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Older News ~ October 2015 -- December 2015

NOTE: not in pure chronological order


Vancouver: Now, safe in Canada, Mohamed Fahmy seeks to reclaim his denounced Egyptian citizenship; "I will continue to fight for it as long as it takes and at any cost"

Ottawa: New challenges facing Liberals, Conservatives and NDP in new year

Ujjal Dosanjh: Don't change Canada's electoral system without parliamentary unanimity or a national referendum!

updated Toronto: Winter storm watch downgraded for southern Ontario

Rex Murphy: The Liberal government does not have the right to unilaterally change our voting system

Robyn Urback: Eventually, Trudeau will have to acknowledge that campaign promises don't always make great policy

Ottawa: Liberals won’t hold referendum on voting reform; public be damned

World Juniors: Here are the Team Canada players to watch

Deporting deer: B.C. towns try innovative approach to removing unwanted ungulates

Intoxicating: The long Canadian battle over marijuana legalization

Toronto: Man charged with attempted murder after machete attack near Eaton Centre; security guard hero tackled attacker; crude anti-White yells as huge weapon swung; victim in hospital

Michael Den Tandt: Why Trudeau should keep our CF-18s in the fight against ISIS

Bloomberg: The oil crash is taking a heavy toll on Alberta and the worst is yet to come

Vancouver: UBC student wins $50,000 grant for eDrink invention; uses heat from coffee mug to charge smartphone

Lower demand: Natural gas prices ease down

Don Braid: Overwhelmed NDP government flailing as Alberta’s budget crisis mounts

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Looking good: 'I'm Stephen, by the way': Canadians report their 'surreal' encounters with the ex-Prime Minister

Jean Marie River, NWT: The chief who said no: One Northern village rejected residential schools and built their own instead

Finance Dept: Ottawa posts $941M deficit for October; surplus of $634M for April to October period despite oil drop

First province: Quebec court overturns injunction against assisted-dying law

Gary Mason: Tory insiders weigh in on where to go from here

Chris Selley: Spanking ban an unreasonable overreaction

John Ivison: Ontario finds itself in danger of shedding ‘have-not’ status and losing $3B

Margaret Wente: A ban on spanking: Who’d be hurt the most?

John Richards and Pierre Fortin: Niqab rulings: A disingenuous pretext for judicial intervention

Ottawa: Liberal move will make spanking your child a criminal code offense

Even less transparency: Liberals put halt to financial disclosure rules for unions — keeping their members and the public in the dark

Ottawa: Provincial finance ministers tell Bill Morneau timing not right for CPP expansion

Stephen Toope: Why Canada's refugee plan falls well short of a real solution

John Ivison: Liberals and public service are falling out of love. It’s time for them to kiss and make up

Michael Den Tandt: Why Trudeau must keep one ear tuned to the countryside

Red Fisher: Remembering great friend and Habs legend Dickie Moore, dead at age 84

Ankara: Canada's Syrian refugees’ airlift out of Turkey weighed down by spreading chaos

Transition to pot economy won't be easy: Justin Trudeau and the cannabis factory

The Black Rod: The system worked. Still, Tina Fontaine died. Who do we blame?

Saint John: Dennis Oland found guilty of second-degree murder in death of father; evidence seen as thin and largely circumstantial

Canada’s other refugees: 26,000 arrive annually without fanfare or an official welcome

Now AA-plus: S&P downgrades Alberta credit rating from AAA

updated "Barbaric and gratuitous act of violence": South Edmonton armed robberies leave 2 Mac's workers dead; charges pending against 2 men, 13-year-old boy

Tasha Kheiriddin: Trudeau’s plan to borrow our way to wealth is looking crazier all the time

Jen Gerson: The case for a referendum

Ottawa: Liberals tossing out 2014 First Nations Fiscal Transparency Act recommended by 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples; return to being only governments in country with hidden finances

Is Trudeau changing tune or just waffling? PM tells media won't rule out a referendum on new electoral system

Shared gain, shared pain: Ontario to lose equalization payments as Alberta's economic fortunes fall

Christina Blizzard: Liberals want power at all cost

Mark Sutcliffe: Liberals misfire in asking senior executives to resign

Backtracking: Liberals renew pledge to lower EI premiums, but won't say by how much or when

Austerity coming: Justin Trudeau says vow to balance budget in 4 years is 'very' cast in stone

Toronto: Canadian dollar tumbles below 72 cents U.S.

Toronto: Why the two McGuinty aides face criminal charges

Vancouver: Top B.C. Liberal exec Miller resigns over Ontario gas plant scandal charges

Alberta Oil magazine: What lifting the U.S. oil export ban means for Canada

Montreal: Teen convicted of ISIS-related terrorism offences

Ottawa: Justin Trudeau's still-unclear war against ISIS

Anthony Furey: Trudeau’s Baltic blunder hurts our rep; fallout not pretty (unlike those countries)

Blockbuster: Shaw buys Wind Mobile in deal valued at $1.6B

David Reevely: Duffy already admitting to a faulty memory under cross-examination

Dale Smith: A new era for government — almost

Robyn Urback: So much for bringing the CF-18 jets home; 'consultation' replaces commitment

Beef and pork COOL: U.S. may avoid trade sanctions from Canada and Mexico under WTO if agreement on new legislation signed into law

John Ivison: First Nations spending promises could worsen fiscal crunch; "This is a government that has a spending problem but thinks it has a revenue problem"

TRC: Report's map shows location of infamous aboriginal residential schools across Canada

Christie Blatchford: Mismatch between Duffy's Senate words and trial testimony certainly noticeable; judge unlikely to ignore

Morneau deflects: More taxes coming to cover Liberal promises, but not necessarily GST increase, says FinMin, until he "consults"

Ottawa: Rona Ambrose proud to promote women critics, and 'not because it's 2015', but on merit

Winnipeg: Manitoba's residential school survivors grateful for TRC report

Anthony Furey: Teach residential school scandal in history classes; good intentions gone horribly wrong with abuse and worse can teach lessons

Ottawa: Warrantless access to internet subscriber data OK sometimes, privacy czar says

Ottawa: Shrug, who studies geography... Trudeau: Baltic nations are “not a thing”

Waterloo: Economical Insurance gets policyholders' approval to demutualize

Ottawa: Liquor stores not restrictive enough to sell marijuana; haven't kept alcohol from teens: Ambrose

Unreal dept: Trudeau says Ottawa will be head waiter to provinces for infrastructure; will simply give money away

Public safety: B.C. commits $3M for improvements on 750-km 'Highway of Tears'

Montreal study: Antidepressant use in pregnancy appears to increase autism risk

Feds need 300 rooms daily: Government hotel bill for Syrian refugees expected to near $80M by March

Ottawa: Duffy says he resisted PMO plan for housing expense repayment 'at every opportunity'; felt entitled

Green road to ruin: Ontario’s surging electricity prices endanger domestic manufacturing, says concerned industry group

UberHop at $5 a pop: Uber launches Toronto commuting service on four routes

Ontario's West coast: Walt Disney's Canadian roots

Mark Bonokoski: Time for the truth: Liberal voters duped

Trial balloon? Blizzard: Will accomplished Caroline Mulroney seek Conservative leadership?

Lorrie Goldstein: Paris fraud shows how divorced UN climate policy is from reality; Canada again receives two “Fossil of the Day” awards at summit despite acquiescent Trudeau rhetoric

Exploitation: Toronto has become a 'major hub' for human traffickingand sexual violence, says legislative committee report; found Ontario lacks up-to-date statistics about harassment and childhood sexual abuses, doesn't have standardized system to track cases of human trafficking

Rex Murphy: The High Church of global warming

Chantal Hébert: It is already clear the Liberal Party's preferred option of a ranked preferential ballot is dead on arrival

Hamilton: Independent CHCH-TV suspends newscasts as company declares bankruptcy; forced to spend 15K to 30K per month on electricity for transmitter alone

Winnipeg: Career criminal Cormier charged with 2014 Tina Fontaine murder; 94 prior convictions in 4 provinces

Halifax: Court strikes down anti-cyberbullying law created after Rehtaeh Parsons's death; due to Charter violation

Toronto: ISIS has a passport printer, might be using it to sneak terrorists into western nations as refugees: report

Ottawa oops: Liberals goof, fumble first money bill after assurances in House of Commons from Treasury Board President Brison

Vancouver: B.C. Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian law school

Kelly McParland: Liberals owe Canadians a referendum before ditching a successful election model after 150 years

Ottawa: Canada Post puts power-mad Liberals in their place; their requests for executive resignations are wrong factually and morally, and against recommendations of Auditor-General

Not a brain surgeon: Leonardo DiCaprio mocked for fear over warm Calgary chinooks

Ottawa: Liberal excuses multiply for tax math errors

Macleans Editorial: Liberal plan to eliminate first past the post is flawed

Toronto Star: The Trudeau government’s arrogant approach to electoral reform

McCallum scrambles to Plan D: Syrian refugees won't 'jump the queue' for housing and citizenship; Mayors have contacted McCallum to let him know they don't want queue jumping

Joe Oliver: Trudeau should hold a referendum on electoral reform

For the record: What Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada told the Empire Club of Canada today: ‘It’s prudent to be prepared’

Calgary: Don Martin acknowledges that part of Scud Stud article was ‘not true’ during defamation trial

Ottawa: Trudeau appoints terrorist supporter to PMO staff

Terence Corcoran: Bill Morneau ups the fudge factor over deficit; further misleading Canadians

Rookie FinMin already out of his depth? Morneau now admits critics right, Liberal numbers don't add up—on either side of the ledger; "before pen has hit paper on next year's budget, the Liberals look to be already in the hole by about $15 Billion"

Direct human costs: Suicide rate in Alberta up 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

Ottawa: Canadian dollar falls below 74 cents as oil slips below $38

Ottawa: Liberals forced to concede changes to federal tax brackets won’t add up; as opponents said during election

Return of the federal nanny state: "Big, activist government is alive and well"; lacks a transparent costing and implementation strategy, will download a huge fiscal burden to provinces

Ottawa: Peter MacKay leads Conservative leadership poll, again

Alberta: Bill 6 meeting brings out 500 disgruntled farmers in Bassano

Victoria: B.C. Premier Christy Clark complains Trudeau legitimizing unaccountable Senate and B.C. under-representation; province has only 6 Senators of 105-seat chamber; Ontario & Quebec have 24 apiece

Canada's refugee welcome: Weather the big shocker say former refugees from warm countries; newcomers need to learn about need for 'layers' of clothing

Toronto: Why the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Fed are parting ways

Thomas Walkom: Ontario’s green energy botch-up a lesson for those fighting climate change

Jeffrey Simpson: Allies will remember Canada’s withdrawal from the ISIS fight

Kelowna: Former B.C. Premier 'Builder' Bill Bennett dead at 83; made a big mark on province

Ottawa: Trudeau Government Throne Speech promises to legalize, regulate, restrict pot

Ottawa: Will today's Throne Speech nod to natives implement any of 440 recommendations from 1996's Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples which Liberals have 100% ignored? Or just recommendations from Harper's Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Ottawa: Immigration Minister McCallum calls his officials 'crazy', claims more than 5% of Syrian refugees do want to come to cold Canada

Andrew MacDougall: Stay (middle) classy, Trudeaus

Mark Sutcliffe: Why Trudeau's nannies matter

Calgary: Norfolk Southern rejects CP Rail merger proposal

Liberal era begins: Canada lost 35,700 jobs in November, jobless rate up

Michael Den Tandt: How Rona Ambrose is leading the Conservative Party in a kinder, gentler direction

Globe and Mail Editorial: Liberal Senate reform is no reform at all, and could have unintended consequences

Ottawa: Liberals warned by mandarins that infrastructure budget fiddling not so easy

Ottawa: Geoff Regan elected House Speaker as 42nd Parliament opens

Assuming risk, too: Bruce Power to invest $13B in nuclear station refurbishment

Ottawa: Top Tory priorities:
taxes, deficit, security

Boondoggle Dept: Canada sent 383 people to UN climate conference, more than Australia, UK and US together

Shocking stupidity by Wynne, McGuinty: Liberals haven’t a clue what they’re doing on energy and their green energy plan — the one praised by Al Gore — has been a complete and ruinously expensive disaster

Ottawa: Election of new Speaker to kick off new session of Parliament

Voodoo economics: Liberal plan to hike taxes on top one per cent may lead to revenue hole: CD Howe study

Ontario AG: Province's consumers paid $37B extra for electricity between 2006 and 2014

Liberal mess worsens: Ontario Auditor General slams Wynne Govt spending, raises safety concerns; taxpayers on hook for 10s of $$ Billions after Libs ignore law

Comet Catalina: Get out the binoculars & watch its only trip by Earth

English amateur astronomer and software programmer Ian Sharp captured this image using a telescope in Australia back in August. The comet is now visible in the northern hemisphere with binoculars. ~ Ian Sharp CBC

Airstrikes critical: Iraq army retakes Ramadi; heavy price paid

Australia: Burlington, Ontario’s John Beeden becomes first
to row solo across Pacific Ocean; left from San Francisco

John Beeden, 53, set off from San Francisco on June 1st and rowed for an average of 15 hours a day. He had hoped to reach Cairns in north-east Australia weeks ago, but was slowed down by bad weather. Mr. Beeden, who rowed across the Atlantic four years ago, said there were times when he didn't think he could go on. "To be the first person to achieve something on this scale is incredible really, and I haven't processed it yet," he added. Beeden is originally from the northern English city of Sheffield but now lives in Canada. ~ BBC

Big win: Iraqi troops seize ISIS-held complex in central Ramadi

Texas: Garland tornado that killed 8 classified as EF4

Mississippi: 11 dead after pre-Christmas tornadoes ravage U.S. South

Unseasonably warm weather Wednesday helped spawn twisters from Arkansas to Michigan. The line of Springlike storms continued marching east Thursday, dumping torrential rain that flooded roads in Alabama and caused a mudslide in the mountains of Georgia. Authorities confirmed seven deaths in Mississippi, including that of a 7-year-old boy who was in a car that was swept up and tossed by a storm. Three more died in Tennessee. One person was killed in Arkansas.

Norad Tracks Santa: Christmas tradition for children turns 60

Volunteers for Norad Tracks Santa gather at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado and report Santa's exact location to the media and the public throughout the day and night on December 24.~ YouTube Norad Tracks Santa

Over-promise, under-deliver: Promised 10,000 Syrian refugees
won't be 'on Canadian soil' by year's end: McCallum

Cape Canaveral: SpaceX reusable rocket launch/landing test success

Nigeria: 9 dead, 24 injured as three kid suicide
bombers blow themselves up at security checkpoint

Stony Brook study: Up to 90% of cancers not ‘bad luck,’
but due to lifestyle choices, environment

Cancer cells, as imagined in 3-D software. ~ iStock

COOL: U.S. Congress repeals meat labelling law; Harper Govt fought
COOL for farmers and won at WTO; U.S. averts trade retaliation

David Bercuson: Canadians deserve better answers about the ISIS mission

Northern Iraq: Helping Kurds to repel ISIS attack Canada's
"most significant" engagement yet; no Canadian losses

Northern Iraq: Canadian forces strike back against ISIS offensive;
Special Forces on the ground and CF-18s from the air

Canadian participation in the counter-attack Thursday night came as Trudeau Government avoids saying when it will withdraw Canada's six CF-18s from combat.

Toronto: Two former Ontario Liberal staff charged in gas-plant scandal

Pyonyang: Hyeon Soo Lim, Toronto pastor, gets life sentence
for 'undermining' North Korea with 'religious activities'

Ottawa: Truth and Reconciliation Commission efforts won't be in vain,
says Trudeau; drops arrogance façade long enough to pay tribute to
Stephen Harper for 2008 apology from Canada to aboriginal peoples

Set up by Harper Government in 2008: Truth and Reconciliation
Commission makes 94 recommendations; indicts nanny state

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia forms 34-nation Islamic
counter-terrorism coalition; the kingdom strikes back

Two thumbs up: Star Wars premiere crowd cheers for familiar, new faces

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, takes Hollywood by stormtroopers

Stormtroopers take the red carpet at the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Hollywood Monday night. The cast of this and previous Star Wars movies were all there. Harrison Ford is shown signing autographs as he arrives. A record opening is predicted this weekend, and reviews from premiere have been gushing.

MSM: Trump backers say 'he hits nail on the head',
while his opponents are riskily 'playing politics'

Tokyo: Japan will not sacrifice growth to combat 'climate change': Abe

updated Paris: Prosecutor says France pre-school teacher NOT stabbed

Police outside the Jean-Perrin pre-school in Aubervilliers, France, December 14, 2015. The school is for children between the ages of three and six. Prosecutor says teacher's wounds 'self-inflicted'. ISIS had identified teachers as a primary target for its killers in France.

Conrad Black: The perfectly respectable environmental
movement has been hijacked by climate radicals

Tony Heller: Paris Agreement is based on fraudulent data

National Geographic graph from 1976, based on National Academy of Sciences and NOAA temperatures. It showed no net warming from 1890 to 1976, and a sharp decline after 1940 “halfway back to the chill of the Little Ice Age”. ~ National Geographic - November 1976, page 614

NY Times: San Bernardino attackers’ friend spoke
of ‘sleeper cells’ before terror rampage

Switzerland: Geneva, Chicago and Toronto part of terror plot: reports

Paris: Scientists at 'Day of Examining the Data' debunk climate hysteria;
the fear-mongering narrative pushed at the nearby UN climate summit countered mercilessly with facts, data, logic, and common sense

Tokyo: For first time, North Korea says
it has hydrogen bomb, and it’s ready to use it

Ottawa: Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan mum on Afghan
security funding after Kandahar attack

Afghanistan: Death toll jumps to 50 in Kandahar airport siege

NY Daily News: Farook friend Marquez said: 'There's a lot of Muslims
in our own backyard, just ready to go haywire and attack';
he bought the guns used in the San Bernardino massacre

Killers Tashfeen Malik (left) and Syed Farook came to the United States together in July 2014. ~ AP

Mississauga: Al Huda Institute Canada closes doors temporarily
after CBC reveals its students had gone to Syria to join ISIS

Toronto: 4 female students who went to Syria to join ISIS attended local school; sister school in Pakistan connected to terror killings in California

Les MacPherson: Liberal promises are proving as fragile as pretzel sticks

John Ivison: Who could have predicted these problems
for the Liberals? Absolutely everyone

Ottawa: Old Trudeau family arrogance alive and
well in Question Period non-answers

The first Question Period of the second Trudeau era notable for its smug non-answers from Justin Trudeau and repeated non-answers from rookie Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Immigration Minister John McCallum provoked guffaws when he talked being "open and clear with Canadians" while not answering questions about immigrants and refugees.

Paris: Canadian youth slam Trudeau for selfie 'obsession'; want results

Conrad Black: The great climate conference
charade playing out in Paris

The Atlantic: What just happened on MSNBC and CNN?

Redlands: Live media swarms San Bernardino shooters’ apartment,
manhandle and rifle through evidence to dismay of police

CNN’s law enforcement analyst, Harry Houck, said he was “shaking” watching reporters go through the apartment which “still contained evidence.” “I’m having chills down my spine with what I’m seeing here,” he said. “This apartment clearly is full of evidence.” The chaotic scene sparked a wave of criticism on Twitter, as reporters and media watchers questioned whether the large media presence inside the apartment would damage potential evidence.

CNN: San Bernardino attacker Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS;
terror evidence piling up; smashed cellphones, missing hard drive

Coalition boost: Germany vows to obliterate ISIS
as Berlin approves huge air and sea deployment

FBI: Muslim San Bernardino gunman 'radicalized by known terrorists'

San Bernardino: Terrorists left behind pipe bombs, which failed,
to kill responders, had 12 more pipe bombs ready at home

End scientific inquiry, free speech: Jail AGW debunkers?

updated San Bernardino: Killers were Syed Farook & Tashfeen Malik
both dead after gun battle; FBI still "not yet" calling it terrorism

David Bowdich, the FBI's assistant director in Los Angeles, said the incident was being regarded as "possibly terrorism." He said investigation going where evidence leads. Killers were dressed in black battle fatigues. Then a bomb threat was phoned in to hospital where the victims had been taken. Tips from general public were vital to quick responses by police. Final toll is 14 dead — plus two killers — and 21 wounded.

Cameroon: 900 Boko Haram hostages freed, at least 100 Islamists killed

Boessenkool & Speer: How Harper’s philosophy
transformed Canada for the better

PBO: Liberals mislead Canadians, omit promise costs from economic update; watchdog foresees no return to surplus before next election

Ottawa: Canada GDP grew 2.3% in July-August-September 3Q

Ottawa: Immigration Minister McCallum still unclear on refugee timeline

Nanton: ‘We want safety’: Farmer combines,
tractors line Alberta’s Highway 2 to protest Bill 6

Farmers and ranchers across Alberta held protests Monday, saying Alberta Govt is moving too quickly on Bill 6, which will endanger family farms.

Anthony Watts: Why scientists disagree about global warming

“Probably the most widely repeated claim in the debate over global warming is that ‘97% of scientists agree’ that climate change is man-made and dangerous,” the authors write. “This claim is not only false, but its presence in the debate is an insult to science.”

London: China's Yuan expected to join select
group of IMF reserve currencies Monday

Windy Lake: Brothers take selfie with bald eagle after saving its life

Michael and Neil Fletcher of Windy lake, Ontario, pose with the thankful bald eagle they rescued.

Italy: Syrians caught with fake passports
on way to Malta say they escaped from ISIS

New York Post editorial: Why America is right to think Obama’s losing the war on terror

David Stockman: The next Big Short — Jeff Bezos’ Brobdingnagian bubble

Peggy Noonan: Will the New Year’s tumult Trump the old?

Built-in fire risk? Experts query quality of cladding on Dubai buildings

Rochester: Fireworks cancelled after feds say man's plan to attack bar on New Year's Eve foiled

Once every 5 years: Temporary 'heat wave' in far north almost brought temperatures above freezing for a few hours; but bitter cold quickly returned

Caused by New Year's fireworks: Fire tears through impoverished Manila neighborhood

Bill’s behaviour is fair game: The Clinton war on women

Tyler Durden: Swiss Army chief warns of social unrest, calls upon citizens to arm themselves

Los Angeles: Demand for ‘panic rooms’ growing — from homeowners and businesses

Clinton emails: Billionaire Soros 'regretted' backing Obama

Des Moines: Top Carson staffers quit, question his readiness for White House

St. Louis: Flooding from aftermath of deadly Texas storm closes I-55 and I-44; 20 dead in Missouri and Illinois from historically high waters

Terry Glavin: Is the UN still a force for good in the world? Not much suggests it is

Brussels: 10th suspect arrested in Belgium in Paris attacks probe

Belgium: Brussels cancels New Year's Eve fireworks due to threat

Washington: Airstrikes have killed 10 ISIS leaders over past month, including some linked to Paris attacks

Scum of the earth: ISIS fatwa details 15 rules for raping female slaves without violating religious law

Brussels: Belgian police arrest two over suspected New Year's Eve attack plot; Police find military clothing and ISIS propaganda

Genome sequencing reveals: Ireland saw massive prehistoric migration from the Middle East and eastern Europe

Utah: Judge reverses decision, rules state can strip Planned Parenthood federal funding over selling of aborted baby parts

Tyler Durden: Ending the crude oil export ban - The U.S. is far more economically vulnerable and dependent on foreign oil today than when crude oil export was banned 40 years ago

South Africa: Family that housed 100+ foreign refugees on farm attacked and threatened with murder by their 'guests'

Facts and fakes: The great Pacific garbage patch of plastic and other myths and exaggerations

Terror cell? San Bernardino cleric denies knowing the terrorists; FBI finds phone records tell a different story

Reuters: Seized documents reveal Islamic State's Department of 'War Spoils'

Terry Glavin: What to expect if the U.S.-led coalition wins the war against ISIS' self-declared caliphate

New Orleans: 2006 Canada-U.S. lumber agreement had 'tremendous' humanitarian impact

Dallas: Christmas time storms, tornadoes kill at least 43 in U.S.

Lahore: Strong 6.9M quake rattles Pakistan

Not ISIS: Top Syrian rebel leader killed in Russian air strike in Damascus suburb

Saudi Arabia: At least 31 dead, 100 injured as fire hits hospital's intensive care, maternity and neonatal care wards

Belgium: 9th suspect in Paris terror attacks arrested

Clinton lives in New York, doesn't know local expressions? Jeff Greenfield: On further review, Trump is right on this. "I got schlonged" is a commonplace NY way of saying: "I lost big time"

Washington: Trump calls Clinton a 'liar' over video claim

New Jersey: Scout leader stops hike to show boys a cave. Bear jumps up and pulls him in. He beats it back with a hammer. Scouts dial 911 and took direction from leader. Life saved.

Kabul: Motorbike suicide bomber kills six U.S. troops in Afghanistan Some Jersey City Muslims did celebrate 9/11 from within sight of World Trade Center ruins, cop and residents say

Meteorologists' study:
NOAA over-estimated U.S. warming by 50%

Berlin: ISIS jihadists stole 'tens of thousands' of blank passports

Technology heritage: How NASA brought the monstrous F-1 Saturn 5 moon rocket engine back to life

Financial Times: How ISIS runs its economy

Jalalabada: ISIS expands Afghan footprint with terror campaign

Los Angeles: Family ties can help shield terrorists from detection

As feared: Britain no longer a Christian country, and it’s time to rid public life of Anglicanism, panel says

Andrew Coyne: Making sense of the analog counter-revolution

New York: UN endorses peace process for Syria, but no mention of Assad

Geoffrey Johnston: Persecuted Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas

New York: Syrian peace proposals get new attention from world powers

Brussels: EU demands Thailand address slavery in its seafood industry

Des Moines: Jackpot-fixing investigation expands to more state lotteries

Riverside: San Bernardino gun buyer wondered when his ‘multiple lives’ would collapse

Beijing: North Korea girl band concert was cancelled last week over China's objection to 'anti-American lyrics'

Copenhagen: Denmark ponders seizing jewelry and other valuables from refugees

San Bernardino: Shooters' friend and arms supplier Enrique Marquez finally arrested

Havana: Aviation deal with U.S. allows up to 110 scheduled airline flights a day

Faida Hamdy: 'I started the Arab Spring. Now death is everywhere, and extremism blooming'

Why not now? Why Trump absolutely right about ‘shutting down’ parts of internet from ISIS

Washington: U.S. Fed raises key interest rate for first time in 9 years

SPOILER ALERT: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is the best movie of 2015 says Toronto Star; continuity and feel get new trilogy off on right foot

Conrad Black: Trump is the good guy

Geneva: Swiss arrest two Syrians, probing possible Islamist ties; traces of explosives found in their car

Austria: 2 men arrested, possibly connected to Paris terror attacks

Bjelasnica: Arab investors pour in billions to make Bosnia a summer holiday hit

Washington: Iran breached agreement with secret ICBM rocket test in October; White House won't rule out new sanctions

EU fret: American visa clampdown on people travelling to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Somalia seen to conflict with Iranian nuclear agreement

Study: Less than 7 hours sleep a night = possible link to obesity

Scientific American: Down the rabbit hole: Lettuce produces more greenhouse gas emissions than bacon

Berlin: Germany says overestimated migrants with fake Syrian passports; 8% not 30%

Los Angeles: Over 900 Los Angeles schools closed over threat New York dismissed as hoax

Los Angeles: ABC News LIVE on massive LA school closure

Los Angeles: All LA public schools closed due to unspecified "threat to students at school"; keeps 640,000 students home

Las Vegas: Cruz in the spotlight as Republicans take the debate stage

Berlin: Islamist preacher in Germany arrested over terror links

Bangkok: Leading Thai seafood boss: Associated Press shrimp probe a 'wake-up call'

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s ISIS speech ‘reminiscent of the strategy of the Vietnam War’

Larry Kudlow: I’ve Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas. This is a war. Therefore I have come to believe there should be no immigration or visa waivers until the U.S. adopts a completely new system to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country. A wartime lockdown.

Fails on every front: Obama’s awful year

Iraq report: ISIS orders killing of kids with Down's Syndrome in latest sickening attack on innocents

Monmouth University poll: Trump hits new polling high Monday, at 41%, opening up 27-point lead over next closest contender

updated Veers off bridge: 43 police officers killed in Argentina bus accident

Washington: Secret U.S. policy upheld by Obama Homeland Security Secretary for "PR reasons" blocked immigration agents from looking at social media postings of visa applicants, says former top official

Terror watch: Trump escalates UK feud, says more British Muslims are joining ISIS than Armed Forces

Washington: Obama goes on PR offensive to demonstrate he has resolve to fight ISIS on homefront

Are slaves peeling your shrimp? Here's what you need to know

Modern day slavery: Global supermarkets selling shrimp peeled by slaves

Global equity tumble: Stock options surge as hedge of choice for cornered junk owners

Terror watch: 70 Paris airport workers have security passes revoked over extremism fears

David Frum: America's immigration challenge; "nobody is making conscious decisions about who is wanted and who is not, about how much immigration to accept and what kind to prioritize"

Helsinki: Finland to require refugees to work for free, and to acknowledge a 'national curriculum' on Finnish culture and society which highlights the rights of women and children; an estimated two-thirds of 32,000 asylum seekers in 2015 will be deported

Bujumbura: U.S. pulls employees, urges citizens to leave Burundi after attacks kill 87

Los Angeles: Wife’s role in California attack raises fear of militant brides

updated Peshawar: At least 23 killed, 30 injured as powerful blast hits Pakistan market near border with Afghanistan

NY Times: U.S. visa process missed San Bernardino wife’s zealotry on social media

Bujumbura: Death toll from day of clashes in Burundi capital rises to nearly 90

James Delingpole: Blaming rain and floods in rainy and historically flood-prone areas shows how elites take us for idiots

Afghanistan: 10 dead, 9 wounded; Afghan forces end suicide bomber siege at Spanish embassy in Kabul

Invisible negotiations about invisible gas of life: Latin American countries object to carbon trading references at Paris talks

Washington: FBI says it is refocused on movement of ISIS recruits into U.S.

Washington: Feds nab another Minnesotan allegedly tied to ISIS propagandists

Paris: Australia unlikely to join climate coalition

Washington: Palin backs Trump proposal for moratorium on Islamic influx; references Jimmy Carter's actions against Iranians

Australia: 5 Sydney terror suspects face charges; include 15 and 20 year old

Riyadh: Saudi FM says Assad must leave peacefully or be forced out of power

Paris: ISIS text to mom from Syria announcing death reveals 3rd Bataclan attacker

Paris: Many of the Friday the 13th terrorists crossed officials' radar

San Bernardino: California shooters radicalized at least 2 years ago

Fortune: Prediction: Private sector will engineer a nuclear fusion breakthrough in 2016; billionaires getting on board

updated Loma Linda: Bomb threats at school and hospital, but no bombs found

San Bernardino: FBI looking into $28,000 November deposit into California shooters' account

Not a unique idea: Donald Trump's no-Muslims immigration idea right in line with U.S., Canadian history

Caracas: Triumphant Venezuelan opposition looks to free political prisoners of socialists as it gains majority in legislature

updated While Trudeau backs off: Obama pledges stronger attack on ISIS in rare Oval Office address

Sanaa: ISIS-claimed bombing kills Yemeni governor, 6 guards in Aden

Death from above: At least 32 ISIS fighters killed by airstrikes in Syria's Raqqa

Washington: Culture shapers George Lucas, Carole King, Rita Moreno, Seiji Ozawa and Cicely Tyson receive critical Kennedy Center Honours tonight; TV broadcast on December 29th

London: Throat sliced by machete in subway station; "This is for Syria," says terror attacker

Alabama: San Bernardino terror attack raises fears outside big cities

San Bernardino: Remarkable how many survived terror shooting, says Sheriff; 70 in small room, 14 killed, 21 wounded

San Bernardino: Shooter Tashfeen Malik became hardline in Saudi Arabia; no one in family saw her always-covered face

Dakar: 27 dead, 90 wounded from triple suicide bombing by Boko Haram Islamists at Lake Chad

Washington: U.S. economy adds 211,000 jobs; removes ‘final doubts’ about rate hike

Cairo: 16 dead, 2 injured after Molotov cocktail destroys nightclub, a popular Egyptian target for terrorists in the 1990s

London: Islamic Society students disrupt university lecture on blasphemy and make 'death threat'

Daniel Greenfield: 2007 poll showed 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS

San Bernardino: Victims at Christmas banquet had thrown a baby shower for their newlywed killers just weeks ago

Washington: Study finds problems in detecting fraud among asylum seekers

Dallas: Muslim refugees say many in Texas welcoming, but string of 'events' including killings continue to stir unease

Washington: U.S. factory orders rise in October, ending streak of declines

Toledo: Crews finish pumping tanks from sunken barge in Lake Erie near Canada-US border; sunk in 1937 storm

FIFA Corruption: Top officials arrested in pre-dawn raid at Zurich hotel

San Bernardino: What is known about killer Syed Farook and what the media got wrong and right

After 397-223 vote: British bombers enter fray in Syria, strike ISIS oil fields

San Bernardino: Authorities search Redlands home tied to killer Syed Farook

Riyadh: Oil speculators risk 'short squeeze' if impulsive Saudi Prince throws OPEC surprise on Friday

updated San Bernardino: 14 dead, 17 wounded as terrorists storm rented banquet hall at disabilities center; car chase and gunfight follows

updated San Bernardino: Fire Dept units responding to reports of 20-victim shooting; shooting reportedly at Inland Regional Center, a center for adults with developmental disabilities

Trump redeemed: Video surfaces of CBS Channel 2 report of 9/11 cheering on rooftops of Jersey City

Washington: Report warns of 'unprecedented' support in U.S. for ISIS

London: Four arrested in Luton terrorism raids

Brussels: Airstrikes hurting ISIS, forcing change in tactics: EU anti-terror coordinator

Syria: ISIS targets gays with brutal public killings

Rio De Janeiro: Rio Olympic water badly polluted, even far offshore

Ottawa: Bus crash report says driver speeding, distracted by video screen

Montreal: Couche-Tard to buy Ireland’s Topaz convenience store chain

De-centralization: How Stephen Harper’s open federalism changed Canada for the better; Ottawa was no longer the voice of sanctimoniousness and unhelpful intrusions into health care, education and other provincial responsibilities

Ottawa: Syrian refugee flights to start Dec. 10th; Govt shopping for discount rates in highest travel season

Harper Govt fall-out: Canadian millennials richer, more likely to be working than U.S. counterparts; better job prospects

Lisa Raitt on Nannygate: Trudeau a hypocrite; 'only man in Canada who makes $325,000 who is going to get money for his child care'

Matt Gurney: Two nannies? I’m sorry, Prime Minister, but no

Boondoggle Dept: Sacre bleu! B.C. has big carbon footprint at the UN climate-change conference

Toronto: Wind Mobile offering free phones, service to Syrian refugees

Latest Trudeau backflip: Nannygate: Justin's children's nannies paid for by taxpayers — by order of cabinet, three weeks after they were hired

Les MacPherson: Cloak of crapola spoils Paris climate fest

Don Braid: Contentious farm Bill 6 catches Alberta NDP in rural brushfire

St. John's: Liberals win big in Newfoundland and Labrador; will province now lose big like other Liberal Atlantic provinces?

Andrew Coyne: Any role Canada might play in Paris is strictly for show

But not retiring: MP Mauril Belanger, diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, withdraws from Speaker race

Dillon Hillier: My experience fighting ISIS shows Trudeau is wrong

Liberal connections matter: Tax agency kept charges/conviction against high-profile Liberal quiet during election

Liberals fly three cabinet ministers for photo-op in ME on latest boondoggle: Canada opens refugee processing centre in Jordan; 90 applicants line up

Liberal connections matter: Syrian refugee coordinator in Montreal to make $1800 a day to welcome the newcomers to Canada

Most dangerous man in the world: Maurice Strong dead at 84

Vancouver: Canadian health and social services gearing up for refugee influx; experienced and have a realistic plan and perspective to give these new citizens TLC and integrate them into Canadian society

Peter Loewen & Daniel Rubenson: These 3 charts help explain how Trudeau won upset victory

Philip Cross: Sick sick leave benefits; federal government employees take average of 10.5 sick days per year, while private sector employees average 6.4 days

Edmonton: Farming is a 24/7 lifestyle, not a 9-5 job; NDP doesn't get it in Bill 6 bid to unionize and kill family farms

Alberta: Petition launched to save Alberta farms from Bill 6; sign it to support farmers who feed Canada

Ottawa: New Health Minister using her children as chief advisers on marijuana; says it scares her

Andrew Coyne: Whacking the top one per cent with a tax hike not the bonanza Liberals hype

J.J. McCullough: Trudeau refugee policy trainwreck offers glimpse of his reckless, deceitful governing style; muzzling civil servants, claiming dog ate his homework

Law and order: Firebombing north of Toronto adds urgency to warnings of brewing mob war in city

Ottawa: Public servants 'gaming the system' — take twice as many sick days as private sector workers: report

Rex Murphy: Ujjal Dosanjh — a truly admirable Canadian

Andrew MacDougall: Sometimes breaking a promise can be good politics; Trudeau Liberals "hugging substance-free talking points with more ardour than even the most hardened Harper minister"

Malta: Trudeau doubles Harper Govt 5-year commitment to help poor nations battle climate issues in another display of crass oneupmanship requiring govt borrowing; once again spouts "Canada's back" when it was never 'away'; sees it as bribe for Commonwealth support

Vancouver: One-punch attacks leave 3 dead in violent 'trend' blamed on alcohol, drugs

Ottawa: Canada job vacancies rise in second quarter, best opportunities in west

Toronto: Trudeau Govt rejection of Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport expansion becomes ammunition for Opposition in Ontario

Ottawa: Cities are going to need federal and provincial financial support very soon if they are to house 25,000 refugees over the next few months: Mayor Watson

London: Daily Mail takes Trudeau to task for 'insincere, patronizing handshakes'

Chinese officials intercept Miss World Canada en route to pageant; no comment from Ottawa

Tacky Dept: How much did Birks pay Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau so it could hype its diamonds being seen by Queen?

London: Trudeau uses BBC interview to re-write history of roller coaster 2015 election campaign; ignores mentioning Liberal attack ad campaign

Peter Foster: Posturing toward Paris with good hair; nobody appears to have been briefed on fact CO2 is plant food, and that greater concentrations boost agricultural production

Toronto: Farming may be expensive victim of Ontario Liberals cap-and-trade nonsense

Global warming bloviation: Wynne, Murray, can’t fix weather

Lorrie Goldstein: Liberals wasting billions on 'green' energy we don't need

Ottawa: Liberals risk penalties and missed deadlines by putting hold on emergency supply ship contract; Seaspan, Irving want shot at ship despite full plates

Liberal follies: Nova Scotia Premier's chief of staff resigns after releasing confidential health information on MLA to media

Immigration mega-fraud: The rich Chinese immigrants to Canada who don’t really want to live here

Ottawa: Liberals change tune on refugee answers; most elements not like election promise, including sponsorship, timelines, security checking

Ottawa: Liberals give priority to trans-gendered and gay Syrian refugees; first 10K will be privately sponsored, keeping with original Conservative plan

Ottawa: Liberals back down at last minute under pressure of public, deadlines; 25K Syrian refugee deadline extended to end of February; most to arrive on chartered aircraft

Lost control: Alberta PC MLA Manmeet Bhullar killed after stopping along highway to help driver in distress

Joe Oliver: Deficits as far as the eye can see; but we left the new government with a surplus, not a deficit; reduced government tax revenue only accounts for $600M of the total; most of the difference relates to increased expenses

Lost control: Man, woman robbed 3 businesses before deadly Winnipeg crash, police say

Vancouver: Ontario Premier Wynne slammed by Liberal, ex-BC Premier Dosanjh over tarring thoughtful Canadians as racists

Telegraph: Canada sends patrol aircraft to join U.K.’s hunt for Russian submarine spotted lurking off Scotland

Backtracking? Canada's Syrian refugee plan limited to women, children and families; no single men due to security concerns

Nova Scotia: Turkish Airlines plane grounded by bomb threat leaves Halifax

Ottawa: How most Canadians will be left out in the cold by Trudeau’s proposed tax cut

Crux of the Matter: Conservatives should stop apologizing for the Harper Govt; they got things right

Montreal: Trudeau's refugee gamble: Time — and most Canadians — aren't on his side

Ottawa: Canada Post reports $13M loss before tax in third quarter

Supreme Court: Alberta's English-only laws are constitutional

After weekend polling? Liberals to finally announce details of their Syrian refugee plan Tuesday

Chantal Hébert: Trudeau loses his post-election shine after Paris attacks, with juvenile antics, arrogance

Montreal: Mobs hit big in police raids after 34-month investigation

Who will Trudeau blame? World oil below $40, Canadian dollar under 75 cents

Paul Wells: Why Justin misses Harper; the days when he gave Trudeau opportunities to just say no are over

Experience matters: Rona Ambrose names Andrew Scheer as Conservative House Leader

Liberal rift widens: Trudeau wrong to end ISIS combat mission, former Liberal Minister Ujjal Dosanjh says; sending wrong message to allies after Paris attacks

Lorrie Goldstein: On issues that matter, Harper was right

Manila: Trudeau to remove warplanes from ISIS fight in Iraq and Syria, instead will boost ground troops training Iraqi forces

Ottawa: Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia tell Trudeau to slow up on his "25K by the end of the year" refugee rush; have been asked to take refugees but have been given no plan

Toronto Star editorial: Honour pledge to resettle 25,000 Syrians, but take the time to get it right

Turkey: Trudeau insists Canada will stop anti-ISIS air role, refuses to say when; tries to have it both ways, shows weakness; others stepping up fight

Lorne Gunter: Liberals fail Canada with Syrian refugee pledge

Hamilton Spectator: The Spectator’s View: Public safety before election promises

Crisis coming here: Ontario prepares for refugee influx: timing and magnitude unknown

CBC insight: Paris-style ISIS attacks could hit anywhere, including Canada; security experts warn civilian soft targets are 'jihadist fantasy'

Montreal: In wake of Paris attacks, Quebec Premier Couillard urges world leaders to act; no comment on Trudeau withdrawal from engaging ISIS

Turkey: Trudeau warplane pull-out celebrated; "ISIS claimed it as a victory on all the websites. They were saying ‘the first crack in the coalition, it’s a major victory for ISIS, Canada has been defeated"

Lawrence Martin: After Paris attacks, Trudeau’s soft power already under fire

Anthony Furey: Trudeau must reconsider ISIS fight

Ottawa: RCMP and CSIS brief Trudeau on Paris terror attacks

NOT 'Government by Cabinet': Liberal cabinet puppets get detailed marching orders from Trudeau in Mandate Letters

Holly Nicholas: How the U.S. Tides Foundation funded's anti-Harper campaign -- and helped give Trudeau a majority

Andrew Coyne: Fair Elections Act produces highest turn-out in 20 years; NDP sinks like rock

Ontario: Wynne Government's payments to teacher unions top $3.7M

Anne Jarvis: Sandals should resign over secret union payoffs

Ballots on the floor, mismatched tallies and frazzled clerks refusing to recount: Judge grants judicial recount in federal riding of Edmonton Mill Woods

CTV: Diane Finley on what went wrong for the Conservatives

Ottawa: Justin Trudeau won't move in to 24 Sussex, says Margaret Trudeau; not good enough for him without 'major' upgrades

Just election bait: Trudeau’s Syrian refugees pledge unrealistic: immigration lawyer

No kidding dept: Trudeau's promises to aboriginal people feared to be unachievable

Judi McLeod: Obama campaign team hands Canada Over to the Lib-Left

Crux of the Matter: 15 economic reasons to vote Conservative, 50 tax relief reasons to vote Conservative, and 100 accomplishments from the Harper Government record to vote Conservative

Alberta: Anti-Bill 6 protests picking up steam;
NDP Govt continues to reveal its devastating hidden agenda

Alberta Legislature protest on November 27th captured tone of heated opposition to intrusive Bill 6.

Paris: At memorial honouring victims,
President Hollande vows to destroy ISIS 'army of fanatics'

France mourns and honours those killed in the Paris terror attacks that took the lives 130 people.

Brussels: Belgium charges sixth suspect over Paris attacks

Toronto: RCMP seeks help finding pair who acted suspiciously

RCMP are seeking help identifying these two men, who were observed near the Rogers Centre 'exhibiting suspicious behaviour' in August. ~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Another backflip: Trudeau tells BBC
he's not against bombing ISIS after all

London: Justin Trudeau’s vacuous stance on Syria an embarassment

London: UK PM Cameron calls for airstrikes on ISIS in Syria:
"very direct threat ISIS poses to our country and our way of life"

updated Roubaix: Hostage-taking in north France ends; not terrorists

Matt Gurney: Putin the bully just got a bloody nose. Now, we wait

Ankara: No ISIS targets in area where Russian jet shot down

Ankara: Turkey says Russian plane warned 10 times
in space of five minutes before downing

Ankara: Moscow denies Su-24 Turkey airspace violation

Turkey crisis: NATO emergency meeting called at Turkey's request;
Putin threatens "significant consequences" for downing of plane

updated Turkey shoot: Russian jet destroyed, Syrian rebels fire at pilot

Burning Russian Sukhoi Su-24 after being hit by air-to-air missile fired by Turkey near the Turkish-Syrian border after multiple air space incursions.

ISIS cowards still on the run: 'Belt of explosives'
found in litter bin in town south of Paris

Thanksgiving: U.S. issues worldwide travel alert citing terrorism threat

Brussels: Five more terror suspects arrested; lockdown continues

Kingston: Troops and RMC students being forced out of military
accommodations for incoming Syrian refugees; exams be damned

Brussels: 16 arrested in Belgium raids; manhunt continues
Canada shuts embassy amid high alert

Syrian refugees: Private contractors to help protect Canadians going overseas; Canadian Forces to provide "hostile environment training"

'Anonymous' says ISIS planning 'worldwide day of terror' tomorrow;
events in France, U.S., Indonesia, Italy & Lebanon to be targeted

Brussels: U.S. Embassy warns citizens in Belgium: 'Stay home'

Brussels: Belgium in 'shut down' as terror scares grip Europe

Belgium: Brussels at highest alert level; subway is closed

Belgian soldiers patrolled a nearly deserted street on Saturday in central Brussels, after the government raised the country’s threat level to its highest. ~ Youssef Boudlal Reuters

Ottawa confusion: Liberals keep even refugee-processing public servants in the dark

updated Bamako: 150 freed as security forces in Mali capital swarm Radisson;
at least 3 sought, 22 dead after siege; U.S. & French helped local police

Mali: At least 3 dead as Islamist gunmen attack Radisson hotel, take 170 hostages;
Malian special forces have responded and freed some hostages; situation 'fluid'

Ivison: Trudeau spending $500K on ad campaign promoting flawed refugee plan
5,000-6,000 refugees to be airlifted from Amman, Jordan, every week in December
900 passengers a day will arrive on flights to Montreal and Toronto

Washington: U.S. nervously watches Trudeau’s massive refugee plan

Close watchers of the Canada-U.S. file in Washington say they are unsurprised by the added U.S. scrutiny, given how border security dominates American political conversation. ~ Marcus Oleniuk Toronto Star

Operatives already in place: ISIS threatens New York City attack

Paris: Female suicide bomber cried out "help me, help me" to lure police
before intense firefight that ended with Friday the 13th mastermind dead

France strikes back: Bullets, bombs and body parts fly in heavy raid

Paris: At least two die in police raid on group planning new Islamist attack

Justin Trudeau ignores: Majority of Canadians wisely oppose
naive plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees in just 5 weeks

Paris: Suspected architect of Paris attacks dead: two senior European officials

Ottawa: Yasin Ali arrested on Parliament Hill with concealed meat cleaver;
bought tour ticket; arrested at screening area outside Centre Block

France: Heavily armed French SWAT teams neutralize cell planning to launch
new attacks, at least two dead, including woman who exploded explosives belt

French special police forces are seen shortly after disturbances were heard in the area after 4:30 a.m. local time. ~ Christian Hartmann Reuters

Shock and Awe: Russian warplanes destroy 140 terrorist targets in Syria

Syria: Putin orders Russian missile cruiser to support French forces

Moscow: Russia confirms 1kg bomb downed its passenger plane
over Sinai; Egypt to 'take findings into consideration'

Paris attacks: France seeks global coalition against ISIS

Paris: Anonymous declares war on ISIS in online video

"Watch every one of your propaganda sites disappear ISIS... When we are done with you there will be nothing left." says Anonymous tweet. The online activist group Anonymous has declared war on ISIS, pledging to launch a massive attack against the terror group in the wake of the deadly Paris bombings and mass shootings. Speaking in French, the man warned that the group's operations against ISIS will include cyber-attacks. "War has been declared," he said in French.

Paris: French police conduct 168 raids, identify 2 more suspects

Paris: François Hollande says attacks “planned in Syria, organized
in Belgium and perpetrated on our soil with French complicity”

Police officers during a raid in the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels on Monday in a manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the Paris attacks. ~ Yves Herman Reuters

Raqqa: France strikes back; pounds ISIS targets in Syria

Baghdad: Iraq warned coalition countries of imminent assault before Paris attacks

NY Times: Manhunt for 8th terrorist underway as Paris investigation widens

Turkey: G20 leaders vow to fight terror; Paris attacks take centre stage

Paris update: Terror toll now 129 dead, 99 of 352 wounded in critical condition

NY Times: Three teams of co-ordinated attackers carried out Paris assault;
"including one who travelled to Europe on a Syrian passport" as a refugee

Strasbourg update: 11 dead as French high-speed train derails Saturday;
5 still missing, children among those aboard as it crashed at 350 km/h (217mph)

The TGV locomotive partly submerged in a canal alongside tracks after the crash. The crash happened during a test run in the town of Eckwersheim, on a new Paris-Strasbourg line. Reports say technicians and children were on board the train. The injured have been taken to hospital by helicopters. The AFP news agency is quoting sources as saying the derailment happened due to "excessive speed". Wreckage was also scattered in a field beside the track. ~ Reuters

Amsterdam: Air France flight AF1741 to Paris grounded after Twitter threats

Paris timeline: 127 killed, 80 critically wounded; six sites hit mercilessly
with guns, genades and suicide bombs; ISIS claims responsibility

Simultaneous shootings and explosions take place across Paris starting at 3:20 pm EST (9:20 pm Paris time). It all begins as three explosions take place near the Stade de France stadium during a friendly match between France and Germany attended by 80,000 spectators, including French President François Hollande, who was immediately evacuated. ~ AFP

Paris: 118 killed in Bataclan concert hall, 3 hostage takers among dead

Live link to France24: "Over 100 dead" so far in multiple ongoing terrorist attacks;
President closes national borders, acts to "vanquish these terrorists"

Multiple attacks have taken a heavy toll as gun-wielding terrorists unleash murderous rampage tonight in Paris and suburbs. At least 100 hostages were held at Bataclan concert hall. This is a live TV link to France24 coverage.

NY Times: Calls grow at UN for Security Council to do its job

Foreign Affairs: ISIS as revolutionary state

Kansas City: Blue Jays eliminated after Game 6 ALCS loss to Royals

AFP: Russia says ready to provide air support
to moderate Syria rebels fighting ISIS

Cliff Kincaid: Obama takedown of another U.S. ally

Reputation Institute: Canada 'most admired' country in world; praise for
"effective govt," "absence of corruption", "friendly & welcoming people"

Turkey: Pipe bomb explodes on overpass near Istanbul metro, five hurt

Less politics, more science: International Climate Science Coalition also holding Paris event this week -- to challenge bogus climate "consensus"

UN climate talks: The Ritual

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil’s Petrobras probe widens after arrest of billionaire banker

Malta: Commonwealth leaders agree on tackling radicalization, extremism and terrorism

Guardian: Evidence doesn't support goofball contention that Syria crisis caused by climate change; just more proof AGW advocates will say anything to try to influence public

Turkey: Prominent Turkish lawyer/activist shot dead during press conference

Bamako: Suspected jihadists kill three at UN base in north Mali

Halifax: A Charlie Brown Christmas turns 50, but creators thought it would be a 'one-shot thing'

Reuters: ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Bangladesh Shia shrine

Berlin: German police arrest 2 men deemed terror threat

Dhaka: One dead, three injured as gunmen open fire in Bangladesh Shia mosque

Shanghai: Chinese stocks drop 5.5% after probes at 3 big brokerages

Jerusalem: Israel tests Barak-8 missile co-developed with India

London: Labour's Corbyn facing resignations as shadow cabinet members back David Cameron air strikes in Syria

New challenge? F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton expresses interest in racing NASCAR

updated New York: Port Authority Bus Terminal re-opened after suspicious package prompted evacuation

NATO: Russia repeatedly failed to inform Turkey of close-by bombing runs over Syria in weeks leading to Tuesday's downing of one of its jets by Turkish forces

Breitbart: The media is wrong, white student unions are not ‘hoaxes’ created by racists

Ankara: Turkey sent clear message they're not happy with Russia propping up Assad dictatorship in civil war which has displaced millions

Report: Israel strikes Hezbollah positions in Syria, killing 13

Washington: Police with machine guns at U.S. airports this holiday weekend

Tunis: Tunisia declares state of emergency after terrorist bus blast kills 12 members of Presidential Guard

Irbil: Under recovered Iraqi town, ISIS network of tunnels found

Scamster chronicles: Global warming double dipper enriches family with tax dollars

U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Burns: Russians were warned not to violate Turkish airspace

Energy and Policy Climate Summit: Marc Morano undresses the climate warming claimists and their conflicting invisible clothes

FBI: 900 investigations underway into suspected terrorist-related plots, majority involve ISIS

Buenos Aires: Opposition wins Argentine election, ending 'Kirchner era'

Hamtramck: In the first majority-Muslim U.S. city, residents tense about its future

Global trade just snapped: Container freight rates plummet 70% in 3 weeks

Australia: Coffee fixes the damage booze did to your liver, study finds

Cameroon: Female suicide bombers blow selves up in attack that kills eight

Hanover: German football match cancelled after French spies warned of 'five bomb plot' by five jihadists including a woman to carry out Paris-style attack on stadium

Syrian refugees: 80% of Canadians, 83% of Americans and 86% of Britons say refugees must be properly security screened before arrival

Paris: French PM warns extremists could use chemical, biological weapons

Global cooling? Pre-winter storm blankets parts of U.S. Midwest with more than foot of snow

Brussels: EU nations promise action to stanch inflow of Islamist extremists

France: Syrian passports available in 4 days for $2,000; non-terrorist refugees feel guilt

Texas: 8 Syrians nabbed illegally crossing border in Laredo sector

Syrian community leader: ISIS already in America; fraudulent docs easy to procure in Syria

Washington: Additional subpoenas may be required to pull back U.S. Govt climate propaganda curtain

Cooking the books: Record crushing fraud from NOAA and NASA ahead of Paris

Washington: Obama's taunting rhetoric -- and reality

Tegucigalpa: Honduras detains 6 Syrians headed to U.S. with stolen Greek passports

Janice Gross Stein: The order that held dysfunctional Middle East states together is over

Syria: Al-Qaeda affiliate says it shot down two Russian drones over the Abu Duhur military airport

Bomb threats: 2 Air France flights from U.S. to Paris diverted

Paris: France says one more attacker is on the loose, as soccer stadium in Germany is evacuated over new threat

Moscow: Russians put $50M bounty on heads of airliner bombers

Paris: Anonymous begins leaking details of suspected ISIS accounts

The Guardian: ISIS hates Middle Eastern civilization too

Paris: France demands EU security aid, hits ISIS strongholds in Syria

Victoria: Earth's hidden mega-stashes of groundwater discovered

Moscow: Russia reveals thwarted Islamist bomb plot before Sochi Olympics

Express: ISIS operative says over 4,000 operatives have been smuggled into Europe

Washington: Top Dem: ISIS has adapted, eyeing attacks against U.S.

Turkey: U.S. to work with France to intensify air strikes in Syria, Iraq: Rhodes

Vienna: Timing of Beirut, Paris attacks 'no coincidence': Lebanon Foreign Minister

Belgium: Brussels-area mayor says five arrested in Brussels raids linked to Paris attack

Paris: France identifies one dead gunman as attacks re-ignite debate over refugees

Paris: Kalishnikov-wielding terrorist scum delighted in gunning down wheelchair-bound music fans at back of Bataclan

Paris: Stadium security stopped even greater carnage when blocked suicide bombers from entering 80,000-seat venue

Roger Cohen: To have Paris, defeat ISIS

Michael Coren: The challenges to France’s intelligence and internal security are cultural

Euronews: France vows ‘merciless’ response after attacks

Paris: Dead Bataclan assailant had been previously flagged by French police for Islamic extremist links

Reuters: Dutch ramp up border security, say 'at war' with ISIS

Sky News: Russia banned from world athletics over doping; includes 2016 Rio Olympics

Beirut: Lebanon holds day of mourning after deadly Thursday blasts kill 41

Lebanon: Beirut suicide bombs kill dozens in Shiite suburb Burj al-Barajneh

NY Times: A global chill in commodity demand hits America’s heartland

Washington: Three takeaways from the Canadian Election — as seen from America

Washington: U.S. identifies Oklahoma soldier killed in rescue of 69 ISIS hostages

Hemeimeem: Russia showcases military prowess in Syria airstrikes

Bordeaux: Death toll rises to 42 in horrific France's worst road crash in decades

Washington: Obama Machine takes over Canada

National Post editorial: We hope Canadians re-elect
a Conservative majority

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