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Older News ~ June 2011 -- December 2011

Japanese gov't apologizes to Canada’s World War II POWs

Harper/Obama sign to ease travel, bolster border security

Harper stresses need for open markets before U.S. trip

Ontario's green energy boondoggle blues;
electricity price, up 65% since 1999, to rise 46%
in next four years; more jobs killed than created;
Aud-Gen: "billions" to be paid to "not produce" power

63.5% of Canadians agree with country’s direction

Canada won’t renew Kyoto commitment, Kent confirms

EU Treaty rewrite sought by Merkel, Sarkozy

Canada could save $6.7B by exiting Kyoto Pact

France pulls dip staff out of Iran after UK embassy attack

Canada won’t be ‘captive supplier’ of U.S. energy: Harper

Canada sends special forces to aid African al-Qaida fight

Iranian Press TV accused of faking drone strike reports

Harper & Obama expected to make border announcement

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

U.S. jobless rate down to 8.6%; odd math in 120k job add

Canada sheds 18k jobs, unemployment rate up to 7.4%

Maple Leaf lowered for last time at Kandahar airfield

Israeli defense chief: Iran strike may be needed

Loblaws turns beloved Maple Leaf Gardens into stunning food store/eatery

Let Kyoto die, prominent scientific journal 'Nature' says

Canada takes idyllic Attawapiskat finances out of native hands
tiny town on James Bay 150 miles south of Polar Bear
Provincial Park is a money sink while citizens claim to live in squalor

TSX up 471, Loonie up, most currencies gain against US$

World credit ease by central banks boosts Wall Street
Dow Jones jumps 490 pts, biggest up since March 2009

Britain closes Tehran embassy, expels Iranian diplomats

Euro nations renew talk of IMF role

Iranian protesters storm two UK diplomatic compounds;
smash windows, torch car, burn Union Jack in protest against new sanctions

Egypt stock index spikes on historic, peaceful
post-Mubarak elections; trading temporarily halted

British newspaper archive puts 300 years of history online

Shallow, 4M quake hits Iran near Iraq border Tuesday a.m.

In Iran, mysterious incidents raise sabotage suspicions

'Mysterious explosion rocks Iranian city of Isfahan'

Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

Israel said ready to strike Iran

Pakistan says NATO ignored its pleas during deadly attack

Queues as Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak elections

B.C. Lions win Grey Cup at home

Pakistan gives U.S. 15 days to "vacate" drone air base

Arab League agrees on draft sanctions against Syria,
including cutting commercial ties, travel bans, asset freeze

Pakistan blocks NATO supply route after deadly raid

'Highly likely' NATO killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at border

Telegraph: Death of a currency as eurogeddon approaches

Flaherty: Canada and Europe must control debt

Arab League gives Syria one-day ultimatum

Celebration on Parliament Hill for Libya veterans

RCAF planes fly over Ottawa to mark Canada's role in Libya

'Disastrous' bond sale shakes confidence in Germany

Occupiers ousted across Canada as weather worsens

Thanksgiving goes to the animals in San Francisco

B.C. Judge upholds Canada's polygamy laws

Ottawa seeks final say in acquisitions of foreign banks

Medvedev: Russia may target U.S. missile shield

Overseas markets tumble on China, U.S. growth fears

Reuters: Lessons for U.S. in Canada's 1990s discipline

AP: 'al-Qaida sympathizer' wanted to kill police & soldiers

Terror bomb plotter arrested in NYC

Markets brace for first moves by new Spanish leader

updated: Spain conservative party sweeps to landslide win

Syria Baath Party in Damascus hit by RPGs

Stupid Government file:
EU bans bottlers from saying water stops dehydration

Judge grants injunction to remove Vancouver tent city

Peter C. Newman: Liberal Party of Canada 'dead'

Judge tears into Occupy Toronto’s arguments for staying in public park

Gurney: Even when broke, America find cool ways to kill

B.C. Supreme Court injunction against Occupy Vancouver

Spiegel: Contagion -- the Euro Zone's deadly domino effect

Blue Jays go back to the future with new logo for 2012

Charles Krauthammer: GOP choice pits the undesireable against the unelectable

Time for diplomacy running out with ‘pariah state’ Iran: U.S. official

Scientists find monster black holes, 10 billion times size of our sun

No Samsung ban for Apple in U.S.

John Ivison: Seven things we learned from the first NDP leadership debate

Russia's Putin and party suffer election blow

Hundreds arrested in Russia for protesting vote irregularities

Italy passes €20B debt crisis package

Reuters: U.S. official says no sign Iran shot down drone

WWII bomb in Rhine near Koblenz successfully defused
Exit polls show significant drop in support for Putin's party: state TV

Canadian professor mistakenly named Italian minister

As the Caledonian occupation comes to a close in court, its issues linger; two sets of laws?

Christie Blatchford: Little hope for change in Attawapiskat; dump the Indian Act and bureaucrats and bring in Army engineers

Electric car maker Aptera closes its doors

Old media executives say too busy, private for Twitter

Facebook to hire thousands, open NYC office

U.S. opens SEC probe into Miami Marlins stadium deal

Bombardier’s transit vision pairs efficiency with wireless charging technology

UN urges action in Syria, but China and Russia push back

Oil giant Shell pulls out of sanction-struck Syria

Tax respite in the works for Americans living in Canada

Solyndragate: Mess at Solyndra saw staff 'mutiny' before Obama visited the $535M money pit and said it was a beacon of success

Did 'Conficker' computer worm help sabotage Iran's nuke program?

GM, Chrysler, Nissan sales up in November

U.S. unemployment benefits applications up for 2nd straight week; to 402,000

Harper a week away from passing Dief

McDonald’s skirts San Francisco ban on toy giveaways; charges 10 cents per Happy Meal toy with proceeds going to charity

Vancouver: 25 Stanley Cup riot suspects face 61 charges

George Jonas: McGuinty paradox: Only capitalism can pay for communism

Occupy camps in L.A., Philadelphia swept by police

Norway killer Breivik found insane, unfit for prison

Harper, First Nations leaders to hold summit

Reuters: Cain campaign crumbling after affair allegation

The Economist: Crisis in Euro area is turning into a panic and dragging zone into recession; risk the currency disintegrates within weeks is alarmingly high

Washington Post: Secret, low-interest loans from Federal Reserve helped U.S. banks reap $13B in income

Yen forces Toyota to rethink Japan-based production

Thomson heirs (think Thomson-Reuters and Globe and Mail) make record $30M donation to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto; family also huge donor to Canadian cancer research

Climate change fat cats go global spending an average of $250,000 a month on overseas conferences and study trips

Commentary magazine: Leaked emails raise questions about New York Time's Climategate coverage

Climategate 2.0: Jones, Briffa say Mann, hokey stick ‘on dodgy ground’

Canada won't sign new climate deal without major emitters such as China and U.S.

James Delingpole: Climategate 2.0 -- "latest release shows top scientists in the field fudging data, conspiring to bully and silence opponents, and displaying far less certainty about the reliability of anthropogenic global warming theory in private than they ever admit in public"

Death of Layton drops NDP below Rae-led federal Liberals

Ontario Liberals defend cost-cutting consultant's $1,500-a-day salary

Myhrvold: Subsidies stymie wind, solar innovation

Wall Street turns toward Romney and away from Obama

Toronto Occupy remnants try to take over Queen Street building for winter HQ

Occupy’s alternative social, political model ‘not self-sustainable’

Clinton, HUD and the policy which drove U.S. housing prices up and led to the crash of 2008

NBA owners, players reach tentative deal to start season

Obama named to '25 least influential people alive' list

Kelly McParland: McGuinty’s empty pockets aid Rob Ford’s austerity message

National Post: Spy game revs up with Arab Spring

Lawmakers to look at Corzine, rating firms' ties

India opens up foreign retail investment, paving way for giant global retailers such as Wal-Mart

Drug vendetta link in 26 bodies dumped in Guadalajara

Occupy won't get another park, says Toronto Mayor; Occupiers offer $10,000 to help fix damage they did to St. Jame's Park

Liberals say will block tax reduction on heating oil even if it passes in Ontario Legislature

NY Times: AT&T $39B merger with T-Mobile shows signs of faltering

Canada expanding scope of citizen's arrest

Christie Blatchford: Kingston police probe into 'honour killings' was fine piece of work; had Montreal officials been as professional the 4 victims would still be alive

Romney puts Obama on notice that he "owns" the economy and will be held to account for it

Google quits plans to make cheap renewable energy, handful of other projects; stock down then up

Manchester Union-Leader editorial: Obama "glib, clueless disaster of a President"

Reuters: Nebraska governor signs bills to reroute Keystone pipeline

Bloomberg backgrounder: oil abundance in Canada provokes anxiety

China: Boom, then Blowdown for wind energy's Sinovel as fast-growth brings a price

Canada introduces new sanctions against Iran in wake of nuclear report

Hudak gives McGuinty warning about pulling the plug within a year "if necessary"

Ontario Liberals to push own agenda in Throne Speech after drop to minority

Super committee fails to reach deficit agreement

The Economist: Going South Pacific; ping-pong politics roil three island nations

Pat Caddell & Doug Schoen: The Hillary moment; Democrat pollsters say Obama needs to pull out and hand nomination to Clinton

John Ibbitson: Canada will back West's push on Iran

Canada to maintain Mediterranean naval presence through 2012: MacKay

Telegraph: Spain - the fifth victim to fall in Europe’s arc of depression

AP: Spain tilts to the right as voters oust Socialists

Spain votes in elections dominated by economy

Spanish boom town that went bust now has worst levels of unemployment in a country on brink of economic collapse

Duke of Edinburgh: Wind farms are "absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace"; Prince Philip also says "not nice at all for the landscape"

Telegraph: Switch-off for noisy wind farms; noisy, can't take high winds

Occupy Edmonton receives eviction notice from property owners due to concerns over liability

Afghan assembly backs U.S. security pact

Protesters and riot police clash in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Two more U.S. banks fail; 2011 tally now at 90

Syrian opposition leaders meeting today in Livonia, Michigan to help overthrow Al-Assad

Canada ready to take action on Iran if needed, Harper says

Terence Corcoran: Italy -- from Keynes to euroflation

American Airlines bankruptcy could cost U.S. taxpayers $9B in pension liabilities

What Herman Cain meant

Herman Cain suspends presidential campaign; will make an endorsement "in the near future"

David Frum: British workers get stuck with Tony Blair’s overdue bill

Reuters analysis: MF Global proves Enron-era accounting lives on

Toronto mayor defends layoff plans as overdue effects of amalgamation

Electric car setback the talk of Tokyo Motor Show

U.S. Senate bi-partisanly thumbs nose at Obama veto threat and passes $662B defense bill by a 93-7 vote

GM offers to buy back Chevrolet Volts, but owners are most happy of all car owners; may redesign battery pack due to fire risk

TIME: Russian bungling: A funny thing happened on the way to South Ossetia

Rasmussen Reports national GOP poll: Gingrich 38% Romney 17%

Hiding the decline down under -- inconvenient papers censored

Differing state laws on human trafficking impede U.S. crackdown

Climategate 2.0: Why we can't trust the temperature data used to make AGW claims

UK construction company warns of 4,500 job cuts due to slashing of government solar energy subsidies; shows bloated unsustainability of industry and higher taxation required

Ezra Klein: We asked Obama for Change, got lousy t-shirt instead

45,000 told to evacuate German town before massive WWII bomb is defused

Toronto Maple Leafs most valuable NHL franchise on Forbes list

Canada slams Nigeria over anti-gay legislation

Chantal Hébert: PM could use more premiers like Christy Clark

Kelly McParland: China wants Kyoto for others, delays for itself

Michael Den Tandt: Of course, Canada ditched ramshackle, bloated Kyoto commitments

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau loses appeal of $37.6M fine

meltdown: How Paulson gave hedge funds advance word

American Airlines files for bankruptcy; 3rd-largest U.S. carrier, and parent AMR Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday to cut labor costs in face of high fuel prices and dampened travel demand
Canada joins U.S. in objecting to $100B climate fund

NY judge rejects $285M SEC-Citigroup agreement; rips secrecy "public has a right to know what happens in cases that touch on 'the transparency of financial markets whose gyrations have so depressed our economy and debilitated our lives.' In such cases, the SEC has a responsibility to ensure that the truth emerges, he wrote."

Euro in danger, Europe races for debt solution

WSJ: European stocks made whopping gains Monday, and Euro rose against the U.S. dollar, amid hopes Euro-zone policy makers will take decisive action to tackle debt crisis

Syria's crimes against humanity include sexual torture, electric shock: UN report

China supports ‘all-weather friend’ Pakistan after NATO attack

Global economic recovery petering out: OECD

Germany, France eye euro zone pact, markets hopeful

Suicide car bomber kills 19 in Baghdad

Durban climate talks to hear from people claiming to 'Occupy' the climate or something

Edward Jay Epstein: What really happened to Strauss-Kahn? Was he set up?

NY Times: $98B bullet train project faces cries of boondoggle, but nearly bankrupt California pushes ahead

Parcel blast in Innisfail kills young disabled mother

Robert Fulford: Too much sensitivity doomed the Shafia girls

David Frum: In the Republican race, it’s Romney, Huntsman or bust

Garry Kasparov: 'Putin's just like Al Capone'

Chris Vander Doelen: CNN spins Windsor murder to fit political story line

Saif Gadhafi: a monster of British making?

Conrad Black: How the ROC bought off Quebec

Guardian: New Climategate email dump reveals collusion, data-hiding, FOI law avoidance was commonplace among the climate scientists pushing their theories; another Penn State University cover-up?

Daily Mail: New Leaks show Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn't fit their apocalyptic global warming

Australia approves $11B Foster's sale to SABMiller

No recess from French as Montreal schools to scan playground chatter

OECD chief says European recession can be avoided

Canadian Supreme Court refuses to hear U.S. Steel appeal over breaking terms of its 2007 Stelco takeover; way paved for government lawsuit

Michael Medved: Conservatives, Romney, and electability; Most political battles are won by seizing the center

Federal Court orders CBC to hand over records in unanimous ruling

CNN Poll: Blue collar Democrats' support for Obama drops

Crane company hiring policy getting attention: "We are not hiring until Obama is gone"

NBC finally apologizes to GOP primary candidate Michele Bachmann for rude song choice by bandleader on Fallon show

Surveillance company says it tricks users into downloading its parasite software by triggering fake update prompts for Adobe flashplayer or iTunes updates
Egypt’s military agrees to earlier elections and a new government: politician

Canadian general recognized for Libyan role

Turkish PM Erdogan calls for ‘coward’ Assad to step down

Jennifer Rubin: Anti-Romney forces should be candid

Global economic outlook grim, China tells U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade

updated: Egypt's cabinet resigns as criticism grows, not clear yet if resignations accepted

Analysis: Syria’s Assad learning nothing from Gadhafi’s brutal end

Occupy Toronto camp gets new eviction notices

Rex Murphy: Capitalism's spoiled children; "the people in the various Occupy camps represent a petty sub-sample of the hard left"

Scott Stinson: Five reasons why Occupy failed, and one reason it didn’t

Christie Blatchford: Law counts, cause doesn’t in Occupy movement

Violent protests in Egypt prompt worry about election

'Super committee' appears poised to admit debt solution failure

Barron's: Bad neighbor policy; the U.S. loses touch with the best source of imported energy

Deficit 'super committee' stalled as deadline looms

Gadhafi's son Seif al-Islam captured in Libya

Canadian inflation at 2.9% in October

Dana Milbank: Pay to play, brought to you by Washington; Charlie Rangel return just a symptom

Retailers offering deep discounts on RIM’s PlayBook; firm wants greater market saturation

Deficit gridlock looms, supercommittee deadlocked

Shallow 4.3M quake hits Okanagan Valley in British Columbia

28-year pay equity fight ends at Canada Post with Supreme Court $150M decision

Asian powers spurn German debt on EMU chaos

New Canadian legislation gives pension access to the 60% of Canadians with no pensions

Radical GOP proposal would simplify, cut & raise taxes;
reduce deductions scope, including charitable, mortgages

OWS protesters cause mayhem across NYC, 275+ arrested

White House shooter charged with Obama assassination attempt

"Entire system utterly destroyed by MF Global collapse"

Secret Service: White House shooter arrested in Pennsylvania
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Suspect sought, Chinese assault rifle shot at White House

Paulson new Commissioner of RCMP; longtime Mountie, former RCAF pilot

Judge temporarily stops Toronto effort to oust protesters

Judge upholds eviction of Wall Street protesters

‘We’re not leaving’: Toronto protesters vow to fight on despite eviction notice

Occupy protesters in Toronto, Calgary given deadline

Mayor defends Occupy eviction as judge hears challenge

NYPD storms OWS camp, evict protesters
follows threats to disrupt subway, stock exchange

Telegraph: Chinese financial system at risk, warns IMF

New Quebec party declares 40 years of bickering is enough

Aussie wins award for condensing irrigation device
that harvests water from air and is solar-powered

Canada exchange operator TMX opens doors in China

Canada eyes Asia market for more of its energy products

Canada interested in joining new U.S./Asia-Pacific trade region

Keystone pipeline delays will be 'costly'

Harper: Obama Keystone decision casualty of U.S. "political season"

New PM Monti vows to quickly form next Italian govt

Arab League votes to suspend Syria over killings

End of an era: Berlusconi resigns

Solyndragate: Obama was warned over Dem cronyism in Energy $$ billions
former staffer: "DOE deals... have gone to Obama donors and.. underperformed"

Canadians around the world gather for Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

U.S. Senate approves jobs benefits for veterans, 95-0

Unions furious at Obama for killing needed Keystone jobs

Obama delays Keystone XL pipeline, discards 20,000 jobs

'Canada' top brand among travellers

Italy passes crucial test, finds buyers for new debt

Eurozone should stay intact: Merkel

updated: shallow 5.7M quake in eastern Turkey, 7 dead, rescue scramble
25 buildings down but 22 unoccupied due to damage from last quake

Italy at breaking point, Merkel calls for "new Europe"

Berlusconi resignation vow fails to calm markets

Greeks agree on house speaker as new PM: sources

Flaherty lowers EI premium increase, says deficit to take longer to slay

6.9M undersea quake hits 130 miles deep between Japan and Taiwan

Tornado hits Snyder, Oklahoma after earthquake weekend shakes state
Wall Street flat, focus shifts to debt-laden Italy

Euro zone governments rush to placate bond markets

Papademos front-runner to be new Greek PM

Europe's debt crisis 'will last a decade': Merkel

Greece agrees on coalition government to approve bailout
Papandreou steps down as PM, successor not yet named

Oklahoma earthquakes just keep on coming, big and small

Papandreou won't lead new Greek cabinet, no deal done

Papandreou’s unity government bid hits resistance as crisis talks begin

Andy Rooney dead at 92

Margaret Wente: Naive 'Occupiers' blaming the wrong people

Greek bailout deal inches closer as Papandreou survives confidence vote

Canadian Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney takes reins of
Financial Stability Board, the G20 global banking watchdog

BBC: Knife-edge confidence vote for Greek PM Papandreou looks grim

Greek government faces survival vote with bailout in balance

AP: Greek PM Papandreou abandons referendum after tumultuous day

Bloomberg: Latest is that Papandreou stays, Greek referendum goes

BBC update: Papandreou NOT stepping down, no cabinet resignation
Confusion continues over status and future of Greek government; claims, counter-claims

BBC update: Papandreou to step down and hand power to coalition
updated: Banker Lucas Papademos now seen as coalition leader until elections

Greek government on brink of collapse after defections

Greek vote set for December 4; no Euro-rescue loans until then

TEPCO fears resumed fission in leaky Fukushima Reactor 2; Xenon detected

Greek PM convinces cabinet, next up Merkel and Sarkozy

BBC: Greek PM sticks with referendum on debt rescue package

Is Greece pre-empting military coup with wholesale brass replacement?

AP: Bankrupt MF Global, led by former NJ Democrat Sen/Gov Corzine
admits to using clients' money as its financial troubles mounted

BBC: U.S. and European markets dive on Greek referendum

Reason: Greedy capitalists hogging wealth not causing income inequality

Loonie tumbles amid Greek referendum turmoil in Euro-debt crisis

Reuters: Greece faces meltdown after bailout vote bombshell

Vancouver Sun: Greek debt referendum plan stuns Europe

Japan stocks drop second day as Europe concern flares over Greek vote

Greek referendum threatens renewed euro zone crisis

Vancouver police announce 163 NHL riot charges

IMF: Canada outlook "broadly favorable" --
"especially compared to other G7 countries"

Gingrich says fast rise in polls "almost disorienting"

Second experiment confirms faster-than-light particles

Tens of thousands pack Egypt’s Tahrir Square to protest military rule

Blue tide of conservatism washing away last of Europe's leftists

Canada engaging Syrian opposition movement

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s politically strategic inaction; 'We can't wait', except for Keystone the most exhaustively studied of any oil pipeline in U.S. history, and twice given green light by two separate studies

Kuwait orders crack down on protests after Parliament stormed by demonstrators

Kelly McParland: Dalton McGuinty finds gravy on the road to Damascus

Potty-mouthed NDP MP Pat Martin not sorry after expletive-laced Twitter rant

Deported man paid $4,000 to sneak back into Canada, reveals thriving people smuggling industry

Syria ‘already completely similar to real civil war’: Russia

GE filed 57,000-page 2010 tax return, paid no taxes on $14B in profits

OWS protester arrested by NYPD for widely-viewed firebombing threats to occur Thursday

Time for EI overhaul in Canada? System built for the 1970s costs all but doesn't provide for all

Bullet hits White House window; stopped by ballistic glass; Friday shooting but only found today?

Barack Obama finally keeps promise as he heads to Australia; China the 800-pound gorilla behind the trip

CRTC unveils compromise for usage-based billing

Solyndragate: Energy Dept. pushed firm to keep layoffs quiet until after midterms

David Cay Johnston: Meltdown redux: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission chairman says "It’s going to happen again"

Kelly McParland: Michael Moore explains why he’s different from other multi-millionaires

U.S. post office near default? Losses mount to $5.1B

Was Occupy Wall Street's eviction a lucky break?

NY Times: Insurance mandate may be Obamacare's undoing

BBC tightens rules on sponsorship after 15 breaches

Occupy Nancy Pelosi: The real 'One Percent' is America's political class

Telegraph: Stem cell test proves viability of heart repairing itself; 'biggest breakthrough in treating heart attacks for a generation'

Globe & Mail: Uncertainty clouds struggling solar power industry

Trans-Canada says will change route of Keystone pipeline through Nebraska

Charles Krauthammer: The 2011 elections: A split decision

Fleet of U.S. drones now based in Turkey

Matt Gurney: Liberals still believe only ‘fools’ wouldn’t give them power

Kindle Fire to surpass early iPad sales: JP Morgan

CBC surrenders requested documents to Parliamentary committee

Vancouver wants the Occupy protest gone: poll

Russian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko’s aid to Iran offers peek at nuclear program

Harper holds bilateral meeting with Russian President Medvedev in Hawaii

Emirates Airlines makes record $26B order for 50 Boeing 777s

Police move in on Portland park after eviction notice ignored by 'Occupy' protesters

U.S. companies are feeling impact of European crisis

Marc Grove: My journey from liberal to conservative

Heroin/cocaine overdose killed woman at Occupy Vancouver: coroner

Washington Post: Before Solyndra, a long history of failed U.S. government energy projects

Email shows Elena Kagan was pretty excited when Obamacare passed; should she recuse herself from Obamacare Supreme Court decision?

updated: Shots reportedly fired near White House; federal law enforcement investigating; assault rifle found in abandoned car

Mexican interior minister killed in helicopter crash

Flaherty talks tough with U.S. in wake of Keystone pipeline delay; Obama political move may mean oil flows to Asia instead of U.S.

John Ivison: Farewell ‘in-and-out scandal,’ you were far less interesting than you sounded

Canada to sanction Iran in wake of nuclear report: Baird

India’s Nano hits bumps on the road

Christie Blatchford: Accused ‘honour killing’ father like a six-year-old with chutzpah

Carol Goar: Canadians were last to cheer star banker Mark Carney

CBC double-standard: ready to call cops on Ezra Levant visit to their HQ but see Walsh ambush of Ford as comedy

Toyota recalling 550,000 vehicles for serious engine issue; 23,000 in Canada

GOP candidates: Fix U.S. economy or fail like Europe

Guardian: Green group accuses China of climate blackmail

Ahmadinejad: Iran won't retreat from nuclear path

Georgia starts to shed old Blue Law restrictions on Sunday alcohol sales; now only two states fully restrict: Connecticut and Indiana

Christie Blatchford: Slain daughters hungered for Western freedoms, honour-killing trial told

Re-elected last night, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall acted today on campaign promise to extend sales tax exemption on children's clothing

Globe & Mail Editorial: There is no constitutional right to 'Occupy'

Neil Reynolds: Who ordered the bailouts? Look again

AAA testing mobile electric car charging service

B.C. Mountie alleges years of sexual harassment

Hudak calls for Ontario public sector wage freeze after province rocked by 75,000 lost jobs in October

Ex-heavyweight champ Smokin' Joe Frazier dead at 67 after bout with cancer

Shallow 4.7M quake rocks Oklahoma again; are these pre-quakes to a coming big one or post-quakes following the 5.6M shaker on the weekend?

Cain accuser claims he made pass at her 14 years ago after she'd been fired and he was helping her find a job; celebrity Democrat lawyer Gloria Allred makes strong allegations; Cain denies completely

Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray convicted of involuntary manslaughter in star's 2009 drug death

Government protester falls off Tappan Zee Bridge north of New York City, is rescued by government from Hudson River

Manitoba MP Niki Ashton becomes 9th to seek NDP federal leadership

shame on school: Shutting down Remembrance Day ceremony hurts kids

John Ivison: Conservatives may let CSIS off its domestic chain

Thousands in U.S. NE mark 8th day without power

Cain squares off with Gingrich at GOP debate in Texas; blames journalists for sexual harassment hoopla

Telegraph: A funny thing happened on the way to the Herman Cain lynching

3 charged with dealing crack cocaine; Occupy Boston ‘deteriorating’

G20 on the right track: Harper

Woman found dead at Occupy Vancouver

USGS: 3 earthquakes give Oklahoma the shakes

Populist outrage and the founding of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system

Last of Canadians enforcing Libya no-fly zone return home

National Journal: Name and shame? Obama may go public with lawmakers' funding requests

Chris Vander Doelen: Windsor-Detroit Bridge struggle drags on

Leader of FARC guerrilla movement killed in combat, Colombian officials say

Kelly McParland: Bilingualism walkout cements Liberals’ out-of-touch status

Detroit Free Press: Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun cited for contempt of court, faces jail time

Asteroid to sail past Earth, closer than moon on Tuesday

LA Times: Karl Rove accuses Obama campaign of 'influence peddling'

Obama’s Sarkozy remark at G20 offends French

Don Cherry attacked by RMC French teacher; Cherry takes the high road, declines honorary degree

Hypocrisy, thy name is Jon Corzine

G20 leaders fail to agree on how to boost IMF

B.C. sheds nearly 11,000 jobs in October, Canada's job decline highest since 2009 recession, unemployment rate drops to 6.6%

Greece in turmoil over debt plan, but markets rise

ACORN scrambles, firing workers and shredding documents, after exposed as leadership element of Occupy Wall Street
‘Count your blessings, Canada, you just got a majority government’ OECD head says

Quinnipiac poll: Voters viewing Occupy Wall Street unfavourably

New York Post calls for Wall Street protesters to leave voluntarily or with NYPD help

NDP burns MPs who voted against long gun registry to support their constituents, puts party first

New Canadian bill will tighten controls and limit sources of political loans

AP: Electricity still travels by weather-subject wires because of dollars and physics

Vladimir Putin 'a wife beater and philanderer', German documents allege

Daily Caller: Obama’s ‘great friend’ and ‘ally’ Jon Corzine gets $12M golden parachute after driving MF Global to bankruptcy

Russian ice hockey team was killed after pilot 'accidentally turned on wheel brake'

Facebook easily infiltrated by data-harvesting bots, researchers find

Canada expands immigration program for foreign PhD students after welcoming 10,000th permanent resident to enter Canada through the program

Occupy Toronto can’t stay on church grounds if they get evicted: Dean

Firing of Sportsnet broadcaster after gay marriage tweet tests Canadian religious freedom, free speech

AP: Occupy protesters arrested in NYC finance district

Segregation spreads at Toronto School Board; approves Africentric high school, all-girl, all-boy schools

Syria faces army defectors, worldwide isolation

Oil back at $100: higher prices here to stay as pipelines ease Cushing, Oklahoma oversupply

Contagion grips euro zone debt markets

UK unemployment hits 15-year high at 8.3%

3D printers about to storm home market, 'make everything'

PPP poll: Occupy Wall Street favour fading with public

Yankees-linked U.S. equity firm seen as potential buyer of Toronto Maple Leafs' parent at $1.5-2B

Michelle Malkin: Obama’s half-billion-dollar crony drug deal

Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s 'green' company scored $1.4B taxpayer bailout as former employee makes calls on handouts at U.S. DOE

Ex-PM Martin tells Americans why U.S. made no sense on housing; higher down-payments, absence of mortage tax-link helped Canada avoid crisis

OWS regroups, plans to stay in Zuccotti Park in shifts

Neil Reynolds: A scary prediction for the collapse of paper money

Telegraph: Syria to 'boycott Arab League summit'; defecting military attack intelligence complex

Telegraph: Arab press predicts regional war over Syria

Nebraska leaders now pushing for U.S. to ‘expedite’ Keystone

Senators introduce Stock Act to stop insider trading in U.S. Congress

Boehner calls GOP 'special committee' deficit plan a 'fair offer'

Will Obama allow Keystone go-ahead now that Trans-Canada and Nebraska have agreed upon new route?

Stocks turn positive amid strong economic data, hopes for new Italian government

The other Penn State scandal: Dr. David Schnare: 'Why I want Mike Mann’s emails'

Canada-U.S. security deal to be unveiled in December

Doctor's advice? Cut out all wheat products; says causes rashes, diabetes, colitis, obesity and more

UK admits ground-to-air missiles will be ready to protect Olympics from terrorist attack

Halifax rightly ended 'Occupation'
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Kelly McParland: Michael Moore’s hypocrite house

Occupy Toronto camp ‘hypocrisy’ infuriates locals

European renewables caught in perfect storm: falling prices, oversupply and lower government incentives

PPP poll: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich takes the lead among GOP candidates seeking the party's Presidential nomination

'60 Minutes' bombshell insider trading report hits members of both parties

Insider trading: The wonk who slays Washington

'60 Minutes' uncovers Pelosi's insider stock trades

Occupy Wall Street costs local New York City businesses $479,400

Telegraph: Tide turns against Occupy Wall Street

TIME: Intel source: Israel behind deadly explosion at Iran missile base

Iranian missile expert killed in ammunition depot explosion; Iran still claims as accident

As deadline nears, U.S. Debt Reduction Panel weighs undoing its own rules

Edward Luce: Mr. President, it’s time to panic

Hackers threaten to 'remove' Toronto from Internet if it evicts Occupy protesters

Mexico: no mechanical failures in helicopter crash

BBC: Arab Spring revolution at the Arab League

Death toll in second Turkish quake rises to 40

Police seize biggest Rio slum as World Cup/Olympics clean-up begins

Silver lining: Moody's says Keystone delay will help Trans-Canada's liquidity, hurt its clients

Google releases satellite images of Iranian facilities which UN says may be used to develop nuclear weapons

Allan Fotheringham: How I invented Brian Mulroney

Mexico pulls out of meeting with Canada, U.S. after minister’s death

Canadian connection: The $15B ambition to reshape Manhattan's skyline

updated: Kidnapped Washington Nationals' catcher Wilson Ramos found alive; Venezuelan police commandos rescued Ramos and arrested three of his abductors Friday

NY Times: As foes flounder, Newt Gingrich gets bump in poll

Obama Keystone decision a setback for U.S.-Canada relations

NY Times: A gold rush of subsidies in the search for clean energy; Obama giving $$ billions to wealthy Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and General Electric to promote green dreams

Ann Coulter: David Axelrod's pattern of sexual misbehavior

Polls say Obama facing an anti-big government revolution

Thousands of students riot at Penn State University after coach Joe Paterno fired

MLB player kidnapped in Venezuela hometown

Penn State University fires legendary Joe Paterno and school President Graham Spanier over sex abuse allegations against assistant coach

Canada 'could expect' massive earthquake at any time

Dow sinks 3% as Europe uncertainty deepens

AP Exclusive: Cain accuser filed complaint, made extravagant demands in next job

Police evict 'Occupy' protesters in London, Ontario

Canadian ‘Occupy’ movement falters after Toronto overdose, Vancouver death

FCC agreement with U.S. providers will give $10 per month broadband access to poorest Americans

Asteroid misses Earth by 202,000 miles at 29,000 mph

NDP MP blames interim leader's difficulties on 'growing pains' as Turmel gaffes pile up

Report: Cain accuser Bialek fired from NRA for false accusations of sexual assault

Berlusconi will resign says Italian President

Open microphone catches Obama and Sarkozy attacking Netanyahu in major gaffe sending diplomatic shockwaves

Berlusconi loses majority in winning routine, non-confidence vote after abstentions, urged to resign

updated: CBC projects a repeat majority victory in Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan Party which has won or leads in 49 of province's 58 seats with almost 65% of vote

Apple kicks security researcher out of App Store after iOS vulnerability discovered

Strong but deep 5.9M earthquake below Lake Nicaragua shakes 3M people

AP: Cyber weaknesses should deter U.S. from waging war

Huge oil discovery in Argentina over 900 million barrels

Issa calls for congressional probe into ACORN role in Occupy Wall Street

Der Spiegel: Euro zone considers solution of last resort

AP: U.S. limits troubled visa program seen as exploiting foreign workers and denying jobs to Americans

Masked protesters arrive at Occupy Vancouver as city seeks to shut it down

Occupy Toronto wrestles with substance-abuse issues

Globe & Mail: Small wind turbines generate huge sales potential

Globe & Mail: Solar power boom hits a wall; "The entire solar industry is in severe crisis at this stage"

Occupy Vancouver camp unsafe, must end: mayor

New global bank sheriff Mark Carney gets more firepower; can 'name and shame' countries that fail to do their part
Fatty foods addictive as cocaine according to study

Wind farms disrupting radar, scientists say

NY Times: Taming unruly wind power; over-supply and under-supply both serious problems

John Snobelen: Occupy movements proof real people fighting back

Officials: 67 dead in northeast Nigeria attacks

Canada to accept additional 10,000 parents and grandparents next year; also introduces 'supervisa' for extended visits; innovates to reduce immigrant backlogs

Charles Krauthammer: Who lost Iraq?

NY Times: In new book Clinton tries to help Obama without hurting him

U.S. General relieved of Afghanistan training post over remarks on Karzai

Prospect of euro-zone ouster moved Greeks, Harper says

CEO: "The market for carbon capture and storage is dead"

Tarps start coming down at Occupy Vancouver following fire chief’s order

Euro zone finds no new money for debt crisis at G20

CEO Corzine steps down at MF Global

Syrian troops fire during protests; 9 killed

Mitt Romney: How I'll tackle spending, debt

Lorrie Goldstein: Climate of hysteria; more misrepresentation from global warming crowd

Euro can live on without Greece: French minister

ING to cut 2,700 jobs, takes Greek bond hit

Euro zone mulls Greek exit, Papandreou on brink

U.S. Fed Chief Bernanke says U.S. growth slowing and unemployment will continue to be bad in 2012

As his poll numbers rise, Herman Cain becomes target of new allegations; Cain blames sinking Rick Perry for dishing dirt

Simple collars around the neck may save athletes from concussions, say research scientists

Peter Morici: In defense of Papandreou

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says Occupy Wall Street protesters should vent their anger at Capitol Hill, not banks

The Economist: Eurodoom

NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury

Occupy Wall Street protesters anti-Obama and plan to skip 2012 election, Fordham poll finds

World’s seven billionth baby born in Ottawa

Al-Shabab suicide bomber urges terrorist attacks against Canada

Storm killed 8 in New England, power being quickly restored in Canada

What global warming? NE snow dump breaks records in 8 states

3M Americans without power after early, monster storm

Winter storm pounds U.S. and now pounding Canadian Maritimes

Minister MacKay on death of Master Corporal Byron Garth Greff

Canadian Master Corporal Byron Greff killed in Afghanistan
3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantryman dies in blast
Kabul suicide bomb kills 13 troops, civilian workers

40 killed across Syria in deadliest Friday demonstrations since May

6.9M quake rattles Peru near 2007 tragedy

Female members of Royal Family to gain equality with males in succession to Throne

Fifth-day quake rescue lifts Turkish spirits

Tory 'Rep by Pop' bill will add 30 new MPs to House of Commons
Fair Representation Act boosts MP numbers in Ontario, B.C., Alberta and Quebec

TSX, Dow surge on EU debt deal

European Council chief’s remarks on Greek deal cover full scope:
loan forgiveness, contagion firewall, bank recapitalization

Europe reaches key deal to help Greece; banks to lose 50% of loans

Boehner answers Obama, notes 15 jobs bills awaiting passage in Senate

World Series game 6 postponed until Thursday due to rain in St. Louis

Teacher and teen pulled from Turkey rubble over 60 hours after quake;
death toll now at 459; 40 rescued on Tuesday by dedicated searchers

Eurozone debt crisis: talks break down as Merkel rejects rescue deal

Lower growth forecast not 'doom and gloom': Flaherty

ECB row, Italy flare on eve of euro rescue summit

Reuters exclusive: IMF considering participation in EU bailout fund

Gold rises 3% on EU debt fears, U.S. data

Tunisia: Moderate Islamists claim win, reach out to liberals

Bank of Canada sees 'brief recession' for eurozone

2-wk-old baby, mom and grandma plucked alive from Turkish quake rubble
death toll rises to at least 432 with thousands left homeless; 2,262 buildings down

Blue Jays' Bautista top offensive player in AL for 2nd straight year
first MLB player in a decade to lead in 4 offensive categories

Harper urges comprehensive solution to European debt crisis

Mark Carney ready to take on the world’s banks with reforms

Turkey quake toll now 279, with over 1300 hurt

Quebec Labour Minister Lise Thériault threatened over construction bill

Turkey quake toll now over 200

German satellite falls into water east of India

Turkey quake: Up to 1,000 feared dead

Powerful 7.2M earthquake kills at least 85 in
eastern Turkey, collapses dozens of buildings

Washington Post: For Libyan fighters, a hero's welcome in Benghazi

AP: Conflicted Iraqis face future without U.S. troops

German satellite expected to hit Earth Sunday; heads up...

Canada to help rebuild Libyan economy, democracy: Baird

Prince Sultan, heir to Saudi throne, dies in New York hospital at 85

Study claims 1318 companies with interlocking
ownerships have disproportionate power over global economy

Canada’s middle-power status delivered results in Libya

Obama: Gadhafi death is warning to iron-fist rulers

World Bank: Canada 3rd best place in world to start a business; U.S. 13th

Occupy Vancouver costs taxpayers $500K so far -- should sponsors pay?

Blatchford: ‘I would do it again’; court hears horror of 'honour' killing

James Rosen: Cain's plan is now 9-0-9 for the poor

Doug Schoen: What Cain needs to do if he really wants to be President

Obama says last 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq 'coming home' this year
frets about job prospects for returning vets, non-immunity deal-breaker

Herman Cain tweaks 9-9-9 tax plan to allow exemptions

Gadhafi body stashed in shopping center freezer as burial on hold

Libya plans secret Friday burial for Gadhafi

Two quakes shake San Francisco Bay area; M4.0 followed by M3.8

Peter Jones: The ripple effects of Gadhafi’s death

BBC: Libyan Acting PM Jibril says Gadhafi killed in 'crossfire'

Gadhafi begged for life; cowered in storm drain; died from shot in temple

French fighter, U.S. drone hit convoy; NTC troops grabbed Gadhafi

AP: Gadhafi's last hours

Gadhafi is dead, NTC says; Sirte now held

CBS News video: Gadhafi captured in Sirte

CNBC: A long, steep drop for Americans' standard of living
B.C. firm wins $8B federal contract for non-combat shipbuilding

National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy brings new Navy, Coast Guard vessels

Halifax firm wins $25B contract for next generation of military ships

Supreme Court of Canada rules a hyperlink cannot libel
Kurds kill 24 Turkish troops, Ankara hits back on air and ground

Dark clouds threaten solar makers' futures worldwide:
over-supply, end of European subsidies, leading to plant shutdowns

Tiny Sable Island in Atlantic Ocean, Canada’s newest national park

Margaret Wente: Notes from the occupation (Toronto)

serial killer?: B.C. 21-yr-old charged with killing blind teen now accused in 3 other murders

Ontario green energy costs 40% higher than gov't estimates; will cost jobs

AP: Occupy Wall Street shows muscle, has $300K in funding

Veteran Wheldon had been helping Indycar develop safer model for 2012 season

2-time Indy 500 winner Wheldon killed in 15-car Vegas Indy crash

Bank of Canada head calls 'Occupy' protests 'entirely constructive'

Harper 'deeply concerned' over jail term for Ukrainian leader

Canada advises Canadian citizens in Syria to leave
now by commercial means while these are still available

Obama sends U.S. troops to Uganda, notifies Congress later

Banks, G20 victims bracing for Occupy Toronto

RIP Dennis Ritchie: The shoulders Steve Jobs stood on

B.C.'s Kitimat LNG terminal wins export licence

Air Canada union cancels strike after CIRB referral by federal gov't

Canadian deficit drops 40% from 2010, beats Spring budget forecast;
unemployment down to 7.1%, balanced budget sooner than promised?

NY Times: Iran says plot to kill Saudi ambassador a U.S. fabrication
to divert attention from 'Occupy Wall Street' & economic doldrums

CTV/GlobeandMail/Nanos poll: Harper Tories increase lead to 10 pts
steady at 39%, NDP drops to 29% after Layton loss, Libs up to 24.5%

Raitt to avert Air Canada strike by referring stalemate to Canadian Industrial Relations Board

B.C. Grizzlies alive, well, and starring on remote video

class warfare: 'Occupy Wall Streeters' to march on billionaires' homes

La Niña means brutal, cold, early winter on its way say forecasters

Egyptian PM: Deadly riots a setback to transition

24 killed as Egypt church protests turn violent

Telegraph: Entire system of global trade at risk

Nova Scotia-grounded scrap ship may cost $24M if breaks up

Jobs left plans for four years of new Apple products

Britain in grip of worst-ever financial crisis: Bank of England governor
£75bn more quantitative easing announced by Sir Mervyn King to boost demand in economy

John Sculley on Steve Jobs: full interview transcript

Under Jobs, Apple didn't invent computers, digital music
players or smartphones - it reinvented them

The Steve Jobs legacy: Ease, elegance in technology'

Steve Jobs dead: 1955 - 2011

'Porn teacher' resigns from Ontario College of Teachers position; still a teacher "in good standing"

Ontario College of Teachers Discipline Chair writes soft-porn for teens

Bernanke sharply warns U.S. economy is 'close to faltering'

TSX plunges nearly 400 points on fears of global recession

Condemnation from French PM after firebombing destroys offices of satirical paper Charlie Hebdo

Canal-killing mother claims she wasn't part of plot to kill her daughters, didn't know what was going on

coffee war: Tim Hortons to serve espresso, lattes and brewed-on-the-spot cappuccinos

Libya: NATO 'prevented Gadhafi forces reaching mustard gas stockpiles'

Toronto-area trial thrown out after key witness killed in gangland-style hit

Libya chooses engineer as new Prime Minister

Canadian billionaire gets bail in UK bribery case

Student-turned-NDP-MP who worked for Mulcair jumps ship and endorses Topp for leader

McGuinty Liberals take pre-emptive move, commit to review lucrative green energy pay-outs which ratchet up cost of electricity in Ontario

NATO winds down 7-month Libya campaign

European debt dominoes keep falling as MF Global files for bankruptcy; former NJ Gov. Corzine gets golden handshake after helming failed gambles

Tony La Russa retires after 33 seasons as manager of three teams and three World Series champs

Qantas to resume flights after regulator blocks strikes

Harper frustrated but supportive of Commonwealth as it moves slowly on important issues such as Human Rights

Qantas grounds global fleet due to strikes; worldwide impact

The tweet that changed the course of Irish presidential election was 'just a bit of fun'; power of social media revealed as ambush-loaded?

Search for Turkish quake survivors called off

Report says RCMP 'herded' native kids to residential schools; mixed reaction

Bangkok braced for further flood devastation as water level rises

Early 2011 hack of Canadian government data targeted potash industry

Major winter storm to hammer U.S. NE; Pennsylvania capital and other cities to get up to 15" snow dump

Tony La Russa's humble Vancouver beginnings

CBC report wrong, Ford didn't berate Toronto 911 staff: police chief

Turmoil, threats, naivete and disconnect from reality continue to characterize Occupy mother ship as NYFD removes gas and generators

Samsung overtakes Apple in smartphone sales, take 23.8% of market

Canadian soldier dies during rescue mission in Nunavut

Christie Blatchford: Evidence in alleged honour killing not CSI sexy, but hefty

Alleged Toronto serial killer’s mother charged as murder accomplice

Elected director Henry Vos resigns from "dysfunctional CWB board" after last straw

Occupy London: empty at night?

Maureen Dowd: the limits of magical thinking; the warts of Steve Jobs

Harvard Prof running for Senate in Massachusetts claims "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what" the 'Occupy' muddle "do"; is that like Al Gore "inventing the internet?"

More proof of hidden ACORN link to 'Occupy'

53 years after Boeing 707 launched the 'Jet Set', efficient, comfy Dreamliner wows them in Hong Kong

FoxNews: Re-named, disgraced ACORN "organizing 'guerrilla' protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities"; feeding and paying some protesters $100 a day to protest

Roger Pielke, Jr.: The games climate scientists play

Henry Paulson: U.S.-China ties can boost the global economy

Why does OMERS, the pension fund for Ontario municipal workers, have 30 employees in a New York City office?

Canada’s homicide rate hits 44-year low as sentencing rules tighten

David Akin: Want change? How about voting

American Thinker: Remember when Obama gave $400,000 in tax dollars to two Gadhafi family charities? He hopes American voters don't

Obama defies base, hires Wall Street lobbyist for re-election campaign

8 NYC cops charged in gun-smuggling ring

Fall of Julian Assange: Couldn’t happen to a more deserving anarchist

Gas pump handles top study of filthy surfaces

Thailand floods destroy high-tech factories; to bring hard drive drought

What Steve Jobs learned in India at 19

Ontario cafe offers coffee and a cat

Dozens die after bridge collapses at Indian festival

Michael Barone: Cult of global warming is losing influence

next domino? Hundreds rally in support of Iranian opposition

Dan Wheldon remembered as 'a champion of our sport'

Telegraph: Steve Jobs advised Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky

Steve Jobs: The best-seller-to-be won't disappoint

Quebecor demands CBC take down 'defamatory' document

10 Colombian soldiers killed in midnight attack by leftist rebels

Student loans the real Occupy Wall Street problem

Paul Tracy voices IndyCar parents' concerns

Canada to spend $1.1B on combat vehicle upgrades

New Detroit-Windsor bridge hits big speed bump in Michigan Senate as current bridge owner spends millions to pressure against new link for vital trade; Gov. supports new bridge, could use executive action end-run

John Ivison: Tories should enjoy Nycole Turmel’s reign while it lasts

Retiring Democrat congressman blasts Obama for inaction on housing meltdown which is dragging down rest of U.S. economy

With Libyan liberation, a political victory for Harper

Air Canada and its flight attendants avoid strike, agree to binding arbitration

Jean Charest announces Quebec construction corruption inquiry

Ousted Palestinian envoy 'regrets' anti-Israel 'retweet'; video called for war on Jews

Zbigniew Brzezinski's enemies list

U.S. politicians visit, praise Alberta oilsands

Apple loses some of its shine

U.S. ambassador says he's ‘sympathetic’ to Canadians affected by IRS beyond-borders tax crackdown

RIM announces new BlackBerry operating system

Globe and Mail editorial on Windsor-Detroit bridge: Moroun should stop meddling in new Canada-U.S. crossing

U.S. border czar pitches ‘thinner’ Canada-U.S. border for low-risk traffic

Palestinian envoy is asked to leave Ottawa after controversial tweet

Balsillie forecasts RIM rebound

Matt Gurney at Occupy Toronto: ‘Mostly harmless’, except to their cause

Anthony Watts: NCEP ensemble forecast shows deep La Niña coming; time for thick coats and bigger snow shovels

AP: 'Superhero' vigilante movement gaining popularity, but not with everybody

CTV: Two Supreme Court justices to be named Monday

Lorne Gunter: Occupy Wall Street protesters get things half-right

Charles Krauthammer: Democrats settle on ‘eat the rich’ as key to campaign

Tories remain committed to campaign promise to balance seats in House of Commons

Toronto philanthropist Schulich unveils $100M scholarships

This is no time to give up on the U.S., Mulroney says

Showdown looms between Wall Street protesters and cops; ordered to vacate private park so it can be power-washed

Mulcair makes it official: He’s running for NDP leader

Stephen Maher: NDP gained nationwide by harvesting Quebec seats

Clashes between Syrian troops and army defectors kill at least 13

Who's behind the Wall Street protests?

Head of B.C. Treaty Commission suggests shutting it down

Globe and Mail: For Japanese, Fukushima spells fear

Wall Street Journal: St. Louis Cardinals 'rally squirrel' attorney demands release of client

Wikileaks-leaked U.S. diplomatic cable shows Obama wanted to apologize for dropping nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War II but the Japanese said 'no'

Taiwanese solar firms finding it difficult to compete as prices drop in solar marketplace due to glut of producers and low demand

Chinese solar firms reportedly trying to sell in-house equipment as market demand drops

Disturbing echoes of mid-20th Century socialist movements in Occupy Wall Street tantrums and tactics?

The Street: The job statistic no one is paying attention to; job stats count jobs, not people, as many people picking up second and third jobs to make ends meet

Joe Warmington: Occupy Toronto tells cops how to behave; anonymous group admits upfront there will be need for arrests

Yukon Party wins historic 3rd majority in territorial election

Romney sympathizes with Wall Street protesters; "I look at what’s happening on Wall Street and my view is, boy, I understand how those people feel. Because with median income down 10% ... with chronic unemployment, long-term unemployment worse even than the Great Depression, the people in this country are upset. And I understand middle Americans saying, 'Wait a second, what’s going on? This wasn’t the deal. How can this be?' "

U.S. ties Iran to assassination plot against Saudi diplomat on U.S. soil

Democratic Senators join Republicans as Obama's unwieldy mega-tax bill defeated in Democratic-dominant Senate

Boston police arrest 50 from 'Occupy Boston' as they threaten to trample new park

'Green Europe' imperiled as economic crisis triggers carbon collapse

Vancouver-based Adbusters started the 'Occupy Wall Street' phenomenon, now Vancouver will get its own chance to shout and holler

Michael Goodwin: Aimless Obama walks alone

Dexia gets new bailout with £78B Belgian rescue deal; Franco-Belgian Dexia bank brought down by Greek exposure

Obama rhetoric disconnected from reality

Occupy Wall Street: Naivete, recession and the Obama-fed revolution of rising expectations has brought forth the street protests Bloomberg prophesied months ago

McGuinty’s expensive green-energy policies cost Liberals seats in rural Ontario

Wired: U.S. drone operations centre in Nevada desert infected by common computer malware

Solyndragate: Big cheese at U.S. Energy Dept loan office resigns as new questions raised over political interference

Canadians face disruptions after Telesat loses contact with powerful Anik F2 satellite

John Snobelen: Dalton’s dream, our nightmare

Rich getting poorer? Wealthiest Canadian families down billions this year

Ex-NHL great Rick Martin had degenerative brain disease

education gap: Study shows Canadians unfamiliar with War of 1812 details

Wolfe Island residents take on local and provincial government as property values plummet due to wind turbines but property taxes don't; representing selves without lawyer; major implications across Ontario

Gun control, homicide rates not linked: McMaster study

arresting situation? Liberal candidate breaks provincial law, on paid leave from OPP while campaigning

Angus Reid/Toronto Star Ontario poll: PCs 36% Liberals 33% NDP 26%

Kelly McParland: The McGuinty legacy founders on question of trust and the costs of appeasement

Ontario's 'Teflon Dalton' ignores serial screw-ups and Liberal pocket-picking and hopes voters will, too

Cellphone usage limits urged by Health Canada

Vander Doelen: Nail-biter election looms

Daniel Tisch: Of PR and protest: The times they are a-changin’

Historic Ottawa home of Sir John A. Macdonald, built in 1857, hit by big fire, survives

Tories support call for national suicide prevention strategy

Foreign plot: 'Occupy Wall Street' foreign-planned says Canadian 'plotter' behind it; says Canadian economy 'too good' for it to take root north of border

Canada and U.S. reach agreement on billion-dollar perimeter security pact

Passenger plane with 4 aboard crashes in Northwest Territories

Ross Ayotte: Premier Dud's broken promises

Afghanistan has suffered enough from terrorism: India

1.9M still without power in U.S. NE

correct story from Globe and Mail, Toronto Star had it wrong: Canada will keep funding UNESCO at current level but won't increase funding to make up for lost U.S. funds after Palestinian decision

Stephen Taylor: State of twitter

Toronto Star twists facts to suit its opinion on gun control; no restrictions changing, article confuses weapons and controls on barrel lengths

Arson seen as cause of $700M Slave Lake fire

Plane carrying 230 passengers 'safely' crash lands in Warsaw

California bullet train cost estimates rise to $98.5B, completion date extended by 13 years to 2033

CBS: NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick survives plane crash in Key West as brakes fail upon landing

Florida's largest newspaper changes name from St. Petersburg Times to Tampa Bay Times; after 113 years as SPT

Occupy Oklahoma City poet found dead in tent, police investigating death of man in his 20s characterized as "a homeless man provided with food, clothing and shelter by others involved in Occupy OKC"

U.S. will withhold funds for UNESCO after vote to grant membership to Palestinians

James Delingpole: Lying, cheating climate scientists caught lying, cheating again

China denies it hacked into U.S. satellites

Max Boot: Obama's tragic Iraq withdrawal

Harper sees progress in Commonwealth summit, says Libya will be a work in progress as it recovers from Gadhafi era

The world is getting a lot richer

Hundreds cower in Cabo San Lucas shops as security forces trade fire with gunmen outside

ID theft skyrocketing in South Florida; 'easier than robbing a bank,' one crook claims

Under siege and wantonly killing his citizens, Syria's Assad threatens West against any intervention; time to stand and be counted?

NASA says satellites were hacked; 'suspicious events' confirmed

Facebook says 600,000 account logins compromised every day

U.S. Border Patrol quietly halts routine bus and train checks on border with Canada

Greek debt haircut constitutes default: Fitch

Lorne Gunter: Mothball ‘dud subs,’ buy nukes

CBC says expensive dud subs Liberals bought from UK may be scrapped, suggests option is between no subs and nuke subs but government non-commital

Pilot dies after saving passengers by landing plan on Vancouver highway; bystanders heroically pulled all 10 from the burning plane

The reason the internet is slow: 32.7% of U.S. bandwidth is consumed by Netflix movie downloads

If Rick Perry skips debates, will Mitt Romney be next?

Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders; stop cooking for 2 hours

Libyan fighters secure chemical warfare materials, official says

Euro zone summit stalls on banks; Merkel and Sarkozy now talking directly with banks over loan writedowns

Gadhafi's son offers to surrender to war crimes court: official

Wacko Farrakhan recounts 1980s UFO abduction, warns West about retribution for Gadhafi’s death

Mulcair makes clear contrast to Topp, says he would reduce labour movement influence in NDP

Canada commits $350M for world's hungry

Ontario economy shrunk in 2nd quarter
Cat 2 Hurricane Rina set to weaken as it nears Yucatan coast

Luxury cinemas make move into Hollywood's home town

David Cay Johnston: Beyond the 1% -- facts and figures

News popular on tablets but few want to pay: study

updated: Gadhafi and son buried at dawn in secret desert grave

Google asks Canadians to help them update Google Maps

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez wins landslide re-election

'Bloodbath' seen for wind turbine producers on China slowdown

Conflict breaks out among Occupy Wall Street protesters over control and use of $500,000 in donations

Occupy Wall Street: Count on yourselves, 53% say

AP: Arab strongman -- with Gadhafi death, an era passes

Libya's new leaders to declare liberation Sunday

Romney accuses Obama of 'politics' or 'ineptitude' over Iraq pull-out decision

Eric Reguly: ‘Fear of the unknown’ strikes at heart of crippled Greece

Fire on 28th floor of 41-storey building across from Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zucotti Park

Steve Jobs told Obama he was a 'one-term President' due to his failures on economy, education, pro-unionism

U.S. stocks rise sharply on solid corporate earnings

Electric car UK sales sputter out; not selling, fewer than 1,000 on the road

Ontario Teachers' pension plan to vote against Murdoch-connected directors at News Corp.

Why Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi has no choice but to support #OccupyWallStreet

Maple Leaf Foods closes plants, opens new ones in major national restructuring of production and distribution facilities

Thieves running off with Occupy Wall Street cash and computers

Edward Hadas: Occupy Wall Street and the shallowness of discontent

Greece crippled by anti-austerity strike

Europe's lost decade as $7T loan crunch looms

Canada to downsize Wheat Board, end grain monopoly

Great Recession may not yet be even half over, U.S. study says

New House of Commons redistribution formula apparently to be based on latest StatsCan figures

Tasha Kheiriddin: Greed doesn’t stop at the 1%

Adrian MacNair: 1. Move to one of world’s most attractive cities. 2. Stage protest

MSM goes sour on Obama; 1% still pouring money into his campaign war chest, however

Libyans bulldoze Gadhafi's Tripoli compound

Heavy rains kill at least 66 in Central America

Occupy Toronto finds frustration in lack of organization

Occupy Vancouver protest stretches into Sunday as protesters set up camp

Berlusconi allies blame left for Rome riots; protesters blame thugs for hijacking their effort

'I saw 100 taken to be killed', says defector from Assad’s forces

Conrad Black: Why they’re ‘occupying’ Wall Street

Al-Awlaki's son among al-Qaida militants killed in Yemen air strike

How Barack Obama went from cool to cold

Thousands of Syrians join anti-government protests

Fukushima said not Tokyo hot spot source
Manslaughter charge laid in pumpkin-theft beating death

RIM faces compensation bill over outage

PC Magazine: BlackBerry service fully restored after outage, RIM says

Detroit plane bomber pleads guilty to 8 charges, trial ends quickly

Wall Street Journal: For RIM, BlackBerry crisis mounts

AOL CEO pitches investors on sale of AOL/Huffington Post combine to Yahoo; merger-mania to return?

New York Times: A year later rescued Chilean miners suffering mightily

Daily Mail: Eating fruit and vegetables can ‘switch off’ gene that raises the risk of heart disease

Sony recalls 1.6M LCD TVs worldwide due to fires

AP: GOP support coalescing around Romney

Chrysler, UAW agree on new contract; creates 2,100 new jobs, includes investment of $4.5B in plants

25 killed in slew of attacks targeting Iraq police

BBC: Timing key to Shalit release deal
Kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to be traded for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners

Peter Goodspeed: Egypt’s revolution may be imploding

Minority Premier McGuinty blows off initial entreaty from NDP leader Horwath

Why Canadian prisons for women are being expanded; big spike in inmate numbers and violence in last decade

Baird goes to Libya with Canadian businesses seeking resumption of their pre-war contracts in oil, engineering, construction

Chris Christie endorsement of Mitt Romney adds fuel to front-runner's fire

Multi-vitamins linked to earlier death, study finds

Kathy Dunderdale leads PCs to majority victory in Newfoundland and Labrador election; NDP and Liberals close in numbers for Official Opposition role

Hamilton to ban industrial windmills?

Vladimir Putin becomes a trending topic on twitter without a tweet

Egypt finance minister resigns over Cairo protests as Christians show outrage over weekend massacre by military

Goldy Hyder: Stimulus should be a last resort

iPhone 4S sells more in first 24 hours than any other Apple product; over 1M orders

Charles Krauthammer: Changing our world, faster than light

War of 1812: the misunderstood, mis-remembered war which shaped North America's future in many ways

Engineer doped up, was distracted by cellphone when crashed CPR train in Golden, B.C.

U.S. pulls back from the brink as employment increases more than predicted

Record low voter turnout in Ontario election; only 49.2% of eligible voters cast ballots

Ontario election results

Ontario election: Liberals win minority or razor-thin majority but lose rural cabinet ministers and become an urban-only government; with 6 seats still not fully reported, Liberals have 53 seats, 1 short of a majority win, PCs jump to 37 and NDP jump to 17 seats

Brendan O'Neill: The teenage moralism of the Occupy Wall Street hipsters almost makes me ashamed to be Left-wing
Comet ice may have filled Earth's oceans

4 Syrian soldiers killed in clash with army defectors; Clinton says Russia and China have to explain their UN vetoes "to the Syrian people"

U.S. jobless claims up but below predictions so seen as 'good news'

September tops expectations at many U.S. retailers

Chris Selley: Teachers college’s disgrace is leniency, not sexy book

Toronto Star investigation prompted Ontario College of Teachers to hire ex-Judge to investigate issues raised by paper, but resignation of porn-writing Chair of Discipline was voluntary and came only after Wednesday front-page exposé; teachers body self-regulates, spends taxpayer money

Solyndra e-mails show Obama Admin was ready to approve additional $469M for lemon solar firm

New $5B Champlain Bridge could include tolls

Hudak uses Ontario power plant to blast McGuinty’s ‘broken promises’

Ontario Liberals won't crack down on illegal smoke shops

Loonie advances amid hopes for recapitalization of European banks

Barbara Kay: The Supreme Court used flawed data to make its Insite decision; what's the penalty for misleading The Supremes?

Toronto currently building more high-rises than anywhere else in North America

Chalk River: world's oldest operating nuclear reactor can run until at least 2016 without compromising safety say experts

Neil Reynolds: A peak oil Technocrat ignored the power of technology

Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides to 12% in new CBS News poll; Cain now tied with Romney at top of GOP race with 17% support

Ophelia by satellite - Monday morning (11:45 a.m. EDT)
Ex-Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall, dumps rain on Newfoundland

Overhaul municipal conflict rules, inquiry head urges

Clear conflict of interest for McCallion: Mississauga inquiry

Ottawa invests $500M in toxic chemical monitoring plan

Canadian Nobel prize winner Steinman dies just days before awarded

Manitoba NDP wins majority government with reduced plurality; 34 seats to PCs' 21; used negative campaign to tar opponents

Suicide bomb kills at least 70 in Somali capital

Libya's NTC launches 'final assault' on Gadhafi stronghold

Northwest Territories' unique no-political-party consensus government passes first of three hurdles; 19 MLAs elected, now have to pick Speaker and Premier

Peter Goodspeed: Syria poised to plunge into full-fledged civil war

Obama's big-ticket jobs bill falls to pieces in Congress as Republicans and Democrats turn thumbs down

Union dues come under microscope; MP's private bill to force unions to disclose how spend hundreds of millions of dollars in tax-deductible dues

In Kingston and the Islands, PC Rodger James means business and eco-taxman Gerretsen may be put out to pasture

Lockheed Martin confirms face-to-face to Terry Milewski that Canada's 65 F-35s will cost $65 million apiece; Milewski blinks...

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition chooses PCs in Ontario; likes plans for income sharing, income tax cuts, and removing HST from cost of hydro and home heating

Retired couple give Ontario PCs a boost

Ottawa to introduce small business hiring credit Tuesday for small businesses increasing their payrolls

Possible earthquake early warning signal discovered in Japan data analysis

Party's over: Harper gov't moves to kill taxpayer subsidies for political parties

Bishop Desmond Tutu endorses Ottawa Centre candidate

LA Times: Obama says Americans worse off under his watch than 4 years ago

Conservative MP introduces private members bill "to make it an offence to wear a mask or to otherwise disguise or conceal one’s identity" during a riot; criminal scum in Toronto and Vancouver upset

U.S. stocks sink, pushing S&P to new low for the year

TSX opens fourth quarter sharply lower as Greek default worries persist

Hudak criticizes Liberal ‘war on cars', will end gridlock, pledges to construct shelved Niagara highway to take pressure off QEW

CTV/Globe and Mail/CP24 Nanos poll: Hudak best-equipped to manage the economy

Christina Blizzard: McGuinty fears NDP gaining popularity

Wall Street Journal: How North Dakota became Saudi Arabia

Top al-Qaida bomb-maker believed also dead in Yemen strike which killed al-Awlaki

Ottawa Citizen urges dumping of unpopular local Liberal MPP; supports problem-solver PC Lister instead

Explosive Toronto Star expose reveals how Ontario government allows teachers union to keep secret student sexual and physical abuse by teachers

Toronto hand-wringing over people flocking to downtown condos; no worries now about empty downtown streets at night, just transit/gridlock laments about where new office towers will go as city rapidly evolves

Former Ontario Premier Bill Davis publicly endorses Hudak, contrary to Liberal claims

Christie Blatchford: Caledonia, the issue that dare not speak its name

Liberals accuse NDP of inappropriately attacking their closure of Niagara-area hospital emergency rooms

Did Hamilton Mayor go 'rogue' and misrepresent city requests to province; is that why McGuinty is back-pedalling on his undelivered 2007 LRT funding commitment?

John Ivison: Buyers should be wary after Ontario leaders debate

Hudak win would mean ‘hat trick’ of budget cutters: McGuinty

Adam Radwanski: Why the Ontario Liberals’ power-plant pledge is a gift to the other parties

Lorne Gunter: The McGuinty fiberals and their green energy lies

Kelly McParland: Premier Dad comes under assault in Ontario debate

David Akin: Get used to it: The new dynamic in federal politics is a two-way fight: Blue Vs Orange

Kelly McParland: Which McGuinty is your McGuinty?

Hudak to McGuinty: "with all due respect, sir, nobody believes you anymore"

Killing gas-fired power plants by McGuinty could cost $1B

Jobs and taxes have McGuinty on defensive in Ontario leaders' debate

$18,000 EACH: Ontario’s debt burden threatens serious trouble ahead

John Ivison: Cynical power plant cancellation could burn McGuinty

Goar: What became of the continually recycled McGuinty plan for aging at home?

Toronto Sun: Dalton prefers Grit NIMBYs

Commons approves 3-month extension to Libyan mission; NDP say 'no' but Liberals support

Forum Research "robo-poll" numbers not what they're hearing at the door, say candidates from all all parties in Kitchener-Waterloo area

Forum Research poll says Ontario minority government unless shifts in last two weeks; debate importance jumps

McGuinty denies killing plant to save his skin; but facts sure point that way, Premier Pinocchio

Extravagant former-GG Adrienne Clarkson dings Canadian taxpayers for $500,000 for "secretarial help" -- time to say 'no more'?

Susan Delacourt: Political pollsters feel heat: Should they have seen it coming?

Putin/Medvedev tag-team fears being realized as swap scheme to bypass constitution follows predicted path

Harper tells U.S. TV audience that political decision-making critical in weathering the gathering economic storm

Nortel workers use Kingston all-candidates meeting to get justice; Liberal Gerretsen squirms and says he doesn't know who they are and won't help

Chris Vander Doelen: Candidates’ brain droppings show Liberals in denial and worse, and Windsor NDP candidates not ready for prime time

Ted Woloshyn: Province inhibiting job creation with arcane, restrictive apprentice rules

Sault Star: McGuinty gives short shrift to northern and rural Ontario

Horwath talks NDP-Liberal coalition in Ontario; how high the price?

Ontario Liberals still accepting donations from municipal utilities after saying they would stop a year ago; McGuinty says no problem, PCs and NDP cry foul

Ontario economy downgraded by TD Bank report, citing global economic concerns

12 more Stanley Cup riot suspect photos released by Vancouver police

Central banks set to take a hit on inflation to buoy economies

Harper touts Canada's economic strength on U.S. trip; addresses blue-chip crowd

New CRTC rules for vertically-integrated cable, satellite providers call for more 'pick and play' options, minimum carriage of independent stations

McGuinty's invasive economic activism faces off against pocketbook relief

Hudak corners McGuinty, signs pledge not to raise taxes

Ontario election: Veteran Liberal MPP says carbon tax coming, then retreats and says 'misspoke'

Air Canada, flight attendants make deal

Ontario election: Tories vow to increase apprentice spaces

First Tim Hortons ‘mobbed’ by crowds in Dubai

Reno crash: Now 11 confirmed dead and DNA testing continues

Harper government introduces Safe Streets and Communities Act; omnibus bill contains the 9 bills blocked by Opposition in minority gov'ts

Kelly McParland: Thomas Mulcair’s delicate issue

Federal gov't says it will introduce back-to-work legislation if Air Canada's 6,800 flight attendants go on strike

NDP's Horwath backs Hudak vow to "tear up McGuinty contract" to outsource transit maintenance jobs to Quebec

updated: Chinese solar plant closed after days of protests over heavy pollution; discharged deadly waste into river

McGuinty scrambles to explain photo op at idled solar plant; brought in workers just for media show; no orders

Hurricane Maria blew into Newfoundland as a hurricane Friday and was leaving as a post-tropical cyclone; smaller, faster storm lacked Igor's punch

New York mayor predicts riots in U.S. streets if unemployment rate doesn't drop

Niagara Liberal keeps party affiliation off lawn signs

Top soldier must pay back if jets used for personal travel, Harper says

PCs slam Liberals over lapdog Ontario energy ads

University of Windsor probes use of stolen email list to send Liberal election message to students

Thomas Walkom: Jack Layton’s legacy and the abrasive Mr. Mulcair

McGuinty blows off Northern Ontario debate; Hudak offers to pay teleconference costs to have McGuinty participate by remote

Poll says most Ontarians oppose McGuinty's discriminatory hiring subsidy

Hindu groups oppose McGuinty tax credit

Computerworld: Windows Server 8 improves scalability and scope; "a game-changer in the world of server operating systems... It quite frankly knocked my socks off"

New tipline snags citizenship cheat -- in first 87 minutes

exploitation blowback?: Horwath urges Ontario New Democrats to halt Layton-themed campaigning

Crux of the matter: The Dalton Gang's Liberals do not deserve to be re-elected

Crux of the matter: Ontario Liberal & union distortions regarding former Harris PC government

Nanos poll: Conservatives and NDP up, Liberals down after Jack Layton's funeral

Ipsos-Reid poll: Liberals, Tories separated by just one point in Ontario election

Stephen Maher: With Broadbent's magic endorsement, Topp vaults to the head of the NDP pack

L. Ian MacDonald: Tories have a clear field and must capitalize when House returns

Peter Worthington: CBC's 9/11 shame and casting blame

Topp expected to throw hat in for NDP leadership

Lysiane Gagnon: What if Quebeckers had known the whole story about Jack Layton? And what did Brian Topp and Thomas Mulcair know, and when did they know it?

Only hockey plane crash player survivor dies in hospital

Liberals now say campaign pledge fits only a few people inside a "5-month window" so why promise it?

Ontario Liberals backtrack, try to stifle controversy over tax credit for employers of immigrants

Liberal campaign manager loses post after saying McGuinty's popularity is "in the gutter" and shouldn't be mentioned to voters

'Pinochio' McGuinty can't be trusted not to raise taxes again, says Hudak; 'he promised the same thing in 2003 and 2007, and we know what happened...'

Ottawa vows action on jobs as hiring slumps

Honda recalls 347,000 Pilot SUVs globally

U.S. Embassy in Ottawa says "thank you" to Canada

Hudak: Ontario not living up to economic potential

NDP will choose Layton replacement in March, in Toronto; unions to get no special vote

John Ivison: Dalton McGuinty continues to sell his impractical, unsustainable green energy plan

Life 'devastated' by wind turbines; woman fights to block Ontario Green Energy Act

Wind turbines churn rural votes in Ontario as bucolic rural skyline goes industrial

Canada surprises with job losses in August; unemployment rate still 2% lower than U.S.

Harper, MacKay in New York City as part of 9/11 commemoration events

der Spiegel: The sun also rises in the east; German solar firms eclipsed by Chinese rivals

Outage affecting much more than San Diego; power knocked out in a region of almost 6 million people in Southwest and Mexico in deadly late summer heat
San Diego hit by full-scale blackout; 1.4 million without power; may extend until Friday as nuclear power plants shut down as precaution

Crux of the matter: New study says tech in classroom can actually impede learning

Stephen Maher: Unions keep NDP from mainstream

Stocks surge after Germany upholds bailout plan

Election horse race shaping up in Ontario

Kelly McParland: Ontarians don’t like McGuinty. And why would they trust him?

Lorne Gunter: Ontario Liberals lurch towards affirmative action

Thornhill candidate with views critical of Israel dropped by Ontario NDP

Mike Duffy: The NDP should learn a lesson from history, if it wants to survive

Gibson guitar exec to attend Obama speech as GOP guest; company was raided for creating U.S. jobs instead of foreign jobs

Uranium munching microbes researched for both clean-up and power generation potential

Vision Critical/Angus Reid poll: Wall gets top marks, McGuinty bottoms out in premiers ranking

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals offer themselves a pat on the back; ignore their debt, deficits and tax records

Ontario Liberal tax credit for 'foreign workers' slammed

Romney unveils economic plan in hard-hit Nevada ahead of Obama speech

Crux of the matter: McGuinty Liberals to give $10,000 credit to hire an immigrant?

Ontario Liberals trying to buy student vote, promise $486M for tuition grants

Broadbent says 'time is now' for sad sack Liberals to join NDP, not 'merge' parties

Crux of the matter: 20 reasons to vote for Tim Hudak & his PCs

Liberal candidate claim is a "load of bull" -- message in Ontario town of St. Mary's

Globe & Mail: Alison Redford chosen as next Premier of Alberta

Environics/CP Ontario poll: 63% say need new government

Ontario wind power bringing down property values

Ophelia by satellite - Sunday morning (10:45 a.m.)
Hurricane Ophelia drops to Cat 2 as targets Newfoundland

St. Lawrence Seaway may be closed by Monday strike

Ottawa mayor, police chief oppose 'safe' injection site in capital
understand the crime connection, illegal drugs' downward spiral

Anwar Awlaki, American-born 'global terrorist' killed in Yemen
U.S. drone and jet strike hit convoy; al-Qaida associates killed, too

8-week-old Blue the 'miracle puppy' survives garden pole chowdown

40 Winnipeg CEOs bed down for the night at Portage and Main
raising $100,00 for programs addressing homelessness

U.S. denies border-fence plan, despite report

U.S. mulls Canadian border fence; more waste?

McGuinty scrambles to draw up new jobs plan a week before election

France 24: Canada has best reputation in the world: study

Harper summons Flaherty, Carney for rare 3-way talks on economy

TSX edges up at midday after dramatic mid-morning drop

Businessweek: Novartis kidney cancer drug 'Afinitor'
also curbs breast cancer says ‘game-changing’ study

NY Times: A Canadian oil ad vexes the Saudis

Harper and Carney urge global focus on restoring confidence to prevent recession

Saudi Arabia bows to pressure to reform and grants women the vote
...but it's all for show, elected body is effectively toothless

Hushed health report says Ontario has "the worst hospital bottlenecks of any province"
"not enough is being done and notes hospital backlogs have barely budged since 2008"

Calgary Herald: Search on; NASA says "Canada is most likely area" hit

Mounties, claiming to be satellite experts, say no debris hit Alberta

No reports of injury from UARS debris crash-landing in Alberta

Hoax video? RCMP and NASA say this video isn't what it claims: UARS satellite debris?

NASA tweet at 4 a.m. EDT: "We can now confirm that #UARS is down! Debris fell to Earth
between 11:23 p.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 23, and 1:09 a.m. EDT Sept. 24."

NASA tweet at 1:51 a.m. EDT: "We're still waiting for #UARS Done! confirmation.
If debris fell on land (and that's still a BIG if), Canada is most likely area."

Tracker says UARS re-entry 24 SEPT 2011 @ 05:10 UTC ± 2 hours

heads up: Falling satellite likely to pass over Canada during descent

Hudak & Horwath scold McGuinty for missing northern Ontario debate

Commonwealth muscles flex as Harper, Cameron & Gillard sign letter

Stephen Hawking Centre opens at Uni of Waterloo's Perimeter Institute

Telegraph: Debt Crisis -- Live Updates:
FTSE falls below 5,000 after £64bn wiped off shares yesterday

G20 pledges to support banks; markets cautious

Terence Corcoran: A method to market madness

John Ivison: Economy means Canada no longer Britain’s junior partner

British PM gets warm welcome on Parliament Hill

Cameron: world on brink of new economic crisis

Cameron, Harper preach restraint in teeth of global 'debt crisis'

CP: Fear returns to markets as TSX, loonie plunge,
IMF, Flaherty issue warnings

TSX plunges to lowest level of 2011, down 392.5 points

Flaherty: Europe crisis needs decisive action; currencies must float

TSX falls more than 480 points by mid-day

BBC: World stock markets drop sharply after a series of grim warnings

Ontario family sues wind farm for $1.5M over health issues

Failed McGuinty program doesn’t FIT Ontario economy: ex-Power boss
Liberals "driving up the cost of energy for the purpose of creating jobs"
'but strategy self-defeating because higher energy costs will destroy jobs'

Keystone XL pipeline approval ‘complete no-brainer,’ Harper says

Gunmen dump 35 bodies on busy avenue in Mexico city

AP Fact-Check: Obama lying about taxes; top 10% pay 70%
wealthiest pay a lot more taxes than middle class or poor
pay at a higher rate, and as a group, contribute much larger share

6.5-ton NASA satellite now expected to crash to earth Friday

updated: 5.8M and 2 smaller quakes rock Guatemala, 1 confirmed dead

P-51 in Reno crash underwent 'radical' changes to compete

CNN: Flight data recovered from crash at Reno air race

CNN: 18 dead in India, Nepal after 6.9M quake

Second U.S. air show crash in 24 hrs claims pilot only

PEI votes: Ghiz wins; full results

PEI votes: Polls closed, Liberals lead, Ghiz projected to return as Premier

China economy on verge of nervous breakdown

Solyndragate: E-mails show Obama was warned; bitter OMB, DOE divide over Solyndra

Sprint to get exclusive on iPhone 5 by committing to buy 30 million units for $20 billion?

Italy appeals court clears, releases American Amanda Knox

American Airlines bankruptcy rumours lead to 18% stock drop

Magical bacteria turns ammonia in urine into 'rocket fuel', used in sewage treatment plants

China bullet trains trip on technology

'Relief or high taxes': Hudak

Calgary-born political strategist behind Redford and Nenshi's success

Guardian: China becomes an urban nation at breakneck speed

Northern chill produces Arctic ozone hole

Syria opposition launches national council in formal move on road to overthrow of Assad

More than 700 arrested as rag-tag Wall Street protesters seek attention by shutting down major New York City bridges and thoroughfares

Another wind power company lays off workers

Canada signs international anti-piracy agreement

Over 10,000 soldiers have deserted Syria army, says high-ranking defector

Hudak leads polls, threatens public sector wage freeze

Short-term political thinking hurts Windsor as provincial government decides to demolish hospital, hammer neighbourhood

Afghan president says talks with Taliban useless

Drunken mob attacks police, ambulance and hospital in Saskatchewan

Killer of Pakistan's Punjab governor sentenced to death

Crux of the matter: Another McGuinty folly created conditions for College of Teachers secrecy

Ontario Liberal official who told candidates in July training session how she had bribed homeless voters with cigarettes now says she was 'just kidding'; late breaking: Nikki Holland resigns, but McGuinty says he didn't request her to resign

Newfoundland election poll: PCs dominate with 54%, NDP moves to second with 24%, Liberals sag to 22%

Canadian Supreme Court invokes Charter to demand federal government provide criminal code exemption for illegal drug injection site

U.S. Ambassador to Syria pelted with eggs by supporters of President Assad

AP investigation: Model airplanes not so easy to use for terrorist attacks

Crux of the matter: 'Wrong way' photo of Liberal Party campaign bus a symbol of their wrong way for Ontario

Crony capitalism alive and well in U.S. as Democrats line up for big bucks from Obama White House

CNN: Bank of America to charge $5 monthly debit card fee

Wind-energy firm Trillium Power sues Ontario; claims it was led down garden path by McGuinty Liberals and then door slammed; seeks $2.25B in damages

Mark Blevis: Caught twitter-handed? 1,810 identical partisan tweets in 43.5 hours

Vander Doelen: McGuinty a cornered animal

Kelly McParland: Is Ontario ready for NDP Government 2.0?

AP: U.S. stocks jump after unemployment applications plunge

Crux of the Matter: Ontario voters risk 'dead zone' status for the province through vote parking

Massachusetts man arrested after plotting assaults on Pentagon and U.S. Capitol with explosives-packed remote-controlled aircraft

Blizzard: No knock-out debate winner, but one on-the-defensive loser

Much-loved 'Baby Joseph' dies at home in Windsor, months after given only days to live

EU proposes Financial-Transactions Tax to start in 2014

Gadhafi believed to be hiding in southern desert near Algeria

B.C. government refuses to back down on smart meters despite costs, health concerns

Canadian gov't not renewing appointment of CRTC’s von Finckenstein

Saudi woman faces flogging for driving

Canada, Kuwait sign trade and investment treaty

Northern cops from Canada, Greenland and Alaska share notes and find they face similar problems caused by weather, isolation and alcohol

Bullied to death: 11 yr old with Muscular Dystrophy mugged and bullied, takes his life in despair

Saudi threats a SLAPP in the face; Blocking Canadian-made ad brings a taste of Saudi Arabian censorship to Canada

Netanyahu declines to reject GOP critique of Obama on Israel

Tweed sex attack victim sues Russell Williams and OPP for $7M

Pipelines to the B.C. coast for tanker traffic more important than Keystone XL: HSBC

Palestinian leader Abbas rejects international 'Quartet' peace blueprint

Buddha Air plane with 19 tourists aboard crashes in Nepal on way to Mt. Everest

Libyan’s forces strike pro-Gadhafi stronghold

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll 37% to expected winner Perry's 15%

Rasmussen poll: Romney leads in New Hampshire with 39% to Perry's 18% and Paul's 13%

Canada to vote on Libya extension, Liberals to support, NDP to oppose

University of Alberta research suggests daily pill 'could stop or even REVERSE multiple sclerosis'

Solyndra failure puts solar industry on defensive

Charles Krauthammer: Return of the real Obama

Genetic abnormality found in MS patients by University of Alberta researchers

Aboriginal DNA dates Australian arrival; longer continuous association with their land than any other race of people

Einstein wrong? Physicists at CERN have recorded particles moving faster than light

Telegraph: Ahmadinejad sparks UN walkout with explosive remarks over the Holocaust and 9/11

Libya: NTC says key oasis towns taken

‘Ethical oil’ ad sparks war of words between Ottawa, Saudis

Dick Morris: Obama might pull out; 'LBJ option'

Typhoon buffets Tokyo, heads toward tsunami zone

Typhoon bears down on Japan

31,000+ scientists sign petition denying man-made global warming

Solyndragate: Embattled execs will 'plead 5th' and decline to testify at Congressional hearing

NASA to spend $1.6B on space taxis

Lorne Gunter: Global warming is afraid to come out of hiding; wacko climategate scientist now says the heat is hiding in deep oceans

Ex-Afghanistan president Burhanuddin Rabbani killed by 'turban bomb'

Second witness at Lightsquared hearing says testimony was pressured by White House; investment/donor links to Obama called 'coincidence'

Obama 'revenue' plan a mixture of higher taxes, sophistry and sleight of hand; gores many oxes; cuts Medicare and Medicaid, farm subsidies and federal employee benefits

Chicago Tribune columnist: Obama should step down after first term and let Hillary Clinton be Democratic preseidential candidate; otherwsie he loses big and is out anyway

Washington Post book review: Women in Obama White House felt excluded and ignored; "genuinely hostile workplace to women"

CBS News/New York Times poll: Obama's approval rating drops to all-time low; Public split on jobs plan

Solyndragate: Obama "instrumental" in $535M 2009 loan to now-bankrupt solar manufacturer

Obama emissary Geithner makes waves in Europe; "peculiar that even though the Americans have significantly worse fundamental data than the euro zone that they tell us what we should do..."

Flaherty takes on IRS over tax crackdowns in Canada

UBS trader's mega-losses may be tied to Swiss move on Franc

Boehner wants supercommittee debt panel to start on major tax changes

Solyndragate scandal heats up for White House

Newsweek names University of Toronto one of top three schools outside U.S., after only Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford study says Vitamin B helps ward off Alzheimer's

Lagarde urges unified action against Europe crisis

UBS $2 billion rogue trade suspect held in London; UBS stock down 10.8%

Incendiary device may have caused Swissair crash; ex-Mountie says

Geithner: U.S. economy in "an early stage" of crisis

Ipsos-Reid pollsters Bricker and Wright pound media for poll abuse, call them worse than "mere dupes"; take marginal pollsters to woodshed while they're at it

As Europe stumbles, alarm bells sound for U.S. and China

EU Commission to put eurobonds on the table

Deadly Kabul siege finally ends as last Taliban attackers are killed

Montreal daycare 'with a history' firebombed twice in same day in off-hours

'Safe' Democratic New York congressional seat vacated by Weiner scandal won by Republican

‘I would commit suicide’ if I were a European politician: Russian businessman

Bank of America plans 30,000 job cuts; investors underwhelmed

Kenya promises inquiry into shanty town inferno

At least 75 Kenyans dead after gasoline pipeline explosion in slum area

Perry assailed by GOP rivals, defends his record

White House won't predict job and economic benefits of latest spending proposal; wary of being proven wrong once again

Republicans unhappy with Obama plan to raise taxes to pay for his latest stimulus plan

Telegraph: Egypt's military rulers ignored pleas from U.S. as mob attacked Israeli embassy

100 protesters burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute's silence for 9/11; counter-protesters held back by police

CNN: 77 NATO personnel injured after Taliban hit Afghan coalition base

9/11 in Ottawa; how the city reacted

GE guts offshore wind-power plans

Another U.S. solar company in bankruptcy; founded in 1991

Egypt declares state of emergency after Israeli Embassy struck

Syrian protesters seek foreign help amid crackdown

House GOP pledges speedy review of Obama job proposals

Kevin McCullough: "Pass WHAT Bill Mr. Obama?" shovel-ready? Nope, the bill doesn't exist

AP Fact Check: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not

NBC Twitter account hacked, sending out false reports of Ground Zero terrorist attack

TIME: The gaping hole in Obama’s economic plan: housing

AOL wants to buy Yahoo?

Stocks plunge as worries about Europe intensify

Obama urges Congress to pass jobs plan 'right away'

Reuters factbox: Key elements of Obama's $447B jobs plan

Wall Street Journal: Tax cuts face hurdles on Capitol Hill

David Frum: Perry unprepared, underwhelming at first GOP debate

Ditching HST to cost B.C. $2.3B

FBI raids bankrupt Solyndra as lawmakers question Obama-backed panel maker’s finances

Obama's best jobs plan might be status quo; he's spent himself into a corner

Romney, Perry spar over jobs, Social Security in feisty GOP debate

Triple digit gains on Toronto stock market

Kids with Bush on 9/11 saw change sweep over him

Libya: beleaguered Rixos Hotel to act as home of new government

Bank of Canada holds interest rate at 1%

Obama to propose $300B to jump-start jobs

Quebec City council approves arena deal with Quebecor to build a $400M NHL-calibre arena

Khoms: Gadhafi used torture squads against suspected rebels

U.S.: Gadhafi not believed to be in Niger convoy

Don Macpherson: NDP leadership drama is worthy of Shakespeare

Rogers applies to open bank

Boehner, Cantor cite jobs common ground with Obama; say neither Republicans nor Obama should consider their own initiatives "an all-or-nothing situation"

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades

New civility? Jimmy Hoffa threatens GOP as warm-up speaker at Obama event: "Take these son of bitches out" -- no apology

Obama says his upcoming jobs plan will push for infrastructure spending; get a shovel ready...

Map of Texas wild fires

LA Times: NTSB investigates missing elevator trim tab on ill-fated P-51 Mustang

WSJ: Death toll raised to 9 in Reno crash

updated: "Mass casualty situation", multiple dead
P-51 Mustang WWII plane mows into crowd at
Reno National Championship Air Races in Nevada
3 dead and at least 56 injured as old fighter hits box seats

gross: 20-yr-old arrested with almost a kilo of cocaine inside

Sarkozy, Cameron cheered in Benghazi, NTC troops in Sirte

CTV: Leaked corruption report rocks Quebec

Report reveals widespread corruption in Quebec construction contracts

Bloomberg poll: Obama approval plummets on jobs plan

Obama's new 'Jobs Bill' blocks outside infrastructure contracts
Canada Trade Minister Fast vows to fight Buy American measures

New-for-2017 NASA SLS will serve space station, Mars and beyond...

IMF lauds Canada's fiscal discipline

Canada can withstand 'buffeting' from Greek crisis: Flaherty

Canadian diplomats back in Libya, protected by Canadian soldiers

Libya's revolutionary leader calls for civil, democratic state

Radioactive leak fears after nuclear plant explosion in France

updated: at least 240 dead; more than 1,000 on doomed Zanzibar ferry

World Trade Center site at dusk, 9/10/11, by BBC video journalist/photographer David Botti (@bottidavid)

Already half a dozen B.C. afterquakes, more expected

Big quake leaves B.C. shaken, but not stirred

Vancouver Island quake downgraded to 6.4M; alerts for aftershocks

6.4M quake hit 135km from Port Hardy; no tsunami warning;
depth of 25.9 km; 12:41 p.m. Pacific time, felt in Vancouver

6.4M quake hits Vancouver Island

Lest we forget: 9/11 photo gallery

Obama praises Canada for "friendship and solidarity" post-9/11

Canada declares 9/11 a National Day of Service

U.S. officials chase al-Qaida bomb threats to New York/Washington

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Terror threat against NYC credible;
car bomb aimed at bridges or tunnels in New York or Washington?

Obama was briefed this morning about 9/11 threat; speech ignored it
Was he concerned it would overshadow his jobs pitch to Congress?

Terror threat called 'credible' for 9/11 anniversary

Obama says U.S. faces ‘crisis,’ proposes $447B jobs plan

Conservatives promise to stay focused on the economy in Fall session

Flaherty warns G7 against new spending

Poor-quality fuel emerges as possible cause in fatal Russian jet crash

3 storms by satellite - Wednesday night (6:10 p.m.)
3 storms menace as Lee floods, Nate forms in Gulf, and Katia off coast

43 dead as hockey jet hits Volga River bank; 2 survivors

Ria Novosti: dead include coach Brad McCrimmon, Pavol Demitra

Russian jet carrying KHL/CHL hockey team crashes on take-off
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl players included former NHLer Pavol Demitra

NDP solidarity cracks over role of unions in picking leader

Olivia Chow won't seek job of NDP leader

2 Mexicans deny terrorism, face 30 years for tweet which led to chaos

Exercise helps the body make blood; McMaster researchers put mice on treadmill

Ontario’s televised provincial election debate set for Sept. 27th

NDP firebrand Mulcair toots own horn; predicts "I will have a lot of my caucus colleagues on the stage with me" if runs for leadership

The TV tragedy: How 9/11 changed us, and changed the medium

Delay NDP leadership race or I’m not running, Mulcair says

National Hurricane Center: TD13 strengthens into Tropical Storm Lee

Slow recovery for sure, but Canada not in recession

Reuters: China curbs Iran energy work

More Stanley Cup rioters turn themselves in; police working to ID others

CTV Iron Man Lloyd Robertson calls it a day after 35 years as national news voice of integrity

'Flash-robbed' Ottawa Quickie store hit again -- time to throw the book at these thugs?

Pressure mounts for potential leadership candidates Julian, Topp to recuse selves from Sept. 9 NDP federal council meeting

Cover-up alleged: White House received emails about failed 'Fast and Furious' gun-trafficking operation

Mathew Ingram: It’s not just nice for media to be social -- it’s imperative

Margaret Wente: The shocking truth about electric cars

Crux of the Matter: McGuinty "I will not raise taxes" planning a smart meter tax!

Shaw shuns cellular, bets on WiFi

After Solyndra $535M failure, auditors wonder what other bad bets Obama officials made

Fox News poll: Perry overtakes Romney as top GOP 2012 pick; most say Palin should stay out of race; Bachmann drops to 5th, with 4%
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'Planning misses, drinking' led to Vancouver Stanley Cup riot: official report

Skepticism greets Ontario Liberal vow to double study time for teaching degree

Lacking members, NDP’s Quebec wing seeks delayed leadership vote

Top Syrian official resigns in protest at crackdown

Brian Lilley: Fire Marc Mayrand. Now!
Washington Post: Tripoli’s sudden fall revealed rotten heart of Gadhafi’s regime

Jeffrey Simpson: One stunning triumph does not a visionary make

BBC: Canadian 'anti-cancer virus' shows promise; may change way cancer is treated

Nicholls: NDP leadership winner might surprise you

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Layton’s funeral was a day for worshipping idols

McGuinty Liberals continue to fumble health dollars as questions pile up over London spending fiascoes

Chu touts Canada's stability in support of Keystone XL

Toews to review law after 'most wanted list' arrestee released on bail

Harper chooses veteran political journalist as new director of communications

John Ibbitson: Talk all you want - but Liberal and NDP pieces just won't fit

Abrasive, unilingual Manitoban Martin says he could run for NDP leadership if others don't play in his sandbox, but BC's bilingual, likeable Julian says he's ready to take on Mulcair with Quebec cred of his own

John Ivison: Fixing party structure difficult first step for Liberal rebuilding

Ross Ayotte: Premier Dud's broken promises

Canadian Ambassador to U.S. Gary Doer puts New York Times in its place on Keystone XL pipeline in letter to editor

David Frum: Obama's three big mistakes

GM keeps top China overseas sales rank

No appetite to merge leaderless Liberals, NDP

Bomber of Baghdad mosque disguised self as beggar

Gadhafi forces killed detainees: survivors

NDP leadership race effectively starts now

Crux of the matter: Lewis misappropriates 'social democracy' as NDP-only

Unconventional state funeral for Layton takes on tone of political rally

John Ivison: Layton turns into a legend?

Margaret Wente: Layton funeral short on pomp, long on populism

Libya rebels: talks for loyalist town have failed

Typhoon Talas kills at least 15 as it passes Japan

Lawrence Solomon: Our cosmic climate

Tropical Storm Lee warning has been extended eastward to the Alabama/Florida border

New Democrats considering end to special union voting status at conventions

9/11 anniversary security sharpened; materials at Bin Laden compound worry officials

Americans abroad warned ahead of 9/11 anniversary

‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command

EU steps up Syrian sanctions with oil embargo

Libya's interim leadership set for Tripoli move

U.S. Ambassador to Canada says twice caught by no-fly list during travels

U.S. Federal Gov't sues 17 financial firms, including the largest U.S. banks, over risky mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Wikileaks: U.S. Embassy in Canada did better job at assessing Canadian political prospects in 2010 than did opposition parties or media; but befuddled by Canadian economic success, and how gov't stimulus is done effectively

Katia regains hurricane status, on Irene-like path

Obama withdraws controversial job-threatening EPA regulation

Jennifer Rubin: No new jobs; Obama’s re-election prospects nose-dive?

TD13 threatens Gulf states with 20 inches of rain; good news/bad news for Texas, state of emergency in Louisiana

Irene aftermath: A scenic corner of Quechee, Vermont, is gone

Wi-LAN launches patent suit against Apple, others

Massive tome of uncensored WikiLeaks cables released in Keystone Kops fashion

National Journal: Insiders say GOP would be better off with Romney for 2012

School cancelled indefinitely in some Vermont towns as teachers and students pitch in with community to help clean up after floods

Warmer, drier fall on the way for most of the country says Environment Canada

PQ fuming after caucus drama exposed

James Carville: Obama wrong to schedule Congress speech during GOP debate; he wouldn't have watched

Obama Administration's persecution of Gibson Guitars reveals lack of common sense

Dale Earnhardt Jr. signs 5-year contract extension with Hendrick; extends through 2017

Libyan 'rebels' claim Gadhafi Foreign Minister caught

Russia recognises Libya's Transitional Council

60 countries represented as ‘Friends of Libya’ gather in Paris to plan future of oil-rich Libya

David Frum: How America will achieve energy security

UK summer the coolest for 18 years; average temp was 13.6°C.

Minutes after his Sept. 8 address to Congress is set, Obama bashes both houses with email message

Obama blinks, agrees to move address to Congress a day later, bumping NFL season-opening pre-game show

Iceland voices disquiet over Chinese tycoon's tourism project

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman unveils jobs plan in New Hampshire

Canadian internet DJs blow whistle on Wisconsin man threatening gun rampage

Katia could be a 'major' hurricane by weekend

Obama stuck between a mistake and NFL launch date

Boehner says 'no' to Obama-announced date for address to Congress; no prior consultation

What to do about Libya’s weapons?

Obama blames Europe for his green jobs failure

U.S. starts anti-trust action against AT&T's $39B purchase of T-Mobile

White House-backed solar energy company with big Obama-donor, collapses

Obama tries to derail GOP debate by scheduling address to Congress at same time

U.S. employment growth slows again in August

Canadian economy shrinks by 0.4% in Q2 as exports decline 2.1%

Gadhafi still commanding troops, NATO says; will keep bombing until civilians safe

U.S. 'reviewing' Algeria's explanation for admitting Gadhafi's family

Airlifts take food, water to cut-off Vermont towns

Vermont ignored, then devastated by Irene floodwaters

Ontario's expensive Samsung deal to boost costs of energy exports by up to $786M annually

Toronto Sun: No negotiating with terrorists

Pentagon chief: threat of another 9/11 is real

1,000 homes destroyed by Texas wildfire

European stock markets tumbled Monday on warnings of a broad
crisis developing in the region’s financial sector

Libyan army convoy in Niger may be Gadhafi deal

Asian markets dragged down by sell-off in Europe, economic concerns

Hurricane Katia now category 4 & 450 miles south of Bermuda

9/11 girders will be in memorials across Canada

World stock markets tumble over revived recession fears

bizarre: Tories, New Democrats banned from McGuinty Liberal events

Blockbuster leak of McGuinty platform and cynical commentary
as conference call tape reveals Liberal strategy, internal concerns

Chicago plane slides off runway while landing in Ottawa; no injuries

Tropical Storm Lee spawns tornadoes on Gulf Coast

Did NDP break law? Tories seek investigation on union contributions

Tropical Storm Lee center lurches ashore in Louisiana

Tropical Storm Lee resumes slow march northward

New Orleans braces for possible 20 inches of rain as TS Lee hits coast

TS Lee by satellite - Sunday afternoon (1:32 p.m.)
Lee weakens to depression with 35 mph winds

Canadians’ attitude toward U.S. shifts
from envy to sympathy, Nanos poll shows

Chilean air force plane crashes, 21 aboard feared lost at sea

TSX drops on U.S. jobs data, golds cushion fall

Ripples still felt in Canada 10 years after 9/11

African-American unemployment rate from 15.9 to 16.7% in August

Loonie weakens, bonds rally on grim U.S. jobs data

U.S. stocks sink on recession worries after awful jobs report

U.S. job growth comes to a screeching halt in August

6.8M quake hits Alaska's Aleutian Islands; tsunami alert dropped

Kelly McParland: To Harper go spoils of Libyan victory

Gadhafi vows to 'let Libya burn,' defies calls for surrender

U.S. auto sales rise in August for Chrysler, GM & Ford, fall for Honda & Toyota

Canada lifts sanctions on Libya
Gadhafi quoted by Syrian TV as vowing 'no surrender' in Libya

Canada will not shy from using military force, Harper warns dictators

Telegraph: Gadhafi was refused asylum in Algeria

Libyan rebels say have pinpointed Gadhafi in Bani Walid

Vancouver police seek names of 40 suspected Stanley Cup riot perps

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi vows to continue the war and retake Tripoli

Gadhafi spokesman rejects ultimatum to surrender

Libya interim leader gives Gadhafi forces surrender deadline

AP Exclusive: Afghans scuttled U.S.-Taliban talks

TSX buoyed by U.S. consumer data

Wall Street up 2% in broad rally

Algeria says Gadhafi family members now there

U.S. stocks rise on Greek rally, weak Irene

Libyan rebels' noose tightens around Sirte

Chinese general's spy talk leaked onto YouTube

Alberta Tories’ 40-year reign built on reinvention

Remnants of Hurricane Irene barrel down on Eastern Canada

updated: Tropical Storm Irene by satellite - Sunday night (6:25 p.m.)

AP: Irene's U.S. damage estimated at $7B; but less than feared

Tropical Storm Irene by satellite - Sunday afternoon (3:02 p.m.)

Downgraded Irene could still wallop Canada

Weakened Irene still batters New York

Hurricane Irene slams fabled boardwalk at Asbury Park, NJ

Irene causes $$ billions of damage in New Jersey: Gov. Christie

Irene downgraded to tropical storm as it slams, floods New York City

Hurricane Irene by satellite - Sunday morning (9:40 a.m.)

~ graphic by Brian Gable - Globe and Mail ~

updated Hurricane Irene by satellite - Saturday night (7:32 p.m.)

National Hurricane Center 7 p.m. update: Hurricane-force winds extend outward
up to 85 miles...from the center...tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 290 miles...
center of Irene will move near or over the mid-Atlantic coast tonight...and move over southern
New England on Sunday...Irene is forecast to move into Canada Sunday night...
Irene is expected to produce rainfall accumulations of 6 to 12 inches...with isolated maximum
amounts of 20 inches...from eastern North Carolina northward through the mid-Atlantic states
into eastern New York and interior New England...these rains could cause widespread flooding...
life-threatening flash floods...and significant uprooting of trees due to rain-softened grounds...
isolated tornadoes possible along coasts of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey through tonight

Hurricane Irene 6 p.m. update: Storm aiming for Atlantic City, NJ

Hurricane Irene by satellite - Saturday night (6:45 p.m.)

Hurricane Irene by satellite - Saturday morning (7:40 a.m.)

NY Times: Irene downgraded to category one, remains 'very powerful'

AP: Hurricane-force winds slam into NC coast

Hurricane Irene infra-red satellite picture - Saturday morning (5:15 a.m.)

Hurricane Irene by satellite - Friday afternoon (6:45 p.m.)

2 million ordered to leave home; Irene nears N. Carolina

Irene: 5 NYC airports to close at noon on Saturday

NYC orders unprecedented mandatory evacuation of low-lying areas

Irene: NYC shutting down transit, taking subway trains to high ground

Hurricane Irene 'extremely dangerous', warns Obama
'Take precautions now. Don't wait. Don't delay'

Jack Layton arrives home to Toronto

Mayhem-ready Hurricane Irene tightens aim on East Coast
experts warn about shore-hugging "nightmare scenario"

Found cache of documents reveal Gadhafi has been
desperately lobbying Obama and NATO for months, feared invasion

Miami Herald: Done with the Bahamas, Irene aims north

U.S. east coast braces for Katrina-like Cat 3 Hurricane Irene
'monster' storm devastates Bahamas with 115+ mph winds
65 million Americans in storm's current path
4" - 12" of rain possible miles inland from N. Carolina to Massachusetts
affects Canadians from Windsor, Ontario to St. John's, Newfoundland

Libyan rebels reportedly surround Gadhafi in Tripoli

Wild storm knocks out power for 25,000+ Ontarians

Tasha Kheiriddin: Leadership key question for the NDP and Liberals alike

Newsbusters: Warren Buffett's company hasn't paid all taxes owed in years, media mum

Baird promises Canadian sovereignty ‘will not be compromised’ by border deal with U.S.

Consumer spending data allays recession worries

Bloomberg: Big banks bet crude oil prices would fall in 2008 run-up, leaked data show

Killer typhoon pummels Taiwan, heads to China

Self-serving hyperbole alert: Calculating Al Gore defends his billion-dollar green empire built on 'sky is falling' rhetoric by calling global warming skeptics modern 'racists'

Gallup poll: Obama approval drops to all-time low

Libyan rebels ask NATO to keep up pressure

Irene's U.S. power outages hit 4.2 million

Japanese finance minister Noda succeeds Kan as prime minister

Digital TV signals are only an antenna away for Canadians on Sept. 1st

Telegraph: Euro bail-out in doubt as 'hysteria' sweeps Germany

Robert Kagan: An imperfect triumph in Libya

Margaret Wente: Message to McGuinty: Most green-job schemes have been miserable failures

Globe and Mail editorial: HST’s defeat in BC shows danger of ruling by plebiscite

Final survivor of south tower collapse struggles with scars of 9/11

Terry Keenan: Buffett’s folksy act conceals his 'steal' of BofA

AP-GfK Poll: Obama faces trouble with key voters

U.S. officials: Al-Qaida's No. 2 killed in Pakistan

Thanks to Steve Jobs, we all think differently

Will Libyan appetite for change, and weapons, flow south into Mali, Niger, Chad and Mauritania?

Ottawa says it respects B.C.'s HST decision but wants its money back

HST defeat ‘probably catastrophic’ to B.C. business

BBC: Libya conflict: Gadhafi ousted, now it is rebels' turn

Syrian security forces fan out in restive cities to crush protests against Bashar Assad

Steve Jobs very ill; TMZ photos Friday show him thin and pale, being held up by a friend

Charles Krauthammer: King, in word and stone

Plan for Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline moves forward after 2.5-year U.S. environmental review

Japan PM resigns after 15 months in job

New homes surprise rally - 905 area low-rise sales soar 64% in July

U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 1% this spring, slower than previously estimated, sparking renewed recession talk

Sea levels drop despite computer models, weather cycles blamed for misbehaviour

Toronto Political Panel: The city that Jack built

Danica Patrick ends suspense, will race full-time in 2012 in NASCAR Nationwide series, part-time in top-tier Sprint Cup

Rebels clearing Tripoli of remaining Gadhafi loyalists

George F. Will: Liberals’ Wisconsin Waterloo

Gold falls $200 from Tuesday’s record high

iResign: Why Steve Jobs chose the perfect time to resign as Apple CEO (while remaining Chairman of the Board)

Wall Street Journal: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Crack found in top of 555-foot Washington Monument, remains closed, not 'leaning'; but tallest stone structure in world may have other, internal damage

Russian supply rocket for space station crashes after failed lift-off

updated: Libyan rebels hunt Gadhafi, try to secure Tripoli; $1.3M bounty on Gadhafi's head, dead or alive

Intel's well-financed solar spin-off files for bankruptcy

Commentary: Meet the legal wonks who brought down the Gaza flotilla

Gold hits record price of $1,900 per ounce in Hong Kong

Powerful Hurricane Irene heads toward Bahamas, U.S.

Christie Blatchford: Layton’s death turns into a thoroughly public spectacle

Ghadhafi army gives up Tripoli in revenge plot

BBC analysis: Why Gadhafi's crack troops melted away

Expatriate Libyans celebrate liberation on Parliament Hill

Canada hopes ‘end is near’ for Gadhafi

Hamas official: Gaza militants agree to cease-fire

NY Times: Number of green jobs fails to live up to promises

Libyan rebels close in amid reports of fierce fighting in Tripoli

Williams victim sues OPP over treatment; left bound, naked for five hours while questioned

India sets 9% growth target despite global woes

Libyan rebels close in on Gadhafi; former deputy defects

Jeff Jedras: Canada isn’t ready for online voting

Canadian General Leslie’s report calls for dramatic cuts to bloated military staffing; offers 43 recommendations on how "to reduce the tail of today while investing in the teeth of tomorrow"

RIM develops music service for phones

Charles Krauthammer: Bad luck? Bad faith?

Joseph Stiglitz reminds us that Nobel Prizes are highly misleading

Moderate drinking cuts risk of Alzheimer's: study

Harper, Obama, other world leaders call on Syrian President Assad to resign

Government of Canada expands 'Wanted by the CBSA' list

Syrian troops detain hundreds in Latakia stadium

Venezuela's Chavez looks to nationalize gold mining

Time to prepare for Libya’s coming transition

High-paid teachers using big bucks to back high-spending McGuinty while Ontario sinks in debt

Vancouver Police to shop out analysis of riot videos

NDP confirms ailing Layton to miss September caucus

Splinter separatist group challenges Parti Quebecois

Congressional Black caucus: 'Tired of making excuses for Obama'

Warren Buffett's tax dodge; the Omaha billionaire volunteers the middle class for a tax increase

Tasha Kheiriddin: Quebeckers quarrel while their province crumbles

Canadian luxury bus ferries Barack Obama through U.S. Midwest

Montreal cops make arrest in international Twitter threats case after deluge of tips

Crux of the matter: Why has Warren Kinsella resorted to fiction and ad hominem attacks? Will the McGuinty 2011 campaign once again depend on deception and sleight of hand?

Norman Podhoretz: What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing. Same as he ever was. But rose-coloured glasses don't work any more.

Europe moves to heal crisis; Sarkozy and Merkel propose steps to shore up Euro-Zone governance

UK Ministers plan removal of convicted rioters’ benefits

RIM attracts small business with BlackBerry Management Center

Syrian tanks roll through port city of Latakia

TSX gains as trading week begins

TD Bank to buy MBNA credit card business from Bank of America for $8.5B

Egypt judge bans live broadcast of Mubarak trial

CTV/Globe&Mail/CP24/Nanos poll: Ontario PCs gain support since May, lead McGuinty Liberals by 4.5%

Éric Grenier: Crunching numbers; In Ontario election race, McGuinty may be running out of steam

The Syrian-Canadian revolution evolution

Goodyear invents self-inflating tires, with own pumps inside

Bachmann, Perry seek advantage as Pawlenty exits GOP race

Libyan rebels fight for gateway town to Tripoli

Betsy McCaughey: Court ruling 'slams the brakes' on Obamacare

U.S. retail sales rose 0.5% in July

Nearly 600 charged in London riots, 1700 UK-wide

Judith Timson: What ever happened to ‘Yes, we can’? Signs of the ‘Obamaclypse’

Sam Vaknin: Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

David Milstead: Don't blame Standard & Poor's, it's just the messenger

Angus Reid poll: Canadians remember Layton fondly, support State funeral to honour him

Robert Fulford: NDP will continue to be the party that offers an alternative to reality

Don Macpherson: The Quebec factor in the jostling for the NDP leadership

NDP plays fast and loose with Election Act; lapdog media terms it a 'kerfuffle' after $130,000 legal retreat

BBC: Vitamin A pills 'could save thousands of children'

Politicization of Layton's death was what he wanted, says longtime aide Anne McGrath; former top aide makes no apologies

B.C. voters opt to scrap HST, bring back separate PST and GST

53 dead in attack on casino in northern Mexico

Sprawling spiderweb of hidden tunnels, bunkers lie under Gadhafi compound, extending out into Tripoli

Loyal dog mourns, lays at casket of fallen U.S. Navy Seal killed in Afghanistan

Brain scan may pinpoint early signs of Alzheimer's

John Ivison: NDP looks to build on Layton’s ‘legacy’

Layton started planning for funeral before stepping aside; Minister says ceremony will be inclusive with personal messages from late Opposition Leader
Harper praised in Nunavut for support of mining sector

TD frets Canadian recession if U.S. economy falls off cliff, reduces projected growth outlook for Canadian economy to 2.3% in 2011

Orders for durable goods in U.S. rise 4%

Journalists freed from Tripoli hotel after days

Search for hidden damage after East Coast quake

Canadian consumer confidence hits two-year low

Google pays $500M fine for Canadian drug ads

Layton to lie in state in nation's capital before Toronto funeral

5.3M quake shakes southern Colorado; largest quake since 1973

Aid pledged for F3 tornado-flattened Goderich, Ontario

Arctic caribou herds may have stopped decline: biologist

Goderich, Ontario ‘looks like a war zone’ after possible tornado

TouchPad's Lesson: Tablets cost too much

Sen. McCain hails rebel victory over Gadhafi

Did civilian staff at National Defence HQ try to stymie General's examination of how to make HQ leaner and meaner?

Ottawa officially guarantees loan for $6.2B Lower Churchill hydro-electric project

Rebels take barracks from Gadhafi’s elite forces

Michael Gerson: Why Obama faces an uphill run for re-election

Bonnie Crombie polling exposes hole in Elections Act, experts say

Margaret Wente: It’s all breaking bad for Obama

LA Times: HP's discontinued TouchPad selling for $99.99 -- in Canada

Sun helps flush out a bad bunch
Mississauga Ward 5 by-election candidate Jake Dheer gaining support of prominent community leaders

Syrian forces kill 20 despite Assad pledge

Canada's air wing in Kandahar ends formal operations

British compound attacked in Kabul

8 reasons why stock markets plunged Thursday

Fierce storm smashes stage, leaves 3 dead, 71 injured at Belgium rock festival

Multiple attacks leave at least six dead in Israel

Explosions shake Libyan capital as rebels advance in mountains around Tripoli

Claire Hoy: No reason politics shouldn’t be involved in political choices

Michigan jobless rate rises to 10.9%

Military capabilities expanding in North: Canadian Forces

New Canadian border agents to hunt illegal refugees

Christina Blizzard: The truthiness of Dalton McGuinty

Whither the 75-year-old CBC? Status quo, bigger, smaller, niche, or bye-bye?

Syria using diplomats to threaten opposition around the world

Perry calls spade a spade, expresses doubts on increasingly doubted manmade global warming theory

Turkey PM compares Syrian leader to Gadhafi

1 in 4 Canadian workers will be 55 and over by 2021, StatsCan says

Federal election cost $291M, Elections Canada head suggests lifting election-night blackout and trying e-voting

déjà vu: Obama makes yet another promise to help U.S. economy

Canada Post honours BlackBerry, other Canadian inventions

Former Bloc leader Duceppe and CBC Radio part ways even before new job starts

Ex-Democrat Perry feels heat from GOP old guard

Contrary to bogus media reports, Ford did not ask McGuinty for 'new money'

No comparison between Vancouver, London riots, say Vancouver police

Gold prices climb as concerns deepen about slowing European economy; other commodities mixed

Tough sentences for two who used Facebook to organize UK riots

Michael Barone: The fall of the Midwest economic model; In 1970, the future seemed to belong to Michigan's example of big companies and big unions. Not anymore.

CBC cleared to continue some analog TV signals

Hacker posts fake story about Jean Charest's death on Montreal newspaper website

RCAF and RCN to fly and sail again?
Ex-B.C. premier Gordon Campbell formally appointed as new Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Turkey sends more fuel to Libya as rebels advance

Top Libyan official arrives in Egypt in apparent defection

Ottawa commits cash to Halifax trade centre

Wave of attacks in Iraq leaves at least 68 dead

Google agrees to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5B

Flaherty: will use fiscal stimulus if economy contracts

Hudak vows to cut Liberal 'fraud and secret deals'

Quinnipiac poll: New York turns negative on Obama

Harper exits Honduras with new free-trade deal

eHealth Ontario workers start class action suit for wage increases, bonuses

Bootup: ‘Operation Disruptive Transformation’: RIM’s plan to win back the mobile market?

Canadian Business - The CEO poll: Business and social media

McGuinty Gov't gaffe is putting Ontario solar elite in poorhouse

Russian billionaire eyes PM’s job, calls for move to euro zone

Fireworks erupt at GOP Presidential debate in Iowa

Harper re-opens free-trade with Costa Rica, offers security aid

Fareed Zakaria: Defending the 'pragmatic' President? or are his former admirers bereft of fresh ideas, too?

'Gang of 12' profiles: U.S. economy and debt rating resting on shoulders of 'Debt Super Committee' members

Karl Rove: Obama's no good, very bad week

Karl Rove: Obama continues to lose key supporters in media, activist and voting ranks

Quantum super-computing sees microwave breakthrough

As ecosystems, cities yield some surprises

In Ontario, gloomy skies for solar power as McGuinty government over-promises, over-spends and under-performs

White House photo of Obama exploits soldier repatriation ceremony, draws complaints

Harper lashes out at critics of Canada-Colombia free-trade deal

Gold tops $1,800

Globe & Mail editorial: The NDP needs to stop playing the sovereignty card

Assad admits 'some mistakes' to UN council delegation

Violent thunderstorms pounded Ontario Wednesday, tornado 'red alert' for most of province
funnel clouds reported in several places in SW Ontario east of Sarnia

6.8M deep quake hits 353 miles NNE from Lima, Peru

Jack Layton lying in state in House of Commons foyer

updated: Hurricane Irene: still on track to hit New York City

Moody's downgrades Japan's debt rating

TSX surges amid positive Chinese data, strong BMO results

Virginia nuclear plant loses power after quake; on back-up power
7 additional nuclear plants have declared unusual events

updated: 5.8M Virginia quake shakes Canada from Ontario to NB
U.S. Pentagon, Capitol buildings evacuated, tourists evacuate

5.8M quake 27 mi E of Charlottesville, 39 miles NW of Richmond, Virginia

Shallow 4.6-mile-deep quake a heavy shaker in D.C. area
no damage or injury reports yet, buildings emptied

5.8M quake hits U.S. East Coast; felt from Atlanta to Toronto
centered in Mineral, Virginia, 92 miles SW of Washington, D.C.

Libyan rebels storm Gahdafi's Tripoli compound after heavy gun battles

Gadhafi son says old government still controls Tripoli

Fog of war: Fighting rages in Tripoli; mop-up or final showdown?

Reports of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi's capture false, appears in Tripoli
tells assembled media rebels lured in to a trap, will be 'crushed'

Jack Layton to receive state funeral

World leaders call on Gadhafi to surrender;
Libyan rebels secure most of Tripoli

Telegraph: Battle for Tripoli turns bloody as Gadhafi holds out to end

Gadhafi a fugitive as rebels take Tripoli
Layton leaves message to Canadians and his party, written Saturday

obituary: Jack Layton dead of cancer at 61

In Tripoli, rebels proclaim end of Gadhafi's 41-year regime

AP: Rebels lightning advance Sunday met little resistance as Gadhafi's defenders melted away

Guardian: Libyan rebels push into Tripoli as Gadhafi appeals for help

Libyan rebels take Tripoli’s Green Square to jubilant welcome;
arrest Gadhafi son, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi; control much of capital

Airline, community grieve ‘useless loss of life’ in Resolute Bay

Quebec independence debate should be shelved: Legault

Boeing 737 crashes short of runway at Resolute Bay, Nunavut
12 dead, 3 injured; rescuers on-site quickly

Libya rebels gaining confidence as march to Tripoli continues

PIMCO: Treasuries reflect likelihood of another U.S. recession

Libya rebels gaining confidence as march to Tripoli continues

As double dip looms, market fears turn on feeble banks

Turkey strikes Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq

Egypt condemns deaths of three of its soldiers in Israeli raid

Israel and Gaza trade missiles and rockets in wake of bloodshed

Markets fluctuate, investors appear hesitant about economy

Canada sees no world meltdown, but ready to act

Bank of Canada Governor Carney sees no recession

Suicide bomber kills at least 47 in Pakistan

Bond markets signal 'Japanese' slump for U.S. and Europe
Global credit markets are braced for deflation and perhaps depression

Japan's Nikkei plunges 1.92% on opening

HP shutters tablet & smartphone business, largely killing off smartphone pioneer Palm

CBS: Experts say the Wall Street fear factor is growing

HP follows in IBM's footsteps; software, services supersede hardware

World's biggest PC maker, HP dumping PCs, adding software in seismic business shift

Markets plunge on sour U.S. economic news

Canadians 'spooked' by market turmoil: survey

WSJ: All 10 S&P sectors down in stock plunge, markets drop worldwide

Dow down 450, TSX sheds 350, oil drops to $83.25, gold up

Charles Krauthammer: The system works

Gallup poll: Obama approval on economy plummets to 26%; new low

Europe debt crisis: First paralysis, now panic

Tallinn gunman identified as Karen Drambyan, 57, a member of the United Leftist Party of Estonia

‘Norway copycat’ gunman kills self after attacking Estonian Defense Ministry in Tallinn

Fed up: A profitable Texas bank is calling it quits; says new regulations choking economy

30 years later, IBM exec who helped design it, says "The PC is dead"

Massive study suggests multiple sclerosis has multiple causes, starts with immune system inflammation; disputes Zamboni theory of MS

Newsmax: White House consults President Reagan's economics guru Art Laffer; he told them solution to Obama's economic mess is Reaganomics

U.S. pay TV industry loses record number of subscribers

Toronto Sun editorial: Economic plunge Obama's fault; he's 'a buck passer'

Krauthammer slams Obama as clueless and irrelevant

Washington Post tweaks 'Pinocchio' Obama for his simplistic claims about debt problem at fundraiser

Wisconsin recall elections: GOP retains state Senate control

Washington Post editorial: S&P was right, after being wrong

Richard Cohen: Mr. Cool turns cold

Matt Gurney: Obama’s speech writers should have their salaries downgraded

Kelly McParland: Ontario Liberals campaign on Green Shift revisited

Libya rebels push to strangle Tripoli, plan transition

Toronto, Montreal among top 20 priciest cities: Swiss study

Banks, miners shove TSX to modest gain

Canada's biggest road project gears up in Windsor

Famine could kill 400,000 Somali children: Britain

Bank shares fall as Merkel-Sarkozy debt talks disappoint
TSX: markets continue to drop as Eurozone debt worries increase

Globe & Mail editorial: Canadian Forces names: A mark of respect

Libya shows signs of slipping from Muammar Gadhafi's grasp

Gallup poll: Obama's weekly job approval hits new low; he hits the road

Young Japanese student swept over Niagara Falls presumed dead

Five dead in Indiana State Fair stage collapse

Rollercoaster: The week the world went wild

Markets today: Stocks extend gains amid new short-selling rules

breaking: U.S. Appeals Court rules Obamacare
individual health care mandate unconstitutional

Cuts, not stimulus, best, as ‘economy will grow,’ Harper explains

Europe bans short-selling of many bank stocks

Canada to escalate sanctions against Syrian government

Efforts mount to calm European markets

U.S. stocks hold on to this morning’s gains
buoyed by encouraging jobs report

U.S. deficit tops $1 Trillion for 3rd straight year

Flaherty says Canada to stay course, warns other countries on debt

Reuters: TSX rallies 1.3% as gold-miners drive gains

WSJ: U.S. stocks slide 4.6%, erasing Tuesday gains

David Cameron on riots: "We will not put up with this"
..."nothing is off the table" to regain control of British streets

Scott Stinson: If the London rioters were protesters
...they wouldn’t look so happy

Wednesday: Wall Street plunges again amid heightened Euro Zone fears

Terence Corcoran: Don’t blame the Tea Party

Loonie bounces off par after Fed, recovers 2 cents

U.S. stocks move higher in final hour of whipsawed trading

TSX pares gains after Fed statement; remains up

U.S. stocks sink after Federal Reserve predicts slower growth

Harper meets with business leaders in Brazil

Violence erupts for fourth night in Britain

Federal Reserve paints a slowing picture of U.S. economy,
to keep low interest rates through 2013

Volatility rules in global markets

Bruce Anderson: Harper’s economic message strikes the right note

London riots: police lose battle as lawlessness erupts

Wall Street Journal: Downgrade ignites a global sell-off
Dow's 634.76-point plunge is worst since 2008

New agreements open door to behemoth Brazilian market

Reuters analysis: France, Britain AAA-ratings under scrutiny

Stock plunge continues as investors react to U.S. downgrade

Google graph too small to show S&P/TSX tumble this morning

TSX dives to near year low on oil, S&P downgrade

Harper clashing with Brazil's Rousseff on capital controls may herald G-20 discord

Saudi King recalls ambassador and demands end to Syria bloodshed

Syria steps up assaults on protesters
draws first Arab League condemnation

Asian stocks fall in wake of U.S. credit downgrade

G7 seeks to calm markets rocked by debt crises

European Central Bank to 'actively' buy bonds
to fight eurozone debt crisis

UK rioters burn double-decker bus, cars, buildings

Debt crisis triggers emergency talks

second shoe drops: S&P may downgrade U.S. again within two years

World Wide Web turns 20 today (public version)

31 U.S. Special Ops, 7 Afghans die as chopper shot down by Taliban

Politico: Reactions to downgrade from politicians, candidates

John Lott: S&P downgrade is a wake-up call for all Americans

Reuters: Sovereign credit/debt of major developed countries ~ July 28

S&P wanted debt deal to cut $4T as GOP wanted, not deal's $2T

U.S. Treasury says S&P rating decision 'flawed by a $2 Trillion error'

S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time; White House furious

ABC News: U.S. expecting S&P downgrade say Gov't officials

World stocks fall for 8th day; bonds also off

Italy vows to balance budget earlier than planned
Berlusconi calls for G7 finance ministers to meet soon

TSX falls 4%, biggest drop in two years

EU under world pressure to stem market rout

Canada's jobless rate unexpectedly drops from 7.4% to 7.2%

Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand worked together,
stopped human smuggling operations in SE Asia targeted at Canada,
just in the past year, says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney

France: 60 drown as ship sinks off Comoros, on the Indian Ocean

Republicans reveal their 6 picks for debt "super committee"

Is Obama Smart? A case study in stupid is as stupid does

‘Everyone’s on edge:’ a Canadian in London describes the riots

Grim Sleeper: LAPD expands serial killer probe to 230 cases

Canada expels Libya diplomats and freezes bank accounts

Kelly McParland: Washington is the impediment to U.S. recovery

Obama: Time for an apology

Union boss takes dig at NDP Leader Nycole Turmel

U.S. Liberals buzz over brutal takedown of Obama in New York Times

Robert Fulford: Separatism has become ingrained in our political culture; or are we just feeling sheepy?

PC Magazine: BlackBerry still tops for IT
="center" color=red width=560>
NDP 'unease' surrounds Turmel's Bloc secrecy

Honda to recall 2.5M vehicles worldwide for stalls, shifting problems

Computerworld: Profile pics on social media sites pose privacy risk, researcher warns

Stéphane Dion in Le Devoir: Turmel misled Quebeckers; it's time for all NDP MPs to declare their separatist ties, past and present [google translated]

Stephen Harper hopes to woo Brazil for trade deal; will visit next week

Toyota to build electric RAV4 in Woodstock

Ex-PQ Premier Landry says party-hopping NDP leader Turmel sets bad example

Enough is enough? 4 football players and a coach die from heat exhaustion in southern U.S. in just last week of heat wave

UK lawmakers pressure Piers Morgan on hacking claims

Arctic Sea ice ‘tipping point’ exaggerated; previous warnings 'overblown' says new study from Danish researchers

Minister slams spying on Ottawa businesses by bilingual watchdog

ESPN: MLB investigates Alex Rodriguez gambling allegations; drugs part of probe

John Kass: Arm yourselves, Canadians

La Presse: Nycole Turmel's past is controversial [google translated]

Turmel's Bloc membership 'surprised' NDP MPs

Dow Jones’ losing streak now in 9th day; losing streak unmatched since 1978

Telegraph: World media scammed by 'Canadian' firm; Internet Explorer IQ story 'was a hoax'

Tropical Storm Emily could strengthen to a hurricane near North Carolina coast this weekend; current track would hit at least 4 states on U.S. east coast

Why Honda is hurting

Pierre Allard: Turmel and the Bloc [google translated]

NDP’s Turmel vows to sever all sovereigntist ties

Duchess of Cambridge 'given SAS training' amid kidnap fears

Reuters: Sovereign credit/debt of major developed countries

Chrysler sales surge 20.1%, GM rises 7.6%, Ford up 8.9%

Don Martin: Nycole Turmel's baptism by fire; a fair weather federalist?

Hill Times: NDP MP Comartin says double-sovereignty supporter Turmel was chosen as interim leader because Layton expects leadership succession contest

Cheap Trick cancels Vancouver gig with stage by same company as collapsed Ottawa Bluesfest stage

Magnetic field exposure linked to asthma risk by long-term study

Blow-by-blow account of how China buried the train
spin zone: Chinese gov't says first month of high-speed train was "good" despite fatal crash

After wreck, it's not just railway safety that worries Chinese

Lorne Gunter: Canada shows U.S. the way on govt spending, taxes

S&P: Berkshire outlook to negative amid broad move

Syria's neighbours say enough is enough, stop the killing

London riots: Looting and violence continue for second night

8 dead in Ohio shootings

Rex Murphy: Our country’s un-loyal leader of the opposition

CFP: The civil servants to fire are not the lazy, but the crazy

Computerworld: Symantec and Kaspersky slam McAfee report and claims about impact and scope of 'Shady Rat' data security attacks

AP: Syrian troops fire on protesters, killing 10, as tens of thousands pour into Syrian streets chanting for the fall of President Bashar Assad

Jennifer Rubin: Stock market tanks; Obama ‘recovery’ is a fantasy

The Economist: Time for a double dip? A lousy debt deal, rising fears of a recession, the danger of longer-term stagnation: America’s outlook is grim

BBC: Syria violence: 'At least 2,000 killed', says U.S.

U.S. and Russia issue warning for Syria's Bashar al-Assad

Canadian federal government embarks on IT cost-saving: to reduce 100 e-mail systems to one; cut 300 data centers to fewer than 20 and reduce its current 3,000 overlapping and uncoordinated networks

GM invests $117M in Oshawa to build new XTS Cadillac

Syrian protesters reject Assad gesture amid fresh bloodshed

Michael Smyth: Turmel's separatist background makes NDP too pro-Quebec; impact felt in B.C. politics

Zogby poll: Obama’s popularity in Arab World now lower than Bush’s

Merger of Hitachi, Mitsubishi would be largest in Japan’s history

Neil Reynolds: Democrats shame themselves with terrorist rhetoric

More tanks deployed in Syria as UN talks continue

Jennifer Rubin: New York Times columnist accuses Tea Party of ‘waging jihad’; what happened to 'new civility'?

Jen Gerson: It's time to rewrite the book on new libraries

Ezra Levant's 'Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights' book chosen as best Canadian political book of last 25 years

RIM bets world will buy its fresher lineup; launches three new models worldwide in August

Debt limit deal struck mostly on Tea Party's terms

Nile Gardiner: Joe Biden compares the Tea Party to terrorists. Is this the most crass and nasty U.S. presidency in decades?

Graeme Hamilton: At the very least, Turmel’s naïveté hurts NDP credibility

Ghostwritten medical articles called fraud

EU 'astonished' at soaring costs for Italy and Spain

Financial Times: Obama’s image takes a beating

American consumers cut spending for first time in 20 months; another troubling sign for stumbling economy

Egyptians turn against liberal protesters; help army empty Tahrir Square

Michael Geist: Ontario court tackles free speech vs. defamation; anonymous online postings in legal spotlight

Royal Tour a big boost for Canadian tourism

Climate change far less serious than 'alarmists' predict says NASA scientist

HSBC Bank eyes 30,000 job cuts, reveals flat 1H revenue

Egypt’s military police break up Tahrir Square sit-in

Turkey takes harder line on Syria

TSX takes another sharp dip Friday; flight to cash?

Wall Street Journal: A 'crisis of confidence' in Asia

U.S. stocks fluctuate after jobs report and large losses in Asia, Europe

Minor relief as U.S. adds 117,000 jobs, unemployment down to 9.1%

Asian stocks tumble after Wall Street slide

Did China tell South Korea it's 'unaware' of nuclear accident at Dalian?

European Central Bank buys bonds to reassure markets, to little avail

Terror risk in Canada lowest among major western economies: UK study

Market turmoil carries echoes of August 2007
Stench of panic in the air again Thursday. Heading for Meltdown 2?

Telegraph: European Central Bank paralysis sparks global crash

TSX loses 2011 gains, falls 436 pts; worries grow over U.S. economy

Dow tumbles 500 points, putting it in red for year

U.S. eats up most of new debt limit in one day
$239B spike uses up 60% of funding OK’d on Tuesday

Japanese military analyst says China government
covering up major nuclear sub disaster in port of Dalian

All cursors point to China in global hack attack that threatens nations

FBI thought Cooper had died after exiting 727 by rear door, but no body ever found

Oklahoma woman claims 1971 hijacker 'D.B. Cooper' was uncle

McAfee says it has uncovered biggest-ever series of cyber attacks
Gov'ts of Canada, U.S., Taiwan, India, South Korea and Vietnam hit

U.S. factory orders dropped 0.8% in June

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, from hospital bed, pleads not guilty

Toews blasts CBC for not publishing IDs of wanted war criminals

Moody's confirms triple-A rating; puts U.S. on 'negative outlook'

Economic fears slam Wall Street, stocks plunge

Debt-ceiling deal: The breakdown

U.S. Senate approves debt-ceiling increase bill, Obama signs

NDP credibility under attack after Turmel’s Bloc ties revealed

Léger poll: Montreal drivers fear using bridges, tunnels

New NDP Leader was long-time member of Bloc Québécois
Turmel was card-carrying Bloquiste until quit in January 2011

Debt deal passes in House of Representatives, 269-161
Rep. Giffords surprises by making first return to cast vote for deal

U.S. Congress to vote on last-minute debt deal

U.S. stocks falter despite debt-limit deal

6.8M quake off north coast of New Guinea

Stocks jump, gold falls on U.S. debt deal news

Ezra Klein: A deal that found the lowest-common denominator

Marc Thiessen: How the Tea Party ‘hobbits’ won the debt fight

Obama, U.S. lawmakers strike deal to raise debt ceiling

Optimism that debt deal close as Senate vote nears

6.4M quake jolts northeast Japan

Globe & Mail Editorial: Real liberals are tough on war criminals

Democrats party of 'No' as Senate votes down House-passed debt bill

brinksman: ‘We’re almost out of time,’ Obama tells U.S.

U.S. economy grows at 1.3% in Q2, below forecasts

Why did Canada’s economy shrink in May? What economists say

Canada’s economy shrank 0.3% in May, posting largest drop in two years

TSX adds to string of losses over debt impasse worries; oil up, gold down

Norway security chief believes Breivik was a lone wolf sociopath: "He is total evil"

Loonie soars to November 2007 levels amid U.S. unease

Boehner bests Obama in prime-time showdown over debt crisis

Vancouver Sun: NDP leader Jack Layton's new cancer battle leaves party in limbo

Jack Layton has new cancer, taking leave of absence

breakthrough?: Boehner, Reid preparing to move on debt limit

Breivik started planning massacre in 2002 as 'marketing' for 'manifesto'

Telegraph: Hunt for Britons linked to Norway killer Breivik

43 dead, 200 injured; toddler found alive in China bullet train wreckage 21 hour after crash

6.2M quake hits Japan Sunday

Humanity triumphs as Tennessee bear rescued, given IV, in brutal heat

Death toll could reach 98, Norway police say

Toll now 91; Breivik bought 6 tons of fertilizer 10 weeks ago

Police: at least 80 youths killed by Breivik after Oslo bombing;
jihadists praised attacks, but responsibility was soon retracted

Killer Breivik said to be 'madman', not Islamic terrorist

Arrested 32-year-old Breivik called himself nationalist
mass-murderer was seen at both killing sites in police uniform

World reaction to Oslo bombing and shooting

Arrested Oslo shooting suspect is Norwegian, linked to bombing

updated: 17 confirmed dead in Oslo blasts/shooting;
report: terror group 'Helpers of the Global Jihad' claims responsibility

Oslo blast linked to terror charges prosecutors filed last week
against Iraqi-born cleric for death threats against Norwegian politicians

updated: Norwegian PM Stoltenberg not among injured; government sector targeted

Oslo police warn there may be more bombs; chaos, sulfur fumes

Car bomb hits downtown Oslo, Norway; damage heavy

Shuttle Atlantis lands at Cape Canaveral for last time

As many as 300 fire evacuees being flown to stay in Ottawa hotels

Forest fires in northwestern Ontario force out 3,300 residents

Slow-moving heat wave puts 'pressure' on U.S. electrical grid

6.2M quake kills at least 13 in Uzbekistan

Cameron denies staff tried to halt hacking probe

UK PM Cameron broadens terms of hacking public inquiry

Thug evades security, pies Murdoch during Parliamentary hearing
Hearing continues, Murdochs deny knowledge: "Most humble day of my life"

Loonie reaches 11-week high after Carney’s BOC rate statement

Bank of Canada's Mark Carney signals rate hike coming

Toronto has top-performing economy of 25 Canadian cities: CIBC

John Baird talks trade, human rights in China

Mubarak suffers stroke, in coma, according to his lawyer

Canada mulls ways to fund Libyan rebels with frozen Gadhafi assets

Canada/EU successfully conclude 8th round of free trade negotiations
Free trade deal will give Canada commercial access to 27 EU countries

Canada Supreme Court rules bankruptcy can break divorce deals

Zogby poll: Views of U.S., Obama drop sharply across Arab World

Canada to put polar bears on at-risk list

Moody's places U.S. AAA Gov't Bonds on review; downgrade possible

Toronto Star: Mumbai bombs hidden in taxi, umbrella

Pakistan condemns Mumbai blasts

The Guardian: At least 21 dead, 113 injured in 3 Mumbai blasts

Three IED explosions rock Mumbai; at least 3 dead

Canadian Government hails intercept of another Tamil ship in SE Asia

Controversial brother of Afghan President Karzai killed by bodyguard

Canadian businesses feeling upbeat; only worry is labour availability

New campaign targets CBC; goal to expose "abuse of power, content bias and special privileges of CBC executives"

John Grodzinski: Why the War of 1812 still matters

Toronto budget: KPMG cuts are merely cautious despite rants from opponents

25 found dead in boat carrying refugees off Italy coast

Federal Liberals claim party is rising from the dead; but do voters care?

Boeing 737-800 crashes after landing in Guyana; all 163 onboard safe

Peggy Noonan: They've lost that lovin' feeling; Obama still has supporters, but theirs is a grim support

Business Insider: 'Disturbing' rumblings of panic begin as investors pull almost $40B from money market funds

Bloomberg: U.S. Treasury bills gain as investors bet U.S. will come to debt deal

Telegraph: Al-Qaeda head in Yemen calls for killing of Saudi rulers

Jail guards paid to marry deportees?

Egypt Islamists, others rally for unity, tensions show

Jesse Kline: NDP tries to quell rumours of a coup in Jack Layton’s absence

BBC reporter among 17 killed in Afghan suicide strikes

Applications for U.S. unemployment aid nudge below 400K

AWOL U.S. soldier arrested over concerns of possible second attack on Fort Hood

recipe for failure? 69-year-old rookie MP Turmel takes over NDP reins from ailing 61-year-old Layton with caucus dominated by young rookie MPs

Terence Corcoran: Obama set to lose his ‘Armageddon’ after creating debt-limit crisis in attempt to foment a political panic

Signs of Atlantic cod comeback bode well for other collapsed fisheries

Harper honours vets on Korean armistice anniversary

Norwegian killer cited Canadians Klein, MacKenzie, Mansur in manifesto

Canadian study links minor ailments to Alzheimer's

What kind of cancer? Layton isn't saying, may not know yet, say doctors

U.S. drug prices to plummet in wave of expiring patents

NFL players expected to vote for new 10-year deal today

Telegraph: Breivik tells police former PM was target on island

Norway killer wants to wear uniform at court: lawyer

War crimes suspect arrested in Mississauga

Heat wave in Montreal reportedly claims 10 lives

Canadian farmers covet control as Wheat Board monopoly slated to end

The White House renege: How the Obama-Boehner debt talks broke down after the President was distracted by shiny objects

Charles Krauthammer: The half-trillion plan and the floundering President

NFL lockout ends Saturday but new 'deal' still not voted on by players, no sure thing

NFL clubs approve new agreement; NFL Players Association must ratify

Greece gets new bailout with private sector help; default still likely

McGuinty fiddles as Ontario burns

Rolling blackouts hit Detroit due to heatwave

Terence Corcoran: Murdoch visions as Ontario Liberals face end of their world

Losing McGuinty panics, attacks other provinces to spark re-election prospects

Video of dog biting shark goes viral

Growing equalization payments to Ontario, Quebec threaten country?

American Airlines orders 460 new planes from Boeing, Airbus

Jay Rosen on how journalism has radically changed in internet age

Development minister seeks first-hand look at East Africa’s ‘slow-onset’ calamity

FBI arrests Pakistan spy

Sandy Crux: Religious freedom vs gender equality at the TDSB

Turkey charges 14 militants with anti-U.S. plot

Barbara Kay: Michel Thibodeau needs a case of 7Up and to grow up

Sandy Crux: Are Muslim prayers at Valley Park Toronto school faith-based funding? hypocrisy watch

U.S. recognizes Libya rebels; could unblock $34B

Canada moves to preserve home for the woodland caribou

Canadian general plays down reports of Gadhafi suicide plan

William Watson: U.S. turn to be banana republic

Murdoch’s enemies trying to implicate U.S. outlets in ‘phone-hacking’ scandal

Scrap Indian Act to forge a new deal, AFN chief urges Ottawa

Boehner questions Obama's threat to hold pensioners hostage, notes Treasury secretary has other options if deal not reached

Third U.S. drone strike in 12 hours reflects unusually heavy barrage at Pakistan, and estimated 38 dead

Two U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan follow aid cut

Obama finally gets it that 'red tape' hurts economy, tells agencies to back off new measures

Canadian Forces secure staging base in Kuwait to support Afghan mission

Death toll reaches 21 in Ontario C. difficile outbreaks

Obama huddles with Hispanic groups to woo support for 2012 race; Latino support for Obama has dropped 30% in 18 months

CRTC public hearing on usage-based Internet billing begins today

Obama's economy-killing progressive unemployment

Mob storms U.S. embassy in Syria

Untangling Canada's data accountability deficit

Robert Fulford: The dangerous spread of the Nancy Grace virus

Boehner to seek smaller $2T deal as U.S. debt deadline approaches

Harper declares ‘long Liberal era’ over

New cargo-only flight takes B.C.'s bounty - from seafood to strawberries - to China

HST referendum doesn’t rule out fall election, B.C. Energy Minister says

William and Kate vow to return to `beautiful' Canada

Ocean power ‘the next big thing’

Canadian stocks fall as oil, base metals drop on bad U.S. jobs data

Michael Valpy: So long, young royals, you did good

Andrew Coyne: We’re all in the royal family; Perhaps we’ve grown out of our insecurities -- and are growing into the monarchy

University anti-semitism on rise, Canadian parliamentary coalition says

It's polar o'bear: Scientists reveal giant mammals' ancestry can be traced to Ireland

Royal Tour: Kate fulfills wish of sick little girl in Calgary

Clement says won't cower in face of union threat

The Economist: The internet has turned the news industry upside down, making it more participatory, social, diverse and partisan -- as it used to be before the arrival of the mass media

10 more Stanley Cup rioters turn themselves in to Vancouver police

Peter Worthington: The verdict on Afghanistan

Canadian combat operations in Afghanistan officially come to a close

Romney says Obama has made the economy worse

Canada denounces 'brutal attack' in Syria

Syria kills at least 150 on Ramadan eve

Washington Times Editorial: Obama’s economic collapse

U.S. House of Representatives votes down Senate debt bill which Senate hadn't yet voted on

Neel Kashkari: Could a U.S. debt downgrade trigger a financial crisis?

Boehner plan comes out on top in new CBO analysis

Libyan rebel military commander buried

New NASA data blow gaping hole in global warming alarmism

Charles Krauthammer: The debt-ceiling divide

Tropical Storm Don to land in Texas within 18 hours

Canadian Supreme Court rules federal government off the hook in tobacco lawsuits against cigarette makers

Rural America worried about post office closings; another political problem for free-spending Obama as chickens come home to roost

U.S. House of Representatives set for pivotal vote on revamped debt-reduction bill

U.S. Arctic scientist who wrote of drowned polar bears faces ‘integrity’ probe

Adapting to battlefield setbacks, the Taliban turn to assassination

TSX dives on U.S. debt deadlock, weak data

LA Times: New polls confirm Obama's Democratic base crumbles

78 believed dead -- 3 survive -- after Moroccan military plane crashes

Breivik crimes pose challenges for Norway legal system, applicable charges; believes he has started a war

Oslo killer held in isolation

Jonathan Kay: Breivik and Turner Diaries: How 2011 Norwegian massacre echoes 1978 American novel

Norway: deaths on Utoya Island down to 68 from 86

Joseph Curl: Is Obama a pathological liar?

RIM to cut 11% of workforce

U.S. stock index futures slump as debt talks result in no deal

Grande Prairie, Alberta hosts celebrity dinosaur dig headed up Dan Aykroyd's family

Upside to a heat wave? Sad people feel happier

More non-Murdoch British newspapers dragged into hacking row; "There was a great hilarity about it"

China's top fugitive extradited from Canada after Federal Court turns down extradition challenge

111 forest fires burning in Ontario, 3,951 evacuated, but not an emergency says McGuinty

Suspected war criminal from Honduras arrested in Alberta

Boehner ends debt-limit talks with erratic White House, turns to Senate leaders

RIM PlayBook first tablet to receive U.S. Gov't security certification

Canadian bus driver in N.Y. crash had suspended license, police say

Canada boosts aid to East Africa by $50M, to match public donations

Canadian inflation down to 3.1% in June; food and gas up, cars and hotel rooms down

Vancouver's dedicated bike lanes cause $2.4M drop in sales

Ontario's green energy plan feels the heat

Alzheimer's: To test or not to test?

Ontario extortion racket has ties to Hezbollah

Keith Beardsley: If you lied to get citizenship, you should lose it

McLuhan at 100: Understanding the impact and implications of the prober's media meanderings

Dick Morris: Checkmating Obama

Vancouver police prepared to charge hundreds over Stanley Cup riot

Cold bigger killer than heat; "from 1979 to 1997, extreme cold killed roughly twice as many Americans as heat waves"

Canada to revoke 1800 citizenships obtained through fraud; new visa will be good for 10 years

Bipartisan 'Gang of 6' fiscal plan to reform tax system and cut spending, including on Obamacare, gains momentum in U.S.

Ex-Scotland Yard Chief denies improper ties with News Corp.

Teflon McGuinty's coat has worn off

Guardian: News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead

Syria activists say at least 30 protesters killed in overnight fighting

Telegraph: The 'BBC Left' is using hacking allegations to get revenge

witch hunt continues: Ex-Murdoch aide Rebekah Brooks arrested in hacking

AP: Syrian activists discuss ways to oust Assad

Syria rights group says 41 killed in Friday's protests

U.S. decides not to try to extradite Randy Quaid

Charles Krauthammer: Republicans owe Obama no favours; he's trying to save his own skin while skinning Americans with deceptive rhetoric

After resignation of Rebekah Brooks, focus shifts to James Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch: ‘We are sorry’

Ontario Tories open 11-point lead over ruling Liberals

Helena Guergis broke conflict-of-interest rules: ethics watchdog

Air Canada ordered to pay $12,000 to bilingual civil servant who claimed he was unable to order drink in French

Suicide bomber kills 5 at service for Karzai's brother

Chantal Hébert: Culture wars can’t be won without a united front

MPP David Caplan latest to abandon nasty Ontario Liberal campaign

Sudan plans to cancel citizenship of southerners

UN Security Council recommends South Sudan be newest member

Michael Goodwin: "I am tired of Barack Obama. There's nothing new there. His speeches are like 'Groundhog Day'. His presidency is a spectacular failure, his historic mandate squandered by adherence to leftist ideology and relentless partisanship."

News Corp withdraws $12B bid for BSkyB broadcaster

'Potter' series likely to end long spell with $1B gate

CBC Board will try to cut 5% from budget: Heritage Minister

Risk averse investors push up yen, China GDP eyed

Norquist: Time to force Obama’s hand

U.S. trade deficit in May at $50.2B; highest in 30 months

NHL, Molson Coors win sponsorship case

Christie Blatchford: McGuinty deal tries to hush up disgrace of Caledonia

WSJ: Taxes Upon Taxes Upon . . . Obama wants $1T in taxes on top of what he's already signed

First Nations chief envisions new model for native governance

John C. Dvorak: Flocking to Google+ Is this social-networking platform really that good, or are folks just that pissed with Facebook and its policies?

Escalation: Former UK PM Brown allegedly hacked

Boycotting N. Korean term, John Baird vows to seek reform of UN arms panel

Sick, grumpy, late staff a headache for Elections Canada in May 2 vote

Bruce Anderson: NDP loses its edge - or purposely softens it

Taxes stumbling block as U.S. debt deadline looms

Is Geithner serious? Obama rescued us?

Ontario housing starts drive national rate higher in June, B.C. slows, CMHC says

TSX slumps 1% on Euro zone contagion fears

Jonathan Chevreau: ETFs gone bad?

Royal couple greet U.S. veterans before flying home from California

Prince William stars in charity polo match in Santa Barbara, California

Democrats incensed with White House over Social Security, Medicare

Charles Krauthammer: Deficit flip-flop; Obama goes from do-nothing to demagogue

Failed Obama Presidency running out of economy fixes; pompous bluster goes only so far when numbers tell a dismal tale of failure

U.S., French envoys visit Hama, 13 killed by Syrian security forces

Caledonia residents get $20M compensation for losses during Six nations protests

Major U.S. grocer dumping self-check-out lanes

Former U.S. First Lady Betty Ford dead at 93

Calgary girl who stole the royal show captures the world’s attention

"Real" U.S. unemployment rate explodes to 16.2%

MS vein surgery tied to 2nd death of Canadian

Atlantis launches successfully; last shuttle now in orbit

News Corp. must answer hacking-payment questions, Cameron says

Former PM aide Coulson held as ex-royal reporter Goodman re-arrested in exploding UK phone hacking scandal

Conservative bloggers inflamed by David Brooks' NY Times column on debt ceiling

Obama says still differences on debt, new talks Sunday

Michigan shootings suspect commits suicide; 8 dead

Apple software security hole could allow hackers to 'take over iPads, iPhones and iPods'

Calgary urges newcomers to ‘be part of the energy’

Final pitches launched in B.C. HST fight

Chantal Hébert: Media playing catch-up with the NDP

Kelly McParland: Murdoch follows the money in closing scandal-ridden News of the World

Brian Dickerson: Did Nancy Grace assure tot mom Casey Anthony's acquittal?

197 refugees killed by fire on smugglers' boat in Red Sea

Quebec GPs may be offered cash bonuses to take on extra patients

Data breaches cost firms $7.2M per incident; Ethoca VP says "it's now no longer a question of if you are going to be compromised"

PC Magazine: How to get Facebook Video Chat and more; deal with Skype a big FB deal

BMO: Canadian wine industry losing market share, thanks to strong loonie

Reuters: Maple confident current TMX bid will succeed

Rebels make gains in western Libya

South Korea wins 2018 Winter Olympics

McGuinty Liberals blame opponents for their bad work

Turcotte: 'This isn't an acquittal,' McGill law professor says

Turcotte: MD who killed own children not criminally responsible

Sensational U.S. Anthony murder trial ends with 'not guilty' verdict

Toyota to revamp Ontario plants with gov't help

Royal Tour: Kate and Will laugh off PEI singer's royal flub

Michael Geist: Why competition holds the key to a broken broadcast system

Hotel maid who accused Strauss-Kahn sues New York Post for saying she was a prostitute

Loonie stays firm above $1.04

Greek coastguard intercepts Canadian boat headed for Gaza

National Post editorial board: On Israel, Greece gets it right

Accuser in Strauss-Kahn sex assault case was allegedly engaged in prostitution while authorities hid her from media in a Brooklyn hotel

Pacific rare-earth discovery: Actually just gigatonnes of dirt

BitTorrent turns ten

David Frum: Setting Canadian history right

Reuters guide to the Greek crisis

Protest planned as Niagara’s C. difficile deaths rise

Souris, Manitoba makes final push to reinforce dikes against imminent crest of surging Souris River

EU to provide emergency food aid to North Korea

Israel accepts Greek offer to transport flotilla’s aid to Gaza; ships due to depart Monday

John Ivison: A new age of relevancy for the royals

Royal Tour: A dying man's royal last wish

Royal Tour: Prince William and Kate Middleton relax with Canada's pop royalty

Australia Herald Sun: Will and Kate a hit, eh

John Ivison: Warming a curmudgeon’s heart

Defiant Gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe

People: Prince William and Catherine celebrate Canada Day with massive crowds

AP: Strauss-Kahn free from house arrest; charges stand; victim's lawyer graphically describes attack and physical damage that resulted

The Guardian: Half a million Canadians set to flock to Ottawa to see young royal couple

44 Canada Day citizenship ceremonies across Canada today; citizens welcomed to renew citizenship oaths

Bing West: Obama’s ambivalence has undermined the Afghan mission

Remembering Princess Elizabeth's 1951 royal visit to Canada

California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers

Kabul hotel assault organizer killed in airstrike

Two Canadian Forces soldiers charged with manslaughter for training exercise death in 2010

Egyptian seeds may have caused killer European E. coli outbreak

Cairo street clashes leave more than 1,000 injured

Charles Krauthammer: Who takes us to war?

IMF urges U.S. lawmakers to raise $14.3T debt limit

Norman Spector: The cleavage with labour; the NDP's road ahead

Chris Selley: Canada Post should go the way of the vinyl record

B.C. HST referendum extension possible

Can the NDP grow up? After an adult moment on Libya, party went back to roots with postal filibuster

Bell to pay $10M for misleading ads

George Jonas: Snatching stalemate from the jaws of victory

Jonathan Kay: How the Taliban ends

Greece protest against austerity package turns violent

AECL CANDU-unit sale to SNC-Lavalin expected

games people play: Liberal mocks NDP as wusses for ending filibuster with a whimper

Thousands of soldiers bid farewell to latest Canadian casualty in Afghanistan

U.S. says Gadhafi might flee Tripoli

RCMP probes Liberal Senator Mac Harb over business trips to Bangladesh for Niko Resources

AP: Power grid change may disrupt North American clocks

Conrad Black back to jail as Chicago judge gets personal

Canada's Supreme Court unanimous: Prosecutors can renege on plea deals

Obama’s Afghanistan speech: stuck in the middle with few

Karl Rove: Why Obama is likely to lose in 2012

Top Republican Cantor quits U.S. budget talks, as Democrats push for tax increases while debt-ceiling deadline looms

Robert Kagan: Military leaders know Obama’s decision is a disaster

Richard Cohen: President Obama’s Afghanistan speech confirms America’s decline

Obama announces plan to bring home 33,000 ‘surge’ troops from Afghanistan

Obama to reverse his Afghan surge in speech tonight; more Americans have died there during his 2 years in office than when Bush was President; costs U.S. $2B a week

Bloomberg poll: Economic failure putting Obama re-election up in the air; only 30% definitely voting for him in 2012

Globe & Mail editorial: The NDP’s incoherence on Senate reform

RIM cuts PlayBook sales estimates by two thirds: report

Syria dismisses EU sanctions: ‘We will forget Europe is on the map’

NDP MP Pat Martin likens himself to late Stanley Knowles; wants to use procedural tricks to waste MPs' time, destroy Senate

U.S. Government: leaking nuclear power plants difficult to detect, very dangerous

U.S. adopts graphic, repulsive Canadian-style cigarette packaging

Greek government survives vote as protesters chant insults

RIM stock jumps on job cut reports, takeover talk

Parti Québécois revolt deepens with yet another departure -- and a twist

Michael Babad: As stock plunges, could RIM be sold in whole or in parts?

Encana, PetroChina end $5.4B B.C. shale gas deal

Simon Rosenblum: What art thou NDP?

Confess or we will arrest you in public, Vancouver police warn rioters

The Economist: Return of the plumbers; Obama is waging war against leakers

Canada’s new plastic banknotes will be nearly impossible to fake

David Olive: Strikes losing historic leverage

McKinsey Obamacare survey attacked by Democrats revealed to be fair and balanced

Canada supports Syrian people and wants change now

Michelle Malkin: All the President's high-paid "engagers"

Roger Clemens trial to begin with jury selection

Wiretap: The Apple secrets that Walter Shimoon sold

Ruprecht latest Ontario Liberal MPP not to seek re-election

British PM Cameron calls for public inquiry into widening phone-hacking scandal

Vancouver Sun: Uncertainty over outcome of HST vote diminishes likelihood of a fall B.C. election

Prolonged Libya War puts defected diplomats in limbo

Telegraph: News of the World phone hacking; PM David Cameron under fire

Wall Street Journal: Phone-hacking allegations rattle News Corp. tabloid

BBC: Phone-hacking: Piecing together the jigsaw

Telegraph: Prince William's luck runs out in street hockey: day six in Yellowknife

Telegraph: Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal tour: day five as it happened

Pakistan bars Bin Laden family from leaving

Edmonton Journal: Real progress bravely won in Afghanistan

Woman arrested after white powder delivered to Liberal Leader Bob Rae's Toronto office

TSX marks 6th day of gains as oils, golds rise

How the Dutch Gaza flotilla backfired politically

Non-voters either didn’t see point or were too busy on May 2, study finds

MPs' lottery sets private members' pecking order

Canada's Big 3 carmakers see June sales rise

Obama’s economists: U.S. ‘stimulus’ cost $278,000 per job; now causing economy to shed jobs

Hacker tweets fake Obama assassination announcement through Fox News' political account

Canada plans a show of force in High Arctic

More troops sent to Manitoba as Souris River rises

Newsmax: Obama losing Canada's oil to China

Protesters disrupt Will & Kate visit to Montreal children's hospital

Barbara Kay: The lesson of Dominique Strauss-Khan -- women lie too

Pipsqueak Quebec protests an unwelcome appetizer before William and Kate's cooking class

Royal Tour: Duke and Duchess greet war vets and brides

Google's bids were mystifying (and losing) at Nortel auction this week

Royal Tour: William and Kate face handful of moronic anti-royal protests with stiff upper lip, and smiles; protesters drowned out by many more supporters

Trans-Canada's Mainline threatened by shale gas discoveries

To meet accessibility standards, Windsor to close 40 playgrounds

Nortel patents sell for $4.5B to consortium of six high-tech giants, including RIM, Microsoft and Apple

The Guardian: William and Kate celebrate Canada Day with its newest citizens

Conrad Black gets his millions back from U.S. prosecutors

Celebrating Canada Day with the royal couple

U.S. budget problems kill new Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie

Kate, William 'delighted' to be in Canada as royal tour begins

Waving at Kate and other stupid things I did

Cross-Canada road hockey tournament aims to raise food bank stocks nationwide

Anti-gay speakers at Muslim conference during Toronto's Pride Week

With multiple ships disabled, Gaza flotilla organizers regroup in Greece

Is Obama campaign having fundraising problems?

Two top Afghan bankers arrested for allegedly embezzling millions

The Economist: America's debt ceiling; The mother of all tail risks; A U.S. technical default would convulse markets. Nothing else is certain

Crews working to clear B.C. Trans-Canada Highway 1 mudslide by Thursday night

Canadian Federal Gov't to fund trials of controversial MS treatment

Washington Post: Libya mission brings John McCain and John Kerry together again

Two French journalists freed in Afghanistan after 547 days

Investors bet on Greek austerity plan

Jim Flaherty to arts organizations: Don’t assume entitlement to funding

NJ Governor Christie signs bill reining in employee benefits

London Free Press editorial: Jack Layton failed Canada's coddled posties

Auditor questions Ontario Liberals’ plan to put the brakes on spending

Lawrence Martin: Politically polarized but rarely so unified; federal Liberals have lost their raison d'etre?

Los Alamos nuclear lab: New Mexico fire forces closure

EU Carbon Credit trading takes a dive. In Greece, they can’t hardly give EU carbon credits away

Forum Research poll: Hudak Tories roaring toward a majority in Ontario; PC 41%, LIB 26%, NDP 22%, GRN 8%

Retired Nova Scotia justice official to probe Stanley Cup riot

TMX-LSE Group deal wins backing of 11 heavyweights; says Maple offer would create a tightly-held monopoly

Canada Post bill debate keeps going and going after NDP delay motion defeated with one-third of NDP MPs MIA just after midnight Saturday morning

Blenz Coffee first business to file legal action against Stanley Cup rioters

Souris jumps 4 feet in a day, swamps 2,500 Minot, ND houses

Space: Asteroid to pass extremely close by Earth Monday

Mobile phone links Pakistan's ISI to Osama bin Laden courier

survey: 90% of companies hit by network security breaches

William Watson: Privatize bridges before they fall

Police admit they were overwhelmed during G20, report says

London Drugs, ICBC to hit looters with civil suits

B.C. to use face recognition to help nab rioters

Flood waters of Souris River inundating Minot, North Dakota will shortly head north to Canadian towns

B.C. Premier Clark presses Harper to reform - and expand - the Senate

57 al-Qaida militants escape prison in south Yemen

UK begins Afghan withdrawal

Parti Quebecois caucus down two more MNAs

Kelly McParland: Gaza boat sails into fantasy world of desirable despots

book review: The war against girls

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman joins GOP nomination field, promising jobs, civility

Prince William will co-pilot Sea King, race Kate in dragon boat on Canada tour

Nine-year term limits, elections part of Canadian Senate reform bill introduced in House of Commons

Police among dead as two car bombs kill 25 in central Iraq

Chilean volcano ash continues to disrupt Australian air travel

Michael Den Tandt: Roadmap to Liberal revival; the party can’t matter again until it says something important about the country

Albino brothers tackle restaurant chain for using medical condition as menu promotion

The Economist: That was the Summers of my rental-car washing

Legislation will force postal employees back to work

Thomas Walkom: Labour an afterthought as NDP focuses on winning

Deer crashes through window of downtown Halifax coffee shop amid stunned patrons

Is the NDP Becoming Another Liberal Party?

EU debt crisis threat to Canadian economy: Flaherty

U.S. Supreme Court rules out Wal-Mart discrimination suit

Congress, Obama at the Brink on Libya War

NY Times: Few Taliban leaders take Afghan offer to switch sides

Europe turns up pressure on Greece

U.S. tax crackdown hits Canadian residents

PM Harper dons war paint, named chief speaker of Blood Tribe

Canadian hiring boom ahead, Bank of Canada predicts

Daily Mail: William and Kate wow Hollywood

North Korea named chair; Canada boycotts UN disarmament conference

Huge Cyprus explosion likely caused by wildfire hitting munitions storage

Divers say more than 100 bodies in sunken Russia boat

Kids among 101 missing after Volga River tourist boat sinks in Russia

Small tsunami reaches Japan from 7.1M quake

7.1M quake rocks Japan; Fukushima nuclear plant evacuated

Royal Tour: Best visit photos from Toronto Sun

Royal Tour: Prince William and Kate leave Canada for Los Angeles

Royal Tour: 21-gun salute, wreath laying, as Will and Kate say goodbye

Royal Tour: Why Will and Kate are a real dream team

Royal Tour: Will, Kate wrap up Canadian visit in formal attire

Royal Tour: Canada bids adieu to royals

Royal Tour: PM Harper gives Prince William historic 1939 copy of Maclean's

Royal Tour: Will & Kate launch Calgary Stampede in visit's final hours

Royal Tour: Will: "past seven days have exceeded all our expectations"

U.S. job growth stalls; unemployment rises to 9.2%

3rd straight month of Canadian job growth holds unemployment at 7.4%

Royal Tour: William and Catherine 'hugely struck by the diversity of this beautiful country'

Royal Tour: ‘We shall return’ Will tells adoring crowd in Calgary

Royal Tour: Prince William and Kate at Calgary Stampede

Royal Tour: William and Kate embrace Stampede spirit

500 flee forest fire in Deer Lake, Ontario

Most Canadian companies hiring in coming months: survey

News Corp. to close 'News of the World' Sunday after hacking scandal
Profitable, 168 years old and one of most-read newspapers in the world

Royal Tour: Calgary Stampede fascinators tip cap to William and Kate

Royal Tour: William and Kate to 'cowboy up' in Calgary

After restful retreat, Will and Kate ready for Calgary Stampede

William and Kate hide away at rustic Banff mountain lodge

Royal Tour: William and Kate canoe to a deserted Canadian island

Twitter: Obama admits failed to comprehend 'magnitude of recession'

Royal Tour: Prince William and Kate’s Canadian travels -- Day 7

Tsunami alert cancelled after 7.6M quake

USGS: 7.6M Kermadec Islands quake 1185 km NE of Auckland, NZ

7.6M quake hits off New Zealand

Royal Tour: Will and Kate land in Slave Lake, Alberta

Royal Tour: Royal tour reviving love affair with the monarchy

Royal Tour: Unexpected royal frenzy grips fire-ravaged Slave Lake

Royal Tour: For the royal couple north of 60, hockey, diamonds and wilderness

Royal Tour: Will shut-out in road hockey shoot-out

Royal Tour: Prince William and Kate to tour burned-up Slave Lake
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge add stop to 8-day Canadian tour on their personal day

Royal Tour: Will & Kate prove golden for Canadian tourism

Royal Tour: Kate happy to meet 'Anne of Green Gables'

Canadian troops formally hand over Kandahar battlefield to U.S. forces

Royal Tour: Prince William beats Kate in dragon boat race

Royal Tour: Busy PEI day as William learns how to ditch chopper

Royal Tour: Racing, flying, eating on today's itinerary

Royal Tour: William and Kate touch down in PEI

Royal Tour: William and Kate to star-struck Quebec: 'À bientôt'
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge vow to return to 'beautiful' capital

Royal Tour: Will praises Quebeckers' joie de vie and Van Doos

Royal Tour: Will & Kate conquer Quebec City

Royal Tour: Duchess scoops some dirt in Canada

Royal Tour: Daily Mail says Kate pulls off another fashion triumph

Royal Tour: Throngs of eager fans greet royal couple in Canada

Royal couple wind down Canada Day with concert on Parliament Hill

Royal Tour: William wishes Canada a happy birthday, thanks military

Royal Tour: National Post photo gallery ~ day 2

Royal Tour: Kate and William at the Citizenship ceremony

Royal Tour: William and Kate wow enthusiastic Canada Day crowds

Royal Tour: William and Kate thrill Canada Day crowds
'The sacrifice of Canadians has been universally revered,' Duke of Cambridge tells crowd

Royal Tour: William and Kate start Canada Day festivities

Royal Tour: William and Kate to join Canada Day party

Royal Tour: Crowds camp out for William and Kate on Canada Day

Royal Tour: 'Kate-mania' draws huge crowd to Canada Day in Ottawa

Royal Tour: William, Kate start Canada Day with best wishes to troops

Royal Tour: William & Kate's royal tour: day one as it happened

Royal Tour: National Post photo gallery ~ day 1

Royal Tour: 'We had a longing to come here together'

Royal Tour: Adoring crowds in Ottawa greet William and Catherine

Royal Tour: William and Kate have landed in Canada

Parallels aplenty for Will and Kate's royal tour; echoes of 1983 Charles/Diana visit

Royal Tour: Excitement rampant as royal visit set to begin

Mudslide hits houses, closes Trans-Canada highway east of Vancouver

Prince William's personal flag in Canada revealed

LSE future uncertain after failed tie-up with Canada's TMX

TMX, LSE kill merger deal; votes not there

Greek lawmakers endorse austerity despite mob violence

8 suicide bombers, 10 others killed in attack at Kabul hotel

Canada Post union looks to overturn back-to-work legislation in court

Asteroid passed by just 12,000 km from Earth on Monday

Baird 'impressed' after meeting with Libyan rebels

Canada Post strike drives thousands to switch to online billing

Postal service slowly gets back to business

Canada Post back-to-work bill clears House Saturday night
NDP caves after 58 hour filibuster; MPs now on vacation

Car bomb levels Afghan hospital; kills at least 60

Winnipeg rejoices: It's official: It's the Jets!

Union Jack's NDP goes postal with filibuster that could last for days

Opposition filibuster continues overnight; stops mail resumption

La Presse/Crop poll: Support for Quebec separatists nosedives, Charest back on top

Globe & Mail editorial: Vancouver can now hold the mob to account

Harper unveils anti-terrorism project on Air India anniversary

Raitt says open to Canada Post bill changes

Oil prices plunge after U.S., allies announce release of reserves

Government releases 4,000 pages of Afghan detainee documents cleared by 3-judge panel

NHL Board of Governors makes it official: Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll: Tories enjoy comfortable lead during 'honeymoon'

Back-to-work legislation said to impose lower wage boost than Canada Post’s last offer

Russian passenger plane crash kills at least 44; 8 survive

Flying Paris to Tokyo in 2.3 hours

Chantal Hébert: NDP faces trade-offs inherent in the pursuit of power

Springsteen: "His life, his memory, and his love will live on..."

Clarence Clemons, Springsteen’s soulful saxman, dead at 69

Vancouver rioter outed as elite athlete, suspended

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis

Alex Tsakumis: Vancouver Police badly outnumbered, ill-deployed;
blame for fiasco lies at feet of Mayor, Premier and Police Chief

Betty Fox's mission to keep Terry's legacy alive

Betty Fox, cancer-advocacy champion and mother of Terry Fox, dies

Social media kicks in to help Vancouver cops nail scum who trashed city

'Good' Vancouver wakes up to riot aftermath and pitches in to clean up

‘Criminals and anarchists difficult to stop:’ Vancouver police chief

CTV: CAW, Air Canada reach tentative deal to end strike

photos: Riots, fire, destruction after Vancouver’s loss

FB: "People need to be held accountable", "Prosecute the thugs"

Vancouver reels in riot aftermath

Convicted Liberal ex-Senator Lavigne jailed 6 months for fraud

Facebook groups urge: Turn riot pics into evidence
Vancouver Sun: Cars burn, stores looted in Stanley Cup Riot

Vancouver Sun: Stanley Cup dream turns into violent nightmare

Vancouver Sun: Videos of riots in downtown Vancouver

Angry Canucks fans erupt in violence; others try to stop violence

Looting heavy at The Bay and other stores; Mounties called in

Riot police call in reinforcements; many cars afire in Vancouver
tear gas used to disperse crowds as vandalism, looting underway

Upset Vancouver fans vent on streets

Bruins win Stanley Cup 4 - 0
Car overturned, trashed, burned on Georgia Street in Vancouver

Flaherty delivers stern fiscal warning to U.S.

Canada Post workers may be legislated back to work

Canada Post: Thank the union for lockout

Labour Minister weighs intervention as mail grinds to halt

Canada Post locks out 50,000 striking workers; $100M losses

U.S. Marine forces readying for Syrian action?

Ottawa threatens Air Canada strikers with back-to-work order

Canada Day itinerary for William and Kate announced

Canada officially backs Libyan opposition; Commons debate underway
NDP goes all laissez faire, says we can't choose sides in conflict, not against Gadhafi

Line-ups, flight delays as Air Canada workers strike

Air Canada customer service and sales staff on strike

Canadian Budget 2011 - Plan, provisions in brief, Flaherty speech

Federal budget passes 167 to 131; NDP/Liberals vote against, Bloc for

Hero pilot killed; saves 3 passengers from burning Goodyear blimp

Before/after photo gallery; Japan cleans up after quake/tsunami

Christchurch, NZ hit by 5.5M and 6.0M aftershocks; more damage

War could hit North American soil this century: analyst

The Harper Doctrine: Conservative foreign policy in black & white

Air Canada advises flyers to show up early in case of strike

CUPW postal strike to hit 14 communities in 7 provinces Monday

Ipsos Reid poll Ontario: Hudak PCs 40%, McGuinty Liberals 34%

Jenson Button wins wet Montreal Grand Prix

Air Canada says it has strike contingency plans in place

Tories embrace their current rules; media tries to create drama

convention keynote: Harper calls for a muscular Canada

Tale of two countries; jobless up in U.S., down in Canada

Canada’s job gains beat forecasts

Ottawa jobless rate falls despite government job reductions

Unemployment rate hits two-year low in Canada

Air Canada facing strike next week

Tornadoes reported as harsh storms hit Ontario

Tornado warnings across Ontario; Minden may have been hit

FCA: Globalive declared a ‘Canadian owned and controlled company’

Conservatism goes ‘mainstream’ thanks to Harper, study finds

Computerworld: So far, so good with world IPv6 day

CNN/Opinion Research poll: Record-high say U.S. Depression-bound
Obama support drops 6% in 10 days, equal numbers now for/against

Heat alert issued for Toronto, Hamilton; humidex expected to reach 40°

study: Fukushima meltdown could be template for nuclear terrorism

Sun unleashes 'spectacular' & powerful eruption

LA Times: NATO planes bomb Tripoli for hours on end

Tripoli rocked by heaviest NATO strikes yet

Senate page's protest forces security review

Postal union may escalate to Canada-wide strike

A new mandate for Flaherty’s belt-tightening budget

Flaherty delivers souped-up budget;
Government departments to get slashed next year

John Ivison: Flaherty delivers ‘don’t worry, be happy’ budget

"Count your blessings Canada, you just got a majority government," says OECD head

Israeli troops fire at Palestinian demonstrators in Syria, killing 23

2 explosions kill 24 people in Pakistan

Syrian forces kill 35 in fresh crackdown

Winnipeg's 17-minute sprint: tracking the NHL season ticket sell-out

Gary Lawless: We're not going to say 'I told you so,' but...

Winnipeggers prove it all right! 13,000 season's tickets
sell out after 17 minutes of public sale; waiting list capped at 8,000

British Apache helicopters bomb Gadhafi's troops

"no surprises" Throne Speech lays out Tories’ lean-spending agenda

Throne speech speaks to all Canadians

Loser page ejected after protest during Speech from the Throne

Full text of Throne Speech, June 3, 2011

Ibbitson: A Throne Speech for winners first - then ‘for all Canadians’

Throne speech mixes business, ceremony
sets optimistic tone as agenda set by G-G

Federal Liberals delay leadership vote to spring of 2013

Global Internet body ICANN unleashes new domain names

Conservatives check off final to-do list before recess

Wind turbine foe vows to topple McGuinty Liberals

Rex Murphy: Climate scientists make a mockery of the peer-review process

How China's cell phone pirates are bringing down Middle Eastern governments

American police rescued by Canadian cop hanging from chopper just above Niagara Falls

Syrian forces kill 16 in mass protests against Assad

Ken Dryden: Riots driven by more than Stanley Cup loss

Facebook users publicly shame rioter scum; time for vigilante payback?

LA Times: Cancer death rates decline in U.S.

Poignant Father's Day message from Scott Reid: "Dad, things have really changed since you left"

Vancouver police chief admits knowing what he does now he would've done things differently

Did Toronto G20 riots make Vancouver hockey mayhem worse?

Syria shoots dead 18 as regime sacrifices reviled figure

RIM plunges in pre-market trading

Lorne Gunter: The IPCC loses its last credibility

Meditate your way to a more creative mind?

CBC pays for study that says CBC is a bargain for taxpayers... what a surprise... but won't say what study cost taxpayers

Marjory LeBreton: 37 days "in the bubble" with the national media

IBM turns 100: Founded in 1911, Computing Tabulating Recording Company adopted IBM name first in Canada in 1917; mother company adopted iconic name in 1924; innovations changed/change world

Liar Weiner quits; when will crude media puns stop?

Kelly McParland: Lessons to learn from dolts at a hockey game

World bemused by Vancouver's 'ice hockey' riot

Kelly McParland: Understanding why Michele Bachmann is mainstream

Reuters: Bin Laden deputy Zawahri takes over as al Qaida leader

Bob Hepburn: Why McGuinty will lose to Hudak; Toronto Star's hyperbolic defense of McGuinty meets common sense, finger-pointing, excuses

Liberal columnist: Ontario Tories’ TV power play a winner

Mark Spector: Karma's a real bear

AP sources: Rep. Weiner to resign over sexting scandal

Bruins beat Canucks 4-0 to win Stanley Cup in 7th game

Canada Post gets back-to-work bill, too

Daily Yomiuri: 330 Japanese Gov't workers died on duty during quake/tsunami

White House defends to Congress U.S. military mission in Libya

Japan Times: Sony knew data hack was massive but sat on news

Libyan rebels take new villages in Western Mountains

Thomas Walkom: Which way is the NDP heading?

Quebec government asks Green's May, to help quickly pass mega-trials bill; she says 'no'

Obstinate May vows to keep anti-gang bill off fast-track by denying unanimous consent; will she be invited to speak at a Hell's Angels' rally?

Apple forced to pay $11 to Nokia for every iOS device?

NDP may drop 'socialism' from party's constitution; housecleaning or sleight-of-hand?

‘We can get things done’: Tories, NDP team up on mega-trial bill

North East U.S. carbon market reels as Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auction hits new low

Quebec police arrest 38 of 55 sought in huge Mohawk drug raid Tuesday

Telegraph: Republican debate shows joke could be on Obama

Junk Science Week: Tarred by science

Voters desert Australian PM Gillard over carbon tax; her coalition gov't doesn't have to call election until 2013

National Geographic: Sun headed into hibernation, solar studies predict; last time this happened, between 1645 and 1715, European canals regularly froze solid and Alpine glaciers encroached on mountain villages

AAS: Sun’s fading spots signal big drop in solar activity, corresponding Earth cooling

Republican Huntsman to announce White House run next Tuesday

500 officers launch raids on Mohawk lands in Quebec; target is drug trafficking and organized crime ring

The terrifying truth about new technology

Kelly McParland: Alf Apps offers Liberals a curious message on resurrection

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal may be ‘compromised’

1,000 bombs ordered for Libya mission: media

Telus cuts its international roaming rate

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann announces bid for U.S. Presidency

1944-vintage B-17 bomber crash-lands and is destroyed by fire in cornfield near Chicago; 7 crew survive

Feds spending millions deporting illegal migrants

U.S. needs to buy as much energy as possible from Canada, ex-ambassador says

House of Commons Committee membership for 41st Parliament

Liquor stores to close early as Vancouver readies for Game 6

Afghan commander credits Canada with weakening Taliban

Thousands without power after Christchurch hit by earthquakes

Reuters: Ash cloud from Chile volcano wreaks airline havoc

As strike looms, 'huge gap' remains between Air Canada, union

Wildfire in northern Saskatchewan forces 500 residents to flee

Parliamentary Budget Officer tries once again to justify his always-off-target projections with new warning

Canadian directing war in Libya calls it ‘a knife-fight in a phone booth'

The Kindergarten Diaries: Why The Globe & Mail went back to kindergarten
Maple Group officially launches TMX bid

Sun News Network shines in prime time
Conrad Black: Why America is suffering

IMF latest victim of cyber attack, FBI to investigate

Twin Pakistani explosions kill 34 as CIA Director Panetta visits country

Even Liberal Toronto Star says good things about Conservative Party

Conservatives stay conservative; debate and stick with winning formula

MacKay backs Gates' tough talk on NATO

BBC: Robert Gates fires US-NATO warning shot

Air Canada union serves strike notice; employees could walk Monday night

Winnipeg won't own Jets' stats history no matter the new team name

B.C. meteorite suggests life on Earth came from space

The Register: Apple rips off student's rejected iPhone app; iOS 5 lifts idea, name, even logo

E.coli found in bean sprout package from organic farm in Lower Saxony: German officials

Desperate Syrians pour into Turkey

Syria protests turn deadly, as troops advance

Civil war fears grow in Syria

U.S. warplanes hit al-Qaida target in Yemen last week

Cost for Canada's military mission in Libya: $26M and counting

Toronto’s i4i wins $290M patent battle against Microsoft in U.S. Supreme Court

Newt Gingrich's campaign manager, top aides resign

Rep. Weiner still says he won't resign, doesn't rule out more photos

$1.1B in aid pledged to Libyan rebels
Tasha Kheiriddin: Conservatives, bring back the Youth Federation

Bahrain GP cannot happen in 2011; vote approving it was illegal

Some 65 MPs still waiting for Hill offices

Federal government needs to take chances on unpopular decisions, Danny Williams says

Tories say 'hash-brown' hackers got partial donors list

Roy Green: Separatists may come calling on the NDP

17% of Ontario grade 10 students illiterate

Twitter rolling out automatic link shortening

Weather finally warms up after cold, wet Spring; heat advisories and warnings Wednesday in Philadelphia, Washington and the mid-Atlantic region

Chantal Hébert: Federal election set off first wave in Quebec’s political turmoil

UK, France to push UN condemnation of Syria

Iran may be two months from bomb, two new studies say

OSC to probe Sino-Forest

U.S. financial condition deteriorated rapidly last year; funding for future promises lags by $$ trillions

Japan Times: Official probe begins into nuclear disaster

Postal strike hits Calgary, Edmonton

Sheriff: No bodies found on East Texas property

East Texas deputies search property after tipster reports 'dismembered bodies'

Reuters: More firms close to joining Maple's TMX bid

New Harper cat tabbed with name of 'Stanley'

U.S. may accelerate Afghan withdrawal

Canadians complete final Afghan operation

True North cancelling scalper-bought season's tickets for NHL 'peg team

Matt Gurney: Silence from NDP as veteran MP endorses Canadian Gaza boat

2 dead after bear bounces off car, smashes through SUV’s windshield

Chrysler Canada CEO appointed head of Dodge brand, U.S. sales

BBC: French media ban mentions of Twitter and Facebook

Sarah Palin, the traitor/patriot Paul Revere, and American Revolution mythology

Japan promises independent nuclear agency

hypocrisy watch: Layton MPs quickly test, but don’t break his 'no-heckling' rule

Lysiane Gagnon: In defence of Harper’s position on Israel

State TV: 120 security forces killed in northern Syria; opposition says 10 helicopters were firing at civilians

Liberal President Alf Apps says Liberals want big change in party, including "getting rid of the ‘middle age white guys’ like myself"

Hudak compares McGuinty to troublesome raccoon; Premier can't help himself when it comes to raising taxes says Tory leader

Kelly McParland: Cancel the election results. Brigette DePape is not happy

600 flee after Chilean volcano erupts

Saleh is in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, spokesman says

Canada Post says its operations not affected by rotating strikes

Jeffrey Simpson: The federal NDP needs to grow up. Can it do the job?

Winnipeg: True North staff can't keep up with calls, emails from anxious fans

Challenge to arena deal could threaten return of NHL to Quebec City

Walmart U.S. unveils smallest store format; announces new buyback

Lorne Gunter: Canada needs to move toward a fairer parliament

Israeli military sees regime change inevitable in Syria; legitimacy has been lost

Powers: Ontario's joke is on Dalton McGuinty

Union squeals, hand-wringing begins and mega-spin starts as 687 jobs to be cut (out of 14,000) at Public Works Canada over next three years

Cocaine traffickers may be using submarines to move Europe-bound drugs along coast of Africa

Flaherty says Canadian house market shows moderation

Barbara Yaffe: NDP irks some as it spreads the orange tent

Angelo Persichilli: Parizeau imprisoned in history

Daily Caller: Jon Stewart gets out-Foxed

Airbus Superjumbo A380 grounded at Paris Air Show after clipping taxiway structure

Assad acknowledges threats posed by Syrian unrest

Christina Blizzard: It’s an ad war; Liberals and Tories practising Politics 101: Define your opponent before he can define himself

PNC Financial confirms buy of Royal Bank of Canada's U.S. unit

Sega reveals data breach affecting 1.3M users

NDP membership divided on socialism and merger

Van Doos pull out of Taliban redoubt; ready to wrap up combat mission

NY Times: U.S. Defense Secretary Gates acknowledges talks with Taliban

Stéphane Dion tweaks NDP break-up math at their convention

Gary Mason: The sad, painful truth about the Vancouver rioters’ true identities

NY Times: Karzai blasts Allies as insurgents attack Kabul market

Canada Post: Suppy and demand

Japan's nuclear clean-up suspended over radiation levels

Not centrists; tilt to the right not in cards for NDP: Layton

Seeking head start on 2015 election, NDP descends on Vancouver

Microsoft gets antitrust approval to buy Skype

Chicago Tribune report: Outdated U.S. power plants killing massive volumes of Great Lakes fish

Gerald Caplan: A shout-out to celebrating NDP conventioneers

Greek reshuffle, Berlin-Paris deal ease euro fears

Baird to meet Libyan rebel leaders, promises speedy lift of sanctions

Ties that bind federal, Ontario Tories run strong, deep

CTV: Ontario taxpayers stuck with hidden hydro fee; paying for dam water

Facebook, Paypal accounts released by hackers include Canadians, others outside U.S.

CTV: NATO hits Gadhafi compound, diplomacy heats up

U.S. pays European groups $1M to hunt for anti-aircraft missiles in Libya

Jerusalem Post: 'Gas explosion' rocks building in Netanya; 4 dead, 50 hurt; may have been caused by 'pipe thief' under arrest

U.S. Senate cuts some ethanol subsidies, not others

Telegraph: Greek debt crisis causes global market rout

Google’s Les Paul Doodle costs world $268M

warning: LulzSec leaks 62,000 passwords, usernames for unknown sites

WSJ/NBC News poll: U.S. pessimism over economy at levels not seen since summer of 2008

Lorne Gunter: Global warming? Try global cooling

Apple to 'ban iPhone gig filming'?

Facebook to Vancouver rioters: You’re on camera, jerks!

Embarrassment, shame in aftermath of Vancouver riot

Guardian says digital - not print - now its priority

Federal Government introduces legislation to end Air Canada strike

Anthony Watts: A blunder of staggering proportions by IPCC

Estimated 230,000+ vehicles damaged by quake/tsunami in just 3 Japanese prefectures

Flaherty sells Canada in New York as low-tax jurisdiction for corporations (and their jobs)

CBS: Former porn star Ginger Lee says Dem. Rep. Anthony Weiner asked her to lie

Lorne Gunter: Not much for the NDP to celebrate outside Quebec

How social media users are helping NATO fight Gadhafi in Libya

Canada's Hercs star in dangerous ballet of mid-air refuelling off Libyan coast

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad losing faith of religious and ethnic minorities

BBC: UN report condemns violent Syrian crackdown on protests

NY Times: Pakistan arrests CIA informants in Bin Laden raid

Libyan rebels make fresh gains, NATO drops leaflets

Tanks deploy in east, Syrians flee assault on north

Parliament agrees near-unanimously to extend Libya mission; Tories accept NDP and Liberal amendments; May votes no

Tories give tale-telling Green Leader May time to debate Canada's extension in Libya

Carney struggles to defend Obama meeting Wall Street donors at White House

Seismic equipment sent to assess weird 'rumblings' in Windsor area

Wired: Ancient fossils have evolution’s first shells

Suncor says won’t return to Libya while Gadhafi in charge

Ocean Lady human-smuggling case leads to 4 arrests in Toronto

John Ivison: Re-thinking jails and the mentally ill

Reuters analysis: Polite Republican debate leaves Romney unscathed

The Guardian: Why foreign intervention is not welcomed in Syria

ICBC using Google Street View to resolve claims

The hidden costs of dirt-cheap money

Postal strike to hit Toronto, Montreal

Greece’s debt rating hits new low: the world’s worst

Adam Radwanski: Pupatello departure tough, telling blow to McGuinty

CBS: Clues about how we age found in genetic disorder

Chantal Hébert: Harper’s persistence may pay off in Quebec

Politico: Obama White House tried to gag engineer who inconveniently points out that new flood-control pumps in New Orleans don't work

Foreign spy agencies active in Canada: CSIS

Air Canada resolves some issues but gap remains on pension and wages, says union

'O Kebec' extols virtues of province in latest proposed anthem for sovereign Quebec

Prostitution ‘not a constitutionally-protected right,’ Crown argues in landmark case

Canadian foreign policy needs to be more independent: Harper

Deceptive Ontario NDP disowns its own duly-voted-on-and-passed party policies

Flaherty aims to reduce number of tax brackets, increase incentive to work

Elizabeth May, lurker?

Robert Fulford: Marshall McLuhan, the man who invented ‘communications’

Famed theologian Father Hans Kung urges peaceful Catholic revolution against papal absolutism

Globe & Mail: McGuinty’s ‘explosion’ of green energy? Would you believe implosion

Al-Qaeda East Africa chief killed in Mogadishu

Anthony Weiner to take leave from Congress after sexual misconduct; NY Dem congressman to seek pro help after sending sexually suggestive images to women online

U.S. condemns Syrian 'brutality and violence'

Why are so many young Quebeckers still sovereigntists?

Pilots survive military jet crash in Alberta

Has text messaging peaked?

Dutch detect second grower with less deadly E. coli strain

Sponsors of ‘rogue' immigrants must repay welfare, Supreme Court rules

Sony cyberattack arrests made in Spain

Charles Krauthammer: Two competing visions of government on the table in 2012

Fed Gov't under-spent G8/G20 budget by almost $500M: AG

Small fry solar panellists hammer McGuinty grid hook-up inaction

McGuinty's sinking ship loses another 'star' as Pupatello jumps overboard

Full extent of Wednesday storms in Ontario being assessed, but 80,000 still without power

Tories crack munchkin joke for Elizabeth May, give cold shoulder to uncivil G8 critics

Chicago man found guilty in Danish plot

AG wants more paper work; expediency no excuse says chief bean counter

Highlights of the Canadian Auditor General's report

3 signs Syria's Assad can't hold on

Fleeing Syrians tell of revolt, mutiny and mayhem

2,400 Syrians flee violence, cross into Turkey

Canada Post cuts home delivery to 3 days a week

Montreal hospital workers hold vigil for colleague killed by police

'Phonehenge' trial in Acton, California puts rights of individual to build on his private property against right of state to demand compliance; complex that took 30 years to build could be coming down

2 new E. coli deaths as EU holds emergency meeting

Politeness, insincerity break out in Commons as NDP stops heckling, but not Liberals

UN panel asks China to disclose fate of 300 missing Tibetan monks

Kirk Makin: Two Ontario judges frontrunners for Supreme Court vacancies

Kelly McParland: Libya has cooling effect on China’s investment ardour

George Jonas: More fallout from the Arab Spring, and naïveté from Obama

Rhéal Séguin: Soft-pedalling sovereignty, Marois courts her demise

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Obama loses bin Laden bounce; Romney ahead 49% to 46% among registered voters

Montreal police shoot/kill two: knife-wielding homeless man, innocent bystander on way to work

Japan okays rubble incineration; 23.82 million tons of quake/tsunami rubble in coastal areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima alone

Yemen: Saleh injuries grave, may be bleeding inside skull, say officials

AP: Obama admits economy sick, tells public "not to panic"; says doesn't know what's happening

Michigan finally out of recession

Rasmussen: Generic Republican ahead of Obama in poll again

NBC retains Olympic rights for 4 games after its 2012 London Olympics: 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, as well as 2018 Winter Games and 2020 Games, whose sites have not yet been chosen

TB case confirmed in Toronto-area high school

Turmoil continues for PQ as fourth member quits

Canada's first case of E. coli linked to European outbreak

Washington Post fact-checker: President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout

Tasha Kheiriddin: Trouble in PQ-dise: Is the Parti Quebecois imploding?

hypocrisy watch: Dem Rep. Weiner offered PR help to porn star Lee

Hacker-pranksters cause media stir with story on Harper-in-hospital story on Conservative Party website, supporting twitter hack; media recovering

Wired: the ongoing battle to replace Windows with something as real-world capable

Obama loses yet another senior economic adviser; Goolsbee to return to teaching

Postal strike ‘completely different kind of situation’

Controversial U.S.Rep. Anthony Weiner finally admits to sending lewd Twitter photo, acknowledges other explicit conversations

Ottawa books $2.2B in HST compensation for Quebec

Layton ballistic over Harper missing NDP's debt as Official Opposition; PM was touring flooded Richelieu Valley

John Ibbitson: The cuts are coming -- but will anyone care?

Flaherty’s economic outlook unchanged; risk built-in

Parti Québécois heavyweights quit over Marois’s autocratic leadership style

U.S. drone strikes kill 18 in Pakistan

Ottawa professor committed for extradition in Paris synagogue bombing case

Even with a majority, Conservatives see themselves as the underdog

Kelly McParland: Winnipeg fans spread egg on Bettman’s face in just 17 minutes

Tom Flanagan: The emerging new Conservative coalition

Obama trouble: U.S. unemployment jumps to 9.1%
fewest new jobs in 8 months; re-election in doubt?

update: Hamilton next to be hit by postal strike; Winnipeg still out

Firefight goes on after residents airlifted from two towns

Winnipeg postal strike a go

Libyans fire Russian rockets at Canadian warship, but miss

Conservatives pledge swift budget passage; Van Loan lays out agenda

At least four dead in Massachusetts storms

Fires force evacuation of 1,100 from Saskatchewan reserve

Massachusetts state of emergency declared after tornadoes

CNN: 'Many injuries' reported in Massachusetts tornadoes;
city of Springfield and 18 other communities hit tonight

Harper addresses his first majority caucus

studies: Canadians like salty, Americans like sweet

McMaster study: Layton rudest MP in question period

National Post: The NHL returns to Winnipeg

Winnipeg back in NHL; True North confirms purchase of Atlanta Thrashers

Stephen Brunt: Winnipeg finally returning to NHL fold

True North says NHL deal finalized
Winnipeg press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. 'Peg time

PM Stephen Harper to visit Richelieu flood zone for first time; 'I think it's just great he's coming'

China’s appeal for investors takes a hit

What’s in store for Parliament Hill: A budget (again) and a G20 report

Flaherty to re-introduce March budget Monday, surprising some analysts

German-grown beansprouts likely cause of deadly E. coli outbreak

Cheers, gunfights in Yemen as Saleh goes to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment

Ned Franks: Page’s protest sets poor precedent

Al Qaida leader reported killed by U.S. missile attack in Pakistan

Church leaders from Boston, Vancouver wager on the Cup

Britons urged to leave Yemen as violence escalates

John Ivison: Throne Speech takes care of unfinished business

Konrad Yakabuski: There is peril for Obama in touting the auto bailouts

MarketWatch: U.S. stock indexes fall after weak jobs data

E. coli source still a mystery, over 1600 infected in Europe

White House: The resurgence of the American automotive industry

Britain's spies hack into al-Qaida magazine, replace bomb instructions with cupcake recipe

Charles Krauthammer: Our salutary debt-ceiling scare

Yemen Presidential Palace shelled, Saleh injured

National Post: Smile, you’re on my stolen laptop’s candid camera

John Edwards indicted on federal campaign finance charges

Wind turbine foe vows to defeat McGuinty Ontario Liberals

Bloomberg: Fiat to pay U.S. $500M for Chrysler 6% stake

U.S. economic forecast: heavy weather

Dieu protège la reine (God save the Queen), says young Quebecker

TIME: Americans now drink more wine than the French

MarketWatch: If gas prices don’t slide, expect more online shopping

Romney makes it official, kicks off 2012 Presidential run in New Hampshire

CBC: Hackers stole secret Canadian government data

Pakistan: 63 die in militant-security border clash

PCmag: Windows 8: a first walk-through

Shuttles, turning sedentary, leave pieces behind for science and safety

Lethal bacteria is new strain, says WHO

China rejects Google allegation of massive hacking breach as ‘fabrication’

What to know about cellphones and cancer

BBC: Ratko Mladic treated for cancer in 2009

Howard Kurtz: Anthony Weiner's junk defense

Brian Lilley: Canada is a special place

Dimitri Soudas stepping down as PMO spokesman, moving to Toronto

Woman dies after being swept over Niagara Falls

New "bases" may be just a secure building beside a runway; not large US-type bases

Canada to expand military reach with new facilities across globe?

Young father Scheer to bring ‘friendly’ manner to Speaker’s chair

War on drugs ‘a failure,’ international panel declares

Government to solve issue of independence for military judges identified by Court Martial Appeal Court by giving military judges tenure until retirement

MPs elect Andrew Scheer, 32, as Speaker of the House; youngest ever

Postal strike to hit Winnipeg first: union

Tasha Kheiriddin: Speaker Watch 2011

Speaker election kicks off parliamentary session

Rotating strikes could hit Canada Post starting at midnight

Conservatives seek ‘fairness’ in reallocating Commons seats

Reuters: Japan PM to offer to resign in autumn or later

Computerworld: Apple takes control of domain

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