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Older News ~ December 2015 -- June 2016

NOTE: not in normal chronological order


National Post: Ron MacLean says nothing is official on replacing George Stroumboulopoulos as Hockey Night host

Globe and Mail: Rogers planning to replace Stroumboulopoulos with predecessor Ron MacLean on Hockey Night in Canada

Scott Feschuk: Ron MacLean to replace Strombo on Hockey Night in Canada

Andrew Coyne: Senate shows new sense of authority despite giving in on Bill C-14

Don Braid: The NDP's bizarre secrecy on carbon tax impacts

Calgary: Jean and McIver unconcerned by Kenney comments on uniting the right in Alberta

Edmonton: Leaked forecast suggests climate plan could cost Alberta $$ billions, but NDP say analysis is invalid

Rex Murphy: Show some compassion for veteran and war hero Petter Blindheim, Mr. trudeau

CBC rises to mandate: tragically Hip's final tour show, from Kingston, to be streamed live on TV, radio, internet

Halifax: ‘Bureaucratic BS’: Nova Scotia Premier condemns Ottawa Liberals' refusal to grant 94-year-old veteran a hospital bed

Windsor: Local man, Mohammed El Shaer, who made repeated mysterious journeys to Middle East arrested on terrorism peace bond

Michael Den Tandt: Five ways the Liberals’ policy on genocidal ISIS is a bungled, confusing mess; incompetents and incompetence

Toronto: Three ex-OPP union leaders among those charged with fraud, money laundering after RCMP probe

Thomas Walkom: Canada’s complicated relationship with Russia likely to become more so

updated Calgary: One dead after multi-stabbing attack at Olive Medical Clinic

Ottawa: Liberals refuse to compromise on C-14, send assisted dying bill back to Senate without changes voted in by Senators; if no movement, the stand-off could keep Parliament sitting in both Houses all summer

updated Elizabeth Thompson: Un-Googled: trudeau Government had Harper web pages removed from search results; Google explains why it was an unnecessary step, webpages are crawled and updated automatically

London: Government-fed and housed Syrian refugees complain about food and housing in petition; group helping them puzzled; Canadian-provided Middle East food not 'authentic' enough?

Contrary to election promises: Ottawa owes veterans no ‘duty of care,’ federal lawyers argue; Liberals revive argument rejected by Conservatives

Andrew Coyne: Behold the literal-minded citizens who triumphed in rewriting our national anthem

Ottawa: House of Commons passes controversial lyric change to 'O Canada'; Senate offers next potential roadblock to rushed bill

Ottawa: Senate report outlines Canada's top 10 'weirdest barriers to trade', with a potential cost to national GDP of between $50B and $130B

Calgary: Wildfire loss to oilsands production of at least 30 million barrels worth $1.4B

Ottawa: Only 4 Liberal MPs agreed with Conservatives, NDP and UN, EU and U.S. that ISIS is committing genocide

George Petrolekas: The CF-18 capability gap: Time for some transparency

Newfoundland: Pain at the pumps – prices soar as government gas tax doubles

Father Raymond J. de Souza: There’s no doubt about it — we are at war

Robyn Urback: How many cabinet shuffles would it take to redeem Ontario’s Liberal government? Minister who oversaw secret payments to teachers now responsible for govt "openness" and "transparency"

John Ivison: Canadians not so eager to weaken our country’s anti-terrorism legislation anymore

Calgary: Canada turned down chance to rescue Philippine hostages, says security expert

Ottawa: Fans want Hip on the Hill for Canada Day

John Shannon: Gordie Howe and Muhammad Ali defined the first 'TV Generation'

London, Ontario: Mayor taking leave following affair with deputy mayor

Ottawa: trudeau, most Liberal MPs vote against Tory motion declaring ISIS atrocities as genocide; supported by NDP, Bloc, and 4 Liberal MPs; allies have already made the declaration

$800,00 question: Tories trigger debate on infrastructure minister's expensive office renovations

John Yakabuski: Provincial Liberals' energy policies beyond disastrous

Recognition lost: Liberals cancel tradition of commemorative medal awards to citizens for Canada’s 150th birthday; Minister refuses to talk to media

Windsor: Ontario gives Fiat Chrysler $80M grant

David Akin: The petty politics of trudeau’s 'Canada-is-back' gang

Manhunt over: No one found; downtown Toronto buildings re-open following police investigation

Stephen Gordon: What do voters want from their electoral system? Just ask them

Crux of the Matter: 'Friends of Broadcasting' asks if Stephen Harper poisoned the well?

Kingston: Aboriginal lawyer claims justice system is racist because natives not treated differently enough from other Canadians when committing same crimes; isn't justice supposed to be blind?

Halifax: Liberals to short-shrift Canadian engineers and buy old, off-the-shelf warship designs; officially end transparency on program costs to avoid embarrassment

Sammamish: Canadian Brooke Henderson birdies first playoff hole to win her first women’s major golf title at age 18; first LPGA title by a Canadian since Sandra Post in 1968

Matthew Fisher: Why the Super Hornets will force Canada out of its own north

Alberta: Ezra Levant sues second Twitter user for allegations of profit from Rebel Fort McMurray disaster relief campaign that promoted giving to Red Cross

Rona Ambrose - June 9th: ISIL is committing genocide. Canada’s government should acknowledge that

Will Canadians replace them? South African firefighters in pay dispute leave Fort McMurray; why did Alberta Govt sign under-paying contract?

Lorrie Goldstein: Billion-dollar boondoggle; there’s a $1.14B annual gap -- to be paid for by people of Ontario -- in Premier Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme

Ontario: Wood stove phase out will hurt rural and northern residents

Tahir Gora: Open letter: PM trudeau! Please assure me and Canadians about free press

Matthew Fisher: Britons priming the pomp for Queen’s 90th birthday

Andrew Coyne: Forget about rushing to make electoral reform deadline, let’s just get it right; which many think it is already

700+ jobs for Ontario: GM adds engineering centre for self-driving cars in Markham, expands cold weather testing facility in Kapuskasing

John Ivison: Emotional vote on anthem bill masks bitter debate over changing words to O Canada; “The national anthem is not some malleable plaything for politicians”

Kelly McParland: NATO request puts Liberal support for peacekeeping to the test

High-paying aerospace jobs will evaporate: Lockheed Martin says it will pull $825M in F-35 contracts if Canada buys another plane; a loss of $10B to Canadian companies over lifetime of aircraft

Ottawa: Bill C-14 could be 'completely rejected' on return to Red Chamber, cautions Tory Senate leader

Ottawa: Ambrose says constituents upset by amendments from unelected Senate

Richard Shimooka: Liberal Govt fighter jet replacement process flawed; Danish report clearly shows F-35 lowest cost to both procure and operate, with a total life-cycle cost of only 70% of Super Hornet; as a result, Denmark is buying F-35

Not for all: Ottawa Hospital's radical MS treatment can halt disease – but could be fatal

Ottawa: High-risk Canadian MS treatment yields 'impressive' results, Lancet finds

Tied to national plane purchases: Lockheed may shift current F-35 work away from Canada

Fort McMurray: Rainy season returns along with heavy rain warnings that weakened roots may topple burned trees

Ottawa: Canada jobs grow by 13,800 in May; fewer people searched for work sending unemployment rate down to 6.9%

Bestiality: Only one Supreme Court judge rules all sex with animals illegal in controversial 6-1 decision involving exploited children

Ottawa: Liberals ‘considering’ NATO request that 1,000 Canadian troops be deployed in Eastern Europe

James Bowden: Jean-Pierre Kingsley is wrong: electoral reform is a constitutional matter

Ottawa: Locksmith's van swallowed by infamous sinkhole will stay put, encased in concrete, filled with tools

Ottawa: Tougher laws needed to prevent ‘selling access’ to Liberals: ethics watchdog

Toronto: Police arrest 14 in raids, discover drug lab; 16 warrants executed from Kingston to Mississauga

Ottawa: Senate removes near-death requirement from assisted-dying bill; Sen. George Baker predicts there will be 'many, many' amendments proposed

Kevin Libin: The false ‘choice’ of Kathleen Wynne’s high-cost, low-carbon Utopia

Toronto Sun editorial: Wynne’s agitprop worse than McGuinty

Big Govt: Ontario launches pie-in-the-sky climate change plan aimed at controlling every citizen's use of energy

Lorrie Goldstein: Big lies about climate change

Hip, Hip: Toronto and Mississauga both want to host free tragically Hip shows for fans shut out of final tour and blocked by scalper prices

Financial Post: Union threatens strike at GM Canada if new vehicles aren’t allocated to Oshawa plant

Ottawa: Videotron wants trudeau to maintain Harper’s telecom policies

Calgary: Former journalist Arthur Kent wins 'Dud Scud' defamation lawsuit against Postmedia and its columnist Don Martin

Toronto: Ontario Auditor General finds Pan Am Games $342M over budget, but bonuses still paid

Matt Gurney: Liberals’ ‘interim’ Super Hornets procurement plan risks becoming the EH-101s, all over again

Oshawa: GM expected to announce 1,000 engineering jobs in Ontario

Don Braid: Carbon tax becomes an Alberta reality, at $3 billion a year

Colby Cosh: In the bad old days we used the word ‘unconstitutional,’ but Liberal legislation is never that

Turmoil: Union calls for independent investigation into Toronto Star reporter’s death

Kelly McParland: Leadership candidate Cheri DiNovo says what NDP really believes: If you want something, you shouldn’t have to pay for it

Conservative leadership: Maxime Bernier says CRTC should be phased out as telecom czar

Ostrander Point victory: Ontario Environmental Review Panel finds remedial measures proposed by wind turbine corp and provincial govt not acceptable, revokes approval for seven wind turbines

Stephen Brunt: Growing up Ali

‘He is from Windsor’: Canadian identified as leader of ISIL affiliate in Bangladesh

Toronto: Don Cherry, Sportsnet agree to multi-year deal to keep 82-year-old icon on the air

Ottawa: Liberals miss membership payment to stay in F-35 consortium; officials say it's coming, though

Manitoba: Pallister Govt to expand cancer drug coverage

Toronto: Federal Minister orders Canada Post to stop delivering satirical newspaper; Editor appeals, says being censored due to criticism of Liberal Govt

Ontario: Woodstock high school students plan walk-out following 5 teen suicides

Toronto: Ontario NDP MLA Cheri DiNovo will seek federal NDP leadership

Toronto: PCs accuse Ontario Liberals of rewarding supporters as $900K government contract comes to light

John Ivison: By sole-sourcing Super Hornets, Liberals now look identical to Tories on fighter-jets file

Defense News: Liberals to buy Super Hornet fighter/bombers in interim move?

Ottawa: Liberals planning to buy Super Hornet jets before making final decision on F-35s, sources say

Ottawa: Prickly elections chief Marc Mayrand stepping down ahead of Liberal reforms

Ottawa: More not less centralized control for trudeau PMO say experts

Arthur Milnes: On the anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's death, his legacy is still unparalleled

Singing trail blazer: Bobby Curtola, 1960s Canadian teen idol, dead at 73

Ottawa: ‘Forget his selfies, ’cause it’s all about me’: Sophie Gregoire trudeau uses song to poke fun at Press Gallery Dinner

Ottawa: Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould's warnings about assisted dying don't tell the whole story

Plane wars: Embraer fires another shot across Bombardier’s bow, but this time it’s different

Anatomy of a disaster: Fort McMurray wildfire ‘most likely human caused,’ Alberta senior wildfire manager says

David Reevely: Ontario's wind-power decision makes it look like a 'banana republic,' ex-Deputy Premier tells tribunal

Playing us for suckers? Benevolent Canada seen as ‘easy mark’ to take Australia’s refugees

Anastasia Lin: Canada needs a spine when it comes to China’s behaviour

Loss of a legend: Toronto author Ed Zawadzki recounts how gracious Muhammad Ali was attending Chuvalo tribute

Winnipeg: Justin trudeau says Canada expressed 'dissatisfaction' over Chinese minister's outburst; says media freedom 'important' to him

Reuters: Canada's Couche-Tard said to be competing with Japanese parent of 7-Eleven to acquire U.S. convenience store retailer CST Brands, a major fuel retailer in Canada and the U.S.

Ottawa: Canada runs near-record trade deficit of $2.94B in April as Liberal budget kicks in

Chris Hall: Summer can't come soon enough for trudeau's limping Liberals

Toronto: Canada AM signs off with smiles and sighs; to be replaced next week by simulcast from CTV News Channel before replacement show announced

Ottawa: Liberals' minor committee concession being spun as proof they're 'consultative'; but remain against public referendum on changing historic voting model

Toronto: Shock Canada AM cut came with only 24 hours notice; replacement show has two well-known hosts

Toronto: Iconic CTV morning show Canada AM will sign off Friday after 43 years [video]

Edmonton: Numbers on energy industry growth, climate commitments don't add up: Left-wing report

Chris Varcoe: Time to re-visit barriers to Chinese investment in oilsands — or not?

Ottawa: Canadian reporter berated by China's foreign minister speaks out; Clement says diplomat's undiplomatic remarks "absolutely unacceptable"

Andrew Coyne: Finer points of consent missing in assisted suicide bill

As promised: Toronto plant to make French’s ketchup for Canada from Leamington tomatoes

Ottawa: Public being misled about Canadian special forces in Iraq, says Ambrose

Terence Corcoran: Ontario's rude awakening from its California carbon dreams

Greenwood: Dead soldier’s family banned from home on N.S. base, military refuses to release will

Ottawa: Canada says Russia didn't properly warn about rocket over Arctic

Crux of the Matter: Systemic arrogance why parents pulling kids out of public schools

Susan Delacourt: Are you listening, Mr. trudeau? He won power by ignoring his critics. To govern, he has to start talking to them.

Ottawa: Michelle Rempel calls out the CBC for accusing the Conservatives of lying in bizarre Twitter exchange

Winnipeg: City police officially and unusually deny they were involved in any incident involving Hunter Tootoo at Liberal convention on weekend

International meddlers: OECD tells Canada to allow foreign ownership in airlines, telecom and broadcasting

Ottawa: trudeau says Tootoo left cabinet and caucus "after a very difficult situation", won't elaborate

Ottawa: Hunter Tootoo resigns as Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, leaves Liberal caucus; second Govt MP to take break due to addiction

David Reevely: Ontario Liberals are stonewalling their own government’s budget watchdog, he says

Wakes up, smells its mandate: CBC in talks to broadcast final Kingston concert of The tragically Hip as Gord Downie does last lap for the fans while fighting brain cancer

Govt too busy abroad for homework? Tory, Liberal Senate leaders call assisted suicide bill ‘unconstitutional’ as deadline nears

Fraser Institute: Warning for Canada; government red tape burdens U.S. productivity

Not enough nanny state? Ottawa not tracking how cities spend gas-tax money, watchdog warns

Ottawa: Canada’s economy grows 2.4% in first quarter, but misses expectations

Fort McMurray: First residents return home Wednesday, others delayed by arsenic, other compounds found in ash

Andrew Coyne: Conservatives seem liberated by their election defeat

Ottawa: Amendments to assisted dying bill defeated, C-14 passes report stage; it will return to House tomorrow for 3rd reading where it will face vote to send it on to Senate

National Post View: Canada’s unelected democracy

Mission: Indian Government accuses Surrey man of running 'terror camp' at shooting range in B.C.

Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Consumer Confidence Index: Optimism returning to Canada oil heartland along with $50 crude

Toronto: Premier Wynne officially apologizes to Indigenous communities for 'generations of abuse'; Ontario Regional Chief calls residential schools 'Canada's Apartheid,' welcomes apology from province

Crux of the Matter: trudeau proposal at Liberal Convention vs Stephen Harper record

Kelly McParland: Canada’s pot industry just failed its first test

Ottawa doublespeak: trudeau hired nanny under temporary foreign worker program — before he became a vocal critic of it

Tower of Babel: Liberals replace govt communications co-ordination with nothing — no one will know who is speaking on or for govt policy, or when

Robert Fulford: The CBC always says it wants to ‘tell our stories.’ What’s it waiting for?

After weeks wasted: 1,000 firefighters, including Americans and 300 South Africans arrive in Edmonton to fight still-out-of-control Fort McMurray wildfire

Ottawa: New child benefit could pose pitfalls for divorced couples; courts could soon be clogged; no direction given to courts

Matt Gurney: Harper won’t miss the job. In time, Canadians may miss him.

Michael Den Tandt: trudeau can laugh at Conservatives all he wants, but Liberals better watch their backs, they're coming

Winnipeg: trudeau and minions force through membership change geared to grabbing data from those who 'join', centralizing power

Fort McMurray: Suncor starts to bring oil sands back online

Iraq: U.S. says Canadian special forces are involved in major offensive against ISIS

Adam Radwanski: The openness of the Tories at their convention is the story of the weekend

Lorrie Goldstein: trudeau’s whiners: No political party has ever been more sanctimonious or hypocritical than the Liberals

Kingston: Canadian journalist Stanley Burke dead at 93

Susan Delacourt: Winnipeg: American Democratic Party campaign gurus now trying to glean lessons from Liberal win

Vancouver: Confident Tories emerge from convention united, ready to take on trudeau

David Akin: Whip Gord Brown — trudeau's target in Elbowgate — a Tory celebrity at Vancouver convention

Winnipeg: Grassroots Liberals uneasy over trudeau’s plan to transform party

Joe Oliver: The Liberals spent $9B in a single month, just so they could say there was a deficit

Crux of the Matter: Former PM Stephen Harper thanks Canada & reminds CPC of their roots

Vancouver: Conservative Party is debt-free and has cash in the bank; only party that's filed its detailed election spending information, as required by law

Christie Blatchford: Gord Downie and The Hip show us what a good death really means

Vancouver: 'A fabulous moment': Conservative delegates shift to more neutral position on same-sex marriage

Vancouver: Yes to same-sex marriage, no to Rona Ambrose: Tories begin heated debate on party policies

Chris Hall: A tale of two conventions; CBC's The House interviews Jason Kenney and contrasts the Conservative and Liberal conventions in Winnipeg and Vancouver

Vancouver: Rona Ambrose talks big tent, Conservatives deep record of women in leadership positions, and the re-building outreach ahead

Candice Malcom: Harper, trudeau, a study in contrasts

Edmonton: Wildrose suspends MLA over insult about Wynne; had responded quickly to a social media post

Don Braid: Ontario gets an earful in Alberta legislature

'It's unlawful': Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders defends pot dispensary raids; 43 storefront pot shops raided, more than 90 arrested, 186 charges laid

Toronto: Police press conference on major raids on unlicensed marijuana dispensaries turns unruly as pot advocates show up and pepper Chief with questions

Orlando: Pulse killer had 5 Facebook accounts, posted messages
warning more ISIS attacks coming, pledged allegiance to ISIS leader

Ottawa: ISIS 'kill list' has 151 Canadian names; police now contacting

Big Apple's 'Eiffel'? Proposal puts iconic 1200-foot thrill ride
on or beside Manhattan's Madison Square Garden

The Halo would be a vertical, urban amusement ride, where visitors would rise and fall 1200 feet vertically at speeds tuned to their desired thrill level. There would be 11 tower rides around the circumference of the tower, some fast, some slow, to match the excitement level desired. The proponents calim it will be "an experience of New York that no one will ever forget and most people will want to repeat." They say their proposal comes in response to Governor Cuomo’s call to re-imagine Penn Station as a mixed use destination that will “captivate the world’s interest and provide economic development.” New York’s high-tech version of the Eiffel Tower would be a thrill ride taller than the Empire State Building, and another icon on the skyline.

Orlando: Gun used wasn't an AR-15, but it doesn't matter;
killer had 3 hours inside after on-duty cop at door failed to stop him;
currently "lowest per capita firearms homicides in U.S. history" says FBI

Orlando break: Killer's wife knew about attack, could face charges

Russkiegate: DNC hacked by Russian Govt; stole research on trump

Watergate office complex in Washington , D.C. which housed the Democratic National Committee offices burgled in 1972. The break-in and cover-up have come to be known simply as 'Watergate'. Revelation today that once again the Democratic National Committee has been burgled, this time by Russian Govt hackers, brings it all back home.

TIME: trump: "When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats."

Excerpt from speech today in New Hampshire by Donald trump following attack in Orlando Sunday. Click above for full speech transcript from TIME magazine. trump previously cancelled a large rally scheduled for tonight in New Hampshire in deference to the victims.

Manila: Second Canadian hostage, Robert Hall, killed in Philippines
by Islamist terrorists as ransom deadline passes — report

Orlando: Killer Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS in 911 call pre-attack

Washington: Obama: 'An act of terror and act of hate'

Orlando: ISIS wallows in hateful massacre, praises gay nightclub
bloodbath 3 days after warning Florida would be a target

The face of evil. Mass murderer Omar Mateen, 29, of Port St. Lucie, Florida. His father Mir Mateen told NBC News that the sight of two men kissing angered his son. Mateen exchanged gunfire with an officer working at the gay club known as Pulse around 2 a.m., when more than 300 people were inside. The gunman then went back inside and took hostages, Police Chief John Mina said. Around 5 a.m., authorities sent in a SWAT team to rescue the hostages. TMZ reports they have "done a records search and found he held a Florida security officer license and a state firearms license." CNN reports "The 29-year-old suspect was known to the FBI, the officials said -- one of hundreds of people on the agency's radar suspected of being ISIS sympathizers, according to two law enforcement officials."

Orlando: Gunman ID'd as Omar Mateen, 29, of Port St. Lucie who "may have ties to extremist Islamic ideologies" say federal and local authorities

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says authorities are working hard to identify all the victims. He says he asked the Governor to declare the state of emergency.

Orlando: 50 dead, 53 injured in Orlando nightclub terrorism attack, state of emergency declared; police rescued 30 hostages, killed perpetrator

Witness Christopher Hansen described it as sounding "like a shooting range" as gunman started firing repeatedly into packed dance floor at about 2 a.m. as music thumped in Pulse nightclub.

London: Queen's 90th birthday celebrated with huge military parade

Top, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive at Buckingham Palace for Saturday's festivities. Bottom, Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Anne, (l to r), on horses, during the trooping the Colour parade. ~ Tim Ireland

Detroit: Legendary Gordie Howe dead at 88

Gordie Howe dominated hockey in an era of dominant players and outlasted them all. Here he is against the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1960s before helmets became mandatory. Howe held dozens of records for decades and became known as 'Mr. Hockey', equally feared for his elbows and tough play and his brilliant offensive skills. After his NHL era he joined the WHA and played with his sons Mark and Marty.

Toronto: Court awards Iran’s non-diplomatic assets
in Canada to terror victims in $13M case

Fort McMurray: Imported South African firefighters refuse to fight fires over pay dispute; province says not to blame; Alberta continues to burn

Tehran: Canadian professor Homa Hoodfar jailed in Iran's Evin prison

Tel Aviv: Israel clamps down after deadly Tel Aviv cafe attack

Israeli soldiers guard a checkpoint at the entrance of the Palestinian village of Yatta in the occupied West Bank, on June 9, 2016 ~ ©Hazem Bader AFP

trudeau wrong: F-35 ‘ready to go,’ company says as U.S. Air Force
prepares to declare stealth fighter combat-ready

CTV News: Ottawa officials investigating cause of giant sinkhole
Did LRT tunnelling cause watermain break that led to sinkhole?

Ottawa: Massive sinkhole shuts down Rideau St. at LRT construction site

A massive sinkhole has spread across Rideau Street in downtown Ottawa. The location is three blocks east of Parliament Hill, at the corner with Sussex Drive. ~ Jean Delisle CBC

Matthew Fisher: Buying Super Hornets, not F-35s,
will saddle RCAF with ‘the wrong aircraft forever’

NY Times: The web’s creator looks to re-invent it

A group of top computer scientists, including Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, gathered in San Francisco on Tuesday to discuss a new phase for the web. Here are some of them. ~ Jason Henry for The New York Times

Joe Oliver: Ontario’s electricity fiasco is going to get much, much worse

Toronto: Ontario 'cash-for-clunkers' program to encourage switch to
electric cars part of ‘climate change action plan’ coming Wednesday

Vancouver: 'Be afraid of Bill C-14': Right-to-die
pioneer Kay Carter's family speaks out

Zika risk is real: Former Olympic swimmer Annamay Pierse is a living testimony to the perils of competing amid health risks ahead of Rio 2016

Health workers prepare to spray insecticide to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that transmits the Zika virus, under the bleachers of the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, which will be used for the Archery competition in the 2016 Summer Games. As bad as dengue is, Zika is worse. ~ Leo Correa AP

Ukraine: Frenchman who planned to kill Muslims and Jews
in Euro 2016 terror attacks arrested with weapons haul

An 'immigrant hating' Frenchman, identified as 25-year-old Gregoire Moutaux, is shown being arrested by Ukrainian police. He is alleged to have planned 15 mass attacks on the Euro 2016 football championship and was found with an arsenal of guns, bombs and ammunition; today he is facing a range of terrorist charges.

NY Times: Muhammad Ali: Worshipped. Misunderstood. Exploited.

Muhammad Ali by Yousuf Karsh, 1970, New York

Phoenix: Born as Cassius Clay, boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Wonder fuel: New look at global retail milk prices says Canucks pay fair price for milk; U.S. farmers heavily subsidized, Canadian farmers aren't

Chris Ryan of St. Isidore, Ontario, with Ninja the cow, says he wants Prime Minister trudeau to 'put on his boxing gloves' to defend the dairy industry. ~ Justin Tang Canadian Press

San Jose: Anti-trump mob attacks trump supporters outside rally as
riot police stand back; eggs, bottles, rocks thrown, blood everywhere

A black eye for San Jose and Silicon Valley as police allow violent mob to assault political rally attendees. Top, trump supporter hit with eggs and bottles thrown by rioting mob. Photo by NBC News correspondent Jacob Rascon. Bottom, photo of mob in street burning American flag. Photo by John Stanton of Buzzfeed

Ghost town no more: Fort McMurray comes back
to life, as residents return after month in exile

Gerald Wong, manager of McMurray TV Centre, stands in the store Wednesday. ~ Kevin Tuong Metro

Vancouver: Breakthrough! UBC scientists identify
gene mutation linked to multiple sclerosis

London: 2,000-year-old handwritten tablet
documents found in preserving 'Londinium' mud

The Romans founded Londinium (London) after their invasion of Britain in A.D. 43. The settlement was destroyed in a Celtic rebellion led by Queen Boudica in A.D. 61, but quickly rebuilt. The discovered documents show that only a few years after it was established, London was already a thriving town of merchants and traders. The records include references to beer deliveries, food orders and legal rulings. One tablet carries the date January 8, A.D. 57, making it Britain's earliest dated hand-written document. Fittingly for a city that is now the world's commercial capital, it's about money - an ancient IOU in which one freed slave promises to repay another "105 denarii from the price of the merchandise which has been sold and delivered." The wooden tablets were preserved in the wet mud of the Walbrook - then a river seen on the map above, now a buried stream.

Toronto: RCMP add terror charge against Ayanle Hassan Ali;
now faces 10 charges in March recruiting centre stabbing attack

Ottawa: Assisted death bill unconstitutional warns Liberal Senator Joyal;
Alberta Court of Appeal ruling shows error in bill's restrictive approach

Oops: Sea levels now dropping in Washington and New York,
previously claimed to be 'hotspots of sea rise acceleration'

UN: 700 migrants feared dead in 3 Mediterranean shipwrecks

London: Health experts urge World Health Organization to
move Rio Olympics; fear worldwide spread of Zika virus

Central planning disease: After committing $$ billions to transit, bureaucrats confounded by drop in ridership as habits, needs change

Fixed-route infrastructure such as streetcar rails and subway tunnels are solid assets in proven high-volume routes. But flexible bus routes make more sense in areas where patterns may change. Central planners who use faulty models can spend $$ billions creating LRT or other expensive infrastructure on routes that will lose ridership and money as new city hubs emerge and transit needs diverge from original assumptions. Some see it as a fundamental conflict between central planning and market-driven solutions. If more people work from home, or have home entertainment centres, or prefer to walk to local stores and services, how is public indebtedness for expensive fixed infrastructure justified? When will wide-open public debate precede expensive central planning solutions?

Stephen Harper pushes unity in first major speech since election; Canada will need "a strong, united Conservative Party ready to govern" in 2019

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at the Conservative Party convention in Vancouver, Thursday, May 26, 2016. He told his Party to stay united and be ready to return to power in the service of Canada and Canadians.

Dublin: Canadian Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers jumps up,
tackles protester who charged podium amid heightened security

NY Times: Could Alzheimer’s stem from infection-fighting residue?
Makes sense to experts — hoped-for breakthrough from Harvard team?

AP: trump passes magic number of 1237 to clinch GOP nomination

Donald trump, according to an Associated Press count, has surpassed the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for President. trump now has at least 1,238 committed delegates, one more than needed. With 303 delegates still at stake in five state primaries on June 7th, trump will easily pad his total, avoiding a contested convention. trump, the only remaining GOP candidate left in the race, will go on to accept the Party nomination in Cleveland in July.

Stephen Harper will step down as MP before Parliament’s fall session

Stephen Harper will resign as the MP for Calgary Heritage before Parliament resumes in the fall, as he pursues new interests on corporate boards and the establishment of a foreign policy institute, according to close confidants of the Conservative former Prime Minister.

Timmins: 55 arrested as cops dismantle drug network exploiting coast, incl Attawapiskat; '60 to 70% of local population has addiction issues': Chief

Ottawa pot czar: Bill Blair blasts unlicensed pot shops as ‘reckless’

Mutation journal: Smoking cannabis can alter DNA 'causing mutations that can trigger serious illness, including cancer' — in their heirs as well

Ottawa: transport Canada urges people to stop aiming lasers at planes

Show must go on: Iconic Canadian rockers tragically Hip singer
Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer; final summer tour anyway

Stewart Thomson: Gold stocks versus the Dow

Torrential rains forecast: #Brexit results may hinge on weather, a wild card for investors and patriots alike

Detroit: Chevrolet sales edge up; leads with 5 vehicles taking top initial quality awards

Big One coming? 'Large-scale motion' detected along San Andreas fault

Inaudible to humans: Caribbean Sea emits mysterious whistling noise which can be ‘heard’ from space

First major league team for gambling mecca: Las Vegas awarded NHL expansion team; home in new T-Mobile Arena

'No-brainer' or not? Tesla shareholders should be very worried about dilution right now

Cannibalizing iPhone dominates bottom line as other products shrink: The reason everyone says Apple is a one-trick pony is because it is

Morning Consult poll: Voters trust trump over Hillary to keep America safe

Russkiegate: Hacker 'Guccifer 2.0' publishes DNC campaign docs with strategies for defending Clinton on Benghazi, other Middle East policy failures

Joanne Nova: Bring on the climate fraud game? If Exxon can be sued, so can Al Gore, renewables, insurance, banks...

London: #Brexit polls and markets disagree as campaign enters final hours — and that could mean a messy morning after

Daily Mail comment: If you believe in Britain, vote Leave. Lies, greedy elites and a divided, dying Europe — why we could have a great future outside a broken EU

Presidential showdown: In speech today, trump to ramp up critique of Clinton as failed Secretary of State who is out of step with Americans on trade and immigration

Syria: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's sprawling desert mansion found abandoned amid claims the ISIS leader on the run after airstrike

Vote is Thursday: Economic ‘experts’ warning about negative effects of #Brexit are like the Nazis who ran a smear campaign against Albert Einstein, says Conservative Michael Gove

Zika fears: Golfer Rory McIlroy latest high-profile athlete to pull out of Rio Olympics; virus a 'risk' he is 'unwilling to take'

Sudden platform pivot: Now Hillary says she wants to make America great again, too; after saying things were wonderful, she smells the coffee

#Brexit: UK newspapers take sides in 'should we stay or should we go' showdown

Deadly error: Cops ordered NOT to pursue Pulse killer; Officer says told to wait while victims lay dead and dying, and Mateen fled to club bathroom

The end of a seafaring nation? Britain faces massive sailor shortfall because youngsters won't go to sea without access to Facebook

#Brexit: Undecided? Read this essential guide giving 20 reasons why you should choose to leave

Donald Luskin: trump’s pro-growth path to victory

#Brexit: Britain is great, we are all very polite (but there are too many illegal immigrants): Europeans living here have their say

Marian Tupy: Britain willl regain the full sovereignty it started to lose 42 years ago if it chooses #Brexit

Los Angeles: Musk pushes Tesla to become one-stop electric shop by buying his other company Solar City and adding huge debt; Tesla stock tumbles

#Brexit: Cameron insists immigration CAN be curbed within the EU despite near-record figures in bad-tempered interview as referendum campaign enters final stages

Rio de Janeiro: Amazon jaguar mascot shot dead after Olympic torch ceremony

Seoul: North Korea fires 2 suspected mid-range ballistic missiles

Twin Falls: Idaho town torn by alleged child rape, fear of refugees

Matthew Fisher: #Brexit dreamers counting on a revival of the Old Commonwealth

Amman: Jordan seals last entry point for Syria refugees after suicide blast

New York: 3 arrested after cache of weapons found in van at Holland Tunnel

Campaign myths explored: Gun lobby in deep minor leagues compared to lobbyists funding Clinton campaign; Hillary lobbyists linked to 1990s Clinton legislation which triggered 2008 economic meltdown

Wall Street Journal: Not just the 1%: the upper middle class is larger and richer than ever

Cumana: Venezuelans ransack stores, riot in streets as widespread hunger grips South American nation

Jerusalem: Israel wants someone to build $5B island off Gaza — so Palestinians can have their own seaport and airport

Pittsburgh: White TV anchor fired after racial comments fights back with discrimination lawsuit

Brussels: Man with fake suicide belt sparks alert at Belgian mall

Amman: Car bomb attack on Jordan border troops kills 6, wounds 14

Los Angeles: Two big wildfires in LA-area foothills burn toward each other

Matt Drudge: Clinton campaign works to have ex-Secret Service author blacklisted from networks; fear revelations from insider book 'Crisis of Character'

John Rubino: Brexit rules the week

CNBC poll: A quarter of U.S. voters undecided; virtual tie in U.S. Presidential race has Clinton only slightly ahead; Orlando had no impact on polling

Lewandowski fired: trump campaign manager is out

Roger Aronoff: Media mislead about Mateen’s motives

trump: U.S. should consider Israeli model of profiling terror suspects

Michael Goodwin: 9/11 all but forgotten as Obama undermines America’s resolve

NY Post: Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth

Cairo: Egyptian court sentences 2 Al-Jazeera employees to death

Sharyl Attkisson: Media distorting facts to serve world elites at levels never seen before

Missed signals: A life of violent threats paved way for Orlando attack; Omar Mateen let people know he was a violent, dangerous person capable of murder; many of his violent outbursts aped or celebrated Islamic terrorism and he repeatedly claimed connections to known terrorists

Wife was legal witness: Orlando terrorist signed over home to brother-in-law in April for $10 showing advance planning for Pulse attack

Birstall: ‘Mild mannered’ man’s murder of UK MP stuns locals; he helped immigrants learn English; MP Cox had tried to break up a fight when she was shot, stabbed, kicked

Flashback: Iconic structures under construction

Mombasa: ‘I find no violation of human dignity’: Kenya upholds use of anal probes to test for gay sex, a jailable offence

Cairo: Second black box from crashed EgyptAir flight retrieved

Internal memo: Dozens of U.S. diplomats press Obama to strike Syria's Assad in a scathing critique of White House policy

Current rules work but FBI failed again: When Pulse killer tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition in May he was turned down and the gun shop owner contacted FBI

CNN: Pulse killer and his wife texted each other during terror rampage

John Lott: Why terrorists target gun-free zones

Cairo: Damaged cockpit recorder of crashed EgyptAir jet recovered from sea

Washington: Obama mocks trump, but he has barred immigrants, many Muslim, 6 times

West Yorkshire: UK MP Jo Cox dead; shot and stabbed repeatedly as she walked to library meeting with constituents; local 'loner' arrested

USA Today: Pros and cons to banning Russia from Rio Olympics

NY Times: Even with confession of cheating, world’s doping watchdog did nothing

Keith Olbermann: ‘Would you like to get beaten up by Gordie Howe?’: A remembrance - in Sports Illustrated

Washington Post: Will Supreme Court end affirmative action in college admissions and stick to academic qualifications for higher education?

Georgia: Home Depot files antitrust lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard

Russkiegate: DNC files leaked online; allegedly stolen by Russian hackers, files from Democratic National Committee showing outdated, name-calling attacks on trump, and other documents, linked here

Walt Disney World: Police find remains of toddler snatched up by gator in Florida

Washington: trump, GOP lawmakers open door to restricting gun buys for those on watch list

Silver spoon terrorist: Driven to school in a limo, celebrated 9/11 attack in high school and claimed Osama bin Laden was an uncle, threatened mass homicide at age 10, taught by father to disrespect women teachers, at elementary school “all the girls were scared of him”

The Hill: Political correctness to blame for Orlando massacre

Selective name-calling: Democrats call political opponents terrorists, but not actual terrorists

Daniel John Sobieski: Islamist homophobia: the unspoken truth about Orlando

Root causes: Don't look now, but we're at war again in Afghanistan; Pulse killer said to 911 operator: "he wanted America to stop bombing his country," victim Patience Carter told media

Paris: French police alerted to possible arrival of extremists from Syria heading to Belgium and France, which remains under high alert

Florida: Details emerge about killer's wife

Perk up: UN: Coffee no longer deemed possible carcinogen

Orlando: Disney donates million dollars, matches donations by its employees, and providing complimentary accommodations for out-of-town families of shooting victims

Walmart: SWAT team kills gunman who took hostages at Texas Walmart

Reliable sources: Russia reportedly set to release Clinton's intercepted emails

The night of horror: Injured survivor lost two friends; "She thought she heard the shooter talk with other co-conspirators. He said he had snipers outside. She could not believe one man could cause all this mayhem."

Catherine Herridge: Orlando attacker’s ties to American suicide bomber in Syria ‘deeper’ than thought

Pierre Gosselin: Powerful natural oceanic factor confirmed; global surface temperatures continue their fall

Hollie McKay: Mateen's twin trips to Saudi Arabia raise suspicions

Should've had better parents: Orlando shooter's dad: Pulse nightclub should've had better security

NY Times: High-speed internet a utility, fed appeals court rules; backs net neutrality belief that broadband companies not allowed to block or slow delivery of internet content to consumers

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Orlando attacker’s father clearly an extremist as a Taliban member; wouldn’t have been admitted under proper vetting

Paris: French police killer pledged allegiance to ISIS

Nature: The detailed impact of more CO2: "most plant species show higher rates of photosynthesis, increased growth, decreased water use"

Daily Mail: Portrait of the Pulse killer before 'something changed'; was he radicalized during travels to Middle East, by wife with whom he did not live, or 'self-radicalized'?

Orlando Sentinel: Killer's wife has stopped co-operating with police: report

The Hill: Orlando shooter's classmate: He was gay

Zero Hedge: Julian Assange warns WikiLeaks will publish "enough evidence" to indict Hillary Clinton

Orlando: Casing the joint; killer Mateen visited Pulse nightclub a dozen times before shooting, witness says

Where's the long, hot summer? Record Snow in Alaska – Brazil coldest in 22 years – Argentina buried in snow – South Africa snows: Climate Depot

Washington Post: As Clinton shifts on ‘radical Islam’ label, trump claims credit; Hillary won't say what laws would have stopped killer

Politico: Clinton breaks from Obama, calls Orlando attack 'radical Islamism'

Climate control gone wrong: Tasmanian Hydro seeded clouds before disastrous floods

Redmond: Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2B in cash

Quickly growing market for big producers: U.S. pork shipments to China more than double in 2016

Brexit and DCexit: British and U.S. voters put a halt to elitism?

Orlando: Killer was a registered Democrat who voted in recent elections

NY Times: Orlando gay nightclub owner reports recent online contact with suspect; checking security video

Washington Post: Orlando killer’s father supports Afghan Taliban, hosted a TV show, pretends to be Afghanistan’s President

Zero Hedge: Orlando killer Mateen worked for same security company paid to transport illegal immigrants inside U.S.; interviewed by FBI 3 times

KTLA: ‘Heavily armed’ man arrested in Santa Monica;
said he was going to LA gay pride parade: Mayor

Washington: White House calls FBI probe into Clinton's classified emails a 'criminal investigation' – to glee of Republicans – on the same day Obama endorses her

Stupid file: Expensively turning carbon dioxide into rock instead of letting it naturally turn into food and trees

Orlando: 'The Voice' singer, 22, murdered after concert while signing autographs; brother credited with saving other lives after he tackled lone gunman

EU Referendum: Massive swing to #Brexit – with just 12 days to go

Well-defined for voters: All the political baggage Hillary Clinton has accumulated over her long career

Tom Blackwell: Why Americans collectively shrugged when Hillary Clinton made history this week

Athens: Patented retractable hybrid propulsion system for large ships reduces requirements for energy wasting and polluting ballast water

BBC: Hands-free phone use by drivers 'equally distracting'; part of brain used is reason, say researchers

Denmark: 11th ally to fly stealth fighter; 27 F-35A models purchased from Lockheed in $3B deal; turned down Boeing which mounted expensive last-ditch push to sell older F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

NY Times: New analysis says trump has better path to victory than previously thought, even if vote is on racial lines

Negligence: Emails in Clinton probe dealt with planned drone strikes

Fort Worth: F-35 production set to quadruple as massive factory retools

Jonathan Manthorpe: Britain's Brexit moment; Beginning of the end, or end of the beginning?

Terror attack: Palestinian gunmen kill 4 Israelis in Tel Aviv, 5 wounded

Terry Glavin: The Assyrians’ plight has been overshadowed by the suffering of the Yazidis. But they are very much in danger

Kalamazoo County: 5 cyclists dead in Michigan after truck hits group; driver fled, caught by police

Hollywood: Unsinkable Bill Simmons prepares to launch 'Any Given Wednesday' on HBO

PBS: trump wins by landslide in California, New Jersey and elsewhere, reaches out to Sanders supporters who want change

Vanity Fair: Did Bernie Sanders hand trump the election?

LA Times: Clinton declares 'milestone' with primary wins; Sanders rips unelected superdelegates

Nomiki Konst: Bernie Sanders kicked off a revolution. And it's just getting started

Robyn Urback: What was a Canadian MP doing campaigning for Bernie Sanders?

Berlin: Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016

Minnesota: Patients at two Minneapolis hospitals exposed to workers with active TB

Los Angeles: As California's End of Life act goes into effect, some doctors question where to draw the line

Turkey: Car bomb attack against police kills 11 in Istanbul

With math on his side: Bern, baby, Bern till the bitter end

Wrong to count votes of unbound superdelegates before convention: Bernie Sanders rejects media reports declaring Hillary Clinton presumptive nominee

Fading fad? People spending much less time on social media apps: report

The 'Three Amigos' are drifting apart: "There are now more Mexicans in the U.S. than there are Canadians in Canada"

The Guardian: European churches say growing flock of Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity

'Crisis of Character' bombshell: Secret Service agent to release tell-all book about the Clinton White House and the culture that 'sickened' him

London: Global stocks rise as weaker U.S. dollar lifts copper, oil

Ramadan: Saudi King Salman calls on Muslims to close ranks, renounce extremism

Lima: Ex-World Bank economist with narrow lead in Peru election

Anthony Watts: CNBC breaks with the climate disaster narrative of MSM

Riyadh: Saudi Arabian scholar issues fatwa against naughty neighbours who steal WiFi without permission

CNBC: Climate accord 'irrelevant,' and CO2 cuts could impoverish the world: Scientist

Afghanistan: NPR journalist David Gilkey, Afghan translator killed on assignment as rebels attack army convoy

Manila: Philippine President-elect urges public to kill drug dealers

Lawrence Solomon: Oil-rich Nigeria is ready to implode. There’s one way to stop it

Ayatollah rant: Iran rules out helping America to bring down ISIS after describing Washington as its main enemy (while Britain's 'evil' and Israel's 'cancerous')

NY Daily News: Some NBC staffers refuse to travel to Brazil for Olympic coverage over Zika virus fears

Wall Street Journal opinion piece: A guaranteed income for every American; replacing welfare state with an annual grant is the best way to cope with a radically changing U.S. jobs market—and to revitalize America’s civic culture

Phoenix: Muhammad Ali in hospital with 'serious' respiratory condition

Wild, wild West: San Jose mob beat trump supporters leaving rally; TV reporter intervenes as he fears for one man's safety; "another young man was chased down like prey"

Wisconsin: Speaker Paul Ryan endorses trump

K.T. McFarland: Hillary's 'major' foreign policy speech shows how clueless she is about trump

Hollywood Reporter: The Donald trump conversation: Politics' 'dark heart' is having the best time anyone's ever had

New York: Wall Street drops with banks after shock jobs data

Washington: U.S. hiring plunges to lowest in five years, raising doubts about imminent rate hike

Washington: U.S. economy adds fewest number of jobs in 5 years in April

colorado Springs: USAF Thunderbird F-16 crashes moments after flyover at Obama commencement speech at Air Force Academy

Peggy Noonan: A party divided, and none too soon

France flooding: Louvre among Paris landmarks forced to close as Seine rises

Tennessee: tributes pour in after deadly Blue Angels crash

Had posed as refugees: Germany arrests 3 suspected Syrian terrorists, foils ISIS plot to hit Düsseldorf targets

Thought police: California lawmakers poised to make it illegal to question global warming

New York: Apple reporting outages for many of its services

'See the USA in your Chevrolet': The return of the Great American Road trip

updated Minneapolis: Prince died of accidental fentanyl overdose: medical examiner

Anthony Watts: The planet cools as El Niño disappears

Wall Street Journal: California’s cap-and-trade bubble; the carbon-credit market sputters, as it also has in Europe

National Post: While some call trump University a ‘scam,’ these Canadians say it worked for them

updated Los Angeles: UCLA murder of engineering professor was preceded by murder of woman in Minnesota and cross-country trek; killer committed suicide before locating 2nd professor on recovered hit list

Detroit: Tigers' closer says he contracted Zika in Venezuela in the winter and cautions Olympic athletes to consider not going to Rio

Manila: Philippine President-elect Duterte: "Just because you're a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you're a son of a bitch"

Cairo: Egypt says signals picked up from EgyptAir plane's black box

Bangkok: 40 tiger cubs found dead in Buddhist temple freezer in Thailand

Panama Papers: Bill Clinton connected to Canadian billionaire in global bribery case

Oakland: Animal rights activists charge stage at Sanders rally, Secret Service jump to protect; perps say they wanted Sanders' support

Brussels: Tech giants vow to tackle online hate speech within 24 hours

Over the Line: SiriusXM announces suspension of Glenn Beck over implied trump assassination advocacy in interview

London: Global slavery index says 45.8M people in servitude

New Delhi: 20 dead in Pulgaon ammo dump fire: India's armories are under severe stress

New Delhi: At least 17 killed in fire at Indian army ammunitions depot

Cincinnati: New video shows gorilla was protecting 4-yr-old boy injured by fall into enclosure and holding his hand, before being fatally shot by zoo workers

Bloomberg: China default chain reaction threatens products worth 35% of GDP

NY Times: Donald trump and bikers share affection at Rolling Thunder rally

Conrad Black: This isn’t religion, it’s madness

Beijing: Goldman sees end of Yuan ‘sweet spot’ spurring fund outflows

Stockholm: For first time since 1749, Sweden has more men than women; historic gender balance shift as changes in life expectancy and migration transform demographics

AP-NORC Poll: Voters feel disconnected from 'ineffective' political parties, helpless in 2016

Crash coming? China's veiled loans may prove lethal

Baghdad: Iraqi forces push into Fallujah as ISIS bombings kill 24

Cass Sunstein: How fear of GMO foods leads to bad public policy decisions

World's largest: China’s huge cement industry latest to face massive cuts

Singapore: Oil prices dip on strong dollar, rebounding Canadian output

Slow growth, unemployment, poor public finances and structural problems: France and Italy could be next European economies to crash

Bruce Walker: The meaning of Memorial Day

The case for Vice-President Newt Gingrich: Experienced, conservative, smarts, bold colours — and a willingness to fight back

After a terrible week, she's still trading blows with Bernie Sanders as trump romps: Poor polls, scandal, a cussed rival — how it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton

London: #Brexit battle invokes polls, fears as tight battle gets more taut in last days

Cameron Rose: It's time to #Brexit; Global Britain is safest option in the EU debate; sovereignty, democracy, prosperity demand it

Dymbchurch: 20 rescued from English Channel after inflatable boat starts to sink

Bloomberg: Why recent national polls should worry #CrookedHillary

London: David Cameron ‘toast within days’ if Britain votes to leave European Union, says Tory MP

Up there: Prototype space station module inflated on NASA's second try

Brooklyn: Hillary campaign fundraising email reveals signs of panic

NY Daily News: Latest email server revelations show it's time for Clinton to drop out; only way for Democrats to avoid election "slaughter"; too many scandals, lies and years of Clinton fatigue

Dallas: NBA player shot dead as he mistakenly broke into apartment on wrong floor

Fear-mongering? Somebody calculates cost of skipping classes

Ryan Yonk and Devin Stein: Solar energy's real problem

triple threat: Why Donald trump's poll numbers are surging right now

trump will approve Keystone XL: Energy speech leaves North Dakotans 'drunk on trump'

updated Fleet Week flypast: Veteran pilot dies as vintage World War II P-47 fighter crashes in Hudson River after engine failure

AP Fact Check: Clinton misstates key facts in email scandal

Washington: 'Never Hillary' unifies Republicans squeamish about trump

Reaganomics redux: trump brings Reagan’s economic team out of retirement in effort to ignite a boom like the 1980s

Megan McArdle: U.S. report shreds Clinton’s secret server defence

'Crooked Hillary': State Dept email report complicates Clinton's message; gets sharp rebuke from State Dept Inspector General on her infamous illegal home-based email server

Washington: Intruders breach U.S. airport fences about every 10 days

Tokyo: Japan's Abe points to 2008 crisis as G7 leaders debate global risk

Cairo: Egypt investigator says French specialist vessel to join black box search today

Cal Thomas: trump victory road paved by New Mexico rioters

Seattle: trump, Clinton win Washington state's presidential primaries, but Sanders already hauled all the state Dem delegates at caucuses

Albuquerque: Protests turn violent outside trump rally in New Mexico

Tokyo: G7 seek way forward for aging, faltering economies

Kabul: Afghan Taliban appoint new leader after Mansour's death by drone; one of his deputies inherits the bulls-eye

Season starts June 1st: U.S. hits record 127 months since major hurricane strike

#NeverClinton: Republican voters, politicians unite under Donald trump

Norristown: Bill Cosby ordered to stand trial in sex-assault allegation by Toronto woman

Perfect pitch: Why 'Crooked Hillary' is likely to stick

More than gender counts: 'I'm not with her': why women are wary of Hillary Clinton

Nothing off the table: Clintons provide trump with a 'target-rich environment'; his campaign will hit Bill's and Hill's Whitewater, White House and whitewash legacies

Jennifer Ditchburn: The long struggle of female reporters in the Parliamentary Press Gallery; or just a numbers game?

Recovery: Fort McMurray firms to get preference on rebuilding contracts

Vancouver: Harper breaks long public silence in motivational speech at Conservative convention: "The past is no place to linger"

Winnipeg: Liberal Party divided over proposed restructuring

Winnipeg: Liberal Party brass block emergency resolution on assisted dying bill at their national convention

Kelly McParland: Onslaught of photo ops counters tarnish of elbow affair

Vancouver: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall wooed for federal Conservative leadership by Tory group

Vancouver: Harper expected to be in demand to weigh on serious global issues; is seen as "a serious person who has something to say about these things"

Vancouver: Young Conservatives angle for larger role in shaping party

Vancouver: Harper to break his public silence at party convention

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Vancouver: Winnipeg radiologist ponders run for Conservative leadership; will weigh chances at convention this week

Gabriel Yiu: trudeau violence suggests bigger issues behind closed doors

Calèche before the horse? Montreal reverses ban on horse-drawn carriages after judge rules city lacked authority to do so

Vancouver: Conservative convention "will be arguably the most important ever" says MP Deepak Obhrai as it deals with 2015 loss and charts path forward

John Ivison: Harper didn’t want to rule from beyond the political grave — and now he can cement his legacy

Payback for election support: Liberals to end labour peace, make it much easier for spoiled federal public servants to strike, hold government to ransom

Toronto: Bank of Montreal cuts 1,850 jobs to trim costs

By-election chatter starting: Stephen Harper plans to stay in Calgary after resigning seat, says friend of former PM

Andrew Coyne: The CanCon model isn’t ‘broken,’ it was misbegotten from the start

Ontario put on notice: Inmates file class-action lawsuit over 'deplorable' conditions at Ottawa jail

Robert Fife: Former U.S. diplomat criticizes Canada’s ‘weakness’ on Russia; Michael McFaul, a former Obama Ambassador to Moscow and top adviser on Russia, expressed disappointment with Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion

Joe Chidley: Stephen Poloz forced to play an uncomfortable waiting game for economy to make its own statement

Ottawa: Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1/2 per cent

St. John's: Ottawa helps Newfoundland Liberals by suspending $267M debt obligation dating back to Paul Martin no-interest loan in 2005

Éric Grenier: Leadership race rules could exacerbate Conservative Party divisions

Teta Bayan: I was bumped from speaking to the House. I need to say this: Migrant workers need better rights

Calgary: Matthew de Grood found not criminally responsible for stabbing five people to death at party

Tim Harper: trudeau has fumbled assisted-dying bill from start

Starts in Victoria in July: The tragically Hip announce Kingston as final stop on short summer tour

Dreaded diagnosis: Gord Downie’s brain tumour one of the worst known to medicine; treatable but terminal

Michael Den Tandt: Rise of trumpism one reason Japan should aim for bilateral trade pact with Canada

Halifax: Irving proposes $300M civilian-operated ships tailored for military to use in humanitarian work

Toronto: Federal court judge rules former refugee from Egypt not a threat to national security; first designated a threat by CSIS and arrested in 1999

Nanos poll: Poll taken over 4 weeks unsurprisingly puts trudeau ahead of leaderless Conservatives and NDP

Global News Ipsos poll: Cutesy name 'elbowgate' and lazy reporting which ignored seriousness of physical manhandling of Opposition Whip, reflected in poll giving trudeau a pass

Globe & Mail editorial: Ottawa’s assisted-suicide legislation contains a fatal flaw; it has already been flagged by the Alberta Court of Appeal

Tokyo: Japan’s Prime Minister ups pressure on trudeau over TPP

Terence Corcoran: Tory party at risk of being hijacked by the O’Leary factor

Philip Cross: Exploiting Fort Mac’s fire is the ‘Shock Doctrine’ of leftists and Leapers

Ottawa: Liberals spent $24,000 on tourism video that clearly broke their own ban on ostensibly partisan ads

Lot for a pep talk: trudeau Govt paid nearly $18,000 for 'deliverology' guru

Ottawa: Parliament could be recalled in July as Senate pushback delays assisted death law; Liberals wanted 'rubber stamp', didn't allow for 'sober second thought'

Ottawa: Ontario won't appeal Duffy verdict; hinged on judge's declaration Duffy was a 'credible witness'

Matthew Fisher: trudeau to get earful from Japanese Prime Minister on the most vexing issue in Asia

John Ivison: Kevin O’Leary’s mission to bring ‘adult supervision’ to Ottawa is about to start in earnest

Vancouver: Canada's aboriginals tell trudeau they do have a veto, can block pipelines

John Robson: trudeau’s outburst was not just ill-mannered. It was revealing

MADD: New impaired driving laws in Manitoba should focus on drug use

Victoria: Jam-packed line-up this morning for 119th annual Victoria Day parade

Big bucks for reliable test inventor? Pot breathalyzer quest ramps up as legalization looms

Claresholm: Edmonton man charged with impersonating Fort McMurray evacuee, exploiting the good-hearted

Kate Heartfield: Female politicians are changing Canadian politics

Fort McMurray: Gas, electricity restored to 90 per cent of city, wildfire remains out of control

Crux of the Matter: McMaster research on 'low salt diets' shows how medicine can eat their own

Indianapolis: Canada's James Hinchcliffe, from Oakville, has come back from a near-death experience last year on the same track to take the pole position for next week's Indy 500; four-lap qualifying average speed of 230.760 mph

France: Quebec's Xavier Dolan wins Grand Prix at Cannes for 'Juste la fin du monde'

Alternative is deadly: Designated highway texting zones bill passes second reading in Ontario legislature

Toronto: Ministry of Energy memo reveals Ontario Liberals ignored $1.5B in savings by not terminating failed Samsung contract in 2013

Ottawa: Watchdog looking into how CSIS reports privacy breaches

The Guardian: Canada’s PM is a 44-yr-old spoiled rich kid whose manhandling of fellow politicians displays impatience, immaturity and an overinflated sense of entitlement; 'elbowgate' was really a little emperor stamping his foot because things weren’t going his way fast enough

Conrad Black: If Britain leaves the EU, where will it turn?

Good news, deadly bad news: Little if any heroin left in Vancouver; pushed out by the cheaper and more potent fentanyl

Keith Brownsey: Winning Conservative leadership will be difficult for a Calgary MP

Anthony Furey: trudeau has further to fall. Much further

Sandy White: Montreal's new anti-Uber taxi law could lead to more drunk driving

Anthony Furey: Pro-caliphate group gathers in Mississauga

British medical journal: Lancet attacked for publishing Canadian study showing low-salt diet could kill you

Queen of the Channel: Revered long distance swimmer Cindy Nicholas dead at 58 in Toronto

Fort McMurray: Re-entry scheduled, if safe for June 1st; evacuation lifted on some oilsands camps

Crux of the Matter: It’s 2016! trudeau supporters need to stop blaming MP Brosseau for being a victim

Fort McMurray: Syncrude says bison herd holding up well as wildfires rage nearby

Problems in Mexico: Bombardier shifts some production to Kingston-area Millhaven plant in bid to speed up lagging Toronto streetcar deliveries

Ottawa: NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, elbowed by Justin trudeau in the House of Commons, is now being attacked by his supporters, online and via messages to her office

Interactive lookup tool: Find out if listeria-recalled food may be in your freezer

Egyptair: One of Canadian victims identified as a mother of three returning to her home in Cairo

Rex Murphy: The right to vote, the choice to vote, the method of our vote, is ours [video]

BBC: Justin trudeau – Is the honeymoon over for Canada's PM?

Chris Hall: trudeau's elbow neither the beginning nor the end of Liberal troubles; Prime Minister loses control of himself as his government loses control of agenda

Maclean's longform: The Great Escape: how the Fort McMurray fire happened, the heroic battle to fight back the flames and what it all means for the devastated city

David Akin: trudeau tries to undo fuddle-duddle damage; full mea culpa but still being pushy a day later: "I refuse to allow anyone to think that there was any justification for my behaviour"

Andrew Dreschel: trudeau ‘looked out of control’

Edmonton: Alberta's Crown prosecutors seek injunction in Federal Court to relieve workload

Calgary: NEB approves Kinder Morgan’s trans Mountain pipeline expansion with 157 conditions

Paul Wells: In this House of Commons fracas, everyone loses — especially Justin trudeau

Toronto: One Syrian refugee a week disclosing domestic abuse: settlement agency

Susan Delacourt: trudeau just got schooled — and not a moment too soon

CBC adds whitewash: Liberals withdraw controversial motion to limit Commons debate

Aaron Wherry: trudeau did physically what his government was doing procedurally; neither is in keeping with Canadian traditions; a 'prima facie' breach of privilege

updated Ottawa: Crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 had two Canadians aboard

Ottawa: Immigration Minister regrets remark on Syrian refugees use of food banks

John Ivison: Commons gets Old Testament as Liberals move to take over control of House procedure

Ottawa: Six months in, Liberals stifling dissent; "Even Conservatives on their worst days never tried to stifle democracy the way the Liberals are doing today" NDP leader Thomas Mulcair

Chantal Hébert: Maryam Monsef has been burning bridges with the electoral reform file

Vancouver: Canadian founder of 1-800-Got-Junk? says make a list of life goals, then just do them

Edmonton: Some Fort McMurray residents could return home as early as June 1st

Jack Mintz: Want to pay more income tax? That's what the Liberals' expanded CPP could mean

Christina Blizzard: Liberals left altering democratic process out of election platform

Ben Eisen and Kenneth P. Green: Ontario’s climate plan undermines case for cap and trade

Toronto: Budget watchdog says Ontario Liberals can balance books next year if growth doesn't falter in face of heavy new taxes and rising power costs, but if so, it won't last for long due to structural debt

Unaccountable: 'Ontario is an outlier': Auditor General finds little precedent for $$ millions in payouts to teachers' unions

Spend, spend, spend... Ontario’s debt will balloon to $350B in five years, financial accountability officer warns

John Robson: Premier Gallant, tear down this wall

Toronto: Union buying: Liberals gave teachers unions $22M with no strings attached: Ontario AG

Baffin Island: Journal Science: Scientists surprised to find 4.5 billion year-old rocks dating back to Earth’s infancy

Lauren Heuser: Deport U.S. deserters

Globe and Mail editorial: Why is Ontario’s green plan powered by so much central planning?

Michael Den Tandt: The trudeaus are riding a populist wave — and it has a dark side

Toronto Sun editorial: Wynne doesn’t learn from mistakes; Liberal central planning continues to run amok, failure after failure

Bob Elliott: Stinks: Texas Rangers' Odor draws only an 8-game suspension

Lorrie Goldstein: Wynne’s climate strategy will drive millions into energy poverty

Toronto: Ontario campaign finance bill fails to address cash-for-access fundraisers

Robert Benzie: Liberals’ legislation bans union, corporate donations, reforms fundraising in Ontario

Ottawa: Veterans say they have been betrayed by Liberals; promised one thing in election and have done the opposite

Don Braid: Alberta gets another poke in the eye from Ontario gas ban plan

Gillian Steward: Oil sands workers bear brunt of Alberta wildfires

Shi Davidi: Strong ruling against Texas Rangers could help ‘make baseball fun again’; bad Odor lingers

"Will drive up home heating costs by as much as $3,000 for homeowners": Energy, auto sectors raise red flags over Ontario climate plan

John Robson: Consulting the people through a referendum is the only way to make changing fundamental law legitimate

Pediatrics journal: E-cigarettes causing nicotine poisoning ‘epidemic’ for kids, experts warn

Marketwatch: New wildfire evacuation may further delay restart of at least one million barrels a day in oil sands production

Matthew Fisher: Little support for Abu Sayyaf on Philippine island where Canadians abducted

Lee Foote: Fort McMurray wildfire response must consider black bears; emerging from hibernation they will smell an attractive smorgasbord of rotting food in fridges and freezers from kilometers away

First detailed estimate: Original Fort McMurray wildfire a U.S. $3.4B to $6.9B insurance loss: AIR Worldwide; new outbreak may send it higher

John Ivison: Liberals sent scrambling after opposition ambush tests government’s majority in vote

Kevin Libin: Ontario’s big, green assisted economic suicide plan

Dictatorship, not government: Ontario government not denying report on sweeping climate change plan

Would ban natural gas for home heating: Ontario Liberals won't confirm published details of Climate Change Action Plan

Montreal: Liberals to introduce trans-gender rights bill similar to one that passed in House of Commons during Harper government

Brian Lee Crowley and Sean Speer: A few fiscal lessons on getting stuck in the red

Andrew Potter: Our democratic reform minister doesn’t understand our democracy

David Akin: Electoral reform debate missing the bigger issue: What happened to representation by population?

BBC: Peers say McGill-Swiss "study was 'a big step forward' in understanding REM sleep"

Montreal: McGill University researchers help prove link between dream or REM sleep and memory formation, at least in mice; poor sleep quality is associated with onset of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

White Rock: More than 100 lose homes in B.C. apartment building fire

Michael Den Tandt: Is there anything the Liberals won’t study to death?

Once 'hogtown': Toronto named most diverse city in the world

Ross Ayotte: The poverty of Ontario power

James Di Fiore: Justin trudeau and the great pot hypocrisy

Sainte-Marie de Beauce: Maxime Bernier kicks off campaign; would run a small government

Montreal: Tom Mulcair tells La Presse he's quitting politics before the next federal election

Crux of the Matter: Teacher Chase Mielke gets it right re: success in school

Ottawa: NDP federal council meets to set terms of leadership race

Ottawa: Upcoming Liberal convention to focus on proposals to improve lot of indigenous peoples; no mention of 440 Liberal-ignored recommendations of 1996 Royal Commission

Sainte-Marie de Beauce: Maxime Bernier officially launches bid for Tory leadership

Andrew Coyne: A guide to arguments having nothing to do with electoral reform

Conrad Black: Why Canada is justified in selling arms to the Saudis

Ted Morton: Notley's climate change gamble

Hug: Canadians donate over 1,000 dresses for Fort McMurray grads

Ottawa: NDP’s satellite office saga lands in Federal Court as issue continues to bedevil party

Ottawa: Veteran MP Michael Chong expected to enter Conservative leadership race

Edmonton: trudeau uses Alberta visit to extend EI to areas controversially ignored in budget; says move unrelated to Fort McMurray wildfire

Crux of the Matter: Sophie Gregoire trudeau deserves taxpayer-funded help

Fort McMurray: trudeau arrives to view wildfire damage

Toronto: Non-profit to deliver baby box full of free goodies to expecting Canadian parents; thousands have signed up already

Toronto Star editorial: Toronto should regulate the locations of store front “medical marijuana dispensaries”

St. John's: Nalcor chief says Muskrat Falls hydro project unlikely to be cancelled

Toronto: Sirius XM Canada parent bids to take company private; CBC to sell stake

Toddi Steelman: Canada has a wildfire strategy. Let’s use it

Ottawa: Lowe's deal to buy Rona clears its last major hurdle; sale to close May 20th; Lowe's will have almost 450 stores in Canada

Crux of the Matter: Hobo-sexuality at UVic and 'conservative' anti-university bias

Ottawa: Opposition says Sophie Grégoire trudeau is out of touch with ordinary struggles

Michael Den Tandt: Liberals’ electoral reform scheme falling flat on arrival

Toronto Star editorial: Let the people vote on electoral reform; only a referendum will lend democratic legitimacy to the Liberals’ promised overhaul of Canada’s electoral system

Ottawa: Syrian refugee sponsors complain of continuing 'disarray'

John Ivison: Liberals’ promise to repeal Conservative legislation would open the floodgates to marriage fraud

Terence Corcoran: Panamania! Forty days after release, the Panama tax haven papers remain a dud

Co-chaired committee on physician-assisted death: Liberal MP Rob Oliphant says he can't support Liberals' assisted-dying legislation

Fort McMurray: Oil sands shutdowns cost = 14 million barrels or about $760M

Toronto: CBC protected Jian Ghomeshi, say two ex-colleagues with new harassment claims

Edmonton: Red Cross to transfer $50M directly to evacuees from Fort McMurray wildfire

Robyn Urback: Liberals are totally committed to a fair and open Liberal-dominated review of Canada's electoral system

Two nannies and a full-time assistant funded by taxpayers just not enough: PMO looking at ways to ease Sophie Grégoire trudeau’s workload

Kelly McParland: Liberals want “exhaustive”, “inclusive” electoral reform, but no referendum thanks; democracy stinks?

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi gets off with peace bond, apology

Rationalizing former housing glut with post-inferno needs: Temporary housing first step as wildfire-ravaged Fort McMurray recovers

Saint-Jean-de-Matha: Experts throw cold water on claim Quebec teenager may have found Mayan ruins via celestial/terrestrial analysis

John Ivison: Revolution of rising expectations: Why aren’t the Liberals putting any funds into post-secondary indigenous education?

Michael Den Tandt: Curious torpor from Liberals on major, important issues involving Quebec

Justin: 'No more selfies with fans'

Vancouver: New B.C. flipping rules give sellers all the profit

Weather helps: Oilsands production restarts cautiously as Fort McMurray fire weakens

Hypocrisy on Parliament Hill: Liberals criticized for using time allocation to limit debate

Winnipeg: Pregnant women who consume diet fizzy drinks are 'twice as likely to raise fat kids'

Calgary: Oil Patch brass to meet with Notley as wildfire burns; will they ask why firefighting budget and air tanker contracts were cut?

Fort McMurray: Insurance firms’ mobile units taking claims from Alberta wildfire victims

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi to avoid 2nd sex assault trial in June by signing peace bond, source says

Toronto: Ontario Liberals held more than 90 cash-for-access fundraisers in two-year span

Alberta: Despite out-of-control fires destroying millions of hectares of boreal forest, and putting lives at risk, world's largest water bomber is ignored

Calls them 'touching': ‘No need to accept’ international offers of help fighting fires: trudeau

Peter Kuitenbrouwer: Bombardier Inc’s problems go far beyond planes: How a failure to deliver streetcars on time has ripple effects across Canada

Ottawa: Conservatives won't support RCMP union bill without provision for secret ballot

Michael Den Tandt: Justin trudeau needs to evolve from stuntman to statesman

Ottawa: Assisted dying legislation a unique window into Parliament's soul

Victoriaville: Quebec police arrest brothers suspected of stealing five million bees and 100 hives worth $200K

He’s seen fire and rain: James Taylor will donate all the proceeds of Alberta concerts to Fort McMurray victims

Rex Murphy: For Fort McMurray, better days will come

Andrew Coyne: Ontario's Wynne shamed into campaign financing changes while BC Premier Christy Clark just shrugs

Montreal: Parti Quebecois will choose a leader to replace Pierre Karl Peladeau this fall

No Wynne situation: Ex-Liberal MPP Kim Craitor was forced to resign after sexual harassment allegations ‘to protect the Premier’; illegal?

Fort McMurray: Heat generated by 'the beast' ranks with worst fires on record, rendering even water bombing useless

Fort McMurray: Stranded dogs, cats rescued by dedicated group

Nerves of steel: ‘trucks were charred on the side’: How one man took terrifying videos of the exodus from Fort McMurray

Calgary: Syrian refugees help Fort McMurray evacuees

Toronto: trudeau announces $840M for Toronto transit upgrades at 50% funding; no word on whether it includes $$ millions previously committed by Harper Govt

Ottawa: trudeau admits in House of Commons that he misled media about who is responsible for electoral reform delay, puts Minister on notice

The Province: Donald trump Jr. scoffs at Vancouver mayor's 'faux outrage' over his dad's comments

Toronto: Peter Munk donates $1M to Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal of Canadian Red Cross

The Guardian: There’s more to Fort McMurray than oil sands – it’s a real community

Toronto: Ontario sells LCBO waterfront land to developers for $260M; money to go towards 'infrastructure', not debt or healthcare

Ottawa: Canada sheds 2,100 jobs in April

Public pays bill: trudeau invited 44 people, including mom and Liberal Party President and chief bagman, to accompany him to Washington last month

Edmonton: Awards gala cancelled, food and space donated to Fort McMurray evacuees

David Reevely: Ontario suspended offshore wind farms so it could 'do more science', then didn't do any for years

Ottawa: trudeau chooses National Security Adviser who lacks any security and intelligence experience

Andrew Coyne: Still confused about the new non-partisan Senate? Here's a quick refresher

Concern: From Newfoundland pubs to bank boardrooms, help for Fort McMurray goes nationwide

Calgary Herald editorial: Pulling together in the face of disaster

Colby Cosh: In a redoubt north of Fort McMurray, a city’s people await a battle

Alberta questions: Lack of lightning suggests a human caused Fort McMurray fire: professor

Ottawa: Liberals cut off debate prematurely on assisted dying bill, denying MPs opportunity to speak

First known victims of fire: Fiery crash kills two evacuees south of Fort McMurray

‘It’s what we do’: Spontaneous Alberta rescue convoys head north to rescue stranded Fort McMurrayites

David Reevely: NDP demands a public inquiry into new energy contract allegations rattling Ontario Liberals

Ottawa: Don’t make ‘a political argument out of one particular disaster’: trudeau refuses to link fire to climate change

A look back — April 21st:
Don Braid: NDP cuts fire-fighting budget while predicting 'catastrophic' conditions; "Why does the government think $86 million is enough to fight fires, when the job cost almost $500 million last year?"

Latest police investigation of Wynne Govt: OPP probing allegations Ontario Liberals destroyed power project documents

Vancouver: 'We made a mistake': Earls reverses decision on Canadian beef

Fort McMurray: Hot, dry winds threaten to worsen ‘hellish’ wildfire today; Canadian Army and RCAF asked for help; skies filled with planes and helicopters battling blaze

Fort McMurray: Alberta’s oilsands cuts production, shelters refugees as wildfire forces tens of thousands to flee

Ottawa: Canada March trade deficit widens to record as exports slump

Forum Research poll: Premier Kathleen Wynne trails Patrick Brown in approval ratings; Tories would win if election held now

Thomas Walkom: Iraq’s political chaos makes Canada’s war there trickier; Iraq not only fighting ISIS, factions within country are fighting each other

Toronto: Canadian, New York markets join global retreat; Loonie sheds more than a cent

Ottawa: AG finds problems in immigration machinery that have allowed criminals to receive undeserved Canadian citizenship

Crux of the Matter: Liberals mislead Canadians again, naming a partisan Whip in Senate!

Ottawa: AG wants feds to give Via Rail tighter direction

Vancouver: Home price gains are growing larger and larger amid ‘intense’ competition among buyers

Terry Glavin: The British Left's run-in with anti-semitism a stern warning for NDP

Ottawa: trudeau's Senate leader names 'ultra-partisan' Mitchell as Senate Whip; no explanation why a Whip is even needed in 'non-partisan' Senate

Joe Oliver: Liberals keep driving recklessly in reverse trying to damage their Conservative foes

Marni Soupcoff: The Comeau decision is a ‘big deal,’ as it could lead to free trade in all of Canada

Canada: Happy 171st Victoria Day!

Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901 — second longest reign of an English Monarch to only the current Queen Elizabeth II. Victoria was intimately connected to Canada, and was for many decades known as the beloved 'Mother of Confederation'. Victoria's reign began in the year of rebellions in both Upper and Lower Canada, saw her choose Ottawa as the permanent capital of the Province of Canada in 1857, and oversee and approve of the founding of the Dominion of Canada through Confederation in 1867 -- the British North America Act has her signature. Victoria's appointment of Lord Durham to report on the violent pro-democracy rebellions of 1837 led directly to her enabling the Canadian move to 'Responsible Government', taken for granted now, but radical at the time for a colony. Acting quickly on Lord Durham's advice, in 1840 Victoria oversaw Upper and Lower Canada officially dissolved as separate entities and united into the new Province of Canada, as Canada East and Canada West. In 1849 'Responsible Government' was transformatively in place. By direct result of her efforts and actions, Canada became the second largest country in the world. Victoria Day has been vigorously celebrated in Canada with fireworks, parades and public and private celebrations since 1845. It has also been known informally and welcomed by successive generations of Canadians as the start of summer and as the 'May 2-4 weekend' (a beer reference). Broadly part of Canadian culture, for example, "the holiday is referenced in the song 'Lakeside Park' by Canadian rock band Rush, from their 1975 album 'Caress of Steel'. The song features the line, 'everyone would gather on the 24th of May, sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display'." For Canadian history in greater detail, see:

Change is blue? Conservative grassroots have agendas in Vancouver

With the party set to choose its next leader in 2017, some of the membership appears to be looking for more control of the process both before and after the vote.

Cairo: Egypt denies EgyptAir MS804 black boxes found

updated Cairo: EgyptAir MS804 black box reported found

Authorities have released a set of photographs of the wreckage of the plane as the international hunt for the main body of the EgyptAir Airbus A320 continues. An Egyptian source says search teams have located the black box data recorder and are now working to retrieve it. The so-called 'black box', which is actually orange, records conversations in the cockpit and technical flight data which could provide a vital insight into the last moments of the plane.

CNN: Sensors show smoke in cabin of EgyptAir MS804 just before crash

Global News Ipsos poll: 73% of Canadians want
national referendum on electoral reform

Fawcett: 43 tails and a happy ending: Fort McMurray
dogsledder saved team from wildfire

A fifth-generation competitive musher, Moe Ladouceur was blindsided on May 2nd when the wildfires began inching towards his dog yard in Prairie Creek, near the Fort McMurray airport. The 28-year-old kennel owner wasted no time in gathering his 43 dogs, most of them German short-haired pointers crossed with greyhounds, and hit the road heading south, the flames leaping behind him. ~ Edmonton Journal

Cairo: Egyptair plane wreckage, luggage and human body parts spotted north of Alexandria; one of two Canadian passengers identified

Tim Harper: Liberals had been elbows-up before Justin trudeau
got physical; treating Commons as an annoyance

John Ivison: Commons assault ‘incident’ shreds Liberal
legislative agenda and shakes confidence in trudeau

David M. Shribman: Finding divinity in empty spaces; Paintings of the
vast Canadian landscape evoke a lost frontier and the power of nature

'Lake and Mountains' by Lawren Harris, 1928; oil on canvas; included in 'The Idea of North' exhibit now showing at the Boston Museum of Art. Art Gallery of Ontario, Gift from the Fund of the T. Eaton Co. Ltd. for Canadian Works of Art, 1948. © Family of Lawren S. Harris.

Paris: French intelligence was warned about an ISIS attack a week ago

'Let go of me — now,' Conservative Whip Brown told bully trudeau

Globe & Mail editorial: What was Justin trudeau thinking? He wasn’t

Ottawa: Strong pushback from Opposition, and Canadians,
on unprecedented Liberal 'hijacking of Parliament'

Official Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose rises on May 18th to question Prime Minister Justin trudeau on Liberals' attempt to hijack Parliament. "This is a sad day for our democracy," NDP House Leader Peter Julian told the House. The Liberal motion would rewrite the House rules in 17 different ways "so that they, the executive, have unilateral control over all the procedural tools in the House."

updated Egyptair MS804: 'Terrorism more likely than tech failure': Egypt
EgyptAir confirms wreckage not found near Greece

updated Egypt: Debris found Thursday NOT from missing EgyptAir flight

EgyptAir Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo crashes in Mediterranean

EgyptAir Flight MS804 disappeared early Thursday morning en route to Cairo. EgyptAir said it was about 16 km within Egypt airspace when it disappeared from radar.

Ottawa: Will trudeau be charged with assault for mêlée in Commons?

Mulcair: "What kind of man elbows a woman? You're pathetic!"; Ashton: "important that young women feel safe to come here and work here"

Ottawa: trudeau loses it, gets physical with Opposition MPs in House, then confronts Mulcair and others; Speaker warns on "manhandling" MPs
Justin trudeau grabs Conservative Whip, elbows NDP MP and then pushes by and physically confronts NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and other NDP MPs. The result is an uproar in the House of Commons Wednesday afternoon. The Speaker ruled it was inappropriate to "manhandle" MPs; trudeau admitted he had done so, but claimed it was unintentional. The video (above and linked here) tells a different tale. ~ CTV

Still out of control: Wildfire in Fort McMurray grows to 423,000
hectares (4,230 sq km); 18 other wildfires now burning in Alberta

Fort McMurray: Blacksands Lodge, 655 rooms, destroyed by wildfire;
evacuated Monday night; workers in other lodges told to "wait for news"

These photos show Blacksands Executive Lodge engulfed by flames at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. ~ CBC

World: Oil touches $48 as new Fort McMurray
fire evacuations add to global supply disruption

Impact: Nearly $1B of oilsands production lost due to Fort McMurray fire

Firestorm moving 'rapidly': Currently 15 to 20 km from oilsands
facilities and consuming 30 to 40 metres of forest per minute

updated 'Extreme fire behaviour' of new wildfire forces evacuation
of 8,000 from 12 work camps north of Fort McMurray

Canadian hostage Robert Hall will die on June 13th unless
$16M ransom paid, says Filipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf

Alberta: 'Out of control' wildfire forces evacuation north of Fox Creek

NE British Columbia: Wildfire prompts evacuation order for residents
north of Fort St. John; state of emergency declared for 2nd time

The Peace River Regional District issued an evacuation order for homes near the Beatton Airport Road wildfire on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Laredo: South Texas casino-bound bus crash kills 8, 44 hurt

A damaged OGA Charters bus is hauled away after a fatal rollover on Saturday, May 14, 2016, south of the Dimmit-Webb County line on U.S. 83 North in Texas. ~ Danny Zaragoza Laredo Morning Times

Fort McMurray: Slave Lake wrote the book
— actually — on coming back from a wildfire

In May 2011, Slave Lake set up a reception centre where residents received cleaning supplies and information packages which included colour-coded utility needed signs to be posted outside their homes. ~ John Lucas Postmedia

Lac La Biche: Brampton Sikh men drove non-stop cross-country to deliver truckloads of relief supplies they donated to Fort McMurray evacuees

Lac La Biche Mayor Omer Moghrabi, second from left, greets members of the Singh Khalsa Sewa Club of Brampton who drove across Canada with donations for the evacuees.

Drama in Brasilia: Brazil President Dilma Rousseff
suspended after losing impeachment vote

Andrew Coyne on electoral reform: Are the Liberals conning us, again?
"...naked attempt by one party to control the process from start to finish"

Barbara Kay: The case for subsidizing trains

Via Rail train on picturesque 1856 bridge over Napanee River, between Toronto and Montreal. ~ photo by Jake

Good news week: Only 10 to 15% of Fort McMurray destroyed by fire;
media tour with Premier shows hospital, some neighbourhoods untouched

Moscow: Bristling display of military might
celebrates Russia's role in toppling Adolf Hitler

Tanks of Pro-Russian separatists ride during the Victory Day parade in Donetsk on May 9, 2016. Tanks and rocket systems rolled through the rebel bastion of Donetsk in east Ukraine on May 9 as pro-Russian insurgents celebrated the 71st anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII. ~ Aleksey Filipov AFP/Getty Images

Fort McMurray: Still-growing monster fire could burn for months

A convoy of evacuees escapes direct path of raging fire known as 'the Beast'.

updated Fort McMurray: Fire still growing and out of control, forces
evacuation of camp housing firefighters & other emergency personnel

Homeowner watched his Fort McMurray home burn on security webcam

Webcam captures the raging fire outside and then inside as Fort McMurray house burned as homeowner watched.

Total devastation: First images emerge from post-fire Fort McMurray

The devastation is eerie and complete. The Beacon Hill has been neighbourhood levelled by the monster wildfire. Click on the link and look at all of these incredible pictures. ~ Tyler Hicks The New York Times

Watch LIVE: Evacuee convoy heads south through Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray: RCMP marshalls massive 400-vehicle convoy;
fire evacuees drive south through still-burning city and countryside

Evacuees leave Fort McMurray in the early morning, after being stranded north of the city, on Friday, May 6, 2016. Overhead, advance helicopters watch for fire flare-ups and road dangers. An ever-changing, volatile situation is fraying the nerves of residents and officials alike as a massive wildfire continues to bear down on the Fort McMurray area of northern Alberta. ~ Jason Franson Globe&Mail/The Canadian Press

BMO: Fort McMurray fire could cost insurers $9 billion

Monster! Fort McMurray fire grows to 85,000 hectares;
officials brace for 'extreme' firefighting conditions

Economic tsunami: Fort McMurray fire knocks out a third
of Canada’s oil capacity and closes major pipelines

Fire spreads: People who fled Fort McMurray
now evacuated from Anzac after blaze moves south

Hundreds of evacuees from Fort McMurray were sent to Anzac on Tuesday after fleeing the city from the wildfire. Evacuees are being moved to Lac La Biche, about 280 kilometres south, or even further to Edmonton.

Fort McMurray: Evacuee's video captures harrowing escape

Beacon Hill resident Michel Chamberland fled his Fort McMurray neighbourhood Tuesday as part of the wildfire evacuation, in a wild drive he captured on video.

Fort McMurray: Wildfire set to be Canada's costliest natural disaster
1,600 buildings destroyed and another 19,000 under threat

Fort McMurray: 90,000 evacuated; state of emergency declared
Out-of-control 7,500-hectare wildfire has destroyed 1,600 buildings so far

CBC Live blog -- Fort McMurray firestorm

‘Pray for us’ Fort McMurray evacuates — a city in flames

The blaze began on the weekend, but firefighting crews appeared to be making progress controlling it until Tuesday when the situation worsened dramatically — and quickly. By mid-afternoon people from three neighbourhoods in the city were told to leave immediately.

Fort McMurray: First damage assessment says 80% of homes lost
in Beacon Hill; “a more intense burning day” predicted today

This frightening video shows what evacuees faced last night. Fort McMurray’s geography complicated the evacuation. Highway 63 is the only route in or out — north and south. Hundreds of trucks, cars, motorcycles and mobile homes had pulled over to the side of the highway, suffering from engines choked by smoke or running low on gas. People sat dazed, many in tears. Emergency officials said Tuesday night that Fort McMurray, and many of the surrounding communities, were emptied of gas. traffic was bumper-to-bumper as people packed families and pets into cars, trucks and campers. Line-ups snaked around gas stations and late in the evening Tuesday, RCMP were advising they would travel the highway with gas to assist stranded motorists.

Evacuation of all 80,000 residents of Fort McMurray
largest ever in Alberta due to fire

7th straight win for Thumper: Donald trump romps in Indiana primary

updated Fort McMurray: tragedy as out-of-control wildfire
destroys urban homes — entire city evacuated

The 26-sq km wildfire in Fort McMurray has engulfed homes in the Centennial trailer park and more mandatory evacuations have been ordered for multiple neighbourhoods. The trailer park has been on mandatory evacuation since Sunday, with about 200 people out of their homes. Residents of the Abasand, Grayling Terrace and Beaconhill neighbourhoods and parts of downtown Fort McMurray in the Wood Buffalo municipality have also been told to leave their homes.

The Economist: Toronto best place to live in world, Montreal second

Ottawa: Jail and fines return for those not completing long-form census

Providence: After 145 years, Ringling Bros., Barnum &
Bailey Circus elephants perform for the last time

Superannuated and never to be forgotten: The six Asian elephants perform for the final time in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on Sunday, May 1, 2016, in Providence, R.I. ~ Bill Sikes AP

Naval community gathers nationwide for Battle of the Atlantic anniversary

Fiscal Monitor: Harper surplus grows to $7.5B
with one month left in 2015-16 fiscal year

Breakthrough: New Brunswick judge throws out cross-border booze
limits; "province's restrictions on bringing alcohol into province
for personal use violate Constitution's free-trade provisions"

Cairo: Burn marks, small size of human pieces found suggests explosion in sky ripped apart EgyptAir MS804 miles above the Mediterranean

Rio de Janeiro: Common sense and Zika medical caution won't stop Rio Olympcs due to economic fragility of Brazil

France: Prosecutor confirms Google Paris raid in tax evasion probe

Chongqing: Chinese start-up will be first to market with next-wave bendable, rollable smartphones

Frankfurt: Bayer defies critics with $62B Monsanto offer

Beirut: Bombs kill nearly 150 in Syrian government-held cities

Salon: Donald trump is going to win: This is why Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what trump represents

Tokyo: Japanese pop star Mayu Tomita in coma following attack by obsessed fan; had blocked him after threats on twitter which were reported to police

Beirut: At least 80 dead as multiple blasts hit Syria government strongholds

Sanaa: Yemen suicide attacks by ISIS affiliate kill at least 45 army recruits

Hanoi: Obama lifts arms ban in his first visit to Vietnam

Los Angeles: Bernie Sanders flexes muscles, breaks with White House on Puerto Rico fiscal plan: "We must stop treating Puerto Rico like a colony"

Tehran: Wild U.S. election fascinates, worries Iran after nuclear deal

Kabul: Afghans confirm Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour killed by drone

App switches to low power mode, revealing link: Uber users with low phone batteries more likely to accept surge pricing

McMaster study: Eating too little salt may increase heart risk; analysis followed 130,000 people across 49 countries

Dushanbe: Tajikistan votes in referendum to ban religious parties, empower President

Bangladesh: Flight operations at Chittagong airport resumes after 22-hour suspension due to cyclone Roanu

Landfall at 62km per hour: 24 dead as cyclonic storm Roanu ravages, inundates Bangladesh coastal districts

Sensors suggest: Internal blast 'tore right side' of EgyptAir jet, led to 360 spin, crash from sky

Science unsettled, again: Low salt diets not beneficial, global study finds

Washington: Afghan Taliban leader likely killed in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan

Howard Dean: The Democratic wingman of the Democratic Party; he supports Hillary, his PAC supports Sanders

Jonah Goldberg: Who are the real deniers of science?

F.H. Buckley: Donald trump, Constitutional Conservative

Des Moines: Unusual concern in massive listeria-based frozen foods recall which affects U.S., Mexico and Canada; DNA tracking being used to pinpoint links

Will Rahn: Why #Nevertrump failed

Streaming flight data: Why the technology to track missing planes hasn't taken off

A world of walls: Donald trump’s proposal for the US-Mexico border isn’t outdated; It’s a sign of the times

'Chronic' explanation? Do our genes ‘remember’ pain? Scientists suspect they might.

Caracas: Mob burns Venezuelan man alive over $5 as social order breaks down

Washington: Congress, White House strike rescue deal for Puerto Rico

Washington: Clinton grapples with trump's ability to stay in spotlight

Washington Post: New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name

New York: Canadian Morley Safer, iconic 60 Minutes journalist, dead at 84

Chibok girls: Kidnapped schoolgirl found in Nigeria

El Paso: Texas shelters, churches fear sudden influx of Cuban migrants will overwhelm them; growing from 60 a month to 350 per day

April 2016: Mitsubishi lied about fuel economy for past 25 years, CEO admits

Tokyo: Mitsubishi President resigns, Suzuki apologizes as bogus mileage scandal spreads

Late aftershock: M6.7 earthquake in Ecuador causes damage near coast

Colombo: Over 200 families feared buried by landslides in Sri Lanka

Primary races: Clinton, Sanders in tight Kentucky race; Sanders, trump win Oregon

Clampdown: 31 athletes could miss Rio Olympics after 2008 Beijing samples re-tested; re-testing results from 2012 Games still to come

GOP would take Warren, Brooker, Brown seats: Senate make-up limits Clinton’s VP choices

Cary Gibson: Facebook isn't a news site, but it still shouldn't be messing with its trending topics

Foreign Policy: Don’t blame Sykes-Picot for the Middle East’s mess; the focus on the century-old accord is a product of bad history and shoddy social science -- and it’s surely not the cause of the region's dysfunction

Davao: Philippines incoming President offers olive branch, cabinet posts to rebels

Lawrence Solomon: I knew Jane Jacobs, and everything urban lefties say about her is wrong

Seth Fiegerman: Dear Facebook, you're a media company now. Start acting like one

Iraq: ISIS attack north of Baghdad kills at least 12

Rex Murphy: Hillary Clinton’s long, tortured, road ahead

NY Times: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, ex-Argentine President, indicted on financial charge

Zaraza: Chinese bullet train in Venezuela stalls as alliance derails

New York: For original trump team, a moment to celebrate and reflect

Neil Irwin: What was the greatest era for innovation? A brief guided tour

NY Times: Russia denies doping at Sochi Olympics

NY Times: Russian insider says state-run doping fuelled Olympic Gold

Desperation or business as usual? Hillary Clinton spending $1M to hire online trolls to attack Bernie Sanders supporters

Austin: Lt Gov: Texas will forego federal funds over Obama bathroom and locker room policy

Washington: U.S. federal government gives directive to schools on trans-gender bathroom and locker room access

Brasilia: New Brazil finance minister to tackle pension, labour reform

San Cristobal: Venezuela looters target chicken, flour amid worsening shortages

Beirut: Hezbollah suffers big blow as top commander killed; was a top killer for decades

Brasilia: Temer poised for power in Brazil amid surreal impeachment vote

Reuters commentary: Why Rousseff’s impeachment battle is bad for Brazil – but could be good for democracy

David Millward: Is it time for the Democrats to admit Bernie Sanders is their best hope against trump?

Kuala Lumpur: Debris in South Africa, Mauritius 'almost certainly' from missing MH370

New York: How Donald trump is crushing the competition on social media

Reuters/Ipsos poll: trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national U.S. poll

Rio de Janeiro: Former Brazilian soccer great tells tourists to skip Olympics

Brasilia: Brazil Senate debates impeachment of President Rousseff

Chanhassen: Doctor treating Prince arrived at his estate with test results only to find him dead

Iraq: Additional bombings bring death toll to 88 across Baghdad

Boston: Ottawa professor says Brazil Olympics should be postponed due to Zika risk: "But for the games, would anyone recommend sending an extra half a million visitors into Brazil right now?"

Charleston: Hillary loses 2/3 of her West Virginia support from 2008 as Sanders wins again

Chanhassen: Doctor who prescribed drugs saw Prince a day before he died: search warrant

Indio: October 'Dino-rock' festival adds second weekend with same line-up: Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Roger Waters, The Who

Washington: Eating seafood once a week may reduce memory loss: study

Julian Zelizer: Clinton's big worry; while swing states have gone to Democrats in most recent elections, if the Republicans have a good year those swing states could easily shift in a different direction

Michael Goodwin: trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in each of three key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida

Approaches record numbers: Donald trump sweeps West Virginia and Nebraska primaries

Brasilia: Brazil heads for Wednesday impeachment vote as acting speaker backtracks on annulment

The awaited leap ahead? Toyota battery breakthrough means magnesium could eventually replace lithium, producing denser, more powerful batteries

Self-confirming censorship story: Facebook news suppression story trending on Twitter, but not Facebook

Social media manipulation/censorship: Did Facebook bury conservative news? Ex-staffers say yes

trenton: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie named to head trump transition team

Delays the inevitable: Brazil acting House Speaker annuls presidential impeachment vote

Washington Post: Our fictional pundit predicted more correct primary results than did Nate Silver

Charlotte: North Carolina Governor digs in over law that regulates who uses public bathrooms

Flint water crisis: Questions grow over unrelenting quest for expensive 75-mile pipeline by Democrat Jeff Wright

May be havens for al-Shabab: Kenya says it will close all refugee camps, displacing 600,000 people

Potential good news: How Zika causes microcephaly: brain cells study reveals how it triggers immune system response that causes damage; pre-treatment appears possible

Changing the equation: Sell or give someone drugs on which they overdose and in the U.S. you may go to prison for years, pusher or not

NY Times: Nicholas Kristof: A confession of Liberal intolerance

Wisconsin: Paul Ryan Primary challenger Paul Nehlen: ‘He has betrayed us all’

Wisconsin: Sarah Palin announces she will work to defeat Paul Ryan in Primary

Mary Matalin: "I am a #NeverHillary and a #Provisionaltrump"; he could win in landslide; "I like he had the gall to put macro messaging over micro targeting"

Ann Coulter: Paul Ryan is ‘the next Eric Cantor’

Larry Kudlow: Now that he's confounded experts by winning nomination, trump must prove he can be a strong President, with a purpose, demeanor, and policy

Chicago tribune editorial: The Illinois Way is failing Democrats in Chicago and Springfield ...

The New Yorker: View from the Left: Head of the class; How Donald trump is winning over the white working class

Old Orchard Beach: Maine fire chief set blaze fought by 100 firefighters

Brett J. Talley: Don't let 'Never trump' become 'Ready for Hillary'

Anis Shivani: Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about trump, Sanders — and cast themselves as saviors

Conrad Black: Donald trump, the centrist, has attracted an army of disaffected patriots

May 30th-31st: Major League Baseball pulls series from Puerto Rico over risk of Zika virus; Marlins-Pirates to play in Miami instead

Inside the beltway handwringing: Opponents naturally claim trump's campaign up-ends 'science' of Presidential transition

Syria: Islamist rebels seize village near Aleppo, 73 killed

Cairo: U.S. doubles down on Egypt’s dictator; regional stability given higher priority

West Virginia: trump, works to unite Republicans, sharpens attack on Clinton

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Top reason Americans will vote for trump: 'To stop Clinton'

NY Times: Why you can’t lose weight on a diet: study

Bureaucracy-bound: EPA’s lead-in-water rule has been faulted for decades. Will Flint hasten a change?

Sacramento: California raises legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21

Study warns multitasking is a problem: Causes ‘cognitive fatigue,’ means doing more, but not well

Indianapolis: trump shifts gears, starts general election fight against embattled Clinton

Minneapolis: Prince was set to meet addiction doctor before death

Health 'care' in Dark Ages: Fox’s John Stossel: ‘I write this from the hospital. Seems I have lung cancer … Customer service stinks’

Drug test alert: NFL warns players against eating meat from Mexico and China; will other leagues take note?

The lead wait: The presence of lead in water pipes was an issue long before Flint; but the funds to replace 6+ million service lines across the country, not to mention political will, still eludes many American municipalities

Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States

Indiana: Ted Cruz finally smells coffee, drops out, as trump wins big again

Mark Cunningham: Donald trump is the nominee — Cruz and Kasich should drop out

Largest and most complex auto safety recall in U.S. history: Takata expected to announce recall of 35-40 million U.S. air bag inflators

New York: Russia delays UN Security Council condemnation of North Korea missile tests

New York: Global stocks slide on global growth worries; U.S. yields fall

Washington: U.S. stops trying to ban trade in polar bears

International study: Vitamin NR found to delay aging process in organs; already known to boost metabolism

Beirut: Rocket fire kills 19 in Syria's Aleppo, hits hospital

Stuttgart: ISIS kills U.S. Navy SEAL in northern Iraq

NBC News/Survey Monkey poll: Surging trump hits new high with 56% nationally

Nairobi: Baby saved from Kenya building collapse after 80 hours

Wall Street Journal: In China, the new casino is iron ore

La Porte: Confident trump seeks knockout of Cruz in Indiana

Lawrence Solomon: How ‘environmentalism’ became America’s dirty word

Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist Poll: Donald trump holds 15-point lead ahead of Republican rivals in Indiana

Judith Miller: Be 'very skeptical of everything we in the press say'

Samawa: Twin bombings in southern Iraq leave 33 dead

Baghdad: Iraqi PM orders arrest of protesters who attacked lawmakers

Manila: Abu Sayyaf frees 10 Indonesian hostages in Philippines

Long-term Swedish study: Heavy pot use in teens linked to shortened life

McClatchyDC: Obama’s legacy: Politics of anger, fights, division

Burlingame: Rowdy trump protests portend explosive California primary

Beijing: China lays out firm conditions for improved ties with Japan

Red Cross warnings: Air strikes on Aleppo amid calm in other parts of Syria

Palestine, Texas: Woman, 4 grandchildren killed in East Texas flooding

LA Times: Protests rage outside trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested, police car smashed

LA Times: May Day, trump, Sanders: LAPD braces for weekend of political protest

Bloomberg: Unmasking the men behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street's renegade blog

Paris: How France sank Japan's $40B Australian submarine dream

updated Bergen: Canadian helicopter carrying 13 from oil platform crashes off Norway's west coast; 11 bodies found, 2 still missing

Wolfsburg: The one family that could fix VW and why they won't

Detmold: Former SS Auschwitz guard apologizes at trial in Germany

Beijing: Russia, China warn U.S. over perceived Asia meddling in Korea and South China Sea

The Guardian: Why so many Iranians have come to hate the hijab

Assad breaks ceasefire: Aleppo hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders destroyed in Syria airstrikes, killing more than 60

Newsweek: Italy uncovers Islamist plot to attack Vatican and Israeli Embassy

Seoul: North Korea rushes to re-test intermediate missile, fails again

MSNBC military analyst: Gen. Barry McCaffrey: trump "hit it out of the ballpark" in foreign policy speech, "did tremendous job"

LA Times: trump moves to middle in his speech on 'America First' approach to foreign policy

AP fact check: trump's 'truthful hyperbole' on foreign policy

Washington: 'Presumptive' GOP candidate trump looks ahead to Presidential campaign with major foreign policy speech

Indianapolis: Eliminated from winning Republican primary nomination yesterday, today Ted Cruz announces former rival Carly Fiorina would be his VP running mate

Brussels: ‘He’s a little jerk from Molenbeek’: Belgian lawyer on his client, a key suspect in Paris terror attacks

Caracas: Protests as Venezuela embraces 2-day workweek to save power

Washington: Exit poll: trump, Clinton draw support of broad coalitions

Philadelphia: Clinton adds to her lead; the two Republicans who can't win nomination before the convention, Cruz and Kasich, will try to block trump by collusion; trump to deliver foreign policy speech Wednesday

Philadelphia: trump wins one-third of remaining states as he clean sweeps all 5 northeast primaries, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island

Cam Cole: When it comes to dire Olympic predictions, Rio 2016 checks all the boxes 100 days before Games

Beirut: Aleppo death toll mounts; rescue workers killed

An inconvenient truth: BBC: Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth'; because trees and plants grow themselves from the carbon extracted from CO2

Washington: Charter $55B take-over of Time Warner Cable gets anti-trust approval

Democrat race: Monica Lewinsky returns as a campaign issue from the Sanders camp

Collusion update: ABC News: What we know about the new Ted Cruz-John Kasich alliance against trump

TIME: Donald trump calls Kasich, Cruz undemocratic non-aggression pact 'desperate'

Unprecedented collusion: Ted Cruz, John Kasich align strategies with goal of beating trump

Democracy in America: LA Times: How California's U.S. Senate ballot could cause problems for the June 7th primary

8 family members dead in 4 locations: Ohio AG: Slayings of 8 'pre-planned execution

Maggie Haberman: Donald trump’s more accepting views on gay issues set him apart in GOP

Washington Examiner: How the out-of-touch media missed Donald trump's rise

Kentucky: Developers are turning rust belt hulks into luxury hotels

Edward Niedermeyer: VW's diesel crisis is now a global threat

Detroit: Muslims for trump, though few, see past rhetoric, bluster

Quito: Ecuador earthquake death toll tops 650

George F. Will: The 'settled' consensus du jour; criminalizing thinking outside the prescribed AGW box

Marc Scribner: Banning cars from urban centers creates more problems than it solves

Famous north of border, too: Why the Harriet Tubman $20 is great for Canada, where she lived and brought slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad

Mosul: The B-52 Stratofortress, a massive symbol of U.S. air power, drops its first bombs on ISIS

Robert Fulford: Where ISIS came from (and where it’s going next)

Minnesota: ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico

Lemmings drink the kool-aid: 175 states sign landmark Paris deal on climate change

Weather Channel founder: John Coleman: Get politics out of climate debate — science has taken a back seat at the United Nations

Los Angeles: Will Prince's control of his music extend from the grave?

Auburn Hills: Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million cars, SUVs for rollaway issue

London: Obama threatens British citizens with 'back of the queue' in trade negotiations if they vote to leave EU

Wolfsburg: Volkswagen takes $18B hit over emissions scandal

Berlin: German carmakers to recall 630,000 cars to check emissions software; Volkswagens, Porsches, Audis and Mercedes included in recall

London: Obama wades into UK Brexit debate to euroskeptic fury

London: Anger as pro-Brexit Mayor Johnson tells 'part-Kenyan' Obama to butt out

Barack Obama visit: Stick with EU, U.S. President urges UK

New York: Soros says China's debt-fuelled growth echoes U.S. in 2007-08; a hard landing in China is “practically unavoidable”

Paisley Park: Prince, the artist who defied genre, dead at 57

Change: trump spends big on television in Pennsylvania and Indiana

Lawrence Solomon: Why it looks like ‘game over’ for global warming

Ottawa: Rona Ambrose needs to keep her ‘solemn vow’ that she will not seek permanent Tory leadership: Clement

Matt Gurney: Péladeau: What began with a fist-pump ends in tears

After only 350+ days: Pierre Karl Péladeau quits as Parti Québécois leader; "for family"

Toronto: Ontario tries to allay auto sector fears over radical climate change plan and apocalyptic comments by Murray

Ottawa: Immigration union placed under trusteeship by PSAC over finances, infighting

Economically critical: Coming to our senses on oil, gas pipelines

Media advice: Michael Den Tandt: Tories should target the Liberals’ three soft spots — defence, deficits and accountability

Quebec: trudeau says federal govt 'eager' to consider investing in new Montreal light rail network

Mayerthorpe: Alberta firefighter, 19, faces 18 arson charges, including huge CN trestle fire

Ashley Csanady: ‘One in three people suffer from depression and your MPP was one of them’: Lisa MacLeod’s private war

Kevin Libin: Kathleen Wynne’s monstrous new utility to make Ontarians drive, live and work ‘green’

Mark Bonokoski: As Canadian as income taxes and a double-double

Montreal: trudeau says Ottawa continues to negotiate with Bombardier

Crux of the Matter: Judith Miller on left-leaning media as liberal propaganda machines

Matt Gurney: ‘Exclusive!’ shouldn’t mean cops kicking out aboriginal reporters

Jeffrey Simpson: trudeau ‘crystal clear’ on pipelines – and completely vague

Globe and Mail editorial: Coming soon: Ontario’s green energy fiasco, the sequel

Ottawa: Liberals move to ban menthol cigarettes citing appeal to first-time smokers

John Ibbitson: The ‘corrosive truth’ behind discrimination of gay public servants

Aleppo: Oakville-run hospital bombed in Syria; evacuated ahead of time as a precaution

Ottawa: Morneau softens deficit predictions as federal govt runs huge surplus in February

The full report card: Six months in, how well are the Liberals doing at keeping their promises?

Crux of the Matter: Liberals mislead Canadians as Tories DID leave $7.5 BILLION surplus!

Windsor: 10-year pay grid may become key issue in Unifor-Detroit Three contract talks

Lorne Gunter: Alberta's determined to follow Ontario into green-energy hell

Syria: A secretive unit of international veterans went on its first anti-ISIS mission this fall. Hours later, Canadian John Robert Gallagher was dead

Crux of the Matter: Media discovering trudeau and his PMO not different from what they complained about Harper’s

Ottawa: $7.5B surplus heading into final month of fiscal year; how much future spending did Morneau push backward in March to offset the Conservatives' surplus which Liberals always denied?

A look at costs: Are central water treatment plants always the best option for spread-out native communities? Here's what $27M of federal money brought to Tyendinaga, in eastern Ontario

Ottawa: Canada's GDP shrinks by 0.1% in February after strong growth in January

Ottawa: Tax-cheat crackdown nets $1B more than expected, CRA data show

Ottawa: ‘Not ruling it out’: Jason Kenney weighing Conservative leadership bid but ‘not close’ to a decision yet

Terence Corcoran: The Wente pile-on continues; "witch-hunted by a band of self-righteous, self-important, self-aggrandizing, mostly leftist critics"

Montreal: Lower fuel costs help Air Canada post a quarterly profit

David Akin: With First Nations snub, trudeau shows contempt for media and public

National Post View: Stephen Harper’s ‘unequivocal act of integrity’

Nanny state on steroids: New Ontario agency will be given sweeping mandate to overhaul all energy use

Ottawa: Rail workers dispute lobby group’s take on Lac Mégantic disaster

Ottawa: Federal financial support for Bombardier still being 'discussed' but no deal yet, say two ministers

Nothing on cost to charge: Ontario plans 500 electric vehicle charging stations across province

Toronto: Police announce 80 people arrested province-wide in Ontario child porn bust

Toronto: Oil down, but Loonie up after Bombardier announcement

Montreal: Bombardier confirms large Delta Air Lines CSeries order; at least 75 planes with options for another 50; worth about $5.6B based on list price

Globe and Mail editorial: Did trudeau government do enough to save John Ridsdel?

Cogen common sense: New Algonquin College energy plan generates heat and electricity together

David Reevely: 'Deliverology' great for government if you don't mind breaking the bank, Ontario's experience shows

100+ aircraft? Bombardier poised to clinch major Delta Air Lines order of C Series planes

John Ivison: trudeau shouldn’t rule out purchasing Lockheed’s F-35 just because he said he would

Michael Den Tandt: Bombardier in line for another bailout in name of ‘national unity’ while Energy East pipeline left on life support

John Doyle: Welcome to a new nightmare in Cancon policy; Liberal Heritage Minister Joly opens Pandora's Box

Sudbury: Bribery/counselling charges stayed against Liberal fundraiser Lougheed until Elections Act police investigation is completed

Kelly McParland: What good is a Liberal government if public servants can’t expect special treatment? PSAC knickers in a knot

Manila: Philippines working to identify body found near area John Ridsdel was killed

Don Pittis: A warm, secure and well-employed country is better than freezing in the dark; why we really need domestic pipelines

Susan Delacourt: Will ponderous pondering and pandering be Waterloo of new Liberal Government? Efficiency with $$ and results are taking a back seat to process in attempt to solve a non-existent problem

Berlin: Freeland pushing CETA ratification in Europe; follows Maude Barlow's trashing tour

EKOS poll: Leap Manifesto gets support from NDP, Green and Liberal supporters

Kananaskis: Consultants brought in to teach Liberal Cabinet how to think and deliver on promises; Harper held cabinet retreats at no-cost Meech Lake, trudeau at far-flung resorts requiring expensive travel and accommodations

Burlington: Ontario, P.E.I. exports to grow 7% this year says Export Development Canada

Matthew Fisher: Executed Canadian hostage John Ridsdel remembered as 'warm, gracious person'

Andrew Coyne: Funding government projects through public pension plans a terrible idea

Iqaluit: ‘Bare minimum’ $1,000-a-month Internet services hobble Nunavut businesses

David Reevely: Summer-long forced march planned for Ontario Liberals' fundraising reform

Montreal: CN Rail lowers profit forecast as weak freight volumes hurt revenues

Crux of the Matter: Continuing media 'witch hunt' re: Mike Duffy & former PM Harper

Ottawa: National Energy Board gives conditional approval to Line 3 replacement pipeline

Stephen Gordon on the Leap Manifesto: 'Bold' action can mean big failures

Calgary: Enbridge’s Gateway resuscitated as trudeau wavers on tankers

Toronto: Ontario Liberals reject non-partisan process for fundraising rules reform

Millions missing: Ottawa has given Attawapiskat $15+M in housing funding since 2008; village of fewer than 2,000 inhabitants; fraud & theft trial awaits plea, real media coverage

Leadership? trudeau under growing pressure to lead charge for pipelines

Edmonton: Alberta releases report into suicide deaths of 7 Indigenous youth

Picton: Misled; MPAC just another tentacle of economy-destroying Green Energy Act, trained, bullied and manipulated to toe Liberal line

Ottawa: Supreme Court just making it up; rulings given on hypothetical cases instead of sticking to cases before it

Dr. Nadia Alam: Time for Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins to resign

Nova Scotia: All lives matter: Halifax marchers call for peace after 3 violent deaths

More than previously recommended: How to stay strong in adulthood? Eat protein often, new study says

He has an option: Mulroney says Energy East 'a nation-building opportunity' for trudeau

Ottawa: Organized crime 'may infiltrate' new pot regime, internal federal paper warns

Like end of Prohibition? Pot legalization coming, so stop possession arrests, say some

New Ghomeshi victim: Case shines spotlight on ‘post-incident contact’

Crux of the Matter: Jian Ghomeshi & Mike Duffy & 'presumption of innocence'

travel bill balloons: trudeau and cabinet heading west for Kananaskis retreat

J.J. McCullough: It will take more than money and politics to heal aboriginal communities

Rick Bell: Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s Uber apology doesn’t pass the smell test

Ottawa: Liberals eager to change all the rules surrounding Canada's $48B broadcasting, media and cultural industries; ‘Everything’s on the table’; the 'fix' is in by activist Minister whether needed or not

Andrew Coyne: When ‘not criminal’ does not equal innocent

Rex Murphy: Liberals play the race and misogyny cards to deflect questions about its $500-per-person fundraiser

F.H. Buckley: You’re more conservative than you think; in the education systems, immigration laws, regulatory burden and rule of law, on all counts Canada is a conservative country and U.S. highly liberal

Ottawa: Conservative Party lowers membership fees amid pressure from MPs and party members

Toronto: Three movie theatres evacuated for noxious odours

Winnipeg: Mother outrageously grilled by authorities for allowing her 3 children to play in fenced-in backyard while she was inside house

Toronto: MLB suspends Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello 80 games without pay after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance

Ottawa: Seven ex-Senators could face legal action if they don’t pay back $528K in expense claims by today

Saskatoon: Cameco Corp to shutter Rabbit Lake mine, cut 500 jobs due to weak uranium market

Windsor: Fraudulent high school student confirmed as 29 years old

Quebec: Pension fund Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec will invest $3B in new 67 km Montreal light rail network; balance of $5.5B project costs expected to come from provincial and federal governments

Ottawa: Rise in Canadian retail sales brightens economic outlook

Abbotsford: Canadian border guards find suspected explosive, 3 in custody

National Post view: Though Duffy has been cleared, Canadians can be forgiven for feeling something is still amiss in Ottawa

travelled to Turkey: Toronto-area men may commit terrorism unless peace bonds imposed: RCMP

New Brunswick: Former MP Mike Allen becomes 4th candidate to lead PC Party

NDP leadership poll: Avi Lewis, Jagmeet Singh and Nathan Cullen are favourites to take party helm

Andrew Coyne: trudeau Govt "has already amassed a record of cynicism, deception, secrecy and cronyism that for most governments would take years"

Windsor: South Sudanese man, nearly 30, arrested after posing as 17 yr-old at Windsor high school for six months; starred on basketball team

St. John’s: Why did the moose cross the road? And how do you get it out of your backyard?

Financial Post: Liberals’ choice of 4/20 for recreational marijuana announcement demonstrates their commitment

Ottawa: Marijuana legislation coming in spring 2017

Beijing: China reveals plans to ship cargo across Canada’s Northwest Passage

Dictator? trudeau says 'no' to electoral reform referendum because it won't produce result he wants

Lysiane Gagnon: Assisted-dying law goes too far for Quebec doctors’ group

Calgary: CP announces new share re-purchase program; increases dividend by 43%

Winnipeg: CBC projects majority PC Government led by Brian Pallister for Manitoba

Ottawa: Chinese engineers endorse plans for $2B rail line to Ontario's 'Ring of Fire'

Brian Mulroney: Canada needs leaders, not Luddites, to realize our resource-based future

Ottawa: FinMin Morneau repeats debunked claim Tories left deficit, despite PBO's surplus projection and Fiscal Monitor reports from his own Finance Dept

Pay to play? Ontario Liberals raised at least $400,000 from subsidized firms

Bruce Anderson: Canadians won’t accept Leap Manifesto because it breaks these two rules

Manitoba election: Voters head to polls after heated campaign

Ottawa: Keeping OAS age at 65 will be sustainable but costly, PBO says — $11.2B a year as Canadians live longer

Margaret Wente: Unsettled science? Pass the butter: The experts were all wrong

Alberta: Turo peer-to-peer car rentals expand Canada's sharing economy; concept disrupts both car manufacturers and rental agencies

Bad planning? PBO says Canada will run $700M surplus in 2015-16, not the $5.4B deficit projected by Liberal budget last month; says future predicted deficits will also be much smaller than in budget

Ottawa: Canadian dollar hits 79 cents for 1st time since July 2015

Ottawa: Costco offering Hepatitis A vaccinations in wake of frozen berry mix recall

Vancouver: trudeau Liberals spent $700K targeting 4 BC ridings in 2015 election

Toronto: Rogers profits decline as 'your grandmother' switches to skinny basic cable: CEO

Attawapiskat: More government services seen as suicide solution; small village has hospital, now to get youth centre as politicians hit for giving all to refugees

Washington Post: Actually, Justin trudeau doesn’t get quantum computing

Pembroke: Amber Alert 4-yr-old found safe after early morning roll-over accident 2 hours northeast of where she was abducted by her father in Aurora

John Robson: Sending more counsellors to Attawapiskat won’t help; the only prominent person to speak sense was Jean Chrétien: “There is no economic base there for having jobs and so on, and sometimes they have to move, like anybody else”

Crony capitalism: Ontario opposition parties say corporate grants should be made public

Winnipeg: One of Canada’s two remaining NDP governments set to fall when Manitobans vote Tuesday

Michael Den Tandt: Liberals’ pragmatism makes opposition’s job tougher

Ottawa: Federal spending spiked during final scramble to meet Liberals' Syrian refugee deadline; documents reveal half of $34M for airfare, expenses was spent in February

Ottawa: Liberals re-open debate 11 years after Martin government opted not to join U.S. ballistic missile defence

Montreal: High-school students need to learn more about Holocaust to dissuade teens from joining ISIS, group says

Andrew Coyne: Why Ontario’s business support program is a harmful, distortionary waste of money

Waterloo: No, Justin trudeau doesn’t really understand quantum computing. But that’s okay, at least he didn't cut Harper's innovation funding policies

updated Bahia de Caraquez: Mother and son from Quebec die in Ecuador quake

Calgary Herald: Should Canadians be rooting for lower oil prices?

Toronto: $30 oil better than $40 oil in Canada's 'Twilight Zone' economy, CIBC saysis

Two solitudes: 5 more Attawapiskat children attempt suicide

Jonathan Kay: Moving is the only hope for communities like Attawapiskat; a welfare state with almost no real jobs; a place with no sense of purpose will always be hopeless

Rex Murphy: Canada’s not the enemy — but don’t try telling that to Stephen and Avi Lewis

Dictator? ‘We’re not bison,’ grand chief says to suggestion First Nations people leave troubled reserves like Attawapiskat

Huffington Post: Benjamin Harper, Stephen Harper's son, co-pens column criticizing trudeau spending

Harper & Vera: Fiscal Malpractice — History shows this is no time to be racking up deficits

Margaret Wente: Reality bites trudeau: Rhetoric is easy, governing isn’t

Mainstreet Research poll: Tory surge, Liberal fall in Manitoba election; PC 46%, NDP 21%, Green 7%, Liberal 7%

Geoffrey Johnston: Canada shows its indifference; persecuted Assyrian Christians, Yezidis and other religious and ethnic minorities no longer prioritized as refugees

Toronto Star: Independent Liberal Senators James Cowan and Serge Joyal don’t believe proposed new assisted-dying law passes Charter test; they’re prepared to try to amend the bill or even defeat it

James Mennie: Dion and trudeau are playing Let's Make a Deal with the facts

Toronto: Supporters of Ontario's specialized schools for deaf, blind and severe learning disabilities vow to continue fight after disappointing day at Queen's Park

Macleans: A budget to drive Newfoundlanders away

Montreal: Police arrest men suspected of touring, filming métro tunnels

Gary Mason: Don’t write the NDP obituary just yet

Michael Den Tandt: Canadian politics takes a leap to the left; Lewis and Klein thrust NDP decisively back to the fringe

Ottawa: Supreme Court decision on native status for 600,000 Métis and ‘non-status Indians’ will initially be about who pays for what

Carpay & Kennedy: On free speech, our universities get an ‘F’

Christie Blatchford: Are Canadians really so fragile that we need safe spaces?

Where will oil go? Alberta spends and Newfoundland and Labrador taxes, on different paths after oil price crunch

Ottawa: Some of what was said Thursday about the Liberal Government's assisted dying bill

Ottawa: Champion of assisted death ‘disappointed’ over Liberals' proposed legislation

Montreal: RCMP have global decryption key for Blackberry devices, according to court documents

Ottawa: Liberals introduce long-awaited law on assisted dying, spelling out how seriously ill may legally end lives

Robyn Urback: Despite its ‘skinny basic’ cable TV bust, the CRTC is now mulling mandatory affordable high-speed Internet for all Canadians

Ottawa: Justin trudeau defends corporate dealings against accusations of tax avoidance; Mulcair says PM using various companies to “shelter his investments and avoid paying his full share of taxes”

Toronto: Idle No More protesters occupy federal office building in Toronto to demand action for Attawapiskat; take down Canadian flag, whine about no toilet access

Ottawa: Why was trudeau playing hooky at a Liberal book launch during the Attawapiskat suicide debate?

Konrad Yakabuski: Saudi arms deal: Enough with the hypocrisy; "Saudi Arabia is a key partner for Canada, and an important and stable ally in a region marred by instability, terrorism and conflict"

Toronto: Canadian Council of Imams to open ‘deradicalization clinics’ to battle ‘growing problem’ of extremism

Christie Blatchford: Chrétien was right. Maybe the kids in Attawapiskat need to break their ‘trauma bonds’ by heading somewhere more hospitable

The Guardian: Canadian Government 'lied' over $12B arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Ottawa: Federal Govt to provide additional $68M in Syrian aid as public donations fall short

Has condemned violence: ISIS makes threat against Toronto imam

Toronto: Higher tax rates ‘erect roadblocks’ for NHL hockey teams trying to entice free agents north of the border

Ottawa: Liberals accused of lying about Saudi arms deal

Ottawa: Bank of Canada boosts outlook, holds key rate

Ottawa: House debate on Attawapiskat ignores failed record of local MP and question of whose pockets ended up with federal money

Ottawa: Kelly Egan: the Public Service, its giant grievance machine and a five-year fight over $80

Toronto: IMF lowers growth forecasts ahead of G20, warns of ‘non-economic’ shocks

Ottawa: Harjit Sajjan beats fast retreat on the potential for search and rescue privatization; so misled when he said "everything on the table"

Toronto: Loblaw to invest $1B in expansions, create 20,000 new jobs in 2016; 50 new stores, 150 renovated stores; started in January

Montreal: Air Baltic expands C-Series order to 20 jets, Bombardier says

Toronto: Wynne reveals blueprint for political fundraising reforms; rejects call for public inquiry

Andrew Coyne: Was it the NDP’s electoral defeat that felled Mulcair? Or some manifestly bad ideas?

Edmonton: Notley calls Leap Manifesto thoughtless, tone deaf

Stephen Gordon: What the r>g equation really means

Michael Den Tandt: With its Jack Layton-esque centrism in tatters, radical Leap Manifesto will doom the NDP

Ottawa: Eight possible candidates for the NDP leadership, from an ex-deputy leader to a documentary filmmaker

Victoria: BC Hydro spent $17.5M to not buy power last year, says that resulted in $8.6M in savings!

Kelly McParland: How Justin trudeau destroyed the NDP

James Mennie: With Mulcair's execution, the NDP graduates to the mainstream

Ottawa: Harjit Sajjan defends Canada’s shrinking military budget after Donald trump slams NATO ‘free riders’; didn't point to rapid GDP rise under Harper

Drug problem? Attawapiskat First Nation declares state of emergency after 11 suicide attempts Saturday

David Akin: Bill Morneau’s fantasy numbers: Median wage growth; Canada actually showed the best real annual wage growth of any G7 country in the 2000-2014 period, growing 22.84%

Chantal Hébert: Writing was on the wall for Mulcair; he was on minds but not on lips of delegates

Turfed in Edmonton: Tom Mulcair's biggest weakness was also his greatest strength: bringing NDP to mainstream

Ontario: Cold records broken as winter ignores calendar and keeps the snow coming

International blowback: trudeau blasted by Brazilian magazine and Amnesty International; "shallow aristocrat leading an 'organized' country down the path to destruction"

Jeffrey Simpson: Canadians, not MPs, should decide how we vote

Jen Gerson: Mulcair goes into self-preservation mode, says he would advocate for Leap Manifesto

Lawrence Solomon: Justin trudeau could face his worst nightmare in Canadian-born U.S. President Ted Cruz

Mark Milke: Why does New England, the land of Bernie Sanders, live with lower taxes than Atlantic Canada?

Enhanced firepower: Royal Canadian Navy fires first sea-to-shore precision Harpoon missile

Edmonton: NDP convention begins amid uncertainty for party and leader

John Ivison: trudeau takes protectionist tone as pressure grows for 'Buy Canadian' program

Ottawa: Liberals deliver some of data requested by budget watchdog, gaps remain; Cost estimates provided for fiscal plan, but figures puzzling

Toronto: After media sheds light, Wynne says will close by-election 'loophole'; PC leader Brown renewed his calls for a public inquiry

Sudbury: By-election fundraising 'loophole' good for Liberal coffers

Toronto Star: Letters to Editor — Ontario Liberal fundraising under fire

Peterborough: Why you can’t trust Canada’s unemployment rate

Ottawa: Economy adds 41,000 jobs in March despite loss of 32,000 manufacturing jobs

Thursday night: Law firm playing host to Liberal fundraiser with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould had lobbyist in ranks

Rex Murphy: Liberals' unseemly private fundraising events raise more than $$, eyebrows and hypocrisy [video]

John Ivison: Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson a docile watchdog

Canada watchdog report: Lawyers pose money laundering risk

Robyn Urback: When even the Justice Minister sees nothing wrong with letting the rich pay for access, we have a problem

Brussels: EU may require visas from Americans and Canadians: EU source

Hockey legend: Quebec Senator Jacques Demers in hospital after suffering stroke

Terry Glavin: The Liberals are being shifty about China

Ottawa: Families Minister hints about federal guaranteed annual income; says new child benefit does that for families

Toronto: Ontario's business grants: Read the full report on where the billions of public dollars go

Toronto: Buried report reveals corporate giants gained the most from billions spent to support business in Ontario

Ottawa: Mulcair pushes PBO for missing Liberal budget data

Ottawa: FinMin Morneau disagrees with PBO report that budget was not 'fully transparent'

Michael Den Tandt: trudeau looks hypocritical as Liberals hide spending plans

Andrew Coyne: A little coherence from the Liberals on the deficit, please

Toronto: Patrick Brown Tories want commission of inquiry into Ontario Liberal fundraising practices; 'If they have nothing to hide, they won't shy away from a commission of inquiry'

Edmonton: 5 things to watch for at NDP convention

Mainstreet/Postmedia poll: Rona Ambrose would be Tory leadership
favourite if allowed to run, poll of party supporters finds

tracadie: NB judge's liquor ruling today could change trade across Canada

Mayerthorpe: RCMP investigating after suspicious
and dramatic fire engulfs CN railway trestle

CN trestle fire is the 5th blaze Mayerthorpe RCMP have been asked to investigate in last 30 days. ~ Jonas Boll, Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc.

Mayerthorpe: Dramatic aerial video shows railway trestle blazing

Robert Staley: This was not about Mike Duffy vs. my client,
Stephen Harper; "public office demands a higher standard
than conduct that falls short of criminality"

Mayerthorpe: CN trestle destroyed in quick-burning fire

Fire has destroyed a CN Rail creosote-soaked wooden trestle bridge in the community of Mayerthorpe, about 120 km northwest of Edmonton. Local resident Quinn White told the CBC the fire completely incinerated the bridge in just a couple of hours. A CN spokeswoman said there were no injuries and train traffic was not affected. No cause has been determined.

Manila: Philippine troops hunt killers who beheaded Canadian Ridsdel

Manila: 2nd Canadian still held by al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf terrorists

Kidnapped last September: Canadian John Ridsdel executed
by Philippine Islamist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf

The hidden truth: Drugs are fuelling the crisis in Attawapiskat
and police can’t do much about it; 12 pushers exploit villagers

62 hours non-stop: Solar-powered plane nails risky flight across Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 lands at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, Saturday night after a 3-day, non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean as part of its pioneering journey around the world. ~ Noah Berger Associated Press

North Korea says: Submarine ballistic missile test 'great success'

Ballistic: North Korea missile test brings China and South Korea closer

The Musudan rocket is understood to have a range of at least 1,864 miles, long enough to strike, among other targets, U.S. military bases in Guam. ~ EPA/KCNA

Minnesota: Concern & curiosity as music world wallows in death of Prince

Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said during a news conference that Prince was last seen Wednesday evening, when an acquaintance dropped him off at his sprawling compound, Paisley Park. Olson said Prince was found unresponsive late Thursday morning in an elevator on the first floor of his home after staff members were unable to locate him.

Free man: Mike Duffy not guilty on all 31 charges; "no criminal intent"

Pedernales: Shallow new quake, M6.2, strikes off Ecuador coast

UN: 500 African migrants feared dead in weekend shipwreck

Winnipeg: Brian Pallister's Manitoba PCs win record-breaking victory

Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister hugs his daughters as he enter his party's election victory party in Winnipeg, Tuesday. Pallister's Progressive Conservatives routed Premier Greg Selinger and the NDP to put an end to nearly 17 years of orange power. ~ John Woods Canadian Press

Ecuador: Two more Canadians found dead
as quake toll rises & rescue hopes dim

Ecuador: Death toll will "surely rise, and in a considerable way" says President Correa; losses mounting, as scale of quake tragedy revealed

updated Ecuador: Death toll nears 500; over 2,000 injured;
coastal areas devastated as frantic rescue efforts continue

updated Quito: Death toll rising after monster M7.8 quake hits Ecuador

Damage is extensive across a wide area. The above building collapsed in Guayaquil. ~ AFP/BBC

updated Ecuador: Shallow & huge M7.8 quake
hits 107.5 miles WNW of Quito

Japan quakes: 41 dead; rescuers rush to help trapped residents

Japan quakes: 400-yr old Kumamoto Castle & other historic sites hit;
Landslides destroy and bury houses, bullet trains derailed, roads broken

Buildings, roads and historic sites have all been hammered by this week's quakes. Death tolls continue to rise as rescue crews scramble to save people. Above, Romon gate, designated as a nationally important cultural property, and other buildings damaged by an earthquake are seen at Aso Shrine in Aso, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan. ~ ASiaOne

Japan: Chain reaction activated separate fault zone in 2nd huge quake;
16 times larger than M6.5 temblor that hit nearby Thursday night

Japan: Second major quake more powerful, deadly than first

There has been huge damage from latest quake. Since Saturday quake was bigger, Thursday's was technically a foreshock, a Meteorological Agency official, Gen Aoki, director of Japan Meteorological Agency earthquake and monitoring division, told a news conference. "In those areas where the tremors were strong, there is a higher risk of homes collapsing and landslides so we urge everyone to pay particular attention to tremors and rain," Aoki said. ~ NBC

Tokyo: Bigger M7.3 quake hits southern Japan; trapped people calling out

John Ivison: Any federal plan to move beyond Indian Act
will again require difficult process of indigenous consensus

Supreme Court officially extends two-tier citizenship; rules 600,000
Métis and ‘non-status Indians’ have same 'Indian' rights as other natives

Bruce Dumont, President of the BC Métis Nation, left, Audrey Poitras, President of the Alberta Métis Nation, front, and Gerald Morin, VP of the Saskatchewan Métis Nation, right, celebrate after decision announced at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa on Thursday, April 14, 2016. ~ Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press

Ontario: 115-metre wind turbine shut down and tethered to bulldozer
after begins leaning; surrounding farm field rendered unusable

Huge Ferndale wind turbine tethered to bulldozer to stop it from collapse. ~ Nelson Phillips The Wiarton Echo

Ottawa: Liberals set to introduce assisted-dying law with strict limits

Who owns money? Australia seeks global probe into tax havens

Tunnel vision: Since 1990, 183 drug and people smuggling tunnels
have been found within Tucson sector and southern U.S. border

A tunnel in the border town of Naco, Arizona, is one of the longest, at more than 900 feet and one of the most recent discoveries. It was found just a few hundred yards from the Mexican border, inside what looks like a shed next to a house. It's a very sophisticated tunnel. With those poles under, there were lights. They were using oxygen.

Edmonton: Thomas Mulcair loses review vote, forced out of leadership;
48% vote lowest backing in a review for a major Party leader in Canada

Rank-and-file New Democrats handed Thomas Mulcair another ballot-box drubbing Sunday, voting to replace him as leader less than six months after a devastating election loss that dashed the party’s dream of forming Canada’s first federal NDP government. A stunned silence fell over the convention floor at Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Centre as delegates realized that not only had Mulcair not attained a respectable level of support, he hadn’t even reached the 50-per-cent threshold – unheard of in a federal leadership review. ~ Global News

Montreal: Vimy Ridge cave carvings in 3D exhibit recall soldiers' lives;
WWI soldiers passed time carving while living 30 metres underground

A cave carving by Herman Schofield, from Chatham, New Brunswick, who lied about his age to enlist at 16. He was wounded near Vimy but survived. ~ The Royal Montreal Regiment Museum

Belgium: Group that hit Brussels planned 2nd France attack

updated New Delhi: Indian temple blaze kills 100, injures more than 380

Belgium: Paris attacks suspect says he's Brussels airport ‘man in the hat’

Brussels: New video of 'man in hat' terror suspect from Belgian police;
Public asked for help in finding airport bombing mystery man

Photos released by prosecutors showed the "man in hat" leaving the airport on foot, walking to the nearby town of Zaventem and then into Brussels, where all traces of him were reportedly lost. It also provides an animated aerial view of his path. The suspect also wore a white jacket but discarded it at some point, prosecutors said. The appeal for public assistance more than two weeks after the suicide bombings indicated that investigators have hit a standstill. Three bombers, two at the airport and one in the subway, also died in the attacks, which were claimed by Islamic State. ~ Belgian Federal Police

Ottawa: Does Toronto lawyer's private Liberal fundraiser with
Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould cross ethical line?

Panama: Liberal Senator's husband put $1.7M+ in offshore tax havens;
Tony Merchant is one of Canada's most prominent class-action lawyers

Panama Papers: The $2B offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin

TIME: What to know about the ‘Panama Papers’ mega leak

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca law firm responds
that it has done nothing wrong

Panama Papers: The Mossack Fonseca web of secret companies
(and all available source files) ~ Zero Hedge

Panama Papers: Gusher of a leak from Mossack Fonseca
law firm reveals decades of hidden shell companies & big names

Canada: ‘I built an igloo with a small knife’: how Nunavut MLA
kept his family alive for eight days, stranded on the tundra

The landscape near Pangnirtung. The trio set off from Iqaluit March 22. They were intending to snowmobile the 300-km overnight trek to Pangnirtung. From there, they were to head up the Baffin Island coast to Qikiqtarjuaq, one of the communities in Keyootak’s riding. The trip, 11 hours in good weather, is well-travelled and studded with shelter cabins along the way. But it also crosses rugged terrain, twisting along jagged coastlines and climbing over mountain passes. ~ Nathan VanderKlippe Canwest News

Calgary: West Jet cancels flights as Pavlof volcano spews ash cloud

updated Gulf coast: Petrochemical plant blast kills 13, injures dozens in Mexico

LA Times: Donald trump has finally discovered strategy

Election 2016: After big New York wins, trump and Clinton cast themselves as inevitable

Tokyo: Mitsubishi Motors admits manipulating fuel economy data, shares tumble

Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton is ‘soulless, incompetent’; 'The woman has never succeeded in any job. She's created chaos after chaos.'

Newsweek: Resistance is futile: Donald trump is the inevitable Republican nominee

New York: Donald trump and Hillary Clinton win easily

New York: Exit poll: trump's outsider appeal propels his NY victory

New York: As Donald trump speaks, some voters hear echoes of Ed Koch

San Francisco: Intel to cut 12,000 jobs as PC demand slumps

NY Times: The dispute in Brazil is far from black and white

Brasilia: Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff defiant after impeachment vote

Beirut: Syria cease-fire crumbles as bombings kill dozens

Border war: Death toll mounts as ISIS rockets rain down on Kilis, Turkey

New York: trump, Clinton look for wins on home turf

New York: Bernie Sanders wins over younger New Yorkers — but can they vote?

New York: Risk of full-scale war if Western Sahara mission departs: UN

Kabul: Afghan attacks kill at least 28, over 300 injured

Live Science: The earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador aren't related: here's why

Prague-matic move: Don’t call it Czech Republic, anymore: now it's ‘Czechia’

Cape Canaveral: Florida wins contest for game-changing OneWeb satellite mass-production facility

Brasilia: Fights loom after Brazil's lower chamber OKs impeachment

Minamiaso: U.S. forces deliver aid, PR to Japanese quake-hit areas by Osprey; Toyota, Nissan, Honda all halt production at some facilities; 500+ aftershocks

London: Global shares follow oil down after Doha disappointment

London: British plane may have collided with drone at Heathrow, lands safely: police

Tokyo: Sony extending closure of image sensor plant in quake-hit southern Japan

Qatar: Oil prices plunge in wake of failed Doha deal

Daily Mail: Four major earthquakes around 'Ring of Fire' in past week; M7.8 in Ecuador, two in Japan, one near Tonga; 'cluster' could herald crust pressure building up for a new mega quake, warns top scientist

Tokyo: Toyota, other major Japanese firms hit by quake damage, supply disruptions

Doha: World’s biggest oil producers meet to discuss possible freeze on production to boost prices

AP-GfK poll: Americans happy at home, upset with federal government

Japan earthquakes: Tens of thousands flee in fear of aftershocks and volcanoes

Tokyo: Japan quakes disrupt Sony production of image sensors used in Apple iPhones

The crumbling BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa were supposed to lead the world to new economic heights; but deepening woes threaten to tip a teetering global economy into another recession

Sweden: Alleged Brussels terrorist was star of documentary about successful integration of immigrants

Seoul: North Korea's failed missile launch prompts 'sabre-rattling' jibe from China media

Washington Post: North Korea’s missile launch has failed, South’s military says; failure comes on most important date on its calendar

Mashiki: Japanese Army joins relief efforts after M6.5 shallow quake kills 9, injures more than 800

ESPN: Ken Burns' new Jackie Robinson documentary kills myths of civil rights legend; and brings you closer to the man you thought you knew

Toronto: Canada assisted suicide bill precludes tourists

Guardian: Journalist Matthew Keys gets two-year sentence for helping Anonymous hack LA Times

Rio de Janeiro: 3 parties abandon Brazil President Rousseff as impeachment vote nears

CDC: Zika confirmed as a cause of microcephaly

Risks to global financial stability at highest level since 2008 crisis: IMF warns debt risk growing from big firms in China, other emerging markets

Nigel Green: ‘Offshore’ has become synonymous with murky dealings. That’s not fair

New Delhi: Indian court bans use of high-decibel crackers after temple fireworks blaze kills 110

Belgium: 2 more suspects charged in Brussels attacks

Ankara: Turkey shells ISIS targets in Syria, state news agency says

Anthony Watts: More satellite problems with Arctic Sea Ice measurement

Novoselitskoe: Three Islamists blow themselves up outside police station in southern Russia

colorado: trump hammers backdoor Cruz delegate strategy as 'crooked'

Lima: Fujimori leads Peru election first round, heads to June run-off

Rome: The Mafia and a very special flower arrangement; the Dutch connection

Belgium: Paris-Brussels attacks network a 'supercell' of extremism

BIG penalty: Goldman Sachs to pay $5B in U.S. Justice Dept mortgage bond pact

Norfolk: Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin named as senior U.S. naval officer accused of espionage

Newsweek: U.S. Navy Officer accused of spying for foreign power held secretly for 8 months

Kiev: Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk to submit resignation Tuesday

NY Times: Donald trump maintains strong lead in latest New York poll; Monmouth University: trump 52%, Kasich 25%, Cruz 17%

Jerusalem Post: Saudi news anchor urges fellow Muslims to 'feel shame' over terrorist attacks [video]

London: 'No oksijan in the car': 7-year-old's broken-English trans-Atlantic text saves lives of 15 migrants

Brussels: Belgium makes arrest, unsure if suspect in custody is 'man in hat'

Syria: ISIS has massacred 175 of the 300 cement workers it kidnapped outside Syrian capital Damascus, government claims

Brisbane: Accused terrorist who stocked up on weapons 'was days away' from launching an attack on Australian soil

Philadelphia: Bill Clinton takes on BLM protesters; "You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. Tell the truth."

Observer: Panama Papers reveal Clinton’s Kremlin connection; campaign manager and his brother

Hillary insiders: Panama Papers scandal hits the Clinton campaign

New York: Top-ranking NYPD officers stripped of gun and badge in corruption probe

St. Petersburg: Panama Papers part of U.S. plot to weaken Russia says Putin

Belgium security gap: Brussels bomber worked at EU Parliament as cleaner

New York: Inversions might actually create jobs in the USA: Former Best Buy CEO

CNBC: Allergan CEO: Merger with Pfizer was targeted by U.S. government

New York: Obama's inversion curbs kill Pfizer's $160B Allergan deal

Brussels: European Union ponders better way to deal with migrants

Reykjavik: Icelandic MPs call for fresh elections after PM steps aside

Craig Calcaterra: 'Respect the Game' is baseball’s version of 'Make America Great Again'

London: Britain could be left unable to deport asylum seekers under EU plans

Milwaukee: Cruz, Sanders emerge victorious in Wisconsin primaries

Reykjavik: Iceland's leader resigns, first political casualty of Panama Papers

New era: Twitter said to win NFL deal for Thursday streaming rights

Beijing: China announces restrictions on trade with North Korea

Geoffrey Johnston: Syrian Christian refugees persecuted

Konrad Yakabuski: trump’s doctrine: Speak loudly and carry many big sticks

Panama Papers: Everything you need to know about offshore accounts used to hide wealth, avoid taxes

Matthew Fisher: Brussels’ Africans have no patience for narrative that discrimination spawned jihadists

Arabian Sea: U.S. Navy confiscates 1,500 Kalashnikov rifles, 200 grenade launchers from Iran at sea

Panama Papers: Leaked documents show how 12 world leaders – plus Putin's inner circle, British politicians and Lords – hide their millions in tax havens

Moscow: Putin's spokesman denies involvement in offshore accounts

Climate Depot: ‘Never before seen’ Spring snowfall in the Caribbean islands — colorado Ski Resort snowiest in 50 years – Snow chaos in Germany

Frankfurt: Euro jobless rate drops to 10.3%, lowest since 2011

Athens: First ship deporting migrants reaches Turkey

Wisconsin: trump: 'I automatically win' if Kasich would just quit

Human Rights Watch: Mexico deported thousands of unaccompanied child migrants last year

Bloomberg: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade; his exclusive story

Princeton: Racism to peace prize: Woodrow Wilson's legacy on display

LA Times: Drones: they're 400,000 strong and the Pentagon sees them as an emerging threat

135 homicides so far in 2016: Chicago violence reaches levels not seen in years

Conrad Black: GOP’s moment of truth on Bush-Clinton era has arrived at last

Boston Globe: Sanders-Clinton: Who will win the battle of Brooklyn?

Joe Scarborough: trump leaves the conservative establishment arrogant and unmoored

Damascus: After Palmyra, Syrian troops take Qaryatain, another ISIS-controlled town; Russian airstrikes again critical

Belgium: Brussels airport announces re-opening amid strike threats

Milwaukee: trump on defensive ahead of Wisconsin primary; Could Wisconsin prove to be Republican front-runner's downfall?

Washington Post: Donald trump will win election in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why

LA Times: 1 dead, 5 hurt as plane crashes into car on freeway in San Diego County

Belgium: Brussels airport remains closed after attack, re-opening unclear; tourism plummets, with hotel reservations down by half

Hillary's toxic baggage: Clinton aide Huma Abedin on her emails being out there: 'terrifying'

LA Times: On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald trump and freedom of speech

Washington: Obama urges global action to combat nuclear terrorism threat

Istanbul: Protests mount before EU-Turkey migrant deal takes effect

Athens: Despite criticism, EU plans are ready to deport refugees

Luxor: Egyptians get more scans of secret rooms behind Tut's tomb

Ithaca: Some people are born vegetarians and ignoring their genetic preference imperils their health, study finds

Tony Thomas: Oops: CO2 emissions dogma is now so shaky — especially given the 21st century’s pause or halt to warming — that peer-reviewed papers skeptical of the orthodoxy are flooding into scientific journals

Beijing: China stops building wind turbines because most of the energy is wasted; "grid struggling to cope with it"

The River: U.S. election 2016: The 40-year hurt with Springsteen commentary

Amsterdam: Dutch Minister says he misinformed Parliament again about Belgium attack intelligence; it actually came from NYPD

The Hague: FBI told Dutch about terror brothers before Brussels blasts

Impeachment next? Brazil's biggest party quits ruling coalition, Rousseff isolated

Lahore: Pakistan holds 216 suspects, detained more than 5,000 after Easter bombing killed 70

Washington: trump scrambles to address delegate fight, launches co-ordination office

Ottawa: CRTC removes Telesat Canada's price ceiling for C-band fixed satellite services as market matures

Calgary: Canada’s oilpatch suffers biggest drop in investment in almost 70 years, CAPP warns

Hamilton: Dellen Millard ran night-time ‘missions’ to steal vehicles, friend tells Bosma murder trial

Manitoba — Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll: Progressive Conservatives 50%, New Democratic Party 25%, Liberals 16%, Green 9%

John Ivison: Liberals struggle to live up to their own standards of ‘openness and transparency’

PBO: First trudeau budget less transparent, inflates job growth, watchdog says

Ottawa: Ontario MP Kellie Leitch will be first out of gate in official bid for Conservative Party leadership

John Robson: Where, oh where has the Liberal Party gone? Liberals undertaking risky transformation from old-line political party into some new and trendy form of social media meme

John Ivison: Brad Wall sought for federal leadership bid to prevent Conservative split

Ottawa: Canadian Labour Congress head says NDP needs new leader

Lawrence Martin: Liberals risk losing the public trust; the frequency with which pledges are being cast aside is a legitimate cause for concern

Nik Nanos: Is trudeau's popularity waning? Some troubling numbers for the PM [video]

Panama Papers: Ottawa under pressure to calculate 'tax gap'

Ottawa: Conservatives commissioned Deloitte financial and market assessment of Bombardier in August; Liberals use analysis to ponder if and how to help

Regina: Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party cruises to resounding third straight majority win

Saskatchewan election: Global News declares majority win for Saskatchewan Party

Manitoba election: PCs promise to cut taxes by raising basic personal exemption, end tax bracket creep

Colby Cosh: Is Canada really the peaceable kingdom of campaign finance? new truth: money does not make much difference in politics right now because no one is sure how to spend it very effectively

Jackson Doughart: Debt-fuelled spending is a disservice to young Canadians

Liberals misled Canadians: ‘Very, very few’ Syrian refugees came to Canada from refugee camps; lived in apartments "for years"; photo-ops at refugee camps were misleading

Ontario: Wynne blasted by Patrick Brown for trading cabinet access for $$; says will end corporate, union donations this Spring

Toronto: Stories of residential school abuse can be shredded after 15 years, court rules

Lawrence Solomon: We should arm the Saudis while protecting Canada against their influence

Panama Papers: RBC denies wrongdoing after being named in leaked documents

Regina: Saskatchewan votes: 5 things to watch for today

Carol Goar: trudeau caught off-guard by oilpatch flare-up

Health effects: Smoking during pregnancy chemically alters fetal DNA: study

Nova Scotia: Sudden influx of refugees strains Halifax school, sparks call for federal funds

Thomas Walkom: Medicare threatens to put Justin trudeau to the test; even as he cuts transfers to provinces

Dan Leger: The New Disappointed Party to deliver verdict on Mulcair

Rex Murphy: Thomas Mulcair is little more than a sideshow, but he’s still the best the NDP has to offer

EKOS poll: trudeau Liberals drop 12% since start of year as rubber meets the road

Rex Murphy: Thomas Mulcair is little more than a sideshow, but he’s still the best the NDP has to offer

Edmonton: NDP convention ‘one for the ages,’ many eager for vote on Mulcair’s leadership

Ottawa: Conference with multiple links to Liberals gets money from trudeau government

Montreal: Quebec state funeral another first for trailblazer Claire Kirkland-Casgrain

Ontario: Premier Wynne admits cabinet ministers have fundraising quotas after week of non-answers

Antonella Artuso: Why is Kathleen Wynne's popularity plummeting? Scandals, debt, taxes, lost manufacturing jobs, hydro prices...

After 230+ years: Montreal, Toronto sign 'historic' partnership agreement

Ottawa: Wynne says police services board committee meetings should be public

No April showers: Bursts of snow, whiteout conditions for southern Ontario

Geoffrey Johnston: Moral obligation: It's time for Canada to recognize and address genocide in the Middle East against religious minorities

Pranks-aplenty: Canadian politicians show their senses of humour this April Fool's Day

updated Iqaluit: Nunavut MLA and two others, missing for more than a week, rescued from Arctic tundra on Baffin Island; built igloo, survived on caribou

Colby Cosh: Ketchup patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel

Îles-de-la-Madeleine: Lapierre aircraft was cleared to approach runway before crash: TSB

Ottawa: Third parties — mostly unions — spent $6M to influence 2015 election; minister vows crackdown

Toronto: Vice Media must hand over data on terrorist suspect to RCMP, Ontario court rules

Ottawa: Canada GDP grows most in 3 years with manufacturing surge; fourth consecutive month of growth

Post-mortem: NDP election study finds party's strategy was 'out of sync' with Canadians; regrets, they have a few

Montreal: More than 60 arrested in huge contraband tobacco raids; ties to biker gangs and Aboriginal organized crime

Pikangikum: Nine family members die in fire

Ottawa: Key trudeau promise to help jobless youth left out of federal budget

Funeral today: Toronto has final opportunity to say goodbye to Councillor and former Mayor Rob Ford

Brampton: Kevin Omar Mohamed charged with terrorism offence, put in solitary for his own protection

Montreal: tributes pour in for Jean Lapierre: ex-Liberal Cabinet Minister, Bloc Quebecois co-founder, and respected political pundit; dead in plane crash

Îles-de-la-Madeleine: Jean LaPierre, 59, his wife, two brothers, and a sister die in plane crash on way to hold funeral for his father

Ontario: London priest accused of gambling away $500K donated for refugees

Toronto: A&W in Canada switches to French's ketchup, mustard

Liberal budget: Provinces short-shrifted on healthcare transfers; growth will be by only 2.8% in 2017-18, to $37.1B, which is below 3% minimum increase promised by Harper Govt; has been +6% per year since 2007

John Ibbitson: Conservative revival in Manitoba should come as no surprise; two weeks into provincial election, Conservatives are more than 20 points up on governing NDP

trenton: Valeant share plunge after CEO subpoenaed by Congress

Paula Todd: A post-Ghomeshi guide for reporting your sexual assault; gather evidence like a CSI pro immediately

Brampton: Terrorism suspect who was arrested in Waterloo Friday had travelled to Syria in 2014; was watched by RCMP for two years; last tweet before arrest: Where can I get 'Brussels airport' version of Call of Duty?

Tom Parkin: Deficit not funding much infrastructure after all

Terry Milewski: New Liberal budget puts off billions in defence spending to make numbers look better; hurts Navy, hurts shipyards' workforces

Vancouver: Airbnb's popularity has North American cities on edge; impact on communities and long-term rental stock

Ottawa: Justin trudeau’s Senate surrogate Peter Harder has few power levers; faces uncertain road

Regina: Education, cost of projects; final full week of Saskatchewan election campaign begins

Austin: Body of two-year-old Chase Martens, missing Manitoba toddler, found in creek

Ottawa: Green Party leader Elizabeth May spent nearly $230,000 to retain her seat in Parliament — over $100k more than Harper, Mulcair

Nanos: Strong federal Conservative rebound in West; Ambrose building a solid profile as interim leader with a third of Canadians still in "show me" mode

Terry Glavin: Canada’s little-known role in creating modern Ireland

Kelly McParland: There’s no point in moaning about the Liberal spending binge; the cost will come later, as always

John Ivison: Liberals take us down yellow brick road with ‘spend, then tax’ budget; ignore Paul Martin warning that a “vicious cycle of chronic deficits” condemn Canada to economic lethargy

Toronto: Ontario launches free legal advice pilot program for sex assault survivors

Toronto: Ghomeshi verdict has shaken trust in the justice system, poll finds

Ottawa: Unbalanced budget: What the Liberals call 'prudence,' the Tories call a 'nightmare scenario'; Lack of road map means it's built on unfounded optimism—and decades of long-term debt

Jack Mintz: Liberals’ budget hikes pressure on Canada’s dangerous debt bomb

Andrew Coyne: Liberal's $30B deficit a debt of choice, not circumstance

Ottawa: Dion questions Canadian appointment as UN human rights adviser

Ottawa: Tories call on trudeau to oppose Western University Professor's appointment to UN

Ottawa: Review of federal tax breaks is coming: Morneau

Toronto: Retired OPG boss tops annual sunshine list with $1,528,933 salary

Althia Raj: MP Scott Reid casts major doubt on Liberals' new process for appointing Senators

Winnipeg: Parents of Chase Martens, the two-year-old boy missing in rural Manitoba since Tuesday, sobbed as they pleaded for help from public; Toddler 'vanished without a trace,' says dad

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi not guilty decision triggers outrage online, outside court

Winnipeg: Manitoba Liberal leader says will set aside at least 10% of seats for indigenous MLAs; won't allow referendum if elected; may be unconstitutional

Regina: First sexually-transmitted Zika case in Canada may have been found in Saskatchewan

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi could still be target of civil case, lawyer says

Jeff Hodgson: Give the people what they want

Toronto: Freezing rain leads to blackouts in southern Ontario

London: Ghomeshi verdict shows flaws in legal system, women's agency says; "the Victim's Bill of Rights is not taken seriously and survivors are not treated with courtesy, compassion and respect for their personal dignity and privacy"

Toronto: Jian Ghomeshi not guilty on all counts; Judge: "evidence tainted", "the court is left with a reasonable doubt"

Toronto: Touching scene as 8-yr-old son of late Rob Ford holds media scrum on front lawn; "I went up to my dad to say: 'Daddy, you were the best dad a kid could ever have'"

William Watson: The federal budget’s ‘new approach’ is cluster-stuck

Neil Macdonald: Federal budget 2016: Who are the Liberals' middle-class winners? Good question

Bloomberg: Canada passes on chance to lock in low rates on record borrowing

Ottawa: Alberta MP Jim Hillyer, 41, found dead in Parliament Hill office; Conservative MP had mentioned feeling unwell yesterday

Stephen Gordon: How to evaluate the Liberals’ first budget; there's detailed projections for descent into deficit, but none on how to get out

Federal Budget 2016: Liberals have blown $4B surplus in first 100 days; EI changes miss those hurting, say Opposition

Federal Budget 2016: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls budget 'disappointing'

Federal Budget 2016: Conservative leader Rona Ambrose: "Reckless spending"; no job creation plan or plan to balance budget in future [video]

Federal Budget 2016: $8.4B over 5 years for First Nations "not enough" says Manitoba Chief; NDP's Mulcair says "promise broken"

Federal Budget 2016: Plenty of goodies for City of Ottawa, including dedicated funds for science museum expansion, NAC revamp, big sewer

Federal Budget 2016: Liberals scale back ambitious infrastructure plan, with bulk of spending now planned post-2021—after the next election; cities give thumbs up for costly new 50% transit funding formula, thumbs down for low $$ allocation

Mike Moffatt: What the 2016 federal budget got right—and wrong; Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and Children’s Art Tax Credit eliminated for parents, but teachers given new tax credit

Federal Budget 2016: Liberals project $30B deficit but do not plan a return to surplus by 2019, breaking two campaign promises

Federal budget 2016: Liberals decide against reducing small business tax rate despite campaign promise; will rescind Harper's multi-year legislated cut to 9%

Ottawa: trudeau Liberals expected to face backlash after budget 2016 backs off campaign promise of lifelong pensions for disabled veterans which were taken away by Martin Liberals in 2005 'New Veterans Charter'

Andrew Coyne: Federal budget 2016 is one from the 1970s, to address problems of 1980s; "the largest two-year increase in spending, outside of recession, since 1972-1973"

Neil Macdonald: Corruption probes, broken bridges, the sad decline of Montreal

Ottawa: Federal budget 2016 - Access to all documents from Finance Department website

Toronto: Veteran Ontario Liberal MPP Balkissoon resigns suddenly without explanation

Leamington: French's plans to move ketchup production to Ontario

Toronto: Former mayor Rob Ford dead at age 46

Toronto: Loonie, markets lower following deadly Brussels attacks

William Thorsell: Independent senators are a threat to our parliamentary system

Joe Oliver: trudeau's undo-everything approach is no way to serve Canadians

Matt Gurney: The Liberals are doubling down on a horrifically broken UN

Kashechewan: Chief disagrees with federal Health Minister on cause of skin lesion outbreak

Kingston: Local teachers unions in Ontario latest to call for moratorium on Wi-Fi use in schools

Stephen Gordon: The Liberals need to focus on long-term growth, because their spending plan will hurt us

Kelly McParland: As the world burns, will optimism be enough?

Ottawa: Government can help people and still balance books, Ambrose says ahead of budget

Windsor: Libyan-Canadian Salim Alaradi has terrorism charges dropped in UAE

Arbitration: Justice Ian Binnie cuts Senators' expenses owed in 10 of 14 cases

Toronto: Amber Alert helped lead to safe return of missing baby after car stolen

Lorrie Goldstein: Ontario’s carbon time bomb; Premier Wynne is introducing carbon pricing in the worst possible way

Ottawa: What will be in Liberal budget for youth beyond lots of debt and future taxes?

Buyer's remorse: colorado struggling with unforeseen consequences of marijuana legalization; increased law enforcement costs, many more drugged driving incidents, jump in fatal crashes, workforce loss of productivity, and huge spike in gang-related crime; drug-related school expulsions also on rise

Drugs and consequences: trudeau push to liberalize Canadian drug laws will create many new victims

Saskatchewan: Drugs killing hundreds of natives a year through homicide, suicide and overdose, says Chief

Voodoo accounting: Stakes are huge as Liberal government moves forward on Canada Infrastructure Bank

Andrew Coyne: When, if at all, the Liberals intend to bring the party to an end is a mystery

Rex Murphy: Bombardier gets lots of love from Ottawa, while the fuel powering its planes gets vilified

Ottawa: PM names 7 new senators

Financial Post: Why trudeau’s infrastructure plan may not be a quick and easy fix for the economy after all

Quebec: Couillard distances himself from Charest-era Liberals in wake of UPAC arrests

Quebec: Provincial corruption arrestees today after Charbonneau investigations include a Liberal who testified before Gomery federal corruption hearing in 2005

Couillard: Quebec's $2B surplus in 2016-17 will go toward debt repayment

Toronto: Ontarians just signed up for more expensive, unreliable electricity they don’t need

Liberals & PQ: Two former Quebec cabinet ministers among seven arrested in sweeping corruption probe

Post-Harper: Canada falls out of top 5 on 'happiest countries' list

Ottawa: DND spent $6.4M renovating buildings for refugee housing that went unused; military personnel from CFB Kingston and CFB Valcartier were moved out

Castlegar: Extreme snowmobiler Dan Davidoff 12th killed in B.C. avalanche this winter

Ottawa: Why does trudeau keep misleading about UN? Canada was very engaged with UN while he was playing hooky from Commons

Toronto: Terror attacker had security clearance at Pearson Airport; worked there as groundskeeper

Ottawa: Canada's pitch for UN Security Council seat will cost 'financial and political capital' say experts

Low dollar boost: `Dynamite' factories report signals Canada 1Q GDP rebound

Ottawa: StatsCan says Canadian population topped 36 million for first time in 2016

New York: trudeau reveals odd 5-year plan to seek Security Council seat in 2021

Ottawa: How big will the federal deficit be? Experts urge Liberals to show some restraint

Toronto: Via Rail increasing security after receiving threat; RCMP and sniffer dogs at Union Station

Ottawa: trudeau finally responds to Toronto terror attack — with tweet saying Canadians won't be "intimidated by terror and hate"

Margaret Wente: Justin trudeau: A leader with no parade; he’s the face of the past

Global News Ipsos poll: trudeau effect: Canadian confidence in economy at its lowest in over 20 years

Joe Oliver: While Justin posed for selfies, John Kerry slapped Canada in the face

Montreal: Mohawks threaten to block Energy East; says project is threat to their way of life

Conrad Black: John A. Macdonald was an enlightened leader; removing his statue from WLU is cowardly and disgraceful

Vancouver: Liberal organizer’s work constitutes lobbying, says Democracy Watch

Canmore: ‘Athletes are frustrated’: Canada’s Beckie Scott calls for expansion of investigation into Russian doping

Saskatchewan: More vile online comments surface, so NDP dumps another candidate

Michael Den Tandt: Best leader for Tories might be the one they already have

Ottawa: Liberals reneging on core election education promise to natives

Andrew Coyne: Signs of hope for Canada’s Conservatives

Montreal: Quebec man charged with attempting to leave Canada to join terror group

Washington: trudeau accidentally toasts Obama on behalf of '36 million Americans' -- doesn't notice gaffe

NY Times: Two Canadians and Norwegian held by Islamic extremists in southern Philippines plead for lives in video uploaded to social media

Ottawa: Economy under-performs and unemployment rises to 7.3% ahead of first Liberal budget

Alberta jobs: Imperial Oil unveils plans for $2B Cold Lake oil sands project

Quebec study: Many so-called 'abnormal' sexual tastes are neither rare nor unusual; hipsters disappointed

Kelly McParland: Home mail delivery in danger again, and other reasons to fear for Liberal promises

Rex Murphy: Justin trudeau’s burst toward Peak Summit; but there's no 'there' there

Washington: trudeau gets earful about Victoria's Liberal-sanctioned daily dumping of 34 million gallons of raw sewage into Strait of Juan de Fuca

Thin gruel: More hype than substance to Washington visit; mostly agreements to work toward agreements already underway as trudeau seeks Obama pat on head

Toronto: Jewish groups demand Ottawa strip former Nazi death squad member Helmut Oberlander of Canadian citizenship

Calgary: transCanada in talks to buy U.S. natural-gas company Columbia Pipeline in $8B deal; the current competitor runs 24,000 km of pipeline

Toronto: TSX drops as oil droops; Wednesday gains gone

Ottawa: Liberals relent, agree to give U.S. more data on Canadians in exchange for more pre-clearance at border crossings

Toronto: Canadian Loonie up again as U.S. dollar sags on rate speculation and oil rises again

Toronto: Ontario man’s ‘racist will’ should not have been rejected by judge, appeals court rules

Calgary: Imperial Oil to sell its last 497 Esso stations for $2.8B

Ottawa: Conservative leadership race kicks off with $50,000 entrance fee and $5M spending cap

Joe Oliver: How Justin trudeau can avoid a historic energy blunder

Ottawa: trudeau and Obama will use White House State Dinner to link environment and economy, Stephane Dion says

Confusion reigns: Syrian refugee family refuses to relocate to Winnipeg from Toronto hotel

Ottawa: Liberals plan for huge influx of refugees, immigrant spouses at expense of skilled foreign workers

Ottawa: Defence spending expected to drop $400M — despite Liberal pledge to keep up with Tories: sources

Saskatoon: It's on: Saskatchewan election campaign officially begins

Ottawa: CSIS has used Bill C-51 powers several times to disrupt suspected terrorists, keep Canadians safe, Senate hears

No consultation: Malaysia’s Petronas threatening to abandon LNG project over new climate change rules; single largest foreign investment in Canadian economic history: $36B, thousands of jobs

Ottawa: Canadian firms shut out of high-tech work on $26B fleet of new warships by Liberals, industry warns

Kelly McParland: Justin Canuck takes his sunshine tour to the White House; but don't look behind the curtain

Canada Catholic head: 'Unjust' to force doctors on assisted suicide

Ottawa: Ontario PCs knocking down backroom wall, to include public in policy development process, include all community groups

Ottawa: At convention, Ontario PCs put new face on party

Native blood challenged: ‘The majority are not Algonquin at all’: First Nations leaders question ethnicity of group voting on land claim

Ottawa: Government expert's report recommends deportation of Islamist terror suspect Mohamed Harkat

Ottawa: Liberals dither and pull plug on community war memorials program, put Afghanistan memorial in limbo

60 Minutes: Even if a Syrian refugee commits terrorism in Canada, Justin trudeau says he's right (after all, he doesn't expect to be the victim of terror)

Hamilton: St. Joe's replaces specialized Registered Nurses in neonatal intensive care unit with lesser Registered Practical Nurses to save money as Ontario Govt squeeze continues

Still no official explanation: After big sale, Canada's gold reserve down to 77 ounces; other countries maintain big reserves

Ottawa: trade deficit up to $655M, but much below predictions as exports increase

Chris Hall: First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog; is a 'carbon pricing mechanism' the same as a price on carbon?

New York: trudeau insults Americans in '60 Minutes' profile airing Sunday

trudeau stymied: Premiers agree only to study 'carbon pricing mechanisms' as part of national climate change plan

Vancouver: Pipeline strains set to cloud Canada climate change talks; emissions deadline pushed back six months

Ottawa: Federal court rejects claim that legislation under Harper government wasn’t being properly vetted

Invited to Paris, but not to Vancouver: Aboriginal leaders tell trudeau they want say on climate change policy

Deficit watch: Liberals consider covering all refugees' travel costs as 1st budget nears

Preston Manning: Let's rediscover the values of the political right

Legacy media slide: Toronto Star owner Torstar posts $234.5M quarterly loss, bets future on slow-uptake smartphone app

Stand on guard: ‘A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist’: Tory senators vow to fight changes to citizenship laws for dual nationals

Not exactly 'Access to Information': Liberals to keep memos on openness a secret

Edmonton: Rexall sold to U.S. health firm McKesson in $3B deal

Ontario: Why free tuition helps all the wrong students

Ottawa: Winter storm warnings in effect for most of southern Ontario, southern Quebec

Salaberry-de Valleyfield: Son says mother pressured to leave hospital, dies a week later

Montreal: Quebec playing politics with national economy, seeking injunction against Energy East

Toronto: Downtown hydro failure paralyzed core during morning rush hour; subway, streetcars back running after morning outage; shows weak link of over-reliance on single-source electricity

Ottawa: Canada’s economy grows more than expected at end of 2015, ending year with growth of 1.2%

Leamington: ‘Bye. Bye. Heinz’: French’s ketchup sells out after online post praising it and its Ontario-grown tomatoes

Lining up at the trough: Via Rail seeking federal budget funding for $1.3B passenger car upgrade in Toronto-Montreal corridor

Stephen Gordon: Why do the Liberals insist on projecting a deficit for this year?

Toronto: Journalist claims his legal rights outweigh fight against terrorist who threatened to make Canada's "streets filled with blood"

Ottawa: trudeau government quietly shopping for military drones

Michael Den Tandt: The Liberals have faced some troubles — but still think they’re on the side of angels

Ottawa: trudeau wants to force through climate plan before he loses provincial allies

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says Canada-wide climate initiatives should have to undergo rigorous economic impact assessments in the same way other projects are subject to environmental evaluations

Matthew Fisher: As federal deficit soars, expected cuts in upcoming budget could significantly gut Canadian Forces

Juggernaut: How a little Montreal magazine called VICE conquered the media world: Welcome to Viceland

Ottawa: Potential Conservative leadership candidates test waters at weekend conference

Toronto: Molson Coors Canada recreates 1908 ale from recipe found in company archives

Rex Murphy: Burning the budget to heat the home; gasoline is neither a shoe nor a watch

Ottawa: Kevin O'Leary says there will be an upcoming need for a new Liberal leader, too, and he might go after it; says he wants to change Canada's fiscal and economic policies because they are "broken and failing the taxpayer"

Life & death debate: Liberal MP says experience as church minister gave perspective on doctor-assisted death

Ottawa: Liberal fiscal plans less transparent than under Harper, Kevin Page says

O’Leary: "I want to make sure the politicians implementing this waste understand they will be accountable to the Canadian people paying these bills"

Premier Wall counsels against: Federal government says Ottawa carbon pricing coming

Ottawa: Liberal-controlled Board of Internal Economy boosts MP and House officer office budgets by $25M & boosted travel expense accounts; decided in December, didn't make public

Ottawa: Baloney Meter: What’s to become of the Liberal vow to lower debt-to-GDP?

David Akin: Peter MacKay says 'smart' Tories can beat trudeau; doesn't rule out leadership run

Ottawa: Federal Conservatives meet with provincial PCs and Wildrose leaders in bid to unite the right in Alberta

John Ivison: Jason Kenney’s newfound energy signals that the Tory leadership race has started in earnest

John Snobelen: I admit it, I’m a Mike Harris fan

Ottawa: Not so fast, marijuana possession is still a crime, trudeau pot point man says

John Ivison: Dual nationals convicted of terrorism, high treason or spying don’t deserve to keep Canadian citizenship

How? Man who beheaded fellow bus passenger wins right to live on his own

Toronto Sun editorial: trudeau’s folly: Terrorist-citizens

Ottawa: trudeau’s energy policies put national unity at risk: Preston Manning

Edmonton Journal: Late Don Getty's political legacy improves with time

Liberal budget is March 22: Kevin O'Leary vows to 'tear that budget to pieces'

Andrew Coyne: Wynne Liberals succeed in making the terms 'budget' and 'deficit' near incomprehensible

Kelly McParland: Kathleen Wynne has it backwards. ‘Doing nothing’ would have saved Ontario billions in electricity boondoggles

Worst debt on continent: But 2016 Ontario budget has free tuition for students, more tax increases on alcohol, gas, heating

Budget day: Ontario aims to drive deficit down to $4.3-billion, with some help from crossed fingers

Echoes of 1998: Wind, ice cut electricity for thousands in Quebec and eastern Ontario

Still not ready for prime time: Four months after election trudeau cabinet still not operating fully, and some new hires have already been fired

Fiscal Monitor: April to December 2015: budgetary surplus of $3.2B

Daphne Bramham: We shouldn’t be subsidizing luxury cars, even if they’re electric

Toronto: Former McGuinty aide switches lawyers, gas plant emails case postponed for a month

MMIW stumbling start: Roundtable restrictions, formats, get losing grade from observers, participants who pushed for inquiry

Naval engineers tossed overboard: Feds ditch 'made in Canada' designs for new frigates

Tax grab: Premier Wynne says cap-and-trade plan will add about 4.3 cents a litre to gas prices in Ontario, boost natural gas bills

Another conflict-of-interest? Former Chair McKenna gets boot from secret Liberal cabinet committee handling major procurements

David Akin: Politics not prudence the reason for finance minister’s 'fudge line'

John Robson: trudeau’s productivity challenge; needs plan to remove government impediments to growth, not create them

Michael Den Tandt: Liberals finding policy complexity can seemingly become incoherence in a heartbeat

John T. Pepall: The rise of the celebrity Prime Minister

Day of reckoning awaits: Ontario owes $315 billion and keeps borrowing. Here’s what will happen if interest rates rise

Joe Warmington: O’Leary says PM 'reckless' with children's futures

Why so much wiggle room? Liberals slammed for adding $6B contingency to deficit forecast

Pickering: Social media posts foreshadowed attack at high school

Ottawa: Sen. Patrick Brazeau's recent hospitalization followed a suicide attempt

Keeping us safe: CSIS has been using new powers to disrupt terrorists since Bill C-51 became law

updated Pickering: Female student, 14, in custody after 9 students stabbed at high school; victims include 3 staff members

Patrick Brown making a difference: Ontario unions warm to PC Party’s friendlier approach

Robert Pickton: ‘Worst serial killer in history,’ who fed victims to pigs, sparks rage by publishing book; pulled by Amazon after petition

Pearl Harbor: Canadian teen dies after copter crash; caught on video

Andrew Coyne: Liberals launch the ‘not-our-fault’ defence as deficit forecast balloons to $18.4B; despite inheriting surplus

Stephen Gordon: This is no time to tax and spend, Mr. trudeau

John Ivison: Batten down the hatches, Liberals are full steam ahead toward a sea of red ink

BMO economists: "An overly aggressive fiscal boost could do lasting damage to Canada’s finances, casting doubt on the country’s hard-won triple-A credit rating"

Precipice politics: From surplus to big deficit, the Liberal way; economists counter: "Ottawa does not have a free hand to spend on every priority, and must maintain discipline"

Unsteady hands on tiller: Liberals project $18B deficit before counting billions in new spending

Chantal Hébert: trudeau government starting to live dangerously; Liberal strategists should worry that Finance Minister Morneau emerging as weak link

Ottawa: Rookie Finance Minister Morneau set to signal his revised outloook on Canada’s fiscal landscape

Rona Ambrose: Canada stepping back from the fight against terror

Seattle: Michael Stanley, who cut off monitoring bracelet to flee Canada, guilty of rape in U.S.

Andrew Coyne: Why the Liberals say one thing and do another. Blame it on ‘cognitive dissonance’

Amherst Island: It's time to save the 'gem of Lake Ontario'

Belleville: Ontario teacher charged with 36 sex crimes, including making pornography involving youths aged 12 to 15

Kelly McParland: NDP ponders suicidal adoption of Naomi Klein’s great LEAP forward

Vancouver: Syrian refugees say they feel trapped without adequate help

Angus Reid poll: More than 70% of Canadians think Liberals’ new refugee target is too high

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall rejects trudeau’s carbon taxing plan

Pretzel logic: Liberals denounce, then agree with Conservative motion condemning Israel boycotters

Ottawa: Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan downplays risk of mustard gas attacks on Canadians in Iraq

Statistics Canada: Surging produce prices push inflation up to 2% annual rate

Ottawa: Canada's wholesale sales up 2% in December

Michael Den Tandt: trudeau won election by stealing NDP votes, trying to keep them with non-Liberal approaches

Vancouver: Former Greenpeacer Patrick Moore offers $100,000 wager on climate change but no taker has come forward; "CO2 is one of the most important foods for life on Earth. If there was no CO2 in the atmosphere, this would be a dead planet, as plants require CO2 to exist, and animals require plants to exist."

Ottawa: Opposition demands to know why trudeau Govt putting Canadian Forces at greater risk, while removing effective CF-18s, in House debate

Toronto: Ontario to allow wine sales in 300 grocery stores

Vancouver: Apple, Verizon, AT&T for $7B over alleged patent infringement; Canadian firm says developed patented VoIP technologies

Kuwait: Canadian CF-18s ended bombing mission in Iraq and Syria on Monday, military confirms

Ottawa: Air strikes work: Cash-strapped ISIS forced to slash salaries, free captives at 'cut-rate' price

Not murder: The origin of B.C.'s disembodied feet is much sadder, says coroner

John Ivison: Liberals losing their grace under pressure

Andrew Coyne: Why the government and media need to be kept at arm’s length

Newfangled technology: Ontario may allow e-petitions, but not without more study

David Reevely: Pension climbdown is an embarrassment to Ontario Liberals; their own studies show new pension premiums will hurt provincial economy

Won't release names to media: London, Ontario police tight-lipped over murder-suicide believed to have involved Syrian immigrants

Kelly McParland: Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s curious grasp of Ontario’s debt; province now pays $1B a month in interest alone

Ottawa: Liberals finally admit their election budget pledges won't work

Activist: MMIW inquiry must address domestic violence in native communities

Montreal: Bombardier signs 75-plane deal with Air Canada; but to reduce global workforce by 7,000

University study: Fluoride-free drinking water in Calgary leads to rise in kids' tooth decay

Not 'evidence-based'? Cabinet Ministers promoting bloated number for missing/murdered indigenous women that providers say is only "60 to 70 per cent" indigenous

Leger poll: Quebec citizens favour Western Canadian oil over continuing foreign imports, see pipeline as safest for transport

Ottawa: UN Secretary General flattered trudeau to get funding from Canadian taxpayers

Joe Oliver: Why Bill Morneau should borrow running shoes, not money, for the federal budget

Ottawa: Minister Bennett pre-empts inquiry and claims RCMP can't count, says "way more" indigenous women murdered or missing than official figures, but offers only anecdotal accounts, no evidence

Moore/Morrow: Blame the Liberal politicians, not Metrolinx, for UPX fiasco

Globe and Mail editorial: The trudeau government thinks it has a monopoly on ‘Canadian’ values. It doesn’t

Breakthrough: On a remote point in Newfoundland, satellite technology detects evidence of a second Norse settlement in Americas

Chase Childs, left, and Sarah Parcak looking for Viking presence in Point Rosie, Newfoundland. The site is on the southwest coast of Newfoundland, about 300 miles south of L’Anse aux Meadows, the first and only confirmed Viking settlement in North America, discovered in 1960. Since then, archaeologists, following up clues in the histories known as the sagas, have been hunting for the holy grail of other Viking, or Norse, landmarks in the Americas that would have existed 500 years before Columbus, to no avail. ~ Greg Mumford The New York Times

Calcutta: 5 officials detained for Indian overhead highway collapse

updated Calcutta: 22 killed, hundreds trapped as under-construction
overhead bypass highway crashes down onto dense traffic

Indian authorities rushed 500 armymen and National Disaster Response Force personnel to help local police rescue passengers from buses and taxis under the debris. traffic cameras captured the moment of collapse. Kolkata was formerly known as Calcutta, hence the use of that broadly familar name in the headline. ~ Hindustan Times

Toronto: Mourners recall Rob Ford as everyman mayor: 'People loved him'
‘He was the voice of the little guy, the little girl, the little family’

Don Bosco Eagles high school football players pay respects to their former coach and former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, as his body lies in repose at city hall. ~ Mark Blinch Reuters

Larnaca: EgyptAir hijacker arrested, Cyprus officials say

Anchorage: Alaska volcano calming after eruption; alert downgraded

In this Sunday, March 27, 2016, photo, Pavlof Volcano, one of Alaska's most active volcanoes, erupts, sending a plume of volcanic ash into the air. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says activity continued Monday. Pavlof Volcano is 625 miles SW of Anchorage. ~ Colt Snapp AP

Lahore: Death toll from Easter bombing in Pakistan reaches 70;
more Muslims died despite targeting of Christians

Lahore: Taliban admits suicide bomber "deliberately targeted Christians"

Islamabad: Indian PM Modi calls Pakistan PM Sharif with condolences

updated Lahore: Suicide bomb at Pakistan park kills 65+, injures 300;
playground area filled with Christian families celebrating Easter Sunday

Pakistani police officers and rescue workers at site of deadly bomb explosion in a park in Lahore, Pakistan, Sunday, March, 27, 2016. The 67-acre park is frequented both by residents and visitors to the city, and is popular with families. It has walking paths as well as rides for children. ~ K.M. Chuadary AP

Toronto: RCMP arrest 23-yr-old Kevin Omar Mohamed on terror charges

Baghdad: 29 dead, 60 wounded in ISIS suicide bombing at stadium

Israel: Thousands trace footsteps of Jesus on Good Friday in Jerusalem

London: Virgin to offer 'affordable' supersonic flights with 'mini Concorde';
carbon-fibre planes to carry 40 at 1,451 mph, each with window seat

Sir Richard Branson has ordered the first 10 supersonic Boom jets, which American manufacturer claims will herald a new era of 'affordable' supersonic travel. ~ Boom

No? Canada not at war with ISIS, trudeau says following Brussels attacks

Paris: ISIS trains 400 fighters to attack Europe in wave of bloodshed

updated Brussels: 'Most wanted' Laachraoui dead, now DNA-ID'd as
one of airport suicide bombers; was also Paris bomb-maker

updated Belgium: Police still trying to ID 'mystery bomber' with white jacket

Brussels: Suspect Laachraoui, already sought by police for Paris attacks

This man was originally identified as Najim Laachraoui, but now officials don't know who he is. ~ Belgian Federal Police EPA

Telegraph: Brussels attacks echo across world; 34 dead, 200+ injured

G&M: Wait, wasn’t this budget supposed to be about infrastructure?

John Ivison: Morneau's first federal budget is a broken pipeline of tax dollars, gushing money to pet Liberal causes; well-off parents score big

Brussels: Security tightened across Europe; Belgium terror alert at highest level; arriving planes diverted, trains stopped, people ordered to stay put

updated Belgium: 34 dead after series of explosions in Brussels

Destroyed subway car at Maelbeek metro station. The death toll from Tuesday's twin attacks in Brussels has been confirmed at 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport.

BBC: Brussels airport and subway hit by ISIS bombings

Two bombs went off at Brussels airport shortly before 08:00 (07:00 GMT) close to two check-in desks in the departure hall. At least 11 people were killed and another 81 were wounded at the airport, Belgian health officials say. Another bomb went off at around 09:11 at Maelbeek metro station in the heart of Brussels' European quarter, close to the European Union buildings. Initial reports said 15 people died and another 55 were wounded at the station.

Belgium: ISIS deals death in Brussels; dozens dead in terror attacks

Bloomberg: How GE exorcised the ghost of Jack Welch
to become a 124-year-old start-up

Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt at a press conference in New York announcing Immelt as President and Chairman-elect of GE on November 27, 2000. ~ Mark Peterson Corbis

Moscow: Pilot error or mechanical failure most likely crash cause

Russia: FlyDubai Boeing 737 crash in Rostov-on-Don kills all 62 on board

Vienna: trudeau Govt makes radical move on drug decriminalization, heroin access; sends Health ADM to tell world before Canadians

Turkey: Syrian Kurds’ unilateral act
for federal system to have no ‘validity’

TIME: Syrian Kurds’ plan to unite threatens to disrupt peace process

NY Times: Syrian Kurds hope to establish federal region in country’s north

Buenos Aires: Argentina navy sinks Chinese boat fishing
illegally in national waters; 32 aboard rescued

Argentina’s navy announced Tuesday that it used gunfire to sink a boat Chinese-flagged boat that was fishing illegally in national waters. [video]

Toronto: "Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and
kill people" — attacker at military recruitment centre to police

Police have identified the suspect in a double stabbing at a Toronto military recruitment centre as 27-year-old Ayanie Hassan Ali. Ali has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and two counts of assault with a weapon, police said Tuesday. Speaking at a news conference, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said that Ali was born in Montreal, but has lived in Toronto for the last five years.

RCMP report: Number of counter-terrorism Mounties 'insufficient'

Toronto: Perp held after terror attack against Canadian Forces recruiters

"Strongly looking" at knife attack at Canadian Forces office as terrorism: Police Chief Mark Saunders. ~ GlobalTV

LA Times: Drenched by 'March Miracle', once almost-empty
Northern California reservoirs inch toward capacity

A woman walks her dog over the rising Russian River on Friday in Monte Rio, California. ~ Eric Risberg AP

Ankara: Turkey carries out airstrikes against Kurdish rebel
targets in northern Iraq after deadly bombing

TIME: North Korea says its hydrogen bomb could wipe out Manhattan

Manchester: ‘Ground-breaking potential’ for U.K. breast cancer
trial that killed tumours in 11 days

Most known by CSIS: Leaked ISIS paperwork
reveals names of 6 Canadians

Washington: Canadian names reportedly found in trove
of ISIS ID files; U.S. calls on media to publish full list

Rebel rebel: Data on 22,000 ISIS supporters in 50 countries leaked

true music legend: Beatles producer George Martin dead at 90

George Martin signed The Beatles to a recording contract on the small Parlophone label after every other British record company had turned them down, then guided them in their transformation from a regional dance band into the most inventive, influential and studio-savvy rock group of the 1960s. Between 1962 and 1970, Martin produced 13 albums and 22 singles for the group, a body of work that revolutionized popular music. After The Beatles broke up, he virtually doubled that output, overseeing archival releases that revealed The Beatles’ working processes.

Canada may already be carbon neutral: So why are we keeping it a secret? — we likely absorb 20 to 30% more CO2 than we emit

Managed and unmanaged forest lands in Canada.

Michael Den Tandt: Canada needs an east-west pipeline, and trudeau should say so

Den Tandt: "Completion of a transnational oil pipeline is of vital strategic interest to every Canadian. The Conference Board of Canada pulled together the relevant data in a voluminous report in 2012, called Fuel for Thought: The Economic Benefits of Oil Sands Developments for Canada’s Regions. In the years since I have not heard or read of any persuasive argument to contradict either the report’s data or its central conclusions. In a nutshell: $100B was invested in the oil sands between 2002 and 2012, with an additional $364B in price-adjusted investment to come by 2035. There are significant supply-chain spinoffs in every province, including Quebec — in professional services, manufacturing, wholesale trade, financial services and manufacturing, among other industries — with the greatest direct benefits for any province outside Alberta accruing in Ontario."

But fails to make case: McKenna says Liberals will impose
national carbon price (tax), whether anyone else agrees or not

Florida: Attacks on trump not going over well in retirement community

Mozambique: Australian Officials agree
beach debris may be from long-lost MH370

Photographs have now emerged of the possible new debris of a Boeing 777 that was discovered by American traveller Blaine Gibson. The images were releases to the media earlier today, courtesy of Blaine Gibson and the Australian transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) which have also issued a media statement that the piece of debris that washed ashore in Mozambique that may be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as it turned up in a spot that matches investigators theories, ATSB spokesman Dan O'Malley told AP. ~ Blaine Gibson/ATSB Twitter

Indonesia: M7.8 shallow quake undersea
SW of Sumatra; no tsunami warning

Media's trump reckoning: 'Everyone was wrong' — New Yorker to FiveThirtyEight, the cross-spectrum failure to grasp trump phenomenon

Outlets predicted that Donald trump's candidacy was a passing fad and are now adjusting to the reality that it is isn't. Some columnists are still holding out the belief that trump won’t actually win the nomination — while acknowledging that their sweeping dismissals of the possibility were off the mark. And yet others say we’re witnessing a sea change moment in this country’s politics. ~ Getty

Andrew Coyne: Canada is making suicide a public service.
Have we lost our way as a society?

Baghdad: Twin suicide bombings kill 70 in deadliest attack this year

Matt Gurney: If deportation is appropriate for war
criminals, why not for terrorists?

Moscow: Russia, U.S. co-ordinating Syria ceasefire
with 17 rebel groups; al Qaeda and ISIS remain targets

Beirut: truce agreement halts most fighting in Syria

Liberal logic: Convicted Toronto 18 terrorist will regain Canadian
citizenship under new legislation introduced by trudeau Govt

Nature: Multinational group of astronomers pinpoint enigmatic blast
of radio waves coming from a galaxy 1.9 billion parsecs away

The Australia Telescope Compact Array, in New South Wales, which helped to identify the location of a fast radio burst believed to have come from two colliding neutron stars. ~ Alex Cherney

Sharp rise: Canada’s spy agencies have tracked 180 Canadians engaged
with terrorist organizations abroad; another 60 have returned home

Damascus: U.S., Russia agree to Syria ceasefire starting Saturday

Security think tank: U.S. aircraft carriers face growing threats

As other countries focus on creating sophisticated A2/AD bubbles by using new technology such as drones, advanced missiles and newer aircraft, the United States - by operating as it always has - is putting itself more at risk. According to the report, this is particularly relevant as carrier groups have reduced their long-range strike ability in lieu of being able to fly more air missions but at shorter ranges. ~ U.S. Navy

Zahraa: ISIS suicide bombers kill at least 140 in Syria
amid truce talks between the U.S. and Russia

Kerry: 'Provisional agreement' reached on Syria ceasefire

A falling Toronto Star: No cash in its dowry, declining
revenues and no obvious marriage prospects

Gen. Vance: Expect Libya to be Canada’s next engagement in ISIS fight

Sabratha: U.S. warplanes pound ISIS in Libya, 43 dead

Major downgrade: OECD cuts Canada growth outlook from 2% to 1.4%

Istanbul: Turkey blames YPG Kurdish militants backed by U.S.
for Ankara suicide bombing, vows response in Syria and Iraq

Not walking the walk: trudeau Govt puts Syrian minor in solitary
confinement, moves to deport him after he sought refugee asylum

updated Ankara: 28 killed in car bomb attack on Turkish military

Edmonton mea culpa under duress: Alberta NDP says ‘it’s clear we
made a mistake’ in banning Rebel media reporters; follows national outcry

Cupertino: Apple says it will fight judge's order to unlock
the San Bernardino shooter's work-issued iPhone

Ipsos: Liberal honeymoon over — Canadians say country heading in
wrong direction; explains why trudeau still in desperate campaign mode

In three short months, a majority of Canadians have gone from believing the country is heading in the right direction to believing we are now off on the wrong track. This is the widest disparity with negatives outweighing positives since 2010. ~ Ipsos

BBC: Excitement at new cancer treatment after more than 90% of terminally ill patients reportedly go into remission

NY Times: The road to the top of the world; Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk
leg of Dempster Highway lasting Stephen Harper legacy for North

The Northern Lights illuminate the sky above the start of the ice road to remote Tuktoyaktuk, which will be replaced by a permanent road by the end of 2017. ~ Christopher Miller The New York Times

Ottawa: Can Alzheimer’s be transmitted person to person?
Preserved Canadian brains studied for answer

Researchers will examine preserved brains, like the one in this file photo, from Canadians diagnosed with an ailment similar to mad cow disease in a quest for the cause of Alzheimer's Disease. ~ David Paul Morris The Brain Observatory

UCLA: U.S. scientists working on inexpensive,
10-minute saliva test that can detect cancer at home

David Wong, a professor of oncology at the University of California, says it is possible to detect tumour DNA in bodily fluids by means of a "liquid biopsy." ~ Fotolia

Ottawa: 'It is more risky' says Defence Minister Sajjan; as Canada
enters new role with more boots on ground in anti-ISIS fight

Brussels: Mogherini says no Cold War with Russia as Syria truce agreed

Istanbul: Turkey vows "harsh reaction" if Kurds try to take Syrian town

Syria: truce hopes dim as Russia skeptical, fighting rages

Winter, eh: Extreme cold gripping Central, Eastern Canada;
wind chill ranging from -30° to -45° C; cold alerts in 6 provinces

Berkeley: Android app turns your phone into an earthquake
detector and a part of a larger seismic warning system

The University of California at Berkeley has released an Android app, MyShake, that uses your phone's motion sensors to detect the telltale signs of tremors and combine that with the data from every other user. For all intents and purposes, you become part of a crowdsourced seismic station network -- you can confirm a quake just by leaving your phone turned on. That could be a big help when there aren't enough fixed stations to trigger an alert through conventional apps. ~ UC Berkeley

Munich: Russia keeps bombing despite Syria truce; Assad vows to fight on

Turkey: Syrian ceasefire met with skepticism

Bob McDonald: Detection of gravitational
waves marks important new era in astronomy

Munich: Major powers agree on plan to break Syria deadlock; Kerry says
'cessation of hostilities' in Syria agreed (but not end of Russian bombing)

Munich: Russia raises spectre of World War III if Syria talks fail

Washington: U.S. tells allies campaign to defeat ISIS must be accelerated

Ottawa: HMCS Fredericton and other NATO warships head
to Aegean Sea to monitor ongoing refugee crisis

HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337) is a Halifax-class frigate that has served in the Canadian Forces since 1994. Fredericton is the eighth ship in her class which is based on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project. ~ Royal Canadian Navy

Angus Reid poll: Most Canadians disagree
with trudeau's plan to withdraw CF-18s

Rex Murphy on Calgary: 'Where are the city's allies?'

First primary wins: trump, Sanders triumph in New Hampshire

Supporters wait for Republican Presidential candidate, businessman Donald trump to speak during a primary night rally, Tuesday, February 9, 2016, in Manchester, New Hampshire. ~ Bill Sikes AP

updated Munich: At least 10 dead, 88 injured in head-on German
commuter train crash; passenger numbers down due to holiday

At least 50 of those hurt are in critical condition following accident at about 7 a.m. near the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling, police said. The two regional commuter trains collided on a single track between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen, a short distance from Munich.

Benefits/risks: Should we fear an AI arms race?

DARPA's Legged Squad Support System seeks to demonstrate that a highly mobile, semi-autonomous legged robot can carry 400 lbs of a squad’s load. ~ Defense One

What you should have been shown in school: One year's weather
around the world from geosynchronous satellites in 8 minutes

EUMETSAT is a pan-European agency which takes responsibility for helping to launch and maintain many of the continent's satellites, and in doing so gather weather and climate data and deliver them around the world. This EUMETSAT visualisation, with a still image above, comprises satellite data gathered with infrared satellites and superimposes it above Nasa's Blue Marble map of Earth, which changes with the seasons. The data also includes information gathered by NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency).

Anthony Furey: Canada’s back? With jets out, we’re almost gone

New York: Officials say U.S. athletes have been told they
may skip Rio de Janeiro Olympics over Zika virus fears

Ottawa: trudeau pulls CF-18s from bombing ISIS, leaves tankers &
surveillance aircraft, adds trainers, continues Harper refugee support

Calgary: How much output has worst oil slump in decades halted? Just 0.1%, but much of it in Canada due to poor world/domestic market access

Key West: Swell in Cubans escaping Cuba brings 50 to Florida Keys over weekend

Camden: Campbell Soup to remove BPA chemical from its cans by mid-2017

Washington: U.S. immigrant population over 15% in record 16 states, over 25% in 6

Zero Hedge: Border walls have worked in Europe to immediately slow illegal immigration

Washington Post: Hillary's problems: BlackBerry addict, contrarian, and unsecured email server in Chappaqua; 147 FBI agents are on her case

NY Times: How the GOP elite lost its voters to Donald trump

Sky News: ISIS planning 'imminent' attack on Jewish kindergartens, schools and youth centres in Turkey

Washington: Police officer shot at U.S. Capitol's Visitor center; shooter caught

New York: Donald trump urges America to boycott Saudi oil unless it takes on ISIS

Matthew Fisher: ‘This terror is all over Europe’: More questions than sales in deserted Brussels marketplace

Frank Bruni: Some Republicans hope to lose with Cruz rather than face trump triumph

New York: Anbang trumps Marriott offer with $15B bid for Starwood

Havana: Fidel Castro sees through Obama: We don't need your 'presents'

Ashdod: How con man used China to launder millions

Belgium: Brussels attacks toll rises to 35; police hunt airport suspect

Dan Lyons: My year in startup hell

NY Times: Donald trump’s secret weapon: blue-state voters

Atlanta: CDC issues new sweeping guidelines for pregnancy after Zika exposure

Billings: Purebred Bison herd to be moved from Alberta to Montana as part of treaty agreement

Damascus: Syrian troops backed by Russian airpower drive ISIS out of historic Palmyra

Washington state: Democrat Sanders wins 3 of 3 states Saturday, giving him 14 so far as his supporters put delegate leader Clinton on notice

Primary battle: trump aide fulfills threat to 'spill the beans' on Heidi Cruz; includes her Goldman Sachs role and deep establishment ties

Reuters poll: March 25: Donald trump 43.3%, Ted Cruz 32.8%

Public Policy Institute of California poll: trump jumps out to big lead in voting intentions for California primary; leading candidate across age, income, education and gender groupings, despite being targeted by a multimillion-dollar negative ad campaign

Belgium: Organizers cancel Sunday's Brussels 'March Against Fear' for security reasons

Meagan Fitzpatrick: Donald trump and Bernie Sanders have more in common than you might think; beyond their New York roots and noteworthy hair

Belgium: Terror suspect Faycal Cheffou arrested and charged with 'terrorist murders'; believed to be 'third bomber' at Brussels Airport pictured in white clothing on CCTV moments before bombs killed 14

Belgium: Third suspect in Brussels airport blasts identified in media as Faycal Cheffou

Colby Cosh: Was the Brussels attack a terrible sign of victory?

Belgium: Brussels police conduct more raids linked to deadly bombings

Belgium: Brussels attacks suicide bombers 'targeted nuclear plants' and were plotting to build 'radioactive dirty bomb'

#TedCruzSexScandal: National Enquirer roils GOP race and Twitter with serial infidelity allegations against Ted Cruz

Yaounde: Teenage suicide bomber detained in Cameroon says she's one of kidnapped Chibok girls

Paris: French national arrested in suspected terror plot in an "advanced stage" according to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve

Brussels: Burned flight attendant in haunting photo after airport attack placed in medical coma

Bloomberg: Donald trump’s tough but plausible path to winning the White House; the Republican billionaire’s support among working-class whites is worrying some Democrats and labour leaders

Steven Erlanger: A quandary for Europe: Fighting a war on ISIS within its borders

Belgium: Questions grow about why authorities couldn't stop Brussels attacks; Cabinet Ministers offer resignations

Washington: U.S. indicts 7 Iranians in cyberattacks on banks and a dam

NY Times: Radovan Karadzic, a Bosnian Serb, gets 40 years over genocide and war crimes

No filters: Microsoft is deleting its AI chatbot's incredibly racist tweets

Monmouth University poll: Majority of Republicans want the party to unite behind trump

Terry Glavin: On the aftermath of the Brussels attacks: Tired platitudes in the face of daily atrocities

Haaretz: Belgian Intelligence had precise warning that airport targeted for bombing

Washington: Hillary Clinton's questionable BlackBerry experiences becoming more clear

TIME: Donald trump wins 58 delegates in Arizona; Ted Cruz takes 40 delegates in Utah

Brussels: Photo and Wanted notice issued for suspect in light-colored jacket whose dropped-off bomb failed to explode

Piers Morgan: When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to trump?

Phoenix: Donald trump is leading big in 4 most important states left on the primary map

Washington Post: There’s some very good news for Donald trump in the new CNN poll

Tokyo: Japan, mulling new fighter jets, opens talks with defense contractors

Ankara: Four days ago Turkish President Erdogan warned Europe of possible bombings in Brussels; "The snakes you are sleeping with can bite you at any time"

Belgium: First airport suicide bomber reportedly shouted in Arabic and fired shots before setting off explosive device in crowded departures hall

Brussels: Luggage trolleys used to transport wounded; airport terminal toll rises

Brussels: Black day in Belgium; airlines cancel incoming flights

New York: Brussels explosions prompt more security in NYC, on Long Island

Moscow: Russian court sentences Ukrainian pilot to 22 years in jail

Anthony Banbury: I love the UN, but it is failing. And that’s why I have decided to leave.

Santa Clara: Andy Grove, who grew Intel into Silicon Valley giant, dead at 79

Haaretz: trump wins over AIPAC audience with strong pro-Israel stance; multiple standing ovations

UK: London now braced for 'ten simultaneous terror attacks' in wake of Paris atrocities

Brazil: Turns out a 'lie' lurked beneath the bookends of the BRICS

Moscow: Putin is no master of strategy — his Syria plan was a shambles

Madrid: Bus carrying exchange students in Spain slams through highway divider, killing at least 13

California: Under-performing $2.2B solar plant part-owned by Google given another year to meet promised production targets or be shut down

ISIS recruitees: French Prime Minister says 600-plus people have left France for Syria or Iraq

Havana: Obama heads for historic visit as Cuba rolls out red carpet

Turkey: Istanbul bomber identified as Turkish member of ISIS

Chicago: Daughter of Illinois Democrat incumbent charged in bloody stapler attack on political rival

Sao Paulo: Senator says Brazil's Rousseff, Lula knew about bribery scheme

Emerson College poll: Donald trump hits 65% in New York state, more than 50% ahead of Ted Cruz

Panama City: Panama finds first case of microcephaly tied to Zika

Turkey: At least 4 dead, 36 injured, country reeling as Istanbul shopping area hit by suicide bomber

Robert Fulford: Israel, the only country standing in the way of the Mideast descending into total chaos

Belgium: Top fugitive in Paris attacks captured during Brussels raid; French President predicts more arrests will follow

Rathlin Island: A man’s discovery of bones under his pub could forever change what we know about origins of the Irish

Rio de Janeiro: Judge blocks appointment of Brazil's ex-president to chief of staff role

Campina Grande: In Zika fight, Brazil dropped ball through neglect, budget cuts

New York: Police investigating threatening letter sent to trump son's home

Reuters analysis: Russia flies out almost half Syria strike force

Migrant crisis: 5 sticking points that could scupper EU-Turkey deal

Brussels: EU leaders meet to offer migrant deal to Turkey

Ankara: Turkey struggles to convince U.S. that Syrian Kurds are terrorists and to stop supporting them

Turkey: Kurdish TAK militant group says it was behind Ankara bombing that killed 37

Amy Harmon: Biologists — including three Nobel Prize winners — go rogue and start publishing directly to Internet

What she said: Fed chief Janet Yellen's news conference

Brussels: Belgium names dead gunman, holds 2 suspects after raid linked to Paris attacks

Blazing Cat Fur: trump the Inevitable

Amy Walter: The trump train rolls forward

Sierra Rayne: Hello again, Reagan Democrats

NY Times: Will the Democrats ever face an African-American revolt?

Josh Kraushaar: trump's very Super Tuesday III

Washington: trump calls on GOP leaders to embrace 'fervour' for his candidacy; Ryan says 'no' to convention draft

Dhaka: Faulty printer, unanswered phones implicated in $81M Bangladesh bank heist

Washington: Obama to nominate federal appeals court judge Merrick Garland to Supreme Court

There go the ratings: Donald trump will skip upcoming Fox debate for ‘major speech’ before Jewish group

Ankara bombing fall-out: Turkey plans to make praise of violent acts a 'terror crime': ruling party official

Maiduguri: Female suicide bombers kill 22 at Nigerian mosque

Peshawar: Bomb on bus kills 15 government employees in Pakistan

West Palm Beach: trump wins Florida, plus 4 of 5 other contests, knocks Rubio out; Cruz shut out; Gov. Kasich wins his Ohio, vows to stay in with his one win

Sao Paulo: 3.6 million people in Brazil take to streets demanding Leftist President Rousseff resign

Dollars before lives: EPA smoking gun email: "I'm not so sure Flint is the community we want to go out on a limb for"; federal agency unruffled by deadly lead in drinking water

Albany: EPA pounded for bureaucratically slow response to cancer crisis linked to PFOA

Dayton: Federal charges for thug tackled Saturday by Secret Service as he charged at Donald trump; faces one year in prison

Peace push: Moscow's drawdown in Syria sends a strong message to Assad

trump's issue: Outmoded U.S. immigration system poses security risk: Homeland Security IG; report: "may be admitting individuals who wish to do us harm"

Stormtroopers: Bernie’s vicious vanguard instigates violence against trump

Moscow: Russian warplanes start leaving Syria following Putin order

Economist/YouGov poll: trump 53%, Cruz 22%, Kasich 11%, Rubio 10%

Raqqa: ISIS leader al-Shishani dies of wounds from U.S. strike in Syria; Iraqi intel

Corruption crisis: Brazil's Lula likely to take cabinet position to gain immunity from federal judge

Is it real? Russia's exit from Syria a move military analysts never saw coming

Moscow: Putin says he has ordered start of Russian military pull-out from Syria

American asks: “You were Charlie, you were Paris. Will you be Ankara?”

Crushing verdict on open-door migration: Angela Merkel punished in crucial state elections as German far-Right party wins big vote with call to stop flow of refugees

Turkey: International condemnation of Ankara terror attack grows

Ankara: Erdogan vows to bring 'terrorism to its knees' after attack that kills at least 34

Landslide poll shows lead change in California: trump 38.3%, Cruz 22.4%, Kasich 19.7%, Rubio 10.1%

Clancy Martin: View from the Left: Beyond good and evil; the virtues of being Ted Cruz

Ferment in the USA: The Bernie Sanders voters who would vote for trump over Clinton

Deroy Murdock: The ugly truth about Obama’s ‘pretty darn great’ economy

Max Fisher: Twilight of the neoconservatives

Illinois: trump supporter who made Nazi salute explains why she made gesture to young people holding Hitler picture

NY Times: Covering Donald trump, and witnessing the danger up close

Weather balloons: Viewing data suppressed by NOAA shows no warming for 58 years

Kansas City: trump ends long day with exuberant crowd; outside, mounted police use pepper spray to subdue a some-masked mob of 200 preparing to fight

Paul Mulshine: With his craven comments on Donald trump in Chicago, Ted Cruz went over the line

Alaska: Dogs killed, injured as snowmobile plows into Iditarod dogsleds

updated Post-rally: Black trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters - NOTE: there is a current dispute over facts presented in this story

Florida Atlantic University poll: trump 44%, Rubio 21%, Cruz 21% — as trump surges in Sunshine State

Dayton: Secret Service agents grab drama student Tommy DiMassimo as he attempts to tackle trump at morning rally [video]

Chicago: Threats from mob of thousands leads to cancellation of trump rally; "I didn't want to see anybody get hurt," trump said. "I think we made the right move"

Boaz Bismuth: Obama's Middle East initiatives: Just for appearances

Hisham Melhem: The Middle East is unravelling — and Obama offers just words; an accounting of the President’s actions and inactions

Clinton indictment watch: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness'

Washington: Ben Carson backs trump, saying combative billionaire has ‘cerebral’ side

New York: Crude tumbles as 'freeze' meeting evaporates

Newsmax/Fabrizio Lee poll: trump over Clinton 47 - 31 with Independent voters in November

Howard Kurtz: trump train still rolling as detractors desperately try to slow him down

Jeffrey Goldberg: Obama Doctrine: excuses, excuses; The U.S. President talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world

Vanity Fair: Why Hillary’s loss in Michigan should make her nervous

Petrobras corruption and bribery scandal: Brazil’s Lula charged in probe

Philadelphia: Bernie, The Donald, and the stunning rise of Ignoreland

Quinnipiac: trump leads Rubio 45 - 22 in Florida; trump leads Kasich 38 - 32 in Ohio; Cruz runs third in both states: 18% in Florida, 16% in Ohio

Charles Gasparino: Donors push Marco Rubio to drop out of GOP race as 4 more states blank him; paid staff want him to stay on ballot

Dubai: Iran fires 2 missiles marked with 'Israel must be wiped out'

Mogadishu: U.S. Special Forces kill 10 Islamist extremists in Somalia

Baghdad: Iraqi officials: U.S. captured top ISIS chemical arms engineer

GOP race: trump adds Hawaii for a 3 of 4 night; Cruz wins in Idaho, just south of birth city of Calgary

Lansing: Sanders upsets Hillary in come-from-behind win in vote-rich Michigan

Idaho pastor shooting: Suspect arrested at White House fence; decorated former Marine

NY Times: Donald trump wins Michigan

LA Times: Donald trump's Mississippi primary win solidifies his hold on the race

Jackson: trump, Clinton sweep to victory in Mississippi

Reuters poll: General election voters, national: trump 35.4%, Cruz 19.6%, Rubio 15.3%, Kasich 10.7%

Washington Post: Mississippi’s electorate could be a key test for how the trump-Cruz contest is evolving

WHO: Sexual transmission of Zika virus more common than thought

Mogadishu: Despite U.S. airstrikes that killed 150 terrorists on weekend, Somali extremist group still active

Lansing: trump, Clinton look to pad leads in Michigan, Mississippi

Jerusalem: Terror in Israel as Palestinian attackers kill American tourist, wound 12 Israelis

Fortune: Mitt Romney's speech may have actually helped Donald trump; 31% of GOP voters say more likely to support trump after speech

Nancy Reagan: An influential and stylish First Lady, dead at 94

Baghdad: ISIS suicide attack in Iraq kills at least 47

Super Saturday: trump, Cruz, Sanders each win 2 states, Clinton one; Rubio, Kasich shut-out

Brazil’s breakdown: ‘A political and ethical crisis without precedent’

Washington Times: The doctored science of global warming; fraud in pursuit of politics undermines trust in government everywhere

Simon Heffer: Hillary Clinton will find it harder to crush Donald trump than she thinks; even some Democrats concede there is a chance of her being indicted before election day

PA Rep. Tom Marino: trump embraces nation’s priorities; That's why I'm supporting him for President

Laura Ingraham: The GOP Establishment can be beaten in this election

Conrad Black: Don’t underestimate Donald. He will win; Americans are not accustomed to their government being incompetent and embarrassing

Washington: trump clarifies positions, will abide by international treaty obligations; "I will use every legal power that I have to stop these terrorist enemies"

Charles Krauthammer: Why evangelicals are choosing trump; 'They're not looking for someone like them. They’re looking for someone who will protect them'

Sao Paulo: Brazil’s former president Lula detained in sprawling corruption probe, defiant after detention

Mississippi: Civil rights leader Charles Evers endorses trump; brother of Medgar Evers, murdered in 1963

Kimberly Atkins: Ex-aide could bring down Hillary Clinton

Howie Carr: Donald trump should quit debates while ahead

Researchers: Zika virus may be linked to a wider variety of 'grave outcomes' for developing babies than previously reported and that threats can come at any stage of pregnancy

Washington: GOP frontrunner trump puts voters first, will attend campaign rallies in Kansas and Florida instead of give his annual speech at CPAC conservative conflab

Detroit GOP debate: The strangest attack on trump; Rubio and Cruz repeatedly press him on his poll standing, the one issue he can't stop talking about

CBS News: Social media tsunami: according to Twitter's stats, trump gained the most followers during the Detroit GOP debate, followed by Kasich, Hillary Clinton, Cruz, then Rubio

USA Today: Top takeaways from the Detroit Republican debate

Guardian view from the Left: Donald trump was supposed to lose the latest debate. Far from it

New Yorker view from the Left: The problem with the "Never trump" movement

Henrietta Lacks: The mother of modern medicine

GOP establishment tantrum: Donald trump faces extraordinary Thursday attacks from multiple fronts; shows his grit

Kuala Lumpur: Families of missing MH370 passengers sue airline as deadline nears

Replacing Obamacare: 7-point trump health care reform plan includes removing state barriers and making premiums fully tax deductible

Common sense revolution: trump shows his Presidential approach

Begged for endorsement in 2012: Donald trump fires back after Mitt Romney urges Republicans to shun him; defeated candidate 'not a good messenger' to be telling Republicans how to get elected, trump replies

Popzette: When politics isn’t funny; some TV comedians seeing a serious drop in ratings

Rush Limbaugh: On GOP establishment meltdown over trump: "Why are you rejecting the majority of people in your own party and their expressed desires and wishes?"

Vandalism, lack of maintenance: Indonesian tsunami warning buoys 'not working' when quake hit

Moscow confession: Terrorist nanny decapitated 4 yr-old as act of revenge against Putin for Russian airstrikes in Syria

Charges soon? Justice Department gives immunity to staffer who set up illegal Clinton home email system

Marxist terrorists: Turkey police kill two 'women militants' amid Istanbul attack

NY Times: ‘Never trump’ movement dealt setback after Super Tuesday

Being questioned: Key ISIS commander in U.S. custody in Iraq

NY Times: Struggling TV comedian attacks trump for his nearly 500-year-old surname, ignores fact Bill Blythe III became Bill Clinton, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz changed name to Jon Stewart

Washington Post: GOP strategist Castellanos: Time to rally around trump, ‘too late to ask mommy to step in and rewrite rules’

John Robson: 500 Palestinians have anti-Israel divestment movement to thank for their lost jobs

Howie Carr: Donald trump sets sights on Hillary Clinton camp

Ed Rollins: trump is now unstoppable. It's game over for Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Carson

Washington Times: trump drives GOP turnout to record, Democrats lack enthusiasm

Super Tuesday: trump, Clinton rack up Super Tuesday wins; Cruz keeps foothold

Laura Ingraham: The suicide of the GOP Establishment

Berlin: Refugees buying one-way tickets home after finding Germany intolerable

Spain: Ex-Guantanamo detainee nabbed in North Africa was recruiting terrorists for attacks

Peggy Noonan: trump and the rise of the unprotected

Bloomberg: Angry Americans: How the 2008 crash fuelled a political rebellion

Washington Post: Why Donald trump’s support keeps expanding; a growing swath of folks think trump might be change agent needed to nuke Washington

Boston Herald: Osama bin Laden wanted much of his fortune used 'on jihad'

Domestic call: Rookie police officer in Virginia slain on her first shift

Detroit: The Hill at the centre of Packard's revival

Forbes: Brian France's endorsement of trump will make NASCAR stronger

USA Today: NASCAR CEO Brian France, some drivers endorse Donald trump

Fortune: Why China and Nicaragua's canal project is floundering

Boston Herald: Amid trump surge, nearly 20,000 Massacusetts voters quit Democratic Party

Shanghai: China February factory activity shrinks more than expected, layoffs on the rise

Lost in the headlines: Ku Klux Klan began as a Democratic Party organization targeting black and white Republicans after U.S. Civil War

David Whitehouse: A new paper in a prestigious journal proves a 15-year hiatus in global warming. Why it it being ignored?

Nature: Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown; GHG up but temps don't keep predicted pace

Flashback: Marco Rubio's brother-in-law was jailed as 'front man for international drug-smuggling ring'

Beirut: Airstrikes resume amid shaky Syria truce; Syrian regime, Russian allies step up strikes on second day of cease-fire

Tehran: In blow to Iran hard-liners, moderates win clerical assembly

Pyongyang: North Korea puts tearful detained American on camera; claim he tried to steal hotel political banner

Mexico City: 10 dead, 26 hurt when bus crashes on mountain road

G20 say: Britain’s exit from European Union would be a ‘shock’ to global economy

Beirut: Syria's truce largely holding for second day

Sahil Kapur: Chris Christie delivers major blow to party elites resisting trump

Damascus: Who benefits from the cease-fire in Syria and why? [translated from Arabic]

Robert Fulford: Assad’s victory is at hand

Conrad Black: Signs of hope for fresh thinking in the U.S. and the UK

Rio De Janeiro: Olympic organizers to charge countries extra for mosquito netting to prevent Zika

Dublin: Ireland taking days to sort ballots in awkward proportional representation election system

Fort Worth: trump gets second Governor endorsement, leads in all Super Tuesday states as rivals mount last-ditch challenges

Atlanta - CDC: Nine pregnant Americans test positive for Zika virus; one has given birth to a baby with microcephaly

Somalia: 12 dead as twin blasts and gunfire rock Mogadishu hotel

Texas: trump rolls out powerhouse Chris Christie endorsement

Lawrence Solomon: Forget the old Peak Oil theory, now the oil industry’s doom will be its everlasting supply

Beirut: Heavy airstrikes by Russians in Syria hours before ceasefire to begin

Former Australia PM Abbott: China putting South China Sea regional stability at risk

Ankara: ISIS bomb-making supply chain includes firms in 20 countries: report

CPAP machine was beside him, unplugged: Did Supreme Court Justice Scalia die from sleep apnea? Who unplugged CPAP?

Jennifer Rubin: Ted Cruz’s vanishing base

Salon: “It’s the corruption, stupid”: Hillary’s too compromised to see what Donald trump understands

Wellesley: Watching trump and Sanders, Mitt Romney says he gets it: ‘We’re just mad as hell’

Rudderless White House: How Obama lost the Mideast to Putin; vision, strategy, and courage might have prevented disaster we see today in Syria

Las Vegas: trump’s romp in Nevada shows why conventional wisdom about his ceiling may be wrong

11 states, one day: Campaigning focus turns to Texas for Super Tuesday

Is trump campaign unstoppable juggernaut? After a Nevada stumble, Canada-born Ted Cruz looks home to Texas

Kathmandu: 23 passengers, including 2 foreigners, killed in Nepal air crash

Dangerous naivete: Rescued Swedish girl says life under ISIS 'really hard'

updated Full results: trumped again — 22.06% margin in convincing Nevada win shows strength of populist campaign by billionaire; third win in a row for Donald trump

London: PM Cameron takes battle to MPs after Boris Johnson joins Brexit campaign to leave EU

Istanbul: Turkish army says 14 PKK militants killed in southeast Turkey

Migrant pressures: Montenegro will have to close borders if neighbours do: PM

Kalamazoo: Police make arrest after random shooter takes at least 7 lives

South Carolina: Jeb Bush pulls plug on Presidential campaign, ending an era

Politico: Is trump now inevitable? The wins look big but the math is daunting

Las Vegas: Clinton edges Sanders in Nevada caucuses, as race stays tight

NY Times: Donald trump wins in South Carolina, solidifying early lead for Republican nomination

Geneva: Syrian opposition agrees to 2 to 3 week truce if Russia stops air strikes

updated London: British PM Cameron convenes Cabinet to discuss EU deal; referendum to be held June 23, 2016

Vienna: Austria imposes daily limits of 3,200 migrants crossing border and 80 asylum claims; says will cut migrant quotas further

California: Los Angeles company says its version of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will be running in less than 5 years

NBC in Calgary? Chicago court to hear 'natural-born' case to knock Ted Cruz off ballot

South Carolina: Donald trump calls for Apple boycott over San Bernardino killer phone encryption

Washington: U.S. ramps up Apple fight with new filing in iPhone unlocking case

South Carolina: Pope Francis backs down, apologizes in feud with Donald trump — handing him major political victory

Jack Bauer in wild West: Movie 'Forsaken' stars Kiefer and Donald Sutherland behind the trigger in 1872 Wyoming

Racing stripes: Chevrolet to offer new owners chance to drive their cars' first miles around Daytona International Speedway

Washington: U.S. airstrikes destroy over $500M in ISIS cash reserves and gold

North Korea: Kim Jong-un 'orders terror attacks' on South Korean subways, malls and power stations

Accra: Ghana road accident leaves 'at least 53' dead

Tokyo: Toyota recalling 2.9 million vehicles globally over seatbelt issue

Baghdad: Iraq court sentences 40 to death over 2014 Tikrit massacre

Nairobi: Kenya says airstrike killed intelligence head for Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab insurgency; also killed were 42 recruits and 10 other mid-level al Shabaab commanders

JAMA: New research claims smoking pot doesn’t make you depressed — but it can lead to substance abuse

Basra: ISIS feared to have obtained ‘highly dangerous’ radioactive material stolen from U.S. firm in Iraq

Barbara Kay: Who protects the Yazidi?

New York: Can’t quit smoking? Depressed? Maybe it’s the Neanderthal in you; in people of Asian or European ancestry, about 2% of DNA can be traced to Neanderthals

Detroit: As deaths rise, so do chances of total Takata air bag recall

Washington: Apple ordered to aid FBI in unlocking California shooter’s phone

Osan: U.S. flies F-22 fighters over South Korea after North's rocket launch

Istanbul: Kurds' advance in Syria divides U.S. and Turkey as Russia bombs

Chilton Williamson Jr.: How Liberalism is losing

Say Zika virus not to blame: Argentine doctors claim microcephaly caused by mosquito larvicide Brazilians put in water supply in 2014

Beirut: ISIS faces budget crunch, killing perks and slashing salaries

Ankara: Official: Turkey about to conclude a deal with Israel on ‘all issues’

CTV: Marco Rubio campaign taking flak for featuring Vancouver skyline in new ad styled like Reagan's iconic 'Morning in America'

Ankara: Davutoglu slams Russian complaint to UN, says its ’disgraceful’ planes bomb civilians in Syria

Charleston: George W. Bush offers tough takedown, never mentions trump

Beirut: Russia denies its warplanes hit MSF hospital in Syria

Norway: 26 young male asylum seekers banned from Ulsteinvik school after sexual assault and unwanted 'sexual advances' [google-translated from Norwegian]

Amsterdam: Samples confirm ISIS used mustard gas in Iraq

David Blair: Vladimir Putin wants to destroy NATO: How the Syria war could offer him a chance

Texas: Scalia death with pillow over his head and quick conclusions on cause leading to conspiracy theories, and demands for autopsy

London: Oil extends rally on prospects OPEC could act to counter low prices

Kiev: Ukraine bans Russian cargo trucks in tit-for-tat move

Singapore: Boeing sees new aircraft demand worth $550B in Southeast Asia over 20 years

Jerusalem: 4 terrorism attacks lead to 5 dead Palestinian terrorists as attacks on Israelis continue unabated

Hong Kong: Japanese benchmark leads world stocks higher

Brussels: NATO ‘exploring possibility’ of joining anti-ISIS coalition

Temps will rise 50 degrees by Tuesday: New York shivers its way to record cold temperatures Sunday

Washington: U.S. conduct 27 strikes against ISIS

American Council on Science and Health: How poisonous is DDT?

Lawrence Kudlow: Message matters: trump succeeded, Yellen failed

Nate Silver: Superdelegates might not save Hillary Clinton, but they could tip the balance to her in a close race

Al Arabiya English: Saudi Arabia confirms sending jets to Turkey

The Guardian: Putin could end Syrian war with one phonecall, says Philip Hammond

Lawrence Solomon: It’s ‘game over’ for global warming activists

Robert Fulford: First World blessings of information overload

Munich: Turkey pledges to send ground forces to fight ISIS in Syria; will allow Saudi Arabia to use its airbases in battle

Honolulu: Hawaii governor signs emergency proclamation on Zika virus

Peggy Noonan: trump, Sanders and the American rebellion; as institutions lose respect, voters think: Let’s take a chance

Beirut: Syrian army edges toward ISIS bastion, Russian jets hit rebel towns

Madrid: Spanish civil servant skips work unnoticed for 6 years

Murder/suicide: Two 15-year-old girls who died in Arizona high school shooting ‘in a relationship’

Chicago: Zika virus may hide in organs protected from the immune system

Obamanomics: This is still the worst economic recovery ever

Edmonton: Alberta NDP a punching bag – this time from B.C. Liberals

Toronto: Two in five individuals with schizophrenia have attempted suicide

Terence Corcoran: Another Ontario green energy blow-up

Rex Murphy: What was our Prime Minister doing campaigning in an Ontario by-election?

John Ivison: Irving Shipbuilding’s $26B warship procurement deal under review, on hold

Turkey: Men charged in death of Alan Kurdi say boy's father Abdullah Kurdi is to blame as mastermind of ill-fated smuggling voyage

Ottawa Sun editorial: Don’t muzzle MPs on the big issues

A 'global warming' lesson: NBA players, fans, media lament bitterly cold Toronto All-Star Weekend

Ottawa: NDP misread electorate, dropped 20 points in 48 hours after supporting niqab, Tom Mulcair says

Premature? trudeau clumsily starts speculation on next Governor-General; offends many by disrespecting current GG Johnston

Susan Cain: ‘Introverted leaders often deliver better outcomes than extroverted leaders’

Ethics quagmire? Tories demand Liberal House Leader explain cabinet minister’s meeting with Irving family

New Brunswick: Liberal House Leader Dominic LeBlanc subject to ethics 'screen' involving powerful Irving family

Saskatchewan: La Loche mayor re-thinks stance on tearing down school built by federal government for citizens

Almonte town councillor murdered: Shock as two dead in murder-suicide, one seriously injured

Matthew Fisher: Details and nature of Canada’s new mission in Iraq kept hidden

Brussels: In Orwellian backflip, Canada’s Defence Minister says we're not "at war" with ISIS, the terrorists we're bombing and shooting at

Christina Blizzard: PCs block out trudeau's sunny ways after Wynne's cloudy messes

Ontario: Brown PCs win Whitby-Oshawa by-election with over 50% of vote; Lorne Coe is new MPP

Can-Am Duels: Bombardier Recreational Products, maker of Ski-Doos, Sea-Doos, motorcycles and ATVs, to sponsor high-profile twin 150-mile qualifying races for NASCAR's Daytona 500

Despite free vote promises: Liberals to whip the vote in favour of assisted-dying law not yet drafted; NDP, Conservatives and some disgruntled Liberal MPs see issue as a matter of conscience

Lorne Gunter: Liberals' radical immigration changes

Chris Selley: Why, exactly, are our fighter jets coming home? "We may never know exactly..."

PMO dithers: Liberal government still hasn't filled 200 vacant federal posts — on top of 22 empty Senate spots; yet still wanted appointees of previous government to resign

Robyn Urback: After all the scandals, Ontario Liberals manage to maintain a façade of moral righteousness

Victoria: B.C. woman fined after police read message: 'Was trying to txt u. Ran into a cop car. OMG'

The feared is happening: Ottawa seeks infrastructure support from pension funds

Andrew Coyne: We’re about to find out whether the Liberals believe their own deficit bafflegab

Joe Oliver: Why equalization no longer works

Like father, like son: Liberals could put Canada on track to run $90B in deficits over first mandate, bank study says

Future is now: Renfrew County using drones to help first responders: find hikers, supply life jackets in dangerous waters, hazardous materials risks, size-up situations

James Mennie: trudeau, ISIS and the "mistakes that come from kindness"

Thomas Walkom: With no end in sight, Justin trudeau has expanded Canada’s war against ISIS; making it look more like the Afghanistan mess Harper inherited

Toronto: Ontario now offering incentives up to $14K for people who buy electric cars

‘Flashing warning signs’: Canadian markets bracing for ‘dramatic’ Bank of Canada action — and a recession

Matthew Fisher: trudeau needs to stop ISIS with force, not with boasts about distributing blankets

Ottawa: First Nations Chief blasts airport security for doing their job

New Brunswick: As politicians gloat about climate ‘leadership,’ Saudi Arabia’s oil is dumped in Canada

Jennifer Wells: Is Mogo a fintech company to concern big banks?

London: Ontario government wants Toronto-Windsor high-speed rail proposal by October, MP says

Ujjal Dosanjh: Our new ISIS mission is a moralizing swipe at our Allies

Jen Gerson: The ebbing of the Notley revolution carries lessons for Ottawa

Cochrane: Alberta unite-the-right group aims to bring Wildrose, PCs together

Ottawa: New mission without warplanes will mean greater risk for soldiers of death and wounding in firefights, says Canada's top general

Matt Gurney: Canada’s new ISIS mission offers worrying signs that our foreign policy is in unsteady hands

White elephant: Ontario finally smells coffee, says failed Union-Pearson Express can't continue at current 8% ridership level; considering lower fares, commuter use

North Battleford: First Nations sue Ottawa for failure to protect 'rights' to oil and gas outside reserve lands

Andrew MacDougall: Cut the campaign rhetoric … because it's 2016

North Bay: Nipissing University must consider significant downsizing due to changes in Ontario Govt funding says audit

Andrew Coyne: Now a word from our Prime Minister on Canada’s new role in Iraq and Syria

John Ivison: Don’t be fooled by the spin — Canada is not playing its full part in battle against ISIS

Jeff Sallot: trudeau’s ISIS strategy is high-risk — and largely political

Toronto: Ontario spent $600K on pension plan ads during federal election, while laying off nurses

Ottawa: Why did Canada sell 43.3% of its official gold reserves in January?

Jenni Byrne: How the Conservative Party can avoid the political wilderness

Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll: Support for Alberta’s PC party skyrockets at the expense of NDP, now in third place

Calgary: Luge track operator likely not liable for teenagers' deaths says lawyer; dead twins had worked there last winter so knew risks, protocols

Tom Parkin: trudeau spurns NDP votes he once courted

Eric Reguly: Human-smuggling network extending into Canada uncovered

Washington: Toronto lawyer outlines security risks of Syrian refugees to U.S. lawmakers

Michael Den Tandt: trudeau could do with a little less 'sunshine'; "still operating as a gregarious, eager-to-please newcomer" as country careens without firm hand on tiller

Tonda MacCharles: Liberals back CSIS in torture lawsuit; despite previously voting in Commons against CSIS in same case

Seen from abroad: Self-inflicted economy, security woes dent popularity of Canada's trudeau

Calgary: 17 year-old twin brothers identified as teens who died in bobsled crash at Canada Olympic Park

Motherisk: Canadian lab spent 20 years ruining lives

Rona Ambrose: trudeau doesn't get what drives our economy

Kelowna: Conservatives' expansion of advance polls and voting hours led to 74% increase in advance voting in 2015 election; critics had alleged voting was being restricted

Andrew Coyne: trudeau's first three months in power big on symbolism, short on substance

John Robson: Finance ministers should study New Brunswick Liberal Govt, and do the opposite

Michael Den Tandt: Delay-prone Liberals should be wary of ‘Mr. Dithers’ tag’

Joe Oliver: Canadians should beware the consequences of climate change … policies

Victoria: End of Great Bear Rainforest grizzly hunt to cost First Nations $$ millions

Vancouver: LNG Canada delay marks new blow to B.C. hopes

Edmonton: trudeau backs away from "absolutely" election pledge on First Nation veto

Teary eyes: ‘This is home away from home’: Céline Dion, all of Las Vegas pay final respects to René Angélil

Consequences: Lowe's buy of Rona for $3.2B may be first of low-Loonie bargain takeovers by American firms

David Akin: Finance Minister Morneau’s serial missteps costing him credibility

Regina: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says trudeau should show federal economic leadership and champion energy sector and Energy East pipeline

David Krayden: trudeau is on a collision course with Defence Minister Sajjan

Change of tone? Brison warns public service bargaining must be ‘realistic’ in face of deteriorating economy

Toronto: Detailed, graphic testimony kicks off trial of Jian Ghomeshi; former CBC radio host faces life sentences over multiple charges

Michael Den Tandt: Liberal government’s new pipeline hurdles show trudeau feels untouchable after election win

Ottawa: trudeau still campaigning, CBC citizen questions get softball answers

Quebec: Liberals ignore local concerns, OK oil trains to resume travel through devastated Lac-Mégantic in 2017

Erin O'Toole: trudeau shows worrying disregard for Canada's economic diversity

Toronto: 2 dead, 3 injured in downtown College/Spadina overnight shooting

#Oopsie: Tories say Liberals just repaying 'union bosses,' blast ineligible campaign contribution

David Akin: Liberals gut Conservative union accountability rules

Rex Murphy: An environmental review process is an organized procrastination

Montreal: Men arrested in Quebec child porn bust worked as teachers, scout leaders; grade 3 teacher suspended with pay

Eight victims: 32-year-old Edmonton man convicted of "horrific" and "brazen" sexual attacks on women handed 12-year prison sentence

McBride, BC: "Very large" avalanche kills 5 snowmobilers; 3 separate groups caught in slide

Contrary to Liberal claims: Canada continued surplus in 9th month of 2015-16 fiscal year in November; still $400M in black

Peter Foster: trudeau turns the pipeline game into all snakes, no ladders

Les MacPherson: In the new Ottawa, Canada’s signature means nothing; our reputation further eroded by change in government

Robyn Urback: Free Dan Smith, Canada’s wrongly-jailed cat-feeding retiree

John Ivison: Canada needs trudeau to be a cheerleader for pipelines, not a referee

Media sleeping on job? The Twitter trial you never heard about: Toronto man found guilty of harassing MP Michelle Rempel

Ottawa: Chiefs from B.C., Manitoba and Quebec reject Liberal pipeline reform; say weren't consulted

Toronto: 4 police officers charged with perjury, obstructing justice; "We will not tolerate any bad behaviour," new Chief Saunders says

Ottawa: Conservatives gave priority to refugees from persecuted Syrian minorities; ones not admitted to Lebanon and Jordan refugee camps due to high risk there, too

Ottawa: Canadian Blood Services to defer donations from travellers to Zika areas

Injustice: Retired Gatineau man with cane, Dan Smith, 65, jailed over unpaid cat fine

Paul Wells: Justin trudeau’s first 100 days; some patterns have been set; Ministers talk to media anonymously, afraid to be quoted; trouble abounds and surrounds; from free-falling oil to terrorism, to shots in feet, the Liberal Govt faces both external and self-inflicted woes

Toronto: Court appearance today for Premier McGuinty top staffers Laura Miller, David Livingston in Ontario Liberal gas plant case; charged in December with breach of trust, mischief

Winnipeg Free Press editorial: trudeau needs a little more self-discipline

Montreal: Police bust pedophile ring in Quebec in raids that extend to Toronto

Ottawa: Man, 41, charged with threatening to kill female reporter during live broadcast from Byward Market

John Robson: Liberals are fooling no one with flim flam on Pacific free trade

Michael Den Tandt: Time for Liberals to stop the platitudes and start governing

Toronto: Ontario pension plan going full steam ahead toward 2017 launch — just don’t ask the cost to run it

Ottawa: Elections Canada opens loophole that gives third parties unlimited writ-period robocalls

Barrie: Police chase leads to discovery of 2 homicide victims in driver's home

Kangaroo court: Canada discriminated against aboriginal children says human rights tribunal; simply because provinces spend more on social services

Déjà vu: Top aboriginal chief to Canada's trudeau: Words are easy, take action

1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Its 440 recommendations were ignored by Chretien and Martin Govts; Harper Govt began implementation, including recommendations on transparency, education and self-government

Ottawa: Ambrose tells trudeau to get Coderre under control as Montreal Mayor threatens national unity with anti-pipeline stance

Publisher pulls plug: Metroland kills Guelph Mercury newspaper, founded in 1867, releases all staff

University of Toronto News: Canada was snubbed at ISIS talks — and we deserved it, U of T Professor says; “Liberals played shabby electoral politics with a matter of immense international importance”

Toronto: Peter MacKay won’t rule out Conservative leadership run — or playing NHL hockey with Leafs, if opportunity arises

Indecisive, and trying to have it both ways: Canada to sign that it agrees to terms of TPP, but not approving deal says Minister Freeland

Toronto jury: Police officer James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in streetcar shooting of knife-wielding Sammy Yatim; not guilty of 2nd-degree murder

Incoherent in Ottawa: Liberal honeymoon could end with anti-ISIS mission

London: Oil tumbles 3%, but stocks hold ground; Canadian dollar trading lower again

Ottawa: Tories, NDP to press Liberals over pipelines, environmental rules

Boessenkool & Speer: Conservatives are in a solid position to win again, thanks to the Stephen Harper decade

Robert Fulford: How can we stand aside as the world falls to poisonous totalitarian beliefs?

Rex Murphy: The PM’s handyman complex; "there is in this government’s dismissal or underplaying of the value and intelligence that goes into resource development, a strain of disdain for the ordinary, the common, the tried and useful"

Andrew Coyne: trudeau digs a hole for himself in Davos

Kelly McParland: Denis Coderre preaches myopia in Montreal

Don Braid: Alberta smiles at Canada, Canada snarls back

Terry Milewski: From here and abroad, Justin trudeau faces demands to keep up ISIS bombing

Montreal: Hydro-Québec sends 200 workers to help during U.S. storm

La Loche: Victims identified; two young teachers and two young brothers; male, 17, charged with 4 counts of 1st-degree murder

Gary Lamphier: Is trudeau 2.0 set to unleash NEP 2.0 on Alberta?

La Loche: Killer murdered his two brothers, then a young female teacher in rampage; 4 dead, 2 injured

updated Saskatchewan: 4 dead in La Loche school shooting; remote Dene community of about 3,000 people 600km from Saskatoon in shock

Toronto: Man found not guilty in precedent-setting Twitter harassment trial; victory for freedom of speech against PC bullies

Ottawa: November retail sales surge on new car sales

Davos: trudeau calls on heavily indebted countries to borrow and spend heavily on infrastructure; advocates reckless spending his father used to drive Canada to edge of bankruptcy in early 1980s

Purchased at supermarket: Doctors warn about parasite in raw fish after tiny, toothed worms found in Calgary man

Ottawa: Inflation in Canada ticks up to 1.6% in December on higher food prices

"I told him to stop his political blabbing": Husband of Burkina Faso victim says he hung up on Justin trudeau

Calgary: Canadian Pacific Railway to cut 1,000 jobs in 2016 on lower shipment volumes

Three want pause, one wants slowdown: Now 4 Canadian cities say overwhelmed by Syrian refugee dump

PBO: Faulty Liberal guesstimate means tax changes to cost Canada an extra $100M per year

Ottawa: Canada's manufacturing and wholesale sales post gains in November: StatsCan

Bank of Canada: Canada needs five years to adjust to commodities rout

Not unlike Chretien and Martin experiences: Harper relations with Supreme Court not especially antagonistic, study finds

More trudeau shuffles: Michael Wernick new Clerk of the Privy Council – for now

Vancouver: Canada rejects Iraqi man's refugee claim because he was a senior official under Saddam Hussein

Constitutional issue: Toronto Distillery Co. challenges Ontario rules that force it to sell liquor at mark-up for LCBO

Non-serious government puts Canada on margins: Canada's exclusion from anti-ISIS meeting 'predictable': Conservatives

Media rationalization continues: Postmedia cuts 90 jobs, merges newsrooms in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa

Washington: IMF downgrades Canada’s economic outlook

Abu Dhabi: Libyan-Canadian Salim Alaradi charged in UAE with two counts of supporting terrorism, lawyer says

Times Colonist editorial: New assisted-suicide law requires caution

Court's 'personal exemptions' puzzles Minister: Has Supreme Court tried to usurp role of Parliament? Jody Wilson-Raybould says she doesn't know

Vancouver: Stanley Cup riot of 2011 cost $9M

It's all about them: Sophie Grégoire-trudeau shows lack of judgement, and singing ability, as she unexpectedly bursts into song at Martin Luther King event

Ottawa: Liberals' waiving of travel costs for Syrian refugees created 2-tier system

Independent First Nations Senator: Patrick Brazeau hospitalized, lawyer says; found 'badly injured' at his Quebec home

Ottawa: Bank of Canada faces key rate decision Wednesday: To cut or not?

More bottlenecks: Ottawa joins Vancouver in asking Liberals for a break from refugee influx

Double blows: High rent, union rules blamed for closing of Toronto-area Goodwill stores

Loonie falling too far and too fast, damaging public and business confidence: ‘Currency instability’ now a serious concern for Canada; do Liberals have any plan?

Couillard: Quebec will not 'bow' to terrorism; 7 lost to killers in 2 days

Ken Boessenkool & Sean Speer: Why Kevin O’Leary is wrong for Conservatives; needs less Ayn Rand and more Edmund Burke

No refund of 40 days' salary: MP Seamus O’Regan says he’s ‘40 days alcohol-free’ and returning to work

$4.24 Billion: Suncor reaches deal to buy Canadian Oil Sands with sweetened offer

Push-poll? Kevin O'Leary and Peter MacKay get similar support for Conservative leadership, but both outweighed by 'undecided' in very early days of replacement process

Quebec: Premier Couillard says Burkina Faso, Jakarta deaths strengthen resolve in terrorism fight

Ottawa red tape puts business and jobs on hold: NewLeaf discount airline postpones service, will refund tickets

But has 4 mortgages: Once ensconced in Stornoway, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair now living out of Ottawa hotels

Ouagadougou: Four Quebec family members and two friends among dead in Burkina Faso terrorist attack

Budget tight: Toronto Star announces layoffs in tablet experiment, closes printing plant, outsources printing

Matt Gurney: Canada's Syrian mission isn't broken, so the Liberals can't figure out how to fix it

Fred Kerr: Kevin O’Leary is merely saying what investors are already thinking about Notley (with poll)

Indonesia: Quebec resident killed in deadly terrorist attack in Jakarta for which ISIL claimed responsibility

Ottawa: trudeau picks close allies as ambassadors to U.S. and UN

Capacity roadblock: Refugee arrivals to Vancouver paused as agency scrambles to find housing

Luqman Ahmed: Here's why terrorism is able to thrive in some countries

Ottawa General: Hospital battling MRSA outbreak among newborn babies in intensive care

Financial Post: As oil and loonie spiral, is it lights out for trudeau’s ‘sunny’ economic ways?

North troy: ‘Camouflaged Canadian’ nabbed at U.S. border with sled full of $1.6M in smuggled drugs

Because new gov