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Older News ~ December 2016 -- June 2017

NOTE: not in normal chronological order

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada posts C$21.85B deficit in 2016-17

CTV News: 'Final stretch': Conservatives to gather Saturday to announce next leader

Financial Post: Bank of Canada says blockchain is still not ready for bank settlements after watching year-long trial

Ottawa Citizen: Procter and Gamble to shut Brockville plant, 480 jobs lost

CTV News: Trump's 'almost bullying' of NATO leaders awkward for Canada: analyst

Jason Clemens and Milagros Palacios - Financial Post: The Trudeau Liberals make history for the highest per person spending outside a war or recession

Global News: Ethically and results-challenged will Trudeau blame others and shuffle Cabinet again? Some think soon

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Trump didn’t scold Trudeau by name, but his point was clear

Kelly McParland - National Post: Justice Minister’s father the latest First Nation leader to get fed up with Ottawa’s handling of indigenous file

Vancouver - CTV News: Mayors across Canada urge federal government to lead on overdose deaths crisis

Toronto Star: Six-alarm fire rips through Port Lands recycling plant; fire boat pumps massive water volumes to save warehouse

Boondoggle alert - Ottawa: Liberals offer $950M for 'superclusters' to create jobs; instead of tax cuts

Times Colonist: NDP win confirmed in Courtenay-Comox recount; Clark will try to form government

Victoria - Reuters: Final results confirm preliminary results of BC election; Liberals lose majority

CTV News: MMIW public inquiry a 'bloody farce': justice minister's father

CTV News: Wynne spends more on lawyers to attack Bombardier Ontario jobs

Ottawa - Hill Times: Feds funnelling another $142M into beleaguered Phoenix payroll system; fixing cost higher than original cost of implementing

David Reevely - Ottawa Citizen: Ontario's hydro plan will cost $21B more than it saves — it's terrible public policy

Vancouver - CTV News: Bridge elevator, fewer parking spots part of Granville Island plan

CBC: A 10% hike to mortgage payments would sink almost 75% of homeowners, Manulife says

Calgary Herald: New report alleges outside influence in Canada's 2015 federal election

CTV News: Canada, 10 other countries to move forward on new TPP after U.S. withdrawal; no plan or process on domestic consultation

Embarassment file - CTV News: Clueless Trudeau jogs past graduating teens, draws attention to himself by asking 'who's the bride?'

CTV News: Boeing challenge of Bombardier 'lousy customer relations': Canadian Ambassador to U.S. makes link to Super Hornets buy

Amy Minsky - Global News: Gasoline to go up 11.6 cents per litre under Trudeau carbon tax scheme; and it's not alone

Neil Macdonald - CBC: Commission on missing, murdered Indigenous women has become a fortress of bureaucratic incompetence

Andrew Coyne - National Post: The federal carbon tax has become unnecessarily costly

Edmonton Sun: First-quarter Alberta fentanyl deaths jump from 70 to 113 in 2017 year over year

Toronto - CBC: OPP police use Batmobile-style laser-targeted GPS 'darts' to tag fleeing vehicles; enables remote tracking without high-speed pursuit

Brampton Guardian: Family wants answers after death of loved one at Brampton Civic Hospital; 87-yr-old spent five days in hallway

Toronto Star: Canadian historian and author Michael Bliss, dead at 76

CTV News: Saskatchewan Premier Wall describes federal carbon tax plan as a ‘ransom note’

CTV News: Alberta PCs, Wildrose to form new entity called United Conservative Party

CTV News: Ontario boondoggle: New Lambton gas plant will sit idle when completed because its power is not needed

Shawn Jeffords - Toronto Sun: Canadian Club speech: Conservative leader Patrick Brown would stop 'reckless spending'

Éric Grenier - CBC: How the counting of points, not votes, could determine Conservative leadership race

Dean Skoreyko - BC Blue: CBC admits wrong to omit mentioning Scott Gilmore married to Liberal minister

CTV News: Supreme Court of Canada would okay random breath testing: expert

Editorial - The Intelligencer: Hydro rates and politics

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Forget ‘cultural appropriation’ -- it’s about censorship

Kitchener-Waterloo Record: Ford to cut 600 Canadian white collar jobs, offering packages

Global News: CBC muzzles free speech, boots 'The National' managing editor after tweets on so-called 'cultural appropriation'

Montreal Gazette: Most in Quebec favour Canadian oil, pipelines, over foreign imports: survey

Ottawa - Global News: ‘Butterfly boy’ Jonathan Pitre overjoyed after initial success of second attempt at experimental stem cell treatment

Fraser Institute: A higher minimum wage could hurt working Ontarians by reducing employment access

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: The unfairness of the Wynne Liberal 'Fair Hydro Plan'

CTV News: Canadian manufacturing sales increase 1.0% in March to $53.9B, hit record; NAFTA stakes are clear

Saskatchewan - CBC: Snowbirds put airshow season on hold; more practice needed for precision moves

Waterdown - CBC: Child hit and killed after running onto roadway; 2 journalists arrested in aftermath

The Fifth Estate - CBC: Trudeau violated conflict guidelines amid KPMG probe, ethics advocacy group says

CBC: Auditor General says Trudeau Govt witholding information; "Our right to freely access information is fundamental to our work, and a cornerstone that protects our independence"

Bloomberg: Rona Ambrose to join U.S. think tank’s Canada Institute in Washington at Parliament summer adjournment

CBC: 1.9 million Bell customer email addresses stolen by hacker

Editorial - National Post: Let Canadians learn from Ontario to be wary of politicians who claim green schemes won’t be costly

Ontario PCs: Leaked cabinet documents show Liberals covered-up return of debt retirement charge

Fraser Institute: Between 2010 and 2015, Eastern Ontario suffered a 0.6% average annual loss in net employment growth

Andrew Coyne - National Post: If we can’t agree on cultural appropriation, can we at least agree to disagree?

CTV News: Ontario businesses warn against major labour law changes

Longueuil - CBC: Man arrested after liquid manure sprayed outside Quebec farmers' union office

660 News: Stray dogs attack, kill woman in northern Manitoba First Nation: RCMP

CTV News: Rona Ambrose expected to resign seat in House of Commons by summer

Ottawa Business Journal: Hard Rock Casino Ottawa is new name for Rideau Carleton Raceway in $320M revamp and expansion

Stuart Thomson - Edmonton Journal: Who's right and who's wrong in the softwood lumber dispute?

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Trudeau Liberals get 'F' for lack of transparency and contempt of Parliament

CBC: Walrus editor Jonathan Kay steps down days after cultural appropriation uproar

Jonathan Kay - National Post: Cultural appropriation should be debated. Too bad Canada’s Writers Union instead chose to debase itself

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Wynne’s Liberals don’t have a divine right to rule

Halifax - CTV News: Nova Scotia election: Why health care has become the number-one issue

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: How to make Ontario’s awful power system as dull (and affordable) as natural gas

Fraser Institute: Ontarians wait longer for health care than citizens of other universal health-care countries

Andrew MacDougall - Ottawa Citizen: Who in his cabinet can Justin Trudeau actually trust?

Alex Boutilier - Toronto Star: Canada’s spies examining ‘vulnerabilities’ in election system

Bloomberg: Shareholders of Chicago-based PrivateBancorp approve $4.9B CIBC takeover

Bruce Campion-Smith - Toronto Star: Canada’s decision on peacekeeping mission is now delayed for months

Bloomberg: PokerStars owner Amaya changes name, leaves Montreal for Toronto

Matt Gurney - Global News: Cardboard Trudeau perfect symbol for government that can’t quite fall out of love with itself

BBC: Quebec's receding floodwaters give up man's body

Don Martin - CTV News: Backfire: Opposition shadows cloud Trudeau's foolish question period gambit

Robyn Urback - CBC: Listen, for the 18th time, the Liberal government is not transparent

Bloomberg: Loonie, bank bonds drop as Moody's downgrades Canada lenders

CBC: Leaked cabinet document: How your Ontario hydro bill will radically rise over the next decade

Sudbury: Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown says the Liberals are 'living in fantasy land' when it comes to hydro

Reuters: Used-car glut is a dealer’s dream, automakers’ nightmare

Bloomberg: Home Capital warns of ‘knock-on effects’ if it fails to recover

CTV News: Canadian Tire sees profit climb 26%

Campbell Clark - Globe and Mail: Trudeau’s determination to stick to a script undercuts his message

CBC: Moody's downgrades credit ratings for Canada's Big 6 banks

CTV News: Pierre Beaudoin, scion of Bombardier founding family, to quit executive role

Ottawa - CP/Chronicle Herald: Meet BlackRock, the huge U.S. asset manager Trudeau has pulled into Canada's political arena

Don Pittis - CBC: Home Capital investors are victims of Canadian real estate uncertainty

Vancouver - CKNW: Did the Greens split the vote with the NDP? Or did they cost the Liberals a majority? We crunched the numbers

Linda McQuaig - Toronto Star: Infrastructure bank won’t best serve the public

Kingston - CTV News: Four killed, 2 injured in 7-vehicle collision on Highway 401

CTV News: Yabba-dabba-darn: Flintstones block sale of Ontario woman's van

Éric Grenier - CBC: Pollsters vindicated in B.C. election after 2013 miss

Vaughn Palmer - Vancouver Sun: Not sure who won yet, but Christy Clark definitely lost

Macleans: B.C. Election: Live Results Map

Toronto Sun: Brown pledges ethics legislation that takes aim at Liberal scandals

CTV News: Flood waters dropping in Quebec, continue to rise around Lake Ontario

CTV News: Nova Scotia Liberal party loses candidate, aide to separate scandals

Vancouver - Metro News: Forum Poll predicts minority government as B.C. Election Day arrives, contenders in dead heat

Ottawa Citizen: Senate committee calls for Liberals to kill interim Super Hornet purchase

CBC: 'We pull together': Federal government to pick up costs to deploy military to flood zones; no help along flooded shores of Lake Ontario

London - National Post: Ontario man given three tickets by ‘the smoke police’ for having a cigarette alone in his SUV

Murray Brewster - CBC: Canada needs to 'stand-up to our responsibilities' on defence spending, says Liberal-appointed senator

CBC: Federal government again spending tens of thousands at elite private Rideau Club

Kate McGillivray - CBC: Why your insurance likely won't protect you if your basement floods

CBC: Highrise construction skyrockets in Toronto; census data shows more than 64K high rise units were built between 2011 and 2016

Éric Grenier - CBC: B.C. election - Liberals pull ahead in seat tracker

CBC: Saskatchewan Premier Wall criticizes attempt to link carbon policy with provincial transfer payments

CBC: Canada's bid for UN Security Council seat could mean costly campaign

Josh Wingrove - Bloomberg: Trudeau bestows $35B smoke-and-mirrors Infrastructure Bank on Toronto

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Trudeau Liberals have passed only 17 government bills since coming into power; weakest majority govt legislative record ever?

Paul Wells - Maclean's: Why the Conservative Party should remain optimistic

CBC: Care of aging parents costs Canadians an estimated $33B annually: CIBC study

updated Kingston: Glenora Ferry out of service due to high water, Hwy 33 detour 20+ miles for some; all area rivers flooding or on flood watch

CTV News: 'He's given me my life back': Woman fights to keep miniature horse in Ontario backyard

Windsor Star: Ontario nursing head alarmed over decrease in number of RNs working in the province

Quinte News: Flood warning remains, Napanee area worst as beaver dams collapse

Greg Vezina - Toronto Sun: Assault on your rights; Ontario’s looming Administrative Monetary Penalty System denies you your day in court, and much more

Toronto - CP/CTV News: Tim Hortons CEO brushes aside skepticism of ambitious UK expansion plans

Tom Blackwell - National Post: Cancer Nation; use interactive map to see how cancer affects where you live

Calgary - CBC: TransCanada profit more than doubles, beating estimates

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Canadian PM Trudeau’s 'sunny ways' really meant entitled 'arrogant ways'

Conrad Black - National Post: Premier Wall and Senator Beyak have dared to do what others won’t. They deserve our praise

CBC: E. coli count in Toronto harbour 'the highest it's ever been': Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

CBC: Tempers flare in Manitoba border town after Conservative MPs visit

CBC: Canada weighing multiple trade actions against U.S. over softwood lumber dispute

CTV News: B.C. Election: NDP appealing to Green voters to join their side

CBC: Home Capital says former RBC exec will replace founder on board; stock rises

CTV News: Cache Creek fire chief may have been swept away by rising water

CBC: Quebec calls in troops to help with flooding as wet weather wallops Ontario, heads east

Globe and Mail: Ottawa to universities: Improve diversity or lose research chair funds

Huffington Post: Canadian economy shifts to neutral as disillusioned youth leave workforce

CTV News: Canadian wages see weakest growth since 1997

Vancouver Sun: B.C. logging truck drivers challenge political parties on promise to curb log exports

CBC: Stranded Argentine climber plucked off Mount Logan by helicopter after quake had destroyed access routes

Vancouver Sun: B.C. Election: NDP candidate ordered to pay $75,000 in defamation case

CBC: Govt-mandated high water on Lake Ontario an ongoing disaster; with heavy rain coming, city prepares for possible evacuation of Toronto Island

Vancouver Sun: B.C. NDP vows to fight Trans Mountain pipeline, but won't say how

BBC: Canadian citizen in custody in Belize

John Ivison - National Post: Money talks — and the Liberals are listening. Cash-for-access is back

National Post: ‘We’re not dealing with a monster’: Conrad Black tells parliament committee that Trump isn’t targeting Canada

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Carbon schemes doomed to fail: Report

National Post: Ontario teacher guilty of misconduct for talking about sex life and putting her legs behind her head in class

Over the line - Trigtent: Black Lives Matter calls Trudeau 'racist, white supremacist'

CTV News: Troops who lost tax benefit say government failed them

Global News: Here’s why opposition MPs are calling Harjit Sajjan a liar

CP/Huffington Post: 'Big decisions' coming at Torstar as news publisher bleeds money

CBC: Ethically-challenged Trudeau should recuse himself from choice of next ethics watchdog, MP says

B.C. Election - Vancouver Sun: NDP continues to lead Liberals in final days, latest poll shows

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Lake Ontario’s rising water levels cause flooding, erosion

Gatineau - Globe and Mail: Banned pesticide found in leaf samples at Quebec medical marijuana company

Vancouver - Globe and Mail: Christy Clark’s proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.

Éric Grenier - CBC: Maxime Bernier has broad regional donor base, ahead of rivals, but doesn't equal votes

Buffalo News: Niagara, Orleans counties declare state of emergency over high Lake Ontario waters

CTV News: B.C. Liberal leader wants U.S. coal hit with carbon tax after softwood levy

Nova Scotia election - 660News: McNeil rebuffs demands he apologize for remarks over female candidates

Susan Delacourt - iPolitics: Even without a permanent leader, the Conservatives hauled in nearly double the Liberals; is governing party in a panic?

Hill Times: Record membership numbers for Conservative Party surprise Leadership candidates, show underlying Party strengths

Reuters: Toronto Star publisher posts bigger-than-expected loss; print advertising revenue fell 19% in Q1

Toronto Sun: Del Duca should say sorry to Tory: PC deputy leader

Globe and Mail: Canadian Muslim preacher banned from entering Denmark for two years

B.C. election - CBC: NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years 'incredibly unrealistic' say critics

Reuters: WestJet commits to buy 10 Boeing Dreamliners, with option for 10 more; beats analysts' estimates

Garfield Emerson - Globe and Mail: Home Capital: Where were the regulators?

Marty Klinkenberg - Globe and Mail: Joey Moss, Wayne Gretzky and the most remarkable relationship in all of sports

Reuters: Canadian subprime lenders race to shore up confidence as deposits withdrawn

Huffington Post: As Home Capital crisis deepens, some talk openly of Canada-wide ‘contagion'

David Shum - Global News: Patrick Brown meets Toronto Mayor Tory, vows to be trusted partner on housing, transit needs

Bloomberg: Home Capital woes hurt CIBC's PrivateBancorp takeover plans

Regina - CBC: Saskatchewan to use notwithstanding clause to override Catholic school court ruling

Latest Wynne boondoggle: $21B in borrowing for high-speed rail
Windsor-Toronto route already well-served by rail, air and Hwy 401

CTV News: Over half of buildings on Toronto Islands threatened by rising flood waters

Above, the flooded Toronto Islands, in Toronto's harbour, are home to houses, cottages, parks and Billy Bishop airport. Record level of Lake Ontario, caused by new Trudeau-Obama signed International Joint Commission policy on releasing less water in January-March period to intentionally raise lake level, and compounded by wet Spring, is causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages around the lake, along thousands of kilometres of shoreline of the lake, various harbours, rivers and Bay of Quinte which surrounds Prince Edward County. Beaches and wetlands are being devastated along with farms, homes, marinas, municipal roads and streets, and cottages. The level is currently over 3 feet higher than normal and still rising daily.

updated NYC - Daily Mail: 1 dead, 22 injured after car plows into
Times Square pedestrians; NYPD says driver on drugs, not terrorism

This is the harrowing moment driver Richard Rojas mercilessly plowed through pedestrians in Times Square on Thursday before telling police when he was arrested that he wanted to kill them 'all' and then be shot dead himself. ~ Daily Mail

Welland: Lake Ontario now at highest level ever as floodwaters continue rise

Lake Ontario is now at the highest level since recordkeeping started in 1918 after International Joint Commission instituted controversial new Trudeau-Obama policy that didn't lower lake levels as usual in January-March period to allow for traditional Spring run-off rise. Compounding the flooding already happening in March, heavier than usual April rains have caused massive flooding along thousands of kilometres of Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte and associated shorelines in New York and Ontario. Beaches and wetlands have been destroyed, homes flooded, and carefully tended shorelines obliterated. Class action lawsuits may be forthcoming, say reports. Above, a summer firepit along the water is flooded and the shoreline is eroding from heavy wave action. The lake is covered in tree debris, big and small, which has been floated off the shores.

NPR: 'Impeachment' nothing more than a blunt political weapon,
flagrantly abused and amplified with or without evidence

Moscow: Putin offers to provide proof Trump did not
disclose secrets during meeting with Russians

Canada: Happy 375th birthday to Montréal, gem in the St. Lawrence

Montréal, Canada's island city in the St. Lawrence River, was founded by the French on May 17, 1642 making it 375 years old today. But archeologists have found evidence that it's actually much older as a settlement; natives established the village of Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal at least two centuries before the French arrived. Explorer Jacques Cartier visited Hochelaga on October 2, 1535, and estimated the population of the native people at Hochelaga to be "over a thousand people" then. Montréal is the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the world after Paris. And with a metropolitan population of over 4 million, it remains a dominant seaport and regional centre of commerce and culture in Canada and North America. ~ Wikipedia

Jeffrey Lord - Spectator: The sabotaging of the President

USA Today: Ransomware hack linked to North Korea, researchers say

New York - CBC: UN Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea missile test

Gizmodo: How does a 110-million-year-old dinosaur still have its skin?

This immaculate, fossilized armoured Nodosaur is now on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. ~ ©Robert Clark National Geographic

CTV News: North Korea fires new missile 800km in unusual high arc

People watch a TV news program showing a file image of a missile launch conducted by North Korea, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, May 14, 2017. ~ Ahn Young-joon AP Photo

Washington - CTV News: China, U.S. reach agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas

Toronto Sun: Trudeau has second highest per-person spending since 1870

Times Colonist: B.C. Election squeaker: Liberals 43, NDP 41, Greens 3

Aaron Blake - National Post: Trump needed a really good excuse
to fire Comey — and Comey gave it to him

NY Times: Controversial FBI Director James Comey fired by President Trump

David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen: Liberals' new rescue aircraft could take
two days to reach North Pole in disaster operation: court documents

Delegates pass a model of the Airbus C295 fixed wing search and rescue aircraft at the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries' trade show in Ottawa.

Daily Mail: Panicked Canadian government called Jared Kushner
and asked him to press Trump not to pull out of NAFTA

Daily Mail: Four feared dead, including a toddler, as Canada's worst flooding
in decades wreaks havoc on Quebec and British Columbia

This aerial photo shows Ile Mercier, Quebec covered in floodwater on the Riviere des Prairies. The bridge leading to the island is closed with its residents evacuated.

Breitbart: North Korea prepping EMP catastrophe aimed at U.S. homefront: expert

CTV News: Legal pot could slow border crossings, former Obama Ambassador warns

Paris - AP/Whig-Standard: Emmanuel Macron becomes France’s youngest president

CBC: French citizens in B.C. line up for hours to cast ballots for presidential run-off vote

Toronto Star: New Yorkers want Trump to dump
foolish Obama-signed plan that's flooded Lake Ontario

New Yorker Rob Bauman arranges sandbags on his parents' lakefront property in Greece, N.Y. Four months after an international body adopted new rules Lake Ontario's water levels, property owners say they're being battered by just the sort of waves they had predicted. ~ Jamie Germano AP

Paris - Telegraph: Greenpeace stunt sparks emergency
security talks after activists scale Eiffel Tower

Concern about ability to block terrorists after Greenpeace activists able to evade supposedly strict security to unfurl a giant banner on the Eiffel Tower. ~ Mal Langsdon Reuters

Washington - AP: House OKs GOP health bill, a step toward Obamacare repeal

Observer: Robots are not taking over; we ought to be hiring and training for a world
where all employees need fluency with our newest technological tools, but where
humans are also rewarded for their comparative advantage – namely being human

updated Daily Mail: Prince Philip, 95, announces he is retiring
from royal duties; various media misreported his death overnight

Prince Phillip made one of his last official public appearances nefore his 'retirement' announcement, Wednesday at Lord’s cricket ground in London. The Duke of Edinburgh will retire from public engagements in the summer at the age of 96, a decision that Buckingham Palace said had the full support of the Queen. Tributes to the longest-serving royal consort in British history, who will turn 96 on June 10th, followed the announcement, first made to royal staff in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

Buffalo News: Lake Ontario keeps rising; 18 inches above normal now
and forecast calls for a further rise of 11 inches by mid-May

Homeowner points to missing beach, eroded hillside and heavy logs washing up on shore due to high water on Lake Ontario. The logs, sometime called deadheads, pose a huge risk for pleasure boat traffic, especially as fishing season approaches. Acres of shorelands are being washed away by misguided policy from International Joint Commission which bureaucrats defend with bogus claims.

Backgrounder - NY Times: Micro-management of Lake Ontario
water level proving a disaster; damage already in tens of millions

Globe and Mail: 2016 census: Canada’s seniors outnumber children for first time

National Post: Canada has less leverage than Mexico
in a possible NAFTA renegotiation, experts warn

Washington Post: Larger M6.3 aftershock shakes Canada, Alaska

CBC: M6.2 quake hits Yukon, Alaska; 85 km NW of Skagway

Manitoba - CBC: Star Trek-themed 'ASIMIL8' vanity plate insensitive, Govt says has to go

Nick Troller has two Star Trek-themed licence plates. This one that reads 'ASIMIL8' is being recalled by Manitoba Public Insurance which administers vehicle plates in the province. His other plate reads 'Voyager.' ~ CBC

Medical News Today: If your maternal grandmother
smoked, your autism risk rose by 53%: study

Daily Mail: Frozen brains will be 'woken up' and placed in donor bodies by 2020: surgeon

The Verge: Ancient human DNA found in Ice Age caves — even without bones

Nature: Canada's so-called First Nations weren't first here, says study;
others reached Americas 100,000 years earlier than previously thought

Daily Mail: Three espressos a day cuts prostate cancer risk by 50%: study

Fox News: Trump plan will collapse personal income tax into three brackets: 10%,
25% and 35%; current top rate is 39.6%; business tax will drop from 35% to 15%;
couples to earn $24,000 before paying tax; eliminates ObamaCare and death taxes

Washington Beacon: Trump tax plan to be biggest cut, largest U.S. tax reform in history

Globe and Mail: O’Leary drops out of Conservative Leadership race, endorses Bernier

Washington - AP: Trump to propose massive tax cuts for businesses, big and small

NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. to retire; most popular driver 14 of his 18 Cup years

Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of the biggest names in NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing), has surprised the racing world by announcing he will retire at the end of the 2017 season. The decision was announced by Hendrick Motorsports, Earnhardt’s team, on Tuesday morning. Earnhardt, a two-time Daytona 500 winner and the son of seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Sr., has consistently been one of NASCAR’s best-loved drivers, but has suffered multiple concussions over the past few years, and missed the final 18 races of last season after crashes in Michigan and Kentucky. He returned to racing this year with no lingering effects from the concussions, but admitted there were times during his rehabilitation when he wondered if he would race again.

CBC: Canadians Farah Mohamed Shirdon and Tarek Sakr
named as 'Specially Designated Global Terrorists' by U.S.

The U.S. Department of State has designated former Calgary resident Farah Mohamed Shirdon, left, and former Quebec pharmacy student Tarek Sakr, right, as Specially Designated Global Terrorists. ~ YouTube Radio Canada

Paris - Macron 23.7% and Le Pen 21.7% head 11-candidate field

Paris - Telegraph LIVE: Macron, Le Pen win 1st round for Presidency; run-off May 7th

Reuters/CBC: North Korea says ready to strike USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier;
Pyongyang detains another U.S. citizen, bringing to 3 the number of Americans held

The nuclear-powered Nimitz-class USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is one of 10 Nimitz-class U.S. aircraft carriers, the largest warships in the world. It was commissioned in 1982 and has begun drills with two Japanese destroyers in the western Pacific.

Weekly Standard: Merkel makes an enemy; she may regret it

Hanoi - Reuters: Vietnam's White House lobbying coup secures strategic gains

Corey Lewandowski - The Hill: Obama’s Paris climate deal was bad for U.S. workers and American jobs

Roger L. Simon - PJMedia: Paris: Trump blocks first of Obama's 'Three Authoritarianisms'

Betsy McCaughey: Trump budget revives American work ethic

Paul Mirengoff - Powerline Blog: Washington Post 'fact-checkers' swing and miss at Trump’s Paris accord speech

Daily Caller: Activists who initially trashed Paris climate deal now mad at Trump’s Paris dump

Laurie Roberts - Arizona Central: Quit whining, Kathy Griffin

Brussels - CBC: Belgium charges man they say helped plot deadly Paris attacks that killed 130

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Trump calls out the global-control agenda of the Paris deal, but Canada remains oblivious

Wayne Allyn Root - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Conspiracy theories and the death of a Democratic National Committee staffer

Philip Klein - Washington Examiner: Mick Mulvaney: The day of the CBO 'has probably come and gone'

Moscow - Reuters: Putin says Snowden was wrong to leak secrets, but is no traitor

Robert Charles - Fox News: Donald Trump – miracle worker

Matt Lewis - Daily Beast: Paris can wait — it was a bad deal

Daily Mail: 'ISIS gunmen' storm Manila hotel and casino popular with western tourists with explosions heard as armed police rush to the scene

Fox Business: Private sector job growth 'rip-roaring' in May: ADP; private sector added 253,000 jobs last month, far outpacing Wall Street expectations for a gain of 185,000 jobs

Bill O'Reilly - The Hill: Kathy Griffin's distasteful act reflects media's war on Trump

ZDNet: Microsoft is making the Mac look old and stale

Reuters/Euronews: EU should find ways other than docking funds to ensure solidarity - Juncker

Abby McCloskey - The Federalist: President Trump’s paid leave proposal puts Democrats on the defensive

Gregg Jarrett - Fox News: Jared Kushner gets mugged by the media mob

Byron York - Washington Examiner: While other controversies rage, work on border wall moves forward

H.R. McMaster and Gary D. Cohn - Wall Street Journal: America First doesn’t mean America alone

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Today’s Democrats have no problem embracing known terrorists

Michael Daly - Daily Beast: He helped blow up a cop, now he’s being celebrated

John Hinderaker - Powerline Blog: The scandal hiding in plain sight; Obama administration weaponized intelligence agencies in order to use them against political opponents

NY Post: CNN yanks Kathy Griffin from New Year’s Eve show after sick photo shoot with severed Trump head

Washington Examiner: How a 'fake news' controversy in Qatar exposed real Middle East tensions

John Kass - Chicago Tribune: Trump voters didn't create the divided nation. The elites divided it over time, through economic dislocation and abandonment of the working class

Indianapolis - Connersville News Examiner: Indiana Supreme Court rules for landowners in setback dispute with wind company

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: The William Happer interview

Fortune: President Trump criticizes Germany in tweet amid tensions with abrasive Merkel

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump’s first foreign trip was a huge success

Richard Cohen - Washington Post: Protesters at Middlebury College demonstrate ‘cultural appropriation’ — of fascism

Al Monitor: Egypt-Saudi ties could be key to Trump’s Mideast 'ultimate deal'

Editorial - The Oklahoman: CBO's flawed assumptions highlight Obamacare failures

London - Reuters: UK PM May's election lead narrowing, sixth poll since Manchester attack shows

Marawi - AFP: Philippines warns Islamist militants to surrender or die

Paris - Reuters: Sleaze and corruption allegations wrack Macron amid parliamentary elections

Washington - Reuters/Global News: Donald Trump’s communications director Mike Dubke resigns from White House post

Paris - Reuters: New Russian jet heralds carbon manufacturing shake-up

Sydney - NPR: Australia to deny passports to convicted pedophiles to keep them from exploiting children elsewhere

Berlin - Reuters: Hypocrisy in Merkel bullying refusal to pay NATO share despite booming Germany economy has her attack Trump as "unreliable" ally

Backgrounder - The Economist: The NATO budget shirkers and freeloaders

NY Post: Japan vows action after North Korea launches missile into its waters

Montreal Gazette: UK to investigate security services following claims FBI warned MI5 about Salman Abedi

The Hill: McMullin fingered as GOP caucus leaker, could face major charges if linked

AP/CBC: Greatly expanded passenger laptop ban being considered in U.S.

Irish Times: Members of Manchester bomber’s network ‘may be at large’

Arthur Schaper - Townhall: Body-slammed: Another Democratic knockdown in Big Sky Montana

Conrad Black - National Post: As Madoff victims go unpaid, my old rival Richard Breeden has been unmasked for who he is

New Delhi - AFP: India aids Sri Lanka as monsoon kills 100

AP: ISIS claims responsibility for Egypt bus attack

Daily Mail: Council flat bomb factory revealed: Manchester suicide attacker 'stockpiled chemicals' and 'made devices in apartment'

Daily Mail: Thirteen dead as Taliban car bomber hits CIA-funded Afghan militia

London - AFP: Britain reduces threat level from critical to severe amid probe: PM May

Guardian: Britain arrests two more in probe of Manchester bombing network

New York: Cover-up: Democratic leaders rush to conceal their ties to pedophile Jacob Schwartz

NY Post: President of Manhattan Young Democrats, Mayor De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography

Reuters: Reports say Trump to set up 'war room' to repel attacks over Russia probe

Independent: U.S. takes full responsibility for Manchester attack intelligence leaks, Rex Tillerson says

Luke Rosiak - Daily Caller: Democratic aide suspected of major congressional security breach now under government protection in Pakistan

Zero Hedge: Pennsylvania coroner says dying addicts keep morgue full "most nights"

AP/CTV News: British police resume sharing intelligence with U.S. counterparts

Tabletmag: The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and BDS; How a storied philanthropy came to lend its legitimacy—and money—to groups that push boycotting Israel

Daily Mail: 'I'll hunt down and prosecute the Manchester bomb secrets leaker': Trump vows to punish U.S. source who gave out forensic photos and details to the media

NY Times: Outrage over The Times’s publication of the Manchester bomb photos

Brussels - Global News: Donald Trump lectures Canada, other freeloading NATO members to up defence spending

Terry Glavin - National Post: Manchester massacre highlights a tectonic shift in how we talk about terrorism

Belgium: Manchester police cut off info sharing with U.S. police as leaks threaten lives; NY Times published confidential evidence photos and investigation details

Brussels - Globe and Mail: Manchester bomber called mom before attack, said 'forgive me'

Minneapolis - CBS: Growing concern over brothers arrested with guns, bomb-making materials; Middle East links

Timothy Stanley - CNN: On tour abroad, Trump does what Obama should have

Andy Puzder - Wall Street Journal: Can Trump make America grow again? The signs are hopeful

Thomas L. Friedman - NY Times: A road trip through rusting and rising America

Conrad Black - American Greatness: How the Comey Affair will be a decisive victory for the President

Daily Caller: New York Mayor De Blasio confirms he will march in parade honouring Puerto Rican terror bomber pardoned by Obama, even after Manchester bombing

Mick Mulvaney - White House Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget: The federal budget released today puts taxpayers first

AFP/Daily Mail: NATO to join anti-IS coalition: diplomatic sources

BBC: Messi's Spanish jail sentence for tax fraud to stand

LA Times: Five suspects now under arrest as Manchester police investigate possible terror network

Rasmussen Reports: Trump approval jumps to 48%

Washington Times: ‘Trump trauma’ on the way out? Political anxiety appears to be fading, says psychiatric survey

Wall Street Journal: Police investigate ‘network’ in connection with attack on Ariana Grande concert

Financial Times: Manchester suicide bomber moved from gangs to radical Islam

Toronto Sun: Imam: Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi had ‘face of hate’ after sermon against terror

South China Morning Post: Soft target: bomb attack at Manchester concert was exactly what many had long feared

Roger L. Simon - PJ Media: Manchester: This time they came for our children

Editorial - Washington Times: Trump’s no-apology tour

Marc A. Thiessen - Washington Post: Leakers who revealed Israel as intelligence source did far more damage than Trump

Haaretz: Trump says he hopes to achieve 'toughest deal of all,' Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Editorial - Jerusalem Post: Trump gets it, refreshingly

BBC: Leaks 'expose peculiar Facebook moderation policy'

Business Insider: Facebook's leaked moderation rules show the company desperately needs to be more transparent

Zvi Bar'el - Haaretz: Saudi proposal to Israel could be the stuff of Trump’s dream deal in Mideast; Arab media's silence following reports of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States' plans for normalization with Israel suggests solid foundations

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Beware America, your media and Democrats undertaking quiet coup d’etat

Tech Republic: 98% of WannaCry ransomware victims were running Windows 7, not XP: report

Reuters/TIME: Kim Jong Un has ordered the deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles after 'successful' tests

Cassandra Fairbanks - Big League Politics: Kim Dotcom offers Congress evidence to prove murdered Seth Rich was WikiLeaks source

Saudi Arabia - Bloomberg: Corporate A-listers descend on Riyadh for Trump's CEO summit

Riyadh - Arab News: Hashtag #Trump’s_daughter, in Arabic, is the top trending hashtag in Saudi Arabia

NBC News: U.S.-Saudi Arabia arms deal worth $110B now, another $350B over next decade

Riyadh - VOA News: Trump, Saudi King Salman sign a nearly $110B defense deal

Riyadh - Reuters/Arab News: GE announces $15B of business deals with Saudi Arabia

Riyadh - Arab News: King Salman presents Trump with Saudi Arabia’s top civilian honour

CTV News: Melania Trump shuns headscarf as she arrives in Saudi Arabia

Orb poll - Reuters: UK May's Conservatives at 46%, Labour 34% ahead of June 8th election

Greg Jarrett - Fox News: Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel

T. Willard Fair - USA Today: School choice will lift up black community; On Brown v. Board anniversary, I ask the NAACP: Whose side are you on?

John Kass - Chicago Tribune: Harvard study: Media has been largely negative on Trump

AP/Fox News: Mattis: Military solution to North Korea would be 'tragic'

Tim Hains - Real Clear Politics: Victor Davis Hanson: Whole Trump-Russia-collusion story is a 'Big Lie'

Lifezette: Lawyers in DNC class-action suit ‘perplexed’ by media blackout; press ignores fraud case brought by 2016 Sanders backers against Democrat Party

Emily Jashinsky - Washington Examiner: Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton 'is a completely hollow woman'

Conrad Black - National Post: The malicious and dishonest media really are, as Trump says, ‘enemies of the people’

Beijing - AP: China, Japan extract combustible ice from seafloor

National Post: U.S. launches rare strike on tanks, troops linked to Syrian regime after convoy defiantly approached American/Allied garrison

The Hill: Rosenstein: No evidence Comey asked for more resources for Russia probe

Washington - AP: Trump to Muslims on first foreign trip: Drive out terrorists

Editorial - National Post: Trump criticized NATO in his campaign, but is right to pursue a pan-Arab NATO in the Middle East

Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton's assistant Huma Abedin files for divorce after Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to being sex offender, faces prison; couple was married by Bill Clinton

Telegraph: Julian Assange emerges on embassy balcony to say he will not 'forgive or forget' as Swedish rape investigation is dropped

Washington Times: Trump campaign reports fundraising surge, says Americans still stand with president

NBC News: New Zealand quake scientists make surprising find of very hot water underground

Aljazeera: Austria's parliament bans full-face veil in public

NBC News: Google has a new, smarter way to help you find a job

Fox News: Dennis Kucinich: 'Deep State' trying to 'destroy the Trump Presidency'

NY Daily News: Both Clinton and Trump officials met with Russians during campaign as they sought path to soothe Obama-era frictions

Fox News: Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News, dead at 77

Byron York - Washington Examiner: 7 reasons a Russia special counsel is a bad idea

Scott Horsley - NPR: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller named Special Counsel in Russia probe by Trump DoJ

Josh Rogin - Washington Post: Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia

Jonathan Turley - The Hill: The Comey memo offers no proof for impeachment of Trump

Washington - AP: No rush to Trump judgment, Ryan says

Jerusalem - AP: Israel lauds U.S. security ties following alleged Trump disclosures

Elk City - AP: At least 2 dead as tornadoes, storms pummel central U.S.

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Tips for reading Washington Post stories about Trump based on anonymous leaks

Patricia McCarthy - American Thinker: The media-Democratic Party suicide pact

updated The Hill: Family denies slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks

Bloomberg: Mom-and-pop joints are trouncing America's big restaurant chains

Washington Examiner: Tillerson, McMaster deny report Trump shared classified information with Russia in WH meeting

Chris Cassidy - Boston Herald: Hillary Clinton’s PAC power play may underline Dems’ disarray

Daniel Greenfield - FontPageMag: The civil war is here; The Left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule

Washington - Reuters: Media again falls for bogus claims; this time about White House meeting with Russian Ambassador

Allan J. Favish - American Thinker: Sally Yates critically misquoted the law to Ted Cruz

Europe Israel News: Hamas second-richest terror group in world, Forbes says

Berlin - NY Times: Macron and Merkel meet, pledging to save European unity

Chronicle Herald: Hong Kong rejects asylum for refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden; they've also applied in Canada

Harry J. Kazianis - Fox News: The North Korea threat will only get worse. Here's what Trump must do now

NY Times: As their clout wanes, Saudi Arabia and Russia extend oil production cuts, prices jump

Hong Kong - AP: Experts try to figure out who's behind global cyberattack

Salena Zito - Washington Examiner: No sign of an impending 'wave' election

Seoul - AP: North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft claims stolen U.S. Govt computer code fuels cyberattack

John Fund - National Review: Why are Democrats afraid of the Election Integrity Commission?

Robert Bryce - National Review: Big ‘green’ and mean: A wind-energy giant attacks small-town America

Ginni Thomas - Daily Caller: Scholar unravels ‘The Big Lie’ surrounding the Trump campaign and Russian collusion

NY Times: Ransomware’s aftershocks feared as U.S. warns of complexity

Derek Hunter - Town Hall: The Irrationals: Trump’s opponents are his greatest asset

CTV News: 'Comey has no supporters': Conrad Black defends Trump after topsy-turvy week

Ed Rogers - National Post: Trump will take some deserved lumps on a sloppy process. But Comey absolutely needed to be fired

Andrew Klavan - PJmedia: Journalists with zero credibility wonder why no one takes their breathless Trump madness seriously

Jason Perlow - ZDnet: Why Windows must die. For the third time

AP: Dozens of countries hit by huge cyber-extortion attack

Kirkersville - NPR: 4 dead, including police chief and suspect, after shooting at Ohio nursing home

Wall Street Journal: Beijing trumpets U.S.-China trade plan as summit nears

Katty Kay - BBC: Are people who hate Trump just snobs?

Bloomberg: Apple invests $200M in Gorilla Glass-Maker Corning

BBC: NHS England hit by 'cyber-attack'

Bloomberg: Sprint, SoftBank said in informal deal talks with T-Mobile

Kimberley A. Strassel - Wall Street Journal: Why James Comey had to go

Richard A. Epstein - Vox: Attention, liberals: Comey deserved to be fired, and the Constitution is just fine

Washington - CTV News: Trump to Comey: Better hope there are no 'tapes'

BBC: Smartphones that charge in five minutes 'could arrive next year'

Washington - AP: Trump launches Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to investigate voter fraud

2016 Backgrounder - Breitbart: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation connection

Tim Hains - RealClearPolitics: Yates & Clapper admit viewing 'unmasked' Trump campaign communications; deny leaking to press

Paul Sperry - NY Post: The real reason Trump canned Jim Comey

Rick Salutin - Toronto Star: I’d have fired Comey too

Paris - RFI: Macron ally furious after party announces candidates

Bloomberg: Tesla’s solar roof sets Musk’s grand unification into motion

Conrad Black - American Greatness: Trump's quiet victories

Doyle McManus - LA Times: Hillary Clinton has a right to be a major voice in American politics — but maybe it's time she moved on

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: For Comey, a creature of the swamp, a deserved dunking

Ahmet S. Yayla - National Review: The criminal case that gives Trump leverage over Erdogan

James S. Robbins - USA Today: James Comey firing was inevitable

Washington: Trump team plans to release video of Clinton's election night concession call

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Will MSM admit that former business partner says Steve Bannon good person?

Adam Gopnik - New Yorker: We could have been Canada; Was the American Revolution such a good idea?

Dakar - Daily Mail: One UN peacekeeper killed, 8 wounded, in Central African Republic

Seoul - AP: South Korea's next leader will engage North, reconsider THAAD

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: ‘Settled science’ on salt may be completely wrong, says New York Times

Seoul - AP: Concessions in South Korea election pave way for Moon win

James Lewis - American Thinker: The real reason Washington Post Republicans hate Donald Trump

Johannesburg - AP: Scientists in South Africa reveal more on human-like species

Washington - Daily Mail: Illegal immigrant and MS-13 gang member cleared of killing Chandra Levy being deported a year after murder charges were dropped

NY Post: ISIS widow now on a high-priority terrorist ‘kill list’

Paris - LA Times: Macron may have won France's presidency, but he needs a legislative majority to govern

NY Times: Trump to announce slate of conservative Federal Court nominees

CTV News: Mothers' phthalate exposure can increase allergy risk in children: study

The Guardian: Getting lost may be the first sign of Alzheimer’s, scientists discover

Toronto Star: Anti-vaccine activists just sparked a U.S. state’s worst measles outbreak in decades

Reuters/Global News: Macron’s former drama teacher bags real-life role of French First Lady

NY Post: The debt-bubble landmine Obama left for Trump

Paris - Reuters: Euro, shares rally on relief as Macron wins French presidency

Nolan Finley - Detroit News: Obamacare lies keep coming from Democrats

Ynet News: Meet the old-new head of Hamas: 'Not suicide bombings, but martyrdom operations'

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Hillary’s election loss excuse means one thing — She’s running in 2020

Washington - Chronicle Herald: Trump administration: softwood threat from Trudeau government 'inappropriate'

Joel Kotkin - Orange County Register: The news media are losing their search for truth

AFP: Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

Shira Ovide - Seattle Times: Tech bubble is quietly bursting with overvalued ‘unicorn’ startups

Daily Caller: The audacity of a monumental library

Abuja - Chronicle Herald: 82 freed Chibok schoolgirls arrive in Nigeria's capital

Rex Murphy - National Post: Hillary and Obama, incurably obsessed with themselves, should take a lesson from Stephen Harper

Dr. Marc K. Siegel - NY Times: What the Republican health plan gets right

AP/NY Post: Families sue Facebook, Twitter, Google over San Bernardino attack; accuse companies of providing platforms that help ISIS spread propaganda, recruit followers and raise money

CTV News: Macron campaign emails leaked in 'massive' hack days before France election

Censorship irony spreads - CTV News: CBS, NBC also refuse to air Trump TV ad attacking 'fake news'

Thomas Brewster - Forbes: A massive Google Docs phish hits 1 million Gmail accounts

BBC: Syria government 'producing chemical weapons at research facilities'

Live science: Marijuana-related ER visits spike among Colorado teens

Daily Mail: Apple could be banned from importing iPhones into the U.S. in royalty battle with Qualcomm

Washington - AP: Trump celebrates health vote win with jubilant Republicans; bill provides $130B for 'pre-existing conditions'

CNBC: GOP dump of Obamacare passes by vote of 217 to 213; makes good on multiple promises as Obamacare disintegrates and puts Americans at risk

Matt Vespa - Townhall: A large slice of Obama voters who flipped for Trump thought Clinton's agenda favored wealthy (others just couldn't stand her)

Politico: Sean Spicer Is Doing a Good Job. Here’s Why.

Washington - AP: Trump limits IRS action over church political activity

John Kass - Chicago Tribune: The Donald's best pals: Barack and Hillary

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Top Senator: 'Wait, the firm behind Trump dossier was funded by Russia?'

Daily Mail: Queen calls her entire household to 'highly unusual' emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace today but mystery surrounds the reason why

Daily Mail: North Korea turns on China and accuses its only ally of 'absurd and reckless remarks' over missile tests

Reuters: Freedom Caucus supports changes to buttress coverage of 'pre-existing conditions' and suggest it's moving towards passage

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: Comey didn’t sink Hillary. Hillary sank Hillary

Ruth Marcus - Washington Post: In defense of NY Times columnist Bret Stephens

Reuters: Puerto Rico files for biggest ever U.S. local government bankruptcy

Gersh Kuntzman - NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be writing a book — she should be drafting a long apology to America

Jon Gabriel - Arizona Republic: Conservative columnist asks readers to admit they could be wrong, and all hell breaks loose

National Review: Bret Stephens gives climate-change alarmists advice, and the Left erupts

John R. Lott - Real Clear Policy: Murder isn’t a nationwide problem; it’s a problem in a very small set of urban areas

NBC News: Canadians unhappy about flow of Somalian refugee claimants north across U.S. border

Washington Post: Sidney Crosby’s concussion shakes Pittsburgh, and all of hockey

David French - National Review: America’s ‘smug-liberal problem’

Bret Stephens - NY Times: Climate of complete certainty

Fox News: Latest Mexico drug cartel bust shows law enforcement feels more empowered

South Africa - Gulf News: Zuma booed at rally as drive to oust him gains momentum

NY Times: One day, a machine will smell whether you’re sick

NY Times: Fox News executive, Bill Shine, departs amid turmoil

Donald J. Trump - Washington Post: 'In my first 100 days, I have kept my promise to Americans. We are making America great again'

Washington Examiner: DNC argues in court: We don't owe anyone a fair primary process

Paris - CTV News: Tear gas in France as Le Pen, Macron hold May Day rallies

Climate Depot: MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: Believing CO2 controls the climate ‘is pretty close to believing in magic’

NBC News: Nine dead, dozens hurt after tornadoes hit Texas, South

NY Times: China’s appetite pushes fisheries to the brink

Washington: President Trump's first 100 Days through the White House lens

Seoul - AP: Another North Korea KN-17 dud scud

Bloomberg: Tillerson leans on attrition for most of 9% reduction U.S. State Dept workforce

Independent: Donald Trump praises North Korean leader, saying 'not many 27-year-old men could go in and take over a regime'

Daily Mail: Israel reportedly strikes Syrian arms depot at Damascus airport; huge explosion said to have blown up Iranian arms meant for Hezbollah militants in Lebanon

Washington Post: Trump says he reversed NAFTA cancellation decision after pleas from Mexico, Canada

ABC Australia: Crew of 78 safe after aging Russian intelligence frigate Liman sinks in Black Sea after collision with Turkish cattle freighter; commissioned in 1982

NY Times: Trump says he will renegotiate NAFTA or terminate it; spoke to Canada and Mexico leaders

NY Post: Trump considers executive order pulling U.S. from NAFTA; if so, trade would revert to prior FTA between U.S. and Canada

Politico: GOP Freedom Caucus endorses Obamacare repeal compromise

AP: U.S. sets up THAAD missile defense in South Korea as North shows power

David Akin - Global News: Bernier announces poll that says he's in front with 35% of first ballot support; others quibble on lead

Rick Bell - Calgary Sun: Maxime Bernier, the federal Conservative leadership frontrunner, is actually a rock-ribbed conservative

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives: Energy Minister Thibeault manipulates public health data

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: Trudeau and Wynne need to rein in their far-left spending

Ottawa - CBC: Conflicting accounts of Harjit Sajjan's role revive ex-MP's conflict of interest allegations

Forum Research poll: More now disapprove of Trudeau than approve; Conservatives and Liberals tied at 35%

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals announce they plan to ram through changes to Parliamentary procedure with or without any support from other parties

Halifax - CBC: Nova Scotians to go to the polls on May 30th

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Wynne’s incompetent and corrupt Liberals “cooking books” year before election

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Harjit Sajjan the soldier wouldn’t have claimed credit for being ‘architect’ of operation, top NATO officer says

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Recent history shows there are no guarantees in O’Leary’s kingmaker gambit

B.C. Election - The Northern View: Christy Clark says province will buy lumber to protect B.C. mills

Neil Macdonald - CBC: Look beyond the jesters, and you'll find real, live progressive conservatives in the CPC race

Naomi Christensen - Winnipeg Free Press: Latest U.S. softwood salvo highlights need for new markets for Canadian wood

Mohamed Omar - Huffington Post: Harjit Sajjan apologizes for claiming he was 'architect' of massive Afghanistan operation

Vancouver - Global News: April’s ‘Welfare Wednesday’ single worst day for recorded overdose calls in B.C. history

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Sajjan retracts claim he was ‘architect’ of Canada’s biggest combat operation in Afghanistan

Global News: Trump’s NAFTA flip-flopping a classic negotiation ploy, trade experts say

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Ontario’s Liberals feed another budget to the Big Green Central-Planning Monster

CBC: Kevin O'Leary also met with Andrew Scheer before backing Maxime Bernier

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Liberals hiding their deficit

Chris Nelson - Calgary Herald: Canada without energy industry is a pipe dream

CityNews: Wynne Liberals 'cook the books', use pension funds to claim budget balanced

Globe and Mail: New funding for Toronto transit, social housing left out of Ontario budget

CTVnews: Two Canadian border agents charged with drug smuggling

CTVnews: Kevin O'Leary says he tried to convince Bernier to quit Conservative race

Toronto Star: Ontario Liberals reject Toronto Mayor John Tory’s calls to match federal transit funding

Macleans: Why Ontario’s (not) balanced budget is no cause for celebration; Even as big provinces tame their deficits, their debts are piling a huge burden on future generations

Toronto Star: Rural parents rally to save schools across Ontario

Financial Post: What exactly is Home Capital and why is it so important to the mortgage industry?

Globe and Mail: Embattled Home Capital puts itself on the block

CP/Huffington Post: Conservative Leadership candidates target Bernier's 'extreme' views in final debate

Althia Raj - Huffington Post: Kevin O'Leary's exit a boon for Maxime Bernier? Not so fast, Tory Leadership rivals say; voter intentions tracking a challenge for all candidates

CBC: Toronto crane operator says trespassers causing safety, security problems

CBC: Softwood deal was close before election, but Canada gambled on better terms from Trump, former U.S. trade rep says

CTV News: Ontario Liberals plan new multi-billion dollar railway line between Toronto and Windsor that won't be "high-speed", according to Collenette

CBC: RCMP allege Vice-Admiral Norman fed cabinet secrets to Quebec shipbuilder; RCMP detail cozy, back-channel relationship in shipbuilding leaks, with admiral referred to as 'our friend'

CBC: Petawawa soldier killed, 3 others hurt in training exercise at CFB Wainwright

Thomas Walkom: Kathleen Wynne’s basic income plan is bread without circuses

J.J. McCullough - Washington Post: Canada is not a great democracy, but do we care?

Huffington Post: Toronto housing crisis caused by 'Government-induced land shortage': Ryerson Study

GTA housing backgrounder - Toronto Star: Denser housing policies at odds with millennial dreams: 2016 Study

Hill Times: ‘People are experiencing the economy,’ more than half of Canadians believe economy’s stalled, says poll

Hindustan Times: Canadian writer Tarek Fatah was on terror hit-list: ATS

Global News: What you need to know about Ontario’s basic income plan

CBC: U.S. imposes preliminary duties up to 24% on 'subsidized' Canadian softwood lumber

New Cannabis Ventures: Known for precise quality control, Canadian ABcann Medicinals looks to expand in its Napanee base and eyes export licenses, including to Germany, Israel and Australia

Robyn Urback - CBC: For some, Kathleen Wynne's sexuality is an issue. For most, it's her government's record: A look at why the premier of Ontario's approval rating is in the tweens

CTV News: Baby boomers not part of hepatitis C screening guidelines

Chris Selley - National Post: A simpleton’s guide to Ontario’s ‘Fair Housing Plan’

Global News: Edmonton police arrest persons of interest in toddler death

Toronto - Globe and Mail: After a year of government support, Syrian refugees are still struggling to settle in Toronto and face an uncertain future; but survive on welfare and the federal child benefit; have weak grasp of English and remain jobless

CBC: Edmonton police seek 2 'people of interest' in dead toddler case

Toronto - CBC: 'Appalling': Woman bumped from long-booked Air Canada flight misses $10,000 Galapagos cruise

Toronto - Blackburn News: NDP's Horwath promises Ontarians universal PharmaCare; doesn't provide price tag

National Post: ‘Someone out there is missing this little boy’: Toddler found dead outside Edmonton church

Kelly McParland - National Post: Ontario’s delusional Liberals set course for Clinton-style oblivion

Global News: Judge rules Saskatchewan Government cannot fund non-Catholic students in Catholic schools

Rex Murphy - National Post: If the eco-fanatics hate Justin Trudeau this much, imagine what they think of you

CTV News: Project Raphael: Child sex trafficking bust north of Toronto leads to 104 arrests

Toronto Star: Trudeau’s budget to cost TTC $5M this year and cut ridership, agency says

Globe and Mail: Seniors turning to cannabis for relief – and businesses are all in

CBC: Canada slaps new round of sanctions on Syria; 17 high-ranking individuals in the Assad regime and 5 entities linked to chemical weapons are targeted

Spectator: Hamilton and Dundas hit by heavy rains, streets turn into brown rivers

CBC: Lost Labradoodle from Halifax put on wrong flight found safe near Hamilton airport after community search effort in stormy weather

John Robson - National Post: Kathleen Wynne, the noted economist, knows how much your house should be worth

Drew Hasselback - Financial Post: Donald Trump slams Canada for trade practices in energy, lumber, and dairy

Christie Blatchford - National Post: The real mistake of the judge facing a hearing after speaking against local land claim

CBC: $10.25M lawsuit against Calgary Flames, Dennis Wideman filed by savagely injured linesman Don Henderson

National Post: Former veterans’ ombudsman Pat Stogran launches NDP leadership bid

CTV News: Russian flyovers of Canadian military bases underway this week

Toronto Sun: Ontario to tax non-resident foreign housing buyers 15%

Ottawa - CBC: Your internet provider can't pick which apps and services count against your data cap, says CRTC

updated Toronto - Globe and Mail: Judge stops Wynne Government from killing Ontario jobs with injunction to protect $770M Bombardier LRT contract with Metrolinx

Scott Deveau - Bloomberg: Brookfield buys Loblaw's gas stations for $402M; will re-brand as Mobil, introducing Exxon brand to Canada

Neil Macdonald - CBC: Canada will legalize pot, after arresting a bunch of people for pot offences first; Why? Liberal Ministers can't explain

Toronto - CBC: Ontario promises curbs on hot housing market within a week

Hill Times: Liberal MP Wayne Easter reflects growing frustration on government backbenches with Trudeau sloth

Randall Denley - Ottawa Citizen: Liberal fail: Ontario drivers are paying $4B a year more than they would if Ontario’s rates were at Canadian average

Vancouver Sun: B.C. Election 2017: Latest poll shows Greens taking votes from Liberals, NDP

British Columbia - CBC: No injuries, but 47 homes evacuated after Kaslo mudslide

Fraser Institute: Hold the celebration: A balanced budget won't end Ontario's fiscal challenges

Robert Benzie - Toronto Star: Speculation building over Wynne’s future as Liberal leader; "mounting uncertainty she will remain at the helm"

Hamilton - CBC: Forum Research poll finds 48% against billion dollar LRT, 40% for

CP/CTV News: No plan for pot-conviction amnesty amid legalization move: Liberals

CBC: Transcontinental selling 93 newspapers in Ontario and Quebec; recently sold 28 newspapers in Atlantic Canada

CTV News: Future King Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to help Canada celebrate 150th birthday

More overbooking - Montreal Gazette: Air Canada finally apologizes for bumping 10-yr-old boy from family flight to Costa Rica

CP/CBC: Conservative rivals O'Toole, Leitch following divergent paths to leadership

Benjamin Anson - Montreal Gazette: Canada's legalization of marijuana will be a national disaster

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Vote ONPC to stop wind turbines that are not 'green'

Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: ‘Canadians were not impressed’ by federal budget: Nanos survey

CTV News: Officials release photo of 'mock IED' found in American man's luggage at Toronto airport; doesn't look like an 'alarm clock'

John Ibbitson - Globe and Mail: Trudeau’s Liberals: A mid-term report card

Anthony Furey - Toronto Sun: North Korea now a problem for Canada, too

Don Macpherson - Montreal Gazette: There's something wrong with that P.J. Stock ad

CBC: Even more flour brands added to Robin Hood national flour recall for E. coli contamination

Ottawa - CTV News: Justice Minister on strict pot penalties: "I'm not going to apologize"

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Trudeau’s pot law makes it open season on all drivers

Ottawa - CBC: Trudeau government introduces sweeping changes to impaired driving laws

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Oil and gas make full employment and self-sufficiency possible for First Nations!

Ottawa - CBC: Pot possession suspects face uncertain future

Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Toronto Star: In human experiment, Ontario miners say they paid devastating price

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Marijuana legalization: What was Justin Trudeau smoking?

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Car insurance: Another fine Liberal mess

Shawn Jeffords - Toronto Sun: Ontario Tories call for Libs to tackle debt

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Pot brownies, federal taxes and more: What isn’t in the Liberal marijuana legalization bill

Andrew MacDougall - Ottawa Citizen: Yes, Trudeau's Canada is 'back' — but not for the better on the world stage

Toronto Star: Provinces say they may need more time as Liberals move to legalize marijuana

CBC: Pot stocks sell off in wake of release of federal legislation

National Post: Liberals introduce long-awaited bills to legalize marijuana by July 2018

National Post: Canadians may be vacating the pews but they are keeping the faith: Angus Reid Institute poll

Kristy Kirkup - CP/Financial Post: Marjiuana bill to unleash a sea change in public policy not seen since the 1930s

CBC: National flour recall widened over further E. coli fears

John Ivison - National Post: Heroic Malala brings genuine emotion to Parliament during extraordinary joint session

Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: Kevin Page slams Liberal government’s proposed changes to PBO

Andrew MacDougall - Globe and Mail: Trudeau throws another promise under the (omni)bus

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Loonie surges to six-week high after BoC rate decision

Brady Yauch - Financial Post: How Queen’s Park Liberals broke Ontario’s provincial electricity sector

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Bank of Canada signals earlier rate hike, upgrades growth forecast

Montreal - BNN: Siemens, Bombardier reportedly vie for control of prospective rail joint venture

Waterloo - CBC: BlackBerry awarded $815M in arbitration with Qualcomm over royalty overpayments

Victoria - Globe and Mail: B.C. election campaign officially under way

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Opposition MPs cry foul over Liberals’ tabling of 300-page omnibus bill

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Canada at risk of housing correction, Moody’s warns

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Bombardier shares jump on report of Siemens rail merger talks

London - CTV News: 78 arrested in Ontario human trafficking probe

Châteauguay - CBC: Quebec says it will improve highway exit after deadly collision kills 4

CTV News: 'Some people felt misrepresented': CBC gives half-hearted apology for getting basic facts wrong in 'Canada: The Story of Us'

Mercier, Caumartin, Turcot, Leclerc - Globe and Mail: New series 'The Story of Us' is not the story of Canada

Bloomberg: Siemens, Bombardier said in talks to combine rail units

CBC: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown wants Wynne govt to release its housing affordability plan immediately, saying he believes "wild speculation" about new measures is only fuelling red hot housing market

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Housing affordability measures coming ‘very soon’, Wynne says

CBC: Road salt threatening health of freshwater lakes, U.S. study finds

Ottawa - CBC: It could be legal to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana under bill to be tabled Thursday

CNBC: Ski resort operator Intrawest, owner of Mont Tremblant and Blue Mountain ski operations, sells to Aspen Skiing and KSL for $1.5B

Vancouver - CTV News: Pre-writ Insights West poll suggests Weaver surges, Clark drops, Horgan stable; BC election is May 9th

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Conservatives need to stop appeasing liberal political correctness

Vancouver Sun: Tragedy on Mount Harvey as five hikers found dead

James Morgan - North Country Public Radio: Wind farm siting fans opposition in Ontario; local authorities shut out of land use approval process

Smiths Falls - CBC: Ontario farmer giving away farm and livestock, including classic 1830 farm house — to right person

Rex Murphy - National Post: Our Prime Minister was busy this week, with feminism and firepower. It was all, of course, very middle class

Derek Abma - Hill Times: O’Leary puts odds of winning leadership at “100 per cent”; no Plan B, no hurry to win Commons seat if elected as Conservative Leader

Andrew Coyne - National Post: No evidence that ‘Canada works’ in new internal free trade deal

Erica Alini - Global News: Forget that out-of-province beer: On booze and most other things, new interprovincial trade deal falls short

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Get ready for Wynne’s Potemkin budget

CP/National Post: Montreal man won't be tried for his wife's death because it's taken too long to bring the case to trial

Robyn Urback - CBC: You're a feminist, Mr. Trudeau. We get it

Ottawa - CTV News: Trudeau tells Commons Canada was briefed on Syria strike

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Canada’s role: If you think life will continue as always in Sleepy Hollow, you would be wrong

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada unemployment rate rises to 6.7%, 19,400 jobs added in March

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada supports U.S. air strikes in Syria, urges diplomatic action

Lee Berthiaume - CP/Huffington Post: RCMP suspect Mark Norman leaked secret Government documents: affidavit

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Vice-Admiral Norman’s e-mail spoke of ‘blatant politics’ of supply-ship contract

Gerald Hall - Canada Free Press: Trudeau power grab not 'modernization'

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: The battle for lower taxes is being lost, we need a new moral case for reform

J.L. Granatstein - Globe and Mail: Canadians should not be ashamed of their history

Shawinigan - CTV News: Murder charges in deaths of 3 women in Quebec

Bill Hutchins - Kingston Heritage: Kingston city council calls on province to protect communities from hazardous cargoes in severe weather

Bloomberg: Quebec bond yields approach historic parity with Ontario

Daniel Dale - Toronto Star: Trump’s Homeland Security chief says he wants less restrictive Canadian border

Toronto - Global News: RCMP charge Toronto man for leaving Canada to join ISIS

Ottawa - CBC: RCMP reveals use of secretive cellphone surveillance technology for first time; but says it's not doing it on Parliament Hill

Ottawa - CTV News: Liberals attack Conservative leader Ambrose over her bill proposing sexual assault training for lawyers applying to be judges

Ottawa - CTV News: Mulroney to attend Liberal cabinet meeting to advise on NAFTA; Trudeau to miss meeting

Éric Grenier - CBC: Liberals lose support, Conservatives gain in status quo by-elections

Kingston - Whig-Standard: Armed man in stand-off with police found dead; was wanted by Kingston Police on criminal charges

Toronto - CBC: 12 suspended police officers make Ontario's Sunshine List

Elliot Ferguson - Kingston Whig-Standard: Province should halt risky turbine project on Amherst Island: Environmental group

Editorial - Toronto Sun: How Wynne’s hydro disaster could have been avoided

Jim Merriam - Welland Tribune: Wynne's progressive plan makes rural folk shudder

updated East Selkirk - CBC: Two men and a woman dead; Manitoba Mounties now say no suspects are sought

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals leave promised electoral reforms in ditch; no online voting, no fine for not voting

Ottawa - CBC: Senators oppose 'clunky, pedestrian' gender-neutral changes to O Canada; 'politicians are not poets'

Alex Boutilier - Toronto Star: O’Leary ditches Conservative leadership debate, but appears on MSNBC from Miami

Westmount - Montreal Gazette: Lessons learned from a retiring Mayor: Municipal services are consumed per capita, yet incongruously billed by property values, and, As a city’s size increases, its taxpayers’ curiosity decreases

Toronto Star: How a small town is using Uber to fill its public transit void

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Bombardier nabbed $3.7B in subsidies, yet the mob demands we punish its executives

Ottawa - Toronto Star: Canada is world's third largest exporter of music; Heritage Minister gives thumbs down on Russell Peters' Juno humour

Montreal Gazette: A circus party for every borough for Montreal's 375th birthday

Wheels: York-Bay-Yonge ramp demolition will equal traffic chaos for downtown Toronto

Ontario - Toronto Star: Business group discovers being good is good for business

Brutal winter - CBC: Blizzard drags on in central Newfoundland; 75 cm of snow expected in some areas; new all-time record set in Gander area as snow pack reaches average depth of 223 cm

updated Toronto Star: No seats change hands in 5 federal by-elections Monday, but Tories come on strong in Markham-Thornhill

John Ivison - National Post: Backed into a corner, Liberals seek compromise on parliamentary reform

Windsor Star: Former LHIN boss still being paid nearly $300,000 — despite being fired last spring

Toronto Star: No tolls? Then help us repair the Gardiner, DVP and social housing units, Mayor John Tory demands of province

Ottawa - CTV News: O'Leary win could put Conservative Party unity at risk, strategist Jenni Byrne warns

Graeme Gordon - CBC: Trudeau should stop telling desperate refugees everyone is welcome in Canada; anyone with smallest bit of knowledge about immigration process knows that's not true

British Columbia - Bloomberg: Petronas may consider Shell site for $27B Canadian LNG project

Toronto - CBC: Rural Ontarians have greater risk of heart attack or stroke, says groundbreaking study

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Liberal media narrative pushing alternate reality on western society

Joe Oliver - Toronto Sun: Without Trump, Trudeau’s budget would have been even worse

National Post: Ontario’s Sunshine List 2017: All the ways you never thought you could make $100,000 a year

Gordon Chong - Toronto Sun: Beginning of end of free speech

Parker Gallant - Financial Post: Kathleen Wynne's $50B power spend on electricity adds up to little for Ontario ratepayers

David Akin - National Post: NDP gave maps, advice and other help to a third-party anti-Liberal group in Ottawa by-election

Liberal cronyism - CTV News: PM won't clarify business ties between close friend and Liberal Party as he campaigns for by-elections

Kelly McParland - National Post: Quebec sets a fiscal example for the other provinces (which they will, of course, ignore)

Robert Smol - CBC: Canada has a 'colonial mentality' when it comes to funding our military; We expect the U.S. to make up for the ever-increasing gaps in our defence capabilities

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: U.S. has trade surplus with Canada, Freeland says

Andrew Coyne - National Post: It’s time to re-think how we choose party leaders; revisiting Politics 101

CBC: After public outcry, Bombardier executive chairman cuts back salary

Editorial - Globe and Mail: The dangers in a Liberal plan to ‘fix’ Parliament; dictatorship by euphemism

Toronto Star: Federal Liberals try to save Premier Wynne's bacon with $1.8B for Ontario's transit mega-boondoggle

Editorial - National Post: Even when doing the right thing, the Liberals find ways to look helpless and adrift; that is, incompetent

Toronto Star: Ontario Sunshine List reveals record 123,410 public servants made $100K or more last year

Ontario - Toronto Star: Refugee claims more than double to 23,895 but federal funding drops by 37%

Waterloo - The Record: Trudeau defends lagging military spending in face of new U.S. calls for allies to pony up

Ottawa - CTV News: Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announces 3-month extension of anti-ISIS mission in Iraq

Waterloo - The Record: BlackBerry's shares jumped Friday after it reported stronger-than-expected quarterly results and said it would be expanding its software licensing business

Heather Cleland - Canadian Business: The problem with the Trudeau government’s 18-month maternity leave plan

Ottawa - Huffington Post: Trump bump: Canadian economic growth matches fastest pace in 6 years

Washington - Globe and Mail: Five key things the U.S. is eyeing in NAFTA revamp

The Weather Network: Prince Edward County issues boil water advisory for Picton and Bloomfield after barge sinking pollutes Bay of Quinte waters near water intake in Picton Bay

Caledonia - Toronto Star: Vehicle in fatal crash was fleeing earlier hit-and-run, police say

Windsor - Globe and Mail: Ford to invest $1.2B in Canada, create Ottawa R&D centre; $200M in grants from govt

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Peter MacKay gives boost to Erin O’Toole in Tory leadership race

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: Five things to watch in the Conservative leadership race

Montreal - CP/Sportsnet: Source: Montreal baseball investors have met MLB conditions

Toronto - Global News: Over 90% of Canadians say refugee rules must change: Ipsos Poll

Windsor - Reuters: Ford to announce new V8 engine to be made in Ontario after current Ontario-made truck engine goes out of production

Kingston - Whig-Standard: Chief of Defence Staff accepts RMC review recommendations; off-campus cadet dress standards to change immediately, infrastructure upgrades soon

Kingston - CTV News: Review finds major problems at Royal Military College of Canada

Montreal - CTV News: Police 'following up' on report of radicalized Trudeau airport employees: Coiteux

Montreal - CBC: Trudeau Airport confirms 4 employees' security clearances revoked, banned from restricted area; airport secure despite concerns about radicalized workers, officials say

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Renewed attempt to rewrite House rules confirms Liberals are not to be trusted

Calgary - National Post: ‘He speaks American English’: Alberta PC Leader Jason Kenney says unilingual Kevin O’Leary shouldn’t lead federal Tories

Brady Yauch - Financial Post: Looking to lower Ontario power rates? Start with Pickering, where $550 million will be wastefully spent

Neil Macdonald - CBC: The budget's 'gender-based analysis' forgot to look at one thing — men

Éric Grenier - CBC: Erin O'Toole winning Conservative caucus as it shuns leadership front-runners Bernier, O'Leary

National Post: Kevin O’Leary says he would ‘coerce’ provinces to adopt his economic policies

CBC: Trudeau's marijuana legalization could leave provinces responsible for pot rules; Fed Govt to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018; buck passing as required

CBC: Maxime Bernier says he'd deploy military as needed to stop illegal border crossings; Conservative leadership contenders talk tough on border enforcement one day before deadline for new members

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Trudeau Liberals rush pot legislation for the 4/20 dope-in

CTV News: Bill Morneau isn't ruling out selling off airports to pay for spending promises

Canadian Press: Canada's Homan wins women's world curling gold with undefeated 13-game run in Beijing

CBC: Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque draws police complaint; larger Muslim community wants apology from mosque and wonders why controversial imam was invited to preach

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: 10 key promises Trudeau has broken since becoming PM

NY Times: Canadians adopted refugee families for a year. Then came ‘month 13’

Global News: Critic of Cheerios' wildflower seeds giveaway to help bees survive misunderstands need for biodiversity in his zeal against invasive species?

Don Macpherson - National Post: Andrew Potter’s real crime is being an anglophone writing in English for a publication outside Quebec

Paula Simons - National Post: O’Leary’s ‘vicious poisonous toxic’ attack on Alberta self-determination should offend us all

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Toronto’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy is dangerous

Rob Ferguson - Toronto Star: Wynne downplays falling popularity as former minister warns Liberals face election disaster

Evan Solomon - Maclean's: There’s still no guarantee that Morneau's first budget actually did what it was supposed to do: stimulate growth. The Liberals have gone from "save the world: to "do no harm: with his second effort

John Ivison - National Post: Liberals latest attempted power-grab in Commons sure to fail again

Andrew Coyne - National Post: This is not how a liberal society responds to criticism

Toronto - Huffington Post: Angus Reid Institute: Premier Wynne's support now at 12%, down 4% since December

Financial Post: The U.S. State Department approves TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline

Margaret Wente - Globe and Mail: Academic freedom? McGill caves in to tribal politics

Toronto - Reuters: Canada's Liberals urged to actually deliver on long-promised infrastructure plans

Ottawa - CBC: Opposition MPs want Justin Trudeau to sanction Liberal MP for sexist remark in committee

Emerson - Toronto Star: Reeve of Manitoba border town irked by behaviour of some asylum-seekers

Campbell Clark - Globe and Mail: With the M-103 debate out of gas, we reflect on a squalid exercise in democracy

David Akin - National Post: Find out how your MP voted in the House of Commons on M-103, the anti-Islamophobia motion

Sherif Emil - Montreal Gazette: Canadians should oppose the anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103

Globe and Mail: Trudeau skips budget debate to campaign as opposition decries ‘arrogant’ rule changes

Interactive - CBC: Montreal is 375 years old, but how old are its buildings?

David Akin - National Post: MPs certain to pass M-103 Thursday but new poll says Canadians would vote down anti-Islamophobia motion

Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun: Federal budget disconnected from the middle class

Vancouver Province: B.C. oyster industry reeling after more than 300 consumers fall ill

Huffington Post: Canada Savings Bonds program killed off in federal budget

Andrew Coyne - National Post: The nonsense in this nonsense-filled budget might have cost us all a lot more if the Liberals had more faith in the fundamental piece of nonsense underpinning the rest: that deficits stimulate growth

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Disagree with Financial Post writers who recommend taking CPP at age 70

John Ivison - National Post: The Liberals may have slowed their spending, but their spin is relentless

Stephen Gordon - National Post: With this federal budget, the Liberals have let the middle class down, again

Toronto - CBC: Sorbara says Liberals can't win in 2018 with Wynne as leader

London - The Rebel: CBC silent after man who threatened mosque turns out to be Muslim

Troubled start - CBC: Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women has just 122 names registered; onus on families seen as bureaucratic barrier

David Akin - National Post: Ahead of M-103 debate, duelling mobs clash on Parliament Hill over Islamophobia

Ottawa - National Post: Liberals try to ram through major changes to Parliament; making Friday a holiday, Trudeau having to show up only once a week, end of manual votes

Toronto - National Post: Bell and Rogers offer sports bars unpleasant choice: Give us more money or lose TSN and Sportsnet

CTV News: Canada now ranks 7th in World Happiness Report, down from 6th in 2016 and 5th in 2015

Don Macpherson - Montreal Gazette: Quebec is ready for a politician like Donald Trump — and so is English Canada

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Robots are only the latest in a long line of job killers — yet employment's never been higher

Ottawa - CBC: Justin Trudeau's trip to Aga Khan's Bahamas island cost taxpayers more than $127K

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Garneau says Canada looking to join U.S. electronics ban on flights

Canadian Energy Issues: Why the Ontario government continues to endorse, and make ratepayers cover, bad cheques

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Liberals need to listen to Canadians' border concerns

Edmonton - CBC: Brian Jean, Jason Kenney take first steps toward uniting Alberta conservative parties

Reuters poll: Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported

Stephen Gordon - National Post: A funny thing about the Liberals and their messaging: they aren’t helping the middle class

Shawn Jeffords - Toronto Sun: Hydro ads put Liberals in contempt of legislature: PCs

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada January wholesale sales jump 3.3% on stronger autos

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Beware Trudeau sneaky vote on Motion 103 on Islamophobia

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Public spending should rise because it needs to, not just because it can

James Wood - Calgary Herald: From 'Snack Pack' to leader of the Progressive Conservatives: How Jason Kenney got to where he is now

James Wood - Calgary Herald: Jason Kenney sweeps to victory at PC leadership convention on first ballot

Adam Miller - Global News: Ontario PC leader Brown calls for publicly-funded ‘partisan’ Liberal hydro ads to be pulled

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Mexican asylum seekers flock to Canada; February 2017 saw an increase of 2,500% from February 2016 after Trudeau lifted visa requirement for Mexican travellers in December 2016

Rex Murphy - National Post: A whiff of BLM grapeshot, and Niki Ashton waves the surrender flag (I dare not call it 'white', in this context)

Ashley Csanady - National Post: Is it cultural appropriation when a white politician quotes Beyoncé to boost her campaign?

Ottawa - National Post: Conservative Party expels nearly 1,400 members after three leadership campaigns allege fraud

Sue-Ann Levy - Toronto Sun: Liberals may be losing death grip on Toronto: Forum Poll

The Wrap: Subway sues CBC for $210M over chicken-soy DNA claims by 'Marketplace' program

Edmonton - CBC: Big shift in Alberta politics expected as Conservatives choose new leader

SW Ontario - London Free Press: Members of Water Wells First going door-to-door to advise landowners to do baseline testing before wind turbine construction disruptions

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Conservative Party looking into Kevin O'Leary's claims of mass voter fraud

Toronto - Financial Post: Ontario’s soaring hydro bills have some residents begging churches to help them pay

Financial Post: Ontario manufacturers eye greener pastures stateside as hydro rates go through the roof

Frankfurt - Reuters: Canada's Finance Minister says NAFTA can be improved, Trump anxiety fading

Toronto - CTV News: Crackdown on recreational drones; banned at night, height restricted, not allowed within 9 km of airports; $3,000 fines

Toronto - CBC: 'We are all doing it': Employees at Canada's 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers

Ottawa - CBC: DND leak investigation started under Tories, expanded under Liberals

Montreal - CBC: What went wrong on Highway 13, where at least 300 were stranded overnight Tueday in storm?

Toronto - Bloomberg: Air Canada's chief says U.S. becoming much more competitive than Canada

Chris Thompson - Windsor Star: Trump pumps up U.S. automakers, Canadian leaders brace for impact

Toronto - Bloomberg: Canadian banks under review by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada on report of high-pressure tactics

Montreal Gazette: The last blast? Montreal schools closed, flights cancelled after huge snowstorm dumps 30 to 70 centimetres on city

Bloomberg: Canada's Tucows roars back with bet on fed up U.S. mobile phone customers

Toronto - CBC: Ontario Liberals' hydro rate cut plan did little to spark voter support: Mainstreet poll

Kingston - CBC: Highway 401 remains closed after pile-ups, toxic spill; Hamilton man ID'd as transport truck driver killed; fluorosilicic acid spill must be fully cleaned up before Canada's major connecting highway can re-open

Sean Fine - Globe and Mail: Legal group calls for Ottawa to preserve preliminary inquiries

Elliot Ferguson - Kingston Whig-Standard: 18 emergency services personnel required treatment after big 401 crash

Toronto - Globe and Mail: Trump’s trade nominee targets Canada, vows to end softwood lumber dispute

Matthew Fisher - National Post: Super Hornets would make Canada reliant on U.S. jets to defend Arctic, ex-fighter pilots say

Toronto - Global News: Ontario still unsure about accepting petitions submitted online

Financial Post: Household debt hits fresh record, with Canadians owing $2T by the end of 2016

Global News: Toronto, Vancouver add nearly $150,000 to average Canadian house price

Gananoque - Kingston Heritage: Truck driver dead, 28 in Kingston hospital after 30 vehicles crash; 'indefinite' shutdown of Hwy 401 in both directions

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Is political correctness destroying diversity of thought in the West?

Toronto - CBC: A colder-than-normal March ahead as snowstorm wanes in Hamilton; 'experts' wrong again as snowfall records broken

CBC: Hudson Bay mulls bid for Neiman Marcus as retailer explores options

Barbara Kay - National Post: Understanding the jihadi mind (I hope this column isn’t Islamophobic)

London - National Post: Student group forced to pick up security tab for Jordan Peterson lecture at Western University

Ottawa - CBC: Educate, don't confiscate: Trainers say Carleton wrong to remove gym scale

National Post: Carleton University ditches scales at fitness centre ‘to move away from focusing solely on body weight’

Montreal Gazette: 74% of Canadians favour values test for immigrants: CBC CROP poll

Backgrounder - CBC: Environmentalists have impoverished First Nations, pro-pipeline chief says; 'If it weren't for the oil, my people would be in poverty right now': Fort McKay chief Jim Boucher

Tom Adams - Bloor West Villager: Ontario's renewable energy 'disaster' is what drives up the cost of your hydro; wind and solar energy can't be delivered on demand so we pay twice to back it up with gas power

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Trudeau silent on carbon pricing costs

Robert Benzie - Toronto Star: Seven people who might replace Premier Kathleen Wynne

CBC: Canada Revenue Agency online services running again after being offline since Friday

Toronto - CBC: No sign that Liberal knives are truly out for Kathleen Wynne

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Wynne spares no expense, with our money, to get re-elected CRA shuts down online tax filing over Internet vulnerability

Grate's Cove - CBC News: 'Never seen the wind so high:' eastern Newfoundland recovering after extreme winds; gusts of 170 km/h

CTV News: Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay 'looked like the moon' after 3-day blizzard

CTV News: Beekeepers blame diluted imports for plunging Canadian honey prices

Ottawa - CBC: Travelling to the U.S.? Don't worry about the border, says Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly

CBC: TD Bank shares post worst day since 2009 after CBC story

Newfoundland - CBC: Hurricane winds tear swath of destruction across northeast Avalon

Martin Collacott - Vancouver Sun: Canada needs plan to deal with undocumented migrants

Global News: Homeland Security head John Kelly ‘perplexed’ on migrants heading from U.S. to Canada; most were legally in the U.S.

Klaudia Van Emmerik - Global News: Two women forced out of Okanagan shelter for women after concerns raised over sharing space with trans-gendering male

Rob Ferguson - Toronto Star: Tory Leader Patrick Brown says Liberals hydro plan falls short; ignores structural problems including surpluses and over-paying long-term contracts

Paris - AP/MetroNews: Long lines in Montreal as French nationals vote

Paris - Telegraph LIVE: Marine Le Pen & Emmanuel Macron said to lead as polls open

Steve Milloy calls out the charlatans who lack actual science cred

Financial Post: Canada's air getting cleaner despite more cars, industry and people

Highway 401 in Toronto. ~ Peter Redman National Post

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: How city politicians
are helping Amazon destroy your favourite local retailers

Paris - Telegraph: Late polls and security fears give Le Pen a boost

Paris - Bloomberg: Analyst who predicted Trump’s ascendancy bets on Le Pen win

Paris - Telegraph: Anger and questions over how Champs-Elysées
gunman was left free after 'threats to kill police officers'

France - Reuters: Paris shooting puts security in focus ahead of French election

French Police officers patrol Champs Elysees near Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris on April 21, 2017 ~ Philippe Lopez AFP

updated Paris - AP: One police officer dead, 2 more seriously
wounded on Champs-Élysées; single attacker killed by police

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: The sickening
violence at Venezuela's 'mother of all marches'

Seoul: North Korea official media threatens "super-mighty pre-emptive strike"
as Tillerson seeks talks and wants "regime in Pyongyang to re-engage with us"

Sydney - Reuters: New 'Australian values' test for those wanting citizenship

Tourist trap? CBC: Massive iceberg on Newfoundland's southern shore attracts shutterbugs

The view of the iceberg from Ferryland on Newfoundland's Southern Shore on Sunday. Traffic on the highway was at a standstill as people have been stopping to take photos with the beauty berg. ~ Jo-d Martin Facebook

CBC: 3 out of 135 recent asylum seekers deemed danger to the public, detained
in Manitoba; but govt doesn't track those with criminal backgrounds not detained

National Post: RCMP stopped 887 people trying to illegally
enter Canada in March — nearly tripling January numbers

Telegraph: French intel foils 'imminent' terror attack 5 days before Presidential elections

updated London - Mirror: UK PM Theresa May calls snap election for June 8th

CBC: Mystery solved: first NHL game was in Montreal in 1917; Dave Ritchie of
host city's Wanderers scored league's first-ever goal against visiting Toronto squad

Montreal-area hockey historian Jean-Patrice Martel, president of Society for International Hockey Research and co-author of the 2014 book On the Origin of Hockey, was surprised the telltale advertisement (above) had not been discovered earlier. He also checked another French-language newspaper of the time, La Patrie, for additional evidence of the Toronto-Wanderers start time — and, within minutes, found a virtually identical game-day advertisement confirming the 8:15 p.m. faceoff. "There are situations when information is hard to find, and then there are situations where the difficulty is in knowing what to look for," he said, noting that the discovery of the Montreal start time "belongs to the second category".

Panmunjom - AP/CBC: Pence warns North Korea that 'era of strategic patience is over'

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence visits the Observation Post Ouellette in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), near the North Korean border village of Panmunjom. The DMZ has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War in the 1950s. ~ Lee Jin-man Associated Press

Toronto - CTV News: Easter services cancelled after Weston church fire-bombed

Police and firefighters respond to fire at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Sunday April 16, 2017. Firefighters responded to the church at around 8:05 a.m. after staff discovered smoke in the building when they arrived to prepare for mass. The fire was quickly put out, with no injuries reported.

Fox News: Latest North Korea missile a failure; blows up almost immediately

NY Times: The patients were saved. That’s why the families are suing...

CP/CBC: Canada announces sanctions on 27 top Syrian officials to pressure Assad

Washington Post: U.S. drops 22,000-pound bomb on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb is the most powerful non-nucler bomb ever used by the U.S., or any other military in combat.

Tokyo - TIME: North Korea could load Sarin gas on a missile, Japan warns

Moscow - Washington Examiner: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with Putin

Manila - AP: Filipino troops kill Abu Sayyaf commander who beheaded Canadians

Titanic problem: Icebergs clog North Atlantic shipping lanes, forcing ships to reroute

An aerial flight last week showed about 100 icebergs southwest of St. John's, Newfoundland.

Alexandria - NY Post: The horrifying moment suicide bomber blows up Egypt church

France: 'We must believe it: Never again': Trudeau at 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge

Cairo - The Independent: At least 36 dead, 100 injured in ISIS-claimed
bombings of two Christian churches on Palm Sunday

Security personnel investigate the scene of the bomb explosion inside Mar Girgis church in Tanta. ~ EPA

France: 100th anniversary of defining battle of Vimy Ridge honoured

The towering Vimy Ridge memorial, built by Canada in the 1930s on land donated to Canada by France is the site today of a moving ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the battle that cost many lives and is said to have defined Canada as a country in the eyes of the world.

Joe O'Connor - National Post: Deep underground, Vimy carvings
tell the story of Canadian soldiers waiting for battle

Maison Blanche was a chalk cave beneath the Vimy battlefield. Canadian soldiers left their mark on the walls before the battle began. Above, some of the many detailed carvings. ~ Karen Begg Studio West

Norway - Reuters: Oslo police detonate 'bomb-like device', suspect in custody

Stockholm: One arrest, manhunt launched after Sweden terror truck attack

updated Stockholm - Sky News: 4 dead, 15 injured as stolen truck
used to kill in shopping district; reports of other terror attacks in city

Truck that killed shoppers is shown wedged under edge of a building in downtown Stockholm. ~ AFP

Bloomberg: U.S. missiles targeted hangars, planes and fuel tanks at the Shayrat Airfield

updated Washington: Trump true to word, launches 59 Tomahawk
cruise missiles at Syrian air base which had launched gas attack

Tomahawk missiles are launched from U.S. Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea.

Toronto - City News: American man charged in Pearson security breach identified

Toronto Star: Fake bomb in suitcase stalls Chicago-bound flight at Pearson for 5 hours

Toronto - CBC: United Airlines FLT 547 held at Pearson airport for U.S. Customs probe

NY Times: Trump's UN Ambassador Haley tells Security Council U.S.
may ‘take our own action’ on Syrian chemical attack if UN doesn't act

Medical Express: Man moves paralyzed legs using device that stimulates spinal cord

The case, the result of collaboration with UCLA researchers, appears this week in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Researchers say these results offer further evidence that a combination of this technology and rehabilitation may help patients with spinal cord injuries regain control over previously paralyzed movements, such as steplike actions, balance control and standing. "We're really excited, because our results went beyond our expectations," says neurosurgeon Kendall Lee, M.D., Ph.D., principal investigator and director of Mayo Clinic's Neural Engineering Laboratory. "These are initial findings, but the patient is continuing to make progress." ~ Mayo Clinic

National Review: Susan Rice’s White House unmasking: A Watergate-style scandal

CBC: Part of $127,000 cost of Trudeau vacation went to 'friend' and host Aga Khan

Ottawa - CBC: Investigation: Parliament Hill, foreign embassy cell phones being spied upon

updated Daily Mail: Russians believe 22-yr-old from Kyrgyzstan subway suicide bomber

CP/Toronto Star: Toronto doctors’ discovery of new disease comes as ‘real relief’ to boy, 10

For years doctors at Sick Kids Hospital couldn’t pin down the cause of Daniel Nevins-Selvadurai’s illness. Then came a breakthrough analysis of a genetic problem with a protein production failure that so far affects 20 children worldwide. The search is now on for a bone-marrow donor for Daniel Nevins-Selvadurai, 10. ~ Hospital for Sick Children THE CANADIAN PRESS

St. Petersburg - CTV News: Second bomb found, de-activated, after Russia subway blast

updated Russia - BBC: 11 dead, 45 injured by terror blasts in St. Petersburg subway

Russian news agencies initially reported that blasts hit the Sennaya Ploschad and nearby Tekhnologichesky Institut stations in the centre of the city. Images posted on social media showed a carriage in Sennaya station with its doors blown out with casualties nearby. ~ AP, EVN

updated Mocoa: 250+ dead, 220 missing in Colombia after heavy floods

In this handout photo released by the Colombian National Army, soldiers and residents work together in rescue efforts in Mocoa, Colombia, on Saturday.

John Solomon, Sara Carter - Circa: Obama's rule changes
opened door for NSA intercepts of Americans to reach political hands

Saskatoon StarPhoenix: Provincial Court House bombed with IED; no injuries

Members of the Saskatoon Police Service can be seen outside the city's provincial courthouse early Thursday morning, March 30, 2017. At around 11 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 police were called to the area alongside members of the Saskatoon Fire Department. A news release from police explained officers are investigating what they believe was the detonation of an "improvised explosive device." ~ Morgan Modjeski The Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Picton - Quinte News: Leak from barge leads to water emergency in Prince Edward County

A partially submerged barge in Picton Bay, one of the finest natural harbours on the Great Lakes, had local residents worried about environmental impact after it started sinking Friday. Tuesday, the county declared a water emergency after a substance that leaked from the barge came too close to a water intake pipe. Bottom photo shows the same barge last week as it was being hauled aggressively through heavy ice on the Bay of Quinte's Adolphus Reach about 6 miles east of Picton on its way to where it sank in the town's harbour. It appears the unusually heavy late-season ice damaged the hull and led to the sinking. The tug-pulled barges have been struggling to make their way through the hull-ripping ice for more than 10 days as they deliver gravel from Picton to Amherst Island for the erection of Algonquin Power's troubled wind turbine cluster there. Amherst Island is about 15 miles east of Picton and is situated between the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario. Local sources say there was no submitted Maritime Safety Plan for the project even though one was promised, and the barge route from Picton travels through one of Ontario's top recreational fishing areas just weeks before the opening of the fishing season which draws tens of thousands of anglers to the region. The sound of the barges crunching through the heavy ice, lined with gravel-filled dump trucks, has concerned local residents. No ice breaker has been involved and there is no information on how much fuel is onboard each dump truck. The empty trucks can be seen on a second barge in the bottom photo. The spill is also upstream from water intakes for Town of Greater Napanee and city of Kingston. ~ top photo Dave Tugwood Save Picton Bay/Facebook, bottom photo

Toronto Sun: Trudeau Liberals drop after budget; now trail Conservatives in Forum Poll;
higher taxes, end of transit user tax credit and Canada Savings Bonds a turn-off for many

Bloomberg: Uber suspends self-driving car program after one of its
autonomous vehicles flipped in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona

Does anyone really believe self-driving cars make sense or are safe?

Whig-Standard: Study shows why cancer not avoidable; 'typo' mutations just happen

Science Journal: Random DNA replication errors in normal stem cells cause far more cancers than hereditary and environmental factors: Tomasetti, Vogelstein

updated France - Daily Mail: Lille gangster shooting of 3 near metro stirred terror fears

updated Washington - Reuters: Trump approves Keystone XL, meets with TransCanada CEO

Valcourt - Reuters: Canada's BRP beats estimates; boosted by sales of
powerful Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Lynx and Can-Am recreational product lines

Bombardier Recreational Products, founded by Armand Bombardier in 1942, invented snowmobiles and personal watercraft, and is also a leading maker of ATVs, motorcycles and boats worldwide.

LIVE - The Guardian: 8 arrested in 6 counter-terrorism raids in London, Birmingham

London - CBC: British PM condemns 'sick and depraved terrorist attack'

Daily Mail: Trump calls May to offer 'full support' after London attacks

Washington bombshell - Politico: Nunes: Trump right, his team
WAS under surveillance during Obama Administration

Flashback: London mayor Sadiq Khan says terror attacks 'just part of big city life'

updated London - Daily Mail: Four dead, 29 hurt - some with 'catastrophic
injuries' - after 'Asian' knifeman in SUV mows down pedestrians on Westminster
Bridge before shot dead attacking police on grounds of Parliament

Members of the public rushed to help a man run down by terrorist on Westminster Bridge. ~ Daily Mail

LIVE - Reuters: Four dead in London Westminster terror attack

updated London - Reuters: Terror attacks rock Westminster district

Seoul: Latest North Korea missile a dud, exploding "within seconds of launch"

Graeme Hamilton - National Post: Quebec independence back in
spotlight as challenge of 17-year-old secession law goes to trial

Adam Behr: Chuck Berry: one of the only musicians
with a genuine claim to be the founder of a genre

Randy Bachman remembers Chuck Berry, whose every record was a guitar lesson

Jon Pareles - NY Times: Chuck Berry, legendary musician and
songwriter who helped define Rock ’n’ Roll, dead at 90

While Elvis Presley was rock’s first pop star and teenage heartthrob, Mr. Berry was its master theorist and conceptual genius, the songwriter who understood what the kids wanted before they did themselves. With songs like “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven,” he gave his listeners more than they knew they were getting from jukebox entertainment. His guitar lines wired the lean twang of country and the bite of the blues into phrases with both a streamlined trajectory and a long memory. And tucked into the lighthearted, telegraphic narratives that he sang with such clear enunciation was a sly defiance, upending convention to claim the pleasures of the moment. In “Sweet Little Sixteen,” “You Can’t Catch Me” and other songs, Mr. Berry invented rock as a music of teenage wishes fulfilled and good times (even with cops in pursuit). In “Promised Land,” “Too Much Monkey Business” and “Brown Eyed Handsome Man,” he celebrated and satirized America’s opportunities and class tensions. His rock ’n’ roll was a music of joyful lusts, laughed-off tensions and gleefully shattered icons.

Honolulu - AP: U.S., allies show off F-35 stealth fighter, capable
of flying into enemy territory without anyone knowing

A Joint Strike Fighter F-35 flies during the Avalon Airshow on March 3, in Australia. The country's first F-35s made their public debut at the show. ~ Scott Barbour Getty Images

Emerson - CBC: Canada just doesn't know how many asylum seekers have
crossed the border; different agencies count differently, don't share info

Boundary Avenue in Emerson, Manitoba, runs along the 49th parallel, the border between Canada and the United States across most of the West. Hundreds of potential refugee claimants have crossed here and in the surrounding area. ~ Gary Solilak CBC

Seoul - AP: Tillerson: Pre-emptive force an option with North Korea

Toronto - CBC: Driver injured, part of Highway 401 closed after bus flips

Police say it appears the bus driver lost control, hit a median, and rolled over on level stretch of the Highway 401 westbound collector lanes at Allen Road. ~ Sonny Subra Twitter

NY Post: Russian intelligence officers indicted in massive Yahoo hack

Toronto Star: 22-year-old Canadian charged by U.S. over
massive Russian hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts

Karim Baratov, who was born in Kazakhstan, has Canadian citizenship. He was arrested in Canada on Tuesday. ~ Facebook

New York - AP: Snowstorm pounding NE U.S., Eastern Canada
prompts 5,000+ flight cancellations, school, road closures

Blizzard warnings for 8 eastern states, up to 45 cm of snow expected in some regions; Ontario and Quebec solid white with double whammy to hit Montreal and Maritime provinces. Go to for live link to this nationwide NWS live radar feed. ~ radar at 1:30 pm EDT National Weather Service

National Post: Report to Congress raises spectre of
American ships challenging Canadian Arctic claims

Robert Tracinski - The Federalist: Scott Pruitt is absolutely right about carbon dioxide

New York - Globe and Mail: Canadian 9/11 musical 'Come From Away' conquers Broadway

The cast of 'Come From Away' takes a bow onstage at the Broadway opening night at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York on Sunday. ~ Caitlin Ochs The Globe and Mail

Toronto: Winter storm, up to 20 cm of snow expected by Tuesday night

Fox News: 1968 Ford Mustang found in Mexican junkyard
is long-lost Steve McQueen car from 'Bullitt,' expert confirms

Nearly 50 years after it was last seen, a 1968 Ford Mustang found in a Mexican junkyard has been confirmed to be one of two known to have been used in the filming of the Steve McQueen movie 'Bullitt'. “I’m 100% sure it’s authentic,” classic Ford expert Kevin Marti said after travelling across the border to Mexicali to inspect the car last week.

Bloomberg: It’s not just U.S. — the rent is high everywhere

Independent: Humanity might have received a signal from
aliens that it isn’t checking, says Harvard professor

The source of ‘fast radio bursts’ remains a mystery but two Harvard academics believe they could emanate from ‘leakage’ from a planet-sized transmitter. ~ Christopher Furlong Getty Images

Calgary - Bloomberg: Royal Dutch Shell sells oil sands operations for $7.25B;
joins with buyer Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. in buying Marathon assets

Trump effect - CNBC: U.S. job creation posts blowout month in February: ADP

Manitoba - CTV News: Truck driver stranded for 28 hours thankful for delivery
of coffee, food on horseback by woman whose family saw him on highway camera

An image of stranded trucker Peter Douglas captured by Manitoba 511 highway cameras prompted Eileen Eagle Bears, 18, to spring into action. Here she is shown on highway camera as she approaches his truck with much-appreciated warm food. ~ CTV News

Paul Ryan - USA Today: Our health care plan for America

Editorial - Wall Street Journal: A historic health-care moment

Comparison: Concrete block building vs 3D printing: Technology perspectives

Future Shock - National Post: This San Francisco start-up will
3D print your house in 24 hours and it will cost only $10K

Apis-Cor is the first construction company in the world to 3D print buildings from the inside. It was founded by Nikita Chen-yun-tai, who invented the mobile 3D Printer able to 3D Print buildings. ~

Bloomberg: Trump signals shift on wall funding to avert government shutdown

Bloomberg: Google re-writes its powerful search rankings to bury what it deems 'fake news'

Toronto Star: Chances of imminent war with North Korea ‘wildly overblown,’ U.S. experts say

Paris - Financial Times: LafargeHolcim chief executive to step down over Syria controversy

Daily Mail: Exit polls predict Le Pen makes it to French Presidency election run-off round on May 7th

Fox News: U.S. airstrike kills Taliban shadow governor in Afghanistan sought since 2011

Politico: White House to propose new tax rates Wednesday; Trump wants "biggest tax cuts ever"

ABC News/Washington Post poll: 96% of Trump voters would vote again for him today, but only 85% of Clinton voters would vote again for her; so in a vote today Trump would also win the popular vote

London - BBC: UK election 2017: UKIP manifesto to pledge a burka ban

Tim Alberta - Politico: ‘The ideas made it, but I didn’t’; Pat Buchanan won after all

National Post: Canadian family blames ‘bureaucratic lunacy’ after losing red tape fight to remain as rural Scottish shopkeepers

Sodus Point - New York Upstate: Destructive high water levels on Lake Ontario could be lowered, but foolish governments say no

Bloomberg: Oil falls below $50 as surging U.S. output undermines OPEC cuts

Washington - Bloomberg: Mnuchin: Exxon won’t get Russian sanctions waiver

CTV News: Police had Champs-Elysees attacker in their grasp, officials say

Bloomberg: Target, other retailers boost lobbying in border-tax battle

CTV News: U.S. Defence Secretary Mattis says Syria continues to possess chemical weapons

Bloomberg: Desperate malls turn to concerts and food trucks

France24: Will ‘Frexit’ supporters decide the outcome of the French presidential election?

The Independent: Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses after supreme court rules Christian sect as 'extremists'

CBS News: Russia blocks UN statement condemning North Korea despite Chinese support

Joel B. Pollak - Breitbart: Bill O’Reilly’s secret: He was a centrist, not a conservative

Ed Rogers - Washington Post: Democrats look like a ragtag band of confused and hapless roving protesters

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: 'Resist Trump' is an expensive flop in Georgia — Will Dems drop another $8M on Ossoff?

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Guess who just dissed Obama as responsible for Dems’ collapse?

CBS News: Anonymous deep state sources claim Russian think tank was behind Putin PR plan to attack Clinton, bump Trump

updated Caracas - Bloomberg: GM ceases Venezuelan operations after asset seizure

Richard F. Miniter - American Thinker: What do we do now at 8:00 PM?

Reuters: Bose headphones spy on listeners, company sells data: lawsuit

George Neumayr - The American Spectator: Confirmed: Obama CIA Director John Brennan colluded with foreign spies to defeat Trump

Chicago - NBC: 'What would I do?': Illinois residents worry AT&T could pull plug on landlines

NY Times: Ratings leader Bill O’Reilly is forced out at Fox News

Yahoo: These mothers of suicides don’t think marijuana is harmless

Paris - Bloomberg: French election shocker: Pollsters baffled by four-way race

Derek Stoffel - CBC: 'I am a member of ISIS': 2 prisoners in Mosul explain why they joined

India - Hindustan Times: 44 dead as bus plunges into Tons river in Himachal, 2 manage to jump out in time

Boston Globe: Killer Aaron Hernandez kills himself in prison

Bloomberg: Trump promises U.S. farmers relief in Canada dairy dispute

California - Fresno Bee: 4 dead after anti-white gunman Kori Ali Muhammad said to have "anti-government sentiments" goes on shooting spree, targeting whites

Norris McDonald - Toronto Star: Ecclestone brings focus back to F1

Paris - AP/Toronto Sun: Le Pen promises to expel foreign extremists, freeze long-term visas, take back control of France’s borders, and a tax for foreign workers

WaPo/National Post: First woman to run Boston Marathon does it again — 50 years later

Tokyo - AP: Pence: U.S. won't rest until North Korea gives up nuclear weapons

NY Post: Brooklyn school has higher lead levels in water fountain than Flint; at level EPA calls “hazardous waste”

Manila - CTV News: At least 26 dead as bus plunges into ravine in Philippines

NY Post: Clinton apologized to Obama on election night; he had to tell her to concede

France - AP: Disgruntled French steel workers turn to populist Le Pen

AP: Trump talks tough on North Korea, says Kim 'gotta behave'

Defense News: U.S. carrier Vinson still thousands of miles from Korea

Mackubin Owens - American Greatness: MOAB makes foreign adventurism less likely because less necessary

Seoul - AP/CBC: North Korea 'provocation' shows the risk to military: Mike Pence

WaPo/National Post: U.S. ignores North Korea’s latest missile launch because it failed as VP Pence heads to Asia

Fake news dept. - Inquisitr: How 'Mississippi Herald' fooled at least 32,500 people into sharing fake 'Married couple are twins' news on Facebook

AP: Supreme Court, with Gorsuch, set to hear church-state case

updated Aleppo - AP/National Post: At least 100 killed after car bomb detonates near buses carrying Syrian evacuees from rebel district

NY Times: Hacking group claims NSA infiltrated Mideast banking system

Kabul - AP: New assessment says 94 members of ISIS, including 4 top leaders, died in U.S. MOAB tunnel bombing: Afghan official

Seoul - CBC: North Korea displays new type of ballistic missile at military parade

AP: ‘Maximum pressure and engagement’: Trump administration settles on a North Korean strategy

Charles Krauthammer - National Post: Obama sleepwalk is over as Trump brings America’s power back to the Mideast

Reuters: China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching 'irreversible' stage

AP/Global News: North Korea says it’s ready for war if Donald Trump wants

Brazil - Reuters: Sao Paulo judge rules Uber drivers are employees, deserve benefits

Ralph Nader - USA Today: Use United's bloody O'Hare debacle to demand change

Reuters: Apple considers bidding for big stake in Toshiba chip business: report

Bloomberg: North Korea’s nuclear test site seems ready, U.S. Institute says

Nil Köksal - CBC: 'He doesn't see us as human': Survivor describes horror of Syrian chemical attack

NY Post: NYC’s trans-fat ban has actually started saving lives

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: Obama is America’s version of Stanley Baldwin

Editorial - NY Post: What’s sinking U.S.-Russia relations? Team Trump’s truth-telling

True colours - CTV News: Russia vetoes UN resolution to condemn Syria chemical attack

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump: Media coverage mostly ‘fake news and fake sources’

Roger L. Simon - PJ Media: Trump's tilt to China spells trouble for Putin

Dan Boylan - Washington Times: Carter Page, former Trump adviser, calls charges he was Russian agent ‘a joke’

Stephen Sestanovich - The Atlantic: The brilliant incoherence of Trump’s foreign policy

Independent: Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson warn U.S.-Russia relations are 'at a low point' after tense talks in Moscow

F.H. Buckley - NY Post: Dividing the enemy alliance: inside the Trump strategy

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Decline in faith for our institutions is a crisis in America

John Hinderaker - Powerline: A shoe drops: Obama Administration spied on Carter Page

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: China ‘understood immediately’ why we launched missiles on Syria

Washington - Fox Business: Trump's budget chief to federal agencies: time to ‘drain the swamp’

Berlin - Telegraph: Borussia Dortmund explosions: Islamist suspect arrested over bus bombs as prosecutors investigate 'terrorist link'

Pyongyang - Reuters: North Korea warns of nuclear strike if provoked; Trump 'armada' steams on

Tokyo - Reuters: Death throes? Toshiba files results unapproved by auditor; warns of 'going concern' risk

Stockholm - AFP/The Local: Sweden attack suspect denied request for Sunni Muslim lawyer

Washington - CBC: Russia must choose between Assad and U.S., Tillerson says

Shanghai - Reuters: North Korean ships head home after China orders coal returned; U.S. coal to China instead?

Manila - TIME: At least 6 dead as Philippine troops clash with suspected Islamist militants on popular tourist island

Washington - AP: U.S. official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

San Francisco - Reuters: Symantec attributes 40 cyber attacks to CIA-linked hacking tools revealed by Wikileaks

Amman - Reuters: ‘From now on we will respond with force’: Assad allies say U.S. attack on Syrian air base crosses ‘red lines’

Reuters: How a Malaysian firm helped fund North Korea's leadership

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: U.S. arrests of illegal immigrant criminals jumps 250% in one week

New York - Reuters: Banks scramble to fix old COBOL systems as IT 'cowboys' ride into sunset

Global News: 4 Syrian rebels, 8 ISIS fighters killed after suicide attacks near Iraq border

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Trump shows he can pack a punch; missile strike in Syria is latest example of cleaning up after past failures

Salena Zito - NY Post: This is why there are so many zombie buildings in America now

Washington - AP: Tillerson steps up on Syria, Russia after avoiding spotlight

Jordan Graham - Boston Herald: Boston aims for crash prevention by taking data-driven approach to predict when and where crashes will happen and enact changes to keep them from occurring

Sweden - AP: Stockholm suspect was failed asylum-seeker; second man arrested

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump’s airstrike on Syria delivers another blow to Obama’s legacy

Ed Rogers - Washington Post: Could it be? Is President Trump on a roll?

Debka: U.S. Air Force to quit Incirlik base in Turkey, move to new Syria base

Terry Glavin - National Post: After six years of slaughter and failure to act, Trump lets fly his Tomahawks out of the blue

Sadaf Ahsan - National Post: Michael Caine says he voted for Brexit because he’d ‘rather be a poor master than a rich servant’

Mark Hemingway - Weekly Standard: Obama Administration knew Syria still had chemical weapons, despite saying otherwise

Walter Russell Mead - Wall Street Journal: In striking Syria, Trump made all the right calls

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Sorry, Democrats, the Obama spying scandal isn’t going away

Hans A. von Spakovsky - Fox News: Why Justice Gorsuch will have an immediate (and big) impact on the Supreme Court

London - Sky News: Fifth victim dies from London terror attack

Palm Beach - AP/CTV News: Trump defends attack on Syria; demands 'end the slaughter'

Palm Beach - Bloomberg: Trump hails 'friendship' with China's Xi on first day of summit

Beirut - AP: Pressure builds on Syria's Assad after chemical attack

Gregg Jarrett - Fox News: Time to say goodbye to the Senate filibuster forever and for everything

Palm Beach - Washington Post: At Mar-a-Lago, Trump welcomes China’s Xi for first summit

New York - Bloomberg: Cohn Backs Wall Street split of lending, investment banks

The Hollywood Reporter: Don Rickles, legendary comic with a gift for the insult, dead at 90

Kabul - AP: Afghanistan dangles lithium wealth to win Trump support

Washington - NY Post: Republicans win nuclear option vote 52-48; Trump reaps what Reid hath sown, stopping unprecedented, partisan filibuster and ending Senate deadlock

Washington - Bloomberg: Republicans begin ‘nuclear option’ rule change to confirm Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination

Washington - Reuters: Senate fails to end Democratic blockade of Trump high court pick

San Mateo - LA Times: Bay Area murder suspect released on bail after raising nearly $70 million in property and cash

NY Daily News: Sitting down is killing you

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Can Trump clean up Obama's mess in Syria?

Brussels - AP/Toronto Star: EU expands sanctions against North Korea

Ed Rogers - Washington Post: Media outlets go easy on Susan Rice, double down on Trump-Russia

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Unravelling the Team Obama anti-Trump leak machine

Moscow: AP Interview: Kremlin support for Assad not unconditional

Washington - Reuters: U.S. weekly jobless claims post largest drop in almost two years

Turkey - AP: Syria autopsies prove chemical weapons used

Editorial - NY Post: Why the media want to bury the Susan Rice ‘unmasking’ news

Ralph Peters - NY Post: If Assad doesn’t suffer for using chems, the whole world pays

Washington - AP: Nunes steps away from Russia probe, citing ethics complaints

Nicholas Kristof - NY Times: My most unpopular idea: Be nice to Trump voters; that's what happens when people whipped into frenzy by leftist media

Joe Concha - The Hill: Why is mainstream media trying to cover up the Susan Rice story?

CNBC: ADP: Massive U.S. job growth continues, again beats predictions

Cyrus Farivar - Ars Technica: Taser stuns law enforcement world, offers free body cameras to all U.S. police

Fabius Maximus: Contrary to claims by activists, extreme weather events have not increased as CO2 levels have increased; most have declined

Washington - Reuters: White House: more Obama regulation rollbacks coming

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Susan Rice’s track record damages her credibility; Rice has opened the door to a criminal investigation of Spygate

George Neumayr - The Spectator: The media gives short Schiff to Obamagate/Spygate: Once a story starts hurting the Democrats, reporters drop it

Toronto Star: World Health Organization says Syria chemical attack likely involved a banned nerve agent

CTV News: Chemical attack kills at least 58 in Syria

Fred Fleitz - Fox News: Former CIA Analyst: Susan Rice's NSA demasking denials don't add up

Alex Diaz - Fox News: Susan Rice defiant amid growing calls for her to testify under oath

The Hill: Scarborough on Susan Rice: What if Cheney had asked for unmasking?

Zero Hedge: If what Susan Rice did wasn't illegal, it should be

Zero Hedge: Cernovich explains how he learned about Susan Rice

Washington - Fox News: Top conservative group backs new Pence health care framework

Editorial - NY Post: Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation

Washington - Politico: White House, congress reps mull deal to revive Obamacare repeal

Daily Caller: Former U.S. Attorney: Susan Rice ordered spy agencies to produce ‘detailed spreadsheets’ involving Trump starting in 2015

Alex Pfeiffer - Daily Caller: Trump supporter labelled ‘fake news’ by ’60 Minutes’ beats everyone to Susan Rice scoop

Conrad Black - National Post: The Enlightenment has mutated, and this threatens our civilization

Julie Kelly - National Review: Michael Mann embarrasses himself before Congress

The Economic Collapse blog: The next sub-prime crisis is here: 12 signs that a day of reckoning has arrived for the U.S. auto industry

Vanessa Gera - AP/Toronto Star: Poland says Russians deliberately caused 2010 plane crash that killed Polish President

Berlin - Telegraph/National Post: German boy beaten, kicked by Muslim schoolmates after telling them he is Jewish

Adam Housley - Fox News: Susan Rice requested to unmask names of Trump transition officials, sources say

John Solomon, Sara Carter - Circa: White House logs indicate Obama's Susan Rice mass-consumed unmasked intel on Trump associates

Eli Lake - Bloomberg: Smoking gun: Top Obama adviser Susan Rice sought names of Trump associates in intel

NY Post: Jared Kushner is in Iraq for ‘confidential’ meetings

Clayton Valley - Bloomberg: The great Nevada lithium rush to fuel the new economy

Kelefa Sanneh - The New Yorker: Tucker Carlson’s fighting words

Dubai - AP/CP24: Pirates seize small boat, kidnap 11 crew members off coast of Somalia

Potomac Falls - AP: Trump says U.S. is ready to act alone on North Korea

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Why the curious silence from Obama over tapped Trump Tower?

Sean Davis - The Federalist: Washington Post lies about lawmaker’s Biblical reference, then refuses to quote a single word he said

Kimberley Strassel - Wall Street Journal: What Devin Nunes knows; Team Obama was spying broadly on the incoming administration

Houston - NY Post: 20-yr-old pick-up driver kills 13 in head-on crash and lives; was texting while driving

Asunción - CBC: Paraguay Congress set ablaze after vote on presidential re-election

John Otis - CBC News: Venezuela now a de facto dictatorship after court shuts down legislature

The Hill: AP reporter disputes Washington Post’s Tillerson smear

Charles Krauthammer - National Post: Universal health care is coming to America (and Trump might do it himself)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Feds greenlight $10M for emergency repair work after I-85 collapse

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Fiery collapse and complete closure of Interstate I-85 through heart of city will affect tens of millions of people along U.S. East Coast as other roads and highways become detours for 400,000 vehicles a day

Politico: Trump goes after Freedom Caucus ringleaders to end ego-driven obstructionism

Liam Donovan - Politico: Schumer’s Folly: Democrats are heading toward an epic miscalculation

Washington - AP/CTV News: U.S. gives NATO allies 2 months for boosted defence spending plans

Ian Schwartz - RealClearPolitics: Sharyl Attkisson: 'Narrative and propaganda campaign' in news coverage; "We're living in an artificial reality"

Washington - Bloomberg: White House invites Intel committee members to view Obama surveillance documents

Washington - World News Politics: Did former DOD Deputy Assistant Evelyn Farkas let the cat out of the bag?

Brazen confirmation of spying on the Trump team? - ZeroHedge: If Evelyn Farkas resigned in 2015, how did she have access to Trump-Russian intelligence?

R. James Woolsey, Vincent Pry - The Hill: How North Korea could kill 90% of Americans

Washington - CP/CBC: Trump takes 1st step in NAFTA renegotiation: Sends draft letter to Congress

Conrad Black - NY Sun: Could Donald Trump seize the U.S. political center? Stranger things have happened

David Shribman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Governing in fraught times; Rutherford B. Hayes didn’t have an easy time uniting the country, either

Edward Morrissey - The Week: Don't blame Trump. Blame Congress.

Eric Fehrnstrom - Boston Globe: In bid to block Gorsuch, Warren and Democrats overplay their hand

Catalin Cimpanu - Bleeping Computer: About 90% of smart TVs vulnerable to remote hacking via rogue TV signals

Washington - Reuters: State Department employee charged in making contacts with Chinese agents

France24: U.S. envoy warns of deep review of UN peacekeeping

Economist: The two-year countdown to Brexit has begun

AP/CTV News: Latest on Brexit: Luxembourg calls for fair solution to Britain's departure

BBC: Brexit: The UK's letter triggering Article 50

Ben Wolfgang - Washington Times: White House declares ‘the war on coal is over’ as Trump begins unraveling Obama’s climate agenda

Washington Times: White House slams ‘entirely false’ report it tried to block Yates from testifying on Russia

Byron York - Washington Examiner: 14 lessons from the GOP Obamacare debacle

Sarah Westwood - Washington Examiner: Trump demands intel panel probe Clinton Foundation ties to Russian uranium deal

Salena Zito - NY Post: Why Trump’s approval ratings don’t matter

Beer leaguers? - ESPN: USA Hockey has widened its net in an attempt to identify potential replacement players for boycotting senior national women's team

Cincinnati - WLWT: 1 dead after 15 shot at nightclub

Jillian Kay Melchior - NY Post: The Keystone XL pipeline is a plus for the environment

Washington - Huffington Post: Warring GOP factions killed Trumpcare; after years of promising to repeal Obamacare, the “growing pains of governing” brought down Republicans

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Americans need to know Canada’s health care system is not free

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: The burgeoning market for anti-Trump hoaxes

Bob Costa - Washington Post: ‘Hello, Bob’: President Trump called my cellphone to say that the health-care bill was dead

Washington - Fox News: Republicans pull Ryan healthcare bill after GOP factional fighting blocks repeal of crumbling Obamacare

Washington - Reuters: Trump says Charter to invest $25B in U.S., hire 20,000

James Rosen - Fox News: Potential 'smoking gun' showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says

Patricia Clark - Bloomberg: Renters now rule half of U.S. cities; big shift away from home ownership since 2009 recession

Fox News: 'It's scandalous': Rep. King says Nunes had to tell Trump about surveillance

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Did Obama surveil Trump? Sure looks that way

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: Was John Podesta snared in a Kremlin power struggle? Hillary Clinton's deep and embarassing Russia links

Cairo - Reuters: Egypt's former leader Mubarak, 88, freed from jail, six years after overthrow; cleared of final murder charges against him this month

Daniel John Sobieski - American Thinker: Benghazi liar Adam Schiff slimes Devin Nunes

Globe and Mail: Chinese investors look to hockey as NHL tries to expand footprint

Derek Hunter - Townhall: Liberals prefer illegal aliens over your kids

Peter Hoekstra - Wall Street Journal: Did Obama Abuse Raw Intelligence? I couldn’t have seen those transcripts when I led the House Intel committee

London - AP: British police reveal more details of Parliament attacker, born Adrian Russell Ajao, who killed 4 and wounded 50

Fox News: GOP leaders delay ObamaCare replacement vote, amid opposition

Chronicle Herald: Boris Johnson: London attack is attack on world; victims from 11 countries

Brit Hume: If there was probe of Russia and Flynn was tapped, then Trump campaign was surveilled

Karl Rove - Wall Street Journal: The Democratic Party’s empty rage; for all the Republican discord, it’s the other side that’s incapable of actual governing

Evening Standard: London attacker was British born and had been investigated by MI5 over extremism

Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist: Here’s why Nunes’ Obama spying revelations are such a big deal

Benny Avni - NY Post: Team Trump is already kicking butt at the United Nations

London - Reuters: UK Parliament attacker named as British-born Khalid Masood

Washington - Reuters: Leaders of Congressional Black Caucus meet with Trump about infrastructure, reducing crime

Editorial - Chicago Tribune: Neil Gorsuch earns his Supreme Court seat

Rush Limbaugh: Go back and watch election night and you’ll find the root of the Democrats’ Russia delusion

CBC: Democrats claim foul that Obama Administration spying and info dissemination found out and shared with public, President

Abby Hamblin - San Diego Union Tribune: Trump's wiretap allegations have two prominent California congressmen at odds

Daily Mail: Cost of living in London has tumbled since Brexit: City falls 18 places in list of the most expensive places in the world due to referendum result

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: James Comey’s Donald Trump investigation overshadowed by tweets

Fox News: Manafort confirms work for Russian billionaire over a decade ago, denies pushing country's 'political interests'

CNBC: Sears drops 'going concern' bombshell, then looks to quell investor fears by saying nothing's changed

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Trump’s perfectly normal approach to the health-care fight

Pat Buchanan: Will Russiagate backfire on the Left?

Michael Behringer - NY Daily News: Why Neil Gorsuch is an inspiring choice for the Supreme Court

Marc Thiessen - NY Post: How Chuck Schumer is saving the Republican Party

Daniel John Sobieski - American Thinker: Fox throws Judge Napolitano under the bus

Washington - NY Post: Trump's first trip abroad will be to Brussels in May to meet with NATO heads of state

Clyde Ward - American Thinker: James Comey, the chicken hiding in the woods

David Hoppe, John Hart - Real Clear Politics: Why repeal and replace will start with reconciliation

Washington - CTV News: Trump tells Republicans to pass new health care bill or face backlash

Washington - AP: Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch unscathed facing last day of hearings

San Francisco - Breitbart: Tattoo removals spike amid deportation fears

New York - AP: Game show pioneer Chuck Barris dead at 87

Rockville - American Thinker: White House says rape of young Maryland schoolgirl exposes failed immigration policies

Rasmussen Reports: Trump job approval remains at 50%

Chicago - AP: Police: Teen gang-raped on Facebook Live; 40 watched but no one reported to cops

The Register: Google's stock rating downgraded as YouTube ad boycott contagion goes global

Grand Prairie - Breitbart: NY Times says convicted alien vote fraudster’s real crime was ‘being confused’

CTV News: Airliner crash-lands in South Sudan, all 49 passengers and crew survive

Washington - Reuters: Trump Administration weighing broad sanctions on North Korea - U.S. official

Washington - AP: GOP leaders' health bill changes will increase tax deductions and accelerate tax cuts

Washington - AP: U.S. Govt temporarily barring passengers on flights originating in eight countries from bringing laptops, iPads, cameras and most other electronics in carry-on luggage starting Tuesday

Gateway Pundit: Can (and should) internet be used to crowd-source border surveillance via online security cameras?

The Guardian: Google braces for questions as more big-name firms pull adverts over placements

Breitbart: Specs released: Ideal wall on Mexico border to be 30 feet tall, take at least an hour to cut through, climb-resistant and “aesthetically pleasing”

Fox News: Paris airport attack: Prosecutors say attacker was monitored for suspected Islamic extremism

Paris - CTV News: Attacker killed at Orly airport had criminal past, radical flags

Grover Norquist - Washington Examiner: Here's what happened this week that guaranteed Trump's re-election and Republican gains in 2018 and 2020

Freeloaders - The Sun: Donald Trump says Germany owes NATO alliance for defence of Europe against Russia; despite running £234B budget surplus, Germany spends just 1.23% of GDP; debt-laden UK coughs up required 2%

Paul Mulshine - The 'lukewarmers' show how environmentalists are in denial about denial

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Donna Brazile admits stealing debate questions for Hillary, but blames the Russians

Kenneth Singletary - Boston Globe: Trump tweets that meeting with Merkel was smooth, but he added a zinger

Rick Moran - American Thinker: Obamacare enrollment for 2016 half of CBO projection in 2013

George Harbison: Rachel Maddow's Trump misfire is much worse than you think

Editorial - Washington Post: Trump has a chance to correct Obama’s mistake on Venezuela

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CBC: No injuries as Air Canada plane from Halifax skids off runway in rainy Toronto

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Toronto - Globe and Mail: Ontario Liberals say they'll overhaul electricity system again and this time it'll work

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Bloomberg: Canada's MacDonald Dettwiler buys DigitalGlobe for $2.4B

Bloomberg: Canada stocks tumble as Trump trade concerns spread, oil falls

Toronto Star: Major power failure strands thousands of GO train passengers

Financial Post: Ottawa is now $14B in the red, compared with a $3.2B surplus last year

Daytona - Inside Track Motorsports News: Canadian DJ Kennington races his way into Sunday's Daytona 500 in last few hundred yards; praises longtime sponsor

Conrad Black - National Post: Parliament can’t simply demand people feel good about Islam

Washington - CBC News: Wall with Canada? White House spokesman, media share a laugh over question; longest undefended border in the world

Ottawa - Washington Post: The trickle of foreign refugee claimants fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring

Belleville - CTV News: 18 arrested include Ontario Govt employee, Hell's Angel, in cross-border probe that seized fentanyl-laced pills, guns; arrested Service Ontario employee allegedly forged documents, including passports, driver's licenses and health cards

Brockville - CTV News: Ontario senior puts truck up for sale, leaves rental home over hydro costs

Winnipeg - CBC: Manitoba announces funds for housing, resettlement services for U.S. asylum seekers

John Ivison - National Post: Retired air chiefs urge Liberals to ditch ‘costly and unnecessary’ plan to buy Super Hornet jets

St. John's - CBC: Nearly 300 jobs cut as Newfoundland and Labrador looks to make 'flatter, leaner' civil service; 90 of positions being eliminated are currently vacant

Calgary - Global News: 4 inmates charged in jailhouse beating of triple-murderer Douglas Garland

Andrew Coyne - National Post: A crisis is coming: If this many cross the U.S. border in February, how many will come by June?

Toronto - Global News: Cold-hearted utility defends cutting off power for 76-year-old for 3 months in winter

Paulina Firozi - The Hill: Trudeau: Canada will continue to accept failed asylum seekers from U.S. despite laws Canadians must follow

CBC: Edelman poll says only 43% of Canadians now trust government; Delacourt says Trudeau has to start keeping promises

Laura Stone - Globe and Mail: Liberals show hypocrisy, vote down Conservative anti-racism motion

Montreal Gazette: Quebec creates task force to keep businesses in the province

Conrad Black - National Post: If the Conservatives want to win, they need a leader who can speak French — period

Hemmingford - CBC: Porous border, catch-and-release treatment keeps illegals flowing into Canada

Montreal - CBC: CBC radio host badgers Tory MP Clement for plan to stop illegal border hoppers; won't accept "apply the law" with additional resources answer; doesn't ask Minister

updated Oakville - CBC: Tim Hortons/Burger King owner buys Popeyes fried chicken for $1.8B

Ottawa - CTV News: 'Keep our kids from dying': Ottawa dad pens popular Facebook letter warning of overdoses; 'Every time these kids are doing drugs, they're playing Russian roulette'

CBC News: Sanctuary city movement grows in Canada, but could bring tension with police, immigration officials, general public; Montreal joins Toronto, Vancouver in protecting illegal immigrants from deportation

Fredericton - CTV News: New Brunswick saw spike in refugee claimants at U.S. border in 2016

CTV News: Montreal councillors vote in favour of sanctuary city status; no reaction from federal government

Montreal - CTV News: Quebec turns up the maple syrup taps amid internal revolt, foreign competition

Vancouver - Globe and Mail: Conservative leadership candidates reject Michael Chong’s carbon-tax proposal which ignores impact on economy, jobs

Ottawa - Global News: Former Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler says Liberal MP Iqra Khalid has misrepresented his remarks to her on contentious M-103 anti-Islamophobia bill

Crux of the Matter: Anti-Trump & CPC leadership media bias in Canada & U.S.

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: He’s ‘moving on,’ but campaign to keep Mulcair as leader picks up steam as NDP grassroots call ousting unfair

CBC: City council set to vote on making Montreal an illegal 'sanctuary city'

London - Global News: Hydro crews restore power to 88 disconnected customers in city after politically delayed order from Ontario Energy Minister to finally stop winter disconnections

Amy Minsky - Global News: Liberals hint at more defence spending in upcoming budget as U.S. demands more

Syria - Globe and Mail: Canadian warplanes quietly return to anti-ISIS war role; now locating and identifying targets for U.S. attacks

Ottawa - Reuters: Canada wholesale trade picks up in December on machinery sector

Greg Quinn - Bloomberg: What "tweaking" U.S.-Canada trade relations under NAFTA could look like

Rex Murphy - National Post: M-103 is a political billboard. Pick a side and advertise your virtues

CBC: Minneapolis woman shocked friend walked to Canada; economic migrant from Somalia had been rejected for asylum in U.S. before Trump elected

Ottawa - CTV News: Two Tory MPs call on Ottawa to stop illegal Canada-U.S. border crossings

Manitoba - CBC: At least 22 more asylum seekers, baby, cross into Manitoba Sunday

Chris Selley - National Post: As Trump’s refugees stream into Canada, will our immigration policies hold up?

Montreal - CBC: Bomb-making materials found at teen terror suspect's home, court documents say

Berlin - Globe and Mail: Trudeau blames corporate elites for rise in global public anger; doesn't mention politicians' broken promises

Toronto - City News: Bruce County on hook for mountain biker's quadriplegia; top court won't weigh in

updated Toronto - Global News: Energy Minister says he'll end "political games", finally tells utilities to stop cutting power during winter; why did he delay response to call by PC Leader Brown?

Calgary Herald: Denying abortion akin to violence, Monsef says of Planned Parenthood funding

Edmonton - CBC: Study of alleged sexual assaults shows 72% don't result in criminal charges

Berlin - CTV News: Trudeau, Merkel differ on NATO spending

Toronto - CBC: TTC dismisses 73 people over alleged multimillion-dollar benefits fraud scheme

Nova Scotia - Globe and Mail: Ottawa abandons Sable Island wind project 15 years after its launch

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Don’t fear Trudeau’s proportional representation bogeymen

Toronto - CBC News: Lawyers misappropriated millions from clients' funds but few faced criminal charges

David Martin - Independent: As Britain's longest-serving MEP, I can tell you that the critics are wrong about CETA – we need this trade deal with Canada

Globe and Mail: Warm memories from friends and associates show Stuart McLean just as interesting when off-air

Daniel Armstrong - Vancouver Sun: Anti-Islamophobia bill poses problems

Joe Warmington - Toronto Sun: Leitch, others fight back against 'politically correct nonsense'

Charlottetown - CBC News: Stuart McLean remembered on P.E.l.: 'It really stayed with me, his generosity'

Vancouver - Global News: Trump family to attend Vancouver Trump Tower grand opening this month

Barrie - CTV News: Barrie man reunited with $100K in 'rainy day' money left inside old television

Global News: Pierre Karl Péladeau returns to Quebecor as CEO

Quebec - CTV News: Snow plow driver shot in Verdun

Strasbourg - CBC News: 'A deal for the people': European Parliament approves trade deal with Canada

Ottawa - CTV News: Manufacturing sales rise 2.3% in December: Stats Canada

CBC News: Man charged with murder in fatal attack on Winnipeg Transit driver

Christine Dobby - Globe and Mail: Ottawa approves BCE-MTS tie-up; deal to benefit Xplornet

Montreal - CTV News: Canadiens fire head coach Therrien, ex-Boston coach Julien named replacement

Rob Merrifield - Financial Post: Trump’s biggest threat to Canada’s economy isn’t NAFTA—it’s that he’s about to out-compete Trudeau

Hemmingford - CTV News: Four more people illegally cross U.S. border into Quebec on foot: RCMP

Nick Westoll - Global News: 31 Toronto hospital employees dismissed after benefit claims ‘breach’ code of conduct

updated Toronto - CTV News: Massive six alarm fire at Yonge and St. Clair 1924-era racquet club causes chaos; still burning 14 hours later

CBC: Winnipeg Transit bus driver dies after being attacked with weapon at University of Manitoba

Brampton - CTV News: Couple, one daughter die in Ontario house fire

Alberta - Metro News: Two flight instructors dead in Mount Royal University aviation plane crash near Waiparous

CBC News: Blizzard shuts down most of Nova Scotia for 2nd day

Ontario - CBC: Judge sides with Sixties Scoop survivors

Alexander Panetta - Chronicle-Herald: Trump promises Canada: No wall for you, only more 'bridges,' extra trade

Alexander Panetta - CTV News: Pierre Trudeau, Ivanka Trump, and how the White House meeting got set up

A sad look back - Chronicle-Herald: Mountie who witnessed 2008 Manitoba bus beheading killed himself in 2014

Windsor Star: Howe bridge highlighted during Trudeau-Trump meeting

Chantal Hébert - Toronto Star: First date goes well for Canada

Globe and Mail: Another broken promise: Tax cuts for the middle class

Halifax - CBC: Much of Nova Scotia shuts down as blizzard pounds province

Ottawa - CityNews: Anxiety running high as Trudeau holds first face-to-face meeting with Trump

Toronto - CBC: Ontario Liberals scramble over voter anger on high power costs; consider minor tweak to 'global adjustment' boondoggle

Whig-Standard: Unique Canadian whisky has link to Napanee's past

Reuters - BNN: Canadian support for NAFTA grows before meeting with Trump says Angus Reid poll

Ian Austen - NY Times: Canada’s Conservatives seek a champion, and redemption

Luke Kawa - Bloomberg: Canada’s AAA rating is on thin ice Petition opposes Liberal MP's free speech stifling Islamophobia bill M-103

Ottawa - CBC: Liberal MP's so-called anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate next week; some critics worry Motion 103 could chill free speech and ultimately lead to blasphemy laws

Crux of the Matter: Greyhound beheader Vince Li, aka 'Will Baker', released without conditions

New Westminster - CBC: B.C. MP Peter Julian to announce NDP leadership candidacy

Ottawa - CBC: Liberals' pre-clearance Bill C-23 would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers; could question, search and even detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil

Halifax - CBC: Blizzard warning in place for Nova Scotia, with up to 60 cm of snow possible

Manitoba - CBC: U.S. needs to be 'much more vigilant' to stem flow of asylum seekers crossing border to Canada: security expert

Emerson - Globe and Mail: RCMP say another 21 people arrested for illegally crossing border from U.S. at Manitoba town

Bill Redekop - Winnipeg Free Press: 'Busiest night yet' for asylum seekers crossing at abandoned border station

Montreal - CTV: Quebec sees 'biggest increase' in asylum seekers

Halifax - CBC: Nova Scotia Liberals to start imposing contract on teachers Monday

Winnipeg - CBC: Somali asylum seekers en route to Canada caught, turned back by U.S. border officials; 2 men, 1 woman to try to cross into Manitoba in bitter cold

Winnipeg: Freedom for man who beheaded fellow passenger on Greyhound bus

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Canada’s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau was always a joke to the right; he should worry now the left's joined in the laughter

Graham Slaughter - CTV: Leitch rebuffs Trudeau's shot by calling Prime Minister 'fringe'

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Dramatic increase in people having Canadian citizenship revoked since Trudeau elected

Toronto - CTV: Bombardier files injunction to stop Metrolinx from terminating $770M contract

Why numbers mislead - CBC: New Brunswick unemployment rate declines, but 3,000 fewer people working; Statistics Canada says jobless rate fell to 8.9% in January from 9.3% in December

Vancouver - CP: B.C. highways paralyzed by winter storm of freezing rain, snow

William A. Macdonald - Globe and Mail: Why a failed bid for electoral reform is a win for Canada

Leslie Young - Global News: Justin Trudeau says electoral reform is ‘not in the best interest of the country’

Brunkild - Pembina Valley Online: Manitoba plane crash claims lives of two Winkler men

Ottawa - CTV: Syrian student, embraced by Canada, opts for U.S. after Trump order halted

Susan Delacourt - Toronto Star: The Federal Liberals love to consult us. But does anyone listen?

Ottawa - Huffington Post: NDP MP Murray Rankin: Trudeau 'spreading alternative facts' after breaking electoral reform pledge

Regina - Global News: Saskatchewan Premier Wall calls on PM to suspend Syrian refugee plan

Global News: Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau to meet Monday in Washington

updated B.C. buried in huge winter storm - Global News: The Coquihalla is open between Hope and Merritt – extreme weather expected

John Robson - National Post: Stop saying we’re all Muslims. It doesn’t help and it hurts

Michele Jarvie - National Post: Why trains run down grizzlies: ‘After six years of study, Parks Canada, Canadian Pacific blame the bears’

Kelly McParland - National Post: Bob Rae, anti-union crusader (no, really)

The Sun: Missing Toronto man found in Amazon after walking 12,000 miles to Argentina and on way back north, mostly without shoes

Laurin Liu - The Globe and Mail: Women should never be used as political cover; hits Trudeau

Caley Ramsay - Global News: Syrian refugee charged with 6 counts after ‘multiple sexual assaults’ at West Edmonton Mall waterpark

Montreal - The Kitchener-Waterloo Record: Brazil files WTO complaint against Canada over assistance to Bombardier

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Liberals’ Bombardier ‘loan’ — to 1930s public works spending, add 1970s industrial policy

Quebec - CP/Chronicle Herald: PQ report calls the party an aging 'social club'

Lise Ravary - National Post: Stop calling feminists ‘Islamophobic’ for fighting for the right of Muslim women not to cover themselves

Editorial - Globe and Mail: Canadians may want a trade war with Trump, but Trudeau shouldn’t

National Post: Ottawa’s attempt to block ruling on ’60s Scoop of aboriginal children slammed as unprecedented, galling

John Ivison - National Post: Boost border security funding before Canada finds itself in Donald Trump’s crosshairs

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau concerned about refugee influx in Manitoba border town

Emerson - CBC: 'This is right off the scale': Border town seeks help after spike in refugees

CBC: Chrystia Freeland says Canada prepared for 'strong offensive position' on NAFTA

Financial Post: Toronto Stock Exchange makes its bid to host a slice of the gargantuan Saudi Aramco IPO

Winnipeg - CBC: Asylum seeking border hopper denied refugee status in Canada; documents challenged for authenticity

Tarek Fatah - Toronto Sun: Muslims are responsible for what ails Islam

Barbara Kay - National Post: How long until my honest criticism of Islamism constitutes a speech crime in Canada?

Ottawa - CTV: Federal Liberal Govt to give Bombardier $372M in loans

Seven months later, still no start date - CBC: Wasting time; 'We're very much aware of the impatience': MMIW commissioners make excuses at 1st press conference

Wall needed - National Post: Manitoba town’s generosity is tested amid spike in asylum-seeking ‘border jumpers’ since Trump elected

John Ivison - National Post: Clueless in Ottawa; Bill Morneau pledges to spend — but first he has to cut

Reuters - Financial Post: De Beers shelves diamond mine expansion in northern Ontario after failing to win Attawapiskat’s support

CBC: 22 more self-proclaimed 'refugees' enter Manitoba near Emerson border over the weekend

David Akin - National Post: Liberals know how much its carbon tax will cost consumers — but won't tell you

Theresa Boyle - Toronto Star: Ontario Medical Association executive resigns en masse

Reuters - CBC: Queen Elizabeth marks 65 years on Britain's throne

Murray Bewster - CBC: Former top security boss says it's 'almost impossible' to trace defence leaks

CBC: Trade briefing for Trump's team flagged Canadian softwood, dairy

Winnipeg - Toronto Star: Man who beheaded passenger on Greyhound bus expected to seek freedom

Toronto Sun: Wynne earns kudos in the 905 and scorn in the 416 area by killing tolls: Poll

Barbara Shecter - Financial Post: Don’t let incumbents hog the blockchain, new report urges regulators and policy makers

Peter MacKay - Toronto Sun: How we can make NAFTA great again

National Post: How a former editor allegedly used Vice Canada to recruit drug mules for a global smuggling ring

Stewart Bell - National Post: Liberal MP ‘was not aware’ man he posed with is being deported for role in terror group

National Post: Kellie Leitch says her campaign will continue going in ‘same direction’ after unexpected Kouvalis exit

Toronto - CBC: After insulting GO train commuters, Liberal cabinet minister finally apologizes

CBC: Chatham man facing charges after pouring bleach on police during fire

Toronto - Reuters: Hudson's Bay makes takeover approach for Macy's: source

Toronto - CTV: Interfaith groups to form 'rings of peace' around mosques in Canada today

Ottawa/Washington - Globe and Mail: Trump’s call to speed up NAFTA talks puts Canada on guard

Quebec - Globe and Mail: Vandals smash window and throw eggs at Montreal mosque

Washington - CBC: What will Trump want from Canada on NAFTA? A U.S. document may offer clues

Sportsnet: Halladay plans to get back into baseball, possibly with Blue Jays

Toronto Sun: Conservative leader Brown urges Liberal Sandals to apologize to GO riders

CBC: Nick Kouvalis, controversial campaign manager for Kellie Leitch, resigns

Tom Flanagan - Globe and Mail: What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception

Washington - CTV: Trump calls for negotiations on NAFTA as soon as May

CBC: Kevin O'Leary pulls gun range video 'out of respect' for shooting victims funeral

Andrew Coyne: It’s not the Liberals’ fault for lying about electoral reform, it’s yours for believing them

Quebec City - CTV: Shooting suspect visited mosque days before attack

CBC: Why Quebec City mosque shooting suspect may not face terrorism charges

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Advocates, lawyers mull court challenge to Canada’s refugee pact with U.S.

Ottawa - CTV: Liberal report highlights busy signals, long waits for EI service; hints at new spending

John Ivison - National Post: Scuttled electoral reform betrays those who saw Trudeau as antidote to political cynicism

John Robson - National Post: Canada puts itself first, too (by putting its military last)

Marie-Danielle Smith - National Post: Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition

Editorial - Globe and Mail: On electoral reform, it’s bad promise made, bad promise broken

Windsor - CBC: 3,500 Windsor-Essex students face suspension for lack of immunization records

Rob Mason - Globe and Mail: The broken promise of electoral reform: The emperor has no shirt

Ottawa - CTV: NDP, Greens vow broken promise of electoral reform will cost Liberals votes

Saskatchewan - CBC: Cameco threatening legal action after Japan's TEPCO tries to cancel billion dollar uranium contract

Quebec - CBC: Montreal police hiring 55 people whose jobs will include monitoring social media sites for hate speech

Laura Stone - Globe and Mail: Kellie Leitch says a Canadian values test could equally apply to white supremacists and others applying to immigrate into Canada

Tony Keller - Globe and Mail: Criticizing Trump isn’t in Canada’s national interest – and Trudeau knows it

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Tories criticize Trudeau over letter to Fox News about tweet; say should focus on crises being ignored

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Temporary Trump security measures won’t lead Canada to increase existing refugee quotas

Montreal: Will inevitable Canadian search for 'root causes' lead to clampdown on freedom of speech, radio censorship? 4th mass attack in Canada since 2014 was first to target a group

CBC: Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates

CTV: Eiffel Tower goes dark to honour mosque shooting victims

Winnipeg - CTV: Man who beheaded Greyhound bus passenger seeking discharge: family

John Ivison - National Post: Millions of Canadians will pay at least $1,000 more if Ottawa taxes health and dental plans, study finds

Barbara Kay - National Post: Fascism in America? Sure, but not because of you know who

Thunder Bay - Chronicle Journal: Queen's Park natural gas loan cancellation hurts northern communities say local leaders

Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Post: Quebec mosque attack was murder and hate in a house of God

Montreal - CTV: Reported hate incidents up since Quebec City mosque massacre: police

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau, Pena Nieto talk trade, jobs over phone call

Windsor Star - AP: Grass carp have invaded Great Lakes Erie, Michigan and Ontario: binational, peer-reviewed study

Winter crisis continues - CBC: Storm cleanup continues as 21,000 remain without power in New Brunswick a week after storm

Shippagan - Globe and Mail: Military to help in New Brunswick ice storm recovery effort

Laura Payton - CTV: Ottawa think tank promised access to PM in exchange for sponsorship

Tracadie-Sheila - CTV: Military team assessing aid for New Brunswickers hit by ice storm

Gail Harding - CBC: NB Power's efforts continue on 6th day of power outages; 20,000 customers on Acadian Peninsula still without power

Jeff Lagerquist - CTV: Liberals less popular after Trudeau's town hall tour: Nanos survey; drops below 40% after 'charm offensive'

Ottawa - CTV: Rona Ambrose lauds Canada-U.S. trade advantage over Mexico

Editorial - National Post: The military is an instrument of national policy, not Liberal vanity

Chris Hall - CBC: Trump's first week re-shapes U.S. relationship with Canada

Saskatchewan - CBC: Trudeau's comments in Saskatoon 'disrespectful,' says chief

CTV: Unifor auto workers union says latest GM shift of workers from Ontario to Mexico shows need to renegotiate NAFTA

Andrew Coyne - National Post: Report on struggling news business is responsible, high-minded, and profoundly wrong

Chris Selley - National Post: Wynne’s spineless attempts to save her job drown out Toronto’s courage on road tolls

Saskatchewan - CTV: Two pilots safely eject before Canadian military training plane crashes near CFB Moose Jaw

Slav Kornik - Global News: Wildrose Leader Brian Jean: ‘I have not flip-flopped’ on unifying the right

Oliver Moore - Globe and Mail: Bitter over tolling veto, Mayor Tory says Toronto being treated like child

Carmen Chai - Global News: Prenatal vitamin A deficiency increases risk of Alzheimer’s later in life: Canadian doctors

Oakville - CBC: Tim Hortons to expand into Mexico

Sharon Crowther - Globe and Mail: Insurance claim ‘chaos’ slows Fort McMurray rebuild

Richard Warnica - National Post: Is Kellie Leitch for real?

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Federal government posts $3.3B deficit in November alone

Claudia Cattaneo - Financial Post: Jason Kenney promises to restore Alberta as top energy investment destination

Conrad Black - National Post: Donald Trump will be popular, and Canada will adapt

Catharine Tunney - CBC: CRTC's Super Bowl ad ruling on Trump's radar, claims NFL

Rex Murphy - National Post: Justin Trudeau the Boy Scout must settle into Donald Trump’s world

Toronto - CBC: Premier Wynne rejects Toronto's request for tolls on DVP, Gardiner Expressway

updated Ingersoll - CBC: GM axing 625 jobs at Ontario plant, sending jobs to Mexico

John Ivison - National Post: Trudeau’s political dominance wanes as bad news budget looms and electorate tires of bread and circuses

Coquitlam - CBC: Move over skimmers, 'shimmers' are the newest tool for stealing credit card info

Ottawa - Globe and Mail: Trudeau to end controversial cash-for-access fundraisers

Rachelle Younglaie - Globe and Mail: Britain keen to maintain trade with Canada after Brexit: UK negotiator

Jesse Snyder - Financial Post: Impact of Trump’s ‘America First’ policies on Canada likely to be muted, senior RBC economist says

Edmonton - CBC: Brian Jean caves to relentless Kenney unite the right pressure, says he would seek to lead the united party

CBC: TransCanada has now submitted new application for Keystone XL pipeline

Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: Ottawa, provinces poised for sweeping — and secret — internal trade deal

Huffington Post: Harper: Trump's Keystone XL green light a 'great first step'

Michele Zilio - Globe and Mail: Canada's refugee industry urges Trudeau to keep open border policy amid Trump cleaning up U.S. system

Paul Adams - iPolitics: How the Toronto Star got its O'Leary poll story dead wrong

CBC: Grizzly bears need better sightlines and signals along rail lines, 5-year study concludes

Crux of the Matter: Trump’s Inauguration numbers prove conservatives must fight dishonest media

Edmonton - CTV: Jason Dion Bews, 34, charged with assault and uttering threat after attacking Rebel-TV reporter Sheila Gunn Reid during Saturday protest

Calgary - CBC: Secret 2014 visit to Aga Khan's island was also by private helicopter, Trudeau finally admits

Calgary: New U.S. Defense Secretary chooses Canadian counterpart for his first international call

Bloomberg: Trump’s Keystone XL boost sends Canadian dollar soaring against peers

Mosul - Daily Mail: 2,600-year-old palace found buried under ruins blown up by ISIS

This image reveals the damage caused by ISIS to the site of Jonah's tomb. As the city of Mosul was finally retaken, Iraqi forces battling Islamic State unveiled the destruction left behind by the jihadis last month in a series of devastating photographs. ~ Reuters

Washington - The Hill: House GOP bill repeals ObamaCare taxes — with one exception

Fox News: Full text of the American Health Care Act

Washington - Fox News: House Republicans release long-awaited
ObamaCare replacement bill - American Health Care Act

National Post: Earth’s orbiting junkyard threatens
the space economy: ‘It’s kind of like the Wild West’

An illustration of debris in low-earth orbit. ~ NASA

Seoul - Reuters: North Korea fires unidentified projectile from near missile base

Éric Grenier - CBC: Federal Liberal support slides to lowest levels
since 2015 election, down 6.8%; Conservatives up 3.5%

Ben Guarino - Washington Post: Skulls found in China were part
modern human, part Neanderthal; possibly new species

Reconstructions of the skulls superimposed over the site where they were found. ~ Xiujie Wu

Reuters: Dow surpasses 21,000 for the first time ever

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump just delivered the best speech of his political career

Transcript: Trump’s first address to joint session of U.S. Congress

Washington Examiner: Snap poll: Trump soars following speech to Congress

Washington: Trump declares it's 'time to join forces' to fix U.S. problems

Heralding a "new chapter of American greatness," President Donald Trump stood before Congress for the first time Tuesday night and issued a broad call for overhauling the nation's health care system, significantly boosting military spending and plunging $1 trillion into upgrading crumbling infrastructure. Striking an optimistic tone, Trump declared: "The time for small thinking is over."

LIVE link: President Trump delivers his first address
to a Joint Session of Congress

Washington: Democrats plot how to protest Trump speech, short of a boycott

Rich Lowry - NY Post: The hidden heart
of unaccountable big government

Universe Today: Rise of the super telescopes: the Giant Magellan Telescope

LA Times: SpaceX plans to send 2 private astronauts to circle moon — on their own dime

Academy of Errors: Oscars screw up winners, losers, and even In Memoriam tribute

Manila: Islamic militants in Philippines behead German hostage Jurgen Kantner, 70

A video released by brutal ISIS-affiliated Abu Sayyaf shows Jurgen Kantner, 70, a sailing enthusiast, his hands tied behind his back, being beheaded at a jungle clearing, after a deadline for a $600,000 ransom passed. He could be heard on video saying “Now he’ll kill me”, before a man began cutting his head off with a large knife. Abu Sayyaf abducted Mr. Kantner, last November when he was sailing with his wife Sabine Merz on a yacht in Malaysian waters. Ms. Merz was shot and killed when she tried to resist the militants. ~ Chiang Rai Times

Terry Devitt - University of Wisconsin: From rocks in Colorado, evidence of a ‘chaotic solar system’

For most of the Late Cretaceous, exceptionally high sea levels flooded the low-lying portions of several continents around the world. In North America, a warm, shallow sea called the Western Interior Seaway extended from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, subdividing the continent into eastern and western landmasses, known as Appalachia and Laramidia, respectively. Plumbing a 90 million-year-old layer cake of sedimentary rock in Colorado, a team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Northwestern University has found evidence confirming a critical theory of how the planets in our solar system behave in their orbits around the sun. The finding, published February 23, 2017 in the journal Nature, is important because it provides the first hard proof for what scientists call the 'chaotic solar system', a theory proposed in 1989 to account for small variations in the present conditions of the solar system. The variations, playing out over many millions of years, produce big changes in our planet’s climate — changes that can be reflected in the rocks that record Earth’s history. ~ Ron Blakey Northern Arizona University Geology Dept.

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Is global warming science just a fraud?

Rex Murphy - National Post: In Ontario, the taxpayers
sustain Wynne’s green energy perpetual motion disaster

Charles Hurt: Trump’s war on ‘fake news’ offers a great civics lesson

Washington Times: Trump orders all federal agencies to set up
‘regulatory reform task forces’ to cut job-costing red tape

Amy Minsky - Global News: Rejected refugees who cross border
into Canada illegally will be sent to home country, not back to U.S.

Ivan Semeniuk - Globe and Mail: Red Dwarf and the Seven Worlds: Astronomers
excited by bonanza of Earth-sized planets — only 39 light years away

The discovery, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, marks the first time that so many terrestrial planets – planets that are primarily made of rock, like Earth – have turned up in one solar system. Three of the planets fall within a temperature range that should allow water to exist on their surfaces – a placement that is sometimes referred to as “the Goldilocks zone” because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Given the right sort of atmosphere, water could also be present on three of the others. ~ NASA/JPL-CALTECH

CBC: 5 byelections in safe seats to be held April 3rd;
will it turn into electoral test for Trudeau Govt?

Angus Reid poll - CBC: 54% of Canadians say refugees do not
make enough of an effort to fit into mainstream society

Angus Reid poll - CBC: 41% of Canadians want to stop accepting refugees,
25% want Trump-style travel ban from risky places: bombshell survey

Globe and Mail: Influx of refugees fleeing U.S. is putting Ottawa to the test

Somali refugees Abdullahi Warsame, left, and Lul Abdi Ali slip under a roadblock in Noyes, Minnesota, to enter Canada on Sunday. ~ Ian Willms The Globe and Mail

Robert Fife - Globe and Mail: Mulroney sings at Mar-a-Lago
cancer fundraiser, prompts praise for Canada from Trump

CTV News: Emerson homeowner blames Trudeau for spike in asylum crossings;
went out to truck and "16 people who had illegally crossed border were in his driveway"

Emerson - CBC: 'Someone is going to slip through': Worry grows
over influx of asylum seekers across U.S. border into Manitoba

Emerson-Franklin Reeve Greg Janzen says there are some worries in the community that among those who are legitimately seeking refugee status, someone, possibly with a criminal background, might be able to sneak in. ~ Lyza Sale CBC

Melbourne - AP: Trump rallies tens of thousands of supporters,
once again tears into 'dishonest media'; lays out ambitious agenda

There were 9,000 packed inside the hangar and another 20,000 outside according to media at the event. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One before the rally, Trump said he was holding a campaign rally because "Life is a campaign. To make America great again is absolutely a campaign," he said. "It's not easy, especially when we're also fighting the press." ~ VOA News

Washington Examiner: CBS anchor Dickerson: Press ruined its reputation 'on its own'

Jim Geraghty - National Review: Is the media too comfortable with its own mistakes?

David Prentice - American Thinker: The Left's once mighty echo chamber is losing power

Washington - AP: Transcript of Trump press conference

Reality President: Watch Donald Trump's remarkable press conference

Karachi - AP: 75 dead after ISIS suicide bombing at Pakistan shrine

Daniel Halper - NY Post: 'Dishonest media' put in the crosshairs
in unprecedented long and wide-open Trump press conference

Canada's beloved bard: Stuart McLean, CBC Radio host
and award-winning humourist, dead at 68

Stuart McLean, a brilliant mind, a gentle soul and a transcendant Canadian, will not be forgotten. He filled halls and hearts from coast-to-coast and made his CBC Radio show, The Vinyl Cafe, a must-listen experience. ~ CBC

Chicken Little Dept: UK university says vast pool of molten carbon
discovered 350 km under western U.S. presents apocalyptic climate danger

New York - Reuters: Wall Street hits record on Trump's tax comments, strong data

Jack Mintz - Financial Post: The public backlash rises
as the credibility of high-cost low-carbon policies collapses

The public won’t be fooled by policies that results in higher taxes and energy costs, undermine our economy and do little to reduce emissions, Jack Mintz writes. ~ Postmedia

Steven Chase - Globe and Mail: How much trade
leverage does Canada really have with the U.S.?

Globe and Mail: How Trudeau recruited a key businesswoman, Ivanka Trump

Washington - CBC: Trudeau, Trump find common ground on economy, security;
Trump says trade with Canada 'very outstanding,' and that NAFTA needs only 'tweaking'

updated CBC: Mr. Trudeau goes to Washington; takes part in
White House Women's Roundtable with Trump and business leaders

President Trump greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the porticoed north entrance to the West Wing of the White House. ~ CBC

Northumberland News: Three escape school bus stuck on rails before hit by CP train

The school bus became stuck on rails after re-starting from mandatory stop at crossing. Two adults and a student scrambled out of bus before it was hit in Cramahe Township in Northumberland County, west of Belleville. ~ Karen Longwell Northumberland News

Germany - BBC: Hamburg airport evacuated and 50 treated over 'substance in air'

WSJ: Japan condemns North Korea missile launch; Trump supports ally

Karl Rove - WSJ: Trump and the 21st-Century Nullifiers; What
‘sanctuary cities’ have in common with 1832 South Carolina

Conrad Black - National Post: From TV drama to the news
media, the prime-time programming of Western decline

Montpelier - BBC: France police avert 'imminent' Islamist terror attack;
arrested 16-yr-old girl had made jihadist declarations online say reports

Hill Times: Liberals and Conservatives tied at 34% in nationwide poll;
Grits still strong in Central Canada, but losing younger voters

Climate fraud fall-out follow-up - National Review: What happens
when a top climate scientist blows the whistle on shoddy climate science

Alberta - CBC: Wild bison roam Banff National Park
for 1st time in more than a century

The first wild bison to roam Banff National Park in more than a century have been airlifted into a remote valley in a "historic homecoming" aimed at re-establishing a thriving herd, Parks Canada said Monday. While many remember what Parks Canada calls a "display herd" of bison housed in a paddock near the Banff townsite until 1997, this new herd represents a return to wild animals, eventually free to wander their surroundings. The 16 bison — primarily pregnant two year olds — were loaded onto shipping containers on trucks in Elk Island National Park, about 35 kilometres east of Edmonton, and transported to the park in the past week.

NY Times: Patriots mount comeback for ages to win 5th Super Bowl

Whitehorse - CBC: 1,600 km Yukon Quest sled dog race kicks off in Whitehorse

Musher Matt Hall arrived in Dawson City - the race's halfway point - during last year's Yukon Quest sled dog race.

Conrad Black - National Post: The country is waiting for
a big and timely push to move Canada beyond a 'middle power'

Steve Lambert, CP - National Post: ‘We need to live’: Inuk singer
says Facebook suspended her account over photo of sealskin coat

Daily Mail: Paris fraud exposed: How world leaders were duped into
investing billions over NOAA-manipulated global warming data

The misleading 'pausebuster chart': The red line shows the current NOAA world temperature graph – which relies on the ‘adjusted’ and unreliable sea data cited in the flawed ‘Pausebuster’ paper. The blue line is the UK Met Office’s independently tested and verified ‘HadCRUT4’ record – showing lower monthly readings and a shallower recent warming trend.

Rukmini Callimachi - NY Times: Not ‘lone wolves’ after all:
How ISIS is guiding terror plots from afar; ISIS vets members, plans, arms attacks

Reuters: Japan readies package for Trump
to help create 700,000 U.S. jobs

Smyrna: Union: Guard killed in Delaware prison riot
warned colleagues of 'trap' with last words

Michael Barone: Trump's 2nd-week follow-through

Owen Sound Times: No shadow, Wiarton Willie says spring is on its way

Pennsylvania: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts 6 more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil and Bill Murray starred in classic Groundhog Day movie in 1993 -- and every day since.

Terry Glavin - National Post: The very least Trudeau could do
is get out of the way. But he won’t, because hypocrisy...

Ottawa - CP24: Trudeau abandons promise to change voting system for 2019;
orders revealed in mandate letter again show real power in PMO, not Cabinet

Washington Examiner: Rex Tillerson confirmed by U.S. Senate to lead State Dept.

Ketchum - AP: Moose crashes basement; all ends well for curious teen

Law enforcement officers and those from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game tried to shoo the moose upstairs beginning at about 2:30 a.m. A Fish and Game officer arrived from Twin Falls at about 5:30 a.m. and shot the moose with a tranquilizer dart. Homeowner Julie Emerick says eight officers carried the approximately 600-pound animal up the stairs. Emerick says the moose got up and ran off about 15 minutes later.

Quebec City - CBC: 2 of the 19 wounded in mosque massacre remain in critical condition

Globe and Mail: Suspect in Quebec City mosque attack
charged with six counts of first-degree murder

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Mohamed Belkhadir: "I understand, I respect
that they caught me. They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that's normal.
For them, someone who flees is a suspect" Arrested, but innocent, he praises police

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Massacre suspect Alexandre Bissonnette
described as anti-social online troll with strong xenophobic, misogynist views

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, of the Quebec City suburb of Cap-Rouge is the suspect in Quebec City mosque massacre. ~ Facebook

Quebec City - La Presse - translated: Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, scheduled
to appear in court charged with mosque attack that killed six and wounded 19

Quebec City - Toronto Star: One of those arrested has been
released by police after describing him as a "witness"

Quebec City - Journal de Quebec - translated: The six victims were two Algerians,
one Moroccan, one Tunisian and two citizens from sub-Saharan Africa

updated Quebec City - Telegraph: Mosque arrestee Bissonnette a student at
Université Laval; fourth mass shooting in Canada since 2014

updated Quebec City - Globe and Mail: Court names massacre arrestee:
Alexandre Bissonnette; second man mistook police for shooter, and ran, now released

updated Quebec City - CBC: 6 dead, 19 wounded in mosque attack

One of the two men arrested was near the scene of the shooting, while the other was arrested near l'île d'Orléans, kilometres from downtown Quebec City, following a police chase of the SUV he was driving. This suspect called police and waited for them to arrive to arrest him. Police called special technicians to where the chase ended, because they believed explosives may have been inside the SUV. Radio-Canada, CBC's French-language service, reported a gun was found inside the vehicle. A witness from inside the mosque attack, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBC's French-language service Radio-Canada Sunday night that the two shooters were masked. "It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!' The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head," said the witness. Along with the dead, there are multiple wounded, according to CBC's French-language service Radio-Canada. Quebec City police have set up a perimeter around the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood. Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said in a tweet that the province is mobilizing to assure the safety of Quebec City residents. He added that "Quebec categorically reject this barbaric violence" and offered solidarity with the families of victims and wounded. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the shooting a "cowardly attack" and said Canadians were grieving for the victims. ~ Radio-Canada

Al Arabiya: U.S. raid in Yemen kills 57, including 41 al-Qaeda militants

Conway: Trump's temporary immigration order against leading exporters of terror
not a 'Muslim ban'; can currently vet immigrants from other countries not on list

The Hill: Trump blasts 'fake news' and 'failing' New York Times

Draining the swamp: Trump sets 5-year and lifetime lobbying bans for officials

Jesse Ferreras - Global News: GM jobs are just
the tip of what Canada has lost to Mexico

NAFTA lifted tariffs between Canada, the United States and Mexico, and it opened the door for companies to choose where they wished to manufacture their products within North America. But data released by CIBC in November shows that Canada has lost ground to Mexico in the two decades that NAFTA has been in force.

Keeping promises: Trump signs orders on rebuilding military and 'extreme vetting'

Calabogie: Canadian-made 2017 Ford GT, their fastest car ever

The new GT is being built for Ford at Multimatic’s Markham, Ontario, facility, and the first one rolled off the line last month. Ford plans to make 250 GTs a year for four years. Potential buyers had to fill out an application and, by May 2016, the first two years’ worth of cars were sold. Thanks to its twin-turbo, 3.5-litre V6, which develops an official output of 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque, the 2017 Ford GT can reach a top speed of 346 km/h.

Reuters: Trump has 'friendly' call with Mexican leader but demands change

Jake Novak - CNBC: Why the outrage over
Trump’s potential 20% border tax is ridiculous

updated Washington - AP: Media clarifies that 20% tax on imports from Mexico
to pay for border wall was only Air Force One discussion, not imminent policy

World first: Burlington woman spent 6 days without lungs; healthy now

What if NAFTA is cancelled or Mexico pulls out? Trump has major bargaining chips

Washington - BBC: Trump signs order for wall on
Mexican border, strips funds from U.S. sanctuary cities

Bloomberg: How to hack an election, by a guy
who did so for almost a decade. He tells his story.

Andrés Sepúlveda ~ Bloomberg

Playing God: Organisms created with synthetic
DNA pave way for entirely new life forms

A standard DNA molecule. Floyd Romesberg and his team have expanded the genetic code from four letters to six by adding two new molecules they call X and Y. ~ Deco Images II

updated Washington - CTV: Trump keeps promise, green lights Keystone XL pipeline

Trump signed Executive Orders today to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be completed, subject to final negotiations. He also signed an Executive Order that all pipe used in U.S. pipelines will be American-made to create American jobs.

Washington - CBC: Trump keeps major promise, cancels TPP trade deal

CNBC: Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more'

Washington - AP: Full schedule as Trump fulfills campaign promises on first day

Mogadishu - AP/Toronto Star: Pirates hijack oil tanker off Somalia’s coast, officials say

Red tape rollback - Financial Post: Donald Trump eyes giving auto industry a $33B boost by relaxing fuel-economy rules

Paris - AP: Employers allowed to ban staff from wearing headscarves, rules EU Court of Justice

Andrew Malcolm - McClatchy: Trump is doing what Obama didn’t do: reach out and listen

Chris Buskirk - American Greatness: While Democrats fume, Trump becomes the Jobs President

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Here’s President Trump’s report card after 50 days in office

Byron York - Washington Examiner: New Trump executive order hurts Hawaii's feelings

San Jose Del Cabo - AP: 6 killed around Mexico resort of Los Cabos

Johannesburg - AP: Madagascar cyclone death toll reaches 50, authorities say

Tim Berners-Lee - The Guardian: I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it

Alfonso Chardy - Miami Herald: Foreigners who overstay their visas outnumber those who cross the border illegally

AP - CBC: Suicide bombings kill at least 40 in Syrian capital

Reuters - Global News: German shopping mall closed after ‘indications’ of possible attack: police

Brian McNicoll - Breitbart: Nate Silver: ‘There really was a liberal media bubble’

Washington - Reuters: U.S. hopes to launch NAFTA talks in just over 90 days: Ross

Robert Fulford - National Post: Supporters of official Palestine are either naive or accepting of indiscriminate murder

Washington - Reuters: U.S. to keep deploying THAAD missile defense system to South Korea

Washington - Bloomberg: U.S. jobs, pay show solid gains in Trump's first full month; jobs added at an above-average pace

Rex Murphy - National Post: Every great leader needs a touch of populism … and Trump has his

Juneau - National Post: ‘Where’s Linwood?’ Iditarod dog team reaches checkpoint without their master

Washington - Bloomberg: Trump woos lawmakers with flattery and White House bowling

Washington - Reuters: Trump tests dealmaker image to sell healthcare bill

Howard Kurtz - Fox News: After Hillary: Are the Democrats ready to move beyond Clintonism?

Matthew Kronsberg - Bloomberg: A paper airplane drone that’s nearly indestructible with a camera that gives you, literally, a bird's-eye view

Detroit - Reuters: Volkswagen pleads guilty in U.S. court in diesel emissions scandal

Sean Hannity - Fox News: Trump must purge deep-state bureaucrats now

Washington - Reuters: Trump poised to tap Scott Gottlieb to head FDA: sources

Fox News: VP Pence: ObamaCare replacement will be 'all done by this spring'

John Crudele - NY Post: Did the New York Times already tell us Trump was ‘wiretapped’?

Ottawa - Reuters: U.S. security chief in Canada for talks on border-jumping asylum-seekers

Washington - Bloomberg: Mexico lays out faster NAFTA deal timeline than U.S. signals

New York - Reuters: Wall Street rises as robust jobs report lifts mood

Ann Arbor - HeatStreet: Another University of Michigan student admits fabricating a hate crime

New York - Bloomberg: Stationary bike start-up Peloton seeks unicorn valuation

Seoul - CBC: South Korea President Park's impeachment upheld by court

Kyle Olson - American Mirror: Malik Obama causes stir as he shares photo of brother Barack’s Kenya ‘certificate of birth’

Eric Worrall - Watts Up With That: The Climate Institute to close

Eddiethoughts: Science has a reproducibility crisis

Editorial - Washington Post: Democrats are holding up one of Trump’s best appointees

Washington - AP: Congress probes Islamic State counter-propaganda operations

Simone Pathé - Roll Call: TV ads tell Conservatives to vote with Trump on health care

Washington - AP: Tillerson to host meeting of anti-ISIS coalition in Washington

Washington - AP: Trump administration announces steps to avoid debt default

Washington - AP: GOP pushes health bill through panels in marathon sessions

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: Lindzen responds to the MIT letter objecting to his petition to Trump to withdraw from the UNFCC

David Middleton - Watts Up With That: From the No Schist, Sherlock Files: “On Climate Change, Pruitt Contradicts EPA’s Own Website”

Finally, common sense in Washington - AP: New EPA chief Pruitt: Carbon dioxide not primary cause of warming

LA Times: Journal of Geophysical Research study reveals connections between fault lines along Los Angles - San Diego coast, on land and under water

Daily Mail: Trump could send B-52 nuclear bombers to Korea as part of anti-Kim war games in wake of latest missile tests by the rogue state

Washington - CBO.GOV: U.S. has top statutory corporate tax rate in G20; CBO tax analysis shows tax rates around the world

CBC: Julian Assange: WikiLeaks to share CIA hacking tools with tech companies so they can develop fixes for exploits

India - NY Post: Father of ISIS terrorist refuses to accept ‘traitor’s’ body

Candice Malcolm - Toronto Sun: Iranian official boasts of 'guerilla movement' within the U.S.; says U.S. nuclear warheads are 'targets'

Ars Technica: Australia was colonized by a single group 50,000 years ago

Zero Hedge: New poll shows Hillary favorability sinking to all-time low of 35% as Trump soars

NY Times: ISIS leaders are fleeing Raqqa, U.S. Military says

AP - CTV News: Rubble and ash litter antiquities museum in Mosul retaken from ISIS

Family matters - BBC: Clinton running mate Tim Kaine's son held for starting riot at anti-Trump rally

Washington - Bloomberg: Trump to pick former UN spokesman Grenell for NATO post, official says

Cody Derespina - Fox News: WikiLeaks’ reveal of CIA hacking trove has feds on mole hunt

Washington - AP: Will WikiLeaks work with tech firms to defeat CIA hacking?

Mike Wehner - NY Post: How to tell if the CIA hacked your smart TV

Conrad Black - New York Sun: Democrats are descending into a kind of madness amid frenzy over Trump

Eric Auchard - Reuters/Globe and Mail: Wikileaks’ CIA hacking dump sends tech firms scrambling for fixes

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: Why Trump's tweet could be trouble for Obama

Roger L. Simon - PJ Media: WikiLeaks' CIA download confirms everybody's tapped, including Trump

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Are the Democrats scrambling for a fall guy on the wiretap of Trump campaign?

National Post: A Day Without A Woman’ protest calls on U.S. women to stay home from work. Is it elitist?

Motor Mouth - Driving: GM’s sale of Opel has global implications

Betsy McCaughey - NY Post: Trump’s regulation rollbacks have already set off an economic revolution

AP - National Post: ISIS gunmen in white lab coats slaughter at least 30 in ‘heinous’ attack on Kabul military hospital

NY Post: How CIA allegedly turns everyday devices into high-tech spy weapons

Bloomberg - National Post: Trump backs Paul Ryan’s health care plan, even as other Republicans deride it as ‘Obamacare-lite’

Sandy Crux - Crux of the Matter: Democrats “doth protest too much” regarding Trump’s allegation re: wiretapping

AP - CBC: CIA could listen through cellphones, smart TVs, WikiLeaks documents say

Bloomberg: Russian hackers said to seek hush money from Liberal groups who have info they don't want released

Bloomberg: Exxon Mobil steering its construction dollars back to U.S.; $20B to produce 45,000 jobs

NewsMax: North Korea says it was trying to hit U.S. bases in Japan with weekend missiles

IBD/TIPP poll - Investor's Business Daily: Public turned off by media's relentlessly negative coverage of Trump

Washington - The Hill: DHS head: Trump has ‘convincing’ wiretap proof

Full text - White House: Executive Order protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States

Tokyo - Washington Post: North Korea launches more missiles; 3 land in Japanese waters

AP: Iraq welcomes removal from revised U.S. travel ban

Washington - LA Times: Trump orders new, narrower travel ban that goes into effect in 10 days; Iraqis, visa holders exempted

Reuters: GM selling Opel and Vauxhaul to Peugeot, creating European car giant

Mallory Shelbourne - The Hill: Former Bush attorney general: Trump right that there was surveillance

Baghdad - Reuters: More than 40,000 displaced from Mosul in a week as Iraqi forces near old city

Tim Hains - Real Clear Politics: Mark Levin: Was Obama using NSA against Trump during 2016 campaign?

Trump tweets back - Zero Hedge: "This is Watergate": Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping the Trump Tower

Joel B. Pollak - Breitbart: Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘silent coup’ vs. Trump

Rush Limbaugh: Trump is wrong; This is not a witch hunt, we are witnessing a 'coup' by Democrats

Backgrounder - Heat Street: FBI ‘granted FISA warrant’ covering Trump Camp’s potential ties to Russia

St. Louis - Washington Post: Former journalist arrested, charged with threats against Jewish facilities; known for anti-white rants online

CNN: Top Kremlin diplomat calls U.S. uproar over Russia ties a 'witch hunt'

CBC: Malaysia issues arrest warrant for airline employee in Kim murder probe

Tucker Carlson - Fox News: Sessions: Meeting with Russian envoy 'hyped beyond reason'; criticism 'unfair'

Free Malaysia Today: North Koreans outraged over Jong Nam murder, says defector

Howard Kurtz - Fox News: Mistake or Misunderstanding? Jeff Sessions defuses media uproar, recuses himself from probe

Truth-O-Meter - Politifact: Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill says she never met with Russian ambassador, past tweets say otherwise

Fox News: Spicer: 'Sessions was 100% straight, there's nothing to recuse himself from'

Jake Novak - CNBC: Jeff Sessions should absolutely not resign over these bogus Russia allegations

NBC News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions : ‘I will recuse myself’ if necessary

Crispin Blunt - The Guardian: So Jeff Sessions met the Russians. Should the UK do the same?

Mary Dejevsky - Independent: The Jeff Sessions controversy is nothing more than a witch-hunt against the Trump administration; Democrats find it easier to blame Russia than accept that they lost in a fair fight

CBS News/YouGov Poll: 76% of viewers approved of Trump speech to Congress

Editorial - Investor's Business Daily: With one terrific speech, Donald Trump becomes President Trump

Dennis Prager: A nation of immigrants -- only if they assimilate

David Sherfinski - Washington Times: Ted Cruz: Trump’s speech a ‘positive, unifying vision for the country’

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Trump speech leaves Democrats befuddled, in ruins, with question marks

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Trump’s speech to Congress marks the real start of his Presidency

Julie Kelly - National Review: Bill Nye’s embarrassing face-off with Tucker Carlson on climate change; it didn’t end well for the ‘science guy’

Michael F. Cannon - Wall Street Journal: How ObamaCare punishes the sick; patients with costly conditions like MS are seeing coverage cut

NY Post: Trump’s new immigration order will drop Iraq from ‘ban’ list

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Donald Trump true to his word on illegal immigration

Confused or intentionally misleading? - NY Post: Democrat giving official response to Trump speech calls himself a Republican

Stephen Kalin - Reuters: Iraqi officers find ISIS members hidden among refugees fleeing Mosul

Daily Mail: How greedy Bill and Hillary Clinton befriended a Chinese fry cook in Little Rock who funnelled hundreds of thousands in illegal donations from China and sold sleepovers at the White House for $400,000 a pop

Mike Wehner - Boy Genius Report: It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast

Bloomberg: Ryan and Bannon forge unexpected alliance on border tax

Rasmussen Reports: Most say Democrats hurt themselves with anti-Trump strategy

Editorial - NY Post: Times presents ‘news’ that’s just propaganda for Bam

George Neumayr - The Spectator: The Washington Post’s journalism is dying in the light

Kurt Schlicter - Town Hall: Making peace with Trump, taking aim at Congress

NPR: WHO's first-ever list of the dirty dozen superbugs

The Guardian: U.S. drone strike in Syria kills top al-Qaida leader, jihadis say

Riverside - AP: Two survivors, three dead as Cessna returning from cheerleading competition at Disneyland crashes into homes

Live Science: Earth's outer shell: was it once solid?

Marilynn Marchione - AP: Gene therapy to fight a blood cancer succeeds in major study

Page Six: ‘Gary from Chicago’ is an ex-con who served 22 years for attempted rape; released from slammer three days before unvetted Oscars limelight

Andrew Cunningham - Ars Technica: Next-gen iPhone could dump the Lightning port in favor of USB-C

Washington - Reuters: Pentagon delivers draft plan to defeat ISIS to White House

Washington - Reuters: Trump seeks 'historic' increase of 9% in U.S. military's budget

New York - Bloomberg: Tesla tanks after Goldman downgrades to sell

Matt Hamblen - Computerworld: Back to the future: BlackBerry KEYone launches with physical keyboard

Fred Lambert - Electrek: Honda has technology it says will charge electric vehicles dynamically as they drive along for ‘unlimited range’ on highways

Benny Johnson - Independent Journal Review: Inside Trump's secret Saturday dinner: A side of the President you don't ever see

Tammy Bruce - Fox News: Trump-Reagan parallels are scary, but not for the reasons critics think

Alex Shephard - New Republic: Establishment Democrats just won a needless proxy war

Tehran - AP: Iran begins navy drill off Strait of Hormuz as U.S. newly wary

Editorial - Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democrats becoming unhinged in their talk about getting rid of Donald Trump

Vatican City - AP: Vatican copyrights Pope Francis' image, holy emblems

Jay Cost - Weekly Standard: Hating the press is a venerable presidential tradition

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Trump’s State of the Union speech is going to be wild

Salena Zito - Washington Examiner: A referendum on Trump in Newt's old district

Carl M. Cannon - Orange County Register: The idiocy of accusing Trump of anti-Semitism

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Keep giving the fakers hell, Donald; Frauds’ outrage more bogus news

Kevin Mooney - The Daily Signal: CO2 Coalition defends carbon dioxide as ‘elixir of life’ in climate change debate

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Analysis shows Trump hit by an average of one 'fake news' story a day

Anthony Watts - Watts Up With That: The journal Nature is going to begin requiring reproducibility in submitted papers, finally

Paul Mulshine - New Jersey Star-Ledger: Trump's appointment of H.R. McMaster: A return to realism in foreign policy

David French - NY Post: Sorry, this President is way less ‘authoritarian’ than the last one

Lisa Boothe - Washington Examiner: Trump exposes the media as partisans

Tokyo - AP: Japanese cult also used VX; survivor recounts how it felt

Los Angeles - Daily Mail: Another benefit of the fasting diet: Now doctors say 5 days of 770 calories could reverse diabetes

Bob Weber - Canadian Press: Survey finds two High Arctic polar bear populations larger than expected

Philadelphia - CBS: James Rosen: Obama treated media worse than Trump

Daily Mail: Two leading Swedish politicians say Trump was right about their country's problem with refugee-fuelled crime

Byron York - Washington Examiner: Is the media repeating mistake about Trump polls?

Peggy Noonan - Wall Street Journal: Washington still reels from the quake of 2016; from the White House’s empty offices to overly giddy CPAC, everyone seems a little lost

Charles Krauthammer - National Post: So long as it doesn’t fail spectacularly, Trump’s foreign policy just might work

McKay Coppins - The Atlantic: The bow-tied bard of populism; a punch-back against Tucker Carlson

Salena Zito - NY Post: Why all your news now comes with a heap of condescension

Tokyo - Nikkei Asian Review: UN Ballast-water convention to take effect in September

Chicago Tribune: Some Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower, police say

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Democrats are asking all the wrong questions of wannabe party chairs

Washington Times: CPAC expels ‘alt-right’ leader, declares war on movement

Paris - Washington Post: Terrorists are building drones. France is destroying them with eagles

Cannon Ball - Daily Mail: Police in riot gear arrest 47 Dakota Access protesters as they clear out camp before floods come

Caracas - AP: Socialism destroys Venezuela; short on food, short of hope

Marc Thiessen - NY Post: Funny — ‘enemies’ wasn’t so offensive when it meant 'Republicans'

Washington - AP: Mnuchin says goal is to pass tax reform by August

Mexico City - BBC: Mexico thinks it can tell U.S. to keep illegal immigrants; Tillerson and Kelly in town to explain they're wrong

Editorial - NY Post: Team Trump’s latest immigration orders are tough — not harsh

Rich Lowry - NY Post: Actually, Sweden is having big trouble with Mideast refugees

Joseph Curl - Washington Times: Media responds to Trump’s ‘fake news’ charge — by pumping out fake news!

George Neumayr - American Spectator: Trump is beating the media at its own game; the Left’s own politics by shorthand is now being turned against it

London - Reuters: Iraqi suicide bomber was ex-Gitmo detainee; 50-year-old Briton had been compensated by British Govt in 2010

Tijuana - AP: Reaping what it sowed; Mexicans weigh daunting prospect of deportee camps

New York - NY Post: ‘Sanctuary city’ law let gang member walk free from Rikers

Cannon Ball - AP: Deadline today for last pipeline protesters to leave camp they're torching before flood season begins Trump hiring 10,000 new immigration agents and officers to enforce existing immigration laws, remove criminals Trump keeps true to word, new DHS guidelines will enforce laws; ends 'catch-and-release' as new detention facilities to be built, illegal alien criminals targeted

David Sherfinski - Washington Times: Trump smashed Obama’s small-donor fundraising pace, bested Clinton, Sanders combined

Robert W. Merry - The American Conservative: The meaning of Trump; he alone perceived America’s status quo crisis

Copenhagen - NY Times: Danes fighting for ISIS were paid welfare benefits, government says

D.C. McAllister - The Federalist: Obama’s incompetence and chaos far eclipsed what’s coming from Team Trump

Lucas Tomlinson - Fox News: Military branches drafting expansion plans as Trump vows to rebuild 'depleted' force

Washington - AP: Trump denounces 'horrible' threats against Jewish centers

Michael Auslin - Wall Street Journal: The logic of Trump’s foreign policy

Washington - Daily Caller: House Democrat IT guys under criminal investigation secretly received $100K from Iraqi politician

John Nolte - Daily Wire: Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics registered to vote

Sweden - AP: Riot in Stockholm suburb after drug suspect is arrested

Adriana Cohen - Boston Herald: President’s successes trump biased media

Holly Robichaud - Boston Herald: Election of outsider Trump rankles federal bureaucrats

Beirut - Reuters: France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti after demand she wear headscarf

Melbourne - Reuters: Five dead afer light plane crashes into Australian shopping mall

PC Magazine: Qualcomm's X20 modem busts the gigabit barrier

Mar-a-Lago - Fox News: Trump selects Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser

updated Jamie Schram - NY Post: Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies after passing out at embassy

Paris - Bloomberg: Le Pen gains in French polls as security concerns win voters

Karol Markowicz - NY Post: Lefties keep showing off their incredible civic ignorance

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: The media doesn’t call the shots — Trump does

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: ICE: 950,000 illegals with 'removal orders' free, raids get just a sliver

Kuala Lumpur - AP: Murder of Kim Jong Nam, diplomatic spat over return of his body could cost North Korea a rare friend

Monica Showalter - American Thinker: Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press?

San Francisco - NY Post: Common sense from the bench; actors may no longer be able to hide their age online

David Horowitz - Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump's agenda includes hitting back — hard

Critics have egg on faces - HeatStreet: Looks like Donald Trump was right about Sweden after all

Pat Buchanan: The 'Deep State' targets Trump

Margi Murphy - NY Post: Bill Gates warns of wide-scale bioterrorism

Chauncey DeVega - Salon: Obama pollster Cornell Belcher: Hillary and her party 'blew election'

The Hill: Rand Paul: 'We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge'

Phil Demers - MassLive: Nearly 2,000 died from opioid overdoses in Massachusetts last year, a 13% increase over 2015

Anna Giaritelli - Washington Examiner: House intelligence chair says top Obama official leaking to media on Trump

Olivia Beavers - The Hill: Former Obama national security adviser blasts his decisions in Syria as a 'colossal mistake'

Albany - AP: Victims' owner pushing for toughening penalties if pets are harmed during crimes

Washington Post: Trump supporters see a successful President — and are frustrated with critics who don’t

Tove Lifvendahl - Spectator: Trump is right: Sweden’s refugee policy has led to problems it never imagined

Alix Culbertson - Sunday Express: Sweden’s two year U-Turn: How Liberals' refugee policy turned public against migrants

Backgrounder - NBC: Majority in leading EU nations support Trump-style travel ban: February 2017 Poll

Backgrounder - Sunday Express Sweden at breaking point? Police make urgent plea for help as violent crime spirals

Washington: If you’ve ever agonized over expiration dates on groceries, get ready for a big relief

Tim Johnson - McClatchyDC: Security analysts link arrested Russian computer expert to crime websites; CIA link?

Washington - NY Daily News: Leaker Deare fired from National Security Council

Martin Andersen - Miami Herald: Backgrounder - published 4 days before Deare fired; Craig Deare’s ‘ethical and moral flaws’ make him unfit for NSC job. He should follow Flynn out the door.

Mogadishu - CBC: Suicide bomb at market in Somalia capital kills 20, wounds 50

Kuala Lumpur - Daily Mail: North Korean chemistry expert suspected of killing Kim Jong-un's half-brother is arrested in a dramatic raid

Paul Sperry - NY Post: Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

Mark Bonokoski: Donald Trump pulls out guns, lays waste to detractors

Charles Krauthammer - National Review: The cover-up in search of a crime

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency by 52-46 vote

Ed Rogers - National Post: It’s delirious to call Trump a failure. We’re not even a month into his Presidency

Washington - AP: McConnell intends to replace 'Obamacare' with or without Democrats

Islamabad - AP: ISIS 'emboldened' in Pakistan, say analysts, officials

Reuters: Accenture to create 15,000 jobs in U.S.

Cody Derespina - Fox News: Trump mounts bid to find leakers, as speculation surrounds Obama officials

Salena Zito - NY Post: How immigration will change the electoral power of states Trump needed to win election

Editorial - NY Post: Bogus NY Times scoops on Trump, Russia are recycled propaganda

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Kudos to President Trump for calling out fake news

Washington - Reuters: White House: Report National Guard may round up immigrants is false

Andrea Peyser - NY Post: Everyone needs to ignore RFK Jr.’s misinformed anti-vax claims

Fringe - Global News: Robert De Niro, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offer $100K to anyone who can provide proof vaccines are safe

Germany - Reuters: Mattis, in Munich, eyes "arc of instability" on Europe's edge

Washington - AP: 2016 U.S. traffic deaths jump to highest level in nearly a decade

Madrid - AP/Fox News: Almost 500 migrants smash through border fence into Spanish enclave in Africa

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: Historic Trump presser signals mortal combat between MSM and president now a two-way fight

London - Reuters: Unilever rejects $143B Kraft Heinz bid as without merit

Leonid Bershidsky - Bloomberg: President Trump's Boris Yeltsin moment

Baghdad - Reuters: ISIS readies for close combat in alleyways of west Mosul

William Cummings - Boston Herald: Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, Trump supporters call for his head

Edward Morrissey - Fiscal Times: America gets its first real test of the CEO Presidency

Kuala Lumpur - Reuters: Suspect in North Korean's killing had wad of cash, moved hotels, cut her hair

Justin Fox - Bloomberg: Terrorism: stop telling me how dangerous my bathtub is

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Trump is the answer to all that ails Washington

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: Sorry, media — this press conference played very differently with Trump’s supporters

Victor Davis Hanson - National Review: The three-headed Hydra of the Middle East

Arturo Chang - BNN: It ‘just took off’: The story behind the #hashtag, 10 years on

Lynn Sweet - Chicago Sun Times: Trump: ‘Two Chicagos,’ one ‘safe,’ other ‘worse than Middle East’

Road and Track: Has NASCAR given up on rewarding winners with baffling new point system?

Kuala Lumpur - Brisbane Courier Mail: Woman ‘paid $100 to target Kim Jong-nam in prank’

Lawrence Solomon - Financial Post: Finally it’s safe for the whistleblowers of corrupted climate science to speak out

White House - The Hill: Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule; saves thousands of jobs

NY Post: Trump revising executive order on immigration ban

Philadelphia - AP: Media misrepresents the huge difference between legal and illegal immigrants; dishonest reporting creates fear and fuels national protest

Rasmussen Reports: Trump approval at 55%

Adriana Cohen - Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren the liberal darling to the rescue? Politico/Morning Consult poll says no

Michael Rubin - NY Post: Flynn’s fall should have the intel community in the hot seat

Charlotte - AP: Passengers uninjured after American Eagle jet hits deer on takeoff, returns to airport

Washington - AP: Trump slams intel officials, media over Flynn and Russia

Washington - AP: Trump urges Israeli Premier to 'hold off' on settlements; wants solution both sides agree on

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Majority of U.S. Hispanics back Trump deportations and ending 'sanctuary cities'; also back executive order to end Obama administration's 'catch and release' policy at the border

Gone with a whimper - Reason: Obamacare individual mandate, fought over in Supreme Court, suddenly disappears with Trump's IRS policy change

AP: Jordan commander: ISIS expands hold in border camp for Syrians

David Martosko - Daily Mail: White House official calls bluff of Clinton-friendly reporter by taping their 'confrontation'

Washington - Politico: Political media establishment attacks new media monitoring them with slurs, accusations; Gateway Pundit undeterred

Paul Bedard - Washington Examiner: Trump, GOP Congress have already cut $2.8B in regulations; regulation watchdog group

Daniel Halper - NY Post: White House signals major change in approach to Israel peace talks

Tokyo - Reuters: Toyota sees plug-in hybrids catching on faster than conventional hybrids

Joshua Rhett Miller - NY Post: Fatal shooting in Chicago streamed on Facebook Live

Washington - AP: Trump Administration ushers in changes to Obama health law

Alan Dershowitz - Washington Examiner: Why Trump and Netanyahu will get along well

Washington - Reuters: Trump assails U.S. intelligence agencies amid Russia questions

Brussels - AP: Pentagon chief says NATO members must boost defense spending

Moscow - Reuters: Russia tells White House it will not return Crimea to Ukraine

Kuala Lumpur - Chronicle Herald: Woman arrested in killing of North Korean leader's half brother

Dubai - CNBC: Middle East outpacing U.S. in $19 Trillion digitalization opportunity, says Cisco chairman

Editorial - Washington Times: Flynn’s out, but the moles are not; There’s more mischief coming in the important back story

Kevin Libin - National Post: Dear carbon-tax Republicans — Canadians are here from the future to stop you before it’s too late

Washington - AP: White House: Mideast peace may not be 2-state solution

Mark Moore - NY Post: Trump says ‘illegal leaks’ are the ‘real story’ of Flynn’s resignation; seditious 'fifth columnists' put country at risk

Eli Lake - Bloomberg: The political assassination of Michael Flynn

Adam Kredo - Free Beacon: Former Obama officials, loyalists waged secret campaign to oust Flynn

Pat Buchanan: Is the Left playing with fire again?

Miami Herald: U.S. sanctions Venezuelan vice president and accuses him of being a drug kingpin

Oroville - AP: Evacuation lifted for 200K Californians living below dam

Conrad Black - National Review: How Trump can succeed

David Harsanyi - The Federalist: Why the 'resistance' is the best thing that’s happened to Donald Trump

Robert Burns - AP: U.S. official: Russia deployed missile in violation of treaty

Richard Pollock - Daily Caller: In final interview, defiant Flynn insists he crossed no lines, leakers must be prosecuted

Damon Linker - The Week: America's spies anonymously took down Michael Flynn. That is deeply worrying.

Thomas Lifson - American Thinker: CIA spooks broke the law to take out critic General Flynn

NY Post: NBC News names new president, buys $30M, 25% stake in Euronews, majority owned by Egyptian billionaire

Bogota - Spectator: Colombian authorities work to combat cocaine smuggled with Valentine’s Day flowers

Financial Times: YouTube and Disney drop vlogger PewDiePie over anti-Semitic videos

Kuala Lumpur - AP: Kim Jong Un's brother 'assassinated' at Malaysian airport: Reports

John Podhoretz - NY Post: Why you should fear the leaks that felled Mike Flynn

Fox News: Trump's National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn resigns; Gen. Kellogg replaces on interim basis

John Fund - National Review: Washington is out to get Steve Bannon

Newt Gingrich - Fox News: Why Trump’s Presidency will be great not just for America but Canada, too

updated LA Times: Oroville Dam is highest in U.S., over 4 times higher than Niagara Falls

Sacramento - LA Times: Threat at Oroville Dam slightly diminishes, but more than 100,000 still under evacuation order

Kevin Liptak - CNN: At Mar-a-Lago, Trump tackles crisis diplomacy at close range

Michael Goodwin - NY Times: Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election

Jay Cost - Weekly Standard: Of course court fights are bitter; Judicial arrogance is the ultimate cause

Thomas Sowell - National Review: Who is “Fascist”? The abuse and proper use of a political label

Dan Lucas - USA Today: Trump is surprising me in a good way

Tom Shattuck - Boston Herald: Radical left resorts to intimidation

Eli Lake - Bloomberg: Trump's travel ban is not recruiting more terrorists

Justin Fox - Bloomberg: OK, Google, who's the most popular President of all?

Wellington - AP/Global News: More than 200 whales swim away after New Zealand stranding

Paul Sperry - NY Post: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s Presidency

Nolan Finley - Detroit News: Left bites Ivanka’s liberal hand

Germany - Breitbart: Undocumented migrants to be forced to hand over mobile phones

Telegraph: Americans still support Donald Trump's immigration ban, Politico poll shows

Brussels - Daily Mail: Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn; 450,000 rejected migrants to be sent home

Cal Thomas - Baltimore Sun: The media are still in denial about President Trump

Leanna Orr - Institutional Investor: Why America’s airports suck; And how New York City — the worst offender — plans to make them suck less

Dave McKinney - Reuters: The man behind the fiscal fiasco in Illinois

Derek Donovan - Kansas City Star: Star readers share why they voted for Donald Trump

Lawrence Solomon - National Post: The 1% are rising up in glamorous protest against the Trumpen Proletariat

Rex Murphy - National Post: Exploring the new meaning of words with our post-fact, post-truth activist warriors

Megan McArdle - Bloomberg: Democrats need immigration policies that are more than just freak-outs over Trump

William Watson - National Post: Trump won’t like seeing U.S. refugees slipping into Canada — and that’s trouble for Trudeau

Michael Goodwin - NY Post: The Democratic Party has lost its mind — and its soul

Robert Fulford - National Post: Can Islam be reformed? Who will, or even can be, a Muslim Martin Luther?

Editorial - Orange County Register: Teachers unions in a panic over school choice

John Lloyd - Reuters: Does Europe fear Muslims more than the United States?

Mar-a-Lago - AP: Patriots owner Kraft joins Trump and Japan's Abe for dinner

Detroit News: Tigers, Red Wings owner, pizza magnate, philanthropist Mike Ilitch dead at 87

Melanie Zanona - The Hill: Trump says he’s considering ‘brand new order’ on immigration

Asra Nomani - The Hill: The alt-left’s cyber jihad against Trump and his supporters

James Jay Carafano - National Interest: Out with globalization, in with Tillerson

Wall Street Journal: The Ninth Circuit ignores precedent and threatens national security; Under its ruling, a state university could go to court on behalf of any alien, anywhere

Kyle Shideler - The Federalist: A not-so-short list of foreign-born terrorists that reporters can’t believe exist

Washington - AP: Trump hugs ally Japan after phone call eased U.S.-China tensions

Charles Hurt - Washington Times: Make SCOTUS great again: Liberal judges push their own end

AP - Boston Herald: German defense minister visits U.S., calls NATO demands 'fair'

Howie Carr - National Interest: The simple reason why America's F-22 Stealth 'Raptor' would crush Russia's PAK-FA in a fight

LA Times: Los Angeles, Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, analysis shows

Howie Carr - Boston Herald: Wordplay by Dems gives new meaning to foreign language

Chris Perez - NY Post: Russia considers returning Snowden to U.S. as ‘gift’ to Trump: report

Newsmax: MSNBC's Scarborough: Court's ruling on Trump ban 'laughable'

Katie Pavlich - Townhall: Progressives, Nordstrom, and the moronic crusade against Ivanka Trump

Farewell Spit - Rescued whales beach themselves again as mass New Zealand stranding catastrophe deepens

Seth Lipsky - NY Post: Actually, Trump has a duty to ban dangerous immigrants

Dave Gold - Politico: ‘Data-driven’ campaigns are killing the Democratic Party; wrong lesseons learned from Obama's wins

San Francisco - Bloomberg: Appeals Court keeps U.S. doors open during immigration fight

Los Angeles - AP: Illegal immigrant deportations causing stir as laws enforced

Grand Prairie - CBS: Mexican citizen in Texas sentenced to 8 years in prison for voter fraud, fined $5,000

Not Russians - Daily Caller: Congress IT probe suspects had massive debts, years of suspicious activity

Bloomberg: Tax trade-offs come into focus as major tax reform plan would benefit domestic U.S. producers and raise cost of imports

Victoria Craig - Fox Business: Stocks hit record highs after Trump says tax plan coming soon

James Delingpole - Breitbart: Why renewables are doomed and fossil fuels are the future

Wall Street Journal: The real Democratic Party; beholden to unionized reachers, why not a single Senate Democrat voted for Betsy DeVos

Capitol Hill - Fox News: Top U.S. General says Afghanistan war at 'stalemate,' more troops needed

Breitbart: Twitter shares crash following quarterly earnings report release

White House - Fox Business: Trump says 'big league' tax reform details coming in weeks

Breitbart: Kellogg’s to shutter 39 distribution centers as layoffs loom

Pew Research: 20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S.

Editorial - Union Leader: Warren crosses the line: Recycling Ted Kennedy's trash

AP: Multiple states moving on Voter ID laws to reduce election fraud

Jerusalem - AP: Palestinian wounds 6 Israelis in attack near market

Ankara - AP: Turkey detains 4 ISIS suspects, seizes 24 suicide attack belts

New low for Democrats - Globe and Mail: Trump suggests Blumenthal misrepresented Gorsuch’s remarks

John Stossel - Fox News: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump

French wall - Bloomberg: Paris to build barrier around Eiffel Tower to counter terrorism

NY Times: Rule of law returns; Felony fraudster showed up yearly to meet Obama's immigration agents. Now they’re deporting her after 22 years here illegally. There should be applause

Conrad Black - NY Sun: Trump starts his revolution as reporters and judges scream like banshees

Rich Lowry - Politico: Our overly sanctified view of the Judiciary

Dave Epstein - Boston Globe: Updates say a foot to 14" of snow for Massachusetts coast from Thursday storm

NY Post: Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General

Chespeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel - NY Post: Driver dies after tractor-trailer blows off bridge

Pentagon - NBC: U.S. airstrikes killed top Al Qaeda figure, 10 others in Syria, Pentagon says

Financial Post: Nordstrom ‘trumped’ again when President tweets store treated Ivanka unfairly; boycott bullies tagged

Ankara - AP: CIA chief to visit Turkey in sign of improving ties with U.S.

Rud Istvan - Watts Up With That? Even more on the David Rose bombshell article: How NOAA software spins the AGW game

Washington - Bloomberg: Trump’s plan to tap offshore profit for infrastructure gains an ally

Caracas - AP: Bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers urge Trump to sanction Venezuela

Julian Zelizer - Washington Post: Protests didn’t hurt Reagan, and they’re not going to stop Trump

Manila - AFP/Straits Times: 15,000 homeless after huge fire engulfs overcrowded slum in Manila, destroying thousands of homes

Editorial - NY Post: Looks like Team Trump just made Iran blink

Rush Limbaugh: The Russians hacked the Super Bowl!

Heather Mac Donald - LA Times: UC Berkeley's descent from place of learning to victimology hothouse

Charles Gasparino - NY Post: Trump’s move to end Dodd-Frank disaster all about helping small biz

New Orleans - Orlando Sentinel: Homes destroyed as tornadoes touch down, wreak havoc in southern Louisiana

Politico: Henry Kissinger: Trump could offer 'extraordinary opportunity' in foreign policy

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Senate confirms Betsy DeVos as Education secretary as VP Pence breaks 50-50 tie

Marty Durbin - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Trump's energy plan will fuel the economy

Kim Janssen - Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning

Washington - Orlando Sentinel: Army to allow completion of Dakota Access oil pipeline

Cannon Ball - KFYR-TV: Self-proclaimed 'environmentalist' pipeline protesters left behind a mountain of toxic garbage which threatens harm to waters they said they were protecting

Kabul - CTV: 19 dead after suicide bomber strikes Afghan Supreme Court

Editorial - National Review: Robart’s renegade ruling

Kim Janssen - Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning

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Rich Lowry - NY Post: Sorry: Trump’s immigration order is totally legal; Robart’s handiwork is shoddy and usurpatory

Beirut - AP/Toronto Star: Syria hanged at least 13,000 at ‘slaughterhouse’ prison in just four years, Amnesty International report says

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NY Times: Appeals Court rejects request to immediately restore travel ban

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Paris - Telegraph: Louvre machete suspect Egyptian who posted 'support for ISIS minutes before attack'

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Washington - AP: Trump on jobs report: 'It's going to continue, big league'

Avdiivka - AP: Worst fighting in east Ukraine since 2015; 33 dead this week

Rasmussen Reports: Trump at 54% in daily Presidential tracking poll

NY Post: UN ambassador Nikki Haley condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine

Paris - Wall Street Journal: Machete attacker at Paris’s Louvre Museum shot by police, stoking terror fears; Man, who shouted ‘Allahu akbar,’ taken into police custody

Daily Mail - AFP: Iran 'playing with fire,' Trump says

Washington - Reuters: U.S. job growth unexpectedly accelerates in January

Washington - Reuters: Lockheed to announce $8.5B F-35 order; Trump price cut shaves $700M off govt bill

Seoul - Reuters: North Korea sacks head of secret police amid signs of 'crack in elite'

Washington - AP: U.S. hits 13 people, dozen companies in new Iran sanctions

Daily Mail: Trump denies angry call with Australian Prime Minister - labeling reports 'fake news'; thanks Turnbull for setting record straight

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Washington - Daily Mail: UAE say Donald Trump's migration ban is NOT anti-Islamic and point out that the majority of Muslims are still free to travel to the U.S.

ABC7 - Berkeley: Violent protests by anti-free speech mob forces cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos appearance at university once known for spawning Free Speech Movement

Washington - Fox News: U.S. National Security Adviser Mike Flynn says Iran 'on notice' after missile test

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Washington Examiner: Reuters editor tells his Washington reporters to stop their petty airing of grievances about Trump White House

Washington - Reuters: Trump moves fast, has already frozen $181B of last-minute regulations jammed through by Obama; analysis shows a savings of 5.5M hours of paperwork

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Washington - Reuters: Senate panel backs Price as Health Secretary, Mnuchin for Treasury after Democrats boycott

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Bloomberg: Who will pay for San Francisco's $750M tilting tower?

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Washington: Senate Majority Leader McConnell welcomes President Trump's naming of Judge Neil Gorsuch to open seat on U.S. Supreme Court

updated Washington - AP: Foot-dragging Democrats force additional delays in votes on 3 more Trump Cabinet nominees; have approved only 4 Cabinet Secretaries; by same point in 2009 Senate had approved 12 Obama Secretaries

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Flashback - The Hill: In 2015, Democrats fretted refugee numbers; Schumer: "a pause may be necessary"; Durbin: "background checks need to be redoubled in terms of refugees"

Bob Fredericks - NY Post: Iran defies UN resolution, tests ballistic missile

Washington - Reuters: Saudi King agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones: White House

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Phoenix - AP: Trump reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law

Calgary - BNN: TransCanada says already readying re-application for Keystone XL permit; "KXL will generate tens of millions of dollars in annual property taxes to counties along the route as well as more than $3B to U.S. GDP"

After wasting big $$: Govt democracy survey finds Canadians "generally satisfied with Canada’s democracy" and they like "a voting system that is easy to understand"

Breitbart: Justin Trudeau booed at disastrous town hall as Forum poll shows his approval at lowest level

Edmonton - CBC: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley applauds Trump's Keystone XL approval

Mike Blanchfield - CP: Federal Court rejects Quebec law professor’s bid to condemn Ottawa’s $15B Saudi arms deal

CBC: Cross-border expert raises concerns for Canada as Trump has breakfast with automakers; Canadian Govt has to be "quick on its feet"

Toronto - CBC: In full pre-election panic mode, Wynne hints she may reduce electricity delivery charges

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Quebec - CBC: Thieves make off with Bitcoin ATM from Cartierville supermarket

Colby Cosh: Kevin O’Leary didn’t come back for you. In fact, he didn’t come back at all! Lives in U.S., wants to be Canadian PM

Jeff Lagerquist - CTV News: Former Canadian trade negotiator Derek Burney believes Canada and Mexico’s trade agendas share little common ground, and Canada should distance itself from Mexico in Trump negotiations

CBC: Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner flying to Calgary Tuesday to meet with Canadian federal cabinet

Joe Oliver - Financial Post: How Trudeau got mugged by reality as his economic strategy crumbled

updated Bill Curry - Globe and Mail: Trudeau’s cabinet meets with Trump adviser Stephen Schwarzman in Calgary; tells them Canada-U.S. trade in balance, things will go well

Jill Slattery - Global News: Vancouver ranked third most unaffordable housing market in the world

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Non-citizens have no right to protest: Montrealers bound for Trump inauguration turned away at border

Josh Wingrove - Bloomberg: Trudeau braces for Trump’s NAFTA gambit during oil-patch huddle

Neighbourly talk - CTV News: Trump and Trudeau talk trade on phone and arrange next steps

CTV News - Ottawa: Canada asks President Trump to approve Keystone XL pipeline

CBC: Anglican Church admits it 'helped to create' conditions for suicide crisis in Wapekeka First Nation

Ottawa: Trudeau congratulates Trump, citing close economic and security ties

Gabe Cherry - '5-D protein fingerprinting' could give insights into Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

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Toronto Sun: Friday the 13th may have finished Trudeau

CBC: Trump Presidency could lead to more 'stable' U.S. foreign policy, Stephen Harper says

CTV News: Foreigners likely tried to influence Canada’s election: ex-CSIS head

'How do you sleep at night?' Virally popular rap video takes aim at Ontario Premier and hydro price hikes

Chris Selley - National Post: Real solution to cutting Ontario power costs is legislating end to ridiculous long-term contracts signed by Liberals

Don Braid: Alberta PCs consider kicking out Jason Kenney before he can dismantle the party?

Arlene Dickinson - CBC: "Kevin's total lack of empathy toward these Canadians who put their heart and soul on the line, I can assure you, was genuine" Canadians deserve a compassionate and caring person to lead their country. Conservatives have several candidates to choose from. Kevin O'Leary shouldn't be one of them.

Globe and Mail - hyperbolic headline: Canadian Embassy the hottest ticket in town for Trump Inauguration

Andrew Coyne: The Senate has no business meddling with the federal budget

Fentanyl crisis: Drug overdoses claim unprecedented 914 lives in B.C. in 2016

John Ivison: Kevin O’Leary is ‘in’ and the Tory leadership race is now his to lose

Ottawa - CBC: Loonie down more than a cent after Poloz leaves door open to rate cut; stronger U.S. dollar, lower oil prices also pull Canadian dollar down

Vancouver - Globe and Mail: B.C. asks Ottawa to declare public health emergency as death toll from overdoses continues to surge

Crux of the Matter: Canada's Conservative race a crowded field

Editorial - Toronto Sun: Wynne, McGuinty bungled green energy

Robert Fife: Canada given advance notice of Trump’s NAFTA demands

Calgary Herald: New endorsement for Kenney as conflict flares among PC party rank and file

Ottawa: Kevin O’Leary joins race for Conservative leadership: 'I'm in'

Montreal Gazette: Animals are more strongly protected than seniors in Quebec, committee hears

Andrew Coyne: Why Kevin O'Leary wouldn't win the Tory leadership

Toronto Sun: Kids escape harm as Markham home sprayed with bullets

CTV: Freezing rain cancels school bus service in southern and eastern Ontario for 2nd day

Quebec City: CBC hires language experts to rank Conservative Leadership candidates purely on French language skills; Chris Alexander won among the non-francophones

Ottawa - CBC: Sources say: Suspended vice-admiral being investigated for alleged leak of classified shipbuilding data

CTV: Kevin O'Leary to announce Conservative leadership bid tomorrow, the day after avoiding French debate

Amherstburg - National Post: Ontario farmer granted meeting with Wynne after Facebook rant about soaring hydro costs; "Finger sandwiches and a tour of Queen's Park won't cut it," said Libby Keenan."People are at a boiling point"

Kingston Whig-Standard: The Tragically Hip nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards

Ottawa - CBC: Million dollar double-decker bus that burned up in Ottawa this morning with no injuries was involved in a 2013 accident

Chris Alexander, Conservative leadership candidate: The Canadian Advantage: It was real. From 2009 until 2015 Canada had the best GDP growth in the G7 – and the best job creation record. In just one year the Liberals have squandered that advantage. Job creation has been replaced by “job churn”

Toronto - CBC: Over $55K raised for family of Hamilton man shot in Mexico

David Akin - National Post: Pressed for details about the history of his relationship with billionaire Aga Khan, Trudeau stays silent

Ottawa - CBC: Internal Govt document raises possibility of taxes on Netflix and other digital services

CTV News: Freezing rain causes school bus cancellations across southern Ontario

Calgary - CBC: Calgary Police Association President Les Kaminski charged with perjury

Montreal - National Post: Judge loses patience with all lawyers involved in former cop’s bookmaking trial

Fredericton - CP: Woman confronts Trudeau about 'Phoenix nightmare'

Mississauga - CBC: Father of teen girl found in Toronto after reported abduction says she's gone missing before; hangs with "wrong crowd"

San Jose Mercury News: Sharks, Joe Thornton pay homage to Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie

Newfoundland: Arson suspected in 3 simultaneous Milltown blazes

Terence Corcoran - Financial Post: Trudeau’s Liberals just got struck by the first shot in Canada’s carbon-tax rebellion

Crux of the Matter: CRA employee got $538,549 for move from Richmond Hill to Belleville

CBC: Ethics watchdog launches investigation into Trudeau's vacation in the Bahamas

Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun: Trudeau’s fading transparency

Toronto Sun: Justin Trudeau booed in Edmonton

Toronto Sun - AP: Hamilton man among dead in Mexico nightclub shooting

Murray Bewster - CBC: Mark Norman, outspoken military vice-chief, relieved of duty without explanation

Jenny Yuen - Toronto Sun: Woman who blasted Trudeau gets online threats

Michael Den Tandt: Here are five ways Canada could benefit from a Trump Presidency

CTV News: Senate seats for sale? Kevin O'Leary says he'd consider it

Rahim Mohamed - True North Initiative: Welcome to Neukölln: Berlin’s 'Hipster Ghetto' serves as both cautionary tale and possible model for Canada

Grace Macaluso - Windsor Star: U.S. border tax threatens Canadian exports, says CAR auto think tank

Tristin Hopper - National Post: Niqabs make witnesses more truthful? Not so fast, says critique of landmark Canadian study

Little Pond, Nova Scotia: Tugs finally free tanker stranded on Cape Breton sand for a week

Canadian Press - National Post: 'Apartheid system': Five suicides in Quebec indigenous communities were avoidable, coroner says