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Older News ~ December 2011 -- June 2012

NOTE: not in exact chronological order

Taliban launches attacks on western compounds in Kabul
as Obama wings home from claiming victory in Afghanistan

Montreal May Day march gets ugly; clowns overrun by thugs in black

SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid
to take credit for bin Laden killing during election campaign

Rare space photo collection includes Ed White's initial
American spacewalk; Gemini IV in 1965

Air France Flight 447: 'Damn it, we’re going to crash’

Canada’s abandoned railway lines given second life

U.S. deploys F-22 Raptors to base near Iran

RCMP charge man targeted by BC’s ‘Justice Trolls’

icons: Enterprise makes dramatic final New York flight along Hudson

Canada now $10B ahead of schedule with one month left in fiscal year
Feds score 2nd consecutive monthly surplus above $1.5B; media pouts

Rupert Murdoch admits 'cover-up' at News of the World tabloid

Romney: The next President of the United States?

NY Daily News: As expected, Mitt sweeps all five Tuesday primaries
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Ontario Liberal budget passes; NDP extorts, then abstain from vote

Alison Redford’s PCs win big in Alberta
12th straight majority government; since 1971

Surprise! Pollsters wrong again; PC Alberta dynasty endures

Big snowstorm shakes up 'crazy' winter

‘Sit down with us,’ Charest tells protesting students

Analysis: Striking Quebec students given free pass on violence

Montreal student protest over tuition turns violent
at Plan Nord job fair; riot police, tear gas, broken glass

Polar bears are 600,000 years old; don't need coddling

updated: 127 dead as passenger plane crashes in Pakistan

CBC: Prison closures in 2014 based on age and costs of operation
to save Fed Gov't $120M a yr; currently empty cells to house transferees

Speculation starts on future of KP prime waterfront
site: condos or Queen's University expansion?

Huge Kingston Pen sits beside 1976 Olympic sailing harbour.

updated: Legendary Kingston Penitentiary to close

Early Spring means bugs are back: big time

Conservatives want unemployed to fill jobs now going
to temporary foreign workers: Jason Kenney

India missile test has few critics, unlike North Korea; because it's stable and responsible

India's missile launch puts China in range

Canada to remain in triple-A club’s shrinking pool: Citigroup

A bird’s eye view of 2012 London Olympics venues

Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last flight -- to Smithsonian

Quebec construction tycoon Antonio Accurso
arrested in anti-corruption raid: report

M6.7 quake shakes Chile; moderate depth
Harper visit unaffected; media jittery

Harper receives warm welcome in Chile; long-time free trade partner

Harper arrives in Chile to talk trade

Summit of Americas stalled on democracy for Cuba

Norway killer Breivik admits massacre, claims self-defense

Conrad Black: America is in decline

National Geographic: The first complete views of
the wreck of the legendary RMS Titanic [zoomable]

NY Times: Controversial rocket fails moments
after launch, pieces fall into North Korean waters

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in cave; changes resistance thinking

Latest quake -- M6.9 shook Baja California this morning
4 major quakes strike along West Coast, Mexico in last day

After 5-year re-fit, HMCS Windsor gets ready to re-visit deep blue sea

No local damage, but big Mexico quake shook
tall buildings 200 miles away in Mexico City

Global risk of big earthquakes has not recently increased

M5.9 shallow quake hits off Oregon coast

M7.0 deep quake hits Michoacan, Mexico

Why Indonesian quake didn’t trigger killer wave

Mass panic as quake triggers tsunami alerts
Alert ended: only small tsunami resulted due to quake's sideways motion

8.6M shallow quake violently shakes undersea off Sumatra coast

Frequent dental X-rays linked to type of brain tumour

New Canadian quarter features glow-in-the-dark Alberta dinosaur

French embassy hosts Vimy reception in Ottawa

Remembering Vimy Ridge, Easter 1917

Easter in Spain: a dove and angel emerge during 'Bajada del Angel'

China to drop solar energy to focus on nuclear power

updated: U.S. Navy F-18 crashes in residential area in Virginia Beach
3 apartment buildings destroyed, no deaths or serious injuries

11th-hour temporary court injunction delays deletion of gun registry data

Ontario’s Power Trip: The great electricity bill cover-up

Canadian economy roars back; sees biggest job gains since 2008
adds 82,300 jobs; unemployment drops 2 points to to 7.2%

Dodge Viper returns, lighter, with even more V-10 power

2014 Chevy Impala introduced; to be built in Oshawa

Dallas tornado mows through 500 trucks; chopper cam catches [video]

Canadian dollar fluctuates on U.S. economic data

Livescience: Baby brains may 'wake up' before birth

GM 1st-quarter profit falls 61% as losses in Europe widen

Defending the Olympics from terror attack: Fighter planes at Northolt for first time since WWII as elite RAF say they will shoot down passenger jets to protect London

Tasha Kheiriddin: Whither the labour movement; gouging employers and their membership to pay for gilded benefits

Pilot in hang-glider fatality has bail hearing put off; memory card containing video recording of fatal flight still in man's body

Dean Skoreyko: Justin Trudeau caught using Katimavik as personal ATM

Professional activist claims police posing as beggars to catch drivers on cellphones are giving panhandlers a "bad name"

At least 34 children killed in Syria since ceasefire, UN envoy says

James Delingpole: Lying climate scientists lie again – about death threats, this time

Mama duck and 8 ducklings cross busy 4-lane 407 successfully but not uneventfully as CTV cameraman captures video from chopper: video

Who was behind the deadly attacks at Egypt's Defence Ministry?

McGuinty skeleton closet: Mazza’s girlfriend glided into VP job at ORNGE

Canadian veterans honoured on new $20 polymer bank note

Yankees' Pettitte: 'I may have misunderstood Clemens'

Quebec’s student strikers turn on themselves

Rocky Mountain hot springs set for transfer to private operators to raise profile, reduce head count, bring funds to federal government

Obama makes unannounced trip to Afghanistan; to make TV address

Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte testifies against Roger Clemens

After 50 years, Cubans hope to travel freely

Chris Vander Doelen: Canada needs the F-35

Quebec Mohawk ironworker Steve Cross turns Freedom Tower into New York City’s tallest skyscraper

Labour disruptions causes Canada Post to lose money for first time in 17 years

Three former federal tax officials charged in fraud, corruption investigation

Radio-Canada union denies accountability to Parliament; calls it 'offensive'

Auditor ‘got it wrong’ on F-35 cost, DND officials tell MPs

U.S. overbuilt in big houses?

HBC in talks to bring Bloomingdale’s to Canada

Calgary Herald: Redford promises to deliver ‘big change’ in Alberta as election dust settles

Terence Corcoran: Strike plan tests Occupy mettle

Canadian witness to RFK assassination maintains there was 2nd shooter in addition to Sirhan

Kelly McParland: Join us at May 1 Days of Rage. No experience necessary

Boeing's trade-in deal with Chinese airline; buying half of China Eastern's fleet of 10 Airbus A340 jets as part of a $6B deal to sell 777s

Hurting solar companies dumping thousands of employees

Sir John A. Macdonald would back Harper and the Northern Gateway pipeline

Canadian stocks edge down in early trading after Spain drops into recession

Pain in Spain to deepen as it double-dips into recession

TSN, Sportsnet could end up the big losers in cable pick and pay model: RBC report

RIM’s secret weapon for reviving BlackBerry: HTML5

Canadian economy posts surprise decline in February

Telemarketers to pay for Do Not Call enforcement

Duncan fiddles while Ontario burns

21 killed by gunmen in north Nigeria church service attacks

Wind farms cause climate change: study

Global warming alarmist admits his alarmism overstated unproven thesis -- will fellow travellers admit they were deceived?

Conrad Black to be released from U.S. prison this week; libel suits to follow against his accusers

Book of Revelations doesn't belong in Bible says author

Rex Murphy: Quebec student protests are nothing but a parody

Former SNC-Lavalin executive Riadh Ben Aissa arrested in Switzerland; linked to Gadhafi family

Former NDP prez Topp argues Liberals being hoisted by own petard -- the 'strategic voting' canard blamed (or credited) with all sorts of unwanted (or wanted) electoral results

Using Big Macs to compare wages, Canada beats U.S. -- rest of world behind but improving

Rae blames collapse of Liberal support on Mulcair honeymoon

Dalai Lama thanks Stephen Harper for meeting

Sheriff: Body found in Washington state mountain bunker after hatch blown open

Quebec student strike making little impact on public opinion: poll

Canada slams 'terror attacks' in Ukraine

Canadian Loonie hits $1.02 U.S.

Maple Group clears hurdle in TMX bid

updated: Head-on crash on Alberta’s Highway 63 leaves 7 dead

Witmer's smart move to head WSIB after 22 years as a strong PC MPP creates some Ontario intrigue among the innocent, but leaves Hudak with more cards than simpletons can count

An early, thoughtful, perhaps too-simple dismissal of that pesky Harper 'hidden agenda'

Foreign consultant says path to improved farmer's market is to triple vendor fees, hire management team; vendors say 'whoa'

Charles Krauthammer: While Syria burns, Obama stands idly by despite his 2011 rhetoric

Ontario’s math: Why S&P and Moody’s are so dubious

Nearly $300K raised for survivors, families of migrant workers killed in Ontario crash

Quebec government rejects plan to resume student talks due to demand for involvement of militant group

Kellie Leitch: why the MP and MD did an MBA

Andrew Coyne: Why I’m no longer making election predictions after Alberta

David Suzuki charity questioned for partisan politics

Social issues sank Wildrose during campaign, experts say

Life-changer? Burger King makes cage-free commitment

Alberta Premier Redford vows to end ideological turf war

Edmonton Journal: Pundits scramble to explain how polls got it wrong in Alberta

Canadian employees among most satisfied in world: survey

Rupert Murdoch testifies, says phone hacking is 'lazy' journalism

Kelly McParland: Liberal leaders find their voice in retirement; makes you wonder what Bob Rae really thinks

WorkSafe B.C. orders inspections of all B.C. sawmills after second devastating explosion

National Post: ‘We were wrong’: Alberta Election pollsters red-faced as Tories crush Wildrose; how much did polling misinformation affect Wildrose strategy and tactics in campaign? Did PCs have better polling info than public saw?

‘I alone’ launched Twitter attack on Toews, defiant Liberal tells MPs

Éric Grenier: In defence of the Alberta pollsters -- they couldn't all be wrong (or were they?)

Ontario NDP shows shaky grasp on economics, takes economy hostage, presents image of province as "high-tax/high-cost jurisdiction, potentially blunting investment"

Calgary Herald Redford's Tories make history, repel Danielle Smith's Wildrose threat (with video)

Alberta Election 2012: Redford says Tories appealed to 'diverse' Albertans

CTV projects Progressive Conservative win in Alberta

Edmonton Journal: Early results have Tories poised to win majority

Calgary Herald live election results

Ontario election averted after 'tax the rich' deal struck

NDP MP quits caucus to sit as Independent

Kingston Pen as Alcatraz North?

Alberta Election 2012: Polling stations busy in Edmonton Monday

Alberta Election 2012: Danielle Smith’s 'gaffes' a window on Wildrose libertarianism

McGuinty Liberals sending horse racing industry to the glue factory without any consultation; 60,000 jobs at risk, not counting the thousands of four-footed victims

Alberta Election 2012: Spirited election has changed Alberta’s political scene

Efforts to keep bogus Roma refugees out have failed: Jason Kenney

NDP mulls over $250-million in concessions ahead of key Ontario budget vote

Rejected Afghan interpreters get second chance to come to Canada

WSJ: Laffer and Moore: A 50-state tax lesson for the President

Will Markham build $329M, 20,000-seat community arena and seek an NHL franchise?

Alberta Election 2012:Wildrose leader Smith defends candidates' right to freedom of opinion and speech as new video causes ripples

Road accident kills 43 in eastern Mexico as tour bus hit by cargo truck

CBC vows to keep NHL broadcast rights from Bell, Rogers

Judge extends injunction to preserve long-gun registry in Quebec until mid-June

Charles Burton: Sunk by corruption, even in China; is a multi-party democracy inevitable?

Alberta Election 2012: Wildrose says 'not us' as RCMP called in over election robocalls

Globe and Mail editorial: Alberta’s Conservatives offer more change than Wildrose

NDP takes away two Liberal bastions in B.C. provincial by-elections

Canadian Pacific Railway’s profit, efficiency jump; will it matter as CP and Pershing Square in the late stages of proxy fight?

AP: How the French election works

Who can stop the wind? These residents are trying to stop the scourge of giant wind turbines with smart strategies

Canadian inflation rate drops to 1.9% on big declines in gas, food prices

Will dandelions prove to be a cancer cure in humans? New research underway in Windsor; dandelion root extract inhibits growth of tumours in mice

Corruption in Quebec widespread, watchdog says as probe widens

Court in shock as Norway gunman describes massacre

Crux of the Matter: Paper's editorial info on Hudak & Ontario PCs is "6 months out of date"

Alberta election forecaster sees Wildrose win -- but with asterisk

Kelly McParland: Danielle Smith needs to quell the Wildrose bozo eruptions

Chris Vander Doelen: CAW road show falls flat

Nokia replaces sales chief after $1.2B loss

Scott Stinson: With electricity costs set to skyrocket, Ontario Liberals could soon face an energy backlash

Alberta Election 2012: Edmonton’s Mayor urges Wildrose leader to refute ‘caucasian advantage’ quip

Dick Clark, dead at 82, made pop culture

Canadian Supreme Court allows Conrad Black to pursue libel suits

Alberta Election 2012: Latest Leger poll puts Wildrose out front

U.S. Secret Service hooker scandal deepens

LA Times: Did Ikea just beat Apple to the all-in-one television?

Alberta Election 2012: Who’d make the best leader? Smith, Redford in a dead heat

Canadian hospitals turn to internet to fight emergency room wait times

Alberta Election 2012: Calgary becomes ground zero in Alberta’s seismic political shift

Chris Vander Doelen: An Ontario election could save billions

Wildrose’s flame for an Alberta ‘firewall’ may prove problematic for other provinces

Scott Stinson: Expect more posturing over the Ontario budget, but don’t expect an election

Bank of Canada hints at higher rates

Alberta Election 2012: What Alberta party leaders said during Herald-Journal live chat

Fate of McGuinty government hangs on key Ontario budget vote next week

Kingston 16-yr-old arrested on explosives, threat charges after police searches

NDP MP Pat Martin apologizes for ‘unequivocally false’ robo-call accusations

Alberta Election 2012: New poll suggests despite apparent PC surge, Wildrose maintaining lead as election day nears

Den Tandt: Wildrose victory in Alberta election would hardly be surprising

Alberta Election 2012: Election spotlight turns to untested Wildrose candidates

U.S. taxes -- Who really is paying up?

Jennifer Rubin: Axelrod TKO-ed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday

'Tornado Alley' pounded; at least 5 killed in Oklahoma as lightning knocks out early warning system

John Ibbitson: The Charter proves to be Canada’s gift to world; it "has replaced the American Bill of Rights as the constitutional document most emulated by other nations"

Afghan official: Haqqanis blamed for Kabul attacks

Alberta Election 2012: Debate didn't change status quo - whatever that is

Terence Corcoran: Occupiers aim for the big time

Supreme Court strikes down police wiretap exception

RMCP raids SNC-Lavalin's Montreal headquarters over actions of former employees

Calgary Herald: Alberta party leaders get testy during televised debate

Edmonton Journal: Historic Alberta Election Debate highlights vastly different plans for Alberta’s future; credible polls show the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose in a dead heat

Failed North Korean launch a warning to military buyers: U.S.

Former actor and Lion Alex Karras joins lawsuit against NFL over head injuries

Baboons smarter than we thought; can tell words from non-word letter jumbles

California Supreme Court rules employers not liable for not ordering workers to take mandated breaks

Ontario Fire chiefs provocatively say they want sprinkler systems for seniors’ homes, not body bags

Alberta Election 2012: Which polls are which? Easter poll from Leger Marketing put PCs and Wildrose in statistical dead heat, while more recent Forum and ThinkHQ polls show a Wildrose runaway; will Thursday TV debate be as important as observers suggest?

Alberta Election 2012: New ThinkHQ/CTV poll appears to confirm Forum Research poll results; gives Wildrose a 14-point lead

Alberta Election 2012: Latest Forum Research poll suggests Wildrose Party could win 60 out of 87 Alberta seats, up 2 from last week

Financial Times: As petrol prices rise and western demand shrinks, refineries are closing across developed world

Chantal Hébert: Mulcair’s NDP leadership victory was — by far — the worst possible outcome for struggling Liberals

In economic freefall, Ontario Liberals eye energy sector sell-off to raise funds

Manitoba First Nations leaders paid themselves money meant for flood compensation: audit

Alberta Election 2012: Alison Redford’s ‘Hail Mary’: Alberta PCs using conscience rights as a wedge against Wildrose

Alberta Election 2012: Tories closing gap after initial collapse in voter support

Toronto's Pearson Airport joins international trend towards fine dining at major airports

TV cameras to be allowed in British court for first time

Comparing 1912's Titanic with 2012's Oasis of the Seas

Bo Xilai removed from Chinese Party posts, wife accused in British businessman’s murder

Fabled Dodger Stadium turns 50 -- in pictures

Does 'secret layoff list' at RMC include Principal?

Social media flexes populist muscles prompting quick backdown after Oasis appeal 'win' -- will this affect lawyer advice going forward?

Commodore computer founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83

Wiebo Ludwig, polarizing figure in the oil patch, dies at 70

Paul Theroux: If I had a son, he’d look like George Zimmerman

Sister and brother recount online how F-18 destroyed their home

Study: Fungus behind bat die-off came from Europe

95th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge - Lest We Forget

Canada's Howard wins 4th world curling title

Eli Lilly Alzheimer’s test given go-ahead

ConocoPhillips spinoff looks to pipelines to blunt refining volatility

Sony to axe 10,000 jobs in turnaround bid: report

Matthew Fisher: Time to add perspective to debate on F-35 jets

Titanic at 100: A forgotten Titanic tragedy

Cruise with descendants of original passengers to recreate Titanic trip -- except for iceberg

U.S. warns Syria it can't deceive world over pullout

Google to launch 'museum view' Tuesday of 100 of world's top art galleries, including AGO, Tate, The Met and Florence’s Uffizi

Crux of the matter: Harper F-35 estimate of $14.7B accurate as additional $9B was for sustainment costs; this was public 2 years ago; time for media to walk back their hyperbole

Ghost ship from Japanese tsunami sunk by U.S.Coast Guard 180 miles off Alaska in 6,000 feet of water

Blue Jays triumph in 16th inning in longest opening day game in baseball history

Conservatives hit ‘reset button’ on plan to buy 65 fighter jets; using same strategy successful in ship contracts

Google shares details of ‘secret’ digital glasses project; next big thing?

Evicted 101-year-old Detroiter gets her home back after Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom and his charity stepped in, and convinced volunteers and businesses to do the same

Holder: Justice Department will officially answer Texas judge who responded to Obama's attack on the judiciary this week by demanding a letter recognizing federal courts' authority to strike down unConstitutional laws passed by Congress

Not ready for Prime Time? Is Alberta's Wildrose Party channelling Big Brother? Picking election fights with people who buy electrons by the barrel not usually a good idea...

Canadian Votto agrees to $200+M, 12-year contract with Cincinnatti Reds; longest guarantee in MLB history

CBC to cut 650 jobs over three years, start advertising/sponsorships on radio

Braid: Wildrose matching Tories at fundraising game

BlackBerry gets unexpected publicity after broken-bottle stabbing at London party promoting BlackBerry Messenger

France arrests 10 suspected Islamist militants ‘similar’ to Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah in pre-dawn raids

Alberta election 2012: Poll says Wildrose and its voodoo economics poised to win majority; who says you can't buy votes?

NDP's 'much ado about nothing' in response to federal budget rubs Liberals who had own blather to unload; welcome to third place

Alberta election 2012: Who's more conservative? Leaders of Wildrose and Conservatives spar over Smith's math and cash giveaway promise

Crux of the matter: McGuinty shows priorities, closing needed mental health centre while giving $1.1B subsidy to unreliable wind power

NDP conditions on Ontario budget include tax hike for highest earners

Seeking ‘clean slate,’ and saving $9M, Baird pulls plug on Rights & Democracy

Tories freeze F-35 funds and open door to alternatives in wake of scathing AG report

Google liable for advertisers' deception, Australian court rules; could this be the ruling which cleans up the internet's nasty secret?

Couple sentenced in largest human trafficking case in Canadian history

York University bails on $60M deal with RIM co-founder Balsillie after union mounts strong-arm campaign

Poll shows B.C. Liberals in freefall as Conservatives gain ground and tie them for second at 23%, behind NDP's 43%

B.C. rolls out new $700M road, rail plan to enhance Asia trade

Bitcoin, the financial traders' anarchic new toy

European outlook dims as Asia brightens

Five unhealthy habits sending us to an early grave

Global business groups warn India over tax plan impact

Gary Mason: The childless Danielle Smith protests too much

Stirling, Ontario, crowned Kraft Hockeyville 2012 winner

Vander Doelen: A tale of two budgets -- Feds do it right; Duncan's plan leads to further future suffering

1940 U.S. census records to be released online Monday include 21 million still alive

updated: Myanmar opposition says Suu Kyi led party to landslide victory

Millions of dollars pledged by 70 countries to aid Syria's activists

How Mitt Romney wielded power as Massachusetts' governor

Ireland faces popular revolt over new property tax

Alberta Election 2012: Redford trumpets seniors property tax plan

Alberta Election 2012: Wildrose joins Liberals and NDP in pledging to ban school fees

Obama not what he said he was; 'compression' just another term for 'I made it up' says new book based on comparing his past claims with reality

Why did the U.S. unemployment rate tick down? Primarily from people dropping out of the labor force

U.S. jobs data point to sluggishness as numbers fail to meet predictions

Facebook targets $96B value

32,000-year-old plant grown from ancient fruit found in Siberian permafrost

LA Times: Small prefabs as backyard offices

A fast way to lower Canadian jobless rate: Use U.S. metrics

farmland fail?: California bullet train board approves environmental studies; decision involving high-speed track to be built between Fresno and Merced sets stage for legal challenges from Central Valley farming interests

'Avengers' movie conquers world box office as North American audiences wait

Mariano Rivera tears ACL in warm-up before Royals beat Yankees; career may be over; Yankees, MLB stunned

The Canadian skywalkers who helped build New York City's skyline

White House admits defeat in Syria; time for Plan B?

What China's other dissidents are saying about Chen

Have Obama and Clinton fumbled the Chen file? Diplomatic disarray deepens as Chen calls media, politicians

15 million of world's babies are born prematurely; more than 1 in 10

Goodspeed Analysis: Activists fear U.S. may have been duped in deal to hand Chen Guangcheng over to China

French Election 2012: Sarkozy and Hollande face off in first, and last, TV debate

Oil drops from 5-week high on lower U.S., European jobs data

Reuters updated: China-U.S. deal over dissident sours, Chen fears for life; Beijing denounces U.S. meddling; Chen appeals to Obama to help him escape China with his family

AP: Activist Chen now wants to leave China

Jay Cost: Obama the Polarizer

Joel Achenbach: Did Elizabeth Warren game the system?

Occupy anarchists who plotted to blow up Cleveland Bridge had eyes on second big splash in Chicago

U.S. factory orders post biggest decline in 3 years

Andrew Horvath: Closing the door on the climate change debate; muon catalysed fusion energy solves multiple issues, including ending unproductive debates

Chinese dissident Chen leaves U.S. embassy as China seethes over affair

Mexico shakes from group of quakes

B.C. hang-glider pilot may have swallowed evidence; missing memory card?

Three members of Occupy Cleveland among 5 'anarchists' charged by FBI with intent to blow up Cleveland-area bridge

Japan's economy contracts in March

CNN tanks in April, hits 10-year low

Egypt foils Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador

Shallow 5.0M Baja California quake sways buildings in Mexico City

WaPo fact-checker: Obama’s 4-Pinocchio whopper about an Ohio River bridge

Dana Milbank: President Obama, campaigner-in-chief

Germany: Merkel’s green jobs ambition stalls with cuts for solar

Sears spin-off plan may boost Lampert’s control

Facebook to make it easier to become organ donor

updated: Search continues for survivors after India ferry sinking; at least 103 dead

AAA: Inadequate guardrails at NYC site where 7 died

Fresh attacks target symbols of Syrian state power

Why climate science is a textbook example of groupthink

Pakistan reveals efforts to hunt down Osama bin Laden

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider detect important new subatomic particle with quark-binding implications

Romney on Obama bragging about killing Bin Laden: "Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order"

Nick Sorrentino: The New York Fed beautifully scolded in its own house

Canadian movie studio Lionsgate Entertainment grows with steady strategy, scores with Hunger Games

protests too much? Bob Woodward rejects new Watergate claims

Politico: Himmelman, NY Mag defend Woodward-Watergate story

New York magazine: Stunning book excerpt on Ben Bradlee, Bob Woodward and 'The Red Flag in the Flowerpot'

U.S. consumer spending slowed in March, income rose

10 killed in motorcycle suicide blast in northeast Nigeria

Energy Transfer Partners buys Sunoco for $5.3B

Bin Laden files show al-Qaida and Taliban leaders were in close contact

Sochi, Russia gearing up for 2014 Winter Olympics; introduces word-a-day program to teach English to citizens

Obama falls short of expectations abroad

French Election 2012: Separate scandals tarnish rivals Hollande and Sarkozy

Former Libyan oil minister found dead in Danube

Kidnapped British Red Cross doctor found beheaded in Pakistan

Romney calls for protecting Chinese dissident

China activists lifted by blind lawyer's escape

New York state ranked last in economic outlook study due to 'excessive' tax, spending policies

Elections shift tone on Euro

Jonah Goldberg: Top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments

South Sudan gets $8B infrastructure loan from China amid tension with Sudan over land, oil

Reuters backgrounds George Zimmerman; not the guy Martin family lawyer said he was

Kimberley Strassel: Obama's enemies list and his campaign's lack of shame in attacking Romney donors crosses the line

What’s Going On in Azerbaijan? The Iran-al Qaida alliance

Karl Rove: I was wrong about Dick Cheney . . . and other lessons I learned from vetting vice-presidential candidates

NY Times : How Apple sidesteps billions in global taxes

China dissident Chen Guangcheng 'under U.S. protection'

Republicans ignore veto threat, pass House bill to keep student loans from doubling ths summer

Signals from U.S. Supreme Court on Arizona's immigration law may lead to similar get-tough measures in other states

Canadian dollar boosted by expectation interest rates to rise

Analytical thinkers less religious than people who go with their gut: study

Workers protest at Apple's China Foxconn factory with suicide threats; only a month after two firms announced landmark agreement on improving working conditions

Jennifer Rubin: Obama not up to the job? Says campaign will start on May 5th

What the U.S. Secret Service could learn from drunken sailors

Jennifer Rubin: Government is working just fine -- for Obama

U.S. economic growth drops to 2.2%, but consumers buying

Quebec offers to stretch tuition hike over 7 years; student groups still unhappy with lowest tuition in North America

Colbert accuses Canadians of being ‘poutine-sucking’ health-care addicts

Ex-PM Tymoshenko's health failing in Ukraine prison, family says

How zinc deposits in the brain might be causing Alzheimer's

Sierra Leone victims cheer Charles Taylor verdict

Ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor guilty of war crimes

U.S. Supreme Court appears to back Arizona on immigration

Romney would replace Bernanke

British PM faces 'tsunami' of recession, Murdoch

Ukraine: Tymoshenko goes on hunger strike after 'beating'

Mad cow in California: South Korea halts beef imports

Apple profit rises 94% on growing global iPhone demand

U.S. stocks up, Nasdaq-100 has biggest advance in 2012, as Apple jumps

Exposure to violence in childhood harms DNA: study

Jennifer Rubin: Romney’s very presidential speech

NY Times: Even Gingrich says Romney will be GOP nominee and urges party unity

TIME: Romney wins big, promises 'Better America'; Obama guilty of "false promises and weak leadership"

viral video: Provocative video 'If I wanted America to fail' targets energy policy, gains traction; resonates on both sides of border

El Nino predicted to cool U.S. this summer, cutting electricity demand

French Election 2012: Sarkozy looks to TV debates to snatch election victory

North Korea nuclear test coming ‘soon,’ senior official says

USDA confirms California mad cow rumor; beef futures market hammered

Apple found to violate patent on Android phones

video: Investor Jim Rogers says U.S. to plunge into recession in 2013

Wal-Mart creates global anti-bribery watchdog post after Mexican bribery scandal

The Economist: The third industrial revolution; The digitization of manufacturing will transform the way goods are made -- and change the politics of jobs too

Chris Vander Doelen: Few jobs in future factories

Endorsements keep rolling in for Romney as 5 more states cast primary votes today

Syrian rebels target security officials in capital

Ignatieff's comments on Quebec independence make waves; show he still has loose lips

Huge Prince George sawmill explosion kills at least one, injures 20

Too cute to die? Experts say we're too selective about species we choose to protect

Zimmerman-Martin case documents unsealed by judge

WSJ: Mexican immigration wave winds down

Syrian forces kill dozens after UN monitors' visit

Poor U.S. economy worsens Social Security's finances: Geithner

EU set to impose new sanctions on Syrian regime

Nestle in $11.85B deal to acquire Pfizer’s infant-nutrition business

Zimmerman free from Florida jail on $150,000 bond

World stocks fall on euro zone fears, political turmoil

North Korea's military warns it will reduce South Korea's leadership ‘to ashes’ in 4 minutes

French Election 2012: France's Sarkozy hunts far-right votes after Socialist win in first round

Dershowitz blasts Zimmerman prosecution: 'Not only immoral, but stupid'

Race-baiters, 'haters' accused of fanning flames in Trayvon murder case

Arthur Sweetman: Immediate labour-force needs are just part of the immigration equation

Zimmerman bail set at $150,000

George F. Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Mexico volcano spews glowing rock, tower of ash -- 40 miles from Mexico City

Zimmerman tells court he's sorry for Martin's death; apologizes to Martin family

ABC News: Picture taken on iPhone4s 3 minutes after shooting shows blood streaming down back of George Zimmerman's head from two gouges

Jonah Goldberg: Fantasies of Social Darwinism

U.S. Election 2012: Data indicate November election will be referendum; and Obama is the underdog

England: "Coldest May in 100 years", forecasters predict

Why it's worth waiting a few months to buy your next PC

Sudan declares War on South Sudan

French Election 2012: Sarkozy’s big speech gets no love from French press

French Election 2012: Socialist Hollande wins friends on the left and right

Calgary Herald: TransCanada pitches new Keystone XL route in Nebraska

Dozens killed, scores injured as more than 20 bombs explode across Iraq

AP: Two years later, fish sick near BP oil spill site in Gulf

Globe and Mail Editorial: Argentina’s expropriation of energy company only isolates country

Ann Romney's profile grows as election looms

In Asia, RIM sees a glimmer of hope with new BlackBerry launch

New Brunswick town plagued for weeks by ‘earthquake swarm’ -- and no one knows why

E-mails key to case by Mexican prosecutors in Gadhafi, SNC-Lavalin scandal

Rubin: Pundit malpractice on the path to the White House

Industries hail Ottawa’s environmental oversight overhaul

MGM eyes Toronto for sprawling integrated resort and casino

Obama v. the Court

Romney starts official VP search; says he'll have a running mate picked before August convention in Tampa

Romney tells Obama to ‘start packing’

WSJ: Google's $12B toy; what is it going to do with Motorola?

Obama calls for thorough inquiry in Secret Service Colombian prostitution scandal

Rex Murphy: His enemies might not admit it, but Harper is impressive abroad

Neil Reynolds: Waiting for the age of abundance; "a world of nine billion people with clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education, top-tier medical care and non-polluting, ubiquitous energy"

Port Elgin: Illegal CAW wind turbine protested; two sets of rules?

Graphic: Follow the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean

Obama forced to apologize to Ann Romney after Democrat attacks GOP nominee's wife

Fox News poll: Romney regains lead over Obama as President's job approval plunges

North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket and projected launch path and satellite's polar orbit: graphic

Syrian National Council says three killed, dozens arrested since ceasefire

Surveying minimal damage from twin quakes, Indonesians can’t believe their luck

North Korea rocket cost impoverished country £533M

Passengers on diverted Korean Air flight were kept in dark about in-flight bomb threat after previous threat had delayed original take-off

Zimmerman to plead not guilty to charge of second degree murder

Royal Canadian Mint creating digital currency; will pay 'hacker helpers' with real gold

50 former astronauts and scientists slam NASA embrace of human-caused global warming: "We feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate"

Academic freedom at York University? More like academic myopia

Zimmerman to be charged in Martin shooting, official says

U.S. sues Apple, publishers on e-book ‘agency model’ price-fixing

New proposal would see Hans Island split equally between Canada and Denmark

updated: Bomb threat led to Korean jetliner being escorted back to B.C. by two U.S. F-15 fighter jets on NORAD patrol; landed at CFB Comox

Santorum finally smells coffee, stops failed campaign for GOP nomination; clear road now for Romney taking on Obama until November

Annan makes 48-hour apppeal to Syria

GM sees new models staging rebound from 90-year U.S. sales low

Argentina told it must pay back £45 million UK loans that helped fund their Falklands invasion in 1982

Accidental 911 calls top 100,000 in Metro Vancouver

Suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan kill at least 18

Iran claims capture of Israel-backed ‘terrorist team’

Russia condemns North Korea rocket launch

U.S. current account deficit widens more than expected

Marlins suspend manager Guillen for 5 games after Castro comments

Japan deploys missile batteries as North Korea readies long-range rocket

Apple downgraded as iPhone subsidy business model in doubt

Wall Street stocks slide in reaction to March hiring slump

Syrians fire across 2 borders as conflict deepens; ceasefire hopes appear gone as Syria violence spills into Turkey, Lebanon

As AOL sells patents, is there a play for RIM?

AOL raises $1.06-billion cash from sale of 800 patents to Microsoft

Gingrich says he's toast, will campaign for Romney

Russia plans to bind satellite with radio beacon to Apophis asteroid

60 Minutes icon Mike Wallace dies at 93

TransAlta CEO: Wind power "no longer needs to be subsidized -- and it shouldn’t be"

North Korea has all 3-stages of long-range missile at launch site; world condemns

Pakistani army combs avalanche site for 135 soldiers, civilians

GOP superdelegates: It's over, Romney is nominee

Wander through The White House with Google's inside version of 'street view'

Karl Rove: Santorum has to face the math; he has neither the organization or support to win the GOP nomination; time to exit

New York Times: NBC News finally fires producer who edited Zimmerman 911 call to make it sound racially-motivated; egregious edit was brought to public attention by Newsbusters after street marches had already begun

Rasmussen Reports: The Obama iceberg; 48% know someone who has given up looking for work

Chocolate, red wine or aspirin: Which should you be ingesting daily?

Syrian refugees flee violence, talk of mass graves

Mali's Tuareg rebels declare independence

U.S. hiring drops by 50%; unemployment dips because fewer looking for work

Religion not important to most Canadians, survey says; however, 2 out of 3 believe in God

500,000 Apple Macs hit by Flashback Trojan

It's long past time for Santorum to exit GOP race; he now trails in Pennsylvania and advisers say only way to avoid that ultimate taint is to drop out now

Is Obama using Masters' comments for political reasons? He was criticized by New York Times for not allowing women to play golf (or be consulted in decision-making)

CNN listens to enhanced audio and now says Zimmerman was slamming cold, rainy weather, not spewing racial hatred

Syria launches blistering assault, undermining hopes for cease-fire

Can Obama get by on undiluted negativity?

Washington Post: Romney beefs up team for election, adding strong center in Gillespie as November election becomes focus

LA Times: Romney campaigning like GOP's presumptive nominee in Pennsylvania

Vander Doelen: Windsor Airport in the spotlight in Aveos bankruptcy aftermath -- location, location, location

Should a state ditch cherished principles to satisfy an ally? Canada may soon find out

As LA Dodgers about to celebrate 50 years of Dodger Stadium, the bitter memories of Chavez Ravine remain for families evicted

Rocket fired from Egyptian Sinai lands in Israel town of Eilat close to residential area; no injuries

Leamington wind farm firm sues province; $1.2B sought over offshore moratorium

Anti-wind protesters journeyed from across Ontario to demonstrate in Toronto Tuesday against McGuinty green energy subsidy plan

Toronto's 209-year-old St. Lawrence Market named world's best food market

Romney accuses Obama of 'hide-and-seek' campaign

Rubin: Romney can write off the cranks

Yahoo cuts 2,000 jobs

Bruised Obama tries to walk back his attack on Supreme Court; former Constitutional Law professor fails on facts, dates, context

Romney attacks ‘Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society’ in Wisconsin speech; free enterprise "is one of the greatest forces of good this world has ever known”

Why mitigating CO2 emissions is cost-ineffective

Harper vows Windsor-Detroit bridge will be built

Canadian mining booming in shadow of energy wildcat

Romney sweeps primary night, wins DC, Maryland and Wisconsin

Colorado callers told fire was a 'controlled burn' later found burned to death in home

Neil Reynolds: The radical plan hidden in Flaherty’s sedate budget

Chrysler tops Canadian auto sales in first quarter of 2012

Kelly McParland: Canada has oil, the U.S. needs oil. You’d think it would be easy from there.

Post-coup Mali hit with sanctions by African neighbours

Molson Coors buys European brewer StarBev for $3.5B

ABC News enhances video of Zimmerman at police station and wounds to back of his head become visible [video]

Obama once again tweaks Supreme Court; ignores separation of powers, says Supremes need to sing his tune for reasons outside Constitution, while their job is all about the Constitution

1 World Trade Center reaches 100 floors

Canada 5th 'happiest' country in the world? study says so

Gulf plan could be blank check for Syrian rebels; growing counterweight to Iran

updated: 7 dead in Oakland university shooting; shooter captured; was a former nursing student at Oikos University which serves Korean Christian community

Three Amigos Summit: Harper a man on a mission in Washington, today

Romney predicts Tuesday victory in Wisconsin primary

Harry McCracken: 25 Years of IBM’s OS/2: The strange days and surprising afterlife of a legendary operating system

Samuelson: Energy 'independence' after all?

Euro zone unemployment reaches near 15-year high

What will Obama run on?

Romney begins his general election in Wisconsin

NBC edited Zimmerman 911 call to make it appear he was a racist; admits an internal investigation is under way; should it be forced to broadcast a high-profile clarification before a lynch mob strikes? Grounds for libel lawsuit?

‘No place in America will be safe from
our attacks’ if U.S. launches strike: Iran

Flying car a ‘step closer,’ says U.S. firm

World's largest solar plant, with second largest ever U.S.
Dept of Energy loan guarantee, $2.1B, files for bankruptcy

'Three Amigos' vow to cut red tape and boost trade

Best April Fool? WestJet intros "VIP area" for children
in hold of plane -- and child-free flights for everyone else...

Obama, Calderon, Harper talk trade, energy at White House

Russian plane crash kills 31, exposes safety record

Brazeau wants charity boxing rematch with Trudeau next year

MP Trudeau scores major upset in 'Fight for the Cure' boxing match over Sen. Brazeau

20 April Fools' must-see websites from Google to Sony to YouTube

Titanic legacy: A fascination with disasters

China opens record-breaking suspension bridge

David Frum: Canada can fairly claim to be best-governed country in world

Tim Hudak: The budget Ontario needs

photographically: The Canadian Penny 1858-2012

A federal budget that dials back the role of government

Budget 2012: CBC gets minor trim, pensions get tweaked, no slash-and-burn, critics fume
fully balanced budget by 2015 based on modest growth assumptions

Federal budget slashes $5.2B in spending; public service to be cut
end of Afghanistan war will be biggest single saving

Government of Canada Budget 2012:
"Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity"

No volunteers needed -- big magnet to help clean up Brink's crash cash

MP Trudeau and Senator Brazeau play along and submit selves to ridicule for charity boxing match

John Ivison: Federal budget will be more about prosperity than austerity

Aspen Institute: A Northern Tiger? Canada’s economic and
fiscal renaissance and its implications for the United States

Windsor: Dine like passengers on Titanic, on 100-year anniversary

Titanic comes home as Belfast launches landmark attraction

Spendaholic McGuinty a fiscal flop: Blizzard

Tim Hudak: McGuinty’s budget must confront the crisis he created

Biased storytelling subtle and not, in Trayvon Martin case
as George Zimmerman charged with murder by mass media

Why is media using 5-year-old photo on left instead of a more recent photo such as
the one on right from Martin's Facebook page? Do most 17-yr-olds have gold teeth?

NEJM & ACC studies: Surgery can put diabetes into remission

Ontario’s top court legalizes brothels,
pimping in bid to protect prostitutes

National Review: The U.S. Constitution vs. Obamacare

updated: 7.1M quake shakes central Chile
no reports of fatalities

Canada, Japan agree to enter talks for free-trade deal

Thomas Mulcair succeeds Layton as leader of NDP

NDP Leadership: Down to Mulcair and Topp on final ballot
3rd ballot results: Mulcair 43.8%, Topp 37.6%, Cullen 24.6%

technical difficulties: NDP leadership voting temporarily shut down

NDP Leadership: Mulcair continues to lead after 2nd ballot
Mulcair 38.3%, Topp 25%, Cullen 19.9%, Nash 16.8%

Canada halts aid to Mali after military coup

Supreme Court rules: Canadian aboriginals deserve
special treatment from courts; justice can't be blind

updated: Air Canada gets injunction, wildcat strike ends

Obama tries to have it both ways; pivots to
support of Keystone XL after blocking it for months

Toulouse: French shooting suspect dead

Why the coup rumours in China aren’t going away

U.S. home re-sales complete best winter in 5 years

Mega-damage after shallow 7.4M quake hits Mexico

London students involved in riots to be expelled

St. Patrick’s Day mob in London, Ontario, torches TV van, battles police

Andrew Coyne: Canada at the crossroad of trade

Conrad Black: Bashing Catholics won’t help the Democrats

Will new technology make modern pre-fab homes take off?

Margaret Wente: Ontario's green dream was just a fantasy

Nasty Alberta election tweet leads to apology, resignation

Libya announces truce to end clashes that have killed over 150

Crux of the matter: Hudak’s response to McGuinty Gov’t budget in Ontario Legislature

Afghanistan presses for answers on long-term U.S. military bases

Syria says revolt over, but army still shooting

George Jonas: Justice is blind. Employers? Not so much

John Ivison: Forestry shows path for peace between environmentalists and oil-sands industry

Lawrence Solomon: A world awash in oil

Rex Murphy: The tale of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy turned into a race parable

Honda recalls more than 550,000 SUVs

Alison Redford: A leader on the brink

Canadian navy officer accused of espionage led second life online

individualism: The unseen message of The Hunger Games

poll: Tech industry more crucial to California than entertainment

Facebook worth $102.8B on final stock auction before IPO

Bin Laden lived 9 years undetected in Pakistan, fathered 4 children, wife says; three of his widows and two daughters are expected to be charged Monday with breaking Pakistan's immigration laws

RCAF looks to poach pilots from the RAF

On the Left, the Obamacare debate continues

Why even selling the firm is on the table at bloodied RIM

Trayvon Martin death investigators to media: 'Stop asking questions'

Flaherty: “Ontario's spending mismanagement is a problem for the entire country"

NDP to propose Ontario budget changes, terms to support government on Monday

McGuinty gov't faces $300M suit for cancelling Mississauga gas plant to save Liberal MPP

At least 4 men in yacht tragedy were from Georgia; now seen as human smuggling gone awry

media finally looks in mirror: Old photos may be deceptive in Fla. shooting case; experts warn against rush to judgment

opinion: Democrats in disarray

Canadian economic growth slows in January due to decline natural gas extraction; but December numbers revised upward

Economists applaud federal budget's measured approach to austerity

Globe&Mail editorial: A prudent, conservative budget from Harper and Flaherty

Co-founder Balsillie resigns from RIM board

"Pierre Poutine" made 7,000 robocalls in Guelph on election day using 450 number

Old age to officially be changed from age 65 to 67 in 2023 for those born after 1958

Canadian penny to be eliminated in 2012

Vander Doelen: Aveos collapse was inevitable; Windsor company gaining at least 300 jobs as competitor ramps up for additional business

Gary Mason: Alberta takes off the Stetson

Alleged spy leak from Canada may have caused major breach of U.S info: report

Freight groups fined €169m for global cartel

Investors press U.S. shale oil drillers to control gas flaring

Bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs dies at 88 in Nashville

Chris Selley: Pink slime is benign

Pope gets political in Mass before vast Cuban audience

Canadian federal budget expected to slash $7B from discretionary spending

McGuinty budget fails our jobless in two ways: Hudak

Polls at odds in Alberta election

Coping with Twitter’s 'unfollow' bug

Alveda King: Sharpton, Jackson should stop ‘playing race card’ over Trayvon Martin

Supporters of Martin shooter Zimmerman fearful of speaking out

In bid for NDP support, Duncan open to harder tack on Ontario executive pay

Tories reject Ontario budget; NDP's Andrea Horwath left as king maker

Why life in Ontario will be miserable for years to come

Vander Doelen: Tough talk just smoke and mirrors

Christina Blizzard: Is Duncan getting the message?

Scott Stinson: Wiggle words, fuzzy numbers and other highlights from the Ontario budget

John Ivison: Little in Ontario budget to suggest Drummond’s austerity message made it to McGuinty

Ontario budget 2012: highlights

Another smoke and mirrors budget after 9 years of over-spending and over-taxing: McGuinty government freezes public service wages, business tax cuts

Canada in uncertain economic times: Boring, but a safer bet

Prescription drug abuse new scourge of rural America

John Ibbitson: Being a spoke in American trade isn't enough for Canada; latest free-trade talks are with Thailand and Japan

Global warming models are wrong again

Enbridge & partner to expand U.S. pipelines to reduce glut and price differential

Barbara Yaffe: Harper hardly shaking in his boots over Mulcair

NHL in Quebec City more than a dream

Alberta election a showdown for 41-year-old PC dynasty with upstart Wild Rose Party

Electric cars risk losing green sheen over nuclear ties in Japan

Schumpeter: Asian innovation - Frugal ideas are spreading from East to West

Michigan ends union dues skim of low-paid health care workers

NY Times: The case for sleep medicine

Two bus-sized asteroids travel between Earth and Moon today; only spotted on weekend

Alberta Premier Alison Redford calls much-awaited election for April 23rd

James Cameron: Earth's deepest spot desolate, foreboding

Canadian professors are the highest paid in the world

SNC-Lavalin CEO resigns after millions missing in Libya affair

Canadian film director James Cameron returns to surface after first dive to depths of Mariana Trench since 1960; Cameron was only third human visitor to deepest spot on Earth

Adam Radwanski: After McGuinty budget, expect political turmoil in Ontario

Muslim Brotherhood asserts its strength in Egypt with challenges to military

Former U.S. VP Dick Cheney gets new heart at 71 after 5 heart attacks; waited longer than the typical patient -- 20 months compared with a year or less

Lorrie Goldstein: McGuinty’s green death march; Ontario’s premier is leading his caucus … right over a cliff

Rex Murphy: It’s not Islamophobia to call a jihadist, a jihadist

Margaret Wente: The New Democrats have no shot, kumbaya

Environmental activists' charitable status challenged

Bob Runciman: Where did the money go?

Washington Post: The first black president has made it harder to talk about race in America

Romney: Repeal is ‘One of my highest priorities’

Obamacare: Two years later, 2 million more are projected to lose health insurance

Newly revealed ‘Pierre Poutine’ robocall appeared to be from Liberal: Elections Canada

John Ivison: NDP race comes down to Mulcair versus not-Mulcair

A graphic look: World religions, demographically and geographically

France's Jews trapped between neighbours and politics

Ad Age: Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kohl's lead 50 years of retail revolution

Japan asks for return of tsunami items as B.C. prepares to receive incoming debris

How Bo Xilai, China’s political ‘princeling,’ fell from grace in the Communist party

Terence Corcoran: McGuinty Liberals claims mock reality; say high electricity prices create jobs!

Morons 101: Were Fanshawe rioters even dumber than Vancouver rioters?

Angus Reid poll: Conservatives 37%, NDP 29%, Liberals 21%

Most 2011 cyberattacks were avoidable, Verizon says

Gas retailers fined for fixing pump prices in Kingston and Brockville areas

Apple orders bigger 4.6-inch screens for next iPhone: report

Red meat may make you happier, study finds

Vander Doelen: James case a travesty

Soldiers loot Mali presidency after ousting leader

Gallup poll: 57% of Americans favour Trans-Canada's Keystone XL pipeline

U.S. existing home sales: Foreigners are buying and buoying some state markets

IMF warns of global economic risk from Iran oil disruption

Robert De Niro apologizes for anti-racist "white first lady" joke

John Ivison: Conservative ads could force Bob Rae to make decision on Liberal leadership

Government oversight of Ornge woefully inadequate, auditor-general finds

David ‘waterwings’ Suzuki lectures Senate on need to curb the rhetoric

Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney

Miracle in Mississauga as transport truck rolls over and crushes Mazda; car driver fine

27 bomb blitz kills at least 51 as Iraq prepares for Arab League

Why Apple’s ‘record’ dividend looks stingy

John Ibbotson: Mulcair almost certain to be NDP leader -- maybe

Apple launches dividend, share buy-back

Thousands out of work across Canada after mass Aveos closure

Canadian dollar rises in longest weekly rally since 2005; best performer during the past month among 10 developed-nation currencies tracked by Bloomberg

Broadbent on Mulcair: 'I'm just putting up warning signals'

Romney can certainly get to 1,144

Ahead of Illinois primary, Romney blasts Obama on gas prices, calls him economic lightweight

Charles Krauthammer: U.S. energy policy is fuelled by fantasy

Crux of the matter: BC & ON teachers' anger, arrogance & sense of entitlement

Under pressure to resign, Mali coup leader reinstates constitution

Keith Olbermann: Machine gun for hire

Bill Kristol: Trayvon Martin media coverage is 'demagoguery'

675 Russian fishermen rescued from ice floe drifting out to sea

Clashes between Yemeni army, militants kill 30

China rejects Obama’s Iran oil import sanctions

South Thailand car bombs kill 14, injure 340

China coup rumours leads to arrests, closing of websites

As Ron Paul's White House campaign fades, his supporters face choices

Charles Krauthammer: The ‘flexibility’ doctrine and a White House in major gaffe-control mode

The myth of the disappearing middle class

Washington Post: Mitt Romney’s ‘veepstakes’ begin

Lawrence Solomon: Don’t underestimate ‘President Romney’

Conrad Black: Trudeau’s master-stroke

Scotland: Lone turbines spark ‘feeding frenzy’ for taxpayer handouts

U.S. now has highest corporate tax rate in world

Kansas, Illinois, Maryland tickets share huge U.S. lottery jackpot

Myanmar's Suu Kyi poised for public office

Democrats ignore real racism while exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012

Canada ditching the penny; is U.S. next?

Windsor immigration lawyer charged with coaching refugees to make fake claims

MPs greenlighted to show public support in Alberta, other upcoming provincial elections, but restricted to their own ridings

Ottawa Heart Institute’s bedside DNA test takes minutes, speeds treatments

Civil rights leaders condemn Sharpton's call for escalated civil disobedience

Hoodie-wearing gunmen kill 1, wound 5 in former Black Panther, now hoodie-wearing U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush's Chicago District

Peggy Noonan: Not-so-smooth operator: Obama increasingly comes across as devious and dishonest

Al Gore's Current TV fires Keith Olbermann, replaces him with disgraced former NY Governor and CNN host Eliot Spitzer

Defence cuts 'not aimed at the uniforms'

Sino-Forest files for bankruptcy; commences $4B action against Muddy Waters

Marco Rubio endorsement of Romney signals GOP fight may be ending

Disturbing hoax murder texts flood cell phones in Eastern Ontario

Foreign Policy: Is the U.S. leaking information about Israel's use of secret airbases in Azerbaijan to stop attack on Iran?

Paul Ryan: Why I’m backing Romney

France detains 19 suspected Islamist extremists

How Dollarama turns pocket change into billions

U.S. Supreme Court Justices meet today to vote on Obamacare; written ruling expected in June

Canada to allow sovereign wealth funds to invest in its financial institutions

Parents of murdered British students criticize Obama for lack of compassion

Jon Stewart slams Spike Lee: sending 'lynch mob to anybody’s address' 'bad mistake'

Reuters: Obama's North Korean leap of faith turns to ashes

Judge hands down Canada’s toughest penalty for human trafficking

Japan orders interception of North Korean rocket

Attention cross-border shoppers! Canada helps U.S. recovery by boosting duty-free amounts; now $800 limit after 48-hour visit

Canada: Deep cuts slated for military, aid and diplomacy

Wind turbine manufacturer to close down Windsor operations after McGuinty gov't reneges on FIT commitments for small windmills; was given $2.7M

Obama budget defeated 414-0 in House of Representatives

Conservative DeMint says winning Senate is Job 1: "If we don’t have the Senate, we’re going to lose every battle"

Rocket explodes near Iranian embassy as Iraq’s Arab League summit begins

Polar bear shot dead after Newfoundland home break-in

Strapped for cash and under pressure to quit, Gingrich resorts to charging supporters $50 for photos

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury

Martin/Zimmerman case no longer black and white after evidence revealed about what eyewitnesses saw and said on night of confrontation

EU acts to end 'rip off' roaming charges

Canada: Federal budget to give small business a leg up in creating jobs

New security for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Romney edges into mop-up phase of campaign

Anti-Iran lobby hits GM-Peugeot deal

Sourcing narrative 'facts' in the Martin case

Millions of dollars in coins scattered along highway and surrounding area after violent crash of Brink's transport truck in Northern Ontario; police standing guard over spilled money

LA Times: U.S. Supreme Court Justices poised to strike down entire Obamacare healthcare law

Karl Rove: Why Obama's open mic slip could seriously hurt his reelection hopes

Montreal Gazette editorial: Clarity Act stand may come back to haunt Mulcair

Los Angeles Dodgers sell at auction for record $2.15B; winning group headed by Magic Johnson

A Constitutional awakening: A bad day for unlimited government at the High Court

Jennifer Rubin: The left takes a drubbing in the Supreme Court

My light bulb is ‘too hot’: Tories look to clamp down on frivolous prisoner complaints

Wildrose’s thorn: Before Danielle Smith can change Alberta’s legislature, she has to win her seat

Mitt Romney: Bowing to the Kremlin

Mark Rypien sues NFL, says he sustained repeated head injuries during career

Toyota adding 400 jobs at Ontario plant

Feds say fatal yacht accident may have been human smuggling attempt

Why is it your job to teach your kid math?

Jeffrey Toobin: Obamacare case before Supreme Court a "trainwreck", unlikely to survive judicial scrutiny

Diamonds not forever: Rio Tinto may sell business

U.S. Supreme Court divided over Obama healthcare law, as expected

U.S. home prices down in most major cities

OECD calls for $1.3T euro zone fund

Obama nominee for World Bank president takes his economic cues from Chomsky

U.S. Treasury imposes sanctions on Iran's Mahan Air for role in assassination plot

National Review: Racial-relations regression fuelled by Florida and national media

As Syrian troops hunt rebels in Lebanon, Assad accepts Kofi Annan peace plan

Miami Herald: Multiple school suspensions, burglary tools, stolen jewellry paint different picture of youth who died after attacking community watch volunteer; will charges of racism be replaced by charges of public exploitation by his family?

CBS: Stunning JFK Airport baggage scandal; 200 thefts per day

New Black Panthers leader arrested after group offers bounty in Florida shooting

Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Trayvon Martin

Racial rhetoric going over the top as New Black Panthers offer $10,000 "dead or alive" bounty on Zimmerman

Afghan security forces kill 3 NATO troops

Woz on creativity: Work alone

updated: Trayvon Martin family exploiting his death with trademark applications last week; admits suspension from school was because of drugs

The Atlantic: Can George Zimmerman get a fair trial?

Sarkozy to bar radical imams from entering France

Jonathan Kay: A Supreme Court dissenter gets it right on violent aboriginal criminals

Orlando Sentinel: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head: police

Will inconvenient facts get in way of media narrative about deceased Trayvon Martin? Was he a gang member? How and why did he have gold teeth? Was he a drug pusher? Why did he assault Zimmerman? Another 'rush to judgement'?

Obama caught on mic telling Russians he'll be "more flexible" on missile defence after election; how big will this 'hidden agenda' be in election?

Former Liberal and new NDP leader Mulcair says 'no' to merger with Liberal Party led by former NDP Premier of Ontario; stars not aligned?

Dream team: Is Saskatoon's NHL ambition a pipe dream?

Trayvon Martin case: Zimmerman suffered broken nose and back of head injury in deadly confrontation with Martin

Canadian federal budget cuts this week will be road to growth as deficits recede

Only one out of 54 nuclear reactors left operating in Japan

Santorum increasingly unhinged as lobbyist former Senator can't admit defeat; must win nearly 75% of remaining delegates to catch Romney

Ten challenges for Thomas Mulcair

Is Mitt Romney underrated?

John Ivison: When Thomas Mulcair runs into Western public opinion there will be blood

Toronto Sun Editorial: Will Dalton blow himself away?

A world headed for de-globalization?

Toomey: Revenge is a dish best served cold — and before the primary

As U.S. hears charges of deadly racism lobbed through media by self-appointed arbiters, will focus turn back to facts? Original 911 caller says Trayvon Martin was on top beating Zimmerman when he called police

Andrew Coyne reviews the seven candidate speeches at the NDP leadership convention

MF Global exec: Corzine OK'd transfer of $200 million he denies

In Arlington, Jeb Bush says ‘stand your ground’ invalid in Trayvon Martin case

Gallup poll: Romney up to 40% nationally, with 14-pt lead over Santorum

Romney: Obama's health law an 'unfolding disaster'; will replace it by giving Medicaid money to states and changing tax code to encourage insurance purchase

Dementia's youngest victims defy stereotypes

Charles Krauthammer: The days of reckoning for Obamacare

Ad Age: Why Kmart lost the attention of discount shoppers

Obama stirs up simmering racism pot in Martin-Zimmerman case by self-identifying with father of Martin: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon’

Hypocrisy aplenty as Suzuki campaigns to stifle all dissent except his own

Endangered Lake Erie snake species rebounds as it chows down on invasive fish species

Volkswagen adding 800 jobs at Chattanooga plant

Can Romney beat expectations in Louisiana?

Detroit nears bankruptcy

revealed: Al Quaida had big plans to promote 9/11 anniversary through exploiting U.S. media with provided 'scoops'

Alaska champions $40B gas pipeline plan

Beating Obama: 'Nice guys' finish last

Doctors find clue in quest to predict heart attack

Japan hit by two quakes, 6.8M spawns small tsunami

Swiss bus crash kills 28, including 22 children

Crux of the matter: It's time to throw the McGuinty bums out

updated: Bangladesh ferry toll rises to 105

Why Ontario paid its neighbours $214,584.24 in one weekend hour
to take our power; time to end public-owned power system?

TIME: 'Iron Dome' protects Israel from Gaza's missiles:
Will that embolden it to strike Iran?

Iran rattles sabres, says '11,000 missiles ready
to launch' at Israel, U.S. targets if war breaks out

47 bodies found after massacre in Homs, Syria

More tornado warnings overnight across southern U.S.

Japan mourns, grapples with tsunami anniversary

Bureaucrats must shift to efficiency and constraint: Clement

Bunker buster: How the U.S. Massive Ordnance Penetrator works

Syria forces in new assault amid diplomacy efforts

Deep sea grave of the Titanic shown by new sonar images

Conservatives counting on 'breathtaking' budget

Canada unemployment drops to 7.4%; job creation down

Greece clinches largest sovereign debt overhaul in history

Greece debt-swap deadline looms as investors signal agreement

World powers press for access to Iranian sites

Israel cautiously welcomes big-power talks with Iran

Solar storms mean turbulent 'space weather' over Canada

Romney romps, taking 6 of 10 states on Super Tuesday, 2nd in 3 others
Comes back from 20% deficit to take top prize of Ohio

Super Tuesday: Voters in 10 states making big GOP choice today

Netanyahu: Israel must remain 'master of its fate'

Flaherty gets upbeat outlook from economists

Obama was NOT there for Israel 'every single time'

Will Yahoo win Canadian broadcast rights for 2014 Winter Olympics
and revolutionize live sports delivery over internet?

14-month-old Angel dies in hospital after surviving 10-mile torture by tornado in Indiana

Putin declares victory in 'open & honest' battle

206 dead in explosive Congo arms depot fire

Russians head to the polls to elect their next president

16 dead in Poland after two trains crash head-on

Toll now 39 dead from Friday tornadoes in Midwest, Southern U.S.

Powerful killer storms stretched from Gulf Coast to Great Lakes

Over 269 tornado warnings in 'enormous outbreak' across U.S.

National Post: Harper right to stand by Israel in wartime

Canada gives warm welcome to Netanyahu

Weather Channel: Severe Weather Watches & Warnings

take care: Huge front of powerful storms wreck Indiana towns,
flatten houses elsewhere; tornadoes, heavy rain and gust winds

Mulcair asked for Conservative Cabinet post before joining NDP

Putin urges joint Arctic scientific council with Canada

CNN: Translated Toyota memo shows electronic acceleration concern
Japanese memo was withheld from U.S. Gov't investigation

Burlington de-railed train was travelling over 4 times too fast

Putin loosens Russia's lifeline to Syrian regime

In Ottawa visit, Netanyahu will seek backing for strike on Iran

Elite Syrian troops bombard rebel
strongholds in Homs as opposition vows to fight on

North Korea agrees to stop nuclear tests

One year later ~ Just after the Japanese tsunami and now

B.C. imposes cooling-off period in dispute with teachers

50 below: Dozens homeless after Iqaluit fire in bitter cold

Russia says it has foiled Chechen plot to kill Putin

Did failed switch lead to deadly derailment?
passengers say train suddenly jerked sideways

3 killed in Burlington, Ontario passenger train derailment

Return to Moscow for 1972 Team Canada hockey heroes

Syrians trapped in Homs say world is failing them

Budget deficit narrows to $17.7B; in surplus a year early?

Homs evacuation underway, coalition pushes intervention

'Friends of Syria' pledge support for Syrian opposition
Clinton blasts Russia, China for veto

No tax increases expected in next Canadian budget: Flaherty

'America's per capita government debt worse than Greece'

Canada launching free trade negotiations with Japan?

Attacks across Baghdad, Iraq provinces kill 50+

Romney wants to cut every American's taxes by 20%

Buenos Aires train slams into station, killing 49

UN watchdog says nuclear talks with Iran failed

Oil price climbs on fear Iran may stop more oil

Iran threatens pre-emptive attack: "defend and retaliate"

Canada's oil sands: Not so dirty after all

Eurozone reaches deal on $170B bailout for Greece

Russia, China and Iran show solidarity
with Syria's Assad amid resignation calls

Margaret Wente: Can profligate Dalton McGuinty morph into Mr. Mean?
Can the liar Premier do anything more than apologize & disappear?

Rex Murphy: The Drummond report
and Ontario's sham election

Syrian regime 'disintegrating' under
international sanctions, insider says

China backs Assad before Syrian forces open fire at funeral

Indian court to try American terrorist, eight others, for Mumbai attacks

Peter Goodspeed: Syrian civil war
impossible to contain within its borders

Catholic students must take Quebec religion & ethics class: Supreme Court

Suicide attack on U.S. Capitol foiled
Moroccan man arrested in FBI sting operation

'Greece could be utterly destroyed by infighting in Eurozone'

Drummond catalogues McGuinty mess in meticulous detail

Wallenda gets green light to walk wire over Niagara Falls

updated: More than 300 killed in Honduras prison fire

Shallow 6M quake hits off Oregon Coast

Canada Pension Plan invests in malls, bets big on U.S. consumer

Ontario Premier re-affirms support for min sentences in wake of judge ruling

Gunfights in Saudi oil province show spread of Iran tensions

stretching: Ontario judge invokes Charter, says
mandatory gun sentence "cruel and unusual punishment"

Arab states agree to provide guns to
Syria rebels, may begin true civil war

Fresh violence in Syria as UN warns of civil war

Shallow 5.5M quake hits Northern California

Co-ordinated bomb attacks on Israel take Middle East to brink

Syrian government bombards rebel city of Homs
after Arab states pledge to back rebels

Canada steps up fight against Obama's ill-conceived 'Volcker rule'

Bombers target Israeli diplomats in Georgia and India

Arab League backs Syria opposition, calls for peacekeepers

Rioting engulfs Athens, buildings burn before debt vote

3,000 years of mass murder: Jerusalem's
bloody history, and how it shaped us all

Canada trade surplus hits $2.7B in December

Giant pandas from China on loan to Canada for $10M

Beyond the pandas, Harper's China visit heavy on trade

Panda-monium about to overtake Canada

Still no official response to Twitter-fuelled rumour about Kim Jong-un assassination

Harper in China: PM attacks 'foreign money'
behind oil sands protest, refuses to trade human rights

UK PM Cameron calls for "regime change" in Syria;
"toughest possible response" from international community

Harper hails 'strategic importance' of China deal

Globe Editorial: In China, a leap forward by Canada

Harper lands investor protection deal,
raises human rights in China

Ontario MP Daryl Kramp a key member of Canada delegation in China

China & Canada sign wide-ranging economic agreements

Deadly Ontario crash caused by van driver's error

Census 2011: Canada leads G8 in growth, pop hits 33.5M

Poultry workers killed in crash ranged in age from 19 to 55

updated: 11 dead as van filled with migrant workers crushed
north of Shakespeare, Ontario; T-boned by transport truck

Obama: U.S. has 'very good' intelligence on Iran

Embassies attacked after UN Syria resolution fails

Canada slams UN 'paralysis' on Syria

Toronto Zoo's new polar bear cub makes debut

Canada is Israel's top ally: John Baird

Google gives search a refresh

NHL back to Quebec City?

George Jonas: The rise and fall of the House of Assad

Ignatieff's 'Liberal culpa' and finger-pointing moment; Liberal demonization of Harper the boomerang that took him out, he says, wishing for ad bans and new civility to power Liberal return

Elections Canada trying to match records supplied by Conservatives to see if can ID 'Pierre Poutine', but apparently presumes records used were from 2011, when much data exists from prior elections

Crux of the matter: Liberals' hypocrisy their Nixonian moment?

Violence shows no sign of stopping in Syria as more than 40 killed across the country Tuesday

Liberal robocall was a disgrace

Kelly McParland: A scandalous absence of scandal in robocalls scandal

U.S. retail sales climbed before gas jumped

Ottawa to get downtown, big bucks casino? Horse track casinos and charity operations to close as McGuinty Liberals gamble on gambling to pay for their financial nightmare

Yahoo sues Facebook over 10 patents

Taliban fire on Afghan officials at site of attack by U.S. soldier

Elections Canada given additional future policing powers; claims most of 31,000 'complaints' are non-specific partisan 'form' letters gumming up their efforts; Liberals squirming over their illegal Guelph robo-calls

Six more Syrian Generals defect; more defections said to be imminent

Ad agency invests in upstate New York TV station for 'real world' ad lab

OLG report calls for gambling changes, new Toronto casino; link made by others to have casino pay for new subway construction; Ontario Place location?

Obama's tidy Afghan exit strategy turns into a mess of bloody apologies

U.S. exports to China jumping, without government involvement on either side; market works

Comedy legend Jeff Foxworthy joins Ted Nugent and Kid Rock in Romney camp; finds 'you might be redneck' if you're helping elect next President of U.S.

Fuller picture emerges of back-and-forth skirmishes in Guelph during election; illegal Liberal robo-calls were countered with legal robo-calls, and allegedly some illegal ones, by persons unknown

Musicians said to be upset with low performance fees from CBC's new free-streaming music service

Canadians trust Conservatives on prospective pension reforms despite media fearmongering amid no formal proposals

FEMA denies aid for southern Illinois towns hit by tornado

MPP vows not to give up on wind turbine moratorium after Liberals and NDP gang up to block her bill

Rex Murphy: The human right to convenient parking; nonsense and the degradation of the concept of human rights

Over the top: Transit planners look to gondolas to put an end to urban gridlock

U.S. service member opens fire in Afghanistan, as many as 16 dead

Jeffrey Simpson: Will Mulcair beat the NDP's defenders of the faith?

U.S. Govt to seek court approval of $25B mortgage pact

Greece eyes elections after debt deal

Canadian skicross racer Nick Zoricic dies following skiing crash in Switzerland

Liberals admit sending illegal anti-Tory robo-call in Guelph during 2011 campaign

Tobacco firms face all-out assault in Canadian courts

Ice fishing turns dangerous as 27 rescued from Ontario's Lake Simcoe

Ottawa plans Air Canada back-to-work bill; protecting Spring Break travellers as well as the economy

After closed-door debate, MPs call Vikileaks perpetrator on carpet

Harper prefers subways

Vic Toews lashes out on Twitter after getting access to records on who viewed his divorce papers; now NDP implicated in Toews smear

How the gas station was priced out of Canadian cities

U.S. Department of Justice may sue Apple, publishers over e-book prices

Powers struggle; The cultural contradictions of feminism

Sick Kids gets $40M donation for research entre from Toronto home builder

Mitt Romney bruised but in good shape to claim GOP nomination

Why the new iPad will devour your data plan

Syrian official defects, calls regime sinking ship

Gallup: U.S. unemployment up in February to 9.1% in non-seasonally adjusted numbers; underemployment is 19.1%, up from 18.7% in January

2 dead after shooting at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Ontario politicians to vote today on wind energy. Wind turbines seen as doing more harm than good

Tories to support NDP motion on enhanced Elections Canada powers

Harper 'not opposed at all' to giving elections watchdog more teeth

Sun News Network to air charity slugfest between Conservative Senator Brazeau and Liberal MP Trudeau

Globe editorial: Gender apartheid cannot be justified in the name of religion

Margaret Wente: Our school systems are so last century

analysis: Insurers forced to rethink tornado coverage

Gilles Duceppe heralded for a lifetime of waste in Parliament

Vic Toews allowed to know who viewed his divorce papers, judge says

Canada seeks to be first tariff-free zone in G20 for manufacturers; to create up to 12,000 jobs over time

Hudak wants Toronto to build subways, not streetcars

Israel Red Sea-Negev rail may spur China trade

Globe Editorial: Threatening an MP is a dangerous way to make a point

Speaker sides with Toews, rules hacker group Anonymous out of order

Chevy Volt is a safe bet

Iran now says it will let nuclear inspectors in... two weeks after sending them home

Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader

Andrew Coyne: Putting together the pieces of Canada's productivity puzzle

Terence Corcoran: Where to begin chopping

Margaret Wente: Robo-calls? Get a grip. We're Canadian

robo-rama: Liberals refuse to release the records of whom they called and when; Conservatives say they will provide whatever records Elections Canada requests

BP case shifts to U.S. pollution fines that may top $17B

John Ibbitson: The case against a Conservative conspiracy

Five reasons why Iceland should adopt the Canadian dollar

Crunching numbers: If robo-calls were meant to keep voters away, they failed miserably; allegedly targeted ridings indicates voter turnout was higher, not lower, than elsewhere in Canada

UN humanitarian chief to visit Syria

Crux of the matter: Polls put lie to skewed influence from robocalls

Crux of the matter: This Conservative got 'official' robocall on May 2nd, 2011

139 dead in Yemen fighting with al-Qaida forces, 55 troops held captive

Japan cleans up radiation zone, unsure of success

Tories make good on bank changes; Banks won't be able to hold personal cheques under $1,500 for more than 4 days

Tory backers also got robocalls, Manitoba MP says; widespread across country

Giorno calls for full investigation of Guelph 'shenanigans', says Conservative Party not involved

McGuinty fails to make the grade

As public service says it girds for cuts, it can't explain why Ottawa's personnel costs increase

Disgraced Grit Vikileaks staffer left to stew until next week

Robert Fulford: Presidential elections are a close-run thing; remember that in November

Infamous ORNG chopper sold at auction for $30,000; proceeds to medical equipment

Shallow 6.9M quake hits in South Pacific SE of Loyalty Islands

Conrad Black: Canada is not a dull country

Rex Murphy: Not much of a robo-scandal — but it still leaves its mark

Elections Canada taps CRTC for help with expensive deluge of robo-call complaints; are complaints real or political piggyback activism? CRTC brings warrantless investigation powers; penalty for frivolous complaints?

Don Cherry happy Canada finally coming around to his way of thinking

Alberta firm at centre of robo-call probe sues bombastic NDP MP

With Breitbart gone, what becomes of his empire?

David Booth: Powerplant pollution from electric car usage is not a new concern

Kelly McParland: Ontario teachers 'insulted' by plan to end retirement perk

Matt Gurney: If Iran is an existential threat, Israel doesn't need permission to strike

Online, the left and right on Andrew Breitbart

Politico discussion: The Breitbart legacy

Breitbart was in talks with CNN for new political show with Weiner, whose career he had harpooned

Breitbart talked politics in LA bar an hour before dying

Innovative game-changer Andrew Breitbart's sudden death stuns political activists, friend and foe; took on U.S. mainstream media bias and pulled back the curtain of bias

U.S. Conservative movement reacts in sorrow, shock over sudden overnight loss of iconic Andrew Breitbart, 43

U.S. officials express concern that major post office facility closures will impact November election

Democrat-dominated Senate votes to not give religious exemptions for faith organizations on insurance provision of contraceptives

Harper links Liberals to U.S.-based robocalls; asks Liberals to come clean

Ontario's power rates will soon be the highest in North America

Britain withdraws all diplomatic staff from Syria

Doctors sound alarm after 84 infection deaths at Burnaby hospital

Harper denies Tories' national campaign behind questioned robo-calls

Andrew Coyne: Robocalls scandal a failing of Canada's watchmen

updated: Two more U.S. soldiers killed by Afghan soldiers

Inside the Elections Canada emails: "many complaints involved people who just wanted to be left alone", "There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding", missing election workers and under-staffed polls apparently a bigger issue than robo-calls

Mass voter suppression or flights of fancy by an over-caffeinated journalist -- again?

Fundraising and momentum strong for Finlay family mission; Napanee Acquired Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Home spearheaded by family of Scott Finlay who was severely injured at Canadian Skiing Championships in 1978

Hudak calls for McGuinty to put jobs first in Ontario

John Ibbotson: Flaherty to unveil belt-tightening plans in March 29 budget

Hot Saskatchewan economy keeps hitting new records

Lorne Gunter: For Alberta, Dalton McGuinty becomes a fresh bogeyman

Memo to Ontario's Dalton McGuinty: Strong dollar is good for Canada

Despite McGuinty's retreat in oil-sands spat, Redford wants apology

Stocks slide as Bernanke speech disappoints

Berman: Santorum sold us on fake nostalgia

Britain criticizes Olympic strike threat

In Toledo, Romney targets building momentum for Super Tuesday

Twin wins boost Romney heading into Super Tuesday

Michigan mischief: 'A deal with the devil'; 14,000+ Democrats committed to vote for Santorum to hurt Romney

even bigger win: Romney's Michigan win comes despite many Democrats voting for Paul, Santorum

SNC-Lavalin sold its soul to Gadhafi

John Ivison: At this stage, no evidence of a co-ordinated campaign to misdirect voters

Michael Sona: I had 'no involvement' in fraudulent calls

Dozens of suspected Anonymous hackers arrested in worldwide sweep

How Twitter took over NASCAR

Dalton McGuinty blames the dog for eating his province

John Ivison: Budget set to cut $5B from operating costs, could slice 30,000 bureaucrats

Vikileaks mastermind to be called before Commons committee

Bodog: Billionaire Canadian accused of running illegal gambling site by U.S.

80 municipal politicians walked out on Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Monday to protest his Liberal government's wind turbine policies

Liberal staffer loses job; behind hate-spewing surreptitious House of Commons 'Vikileaks' campaign; Rae apologizes to Toews

The Canadian advantage: Border-crossers give Buffalo a $1.25B boost

Lysiane Gagnon: Justin Trudeau's silly but telling tirade

Buffett likes look of Canadian government debt

White House helps pay for controversial NYPD Muslim surveillance?

Harper: Conservatives set to back motion to end aboriginal education funding gap, fulfilling Shannen's Dream

NY Times: Bell Labs: The legendary invention powerhouse remains vastly under-appreciated for its decades of far-sighted innovation

Canadian acting icon Christopher Plummer becomes oldest Oscar winner at 82

Ottawa takes its anti-deficit pill while Ontario holds out for a miracle cure

Reuters: Oil prices could hit $150 a barrel if Israel attacks Iran

New York State bails on controversial ballast water standards; change of rules keeps Seaway afloat

Why religious freedom matters; Canadian Government's plan to create a new Office of Religious Freedom could not be timelier

Should the United States join OPEC?

Rural Ontario set to blow up at McGuinty

Warren Buffett admits he was 'dead wrong' on U.S. housing market

Red Cross begins evacuation of wounded from Homs

robogate: Was there a conspiracy, who knew what when, who were the plumbers?

Chavez flies to Cuba for urgent tumor removal

Higher gas prices cloud Obama's re-election hopes

Palin before resignation as Alaska Governor: "I can't take it anymore"; new email records reveal what was being said before she pulled plug; over 34,800 pages released

Scientists did not break speed of light - it was a faulty wire

Found: 800-page-plus missing transcript of the critical Bretton Woods conference in July 1944

Gingrich asks the media: Why hasn't U.S. media addressed Obama's equivocation on and vote against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act in 2001 if they're making a big deal over abortion and contraception in 2012

Chris Vander Doelen: Toronto's subway suicide

U.S.: The bridge to nowhere is back in 2012 race

Neil Reynolds: Ontario's austerity plan doesn't have to hurt; but entitlements must be on chopping block

John Evans family donates $10-million to MaRS

Major push needed to get oil to Pacific markets: Prentice

NL MVP Braun first MLB player to win drug appeal; avoids 50-game suspension

GOP media figures stick it to Santorum

Frontrunner Romney clawing his way back in Republican state races

Santorum falters under withering assault on his record which he fails to defend; Arizona debate may be last but big-spending former Senator will have bruises for awhile

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: A better way to retool Toronto's ailing TTC

Mitt Romney: A tax reform to restore America's prosperity

European energy lessons for Dalton McGuinty

Ontario keen to kill more time before taking action on swollen deficit

Quebec expert backs Tory crime bill amid usual hand-wringing on sentencing

'America's Most Wanted' fugitive nabbed in Montreal after decade on the run

Obama smells coffee, to lower corporate taxes in election-tuned tax overhaul

B.C. budget raises corporate taxes, sells assets to reach balance; aims at killing 'golden goose'; will lose current and prospective employers?

Dow finally recovering to 2008 levels; hits 13,000

Drudge: Santorum plays Satan card

Rising gas prices may be death blow for Obama

European stocks fall, Euro erases gain

Twitter partners with Yandex for real-time search

Doctors urge Franco-Americans to get checked for dangerous French-Canadian disease

44 killed in Mexico prison riot; guards detained

RCMP investigating 'threats of criminal acts' against Minister Toews

Solar subsidy sinkhole: Re-evaluating Germany's blind faith in the Sun

Angus Reid poll: Canada moving to the right but still favours government wealth redistribution

The rising tide of death in Syria (map)

Canada and NATO played multiple roles in ouster of Gadhafi from Libya

Canadian House of Commons pays tribute to late Gary Carter; flags at half-mast

Justice Minister Nicholson amends Civil Marriage Act so non-Canadian gay couples married in Canada can also get divorced; had been a one-way street

Why Solyndra won't go away

Michigan Governor Snyder backs Romney

Canada Pension Investment Board hires ex-Goldman Sachs banker Mark Machin as Asia Unit head

Kelly McParland: Ontario shouldn't be condemned to four more years of Dalton McGuinty

Drummond doesn't understand business or farming say groups targeted by former bank economist paid $1500 a day to save Ontario Liberals' bacon; civil servants and teachers untouched by austerity report

Tories target 'bogus' refugees; faster deportation, process refugee claimants more quickly, clamp down on human smugglers and require certain visa holders to turn over biometric data

India Supreme Court rules 'homosexuality may be abnormal, but it is not unnatural'

Charles Krauthammer: Overreach: Obamacare vs. the Constitution

Chris Vander Doelen: Liberal smoke screen? "one glaring problem that has to be addressed, isn't: there will be no wage freeze for public sector workers"

Government open to amendments on online surveillance bill

John Ivison: Drummond report shows sun has set on Ontario empire -- but, will it notice?

Andrew Coyne: Drummond report signals start of Dalton Gang's lean years; "McGuinty will have to make deeper cuts over a longer period of time than the Mike Harris government did in 1995/96"

Read the Drummond Report, a catalogue of catastrophic Liberal failure in Ontario

Drummond Report: Higher hydro bills, more user fees urged in sweeping indictment of Ontario Liberals' mismanagement

Ontario sleepwalking over a precipice; Drummond says cut, but a wider conversation on options is needed

Drummond Report: 'Gloomy' report calls for overhaul to Ontario health care, education; highlights deep-seated incompetence of McGuinty Liberal regime

Rick Santorum casts evil-looking, paintball-gun wielding Mitt Romney look-alike for his 'Rombo' spot as thin-skinned former Senator tries to change focus

Drummond Report: 'Tough medicine' for Ontario could be model for fiscal reform across Canada

Last chance to heed rural constituents on gun registry, Tories tell NDP

Adam Radwanski: Ontario gears up for a different life post-Drummond

Scott Stinson: Don Drummond's report says Ontario budget needs a 17% cut

Don Drummond: Growth won't save Ontario this time. Only reform will

Continued pay freeze looms for top Ontario civil servants

Ontario horse racing on its last legs? "industry that produces $2.6 billion in economic impact every year and employs 65,000" could be killed by foolish Ontario Gov't move

thinking outside the box: Toronto police ride streetcars to catch motorists with cellphones and no seatbelts

BBC: 5,000 unemployed Americans living in tent-city Obamavilles

15 feet of snow buries Eastern Europe in historic winter

CAW shows it's run by weasels, plopping huge industrial wind turbine in a subdivision and mealy-mouthing its neighbours who live closer than allowed by current law

U.S. Federal Reserve approves Capital One $9.2 B takeover of ING Direct, the U.S. online banking unit of Dutch ING Groep

Attacks raise spectre of escalating Israel-Iran war

Santorum pitch undermined by huge Senate loss in 2006

Google wins antitrust approval for Motorola Mobility $12.5B purchase; gains 17,000 patents

Ontario teachers urge WiFi blackout at schools, fearing cancer risk

TransCanada pushes back Keystone XL start-up date

Bangkok blast wounds Iranian attacker, 4 others

ORNGE mess getting murkier for Ontario Liberals; either very incompetent, corrupt, or both

Drummond Report to call for dumping most of McGuinty's expensive campaign pledges from last 3 elections: 'amputating a limb in order to save the patient'; shows how Liberals over-promised to cling to power while bankrupting Ontario

Obama's budget: Government still getting bigger despite election year rhetoric; last Obama budget was rejected 97-0

Wind/solar power installations under attack for health issues, aesthetics, inefficiency and farmland loss across Ontario

Housing prices to be steady in Canada in 2012 and 2013 says CMHC

UN chief: Syria unrest could have global impact

Saints' Coach Payton suspended for season by NFL because of injury bounties

French prosecutor: Gunman planned to kill another soldier

Police set to storm apartment of suspect in French shooting

Romney routs Santorum in Illinois GOP primary

Deadly shooting at Jewish school in Toulouse

Syria unrest: Rebels 'in Damascus firefight'

Romney handily wins Puerto Rico's GOP primary, picks up 20 delegates

Carville: Obama weak, can be beat

IMF chief cautiously upbeat on global economy

George F. Will: Union business, on the taxpayers’ dime

Rex Murphy: Oil sands are a triumph for the human ‘environment’

Canada pulls out of NATO airborne surveillance programs to save $90M

Blasts kill dozens in Syrian capital, state news agency says

AP - Higher gas prices threaten economy if they persist

North Korea sets new speed record for violating agreement

Oil and gas creating jobs in spite of White House policy

Illinois: Santorum messes up, again

Obama talks with Cameron about releasing U.S. strategic oil reserves to save his re-election

Latest gaffe: Santorum tells Puerto Rico: 'Speak English if you want statehood'

Tommy Douglas's progressive enthusiasm for eugenics being airbrushed by Canadians: MD

Hawaii, American Samoa go for Romney

Horse racing deaths in spotlight at Aqueduct, and HBO after series 'Luck' halted over fatalities

High stress, eventful visit to Afghanistan for U.S. DoD Secretary Panetta

Big 4 U.S. banks would lose $144B in a bad economy

Math matters: Romney widening his lead; again wins night as takes Hawaii & Samoa and share of Alabama & Mississippi

Byron York: In 'away game' in South, Romney may win big

OPP in the hunt for Ornge's missing millions

UK police arrest 6 in phone hacking investigation, including Brooks

Dick Cheney cancels Toronto talk, deems Canada too dangerous for speaking visit after mob violence at talk in Vancouver last year

Obama has more problems than gas prices

Greece swaps bonds worth $232.5B

Do you know who your 'friends' are? Chinese cyber-spies set up fake Facebook profile to 'friend' top NATO officials

'Deep South' primaries in virtual dead heat as Romney narrowly leads Alabama and Gingrich narrowly leads Mississippi; no matter the winner, the proportional delegate allocation will mean neither Gingrich nor Santorum can gain much, if any, on front-runner Romney in Tuesday votes

How rising gas prices put Obama at risk

Poll confirms obvious: Americans unhappy with higher gas prices, blame Obama's failed energy policies, re-election prospects dive

Now 120 in U.S. Congress calling for resignation of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder over his role in Operation Fast and Furious, a gone-wrong Department of Justice scheme to facilitate selling of guns to Mexican drug gangs

U.S. soldier shooting rampage occurred in one of Canada's 'model' villages

50 countries currently developing nuclear energy projects

Cutthroat Taliban vow revenge for Afghans killed by rogue American soldier

Yemeni officials: U.S. airstrikes target militant hideouts, kill 64

Polls show tight race in Alabama, Romney with lead in Mississippi

Romney piles up more delegates with 4 Saturday wins while Santorum gets a single win and makes more noise with fewer delegates won; Romney inevitability even more obvious

Conrad Black: A few words for Bob Hepburn and my other ignorant critics

Grief counsellors with Canadian ski team in Switzerland Saturday after tragic death of ski cross racer Nik Zoricic

James Dyson reinvented the vacuum. Now he wants to remake the economy

Targeting anti-Taliban politician, bomb kills 13 in northwest Pakistan

Mass grave in southern Mexico yields 167 bodies

Israel kills five more Gaza militants; rockets hit Israel

Vander Doelen: Moroun loses the big one

times change: Pravda accuses U.S. media of 'deliberately hiding evidence published on internet about [President Obama's] defrauding of American public and deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States'

China reports rare trade deficit as imports jump

Yemen air strikes kill 23 suspected al Qaida militants

U.S. jobless rate holds at 8.3%; payrolls climb 227,000

100-year-old Vancouver Island driver stopped for speeding for first time

U.S. Judge not satisfied with Ambassador Bridge company, hands over unfinished 8-yr-old Gateway Project to MDOT

Republican bid to push through KeystoneXL pipeline nixed in U.S. Senate by Democrats after Obama makes personal calls to lobby against it

Invisible Children's Kony campaign goes viral just as Lord's Resistance Army is dying

Syria opposition chief rejects talks

$100 or $1,000? Wide price range for birth control

TransCanada to seek approval for building Keystone pipeline in pieces

Romney also won gender gap on Super Tuesday

No self-financing required by Romney; he's hauling in a huge amount of cash, $11.5M in February

Full Titanic wreck site mapped for 1st time

what they hid from voters in 2008: Obama made his students at University of Chicago Law School read some of disturbing Derrick Bell's most radical and racially inflammatory writings

Mitt cant ge't no respect; Much of the punditry spun Mitt's smashing victory - winning twice as many contests as Santorum and slaughtering his rival in total delegates won - as, if not a loss, then something less than what it was

Bully bureaucrats gone wild, says integrity czar

Bank of Canada's Mark Carney hints at higher rates

Air Canada Sunday lockout sidelined; contract fight sent to labour board

Canada confers honorary citizenship on Aung San Suu Kyi

'We hid this during the 2008 election': Obama ally confesses he covered up 'race' video Andrew Breitbart threatened to release before his death

Kids born later in the year more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD; B.C. study suggests issue is more often just immaturity than something requiring treatment

Reagan was a sure loser too; Conventional wisdom about Republican presidential prospects sounds mighty familiar

Can anyone catch up with Mitt Romney in the hunt for GOP delegates as he spends just enough to win and has a commanding lead?

analysis: A stagnant Brazil falls victim to its own success

Chrysler CEO declines 2011 pay; company now worth $7.5 billion

China replaces Europe in funding NY trophy properties

Brazil speeds up interest rate cuts to single digit to revive GDP growth

Lorne Gunter: For climate cues, look to the sun

Canada's Baird meets with Myanmar President

Apparent high-level defection in Syria; U.N. relief head sees 'devastated' areas

Disillusioned ex-Anonymous first outed Sabu last year

Toyota recalling 680,000 vehicles

Is it time for GOP pretenders to drop out after Super Tuesday pounding by Romney?

Neil Reynolds: The caging of capitalism

Clifford Orwin: Is Obama trying to leave Israel no choice?

Marchionne: Fiat needs an Asia partner

What sank the Titanic? Scientists point to the moon

Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan as war death toll climbs past 400

Global worries spark stock selloff

U.S. General warns of Syrian bioweapons, Iran threat

IBM's Jeopardy-master Watson computer gets Wall Street job; to make big bucks for IBM

Holder gives legal defense for al-Awlaki killing; terror must be met with different test: 'due process' isn't necessarily 'judicial process'

Fearing demonstrations, Obama shifts location of G-8 summit from hometown of Chicago to secure Camp David Presidential retreat in Maryland

Sandra Fluke not a "random co-ed," but a professional left-wing activist who worked full-time from 2003 to 2009 post-graduate as a 'community organizer'; in addition to free contraception, she advocates employer-provided health insurance paying for expensive gender-reassignment procedures

Chevy Volt and Opel Ampera named 2012 European Car of the Year

Four foreign workers killed in head-on crash on Alberta highway

Liberal radio host Mike Malloy, a former CNN news writer, mocks U.S. tornado victims for their religious beliefs

China considers new move on road toward floating Yuan currency: Xinhua

McCain calls for U.S. to lead on Syria airstrikes

China 4% inflation target gives scope for relaxing energy-price controls

New York Mets owners told to pay back illegal Madoff profits, maybe more

Canada closes embassy in Syria

Michael Den Tandt: Mulcair is NDP's only hope against Stephen Harper

Suicide attack kills 2 on Afghan NATO base where Korans burned

Obama offers Netanyahu assurances over Iran

Humanity's origins could be traced to ancient worm: scientists

Why NYPD monitoring should be welcome news to U.S. Muslims

view from the obsessive left with Jeffrey Simpson: With friends like Harper, Bibi can do no wrong

7-year-old boy sucked from home by Friday tornado, dropped 350 feet away, already home from hospital

Carlos Slim, Mexican telecommunications tycoon, now world's richest man

David Ignatius: Decoding Obama's Message on Iran

Takes 3-pt poll lead in Ohio; Romney, The Inevitable?

updated: Iraq attacks in Haditha 'kill 27 policemen'

Tory support steady despite attacks and robo-call allegations by Opposition in lead-up to Layton by-election: Nanos poll re-launches with last article by its late founder; deep investigation of Obama's media-hidden radical past and associations

Romney hits Gingrich for gas price pandering; says focus on jobs and the economy, not made-up promises

Joe Klein agrees with criticism of Obama's selective contraception mandate: "why, in a country where we don't require employers to provide health insurance should we require them to -- those who do provide health insurance -- to provide contraception?"

Obama says using force against Iran is an option, won't give timetable

Super Tuesday: Former First Lady Barbara Bush robo-calling for "my friend" Mitt Romney in Ohio and Vermont

Romney gets major endorsement as GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announces support for Mitt on NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Red Cross begins handing out aid in hard-hit Syrian province

Romney comes way back to win Washington going away; double-digit victory his 4th straight state

Syria bars Red Cross from entering Homs district; atrocities alleged

Limbaugh apologizes for lambasting activist Fluke after advertisers retreat, online campaign unleashed against him

Obama ups ante, practices wedge politics; phones, commiserates with professional activist 'law student' after her demands for $1,000-a-year of free contraceptives for students pointedly mocked by Rush Limbaugh in radio lambasting

BP settles class-action lawsuit with more than 100,000 fishermen who lost work, cleanup workers who got sick and others who claimed harm from the oil giant's 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster; no cap on total pay-out but BP estimate is $7.8B

Canada expansion slows to 1.8% annual pace as growth of exports moderates

Moody's downgrades Greece after debt swap

NFL breaking scandal: Saints' players paid to injure opponents

NASA says it was hacked 13 times last year

Andrew Coyne: McGuinty's oil-sands comments typically irrelevant

Professional birth control activist demands U.S. guarantee free birth control for all students; Limbaugh attacks $1,000 a year demand, says tantamount to prostitute-level usage

Lorne Gunter: Ontario teachers' union demonstrates it's easily insulted

Canada cracks down on marriage/immigration fraud

Sports betting bill passes third reading in Ottawa, headed to Senate

Iceland considers adopting Canadian dollar as its currency; Canada willing to talk

Jennifer Rubin: Polls put Romney back in first and moving up as Santorum drops

Charles Krauthammer: Romney's luck

Michael Den Tandt: CBC faces 10% cut in austerity budget

America's Duplicity with the Syrian Opposition

Chinese hackers took over NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Inspector General reveals

Newt robocalls hit Santorum in Tennessee, Oklahoma; hit hard on his strong union connections

7 Americans charged in Egypt for pro-Democracy activism on way home after diplomatic efforts

Keystone XL pipeline a 'no-brainer': Romney

Lorne Gunter: Mr. Obama, listen to Bill Clinton on Keystone

Keystone XL should be built on new route: Bill Clinton; which Nebraska and TransCanada have already agreed to do

meanwhile: Savannah, Georgia newspaper endorses Mitt Romney

Gingrich puts all marbles in Georgia basket

Syrian opposition forms military council

Terence Corcoran: McGuinty's half-hearted apology more sand than substance

out of touch? B.C. teachers vote 87% in favour of strike

Ontario set to get tough with teachers?

Husband of Canadian ambassador to Libya 'one of the players' in Saadi Gadhafi's company

China's big factories rebound in February as smaller firms lag

First vote looms on Obama birth control policy; will faith organizations be forced to do things against their religions?

Iran's underground nuclear sites not immune to U.S. bunker-busters, experts say

GM buys 7% of France's Peugeot, the two companies said to target $2B in savings from plan

Tornadoes hammer country music resort town of Branson, Missouri; 9 dead from storms across region

Romney cruises to victory in Arizona, Michigan

Day of reckoning, "dirty tricks" as Michigan votes

Yahoo threatens Facebook as patent war looms

Civilian death toll "well over 7,500" in Syria: UN

Microsoft's future riding on launch of Windows 8

TransCanada to start building southern leg of Keystone XL as 'standalone' project

14 still missing after 9-storey Russian apartment block blown apart by gas blast

Costa Concordia cousin Allegra adrift off Seychelles near Alphonse Island after fire

Tim Powers: Tories want answers on voter suppression too

Mike Duffy points finger at 'third parties' amid 2011 election-mischief furor

Afghan NATO base attacked, seven U.S. soldiers wounded

Australian PM Gillard survives leadership ballot

Canada suspends meetings in Afghan ministries after U.S. shooting deaths

AJAC Awards: GM's Voltec comes up a winner

Romney predicts Tuesday wins in Michigan, Arizona

GIGAom: It's the end of the line for telco

Car bomb targets church services in Nigeria

NATO personnel recalled from Afghan ministries in wake of deadly attack

Two Americans shot dead inside Afghan Interior Ministry

CRAZY: Kitchener dad arrested at school after daughter draws picture of gun

At least 9 more Afghans killed in Koran burning protests

Economists to Ottawa: Put sales tax on food, scrap taxes elsewhere

Romney's tax plan follows Reagan vision

At least 50 killed in Syria as regime pound rebels

Better economic news than expected as initial jobless claims hold steady in U.S.

Bank of America halts routing new mortgages to Fannie Mae

Rudd makes it official, will seek to replace Gillard as Australian PM, his former role

Female infanticide the focus in UK abortion sting

Putin praises Cold War moles for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets

New York State considers turning 3-mile-long Tappan Zee bridge across Hudson River into walkway when replacement highway bridge is built

Republican candidates back arming Syria rebels

Obama's Dividend Assault; A plan to triple the tax rate would hurt all shareholders

Gary Mason: The Drummond Effect is felt across the land

Ann Coulter: What's their problem with Romney?

Venezuelan bonds surge as Chavez heads into surgery for new cancer

Gas hits $6 a gallon in Florida; may hammer tourism-related employment

PlayBook 2.0 upgrade gives RIM back its swagger

Newark mayor Booker: NYPD misled us on Muslim spying; says didn't know/upset at across-state-line anti-terrorist operation

Syrian troops kill 27 in village raids, including noted American journalist Marie Colvin and a French photographer

Suicide bombers poised to strike U.S., Iran warns

Today's seniors won't be affected by OAS cuts: Finley

Affirmative action college quotas go to U.S. Supreme Court

Gallup says unemployment rising again in U.S., expects it to affect coming election

Mitchell/Rosetta Stone Poll: Romney surges, regains lead by 2% in Michigan GOP

We Ask America poll: Michigan now a dead heat as Santorum loses 15-point lead in days amid Romney surge

How the Iran nuclear stand-off looks from Turkey

Italy economic overhaul marked by three women

North Korea threatens 'merciless' strikes as South Korea stages artillery drill

Iran deploys warplanes, missiles in 'exercise' protecting nuclear sites

Canada threatens retaliation if oilsands given black eye in Europe?

Is Obama caving in Bering Sea border dispute with Russia? Alaskan voices say big oil part of stakes - More Obama 'go along to get along'?

Canadian Rangers patrol vast North; eyes and ears in remote Arctic territories a vital presence as sovereignty at issue

Trump takes hatchet to Santorum

How an African chief uses twitter to keep the peace

U.S. economy: 5 things to watch for trouble

Germany drawing up plans for Greece to leave the euro

Man pulled alive from car in northern Sweden after being stuck for months; doors jammed by snow, couldn't open electric windows?

China eases credit as property prices slide

Suicide bomb kills 15 at Baghdad police academy

U.S., Britain urge Israel not to attack Iran

Iran Oil Ministry: Exports cut to Britain, France

2 judicial officials slain in Syria

Andrew Coyne: The problem with Justin Trudeau's petty separatism threat is that it's so commonplace; some Liberals and liberals just don't get democracy, they're always on the verge of taking their bat and ball and going home

Italy and India in diplomatic row after Italian freighter shoots, kills Indian fishermen it suspected were pirates just off Indian coast

Obama, eyeing China, wants to boost export financing through Export-Import Bank

Foreclosure abuse rampant across U.S., experts say

Romney political foes trying to treat his outside requests for federal funding for 2002 Olympics and the Democrat-begun 'Big Dig' in Boston when he was Governor as equivalent to Santorum's billion dollar insider earmark spree

Toronto's million-dollar 'radical mosque'; foreign-funded, it's doing 'missionary' work in Canada, but among its funders, neither Saudi Arabia nor Qatar allows religions other than Islam to be preached in their own countries

Scurrilous 'Vikileaks' twitter account was run from a House of Commons IP address with evidence pointing to an NDP perp; will there be a libel action? sloppy personal attack at Minister Toews revealed alleged details of divorce proceedings

Finally, the first conviction in Vancouver for the Stanley Cup riot -- a 17 months sentence

"I became a U.S. citizen - and I'm thrilled"

Peugeot in big trouble, losing big money in 2011 and now looking at liquidating some assets to cover debt

Clement vows transparency on Federal spending cuts despite Treasury Board gag order

Terence Corcoran: The Big McGuinty switch -- taxes to go up, because that's what Liberals do

Oxycontin to be pulled from Canadian pharmacies; hand-wringing has started over 'what will the addicts do?'

updated: CNN cancels March 1st debate after Romney, Santorum and Paul cancel out; done 20 already, busy campaigning in 6 states for Super Tuesday

The Guardian: Analysis of 839 questions asked by media at 20 GOP debates show distortion and shallowness of media obsessions

Santorum releases federal tax returns showing rise in wealth as embraced lobbyist role

Congress leaders reach payroll tax cut deal until after elections

Serious flaw found in securing online transactions

GM once again world's biggest automaker, shows record $7.6B profit in 2011, despite losses in Europe and South America; still hasn't made enough to pay back huge government investments

U.S. officials tie al-Qaida of Iraq to Syrian bombings

Keystone Pipeline fate in U.S. in limbo but construction moves forward in Canada

Euro zone ponders delay of 2nd Greek bailout program

Kellogg to swallow Pringles for $2.7B

UK MPs to visit Falklands

Reuters special report: Iran's cat-and-mouse game on sanctions; will embargo lead to blockade?

Iran trumpets nuclear advances, deepening standoff with West

Obama admits 'massive job losses' in his first year in office, failure to comprehend scope of problem even while making solemn promises

Newt Gingrich: The most disliked politician in America

Palin star fades, marginalized, seen as entertainer now, not serious politician

Jennifer Rubin: Santorum: 'Birth control harms women'; too extreme to be President?

World Bank's Zoellick to step down in June

Canadian shipping company puts $500M in new ships for Great Lakes

Rome's 2020 Olympic bid scrapped by Italian Premier Monti

Hackers claim attack on American tear gas company

Love makes the brain stay strong; real chemistry, says neuroscientist

Shallow 5.7M quake hits west of Vancouver Island

Is President Obama really weak-kneed Jimmy Carter?
Presidency hobbled by Iran naivete, lack of decisiveness
Israel says "time is now to take out Iranian nuclear facilities"

Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?

About 100 feared still trapped in sunken Papua ferry

duelling groundhogs on their day
Wiarton Willie says "early Spring"
Punxsutawney Phil says "6 more weeks of winter"
Winnipeg Willow agrees with American cousin Phil

updated: 350 onboard as ferry sinks off Papua, New Guinea
reports say at least 230 rescued

updated: at least 74 killed in Egyptian soccer riot

Reuters: U.S. accuses China of plot against DuPont

U.S. job creation slows in January; December revised down

Mitt Romney routs Newt Gingrich in Florida

UK Global Warming Office: No warming in past 15 years

Kingston: Verdict reached in Shafia murder trial
mother, father, son all guilty of all 4 counts
first degree murder; to spend rest of lives in prison

300 arrested in daylong Occupy Oakland protests

Oakland 'Occupier's' riot; flag stolen from City Hall & burned; 100+ arrested

Harper's wise use of Europe debt crisis as backdrop

Harper signals Canada's looming R&D revamp

Harper touts Canada's economic strength at Davos (video)

Keynote: Harper challenges Davos on prosperity, jobs, debt
"creation of economic growth, therefore jobs, must be policy priority for all"
Post-recession: "not just too much bank debt, but too much sovereign debt"
Wealth taken for granted? primary concern just services and entitlements?

The hero who uncovered foreign funding of Canadian green groups

Obama thumbs nose at Georgia Court subpoena;
claims doesn't have to prove his U.S. citizenship

U.S. Federal Reserve vows low rates until late 2014

Harper to tout capitalism, Canadian oil at World Economic Forum

Globe Editorial: Meeting of PM-First Nations holds promise

Harper: no full repeal of Indian Act, vows ‘aggressive’ action

Mitt bursts Newt's fatuous tax claims; notes under Gingrich plan he'd pay no tax

Davos keynote: Harper to call for eurozone ‘urgent action’

Newt neutered as resurgent Romney shows fight

Tampa: Romney calls Newt "influence peddler" to face
Gingrich stammers, refuses answer, "see website Tuesday"

Wall Street Journal: 'Historian' Gingrich a crook, too?
Romney questions Gingrich on secret consulting contracts

Insider influence peddler Gingrich vows to change capital

Coulter: "with Gingrich, you throw out the baby and keep the bath water"

Australian legal decision changes rules on sports 'exclusivity'; implies sports content has reduced value for broadcasters

Senseless census spluttering ceased

'Harvesting' power from radio waves could make batteries obsolete

Michelle Obama limits commitment to campaigning, wants to enjoy perqs of being First Lady without the work

25 ways to make LinkedIn work for you

Falklands oilfields promise huge riches and tax windfall for England; friction grows with Argentina

Raising bébé: Latest cross-cultural parenting guide extols laissez-faire French method

Death of Whitney Houston, 48, a surprise to those close to her; recalled as happy in days before death; her last song sung was "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" on Thursday night

Head of Syria’s Arab League observer mission resigns

Electro-Motive patents overwhelmingly American; contrary to assertion by Toronto Star

Ontario air ambulance service 'dream' in tatters as technical and financial mess unravels

Fears over future of England's Sun newspaper after more arrests

Argentina accuses Britain of sending nuclear missiles to Falklands

German soldiers preserved in World War I shelter discovered after nearly 100 years

Kim Jong-un assassination rumours apparently sparked by Beijing embassy preparations to mark 70th birthday of late Kim Jong-ill

Andrew Coyne: In defence of using evidence from torture

End of two-for-one jail credit has little impact on system so far; ends remand scamming and unofficial 2-for-1 workaround; seen to reduce jail overload

Chinese imports dip shakes markets

parasite Toxoplasma gondii : How your cat is (really) making you crazy

Chinese Twitter says Kim Jong-Un assassinated this morning in Beijing embassy

American report ranks world health care; only 10% of Canadians believe complete rebuild necessary

SNC-Lavalin dismisses two executives with ties to Gadhafi son

'Get to border early' for Winter Classic, says Leafs Burke

Terrorism gang jailed for plotting to blow up London Stock Exchange

Warren Buffett : Bonds among most dangerous assets

The twilight of the Bond King; Bill Gross and PIMCO

Kelly McParland : The unappealing new reality for organized labour

Former Senator, earmark-lovin', social conservative Rick Santorum takes three delegate-empty states in Romney upset; Gingrich buried

Crux of the Matter: Andrew Coyne on the truth about EMD & Caterpillar

Time is running out for Greece to accept bailout conditions, Merkel says

Bloomberg: A bar may be best place to grasp markets

U.S. farmers plan biggest crop plant since 1984

Nikon D800 - The 36 megapixel monster

UK recalls ambassador to Syria for consultations

U.S. closes embassy in Syria

Georgia court overturns assisted suicide restrictions

Canadian fatwa condemns 'honour killings'

Prospering India tells Britain: 'We don't want your aid'

Russia and China's Syria resolution veto shames UN: England

Philip Coggan: Expect China to shape the next Bretton Woods pact

Chrysler continues to seek U.S. Energy Dept. loans

SUPER BOWL: Giants go long for a number cruncher; football novice from England studies footage, supplies data

Conrad Black: Queen Elizabeth has not only lived long, she’s prospered in her role

Doug Saunders: Obama, Merkel and Putin are at war with reason

Margaret Wente: We’re ripe for a great disruption in higher education

Sponsor Monster energy drinks didn't provide insurance for event which killed Sarah Burke

GOP race turns to Colorado, Minnesota

AP analysis: Romney win leaves rivals few options

How green zealots are destroying the planet: New book from James Delingpole

Stephen Harper fears Iran would use nuclear weapons if it was able to produce them

SUPER BOWL: Giants' Coach has had same giant protecting 'him' since Parcels in 1990

No clues as to why Papua New Guinea ferry sank

U.S. unemployment down to 8.3%, still high as revisions add jobs to November and December

Canadian unemployment up to 7.6%

More ORNGE heads roll as McGuinty Gov't sinks deeper into political scandal

Was 7.1M quake that hit Vanuatu today caused by solar activity? big quakes between 6.5 and 8 had been predicted for southern hemisphere due to coronal hole facing earth

Ferreting out conflicts of interest in research remains a challenge

Philippines: Most-wanted terror leaders killed in US-assisted airstrike

John Ibbitson: Ottawa gets a pre-budget warning: cut the spending sprees

Mexico: suspects tried twice to rescue Gadhafi son

Canadian held in Mexico officially charged in Gadhafi plot

RIM co-founder Lazaridis puts money where mouth is, buys $50 million in RIM stock days after stepping down as co-CEO

Adnan Khan: We have failed to protect Muslim women under threat; traditions "that are not only an affront to Canadian values, but damage the honour of Islam itself" must be confronted within the community

Margaret Wente: Call honour crimes what they are

Nazneen Sheikh: No culture experts required for ‘honour’ crimes; same justice for all

Globe Editorial: Harper right to confront need for pension reform

'Unintended consequences' of Volcker Rule, part of Dodd-Frank, de-stabilizes world government financing, stirs opposition

EU blocks Deutsche Boerse-NYSE merger

Taliban 'poised to retake Afghanistan' after NATO pullout, leaked U.S. report claims

730 CBC employees take home more than $100,000 a year; state broadcaster won't reveal who gets what; stonewalls against info release

family dishonour: Shafia relatives threatened, shunned for testifying against family

4 UK men admit plotting London Stock Exchange bomb

Trump opens Canada’s tallest condo tower with $6-million suites; Toronto tower has 65 storeys, hotel, cost $500 million; site of former downtown Woolworth's

CIA chief says appears Saudi oil "ramping up"

U.S. Intelligence: Iran greater threat, while al-Qaida declines

Syria troops push back rebels as UN fight looms

Daily Mail: Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again)

Mohammad Shafia was ‘so obsessed, so closed-minded’

Kelly McParland: Opposition looks to Harper and sees Dr. Evil; and mindless Ottawa press corps parrots every paroxysm

Christie Blatchford: No honour in ‘cold-blooded, shameless’ murder of Shafia girls

Jack Granatstein: Harper’s foreign policies have made Canada a world player; MacKay record as Defence minister ranks with the nation’s best.

Ontario Liberals propose health care changes; how will minority legislature react?

Al Hunt: Gingrich may be trying to win one from the Gipper; “Gingrich had absolutely nothing to do with the Reagan Revolution,” says Reagan biographer

Jennifer Rubin: Romney vs. Obamacare

Terence Corcoran: The Internet’s collectivist blarney

Wisconsin: the most important non-Presidential election of the decade

Pentagon seeks better bunker buster for Iran use; wants deeper penetration than current 15-ton bomb

60 show up, but 560 of chairs empty and Gingrich arrives 55 minutes late; campaign stalling in Hispanic Florida

Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll: Romney 42%, Gingrich 31% ~ Romney lead cuts across geographic, ethnic and gender lines

Private investors would take more than 60% hit on Greek debt under tentative agreement

Legonaut travels to space and back for $400; has pictures and video to prove it

McGuinty's ORNGE fiasco gets worse as new mega-bucks air ambulances have design risky to patients, says top doctor

#Fail: Biden praised stimulus-backed battery-maker 'Ener1' one year before company went bankrupt; given $118.5M, now lost

Barbara Yaffe: Time ripe to rein in cushy pensions for MPs, bureaucrats

Syrian forces raid houses in attack on rebel suburb

Gingrich admits he lied about ABC News during last week's CNN Debate; will he be asked to set record straight tonight?

Michelle Malkin: Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants

Neutral Jeb Bush warns Gingrich about his over-heated rhetoric and personal attacks

"Answer the question, candidate Gingrich" And stow the hubris and overcooked contempt while you're at it

Perplexed 1990s Gingrich to Dole: "Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?" Dole: "Because it saves them time"

Bob Dole assails Gingrich as "one-man-band who rarely took advice"; echoes of 'loner' Obama?

Bill Gates puts money where heart is, gives another $750M to Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Microsoft and Canadian National Railway among his income sources

Obama thin-skinned? Travels to Arizona, lectures Governor about her book, then snubs in mid-conversation on tarmac

Rio de Janeiro building collapse leaves 5 dead, 16 missing

Davos: Harper fears Europe, U.S. problems to get worse

Rubio blasts Gingrich TV ad as "inflammatory" and "inaccurate"

Philippines may allow greater U.S. military presence in reaction to China’s rise

No more résumés, say some firms

So, no surprise, smarmy Justin Trudeau a closet separatist, a conditional 'patriot'

Canada introduces Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act; predictable firestorm from people deluded into believing there is privacy now

China-based hackers had access to Nortel corporate computer network for at least a decade

Wall Street Journal: What’s inside the $25B mortgage settlement: an early look

AP Interview: U.S. bishops fight birth control deal

Britain could be stripped of AAA credit rating within a year

Syria launched ‘indiscriminate attack’ on civilians, UN says

Syrian rebels repel tank attack on key town

Daily Caller pulls back curtains on 'vast left-wing conspiracy' orchestrated by American propaganda mill Media Matters

Joe Nocera - NY Times: The Politics of Keystone, Take 2

Romney announces major legislative support in Michigan primary

Obama opened religious Pandora's box, mixing state in church business, and GOP wants to close it with definitive vote on Obama's birth control mandate

In complicating move, al-Qaida backs Syrian revolt, filling void left by lack of Obama leadership

Charles Krauthammer: The Gospel According to Obama

Greece set to agree on bailout as Germany demands action

Romney appeals to U.S. business with harsh China talk

Rex Murphy: Obama’s war against Christianity: When the Church struck back

Greek Parliament starts debate on austerity laws

Mitt Romney bounces back and answers Santorum with a trifecta of his own, winning a national poll of conservatives, a straw poll at conservative CPAC conference in Washington, D.C., and the Maine caucus

Ahmadinejad: Iran to reveal new nuke achievements

Gunmen assassinate army general in Damascus

Greece's coalition party leaders back bailout deal

NY Times: As Canadians talk business, China’s longtime stance of noninterference is tested

Gingrich campaign broke after backer Adelson turns off tap

Foreclosures to climb in U.S. before bank deal helps housing market heal

Obama splits hairs to back down from his contraception conflict with religions; friction won't go away

Twin bomb blasts hit Syria’s Aleppo; 25 dead

Russian space engineer gets 13-year sentence for selling secrets to CIA

Mounting turmoil in Greece hits stock, currency markets

Greece caught between protests, austerity demands

Greek deal doesn't meet bailout terms: Germany

Humanitarian crisis deepens in Syrian city of Homs

Judge dismisses suit accusing SeaWorld of enslaving killer whales

U.S. House votes to tighten insider-trading ban

stimulus: Bank of England injects £50bn into economy

Greeks strike bailout deal in time for EU meeting

U.S. reaches mortgage settlement with top banks

Kodak to stop making cameras, digital frames

James Delingpole: The best article on wind farms you will ever read

Activist American NGO workers could face 5 years in prison, Egyptian judges say

Republican plan to strip Obama administration of decision-making over Keystone XL pipeline clears House hurdle

Neil Reynolds : A taxing dilemma: What’s the optimal rate for the rich?

GOP push in House for line-item veto would give President new authority to cut spending if Senate agrees; political gambit

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates pull their ambassadors from Syria

Russia pushes Syria reforms as bloodshed mounts

NY Times: Syria renews bombardment as U.S. closes embassy and Russia sends envoys

Bucking world opinion, Russian Foreign Minister in Syria for talks

79 killed as Syria pounds protest hubs

Andrew Coyne: Caterpillar’s EMD facility never really was ‘our’ plant

Big 6.9M quake in Philippines kills 13, triggers landslides

Syrian forces hammer Homs, kill dozens more after UN peace plans blocked

Hamas and Fatah to form Gaza-West Bank unity government headed by Mahmoud Abbas

CRTC delays CBC licence renewal until after budget

Neil Reynolds: America’s down, but not out

Globe editorial: Long may she reign over us

Final Nevada GOP caucus tally a blow-out for Romney, with 50%

Brady stunned by loss to Giants in edge-of-seat Super Bowl

Russia’s UN veto on Syria gives Assad ‘license to kill’

Wen says China has stake in helping Europe

Most Germans want Greece to quit euro: poll

Greece on 'knife edge' in last hours to agree to bailout

Russia, China draw Arab, Turkish ire over Syria

NY Times: A mortgage tornado warning, unheeded

Romney wins Nevada, Newt throws a tantrum

'Arab Spring is coming to China,' John McCain tells Chinese Foreign Minister

China, Russia veto UN resolution telling Syrian President al-Assad to quit

Syria’s ‘bloodiest day’ as forces kill more than 200 in Homs, UN to push Bashar al-Assad to step down

Syrian Embassy in Ottawa vandalized

Hackers intercept FBI, UK police call

Panasonic headed for record $10 billion annual loss

Villagers scramble for fuel in Europe's big chill

Britain shivers at -11C as cold snap brings snow

Story of Facebook graffiti artist hitting it big with IPO shows power of stock options

Contraception mandate outrages religious groups

Trump endorses Romney after a puzzling Vegas day; Gingrich had claimed yesterday that Trump would be supporting him

Daycare worker, teenagers among 60 arrested in Ontario child porn bust

Wall Street cash flows to Romney over Obama as winner picked

Sudden Panetta comments that U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan in 2013 means Australia out, too

Romney says GOP fight strengthens him for Fall

NY Times: Missing MF Global money found; investigators won't say where

U.S. government health spending seen doubling to $1.8 Trillion in next 10 years

Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds

The Florida primary was ugly, unfair and probably fatal for Newt Gingrich

43 dead in Ukraine's cold spell

Vancouver police release still more photos of NHL rioters; these scum beat a man who was trying to stop riot

Prince William deploys to Falkland Islands as tensions rise with Argentina

Romney shows killer instinct to win Florida, firmly in driver's seat for GOP nomination

Newt Gingrich paid himself and his company over $110,000 from campaign funds, for voter lists and web hosting

David Weigel: Why Republican voters are up in arms over Keystone XL; from an American leftish writer

How Mitt got his mojo back: 5 things he got right in Florida

Obama plays down his only success, says drone program "very limited and focused mainly on protecting the U.S. embassy in Baghdad"

Romney confident, Newt to press on as Florida votes

Celebrations across Canada to mark Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next week

The Dodd-Frank effect, unions and private equity, and Newt’s expenses

Gingrich says raised $10M in end 2011, $5M in January; ready to spend all that and more on quixotic pursuit, tilting at debate moderators

More central planning or less?: Should government have more say in how specialty positions are allocated for medical school graduates in Canada?

Emboldened GOP wants to abolish state income taxes

Dana Milbank: The end of the road for Newt Gingrich?

‘Unbelievable’ migration as snowy owls pop up in continental U.S.

Shafia trial a wake-up call for Canadian Muslims

Neil Reynolds: America’s still skeptical about central banking

NY Times: With polls on his side, Romney stays on the attack

No housing crash for Canada: BMO

Ottawa moves to assure seniors on OAS as MPs return after six-week holiday

New poll by Connecticut university sees Romney surge to 14-point lead in big Florida Primary battle

Rasmussen Florida poll: Romney doubles lead to 16 points - Romney 44% Gingrich 28%

European refinery shutdown squeezes world fuel prices higher

Romney gains momentum in Florida; Cain endorses Gingrich after flirtation with Stephen Colbert's mockery

George Jonas: I’m a man with one master; ditch the hyphen

Christie Blatchford: Startling revelations from relatives as Shafia trial jury deliberates

Gingrich says he's in 'til GOP convention; predicts victory

Reuters/Ipsos Florida poll: Romney 43%, Gingrich 32%, Santorum 16%, Paul 6% ~ Romney widens lead over Gingrich in Florida

Joe Scarborough: The Newt I know; inspiring and maddening, disciplined and self-indulgent, forward thinking and short-sighted, gifted and dumb — sometimes all within the same hour

National Review: Jeffrey Lord’s distortion; attack on Elliott Abrams a Gingrichian smear job which denies the reality of Newt's Reagan slams at critical time

After losing two Florida debates, with polls turning strongly against him, Gingrich fights back with extreme claims against Romney

Gingrich brashness a turn-off to potential supporters

IMF chief: Some euro countries can boost growth and help all

Crux of the matter: Entitlement reform talk always gets knickers in a knot

16 Scientists: No need to panic about global warming; There's no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy

Fitch cuts Italy, Spain, other euro zone ratings

Newt Gingrich hammered in last Florida debate as Mitt Romney shows rare steel; Blitzer doesn’t back down from Gingrich’s attacks

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s state-of-the-union flop

U.S. economy may never fully recover: Carney

At RIM new CEO vows to silence the doomsayers

Legendary Joe Paterno passes away at 85

Canada: One of few unthreatened AAA credit ratings

How/why foreign, pro enviro lobby targeted Canada

Wente: With Keystone, it's Harvard vs. the heartland

Costa CEO says Concordia captain misled company, crew

SOPA, PIPA anti-online piracy bills halted by U.S.

Man charged with dishing Canadian secrets to Russians called ‘loner, geek’

Canada expels Russian diplomats after espionage charges
Canadian Sub-Lt. charged under Security of Info Act

Gunter: Obama’s Keystone rejection just political theatre

Obama shrugs off Canada warnings over Keystone XL

Perry quits GOP race; backs "imperfect" Newt Gingrich

‘I ordered the turn too late’: Costa Concordia captain

Euro crisis to cost Canada $10B, Bank of Canada warns

Costa Concordia: Can it be salvaged? (graphics)

Lloyd's exclusive: Path & pivot route of Concordia shown
loss of life much greater if ship not grounded

Planck Surveyor: Big Bang camera goes dark

Search suspended as Concordia shifts; sailed closer in August

Turkey rips Rick Perry for terrorism slur

Conservative DeMint group backs Romney; Perry pull out?

Romney beats back attacks in debate, Perry adds Turkey to terror list

5 more cruise ship bodies found, death toll now 11
rescue divers use explosives to blow holes in hull

radio: Captain refused to return to ship when ordered

29 passengers, crew still missing; cruise ship capsizing

6 confirmed dead, many missing, including crew
cruise line blames captain for Friday the 13th disaster

Failed Russian Mars probe hits Pacific off Chile

Cruise ship Captain held for manslaughter investigation

Night of chaos, fear after cruise ship ran aground

Luxury cruise ship hits reef, hull ripped open off Italy, listing badly
dead and missing, helicopter rescues, "like a scene from 'Titanic'"

confirmed: 9 eurozone nations downgraded by S&P

Germany, Netherlands expected to avoid S&P
credit rating downgrades hitting others today

U.S. to withdraw thousands of troops from Europe

winter for a second day: Freezing rain, snow clobber NE U.S. and Canada

Coup feared, Pakistan PM warns UK officials this week

U.S. economy hit: Retail sales weak, jobless claims up

Kim Jong Il's eldest son dismisses ruler brother as symbol

Ice storm hits Eastern Ontario/Quebec; echoes of 1998

Another Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated

Now looking for $8B in budget cuts this year: Flaherty

Romney wins New Hampshire GOP Primary; 2 for 2

Indonesia hit by 4.7M aftershock; no tsunami news yet

Indonesia tsunami warning; similar risk to 2004

Monster, shallow 7.3M quake hits Indonesia

Chevy flexes 130R muscle car at Detroit Auto Show

Karl Rove: Channeling David Axelrod; It'd be nice if President Obama had a record to defend. But he doesn't, and I've gotten over it.

McGuinty dismisses entire board of fraud-riddled air ambulance service he set up

President Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State: Newt Gingrich "often spewed insulting rhetoric at Reagan, his top aides, and his policies"

American Research Group Florida primary poll: Romney 41%, Gingrich 34%, Santorum 9%, Paul 7% ~ January 25, 2012

Newt Gingrich: 'Our' Bill Clinton

Islamists, liberals square off in Egypt's Tahrir Square marking the first anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak

Symantec tells customers to disable pcAnywhere software; data breach risk high

Airbus confirms more A380 cracks, announces fix

George Jonas: Newt Gingrich, the counterpuncher, supercilious curmudgeon and limelight-addicted camera-moth

John Ivison: Pragmatic PM looks ahead as Chiefs air old grievances

Obama unleashes class warfare in State of Union political speech

Globe Editorial: McGuinty’s speech lacks specifics; tries to buy support of NDP by sustaining bureaucracy spending

Harper sees jobs as key to better future for First Nations; not just 'lip service', committed to change

Alberta exports bison to roam a new home in Montana

Head of Syrian Red Crescent killed as Gulf Arab states pull observers from country

Orlando Sentinel: Romney is GOP's best candidate, best bet

U.S. Military raid in Somalia frees American and Danish hostages

Eisenhower family upset, rejects over-extravagant and impractical $100M Washington, DC memorial to WWII Allied Commander and two-term U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower; want something simple "“Because that is where we are in our history, and that is how he wanted to be remembered”

Gadhafi loyalists seize Libyan town of Bani Walid in most serious revolt yet against the country's new government

Newt Gingrich's former consulting firm has inconveniently 'lost' critical contracts and documentation of his activities at the firm, raising suspicions about truth of his stories

2006 Gingrich contract shows he was an insider lobbyist, as Romney claims; but wasn't registered as a lobbyist

George F. Will: Only thing GOP has to fear is lack of fear at Gingrich victory

Warren Buffett’s BNR railroad and Bill Gates' CNR railroad among winners from Keystone denial

Crux of the matter: 'Environmentalists' targeting Northern Gateway pipeline want to destroy Canada’s economy

O'Brien: Vivek Wadhwa emerges as Silicon Valley's most provocative voice; questions status quo, rocks boat

Santorum: 'Gingrich all talk, no results'

Syria rejects new Arab League plan to end crisis

Canada needs to reinvent CRTC, outgoing head von Finckenstein says; government can't protect 'cultural identity' in wild west world of internet

Christie: Gingrich 'embarrassed' the GOP

Romney on Gingrich: 'He had to resign in disgrace'; no more Mr. Nice Guy, Mitt reminds Florida about Newt's unethical behaviour and turfing by GOP

Arizona shooting victim, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, announces resignation from U.S. House of Representatives

Moldovan upset about allegations linking her with Concordia captain; denies wined and dined with captain

Direct Energy moves HQ from Toronto to Houston, loss of 500 jobs; cites Ontario failure to fully open energy markets to competition

Ontario Premier McGuinty hinges re-election hopes on unelected Drummond; gives him keys to faltering economy for re-do

Forum Research poll: New Ontario poll puts Tories ahead of Liberals; 41% to 33%; after Liberal incompetence revelations continue

ORNGE architect George Smitherman brokered meeting between Korean officials and ORNGE; meanwhile Canadians were dying due to flawed air ambulance service

Ambush of police truck in Syria kills 14

At least 143 killed in north Nigeria sect attacks

LA Times: Advertising spending online expected to surpass print this year

Ontario removes CEO and board of ORNGE air ambulance; CEO was paid $1.4M a year

Different Standards: Deb Matthews unlikely to be given a pink slip over Ornge controversy; another Smitherman disaster, this one life-and-death

France threatens early exit from Afghanistan

U.S. considering closing embassy in Syria

Ontario farm group calls for halt to wind power development

Donations flood in to help Sarah Burke’s family with huge medical bills; didn't Monster Energy have insurance for event?

Canadian ski star Sarah Burke dies in Utah hospital week after superpipe training crash

Why is B.C.’s new police watchdog a controversial American from Los Angeles, Portland and Denver? Canadians need not apply?

To Harper’s ‘profound disappointment,’ Obama rejects Keystone

Keystone XL: Canada to diversify oil exports, Harper tells Obama

Christie Blatchford: Shafia trial testimony ends with an abrupt whimper

Obama on Keystone XL: Blame Hillary!

Romney's retirement account may cost him extra taxes due to success of deferred investments

incomplete Iowa recount gives win to Santorum by 34 votes; results from 8 precincts 'missing'; officially a 'virtual tie' according to Iowa GOP

ABC’s Brian Ross: Gingrich ‘bombshell’ a request for ‘an open marriage’ with ex-wife

Duceppe evasive on political future as rumours fly about Marois quitting PQ

Ex-cop kills self after alleged mob leak

Obama denial of Keystone XL pipeline permit costs 20,000 jobs, will raise fuel costs; alternative is to build it as U.S.-only pipeline to Canadian border to be finished after Obama gone

Rochester didn't kill Kodak

Kimberley Strassel: Romney's rivals fizzle in South Carolina

Russia faces violent revolution if it doesn’t embrace democracy, billionaire Putin challenger declares

Christie Blatchford: Mohammad Shafia’s behaviour explained through simple Afghan wisdom, says his dismissive brother

Harper and Rae pile on as Mulcair’s dual Canada-France citizenship raises eyebrows

Neil Reynolds: The dangerous isolationism of Ron Paul

Canada refuses to point finger at Russia after espionage charges against veteran intel officer

Bail hearing delayed for Jeffrey Paul Delisle, Canadian naval officer charged with espionage

Russian blame game begins as Deputy PM vows to name person responsible for expensive failure of Mars probe

Canadian Forces member charged with passing information to foreign entity

Federal cabinet minister Steven Fletcher to move aside temporarily for medical reasons

Ontario spends over seven times as much per person on bilingualism than Quebec

Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud reportedly killed in U.S. drone attack

Lorrie Goldstein: Liberals have Kyoto blues; Next leader needs an energy policy that doesn’t come out of a Cracker Jack box

Kelly McParland: Liberals end weekend looking more Tim Tebow than Tom Brady

John Ivison: Bob Rae puts chill on Liberals’ break from old politics

Study says American Dream alive and well -- in Canada

Christina Blizzard: Time to end Canada's failed native reserve system? apartheid by another name? constitutional racism?

Canada's tightening immigration policy may be felt in U.S.

Where's Newt? South Carolina campaign not ready for prime time; stumbles plague Gingrich

Survivors describe cruise ship chaos

Rivals complain their split of South Carolina conservative vote aids Romney, as he leads

Capsized cruise ship death toll rises to 5 in Italy

Liberals will let non-members vote for next leader

Liberal Party of Canada votes to keep monarchy, legalize pot at convention

Tunisia marks 1st anniversary of Arab Spring

Judge rules against Perry, Gingrich, Santorum and Huntsman in Virginia Primary lawsuit after they failed to get required number of signatures on nomination papers

Washington Post Fact-Checker: Four Pinocchios for ‘King of Bain’; Gingrich attack video called "highly misleading"

Canada condemns killing of Panjwaii Governor Haji Fazluddin Agha; "an ally of Canada he will be remembered for his tireless work to bring peace and prosperity" to Afghanistan

Rasmussen South Carolina poll: Romney 28%, Gingrich 21%, Paul 16%, Santorum 16%, Perry 6%, Huntsman 5%

Gingrich ad makes fun of Romney for speaking French

William Watson: Let’s hear it for the 1%; in Canada, tax system very 'redistributive'

Streep defends Thatcher portayal, saying she remains "in awe" of the Iron Lady

Now possible: Working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint on an iPad

Ivory Coast remains not those of missing Canadian reporter

Crippled Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday; was headed for Mars

Document dump from 2006 shows how Federal Reserve missed housing bust's coming 'collateral damage'

Obama responds to Republican electoral strength, commits to shrinking some agencies

Dana Milbank: Kamikaze Gingrich, on the loose in South Carolina

Major SC Perry supporter defects to Mitt Romney campaign; upset over Bain attacks

Gallup poll: Mitt Romney has widest lead to date in GOP race

Beloved, world-famous sea otter Milo, 12, dies of cancer after chemotherapy treatments

Harper promotes economic stability from $35B 30-year shipbuilding program

Margaret Wente: Let’s face it, the Liberals are out of gas

Keystone XL’s U.S. job-creating potential; 13,000 in construction, 7,000 in manufacturing

Brine drain: Pickle maker moves south

What happened to winter?

Costa giving each Concordia passenger 11,000 euros plus a full refund on the cruise and will pay costs of their return home

Activists and bloggers fear Twitter censorship after announces it can remove tweets country-by-country

Romney is fiery, focused in Florida debate

Gingrich tight, angry, bitter, apocryphal, spoiling for bare-knuckle fight before big Florida CNN debate; Romney loose, upbeat, witty with crowd; biggest debate of 2012?

Jeffrey Simpson: Focus first nations dialogue on self-sufficiency

Gary Mason: No taxes, land deals and a pipeline of money: There's no incentive for first nations to go it alone; complaints, but fondness for their nanny state conundrum

Fear may save the euro, but not necessarily Europe

Of course, an energy regulator is an ally of the public and their government; otherwise, get rid of it; foreign-funded groups step up attack on oil sands

Neil Reynolds: The real health care scare is a lack of provincial discipline

Ford has a better idea -- one slogan for whole world: "Go Further"

U.S. defence cuts may jeopardize Canada’s purchase of F-35 fighter jets

Pentagon cuts $500B, re-shapes U.S. military while trimming costs

Was 'State of the Union' hostage rescue Obamian political grandstanding? Are other hostages now at greater risk?

Romney, Gingrich amend released income info; Mitt finds missing $1,700, Newt 'overlooked' $252,500

Budget axe could cut deeper and hit sooner, Tories warn

Clinton re-states plan to leave post at end of Obama’s first term

Davos keynote: Harper vows 'major transformations' to position Canada for growth; immigration, pensions and research and development policy overhauls to position Canada as a more competitive force in global economy and confront pressures of an aging population

German police raid homes of alleged neo-Nazi supporters linked to nine killings

Terence Corcoran: The United States of envy; Romney right in his opposition to Obama's class warfare

Did Obama risk lives of Seal Team 6 and hostages with repeated open microphone comments to Panetta before SOTU?

Ann Coulter: Strongest case against Romney a few sheets short of a ream

Government walk-out snub planned over Ontario wind turbines

Margaret Somerville: Focusing on the fetus changes abortion debate

Team led by ROM scientist unearths oldest dinosaur nursery; new understanding of beasts as parents emerging

Matt Gurney: A native uprising isn’t likely, but it’s possible; Chief's loose lips are double-edged sword

Canadian Environment Minister intervenes, apologizes, and orders 'Lucy' returned, after heavy-handed wildlife officers confiscate rescued pet Canada Goose and threaten to euthanize

Romney campaign touts his tax return transparency

Germany’s economic engine chugs along as France falters

Bruins’ Tim Thomas explains White House snub; "the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People"

Mitt Romney releases tax details for 2010, 2011; anticlimactic, generous to church and charity, earned in $20M range each year

Marketwatch bombshell: Gingrich used tricky accounting to avoid $69,000 in Medicare tax in 2010

Tuesday's Crown-First Nations meeting will involve PM Stephen Harper, G-G David Johnson, Shawn Atleo, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs John Duncan

YouTube hits 4 billion daily views

100 years ago, Flagler's new over-Ocean railroad started South Florida growth spurt

Radiation from speedy solar flare Sunday night already bombarding Earth

Christian canaries in an Arab coal mine

Glenn Beck mock-supports "shady" Gingrich

U.S. drone strike kills four in Pakistan as ‘unacknowledged’ air campaign roars back

EU formally adopts Iran oil embargo

Co-CEOs of RIM, BlackBerry maker, step down

Romney one-ups Gingrich, releasing 2010 and 2011 tax papers online

Sick Canadian vacationers continue to arrive from Cuba

13th body pulled from cruise ship, stowaway may be among victims

Romney starts to take the gloves off; Newt "had to resign in disgrace" in 1998

Duceppe closes door to political return; smells coffee?

Yahoo shareholders should brace for bad news

Joan Didion: The Teachings of Speaker Gingrich; incoherence, ego and overreach

Students impersonate school officials on Twitter; get caught and in big trouble

Wall Street Journal: Bain Capital saved America

As Obama delays controversial Keystone oil pipeline, vast network of pipelines already in place

Heart over head as South Carolinians overlook flawed Gingrich's serial adultery and push him ahead of steady, squeaky clean Romney

Obama State of the Union address on Tuesday will promote him as economic wizard; he's kidding, right?

U.S. Supreme Court throws out Texas electoral maps; gain for Texas Republicans who had protested

Parks Canada designates new historic places

Gingrich cancels campaign event, cites poor attendance

Matt Gurney: John King was right to ask Gingrich about ‘open marriage’

Mikhail Prokhorov vows to fight Vladimir Putin’s ‘pretend politics’ in Russian election

Bob Rae leads poll as least offensive Liberal leader alternative in a non-election year

Crux of the Matter: Obama rejects Keystone & NDP’s Megan Leslie applauds

Politico SC poll: Romney 37%, Gingrich 30%, Paul 11%, Santorum 10%

Reuters/Ipsos SC poll: Romney 35%, Gingrich 23%, Santorum 15%, Paul 13%

Bouncing back from recession, Toronto leads Canada’s growth

Google is already using SOPA-like censorship

Perry's exit and Gingrich endorsement furtive, backhanded, underwhelming, like his campaign

Megaupload file transfer website shut down, hackers respond by shutting down U.S. Department of Justice and Universal Music's websites in a response they dubbed 'Operation Payback'

Emboldened and under fresh attack: Gingrich’s next 48 hours

Syria killings continue, death toll exceeds 600 since arrival of peace monitors

Neil Reynolds: Cape Breton’s undersea coal field a vein to energy wealth

Andrew Coyne: Is singular citizenship too much to ask of a potential PM?

U.S. Navy saves Iranian sailors in distress for third time in two weeks

Winter weather closes one of main Ontario trade routes to U.S. heartland

Camera inventor Kodak files for bankruptcy

GM back on top in world automaking; VW now number 2, Toyota drops to 3rd place

Quinnipiac poll: Romney cruising past rivals in Ohio

Rasmussen poll: Huntsman bump? Romney 35%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16%, Paul 16%, Perry 5%

Kelly McParland: McGuinty demonstrates Ontario’s loser mentality

Bloomberg: U.S. electricity prices decline by 50% as natural gas supplies expand; wind and nuclear plans shelved

Jalopnik: Tumble with driver as Cobra loses it at 130 mph (video); wreck now for sale

Infants may use lip reading to learn language

Charles Krauthammer: Ron Paul’s achievement; libertarian profile from "a principled, somewhat wacky, highly engaging eccentric"

Obama's high-speed rail plans being seen as white elephant pipedream of 'President Rhetoric'

Rasmussen: Bain attack against Romney a flop and big mistake for rivals Gingrich and Perry

Huntsman withdraws before Monday night debate in South Carolina, throws support to Romney

Sunday SC poll: Romney lead grows, Gingrich holds second -- Romney 32%, Gingrich 21%, Paul 14%, Santorum 13%, Huntsman 6%, Perry 5%

Reuters: John Huntsman withdrawing from campaign for U.S. Presidency; former Utah Governor, Ambassador to China

Iran warns Gulf Arabs on topping up oil supply

DNS provision pulled from SOPA, victory for opponents

S&P defends mass downgrade across Europe

France to pursue reforms after S&P downgrade

G20 anarchist ringleader gets 16 months in slammer; her scum supporters turn court into circus

Excedrin recall now extends to Canada

Van der Sloot given 28 years in prison for murder of Peruvian woman

CBS: Obama administration spent $6.5B on risky green-tech ventures

Rich Lowry: Turnaround capitalism

Jack Shafer: New York Times public editor smashes himself with boomerang

French TV says France credit rating downgraded by S&P, citing source

From talking animals to Justin Bieber and Maria Aragon, Canadians doing just fine on Youtube without government regulation

France opens inquiry into death of TV journalist in Syria

Murdoch: we screwed up MySpace 'in every way possible'

Toronto to get big waterfront casino at Ontario Place?

Daily Mail: 'Scientists falsify data to get research published and whistleblowers are bullied into keeping quiet,' claim their own colleagues

Crux of the Matter: McGuinty Gov’t putting rural school bus owners out of business?

Billionaire owner of Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge Matty Moroun, 84, jailed for contempt of court

Obama U.S. citizenship being challenged in Georgia court; affects 2008 and 2012 elections

Video of U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban said to be authenticated, causing big waves in U.S.-Afghan relationship

CBC: Same-sex marriage not being opened, Harper assures; problem is that same-sex marriage legal for non-residents, but divorce apparently isn't

Canadians share tech Emmy for dialling down loud TV ads

NY Times: Adversaries of Iran said to be stepping up covert actions

Ann Coulter: Thieving scum who should have been fired but could not...

Farcical Syrian oversight group to lose second Arab League member?

David Frum: The brokered convention fantasy; You can't have a brokered convention without brokers

'Buy American' loopholes get new scrutiny after revealed 9-ll bracelets were made in China

Republicans hope for 'yes' on Keystone, prepare for 'no'

California company announces breakthrough, low-cost DNA decoding technology

'Turncoat' MP St-Denis backed Mulcair for NDP leader

Quebec NDP MP jumps to Liberals

Ivison: Harper puts lavish MP pensions on chopping block

Canada-U.S. prices affected by more than dollar differential

Sunday: Shallow 6.6M quake hits Solomon Islands in South Pacific

Mindless U.S. bureaucrats show problem with red tape
as ground species-saving 'good samaritan' plane/birds

NY Times: For Iranians waylaid by pirates, U.S. to rescue

Canada condemns 'cowardly' attacks in Nigeria

3,000 feared dead in tribal ‘massacre’ in Sudan

Obama defense plan ends ability to fight two wars at once

new math: only $34K a year makes the top 1%

Is U.S. space-spying on unmanned Chinese Spacelab?

How budget cuts will affect military --
and force U.S. to pick its battles

Screws tighten on Iran as big buyers shun its oil

Iran gloom contrasts with U.S. hope as war looms

Harper warns of Iran threat to peace; sanctions working

Rivals go hard after Romney, who goes after Obama

Bombing attacks targeting Shiites kill 72 in Iraq

Former Vancouverite linked to 53 LA fires autistic: doctor

Reynolds: Canada’s corp tax cuts rate collective cheer

Romney predicts major attacks against him after Iowa win

Dead heat? Romney, Santorum see-saw in Iowa vote

Pakistan Taliban commanders "at each other's throats"

Iran directly threatens U.S. 5th Fleet with military assault

Arab League: some Syrian tanks out but killing goes on

Strong 7M deep quake jolts Japan, no tsunami warning


more than an embarassment: Billions may die tonight...

Rare 4M shallow quake shakes up Youngstown, Ohio

In 2011 the Canadian dollar averaged above
the U.S. dollar for the first time since 1976

Syrian opposition groups unite against Assad
commit to overthrow and establishing a democracy

NY Times: NYPD leaves offenses unrecorded to keep crime rates down

How a Montreal company won the race
to build the world's cheapest tablet

Trunk-first: How to weigh an elephant

Syrian forces kill 21 citizens nationwide

Foreign monitors energize Syrian protests
troops fire live ammo, mow down protesters

U.S. 5th Fleet says won't allow disruption in Hormuz

Closing Strait of Hormuz "easy"
says Iranian Navy Chief during war games

Reuters factbox: Strait of Hormuz

Hackers claim they will dump revealing corporate
and U.S. military emails stolen from Stratfor

Montreal snow removal workers drive snowplows when no snow (viral video)

RCAF looks at major Nunavut air base expansion at Resolute Bay
Will it become Arctic equivalent of Trenton?

Harper's policy and electoral successes all due to luck whines Lawrence Martin

Washington Post: Obama Solyndra gamble pure politics;
nobody mattered as foundering moneywaster discussed

Europe/Asia trade deals key for Canada in 2012

Queen visits Prince Philip after heart surgery

updated: Prince Philip, 90, has emergency heart surgery

Canada to 'put the squeeze' on Syrian regime

40 dead in Damascus attack protest leaders deem suspicious

Telegraph: Weather pictures of the year

B.C., Canada agree on 5-year $1.6B repayment of HST advance

Twitter lashes out at Google search changes

Israel says ‘not shedding a tear’ over mystery death of Iranian nuclear scientist

French TV reporter killed in Homs, Syria

Elite Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke in coma after training accident

Comedian Colbert ahead of candidate Huntsman in South Carolina GOP primary poll

egomaniac: The Gingrich collapse

Kelly McParland: Lise St-Denis pokes another pin in deflating NDP bubble

Margaret Wente: Seeking pipeline common sense; Northern Gateway hearings begin in Kitimat

Pakistan bomb kills 35; seen as part of tribal dispute

Christie Blatchford: Shafia mother’s heart bleeds at own magnificence

Vile attacks by desperate Gingrich and Perry boomerang

the next frontier: Kinect comes to Windows Feb. 1st

Terence Corcoran: A war on green ‘radicals’; Natural Resources Minister Oliver said Monday Canada will not allow "environmental and other radical groups" to "hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda"

Tebow sets Twitter, NFL records

Japan embassy firebombed in Seoul

Senegalese music star and presidential hopeful Youssou N'Dour says candidacy of incumbent President Wade, 85, would be unconstitutional

Gingrich pulls an Obama with stand on power lines from Quebec to New Hampshire; shaky on geography, calls Alberta 'Central Canada'

Romney strong in first New Hampshire debate ahead of primary

Arab League committee wants more monitors in Syria

Calgary Herald: Following the money; U.S. lobby tries to bully Canadians without disclosing its funding sources

George Jonas: Barack Obama is GOP’s secret weapon

Rex Murphy: Caledonia proves some criminals are more equal than others

Weekly Standard: Rick Santorum and independents

‘Foreign money’ could gum up pipeline approval, Harper warns

Amanda Carey: Green movement dead in the water

New reusable material removes carbon dioxide from smokestacks, tailpipes and the air

Dog, buried by avalanche that killed owner, walks 4 days to safety

Dirty tricks video blindsides Huntsman; calls him 'Manchurian candidate'; Paul campaign disavows involvement

Details emerge about Canada Helmets to Hardhats employment program for veterans

viral video: Retired U.S. Marine wants 'Canada' to be President

Irany: U.S. aircraft carrier group 'barred' from Strait of Hormuz by Iran saves group of Iranians captured by pirates

TekSavvy implements new pricing model; unlimited broadband usage in off-peak overnight hours

Santorum on abolishing the Ninth Circuit: ‘Yes we can’

Politico: Rick Santorum 2012 bid undercut by landslide 2006 loss

American Thinker: Ron Paul roulette

U.S. Medicare study: Most errors at hospitals go unreported

NY Times: Migrants’ new paths re-shaping Latin America

U.S. to honour British, Canadian soldiers killed at War of 1812 battle at New York's Sackets Harbor

Ottawa puts freeze on Saadi Gadhafi’s $1.6M Toronto condo

Northern Ireland oil imports fall as consumers turn down heat

Kodak teeters on brink

16 kidnapped Pakistani troops killed by Taliban

Cancer rates in U.S. keep falling: American Cancer Society

Boeing closing after 80 years seen as betrayal by civic leaders in Wichita, Kansas; built B-29 and B-52 bombers there

Gingrich to black people: paycheques, not food aid

Slate: Romney's 'smart' campaign in Iowa used tactical resources rather than brute force

U.S. Chamber of Commerce condemns unprecedented recess appointment of CFPB Director by Obama during Senate non-recess

Gender wars: Men, women more different than thought

Christie Blatchford: ‘Stay warm’ and other silly advice for the urban helpless

Honda sued because hybrid doesn't deliver promised 50 mpg; law experts say could lead to very expensive flood of small-claims court suits

Christie Blatchford: Bad logic behind light Caledonia sentence; unequal justice a mockery

How hockey outdoors became a 'classic'

no laughing matter: Mountie bomb squad members alleged to have rigged explosives in doll which severely injured fellow Mountie

Rex Murphy: Can Obama get his mojo back?

Stratfor hackers publish email, password data

Tax cuts, less-intrusive gov't help Canada soar

How an NFL brain is helping NHL conquer U.S.

Peggy Noonan: Gingrich is making Romney better

Syria forces fire 'nail bombs' as masses protest

Ron Paul’s unprincipled isolationism

Jennifer Rubin: Media mishaps so far in Campaign 2012

Ottawa’s health-care role about results, not money, Aglukkaq says

Kelly McParland: Harper isn’t changing Canada. He’s demonstrating that Canada has changed

Corruption the focus of fierce Parliamentary debate in India

Sears to close up to 120 Sears and Kmart stores

Anti-pipeline natives reject consensus, demand resignations of pipeline supporters as blocade enters 4th week

As NDP slips in Quebec, Turmel admits leader job harder than expected

Tea Party adherents have had enough, turn on 'bigot' Ron Paul and his 30-year record of being tolerated despite abhorrent, racist views

BBC: Does more time at school boost IQ?

'Mischief' voters push Paul to front of GOP race

Decades later, a Cold War secret is revealed in Danbury, Connecticut

38 Haitian migrants die when boat sinks off Cuba

IMF's Lagarde warns global economy threatened

Another Soyuz rocket launch fails

MS in Scotland seen as linked to Vitamin D deficiency; call for supplements in food

Jane Taber: Prime Minister reshaping the way Canada is governed

Obama says he's lazy; blames it on growing up in Hawaii

Peggy Noonan: Jobs, Thatcher and the force of life

Mikhail Gorbachev 'ashamed' of Vladimir Putin

Michael den Tandt: NDP radicalism against Northern Gateway pipeline making case for return of pragmatic Liberals as official opposition

Guatemalans exposed to STDs by U.S. researchers in 1940s can’t sue: Obama adminstration

North Carolina panel: Sterilization victims should get $50K; 7,600 forcibly sterilized between 1929 and 1974; compensation favoured by governor

U.S. Navy rescues more Iranians

WSJ: Personality drives poundage

Syria's Assad vows 'iron hand' against opponents

Chrysler head Marchionne pushes profit sharing, dismisses automatic wage hikes; CAW wants to push car firms back to brink, didn't learn their lesson

Canadian version of 'Undercover Boss' show was eye-opener for Toronto Transit Chair; impressed by employee dedication, wants more accountability and ownership for staff

breaking: Obama fires Chief of Staff Daley after rough year

Wall Street Journal: Romney at Bain: big gains, some busts

WMUR/UNH poll: Romney extends New Hampshire lead; Romney 41%, Paul 17%, Huntsman 11%, Santorum 11%, Gingrich 8%, Perry 1%, Roemer 1%

Boston Herald: ‘Crybaby’ Gingrich might take GOP down with him

Romney finally attacked by opponents in Sunday debate; parries, says created more jobs as Massachusetts Governor than Obama has in whole country

West Coast Environmental Law caught serving as a front group for a foreign special interest; claimed otherwise but U.S. tax document is smoking gun

Argentine leader's thyroid wasn't cancerous, doctors declare after removal; but faces lifetime of hormone replacement therapy; no apology to U.S. from Hugo Chavez

For the second year in a row, Camaro outsells Mustang

LA arson suspect under investigation for unsolved fires in Vancouver

Huntsman faces the end, mired in 4th in New Hampshire

UK sends top warship to Strait of Hormuz; more warships may be on way

CNN South Carolina poll: Romney 37, Santorum 19, Gingrich 18

Real U.S. jobless rate 11.4% with realistic labour force participation rate

Crux of the matter: Paging Tim Hudak, Ontario needs a strong 'conservative' gov’t!

Harper condemns ‘heinous attacks’ on Gatineau mosque

Kelly McParland: Civil service pensions are fat at any cost

Why Perry chose to keep running for President; Santorum rise a 'fluke' surge

U.S. stocks fall after lacklustre jobs data

Canadian economy adds jobs but unemployment rate creeps up to 7.5%

James Delingpole: Global warming 'consensus' has collapsed, renewable industries devastated as 'green' assumptions about supply and demand prove to be hot air

Deadly new Damascus bombing: gov't says terrorists, anti-gov't forces say 'staged' by gov't

Euro drops to 15-month low against U.S. dollar

Michelle Malkin: Iowa-bashing snobs; The media shows its elitist colors

Ann Coulter: Iowa shows Republicans are determined to defeat Obama

Meese/Gaziano: Obama’s recess appointments are unconstitutional

Charles Krauthammer: A worthy challenger; but Santorum's "a deeply committed social conservative in a year when the country is obsessed with the economy and when conservatism is obsessed with limited government"

Euro plummets amid deepening fears over debt crisis

Fiat ups Chrysler stake to 58.5% in move towards merger

Arab League admits 'mistakes' on Syria monitoring mission

Nestle gains with Heinz as Chinese turn away from toxic local food

Obama looks to save money on paper by delaying F-35 purchases, but buying same number

Santorum claims of being poor and frugal contrasted with his post-Senate lobbying jobs which made him a millionaire as scrutiny comes his way

U.S. rate on 30-year mortgage down to record 3.91%

Egyptian prosecutor wants death for Mubarak, security boss

Militia frictions could drag Libya into civil war: NTC chief

Most Canadians optimistic about 2012: poll

Syrian monitors should withdraw, says Arab League body; 'giving Syrian regime an Arab cover for inhumane actions'

'Occupy' thugs attempt to retake Zucotti Park, battle with cops, pepper spray, and arrests ensue

Omnibus bill crime laws target gangs not teens: Justice Minister

Vancouver begins free crack pipe program for addicts

How one man got away with mass fraud by saying ‘trust me, it’s science’

NBC-Marist poll confirms late Santorum surge to 3rd in Iowa

Russia says drydocked nuclear submarine fire out after many hours; fire started in wooden scaffolding, spread to rubber-coated hull

Neil Reynolds: The moose and the modern welfare state

Charles Krauthammer: Are we alone in the universe? The Fermi Paradox: on why intelligence is lethal and politics is sovereign

Canadian companies flock to North Dakota’s Bakken oil play

CNN/Time/ORC poll: Romney on top, Gingrich fading & Santorum rising in Iowa

Japan, India seal $15B currency swap arrangement to shore up Rupee

Boston Herald endorses Romney; says he is needed to turf Obama who has "downgraded" the Presidency

Spending discipline key to Harper/Flaherty fiscal strategy

Harper pilot program shows success in helping homeless mentally ill find peace and order in safe surroundings

Philippines flash floods death toll keeps rising, nears 1,500

Rex Murphy: Removing Julian Assange’s halo

updated: Muslim sect attacks Nigeria church during Christmas Mass, followed by other attacks; 39 dead

George Jonas: North Korea is history’s first nuclear regency

Canada rejects 'comical' link to al Qaida as 40 die in alleged Syrian suicide blasts

Anti-Putin protest in Russia draws largest crowd since 1991

Gingrich attacks Virginia for keeping him off ballot after campaign fails to meet rules

Politico: Newt Gingrich booted from Virginia ballot; not enough signatures to qualify

David Akin: Handicapping the NDP Leadership race: A surprising top tier has emerged

Republicans compromise and accept 2-month 'gimmick' to delay decision on temporary tax cuts; Obama still has to make Keystone decision by end of February

U.S. bus business surges as free wi-fi beats driving

Former big fan Matt Damon slams Obama as Hollywood feels betrayed

How hackers gave Subway a $3M lesson in point-of-sale security

AP: Are stars finally aligning for Mitt Romney?

3 big, shallow quakes hit Christchurch, New Zealand

U.S. admits fault in Pakistan border deaths

U.S. economy grew more slowly in summer than claimed

Baghdad blasts kill 57 as Iraq tensions rise

Mysterious uncle key to Kim Jong-un’s power in N. Korea

Arab Awakening: Hamza al-Khateeb, face of Syria’s revolution

Canadian 'Clark the talking dog' viral hit of 2011

Kim heir to share power with North Korea military

Reuters: Iraq crisis raises spectre of sectarian strife

Chiquita boycott slip-up as checkered past haunts future

Iranian currency drops amid jitters over regional trade

Striking good-riddance tone,
Harper calls for change in North Korea

Kim had dozens of titles, including: Guiding Star of the
21st Century, Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradely
Love, Sun of the Nation, Dear Leader, etc.

World reacts diplomatically to death of dictator

North Korea test-fires missile on its eastern coast

Kim Jong Un succeeds father as North Korean leader

Oil falls to near $93 in Asia as death of North
Korean leader drags down stock markets

updated: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dead at 69

study: Foreign attacks on Canadian economy
launched from Switzerland, England and U.S.

updated: Philippines storm toll exceeds 650; 800 missing

Mohamed Bouazizi, ‘Son of the whole world’

The Arab Awakening: Roots of the uprisings

Nazneen Sheikh: Please don’t change country for niqab

TransCanada boosts Keystone XL by $600M; more jobs

‘Leave now’: Canada becomes first Western nation
to order evacuation of nationals from Syria

Putin lashes out at U.S. for killing Gadhafi
and backing Russian protests to 'get' him

Conservative MPs propose property ownership for natives

Canada weighs sweeping overhaul of tax system

Euro slides despite Merkel’s call for ‘patience’

396 criminal charges, assault weapons: Project Marvel

Italian bond yields hit 6.5%: 'unsustainable'

U.S. NTSB urges 100% ban of cellphone use by drivers
including hands-free phone operation, not just texting

updated: Aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
to build world's biggest plane to launch commercial spaceships
will fly to top edge of atmosphere, saving fuel, reducing risk

Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari suffered 'mini-stroke'

Australia defends Canada's Kyoto exit
Avoids $14B Kyoto penalty by pull-out

How to get a bear out of a Vancouver garbage truck
18-month-old foraging cub to be released in wild

Two big quakes hit sides of Pacific in less than 30 minutes
5.1M shallow (6.3 miles) quake, Panama at 2:28 a.m. ET
6.1M deeper (100 miles) quake, Indonesia at 2:52 a.m. ET

Canada formally withdrawing from failed Kyoto: Kent

China’s deserted fake Disneyland

No veils allowed during citizenship oaths: Canada

Medvedev orders Russia poll inquiry, gets FB insults

Mexican quake kills at least 3, shakes wide area

updated: Strong 6.5M quake in Guerrero,
shakes Mexico City, 100 miles away

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association to dissolve Jan. 1st
70 years after 'Day of Infamy', membership dwindling

CBS News poll: 54% say no second term for Obama

Obama on 60 Minutes: "I didn't overpromise on economy"

Eurozone banking system on the edge of collapse

Canada's Muslim clerics denounce 'honour killings'

Edmonton terrorism suspect charged
with aiding murders of 5 U.S. soldiers

updated: Hospital fire in Calcutta kills at least 89

New treaty to save euro splits European Union

updated: Rogers/Bell jointly buy Maple Leafs empire: $1.32B

Thousands suggest explanations for ancient J'lem carvings

Gale force winds batter parts of Britain

Mark Carney warns on euro, U.S. debts

Charles Krauthammer: The GOP’s payroll tax debacle

Vanity Fair: Smoke screening; how effective (and needed) is airport security?

Ron Paul's crazy claims and racist views bring renewed attention while he denies responsibility for words sold as his in 1990s

Gingrich frustration showing as his support drops before initial Presidential votes in early January

Supreme Court rejects Ottawa's bid for national securities regulator in reference case

BC Cancer Agency research finds genetic link between rare cancers; provide unified insight into causes of multiple cancers

U.S. interstates reopening after Great Plains snowstorm

Don Tapscott: 20 big ideas for 2012

Neil Reynolds: Post-Kyoto, a search for ‘a subtle skill’ in tackling climate change

Globe and Mail: Health-care efficiency seen as more critical than funds, survey finds

Guardian: What does CNN do with Piers Morgan now?

Stocks soar on Europe hopes, strong housing starts

NY Times in discussions to sell 16 regional papers

Saab files for bankruptcy after GM blocks Chinese deal

AT&T agrees to drop bid for T-Mobile

As predicted, Flaherty ditches fixed increases, wisely ties future health cash transfers to provinces to economic growth

Neil Reynolds: The anglosphere yet reigns supreme

Facebook may be in hot water over 'likes' after court ruling

Putin’s hometown turns against him

With eloquence and authority, Vaclav Havel changed Europe’s history

Union gangsters: Saul Alinsky

Gingrich says rivals' criticism taking a toll

U.S. Congress blocks enforcement of incandescent light bulb’s forced phase-out

Fitch puts France's AAA credit rating on 'negative watch'

Lorrie Goldstein: One law for the rich; the strange case of Citigroup, the SEC, and global economic crash of 2008

Residential school compensation hits $2.8B but some natives say $43,000 per student still not enough

Tax bill now passed in bipartisan votes in Democrat-majority Senate and Republican-majority House; Obama's feet to the fire, given 60 days to approve Keystone pipeline and its 20,000 jobs

Ottawa Citizen newspaper spins hard to imply something mysterious in Canadian surplus sell-off of Afghanistan-era and earlier military equipment

Russian drilling rig sinks off Sakhalin, 51 missing

Egypt military uses heavy hand in crushing protest

Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested after trying to set up camp at church lot in lower Manhattan

Rex Murphy: Lessons in civility - and hypocrisy - from the Liberal party

Sovereignty losing ground in Quebec

SEC charges ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs with fraud

Jurors deadlock in $1B lawsuit against Microsoft

Bill to kill Canadian Wheat Board monopoly clears Senate, receives Royal Assent; is law

Delaying Keystone pipeline 'utterly irrational,' says Gingrich, echoed by other GOP candidates in attack on Obama 'political' move

RIM chiefs’ salaries cut to $1 a year

Moody's downgrades Ontario debt to negative, worries about $16B deficit

Supernovas explained: Scientists unlock origin of universe’s brightest event

Santa phenomenon: Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts

CSM: Engineer says Iran nabbed U.S. drone by jamming its GPS signals which forced it into autopilot mode, leading it to self-land

Rasmussen poll: Dramatic drop in Gingrich support in Iowa; down 12% after leading in November; now Romney 23, Gingrich 20, Paul 18, Perry 10, Bachmann 9

Syrian civil war: Army defectors kill 27 soldiers

Keystone XL volleyed back to Obama as Republicans embrace its 20,000 jobs and reject President's block attempt; White House bluff being called

German solar firms go from boom to bust

Ontario police watchdog being undermined by politicians, ombudsman warns

U.S. House of Representatives passes Canadian Keystone XL pipeline in tax bill with bipartisan Republican and Democratic support; Obama says he will veto bill which creates 20,000 pipeline jobs and stops tax increase of $1,000 per family

Gingrich says he'll stop cheating on his wives

Christina Blizzard: Grits miss the point on bullying; anger multiple faiths, Jewish, Muslim and evangelical Christians

Sanctimonious but shallow Guardian newspaper confuses Canadian flag with cannabis flag; when advised of the error all it can say is "oops"

CBC: Attawapiskat residents speak out against Chief, call her a dictator and welcome federal help and a forensic audit

64% of Americans see 'Big Government' as a bigger threat to U.S. future than 'Big Business' or 'Big Labour'

‘Silver tsunami’ fuels Canadian retirement housing boom

Occupy Vancouver rally stops trucks from reaching port

Higgs Boson: What is it, and why is everyone so excited about the ‘God Particle?’

Texas blood test aims at drunk drivers

Tim Tebow: God's quarterback

Euro zone fiscal pact fails to restore confidence

Who is Mikhail Prokhorov, and why is an NBA-team-owning billionaire running for Russian president?

yet another ridiculous native land claim: Algonquins prepare to launch land claim for 650,000 sq. km across Ontario and Quebec

After court losses, U.S. Steel backs down, agrees to keep former Stelco plants open with new upgrade investments; federal gov't drops lawsuit

Federal gov't now sending 22 new modular homes to Attawapiskat; questions continue over squandering of $$ millions by mayor and 18 native councillors who controlled finances for remote village of 2,000

Canada hopeful of finalizing new climate deal by 2015, Kent says

Iran refuses to hand back U.S. surveillance drone

Thin-skinned delegations at Durban hypocritically take umbrage at suggestions Brazil, South Africa, India and China have to pull their own weight in any new climate treaty imposed on world; Elizabeth May shows she's still just a blowhard

Bankruptcy claims last surviving northwest B.C. sawmill

David Frum: Americanizing Canadian politics

Japan's Genkai nuclear plant on southwest coast leaks 1.8 tons of radioactive water; contained, but cause under investigation

Attawapiskat Chief refuses to pay for third-party money manager; function currently handled by her boyfriend

Occupy's NYC 'nerve centre' staffed by Soros activists; professional agitators inadvertently revealed by CNN visit

Wall Street Journal: The Newtitlement state; on Medicare, Mitt Romney has the bolder, better reform

Victor Davis Hanson: Oil-rich America? massive new reserves of gas, oil and coal are being discovered almost everywhere in the U.S.

LA Times: Apple denied ownership of iPad trademark in China

David Frum: Newt Gingrich is weapon of mass destruction aimed at his own party

Karl Rove: Gingrich's organization deficit disorder; no serious team in Iowa, and failed to present enough signatures to get on ballot in Ohio

Canada wants binding emissions treaty on all major emitting countries by 2015

NDP backs McGuinty Liberals in first confidence vote, reject amendment to freeze pay of 750,000 unionized public sector workers despite $16B budget deficit

John Ibbotson: Five ways border deal improves life on both sides

John Ivison: With millions pouring into Attawapiskat, colonial blame only goes so far; the rest of the story shows millions either in the town's bank account or missing, but not helping residents

Nearly 60 killed in rare attacks on Afghan Shiites

Buzz of Israel's drones resonates throughout region

'Cold War' with Iran heats up across Mid East

Attawapiskat Chief kicks federal-appointed third-party manager off reserve; afraid of fraud to be uncovered? who spent the millions sent to Attawapiskat? and on what? can a federally-appointed official be forced off a reserve? over-reach?

Liberals’ green energy strategy blasted by Ontario provincial auditor

U.S. Postal Service to cut 28,000 jobs, close 252 mail processing centres, lengthen delivery times, to save $3B and avoid bankruptcy

Army kills rebel chief in South Sudan

Reuters insight: How direct current and renewable energy may be Edison's revenge

Japan releases 40-year nuke plant cleanup plan

Frankincense could disappear from church services

Gallup poll: Gingrich's lead over Romney among Republicans collapses; now statistical tie

Saudi prince invests $300 million in Twitter

Iran wants Vancouver consulate, but Canada says no

U.S. payroll tax cut extension in doubt amid House Republican uproar

A foreign perspective on Canadian identity

LA Times: Two-tier pay system brings reopening of GM plant, reviving hope

NewsBusters: Obama tells 60 Minutes 'damaging behavior on Wall Street' was legal, wasn't asked who enacted such laws

John Stossel: How 'job creators' are fighting back

Six blue collar intellectuals who broke through snobbism

Irish soup-maker cuts cleaning costs with salt and water

Global trade negotiations fall flat at WTO meeting

Mark Bonokoski: Same old story; Chief Ignace Gull’s appeal to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples fell on deaf ears 20 years ago

Canadian bat company gearing up for MLB season, also supplies Australian baseball league

Des Moines Register endorses Romney ahead of Iowa caucuses

Over 200 missing as migrant ship sinks off Indonesia

Conrad Black: Europe seeks fiscal overlordship from Germany

Immigrant-investor program in Maritimes collapses in scandal, lawsuits

Charles Krauthammer: The wages of appeasement

Without Layton, ‘Orange Wave’ receding in Quebec; down 16% since election when Layton was dismissive of health questions (and then gone just weeks later)

Two promising baseball players gunned down in Alberta murder-suicide while heading home for Christmas

Saadi Gadhafi’s $1.6M Toronto condo: dictator’s son owns penthouse near waterfront

Attawapiskat chief Spence wastes more $$ as files injunction against gov't-appointed 3rd-party manager: reports

Really 'reality TV': GOP debates, both interesting and important, score in TV ratings

Jonathan Kay: The new Canada-U.S. love-in, built on Iranian nukes and Alberta oil

Peter Goodspeed: Power shifts push Mideast closer to war

IndyCar: Wheldon killed when head hit fencing post at 165 mph

Terence Corcoran: Sun burned; German solar insolvency is latest sign of collapse of the green-energy bubble. Ontario is set to cut tariff rates

More victims from Attawapiskat and other reserves tell of sexual abuse on native reserves across Canada

Gingrich campaign fires Iowa aide who called Mormonism a ‘cult’

GM may accelerate production in China after tariff decision

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Latest poll saying Gingrich worse against Obama than Romney

NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: Gingrich leads GOP race among primary voters, but trails Obama in a head-to-head

U.S. talk-show host Savage offers Gingrich $1M to pull out of GOP primary; calls him 'unelectable'

Corzine knew MF used client accounts: Duffy

Belgian suicide attack kills 5, wounds 132

Greek lessons for Dalton McGuinty

60 arrested in cross-Canada anti-gang move by 900 police officers

Leafs legend Johnny Bower, 87, straps on the pads as fan gives him best gift of all

Obama arrogant, lecturing, hectoring, alienating for both friends and foes writes California Dem congressman; will lose in 2012 unless does a 180

Trump dumped as Dec. 27 debate host; will more than two GOP candidates show?

U.S., Canada to lead non-OPEC oil output gains to 2016, IEA says

Canada: Will federal health funding increases in future be hard-linked to economic growth?

Political merger of ADQ and CAQ strengthens conservative forces in Québec

Margaret Wente: Climate theatre of the absurd

The Twitter revamp and how it affects you and businesses

Google documents Japan tsunami devastation with 44,000 km stunning update to 'street view' feature

U.S. realtors to revise 2007-2011 sales data lower

Intel says sales hit by hard drive shortage caused by Thailand floods

Former Huntsman campaign manager backs Romney

Gingrich may be vulnerable in Iowa: poll

Wall Street tumbles on Europe, Intel's lowered outlook

Gingrich doubles down on assertion that Palestinians are an ‘invented people’

Peter Goodspeed: ‘Too late’ to halt Iran from getting nuclear weapon

how Canada is 'different': CRTC rules Bell cannot keep mobile sports content from old NFL and NHL deals to itself, must offer to other mobile providers

Russian Orthodox Church adds influential voice to calls for election reform

Conservatives push for deeper cuts to keep budget on track

Tearful Egyptian PM: Economy ‘worse than anyone imagines’

Russia’s opposition unites in massive anti-Putin protest

Daniel Paille elected as new Bloc Québécois leader

Durban climate deal leaves difficult road ahead; deal roadmap is what President Bush wanted a decade ago

'New climate deal' is really only an agreement to try to reach a new climate deal by 2015

U.S. uses unarmed Predator drones on border with Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but also uses them for domestic policing in North Dakota, raising eyebrows

Crux of the Matter: How does PM Stephen Harper deal with First Nations’ issues?

Shawn Atleo, Chief of Assembly of First Nations, says 100 First Nations communities in dire straits due to financial incompetents

Boston Police save Occupy protesters from winter, close encampment, arrest 47 for trespassing

Day of protest against vote fraud begins in Russia

Motorola wins patent lawsuit against Apple, could threaten to block iPhone, iPad sales

Canada: Citizenship to be revoked for thousands in historic crackdown on immigration fraud

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s campaign for class resentment

Canada: China being obstructionist over binding 2015 climate treaty negotiations in Durban

honour killings: Daughters deserved to die, Shafia testifies at Kingston trial

Tehran puts downed U.S. drone on display; expected to use spy plane as bargaining chip with Russia and China

Peggy Noonan: Gingrich is inspiring -- and disturbing; the first potential president about whom there is too much information

Ann Coulter: Newt presents a fresh new virtual face

Corzine pulls an Obama and blames his MF Global predecessor for bankruptcy

NP Editorial: McGuinty’s green energy disaster

Mexico holds Canadian woman at centre of plot to smuggle Gadhafi son to Puerto Vallarta-area villa under false name

Iran found responsible for 1998 U.S. embassy bombings

The disgrace of Barbara Walters and lapdog interview with her vacation pal Bashar Al Assad

Canada opposed to G20 bailout of rich eurozone nations, Flaherty says

MF Global fallout delays U.S. farm seed, land deals

TSX has solid gain as eurozone debate continues

Telegraph: New black holes 'so big nobody believed them for 20 years'

EU opens antitrust probe of Apple, other e-book publishers

Anthony Watts: The contextual collection of ClimateGate 2.0 quotes


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