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Older News ~ January 1, 2013 -- June 2013

NOTE: not in pure chronological order


Montreal's Valeant agrees to buy Bausch & Lomb for $4.5B cash

Payback time? Rob Ford tells radio audience that his opponents live in glass houses and shouldn't have thrown stones; "There’s no video," reporters are "a bunch of maggots" was his radio response to the non-stop media broadsides since he took office

Kelly McParland: Pierre Trudeau's disastrous record is finally laid out for all to see

Plamondon peels back mushy mythology and reveals the mess that Pierre Trudeau left Canada; a fuddle-duddle-seeking missile shattering Trudeau's legacy

Globe and Mail makes wide-ranging allegations against Fords, doesn't blink when threatened with legal action

Tabloid competition? Now Toronto's Globe and Mail goes after Ford brothers with anonymous sources

NDP MP making $160,000 loses post in shadow cabinet over $58,000 in unpaid taxes

Christie Blatchford: Canadian journalists have moved the goalposts in pursuit of alleged Rob Ford crack scandal

"I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine" - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; breaks silence that was advised by his lawyer

updated: Has a Rob Ford impersonator fooled media over-eager to attack him? Will lawsuits follow? See ad from January 19th

‘You can’t profit from criminal activity’: Bid to buy alleged Rob Ford crack video could end in cash seizure

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Too soon to decide whether to join Pacific Alliance: Harper

Canadian Federal Court rules no proof electoral fraud affected electoral outcomes, dismisses claim by left-wing political group

John Ivison: Stephen Harper still has time to win back voters from an unconvincing Justin Trudeau

Stocks around the world plunge after Japanese slide, weak Chinese numbers

Nissan to recall 841,000 vehicles

Ecuador's only satellite hits space debris, may be terminally damaged; launched a month ago

1.3 million Montreal residents still without water after filtration plant problems; impact from schools to bars

Ontario power plant cancellations: Liberals knew of $900M ‘worst-case scenario’, Wynne misled Legislature

Tim Bosma homicide: Second suspect Mark Smich appears in court, charged with 1st degree murder

Canada strengthens defence and security ties with Peru

Boil water advisory: Water in most of Montreal and suburbs unsafe to drink; failed test at Atwater purification plant

Canadian expert says Saudi coronavirus outbreak 'complex' but report pending

Via Rail adopts airline pricing model, boosts revenue and ridership

Second arrest made in Bosma murder; police today arrested Mark Smich, 25, of Oakville

Leaking acetylene tank in plumber's car leads to major explosion in Vancouver's West End

Bombardier Recreational Products prices IPO at $21.50 a share; values company at $2.5B

Vancouver guitar maker ramps up after Chris Hadfield's viral space station video

Editor Neil Reynolds (1940-2013) fought for free speech and liberty

'Very upset' Harper wants fast Senate spending reform; PM tells Tory MPs, senators to respect public funds or 'leave this room'

Sandy Crux: Political scandals in Canada made worse by media & partisan nastiness

Children driven around too much, Canadian report suggests

NDP's Horwath says will support Wynne Liberals after blackmail

Ezra Levant: Mulcair’s best-kept secret: Opposition leader could have blown the whistle on Laval mayor, but didn’t. Why?

Wynne spends lots of money in her first 100 days; pretends she's not spendthrift McGuinty

Central Newfoundland digs out from freak snowfall

Police find possible additional human remains on or or near Dellen Millard's farm; he has been linked to at least one missing persons case

Michael Taube: The loss of Nigel Wright is also Canada’s loss

Christina Blizzard: Paul Godfrey firing disgraceful

PM’s chief of staff Nigel Wright resigns in wake of Duffy controversy

One fisherman dead, two still missing off New Brunswick coast

Now you can ‘ping’ without a BlackBerry

Stabbing leaves six hospitalized after fight in west-end Toronto park

NASA reports giant moon explosion after meteor slams into surface

Conrad Black: Why the Liberal win in B.C. is a terrible omen for Mulcair

Christy Clark's big win wasn't a surprise to her pollster; Dimitri Pantazopoulos used tried-and-true methods

Police finally probe link between Bosma suspect, drugs and missing woman

Russia slammed by U.S. for sending anti-ship missiles to Syria

Canada trying to lure Silicon Valley tech workers frustrated by U.S. visa policies northward

Latest Vancouver arson: Anarchists torch Vancouver home being built on site of condemned house

Senator Mike Duffy quits Conservative caucus over expenses

Firing OLG chair Godfrey shows Liberals in ‘disarray’: Hudak

Tim Bosma: Ancaster man was killed inside truck, source says

Another Ontario Liberal failure: Much-vaunted $5B+ Toronto transit non-subway tunnel route still unstarted one year late

Ontario budget: Premier Wynne caves in to one of Horwath’s three demands to avert election, but refuses to give Ombudsman health system oversight or re-think tolls for carpool lanes

Canada’s inflation at just 0.4%, slowest since 2009

Never do a Liberal a favour

Globe and Mail: Mulcair changes story, now says he refused envelope of cash from former Laval mayor charged with corruption

LCBO strike averted hours ahead of deadline

Wynne fires Paul Godfrey from OLG chair after he led major clean-up and turnaround of formerly corrupt organization; won't tell him or media why former metro Chair was fired; OLG Board resigns in protest; $$ billions at stake, government-initiated plans for cash cow now in disarray after 3-year turnaround brings in record revenues

Ontario cabinet ministers told to smooth out wind turbine conflicts

Kincardine questions wind turbine plans at airport, including how they will affect pilots and future plans

Six undocumented foreign workers nabbed in Kingsville raid

Pinewood Studios turned down by local UK officials on $300M plan to expand iconic James Bond studios and add 3,100 jobs

Pollsters continue hand-wringing and excuse-making after blowing third provincial election in a row; blame last-minute mind changes, bad methodology, etc.

Outdated mammography equipment may have missed breast cancers; hospital equipment spending freeze had impact while Ontario Govt spent freely in other areas; Minister says "get another test"

National Post: have miners deep underground in northern Ontario really found the "oldest water ever known"? water gurgling beneath Canadian Shield may be 2.6 billion years old

Ontario wants a $585M refund, not a late, crocodile-tear apology for cancelled gas plants: Hudak

WSJ: Retailers troll social media for their products being used by 'real' people; work better than models for some

Bangladesh orders evacuation of 1 million as Cyclone Mahasen starts coming ashore, with deaths already reported; UN says 4.1 million threatened; 2008 Cyclone Nargis killed 140,000

Éric Grenier: Polling industry dealt major blow in B.C. election?

How Canada is winning race in recruiting skilled immigrants while U.S. lags behind

Man dribbling soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil for World Cup hit by truck in Oregon, dies

Kady O'Malley: NDP collapse in BC could put Mulcair on the defensive in Toronto

B.C. election surprise puts 'outdated' Thomas Mulcair on notice over anti-oil rhetoric

The company helping movie studios sue you for illegal downloading has been using images without permission

Christy Clark shocker shows value of good data over bad and a well-planned election campaign with a strong leader; only fly in ointment is losing her own seat

‘Look what he did the first time’: Fear for public safety as police hunt for more suspects in Tim Bosma kidnapping/murder

Man with no legs making 300-km journey through Alberta to raise funds for African water initiative

Six-figure salaries no draw as young workers shun Canada’s oil and gas sector for ‘sexier’ industries

CBC: Christy Clark leads Liberals to upset majority in British Columbia; left-wing NDP support collapses after huge lead in polls

BC election - 11:20 pm PT:
National Post - live results - Christy Clark wins majority; leading or elected: L - 50; NDP - 33;
Green - 1; Indy - 1

BC election - 9:30 pm PT:
CBC - Christy Clark takes lead in British Columbia election; leading or elected with 24% of vote counted: L - 51; NDP - 32

Ontario Liberal Premier Wynne finally apologizes for blowing $585M tax dollars on approved, then cancelled gas plants after TV host drags it out of her; had refused to give apology in Legislative Assembly

EI changes don’t target Atlantic Canada’s seasonal workers, they try to cut need for foreign workers when jobs available

Ford owners sue in U.S. federal court, saying V6 EcoBoost engine is defective

Christie Blatchford: Fallen Canadian soldier inspires Montreal school to ‘adopt’ Edmonton regiment and make a difference

NY Times: No benefit in sharply restricting salt, panel finds

new book: Tiger babies bite back

Cat wars break out in New Zealand

BlackBerry unveils new Q5 smartphone aimed at emerging markets

Man who beheaded and cannibalized bus passenger should be allowed to visit the beach: doctor

Matt Gurney: Ontario NDP’s slo-mo slide from victory to incompetence

Ontario junking dozens of mammography machines not as effective as thought

BlackBerry taking BBM cross-platform, launching on iOS and Android this summer

updated: Missing man Tim Bosma dead, say Hamilton police; recover charred remains; Millard to be charged with 1st degree murder, at least two others sought

Iatrogenesis: How dangerous are hospitals to public health?

Deskercise! 33 ways to exercise at work

Chris Hadfield's next mission: Intensive rehab to recover from physical effects of space

1 in 12 Canadian adults in hospital have superbug; survey of 176 acute-care hospitals looked at MRSA, VRE and C. difficile

Liberal Yvonne Jones wins Labrador byelection, recaptures Grit bastion from Penashue

Marchese threatens Windsor hospital with defamation suit; hospital defiant, risks public funds

McDonald's adding 3 new Quarter Pounders to menu, dropping Angus burgers as price & value become focus

After 26-year legal fight, Canada finally deports Palestinian terrorist convicted of attack on Israeli plane

BC Election Tuesday: Party leaders in final election push

Anti-piracy firm targeting Canadians who download illegally

Student-designed car will travel 1,527 km on one litre of gas

Canadian 'snowbirds' would gain 58 more days in U.S. in rules change; formerly 182 days, now 240 days

Toronto Star: Legendary journalist Peter Worthington dead at 86

Peter Worthington, 1927-2013

Man arrested in missing Ancaster man case, truck found

UK smells coffee, see problems in supply, reliability and cost with Green Plan, starts to turn away

Bob McDonald: Chris Hadfield's fall from space

Why should BC dump Victoria as provincial capital? The whys are counted off...

Rex Murphy: How is it that some Canadians still think Al Gore is relevant?

Conrad Black: Mulcair an insult to history’s real federalists

Canadian mobsters killed in 'old-fashioned' Sicilian mafia hit near Palermo

Senator Doug Finley dies from cancer at age 66

Accuweather: Unusual cold wave, frost, freeze heading for Midwest, East this weekend

Canada immigration: Welfare costs prompt tougher rules for immigrating parents

Flying car crashes in Vernon, BC; two injured

Jack Mintz: Canada unfairly Gored; We outperform the U.S. in carbon emissions reductions

Via Rail now looking at whether to check passenger IDs

Canadian dollar to sink to 90 cents by early 2014: TD

Mark Fraser out of Leafs line-up with cranial fracture after stopping slapshot; second Toronto pro athlete in two nights hit in head, suffers fracture; Blue Jays' Happ hit by liner Tuesday

Cleveland's level-headed Charles Ramsey remains a pop hero offering levity in a gruesome story even as he becomes target for some

Post-leadership poll bump for Trudeau Liberals not as good as it looks; would tie Tories for seats, steal 31 from NDP if it held, which Dion and Ignatieff can tell you it doesn't

Ex-Laval mayor among 37 arrested in Quebec anti-corruption sweep

Canada may take EU to WTO over oil sands dispute

Another Bangladesh clothing factory destroyed by fire: 8 dead; death toll in collapsed factory now over 900

Jonathan Kay: Aboriginals pose Canada’s biggest assimilation challenge, not immigrants

Danny Eisen: Qatar drops Canada from dubious rank of friends

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Initial police report: Ariel Castro offered women rides home, then abducted, beat and raped them for a decade

Kelly McParland: It’s never too late to see the back of Dalton McGuinty

Blue Jays' pitcher J.A. Happ released from hospital after line-drive hit

‘Big Three’ metro areas lose lustre as Canadian newcomers opt for smaller cities

Death toll from Bangladesh building collapse reaches 761, as disbursement of lost wages begins

breakthrough: Antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain patients; medical innovation one spinal surgeon says is worthy of a Nobel prize

Mark Bourrie: Canadian politicians were once world-class boozehounds

National Research Council gets practical focus, becoming a 'research and technology organization' serving industry with a goal of jobs creation; will undertake "large-scale research projects that are directed by and for Canadian business"

McGuinty claims he was clueless, didn't know cost of cancelling gas power plants his government had approved

Dalton McGuinty testifies it was his decision to kill gas plants at cost of $585M

Canadian kids sing along with Chris Hadfield in space station in his last video chat as he prepares to return to Earth

BC election: Did Dix's quandary hand the BC Liberals a potential victory?

Microsoft's Windows Blue to be available later this year; successor, replacement or upgrade to radical Windows 8?

Queen to miss Sri Lanka Commonwealth summit as long haul travel reviewed

Andrew Coyne: Tory initiative could have figured out who started the myth Canadian history is boring

Abacus Data BC Election poll: Black and white and gray all over; who has the best pulse of voters?

Robert Fulford: The twilight of public broadcasting

Jonathan Kay: The Queen of the North tragedy exemplifies everything we hate about unions

Communication breakdown: Diluted chemo drugs administered to Ontario patients didn’t accurately describe saline ‘overfill’

BC Election: Christy Clark says parents know best -- not NDP

CRTC tells Bell to prove case again that $3.4B purchase of Astral is in public interest

Christie Blatchford: Ontario to finally require care homes to install sprinkler systems

Mark Bourrie: The war that made Canada

Federal Liberals claim 'sucker born every minute' as donations up with Trudeau in his cargo shorts 'leading' party

Study shows young crooks use social media to brag of criminal exploits

Kelly McParland: Liberals hope Pinocchio McGuinty can save them from gas plant debacle they'd like you to believe he alone caused

Kodak loss was a big blow to Toronto neighbourhood which put generations to work; devastated community hoping new jobs from rapid transit infrastructure replacing it

Toronto school board diverts $100M a year of targeted funding for neediest students to other uses: report

Blackberry Q10 flying off the shelves in UK and Canada; described as one of our "fastest-selling consumer electronics product ever" by Selfridges in UK

Industry Canada wants to tap basement inventors for new consumer products

Vancouver committee debates paying for transit by taxing First Nations

Justin Bieber attacked from behind while performing onstage at piano in Dubai

RCAF to take second look at search-and-rescue airworthiness of used U.S. Presidential choppers purchased last year from Pentagon

Conrad Black: Public-sector unions are a blight on our society

Via Rail terror plot arrests helped ease Canadian fears after Boston bombing, poll finds

Ken Gray: Spendthrift City of Ottawa spent an extra $1M to get light rail wrong

updated: Baird clears up media's misinterpretation about whether Canada is open to air support for Syrian rebels

Rising temperatures lead to flood alerts in Ontario

Insiders not securing top job at G7 banks; Bank of Canada bypasses deputy for third time; Bernanke?

Tories, PQ join forces to block Qatar from stripping Montreal of key UN agency

Christie Blatchford: The long delay in getting to trial has lost its charm

‘The system is sick’: Canada’s courts are choking on an increase in evidence

Surging B.C. Liberals press NDP to mount more aggressive campaign

Should unprofessional Canadian diplomats picketing Washington embassy over labour negotiations be fired?

Brian Hutchinson: Christy Clark has turned an unwinnable election into a close race

David Frum: Qatar’s bid to relocate the civil-aviation headquarters is a story that should never have taken flight

Angus Reid BC election poll: Christy Clark Liberals now only 7 points behind Adrian Dix NDP

New Bank of Canada Governor Poloz has two ears and has been using them; change of direction ahead?

Harper tells Quebec City audience he's 'fed up' with old constitutional battles

Two of Canada’s best-known TV hosts heading south of the border; joining Fox Sports?

Kelly McParland: Unaccustomed to winning, Ontario NDP is left unnerved by victory over the Liberals

Cheap American flights threaten Canadian airport business

3 Toronto pastors charged in $8.6M Ponzi scheme

Quebec election night shooting suspect gives judge a list of requests and questions

Charbonneau Commission: Quebec Superior Court judge named in political fraud

Former judge charged after citizenship tests given to immigration consultant

Wynne’s budget proposes taking lanes away from regular drivers to create ‘high-occupancy toll lanes’ on Toronto highways to fund regional transit plan

Ontario Liberals make debt servicing the biggest item in budget as spending jumps; debt goes up by $23.8B, welfare goes up, new road fees

Ontario Budget packed with proposals to woo NDP, but Horwath will ‘talk to Ontarians’ before deciding on support

Cancer drug Avastin linked to cases of flesh-eating disease: Health Canada

MacKay announces 'quadrennial' review of search-and-rescue system, more money

Canada records surprise trade surplus in March

Only the naive: Nearly 500 arrested in Montreal as protesters use Charbonneau testimony as excuse for anarchists and communists to launch violent attacks

Ontario's wise rethinking of Toronto region's $34B transit plan mocked by monolithic Metrolinx: "We think we have it about right"

ORNGE sells two unneeded new helicopters at a loss for $20M

Andrew Coyne: The real question that the AG report raises but nobody will ask

GM, Ford and Chrysler gain market share in April on strength of pickups, crossovers in best overall April since 2008

Canadian trucking company had Washington permit to haul
over-size drilling equipment across I-5 bridge that collapsed

Canadian trucker at wheel when extra-wide rig hit 'obsolete' I-5 bridge;
was being passed in left lane by another semi; upper part of bridge hit

Massive but deep Okhotsk quake felt in Moscow; no injuries

Bridge collapse survivor: 'You hold on as tight as you can'

Deep (600km) M8.3 quake hits Sea of Okhotsk, close to Russia coast

Witness recounts oversized truck striking Skagit River bridge

Here's a daylight picture of the over-sized truck stopped just south of
fallen bridge. One report says it's a portable stage on way to Sasquatch
music festival east of Seattle. ~ screencapture

updated: Oversize load being investigated in Skagit River bridge collapse

Preliminary word is that this stopped truck may have clipped the bridge and caused it to fail. ~

No word yet on fatalities or injuries. ~ screencapture

Three victims of I-5 bridge collapse rescued by boat as bystanders cheer;
search ongoing downstream and around wreckage in Skagit River

Northernmost span of I-5 bridge collapsed

No word yet on fatalities or injuries. ~ photos @KING5Seattle

I-5 bridge collapses over Skagit River in Washington state
north of Seattle; north and southbound cars in water

"Skagit County PIO is lead on rescue efforts," according to Washington State Trooper Mark Francis ~ @wspd7pio

Three brave women stood up to cleaver-wielding London
fiends to comfort Woolwich terror attack victim in final moments

If Lerner still refuses to testify she can be held in contempt of Congress

'No longer valid': Issa says IRS boss can't plead Fifth, wants testimony

Road and Track: How an American saved Porsche 911 from extinction

Peter Schutz saved the legendary Porsche 911 three weeks after becoming CEO in 1981.

UK PM Cameron: "The people who did this were trying to divide us."
"Something like this will only bring us together and make us stronger."

Was IRS' Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress or just contemptuous
when she invoked 5th Amendment? She may have blown her immunity

LIVE TV IRS hearing by U.S. House Committee on
Oversight and Government Reform -- now recessed

Plot thickens? Florida man fatally shot by FBI in Boston bombing probe

Moore 'monster' Monday tornado now confirmed as an EF-5,
the most powerful on scale, with sustained winds over 200 mph;
final tolls set at 24 dead and 237 injured, both miraculously low;
no survivors or victims found since Monday night

Tunisia announces 3 cases of coronavirus and
one death following visits to Saudi Arabia

Reuters Live coverage:
Medical Examiner reduces official death toll to 24 from 51;
rescue workers & supplies pouring in from neighbouring towns & states

Reuters: Moore survivor search finds good and bad news

Searchers dig through rubble overnight at levelled Towers Plaza elementary school. ~ Reuters

WaPo Live coverage: Moore death toll said expected to hit 91;
101 survivors found overnight in buried storm shelters

The Moore tornado blasted through everything in its path. ~

BBC: Tornado's damage "unlike anything that I've ever seen
before," said Rick Smith of the National Weather Service

Most expensive tornado in history? Went from clear sky to EF5 in 1 hour

A fire chief coordinates rescue workers at Briarwood Elementary school after a tornado
destroyed the school near SW 149th and Hudson. ~ Paul Hellstern The Oklahoman

No building in direct path of the 20-mile-long killer twister survived. ~ The Oklahoman

Resident Kim Schwab looks over her destroyed home in south OKC Oklahoma City, OK, Monday,
May 20, 2013. Near SW 149th and Hudson. ~ Paul Hellstern The Oklahoman

Reuters: Moore death toll expected to rise, medical examiner says

WATCH LIVE TV coverage from Moore, OK on FOX 25

USA Today: Moore death toll reduced to 24 after lists checked, hundreds injured

Fox News: At least 24 confirmed dead in Moore, OK; teachers found
covering their students; one with a car on top, inside school

KFOR chopper pilot: driveways & sod pulled up by Moore, OK twister

WATCH LIVE TV coverage from Moore, OK on KFOR

Monster Moore, OK tornado two miles wide, destroys 30 square miles,
may have spun at over 250 mph; massive devastation, many deaths;
hospital, 2 schools, theater, blocks & blocks of homes totally obliterated;
dozens of children feared dead in school, reporters breaking up on-air

Plaza Towers elementary school sustained direct hit and has been 100% destroyed. Only two survivors found. ~ KFOR

This was Plaza Towers elementary school before the storm. It has been 100% levelled.

Moore Medical Center: this hospital almost 100% destroyed.

2 Moore, OK schools take direct hit after tornado touches down;
children reportedly trapped in debris

With power knocked out, Oklahoma's Lincoln County to use
police and fire sirens to warn of violent weather

Huge tornado churns through Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb,
as twister hits for second day in a row; massive damage

Parents race toward Briarwood Elementary School, which sustained direct hit from tornado. ~ Press

NY Times: North Korea launches missiles for 3rd straight day

Deadly twisters hit Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa

A tornado touches down near Wichita, Kansas, cutting power to 7,500 homes
and businesses. ~ Travis Heying Associated Press

Bob Woodward: Obama Administration didn’t tell truth on Benghazi [video]

Woodward has compared the Benghazi scandal to Watergate. Movie 'All the President's Men' was about how Woodward and partner Carl Bernstein uncovered Watergate scandal which led to removal of President Nixon from office in 1974.

Driver apologizes on Facebook after woman killed in Jeep stunt

Woman, 20, killed at Edmonton Food Bank fundraiser as
Jeep demonstration goes disastrously wrong

Edmonton police investigate the scene after a fatality during a stunt demonstration. ~ John Lucas Edmonton Journal

North Korea launches three short-range guided
missiles into sea off east coast; fell in own waters

At least 60 injured after two trains derail, collide near Fairfield, CT;
accident or terrorist tampering with rails or switches? NTSB on way

Victoria Day holiday weekend - celebrated in Canada since
before Queen Victoria created Dominion of Canada in 1867

Victoria Day, 1854; crowds gather outside Government House in Toronto, Canada West (now province of Ontario).

breaking: IRS plants question to get ahead of scandal

Tables turned on IRS, lawmakers grill agency at heated hearing

"I owe her my life" Wisconsin woman who can't load shotgun,
uses it to club bear attacking husband; will get lessons

The attacking bear hung around after rescue until a deputy later shot it. ~ Marie Ninnemann

Porsche 918 Spyder: Like a torque-rich Prius that goes 211 mph?

Porsche 918 Spyder ~ Porsche

Fired IRS Commissioner says targeting conservative groups "not illegal" [video]

Shallow 5.1M quake centred north of Ottawa felt hundreds of miles away

The 9:43 am quake hit just north of Ottawa and could be felt across Southern
Ontario, Quebec, and northern New York and Ohio states. ~ USGS

Globe and Mail: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies drug-video allegations

Can Toronto’s Teflon Mayor Rob Ford survive bombshell allegations?

Gawker: Somali video peddler claims he sells cocaine to a range of
high-profile Torontonians, including "a prominent hockey analyst"

Toronto Bombshell: Self-proclaimed Somali drug dealer tells Toronto Star
he has sold cocaine to Mayor Rob Ford and wants "6 figures" for a video
he claims shows Ford smoking crack cocaine; two senior reporters say
they have seen video 3 times on a smartphone and it appears to be Ford

This is the Toronto Star story which reports on drug allegations against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Big Brother Government ~ IRS official Ingram in charge during
Tea Party targeting now runs Obamacare enforcement office: ABC

Incompetent or insidious? Sarah Hall Ingram was the Internal Revenue Service official in charge of
tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit specifically targeted Tea Party and other conservative
groups. She now runs the IRS office responsible for Obamacare penalties. ~ Twitter

Low-tornado year, but killer Texas twister may have hit 200 mph: NWS

Daily Mail: Map shows world's most racist countries

U.S., Canada, Britain and South America countries are among the least racist countries in the world according to World
Value Survey, while Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Jordan and India are named least tolerant.

Stephen F. Hayes: Benghazi emails directly contradict White House claims

One New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooter arrested, a second sought

updated: At least 6 dead, 14 missing, many
injured after 3 twisters slam Hood County, Texas

A swarm of tornadoes unleashed on North Texas, devastating two neighbourhoods in southern
Granbury and a neighborhood in nearby Cleburne. ~ NBCDFW

Deadly Texas tornadoes hit multiple places in Dallas area

Obama caves, White House releases Benghazi e-mails, show State Dept had
heavy hand in changing 'storyline'; put more effort in cover-up than security

Liberals pull off stunning BC win, form majority government

Premier Christy Clark thanks supporters and all candidates in victory speech. ~ CBC

The three biggest solar flares of the year
all happened in a 24-hour period yesterday

The sun erupted with an X1.7-class solar flare on May 12, 2013. This is a blend of two images
of the flare from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: One image shows light in the 171-angstrom
wavelength, the other in 131 angstroms. ~ NASA/SDO/AIA

Obama White House in damage control mode as scandals pile up

Striking CCTV images capture New Orleans Mother's Day shooter [video]

New Orleans: 19 people were injured as gunman (foreground)
appeared to randomly fire into Mother's Day parade crowd. Police
are seeking 19 year-old suspect Aiken Scott. ~ Reuters

Commander Chris Hadfield and the secret of the world [video]

Stephen F. Hayes: The Benghazi scandal grows; The State Department,
the CIA, the White House . . .admits misled White House press corps

Obama scandal week: Benghazigate and IRSgate show pattern of
political interference followed by playing fast and loose with facts

A final triumph: Cmdr Chris Hadfield connects earth and space with
spectacular video re-make of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' [video]

A day before he heads home from commanding International Space Station, Chris Hadfield
delivers ultimate space song in its ultimate version. This will go viral. ~ Youtube

France confirms 2nd case of new SARS-related virus

Carney nose grows: admits misled White House press corps

ABC News exclusive: Benghazi talking points underwent 12 revisions;
scrubbed of terror reference; Obama spokesman Carney lied to public

Third man: Tunisian train plotter arrested in NYC didn't arrive via Canada;
had been denied re-entry to Canada, arrived in U.S. directly from Tunisia

Suspected Maoist rebels kill 16 in India

Neighbours in Lebanese city fight Syrian proxy war

FACT CHECK: Kerry dishes some iffy claims abroad

Temporary I-5 bridges planned to be in place within weeks

Iran claims to field 'massive' number of missile launchers

Obama's Justice Department investigated a New York Times reporter, too

Search for pilot in deadly NY Angel Flight ongoing; exploded in mid-air with 3 aboard

After revelations of IRSgate: Now the Gibson Guitar raids make sense

Obama remains in denial over terrorism, puts more Americans at risk

French soldier stabbed in throat outside Paris

Five myths about tornadoes

BBC: Woolwich murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash in UK

Conrad Black: Scandal-wise, Canada’s got nothing on the United States

Kimberley A. Strassel: U.S. conservatives became targets in 2008

NBC fails to report its own scoop that Attorney-General Eric Holder approved investigation of Fox's Rosen

UK arrests 2 men over incident with diverted Pakistan plane

Peggy Noonan: A battering ram becomes a stonewall; the IRS's leaders refuse to account for the agency's corruption and abuse

Fox News’ Roger Ailes responds to Justice Department investigation

Charles Krauthammer: There’s a fly in my soup; "when the maitre d’ screens patrons for their politics and only conservatives find flies paddlewheeling through their consomme, the problem is not poor service. It is harassment and invidious discrimination"

LA Times: H7N9 bird flu can pass between mammals: researchers

Manufacturing no longer viable for Ford in Australia; to shut its only 2 plants

Extortion Mayor? Lawsuit contends NYC's Bloomberg threatened taxi fleet owner with $3.5M in trumped-up fines if he didn't back mayor's scheme

Tough times for Obama apologists

Mitch McConnell: The IRS scandal and Obama’s culture of intimidation

Marathon bomb suspect Tsarnaev’s first court appearance July 10th

Two more arrested as London terror probe expands

Violent immigrant rioters blame Sweden; tip: go home if you don't like it

MI5 DID know of Woolwich fanatics but both were 'deemed not to be planning attack'

FBI arrest 37-year-old in Spokane, WA ricin letter investigation

Washington Post-ABC News poll: It’s not just Republicans up in arms about Benghazi. That’s a problem for President Obama.

Blaze: More Benghazi whistleblowers to reveal ‘devastating’ details about attack, including why Ambassador Chris Stevens was in Libya

Joe Scarborough: Feds' Fox News snooping 'out of control'

CNN: Tsarnaev pal shot by FBI in self-defense confessed to Massachusetts triple murder, then grabbed kitchen knife

BBC: Woolwich killing: The long-feared attack

The Apple Tax Diversion; Senators beat up a U.S. success for following the tax laws they wrote

Judge apologizes for lack of transparency in James Rosen leak probe

Trained U.S. Navy dolphins find 130-yr-old torpedo off San Diego

NY Times: U.S. admits for first time that drones have killed 4 Americans

UK 'soldier beheaded' in 'Islamist terror attack' outside barracks in Woolwich

Washington Post: A bushel of Pinocchios for IRS’s Lois Lerner

New York Mayor Bloomberg reportedly goes ballistic after his plan to ram through expensive new taxi design rejected by state supreme court

DOJ seized phone records of numbers tied to Fox News lines, documents show

Keith Boag: Have you heard about the murderous abortion doctor?

Mysterious respiratory illness strikes 7 in Alabama; 2 dead

Cover-up plea: IRS's Lerner to invoke Fifth Amendment in congressional hearing about tea party targeting program

IRS's Lerner had history of harassment, inappropriate religious inquiries at FEC

Fox News reporter James Rosen got 'AP treatment' by Obama Justice Dept; Google gives private emails to government; 'APgate' explodes

Romney donor audited by the IRS three times in four months after being attacked by Obama campaign

Massachusetts Senate race: Markey’s fight strategy: Duck ’n’ cover

France to buy U.S. and Israeli drones 'straight away'

Venezuela in rare diplomatic overture to U.S.

IRS targeting scandal fuels Tea Party resurgence

Larry Kudlow: Special counsel only way to clean up IRS rat's nest

This is not the President Obama we voted for

Associated Press CEO says government seizure of phone records has made sources less willing to talk to reporters; may sue government

Benghazi cover-up continues: Obama aide says 'irrelevant fact' where President was during Benghazi attacks, "doesn't recall"

'Google accused of running 'scandalous' tax avoidance scheme by whistleblower

Not terrorism? Officials say broken rail of interest to investigators seeking cause of Connecticut train collision

Neil Macdonald: Barack Obama's war on the press; Washington's obsession with leakers has rendered reporters radioactive

Chicago’s criminals are getting away with murder; only 132 of Chicago’s 507 murders were solved last year

White House loses stonewall battle to withhold key Benghazi records

IRS Commissioner Miller has mobster answer to key question: "I don't remember" who I was told is responsible for the IRS scandal

GOP Congressman Mike Kelly receives standing ovation after he rips IRS Commissioner Miller [video]

Jonathan Tobin: Denial flows like a river at the IRS

Syria meltdown; integrity of the Syrian state "biggest casualty"

Issa subpoenas Benghazi probe co-leader, report raises new questions about lack of U.S. FEST response

'We could lose everything': Tea Party groups prepare to sue IRS

Is J. Russell George the blockbuster witness of IRSgate?

Plot thickens on AP records scandal; was spying retaliation because AP had stepped on White House toes?

NY Times: Political cover-up: Treasury knew of IRS political screening issue in 2012, official says

2 bombs kill 9, wound 70 inside Afghan gated community linked to Karzai family in south

Peggy Noonan: This is No ordinary scandal; political abuse of IRS threatens basic integrity of our government

Kimberley A. Strassel: The IRS scandal started at the top

Weekly Standard: IRS deliberately chose not to fess up to scandal before election

George F. Will: Obama’s tapped-out trust

Two blasts at Iraqi Sunni mosque kill 47

Employees at Cincinnatti IRS office say all direction "comes from the top"

Michael Goodwin: Raindrops wash away reeling O’s fake veneer

NY Post: Legend Dick Trickle on 911 call: 'There's gonna be a dead body...It's suicide'

Jesse Kline: What can be done to stop the government from spying on journalists?

Viral video: Daughter throws ceremonial pitch at Tampa Bay Rays' game only to find 'catcher' really her dad, home from Afghanistan

Charles Krauthammer: White House can't keep its cover-ups straight

Remote Alaska volcano continues to erupt, with lava fountains, ash plumes; 625 miles southwest of Anchorage

IRS official Lerner speedily approved exemption for Obama brother’s illegal ‘charity’

Second IRS sacrificial lamb chopped; was appointed May 8th

Climate models getting worse than we thought

Cleta Mitchell to Newsmax: IRS Scandal Reaches to White House; an impeachable offense

lighter side: IRS 'Cheetahs' cancel softball game with Senator's staff

Boston: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left confession note in hiding boat

Malkin: A brief history of slimy Dem snoops and dumpster divers;
fired Miller linked to Clinton-era IRS shenanigans

The media break up with Carney and Obama

U.S. claims for jobless benefits rise sharply

Has CBS TV been suppressing Benghazi coverage by star reporter Sharyl Attkisson?

updated: 6 Americans, 8 Afghans dead in Kabul suicide convoy bombing, 30 wounded; U.S. military vehicle destroyed

Lara Brown: A clueless White House

Director of IRS tax-exempt determinations office is Obama donor

Michael Gerson: Government’s heavy hand felt in IRS, AP scandals

Transparent, hypocritical media bribe attempt as White House suddenly backs 'shield' protection for media but it wouldn't have stopped what was done to AP

CIA warned of 'jihadist' threat to Cairo Embassy; warning ignored and language struck from Benghazi talking points

Benghazi email "documents show that then-CIA Director David Petraeus objected to the final version that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice used five days after the assault"; Petraeus "wanted to see more detail made public, including a warning issued from the CIA about plans for an embassy attack"; did this trigger his removal from CIA?

Obama says he fired Acting IRS Commissioner but he claims in email his "assignment ends in early June"

Karl Rove: IRS did Democrats bidding

Holder grilled on AP fishing expedition, IRS interference

IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records

Democrat Sen. Baucus tries to have it both ways: pro-snooping and pro-investigation into snooping

Double standard? IRS targeted conservatives, despite spike in applications from labour groups

NY Times: Israel hints at new strikes, warning Syria not to retaliate

Now David Axelrod urges Obama Adminstration to come clean on Benghazi emails

‘Very frightening’: Prominent Catholic professor claims IRS audited her after speaking out against Obama and demanded to know who was paying her

Stephen F. Hayes: Release all the Benghazi emails

Wired: Hear Ye, Future Deep Throats: This is how to leak to the press

China missile launch reaches 6,200 miles, highest suborbital level since 1976

AP calls Obama Administration on ever-changing story: "A look at statements about foiled terror plot"

Criminal and Congressional investigations under way in Washington as three crises have Obama saying he "knows nothing" and even Democrats call for AG Holder to resign

Jonathan Karl: More details on Benghazi talking points emerge; more concern over what was said than what wasn't done

GOP Chair and Keith Olbermann agree: Obama AG Eric Holder must resign

At least 274 U.S. soldiers' body parts dumped in Virginia landfill [video]

ABC News: IRS asks for reading list, Tea Party group sends Constitution

NBC reporter Todd calls out Jay Carney during contentious White House news conference

White House relies on incompetence defense as IRS, AP scandals grow

Rev. Billy Graham and his son Rev. Franklin Graham among those targeted by IRS

Gosnell gets life in prison in return for no appeal; spared death row

Carney hit by 46 questions on Benghazi, IRS scandals on Friday

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight now imprisoned by the media

Washington, D.C. ties record overnight lows; what global warming?

George F. Will: In IRS scandal, echoes of Watergate

Media snooping, an administration out of control

France: Hollande's Justice Minister says she wants land for slaves’ descendants in former colonies "without sparking a civil war"

Reuters: Import prices fall, lower oil costs expected to help households, hurt producers

NWT industry minister pushing for 'made in the North' oil pipeline

Washington Post: Not just Cinncinnatti IRS office involved in illegal group targeting, Washington office, others, too

Conflict of interest? CBS, CNN and ABC Presidents all have siblings or spouses in Obama Administration

U.S. objects to Iran chairing UN disarmament conference

Pro Publica: IRS office that targeted Tea Party also disclosed confidential docs from conservative groups to Pro Publica

Obama tries to swat down 2 swirling controversies

AP: Obama Justice Department undertook "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into how news organizations gather the news

Townhall: CBS News President and White House official tied to Benghazi scandal are brothers

Saudi arrested with pressure cooker at Detroit airport

breaking scandal: Justice Department secretly obtained AP phone records

Jaron Lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class

Behind the Gosnell brutality and criminality was an unliked millionaire doctor who made up to $15,000 a night in his late-term abortion mill

Kermit Gosnell guilty of three murders in late-term abortions; found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of an adult patient; delivered babies alive and used scissors to sever their spines

IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

Scrubbing the Truth from Benghazi; Caught playing politics with tragedy, what's next for Obama admin and GOP investigators?

Bill Kristol: Inaction and deception

'House of Abortion Horrors' Gosnell Jury: "We're hung on 2 counts"

Mother’s Day tragedy: 4 children, 2 adults killed in eastern Pennsylvania house fire

In New Orleans, a newspaper monopoly that lost its grip

'Other two' Castro brothers haunted by their brother's depravity, their untrue association with it [video]

AP Exclusive: IRS knew Tea Party targeted in 2011; but denied it to members of Congress

The New Yorker: Spinning Benghazi; "For a long time, it seemed like the idea of a coverup was just a Republican obsession. But now there is something to it."

Joe Klein: IRS mess; "And now they have violated one of the more sacred rules of our democracy: you do not use the tax code to punish your opponents."

updated: 19 wounded at New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting

Christian Science Monitor: Has Benghazi become the Obama administration’s Watergate?

9 detained; Turkey says evidence links Syria to car bombings

‘Pragmatic’ Obama will eventually approve contentious Keystone XL pipeline: senior Democratic strategist

BBC: Israel prepares for the worst as tensions over Syria grow

Pakistan election: Nawaz Sharif 'set for victory'

Chrysler recalls 469,00 Jeeps

updated: Car bombs kill 43 in Turkish town near Syrian border

BBC: West Wing of White House evacuated over smoke report

Stephen F. Hayes: Carney keeps on digging; "Carney claimed that there was no hard evidence before Susan Rice’s television appearances on September 16th that terrorists linked to al Qaeda were involved in the attacks. That’s simply not true."

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted political opponents of Obama Administration, admits it; bigger than Watergate; will heads roll?

Daily Mail: Charged paramedic was fired two days after West blast

BBC: U.S. Government demands 3D printer blueprints for plastic gun be removed from internet; but blueprints alive and available via bit torrent after more than 100,000 copies downloaded; crime by guns or crime by people?

NY Times: EMT at fertilizer plant blast in West, Texas faces charge of possessing bomb parts; criminal investigation opened into fire & explosion that killed 14, injured 200

IRS admits inappropriate scrutiny of conservative groups was wrong

Listen to cops respond to Amanda Berry 911 call: "Might be for real" - "We found them. We found them."

Boehner under new pressure for special committee on Benghazi

TIME: The prison next door

Charles Hurt: Benghazi shows Democrats at most desperate

Civic pride and a DIY attitude takes over in insolvent Detroit as volunteer citizens pitch in to replace city work formerly done by union workers

Boston chief wasn't told FBI got Tsarnaev warning

'I am a sexual predator and I need help': Ariel Castro's 'confession' letter found in his home; blames victims

8 charged in $45M New York City ATM fraud scheme

sad commentary: Rep. Marcia Fudge cites karaoke skills in seeking leniency for ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. who absconded with $750,000

Five key takeaways from Wednesday’s Benghazi hearing

Elliott Abrams: Benghazi truths vs. Washington politics

NY Times: Diplomat Hicks says questions over Benghazi led to demotion; from second-in-command in Libya to Washington "desk job"

Unheard fourth Benghazi witness gagged by Obama Administration red tape

Hillary aide upset Benghazi diplomat spoke with investigators; one of cover-up's smoking guns

Washington Times: Benghazi whistleblowers give Congress blow-by-blow account of deadly diplomatic attack

Ropes and chains discovered in Cleveland house where three women held captive for a decade

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro helped search for one of the victims, knew her father

The Guardian: US special forces told not to fly to Benghazi in wake of attack: diplomat

Asian shares rise on strong China trade data, record Wall Street

Kansas Senator calls for appointment of Watergate-like special prosecutor in Benghazi investigation

Aurora theater shooting: James Holmes to plead insanity

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Benghazi: "How much evidence does it take?" [video]

Syria's Assad says Syria able to face Israel

profile: Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, a persistent voice of media skepticism on Benghazi

No hands on deck in Benghazi; no inspector general for five years and four months meant no oversight

Cleveland horror: Police hoping to find info on a 4th missing girl, leaks from investigation finds suggest extreme brutality and abuse

Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford defeats sister of TV comedian Stephen Colbert in House of Representatives special election

Unravelling the Benghazi cover-up

At least 42 people killed in Islamic extremist attacks in northeast Nigeria

20 dead in gas tanker explosion near Mexico City

Pew: Big crime decline in U.S. since 1993, both in rate and real numbers; fatal and non-fatal crime down even as population rose; rise and decline matches baby boom and aging of demographic

Reclusive multi-million earning singer Lauryn Hill blames failure to pay $ million in taxes on "economic system imposed on me"

GM to build $1.3B Cadillac plant in China

Jerusalem Post: Syria to permit Palestinians to attack from Golan: report

Boston Herald: Unions may be leaning to Republican candidate Gomez in Massachusetts Senate race

Suicide attack on candidate kills 12 in Pakistan

Boston Herald: Democrat politicians bumbling through Tsarnaev burial debacle

Marc A. Thiessen: A Benghazi bombshell

Washington Post: Special Ops halted from responding to Benghazi attacks, U.S. diplomat says

North Korea missiles moved away from east coast launch site: U.S. officials

Friend of Tsarnaev released while awaiting trial for lying to investigators

North Korea missiles moved away from east coast launch site: U.S. officials

Denver Post: Heavy Colorado storms boost snowpack, northern reservoirs may refill

CBS' Schieffer goes there: Benghazi 'cover-up'

Flashback — Ed Markey called Benghazi talking-point concerns “bogus”; Massachusetts Senate seeker had the chance to be loyal Democratic politician or truth-seeker, he chose politician

vindicated: Charges of a Benghazi cover-up no longer ‘Fox-induced hysteria’

Notorious bomber and Obama buddy Bill Ayers protests that Weather Underground, Boston bombings not same

Kelly McParland: Look to family, not society, for source of Tsarnaev’s anger

Facebook 'unfriends' Manitoba site for data farm because of Canadian privacy laws; speaks volumes about Facebook, eh?

FBI says Friday's Minnesota arrest of 24-yr-old with pipe bombs and molotov cocktails disrupted a "terror attack"

Democrats now critical of Rice's Benghazi explanation, amid more damaging evidence; when will impeachment start being talk of Washington?

American Thinker: The complete Benghazi timeline in spreadsheet format

Sharyl Attkisson: Greg Hicks on Benghazi cover-up: "I never reported a demonstration. I reported an attack on the consulate...I thought it was a terrorist attack from the get-go. I think everyone in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning."

17 days: Woman pulled alive from rubble of Bangladesh factory

Rescue workers carry a woman from the rubble of the collapsed
Rana Plaza building in Savar, May 10, 2013. ~ Sanaul Huq Reuters

'Third man' pushed bacteria plot to kill ‘100,000 people’

Hezbollah says getting "game-changing" weapons from Syria

Third terror train suspect arrested -- by FBI in New York
Tunisian man had lived in Canada, was trying to scam U.S. work visa

Ariel Castro now the ‘captive,’ Cleveland prosecutor says at bail hearing;
sets bail at $2M per charge, $8M in total

transcript: Whistle-blower Hicks' account of 9/11 Libya terror attack

Benghazi hearing - Hicks on Rice video excuse:
‘I was stunned. My jaw dropped. And I was embarrassed.’

Benghazi Live blog: Hicks: "I got an angry phone call from a top Clinton
aide after State Dept lawyer was excluded from briefing with Rep. Jason
Chaffetz (R-Utah)" -- yet, it was unprecedented to have a lawyer present

Benghazi hearing: Request for special ops team in Benghazi denied;
Democrats defend Obama and attack cover-up testimony

Gregory Hicks, the deputy chief of mission in Libya during the September 11, 2012
attacks testified that he was frustrated when the U.S. military turned down a
request to dispatch four Special Operations troops from Tripoli to Benghazi.

Ottawa Evacuation: Suspicious package at National Defence HQ
contained 'elements' of improvised explosive device

LIVE TV feed: Benghazi hearing
U.S. House - Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Mother of murdered Benghazi victim tears into Hillary Clinton
during emotional CNN interview: ‘I blame her’

Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi-slain diplomatic service information management officer Sean Smith ~ CNN

Tempe, AZ: 18 yr-old high school student arrested
for IED possession after maid took a live IED to police

USA Today: Accounts of vigilant neighbors calling police adding up along
with revelations that abuse at Cleveland house of horrors wasn't all indoors

Daily Mail: Pictures inside Cleveland house show padlock on basement door;
Ariel Castro wouldn't let his kids go in locked basement, attic or garage

AP: Cleveland Police under fire; were called by neighbours about
hostage house more than once, showed up, but didn't go inside

Cleveland police press conference: victims are traumatized, request
for public help, many questions, request media to back off, investigation
to take at least a month, police were crying last night

‘Chinkasaurus’ comment makes B.C. NDP candidate latest poster child for dubious conduct in B.C. election

India demands justice as spy Sarabjit Singh dies in Pakistan jail

Could America provide the answer to Germany's beer problem?

Dairy farmers, restaurant owners, say 'cheese' with new class of mozzarella that cuts tariff and gives Canadian producers a huge market at a lower price

USGS didn't locate more oil in Bakken, just identified more that was recoverable due to new technologies

Companies line up to drill after survey shows Montana, Dakota oil, gas fields in Bakken and Three Forks formations far bigger than thought

PQ Transport ministry insider wanted $100,000 bribe in 2001, witness tells Charbonneau Commission into Quebec corruption

CTV: Elections Canada report says it fouled up 2011 election and has put electoral process at "serious risk" due to rampant procedural errors made by polling officials; serious errors found in 12% of voter registration paperwork and 42% of vouching paperwork

Harper tightening the reins on CBC, Via Rail and Canada Post

Researchers adding up the evidence: Is high-fructose corn syrup a link to worldwide die-off of honey bees?

Ending 'caged pork' not an overnight transition; what if producers just shut down?

IJC predicts big algae bloom for Lake Erie, fingers farmers after April rains flush their fields

Who should pay $310M for cancelling power plant? The Oakvillians who rejected it? The Ontario Power Authority who sought and approved it? The residents of Ontario? Or the Liberal Government which cancelled it and repeatedly misled the public about those costs?

‘We feel like she’s reborn’: Toddler born without windpipe gets new one grown from her own stem cells

Matt Gurney: The CBC’s ‘no whites’ policy is a mistake, but no accident

Agency withdraws casting call for CBC show that specified ‘any race except Caucasian’; but agency still doesn't get it, says: "We were asked to seek a cast of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was not seeking Caucasian actors. This was a mistake that was made entirely by the casting company."

Ontario gas plant cancellation bill climbs to $585M, not $235M claimed by Liberals

Ontario Premier Wynne admits under oath that her Liberal gov't misled public on true cost of politically-cancelled power plant in Oakville: "People of Ontario didn't get the full story"

Ontario police bust operation selling counterfeit DVD box sets worldwide

‘The water is coming’: State of emergency near Saskatoon as floods snarl traffic near Regina

Abacus poll: B.C. election gap down to 10 points

Les Leyne: B.C. leaders’ debate akin to watching parents argue

B.C. election campaign hits midway point following debates

The next big thing? Using computers to match rides and ride needers: Uber getting funding at $1B valuation

Stéphane Dion takes NDP to woodshed over demand for 1982 constitutional documents; no more buddy-buddy

Scrapped Oakville power plant to cost $310M - 7 times higher than claimed by Ontario Liberals

Chantal Hébert: Thomas Mulcair and the NDP are far from dead in Quebec

Manitoba farmers block Portage Diversion Channel, demand compensation for past flood losses and a future plan to stop annual destruction of their lands

Some employers fume as Ottawa tightens foreign worker rules

Foreign worker program tightened, pilot projects ended, abuse addressed

Why is Twitter opening up a Canadian office, anyhow?

Passenger train derails near Togo, Saskatchewan, no one injured

Down to minus 45: Freezing spring reignites climate debate

Courthouse workers join jail guards in Alberta wildcat walkout

Burundi students win $25K for developing anti-malaria soap

Ottawa set to unveil sweeping changes to foreign workers program

Canada’s trade talks with Japan focus on car plants

Proposed U.S. border fee 'not going to happen,' says U.S. Congressman

Daily Mail: 'I have nightmares thinking about Neverland': Michael Jackson's ex-maid claims singer was found 'dead' twice in 90s as she calls singer a 'messed-up, depraved junkie'

Detroit News: Automakers tuning out traditional in-car radios

Beef industry asking Ottawa to approve irradiation to kill dangerous E. coli

Nanticoke steel workers signing death warrant?

NDP would consider selling BC Lions’ BC Place home to get stadium off province’s books: NDP leader Adrian Dix

Spectators watch in horror as plane plunges to ground at Spanish air show

updated: 5 women die, 4 injured as stretch limousine catches fire on bridge near San Francisco; on way to bachelorette party, bride-to-be among dead

Bomb hits convoy carrying Qataris in Somalia, at least eight Somalis dead

NY Times: Off-the-cuff Obama line put U.S. in bind on Syria

Benghazi: Names of ‘whistleblower’ witnesses revealed; include Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; with Ambassador Stevens' death, Hicks became highest-ranking American diplomat in Libya

Dominos falling: Benghazi impeachment suddenly not so far-fetched

Emotional moment: Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman Jr., who lost both legs and then identified the bomber to the FBI, leads cheers and waves 'Boston Strong' flag before Bruins-Leafs play-off game [video]

Rex Murphy: The root causes of root causes

7 American service members killed in Afghanistan

After Sandy's destruction, Verizon switches to all-wireless service in Mantoloking, New Jersey

What's a Kentucky Derby without Penny Chenery? The owner of legendary Secretariat, the horse that changed the world 40 years ago, will be watching from afar, recovering from an illness

Calm, moist air aids fight against huge California wildfire that has burned 43 square miles north of Los Angeles

Boston Herald: U.S. student visa vulnerability exposed by case of Tsarnaev buddy who hid evidence

Massachusetts race to replace Senator Kerry shows new Republican strength in candidate Gabriel Gomez, a former U.S. Navy SEAL upagainst career Democrat Edward Markey

Boston Herald: Protesters don't want Tsarnaev buried in U.S.; "put him on a boat and drop him in the ocean with Osama bin Laden"

Feds apply pressure to Tsarnaev widow; what else does she know?

Three 'tweenagers' arrested after plotting to blow up Florida school; two girls and a boy, aged 12 and 13

AP: Boston-area cemeteries don't want Tamerlan Tsarnaev

New security checks ordered for foreign students as it's revealed that one of Boston bomber's friends was able to get back into the U.S. on an expired visa

UK Independence Party 'clowns' have last laugh: Anti-Europe party surges

Did lightning cause USAF KC-135 air tanker to blow up with 70 tonnes of fuel on board? Search goes on in Kyrgyzstan for possible survivors

U.S. leaders exploiting tragedy of mass shootings to limit freedoms, Sarah Palin says

Charles Krauthammer: Six months after re-election, Obama’s presidency is dead in the water

How does the U.S. State Department's professional liar, Victoria Nuland, sleep at night?

Stephen F. Hayes: The Benghazi talking points; did "senior administration officials engage in a wholesale rewriting of intelligence assessments about Benghazi in order to mislead the public?"

The camera in your next smartphone could have 16 lenses, almost magical powers

Boston Herald: Tamerlan Tsarnaev had ties to two slain jihadis; why did FBI give him green light?

Wildfires threaten suburban LA homes in Glendale, California [video]

NY Times: Shakedown in Albany as federal police wire two elected officials to ensnare others

Did thieves start deadly fire at West, Texas fertilizer depot?

Bangladesh official: 500-dead disaster not 'really serious'

Cuba-hiding cop killer is first woman on FBI most wanted terror list

Witnesses in Kyrgyzstan say U.S. military KC-135 tanker plane broke apart mid-air; parachutes seen, but survivors not yet found

Massachusetts teen charged with making ‘terror’ threats mentioning Boston Marathon on Facebook

California wildfire consumes 8,000 acres in five hours

More Americans now die from suicide than car accidents, as rates rise

Chad: N'Djamena deaths as coup d'etat foiled

Kazakhstan says working with U.S. on Boston bomb probe

Minnesota has already set snowfall record for month of May

Tsarnaev laptop could be a goldmine for prosecutors and investigators, and sources say FBI has it

The most hated man in Bangladesh sees crooked empire crumble with factory building collapse

Profiling or the profile? 30 of the FBI’s 31 most wanted terrorists are Muslim; other one is an eco-terrorist

UMass Dartmouth suspends latest student charged in connection with Boston Marathon attacks

Rocks in the coal trains threaten India with power black-outs

Foreign doctors in Germany need no longer be taxi drivers

Finally, eyewitnesses to Benghazi attack to testify before House of Representatives panel

Six months later, FBI posts photos of 3 suspects in Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador and other Americans

Russian investigation and warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev were sparked by interrogation of now-dead Canadian jihadi William Plotnikov in Dagestan in 2011; scary jihadist video shows their cold-blooded disregard for non-Islamists [video]

Obama on Obamacare disaster: 'This is as good as it gets'

Six plead guilty to terror plot that failed when would-be bombers arrived too late to targeted event of the English Defence League

Ricin suspect’s discarded dust mask tests positive for toxin

Russians had Tamerlan Tsarnaev under surveillance until Canadian jihadi pal William Plotnikov was killed, then lost his trail and scrambled to find him again

The global 'happiness index' that reveals our emotional state - and how Twitter reacted to the Boston bombings ~ the day of the Boston Marathon was the saddest day for five years

AP: U.S. newspapers now count subscribers multiple times, inflating circulation claims; "the same person's paid usage on multiple outlets, such as a paper newspaper, a website and a tablet computer" are counted as multiple subscriptions

World's first website restored, can be viewed again

Viet Nam MIA/POW claim proved to be a cruel fake

Boston Herald: Coalition of prosthetics industry groups steps up, Coalition To Run & Walk Again pledges to provide first artificial device for each needy Marathon bombing patient

For the sixth year Obama promises to close down Guantanamo Bay; does anyone believe him?

Boston Herald: Doesn't get it: Obama defends FBI’s failed probe of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Biting the hand: Tamerlan Tsarnaev given $5,566 in college aid grants

iPhone 6 not coming until June 2014: Misek

Otto Reich: A Boston bombings lesson

The non-denial answer: Obama: 'I'm not familiar' with Benghazi whistleblowers being threatened

German unemployment up slightly on longer winter: data

NY Times: After Boston Bombing, American ties with Russia improve

WCVB: Public benefits provided to Tsarnaev family of bombing suspects likely exceeded $100k

U.S. soldier who fled to Canada to avoid Iraq war gets 10 months in jail

Prominent death penalty lawyer tries to join defence team for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says

Will fusion power change the world as we know it? Project in France supported by 34 nations edges forward to demonstrate a new kind of nuclear reactor capable of producing unlimited supplies of cheap, clean, safe and sustainable electricity

Virgin Galactic takes supersonic step

Canada's Loblaws pledges compensation for dead Bangladesh garment workers

'Missiles fired at' Russian plane with 159 passengers on board flying over Syria

Boston Herald: 500 pages of welfare records handed over on Tsarnaevs

Chrysler net profit drops by 65%

Boeing confirms part Of plane found near Ground Zero over a decade after 9/11 came from 767

Obama spent twice as much time on vacation/golf as economy: GAI

Surveillance cameras sought by cities after Boston bombs

Feds eye AP hoax ‘profits’

WSJ: Exempting Congress from ObamaCare

Germany charges 4 with sending Iran reactor parts

Gunmen keep Libyan foreign ministry under siege

No more survivors likely in Bangladesh tragedy; at least 381 dead, hundreds said missing

Powerful blast in Czech capital damages downtown building, up to 40 injured; natural gas suspected

Syria says Prime Minister survives Damascus bomb attack

Gunmen surround Libyan foreign ministry

Tupelo crazy? Home of ricin case: 'Just look around you ...This place is crazy'

Bangladesh building collapse death toll nears 350

Armed drones in Afghanistan flown from UK for first time

Hero neighbour Charles Ramsey heard screams,
kicked in door to let captives escape, called 911 [video]

Daily Mail: Cleveland captives were chained; friends, neighbours euphoric

Surprise good news story - 3 women found alive in Cleveland
had been kidnapped a decade ago; 3 brothers arrested

Benghazi witness: U.S. military response could have
‘scared’ off attackers, prevented deadly mortar strike

NBC: Special Forces operatives were ready to fly from Tripoli
to Benghazi on 9/11 but were "not authorized" -- so lives lost

"Benghazi will drive Obama from office" --
"more serious than Watergate" - Huckabee

Sharyl Attkisson - CBS: Diplomat says U.S. Special Forces
told "you can't go" to Benghazi during 9/11/2012 attacks

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in consulate attack
in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. ~ CBS News

Israel’s airstrike on Syrian military complex killed
at least 42 soldiers say anti-regime activists

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, damaged buildings wrecked
by an Israeli airstrike are seen in Damascus, Syria, Sunday, May 5, 2013.

CNN: Syria says Sunday morning attack on military
facility was a 'declaration of war' by Israel

Syrian rebels welcome Israel weakening Assad's weaponry

BBC: Tremor preceding blasts suggests bunker busters used by Israel;
journalist says attacks likely inflicted heavy casualties on Syrian army

Haaretz: Multiple Syria targets hit; Israeli leaders remain tight-lipped

This map purports to show where multiple Israel missile attacks hit Sunday morning NW of Damascus.

DEBKA: Israel targeted Scud D and Fateh-110 missiles at
Jamraya military research center just north of Damascus

No confirmation that Syria has declared war on Israel; just a rumour?
sources: Mount Qassioun home to "over 10,000" ultra-loyal Assad soldiers

Syria claims Israel trying to raise morale of rebels
by hitting strategic Mount Qassioun base

Video shows explosions on Mount Qassioun military base above Damascus
as Israel pounds Syrian military targets with warplane-fired missiles

The video, apparently shot by rebels, shows huge explosions on Mount Qassioun attributed to Israeli strikes.
The new attack came hours after U.S., Israeli and Lebanese officials said Israeli warplanes had struck a
shipment of missiles destined for Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement at Damascus International Airport.

AP: Israel strikes Syria again; initial report says military
research center near Damascus hit - large explosions reported

Secretariat: 40 years ago 'Big Red' made history that still seems unreal;
Not just the greatest horse ever, he remains the standard for all 3 yr olds

Secretariat won the Triple Crown going away, taking the 1973 Belmont Stakes by a legendary 31 lengths,
storming around the final turn and accelerating away from the pack. ~ NY Daily News.

Held close to the heart by two countries: Secretariat was American-born and owned,
while trained and jockeyed by Canadians Lucien Laurin and Ron Turcotte.

Why aren’t Kentucky Derby horses getting faster?
No horse has broken Secretariat’s 1973 record

Secretariat set the still-record 1:59 2/5 at the 1973 Kentucky Derby. ~ AP

NY Times: Israel hit warehouse of Iranian Fateh-110 missiles; stand-off attack

Israel confirms Syria strike, says hit Hezbollah-bound missiles

DEBKA: Israel targeted chemical weapons convoy headed to Lebanon;
also possibly Damascus arms depot; 16 warplanes involved

NBC: Israelis launch airstrikes into Syria, possibly targeting
delivery systems for chemical weapons, U.S. officials say

Malibu 'Springs Fire' burns 18,000 acres; only 20% contained [video]

Boston Herald: Tamerlan Tamersaev died of bullet wounds,
trauma to head from car dragging: death certificate

FIRE! Homes threatened north of LA as 'monster'
stretches from 101 Freeway to Pacific Coast Highway [video]

Newbury Park: Safe to watch when the flames are miles away, but they're moving quickly. ~ NBC

Homes are threatened and airborne and roof-based firefighters are busy. ~ NBC

Canada accuses Qatar of trying to buy UN civil aviation agency

Boston Herald: The deadly sound silence can make

Accuweather: Historic snowstorm hits Plains to Upper Midwest

While snow is not unheard of away from the Rockies and northern tier states during May, it is the
amount of snow and the extent of that snow that is so unusual. Snowstorms during May in the
Midwest are typically highly localized. ~ Accuweather

The Boston bomb plot had originally been set for July 4th: official
Host of one of the premiere July 4 celebrations, it includes major fireworks

Cmdr. Hadfield helps unveil Canadarm at Ottawa museum from space [video]

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield sent the Canadarm its final command from the international space station,
which he currently commands. After travelling 624 million km and logging 944 work days in space
aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor, this veteran Canadarm is now home, permanently on display at
the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

updated: Dr. Stephen Poloz named new Governor of the Bank of Canada;
Flaherty stuns Bay Street, chooses head of Export Development Canada

Mice with 2 parents grow healthier brains: Calgary researchers

Researchers say they found mice with two parents tended to perform better
both socially and physically in their environment.

19 km inside border: Chinese incursion leaves India on verge of crisis

Boston bombings: 3 arrested today may have cost life of MIT's Collier
by not contacting police about the bombing suspect they recognized

Hunting for clues: The students allegedly disposed of Tsarnaev belongings, including laptop computer,
backpack of fireworks and tub of vaseline in garbage at their house, which was transported to Crapo
Hill landfill (above), nine miles from UMass-Dartmouth campus. Vaseline may have been used to seal
multiple pressure cooker bombs.

Feds: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told his friends a month before
Boston Marathon attacks that he knew how to make a bomb

Wired: Tsarnaev responded 'LOL' when told by friends
he resembled bomber in FBI photos

LIVE CBS TV coverage from Boston

'Terrorista#1' license plate of charged Tsarnaev friends
was 'a joke about partying' - claims their lawyer

Boston bombings: Text of criminal complaint against
Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev

Silver spoon terrorists? This BMW belongs to charged friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. ~ Daily Mail

Boston bombings: Text of criminal complaint against Robel Phillipos

CBS Boston: Two suspects, Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev,
charged with "conspiracy to obstruct justice" and the third suspect, Robel
Phillipos, charged with "willfully making materially false statements to
federal law enforcement officials during a terrorism investigation"

Fireworks evidence that 3 newly charged suspects are charged with disposing of and/or lying about.

updated: Boston police announce 3 new suspects in custody;
college roommates of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, charged with obstruction
disposed of Tsarnaev's laptop computer, backpack containing fireworks

Arrested: Dias Kadyrbayev, center, and Azamat Tazhayakov, left, came to
America from the Central Asian nation to study at the University of
Massachusetts at Dartmouth, where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, right, was also
enrolled. Shown here in Times Square, New York in November 2012.

Keystone Kops: How did Watertown 'dragnet' literally miss the boat?
No weapons, explosives found inside; destroyed by police gunfire;
whose heads should roll? FBI, CIA, Boston Police, White House?

Infra-red shot from Massachusetts State Police chopper shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
hiding in boat. Police now giving conflicting cover-up accounts of salient facts

FBI Fail: Saudi Arabia warned U.S. in writing about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012; the Saudis had rejected his entry visa application for a visit to Mecca in 2011
  • Red flags from Saudis included Tsarnaev's name and information about a planned explosive attack on "a major U.S. city"
  • Saudi foreign minister, national security chief both met with Obama in the Oval Office in early 2013
  • Letter to Department of Homeland Security named Tsarnaev & three Pakistanis as potential jihadis worthy of U.S. investigation

Dramatic: Boeing 747 crash at Bagram in Afghanistan kills 7 [video]

Down: 747-400 freighter stalls on take-off, drops like rock, just missing busy roadway.

Up: huge explosion as Dubai-bound plane erupts, killing crew of 7.

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield introduces Canada's new $5 & $10 bills from space

Sir John A. Macdonald (top), Canada's founding Prime Minister, and Sir Wildrid Laurier (bottom), PM from
1896 to 1911 get new, younger portraits on new polymer bills.

Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: “we could be in for a cooling
period that lasts 200-250 years” due to changes in sun

Joe Bastardi: "Remarkably cold weather" will push back planting [video]

Snow can be expected this week as far south as Tennessee says
veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi. ~ Weatherbell

sources: Female DNA found on Boston bomb fragment;
is it proof of conspiracy? will DNA quality enable ID?

Katherine Russell, widow of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, leaves the house where he lived in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, the day after Tsarnaev was killed following a shootout with police. ~ William Farrington Polaris

FBI agents reconstruct Tamerlan Tsarnaev's 2012 trip to Russia

Canadian boxer linked with Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Moscow newspaper

Iraq suspends satellite channels as death toll reaches 220

Two children, three adults killed in Surrey, BC car crash

RCMP Sgt. Dale Carr said it appears the westbound travelling Dodge Caravan sped through red light at intersection
and collided with the mid-sized vehicle. Police say the deceased were all occupants of the mid-size car. ~ CTV

Russia caught Tamerlan Tsarnaev on wiretap

Hero bombing victim Bauman on bright side: "he’s dead and I’m still here"

‘A spectacle of hypocrisy and farce’: North Korea, Iran
attack Canada’s human rights record at UN forum

Jersey City man's secret charges April 5th & April 7th: "recklessly
creating widespread risk of injury or damage to a building by constructing
the devices" and transporting via public transit; what is rest of the story?

updated: New Jersey man charged with IEDs on NJ-NY transit train
April 7th, day of Marathon bombings; arrest and charges by FBI-led
Joint Terrorism Task Force and Port Authority Police not made public

Bomber Tsarnaev recovering, moved to prison hospital west of Boston

BBC: Earth's core 1,000 ℃ hotter than previously thought

The Earth's solid inner core is surrounded by a fast-moving liquid core, giving rise to the planet's magnetic field.

The banality of evil: The Tsarnaev simpletons: undone by an
empty gas tank, cash-only pumps, and a heroic hostage

The Escape that Saved Lives: The Tsarnaevs and their hostage 'Danny' pulled up at the Shell gas station
(left) but the pumps were 'cash only'. This separated the brothers and gave 'Danny' his chance to escape
to the Mobil gas station across the street (right). Police were on the scene, and on the trail, in minutes.

Boston Globe: Chinese hero carjack victim 'Danny' fills in
details on how he was grabbed by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and
how he bravely got away and called 911, foiling the bomber brothers'
deadly plan to wreak havoc again in Times Square

Reuters: Canadian train plot suspects caused unease with extreme views

Chicago Tribune: Fund for boat hero Dave Henneberry reaches $50K

Investigators shown in Dave Henneberry's destroyed boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apprehended
after a Friday firefight, in Watertown, Massachusetts. ~ Darren McCollester Getty Images

One Toronto train terror suspect previously jailed; 2nd travelled to Iran

Terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier met with Al Qaeda operative abroad;
Recent “change in behaviour” triggered police to arrest
Esseghaier & Jaser Monday, not political expediency or Boston bombing

Rosie DiManno: Terror suspect bluntly rejects our values

Liberals soft on crime? Toronto terror train plot suspect
was ordered deported in 1998, arrested in 2004, but released

Terror incidents should spark anti-crime response,
not "sociology," says Canadian PM Harper

Charges pending? Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva, wife of Tamerlan,
called and warned husband FBI was looking for him, says Dzokhar

Big Apple dodged bullet: Boston bombers were headed to New York
to 'blow up Times Square' with remaining explosives cache

Canada lambasts UN official for saying Boston bombings
caused by ‘American global domination project’

Boston bombing suspect admitted responsibility,
FBI says, but confession may not be legal

Boston bombing shows West’s mistake
in supporting Chechnya, Putin says

40 survivors located in debris of collapsed Bangladesh factory

Rescuers scour rubble as Bangladesh building collapse toll now 244

Toronto terror suspect Raed Jaser fled Germany after family claimed
‘terrorized’ by anti-immigrant groups and given refugee status in Canada

CBC: Does al-Qaeda have a network in Canada?

Local reaction swift as LNG barges start exploding in Mobile Bay

updated: 6th explosion as LNG fuel barges light sky in Mobile, Alabama
liquified natural gas explosions "feel like bombs going off"
3 victims in hospital in serious condition

The Mobile Fire and Rescue Department said three were injured when two barges earlier loaded
with liquid natural gas exploded and caught fire on the east side of Mobile River.

Will new OPOC motor really deliver 20 to 50% better fuel economy?

The EcoMotors OPOC two-stroke engine is a markedly different concept than four-stroke engines fitted to most
modern automobiles. With opposed pistons, no valves or cylinder heads, fewer moving parts and a higher power
density, the Michigan-designed engines will be built in China. The concept is more than a century old, with new fuel
efficiency needs driving innovation to fix old limitations. ~ EcoMotors

Tunisian train terror suspect from Montreal shows hand,
denies legitimacy of Canadian justice system to judge:
Terror charges don’t matter, “not based on holy book”

National Post: U.S. & Canada watching additional suspects in
VIA Rail/Amtrak terror train plot say sources on both sides of border

Canadian families spend more on tax than basic necessities: study

'Train' suspects led vastly different lives, but allegedly shared same goal

LA Times: Boston Bomber bought reloadable mortar-shell
fireworks in New Hampshire in February

updated - CTV: Two people under FBI surveillance in New York City
area are additional suspects in Toronto terror train plot

Boston Globe: Russia contacted FBI ‘multiple’
times about Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Toronto terrorism suspect Raed Jaser
had 2001 death threat conviction pardoned

Raed Jaser appears in court in Toronto on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 in this artist's sketch. ~ Mike Falle National Post

More arrests expected in Canadian terror train plot;
police were investigating duo before tip from imam

'You have nothing to do with our faith': Canadian
Muslim leaders renounce planned terror plot

Conservative Public Safety Minister Toews: Canadian "Muslim community
very instrumental in providing very crucial information" to police in terror
train plot; compares role to way Bostonians helped find bombers

NOT news: Toronto imam who came forward with concerns
about al-Qaeda-linked terror plot wants to stay anonymous

Formal charges reveal details of deadly Monday and Thursday last week

AP: Relatives say gullible Tamerlan Tsarnaev seduced
by mysterious Armenian named 'Misha'-- went radical

Montreal terror suspect says charges against him
are trumped up, dismisses lawyer

Charges against Tunisian Chiheb Esseghaier of Montreal.

Canadians’ false sense of security gone after RCMP arrests: DiManno

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admits guilt to FBI:
says he and brother behind the Marathon bombings

Power of Twitter shown by @AP hack; entertainment account clears air

Lawrence Martin: Round 1: Kid Trudeau stings like a pillow

AP Twitter feed hacked -- no attack at White House;
stock market and social media go wild, briefly

The stock market dropped precipitously when the fake AP tweet hit hard.

Tunisian terror train suspect ironically arrested in Montreal train station;
flown to Toronto yesterday, back to Montreal today, Toronto tomorrow

Train bombing suspects plead innocence, shock at court appearances in
Toronto & Montreal; police searches "at a number of homes" in both cities

Anna Nemtsova: The Caucasus Connection: At a radical mosque
in Dagestan, Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is remembered
by many worshippers — and the secret police

FLASHBACK Salman Rushdie: Yes, This IS about Islam

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev blames older brother; says he "organized
the plot because he wanted to defend Islam from attack"

Tip from Toronto imam ultimately led police to ‘first known
al-Qaeda plan of attack that we’ve experienced’

Chiheb Esseghaier, Montreal suspect in Via Rail plot, had "diabolical
ideas"; man who spoke with him at mosque says he was angry

Esseghaier's 'Linked in' profile page includes the al Qaeda in Syria flag.

13 worst predictions made on Earth Day, 1970 by the shysters and
fraudsters who started it to scare us - and line their own pockets

Two ‘religiously strict’ men behind foiled al-Qaeda terror train plot

G&M editorial: Why Canada needs to remain vigilant on terrorism

Putting Canada on the map: pioneering 16th-century
globe to be auctioned in UK; first to say 'Canada'

'Canada' on Cartaro’s terrestrial globe — earliest known instance of country's name appearing on a globe.

Ontario communities hit by flooding hope worst now over

Part of washed-out South Waseosa Lake Road in Huntsville, Friday. ~ Julie Bul The Canadian Press

RCMP briefed Muslim community leaders today before the public;
Tip came from Canadian Muslims; suspects from Tunisia and UAE

The arrested terrorists targeted this Niagara River railway/roadway bridge, says RCMP.

Canadian terror train suspects are from
Tunisia and United Arab Emirates: report

Terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier of Montreal is led off plane by RCMP officers in Toronto area,
Monday, April 22, 2013. ~ Tom Podolec CTV News

RCMP announce arrest of two people in connection with terror plot to derail a New York-Toronto VIA Rail
passenger train. ~ Byron Auburn CTV Toronto

Terror train target was rail bridge at Niagara Falls: source

This is the Amtrak-VIA Rail bridge over the Canada-U.S. border at Niagara River
north of Niagara Falls allegedly targeted by al-Qaeda-supported terrorists arrested
in Toronto and Montreal. ~ © Arkur Jaiswal

Foreign Policy: Iran and al Qaeda relationship goes back years

Reuters: Canada thwarts plot to derail VIA Rail/Amtrak train
on Canada-U.S.route from Toronto to New York City

VIA Rail and Amtrak jointly operate international passenger
rail train between Toronto and New York City. ~ CBC

Mounties: "guidance and direction" from "al-Qaeda elements in Iran"
Two terrorists targeted VIA Rail train in Toronto area;
arrested: Chiheb Esseghaier of Montreal, Raed Jaser of Toronto;
police raids underway today so more detail not currently available;
is Iran the link between Boston bombings and Toronto terror train plot?

LIVE Link - Canadian Mounties hold press conference on terror arrests

Momma's boy? Uncle claims 'controlling' mother
led Tsarnaev brothers on path to radicalization;
she allowed hardline cleric to preach to boys at their kitchen table

Formal charges as filed against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev [pdf - searchable]

CTV: Mounties arrested the two terror suspects in Toronto today;
suspects are linked to al-Qaida -- RCMP announcement at 3:30pm [video]

breaking: Canada thwarts major terrorist attack,
arrests suspects in Ontario, Quebec;
cross-border operation involved Mounties,
CSIS, FBI and Homeland Security
no connection to Tsarnaev brothers or 'Toronto 18'

updated: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev formally charged with using a weapon of
mass destruction against people; arraigned in hospital bed; will be
prosecuted in federal court system as naturalized U.S. citizen; charges
make him eligible for death penalty

Persuasive: How she became Muslim convert widow of Boston bomber:
Terrorist husband 'brainwashed' her; she gave up her dreams of college

Her old school friends have described how she transformed after meeting Tamerlan Tsarnaev
at a nightclub. ~ © John Clake Russ

Boston attack demonstrates need for stronger anti-terrorism laws: Toews

How two photographers took important - and now famous -
photos of the Tsarnaev brothers at the Boston Marathon

Bob Leonard of Taunton, Massachusetts takes lots of photos at the Boston
Marathon every year and found a number with good face shots of Dzhokhar
and Tamerlan Tsarnaev which he sent to the FBI, who distributed them
widely. ~ Bob Leonard

David Green from Florida shot this photo that happened to include Dzhokhar
Tsarnaev, and then turned his attention to helping victims. ~ David Green AP

NY Times: NYC was 'NEXT' - Tsarnaev brothers heading to Big Apple
with arsenal of guns and explosives, they told carjacked SUV owner

Daily Mail: Tsarnaev awake, responding 'sporadically' in writing
to questions regarding other cell members and any unexploded bombs;
suicide pact was to protect from trial, police sources tell MailOnline

AP: Tsarnaev mother claims FBI talked to elder son
Tamerlan AFTER the Marathon bombings

Built in 1713 to defend Cape Breton,
Fortess Louisbourg marks 300 years

Fortress Louisbourg will receive federal funding to help pay for 300th anniversary celebrations this year.
~ Christian Laforce Chronicle Herald

NY Times: Tsarnaev neck wound self-inflicted; failed suicide attempt?

Sharyl Attkisson: Terror victims suing to stop terror funding [video]

Tsarnaev may never speak again, says hospital director

BBC: London Marathon runners and crowds mark Boston attack

Investigators plan to interview Tsarnaev today -- Sunday

NY Daily News exclusive: Tsarnaev brothers lived like animals
in filthy Cambridge apartment; bolted Thursday night
leaving uneaten meal behind in their haste

Did release of FBI photos cause the killers to make a deadly run for it, leaving food on the table?
~ New York Daily News

Stunning thermal video from chopper shows police tactics as they
use SWAT truck to peel back boat tarp and then toss stun
grenades into boat during final firefight with Tsarnaev [video]

Do arrests of three UMass Dartmouth students reveal a terror cell?
Who called FBI about owners of terrorista-plated BMW?

Silver spoon terrorists? This BMW belongs to college friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. ~ Daily Mail

Daily Mail: Why did FBI miss 'terror rants' of Boston 'bombers'?
Online presence 'overlooked by U.S. intelligence'

Brothers Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev at Boston Marathon Monday. ~ FBI

Tsarnaev has throat injury, may have lost voice

Boston's week of Tsarnaev madness ends in cowardly whimper

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev leaves boat in which he was hiding and surrenders to police. ~ AFP/Getty Images

Aerial infrared image shows outline of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in backyard boat. ~ Massachusetts State Police

ABC News reports ATF has confirmed this image is their medic working on suspect
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friday night. ~ @Hossenator EBU/Twitter

Central Ontario flooding forces some communities to cut power

AP: Watertown nightmare over for residents after second brother captured

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was seen in boat by owner after curfew was lifted. After firefight with police he was
rushed to hospital. ~ Robert Ray AP

Police: 'We didn't screw up and put people at risk by giving an all-clear'
earlier tonight; suspect was outside secure perimeter by one block

Police: Tsarnaev in serious condition, covered with blood,
taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, not Mass General

Hide-out in boat at 67 Franklin was less than 3,000 feet
from Charles River and Interstate 90, and possible escape

Boat was on trailer in backyard shown in lower left of this photo. Escape route would have led through group
of industrial buildings. ~ Google

BREAKING: Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arrested, in custody
and being transported in ambulance; applause breaks out

Listen to Boston Police scanner as Franklin Street siege continues

LIVE coverage from Watertown, MA on MyFoxBoston

Firefight ongoing at 67 Franklin Street, multiple bombs, many bullets;
suspect completely surrounded, holed up in boat; 8 to 10 explosions

This is boat at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown in which it's believed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hiding
since early morning. Hundreds of officers surrounding home. ~ WFXT

BREAKING: Witnesses say 10 to 30 shots fired in gun battle, police bringing in bomb robot, happened in last 15 min

HERO: Boat where suspect was hiding had not been checked earlier today. Owner Dave Henneberry "saw tarp strap had been cut, looked inside and saw bloody figure" then called 911.

BREAKING: Boston TV reporting "suspect is down", has been shot in firefight, was in a boat with a canvas cover, Franklin Street in Watertown

BREAKING: Shots fired in Watertown, police rushing in via car and chopper, ambulance on scene, hundreds of SWAT vehicles heading for Watertown from downtown Boston

We know more about Tsarnaev brothers from internet than from police

Watertown update from Friday 6 pm police press conference: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not found, 20 streets checked with fine-tooth comb, curfew lifted on all residents and mass transit, all businesses can open tonight and tomorrow, Boston Mayor says "we'll stand tall and not stand down", major police presence will continue and searching will continue, "no all clear", munitions have been clleaned up from streets, do not approach suspect, still 'armed and dangerous', police won't answer whether he "got away", Massachusetts Gov. Patrick "situation does not lend itself to simple expressions", , brothers did not commit armed robbery of 7-11 Thursday night, were "coincidentally" there but no elaboration, investigations "continues to evolve", ongoing effort of joint terrorism task force, police say they have no knowledge of where he is or whether he has left Boston area but presumes he wouldn't leave an area he knows so well, still looking for only one individual, no specific vehicle they're looking for, "very violent and dangerous person", message to suspect is "give yourself up", "we are convinced we did everything we could in this neighbourhood", "we don't know how he got away but it was on foot"

Police scanner: anti-theft device in carjacked Mercedes
enabled police to locate fleeing bombers in Watertown

Tamerlan Tsarnaev died with bomb strapped to chest; had blast-type injuries

Tsarnaev brothers bragged to carjack victim they were Marathon bombers

Boston awakens under siege as manhunt for Marathon bomber continues

Police armed with rifles patrolled deserted streets as residents in Boston, Watertown, Cambridge, Waltham,
Newton, Belmont, and Brookline hunkered inside, under orders. ~ Aram Boghosian Boston Globe

Boston Herald: Mechanic: Tsarnaev was in rush for car day after bombing

AP: Police find Tsarnaev's gray Honda CRV, safe in Boston

ABC News: Bomb suspect's dad tells him to surrender,
but threatens U.S.: 'Hell will break loose' if son dies

Boston Herald: Suspect's uncle speaks out
in 'anger for the people they murdered'

Latest FBI picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: 1-800-CALL-FBI

Boston Herald: SWAT teams going door-to-door in Watertown

Jennings Aske, his wife who asked for her name not to be used, and
their daughter Isla evacuate their Laurel St., Watertown home as police
SWAT teams evacuated residents and searched for one of two suspects
in the Boston Marathon bombing. ~ Mark Garfinkel Boston Herald

CT and MA state police searching for Tsarnaev's
gray Honda CRV, with MA license plate 316-ES9

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev called "true angel" by father; "loser" by uncle

WANTED: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, aka 'white hat bomber'

AP: Uncle of bomb suspects confirms 2nd suspect's name

LIVE TV coverage from Watertown, MA on Fox News

Boston Globe: Boston "under siege"

FBI, state police, local police, National Guard troops pouring into Watertown. ~ Wendy Maeda Globe staff

Boston Globe: "Stay inside" as manhunt continues
All taxi service in City of Boston now suspended

10,000 police join bomber manhunt. ~ David L. Ryan Globe staff

Boston Herald: All of Boston under lockdown order
as unprecedented manhunt intensifies

AP: Russia's Caucasus: breeding ground for terror

Cops: Everybody in Boston area must stay in place amid terror hunt

Continuing LIVE TV coverage from Watertown, MA on WCVB - ABC News

Marathon bombers: overnight firefight recorded by Watertown, MA
resident Andrew Kitzenberg who vividly describes battle 40 ft outside: [video]

Gif of bombing suspect fits missing Brown University student
Sunil Tripathi; student’s friend confirms, but NBC says it isn't

NBC says the at-large bombing suspect isn't Sunil Tripathi but this animated gif which morphs from a picture of
Tripathi to an FBI-released picture of the white-hatted bombing suspect appears to match up.

All Boston area transit shut down - residents told to stay home during siege;
police doing heavily armed house-to-house search along Dexter Ave: WCVB

Massive federal, state and local police dragnet descends on Watertown, MA;
'white hat' Marathon bomber sought; shown here robbing convenience store
last night; killed MIT cop, armed & dangerous, shown in security picture

Possibly largest concentrated manhunt in U.S. history under way. ~ FBI

Huge Watertown, MA firefight turns houses into Swiss cheese
Marathon bombers used guns and multiple bombs to fight police

Police - 4:20 am - all in east Watertown stay in homes, police search underway
do not open door to anyone except uniformed police; 20-block perimeter
second shot officer in critical condition

Police squads in 6-hour chase & huge firefight with Marathon bombers;
black hat bomber said dead; MIT cop dead, transit cop shot;
police tightening perimeter to find white-hatted bomber

LIVE TV coverage from Watertown, MA on WCVB - ABC News

Wrong information heard on Boston Police scanner:
1st suspect - white hat - Sunil Tripathi, Brown U. student - still at-large
2nd suspect - black hat - Mike Mulugeta - in custody - shot, possibly deceased

FBI releases two NEW photos of Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Boston Globe: Bombing suspect in custody, 2nd remains on the loose

M7.2 mid-depth (76 miles) quake hits NE of Japan under ocean

Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman Jr, who lost both legs, identified
bomber to FBI; after surgery he asked for paper and pen and wrote:
"bag, saw the guy, looked right at me"

Critically injured Jeff Bauman Jr. wheeled to safety by fast-acting volunteers. ~ AP

Before and after photos of West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Wired: FBI releases clear video of two suspects in Boston bombings

FBI releases photos of two prime
suspects in Boston Marathon bombing


Authorities have clear video images of two suspects in Boston Marathon
bombings; will release them to public today, official says

Firefighters missing after monstrous Texas explosion; rescuers look for survivors

Four blocks were levelled in small town of West, Texas. ~ Rod Aydelotte AP Photo/Waco Tribune Herald

Two ‘persons of interest’ seen in Boston bombing video sought by FBI

Texas: 'Like a nuclear bomb': Fertilizer plant blast levels homes, kills 2;
dozens feared dead, estimates revised downwards, 14 now dead, 170+ injured

Huge explosions rocked fertilizer plant in West, Texas Wednesday night. ~ Youtube

No Boston arrest, CNN withdraws report of suspect in custody

Boston official: Video footage shows bomb suspect

Don’t ‘sit around trying to rationalize it’: Harper slams
Trudeau for soft-headed response to Boston bombing

More images of bomb parts released by FBI: battery, wires, circuit board

WSJ Live Video Coverage: Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher rested overnight in Crypt Chapel of St. Mary
Undercroft beneath the Houses of Parliament. ~ Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Ben Levine: 'I watched the Marathon bombing
from above. These are my photos.'

This photo was taken at 2:49, one minute before the bomb detonated directly below. Click on this photo to see all
Ben Levine's remarkable photos in very high resolution, along with his stirring account. ~ Ben Levine Deadspin

Series of FBI photos show recovered bomb evidence from Boston

FBI picture shows what appears to be ball bearings fused together by incredible heat as the
pressure cooker bomb exploded. ~ FBI Fox 5 Atlanta

Boston bomb component pictured in FBI bulletin

This image from a Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security joint bulletin
issued to law enforcement and obtained by The Associated Press, shows remains of a pressure cooker
lid the FBI says was part of one of the Boston bombs. ~ AP/FBI

All American Airlines flights grounded due to computer crash

Crowdsourced videos, photos will be aid to Boston blast investigations;
Marathon route camera users have evidence, not just memories

YouTube creates 'Explosions at Boston Marathon' video page

Boston: Bombs inside 6-L pressure cookers "packed with metal & ball bearings"
to inflict shrapnel damage; carried in black duffel bags placed on ground

Massachusetts Gov: 'no unexploded bombs were found at Boston Marathon'

Massive Iran quake "strongest in more than 50 years"; at least 46 dead

7.8M quake, 82 km deep says USGS, hits near Iran-Pakistan border

updated: Boston: no 3rd bomb says Gov; city being scoured by police

Police now report 144 victims, including 3 dead and 17 in critical condition. ~ AP

Boston Globe: Bomb sites crowded with cameras, doctors, police [photos]

8-year-old confirmed among dead in Boston; mixed reports on arrests, suspects

Google Person Finder - Boston Marathon bombings

NY Times: Site of the Boston Marathon explosions

Map of the Boston Marathon finish line area where bombs went off. ~ NY Times

Boston press conference: won't confirm fatality numbers, nobody in custody

WHDH video of bombings and aftermath at Boston Marathon

View at finish line as first explosion fells runners. ~ WHDH Youtube

NBC Live: Security officials scrambling after bombing, checking packages

report: Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in Boston
Marathon bombings, now under guard at Boston hospital

NY Post: 12 dead say law enforcement sources, 132 injured
after 2 explosions at Boston Marathon finish line

update: No confirmation on lost limbs from Boston double-bombing

Terrorist bombings at Boston Marathon finish line; at least 3 dead;
1st blast across from Boston Public Library; unexploded bombs said found

A picture posted to Twitter of an explosion at the Boston Marathon. ~ Dan Lampariello Twitter

Gold sinks to two-year low; other precious metals hit

Gold bars are displayed at Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in Tokyo. ~ Issei Kato Reuters

Tight win for Chavez heir spells uncertainty for Venezuela
challenger Capriles disputes 50.7% result, cites 3,000+ irregularities

Clark, Dix start B.C. election campaigns;
NDP will ban corporate and union donations for next election

Kerry gets ‘critical’ China commitment
to help rid North Korea of nuclear weapons

Lion Air 737 crashes into sea in Bali, all 100+ saved, 22 hurt

All passengers and crew survived when Lion Air jet missed runway on Indonesian resort island of Bali
on Saturday and landed in the sea. ~ Surya Putra Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Kyodo: Shallow M6.3 quake jolts western Japan, at least 22 injured

North Korea says 'nuclear war unavoidable' -- first target will be Japan

Eastbound VIA train hit, stopped by tree west of Belleville during ice storm

Windsor-Detroit bridge now official = jobs, jobs, jobs for Canada & U.S.

Michigan's $550-million share of new bridge will be repaid through toll revenue. ~ DRIC

U.S. Federal Government gives green light to new Windsor-Detroit Bridge;
announcement Friday by Michigan Gov. Snyder; big economy booster

When you wish with a star...
Snow White helps a little girl wish her daddy home at Disneyland

Alyssa Brown, 4, joins Snow White at Disneyland fountain in wishing for her marine dad's return.

And there he was: When Alyssa opened her eyes, her dad, Marine Lt. Scott Brown, was home from Afghanistan.

U.S. intel: North Korea has nuclear bomb small enough for a missile

Ontario's Green Energy Act 10 times costlier than alternative that
would have yielded same environmental benefits: study

NATURE: Oldest dinosaur embryo fossils discovered
in China by Canadian paleontologists

Spectroscopic analysis of bone-tissue samples from the Chinese nesting site revealed the oldest organic
material ever seen in a terrestrial vertebrate. ~ illustration Dave Mazierski University of Toronto

Former VPOTUS Dick Cheney on North Korea: ‘We’re in deep doo doo’

Iran: Dozens of aftershocks follow deadly earthquake, villages destroyed

Japan on full alert over North Korea missiles: defence minister

Patriot anti-missile batteries have been installed around Tokyo. ~ Sun

U.S. official: North Korea could test fire missiles at any time

Canada one of world’s top 10 tourist destinations: survey

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park.

Durham police Chief Mike Ewles lauded for making suspended cop work

Revenue Canada says BitCoin not tax exempt

Bitcoin’s real-world problem: Virtual currency facing bank backlash in Canada

Alexander Graham Bell’s voice identified in 130-year-old wax audio recording at Smithsonian

Alberta exploring at least two oil pipeline projects to North

Guards stage wildcat strikes at Alberta jails

Prince Philip presented with Order of Canada

Syria chemical weapons reports credible, Baird says; calls for full UN investigation

International Joint Commission releases recommendations on upper Great Lakes water levels, finds few tools available, more research needed

Minister Kenney orders immigration review into VIA terror train suspects’ cases

Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment hits 'reset', hires LA Kings, Galaxy head Tim Leiweke as president, CEO

Angus-Reid poll - BC Election: NDP 45%, Lberals 31%, Conservatives 11%, Greens 10%

50 more survivors found amid Bangladesh building rubble

Officials found guilty in 2008 Obama-Clinton ballot petition fraud in Indiana; should Hillary have been Democratic candidate?

Blatchford: Even the Rehtaeh Parsons case has more than one side

Prince Philip in Toronto to present new regimental colours to the Third Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment; he has been regiment’s colonel-in-chief for 60 years

TransCanada now sees Keystone XL service delayed to second half of 2015

Michael Graham: Butt-heads do terrorism

George Jones dead at 81

Doug Ford: Time to put an end to new taxes — Ontarians pay too much already

Toronto Zoo lockout threatens panda opening

Toronto terror plot: Montreal suspect evicted after loud praying, other strange behaviour, neighbours say

Diamond Isinger: Be wary of Dix’s lack of specifics

Discarded Watertown fireworks link to Boston bombers?

Distracted by smartphone, 20-yr-old walks to her death between Montreal subway cars

Can simply clenching a fist boost memory? Balling up your right hand tightly 'makes it easier to memorize lists'

'Only Allah can judge me': Muslim convert Richard Dart refuses to stand in dock as he is sentenced to six years in prison for terrorism offences

Quebec priest fatally shot leaving bank in Haiti’s capital

NDP hammers Ontario Liberals for attack on PC Leader's wife

Daniel Henninger: Boston and the Un-Bush

Israeli air force shoots down Hezbollah drone in Israel airspace

Pro-Kremlin vigilante gangs take on Russia drug pushers with baseball bats, red paint and axes

Ex-Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay testifies 'it's impossible' his party took kickbacks

Sixth person charged in alleged McGill hospital fraud

CP Rail has record-setting first quarter

Ontario Conservatives have commanding, near-ten point lead over Liberals, NDP: Ipsos Reid poll

Record cold will mean costlier bread

Canada passes Combating Terrorism Act blocked by Liberals in 2007

FBI questioned 3rd man in train terror plot in U.S. this week

Jeffrey Simpson: Trudeau’s terror gaffe a winner for Conservatives

Yahoo scores coup - to be exclusive international home of Saturday Night Live 1975-2012 video archive, but only for a year

21 killed in Uighur clashes in China

Ontario Judge rules woman must remove niqab to testify; Supreme Court had punted question

Kentucky Derby bans coolers, duffel bags, big purses, backpacks

Both Toronto bank robbers now in custody

Boston Herald: Tamerlan Tsarnaev longtime welfare recipient but lived high life

BlackBerry BB10 is stealing customers away from rivals

Fiat looking at raising funds for Chrysler buyout

Bill Rutsey: The facts support a Toronto casino

Toyota remains top selling automaker in Q1 despite sales fall; but in tight battle with GM and VW

LulzSec hacking group leader arrested in Australia

Prime Minister Harper, Rehtaeh Parsons' family discuss bullying laws

Long War Journal: Iran and the very real al-Qaeda terror connections

Daily Mail: Fascinating interactive map reveals UK's most popular surnames - and Twitter usernames

Giant Bronx project with Mark Messier onboard would turn empty Kingsbridge armory into 9 ice rinks, doubling the supply for under-served NYC

Montreal Gazette editorial: In fighting terror, vigilance takes many forms

Sheema Khan: As Canadian Muslims, we must stand up to threats from within

Terror suspect Esseghaier expected to face Toronto court Wednesday after Montreal court appearance Tuesday

L. Ian MacDonald: Timing is right for Conservatives’ Combating Terrorism Act; debate explores delicate balance between security and civil liberties

European aerospace firms to set up in Montreal; three engineering and design companies – PFW, FAAC, LGM – will create nearly 200 jobs

Quebec soldier faces charges after gun smuggling investigation; police raid Ontario's CFB Borden and several Quebec locations

Wind turbines have reduced property values, Ontario court finds

Senator's anti-American, terror scaremongering tweet deleted by assistant; unrepentant, he re-tweets on his own account

PM Harper thanks U.S., Canadian authorities and Muslim community for terror arrests

Picky pandas sniff bamboo first, eat only the best; Toronto now importing tons of bamboo every month from Memphis Zoo

Ontario Government's GO train service finally moves from commuter service to full-day 30-minute service from Oshawa to Burlington; pre-election goodie?

Technical analysis proves Blue Jays' Jose Bautista being systematically ripped off by umpires with bad strike calls; his calls 2.5 times worse than any other MLB player since 2010

Toronto Star: has *withdrawn* this article for "legal reasons"

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals are weakened by their own mountains of political kryptonite

Conservatives to reform Ottawa's archaic accounting system, will give MPs greater access to spending details

Man walks into Toronto LCBO, steals $26,000 bottle of scotch: police

Earnings news, weak Chinese economic data depress TSX

Prince Edward County and its wine comes to Toronto for the County in the City event

As Keystone pipeline stalled by Obama, CN Railway reports 'crude by rail revenue' up 300% and gaining momentum; Obama supporter Bill Gates is biggest shareholder of CNR

Trains between Toronto and New York are searched for weapons and dangerous cargo

Prime Minister's wife backs initiative, hopes to help youths, including her own children, navigate online bullying

Bankers association offers $100K reward after violent Toronto bank robbery

Ontario Liberals will table budget (and possibly trigger election) on May 2nd

Safety charges laid against engineer in deadly Ontario mall collapse

Canadian government leaves door open to joining U.S.-led missile defence system

Chris Vander Doelen: Federal civil service finally shrinking; PBO attempt to block cuts tossed out by Federal Court

Blatchford: Canadian train passengers should stay strong in the face of terror

Tories to move non-confidence motion against minority Liberals over gas plants

Call for new U.S. crossing fee at land borders criticized in both countries

Don't try this at home dept: 'Cinnamon challenge' fad another one to be avoided, say doctors

10k Toronto run a catharsis for the city after feeling Boston's week of pain

Father and daughter rescue man from subway tracks; had fallen, hit head

Toronto bank robbers 'took over' TD Bank branch, shot 2 people; heroic customer who chased thieves outside was shot and now in serious condition

Federal and Alberta governments set up online access to new monitoring program tracking impacts on water, air and wildlife in oilsands region

London reclaims marathon spirit with Boston tribute

Ottawa Citizen Matthew Fisher: The Tsarnaev brothers part of a global movement the world has not yet fully comprehended

Toronto 10K race honours Boston victims

New book claims JFK was a meth addict, courtesy of 'Dr. Feelgood' who also hooked Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mantle and 'half of Hollywood'

How and why Boston's 8 hospitals were so incredibly ready and capable after Marathon bombing; no victims died in hospital, battlefield lessons learned and applied

5 snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche

Was elder Tsarnaev brother inspired by Russia's Bin Laden? FBI tracked him 'for five years' after being told by Moscow of links to Chechen terrorists; but FBI later discounted Tamerlan as a threat, despite telling his mother he was an 'extremist leader'

New Yorker: The culprits

Wife and in-laws of slain Tamerlan Tsarnaev stunned by mad week; "We cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred. In the aftermath of the Patriot's Day horror, we know that we never really knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev"

Prosecutors could seek death penalty against Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Canadian accused in Gadhafi plot released from Mexican jail; Cyndy Vanier release ordered by Supreme Court of Mexico

Trudeau won't back Quebec's demand for access to father's papers

‘I want proof’: Toronto aunt of Boston Marathon bombing suspects urges nephew to explain himself

BlackBerry wins biggest corporate order on record from Canadian Tire

Chechens in Toronto worried about radicalization of youth; 'They are two individuals and they don't represent the whole nation'

‘We’re ashamed’: Uncle of Boston Marathon bombing suspects expresses grief for victims, calls nephews ‘losers’

Cornelius Chapman: Let’s pursue justice before forgiveness

Governments should not "strong arm" auto industry into producing electric vehicles: Chrysler CEO Marchionne; "Government can help drive best results by remaining technology neutral"

Full meltdown: Trudeau’s touchy-feely terrorism comments will hurt him more than any Tory attack ad

‘Liberals are being hypocritical’: Trudeau sent letter seeking approval for temporary foreign worker permits; also other Liberals, NDP

Bombardier Recreational Products, maker of Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Evinrude and Can-Am brands, to issue IPO

Ignatieff decisive: "We can't accept terrorism", it cannot be rationalized

Canadian-born singer and Billy Graham colleague, George Beverly Shea dead at 104

Separatism mischief-makers: Quebec provincial parties unanimous in calling on Ottawa to release Constitution archives

Thomas Pascoe: The gold price crash is further evidence of market rigging

Cape Breton's Rita MacNeil dead at 68; remembered for her "heart of gold and the voice of an angel"

Manitoba NDP Government raising sales tax by 1%, ignoring legal requirement to hold referendum

Christina Blizzard: Liberal party should be on hook for money wasted on gas plant cancellation, chemo-gate, ORNGE, etc.

Premier Wynne calls Liberals' blowing $275M by cancelling Mississauga gas plant in middle of 2011 election merely "unfortunate"

Ohio’s $500B oil dream fades as drillers say they misjudged Utica shale potential

Canada in 'heightened state of vigilance'; steps up border security

NDP's Dix promises $$ millions to restore BC forest inventory

Newfoundland Justice Minister calls for investigation of Facebook group suggesting Premier should be assassinated

Christy Clark launches BC election with promise of a 'stark choice'

BC NDP candidate leaves race on first day over offensive online comments

Private sector - not Ontario Government - should operate casinos, Hudak says

NDP mocks Trudeau poll bump -- cites Stephane Dion 2006 poll bump

Canadian linked to terrorist group was killed in suicide attack in Somalia: community source

Toronto Mayor Ford stands with pro-casino union workers, promises to make it an election issue

How to keep small towns from disappearing

The hidden skill deficit: Short supply of international trade skills limits Canada’s growth

David Akin: As the BC election starts, the numbers look grim for Clark's Liberals

Sandy Crux: Dr. Gosnell’s trial & why Harper should start abortion debate in 2015!

Toronto Sun editorial: Time to fire Wynne’s fools

Gas plant cancellation cost $85M more than Ontario Liberals claimed: auditor

Suncor selling conventional Canadian assets for $1 billion to British, Qatari companies

Ex-York University student may have been involved in Sunday's Somalia suicide attack

no surprise: Justin Trudeau new leader of federal Liberal Party

100,000 in Ontario without power 24 hours after Friday ice storm

Thomas Walkom: Former outsourcer describes how RBC-like job destruction works

The scary aftermath of the 'miracle' sight cure of the 1980s and 1990s -- radial keratotomy -- now coming into clear focus

Fourth suspect from London, Ontario, sought by police in Algeria terror attack

Sandy Crux: For a better Ontario, the 'choice' in 2013 is Tim Hudak and a future PC government

Hollywood producer plans new film on Terry Fox with proceeds going to cancer research

Rehtaeh Parsons case to be reopened; police say new information has come to light

Luka Magnotta to stand trial on 1st-degree murder

Power of the Press: RBC publicly apologizes to employees affected by outsourcing arrangements; all will be offered full employment by the bank

John Ivison: Is a ‘Tony Blair moment’ enough to save Thomas Mulcair’s NDP?

Nova Scotia Premier reveals plan for probe into Rehtaeh Parsons tragedy amid fresh vigilante threats

Prime Minister Stephen Harper 'sickened' by events that led to death of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda to recall total of 3.4 million vehicles over faulty airbags

John Baird: The European Union must join Canada in designating Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Toronto's Porter Airlines plans to expand across North America, add 30 new Bombardier jets

Heavy storm watch for Toronto and southern Ontario; sleet, freezing rain, snow, etc.

WSJ: Why Canada can avoid banking crises and U.S. can’t

Tim Hudak says government led by him would reduce unemployment and deficit, boost economy; to do so would bring unions to heel, get rid of "expensive gold-standard" public pensions, build new subways, rank public bureaucrats on performance, freeze public-sector wages for two years, and give tax breaks to employers

Will CBC heads roll? Federal Government suing publicly-owned CBC to get leaked list of 450 tax evaders

Canadian Yoon was on his way to fight in Mali when arrested, records show

Parliament Hill gets Google Street View treatment

City of Oshawa backs down after sending bill to organizers of Highway of Heroes tribute

Toronto Zoo union threatens to hold pandas hostage

Crux of the Matter: Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, Canada has Charter of Rights!

Dozens gather at National War Memorial to mark anniversary of Battle of Vimy Ridge

Ex-players call NFL brain-injury panel a 'sham'

John Ivison: Confession; How Thatcher woke up the snoozing, cozy world of UK politics

Curb union spending: Ontario Chief Electoral Officer considers third-party campaign caps

Royal Bank of Canada lambasted for outsourcing IT work to India, denying involvement in former division's foreign worker program usage

Stephen Harper inducts Paul Henderson, Mark Messier and Dave King into the Order of Hockey in Canada

In fight over banked sick days, a widening fairness gap is exposed; thousands of public sector workers enjoy high salaries, guaranteed pensions and special perks that other Canadians will never get, regardless of how long or hard they work

Toronto Mayor Ford officially backs downtown casino proposal for jobs and revenue

Toronto staff report favours casino integrated with expanded convention centre; Front Street location front-runner?

PM Stephen Harper: Margaret Thatcher fostered peace and defined conservativism

Adam Daifallah: The world needs more Thatchers

Conrad Black: In praise of the alpha female

Washington Post: Margaret Thatcher transformed Britain and transfixed America

Ottawa to probe Royal Bank job outsourcing

RBC scrambles to explain hiring practices after claim Canadians being replaced by foreign workers

Trudeau says leadership race no place to discuss policy... when then?

A growing number of TV viewers don't watch over cable, satellite or antenna, says Nielsen

How three Canadians graduated from a rebellious high school friendship to the world of Islamist terrorism

Canada, Palestinians have ‘profound differences of opinion,’ John Baird says after meeting with Mahmoud Abbas

Jesse Kline: Liberal Party talks tough but still struggles to define itself

David Frum: By ignoring abortion, Harper is giving Canadians exactly what they voted for

Harper calls byelection for May 13 in Labrador riding vacated by Penashue

Canada going for world men's curling gold after 6-3 win over Scotland

Don Macpherson: Trudeau not dumb, probably just lazy

Liberal leadership showcase: A spectacle without substance

Toronto convention: Liberal leadership candidate and MP Joyce Murray urges Liberals to join with NDP and Green Party to gang up on Conservatives, gets little response

Montreal police arrest 279 during illegal demonstration

Adam Radwanski: With eyes on transportation, Premier Wynne takes a big risk

Static stretching before games may weaken muscles, impair athletic performance

2 men dead, killer and daycare worker; 53 children safe at adjacent daycares in Gatineau, Quebec

Canadian's firm used in huge Russian tax scandal; Caribbean agency helped set up offshore companies connected to $230M scam

Canada loses 54,500 jobs in March, unemployment rises to 7.2%

Does big leak of offshore financial records herald global transparency?

Robert Zildjian dies at 89; creator of world-renowned cymbals maker Sabian, based in Meductic, NB

Graeme Hamilton: Adjudicator finds Quebec labour federation used threats to seize control of construction hiring

'Too drunk to remember' defence doesn't work for Vancouver Stanley Cup rioter found guilty; had pleaded not guilty to participating in a riot, mischief and breaking a court order but his actions were preserved in video

Men with certain types of baldness at higher risk for coronary heart disease

Terence Corcoran: No credible evidence that anything Metrolinx is planning will reduce congestion

NDP's proposed new rhetoric seeks to dial down socialism; move is designed to woo centrist voters but one that risks alienating their traditional base

TSX hits lowest point in 2013 on weak U.S. data

Donald Savoie: Frugality once defined the civil service. It needs to be rediscovered

Canada attacks 'evil' of Sri Lanka hosting Commonwealth summit; Canadian foreign minister criticises Sri Lanka's 'appalling' record, authoritarianism and failure to tackle rights abuses

Landing gear part believed to be from 9-11 plane discovered between NYC mosque site, high-rise

Boston cabbie picked up Tsarnaev brothers at suburban Boston transit station the night before Marathon; lifted one of "heavy" backpacks

latest: Bombing brothers' mom also in terror database; were the FBI just Keystone Kops?

Even Obamacare advocate David Brooks frets the "huge train wreck" wrought on the nation

MA Gov. Patrick scrambles for cover after public outrage over Tsarnaev welfare weasel revelations

Howie Carr: Another day in alien nation; suppose the marathon bombings had been committed by born-again Christian Tea Party members on the dole...

NY Times: Federal spigot flows as farmers claim bias; "an examination by The New York Times shows that it became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees"

NY Times: FBI let 'bureaucratic inertia' steer their judgement away from keeping a close watch on killer Tamerlan Tsarnaev; is Sen. Graham the only who understands it was "a case study in system failure" that has to be fixed, immediately?

NY Gov. Cuomo loses 15 points as poll support drops from 57% to 42% from upstate voters after radical gun legislation

Taliban causes fiery Afghan bus crash, 30 dead

Body found in river confirmed as Sunil Tripathi - missing student wrongly linked to Boston marathon bombing

updated BBC: 38 die in Russia psychiatric hospital fire

Bill Gertz: Conciliatory FBI policies toward Islamism hampered probe into Boston bombers

Boston Herald: We deserve to know what our tax $ paid for

Massachusetts Gov. Patrick refuses to open welfare books on Tsarnaevs; keeps gravy train hidden

U.S. says 'all options on table' if confirmed that Syria used chemical weapons

Judith Miller: How to stop terrorists before they kill

David Blair: Europe becomes a continent of free-riders while U.S. picks up defence burden

U.S. FAA clears Dreamliner battery fix, ends 787 flight ban

UK dodges triple-dip recession, but Spain unemployment tops 6 million

Washington Post: Feds foul up interrogation just as Tsarnaev spilling the beans; will lives be put at risk?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev vowed to die for Islam in 2011 texts to mom; judge may have prematurely stopped brother's interrogation, sources say

Boston bombs were detonated by remote used for toy cars

CIA put Tamerlan Tsarneav on terror watch list but ball was dropped and he wasn't tracked

Boston Bomber will have all-star defense team at public expense

More people are asking: Who is Saudi student Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi who was visited by Michelle Obama in Boston hospital and who apparently visited the White House multiple times? Is he the same person once a “person of interest” and put on a terror watch list after the Boston bombings?

E Street guitarist, actor and DJ Steve Van Zandt gives back; starts foundation to bring history of rock music into schools

Boston Marathon pressure cookers bought at Macy's

History repeating: Natural El Niño and La Niña fluctuations playing havoc with claims of "manmade" Global Warming

Boston Marathon bombs triggered by remote control, officials say

M5.7 Afghan quake, floods kills at least 33

Tim Stanley: The Muslim Brotherhood wants Spain back. Can the Christians have Egypt in exchange?

Asra Nomani: Muslims have a problem. Uncle Ruslan may have the answer.

Clashes escalate on Syria-Lebanon border; rebels threaten to "move the battle into Lebanon" if Syrian offensive, which they claim is Hezbollah-led, continues

updated: Death toll now 100, others trapped, 1,000 injured; Joe Fresh clothes among those made at factory in collapsed Bangladesh building [video]

Interim Benghazi Report [pdf]

Apple's $55B stock buyback to ease pain of slowing growth

Benghazi Report: Obama, Clinton blew response, State Dept topdogs oblivious to Benghazi dangers despite ignored warnings from Ambassador Stevens who was killed as a result

Daily Mail: Eyewitness photos and video by Andrew Kitzenberg capture the Tsarnaev brothers' Thursday night Watertown firefight with police and Dzhokhar's desperate escape [video]

Bomber widow leaves home with FBI escort and lawyer, 'trying to come to terms' with crimes

Boston bombers' carjack victim on daring escape: 'I thought they were going to kill me'

Hero boat owner Dave Henneberry who found America'a Most Wanted in his backyard, speaks out and corrects the record, too [video]

Thankful Americans donating to help replace Dave Henneberry's pride and joy; hero's boat was destroyed in firefight that led to capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

New ricin suspect proclaims innocence in midst of media circus

Charges dropped against ricin suspect Paul Kevin Curtis after no evidence found linking him to poison

Daily Caller: Bill Maher calls out professor who says all religions are equally extremist; "That's Liberal BS... I mean there’s only one faith, for example, that kills you or wants to kill you if you draw a bad cartoon of the prophet. There’s only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounce the faith." [video]

Christie Blatchford: Gloating ‘Officer down’ Tweet after Boston shooting enrages Toronto police, lawyers

CNN's King: mea culpa, 'I'm very sorry'

EPA attacks State Dept over Keystone; too big for britches?

Friday traffic stop in Niagara Falls used state police robot to pull contents out of car

Tax-free internet shopping to end in U.S.? Will it help bricks-and-mortar retailers? Change competition model? Help States' bottom line? Choke online sales?

Security officials to face grilling Tuesday over Boston Marathon bombings

French embassy in Tripoli hit by car bomb

Up to 500 feared dead in Damascus suburb

Netflix adds 2 million U.S. streaming customers, shares jump 24%

Dancer, 32, who lost part of her leg in Boston bombing vows to dance again... and run in next year's marathon

Texas fertilizer company didn't heed disclosure rules before blast

Authorities probe whether slain Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev linked to unsolved triple killing

Did the media botch the Boston Bombing?

Kenneth Walsh: Obama faces second-guessing over Boston Marathon bombings

A short history of terrorism attacks involving Canada

Black and white and red all over; how much of a role does modern media play in radicalization?

Glenn Beck: There's funny business going on with Saudi National once considered 'person of interest' in Boston Bombings

Iranian link to Boston bombings? Source says 'Quds Forces planned Boston bombings for 2 years'; "Hezbollah and elements of al-Qaida" involved

Bleeding heart twit: Professor: We used 'too much force' capturing Boston Bombers

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife claims to know nothing, saw nothing; her lawyer says police waiting to talk with her

TIME: The bungling Tsarnaev brothers were caught because the heroic, carjacked SUV driver escaped -- and left behind a trackable cellphone that meant the killers could run but they couldn't hide

NY Times: CNN tarnished yet again as it feels pressure to be news leader it once was

Canada could be considering request from U.S. to join missile shield

NY Times: The Boston victims

High euro is crippling growth in eurozone nations, says Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska

Irrelevant Dept: Bomb suspects didn't have gun permit

Boston transit officer ‘critical, but stable’ after shootout with bombing suspects

At least 185 killed in Nigeria battle with Islamists

Boston officials say they believe Tsarnaev brothers were going to hit more targets; FBI hit for dropping the ball after investigating dead brother

B Strong: Neil Diamond shows up for live 'Sweet Caroline' -- owns Fenway Park [video]

Is FBI hunting for a "12-strong terror sleeper cell" as UK Mirror reports?

Once quiet streets of terror become new Boston draw; Dave Henneberry a folk hero; collection starts to buy him replacement boat after his shot up; neighbours all shook up

Andy Borowitz: CNN quits breaking news, becomes 'CNN Classic'

North Korea moves two more missile launchers: report

Christie Blatchford: Ferocious uncle of Boston bombing suspects a voice of sanity on one of the most extraordinary days in modern American history -- a great old city under unprecedented full lockdown

China quake toll mounting as at least 156 dead and more than 5,500 injured by big, shallow quake

Czech Republic concerned they're being confused with Chechnya by angry bloggers

Boston Police Commish: Photo release was 'turning point' and may have cost MIT officer Sean Collier his life

Boston Globe: Brothers in Marathon bombings took two paths into infamy

'Best friend' of dead Tsarnaev brother was victim in brutal unsolved murder two years ago

FBI arrests Chicago teenager as he attempts to join al-Qaida in Syria

Boston suspect was under FBI surveillance, mother says

Boston Marathon attack creates massive health costs; U.S. health economics expert says total could easily top $9M

Homeland Security’s proposed new Canada-U.S. border fee prompts alarm in New York

West, Texas fertilizer plant blast: 14 bodies found

Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev drove over injured older brother to escape police after major gun and bomb battle last night [video]

M6.6 shallow quake (12 km) hits 50km WSW of Linqiong, China in foothills of Himalayas

Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev drove over injured older brother to escape police after major gun and bomb battle last night [video]

Gun company stocks have gone up in the wake of the Boston manhunt; if a Watertown resident had a gun last night, the region wouldn't be terrorized today

NBC says at-large bombing suspect is not Sunil Tripathi despite photo matches and comments by his friends

Major SWAT/FBI takedown in Watertown, MA involved raging gun battle, multiple explosions as police swarmed Boston Marathon bombing suspects who earlier killed an MIT cop -- click for CBS-WBZ LIVE TV

Campus police officer killed in 'active' shooting at MIT; link to nearby Boston bombing?

Obama proves he's an 'adolescent' lame duck President

How the largest real-estate deal in history turned out to be a massive bust

Taste of beer alone makes drinkers happier, study suggests

Obama’s chaotic Middle East policy

Two ‘best’ planets for life found orbiting distant star

Smug anarchist charged in G20 put back on plane to New York

Explosion at Oklahoma City propane tank farm

Authorities arrest wife of ex-judge being investigated in case of slain Texas DA

CNN’s double breakdown: So much for ‘abundance of caution’

FBI arrest Mississippi man for sending letters laced with poison ricin to Republican Senator and White House

Obama over-reach fails in assault on gun owners in Democrat-controlled Senate, points fingers, blames others -- as usual; bipartisan vote rejects new gun limits

Nova Scotia to donate $50,000 to Boston's MassGeneral Hospital for Children in response to the bombings at Boston Marathon

Boeing wins $1.6B contract to supply South Korea with attack helicopter fleet of Apache Guardians

Fast Company: How a young community of entrepreneurs is rebuilding Detroit

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers 'The Rascals' play Broadway (and will tour U.S.) in Once Upon a Dream; producer/director Steve Van Zandt has likened it to "Jersey Boys, but with the Four Seasons"; the original Rascals line-up which broke up in 1970, plays 28 songs, including all the big hits

Tesco, UK's largest retailer, to exit U.S. market at cost of $1.84B; will decide whether to sell or liquidate 199 west coast Fresh & Easy stores

News Corp's entertainment company to be named 21st Century Fox; will include Twentieth Century Fox film division and television networks, including FOX News, Fox Sports, National Geographic and FX

LA Times: Horse meat found in nearly 5% of beef products tested in EU

Union reverses stand, now against Obamacare, wants it repealed

WSJ: Boston bomb clues surface as FBI and other agencies in full CSI mode

Fears for Papua New Guinea towns after M6.8 quake

Screening intercepts ricin-poisoned letter sent to U.S. Senator

Senior Canadian military lawyer shoots video showing people on roof above Boston blasts, submits to FBI after plea for images

Father of man photographed in wheelchair with savagely damaged legs after Boston explosions says son had double amputation

Oracle preps 128 security patches; Java gets 42

AP: Bi-partisan bill would remake U.S. immigration system, give it Canadian characteristics

Obama admits Boston bombings an act of 'terrorism' - had avoided term on Monday

The MSM finally notices ‘the pause’ -- 'Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown'

A perfect Marathon day, then the unimaginable

Chavez heir begins 6-year term with half of Venezuela against him and rising tensions

Japan Times: Colorado's Dish Network offers $25.5B deal to buy Sprint, topping Japan's Softbank bid

LA Times: With Al Qaeda shattered, U.S. counter-terrorism's future unclear

JFK Library official: Fire not related to marathon explosions

Wheels off the bus in Obama Middle East policy: Fayyad quits

NY Times: More cracks undermine the citadel of TV profits

The Economist cautiously admits global warming theory overblown

Gitmo terror inmates riot; Obama plays golf, ignores 2008 pledge to close Cuba prison

Munchkins speak out against BBC and Thatcher-haters

Buffalo breaks ground on unique $172M development beside current home of Buffalo Sabres which will incorporate two NHL-size ice rinks plus hotel, parking and a Tim Hortons; the 3-rink complex will be unique in U.S. and the downtown rinks are expected to make Buffalo a hockey mecca

Obama raises Obamacare premiums because numbers don't add up, as critics said

Iconic comic Jonathan Winters dies at 87

Atlantic: Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell's trial should be a front-page story

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict's health has worsened; reports say 'he will not be with us much longer'

Kirsten Powers: Philadelphia abortion clinic horror

Why isn't U.S. media covering grisly Kermit Gosnell mass-abortion trial in Philadelphia? Doctor faces death penalty for routinely killing live-born infants

Experimental study suggests spinal injections of bone marrow can 'cure' back pain

Bitcoin exchange halts trading for 12 hours after meltdown

Goldman slaps Microsoft with 'sell' rating

Bitcoin or Gold: Which is more fiat-proof?

PC sales plunge as Windows 8 flops: research firm

Bitcoin digital currency hits record high price before ‘flash crash’

survey: Ronald Reagan would beat Obama in modern election

Andy Johns, producer of legendary recordings for Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, dead at 62

Dark Ages: New President of National Union of Students in UK hasn't attended university and won't: "My parents didn't go to university and look how good they turned out"; first non-university-educated head in group's history

North Korea closes China border to tourists

Houston stabbing suspect deaf since birth, tells police he has had "fantasies of stabbing people to death" since he was in elementary school and had long-planned today's attacks which put 14 in hospital, 2 in critical condition

Higgs boson: Stop calling it the 'God particle', says Peter Higgs

Egypt's Christian pope blasts Islamist president

Factories that ran on Korean cooperation go silent

Boris Johnson: Margaret Thatcher: brave, principled, electric

15 injured in stabbing attack at Houston's Lone Star College; 12 taken to hospital, suspect tackled by student

Iraqi al-Qaida and Syria militants announce merger

Man kills 13 family and neighbours in Serbian shooting spree

Baroness Thatcher's lasting legacy in Middle East

U.S. Navy demonstrates how game-changing ship-mounted lasers can blast missiles, aircraft out of sky

How medical science got it exactly wrong on childhood food allergies

emails surface: Nancy Lanza feared ‘self-destruct’ genetic illness; wrote of her disgust over school violence in New Hampshire

CNN/ORC Poll: Obama underwater on guns, immigration, deficit

Volvo says new 4-cylinder diesel technology will kill the V8

Asbury Park's feud between the city, developer poses latest threat to renewal of Springsteen's 'City of Ruins'

No state funeral for Baroness Thatcher; family wishes

National Geographic: 5 surprising things you didn’t know about Margaret Thatcher

Sir Harold Evans: Margaret Thatcher, an enlarger of British freedom

John Cassidy: Maggie and me: How Thatcher changed Britain

Obama on Thatcher: ‘A true friend’ of U.S., example for women

Canadian Senator Pamela Wallin on interviewing Margaret Thatcher and on her multiple impacts in a turbulent world time [video]

Thatcher’s dramatic 1990 fall: ‘Stabbed in the front’

David Frum: It's not well enough remembered, but the issue that brought down Mrs. Thatcher was her steadfast opposition to the Euro currency; As all the world now knows, she was right and her opponents were wrong

Margaret Thatcher: a life in quotes

Margaret Thatcher, the first woman elected to lead a major western state changed way Britons viewed politics and economics
PM David Cameron: "As our first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher succeeded against all the odds, and the real thing about Margaret Thatcher is that she didn't just lead our country, she saved our country, and I believe she will go down as the greatest British peacetime Prime Minister."
Labour leader Ed Miliband: "She reshaped the politics of a whole generation. She moved the centre ground of British politics and was a huge figure on the world stage. The Labour party disagreed with much of what she did and she will always remain a controversial figure. But we can disagree and also greatly respect her political achievements and her personal strength."

Conrad Black: Imagining a peaceful Middle East

Japanese stocks rise sharply, government debt inches up as BOJ begins bond buying

Portugese government collapse set to endanger Eurozone

Haaretz: What Iran has learned from the Korean crisis

North Korea miscalculation dangerous for the world: Hague

Russians most interested in Bitcoin, google searches show; driven by crisis in Cyprus?

Daily Mail: Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza carried out killings 'as act of revenge after suffering from years of bullying at school'; his former cub scout leader says "Adam was an easy target. He was quiet and he would never fight back."

NY Times: A treason-waging Pakistani tribal leader was first target of a drone attack in 2004, says new book, which paints him sympathetically as "a brash member of the Wazir tribe"

Coffee is the second largest commodity in world trade, right after oil

Kerry mourns first U.S. diplomat killed since Benghazi

Afghan attacks kill U.S. female diplomat, soldiers, others

Boston Police under attack for drop in in drunk driving arrests

India: Two builders arrested, Thane building collapse toll goes up to 72

Blunt talk: 'She's an old hag' Argentina's Cristina Kirchner furious as Uruguay's leader caught on microphone with candid assessment

U.S. judge widens 'morning-after' pill access for young girls

Sharing marijuana cigarette not a crime says top court in Massachusetts, but growing even small amounts still illegal

Will Spanish replace French as the second working language of the United Nations?

Reporter who revealed vital details on Batman Killer's death threats prior to Colorado theater massacre in 2012 faces jail for not revealing sources

Iraqi Christians and Muslims live side-by-side in Detroit

Texas prosecutor shootings are investigated amid tight security

Race to the bottom? Japan opens the spigot, with a torrent of Yen planned to boost economy; the impact of an unexpectedly ambitious move by Bank of Japan on Thursday could course quickly through world economy, pulling down value of Yen and with it the prices of cars, electronics and other goods the country sells worldwide

M6.3 quake hit near Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant

M6.3 shallow quake hits Iran, at least 32 dead, 850 injured

North Korea urges foreigners to leave South Korea
because of ‘thermonuclear war’ threat

North Korea a ‘clear and direct threat’ to
U.S. national security, Pacific Command chief warns

In this Sunday, April 15, 2012 file photo, a North Korean vehicle carries a missile during a mass
military parade in Pyongyang. ~ David Guttenfelder AP

North Korea arsenal, targets, risks [click for full graphic]

North Korea is believed to have over 800 ballistic missiles with biological, chemical and nuclear payloads.
~ Richard Johnson National Post

Threats of a nuclear test cause tensions to rise in Korean peninsula

North Korea pledges nuclear missile test this week

The Iron Lady's remarkable U.S. legacy

Charles Krauthammer: "Thatcher came in two years before Reagan and it had a tremendous effect on
us because for Ronald Reagan himself and those supporting him, her example in a much more far-left
country and an even more sclerotic economy really sent a message that it can be done." ~ Politico

Will: The vigorous virtues of Margaret Thatcher

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
in 1987. ~ Mike Sargent AFP/Getty Images

How Margaret Thatcher transformed British politics

Margaret Thatcher answers questions from the media during a news conference on June 23, 1982. ~ AP

Canadian politicians flood internet with Thatcher tributes

Margaret Thatcher waves to supporters June 12, 1987 from Conservative Party headquarters
in London after victory in Britain's general election. ~ AP Photo

Kelly McParland: Margaret Thatcher was the indispensable leader

Margaret Thatcher shares a joke with her friend and ally Ronald Reagan, at No. 10 Downing Street. ~ Keystone/Getty Images

Conrad Black: An Iron Lady’s vindication

Margaret Thatcher stands in a British tank during a visit to British forces in Fallingbostel, 70 miles south of Hamburg,
Germany. on September 17, 1986 during Cold War, three years before fall of Iron Curtain. ~ Jockel Fink AP Photo

BBC: Thatcher one of world's most influential political figures of 20th Century

updated: Baroness Thatcher ceremonial funeral with military honours
at St. Paul's Cathedral - first big send-off since Sir Winston Churchill

In pictures Margaret Thatcher's years in office

Margaret Thatcher is widely considered Britain's greatest post-war Prime Minister. ~ Telegraph

Baroness Margaret Thatcher dies, at age 87

Margaret Thatcher was Britain's longest-serving Prime Minister, 1979 - 1990, since 1827

Suspicious? Truck explodes, shuts down part of New York City bridge

A truck caught fire as it approached the ramp to the Queensboro Bridge, prompting an explosion
and shutting down the upper level of the span Sunday evening. ~ Andrew Margulis

73 Days and Out: Capsizing ends Can-Am trans-Atlantic rowing attempt

Two Canadians and two Americans attempting to set a world record for an unassisted, human-powered row across the Atlantic
have been rescued after a rogue wave capsized their boat after 73 days at sea. ~ Erinn J. Hale Canadian Wildlife Federation

Macleans: Ottawa media apologizes for latest Trudeau stumble;
are the in-the-pocket scribes Pi-faced?

Not ready for prime time? Top 10 Justin Trudeau gaffes

Illiterate? "I’m not going to go around reciting Pi to the 19th decibel [sic]
or you know wave my grades, or test scores to people" says Trudeau

Daily Mail: 'You try it little man and we will annihilate you';
Defiance of the Guam islanders targeted by North Korea nukes

Threat: A large number U.S. military bases in the Pacific are within range of the new North Korea missiles.

Lockheed Martin gives two thumbs up to quantum computer from D-Wave

Has Canadian company D-Wave created 'Holy Grail' of computers?

An example of what the surface of a quantum computer chip looks like. ~ Eric Lucero

China approves anti-flu drug with H7N9 potential

Two new bird flu cases in China amid poultry crackdown

New Bird Flu: How dangerous is Avian Flu H7N9?

Airline shares plunge on bird flu outbreak fears

An outbreak of bird flu in China sent airline shares plunging yesterday.

U.S. secretly deploys fleet of B-1 strategic bombers
and E-6 "Doomsday" planes near North Korea

The B1-B is the largest capacity bomber in the U.S. arsenal, with a capacity of 125,000
pounds of ordinance. ~

Fidel Castro urges North Korea to avoid nuclear warfare

South Korea to buy bunker busting missiles from Europe

U.S. job growth falls sharply; many workers drop out of labour force

War Drums: North Korea moves two missiles to coast

Canadian Yoon in custody in Mauritania; under investigation for terrorism

North Korea advises Russia to consider evacuating embassy in Pyongyang

£50M deal saves HMV mother ship & 2,500 jobs; will use Canadian model

Iconic Nipper will remain on British storefronts after last-minute rescue.

Will CBC release names to feds of other 449 Canadian tax cheats?

CNN: Amid Pyongyang bluster & hardware movements, missile launch feared

U.S. would seek regime change in North Korea if attack occurs

First World War cave carvings by Canadian soldiers near Vimy Ridge
now being 3D-saved by historical documentation and imaging group

Zenon Andrusyszyn, leader of Canadigm, the group that copied the carvings of Canadian soldiers in a cave
near Vimy Ridge, shows new copies of the handiwork of soldiers, here of Londoner Robert McKee,
a private in the 48th Highlanders. ~ Chip Martin London Free Press

Yoon denies claims made by CBC about connections to Algeria terrorism;
wants to return to Canada to clear his name, says brother

Ontario Government considers charging motorists per kilometre travelled;
Moronic idea seen by Metrolinx to fund Greater Toronto transit;
Short on details, proposed shakedown could use GPS, crush economy

Liberal Senator's husband hides $1.7M from Canada Revenue Agency
offshore while locked in a battle over his taxes, say leaked documents

Ex-Goldman trader pleads guilty to $8.3B wire fraud

Hero says dog 'Rocky' helped save girls from icy river

Adam Shaw and his dog Rocky, an 8-year-old Labrador retriever-husky cross, rescued two
girls from icy waters of the North Saskatchewan River Sunday. ~ Ed Kaiser Postmedia News

CBC: Canadians in Algeria attack went overseas with 3rd man;
Aaron Yoon was a fellow classmate and convert to radical Islam;
Korean Canadian Yoon was arrested in Africa in January

990 Ontario cancer patients given low chemotherapy doses: Windsor,
London, Peterborough, Durham Region; patients being contacted

Township not notified about 2 am wind turbine fire until after 2 pm today

At-risk neighbours upset not alerted to wind turbine fire in high winds
Rural fire departments don't have aerial capability for 255-ft-high fires

Middle of night fire spewed toxic fumes that could have led to burning fields and homes say
upset rural neighbours. Not even a smoke detector sounded. ~ Shawn Drennan

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper establishes new
official protocol for Blue Jays season opener

PM Harper marks season opener with Blue Jays flag on his car and traditional message
to team: "OK, @BlueJays. Let’s. Play. Ball. #LoveThisTeam #BlueJays" ~ Deb Ransom PMO

Will Blue Jays' 2013 home opener top the topping
of now next-door CN Tower April 2nd, 1975?

On this day in 1975, the Erickson Aircrane Sikorsky -- 'Olga' -- helicopter
completed the 44-piece antenna at the top of the 1,815.4-foot CN Tower.
The top is over 2,070 feet above sea level.

U.S. stockpiling ICBMs on Vancouver Island to counter North Korea threats?
errr, no... miss the memo? it's just another re-make of Godzilla [video]

A YouTube video shows the passing missile train interrupting a backyard gathering.

CBC: Possibly more than two Canadians involved in Algeria gas plant slaughter

Canadians among suspected terrorists in Algeria gas plant
siege were London, Ontario school friends: report

Algerian soldiers stand in front of wreckage of vehicles destroyed during hostage-taking at gas plant in Ain Amenas.

At 88 floors, tallest residential tower in Canada planned for Toronto’s lakeshore

Pinnacle proposal calls for six highrises, including 88-storey condo tower at base of Yonge Street in a city
that already tops North America for the most highrises under construction.

Good news: Pilot, 5 passengers survive small plane crash in Saskatchewan

Crashed Cherokee Six carried four adults and two children.

Three killed in 95-car pile-up in fog on I-77 at VA-NC border

Canada's team: the Toronto Blue Jays embark on chemistry test season;
Just 9 returnees from April 2012 squad; new manager & coaches, too

Fans of the Blue Jays are expected to fill Rogers Centre in numbers not seen for 20 years.

Cyprus details heavy losses for major bank customers

OOPS: Global warming alarmists can't explain why data doesn't fit models;
if CO2 is up, why isn't the temperature curve? they're just wrong, is why...

Bad theory = bad science; maybe additional CO2 is simply helping food crops grow better.
The scientists whose grants and expensive funding depended on alarmism, are finally speechless.

Overhaul of Cyprus's banking sector to begin; 37.5% haircut for some savers

Former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein dies at age 70

Then-Premier Ralph Klein tosses a pancake to a volunteer as he cooks during the Premiers Stampede
Breakfast in Calgary, Monday, July 10, 2000. ~ Adrian Wyld The Canadian Press

RIP Ralph Klein: King Ralph to the media, just plain Ralph to Albertans
Canadians marvelled: a politician who actually kept his promises

Premier Ralph Klein conversed with Albertans regularly on open-line radio talk shows.
This photograph is from 1994. ~ Rick MacWilliam Edmonton Journal

Invented in 1980s, now a big deal: How 3D printing actually works

Chuck Hull invented and patented stereolithography in the mid-1980s. Since then, advances in the
technology have been (and continue to be) made, including the size of the printers themselves, the
materials they can use and more.

North Korea readies rockets after U.S. show of force

High-tech sabre rattling: B2 bombers buzz Korea flying from U.S.

U.S. B-2 stealth bomber flies over a U.S. air base in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, on March 28, 2013
as part of South Korea-U.S. joint military exercise. ~ Yonhapyonhap AFP Photo

Re-launched Jeep Cherokee raises eyebrows in NYC;
Chrysler says original SUV still off-road ready

New Cherokee is first Jeep model on new Chrysler platform adapted from Fiat.

BlackBerry surprises with 4Q profit; experts wrong, confounded

BlackBerry reports profit of US$98M or 19 cents per share for quarter ended March 2nd compared with
loss of $125M or 24 cents per share a year ago. ~ Nathan Denette The Canadian Press

Psychiatrist: ‘he was calm, he was cooperative’:
killer Kachkar showed no signs of mental illness after arrest

Kachkar Miss-Trial: Quickie jury says Toronto cop-killer lacked 'intent'
despite preponderance of evidence and video showing murder by snowplow;
widow calls on Prime Minister to 'fix the law': "I know you’re listening"

Christine Russell is escorted to her car after speaking to the media outside University Courthouse in Toronto Wednesday.

The price is right! Bob Barker to pay big bill for Royal Canadian Air Force
C-17 to fly Toronto's pasturized pachyderms to their California sunset

Supreme Court rules police need wiretap okay, not just search warrant,
to snoop on cellphone text messages as part of criminal investigations

We stand on guard for … Iceland: Canada takes
its turn defending only NATO country without an army

Mac's to make internet 'stars' out of thugs

Two suspects wanted for robbery at a Mac's convenience store March 24, 2013 in Windsor, Ontario.

Strong and shallow quake whacks Taiwan, shakes buildings, at least 1 dead

Rooftop parking, oops-style

A black Cadillac ended up on hillside neighbour's roof after mechanical failure. No injuries, minimal damage.

Chinese Panda bears arrive for five-year stay in Toronto;
welcomed by PM Harper and Chinese Ambassador Junsai

Giant pandas set to arrive at Toronto Zoo

Da Mao enjoying 'catering' aboard a FedEx flight to Toronto.

Central African Republic President overthrown by rebels

Blind dog has his own seeing eye dog

Isaac is a blind husky who has his own seeing eye dog. Both need a new home.

South Korea mis-identifies China as location of cyber attack origin

$$ Billions in spending on infrastructure not enough for Leftie critics
who want to spend, spend, spend Canada into enduring bankruptcy

Budget 2013 commits $$ billions for infrastructure, including $124.9M to build a bridge-causeway as part
of the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal that spans the St. Lawrence River, but more is never good enough
for left-wing spendthrifts who want to tax Canadians into oblivion. ~ Paul Chiasson The Canadian Press

Macleans: Why merging CIDA into Foreign Affairs
strengthens Canada’s aid program

Budget 2013 extends infrastructure spending with 10-year, $53.5B plan

Federal Budget 2013 focus on jobs, training, infrastructure

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepare to enter the House of Commons to deliver
the federal budget on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday March 21, 2013. ~ Sean Kilpatrick The Canadian Press

Body of elderly man who drove off ferry sent for autopsy

5 major moments in cellphone history; cell inventor, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper, made first public cellphone call on April 3, 1973

Elections Canada charges initial suspect in Guelph robocalls

Farmers may offer Wynne their own boot

Overnight fire destroys top of 255-foot wind turbine near Goderich, Ontario

Iconic 2014 Chevy Impala starts rolling off Camaro assembly line in Oshawa

Paving paradise: Short-sighted Kingston council wants to close picturesque urban golf course built on former island dump site 40 years ago and cover it with solar panels; union wages and upkeep neglect blamed for golf losses

Gananoque makes the case for Thousand Islands Casino staying open and staying put

Information commissioner to investigate specious allegation that federal government ‘muzzling’ federal scientists

Mike Holmes: Ottawa’s making it right with a budget that works

Kelly McParland: The Star’s war on Rob Ford is a deceitful vendetta based on journalistic hypocrisy

Rod Love: Ralph Klein: ‘He was a party crasher’

Public memorial for Ralph Klein to be held Friday

Search for Palestinian Authority’s missing millions leads to Canada

Russian hockey player dies after hit to the head in Kazakhstan league game

In Iraq, John Baird works to rebuild Canadian diplomatic and economic ties

Canadian warship seizes $100-million of heroin in ‘massive’ high seas bust in Indian Ocean

Sidney Crosby out indefinitely with broken jaw

Calgary helps to plan Ralph Klein memorial; condolence books set up at government buildings across Alberta

Two cars fall into sinkhole in parking lot near Montreal's Trudeau airport

Crux of the Matter: Should David Suzuki Foundation be stopped from fundraising from our schools with propaganda?

Family of 4 dead in morning house fire north of Toronto

Lawrence Solomon: Christian exodus could fuel Middle East decline

Murray emerges as primary challenger to Trudeau as grassroots groups rally behind the Vancouver MP

Fibre in diet also prevents strokes, says study

Canadian economy grew 0.2% in January, led by manufacturing: StatsCan

Pasture time on West Coast? BC Ferries, Powerex dominate public servant salary database Top 10 list; Median salary for top earners exceeds $900,000

Dollars and Sense: Opponents of financial accountability stop supporter from speaking at news conference announcing passage of First Nations Financial Accountability Act

French 'Survivor' season cancelled after heart attack death of 25-yr-old contestant following tug-o-war

Premier's cow chat hijacked by steamed wind turbine protesters who vow to dog Wynne's tracks

Christie Blatchford: Reporter’s Rob Ford ‘substance abuse’ questions not a glorious day for the press

Supreme Court expected to rule on need for warrant for police to see text messages

Liberal Premier threatens Ontario voters with "new revenue tools" -- her code for road tolls and tax hikes that will hurt economy and kill jobs say Opposition

Toronto Star continues vendetta against Toronto mayor, says Ford; paper relies on anonymous sources in latest story condemned by mayor as "an outright lie"

Newfoundland and Labrador cuts 1,200 civil service positions, reduces number of school boards to reduce budget deficit

Manitoba upgrades flood threat, but says no repeat of 2011 levels

Tax burden on Canadians up slightly in last three years but down overall since 2007

Two Quebec corruption inquiry witnesses quit their respective jobs after testifying

Globe and Mail editorial: Auto-condemnation of hazing not always warranted

Tabatha Southey: Rape is still treated like a matter of sex. But I know better...

Racism Rears Ugly Head: London, Ontario city councillor attacked for "not being black enough"

Flaherty sees substantial 'offshore' tax avoidance by the wealthy

Ken Dryden: Why we stand on guard for Stompin’ Tom and Don Cherry

TransCanada's Keystone pipeline gets strong bipartisan vote of support in U.S. Senate as White House drags feet

Second Canadian suspect confirmed killed in Algeria gas plant attack

Canada cuts direct foreign aid to China as bilateral aid programs re-evaluated

Ontario Government-owned TV Ontario to pull online game that shows pipeline bombing after complaints by Premiers of Alberta and British Columbia

Liberals worried about 'embarrassing' leadership vote turnout

Alberta highway re-opens after massive pile-up sent dozens to hospital

TSX may open higher on Cyprus-Greece agreement

Blue Jays’ Jose Reyes hopes Dominican WBC magic is contagious in Toronto

TIME: iPhone outdated, lacks modern multi-tasking says BlackBerry head on eve of Z10 launch in U.S.

Budget 2013 Cheers all around as Ottawa drops tariffs on hockey gear, other retail goods

Budget 2013 full text of Canadian federal budget

Budget 2013 First Nations youth get $241M 'workfare' program; tied to participation in training and education programs

Budget 2013 business community happy, welcomes balanced budget by 2015

Budget 2013 whistleblowers will get cash rewards for helping nab tax cheats

Budget 2013 targets tax loopholes

Budget 2013 mandate changes mean Ottawa-area festivals will have national perspective

'Endless wreckage' on Edmonton-area highway after weather-caused mega-crash

Toronto Transit chair hopes federal budget money will help fund new downtown subway

PM Harper gets kudos on Reddit for feline photo and personal penmanship

BlackBerry stock surges after big Morgan Stanley upgrade

Lying? Liberals knew gas plant bill higher than $40M, says OPA executive

Quebec corruption inquiry extended until 2015

6 skiers survive backcountry avalanche near Whistler

Manulife reverses low mortgage rate under pressure from Ottawa

NY Times: Mike Lazaridis: Creating Canada's 'Quantum Valley'

Fake page-clicks from hacked PCs show flimsy foundation of website advertising model

The end of the telephone hang-up

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli admits Liberals likely misled voters on cost to cancel gas plants for political reasons; blames civil servants, points fingers

Canadian killed in Algeria gas plant attack among suspected terrorists

Canada to announce new oil tanker safety and spill response regime

Monitoring your kids on Facebook? That's so 2009

Like pumpkins: At midnight, B.C. common-law couples transform into married couples

Former brain surgeon Philippe Couillard elected leader of Quebec Liberal Party on 1st ballot

Saskatoon strip mall evacuated after partial roof collapse

Mulcair unwisely pledges support for former Black Panther and convicted cop shooter Gary Freeman

Outgoing PBO, controversial Kevin Page lashes out, blames everybody else for problems in Ottawa; identifies himself as expert critic of public service, Parliament, weather, sports, etc.

Conrad Black: Jean Chrétien: A capable caretaker, but no statesman

Royal Canadian Legion embraces change and young in order to survive; strength in 1,452 branches coast to coast gives them unmatched community coverage

Andrew Coyne: The problem isn’t where Mulcair spoke about Keystone, it’s that he’s wrong

Quebec Liberal leadership race: Bachand and Moreau try to band together to defeat frontrunner Couillard

Pakistani scholar returns from Canada to lead demonstrations; known for anti-terrorist stance

‘It’s in our national interest’: Bob Rae ups pressure on Mulcair after clumsy U.S. Keystone comments

Insensitive Quebec MNA Amir Khadir abandons tribute to convicted FLQ terrorist dirtbag Paul Rose involved in murder of Pierre Laporte

Toronto wakes up, smells coffee? Canada's largest city to consider waste incineration for future

Seven dead in Cancun bar shooting; victims not Spring Breakers

Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin admits to illegal political financing for Quebec Liberals and Parti Quebecois

Canada's role as energy 'super producer' says think tank

Nature before nurture: babies are born bullies

Markham teacher joins mutiny against union action

Tory minister Peter Penashue resigns over election irregularities; will run in byelection

Federal Budget March 21st

Kidnapper/killer Paul Rose dead at age 69; central criminal figure in 1970 'October Crisis'

Cancelled gas plants will actually cost Ontario taxpayers $828-million, energy expert testifies

Now Saskatchewan NDP leader rejects Mulcair on Keystone pipeline after federal leader is accused of ‘betraying our country’

Kelly McParland: Mulcair’s Washington outburst trips up Saskatchewan NDP boss

Higgs boson discovery said to be confirmed

Stompin’ Tom’s memorial: joyous farewell to country icon

Grandson of 'Boom Boom' Geoffrion, 2010 top U.S. Collegiate player Blake Geoffrion retiring at 25 after AHL skull fracture during NHL strike

Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce says Ontario in state of near-crisis in utility costs as factories close and jobs flee

Victim’s grieving father leaves Luka Magnotta hearing in tears

Jonathan Kay: Marc Garneau proves Liberals don’t want smart candidates with good ideas; should he now be appointed to Senate?

Ex-astronaut Marc Garneau bails on Liberal leadership race in final days; was he bought off or couldn't take the stress?

Mulcair carries hypocrisy abroad, continues to look foolish

Lucky Moose: Canadian citizens have new powers to make arrests

French PM lauds Canada’s help in Mali

Japan first country to extract methane hydrate (frozen gas) from seabed

Too late, but finally Liberal cold feet on Ontario’s green energy mania

Pentagon vows to protect funding for F-35 if possible

Problems converting for front-runner? Trudeau camp calls for one-week extension, blames technical problems for low voter registration

Falkland Islanders vote overwhelmingly to keep British rule: 99.8%

BBC: Recovering Queen signs Commonwealth charter

GM Canada to invest $250M in Ingersoll plant

House prices to be flat for 10 years, TD predicts

updated: Harper announces powers transfer to NorthWest Territories; "It is time for the people of the Northwest Territories to take control of their destiny"

Pedophiles being hunted by diligent police forces thousands of miles away; the identity of the accused often raise eyebrows along with hackles and ire

TV is changing before our eyes; cable, satellite and traditional networks mattering less as on-demand online supply multiplies

Power returns to thousands of Toronto customers after more than 30 hours

Marginalized and on the defensive, university conservatives forced to grow tougher

Queen to make 'watershed' statement on equality for all; she will sign 'Commonwealth Magna Carta' which declares: "We are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds."

keynote address: Preston Manning on the conservative movement and free speech

Chris Selley: Ron Paul gives Canadian conservatives a refreshing look at an ideologue

Supreme Court both clarifies and complicates Federal Government's obligations to Métis based on non-unanimous interpretation of 1870 agreement

1 in 7 Alzheimer’s cases could be prevented with more exercise, study finds

Quebec language watchdog resigns in wake of ‘Pastagate’

Flaherty on track to quash deficit amid strong job numbers

Economy showing strength as Canada adds 50,700 new jobs in February

Canada's wealthiest province cuts deep as Alberta embraces austerity, recognizing reality

Should Stompin’ Tom Connors receive a state funeral?

Two American men in Toronto court today to face a variety of G20-related charges, including mischief endangering life

Conservatives taking on national contraband tobacco criminal networks with RCMP Task Force

Toronto Star a hurting media company, outsourcing page production, cutting another 55 positions

Student protest turns violent overnight in Montreal as students rally for lower tuition

Toronto passes Chicago to become 4th largest city in North America; top 3 are Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles

Big Government problems: Privacy commissioner orders LCBO to stop collecting personal info

Republicans unveil government funding measure

John Ivison: Trans-Pacific talks provide opportunity to put an end to Buy American protectionism

Tom Flanagan explains his controversial child-pornography comments

Spring housing market could trigger mortgage rate wars as Bank of Montreal lowers rate

Some members of the B.C. Liberals are publicly calling for Christy Clark to resign

Canada's Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is taking Keystone battle to U.S.

Peter Foster: Ontario’s ring of bad policy

Home Secretary Theresa May vows to take UK out of European Court of Human Rights; discredited European Convention on Human Rights has allowed dangerous criminals and hate preachers to remain in UK

Christy Clark calls emergency cabinet meeting in wake of ethnic vote scandal

Next few days will tell if Christy Clark can survive her rebellious caucus

Milton, Ontario horses killed after escaping from enclosure and stampeding into traffic

The nightmare of Margaret Wente's miracle artificial hips

Christie Blatchford: Tom Flanagan paying a high price for his outdated concept of child porn

The role of government in the bedrooms of the nation and the power of 'hate': A legal primer on this week’s Supreme Court ruling against William Whatcott

Dalton Gang: Now Kathleen Wynne knows why McGuinty quit; the messes and crises he created and mishandled are huge, expensive and undeniable, and she was at the same cabinet table cheering them on; and that's being generous

Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources uses helicopter downwash to rescue deer and fawn by blowing them along thin ice to safety [video]

Left-wing vents at New York Times after it drops its 'Green Blog'

Shoplifting soars in Seattle grocery stores after ban on plastic bags as study finds spike in E. coli cases 'linked to filthy reusable totes'

Porter-SNC-Lavalin-MUHC: Money trail leads from Montreal to Tunis to the Bahamas

Alberta Premier Redford announces $1.3B cancer centre for Calgary

'Suspicious' explosion levels Quebec motel; six rescued and treated on-site by paramedics; motel had been suspected of involvement in drug trade in 2012

Top Christy Clark aide Kim Haakstad resigns from B.C. Premier's office after controversy

Kelly McParland: Jason Kenney’s quiet revolution is remaking Canada

Napolitano's over-the-top sequestration threats about border staffing taken seriously by Canadian exporters/importers; stupidity and baselessness of Obama threats revealed

Let's Make a Deal: Canadian-born Monty Hall, 91, returns for a guest visit to iconic show he created 50 years ago

Daily Mail photo essay: Before security made air travel an ordeal, being a member of the 'jet set' and intercontinental flying were a big deal

Common sense: Study says afternoons worst for collisions: people tired, distracted, alcohol effects

Key Clark aides tied to ethnic-vote plan; email and spreadsheet link strategy to B.C. Premier's deputy chief of staff and caucus worker

NASA discovered new temporary radiation belt around Earth

Tory claim of NDP's sovereigntist sympathies gets new boost with MP's defection to BQ

Kathleen Wynne admits scrapping gas plants was ‘political decision’

Ontario Liberals accused of ‘coverup of the coverup’ as search for cancelled gas plant documents expanded

Spurned Mulcair says MP defecting to the Bloc from NDP should face by-election; would he say the same if situation reversed?

First of many? ‘I will not get down on my knees’: NDP MP quits party to join Bloc Quebecois; cites NDP stance on Clarity Act as reason for bolting party

Supreme Court of Canada won’t hear appeals from incarcerated Toronto 18 terror plotters

Landmark Supreme Court ruling shows contrast between American freedom of speech and Canadian limits designed to protect groups from 'hate speech'

Rex Murphy: Ontario has a dead government walking

Québec next in line of fire as massive Plains snowstorm moves through Ontario

"Giant leap backward": Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had nursery built near office before banning employees from working at home; fear is Yahoo will shed its best and brightest and lose recruiting battle

National Post: David Suzuki kicks Sun News out of ‘Eco Tour’ debate despite Elizabeth May’s intervention

Supreme Court: Anti-gay flyers from Saskatchewan activist Whatcott violated hate law, but SC set precedent by finding the language in Saskatchewan's Human Rights Code that defines hate literature as something that "ridicules, belittles or otherwise affronts the dignity of any person" is unconstitutional

Supreme Court of Canada unanimous ruling in Whatcott case; upholds core of hate speech prohibitions while defining a balance with Charter expression freedoms ~ full text of SCC decision

TV director killed by great white shark

Arthur Porter among UPAC arrest warrants in MUHC superhospital case

Lawsuit accuses Anheuser-Busch of watering down Budweiser and its other beers

Commander Chris Hadfield becoming a big name in space

NDP, Tories say some Ontario highways not being cleared of snow fast enough

Alberta sheriff shot at courthouse in Whitecourt; suspects nabbed

Québec’s ‘pastagate’ PR nightmare: Story gets 60 times more coverage outside province than Marois investment trip

Alberta Premier Redford will be Washington-bound again to hasten Keystone’s approval

Dalton Gang: Wynne inherits McGuinty green mess, but she was at the cabinet table, too

New Federal electoral maps for Ontario and Québec tabled in House of Commons

China kills birds in Shanghai market after new flu strain found in live pigeons sold for meat

Is Bitcoin currency safe? Maybe, but think of it as a commodity

Bitcoin -- What is it? questions and answers

The surging rise of the Bitcoin: Virtual gold or cyber-bubble?

California study says heart-wise, walking as good as jogging; just may need to do more of it

Indiana advances first-in-nation proposal to require arming school officials

Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer

Jobless claims in U.S. rose more than forecast last week

French President François Holland on defensive over tax fraud scandal; forced to deny offering any “protection” to his former tax fraud czar amid claims he knew as early as December that Jérôme Cahuzac likely had an undeclared Swiss bank account

More Cairo censorship: U.S. Embassy deletes Jon Stewart video tweet mocking Morsi days after Egyptian comedian’s arrest; but why is a U.S. embassy tweeting criticism of the country in which it's located?

North Korean army says it has final approval to launch ‘merciless’ nuclear strike on the U.S.

Plot thickens surrounding nefarious effort to run fake candidate for New York City mayor; six arrested so far include NY State Senator

Obama goes 'back to the future', pushes banks to again make home loans to people with weaker credit -- the Democrat policy which led to 2008 housing meltdown

The Solyndra $535M loss just one of the failures in bloated program

Hillary 'Benghazi Bungle' Clinton rolls out heavy hitters as bid starts for 2016; Clinton '92 Campaign Mgr James Carville signs on to generate 'grassroots' support

Where have all the business fliers gone?

Hyundai and Kia recalling nearly 1.9M vehicles

U.S. sends missile defence to Guam on North Korea 'threat'

Israel launches air raids after rockets fired from Gaza

Wall Street falls on signs of weak economy, North Korea

How the Fed fueled an explosion in subprime auto loans

Over two dozen killed in Argentina flooding, more stranded [video]

overview: recent developments in the North Korea crisis

Obama gets 3 Pinocchios from Washington Post fact checker for outdated, misleading claims about gun background checks

AP goes overtly political, bans term 'illegal immigrant'; Jay Leno says they'll replace with 'undocumented Democrat'

Studies highlight benefits of early education and the advantage for young children of living in information rich, stimulating environments

Syrian, Iraqi jihadi groups said to be cooperating

Doctor on French 'Survivor' kills self after death of contestant

FTC pays big bucks to winners of robo-call blocking technology contest

Cyprus finance minister resigns

Connecticut politicians to vote on feel-good package of gun control which includes "ammunition eligibility certificate" but nothing to stop guns from being stolen or used in crimes

North Korea vows to re-start nuclear facilities shut in 2007 following disarmament negotiations during Bush Presidency

Euro area unemployment at record 12%

Colorado officials to do review after prison released convict in error who then killed state prison director

U.S. Navy re-directs guided-missile destroyer in wake of North Korea threats

Victory for generic drugmakers as India’s top court rules against Novartis in landmark patent case

North Korean parliament appoints new Premier as U.S. sends F-22s for military drills

‘Out of touch’ French President François Hollande slammed after TV interview; "10 months lost to the French people"

UK: How we shivered through the coldest Easter Sunday ever! And spring is set to be chillier than winter for the first time in 38 years

Front door killings of officials starting to trend in U.S.

Worst Magazine Cover of the Year? TIME’s coverline is wrong, grandiose, and cruel

Red-tape Belgium falls behind euro zone peers

Wal-Mart may pay walk-in customers to deliver packages to on-line buyers

Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat

Solar-powered plane set for fuel-free flight across America with visits to Phoenix, Dallas, NYC -- at 40 mph and not through clouds; max. altitude about one mile

Reuters analysis: Gay marriage rights may carry bigger U.S. tax burden for some

Canada saw bureaucracy and inefficiency in UN convention on deserts, so pulled out

Atlantic: Was Sandy Hook a copycat killing? Should media suppress facts to stop bloodshed?

Family of California-captured 1999 Vancouver killer gave him money for fake ID, raised cash for surgery to change fingerprints, lied to authorities for 12 years

Identifying Targets? Newspaper publishes interactive map showing all public schools with no security officers

U.S. State Department holding public hearing on Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska in mid-April; accepting written submissions prior

Bloomberg: Jobless claims in U.S. increase more than forecast

Daily Mail: Alabama lawmaker sends shocking racist rant to gun-rights constituent, and copies every member of the state legislature; claims only whites can be racist, shows doesn't know meaning of word

Rio officials close Olympic stadium for 'safety reasons' because of faulty roof

updated: Massive cyber attack stressing internet

CPR train de-rails, spills as much as 113,000 litres of crude oil in Minnesota; highlights greater risk carrying oil by rail rather than pipeline

Chill in car sales spreads to northern Europe

States scramble to be drone test-homes; flying the drone-crowded skies may mean death and destruction for choppers, small planes and even jets

Petraeus makes apology in front of audience of 600

U.S. Supreme Court suggests it may avoid making national ruling on gay marriage

2,700 pages of police reports released in Tucson shooting rampage by now-convicted Jared Lee Loughner

More war drums: North Korea says it has cut key military hotline

Kerry in Paris for talks on aiding Syrian rebels, Mali

French unemployment rate nears 1997 record high

Alan Turing's Universal Machine named greatest British innovation of the 20th Century

Russian oligarch resigns from parliament after investigation by Canada's National Post reveals Israeli citizenship, Canadian assets

North Korea orders artillery to be combat ready, targeting U.S. bases

LA Kings coach Darryl Sutter to bend Obama’s ear about Keystone XL pipeline during Stanley Cup winners' visit to White House

Anti-Muslim mobs rampage through Burmese towns as race riots leave 32 dead, 12,000 displaced

Unfit for work: The startling rise of disability in America

World’s smallest blood monitoring implant tells your smartphone when you’re about to have a heart attack

Kerry warns Iraq on Iran flights to Syria

BBC: Burn dressing 'lights up' to signal an infection

Boris Berezovsky death: friend suggests he may have been victim of Russian hit

BBC: Israel opens fire after 'shooting from inside Syria'

Montreal's Joe Weider, founder of bodybuilding empire, dies at 93 in Los Angeles

USA Today: Obama's Middle East policy in tatters

Pope continues to show common touch, calls Argentine kiosk owner to cancel newspaper delivery

Will 'Rock Con' become as big as Comic Con? Artist list a who's who of the last 60 years of rock music

Myanmar riots stoke fears of widening sectarian violence

Atlantic: Understanding Jordan; The modern King in the Arab Spring

Three U.S. Marines dead after shootings at Quantico base as bad week gets worse for corps

After Russia rebuff, total collapse of Cyprus banking looks more possible after bank account confiscation scheme rejected by parliament

Chicago Mayor moves to close 54 elementary schools in poor, crime-riddled areas to save $1B; critics say will exacerbate gang violence which is claiming lives weekly

Air France Brazil plane crash pilot 'had only had one hour's sleep'

French anti-racism groups sue Twitter for $50M

Obama reassures Israel, but says U.S. cares less

New drone base in Niger gives U.S. a strategic foothold in West Africa

Canadian archeologists: How beer fuelled the feasting culture that led to civilization

UK goes wild with zoning restrictions for basements after major restrictions aboveground; need dose of freedom?

‘They’ll want their questions answered’: Ontario-based bodyguard in Saadi Gaddafi smuggling plot deported to Australia

‘Holy switcheroo!’: Vatican promises its Twitter account hasn’t been hacked after posting about Batman

TD Bank hit by 'targeted' cyber attack that knocked out online services

Amazon CEO’s oceanic expedition finds and retrieves jettisoned Saturn V F1 rocket boosters from historic Apollo 11 mission to moon in Atlantic Ocean

Volkswagen recalling 384,181 cars in China following state TV criticism

Kurd rebel leader orders fighters to halt hostilities

Universe 80 million years older than previous theory, say scientists peering back at moments after Big Bang

Matt Gurney: U.S. pushes 'B-52' and sends both North and South Korea a clear, eight-engined message

Cyprus banks won't open before Tuesday at earliest

'Unpredictable' Pope concerns security team

Obama vows unwavering support for Israel

Worldwide implications: U.S. Supreme Court upholds right to sell foreign-published books in U.S.

Twitter now patented

Pentagon suspends use of 60mm mortars after training deaths in Nevada

Nevada training explosion kills 7 NC unit Marines at Hawthorne Army Depot

U.S. Senator wants answers on Carnival's repeated mishaps; millions of U.S. tax dollars have been spent rescuing just two Carnival cruise ships, even as the company claims it's exempt from U.S. federal income taxes

Pope warns that heads may roll at Vatican bureaucracy

Alberta Premier Redford: Keystone pipeline denial would 'fundamentally change' relations with U.S.

Cypriot banks to remain closed until Thursday as lawmakers try to amend a measure to raid bank accounts in the country

Russian money in Cyprus hit by savings seizure

David Frum: The rhetoric of Iraq

What analysts are saying about Cyprus tax shock

Alberta lobbies for Keystone XL in New York Times ad; ties project to core American values and U.S. jobs

Karl Rove points out Palin's populist hypocrisy

High-ranking Syrian general defects, says morale is low

At least 11 killed and dozens injured in fireworks explosion during Mexican town's celebration of Christ

Iran-North Korea’s ‘axis of evil’ revived by new nuclear ties

Will Canada's Joe Fresh save JC Penney?

Heavy drinkers get extra jolt of brain energy from booze, Yale study finds

Pope Francis hits ground running, briefs media on conclave intrigue and his inspiration for name taken

Woman killed, child raped in Clay, NY mall carjacking after offender cuts monitor off ankle

Vatican criticizes campaign against Pope Francis

UN says U.S. drones violate Pakistan's sovereignty; UN ignores fact terrorists ignore everyone's sovereignty

'Zamboni' vein surgery for MS fails in first controlled trial

Louisiana to eliminate personal, corporate and franchise income taxes to create jobs and boost state economy

‘May God forgive you’: Pope’s brand of holy humour ‘brings the house down’ at the Vatican

Neighbours traumatized as woman leaps to death from 8 stories up with her 10-month-old strapped to her chest; little boy survives

Rush on to add natural gas refuelling for heavy transports at truck stops across U.S.

Herkimer killer of 4 killed in shootout with police

Now China names Xi Jinping President, his third title

4 killed at 2 businesses in Herkimer, NY; alleged shooter said to be cornered

Last known surviving Hitler death plotter Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist dies at 90

Suicide bomber kills 10 spectators at Afghan goat polo game

Whoops! Swiss financial advisor accidentally mails U.S. Government list of clients he was helping dodge taxes

Luka Rocco Magnotta’s hearing will be open to the public, judge rules; his alleged cannibal actions will be judgeable by his peers

'Helicopter parents' hovering ever closer, experts say

Kelly McParland: Mulcair’s Keystone stumble in U.S. adds to growing list of missteps for Official Opp Leader

Former Congressional Budget chief: Balanced budget would increase job growth

Major NASA announcement: Mars could once have supported life

U.S. probes hack and website posting of personal data on VP Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, singers, actors

Duelling budget plans debut in Congress

FAA approves Boeing 787 certification plan

Obama should cut his million-dollar golf games, not White House tours

McClatchy-Marist poll shows Obama tumbling in voters’ eyes

NY Times: Top 8 contenders to lead Roman Catholic Church

Handicapping the papal contenders

Delusional Karzai says U.S. and Taliban 'colluding'

Jeb Bush: Political reporters are 'crack addicts'; he wants to talk immigration, they want to talk 2016

6 teens killed, 2 hurt in NE Ohio SUV crash

Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning

Guardian: Google Glass: is it a threat to our privacy?

BBC: Italy believes Nigerian Ansaru hostage killing claims

Why Singapore is now the world's wealthiest city

Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul want drone usage-limiting language in the continuing resolution for government finding which has a March 27th deadline

North Korea hit by new UN sanctions after test

Rand Paul’s filibuster: An old tactic packs new power in digital age

John Brennan confirmed as CIA director following White House drone statement

Rand Paul’s filibuster: An old tactic packs new power in digital age

Inuit can keep trading polar bear skins

Rand Paul ends filibuster of John Brennan confirmation after nearly 13 hours; opposes use of drones to kill Americans on American soil

‘It wasn’t their decision to play God’: Surrogate mother flees after couple demands abortion of disabled baby

Malaysians kill 13 Filipino fighters amid fears of wider conflict

North Korea threatens to cancel 1953 ceasefire over tough UN sanctions

Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver tells Chicago audience Keystone XL pipeline vital; "Canada is and wants to remain your most important energy partner"

Reuters analysis: Spoonful of reforms helps Latin America capital flows go down

How will China fill its monster-sized 'ghost' cities? Is there a plan? Or is it a command economy run amok?

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations says: "Please stop showing up to budget meetings drunk"

Washington Post report confuses one Dominican prostitute with another in bid to debunk Sen. Menendez allegations

News Corp. shakes up sports TV, will launch Fox Sports 1 & 2 channels and take on ESPN, CBS and NBC; SPEED to become Fox Sports 1 on August 1st

U.S. Cardinals seek answers on alleged Vatican dysfunction before papal votes

Second sinkhole appears in Tampa area, just miles from one that opened beneath a home last week

Forbes: Carlos Slim world's richest for 4th year in a row, Warren Buffett drops out of top 3

Malaysia's Genting buys stalled 87-acre Echelon development on Las Vegas strip on former Stardust site; will build $2B Resorts World Las Vegas

Monster counters unbased lawsuit claims with facts, analysis and investigation; deceased 14-year-old was a regular drinker of Starbucks coffee with much more caffeine than its energy drink

The reverse-Joads of California; Low and middle-income residents are fleeing the state and iberal policies bear much of the blame

Brooklyn infant born after hit-and-run deaths of parents dies

Blast kills at least 45 Pakistanis in Shiite district of Karachi

American Thinker: Dangerous times: How Euro-socialism set off a fascist bomb

Mitt Romney: Heart told him he'd win, until he saw Florida numbers

Conrad Black: Italy sends in the clowns

Saturday Night Live mocks Obama: ‘I really have no idea how money works or budgets work’

Budget cuts battle leaves Obama bruised heading into coming clashes

Rochelle Riley: Detroit needs a professional city manager

NY Times: The Holocaust just got more shocking; researchers have now catalogued a staggering 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945

Live from MWC: Would you like fries with that Smartphone?

How Iran went nuclear; Veteran weapons inspector Olli Heinonen on how the UN's 'Stockholm Syndrome' has aided Tehran's drive for the bomb - and why an unsettling secret may be lurking in the Iranian desert

Man behind Algeria gas plant attack killed: Chad army chief

Kathleen Parker: Why the ‘threat’ on Bob Woodward matters

Florida sinkhole that swallowed man in bedroom grows deeper; officials warn area around home is dangerous, shoo media back from killer abyss

WSJ: World doesn't end, Obama hardest hit; sequester apocalypse evolves into a 'slow grind'

U.S. judge cuts nearly half of $1B award against Samsung in patent fight with Apple

Dented by aluminum, Rio Tinto aims to unload 58.7% interest in Iron Ore Company of Canada

Kerry rebukes Turkey PM for saying Islamophobia should be a crime against humanity, ‘just like Zionism’

Keystone XL draft pushes Obama further into a corner

A tale of two summits: Human rights abusers condemned at one meeting, entertained at another

China targets 15% of global satellite launch market, up from current 3%

Benedict spends first night as Pope Emeritus watching TV

Harlem Shake dance stirs the Middle East; students in Tunisia and Egypt poke fun at their political leaders by performing latest dance craze [video]

Obama signs order to begin sequester cuts, blames everyone else, but it was his idea in first place

A warning to John Kerry on Middle East trip: Egypt could become the next Iran

‘It’s a sad day’: Michigan Governor declares fiscal emergency in Detroit

Syrian rebel chief: Fighters desperate for weapons

AP: Documents reveal deception by White House over jail releases; Homeland Security released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants facing deportation from immigration jails in recent weeks because of looming budget cuts; planned to release 3,000 more during March

Spacex Dragon capsule engine problem may be fixed; supplies to space station will be delayed

Motor mouth: Dump battery-powered EVs and revive the fuel cell

viral video: Cyclist captures run-in with deer using helmet-mounted camera

MGM bets on Las Vegas; to add NHL-size 20,000 seat arena to Las Vegas strip near its City Center property along with partner AEG

U.S. Politics: The Democrat majority is doomed; The entitlement mentality can't survive a weak economy

Chrysler invests $374M in Indiana plants, adds 1,250 jobs

Chrysler U.S. sales up 4% in February

Forget 3D printing. MIT has already moved on to 4D

Death toll from Bangladesh unrest hits 44; after a special war crimes tribunal handed down a death sentence to an Islamic leader for crimes against humanity committed 42 years ago, during the country’s 1971 war of independence from Pakistan

Peggy Noonan: Obama is playing a new game

Bradley Manning admits providing secret files to WikiLeaks; faces 20-year sentence

Jennifer Rubin: Eight reasons the White House is blowing its scare strategy on sequestration, the plan it originated

NASA measures ‘monster’ black hole’s spin for first time, clocks it at nearly 1.08 billion km/h

Obama White House bullied Washington newspaper over columns by ex-Clinton counsel Lanny Davis; threatened to revoke press corps credentials

Woodwardgate: Media gang-tackle iconic journalist to save Obama

Highway pileup near Edmonton leaves 100 injured

Injured transported to hospitals in Edmonton, Red Deer, Leduc, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon,
Wetaskiwin, Stony Plain, Lamont and Camrose. ~ Derek Fildebrandt CBC

Spring has sprung but winter still here & on horizon

Big and cold storms still heading across Pacific from Siberia full of snow and fury.

Killer hypocrites: PETA killed more than 1,600 cats and dogs
at its Virginia headquarters last year
-- almost 90% of defenseless animals handed over to its U.S. shelter

PETA says euthanasia at its Virginia HQ shelter is a 'necessary evil' despite its rhetoric and publicity stunts.

Gaza-fired rockets slam Israel during Obama visit

German horror: Police maneuvers in snowstorm above Olympic Stadium
in Berlin end in tragedy as packed choppers collide and plummet

Seconds after crash in snowstorm, police helicopters lie in wreckage before rescuers arrive.

South Korea: Chinese IP address source of Wednesday
cyber attack that whacked 32,000 computers

George Jonas: Don’t call the Iraq War 'Bush’s blunder'

Dictator Saddam Hussein.

Major computer attack: Is North Korea behind
major assault on South Korea computer networks?

YTN newsroom after the network paralysis on Wednesday afternoon. ~ YTN-Yonhap News

Gallup: Americans like Canada best, Iran least

Murder-obsessed gunman Lanza plotted Sandy Hook massacre for years;
police found huge spreadsheet carefully documenting previous mass slaughters

Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut in better days.

4 in heli-scape caper face 25 charges; incl attempted murder, heli-jacking

How earthquakes make gold deposits; geophysicists present the case

Do earthquakes have the Midas touch?

Birds come home to roost: Furious Cyprus savers blame
Germany for 10% tax to fund bank bailout as markets tumble

Still fur coat weather as snow comes while Spring beckons

Keeping warm: They're not just monkeying around.

Heli-scape ends bad for Quebec jailbreakers as perps arrested within hours

Helicopter escape from Quebec jail sparks manhunt for two fugitives

Developer Cadillac Fairview unveils $2B plans for downtown Montreal

The projects unveilled by Cadillac Fairview are expected to change look and feel of neighbourhood
around the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal.

Winter not over: white-out plugged 401 at 416 with 32 vehicles; closed 20+ hrs

Rescuer consoles trapped truck driver on 401 at 416. ~ Mark Sluban Ottawa Citizen

Wash first: Red Bull blackmailer threatens to contaminate cans with feces

Red Bull says an unknown person has been attempting for several weeks to blackmail it.

Pentagon to spend $1B to buttress Alaska-based missile defense system
in response to open nuclear missile threats from North Korea

Ides of March Wayne & Shuster's Julius Caesar a timeless take [video]

Johnny Wayne with Sylvia Lennick in the 1976 Wayne and Shuster comedy sketch 'Rinse the Blood off My Toga'.

Rail project uncovers Black Death burial pit in central London

Archaeologists work to uncover skeletons from what is understood to be a mass grave for victims of medieval
'Black Death', discovered during excavations under Charterhouse Square in central London.

Coyne: Liberal leadership race is fast becoming a fiasco

Media sets to work examining past of Pope in Argentina, in Junta years

Pope Francis acts like his namesake, visits church, pays hotel bill

New Pope Francis is Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina
Described as 'humble', 'compassionate', 'conservative', 'man of the people'

New Pope Francisco appears for first time. A Jesuit, born in 1936, named a Cardinal by John Paul II in 2001.
His father was an Italian immigrant to Argentina.

New Pope chosen, to speak ~ Live video

White smoke from Sistine Chapel chimney indicated a new Pope had been chosen by conclave of Cardinals,
followed by vigorous bell-ringing and joyous roars from packed crowd assembled in St. Peter's Square.

Viral video: NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks friendly
car salesman in drink commercial [video]

Faked, enhanced or real, this is one fun view of terror in the passenger seat.

UNESCO World Heritage site
Kingston's Fort Henry tries new offerings in 2013: shops, vendors, admission
and elevated beverage patio overlooking battlements & Lake Ontario

Fort Henry was built in 1832 to protect Kingston and the also World Heritage-designated Rideau Canal
from American attack. In WWII it housed POWs and has been a major attraction ever since.

MIT Tech Review: Astrobiologists find ancient fossils in fireball fragments
Algae-like structures inside a Sri Lankan meteorite clear evidence
of panspermia, the idea that life exists throughout the universe?

The Cardiff University astrobiologists say that one electron microscope image shows a complex, thick-walled, carbon-rich microfossil about 100 micrometres across that bears similarities with a group of largely extinct marine dinoflagellate algae. Another image shows well-preserved flagella 2 micrometres in diameter and 100 micrometres long. By terrestrial standards, that’s extremely long and thin, which is interpreted as evidence of formation in a low-gravity, low-pressure environment.

California hit with pseudo cluster of quakes south of Palm Springs

Judge blocks NYC’s limits on big sugary drinks: "arbitrary & capricious"

South Carolina firefighter finds box full of 3 bear cubs, rescues them;
No, his daughter isn't 'Goldilocks' and they didn't keep them as pets [video]

Brandon Poole and his family saved 3 bear cubs found in a box on the side of the road. ~ CTV News

U.S. demands China stop hacking its computer networks;
widespread hacking of U.S. government and corporate computers at issue

study: Ancient mummies from around world had clogged arteries

The mummy Hatiay (New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, 1550 to 1295 BCE) being scanned in Cairo, Egypt, was
found to have evidence of extensive vascular disease by CT scanning. ~ Dr. Michael Miyamoto AP Photo

Canada, Mexico engage in vicious brawl at World Baseball Classic
Starts when Mexican pitcher intentionally hits Canadian batter

Mexico's Eduardo Arredondo, bottom left, fights with Canada's Jay Johnson during the World Baseball
Classic at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. ~ photo Christian Petersen Getty Images

Bombardier shows off its wings, takes on Boeing, Airbus with CSeries

The Bombardier CSeries 100 test airplane is unveiled at the company's production facility in Mirabel,
Quebec, Canada, on Thursday, March 7, 2013. The CSeries is Bombardier's biggest plane ever, and
takes aim at the largest part of the global airliner market. ~ photo Patrick Doyle Bloomberg

North Korea threatens the United States with pre-emptive nuclear strike

Stompin' Tom Connors' final letter to fans; humble and ever-real

Canadian music icon passes: Stompin' Tom Connors dies at age 77

Stompin' Tom Connors was one of Canada's most beloved singer-songwriters and live performers. He
was long been known for his integrity along with songs such as Bud the Spud, Sudbury Saturday
Night, The Hockey Song, Tillsonburg, and many others. His death was announced Wednesday night.

Venezuela's Henrique Capriles set for second shot at presidency

Miami Herald editorial: Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and his legacy of plunder
"rewrote the constitution to his liking & aggressively set out to rig elections"

Blown tire or were guardrails along 401 too low to stop heavy truck?
Why did transport from Chicago end up in Nith River, killing two?

Guardrails along 401 just before bridge over Nith River. Puzzle is why truck left straight stretch of road in clear weather
Tuesday at 11:30 am, killing both occupants. ~ screencap Google Street View

Haunting images at heart of Detroit’s financial emergency
Decades of corrupt, failed Democrat administrations the cause

Once a prosperous hub for the American automotive industry, Detroit has seen its neighborhoods abandoned,
properties vandalized, and homes stripped. ~ photo Keith Bauman

Chávez leaves a Venezuela bitterly divided largely between
those from whom he stole and those to whom he lied

Will there be a Venezuela power struggle now Chávez officially dead?

AP: Here we go again: Hugo Chávez dead says Venezuela VP Maduro

Chávez: Dead, alive or dying? Experts say Venezuelan
government will have to be clear about health status

updated: Driver & passenger both dead after tractor-trailer veered off
Highway 401 and submerges in Nith River west of Cambridge;
Cargo of HP computer boxes reportedly seen floating down river

Truck in Nith River after crashing off Highway 401 near Ayr, Ontario. ~ photo Lee Boyadjian CTV Kitchener

Truck tractor buried in water after careening off 401 west of Cambridge. ~ photo Andrew Collins @ACollinsPhoto

Police see no hope to find driver or reported passenger alive. Truck tractor embedded in river bank. ~ photo CTV

Giant ancient camel remains discovered in Canadian High Arctic
Camels native to North America, migrated to Asia across Bering

View of Strathcona Fiord from top of Fyles Leaf Bed site, the area where the bones of the
High Arctic camel were found. ~ photo Martin Lipman Canadian Museum of Nature

Obama a 'dithering' failure of a President says former insider

AP: United States and China agree on North Korea sanctions

Queen shows fighting spirit, walks out of hospital [video]

Canada's Head of State: Queen Elizabeth in hospital w/ stomach bug

Rochester zoo otters trained to use blue box

Two female North American River Otters at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York - trained
by zookeeper Catina Wright - take empty bottles and place them into recycling bins.
~ photo Annette Lein Democrat & Chronicle/AP

Titanic II will make it 1912 all over again [photos]

The authentic Edwardian gym may become a real attraction on Titanic II.

What every high-rise crane operator should be doing,
Robert MacFarlane, atop Canada’s tallest crane, does:
Capture and share views uniquely his of Toronto from way above it all

Looking west: CN Tower & Rogers Centre. ~photo © Robert MacFarlane @SkyJacked793

Looking north: Centre of photo above Tim Hortons sign is Aura project, will be Canada’s tallest condo at College and
Yonge Streets. ~photo © Robert MacFarlane @SkyJacked793

Flaherty hints next budget will chop spending & close tax loopholes;
Will not create new economic uncertainties by raising taxes

Senate Speaker rules Parliamentary Budget Officer
Kevin Page may have breached privilege with court case

Zero Hedge: There goes the semester

Hopeful news for green light: U.S. State Department
says Keystone XL won't fuel oilsands growth in Alberta

Crews work on construction of TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline east of Winona, Texas,
Monday, December 3, 2012. ~photo Sarah A. Miller The Tyler Morning Telegraph

Still MIA since December: Venezuela VP repeats Chavez 'battling for his life'

Ottawa is the second coldest national capital in the world
So why does it have a bus fleet that fails every time it snows?

OC Transpo articulated bus sits stuck in snow Wednesday. ~ photo Errol McGihon Ottawa Sun/QMI Agency

CNN: A loud crash, and then nothing: Sinkhole beneath
Tampa house swallows Florida man and his bedroom

AP: Minnesota town uses schools for police satellite offices;
strategy makes school safer, saves police office space costs

A young girl smiles as she passes police officer Jeff Strack as he walks the
hallway of Jordan Elementary School. The small town south of Minneapolis
is taking school security to a new level by setting up satellite offices inside
public school buildings. ~ photo Jim Mone AP

Australian towns awarded $21M in S&P ratings case

updated: Benedict passes by St. Peter's in helicopter as 'emeritus pope'

Papparazzi choppers followed former Pope Benedict XVI's helicopter as he heads to retirement
heralded by the peal of bells. ~ photo screencapture Reuters

‘Our little community’s dying’: Isolation prompts picturesque, but
shrinking, Newfoundland outport to ask province for ‘resettlement’

Lockes' Stage on Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador. ~ photo Adam Norman Wikipedia

Reuters: Woodward blasts Obama "madness" in handling cuts

Atlantic Wire: Don't believe the CNN Chile
report about Hugo Chávez's death just yet

CNN Chile: Former Panama Ambassador to OAS: "Hugo Chavez is dead"

WaPo's Bob Woodward says threatened by Obama Administration: "A
'very senior' White House person warned me I'd 'regret' what I'm doing"

CC: Left-wing group urges Obama to shut down campaign apparatus

Should Coke and Pepsi be worried about SodaStream? [video]
Super Bowl ad banning by CBS a big win for home soda maker

CBS banned this Sodastream commercial from the Super Bowl. And won't say why. ~ video Sodastream

Pope Benedict recalls 'joy and light' of papacy at final general audience

Pope Benedict XVI greets pilgrims in St Peter's Square at the Vatican. ~ photo Michael Sohn AP

Slow-moving storm promises days of rain & heavy snow

This composite map from shows how the harsh, slow-moving Plains storm carries rain and heavy
snow for Great Lakes, St. Lawrence valley and Canadian Maritimes. ~

19 tourists dead after Egyptian hot air balloon catches fire, crashes

The burning hot air balloon landed in a cane field west of Luxor. There are reportedly two survivors. ~ BBC

Officials said the huge tourist balloon was about 1,000 feet up when it caught fire about an hour after lift-off. ~ BBC

Cute as a button baby sloth gifts a flower [video]

Baby sloth makes endearing gesture with flower gift. ~ Youtube

new study: Lack of sleep 'switches off' repair/maintenance genes;
long-term impact of sleep deprivation may be disease, illness rebound

Washington Post: Good news/bad news from heavy Plains blizzard;
economy slowed by closed highways and airports, but good for drought

Heavy winter storm that buried Texas panhandle heading for Great Lakes

The storm which has closed 400 miles of I-40 through Texas and New Mexico with up to 10-foot snow drifts
will have plenty of rain and snow left for the big cities around Great Lakes in mid-week rendezous. Radar image
shown from 4 pm Monday; click on image for updated live radar as storm moves north and east. ~ NWS

Washington Examiner: Woodward's sequestration words still
weighted and awaited in Washington; White House worried

Bob Woodward: Obama’s sequester deal-changer

Canada, Germany only major AAA economies left after UK cut

‘Start of a new era’: Raul Castro announces he
will step down as Cuba’s President in five years

Jimmie Johnson wins his second Daytona 500; no 'big one'; no rain
Series rookie Danica Patrick stays near front all day, finishes solid 8th

Jimmie Johnson sprays champagne in Victory Lane after winning the Daytona 500 at Daytona
International Speedway, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013. ~ photo Nigel Cook Daytona News-Journal

NASCAR's YouTube problem

Daytona 500 getting mostly a green flag, but rain still possible

Fans autograph the start/finish line at Daytona before Sunday's big Sprint Cup 500-miler.
The track safety fencing has been repaired after wild finish to Saturday's 300-mile
Nationwide series race. ~ photo DIS

Stunning on-the-scene HD video by fan captures last-lap Daytona wreck;
flying front tire & wheel assembly hit fan just to left of camera [video]

Video captures 191 mph crash and chaotic aftermath. Choose 720p and full-screen for best viewing.

Demolished car of Kyle Larson #32 slides by after its front end was torn off in gate opening.

Fan peels off shirt to assist fan injured by flying front tire and wheel assembly from car #32 which landed in stands.

Alternate angle fan-shot video of Saturday Daytona 300 crash shows high speed

updated: cross-over gate gave way and ripped up race car [ESPN video]
Horrific crash on last lap of Daytona Nationwide race at 190+ mph shears
front off car 32 as it goes through crash fence; 28 fans injured

[above] Close-up of photo below as car of Kyle Larson (32) catches on broken gate and is destroyed at 190+ mph.
One driver was kept overnight in hospital for observation, the others all walked away safely, including Larson.

Kyle Larson (32) goes airborne and into the catch fence in a multi-car crash involving Dale Earnhardt Jr. (88),
Parker Kilgerman (77), Justin Allgaier (31) and Brian Scott (2) during the final lap of the NASCAR Nationwide
Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway, Saturday, February 23, 2013. ~ photo USA Today Sports

Photo uploaded to twitter shows racing engine and one front wheel assembly and sheared off suspension components
on spectator side of destroyed crash fence on front stretch. ~ photo twitter

Car 32 driven by Kyle Larson is spun into crash fence just before finish line during Nationwide Series DRIVE4COPD 300. Engine and front end pieces of car ended up in spectator area as destroyed car slid across finish line. The video linked
here shows the violence of the wreck at full speed. ~ video ESPN Youtube

Tiny 'lunch-box' satellites carry huge Canadian hopes into space;
will look for asteroids, track space debris and peer into stars

The BRITE satellites designed at the Space Flight Laboratory of the University of Toronto Institute for
Aerospace Studies will orbit Earth every 100 minutes or so and measure the brightness of stars to learn
more about their volatile inner workings. ~ photo Cordell Grant

Carter right about 'Argo' says former Canadian Iran Ambassador Taylor

President Jimmy Carter corrects historical record mangled by 'Argo' movie

Oscar Pistorius released on bail

Rapper among the dead in Las Vegas shootout as manhunt launched

Las Vegas shootout left 3 dead, including two in a passing taxi that was rammed by Maserati whose
rapper driver was shot dead. ~ ABC News

Sanctuary City: Toronto City Council votes to break law; will now
provide all city services to illegal immigrants and protect them from arrest

Bombardier profit plunges 93% on restructuring charge

'Missing' blast particles cloud North Korean nuclear test in further mystery

Body found after Kansas City gas explosion; 15 injured

The PQ’s favourite sport: squeezing Quebec’s anglos

Protesters opposing Bill 14 demonstrate outside the office of Quebec Premier Pauline Marois in Montreal
on Sunday. ~ photo Graham Hughes The Canadian Press

4-alarm blaze after gas explosion blows up Kansas City restaurant;
more than a dozen people injured, some may still be missing

The explosion occurred just before 6 p.m. Gas company workers tried to clear the restaurant.

The Russian call of the wild versus a determined house cat

Pet cat Ryska chases fox away from cabin in Russian nature preserve. ~ photo: Igor Shpilenok Barcroft Media

The fox-cat staredown begins. ~ photo: Igor Shpilenok Barcroft Media

Smell of food attracted wild foxes. ~ photo: Igor Shpilenok Barcroft Media

Is a tongue-mounted toothbrush in your future?

Adel Elseri (left) and Said Fayad (right) show off prototypes of their disposable tongue-mounted toothbrush.
~ photo Larry Wong Edmonton Journal

'Meteorite rush' begins as Russian scientists find fragments

Danica Patrick first woman to win Daytona 500 Sprint Cup NASCAR pole

Danica Patrick took the highly prized Daytona pole with a steel-steady perfect line around
the track with her powerful Chevy SS.

Patrick averaged 196.434 mph in her qualifying lap around the legendary 2.5-mile Daytona
NASCAR track for next Sunday's Daytona 500.

Libya militia linked to 9/11 U.S. attack returns to Benghazi

The 9/11 attack in Benghazi was a dark moment for the U.S. as 4 died including
their Ambassador, and the Obama Administration lied about it repeatedly during
the 2012 election campaign. ~ photo Esam Al-Fetori Reuters

Telegraph: Russian meteor hit with force of 30 Hiroshima bombs

Bomb blast in Pakistan kills 63, injures nearly 200

People gather after a bomb targeting Shiite Muslims exploded in busy market in Hazara town, an area dominated
by Shiites on the outskirts of Quetta, on February 16, 2013. ~ photo STR/AFP/Getty Images

Russia sends clean-up team to meteorite-hit Urals

Russian meteorite largest recorded object to hit Earth in more than century
but it was too small to be detected, says Western University professor

DA14 asteroid made closest Earth flyby at 2:25 pm EDT

Russian meteorite strike highlights asteroid danger

Heads up: "High chance another meteorite could enter Earth’s
atmosphere in next few hours, Sergey Smirnov
from Pulkovo Observatory told Vesti news channel"

1000+ injured in Russia - 'Like a scene from the Armageddon movie'
Meteor flashed at 33,000 mph across Russian sky at 9:20 am local time

Smoke trails show paths of two meteorite fragments. ~ photo © The Siberian Times

Map shows impact area in Chelyabinsk region of southern Russia. ~ graphic Press Association

Guardian: Meteorite explodes over southern Russian Ural Mountains
many injured, buildings damaged - multiple videos - live updates

Will Liberal Premier Wynne take lie-detector test to prove
claim she wasn’t involved in gas plant cancellation?

Ex-Premier McGuinty (right) escorts successor Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Thursday January 31, 2013.
Wynne claims she "knew nothing" about Mississauga gas plant cancellation during 2011 election, despite
being a senior member of McGuinty cabinet. ~ photo Frank Gunn The Canadian Press

‘Blade runner’ Oscar Pistorius charged with murder in death of girlfriend

Driver finds live owl trapped in car grille after hit at 60 mph [video]

Great Horned Owl took incarceration in Ford truck grille in stoic stride. ~ photo ABC

Former PMO chief Guy Giorno calls for federal ethics crackdown

Former MP Guergis ordered to pay $118K in costs for failed conspiracy lawsuit

Trudeau won't debate Garneau after pointed challenge; were Liberal leadership rules crafted to give Justin an easy route to top?

Canadian Space Agency: Successful launch today of Canadian space telescope called the Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat); world's first experimental microsatellite designed to detect and track space objects, debris and satellites

NY Post: Iran scoffs at Oscar-winning 'Argo,' Canada happy with recognition

Suncor, Canadian Natural Resources shares could surge: Barron’s

Toronto Mayor Ford keeps rising in polls despite concerted left-wing attacks through media and courts

BlackBerry 10 sales faster-than-expected: CEO Thorsten Heins

Ontario Tories promise to call judicial inquiry into gas plants fiasco if elected

Shallow 4.6M quake hits SW of Prince Rupert, BC off Haida Gwaii (former Queen Charlotte Islands)

Backstage at the Oscars [photos]

updated: De Beers blockade finally ends at Attawapiskat

Horse meat found in Ikea meatballs

Oscar night for Canada: 'Argo' takes best picture, 'Life of Pi' leads with 4 Oscars, including 1 for Toronto composer Mychael Danna

Trudeau missed House business while earning thousands on speakers circuit

TIME: Hover no more: 'helicopter parents' may breed depression and incompetence in their children

Chris Selley: Sorry, but it’s simply not possible for council to declare Toronto a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants

Canada’s Conservatives poised for decades of power in Ottawa, pollster’s book says

Yaffee: Dinosaur Liberals risk extinction as they live in political past while Canada has moved on

Margaret Wente: How to save the polar bears: Leave them alone!

Globe and Mail public editor takes her paper to task for thrashing an effort of monumental philanthropy in the name of 'balanced cynicism'; her wise words should ring through every newsroom and alter her paper's outlook (and in-look)

Association between wind turbines and health found in comprehensive review of most current and credible studies from around the world

Videotron to launch Netflix-like service in French in Canada

Tim Hudak: Ontario can no longer be content by being first in debt and last in job creation

National Review: Leader of the West; the progress of Stephen Harper, Canada’s Conservative prime minister

Forbes: How McDonald's toppled Starbucks from the social top spot; from Canada

Jonathan Kay: Attawapiskat protestors hurting First Nations with lawless blockade of De Beers mine

China beats out Britain as Canada’s No. 2 trade partner

Harper defends surprise EI house calls amid ‘abuse’ claims

Federal ‘Liberals need more than a celebrity’: Leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay takes another shot at Justin Trudeau

This year’s flu shot offered little protection to those age 65 and older: study

Andrew Coyne: Liberal Party would rather be a personality cult than transform itself

Christina Blizzard: Bloated public sector salaries, perks unsustainable

Latest from Dalton Gang: Wynne's Ontario Govt to release still more documents on gas plants

Retail war predicted when Target invades Canada

Rona to cut 200 office jobs, hints some stores on the block

‘This isn’t supposed to be a Christian country’: Atheist to get human rights hearing against politician’s dinner blessing

Anonymous tip line to ‘rat out’ unfit elderly motorists unfairly targets seniors, critic from advocacy group says

‘Pasta’ found in violation of Quebec laws as language police 'crack down' on Italian restaurant in Montreal

OK for police to search cellphone on arrest if no password: Ontario court

Father Raymond J. de Souza: A religious Canada, strong and free

Wind turbines are affecting people: Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health

Tories open new session of legislature with old contempt motion on gas plants

Scott Stinson: Following ‘vague’ Liberal Throne Speech, Ontario NDP draws line in the sand over budget

‘Ontario is worse than California’: Province must address soaring public sector wages to slay deficit, new study says

Canada’s new religious freedom ambassador says he’ll give a louder voice to homegrown values in a ‘noisy world’

Ontario Throne Speech: McGuintyism without the Dalton

ABC: Canadian companies deny fraudulent claims by invisible American mining company

Ohio election fraudster may have voted 6 times for Obama; definitionally and legally challenged, she still claims it wasn't fraud

Jack Mintz: The absolute case for why the U.S. should approve Keystone XL

Tim Hortons launches iconic 'RRRoll Up The Rim To Win® Contest' with free electric car charging initiative at Oakville location

What 200 calories looks like in different foods [photos]

Solar panels and Europe rooftop fires a new worry

'Rotten egg gas' -- hydrogen sulfide -- seen offering promise of extending life

Hopes dimming for 5 fishermen missing off Nova Scotia after overturned vessel and life-raft spotted by rescue chopper

Premier Wynne to promise moon, sky, stars to limping Ontario saddled with decade of McGuinty debt, economic devastation

Bombardier to test electric bus that charges wirelessly

Search on for missing 5 halibut fishermen off Nova Scotia after distress signal

Toronto newborn moves after being declared dead, now in stable condition

Rex Murphy: Horses and seals: The other red meats

MP report: Will blimps open up Canada's road-free North?

The quiet MP who is Ottawa’s PR agent in Washington

All clear on Parliament Hill after suspicious package found

Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan resigns from cabinet; wrote to tax court for constituent

New BlackBerry patent details flip-phone keyboard cover concept with rotating hinge

NY Times writer intentionally sabotages Tesla test; car tattles on him with data log, shows incomplete charging, driving in circles, speeding

Toyota reaches $29M settlement on charges it concealed safety problems

Florida licence rule change aimed at foreign languages catches Canadians off guard, CAA objects

France pins horsemeat fraud on wholesaler; 13 countries affected

The Vatican reveals more secrets

After a week at sea on a 4-day cruise, crippled ship with 4,000 hungry, dirty passengers making its way to Alabama shore

NASCAR announces major support initiative for Newtown, CT and Sandy Hook school community starting with Daytona 500

Trudeau discloses modest inheritanc, claims "not middle class"

Irish job-seekers snap up yearly quota of Canadian ‘working holiday’ visas in just two days

Qatar confiscates, hands Syrian embassy over to Syrian opposition

Forbes: Elimination of Olympic wrestling is simply bad business

George Jonas: An old-school liberal lost in the present; "By the time I was born in the mid-1930s … statism was the only game in town.… Capturing the machinery of the state, then using its coercive power to implement ‘progressive’ ideas, became the liberal aim."

Russia plans $25-$30B oil-for-loans deal with China; deal could squeeze Europe, while creating world's largest oil producer among publicly traded firms

‘Canada’s dog whisperer’ dies in rural Ontario fire that destroyed his home, killed puppies

Comcast to buy GE’s remaining 49% stake in NBCUniversal for $16.7B

Bombardier world's top business jet maker in 2012 despite slump in deliveries

Protests shut down private daycares across Quebec after expensive snub by Marois

Senate forces Brazeau to take leave of absence

Helicopter executives with ties to ORNGE arrested in India bribery scheme

Wrestling Canada floored by IOC decision to remove sport from 2020 Olympics

Vatican reveals Pope Benedict had secret pacemaker operation three months ago

Baird blasts North Korea bomb test as reckless, provocative

Build military hardware from scratch in Canada: Harper adviser

Are comments a wretched hive of scum and villainy or an underused resource for publishers?

NY Times: IOC drops wrestling from 2020 Olympic Games; to add tiddlywinks?

Senators may have to repay disallowed expenses with interest

Dalton Gang: Wynne fights McGuinty taint of incompetence with 9 new cabinet faces, smoke, and mirrors

Pilot, three children killed in plane crash near Waskada, Manitoba

Nanos poll: Conservatives lead nationally by nearly 7%, as NDP support drops 6% since May, tying them with Liberals

French police don’t know who to charge after DNA evidence leads to arrest of identical twins

Le Devoir-Gazette Léger poll: Federal Liberal support rising in Quebec during leadership race but still behind NDP

Crux of the Matter: Reality check: Senator Mike Duffy cannot be in two places at once!

At almost $1B, Carlsbad desalination plant will be largest in U.S. and guarantee water supply for San Diego

Putin turns black gold into gold bullion as Russia out-buys world

U.S. Keystone XL pipeline decision should be based on science, facts, not ideology: Min. Joe Oliver

Crux of the Matter: Germany Education Minister latest felled by plagiarism

Scientists discover how the body can destroy cancerous tumours itself - without the need for drugs

WSJ: Are polar bears really disappearing? Some say they're on the edge of extinction—but locals see a very different reality on the ground

Era of fast growth ends for wind energy in Europe

Naval intelligence is missing the boat

Conrad Black: A foreign policy for an ascendant Canada

Dark Canadian connection to 1920s mass murders in Wineville, California

Canada unemployment rate down to 7%; 27,000 fewer government employees

Sen. Patrick Brazeau charged with assault, sexual assault

TransCanada proposes $22B worth of projects, including pipeline to move oil 3,000 miles from Alberta and North Dakota to east coast

Andrew Coyne: Why one province can’t dismantle Canada — no matter how ‘clear’ the majority

Controversial Senator Patrick Brazeau kicked out of Conservative caucus after arrest in Gatineau

Wynne to ask auditor to widen probe of cancelled Ontario power plants

Dalton Gang: With profligate FinMin Duncan gone, will Windsor-Tecumseh go Tory blue?

Kenney suggests stripping citizenship in terrorism cases

Canada-U.S. price gap report calls for import tax cut

Baird attacks Hezbollah ‘depravity’ as naturalized Canadian linked to Bulgaria bus bomb

Swapping the butter for margarine 'may be bad for your health'. U.S. scientists claim polyunsaturated fat 'doubles heart risk'

Attawapiskat protesters block road to northern Ontario De Beers diamond mine

Ottawa gets tough on firms bribing foreign officials in wake of scandals

Blue Jays’ bench guys will play key role on talent-rich club, GM says

Kelly McParland: The last thing the Middle East needs is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Cairo

Blue Jays hold upbeat 'state of the franchise' night for season ticket holders at home dome; tickets sales "up dramatically" after busy off-season re-build

University of Windsor to 're-imagine' itself, president says

Fighting fat with fat: Muscle stem cells may hold key to fighting obesity

BlackBerry Z10 lands on Canadian retailers’ doorsteps

Dalton Gang: Worse than California: Ontario faces crisis due to 78% jump in spending

BBC: Four suspected Islamist militants arrested in France

Ed Whitacre writes of finding 'organizational chaos' at GM in 2009

Canadian passport linked to 2012 attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

Meta-media: How social media is becoming as important a live event as the live event itself

RIM enjoys post-Super Bowl rally amid analyst upgrade

Hells Angel among those charged after super bust of Super Bowl gambling party in Markham

Canadian 'stunned' DNA tests show he's related to Britain's King Richard III, killed in 1485

John Ivison: Canada-EU free trade negotiations down to the political nitty gritty as framework deal sits on Harper’s desk

The Senate, chess, and the art of the possible

Northern Gateway pipeline opponents show true colours, also oppose oil travelling by CN Rail; Alberta reminds B.C. that while it can block Alberta's access to Pacific markets, Alberta can block B.C.'s access to the rest of Canada

Air Canada to appeal court ruling saying it must maintain heavy maintenance

Over 50% of Canadian BlackBerry Z10 preorders are from non-BlackBerry users: CIBC

Second towline snaps in 20-foot seas, Lyubov Orlova cruise ship now adrift in international waters of North Atlantic, still responsibility of scrapping owners

Conrad Black: I am all in favour of women politicians, just not these two: Wynne & Marois

Alleged Asian organized crime boss facing immigration hearing 17 years after Canada granted him permanent resident status

Michael Den Tandt: ‘Hands off Justin’ becomes mantra of Liberal leadership race

Tim Harper: Liberal leadership race: Debates don’t engage non-partisans

Dalton Gang: ORNGE: Mazza expensed ski trips worth $15,000

BBC investigation: Algerian gas hostage crisis: Wired to a suicide bomber

Super Bowl: What was that BlackBerry commercial you just saw?

Ken Dryden: Sibling rivalries in sport are ‘never fun’

Ottawa gives nod to re-purposed west-to-east oil pipeline

Rude 'Idle' protesters crash Liberal leader debate in Winnipeg with selfish message

Toronto school board removes Black Panther whitewash from website after blogger raises questions

After meeting with Harper, Marois says she's 'very satisfied'

Suspect charged with aggravated assault in Vancouver mass stabbing; 8 victims

Margaret Wente: McGuinty’s legacy is a green nightmare

Premier Redford names energy industry veteran as Alberta’s envoy to Ottawa, Washington

Apple files patent application for human ATM network

Sequester spin gets ahead of reality

Canada watching to see if border pact threatened by U.S. budget sequestration threats

American Thinker: Obama boxed in on his sequester

Democrat Senate fails to adopt Republican measure to approve Keystone XL

Guardian: How 3D printing could revolutionize the solar energy industry and show the massive waste in locked-in, long-term government subsidies for conventional solar

Hagel limps into Pentagon with an unprecedented lack of support and lack of qualifications

SEC investigating Michael Milken's relationship with Guggenheim Partners

BBC: Chuck Hagel stirs up India-US storm over Afghanistan

Youtube pig that rescued goat: Really cute, but totally faked

updated: 3 dead in shooting at factory in Lucerne, Switzerland

Sequester primer for Canadians: Think 'Rae Days' and initial credit card 'day of reckoning' for Americans

Pope Benedict to be known as ‘emeritus pope’ in retirement, will continue to wear all white

Rocket explodes in Israel, first attack from Gaza since truce

Battlefied duty means women may be subject to U.S. military draft

NY Times: Italians reject austerity, but split vote may mean gridlock

Sunday's Daytona 500 may have been the most-watched ever on American TV; overnight numbers show big jump

LA Times: Will Kerry's strong divergence from Obama and Clinton on foreign crises lead to a return of a competent, respected State Dept.?

Mitt Romney to resurface with high-profile appearances

Dictator or billionaire nanny? Land of the free? New York City Mayor Bloomberg's ban prohibits 2-litre soda with delivered pizza and some nightclub bottle-service mixers

Pope Benedict XVI amends Roman Catholic conclave law so the conclave selecting his successor can begin before March 15th

Senator Graham to DoD nominee Hagel: Open your archive

Half-inch crack blamed for F-35 fighter jet grounding; engineers at Pratt & Whitney to conduct detailed examination of turbine blade in Connecticut; fleet grounding prudent and based on assuming a "worst case scenario" of high-duty cycle fatigue which could cause sudden engine disintegration

Death from a swarm of tiny drones: U.S. Air Force releases terrifying video of tiny flybots that can can hover, stalk and even kill targets

U.S. troops arrive in Niger to set up drone base

Nine memorable Oscar speeches that left a lasting impact in one or more ways

Police probing reports that Mexican billionaire drug lord ‘El Chapo’ was killed in firefight

Vatican lashes out at 'false' pre-conclave reporting as attempts to influence cardinal votes

U.S. gun sellers increasingly refusing to sell guns to local, state and federal government departments which ban guns

Underground nuclear waste tanks leaking in Washington state

F-35 fleet grounded after engine crack found

Obama campaign caught in major NC vote fraud scheme?

Peggy Noonan: Government by freakout; Obama's scare tactics aren't much of a long-term strategy

Burney and Hampson: Pipelines are the ticket to North American energy independence

'I don't debate with Israelis': British MP George Galloway storms out of debate after realizing fellow panellist's heritage

American Thinker: Pravda, guns, and America

Newspaper claims Pope abdication followed receipt of internal study of Church problems by 3 Cardinals

Revealed: al-Qaeda's 22 tips for dodging drones

Big storm piling it up on Plains headed for N.E. U.S. and Canada

Huge explosion rocks Damascus, dozens dead

Fat taxes like ‘shooting rabbits with nuclear weapons,’ Denmark warns

Portsmouth Coast Guard hearing continues: Crew member recalls hearing cry for help as Bounty sank

NRO: Reforming immigration and fracking

Seafood is often falsely labelled, study finds

South Africa police name new Pistorius investigator

‘I don’t have any facts’: Pistorius’s ‘genius’ defence lawyer reduces officer to a stuttering wreck

Oscar Pistorius’ lead investigator faces 7 attempted murder charges

Virgin founder Richard Branson to donate half of his fortune to charity

At least 11 killed, 50 hurt in 2 explosions in southern Indian city of Hyderabad

3 dead, at least 3 wounded in gun battle, crash on Las Vegas Strip

The 40 most unusual economic indicators

Water tested at LA hotel where Canadian woman’s body found wedged into water tank

Australian, Canadian buyers hop on U.S. rental trend

Office Depot, OfficeMax agree to merge

The Obamacare boondoggle: The 'Affordable Care Act' no one can afford

Apple's Computers attacked by hackers

Pistorius claims murder unintentional, thought person behind bathroom door was an intruder when he fired; makes court appearance

‘A gigantic sum’: Masked gunmen posing as police pull off $50M uncut diamond heist at Brussels airport without firing a shot

Obama golfs while sequestration burns bright

Swiss say U.S. not in touch over Heinz insider trading case

Ford, Peugeot, Toyota lead Europe auto sales to new low

Kelly McParland: Al Jazeera, fresh off purchase of Al Gore’s cable channel, accused of increasing bias

Pope struggled to lift sacred secrecy of Vatican finances

Will higher taxes on the rich derail California’s economic comeback?

‘Excessive’ television watching linked to antisocial, criminal behaviour in adolescents

Meteorite rush: Space rock could fetch ’40 times the price of gold’ as Russian scientists find first fragments

3D printers make micromanaging pronouncements of lawmakers moot and obsolete in modern digital world; print-your-own gun parts highlight impotence of any weapon law

Iranian-backed militant group in Iraq is recasting itself as a political player

Questions about cancer, politics whirl as Venezuelan government says Chavez in hospital in Caracas after return from Cuba

Why conservatives hate the mainstream media

U.S. Department of Agriculture wants its employees to label pilgrims and colonists as "illegal aliens"

Gunmen kidnap seven foreigners in north Nigeria

Man killed assembling bomb before Kenya political rally

Pope, near abdication, says pray "for me and next pope"

Vatican raises possibility of early March conclave

Tax increases = slow February sales to fretting Wal-Mart

Why Florida is the "suburbs" for a lot of Canadians

What are North Korea’s intentions? [graphic]

Syria: Factions emerge among rebel fighters

Sheriff: Ex-cop Dorner died from gunshot to head

Jesse Jackson Jr. reportedly ready to plead guilty to federal charges; prosecutors will recommend a prison sentence of between 46 months and 57 months

SARS-like coronavirus may have spread between people, British officials warn

Republicans are ready to rebound; outside of Washington, party has never been stronger

Jennifer Rubin: Obama's second term hackery

Reid: Senate Republicans have the votes to filibuster on Hagel

In a rush to leave Timbuktu, al-Qaida left behind crucial strategy documents

Warren Buffett's Berkshire to buy Heinz for $23B; calling it the "largest ever in the food industry"

American Airlines, US Airways make $11B merger official on Valentine's Day

Benghazigate: New revelations will leave people ‘amazed and shocked’ says leading expert on Islamic extremism

Thousands of homes on stilts are big government solution to once in lifetime storms like Sandy, not concrete barriers; New Jersey shore will change forever

Kirsten Powers: Same old, same old from Obama

Sharyl Attkisson - CBS News: Family of second murdered federal agent files lawsuit against U.S. government over Obama 'Fast and Furious' gun-running fiasco

Obama economic growth record worst in 60 years

Pope says he's resigning for 'good of the church'

updated Reuters: Egypt floods Gaza tunnels to stop Palestinian smuggling

Diesel shortage pushes Egyptians to the brink

LA Times: Human remains found in burned Big Bear cabin; forensics team to see if it is Dorner

SOTU: Obama says sequester 'a really bad idea' hours after his press secretary admits it was Obama's idea

updated: Dorner manhunt: Confusion over whether body was found

SOTU: In GOP response, Rubio warns Obama against more overspending and overtaxation as economy sputters

SOTU: Emboldened Obama urges Congress to embrace his big government plans

Obama SOTU: Nothing really new as Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth: economic growth and increased government spending

Washington Post: Fact-checking Obama's 4th State of the Union address finds Pinochios aplenty

Dorner shootout: Charred body found in burned cabin

Dorner: Fugitive ex-cop never emerged from burning California cabin

Dorner manhunt: 1 sheriff's deputy dead, 1 in surgery, officials say

Lack of global warming causing NFL to consider a Saturday Super Bowl in frigid New Jersey Meadowlands next February

Hagel omitted two speeches on Middle East from Senate disclosure forms; including as keynote speaker at 2008 Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee political action fundraiser

Vatican plans big send off for Pope, consultations begin

Nuke test timing not random: Will test push China to agree to tougher sanctions against longtime North Korea ally?

Obama expected to announce major pull-out from Afghanistan

A new Sandy $torm: Obama's automatic spending cuts would shave $3B off passed aid; sequestration time bomb from White House coming back to bite everyone, after 'kick down the road' past election

U.S. Coast Guard hearing into sinking of Bounty during Hurricane Sandy investigation

Al-Qaeda affiliates attracting Canadians, CSIS head says; warns Canadians involved in 'every single case' of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups

World faithful praise pope's surprise decision

3,000 adrift on cruise ship in Gulf of Mexico after fire knocks out power

NY Times: Sen. Menendez Dominican mess getting murkier; was he willing to sacrifice national security to help a donor?

Book says Petraeus resignation was result of blackmail from within CIA

John Bolton: Benghazi Bungle: Obama’s pass-the-buck Presidency

The secret war behind Benghazi; new book says a stealth campaign of assassinations, run by CIA nominee John Brennan, led to death of U.S. Libyan Ambassador Stevens

1981 Delorean returns as a 2012 electric Delorean for $95,000; same iconic exterior, upgraded interior, better performance

China eclipses U.S. as biggest trading nation

Bloomberg: Rating victims didn’t know S&P’s toxic AAA born of greed

Tornado rips through Mississippi destroying hundreds of homes and injuring more than a dozen people

37 dead in stampede at Hindu festival in India

LA Times: Dorner manhunt: LAPD, Grammys tight-lipped on effect on security

Islamists attack Malian troops in Gao

Five dead after cruise ship lifeboat safety drill goes awry in Spain

WSJ: For snow-removal firms, this one's a mixed blessing

Kathleen Parker: Hillary Clinton and the ghosts of Benghazi

Washington Post: In State of the Union address, Obama to return to jobs and the economy, his biggest failure

Robert Fulford: A primer on priming

Germany's drone conundrum: 'new wars' demand new mindsets

Still glowing strong: Britain's oldest light bulb keeps on shining after an incredible 130 years

Music returns as Malian troops retake Douentza

Reuters: Live coverage of Nemo storm recovery

U.S. Air, American Airlines near $11B merger, deal seen within week

Al-Qaida-linked Filipino terrorist group now being challenged by another rebel group

Mountain hunt for ex-LAPD cop, cop-killer Dorner enters 4th day

Northeast trying to get back on track after 'Nemo' storm plugged roads, cut power

Montreal Gazette: Blizzard so massive it could rewrite the history books hits New York City, New England

Massive power outages as 'Nemo' slams Northeast

AP: A state-by-state look at Nemo storm

Killing Nemo: Weather Channel's storm name irks some

Kirsten Powers, the last liberal

Brennan hearing: drone strikes used only against those planning attacks against the U.S. not retaliation previous attacks

Angry Vladimir Putin demands firing of Russian Olympic official after Sochi goes over budget; will be most expensive Olympics ever, winter or summer

updated: High-speed Los Angeles car chase ends in huge fireball -- cops pull driver to safety

Australia rocked by allegations of widespread drug use in sports

Granholm Goof: Former Governor killed Michigan state fair and now historic fairgrounds may be lost forever to 'Magic' development

9 dead, villages destroyed in Solomons tsunami

Heroic trooper in fatal I-75 crash wishes he ‘had more hands’

Congress gets Obama data on use of drones; White House gives in before Brennan confirmation hearing

NY Times: Japan subsidy for whaling is challenged

Reuters: Tunisian government out after critic's killing causes fury

CBO: gigantic debt crushing U.S. economy

Buffett’s stake in Moody’s may have dropped by $300M due to S&P lawsuit

U.S. Postal Service decides it can save $2B a year by dropping Saturday mail delivery, but will delay start of savings until August

The New York Times discovers a Canadian not-so-secret: the University of Waterloo, whose grads help power nearly every high-tech business on the planet

Facebook falling out of favour?

France to start withdrawing troops from Mali in March

Tunisia: Leftist opposition leader Chokri Belaid assassinated

You can't pick 'n' mix your cultures when living in the UK, immigrants told; MP attacks multicultural doctrines which have meant the state turning a blind eye to so-called ‘honour crimes’, forced marriage and female genital mutilation

BBC: Court contract handling by Ministry of Justice branded 'shambolic' by MPs over language services in England and Wales

Ending too-big-to-fail with break-up-inducing killer tax?

Malone buys Virgin Media in $15.75B deal

BlackBerry Z10 hits record sales on first day in Canada; stock up 23%

North Korea threatens to combat sanctions with measure ‘stronger’ than third nuclear test

Massachusetts shuts down 11 compounding pharmacies after meningitis tragedies

Baby boomer chickens come home to roost

America’s disturbing history of eugenics

U.S. sues S&P over pre-crisis mortgage ratings

Rio Tinto drops $4-billion plan for new plant in Bécancour; Low titanium prices, belt-tightening torpedo 400-job facility

45-metre wide, 130,000-ton asteroid set to make closest-ever fly-by of Earth next week

Why Microsoft 'loaned' Dell $2 billion

NY Times: Critical report says 54 countries helped CIA after 9/11

Chicago criminals get greenlight from wacky new hands-off policy

Obama team admits failure on Russian reset

Japan may lower LNG costs 10% by importing U.S. fuel, IEEJ says

American Crossroads: Putting the 'Buckley rule' into practice

Former NYC Mayor Koch laid to rest with 'New York, New York'

NASA says Felix Baumgartner fell faster than originally calculated, hitting a top speed of 843.6 mph in his Red Bull space drop

Authorities storm Alabama bunker, rescue young boy; kidnapper dead

Super Bowl 2013: TV ratings dip for blackout-plagued CBS game

John Kerry, finally where he belongs? Is the Clinton nightmare over?

Joel Achenbach: Sloppy Super Bowl, blind referees, ominous black-out reminiscence of 'Black Sunday'

Chinese smog chokes Japan

When U.S. Prime Time TV goes Canadian, Canadian media goes ga-ga

WaPo: The best and worst commercials of the 2013 Super Bowl

8 dead, 38 hurt as Mexican tour bus crashes in California

Al Qaeda silent on French hostages in Mali

India’s President approves death penalty in some rape cases

Mali Islamists beat little girls, forced 1-year-olds to wear burqas

updated: Suicide car bomb kills 36, wounds 105 at police HQ in northern Iraq

Super Bowl of firsts, lasts, bests

Security cameras not working when U.S. Turkish Embassy attacked

Deep M6.9 quake hits near Obihiro, Japan; USGS says depth 64 miles

Twitter hacked; 250,000 accounts affected

Chicago has gun bans but leads U.S. in homicides of all varieties despite Democrat Mayor, Governor and President

U.S. improves its 30,000-pound bunker-buster; the state-of-the-art monster can penetrate 200 feet below the surface before exploding; will it first be used in Iran or North Korea?

State Dept confirms embassy attack in Turkey; tells Americans to avoid U.S. diplomatic offices

Suicide bomber attacks Shiite mosque in northwest Pakistan, killing 23 people

Pemex probing blast amid drive to boost security at its oil production sites

Election over, Obama kills jobs council as unemployment rises

GM, Ford, Chrysler post double-digit gains in January auto sales

U.S. unemployment moves up to 7.9%

Russian rocket carrying U.S. satellite plunges into Pacific 40 seconds after launch

Reuters: The death of channel surfing [video]

Supervolcano forming in South Pacific north of New Zealand
scientists say could mean end of world in 100 million years

This map shows what is happening 1800 miles down at the boundary between Earth's warm,
rocky mantle and its liquid outer core. ~ map Michael S. Thorne University of Utah

North Korea nuclear test ‘highly provocative,’ says Obama, hours before
SOTU address, where expected to address U.S. denuclearization plans

Defiant North Korea warns of further action after nuke test

People watch a TV news in Osaka, western Japan, showing a North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with
letters saying "North Korea, Third nuclear test" Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013. ~ AP Photo Kyodo News

China expresses 'firm opposition' to latest nuclear test after
North Korea defies world with 3rd nuclear detonation

A South Korean man in Seoul watches a TV news report Tuesday showing file pictures
of an earlier nuclear test by North Korea. ~ photo Lee Jin-man Associated Press

Oddsmakers peg Canadian Cardinal as frontrunner to replace Pope

Pope Benedict: Reuters... BBC... CBC... CTV... NBC... CBS... ABC...
FOX... Global... Telegraph... Daily Mail... France24... The Guardian...
Jerusalem Post... NY Times... Christian Science Monitor... Miami Herald...

Quotes: world reacts in surprise and support for Pope Benedict XVI

First Pontiff to resign in nearly 600 years cites ‘deteriorating’ health

Conclave to select new Pope expected in mid-March; no interim role

Pope Benedict's official declaration of resignation from Vatican Radio

breaking: Pope Benedict XVI resigning effective February 28th

Pope Benedict XVI during a mass at the Vatican on 9 February 2013. ~ photo Alessandro Bianchi Reuters

Another blizzard sweeping across middle of continent with big snow drop

Boomerang-shaped storm front expected to dump at least a foot of snow. ~ NWS radar composite

Benghazigate: Sen. Lindsey Graham vows to hold up
Obama appointees to CIA & DoD until answers given

'Nemo' buries U.S. Northeast, Canadian Maritimes under 60 cm of snow

A homeowner shovels snow between buried cars in front of his house in Boston,
Massachusetts. Saturday, February 9, 2013. ~ photo: Gene J. Puskar Associated Press

Delisle gets 20 years for selling Navy secrets to Russians

Storm hitting southern Ontario causes closures and accidents
Eastern Canada weather warnings stretch from Sarnia to Cape Breton

Storm to hit Toronto, Buffalo, Syracuse, Boston and New York hard

Wide swath of Canada and NE U.S. to get pounded by snow. ©Accuweather

AP: Storm threatens New York City, New England; 2 feet feared

Snowfall warning issued as winter storm expected
to drop 15 to 25 cm on southern Ontario by Friday morning

Two monster storms heading for Great Lakes/NE U.S. may combine

Image at 1:30 pm EDT from live radar shows Midwest & Gulf systems heading for Lake Ontario/New York rendezvous.

‘Conflict reduction project’ helps Nunavut community celebrate a year
without having to shoot a single polar bear; the huge predators hunt
and kill sled dogs and humans, and love garbage dumps

A polar bear is repelled by an electric fence at Arviat.

First images captured of ‘comet of the century’ ISON
as it buzzes NASA deep space probe

Images captured by NASA's Deep Impact space probe ~ photos NASA National Post Animation

National Geographic: Scientists discover how bacteria change ions into gold

Scientists at McMaster University describe how bacteria make gold in article in online journal Nature Chemical Biology

USGS: 'Ring of Fire' rockin' and a rollin' from series of big temblors

USGS map shows major quake activity as of 3:45 am EDT.

Tsunami threat lifted after big South Pacific quake

USGS: Continuing series of M5+ and M6+ afterquakes hitting Solomons

NY Times: Solomon Islands hit by two 5-foot tsunamis, many homes damaged

updated: At least 5 dead, others missing after tsunami hits Solomon Islands

Guardian: Tsunami alert after Solomon Islands huge M8.0 earthquake

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has issued an alert after a quake off
the Solomon Islands. ~ photo Hugh Gentry Reuters

M8.0 underwater quake rocks South Pacific near Solomon Islands
followed by series of major afterquakes up to M6.6; tsunami alerts

Dell to go private in $24.4B deal, biggest LBO since financial crisis

Youtube: Extended version of best Super Bowl ad [video]

Tears were most common reaction to Budweiser's latest Super Bowl winner.

New York Post: Panetta admits ‘Torture’ used to nail Osama bin Laden

Rex Murphy: Toll roads: Wynne's tax-and-spend loser of an idea

Malcolm Gladwell: Is pro football immoral?
Can the injury potential be morally justified?

Will brain injuries be the death of the Super Bowl?

Groundhog Day: Willie & Phil both predict an early end to winter!

Wiarton Willie says remaining winter of 2013 will be short.

Groundhogs' day in the sun... or not: Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam, and Manitoba’s lesser known Winnipeg Willow all make
star turns today along with Pennsylvania movie legend Punxsutawney Phil

Canada: Supreme Court asked for reference decision
on Senate reform, including its possible abolition

Bloomberg: Toronto to pass New York in commercial property boom

Toronto has more high rises under construction than any other metropolis in the world. ~ photo Canadian Press

Fireworks explosion kills 26, partially destroys bridge in China

Rescuers look for survivors after expressway bridge partially collapsed on the Lianhuo highway
in Mianchi county. ~ photo Carlf Zhang Reuters

Suicide bomber kills guard at U.S. embassy in Turkey

AP: Armed resource officer disarms student after
shooting at Georgia school, saves lives

3 dead, including 2 children, 20 injured after mass
Detroit freeway crash involving dozens of vehicles

Snow squalls and slippery roads led to a series of accidents on a mile-long stretch
of southbound I-75. ~ photo Paul Sancya AP

$277M USS Guardian is a complete loss: U.S. Navy plans
to dismantle ship that ran aground on Philippines coral reef

The mine countermeasures ship USS Guardian (MCM 5) ran aground Jan. 17th on the
Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea, Philippines. ~ photo Geoffrey Trudell AFP/Getty Images

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch goes off with a successful bang

BlackBerry 10 :What reviewers are saying... BB10 blows away iPhone 5...
Impressive speed... Five cool things to convince buyers on new BB models...

RIM re-invents itself with new company name,
new BlackBerry 10 OS, and new smartphones

At a splashy press event in New York City, the newly renamed BlackBerry company
showed off its pair of new smartphones: the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

USGS: M6.7 mid-depth quake hits 44km North of Vallenar, Chile

Empty Russian cruise ship drifting off Newfoundland after
towline break raises safety, environmental alarms

The Lyubov Orlova, a 237-passenger former cruise ship drifts toward the open sea off Newfoundland,
since a tow line snapped last week as it was being pulled to the Dominican Republic for scrap.

CBC: Canadian special forces on ground in Mali protecting embassy?

Lame duck Obama upstaged: Rubio, 'gang of eight' Senators unveil
bipartisan immigration reform agreement a day before President's speech

CBS: Israel warns of possible pre-emptive strike in Syria
to stop chemical weapons from reaching Hezbollah or Al Qaeda

View into Syria from Israel-held territoty on Golan Heights. ~ photo Sam Mugraby ©

Brazil nightclub fire: 4 arrested including club owners, band member
231 dead, 100 in hospital, 3 days of national mourning

New Brunswick pushes cross-country oil pipeline as 'game changer'

Ontario braces for ice storm after it freezes the U.S. Midwest

AP: Brazil blaze recalls pain for Rhode Island fire survivors

Global: Brazil band lost member, threatened with retaliation over nightclub fire

CTV: Brazil nightclub was 1,000 people over-capacity when fire started

WashPost: Police lower known death toll in nightclub fire to 232

updated: Death toll now at 245 in Brazilian nightclub fire
'after indoor fireworks display during band performance'

Locals help evacuate injured victims as clubbers look on in horror following fire at the Kiss Club
in Santa Maria city, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. ~ photo ©EPA

Deep freeze keeps airplane de-icers busy across North America

A US Airways CRJ undergoes de-icing treatment at Dorval. It can take hundreds of litres of fluid to
remove snow, ice and frost to protect a plane. ~ photo Phil Carpenter The Gazette

Wreckage of missing plane found, crash deemed 'unsurvivable'
3 Canadians presumed dead in Antarctica

Eastbound 401 re-opens after 80-vehicle pile-up; westbound still closed

Snowy Highway 401 crash near Newcastle involves up to 80 vehicles

Multi-vehicle crash closed lanes of Ontario's Highway 401 at Newtonville Road between Port Hope and
Clarington in Newcastle on Friday, January 25, 2013. At least seven people have been injured, some critically,
in weather-related crash on one of continent's busiest highways. ~ photo Doug Ives The Canadian Press

Husband and wife crash minutes apart; wife and kids swim to safety

Father-of-two David Cox died after he and his wife crashed their cars while taking their children to separate schools.

Sen. Rand Paul tells Clinton what others were afraid to --
she should have been fired over deadly Benghazi Bungle

Hillary Clinton: 'It doesn't matter if Obama Administration
lied about Benghazi to American public' [video]

Symbol of Argentina's decaying navy sinks in port

Argentine destroyer ARA Santisima Trinidad lies on its side at the naval base in Puerto Belgrano,
Argentina, Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. The government is seeking an explanation on the partial
sinking of the Navy destroyer that fought in the 1980s losing war against Britain over Falkland
Islands. ~ photo La Nueva Provincia AP

Israel: Left and Right in dead heat with most votes counted

Canadian astronaut Hadfield "drops puck" for Toronto Maple Leafs'
home opener -- from space [video]

Algeria PM: Hostage-takers came from Egypt,
Canada, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tunisia

WashPost: Algeria raises death toll of foreign hostages at gas complex

AP: Inside job, 2 Canadian militants in Algeria siege

Reuters: Gas plant attackers arrived in 9 Toyotas with Libyan plates
and painted in the colours of Sonatrach,
the Algerian oil and gas company that has a share in the plant

Canadian 'co-ordinated' terrorist attack, says Algerian PM

An image from Algerian TV on January 20, 2013 showing aftermath of hostage crisis at In Amenas. ~ photo AP

At least 9 Japanese nationals killed in Algerian hostage-taking

Algeria: Death toll climbs past 80 from siege in the Sahara
Masked Brigade says more attacks against countries backing France in Mali

'Numerous' other bodies found during Algerian gas plant search: official

Algeria says siege death toll likely to rise after 23 hostages confirmed killed
3 Britons killed, 3 missing, presumed dead; 107 foreign hostages freed

Algeria crisis: Bloody murderous climax at Sahara Desert gas plant;
Islamist extremists executed final seven hostages Saturday

TV footage shows hostages surrendering with hands above their heads.

'We're only after the Christians...' Minutes later a Briton lay dead:
Terrifying moment gas plant gunmen rounded up non-Muslims
and strapped explosives to their necks

Hostages are seen sitting against the wall of a building outside the gas plant during the terrifying crisis

U.S., UK vow to pursue Al Qaeda hostage taker/murderers

Day 4 - Finale: Algerian gas plant siege finally ends after special forces raid
final death toll: at least 23 hostages, all 32 militants

Would-be assassin aims gun at Bulgarian opposition leader's head
and pulls the trigger... but victim survives after weapon misfires

NBC: Rebels want to trade hostages for Blind Sheik from 1993 WTC bombing
1 American killed, 2 escape in Algeria hostage crisis, U.S. officials say

Is a Canadian among Islamic militants who seized Algerian gas plant?

One American dead in Algerian hostage crisis, AP reports - live updates

Algeria turned down our special forces, says angry David Cameron

BBC: Algeria hostage crisis: 'About 10 Britons' remain captive

AP: Numbers still in flux but Algeria says 12 hostages, 18 Islamists dead;
100 of 132 foreign workers are reported freed but rebels still hold
American hostages and want to swap them for terrorists held in U.S.

AP: UK Foreign Office says Algeria crisis is not over

Reuters: updated -- Algeria ends desert siege, but dozens killed;
at least 41 dead, including French, British and Japanese staff

Panda-cub-monium: Patience nets photographer unique baby bear photos

Photo catches 5-week-old yawning Panda saying 'hi'. ~ photo: Dr. Katherine Feng Minden/Solent

Mama carries this cub in her mouth just a few hours after birth. ~ photo: Dr. Katherine Feng Minden/Solent

'I'm free love, I'm free' - Algeria hostage's phone call ends wife's anxious wait

Conflicting info on death toll during rescue bid after Islamists seize gas plant

Reuters: 30 hostages reported killed in Algeria military assault

BBC: Algerian siege: Cameron warns UK to 'Prepare for bad news'

AP: Algerian army rescues Saharan Desert hostages, death toll unclear

BBC: Algeria siege: 'Victims' as army tries to free hostages

U.S. doesn’t know if dozens of hostages in Africa dead
or alive after botched Algerian military assault

'Al-Qaeda have got me': Trapped oil worker's desperate phone call to
family from Algerian gas siege where '35 hostages were killed'

Fears for hostages as Algeria attacks gas complex – live updates

The In Amenas gas field, jointly operated by British oil giant BP, Norway's Statoil and state-run Algerian
energy firm Sonatrach, in eastern Algeria where Islamist militants are holding 41 foreign hostages.
~ photo: Kjetil Alsvik AFP/Getty Images

Al Qaeda-linked group holding 41 hostages,
including 7 Americans, in Algeria: report

‘Canadian society is our heaven’: Cleric behind
Pakistan protests touts Islam, democracy, Tim Hortons

Tahir-ul Qadri says he was busy with research and writing while living in the Greater Toronto Area.
~ photo: Asif Hassan AFP/Getty Images

Calgary Zoo: 'When you walk with the penguins, they walk, too'

The king penguins get out for a stroll around the Calgary Zoo on the first Penguin Walk for the public.
The ever-popular penguins will be marching a 15-minute loop around their Penguin Plunge area every
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11am this winter. ~ photo: Ted Rhodes Postmedia News

End of an Era: The failure of HMV is both sad and inevitable

Francis Barraud's painting of the fox terrier Nipper, titled 'His Master's Voice'. The image was
acquired by the newly-formed Gramophone Company in 1899, and the design
was used on its record labels from 1909.

The real Cuban Missile Crisis: Everything you think
you know about those 13 days is wrong

Customers in the electronics section of a department store watch as JFK addresses the nation,
October 22, 1962. ~ photo: Ralph Crane Time-Life Pictures/Getty

France poised to send thousands more troops to Mali
as insurgents vow to make conflict 'worse than Afghanistan'

French fighter jets pounded Islamist training camps in Northern Mali as Paris poured more troops
into the capital Bamako, awaiting a West African force to dislodge Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents
from the country's north.

Mali town held by Islamists target of all-night bombing by French

Canada helps France against Al-Qaeda w/ C-17 full of supplies for Mali capital
response to direct request; no combat role for Canadians

Growing demand for First Nations art, quaint dance costumes fuels black
market in eagle feathers; 500 and 1,000 eagles were being killed per year
along B.C. coast at time native poaching ring was arrested and convicted

Fish and Wildlife Officer Paul Prefontaine with a recent stash
of eagle feathers uncovered in Fort Macleod, Alberta. Such
plumage can fetch thousands of dollars on black market.

Alliance between Canadian Mafia, outlaw bikers and Mexican
drug cartel fuelled NYC marijuana trade: DEA probe

Seven other countries join France as they support Mali against rebels

A French military Mirage 2000D fighter plane is refuelled in the air over N'Djamena, Chad in this photo
released by the French Army Communications Audiovisual office (ECPAD) on January 12, 2013.

Chevy unveils 2014 Corvette Stingray -- lighter, faster, stronger & less fuel

In the flesh, the 2014 Corvette rolled out onto a turntable and the crowd of media & car buffs went wild.

Mark Reuss, President of GM North America, proudly reveals Corvette to again be called 'Stingray'.

Chevrolet had a web-based countdown launch clock which finally hit zero at 7 pm Sunday night.

2014 Corvette Singray may be the most awaited and teased in 60 years of this fibreglass legend.

Spectacular red dust alert as Australia’s freak weather continues

Spectacular red dust storm off coast of Onslow, Western Australia. ~ photo: Brett Martin AFP/Getty Images

Small meeting where work could actually be done was key for Harper

PM Harper and AFN Chief Atleo agree to more
‘high-level’ discussions on treaties in coming weeks

Prime Minister Stephen Harper participates in a working meeting with First Nations leaders in Ottawa,
January 11, 2013. Chief Shawn Atleo is on the far right.

Harper meets with First Nations leaders as ugly protest unfolds in Ottawa

An aboriginal protester shows her support for fraudster Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence during a protest near
Parliament Hill Friday January 11, 2013 in Ottawa. ~ photo: Sean Kilpatrick THE CANADIAN PRESS

20 children die in a week, as flu reaches epidemic level in U.S.

Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Kingston vandalized by native protesters?

Prime Minister Harper pays tribute on Sir John A. Macdonald Day

Sir John A. Macdonald in 1875, 8 years after the Confederation he masterminded created
the Dominion of Canada, the second largest country in the world.

The simple grave in Kingston of Canada's founder.

Ontario plaques honouring Sir John A. Macdonald

Killer whales’ odds of survival increase significantly [video]

Manitoba tinpot Chief threatens all Canadians -- time to call bluff?

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. Is he afraid of being audited, too?
~ photo: Sean Kilpatrick THE CANADIAN PRESS

Fraser Institute: Canadians have more personal freedom than Americans

FREEDOM: Canada tied for 4th with Hong Kong. Australia and Ireland; U.S. and Denmark tied for 7th.

Trapped killer whales escape after Hudson Bay ice shifts

Orcas trapped in Quebec ice to get rescue help today [video]

The pod of a dozen whales take turns leaping for air through ice hole.

TransCanada to build $5B B.C. gas pipeline for Progress Energy

The $5 billion Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project will transport natural gas from the North Montney
gas-producing region near Fort St. John in British Columbia to a natural gas export facility in Port Edward.

London’s Tube — world’s first subway —marks 150 years in operation

In this 1863 illustration, commuters wave their hats in the air as they pass Portland Road station during
a trial trip on the London Underground.

'Channelling your inner Eastwood': CES 2013 brain-wave control technology

Brain-controlled Puzzlebox orbit helicopter makes waves at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Global-TV crew tossed out of Attawapiskat by AWOL Chief's order;
all media banned from corrupt town after audit found $100M+ missing

Federal Court of Canada re-affirms racial discrimination based in Constitution
Métis and non-status Indians must be treated differently from other Canadians

Economist: America’s European moment; The troubling similarities between
the fiscal mismanagement in Washington and the mess in the euro zone

France aghast as Economist mocks baguette-wielding Obama

AANDC: Comprehensive audit: Attawapiskat First Nation

Judge slams Ontario police for not breaking up native protests

Jonathan Kay: Six lessons from a brilliant, scathing year-old
CBC report on Attawapiskat’s mismanagement [video]

Global: $104M said 'unaccounted for' under Chief Theresa Spence
Audit shows more than lack of 'due diligence' in Attawapiskat?

Home of the brave? Or how to avoid tough questions from media? A lone teepee shelters Attawapiskat
Chief Spence on January 4, 2013 on island in Ottawa River. ~ photo: Michel Comte AFP/Getty Images

Independent audit of Attawapiskat finances ‘severely critical’ of Chief;
Spence saw the report in December; 'hunger' strike smokescreen ploy?

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says city can fund new subways with casino $$

Native rail line tampering illegal, threat to innocent life: CN official

Canada was on Osama bin Laden’s hit list: intelligence report

Daily tomato pill cuts heart attacks; saves having to eat 6 pounds a day

Bautista champing at the bat; swarmed by Blue Jays fans in Winnipeg

Slugger Jose Bautista is one of three Blue Jays causing line-ups today (Sunday) at Polo Park. Toronto's
boys of summer are on a cross-Canada promotional tour and are eager for start of Spring
Training next month in Dunedin, Florida. ~ photo: Jason Bell Winnipeg Free Press

Cheers & boos: Hockey fans react with mixed emotions to tentative NHL deal

NHL hockey is back – but will the fans follow?

The NHL lock-out is over after 113 days of no bodychecks but a lot of tongue-wagging.
The big question is now whether some rinks will stay empty.

Mainline CN/VIA Rail line open again after 7-hour blockade between
Belleville and Napanee held up dozens of passenger and freight trains
running between Toronto and Montreal; is it time for mass arrests?

Construction for Pentagon complete on behemoth airship; first flight planned
Aeroscraft is a zeppelin with 230-ft rigid aluminum and carbon fibre skeleton

Built in blimp hangar in Tustin, California, maker says new airlift era dawning. ~ photo: Don Bartletti Los Angeles Times

7.5M shallow quake hits offshore; B.C. tsunami warning
cancelled after coastlines of central B.C., southern Alaska rattled

The 7.5M quake was at a depth of 9.8km, 94km west of Craig, Alaska. ~ USGS

ABC News: U.S. Trillion dollar coins: Bad news for IKEA Monkey...

Darwin won't be on U.S. $$ Trillion coins.

Canada's jobless rate drops to 4-year low; unemployment down to 7.1%

U.S. economy adds 155,000 jobs in December, unemployment stays at 7.8%

Sea-to-Sky Highway closed after train derails near Whistler

One of three CN train cars that derailed eight kilometres south of Pemberton, B.C., blocks the southbound
lane of Highway 99 on Thursday. ~ photo: Bonny Makarewicz The Canadian Press