Jersey, New York re-opened

Superstorm Sandy's cost estimated to hit $50B -- $20B in damages
and $10B to $30B more in lost business

U.S. NE & Southern Ontario and Quebec at 1:15pm EDT, Tuesday, October 30
(link is to full-width U.S. composite live radar)

Google Crisis Map for Superstorm Sandy
Chicago Tribune ~ Sandy photo gallery
Sandy Instagram photo compilation
New York Daily News - LIVE 'Sandy news tracker'
Washington Post - LIVE 'Sandy news tracker'
Reuters - LIVE 'Sandy Tracker'
Toronto Star - LIVE 'Sandy news tracker'
LIVE ~ The Weather Channel [below]

Manhattan hit by record surge of at least 13 feet; much flooding, subway and road tunnels had as much as 4 feet of water; Superstorm Sandy even worse than expected; NYC Mayor Bloomberg says stay off roads and use 911 only in 'life emergencies'

Superstorm Sandy largest tropical system ever recorded in Atlantic
heavy rains soaking mid-Atlantic states, 3 ft of snowfall in Appalachians
11.7-ft (3.5-m) record-breaking storm surge may flood subways/tunnels

Satellite photo above taken at 5:15 pm EDT, Monday, October 29, 2012

300 miles away and wreaking havoc: Hurricane Sandy STRENGTHENING as it closes in on NYC; Mass transit shut down, millions evacuated

Here comes Sandy! Heavy rain long before early eye landfall Monday night

Hurricane Sandy gusting over 100mph to pummel/ drench mainland;
'monster' storm on track to hammer New Jersey

(this map is updated several times a day by NOAA - revisit to see latest status)

Gallup - Oct. 29: Romney 51%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

Captain is one of two missing in sinking of Nova Scotia-built HMS Bounty

report: Atlantic City, NJ police say parts of famed Boardwalk have been washed away and city streets made famous by Monopoly board game are flooded

HMS Bounty sinks off North Carolina coast, 2 crew lost; 3-master built for Marlon Brando movie in 1962

Rasmussen - Oct. 29 - swing states: Romney 50%, Obama 46% - 11 states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012

Rasmussen - Oct. 29 - Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Rasmussen - Oct. 29: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Mitchell Advocate editorial: Liberal party, rural Ontario, at crossroads; "When they do pay attention to rural Ontario, it’s usually to administer some kind of spanking in the form of closures and cuts"

Hurricane Sandy bears down on Eastern Seaboard as millions brace for chaos; may be the largest storm ever to hit the United States

Giants complete sweep of Tigers to win World Series

Rasmussen - Oct. 28 - Presidential Job Approval: Approve 47%, Disapprove 52%

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 28: Obama 45.4%, Romney 44.1%

AP: Northeast buttons up against terrifying megastorm

Gallup - Oct. 28: Romney 50%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 28: Romney 50%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Hurricane Sandy moves in: New York City braces for storm with mandatory evacuations as Gov. Cuomo orders MTA to suspend subway, bus, rail service

Ontario to receive worst of Hurricane Sandy in Canada, Canadian Hurricane Centre predicts; "southern and eastern Ontario could see between 50 and 100 mm of rain late Monday and early Tuesday"

Trans-Canada highway expected to partially re-open Monday after section in Wawa, Ontario washed away -- damage estimated to exceed $10M

Up to 70% of Canada's population will be directly affected by Hurricane Sandy -- 23 million people in 6 provinces

Gallup - Oct. 27: Romney 51%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

David Frum: Buying a bridge monopoly in Michigan

Mason-Dixon/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/News 4/Kansas City Star poll - Oct. 27 - Missouri: Romney 54%, Obama 41%; Statewide Name Recognition: (Recognize Favorable) Romney 52%, Obama 35%; (Recognize Unfavorable) Romney 28%, Obama 51%

Rasmussen - Oct. 27 - North Carolina: Romney 52%, Obama 46% - includes 'leaners'

Rasmussen - Oct. 27: Romney 50%, Obama 46% - includes 'leaners'

Moroun spends record $31M in ballot fight to block new Detroit-Windsor bridge

George Jonas: A campaign today and a revolution 56 years ago

Victory over cold callers: Homeowner wins damages for time wasted answering phone

Ratings agency Moody's to review six Canadian banks for possible downgrade

Canada introduces new passports, with computer chips, historical watermarks

Gallup - Oct. 26: Romney 51%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

Buffett’s MidAmerican to develop Canadian power projects with TransAlta

Rasmussen - Oct. 26: Romney 50%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

‘Key to the victory’: Stephen Harper honours First Nations contribution to War of 1812

Peggy Noonan: When Americans saw the real Obama; why the Denver debate changed everything

National Post editorial: Restoring confidence in democracy in Etobicoke Centre

Quebec: the next Alberta?

Kelly McParland: Board up the legislature, Ontario is effectively without a government until June

Washington Post-ABC - Oct. 25: Regardless of who you support, which candidate do you trust to do a better job handling the economy? Romney 52%, Obama 43%; Who do you think will win the presidential election? Obama 52%, Romney 40%

vulgar pander: New Obama Campaign web ad equates voting for Obama with losing virginity; a new low?

Washington Post-ABC - Oct. 25: Romney 50%, Obama 47%

Gallup - Oct. 25: Romney 50%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Conservative MP Ted Opitz keeps Etobicoke Centre seat as Supreme Court declares 'minor administrative errors' shouldn't overturn elections; ruled "59 of 79 thrown-out ballots should have been counted" in split decision

Rasmussen - Oct. 25: Romney 50%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Ontario Finance Minister Duncan confirms will leave politics

‘Millennium Bomber,’ a convicted terrorist with Canadian ties, gets 37 years for plot to blow up L.A. airport

John Ivison: Thomas Mulcair haunted by old-style, tax-and-spend NDP

No English, French at home for two million Canadians — instead it’s Hindi, Haida or one of 187 other languages

Couriers carrying millions in gold bullion to Iran in their luggage to beat Western sanctions

Ottawa’s long-term debt plans delayed by recession costs

Candidates for three Nov. 26 federal by-elections

Huge and strengthening Cat2 Hurricane Sandy slams into Cuba

New Ultra HD TVs arrive in stores

FMW/FOX2 - Oct. 24 - Michigan: Obama 46.92%, Romney 46.56%; this represents a huge tightening, Obama formerly way ahead

Wired: How a Google headhunter’s e-mail unraveled a massive net security hole

Ontario Premier McGuinty blames prorogation decision on Tories

Gallup - Oct. 24: Romney 50%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 24: Romney 50%, Obama 46% - includes 'leaners'; second day in a row Romney has 4-point lead

Rasmussen - Oct. 24 - Ohio: Romney 48%, Obama 48%

One of robocall legal challenges dropped after Conservatives check list and pointed out complainant didn't live in riding she claimed; hadn't her lawyers checked?

MP Pat Martin slams new top cop in Winnipeg for saying prayer can help fight crime

Rasmussen - Oct. 23 - swing states: Romney 50%, Obama 45% - 11 states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012; biggest lead by either candidate in nearly three weeks

Ontario downsizes proposed super pension fund for public workers

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 23: Obama 46.5%, Romney 44.5%

Siemens exits solar business; market has collapsed

Gallup - Oct. 23: Romney 51%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 23: Romney 50%, Obama 46% - includes 'leaners'; other than brief convention bounces, first time either candidate has led Rasmussen polling by more than three points in months

Earthquake predictions and a triumph of scientific illiteracy in an Italian court

Suffolk University - Oct. 22 - Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 47%

Nate Silver’s flawed model

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 22: Obama 47.4%, Romney 43.4%

Gallup - Oct. 22: Romney 51%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

Monmouth University - Oct. 22: Romney 48%, Obama 45%; among likely voters; Romney holds momentum after second debate

Rasmussen - Oct. 22: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Politico/GWU - Oct. 22: "Extremely likely to vote": Romney 52%, Obama 45%

Politico/GWU - Oct. 22: Economy: Romney 51%, Obama 45%; Jobs: Romney 50%, Obama 46%

Politico/GWU National - Oct. 22: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; Romney has not led in this poll since the beginning of May

Politico/GWU Battleground - Oct. 22: Romney 50%, Obama 48%; 10 competitive states

International scientists link ultra-deep water wells to deadly Spanish quake in May 2011

Flaherty ponders privatization of CMHC

Globe and Mail obtains "treasure trove" of confidential documents relating to convicted Russian mole Jeffrey Delisle; had access to highest level secret documents, including from Privy Council Office

Emails plunge BBC into 'worst crisis in 50 years': Newsnight boss steps down over damning evidence of Savile 'cover-up'

Former NDP MP Jim Manly, 80, remains in in Israeli custody for trying to breach Gaza blockade aboard ship 'Estelle'

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 21: Obama 47.9%, Romney 42.2%

Gallup - Oct. 21: Romney 52%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

By-elections called for November 26th in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario

Church changes of rules played key role in sainthood for Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri Tekakwitha becomes North America’s first native saint

Rasmussen - Oct. 21: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

NBC/WSJ - Oct. 21: Romney 47%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

PPP - Oct. 20 - Ohio: Obama 49%, Romney 48%

state funeral: Lincoln Alexander to lie in state at Ontario Legislature; Canada's first black MP later served as Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991

Stephen Maher: Harper sets an example by slashing his own pension

For first time, Romney's favorability rating tops Obama's, across multiple polls

Rasmussen - Oct. 20 - swing states: Romney 50%, Obama 46% - 11 states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 20: Obama 46.6%, Romney 44.0%

Gallup - Oct. 20: Romney 51%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 20: Romney 49%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Terence Corcoran: The telecom-media revolution stops here

Ottawa keeps Malaysia's Petronas out of Canada's oil patch

Progress Energy takeover by Petronas denied by Minister under provisions of Canada Investment Act

secret deals and dealings? McGuinty talking like he isn't lame duck, says might recall Legislature for wage-freeze vote

Toronto Star poll shows Ontarians support McGuinty resignation, oppose Ontario Legislature’s prorogation, think his heading to federal politics would be "a bad idea"

Mysterious Libyan ship linked to deadly 9/11 terror attack? [video]

McGuinty resignation stalls wind turbine debate in Ontario

Lee Iacocca: America needs a turnaround, which is why I'm voting Romney

New York Stock Exchange will re-open Wednesday

Ship with 700 tons of unprocessed gold ore disappears off Russia

UBS announces massive layoffs of 10,000 to shrink investment unit

Solberg: U.S., Canada need Mitt in White House

Random House and Penguin merge to take on Amazon, Apple

Gallup shock: Romney up 52-45% among early voters

Brit Hume: News media has 'not done their job' on Libya story [video]

Catherine Herridge: Early briefings on Libya strike focused on Al Qaeda, before story suddenly changed

Optics send Obama back to Washington earlier than planned

Catholic Bishops beginning to unite publicly in face of U.S. election

Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL to Obama: : “It’s better to die a hero than live a coward” [Video]

George F. Will: Mugging our descendants

Gingrich: Obama cancels events for Sandy but not for Benghazi

Benghazigate: Was Obama in charge—or not?

Bill Kristol: Marvellous Mitt

Sandy cancels 8,000 flights, low-lying JFK and La Guardia airports at risk of flooding from surge, high tide & rainfall

Harry Reid's graveyard; Senate Democrats are promising pre-emptive gridlock for 2013

Business off the rails; MTA's decision to shut down transit system interrupts operations in the city

New York City subway system shut down for Sandy

France24: Obama campaign says it fears impact of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy's death toll rises to 65 in Caribbean

Jennifer Rubin: Obama needs to come clean on Benghazi

Robert J. Samuelson: The New York Times' flat-earth theory of job creation

Edward Klein: Obama's amateur governance

Michael Barone: A newspaper endorsement that may matter

New York Post: The case against Obama: 12 reasons he doesn't deserve a second term

Cincinnatti Enquirer endorsement: Mitt Romney: accomplishments as governor, experience in business make him best choice to heal economy, D.C. dysfunction

Josh Jordan: The two polls that have Chicago terrified

Benghazigate: Did Obama abort a rescue of the Consulate? [video]

American Thinker: Gen. Ham fired or mandatory service retirement after 40 years?

more Benghazi fall-out? AP - U.S. Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group

Did Obama fire Gen. Carter Ham from heading Africom because he wanted to defend Americans in Benghazi attack?

Poynter: Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney for president, becoming 6th major paper to flip from Obama in ’08

Des Moines Register: The Register endorsement: Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision; "Which candidate could forge the compromises in Congress to achieve these goals? Romney has made rebuilding the economy his No. 1 campaign priority — and rightly so."

Florida: Romney calls for bipartisan cooperation in Washington to save the country

Boston Herald editorial: Incompetence in Benghazi; "With every passing day and with every new revelation about the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, it becomes more apparent why the Obama administration was so intent on a cover-up"

Sandy launches mass evacuations; storm will "impact greater than 50 to 60 million people"

5 reasons why Sandy is expected to be a superstorm

Al Gore trying to cut losses, sell turkey

Mittmentum: Romney increases lead in national, swing state poll

As Romney expands battlefield media claims he peaked too soon

Blockbuster report contradicts Panetta's claim of 'no real-time intel' during Benghazi attack

Romney goes deep; Blasts Bam for ‘dividing and demonizing’

Chronic fatigue economy: we borrowed $5 trillion and all we got was this lousy 1.7% growth

Joel Achenbach: Frankenstorm meets Frankenelection

Minority support: Obama may lose if he can’t rekindle black voter excitement

How crucial minority voting could change the U.S. presidential election [graphic]

Syrian warplanes stage 1st airstrike under truce

Paul Ryan: Obama hasn't made case he deserves new term

Indonesia: 11 arrested suspects planned attack on U.S. and Australian embassies

Al Qaeda leader urges kidnapping of Westerners, swaps for prisoners

CIA Chief Gen. David Petraeus throws Obama under the Benghazi bus

Mark Steyn: Benghazi bungle requires act of urgent political hygiene

Byron York: Obama twice dodges Benghazi question

Dave Weigel: Finally, a winning Benghazi argument

Jennifer Rubin: Romney rising, Obama overwhelmed

Romney on economy: Obama 'made the problem worse'

Hurricane Sandy so huge it will impact Ontario to the Maritimes: Canadian Hurricane Centre

Hurricane Sandy may be unprecedented in East Coast storm history; will cover huge area but not at high category wind speeds

Romney closing argument focuses on the economy

Italy court convicts Berlusconi of tax evasion

Democratic near-panic in Washington as Mitt Romney bandwagon rolls -- contrast in mood with happy Republicans is very evident as race closes

no special treatment: Casting advance ballot, Obama asked to show ID

Deficit deal crucial for U.S. to avoid another recession, IMF chief tells the Globe & Mail

Daniel Henninger: Suddenly, a credibility gap; Benghazi has damaged voters' willingness to believe in Barack Obama

Suicide bomber kills 35 in Afghanistan

Romney adopts change mantra; Romney promised to "tackle the problems politicians have spoken about for years but haven't been willing to deal with"

Romney hits the 50% mark, with a clear edge on the economy

Politico: Boehner presses Obama for Libya answers

updated: Hurricane Sandy pounds Bahamas after killing 43 in Caribbean

More Al Qaeda Connections in Benghazi

NY Times: Iran said to nearly finish nuclear enrichment plant

Jennifer Rubin: Ohio’s a dead heat. Now what about Pennsylvania? Maine?

Charles Krauthammer: Obama stoops, doesn’t conquer

Fiscal cliff already hampering U.S. economy, report says

Jennifer Rubin: Obama depresses his electorate

CNN founder Ted Turner causes outrage with insensitive TV interview comments that military suicides are 'a good thing' hits Obama Campaign for 'inflated' jobs claims (by over 4 million)

CBS busts Obama -- and itself -- in Benghazi cover-up

White House cover-up continues: ‘We decline to comment’ on when Obama learned of e-mails, met with NSC on Benghazi

Guardian: U.S. downplayed effect of Deepwater oil spill on whales, emails reveal

Democrats begin the post-Obama blame game

Larry Kudlow: Obama's little plan; 'second verse same as the first'

Karl Rove: Strategies for the stretch run to November 6; over last 40 national surveys, Romney is at or above 50% in 11, with Obama at or above 50% in one

Lies, scandal, and politics: Benghazi

Jennifer Rubin: The unmaking of a president, 2012

Michael Barone: Suburbs swing to debate-tested Romney

WSJ: The President sends his non-regrets; a revealing interview about his priorities in 2009—and 2013

Detroit News editorial: Mitt Romney for President

Guardian: Is former BBC head who allegedly overlooked vile Savile serial sexual predator allegations suitable to take over helm of New York Times?

U.S. military: 2 U.S. troops killed in apparent insider attack by Afghan police officer

Socialist French PM breaks diplomatic protocol and endorses Obama to no one's surprise

Daily Mail: Ford ends vehicle manufacturing in UK after 100 years

Matt Gurney: ‘Libya imploded. Syria would explode across the region,’ Kofi Annan says

Obama in Ohio: Magic gone, the president grinds it out

BBC: 'Benghazi attack suspect' dies in Cairo shootout

Former Obama National Security Adviser Gen. Jim Jones: 'No progress in Middle East under Obama'

Congressman's son resigns after caught advising voter fraud on video; person he helped told him he wanted to vote "for 100 people"

Obama pays price for backpedaling on Libya attack

NY Times - Matt Bai: How Bill Clinton may have hurt the Obama campaign

Romney upbeat, crowds growing

World Bank: Lifting barriers could unlock Africa food trade

U.S. scientists successfully make embryos with 2 women, 1 man

NY Times - Ross Douthat: Obama’s aura of defeat

Romney to deliver major economic speech Friday

Obama: 'Absolutely' no regrets for ignoring economy for first two years

electoral college madness: Obama-Romney tie could produce Romney-Biden White House

Christian Heinze: Why the race really has changed

Daily Mail: Broadening the battlefield: Romney to travel to Wisconsin as Obama desperately tries to cling to turf he won in 2008

Two weeks before election, U.S. sues Bank of America for $1 billion, citing "wreckless lending practices"

Washington Post-ABC tracking poll: Obama wins final debate, but Romney changes minds, gains over Obama with independent voters

Jennifer Rubin: A serious speech in the middle of a campaign

Trump: Offers to give $5 million to charity if Obama releases his college records

Burned New Orleans woman made up KKK story, police say; set herself on fire; her "fingerprints were found on a lighter and lighter fluid" container

D'oh: Obama ads boost enthusiasm for Romney

Cillizza: What we learned from the presidential debates

Jennifer Rubin: Obama’s Libya fiasco will be harshly judged

Daily Beast - Eli Lake: Benghazi suspect held in Tunisia; the FBI knew there was no protest as early as September 14, after interviewing five evacuated diplomatic security officers who were at the consulate during 9/11 attack

Rumbling continues off B.C. coast as M6.4 aftershock Sunday
afternoon one of more than 40 aftershakers; M7.7 quake Saturday
night was 2nd largest quake to hit Canada since 1949

Hawaii tsunami waves maxed at 5 feet; 'we're very, very grateful:' Governor

USGS: M7.7 shallow quake hits Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) in
British Columbia followed by 19+ aftershocks ranging from M4.1 to M5.8

Honolulu Mayor urges people to stay away from water
Tsunami waves hit Hawaii unevenly; still state of emergency at 6:26 am EDT
dock below was covered in a sudden tsunami surge
tsunami warning for Hawaii downgraded to advisory; Pacific "sloshing like bathtub"

~ screencap from KHON

First waves at 10:30pm, then 10:53pm - 3rd wave was 1.9 feet in Maui
now not expecting 6-footers; waves coming now about 12 minutes apart
if an all-clear soon, it will be two or three hours

TV reporters await latest news from Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

First tsunami waves detected in Hawaii after 600 mph run from Canada
first detected wave rose 1.5 feet, then dropped suddenly

Gerard Fryer, Senior Geophysicist at NOAA's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
tells CNN later waves usually the biggest.

CNN liveblog for BC quake: Emergency evacuations successful across Hawaii
police being pulled out; Governor has signed emergency proclamation
max. 3 to 7 foot tsunami waves were expected to hit Hawaii
no reported quake damage or injuries in B.C.
PTWC says a "very unusual", "unique event", "direct hit"

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: update ~ Urgent action should be taken to protect lives/property in Hawaii; all shores at risk, will wrap around islands
~ first tsunami wave was expected to hit Hawaii
at 10:28 pm HST 11/27/2012 (4:28 am EDT 11/28/2012)

CBC: Update - at least 3 small tsunami waves struck B.C. after 7.7M quake
first two waves at Haida Gwaii measured 28 and 44 centimetres,
followed by a 12 cm wave in Tofino, on Vancouver Island

AP: Libyan witnesses recount organized Benghazi attack

Spanish re-do? Bungling Benghazi

White House fumbles with lives on line: Inexcusable failure in Benghazi

Charles Woods: "This has to do with honor, integrity, justice"

Charles Woods: Those who denied Benghazi help requests 'murderers of my son'

Jennifer Griffin: Benghazi cover-up breaks wide open; CIA operators
were directly & repeatedly denied request for help during Benghazi attack

East Coast readies for 'Frankenstorm' monster

Charles Woods: On meeting Obama: “Could not look me
in the eye … like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

Charles Woods, father of slain Seal Tyrone Woods calls in to Oregon talk radio
show; questions why Americans in Benghazi were allowed to die [audio]

AP-GfK poll: Romney erases Obama advantage among women
Romney now 47% and Obama 45% nationally; economy big issue

Des Moines Register front page: a tale of two pictures

NY Times waits 24 hrs to cover breaking news story about Benghazi emails

Fox gets 4th State Dept. 9/11 email, from 11:57pm as mortar attack killed 2

Sources: counterterror chief reprimanded for calling Libya attack terror

Clinton downplays Libya as-it-happened emails; tells media to ignore

CBS scoops State Dept emails; Fox, CNN follow hours later

CBS interview on 9/12 shows Obama downplayed mob violence explanation
before it became the central theme of White House cover-up days later

Sharyl Attkisson: Leaked emails paint picture of Benghazi attack [video]

Bombshell: CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson reveals White House knew all about Benghazi 9/11 attack as it happened: 4:05 pm ET - "US Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack" -- "approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions..." 4:54 pm ET - "the firing... in Benghazi...has stopped...A response team is on site attempting to locate COM (embassy) personnel" 6:07 pm ET - "Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibilty for Benghazi Attack"... "on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli."

6.5M quake hits Costa Rica; 20km depth

BMW's laudable move to super light/super strong carbon fibre

Charles Krauthammer on Romney’s ‘unequivocal’ win:
‘Romney went large — Obama went very, very small’ [video]

Jennifer Rubin: Obama and Romney duke it out on foreign policy

Fred Barnes: Romney passed the test

Toby Harnden: Obama may have won Boca debate battle
but he knows he's losing election war to Romney

Mitt Romney, Bob Schieffer and Barack Obama in final slugfest.

David Frum: Benghazi, take two: cherrypicking the intelligence

David Frum: Why Benghazi matters

Gallup: Economy dominant issue for Americans as election nears
total mentions of economic issues are as high today as October 2008

Al Qaeda terrorist plot codenamed '9/11 the second' planned
to kill thousands with suicide attacks on shopping centres in Jordan

Security forces released pictures of the 11 suspects accused of planning a deadly suicide attacks
on shopping centres and Western diplomats ~ photos © Reuters

Al Qaeda terror plot goal was to de-stabilize Jordan

updated: Jordan foils major Al Qaeda plot

Iran Parliamentary sources: Obama "recognizes Iran's
right of access and use of nuclear technology"

real fandom: Re-building old Giants Stadium in his NJ garage

Don Martin stands with 20-foot-long scale model of now-gone Giants Stadium. ~ photo Jerry McCrea The Star-Ledger

Revenge of the soccer moms: Why are women abandoning Obama?

Krauthammer: White House 'lied' on Libya because had 'media in their pocket'

M6.6 underwater quake hits Macquarie Ridge north of Vanuatu in South Pacific

CBS: Couldn't U.S. military have helped during 7-hour Benghazi attack?

[CBS: Link to text version of Sharyl Attkisson Benghazi video story above]

James Rosen: The three Benghazi timelines we need answers about

'Death and Deceit in Benghazi' - timelines, tragedy and cover-up

Leaked State Dept. documents show Libya Ambassador Stevens repeatedly
warned Washington about Libya security threats and Al Qaeda long before
consulate attack; requests for more security were denied for weeks and months

Romney cracks them up at annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner in New York

Telegraph: Obama describes deaths of 4 Americans in Libya as 'not optimal'
in appearance on Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'; insensitive gaffe shocks

shocker: Poll shows Romney leading in blue Pennsylvania

Inside the internet: Google allows first ever look
at its eight vast data centres that power the online world

The Iowa campus network room, where routers and switches allow data centers to talk to each other.
The fiber cables run along the yellow cable trays near the ceiling. ~ photo © Google

Breitbart: Romney's secret blow-out

Jennifer Rubin: Round 2: Romney unblemished
losers: myth of undecided voters, Obama supporters
who were hoping for a change in momentum

Denver Post: In a brawl, President Obama
wins on style — Mitt Romney wins on substance

CBS Post-Debate poll: Romney wallops Obama on economy 65% - 34%

mea culpa: Candy Crowley admits "Romney was actually right on Libya"

Krauthammer: Romney missed opportunity due to contamination by moderator

CNN's Candy Crowley made a gross error which took Obama off the hook. ~ photo AFP/Getty

Luntz focus group of mostly former Obama voters switch to Romney
second debate saw Obama try aggressive tack, but avoid answers

Shallow M4.6 quake hits in southern Maine; no damage reports

Peace Arch crossing: Canadian border guard fighting for her life; shot in neck;
shooter kills self; crossed border from Washington state in white Ford Econovan

Freedom Tower's spire being held for ‘ransom’ in Quebec company’s backyard

Scandal/deficit-plagued Ontario Liberal Premier McGuinty resigns
party leader for 16 years, Premier for 9 years, will remain as MPP

Skydiver Baumgartner sets YouTube live view record

Romney now on track; debate exposed shallowness of Obama support

1930s: When daredevils were so daring, lions rode in 'wall of death' sidecars

Circling at high speed around the wood board motordrome with lion as passenger.

Rex Murphy: Did Obama use anti-Islam video 'story' to cover truth
of U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi for election purposes?

A Libyan man walks past the closed U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Thursday.
~ photo Abdullah Doma AFP/Getty Images

Michigan-made amphibious vehicle - part ATV, part
personal watercraft - to go on sale soon in U.S.

The Quadski, a one-person motor boat that also drives on land, is demonstrated in in Oxford, Michigan.
The first commercially available, high-speed amphibious vehicle is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. by the
end of this year for around $40,000. The company hopes to sell worldwide by 2014. ~ photo AP

Austrian Fearless Felix planned record-breaking feat for five years

Baumgartner first-ever skydiver to break speed of sound; hit 833.9 mph (1,342 kph)

Baumgartner successfully jumps from 128,000 feet (24 miles)

All photos above are NWC screen captures from the livestream live video feed. © Youtube

Felix Baumgartner jumps to Earth from edge of space [video]

Skydiver begins daring bid to break sound barrier

The capsule, bottom left, and attached helium balloon carrying Felix Baumgartner lifts off as he attempts
to break speed of sound with his own body by jumping from a space capsule lifted by a helium balloon
in Roswell, New Mexico. Baumgartner plans to jump from an altitude of 120,000 feet, an altitude chosen
to enable him to achieve Mach 1 in free fall, which would deliver scientific data to the aerospace
community about human survival from high altitudes. ~ photo Ross Franklin AP

Columbus Dispatch: Romney on the rise in Ohio

Mitt Romney, here in Lancaster, Ohio with VP candidate Paul Ryan Friday, is drawing ever-growing
crowds in Ohio as his poll numbers rise.

NY Times: Space shuttle Endeavour rolls 12 miles through LA to new home

The Space Shuttle Endeavour began its two-day crawl through Los Angeles
to its retirement at the California Science Center. ~ photo Monica Almeida The New York Times

Telegraph: EU winning Nobel Peace Prize is beyond parody

updated: $3B Toronto rebuild: casino in massive downtown Toronto project
would totally re-make area over/beside railway/CN Tower/Rogers Centre

TOP IMAGE: Rendering from Oxford Properties shows 4 towers and 22-acre Toronto Convention
Centre enlarged and built over railway right of way north of CN Tower and Rogers Centre.
BOTTOM IMAGE: In this satellite picture from Google, the top 4 buildings would be demolished
and the Toronto Convention Centre extended from Blue Jays Way on the left to Lower Simcoe Street
on the right. It currently sits between two right-side towers & also south of tracks to far right of CN Tower
(underground). The new park over the railway right-of-way would apparently integrate access to the
CN Tower and Rogers Centre properties. The new Ripley's aquarium is currently under construction
in green patch to right of CN Tower.

Politico: Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

up to the job: Ryan won debate according to CNBC & CNN polls
CNBC: Ryan 56%, Biden 36%; CNN: Ryan 48%, Biden 44%

Biden contradicts State Dept.: 'We did not know they wanted more security'

Biden lies in VP Debate about not voting for Afghanistan and Iraq wars

Paul Ryan schools "Smirking Joe" Biden in debate civility

CNN: Rich, worried about socialism — and buying ad time

Rubin: Pollster PPP caught doing advocacy polling on race in Wisconsin

Benghazi timeline. From triumphal claims to tragedy to cover-up [video]

Jennifer Rubin: In hearing, the Libya scandal boils over

With blood on her hands, incompetent Charlene Lamb denies the obvious:
"We had the correct number of assets in Benghazi at the time of 9/11."

Eric Nordstrom, Charlene Lamb and Patrick Kennedy testify on Capitol Hill, October 10, 2012. Diplomatic
security in Libya was drawn down ahead of last month's fatal attack in Benghazi and U.S. officials did not have
enough protection, the former head of a U.S. security team in Libya told lawmakers. Nordstrom has told the
committee in a private interview that Lamb wanted to keep the number of security personnel in Benghazi
"artificially low." ~ photo Jose Luis Magana Reuters

'Benghazi consulate always under-protected': Lt. Col. Andrew Wood

real scandal: "We have dead Americans, diminished
stature and no viable strategy going forward"

Benghazi Bungle: State Dept. downgraded security in Libya
before deadly attack, Congressional hearing told under oath;
~ top State Dept. security officer for Libya testifies he requested
"team be extended through Sept or Oct, but request was denied"

NATO will 'protect and defend Turkey' if Syria attacks

DRC Francophonie: Harper and fearful media in one of world's danger zones

Global outlook turns darker; Obama "fiscal cliff" fingered for blame
IMF calls risk of worldwide slump into another recession "alarmingly high"

ABC News: Romney pulls a U-ey to drop by elementary school [video]

Mitt Romney poses for photographs with students of Fairfield Elementary School after stopping
his motorcade when he saw them waving, Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, in Fairfield, VA. ~ photo AP

Obama Campaign scrambles to kill illegal online fundraising story

Schweizer/Boyer: The illegal-donor loophole; will FEC investigate?

Washington Post: Mitt Romney: "Hope is not a strategy."

Mitt Romney: U.S. foreign policy 'must change course'; will re-build Navy
advocates permanent carrier groups in Mediterranean & Persian Gulf
quotes Gen. Marshall: "Only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it"

Talladega mayhem: 'Big one' takes out 25 cars at 200 mph
on last lap; all drivers shrug and walk away [video]

AP: U.S. should be more assertive on world stage: Romney

preview: Romney's Monday foreign policy address: 'The Mantle of Leadership'

BBC: Hugo Chavez re-elected as Venezuelan President; 80% turn-out;
win called with 54.42% of the vote and 90% of the vote counted

NY Post: Mitt Romney bounces in polls after successful debate

Will centre-right Henrique Capriles replace socialist dictator Chavez?

Miracles do happen: Chavez could lose today in Venezuela

Globe & Mail editorial: How to raise quality of post-secondary education

Canada: The case for a new post-secondary education system

John Cassidy: After Denver can Obama bounce back?

Hero pharmacist drove through Manitoba wildfire to save customer's life

M&M's-crazed bees make blue and green honey

Benghazi contingency plan went awry during attack on U.S. outpost
Washington Post reporter finds secret documents in consulate debris

Romney wins debate and the campaign begins again on equal terms

CNN poll: who won Denver debate? Romney 67%, Obama 25%

CBS News poll: Uncommitted voters say Romney wins debate big

Denver debate: A dominating night for Romney

Romney goes on offense, Obama stumbles defending record

President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney debated the economy Wednesday night.

Riots break out in Iran as currency loses 40% of its value in a week

Iranian police officers blocking a street as garbage cans are set on fire, in central Tehran. ~ AP

Toronto Star: How Google maps indoor space with street view [video]

~ video by Canadian Press Toronto Star

Canada's Baird lambastes UN for navel-gazing while Syrians, others suffer

Univision: 57 previously undiscovered 'Fast and Furious' guns
were used in Mexican crimes; serial numbers checked

Israel Foreign Ministry: Sanctions against Iran having dramatic impact

Text of Netanyahu's stirring speech to United Nations on stopping Iran

Iran will have nuclear bomb by summer 2013
Netanyahu draws 'red line' in "clash between modernity and medievalism"
'let us commit to values that allow us to defend civilization'
'a clear red line will see Iran back down'

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line on Iran's nuclear project in his UN speech.

Politico: White House pummelled with more questions on Benghazi attack

Benghazi Bunglegate: Obama Libya spin unravels

Washington Post: Political cover-up in Benghazi Bunglegate?
Timeline of official statements from video to terrorist attack

Benghazi Bunglegate: Who knew what? and when?
~ Nixon felled by Watergate cover-up ~
will Obama come clean or is this the October surprise?

Mitt Romney: America needs a jobs plan based on private-sector realities

Americans are now asking: "Why, 15 days after Benghazi
attack, have FBI agents in Libya still not visited crime scene?"

Bungle in Benghazi cover-up: CNN says "bureaucratic infighting between FBI, Justice Department and
State Department" has meant unsecured Benghazi consulate site has been ransacked. Don't they watch CSI?
Is foot-dragging just more political cover for deadly failures by White House and State Dept? ~ photo CNN

2012: Canadian reporter talks to Americans about present & future

In a 30-day trek Randy Risling talked to 10 Americans about the election year State of the Union. ~ Risling Toronto Star

election bombshell: U.S. confirmed on 9/12 that Benghazi Bungle,
the deadly 9/11 attack, had been launched by Al Qaeda,
yet Obama White House & State Dept misled Americans for 10 days

AP: Ahmadinejad pushes 'new world order' with nukes in his back pocket

Hubble ‘eXtreme Deep Field’ photograph shows
5,500 galaxies and took 10 years to build

GO TO LINK AND CLICK TO ENLARGE: A picture released on September 26, 2012 from Hubble space
telescope combines observations taken over past decade of a small patch of sky in the constellation of Fornax.
With over 500 hours of exposure time, it is the deepest image of the Universe ever made. ~ NASA/ESA

Justin Trudeau to run for Liberal leadership his dad held 1968 to 1984

updated: Shallow M6.2 quake hits Mexico in Baja California
no reports of damages, injuries

As worst euro fears fade, Obama fiscal cliff looms

Romney goes for jugular after Obama calls Middle East policy
meltdown mere "bumps in the road" -- loss of Ambassador a bump?

Full audio of 1998 ‘redistribution’ speech: Obama saw
welfare recipients as ‘majority coalition’ [video]

AFP: Romney seeks momentum in campaign swing before debates start

Washington Post: Obama lies about 'Fast and Furious' in Univision forum
It started on his watch; three Pinocchios awarded for misleading the public

Daily Mail: More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes
as miserable economy takes its toll

Conrad Black: Canada’s front-row seat for the American Obama disaster
"most self-destructively incompetent regime since Buchanan & Civil War"

China calls for free-trade deal with Canada within a decade

Univision: Obama meets non-lapdog media -- they bite his leg
"You promised that, and a promise is a promise," said Ramos.
"And with all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise."

updated: Was murdered Chris Stevens on Al-Qaeda 'hit list'? Who knew?
friends say Stevens told them he was; why wasn't he better protected?

Quinn Hillyer: Obama's dangerous and disastrous presidency

China Crash 2012: Here's why it's finally happening

Shanghai in 1990, left, and only 20 years later in 2010, right.

Mitt Romney op-ed: I'll deliver recovery, not dependency

updated: Libya arrests 50 for U.S. consulate attack and murders
Libyan president: 'No doubt' attack 'preplanned'

Obama’s 3 a.m. call comes; he hits snooze button

updated interactive map: Anti-Obama demonstrations across world Friday

Demonstrations, not all violent, took place in at least 40 locations Friday. ~ map by

France24: LIVE: Anti-U.S. protests spread throughout Muslim world

BBC: coverage of today's conflicts around Middle East

U.S. FAST squad of 50 Marines now on ground in Yemen

Spiegel: 'Obama's Middle East policy is in ruins'
Die Welt: "Obama was naive..." "Washington has provided the image of a distracted superpower in the
process of decline to the societies there. This image of weakness is being exploited by Salafists
and al-Qaida, who are active in North Africa from Somalia to Mali."

Middle East and North Africa LIVE Reuters coverage:
Protesters set fire to trees, break windows inside
U.S. Embassy compound in Tunis, Tunisia
gunfire heard at U.S. Embassy compound in Sudan
attackers set fire to American school in Tunis

A Hardee's restaurant smashed in Tripoli, Lebanon. ~ photo REUTERS/Stringer

Al Jazeera: Violent mobs today in Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, and Egypt

Attackers set fire outside German Embassy in Khartoum

Video shows wild arson attack in Sudan on German Embassy. ~ Youtube video: alqershi2011

updated: 3 killed as Sudanese Muslims attack U.S., German, UK embassies

Huge mob fills streets outside side-by-side German & British embassies. ~ AFP photos Ashraf Shazly

updated: 5,000 Islamists storm/torch German embassy in Khartoum, Sudan
report says "badly damaged" by fire; British embassy also stormed

Washington Post: Romney team sharpens attack on Obama’s foreign policy

Patrick Martin: Anti-American protests seen as tip of the Islamist iceberg
"Make no mistake. This is a war, not a misunderstanding. It is a battle
of ideologies and a struggle for control of state power,
not hurt feelings over some obscure video."

Team Romney on Obama's foreign policy: 'It's amateur hour'

Weeks before U.S. election, Mideast perfect storm sinking Obama

Crisis stirred up by Al-Qaeda over pretext of blasphemous video reveals U.S. policy weaknesses. ~ Reuters

Independent: inside story of U.S. envoy's assassination
leaked confidential information led to loss of Ambassador Stevens
America 'was warned of imminent embassy attacks but did nothing'
sensitive documents pilfered from Benghazi consulate
names of trusted Libyan 'friends' now compromised

Guardian: Inside U.S. consulate in Benghazi: damage laid bare
400 attackers; locals say Libya has "to show a fist of steel" against guilty

Yemen update: 4 rioters dead, 34 wounded in U.S. Embassy attack

9/11: In Libya, deadly fury took U.S. envoys by surprise

Egyptian Intelligence warned of Embassy attacks as early as Sept 4
why were warnings ignored? did Obama miss that briefing?

Telegraph: U.S. Embassy in Yemen stormed - latest

Video of Sanaa, Yemen attack on U.S. Embassy. ~ video:

Conflicting casualty reports as Yemeni police open fire
U.S. Embassy personnel are reportedly safe

Yemen police take stock after firefight with 100s of attackers.. ~ Facebook

Yemen Embassy attackers burn U.S. flag; remain outside buildings

Yemeni protesters storm U.S. embassy in Sanaa
break into fortified compound; security guards open fire

Yemenis storm U.S. Embassy, smashing security offices and climbing walls. ~ Al Arabiya

Fresh protests outside U.S. Cairo Embassy target U.S. & Israel

Ongoing protests are running into the late night. ~ video: Al Jazeera

telling moment of the week:
Egypt mob on 9/11 led in mass chant: "You, Obama ~ All here, Osamas"

Thousands chanting outside U.S. Embassy in Cairo. ~ Youtube video: MubasherYoum7

Taller/thinner iPhone 5 made of glass/alumnium, feature/packed

New iPhone 5 includes unique ability to stitch together huge panorama pictures. ~ AP

Obama caves to Romney, embraces free speech for critics of Islam

Media finally starting to accept film a diversion for Al-Qaeda attacks

Clinton: U.S. will not tolerate this behaviour, Libyans helped fight attackers

Clinton praised these Libyans for carrying Ambassador Chris Stevens to hospital where he died.

Obama pays tribute to "courageous and exemplary representative"
Muslim Brotherhood: the U.S. should do a better job of protecting Islam

U.S. Libyan Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens killed in Benghazi attack

Unarrated video showing aftermath of violent Benghazi consulate attack. ~ video: Russia Today

updated: U.S. Libya Ambassador Christopher Stevens
and 3 other Americans killed in Benghazi;
Al-Qaeda attack burned consulate and attacked car with rockets

The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya under attack. ~ video: Al Jazeera

cover-up? U.S. Embassy in Cairo deletes controversial tweets

updated: ABC News: 4 Americans dead in Libyan Consulate attack
one building completely destroyed by fire; like Cairo, al-Qaeda-linked

Al-Qaeda attack in Cairo "took us by surprise" says U.S. State Dept

Al-Qaeda-led Egyptian extremists attack U.S. Embassy, destroy U.S. flag
raise own black flag which praises Muhammad as God's prophet
protest over film by Egyption Christian which they say attacks him

Protesters destroyed an American flag pulled down from U.S. Embassy in Cairo. ~ AP photo

John Ivison: Canada eyeing full-blown free trade agreement with China

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 19: Obama 46.5%, Romney 44.8%

Fox News - Oct. 19 - Florida: Romney 48%; Obama 45%

Fox News - Oct. 19 - Ohio: Obama 46%; Romney 43%

Harper statement on the death of former Ontario Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander

Italian court rules mobile phones can cause brain tumours

Gallup - Oct. 19: Romney 51%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 19: Romney 48%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Royal Canadian Mint launches $100M silver fund IPO

Police in London, Ontario, arrest eight girls in bullying probe

Astral Media shares plunge in wake of CRTC decision

Cracks show in Ontario Liberal ranks over prorogation

Former Ontario cabinet minister and federal MP Gerard Kennedy eyes Liberal opening

Ottawa shields new Windsor-Detroit bridge from lawsuits

BCE asks feds to intervene after CRTC rejects $3.4-billion Astral takeover

John Ivison: Pension reforms make early exit from politics profitable for many MPs

Montreal bureaucrat tells Quebec corruption inquiry he accepted $600,000 in kickbacks

Apple loses tablet copyright appeal against Samsung in London, UK

Crux of the Matter: Beware McGuinty Liberal govt spin strategy called 'Project Vapour'

Globe&Mail editorial: McGuinty should reverse cynical prorogation action

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 18: Obama 46.2%, Romney 45.7%

Gallup - Oct. 18: Romney 52%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 18: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Kelly McParland: McGuinty rumours move Liberals from fantasy to farce

Dalton McGuinty’s resignation leaves much unresolved, including his future

Google results, filed by mistake, miss; shares dive

Canada may have to cut economic outlook due to continuing economic challenges in Europe and U.S. says Flaherty

New Bill C-45, the Jobs and Growth Act, delivers on Conservative commitments to reform civil service and MP pensions, implements variety of measures from March budget

Hudson’s Bay Company to go public again; founded in 1670

ExxonMobil offers $3.1B for Celtic; Resource play stakes in Montney and Duvernay attract offer

update: Police ID American who shot Canadian border officer, killed himself; union claims two shots fired

Crux of the Matter: Is distrust & self-preservation why AFN Chiefs rejected education reform?

McGuinty office’s ‘Project Vapour’ tried to manage fallout from expensive decision to move power plant for votes

Brazil-owned JBS USA takes control of troubled XL Foods Lakeside plant in Brooks, Alberta

Michael Goodwin: It's the future, stupid; Romney looks ahead, Obama obfuscates about failures past

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 17: Obama 46.8%, Romney 45.3%

Debate aftermath: Romney scores with actual voters, expands the map

Death toll rises to 19 in meningitis outbreak; 250 stricken

NHL proposal could help keep rebuilding teams together

John Ivison: Failed Ontario Premier McGuinty being pushed to run against Justin Trudeau for federal Liberal leader? death wish?

Gallup - Oct. 17: Romney 51%, Obama 45%; among likely voters

update: Canadian border guard was hit by stray bullet as man committed suicide at Peace Arch border crossing in B.C.; Lori Bowcock in stable condition

Rasmussen - Oct. 17: Romney 49%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Rasmussen: 51% think Ambassador’s murder will hurt Obama at the polls

Israeli inventor creates cardboard bicycle that can ‘change the world’

George Jonas: Sanctions won’t stop Iran

Investigation under way in border guard booth shooting at B.C.-Washington state Peace Arch crossing

Chief prosecutor of the Quebec corruption inquiry resigns for ethical reasons

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 16: Obama 47.3%, Romney 45.7%

Gallup - Oct. 16: Romney 50%, Obama 46%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 16: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Former native chief Nelson trashes Canada in Iran -- raises spectre of oil blockade -- Feds say chief being 'used as a pawn'

Michael Den Tandt: McGuinty quit before he could be fired

Matt Gurney: After nine years, McGuinty made a mistake he couldn’t aww-shucks away

PPP/Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll - Oct. 16: National: Romney 50%, Obama 46%; Swing state: Romney 50%, Obama 47%; Blue state: Obama 52%, Romney 45%; Red State: Romney 56%, Obama 40%

Controversy erupts over 'geoengineering' dump of 100 tonnes of iron sulphate off Haida Gwaii aka Queen Charlotte Islands on B.C. coast

'Premier Dud' finally admitted opponents were right: he had diminished Ontario and had to leave before the lynch mob organized

National Post Editorial Board: Dalton McGuinty — successful politician, failed leader

Opposition urges resigning McGuinty not to prorogue legislature

The Liberal brand in Canada struggles as McGuinty quits Ontario politics

when the going gets rough, some people quit: Dalton McGuinty’s resignation speech ignores record deficits and financial thin ice his 9 years of over-spending have left behind

Federal government to network history museums across Canada, rename Museum of Civilization across Ottawa River from Parliament Hill in Gatineau, Quebec as Canadian Museum of History

Ontario’s projected deficit shrinks due to higher tax revenue and public sector wage freeze

Justin Trudeau leadership bid rockets Liberals past NDP: Nanos poll

Pew Research - Oct. 15: Independent voters on VP Debate: Ryan 50%, Biden 39%; expectations on Tuesday Presidential Townhall debate: who will win? Obama 41%, Romney 37% (for first Presidential debate, expectation was Obama 51%, Romney 29%)

USA Today/Gallup Battleground poll - Oct. 15: Romney 50%, Obama 46% in 12 battleground states; likely voters; support from women rose dramatically for Romney after first Presidential debate and the split is now Romney 48%, Obama 48%

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 15: Obama 46.9%, Romney 46.6%

Gallup - Oct. 15: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 15: Romney 49%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Politico/GWU Battleground poll - Oct. 15: Romney 50%, Obama 48%; 10 competitive states; Romney 'likability' rises to 51%

Amanda Todd tragedy draws impassioned response

Socialist French President Hollande twists history in reinstating 1977 so-called “non-interference, non-indifference” policy towards Quebec

Toronto Globe and Mail latest newspaper to introduce metered paywall for internet access

New RFK documents reveal mob-backed plan to assassinate Fidel Castro for $150,000

Daily Mail: Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... figures reveal that from beginning of 1997 until August 2012 there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures

Long-shots plunge into Liberal leadership race, luminaries steer clear

XL Foods meat processing plant recalls laid off workers to help break inspection impasse

Keith Beardsley: Trudeau should be challenged, not crowned

Toronto man’s family wants to thank Manhattan good Samaritan who saved his life with CPR

George Jonas: Who will end affirmative action?

Conrad Black: The true meaning of Vatican II

Gallup - Oct. 14: President Obama Job Approval - Approve 48%, Disapprove 47%

Rasmussen - Oct. 14: President Obama Job Approval - Approve 48%, Disapprove 51%

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 14: Obama 46.7%, Romney 46%

Gallup - Oct. 14: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 14: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

XL Foods announces 2,000 temporary layoffs; CFIA review halted

Michael Goodwin: Bombastic blather will fool no one

Mark Steyn: Who’s ‘politicizing’ Benghazi?

Rick Wilson: The edge of panic

IBD/TIPP - Oct. 13: Obama 46.4%, Romney 45.7%

Gallup - Oct. 13: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 13: Romney 49%, Obama 48% - includes 'leaners'

Alexis Madrigal: Dark social: we have the whole history of the web wrong

TIME: Lance Armstrong had little choice but to dope

Margaret Wente: The awful truth about social programs

New PQ Premier Pauline Marois says her first meeting with Harper was ‘excellent’; took place in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the two are attending this weekend’s summit of la Francophonie

Christina Blizzard: Gas plant scandal should finish McGuinty Liberals

Mona Charen: The coming Romney boom; Mitt can jump-start the economy even before tackling tax reform

British say weapons they left at U.S. consulate in Benghazi are missing

Nate Silver - NY Times: Oct. 12: Romney debate gains show staying power; Friday may have featured his best set of polls all year

Oliver seeks to sell India on Canadian energy

Tom Brokaw: Biden shouldn’t have been yucking it up during a discussion about nuclear war

Beverage industry sues over NYC ban on big, sugary drinks at restaurants, concession stands

Soccer star Christine Sinclair suspended four games & fined for Olympic incident; will Canadians ante up?

Foreign Affairs investigating report of Canadian & American kidnapped by gunmen in Afghanistan

IBD/TIPP poll Oct. 12: Obama 46.4%, Romney 45.7%

Gallup - Oct. 12: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 12: Romney 48%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Harper says "very different" China system a Nexen concern; decision has been delayed

see updated story in middle column: Talk of casino and 6,000 construction jobs in big Toronto downtown convention centre re-development project

'We can’t be bought for Céline Dion tickets': Quebec Liberals go on attack after kickback accusations at corruption inquiry

Michael Den Tandt: Next federal election will be all about Ontario, and it may hand Stephen Harper the race

Greece’s unemployment hits record 25% of workforce; biggest company flees country

John Ivison: Economic realities forcing Pauline Marois to play nice with Ottawa

Mason-Dixon poll Oct. 11: Florida: Romney 51%, Obama 44%; likely voters; poll done for Tampa Bay Times, Bay News 9 and Miami Herald

IBD/TIPP poll Oct. 11: Romney 46.9%, Obama 45.7%

Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times poll: Colorado: Romney 48%, Obama 47%; Wisconsin: Obama 50%, Romney 48%; Virginia: Obama 51%, Romney 46%

Actual Romney tax plan for middle income earners mis-described by CBS in article linked below: "Eliminate taxes for taxpayers with AGI below $200,000 on interest, dividends, and capital gains"

CBS News intentionally misrepresents Romney tax plan for middle income earners with misleading headline and sketchy explanation in ostensibly straight news article

Federal Gov't rejects calls to help fund private sector west-to-east oil pipeline; it's not our intention to "subsidize the oil and gas industry," says Oliver

ABC News: Google adds 250,000 miles of 'street view' as Apple tries to improve

Coquitlam, B.C., 15-yr-old girl who made online video about being bullied, takes own life

2nd update: Pastor Terry Jones denied entry into Canada by Canadian Border Services Agency

CNBC: Why startling U.S. jobless claims number not as good as market thinks; missing key data for one unidentified state

update: Controversial Florida pastor to miss Toronto event due to long border delay at Detroit-Windsor crossing which included confiscation of two signs

Stephen Harper pledges $20M in Canadian aid for African famine victims

Ontario Conservatives promise tax cuts, new subways, integrated approach to Toronto highways and transit if elected

Koran-burning U.S. pastor held at Detroit-Windsor border on way to Toronto "Canadians united against terror" event; the Canadian Border Services Agency "can keep Jones out of Canada if he's considered a security threat"

David Suzuki needs an economics refresher course

Quebec election night killer appears in court, says gash on head from guard 'roughing him up' on way to courthouse

Slowing world economy hits Canada, U.S. trade

Kelly McParland: Quebec puts off soak-the-rich plan. Will soak lesser incomes instead

Earnhardt Jr. hid August concussion for weeks after powerful 40G crash during tire testing in Kansas, was never checked; took him weeks to "feel right"

NASCAR's most popular driver for more than a decade, Dale Earnhardt Jr., suffered concussion in 200mph -- 20G -- wreck at Talladega and will sit out next two play-off races, ending his championship hopes

Chris Selley: The limits of Canadian tolerance; coast-to-coast survey of latest media ferment

Gallup - Oct. 11: Romney 48%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Reuters/IPSOS - Oct. 11: Romney 47%, Obama 44%

Rasmussen - Oct. 11: Obama 48%, Romney 47% - includes 'leaners'

The oil patch opens an eastern front

IBD/TIPP poll Oct. 10: Romney 48.7%, Obama 43.7%

Fox News poll - Oct. 10: Romney 46%, Obama 45%

National Post: Corruption hearing portrays Quebec as a world of kickbacks and Liberal greed

CFL announces return to Ottawa in 2014

Gallup - Oct. 10: Romney 48%, Obama 48%; among likely voters

Rasmussen - Oct. 10: Romney 48%, Obama 47% - includes 'leaners'

Rasmussen - Oct. 10: On the economy it's Romney 50%, Obama 43%

Christian Heinze: Romney up huge with independents

Lynn Sweet: Romney ahead in polls for first time, gains ground with women voters

Ban on bank mergers helped Canada withstand crash, IMF says

How Canadian spy Jeffrey Delisle betrayed his country and our allies to the Putin-led Russians for five years at $3,000 a month

Paul Shaffer pays tribute to Randy Bachman, The Guess Who from the long ago Fort William days

Americans Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka win Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their groundbreaking work in understanding cell sensory receptors

ABC News scrambles to cover up Barack Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding

Toyota to recall 7.4M vehicles globally on power window glitch

Building on momentum, Romney renews push for Ohio

Daily Mail: Britain 'facing its hour of reckoning' — We must sink or swim: Cameron

Hanson: Anatomy of a disastrous debate performance

Mark Steyn: The Sesamization of America

updated: Pakistani teen activist, 14, survives assassination attempt by Taliban after shot in neck and head; she remains in serious condition after doctors removed bullet lodged near spine

American Research Group - Oct. 9 - Ohio: Romney 48%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

Charest Liberals dodged election laws with Quebec construction boss’s help, inquiry hears

updated: Shallow M4.5 quake shakes near Montreal

BBC: Huawei may face Canada exclusion amid security concerns

Former NHL star wants Canada to follow American lead on sentencing pedophiles

Politico: Did Tagg Romney change tack of campaign before debate, to "let Mitt be Mitt?" — Romney Rebellion?

Manitoba highway map upgraded, available online

Doug Schmidt: Poll of 600 people in Michigan found only one who liked Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun — was it Matty?

Tories should stop attacking us, NDP says, ironically, in new attack ad against Tories

Conrad Black: Abraham Lincoln is worthy of his reputation

Problems that led to massive beef recall fixed, XL Foods chief says

Canada officially joins Pacific trade talks

Released Rizzuto meeting NY crime figures in Toronto?

SpaceX rocket glitch puts satellite in wrong orbit

Dennis Byrne: A dereliction of debating

Crux of the Matter: Attention Premier McGuinty: Lloyd Denner, Jr., blind & autistic, needs your help!

Rasmussen - Oct. 9 - swing states: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - 11 states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012

Gallup - Oct. 9: Romney 49%, Obama 47%; among likely voters

PPP/Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - Romney takes lead in post-debate period

Rasmussen - Oct. 9: Romney 45%, Obama 41% - different measure gives people who are "certain" on how they will vote - using previous measure, which includes 'leaners' Romney and Obama are tied at 48%

Crux of the Matter: Is Israel's CHE about to suppress free speech at Ben-Gurion University?

Mexico Navy: Zetas cartel leader Heriberto Lazcano apparently killed in firefight with Marines

Andrew Sullivan: Did Obama just throw the entire election away?

Now 8 dead and 105 confirmed infected by contaminated steroid linked to fungal meningitis

Thousands of Keystone jobs will get green light on Inauguration Day: Ryan

Canada keeping tabs on EU’s plan to cull seal population; hypocrisy?

Chris Cillizza: 8 takeaways from the new Pew poll

Pew Research - Oct. 8: Romney 49%, Obama 45%; likely voters, post-debate; a 12-point shift from September when Romney trailed by 8 points

Military Times poll: Romney has 40-point lead among active, reserve military troops

Gallup - Oct. 8: Romney 47%, Obama 47%; Romney narrows vote gap after historic debate win; by record-high margin, debate watchers say Romney did better

Rasmussen - Oct. 8: 54% of Americans want Obamacare repealed

Rasmussen - Oct. 8: Romney 48%, Obama 48% - including 'leaners'

Mob storms Marineland, police back off while kids and parents terrorized by self-righteous protesters

Robert Sibley: The Muslim world awaits its Great Separation

Nobel prize to Briton, Japanese for groundbreaking stem cell work

Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau trying to stake out his own turf between Harper and Mulcair

Canadian-made drug may protect brain from stroke: study

updated: New Jersey bus crash raises questions for Toronto company; numerous fatigue-related violations; not licensed to operate in U.S.?

'Rogue' Page courting trouble by doing what civil servants often do — expanding his job description

Will Supreme Court imperil your right to resell your own stuff?

Biden's record is Obama's burden — and Ryan's opportunity

Jimmy Savile charitable trusts to drop his name and give money to abuse victims

the scum also rises: Jimmy Savile's toxic legacy

David Cameron: UK will veto EU budget rises and seek to curb migration

Gallup - Oct. 7: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

New recalls include Honda CR-Vs, Dodge pickups

BBC: French GM-fed rat study triggers furore

Apple officially responds to iPhone 5 purple haze complaints

Why wi-fi is often so slow; the biggest bottleneck is in your home

Rasmussen - Oct. 7: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - including 'leaners'; (based upon nightly interviews and reported on three-day rolling avg basis; all interviews for today’s update were conducted after debate)

Michael Goodwin: Bam is ‘left’ bewildered

Gallup - Oct. 6: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

More beef products, retailers added to XL Foods recall list

Conrad Black: As Quebec decays, Toronto seizes greatness

Foreign Policy: UN Ambassador Rice blames bad intel for her Benghazi bungle; "administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks -- allowing evidence and sensitive information to be compromised and destroyed"

Chris Economaki: 5 little-known facts about the late voice of motor sports

Rasmussen - Oct. 6: Romney 49%, Obama 47% - including 'leaners'; (based upon nightly interviews and reported on three-day rolling avg basis; about two-thirds of interviews for today’s update were conducted after debate)

9 injured, 3 seriously, after church group bus from Toronto overturns on I-80 eastbound exit ramp in Wayne, NJ

Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto’s destination unknown after arriving in Toronto

Facebook wants $15B privacy suit dismissed

Daily Mail: Britain 'to be hit by 70s-style blackouts within three years' and EU rules may also force up bills, warns Ofgem

Most major Canadian pension plans underfunded: Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Canadian dollar rallies as jobs gains boost rate-increase views

Decision to close nuclear plant expected to cost Quebec $1.3B

Laval mayor says he won’t step down after Quebec police raid home

Reputed Montreal Mafia head Vito Rizzuto released from U.S. prison

California gas prices on verge of shattering records

Foxconn workers on iPhone 5 line strike in China, rights group says

Concerns about global economy linked to TSX stumble on weaker commodities

GM to close fuel cell research office in Rochester, NY, move operations to Pontiac, Michigan

Two major Canadian retailers, HBC, Shoppers, cut jobs amid market changes

Speedskater Simon Cho: ‘I just want to apologize’

On day of LeBlanc endorsement, poll shows Trudeau could recreate Liberals

Rex Murphy: Is Justin Trudeau the Avril Lavigne of Canadian politics?

Mulroney: Underestimate Justin Trudeau at your own peril

brrrrrr: Manitoba Hydro crews working to restore power to thousands of people in southeastern Manitoba after an early snowstorm downed trees and power lines

GM Canada to add shifts in Oshawa, St. Catharines

American Thinker: Obama camp may be freaking out today

Atlantic Wire: Are swing states swinging back to Romney?

The Hill: Polls show Romney making headway in swing states

Fox News: Battleground polls tighten as Romney surges out of debate

Rasmussen - Virginia - Oct. 5: Romney 49%, Obama 48%

Rasmussen - Ohio - Oct. 5: Obama 50%, Romney 49%

Rasmussen - Florida - Oct. 5: Romney 49%, Obama 47%

Ohio: Two polls show debate bounce for Romney

Gallup - Oct. 5: Obama 50%, Romney 45%

Rasmussen - Oct. 5: Obama 49%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'; (based upon nightly interviews and reported on three-day rolling avg basis; only about one-third of interviews for today’s update were conducted after debate)

Reuters/Ipsos - Oct. 5: Obama 46%, Romney 44%; Obama lead narrows from 6 points on Wednesday to 2 points on Friday after debate

Canada pumps out the full-time jobs, but unemployment rate rises; 52,100 jobs last month, biggest jump in five months; rate up to 7.4% as more seek work

Kyrgyzstan MPs arrested over Canadian mine protest

Jonathan Kay: Mitt Romney bested two foes last night: Barack Obama, and the GOP fringe

Concern that Canada's First Nations will be ‘used as pawns’ as former chief to meet Iranian leaders

Quebec police raid Laval city hall, home of mayor

Rattled Montreal puts projects on hold in wake of corruption allegations

Michael Barone: Thoughts on the first presidential debate; Which one looked more like a president? Mitt Romney

Boss Emeritus, Carville agree: The empty chair showed up last night

Pat Buchanan: Romney gave the best debate performance in 52 years; Obama 'appeared diffident, sullen, pouting, flustered, petulant'

Gallup - Oct. 4: Obama 49%, Romney 45%

Rasmussen - Oct. 4: Obama 49%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

updated: China school landslide: All 18 children killed

Ontario freezes funds for major school building projects in Toronto; 25% of projects go over budget

Con Coughlin: Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassador?

Jennifer Rubin: Romney shows some leg on tax reform

Andrew Coyne: Vulgar Keynesianism at the root of Justin Trudeau’s embrace of the middle class

B.C. teachers’ union defends anti-pipeline teaching materials; calls itself a 'social justice union'; defends its promotion of anti-pipeline teaching resources, fuelling national debate on teachers touting own views in classroom

Kraft spin-off splits food giant in two

Earth’s magnetic field overdue for a chaos-causing (possibly life-altering) flip

Gallup - Oct. 3: Obama 49%, Romney 45%

Rasmussen - Oct. 3: Obama 49%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

Canadian Supreme Court set to decide when life begins

Scott Stinson: Ontario Liberals set up their energy minister to take fall for gas-plant affair

Vancouver home sales plunge more than 30% in September over 2011

Trudeau makes it official: his vision for Liberals high on ambition, short on specifics

Hot Air: WSJ/NBC poll: Yep, this race is statistically tied; Update: Tied at 47 in new National Journal poll too

National Journal - Oct. 2: Romney 47%, Obama 47%

Gallup - Oct. 2: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Rasmussen - Oct. 2: Obama 48%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

Families of victims in Elliot Lake mall collapse launch $11.25M lawsuit

Survivors haunted by memories of February crash that killed 10 migrant workers in SW Ontario

PM nominates Quebecer Richard Wagner as new Supreme Court justice

Celine Dion, Arcade Fire headline benefit concert for victims of Montreal election night shooting

Russian-found comet heading toward Earth could outshine Moon in 2013

Peter Foster: Climate hype via Hogwarts Lab

Matt Gurney: Increasingly, the UN does more harm than good — and Baird’s speech won’t change it

Hong Kong police arrest six crew members as boat crash death toll rises to 37

Poodle hit, stuck in car's grille for 11 miles, survives after fellow motorist alerts driver and concussed pooch rescued

Explosion, massive blaze at Winnipeg racing fuel warehouse forces dozens from homes

Boston Herald: Scott Brown connects on ‘independent’ pitch

Gallup - Oct. 1: Obama 49%, Romney 45%

Rasmussen - Oct. 1: Obama 50%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

Politico/GWU poll - Oct. 1: Obama 49%, Romney 47%

Trudeau seeks to rebuild Liberal party — starting in Alberta

Boat sinks off Hong Kong after collision with ferry; 36 dead

Tories won’t vote for ‘toothless’ bill from Liberals that would only haphazardly freeze wages: Hudak

bombshell: Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay’s party took 3% of ex-construction boss’s city contracts, corruption inquiry hears

Now Apple acknowledges iPhone 5 camera problem, says you’re holding it wrong

Berlin rejects buyer's premium for electric cars

Boy Scouts of America to report suspected pedophiles to police

Russell Williams case: no police protocol for suspicious vehicles

EU copyright holders cling to old levies, as new ones start to appear on cloud storage

Conservatives to announce Red Tape Reduction Action Plan to reduce red tape for small businesses

Perrin Beatty: It’s time to prove we are open for business

Derek Burney and Fen Hampson: No more Mr. Fixit for Canada at the UN

Canada took Omar Khadr early due to U.S. pressure: Foreign Minister

Gallup - Sept 30: Obama 49%, Romney 44%

Rasmussen - Sept. 30: Obama 49%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

Sony to spend $640M for 11% stake in Olympus

Google pounces on Apple map problems

David Horowitz and Robert Spencer: Islamophobia: thought crime of the totalitarian future

Lee Boyd Malvo, 10 years after D.C. area sniper shootings: ‘I was a monster’

Mark Bourrie on Emily Murphy: A pioneer in the war on pot

Kelly McParland: Liberals transform themselves into the Lindsay Lohan party

‘You really did not manage this well’: Czech president to bodyguards after being shot with toy handgun

Judge’s scathing ruling against Alberta ‘freeman’ could signal clampdown on anti-government movement

Spain's debts to increase further next year

Justin Trudeau's name is not enough

Venezuela "mired in debt and unemployment as state-imposed price and exchange rate controls shackle the economy" despite massive oil revenues; as a result, socialist Hugo Chevez fighting for his electoral life

Spain crisis fuels Catalan separatist sentiment

Coffee: the wonder fuel also a wonder drug say Norwegian researchers

David Mirvish and Frank Gehry to transform Toronto's King Street theatre strip into culture and condo complex; 19-year-old Princess of Wales Theatre to be torn down in billion dollar re-do between Royal Alex and TIFF Lightbox

Montreal Gazette: Trudeau leadership run raises risk of another Liberal ‘coronation’

Apple doesn't call maps app most 'powerful mapping service ever' anymore

Gallup - Sept 29: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Rasmussen - Sept. 29: Obama 49%, Romney 47% - including 'leaners'

poll: U.S. small businesses, manufacturers have bleak outlook on economy

Virginia zoo director guilty of drowning wallaby

RIM CEO Heins’s newly pragmatic plan a refreshing turnaround

updated: Convicted war ciminal Omar Khadr landed today in Trenton, now in Kingston-area penitentiary after stay in Guantanamo

Chris Economaki, dean of motorsports journalists, dead at 91

Russian hockey legends from the '72 Summit Series toast their revival

Gallup - Sept 28: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Rasmussen - Sept. 28: Obama 48%, Romney 48% - including 'leaners'

Huge Alberta beef plant shut down indefinitely after E. coli outbreak; the outbreak has not been defintely linked to meat processed by the plant

NDP backs new West to East Canadian oil pipeline

In accepting World Statesman award from Henry Kissinger, Canadian PM Stephen Harper paints picture of uncertain world

Canada halves first-quarter deficit over last year; overall spending up by 0.1%; corporate income tax revenues are up 4% this year, even though federal corporate tax rate was cut on January 1st from 16.5% to 15%

Batman killer threatened University of Colorado Professor and was banned from campus weeks before theatre shooting rampage in July

RIM stock soars on promise of larger recovery

Canadian economy beats expectations in July, grows by 0.2%

Nepal plane crash kills 19 at Kathmandu

Developer plans to build 625-foot Ferris wheel -- world's tallest -- on New York's Staten Island; would dwarf nearby Statue of Liberty

Furlong denies allegations of physical abuse while a B.C. school teacher in 1969, "plans to respond with legal action"

more big waste In 2011 the U.S. Government spent $1.6B to give free cellphones to poor people; not a joke, info at

Lorrie Goldstein: Canada is Israel’s staunchest ally

Detroit Free Press: End to Jimmy Hoffa mystery in Roseville? Detroit suburb will have core taken from driveway with forensic feedback next week

Michigan parents whose children don't attend school could lose welfare cash benefits under a new policy set to take effect on Monday

RIM results much better than expected, stock jumps 16%

Ottawa doing well and on the path to annual surplus, but provinces in trouble, federal budget watchdog says

Gallup - Sept 27: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Rasmussen - Sept. 27: Obama 46%, Romney 46% - NOTE: if 'leaners' included, they're tied at 48% - starting October 1st Rasmussen will include leaners in daily result

real war on women: No men, no entry: Saudi Arabia strands 1,000 Nigerian women pilgrims because not accompanied by men

Wired: Bearing sons leaves male DNA traces in mom’s brain; link seen to to avoidance of Alzheimer's

Canada's Frank Stronach, 80, launches bid to become Chancellor of Austria

Shale fracking makes U.S. a natural gas superpower. Now what?

Tempur-Pedic agrees to acquire Sealy for $2.20 a share

Chantal Hébert: Justin Trudeau's leadership bid buoys Liberal hopes; would take a "scorched earth campaign" to stop him, and that could destroy party

Kelly McParland: PQ plans to soak the rich to pay for glorious new Quebec

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to deliver ‘clear red line’ speech on Iran’s nuclear ambitions to UN

More Canadians going to court to demand ability to buy private health insurance

Political storm brews in U.S. over China-Nexen deal

Police arrest 'No. 1' suspect in Vancouver Stanley Cup riot assault -- in small town Saskatchewan

Crux of the Matter: Margaret Wente & Carol Wainio: Debating sloppy journalism vs plagiarism

report: MP pension contributions to be hiked to 50/50 under new plan

Botched call in Packers' game enables bettor in Wayne Gretzky's home town to win $725,274 Ontario gov't Proline payday

CAW ink agreement with Chrysler, following deals with Ford and GM

Ontario high school teachers vote in favour of strike

Catalan leader to seek referendum on independence from Spain

Romney and Obama tied in Rasmussen Poll: most accurate pollster in 2008 and 2004

U.S. household incomes fall again in August, off 8.2% under Obama

Rasmussen - Sept. 26: Obama 46%, Romney 46%

Gallup - Sept 26: Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Iran issues travel warning for Canada

Canadian delegation walks out of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech

Pork plight looming: Worldwide bacon shortage ‘unavoidable’ after drought, pig farmers warn

Canada bans key ingredient in so-called ‘bath salts’ drug known for chaotic, violent reactions

Reid and Obama can do no wrong; media oblivious to double-standard, ignore outrageous comments

Former Murdoch tabloid journalists Brooks and Coulson to face trial on phone hacking charges next September

Obama’s apologist speech at the United Nations; "so soaked in State Department/Western European/leftist intellectual goo of moral relativism and disdain for core American values that I doubt he understood how offensive were his remarks at United Nations today"

Crooner Andy Williams dead at 84

‘Defeat Jihad’ subway poster defaced; Egyptian-born CNN & MSNBC writer arrested in New York; doesn't understand defacement = violence

Seven Ontario universities launch sweeping credit-transfer initiative

Romney-Ryan go on offense regarding foreign policy

success: All 29 Saskatchewan miners back on the surface after 20 of them spent a day 1,000 metres underground in safe rooms when fire broke out

Ontario housing values up 18% since 2008, rise in property taxes could be next

Authorities foil students' mass suicide plan

Iran unveils new long-range drone

Rasmussen - Sept. 25: Obama 47%, Romney 46%

Gallup - Sept 25: Obama 48%, Romney 45%

Down syndrome may hold key to new Alzheimer's treatments

RIM shares climb on subscriber growth, BlackBerry schedule

updated: Fire extinguished at Saskatchewan potash mine; 20 workers surfacing in groups from more than half a mile underground

Canada’s corporate tax lowest among developed countries

Flaherty’s message to business: use tax cuts to create jobs

Fire traps 29 miners in Saskatchewan potash mine; 9 rescued, others in protected safe room underground

More Canadians abandoning traditional work, striking out on own; not because can't find work, as was case in 80s and 90s

Ottawa unveils monument to Turkish diplomat slain in Ottawa in 1982

Ontario Tories debate contempt motion against Liberal energy minister over missing power plant documents

Majority of Canadians a happy bunch, satisfied with life, report says

Thomas Sowell: Obama versus Obama

Europe must take "deep breath" and enact reforms: Merkel

Scott Stinson: The Ontario Liberals’ energy strategy is just embarrassing

Oakville replacement? Liberals plunk new privately-owned gas-fired power plant beside existing 40-year-old under-utilized gas/oil Lennox Generating Station in Greater Napanee; rural town the province's biggest non-nuclear power producer already with huge solar capacity, too

IMF chief sees shaky confidence denting global growth

Toyota drops plan for widespread sales of electric car

Russia unveils Sochi slogan for 2014 Winter Games: "Hot. Cool. Yours."

NY Times: CIA listening loss in Libya huge after Benghazi attack by Al-Qaeda

Rasmussen - Sept. 24: Obama 47%, Romney 46%

Gallup - Sept 24: Obama 48%, Romney 46%

Foxconn shuts Apple plant as workers injured, arrested in brawl

updated: Sam ‘The Record Man’ Sniderman dies at 92

book review: The roots of East-West conflict

Canada plans ‘buy Canada’ military budget

Amid island dispute with Japan, China says it will use drones to monitor territorial claims

Iran will attack U.S. bases if war with Israel breaks out: Senior Iranian commander

Flatlining user base spells end of RIM’s growth story

Michael Taube: Why good people avoid politics

Michael Den Tandt: The best response to Pauline Marois? A big, heaping pile of indifference

Sweeping new changes expected at North Korean farms

Pakistan disowns bounty on anti-Islam film maker

Robert Fulford: In praise of blasphemy

Nurses in northern Ontario scheduled emergency medical flights to go grocery shopping: Health Canada report

Pittsburgh Trubune-Review: Poll shows tightening in Pennsylvania Presidential numbers: Obama 47%, Romney 45%

Raw poll numbers between 9/4 and 9/20 have Romney ahead by average of 7.8%

Gallup - Sept 23: Obama 48%, Romney 46%

Rasmussen - Sept. 23: Obama 46%, Romney 46%

updated: Foxconn's Taiyuan Apple assembly plant on riot, facilities damaged

Canada and Britain to run combined embassies; both will also work with fellow Commonwealth nations New Zealand and Australia

Toronto Star: Bill Davis pays tribute to Peter Lougheed

As tensions grow over island dispute, Chinese navy receives first aircraft carrier

Nine climbers killed, six missing in Nepalese avalanche

NY Times: The internet? We built that

New documentary film 'The No Kill Revolution in America' covers history of animal protection movement and how it went wrong, and how it's now getting back to the original purpose, saving innocent pets from needless slaughter

'You broke Mid East, Mr. President, now you own it'

Forbes: How the AARP made $2.8B by supporting Obamacare's cuts to Medicare

Apple loses German patent case v Samsung, Motorola; follows losses in Britain and Holland

Gallup - Sept 22: Obama 47%, Romney 47%

Rasmussen - Sept. 22: Obama 46%, Romney 46%

GM offers 25% discounts to boost Volt sales

Make UK a tax haven to attract investment from millionaires, urges Conservative Party treasurer

van Dongen jumps ship from B.C. Conservatives after jumping ship from B.C. Liberals earlier this year; meaningful or just a serial malcontent?

Terence Corcoran: Ayn Rand -- still the most dangerous woman in America, more than 30 years after her death

Father Raymond J. de Souza: U.S. Embassy attacks show a country in decline; American flag burnings are routine across the Islamic world

Miami Herald: Univision encuentros a win for Hispanic viewers

Massacre of 16 Muslim preachers in Mali sign of broken army, and sectarian tensions

Apple seeks U.S. Samsung sales ban, $707M more in damages

Harper among many saluting Lougheed

NDP outlier: Official Opposition denies its cap-and-trade carbon taxing scheme is a 'carbon tax'; they doth protest too much; what they really want is more government control and taxation of citizens

Drummond report falls off Liberal radar, Liberals still looking to ‘short-term fixes’

Graeme Hamilton: After years of language ‘peace,’ PQ win has Quebec’s weakened anglo community on edge

Margaret Wente: Surprise! We’re more conservative than Americans

TonyaHarding-gate? American admits to sabotaging Canadian Olivier Jean’s skates

Canada shuts embassies in Pakistan, Malaysia and Tunisia Friday to protect diplomatic staff from protests

Gallup - Sept 21: Obama 47%, Romney 47%

Rasmussen - Sept. 21: Obama 46%, Romney 45%

The disappearing web: decay is eating our history

Brian Lilley: Proof of CBC waste keeps piling up

Mobsters blend in, Ontario cop tells Montreal inquiry

PIMCO’s Gross sees no end to QE3 until U.S. jobless rate drops to 6%

PQ take Quebec into energy dark ages, put moratorium on even exploring for shale-embedded natural gas

BlackBerry creator Mike Lazaridis puts $100M into Nano Labs in Waterloo; aiming to recreate the magic that led New Jersey's Bell Labs to change the world

Ottawa forces Eritrea to nix ‘2% extortion tax’ on citizens in Canada

GM, Canadian Auto Workers union reach tentative deal

Ontario Liberals call for public sector pay freeze at $418,000; but only for future hires

Canadian workers who get sick while on parental leave will be able to collect sickness benefits under new federal legislation introduced today

Rasmussen Reports - Sept. 20: Obama 47%, Romney 45%

Gallup - Sept 20: Obama 47%, Romney 47%

Now is the time for an Ontario election

OPP commissioner disputes claims that organized crime is worse in Ontario than Quebec

Ben Stein: What Letterman should have asked: "Mister President, what on earth are you doing here? The Middle East is on the brink of war. Iran, the most dangerous nation on earth, is about to get a nuclear bomb. Why did you blow off talks to save the world from an Islamic bomb and the Mideast from war to appear on a comedy talk show?"

Liberals go on the attack after Harper says they stand for nothing

Yes We Canada: Comedians encourage Americans to let Canada run the U.S.; better economy, better employment rate

Thomas Sowell: The fallacy of redistribution

The top 10 doomsayers on Wall Street - and what they’re saying

American soldier who fled military service to be deported from Toronto today

Recall of beef products from Alberta’s XL Foods expands across Canada

Teacher who was fired for giving students zeros finds new home at ‘old-fashioned’ Edmonton private school

Graeme Hamilton: Marois’ swearing-in ceremony becomes a sovereigntist farce

Rasmussen Reports - Sept. 19: Romney 47%, Obama 46%

OECD praises the end of Wheat Board monopoly

Ontario judge declares part of 2008 federal omnibus crime bill unconstitutional; province expected to appeal

Canadian flag returned to Quebec legislature after being pulled for Fleur-de-lis, but maybe not for long

Germany’s big worry is China, not Greece

Reuters/Ipsos poll: 60% of Americans supported Romney criticism of Cairo confusion by Obama Administration during attacks last week

Ottawa ends UAE spat with nuclear deal

Beijing demonstrators damage car carrying U.S. Ambassador

B.C.'s NDP leader Adrian Dix tells business leaders he would raise their taxes if elected

New Conservative plan would water down MPs’ lucrative pensions

French magazine to publish cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

Rasmussen Reports: dead heat: Romney 47%, Obama 45% - most accurate pollster in 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections

Gallup: dead heat: Obama 47%, Romney 46% as post-convention bounce evaporates

Daily Caller: White House starting to backtrack on widely derided claims about 'Benghazi Bungle'? is cover-up failure a mea culpa?

CAW extending talks with GM, Chrysler, averting strike; reached tentative deal with Ford ahead of deadline

Japan Times: Anti-Japan protests erupt in 100 cities in China on Mukden Incident anniversary

updated: Deadly suicide blast hits mini-bus near airport in Afghan capital, kills at least 12

Puppetmaster behind protests? Iran takes film criticism seriously; will ‘pursue this guilty person’: vice-president

China marks war anniversary with more anti-Japan protests; thousands march in Beijing

Two Japanese activists land on disputed islands with China

Murdered U.S. diplomat Sean Smith's final words cast strong doubt on White House denial of awareness in Libyan Consulate attack

Guardian: U.S. suspends joint military operations with Afghanistan after 6 killed on weekend

Libya sacks Benghazi security chiefs after attack against U.S. consulate

Conrad Black: Canada’s run of good governance

George Jonas: The West is on a collision course with Iran

Harper to seek reference decision from Supreme Court in bid for Senate overhaul?

Chris Selley: Media should show clips of the anti-Islam film behind the outrage if it offends people or not; Frankly, people need to see Innocence of Muslims, just like they needed to see the Danish cartoons, in order to understand just how easily violence can be incited in the Middle East

Michael Den Tandt: Conservative priorities will be the economy, the economy and the economy

next campaign phase: Romney to outline how he would govern

CBS: Anti-U.S. protests linger after deadly weekend of "insider attacks" in Afghanistan; bloodshed left at least six American troops dead

Libyan reports shred White House claim that Benghazi attack was spontaneous, driven by anti-Islam film

Brit Hume: ‘Ludicrous overreaction’ to Romney Libya remarks ‘not a great moment for the national media’ [video]

Japanese firms shut China plants after violent attacks on well-known Japanese businesses, including Toyota, Honda and Panasonic; U.S. urges calm in islands row

Mark MacKinnon: Growing tension between China and Japan fuel concerns over potential war

Canada keeps Sudan embassy closed Monday, re-opens Libya and Egypt embassies after Sunday closures

Sudan rejects U.S. request to send Marines to guard Khartoum embassy

CNN: Benghazi consulate was warned 3 days before attack, and told Libyans things 'under control' during attack

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll: Tories have edge, NDP support sags ahead of Parliament’s fall session

BBC: Japan PM Noda urges China to prevent anti-Japan violence

Al-Qaeda says attack on U.S. consulate in Libya ‘revenge’ for death of its 2nd man

U.S. Gen. Jack Keane says consulate security in Benghazi "totally inadequate" given recent "pattern of attacks"

Six U.S. fighter jets destroyed in Friday's Taliban attack on fortified Afghan base: NATO

Chinese in San Francisco and Beijing protest Japan’s takeover of the Diaoyu Islands

China territorial disputes: Why war is not an option

Panasonic, Toyota report damages in China as protests widen

Chinese continue anti-Japan protests in over 50 cities

Crux of the Matter: Dorval’s firing over 'no-zeros' is proof education system lost its way!

Mark Steyn: Disgrace in Benghazi

Slate: Energy markets work better than government orders; fracking natural gas proves it (as if we didn't already know)

Anti-Islam filmmaker donated $1M to Obama campaign; will they give it back?

Jennifer Rubin: Obama administration can’t get its embassy story straight

How is it that our embassies are burning?

Jennifer Rubin: A model for the Middle East or an exception to the rule?

Guardian timeline: Benghazi attack: U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Libya - as it happened

U.S. State Department evacuates non-emergency personnel from Sudan, Tunisia

Lee Smith: The video didn't do it

Stephen F. Hayes: The doctrine that failed; there’s a reason we get no respect in the Middle East

Obama budget cuts include $2.5B cut from the National Institutes of Health and $464M cut from the Centers for Disease Control

Obama cuts $2M from protection of foreign missions, $129M from embassy security

Al-Qaeda in Yemen urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats with Muhammad film as pretext

Libyans See Al-Qaeda hand in embassy attack

Teen charged with trying to blow up Chicago bar with car bomb

U.S. base clears insurgents as Afghan attacks claim four more American coalition members; 16 attackers dead

Afghans burn Obama in effigy [video]

Text message costs prompt Canadian Government competition bureau lawsuit against Bell, Rogers, Telus

cooler heads prevailing? Senior clerics urge Muslims to not be "dragged by anger" into violence; meanwhile, Al-Qaeda's most active branch in Middle East called for more attacks on U.S. embassies Saturday to "set the fires blazing"; at least 8 demonstrators and 2 U.S. Marines dead Friday, much damage to dozens of embassies

Byron York: With Obama policy crumbling, White House blames movie for Mideast unrest

Radaronline: Obama a cocaine dealer in college? Romney campaign rejected advances from college chum of Obama with tale to tell

Jennifer Rubin: Ten debate follow-ups

Stocks sink as companies report weak revenue; one of the worst days on Wall Street this year

Fact check: Text of 2008 Romney op-ed debunks Obama’s auto-bailout attack

Debates deliver favorability edge to Romney; now above 50% in rating

Boston Herald editorial: Romney’s the one; after "a government-knows-best philosophy that has given us four years of high unemployment, higher gas prices, a $16 trillion deficit, and a job-killing regulatory environment"

In Virginia and Iowa, the electorate is shifting right

Jennifer Rubin: Turning a blind eye toward al Qaeda

Roger L. Simon: Should Barack Obama resign tonight?

Newsweek: The Benghazi attack; the blow-by-blow of the killing of Ambassador Stevens

Gunbattles flare in Lebanon as political crisis deepens

Jennifer Rubin: How the Obama administration got in trouble on Libya

Chris Wallace dismantles Sen. Durbin’s defense of Obama’s contradictory handling of Libya [video]

AP: Sanctions toothless? France says Iran seems on track for nukes by mid-2013

Britain 'is creating jobs faster than U.S.' and may soon exit longest double-dip recession since the Second World War

Dorothy Rabinowitz: The unreality of the past four years; the Benghazi fiasco is a brutally illuminating portrait of the Obama White House in crisis mode

American Spectator: 'Preference cascade' Has a decisive shift toward Mitt Romney already happened?

Lebanon protesters try to storm government palace

updated: 3 dead, 4 wounded in Wisconsin spa shooting; manhunt finds suspected shooter dead

Foreign Policy: Egyptians turning toward Iran, want nuclear weapons: poll

still unresolved: Obama campaign accepted foreign Web donation -- and may be hiding more

Fighting in Gadhafi stronghold kills 22 militiamen

Newly disclosed CIA intel disputes White House account of Benghazi attack

Sonia Dridi, Cairo reporter, 'savagely attacked' by crowd near Tahrir Square says France 24 TV

Reuters: News Corp. says reports about talks to buy Tribune Company or LA Times are "wholly inaccurate"

Mother of slain Benghazi consulate staffer livid over lack of answers

UPI: News Corp. considers deal for Tribune Company, publisher of LA Times and Chicago Tribune

Reuters: White House denies New York Times report about nuclear/sanctions lifting deal with Iran

Jerusalem Post: Is Iran using alleged 'October Surprise' talks agreement to take crunch out of sanctions? What will effect be on debate/election dynamic?

NY Times: U.S. Officials say Iran has agreed to nuclear talks

Washington Times: Dick Morris predicts an Obama-Iran 'October surprise'

WND: Obama cuts deal with Iran over nukes?

Zappos: Re-inventing Las Vegas

CNBC: Here's why Google could disappear in five years

Larry Kudlow: Is Obama buying the election with his welfare explosion?

Boston Herald: President Obama’s jokes can’t hide the truth

Lawrence Solomon: Obama’s ­foreign-policy gap; no match for Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Bush

Guardian: The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Six spin points collapse

Jennifer Rubin: Romney nearing 270

Charles Krauthammer: The great gaffe: "Obama declared himself offended by the suggestion that anyone in his administration, including the UN Ambassador, would “mislead” the country on Libya"

Huge Beirut car bomb kills leading Syrian foe

Former Obama adviser: Our foreign policy is a mess — especially in the Middle East

Daily Mail: 'My son is not very optimal - he is very dead': Mother of diplomat killed in Benghazi attack slams Obama's Jon Stewart show comment on raid

AP: CIA determined Benghazi attack "was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video" within 24 hours of attack

Ryan says Obama continuing to stonewall on Libya questions

Blast halts Iran gas flow to Turkey, 28 troops wounded

Peggy Noonan: The year the debates mattered

Released files detail alleged abuse in Boy Scouts of America

Independent: British scientists manufacture clean gasoline from CO2 and water vapour extracted from air; unique process works on a small scale, plant planned that will produce 1 tonne per day

ending publication in December: 10 classic Newsweek covers

Orlando Sentinel: Our pick for president: Romney; supported Obama in 2008, Kerry in 2004

Pew Research: Romney gains on Obama on foreign policy issues

Reuters: Suspected leader of Benghazi terror assault, Libyan Islamist Abu Khattala says he was at U.S. consulate during attack

Court rules Fort Hood shooting suspect can be forcibly shaved

TransCanada shuts current Keystone pipeline for examination after finding external 'anomaly' on link between Missouri and Illinois

Airstrikes in northern Syria kill at least 43, many trapped under rubble

Sprint Nextel assumes majority stake in Clearwire

Microsoft profit slips as PCs fizzle; Windows 8 awaited

Inspector General’s report contradicts Secret Service on prostitution scandal

Romney's October surge heightens the drama in Wisconsin

U.S. jobless claims rise sharply to 388,000

Failed math of Obama’s four years

Michael Barone: Obama firewall in ruins?

Different campaign ad strategies take into account changing race, timing, demographics and who is buying ads, PACs or campaigns

BBC says broadcasts disrupted in Middle East; Iran appears to be jamming satellite signals

California, other states preparing for earthquakes with preparedness exercise today

Edmonton Journal: Romney is right about Canada being better than the U.S. to do business

At least 11 dead, as landslide kills children in Peru's jungle

Mark Bowden: The hunt for 'Geronimo'; finding and killing Bin Laden (a Vanity Fair excerpt from Bowden's new book)

Karl Rove: Obama won the debate but is losing the argument; CNN found Mitt Romney ahead by 58% to 40% on essential question of who would be better at handling economy

More evidence of Obama Benghazi deception

Suspect arrested in New York car bomb plot; target was Federal Reserve Bank and Quazi Nafis was arrested with his finger on the detonator, a fake supplied by FBI in sting operation

‘Candy was wrong’: Romney camp cries foul after CNN moderator ‘sides with Obama’ at key debate moment

Gaddafi’s final hours: Libyan leader beaten and stabbed in buttocks while loyalists executed by militias, new report says

CIA officer and female U.S. soldier killed in Afghan suicide blast on the weekend, U.S. official says

NY Times - Bill Keller: Hillary: The missed opportunity ("I told you so")

Jonathan Tobin: Yes, the White House played politics on Libya

Mickey Kaus: Crowley was out of line

Crowley's folly: don't 'fact check' if you don't know the facts

Obama touts fair pay for women, despite records showing women paid less in his own White House [video]

Women voters in Ohio moving to Romney because of economy

General health check-ups 'offer no benefit', but may cause undue stress, say Danish experts after large study

BBC: Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat

Daily Mail ~ Toby Harnden: A new, improved Barack Obama - 'Joe Biden without the charm' - shows up for the second debate but fails to halt Mitt Romney's momentum; CNN poll: 58% to 40% in Romney's favour on the economy, 49% to 46% on health care, 51% to 44% on taxes, 59% to 36% on the deficit

Joseph Curl: Crowley skews hard for Obama in disastrous debate moderation

Battery firm backed by Obama stimulus millions files for bankruptcy; 5th prominent clean-energy firm the Obama administration subsidized with loans or grants that has filed for bankruptcy protection

A Presidency squandered

Clinton under bus ensures Libya will be front and center in tonight's debate and potentially for rest of campaign

The decline, fall -- and re-election? -- of Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Clinton and Rice hung out to dry with made-up 'video' story

Cuba to allow citizens to travel freely for the first time in 51 years

Disappearing story lines: An extra boost for Obama

Michael Gerson: Biden’s toxic victory

round 2: Romney changed minds. Now can he close the sale?

buck doesn't stop with Obama: Clinton: 'I take responsibility' for Benghazi Bungle

LA Times: Romney posts a surge in donations; Mitt Romney's presidential campaign raised $170M during September, nearly matching President Obama's total, and October is looking even better for the GOP candidate

Series of powerful M5 and M6 quakes have struck all around Australia in past 10 days [map]

Marc Thiessen: The new Middle East coverup: Biden caught in Syria falsehood during debate

U.S. officials unhappy with handling of Benghazi suspects in April attack: E-mails

Historic 9/11 trial finally under way in Guantanamo, more than 11 years after world was changed by the terrorism

Benghazi Bungle cover-up becoming rerun of “Fast and Furious” cover-up; both include American dead

South Korean government apologizes for missing North defector

University of Tennessee study confirms solar wind as source for moon water

Japan's mobile operator Softbank to buy 70% of Sprint for $20.1B

Benghazi: Osama's revenge on Obama

TIME: Prima donna complex? Moderator role under scrutiny – before the Tuesday debate, after CNN's Candy Crowley waxed public about how she was was ready to'hijack' questioning, say campaign lawyers for BOTH Obama and Romney

Ryan says GOP win would spur a tax deal; all about growth and jobs

Syrian rebels shoot down MiG near Aleppo

Iran designed the drone sent into Israeli airspace, Hezbollah says; was it spying on Israeli nuclear sites for future strikes, or merely testing defences?

Fred Barnes: Obama didn’t save us from a Depression; U.S. GDP shrank 12% during 2007-2009 recession. "The largest estimates of the effect of Obama stimulus is about 3.5%. The Great Depression was a 40% ‘recession.’" Math disproves the Obama claim.

Mammoth mystery algorithm on Nasdaq: who and why?

Even the New York Times finally notices the Benghazi Bungle; wonders why White House didn't spin it for political advantage

Daily Mail: UK students to learn about 200 key British figures from Anglo-Saxons to Winston Churchill as 'politically correct' national curriculum in history is scrapped; rise and fall of shaping Roman and British empires to return

U.S. Airways flight from Tampa to Phoenix diverts to Albuquerque, NM, after windshield crack

George F. Will: Too big to fail is too dangerous to allow

Obama and Biden were winning — until they faced actual opponents

Rights group says Syria using cluster bombs

Round 2: Presidential debate prep: Obama at Virginia resort, Romney at his Massachusetts home

Denver Post: Police, both parties still quiet after Obama office window shot in Denver on Friday

Israel kills al Qaeda-tied leader of Gaza militant group

Four Cuban soccer players defect in Canada; headed south?

Columbus Dispatch editorial: Preventable tragedy; Obama administration can’t spin its way out of blame for Benghazi; "astounding display either of incompetence or dishonesty"

Clintons said to be furious about State Dept. getting blame for Benghazi bungle

Denver Post: As Election Day nears, Romney crowds are surging

Joe Biden’s rude debate laughter: the joke’s on him

Biden burdens his boss

U.S. Catholic Bishops make scathing attack on Biden debate claims

January 'fiscal cliff' in U.S. to kill 66,500 construction jobs, $2B in business

Sen. Corker: Obama must have known what happened in Libya

Mitt Romney: Biden ‘doubling down on denial’ on Benghazi Bungle

Romney has solid edge in 269-269 electoral vote tie scenario

State Dept spokesperson says she’s paid to be ‘dumb’ when talking about Benghazi attack

Forbes: Ryan drew blood early, then cruised to victory over unsteady, flustered Biden

U.S. federal deficit tops $1T for fourth year in a row

Backers, critics of Egypt president clash in Cairo

Pakistani police make arrests in 14-year-old girl's shooting

Charles Krauthammer: The Big Bird counterattack

Brit Hume: Biden ‘looked like a cranky old man’ [video]

Rubin: The VP slugfest

Daily Mail: Ghost of an over-confident Al Gore will haunt a smirking, interrupting Vice President who was caught fibbing about the intelligence community

Solar energy company got $1.6B U.S. Energy Dept. loan guarantee; email shows the company, BrightSource, was bragging it had Obama, VP Biden, Sen. Reid and Sen. Feinstein and California Gov. Brown pressuring Energy Dept. for solar project in Mojave Desert; links project approval to 2010 re-election races of Sen. Reid and Sen. Boxer

VP Debate: 11 things you will hear tonight

In VP debate, GOP looks to boost momentum, Democrats want to steady the ship

Rubin: Is Benghazi Obama’s Waterloo?

Yemeni security official for U.S. Embassy killed in drive-by shooting in Sanaa

Washington Post: Russia denounces Turkish seizure of Syrian aircraft with 17 Russians aboard; plane contained "munitions" which were removed

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Media Bias: Romney's surge

Washington Post: Romney calls teen mocked by her now-suspended teacher for wearing Romney shirt; parents are switching her to another school

Harley Carnes - CBS Radio News: Not just another story; The evidence from Benghazi and elsewhere is becoming alarming [podcast]

Bill O'Reilly: Benghazigate misinformation campaign and cover-up could really hurt Obama [video]

Thomas Sowell: Race card hypocrisy

Karl Rove: The dividends of Romney's debate victory; more Republicans than Democrats are registering and voting early in several battleground states

Reuters: Conflicting data show both dark and light at end of U.S. tunnel: unemployment applications down to 339,000 and the U.S. trade deficit widened in August to $44.2 billion, as goods exports fell for the fifth consecutive month

Margaret Wente - view from Canada: Romney and Obama, consultant vs. professor

Weekly Standard: Mother of slain Sean Smith personally assured by Obama, Clinton, Biden and Panetta they would tell her what happened to her son as soon as they knew; she tells Anderson Cooper she has heard nothing from any of them, not even the cause of death [video]

Al-Qaeda is not dead; "as with so many problems in the Obama administration, the failure to interpret current events puts us in danger going forward"

House Judiciary Chairman: Obama should fire campaign staffers facilitating voter fraud; caught on video explaining how to vote twice

BBC: Syrian passenger plane from Moscow forced to land in Turkey

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu election call leads to scramble among opposition parties

WSJ: Big Bird, small President; As of fiscal 2011, Sesame Workshop had assets of $289M

Jack Welch: I was right about that strange jobs report; economy would need to be growing at breakneck speed for unemployment to drop to 7.8% from 8.3% in two months

Political haggling, investor skepticism kill EADS, BAE merger

TIME: Obama should stop defending Big (Bird) government

Obama cultists’ crack-up

Washington Post: 'Benghazi Bungle' mars Clinton legacy; will it finish her Presidential aspirations?

AP: U.S. State Department finally reveals details of Benghazi attack before Congressional questioning to start; there was no 'video' protest in Benghazi, just a violent, organized, ruthless assault, and a subsequent run for the airport and escape on two planes, after 4 killed; weeks of lies and cover stories washed away

George Jonas: Why we (still) elect statists

California squirrel tests positive for plague exposure

U.S. State Dept disengages from White House post-Benghazi spin: 'We didn't link Libya attack to video' — description of attack in sync with GOP, not DNC

Al-Qaida making comeback in Iraq

under cover, underwater: Special forces in Canada, U.S. eyeing mini-subs

Canadian boomers pining not for retirement, but to start new business: survey

Quebec triple-murder suspect must face U.S. criminal charges before extradition

UK nitrogen cocktail drinker has stomach removed

House of Commons Opposition slams bill that could keep Koran-burning U.S. pastor from entering Canada

Government 'death panels' to be focus of Chicago "Ration End of Life Care" debate October 10th

Bloomberg: Cummins to cut as many as 1,500 jobs, lowers forecasts

WSJ: Big Bird wants out of Obama campaign ad

Daily Mail: Obama 'believed he had BEATEN Romney' in Denver debate - after ignoring advice of top aides on preparation

surprise: owned by bundler in Shanghai with business ties to Chinese Government

Buzz Bissinger: Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney looked - and sounded - the part of commander in chief

Turkish president says ‘worst case’ unfolding in Syria as countries exchange fire for sixth straight day

Business Insider: A second Greek man on 'The Lagarde List' has been found dead

Lara Logan: Americans are being lied to about the crumbling Middle East and the vitality of the Taliban

Revolt of the Spooks? U.S. intelligence agency career officers allege a “cover up” of intelligence information about terrorism in North Africa to protect Obama

Jim Geraghty: Why he's falling apart; The foundations of Obama's campaign are not nearly as strong as they once seemed

CBS News: Ex-U.S. security team leader in Libya: "We needed more, not less" security staff; "They asked if we were safe. They asked... what was going to happen, and I could only answer that what we were being told is that they're working on it - they'll get us more (security personnel), but I never saw that."

Townhall: Bombshell: U.S. security teams removed from Libya prior to 9/11 attack, over Stevens' objections

Omaha World-Herald editorial: Economy needs Mitt Romney

NH Union Leader editorial: Feeding Big Bird: He and Elmo need no handouts

Daily Beast exclusive: 9/11 Libya cable authorized by Ambassador Stevens detailed Benghazi threats, didn't mention anti-Muslim video or planned protests, highlights post-revolution jockeying and political ferment

Gillespie rips Obama: "Job creation in September was lower than in August, which was lower than July. GDP is lower than 2011, which was lower than 2010. This is not moving in the right direction. For every job created in the Obama presidency, six workers have left the job market."

WSJ: Damning U.S. Congressional report undermines Huawei expansion plans

Chavez vows to deepen socialism and focus better in coming 6-year term after retaining Venezuelan Presidency with 9-point win

Chris Cillizza: Is Obama overrated as a candidate?

Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial: For president: Mitt Romney; "The evidence Mr. Romney systematically laid out exposed how the president's top-down interventions have virtually paralyzed our economy — and he presented a solution."

Updated election forecasting model adds 5 electoral college votes to Romney win predicted in August, University of Colorado study says

Biden takes 6 days off campaign trail for debate cram

Argo: Canada's 1979 Ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, sets the record straight after Hollywood twists it

VP Debate preview: How to beat Paul Ryan

Princeton economist: Romney tax plan mathematically sound

Romney: Where is Obama’s economic plan?

Post-debate facts and fictions

Abu Hamza, four other terror suspects appear in U.S. Courts after extradition from UK

Peggy Noonan: Romney deflates the President; it wasn't just Mitt Romney's strong performance, it was President Obama's amazingly weak one — he's never been punctured before

Deadly meningitis outbreak linked to fungus-contaminated, compounded steroids from New England Compounding Center; firm issues voluntary nationwide recall of all products

Wall Street Journal: Happy days are not here again; You don't need a conspiracy to know the job market is still lousy

John Podhoretz: The President has no clothes; What liberals finally learned during last week’s debate — thanks to Romney

Terry Keenan: Job news is not the ‘full’ story

Panetta warns clashes between Syria and Turkey may escalate

Are Obama donor numbers hiding something?

updated: Obama Campaign raises $181M in September, slightly down from 2008; only about 2% of donations are reportable because they are for less than $200

Fuzzy math?: CNBC describes new unemployment numbers as 'contradictory'; "what this .03% drop means is that unemployed dropped by 456,000 when only 114,000 jobs were created"

updated: Israeli military F-16s shoot down surveillance drone that entered airspace from Mediterranean [video]

Jonathan Kay: Canadian native stooges then and now — South Africa, 1987 v. Iran, 2012

Romney camp reports $12M in online donations after strong debate performance

Omar Khadr’s transfer to Canada infuriates U.S. soldier blinded in firefight

Hugh Hewitt: A historic debate failure

how Romney won the debate: Preparation and being himself

Andrew Coyne: In U.S. election debate, voters see the New Mitt Romney as a ‘suddenly formidable candidate’

Weekly Standard: U.S. employment remains worse than during the recession

ABC News: Email shows State Department rejecting request of security team at U.S. Embassy in Libya

BBC: Abu Hamza among 5 terror suspects extradited to U.S.

flashback - July 14, 2012: Obama’s scheme to reduce unemployment; keep people on welfare to convince them to stop looking for work -- once those on welfare stop looking for work, they will be removed from the U-3 unemployment list, and the U-3 will drop

Weekly Standard: Jobs report met widely with skepticism

It’s Jim Lehrer’s turn to respond to the debate

Syria agrees to buffer zone along Turkish border, say reports

Jennifer Rubin: Hey, if they think Mitt is moderate, all the better

'The Iranian economy would collapse pretty quickly', under ‘total embargo scenario’ hinted at by U.S. lawmakers

Canadian-owned company donates $1M to Mitt Romney SuperPAC

Turkey warns Syria more strikes would be fatal mistake

Dana Milbank: Obama pays price for ducking the questions

Honey, I shrunk the President; journalists and pundits turn on Obama for failing to make their fairy tales come true

Skepticism and questions about 'does not compute' 7.8% unemployment rate

Small business hiring weak in U.S. for third straight month in September

October surprise? What they're saying about unexpected U.S. jobless rate drop

funny numbers: U.S. adds 114,000 jobs, half number traditionally required each month to keep up with population growth, yet unemployment drops by .3% to 7.8%, its level when Obama took office in January 2009

Larry Kudlow: A huge victory for a principled Mitt Romney

report: National magazine preparing “blockbuster” scandal story on Obama campaign donations

Reuters: Romney gains ground on Obama after strong debate

George F. Will: Romney hits a trifecta in Denver

Charles Krauthammer: Romney didn’t just demonstrate authoritative command of a myriad of domestic issues. He was nervy about it, taking the president on frontally, not just relentlessly attacking, but answering every charge leveled against him — with a 3-point rebuttal; also, Obama just isn’t that good. Not without a teleprompter

Mitt Romney to give major foreign policy speech Monday in Virginia as he seeks to consolidate new attention after big debate win

Sprint weighs rival bid for MetroPCS

Romney benefits from rigorous defense of tax plan

Charles Adler: Obama’s Rocky Mountain low in Denver

AP: Hundreds seen at risk in meningitis outbreak

Robert J. Samuelson: The $5 Trillion tax-cut myth

Connecticut Senate race in dead heat: poll

Joe Klein: Obama’s debate strategy: Unilateral disarmament?

Washington Examiner: Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

Garance Franke-Ruta: Snippy Obama, whose heart's not in it

Politico: Obama hit with left hook on TV, online

William Galston: Romney did himself considerable good

Romney energized, Obama tentative at showdown in Denver

Hugh Hewitt: Since no President has ever done this badly in a debate, we have no idea what it will do to race

Matt Miller: The audacity of Romney

Turkey resumes retaliatory artillery strikes at Syrian targets; PM’s aide says no intent of declaring war

Charles Krauthammer: Romney 'won by two touchdowns'

Obama’s 2007 rant is news, but not a vote-changer

Romney's message: Obama's worst is yet to come

Security 'fusion' centers a waste says bi-partisan Senate report’

Wall Street Journal: Romney's middle-class tax sale

Joe Biden delivers soundbite gift to Romney campaign, says U.S. middle class ‘buried the last four years’

Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Meningitis cases are linked to contaminated steroid injections in spine

Daily Caller exclusive: In heated 2007 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds ‘don’t care’ about New Orleans [video]

Houston Chronicle: Univision network breaks through the mainstream media blockade as it reports more disturbing information on 'Fast and Furious' gun-running operation to its Spanish-speaking audience; will its coverage of the many Mexican victims be the 2012 'October surprise'?

Pennsylvania voter ID law enforcement halted by judge in ruling today; ID will still be requested, but won't be required

Univision reporter: Did Fast and Furious guns kill Border Patrol agent in Arizona today?

Eurozone unemployment hits record 18.2 million

Reports that French agent killed Gaddafi ‘nonsense’

Obama, Romney face similar debate test: Staying cool under fire

USA Today editorial: Voting 6 weeks before election way too early

Ben Stein: Debating Mitt Romney

Derek Hunter: The left's despicable rule: Criticisms of Obama are racist

Bret Stephens: Benghazi was Obama's 3 a.m. call; Libya a failure of policy and worldview, not intelligence

'Furious' guns tied to 2010 Juarez massacre, other murders in Mexico

Al Hunt: Obama’s penchant for arrogance is bigger debate foe

Dutch abortion ship heads for Morocco

Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim

Hugo Chávez rival pledges seismic shift in foreign policy; Capriles says will cancel Russian arms, review oil deals and rethink relations with Iran

Afghan motorcycle bomber kills 14, including 3 NATO troops

Iraq to check Syria-bound Iran flights for arms

Mitt Romney: A new course for the Middle East; Restore the three sinews of American influence: our economic strength, our military strength and strength of our values

Why the stimulus failed: study shows government spending does little to stimulate economies (and because it has little connection to GDP growth, spending cuts are ideal for balancing budgets without provoking a recession)

Conrad Black: The British Commonwealth will rise again

Market faith waning: U.S. investors pulled $300B out of equity markets in last two years; $4.47B last week alone

Deep M7.3 quake under Colombia but no reports of damage

Fox News: Comprehensive timeline of the Obama Administration's handling of the terror attack in Libya [video]

Ann Coulter: Leftists can’t break 200-year racism habit

Are you safer now than you were four years ago?

Rex Murphy: Apologist Obama's response to U.S. ambassador's murder has been confused and wrong; America has nothing to apologize for

Leaving Westboro: Nate Phelps traded his father’s hate-fuelled faith for atheism

David Frum: Can Iran’s nuclear program be stopped without war?

Miami Herald: GOP hopes of a Senate takeover fade; no toss-out wave on horizon

Benghazi-Gate: A timeline of government deceit, deception, and outright lies

updated: At least 26 killed in blasts across Iraq

NY Times: 5 dead after suspected insider attack in Afghanistan

Romney rips Obama over Middle East: "confused, slow, and inconsistent response to the terrorist attack in Libya"

Telegraph: U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi 'disrupted major intelligence operation’

The Hill: Obama administration tells contractors again: 'Don’t issue layoff notices'

'Fast and Furious' debacle back in headlines as Univision finds more victims

Washington Post: "Will The Post be about news or opinion?", says paper's Ombudsman Patrick Pexton. Newspaper should look at its left-of-center bias

NY Times: Obama move to give Egypt $450M in aid meets resistance

Times of Israel: U.S. Embassy issues terror warning for Americans in Egypt

NY Times: Kurds prepare to pursue more autonomy in a fallen Syria

Romney: 'We're going to win Pennsylvania'

Terence P. Jeffrey: What did the White House know about Libya, and when?

Kirsten Powers: Write about terrorism? Nah, let’s all bash Mitt Romney instead!

Thomas Sowell: Our feckless first leader

National security a growing issue in U.S. election and Obama Defense Secretary Panetta finds ally in GOP VP candidate Ryan

Charles Krauthammer: Go large, Mitt

U.S. officially silent on prospect of world taxes imposed by UN; backdoor tax grab?

Chinese shippers place order for 50 supertankers

Kenya attacks last stronghold of Somali militants

Romney and Obama both to speak with Netanyahu by phone

Telegraph: Obama shrugs, but the debt keeps mounting; A fiscal horror is unfolding on the president’s watch

Arab Spring becomes a western winter

Iraq prison break kills 10 guards, suspected al Qaeda fighters

Why you should check Twitter at 8 a.m., nap at 2 p.m.

Townhall: Romney gains on economic stewardship ~ 43% see him improving economy, up from 36%; suggesting his economic message getting through; in contrast, only 34% see improvement under Obama

Media ignore independent voters' swing toward Romney

William Tucker: Meet the real Mitt Romney

Goolsbee: 'If it's growing less than 2% ... [Obama's] going to be facing trouble'

Bloomberg: U.S. economy expanded less than forecast in 2nd Quarter; actual 1.3% growth rather than forecast 1.7%

U.S. media ignoring, but anti-American demonstrations active outside embassies in Thailand, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines

Greece: coalition heads reach ‘basic agreement’ on austerity package

300 killed in single day in Syria

Mafia ‘tax’ on construction projects hit 30% at height of Rizzutos’ power, Quebec inquiry hears

U.S. Fiscal Cliff ‘single biggest threat’ to global economy, Fitch warns; the scale and speed of this fiscal tightening would be likely to push the U.S. economy into an unnecessary and avoidable recession

Karl Rove: Obama's biggest opponent is the truth; voters expect Mitt Romney to blow the whistle in the debates

Shallow M6.4 quake rocks Aleutian Islands, no apparent damage

Obama avoided meeting with world leaders at UN to keep Romney from meeting them; 'dog in the manger' campaign trickery

Ahmadinejad at UN: Arab Spring will spread to Asia, Europe, Africa and America

Obama showering Ohio with attention and money; vote-buying shamelessly at the extreme

NFL blindsided by ref furor

Jack Nicklaus tees up Ohio voters for Romney

Israel wary of expanding Syrian chaos

AP/GFK poll: 49% want Obamacare repealed completely, 44% want it implemented as written

Twin explosions target army HQ in Damascus; Syrian reporter killed in violence after blasts

Romney's new concept of 'prosperity pacts' offer real hope and change for Middle East; not just elusive stability, but easing suffering, anger and hate

John McCain: Obama's Middle East failures not 'bumps in road'

Obama blasted by Left and Right for snubbing world leaders at UN

Andrea Tantaros: The real war on women; While attacking Romney, Obama continues to ignore abuse of women in Muslim world

Paul Ryan links blown call in Packers' game to Obama's budget office: "If you can't get it right, it's time to get out"

The 10% President; The annotated Obama: How 90% of the deficit becomes somebody else's fault

Marc Thiessen: A bogus defense of Obama’s intelligence briefing record

Obama’s confused foreign policy

CNN crisis call: Time Warner eyes big guns to revive limping network; who will go, who will stay,why should people tune in?

Romney says foreign aid should be tied to a country's efforts to promote work

John Podhoretz: Why Bam can’t gaffe; Media refuse to hear his fumbles

transcript: Romney’s speech to the Clinton Global Initiative in New York

NFL replacement ref meltdown: catching the guy who caught the ball ruled a game-winning TD
[video breakdown]

Spain recoils as its hungry forage trash bins for a next meal

Parti Québécois 'secularism charter' criticized -- from an unexpected direction

Jean Dorion: With 'secularism charter' Marois' PQ has planted ultimate seeds of its demise and loss of independence dream for Quebec; 'chickens don't vote for Col. Sanders' [google-translated]

Bundesbank sees signs of German economic slowdown

Obama skipped his daily intelligence meetings every day in the week leading up to the attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Cairo and Benghazi; but has finally resumed them

Politico: Republican poll analysis: Romney winning with middle-class families

Obama admits some of his campaign ads go ‘overboard’

Top 10 Obama excuses

Stephen F. Hayes: Permanent spin; the defining characteristics of Obama foreign policy have been mendacity, incompetence, and, yes, stupidity

60 Minutes: Buck doesn't stop with Obama; Obama: ‘As president I bear responsibility for everything, to some degree’

60 Minutes: Obama admits failure of 'hope and change': "I haven’t fully accomplished that. Haven’t even come close in some cases", while Romney says his 20% tax cut will "encourage economic growth -- to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work"

Poor economy could cost Obama youth vote, Clinton says

Kim Zigfeld: Why the media blackout on Afghanistan Marines disaster?

UN chief warns Iran's Ahmadinejad on fiery rhetoric amid European calls for new sanctions

What is to blame: A movie or Obama’s policies?

Jennifer Rubin: Hold the hope, deliver change

2012 election challenge: Find and corral undecided, likely voters

Denver Post: Presidential debate knowns and unknowns

Libyan crackdown on unauthorized militias spreads to Tripoli

French President Francois Hollande's popularity slides 11% in one month as economy wanes under his socialist prescription; unemployment now 10%

Did CNN do public service by reporting truths from Ambassador Stevens' journal? They countered White House cover-up with facts

Ann Coulter: Wildly out-of-touch media complain Mitt Romney not 'regular guy'

CNN takes heat for reporting from Ambassador Chris Stevens personal handwritten journal, including fact he was worried for his security

Nine Libyan forces killed in clashes with Gaddafi loyalists in Brak; follows 'execution' of 6 Libyan police & army members in Benghazi

Washington denies Florida federal aid for Hurricane Isaac damage; will politics intervene?

In Little Havana, Paul Ryan pledges hard line on Cuba

Challenge for time of candidates: rallies vs fundraising as election air war nears final 45-day stretch

Turkish court finds 330 military staff guilty of attempted coup

Friday antics: Romney’s taxes and Obama’s career crisis

Jennifer Rubin: Obama’s embassy cover story dissolves; Was the Obama administration lying