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Older News ~ December 2010 -- June 2011

Afghan mission a ‘great success,’ Harper tells troops in Kandahar

Harper makes surprise Afghanistan visit

Wall Street Journal: Canada's GDP Expands 3.9%

PCs promise $600M in spending cuts in first year

Ontario Conservatives promise $3.5B in tax relief, debt elimination

What’s in store for Parliament Hill:
A new Speaker and a speech from the throne

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Afghan blast kills top police general, injures NATO commander

Libya’s opposition offers amnesty to Gadhafi supporters

Gadhafi to be told to stand down or face Apache chopper attack

Tornado watches issued for southeastern Manitoba

NATO targets Tripoli facility in rare daytime raid

Harper: Libya mission extension won't be open-ended

Puppy with broken legs crawls home after surviving Alabama tornado

Michael J. Fox, Robbie Robertson and Howie Meeker receive Order of Canada

Harper's role in Middle East peace efforts causes stir at G8; media thinks it knows best

Yemen on brink of civil war as clashes spread

BBC: G8 promises Egypt and Tunisia $40B in aid

156 people remain missing in Joplin

Mladic questioning halted over health fears

Mladic appears in Belgrade court, looking frail and walking slowly

First person on Joplin missing list alive; was rescued Sunday

Names released of 232 officially missing after Joplin tornado

Harper unlikely to pledge major, direct aid for Egypt, Tunisia at G8

Fukushima: New leak feared at stricken Japan nuclear plant

Fault in Japan quake fractured in unusual way, scientists say

LA Times: Satellite images of Joplin, before and after the tornado

The devastation in Joplin: before and after

Ratko Mladic: war crimes fugitive 'arrested in Serbia'

Joplin EF5 tornado by the numbers: 124 dead, 8,000 buildings destroyed

Engineers go into Joplin hospital to assess damage

AP: Storms killed 4th in Arkansas last night; toll now at 14

Joplin rescuers race against time, as twisters kill in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas

Canadian Carney in line for the IMF's top job?

Tornado hits Oklahoma City; injuries reported

Time for Palestinians to say 'I will accept a Jewish state': Netanyahu

Joplin rescue efforts intensify as new storm threat looms

CNN: Up until 1940s, Americans didn't even get tornado forecasts

Up to 500 flights affected as new Iceland volcanic ash cloud hits Europe

National Post gallery: Joplin photos show devastating extent of damage

Not more tornadoes this year, just that more are hitting populated areas

Joplin toll exceeds 116 "now one of the 10 deadliest tornadoes of all time..."

New storm hinders Joplin search and rescue efforts; hospital hit hard

Tornado demolishes Joplin, Missouri; at least 89 dead
possibly single deadliest twister in U.S. since 1953

UK warns of likely flight disruption from ash cloud

Europe air routes open so far after Iceland eruption

Canadian Alex Tagliani blows away competitors and wins pole position for historic 100th Indianapolis 500 at 227.472mph!

The Economist: America joining broad global economic deceleration

Disappointing economic news causes global markets to tumble

B.C. wunderkind Brett Lawrie set to join Blue Jays this weekend?

AP: A 'non' to secession? An election shakes Quebec

31 Hells Angels freed in Quebec due to trial delays

Ontario's McGuinty calls on Harper to abolish Senate; ignores fact that's constitutionally out of Harper's hands

Here comes the sun: Hotter than normal summer predicted

Flaherty: Time for business to take the lead

Weak U.S. greenback boosts Loonie as Bank of Canada freezes rate

Tory convention to consider 'high treason' punishment proposal

Tom Flanagan: Some day, the opposition will thank Mr. Harper

Lawrence Solomon: Better red than dead, better green than free

Reverse brain drain: The young entrepreneurs heading back to Indian homeland

John Ivison: Time to re-examine bailout after Chrysler’s payback

B.C. premier uses legislature debut to get aggressive over shipbuilding contract

Tasha Kheiriddin: Layton stuck between a Bloc and a hard place

U.S. ready to respond to cyber-attacks with military response; seen as 'act of war'

William & Kate itinerary for Canada visit

Zuma arrives in Libya on peace mission

Bruce Anderson: Lack of buyer’s remorse over Tories and NDP bodes ill for Liberals and Bloc

A new bump on Mark Carney's road to higher rates

Christina Blizzard: Tories avoid past mistakes

Ottawa Citizen: Hudak taps into voter anger

Obama vows to help rebuild twister-ravaged Joplin

Wheldon wins stunning Indy 500 when rookie leader crashes on last corner of last lap, finishes second

Israel praises Canada’s G8 stance, but insists there were no prior talks between Harper and Netanyahu

Harper visits war memorial in Greece

Ontario Conservatives pledge income-tax splitting for families

USA Today: Canadian female golfer qualifies for men's pro tour; Isabelle Beisiegel first female golfer to earn a playing card on a men's tour

U.S. Army report: Military has spent $32 billion since ’95 on abandoned weapons programs

Yemen tribes, government agree to temporary truce after days of clashes kill at least 124

2011 now deadliest year for U.S. tornadoes since 1950, with 520 deaths, after toll in Joplin rises

Jennifer Rubin: Oh, Canada! The only country to stick by Israel

Severe storms cause flooding, topple trees, knock out power across Eastern U.S.

Harper uses Greece trip to teach political lesson to his government and theirs

Chris Selley: Layton the bridge builder

Gadhafi’s ‘Libyan Friendship Society’ with Canada’s racist movement

Harper endorses Greece’s austerity program

In Peter C. Newman’s book, Ignatieff was ‘the catalyst on the road to ruin’

Ontario Tories to release platform Sunday

Terence Corcoran: Start of the revolution without the Net

John Ivison: Harper plays to his base, while fending off a Conservative revolt

Can't 'cherry pick' Mideast peace issues: Harper

WSJ: TMX defends LSE deal; valuation gap with Maple bid narrows

The Economist: You can't make everyone happy; Barack Obama mildly pleased some Arabs, annoyed a lot of Israelis and has yet to bring the prospect of Middle East peace any closer

Joplin tornado sends store receipt record 525 miles to Indiana

Peter Worthington: Obama messes with the wrong prime minister

Kevin Libin: Democracy suffers from politics of the faint-hearted

Charles Adler: Accidents follow Rae; those blemishes on the former premier’s resume? Not his fault

Air France flight lost vital air speed and plummeted 6 miles into Atlantic

John Ibbitson: NDP foreign, defence policy differs from Tories' in style more than substance

Harper resists G8 calls for more aid to Egypt, Tunisia

Guardian: Arizona illegal immigrant hiring law upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

poll: 12% of Israeli Jews consider Obama to be pro-Israel

Daily Mail: 'Paranoid' Gadhafi on the run from Libyan assassins

Sarkozy kept close tabs on Strauss-Kahn, says daily Le Monde

Harper condemns Yemen's president

Economy, election lend Harper more G8 cred

Libya's ambassador to EU defects

David Frum: Obama’s Israel peace policy prejudges the results

Kelly McParland: Bob Rae’s not-so-excellent adventure

Ontario PC leader Hudak would put inmates to work picking up garbage, cleaning graffiti

DND planning to cut over 2,000 jobs?

Blasts hit two government buildings in east China: Xinhua

John Ivison: Rae takes command of a party searching for a soul

Le Devoir/Norman Spector: Harper vs the media pack

Largest known portrait of Queen may return to Winnipeg along with NHL team

Sun News Network/Abacus Data poll: 46% satisfied with majority Conservative government; NDP support up 2 points to 33%; Liberals down 3 points to 16%

follow-up: Mickey Mouse surrenders to U.S. Navy SEALs in trademark battle

Judge rules Tucson shooting suspect Loughner not competent to stand trial

U.S. Navy fights Mickey Mouse for SEALs trademark

Iceland volcano eruption all but over

Liberals pick Bob Rae as interim leader

2,643 coyotes killed for bounty in Nova Scotia cull

Senior Liberals ask to delay leadership vote

Federal budget: June 6

Thomas Walkom: Reading the tea leaves on McGuinty’s jail closings; ham-handed move shows a government out of touch

Wall Street Journal: Fiat to consolidate Chrysler; set to raise stake

Canada soars in world peace ranking, cracks top 10 for first time

Pawlenty: No 'sacred cows' in dealing with deficit

Bill Gates’ brilliantly accurate predictions for the Internet -- from 1995

Blackstone to sell $900M Canadian portfolio; lots of eager buyers

CBS News: Pakistan returns stealth helicopter debris to U.S.

New website -- -- helps track/find missing children; praised by PM, set up by non-profit Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Michael Geist: Can Canadian broadcasters compete with "free"?

Globe & Mail editorial: Canada's ties to Mexico: A deeper understanding is needed

No NHL announcement in Winnipeg today, but prospects bright

Will U.S. cut foreign aid to 'non-friends' as money troubles worsen at home?

Egypt’s prosecutor general: Mubarak and sons to face trial over protester deaths

Keeping Quebec voters’ loyalty will be tall order for NDP

NATO warplanes pound Tripoli

Neil Reynolds: With thorium, we could have safe nuclear power

Harper will take new clout to G8/G20 meetings in France this week

Military help to double for flooded Quebec region

Barack Obama cuts short Ireland trip to avoid ash cloud

Andrew Miall: Why the manufactured outrage over gas prices?

Toyota jumps into social networking

Harper Conservatives 'for' things rather than 'against' things

Pakistan re-takes naval base after militant attack

Officials warn Quebec flood could return to historic high today

Sony 'doing well' despite £2bn loss

Steve Pinkus & Désirée McGraw: Liberal Party politics distract from real renewal

Harper backs United Nations report on maternal health

Penashue’s dramatic journey from civil disobedience to political power

‘Vegas’ MP acknowledges her luck, embraces new challenges in Ottawa

Charest calls for more troops with flood levels expected to rise again

Believers' reactions mixed to unfulfilled doomsday

Terence Corcoran: UK’s phony war on carbon emissions; CBC's bias in 'As It Happens' couldn't be more obvious or egregious

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens complains Obama has left U.S. as only country in world without an energy plan

Lawrence Martin's exaggerated lament for the Left

Phishing site discovered on Sony server

Tony Clement vows to make government more transparent with online data

Harper government moving to end party subsidies, reduce deficit

Concert to benefit Slave Lake victims

Sen. Manning hits moose, in hospital with "minor" head injuries

Harper spokesman rejects criticism of Senate appointments, urges Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia to start electing Senate candidates if they really want Senate reform

From new Treasury Board President Tony Clement, a commitment to cut

Tory Rod Phillips named chief of OLG to clean up mess left by succession of Liberal appointees

Lorrie Goldstein: Harper 1, media 0; many pundits, and EKOS, blew the election call

Eric Duhaime: Harper greener than you'd think if you listened to opposition parties; National Park expansion "envy of the world"

Kelly McParland: Wikileaks shows Liberals devouring themselves from within

Bloomberg: Bombardier profit rises on plane demand

Liberals also thought Iggy didn't come back for Canadians

Delacourt: Rae told U.S. Iggy was a one-man band, all mouth, no ears

Liberals laid bare infighting and warchest woes to U.S. diplomats: WikiLeaks

Cell phones could increase cancer risk: WHO

Pakistani journalist found dead after reported arrest by intelligence agency

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Conrad Black appeal

Groom among 28 killed in India bridge collapse

Darrell Dexter’s advice to Jack Layton: Stop yelling

Peter Goodspeed: The final push to depose Gadhafi

MarketWatch: Moody’s puts Japan on review for downgrade

Scott Brison: How the Liberals might yet be saved

Glut of vacant homes complicates U.S. recovery

Twitter to announce photo-sharing service this week

Thrashers-to-Winnipeg deal draws closer

More communities across Canada prepare for floods

'Wall of taxation' keeping businesses small, study says

The Economist: China’s slowdown starts with a spark

Harper appoints interim replacement for outgoing Auditor General Fraser

Ottawa ‘open’ to selling Chrysler stake

Canadian economy sees fastest growth since early 2010; but U.S. troubles a looming problem north of the border

Indian superbug spreads to Canada

video: World record car jump thrills spectators at Indy 500

Flaherty warns of frail economy

Liberals should look in the mirror for 'reckless rookie'

Ontario PC Party's 'Changebook' platform released

Floodwaters in Quebec’s Richelieu Valley expected to peak today

Fiat chief thanks Canada for giving Chrysler a second chance during recession

Clashes erupt in Belgrade to protest Mladic arrest

Conrad Black: A world of financial ruin; with opportunities for Britain and Canada

Tories vow GPS cuffs on high-risk sex offenders

Ontario Tories' ‘changebook’ platform will have 3 priorities: relief for families; focus on health and education; and ending fraud, waste and secret deals

Ed Rogers: Huntsman-Bachmann in 2012!

Charles Krauthammer: What Obama did to Israel

Pakistan’s top military officials are worried about militant collaborators in their ranks

Canadian postal workers prep for strike

NYT reporter shows the power of Twitter as journalism

Texas governor Rick Perry now says will consider running for president

John Huntsman: the right candidate for the GOP?

Brian Stelter: What I learned in Joplin; a New York Times writer's reflections

Keith Beardsley: Smug promises won’t improve Question Period behaviour

Lorne Gunter: Jack Layton, closet separatist?

L. Ian MacDonald: Harper has real street cred at G8

Rex Murphy: Rae gives generously to the party that rejected him

Bin Laden considered seeking deal with Pakistan, U.S. official says

Harper wants MPs to agree to extend 3-month military mission in Libya

Hackers steal owner data from Honda

Liberal MPP supports PC Leader Hudak's proposal to have inmates work cleaning up roads, graffiti while Liberal spin doctors attack

Federal deficit drops to $34.4B, lower than budget projection

Mladic nabbed in routine raid as he went for walk in his garden

U.S. Congress okays last-minute Patriot Act extension

Mitt Romney to announce 2012 run for GOP Presidential nomination June 2nd in New Hampshire

Now Layton says Quebec can secede with 50% + 1; ignores previous lack of clarity

no rat pack? With shadow cabinet in place, Layton vows NDP won’t heckle its rivals

AP: Twitter diplomacy new face of foreign relations

updated: 7 of 8 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan were Americans

updated: Explosion kills 18-year-old Ottawa high school student

One-third of Liberal candidates fail to qualify for expense rebate

Arab Spring tops G8 agenda

Telegraph: Barack Obama was outclassed at yesterday's Downing Street press conference

obituary: Eric Nicol made us laugh, cry and reflect; a humourist who was a national treasure for 91 years

Montreal Gazette editorial: It’s time for Layton to be clear on the Clarity Act

Parliamentary Secretaries named; include 'star' candidates Alexander and Leitch elected in 2011

FBI thought Mumbai Massacre plotter worked for them, court told

David Olive: Carney won’t lead IMF -- this time

First Canadian to be world’s weatherman forecasts more focus on North

Former Calloway CEO to be star candidate for Ontario Tories

B.C. Liberals promise to cut HST by 2 points to 10% in 2014

France's Lagarde formally launches bid for IMF leadership

Manitoba to build new power dam on Nelson River and sell electricity to Wisconsin and Minnesota

Montreal Gazette introduces pay model for website news access, starting today

Separation issue dogs Jack Layton and NDP; is 50% + 1 enough?; campaign promise of 'winning conditions' dominates first day of victory caucus

Suicide bomb kills 5 at Pakistani police building

German airports re-open as volcanic ash cloud dissipates

Sony suspends Canada, Thai web pages as cyber attacks spread

Computerworld: Apple admits Mac scareware infections, promises cleaning tool

Canadian Gov't figures on F-35 "accurate" says Lockheed Martin exec; and more benefits due to accrue to Canada

Next IMF head won't be European says BRIC block (and South Africa)

Manitoba Premier Selinger announces flood compensation program

U.S. Congress: Netanyahu’s perspective on peace

Obama's remarks win few Mideast fans

Feds turn down request by Quebec gov't to have military help with flood clean-up

Canada imposes economic sanctions on Syria, including ban on export of munitions

Iceland volcano: airlines clash with Government over ash

Nanos poll: Ontario Progressive Conservatives lead Liberals by 7%;
PC 41%, LIB 34%, NDP 19%

Chrysler re-pays loans from Canada and Ontario governments

Conservatives' Hudak commits to $6B in new Ontario health spending over 4 year term

Alberta to invest $550M in new schools

OECD says Canadians a happy lot with good reason

Robert Silver: Crazy Liberal idea (interim leader edition)

Ontario: Pay packages for prison guards reveal lack of restraint

Unspun: Tim Hudak's plan to deal with skyrocketing energy bills

LSE takeover equity evaporates as TMX deal belies profitability

Israel cannot return to ‘indefensible’ ‘67 borders, Netanyahu repeats

CBC: Slave Lake evacuees optimistic after touring burned town; understand why not allowed back

Presidential bid launch: Tim Pawlenty vows "hard truth" in campaign

Globe & Mail Editorial: Six Victorian inheritances we should cherish

Canadian Rana on trial in Chicago: Pakistan intelligence service coordinated with Mumbai attackers

Slave Lake evacuees tour charred community

Canada leaves behind a 'dramatically improved' Panjwaii for US: Petraeus

Another Osama retaliation attack as militants storm Pakistani naval base in Karachi

Vile-mouthed NDPer Pat Martin once again shows why he is most-loathed MP in Ottawa

Adam Radwanski: McGuinty Liberals bogged down by power policy

Ottawa won’t back Obama’s call to roll back Israel's borders to before Israel was attacked in 1967 war

Charles Krauthammer: Making sense of Obama’s Middle East speech (embracing the 'Bush Doctrine')

NATO widens campaign against Libya

16 killed in series of blasts across Iraq

VOA: Syrian security forces kill 3 at protesters' funeral

Chopper firefighter dies in crash near Slave Lake

video: Angry beaver roams through N.W.T. town

Shuttle crew to take close-up look at damaged tile

Financial Post: TMX board rejects Maple bid

NY Times: How Drudge has stayed on top

GPB: Herman Cain to announce for President Saturday

Daily Mail: Up to 20 million Americans 'overcharged' by AT&T for data usage

AP: Pawlenty running for President; said to announce Monday

AP: Netanyahu at White House after Obama challenge

AP: Al-Qaida considered oil tankers as terror targets

AP: Syrian troops fire during protests; 17 killed

CNN: NATO destroys 8 Libyan warships overnight

Fox News poll: most Americans (49% to 48%) think so-called "gutsy" call by Obama to kill Osama was instead a "no-brainer"

Israel won't withdraw to pre-1967-war borders: Netanyahu

Harper gets bird’s-eye view of devastation in Slave Lake

PM, Premier tour fire-ravaged Slave Lake

Tangled eaglet rescued from fishing line on live web TV

$2.1B Quebec project for ArcelorMittal, world’s largest steelmaker
To create 8,000 jobs during construction and more than 900 permanent jobs

CBC: NHL optimism soars in Winnipeg

World Wildlife Fund honours Canada for National Parks, marking centennial year
Conservatives have increased National Parkland by nearly 50% in last 5 years

Stephen Brunt: Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg

Winnipeg Free Press: Thrashers sale report in G&M 'not accurate'

CPP Investment Board gains 11.9% in FY11; outperforms benchmark

Liberals openly question Rae's avowal on interim leadership

Bob Rae wants to be interim Liberal leader; willing to forego permanent leadership

Loonie gains for a third day; up against 14 of 16 currencies

EI benefit rolls continue decline in all provinces

Alberta promises Slave Lake $50M in wildfire aid

photo by ~ Ed Kaiser, Edmonton Journal ~
Slave Lake still smouldering; fire officials on high alert

Roswell crash was Stalin plot to create mass panic, book says

Harper promotes heavyweights Baird, Clement in new cabinet

Fabled 1947 Area 51 'flying saucer' was Russian spy plane

Coach's Corner altering national identity?
Study explores Don Cherry's influence

BBC: Queen lays wreath on Republic of Ireland state visit;
dedicated to people who fought for Irish independence from Britain

Queen starts historic visit to Ireland

Bombs disarmed near Dublin hours before Queen's visit

Slave Lake: A town hit by an inferno; now a third of the town is gone

Frantic Slave Lake residents were given little time to flee raging wildfire

photo from ~ Edmonton Journal/Shane O'Brien, reader-submitted photo ~
What Hell looks like: wildfires destroy one-third of Slave Lake

Mike Terilyn video: escape from Slave Lake

updated: Slave Lake reeling after Alberta fires cause 'devastating' destruction

AP raw video: Endeavour takes to the skies

Shuttle Endeavour lifts off for the last time

Globe & Mail: Change in winds caused chaos for fire-devastated Slave Lake
damage is catastrophic; homes, churches, businesses, radio station

4.5M quake hits Chiapas, Mexico

4.5M quake hits Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) off B.C.

Edmonton Journal: Slave Lake burns, 1000s evacuated
town of 7,000 hit hard; fires fought from air & land

photo from ~ Globe&Mail/92.7 Lake FM ~
Town Hall, 100s of other buildings burn down in Slave Lake

Slave Lake high school, mall, town centre, homes destroyed by fire

Canadian helicopter crashes on landing in Afghanistan; 4 soldiers injured

Slave Lake, Alberta residents 'landlocked' by forest fires

Alberta wildfires force 1,000 out of their homes

13 dead after Palestinian demonstrations surge 3 Israel borders

Manitoba to support victims of man-made flood: Premier Selinger

Haaretz: Unrest along Israel's northern borders bears Iran's
'fingerprints': Israeli Defence Force
at least 8 reported killed on Israel borders with Lebanon & Syria

Deliberate breach to flood less Manitoba land than expected

CBC video: Assiniboine flowing across farmlands

Water now flowing through deliberate dike breach

Floodgate finally to be opened on swollen Assiniboine River

Canadian 'Clark the talking dog' a runaway viral hit

Swiss solar aircraft makes first international flight

Andrew Coyne: Finally, time for a real agenda

Gadhafi may be 'wounded, on the run'

Tasha Kheiriddin: Supreme Court says PM entitled to a hidden agenda

No access to PMO schedule: Supreme Court

Justices Ian Binnie & Louise Charron of the Supreme Court of Canada retiring in August

Hoop and Holler dike breach delayed until Saturday

Hundreds await deliberate dike breach

Hoop and Holler cut delayed -- but premier says dike breach
will be done -- Harper views flood, vows quick compensation

Ottawa plans $100M commemoration of War of 1812

Coupland's War of 1812 monument tweaks U.S. noses

CBC: Manitoba dike breach postponed

U.S. must get control of debt: Flaherty

Winnipeg Free Press: How the Assiniboine dike will be cut

Winnipeg Free Press: Dike breach set for 8 a.m. Thursday has been delayed

Manitoba to proceed with high-stakes breach in effort to prevent massive flood

Loonie rises as trade surplus sharply improves to $627M, up from
$356 million in February as exports increased 3.5% and imports grew 2.8%

Harper to visit Manitoba flood zone, commits more troops
Assiniboine River flood of 2011 a once-in-300-year event

Anxiety rises as emergency deadline to open Manitoba floodgates nears

Manitoba’s ‘controlled’ flooding will be worse than predicted: rural official

Winnipeg Free Press: Manitobans beavering away building dikes;
province plans to divert Assiniboine and save a dozen communities

New CN Tower attraction to offer walk on the wild side

Montreal Gazette: Charest unveils plan to develop Quebec's North
Plan Nord will invest $80B in public & private money
to develop northern Quebec over next 25 years

Flooding means 900 households to be evacuated in Brandon

Chantal Hébert: Ontario gets paid back at the cabinet table

NATO: More than 1,700 Taliban give up their arms

What does the fixed-election law really mean anyway?

Montreal Gazette: Quebecor in talks with NHL, says Labeaume

Senate appointments part of plan to democratize upper house: PMO

LA Times: Control of IMF is at a crossroads

Tories drop an ‘E’ from Senate reform plan

Kelly McParland: National Post doth protest too much

Conservative cabinet larger, more diverse

374 homes destroyed in Slave Lake fire; Harper and Stelmach to visit Friday

With cabinet shuffle, Harper builds up his economic front

Labrador Innu leader Peter Penashue elevated to cabinet in ‘historic’ first

Globe & Mail Editorial: A welcome name change in the new Cabinet

Aglukkaq keeps health portfolio in new cabinet, adds Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency to responsibilities

David Frum: Get rich slow -- a cheap U.S. dollar is no fun, but it will get the job done

Anatomy of a shuffle: Harper gives voters a stay-the-course cabinet

Calgary Herald: Political rookie named Canada’s energy minister

Jeffrey Simpson: Stephen Harper could relax now, but will he?

Jason Kenney and John Baird are the Tories’ dynamic duo

Reuters: China piracy cost U.S. firms $48B in 2009

New Canadian Cabinet

Embassy: Big surprises in Cabinet as new foreign, trade ministers emerge, while Oda, MacKay stay put

Daily Mail: In the bleak light of the U.S. Depression: Rare colour photographs of the era that defined a generation

Daily Mail: Proof heart disease is an ancient problem: Autopsy finds 3,500-year-old Egyptian princess had clogged arteries

Why is billionaire George Soros spending over $48M funding media organizations?

‘Aboriginal affairs’ name change ‘disrespectful,’ says Anishinabek Nation

Federation of Canadian Municipalities welcomes appointment of Denis Lebel, a former mayor, as new Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities

Josée Verner, Larry Smith, Fabian Manning appointed to Senate

What’s in a name? Indian Affairs is no more

Bernier returns to fold, Paradis and Lebel promoted in nod to Quebec

Detained Canadian journalist Dorothy Parvaz leaves Iran, calls family

Syria's uprising could have been avoided through reform

Baird to Foreign Affairs in cabinet shuffle: Globe & Mail

Media insiders, experts criticize emphasis on political distractions in media’s election coverage

Liberal president Apps says he won’t resign before term ends

Mexican authorities discover 513 migrants in 2 trailer trucks heading to U.S.

Gigaom: Switch shows off liquid-cooled LED bulb

Gadhafi's oil minister appears to have defected

John Ivison: Trade winds batter Tories

Kelly McParland: Harper has tough choices to make with wealth of new and 'old' talent to choose from in cabinet-making

Bruce Anderson: Harper has free hand in shuffle but cards he deals speak volumes

not ready for prime time?: NDP lambasted by media for 'nothing' press conference; accused of being 'ill-prepared' to be Official Opposition

Loonie touches lowest level since March as crude oil, stocks fall

Jerusalem Post: Israel lodges UN complaints on 'Nakba Day' border breaches

New federal cabinet to be sworn-in Wednesday

Archeologist disputes natives' High Park burial site claims

Margaret Wente: Is addiction really a disease?

Lawrence Martin: The left has the dreams. Harper has the cards

Economy job No. 1 when Parliament resumes June 2

Harper: Speech from Throne June 3rd

Parliament to return June 2nd: Baird

Jean Chretien and Iraq: Yet more proof the Liberals stood for nothing

National Journal: Obama's post-Bin Laden bounce disappears in Gallup Poll

Reuters: Trump says will not run for president in 2012

Bomb threat shuts down portion of central London

Canadian student, 15, develops cystic fibrosis treatment

Toronto 2nd best city in world?

Wikileaks: PM Chrétien told Canadians one thing, told U.S. another; surreptitiously supported Iraq invasion

John Ibbitson: Four challenges that could keep Harper up at night

PM faces tough challenge in building balanced, effective cabinet; getting it right is all in the shuffle

Angus Reid poll: National election jolted Canadians’ passion for politics; almost half population agreed a "Conservative majority will be good for Canada"

New TMX bid pits patriotism against peril of monopoly

Massacre in drug-ridden northern Guatemala leaves 29 dead; most beheaded

Bloomberg: Sony attack shows Amazon’s cloud service lures hackers at pennies an hour

Canadian Maple Group confirms offer of $3.6Bn for TMX

Gadhafi builds playground as human shield

Léger Marketing poll: PQ lead narrowing in Quebec

Robert Fulford: Syrian ‘reformer’ Bashar al-Assad sends in the tanks

Goodspeed: Bin Laden’s final attack

Parti Quebecois toasts success of Scottish separatists, shares referendum ideas

Times-Colonist: B.C. Premier Christy Clark to redesign HST on her own terms

Louisiana opens spillway as Mississippi River gushes through Cajun countryside

National Journal: Huckabee confirms not running for President

Recount gives NDP another Quebec seat by nine votes

Rex Murphy: One Green seat out of 308 is not ‘historic’

Canadian banks, pension funds offer to buy TMX Group

LSE in show of strength as it pursues TMX merger

Sanctuary at Massey: Ignatieff just one in a long line to find a home in Massey College

Brosseau not only NDP candidate MIA during federal election

Washington Post: Mubarak’s wife ordered detained; suffers heart attack

Bin Laden revenge attack rattles Pakistan

Rapid change makes picking winners a mug's game for government

Jane Taber: Jimmy Neutron: ex-president Carter recalls role in Chalk River meltdown

New York City grenade attack suspects charged

William Johnson: How Mulroney killed the Liberals

Levant wins business book award for defending oilsands: 'Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands'

AP: Computer glitch forces re-do of US visa lottery

Jeffrey Simpson: Managing Tom Mulcair

Kelly McParland: Liberals prepare Bob Rae Rules for leadership hopefuls

Taliban says deadly Pakistani blasts are to avenge killing of bin Laden

2 suicide bombers kill 70 outside Pakistan paramilitary training center

Chantal Hébert: Like Bloc, Liberals are lost in the wilds of Quebec

How bin Laden e-mailed without being detected

Keith Beardsley: Dear Liberals, Progressive Conservatives feel your pain

Liberals bruised but not broke, party president Apps says

Rain in the forecast causes concern in Quebec's Richelieu flood zone

Pakistan's former intelligence chief chides US for not sharing bin Laden whereabouts for 9 months; joint operation would have been a success story and strengthened co-operation between US and Pakistani intelligence officials instead of dampening relations

Eric Duhaime: Billion reasons why CBC bias stinks

Lower gas prices give drivers a break; Clement summons big-oil executives to Ottawa to explain pricing

Lorrie Goldstein: Layton’s plan a gas; NDP leader plays both sides of the fence on fuel prices

Ignatieff bids adieu to politics with praise for Canadians’ goodwill

Harvard shocked by Canada’s rejection of Ignatieff; demonstrate naivete on Canadian politics

Bloc Québécois must decide whether it has a raison d’être

B.C. Premier Clark narrowly avoids political disaster with by-election win

The Province: B.C. Premier Christy Clark wins Vancouver-Point Grey by-election in an absolute thriller

Matt Gurney: Quebec’s pathetic bin Laden resolution not worth the effort

WikiLeaks threatens its own leakers with $20M penalty

Convicted killer sues Ottawa for time in jail

Ottawa withstands U.S. pressure to lower border duties

MIA AWOL NDP MP finally visits riding she represents, makes new friends as Mulcair runs interference with media

Wall Street Journal: Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam convicted on all counts in insider-trading trial

CBC: Elections Canada probing hoax calls to voters

L. Ian MacDonald: For the Liberal demise in Quebec, blame Pierre Trudeau

Tasha Kheiriddin: Ten pieces of advice for Jack Layton and the NDP

June budget will have slight changes, Flaherty says

CBC: Liberal loss 'long time coming': Manley

Economist: Harper's champagne moment

Economist: Harper leads into new territory

Peter Foster: Green revolution set to follow red

Bachman & Turner rock Ottawa and jam with Stephen Harper at 24 Sussex

Toronto Star: Harper plans ‘minor’ cabinet shuffle rather than major re-build

Lorrie Goldstein: Canada's carbon catastrophe begins; B.C.’s schools, hospitals forced to buy carbon credits rather than fund nurses, teachers

NDP wacko watch: MIA NDP MP Brosseau doesn't have claimed diploma says Kingston college

Ontario Teachers pension group to buy TD Bank's 13.5% stake in Maple Leaf Sports to bring its holding to 80% as it prepares to sell

Elizabeth May will be just another Independent MP in House of Commons

Bloc to seek party status, new leader

Hudak's Ontario PCs will kill expensive power contracts that are bloating electricity bills

Charles Krauthammer: Time to cut off Washington's credit card?

Chris Vander Doelen: Time to wake up, boys; McGuinty facing a drubbing on election day?

MIA NDP MP Brosseau robo-calls riding and has new photo, but still in hiding

Hamilton Spectator Editorial: McGuinty showing a credibility gap

Crown wants jail time for Chretien-appointed fraudster Senator Lavigne

Margaret Wente: Hard questions for Elizabeth May

Pakistan’s praise of China an angry message to U.S.

Honeymoon ends for Britain’s coalition government

Hill Times: PM won't govern from ideological bent, say political insiders

Scott Stinson: Bob Rae’s merger comments hang over Liberals

Hill Times: Pollsters say campaign 2011 one of 'trickiest' to pin down in a long time

Will Harper’s majority change his approach to the world?

NDP set to wade into Quebec language debates

Magnanimous in defeat, Lawrence Cannon bids adieu to Foreign Affairs

Wanted: a Liberal leader who can grow with the party

Leaderless Liberals face new era of caucus turmoil

Boessenkool & Topp: Who really benefited from vote splits this election?

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft nears $7B+ deal for Skype

Columbia Journalism Review: The story behind the story of the New York Times' bin Laden obituary

Nevada hunters recall finding 'amazing' B.C. woman alive; Rita recovering, search continues for Al Chretien

Ship of 600 migrants sinks off Libyan coast

Bloc, Liberal candidates to challenge validity of signatures on Brosseau's nomination papers

Liberal draft document sets rules for interim leader, including no merger talk with NDP

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opens Louisiana spillway as surging Mississippi heads south

CME: Canada must be prepared to capitalize on manufacturing 'renaissance'

GM to add 4,200 jobs in $2B investment

Kelly McParland: Elizabeth May victory masks Green collapse

AP: Mitt Romney: Obama 'threw Israel under the bus'

AP: Prodding Israel, Obama embraces Palestine borders

Obama outlines new U.S. approach to Middle East, North Africa

Debate over the fate of the former first family roils Egypt

Alberta wildfires threaten to scorch oil patch profits

VOA: Bin Laden praises Middle East uprisings in posthumously released message

BBC: How the IMF chooses a new leader

Manitoba's flood predictions off: engineer

Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigns as IMF chief

Syria under pressure as U.S. slaps sanctions on Assad

Obama takes carrot-and-stick approach to 'Arab Spring' regimes: Egypt and Tunisia get $$ billions in aid

Earth's inner core melting... and freezing?

Canada to remove wheat monopoly in 2012: Minister Ritz

Tasha Kheiriddin: Cabinet picks: Harper dances with the ones that brung him

CTV: Penashue, Valcourt , Bernier , Blaney, Oliver all expected to join cabinet

Globe & Mail: Cabinet rumours rampant as Valcourt, others arrive at Rideau Hall

AP: Big spike recorded in older drug, alcohol addicts

Ontario Tories not clearing way for star candidates

Ontario tries to control election dirty tricks

Blizzard: Liberals’ pay hike con job

Speaker race drawing attention and candidate speculation

Pakistan rushes to finish construction of 4th nuclear reactor

Canada allegedly ordering more smart bombs for Libya campaign

China facing worst energy crisis in years

restraint?: McGuinty can't defend 5% OPP pay hike this year followed by another 8.5% OPP raise in 2014

Telegraph: Osama bin Laden raid: Blow-by-blow account of the mission 'that nearly went wrong'

Edmontonians give generously to Slave Lake relief effort

updated: Canada expels 5 Libyan diplomats

Recounts affirm narrow Tory, Liberal wins

CBC: Canada's Afghan training mission details revealed; 950 soldiers, mostly near Kabul, defensive stance only

Minister Clement announces review complete and Diamond Aircraft doesn't qualify for additional government financing

Ross McKitrick: Ontario’s Power Trip: The failure of the Green Energy Act; fireplaces emit more small particulates than modern coal plants

Destroyed Slave Lake radio station turns to internet

Jerry Lewis, 85, says goodbye to the telethon he has hosted for 45 years

Lorne Gunter: Jack Layton, champion of elite privilege

Washington Post: Netflix now largest single source of internet traffic in North America

Quebec sends 3 water bombers to fight Alberta wildfires

Delusional Homeland Security official says Canadian border a bigger threat to U.S. than Mexican border

Canada to give U.S. border radar surveillance data

CBC: Slave Lake residents face return wait after fire

Fires blaze on around devastated Slave Lake, Alberta

Don MacPherson: NDP surge shows the PQ is vulnerable

Debtbound: U.S. borrows $58,000 a second

McGuinty wants Ontarians to keep paying for his secret $7B deal with Samsung; won't say if he's even read the contract

Kelly McParland: Ontario election may hinge on contract no one has seen

Lysiane Gagnon: Quebeckers have a mental Bloc

Neil Reynolds: The Winston Churchill workout

Bruce Power scraps plans to ship generators through Great Lakes

Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Denley to run for provincial Tories against Liberal MPP Bob Chiarelli

IMF Chief ordered held without bail in sexual assault case

France says 2009 crash aircraft black box data intact after retrieval from bottom of Atlantic

McDonald’s Europe to shake up food ordering system; partly replacing cashiers and the use of banknotes at its 7,000 fast-food restaurants in the region with touchscreen terminals and swipe cards

Vintage Toronto diner preserved in dust for a decade, is looking for a return to splendour

Four 2006 Liberal leadership contenders still owe $576,000 in bank loans

TMX surges as Canadian bid signals transatlantic battle

Alex Wilner and Marco Wyss: Ignore the critics. There is no plane that can compete with the F-35

Kelly McParland: Some weird theories on Dominique Strauss-Kahn

William Watson: Economic news flash: Inequality is complex

Wall Street Journal: New details in IMF sex case

Rachel Marsden: Boring is beautiful: Canada's Harper a role model for conservative victory in the U.S.

Reg Whitaker: Is the government party over?

Plenty in store this week on Parliament Hill

The comeback of Tory Toronto

Former 'alarmist' scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science

Former Afghan intelligence chief says he knew bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan

George F. Will: U.S. union does its best to scupper jobs for political purposes

Scientists find 'master switch' for obesity

TEPCO rethinks flooding reactor No. 1 after leakage found

Japan extends the exclusion zone around Fukushima

Euro weaker early as IMF shrouded in uncertainty

Miami imam, 2 sons charged with supporting Taliban; proclaim innocence

Libyan combat stymies moves on unexpected anti-aircraft threat

Jonah Goldberg: Can triumph transfer? Obama tries to connect disparate dots

Michigan drug bust exposes use of tiny airports by Canadian smugglers

NY Times: IMF chief arrest throws France into disarray and disbelief

Japan Times: Two months later, whereabouts of 9,500 still unknown

Mob attacks Christian protesters on strike in Egypt, more than 60 injured

NY Times: IMF head arrested and accused of sexual attack on NYC hotel maid; was expected to be Socialist candidate for France Presidency

Cash-strapped Toronto Zoo waves goodbye to elephants

A railway to Arctic riches: economic boom, environmental threat?

B.C. Liberals need a name change, MLA suggests

Mark Dunn: Harper's new cabinet speculation

Washington Post: Gadhafi taunts, says he is beyond NATO’s reach

Kirk Makin: The coming conservative court

Canadian new car sales rise 2%; buyers shun imports

Wall Street Journal: Does the Huck stop here? it's looking like former Arkansas Governor won't run for President in 2012

AP: International Criminal Court to seek Libya arrest warrants

AP: Thousands protest across Syria; at least 6 killed

L. Ian MacDonald: Cabinet fever for PM; Rising stars from Ontario expected to join Harper’s inner circle

Robert Silver: Changing everything can’t look the same for Liberals

John Ibbitson: Moribund Liberals should get beyond their grief -- and their grassroots

Ex-ambassador Gagliano loses court fight for back pay

Montreal Gazette: Record number of aboriginal MPs heralds new era

Gallup: Obama poll jump driven by temporary Republican boost, not Democrats or Independents; no impact on re-election campaign

Washington Post: Reversals challenge hope of Arab Spring

Charles Krauthammer: Demagoguery 101; for Obama, everything is about re-election

'Space cadet' Marc Garneau throws helmet in ring as first to seek interim Liberal leader's job

Thomas Walkom: But what does Layton’s NDP stand for?

Keith Beardsley: Earth to Jack. Reality would like a word with you

NY Times: Mississippi and Louisiana brace for surge of water

Reuters: Refiners monitor flood levels along Mississippi

Mighty Mississippi moves oil prices

BBC: Drone missile strike kills five suspected militants in Pakistan

Kyodo News: Nuclear fuel at Fukushima No. 1 unit melted after full exposure to air

NY Times: Two men arrested in New York terror case

CNN: Bin Laden was communicating with other terrorists, U.S. says; handwritten journal being reviewed by intelligence officials

AWOL NDP MP Brosseau no longer MIA as she makes first stealth visit to her riding; says she used "google maps" to locate it

David Olive: Why the oil industry doesn’t like high prices any more than you do

Reuters: Syrian tanks shell towns, at least 19 killed

Newt Gingrich announces heavyweight bid for Presidency, slams Obama for 'dishonest scare tactics'

NPR: Survey finds majority of Americans say celebrating Bin Laden's death wrong

Bedbugs linked to flesh-eating disease found in Vancouver's downtown eastside

Carol Goar: Why the poor cast votes for Conservatives

Terence Corcoran: If only America were more like Canada

Ex-U.S. President boasted of plan to conquer Canada in letter up for auction

Layton coalition-happy, now wants to bond with Premiers, tells union gathering; hypes Brosseau 'representation'

Layton delusional, warns Tories face ‘most united opposition in 31 years’

Bloc meets, decides ‘nothing fundamental has changed’

updated: 10 dead after pair of 4.4M and 5.2M earthquakes cause major damage in Spain

Bin Laden death ‘breaks linkage between al-Qaeda and Taliban'

Some Liberals eye Bob Rae as interim chief

Syria deports Canadian Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz to Iran

Wall Street Journal: Syria military steps up civilian shelling, killing at least 20

Liberal Party president Alf Apps under fire

The Hindu: Osama's sons lash out at U.S.

Léger Marketing poll suggests NDP election support was no leap left; "not an ideological vote", but "cynicism, a distaste for the existing political class and the desire for more influence in Ottawa;" poll shows there "is a feeling of new empowerment among those who picked the NDP" but future support must be earned

Wall Street Journal: GM bets big on rural China markets

Canadian exports to climb thanks to U.S. demand

Peter Goodspeed: NATO may have decided killing Gaddafi best way to end war

Telegraph: NATO doesn't know if Gadhafi dead or alive

BBC: Toyota quarterly profits drop 77%

Chevy Volt priced at $41,545 in Canada

Jim Merriam: McGuinty's Liberals likely next victim of 'vote-against' wave

Dave Marshall: Amazed by aspersions cast on Canadians' intelligence

Foreign Affairs: The Canadian election that changes it all; what Harper’s victory means for Canada -- and the United States

Liberal brass re-jigs rules to delay naming Ignatieff’s permanent successor

Flood forecast grim for Brandon as Assiniboine reaches record levels

Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for $8.5B

Canadian Pension Plan makes major profit from sale of Skype to Microsoft

Pakistan knew of bin Laden raid 15 minutes into it: report

Canadian banks are world’s strongest: Bloomberg, Moody’s

Boston Herald: Ignatieff Harvard colleagues lament for his notion

White House: No one receiving reward money for finding Osama bin Laden

Neil Reynolds: Canada’s conservatives should ease up on Harper

Jean Charest to release plans for Quebec's north

With a majority, Tories can be more aggressive on deficit

Lysiane Gagnon: Here's the skinny on the new Dippers

NATO planes pound another Libyan government weapons depot

Bahrain: King announces early end to emergency rule as opposition stands trial

AP: Quake shifted Japan; towns now flood at high tide

Japan Hamaoka nuclear plant closing while seawall is built

Reuters: Canadian Tire to buy Forzani Group for $798.5M

Ipsos-Reid poll reveals wealth of data on who voted and the religious and ethnic groups to which they belong

Jeffrey Simpson: The man who remade Canada’s political landscape

2011 Canadian Election Results Links
CTV News    National Post    CBC News    Global News    Globe & Mail

ABC News: Osama Bin Laden tapes show 'pathetic' side

ABC News: Osama Bin Laden aided by rogue or retired elements
of Pakistani Intelligence: Pakistan Government Official

Toronto Star: Bin Laden haul the size ‘of a small college library’

U.S. officials called it the largest trove of terrorism material ever collected: "As a result of
the raid, we have acquired the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever"

CNN: U.S. officials unveil 'home' videos of bin Laden

Supreme Court: Shedding some light on the decline of a lion in winter

Linda Diebel: What really sunk Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals

John Ibbitson: Remaking Stephen Harper in Canada’s image

John Ivison: Harper’s government will stay the course

Passing budget top Tory priority for new Commons session

Telegraph: UK votes to keep 'first past the post' electoral system

Daily Mail: Chilean stunt rider makes death-defying 4,000 metre jump

Susan Delacourt: Is the Liberal Party over?

ABC News: Japan PM wants another nuclear plant closed over quake fears

Graeme Hamilton: The NDP’s volatile voice of experience

Al-Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death, threatens more attacks on Americans

Businessweek: Canada adds more jobs than forecast, unemployment drops

Reuters: Al Qaeda plotted 9/11 anniversary rail attack

Montreal Gazette: Berthier-Maskinongé irregularity claim requires official complaint first,
and can be tested only in court, says Elections Canada

Margaret Wente: Here’s why Stephen Harper really won

Ruth Ellen Brosseau Globe & Mail: More people say
they didn't sign Brosseau
nomination papers;
signatures aren't theirs
CBC: Fraud questions raised about rookie NDP MP Brosseau's nomination papers

No date set for Parliament's return, Harper says

Harper visits GG Johnson to formally say he's ready to form government

Majority man: Harper gets more ambitious, more relaxed, more mainstream

Prime Minister Harper arrives home in Ottawa to raucous airport
welcome, looking relaxed and ready to get back to work.

Harper credits Toronto-area Tories for coveted majority

Tories won’t make radical change with majority, Harper vows

Ignatieff resigns at Tuesday morning press conference
"only thing Canadians like less than a loser is a sore loser"

John Ibbitson: Centrist compromise spurs Tory triumph

John Ivison: A good night for Harper

Harper 'humbled' by majority; Layton in Opposition
Ignatieff, Duceppe ousted from House of Commons

Tories sweep to majority, NDP to Opposition in historic election

Stephen Harper's resounding Conservative majority victory
complemented by NDP's 'Orange Crush' of Bloc Quebecois

Graeme Hamilton: The Bloc falls silent

Kelly McParland: Liberals wonder, why did we want this election again?

Globe & Mail Editorial: Stephen Harper’s double victory

Numbers below are leading or elected as of EDT time shown:

Musician Andrew Cash (NDP) wins Davenport over Silva (Lib)

Chris Alexander (Conserv) wins over Holland (Lib)

Dr. Kellie Leitch (Conserv) wins over Guergis (3rd place)

CBC calls Conservative MAJORITY -- CBC at 10:51 p.m.

Majority is 155 -- CBC holds off call due to narrow leads

Conserv 165, NDP 103, Liberals 31, BQ 4 -- CBC at 10:46 p.m.

Conserv 159, NDP 107, Liberals 30, BQ 4 -- CBC at 10:41 p.m.

Conserv 157, NDP 106, Liberals 30, BQ 3 -- CBC at 10:36 p.m.

If numbers hold, BQ will lose official party status

Previous best result for NDP was 43 seats in 1988

Conserv 152, NDP 100, Liberals 30, BQ 3 -- CBC at 10:25 p.m.

Ignatieff, Duceppe behind in own races -- CBC at 10:22 p.m.

'Las Vegas' NDP candidate Brosseau leading in Quebec race

Conserv 145, NDP 93, Liberals 32, BQ 4 -- CBC at 10:19 p.m.

CBC calls NDP as Official Opposition -- CBC at 10:12 p.m.

CBC calls Conserv gov't -- hasn't 'decided' whether MIN or MAJ

Conserv 133, NDP 68, Liberals 28, BQ 4 -- CBC at 10:03 p.m.

Conserv 135, NDP 62, Liberals 27, BQ 5 -- CBC at 10:01 p.m.

Conserv 114, NDP 55, Liberals 28, BQ 6 -- CBC at 9:58 p.m.

Conserv 94, NDP 43, Liberals 32, BQ 4 -- CBC at 9:55 p.m.

Conserv 70, NDP 30, Liberals 28 -- CBC at 9:50 p.m.

Conserv, NDP up in Atlantic Canada, Liberals down by 6

All Conserv cabinet ministers re-elected in Atlantic Canada

Conserv 14, Liberals 11, NDP 7 in Atlantic Canada

NDP win Quebec island riding in Atlantic time zone

Tweeters tilt at Canada election law

Best campaign photos from National Post

Newt Gingrich to announce Presidential bid on Wednesday

redistribution: Ontario, B.C. and Alberta deserve their say

Dan Arnold: Liberal hunt for an interim leader

Financial Post: What really triggered oil’s greatest rout

Éric Grenier: A multimillion-vote sea change for federal parties

Brian Lilley: Where do the Liberals go from here?

PM Harper on VE Day: "Today we honour our brave Canadian soldiers who fought to achieve the Allied victory in Europe during the Second World War"

Brian Bolduc: O Conservatives

Mark Steyn: Liberal Party of Canada buried at sea after dying in firefight

Politico: Newsmax: The voice of U.S. 'heartland' conservatism

Canadian court denies terror extradition appeal

what a moroun: Tax-free fuel sales are bonanza for Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge owners

Richard J. Grant: Canada's Conservative leaders outdo U.S. economically

Reuters: Egypt to toughen security after 12 die in inter-faith conflict

Fred Barnes: Triumph of the Conservatives

Washington Post: Obama’s 2008 prosperity pledge not squaring with reality; unemployment over twice as high as when he made his pledge in March 2008

BBC: RAF Tornados destroy Libyan missile launchers

Japan Times: Shut down being considered for Fukushima plant 2

New York Times: Bin Laden’s secret life in a diminished, dark world

Controversial NDP MP Brosseau admits she’s never visited her Quebec riding

Harper's not so scary after all

Canadian dollar declines most since July on rout in prices for crude oil

Syrian tanks enter coastal town of Banias, kill at least 3 women

Taliban launch spate of attacks in Afghan's Kandahar

Analyzing turnout: The ballot box balance

exit interview: Michael Valpy gets a last talk from Michael Ignatieff

Tabatha Southey: The Tories stomped us, but we shouldn’t make sour grapes into whine

CTV: Dziekanski's mother applauds perjury charges

Globe & Mail: Mounties in Dziekanski case face perjury charges

Reuters: Civilian killing in Syria uprising rise to 800

updated: Half of missing BC couple, Rita Chretien, found by hunters in Elko County, Nevada after missing for 7 weeks; husband Al still missing

Chrétien promoting Bob Rae as interim Liberal Leader

Lawrence Solomon: Greening Harper

Majority will change how Ottawa operates

Ipsos poll: Toronto Mayor Ford’s approval rating at 70%

Kelly McParland: How to fix the Liberal party

How the new NDP caucus will deal with Quebec

Elections Canada official filled out parts of Brosseau nomination papers

NDP shifts to damage control over ‘Vegas’ MP Brosseau

Tories won’t challenge election of absentee New Democrat Brosseau

U.S. drone attack kills 15 in Pakistan

Peggy Noonan: Show the Proof, Mr. President

Charles Krauthammer: Bin Laden shooting vindicates Bush policies

CIA watched bin Laden from nearby safe house inside Pakistan

St. Thomas auto plant for sale: $22.75 million price tag on Ford plant

NDP wacko watch: Mulcair not NDP’s first rabbit-hole burrower

Sonia Verma: What really happened in the killing of Osama bin Laden?

ABC News: Top Secret stealth helicopter program revealed in Osama Bin Laden raid; major blunders mark effort originally described as 'flawless'

Konrad Yakabuski: GOP debate drowned out by din of excitement over bin Laden’s death

Harper promises to hit ground running with cabinet shuffle, budget

Christina Blizzard: Mortally wounded Liberals; Ontario's MPPs are clearly shaken by the drubbing the federal team took

From Jonathan Kay, an open letter to The Guardian about Heather Mallick

Rex Murphy: Liberal party may spend a long time out in the cold

House of Commons won't return for at least two weeks

Lawrence Martin: Harper’s triumph: a realignment of historic proportions

Chronicle Herald editorial: Grits' best strategy is to hang tough

Marilla Stephenson: Layton should check his illusions at Stornoway’s door

David Akin: Symbols of Ottawa power shift clear

Peter Worthington: Canada's giant leap forward; We'll continue to be the envy of the world

Canada: the conservative nation

New GTA MPs up for cabinet consideration

Barry Cooper: Harper, not Layton, is the real face of change

Licia Corbella: Separatist threat not removed by Bloc's demise

Orange? Green? The big story was blue; Not only were the Tories able to read public mood, they also won over Toronto and built a majority without the support of Quebec

Harper in the driver's seat, Iggy and Duceppe in the trunk

NDP candidate who became Canada's youngest-ever MP at age 19, actually campaigned, is a political science student

Lessons for the first-time MPs

A new crop, a diverse Parliament and one exhausted spokesman

Tory win boost for 'Buy Canada'

Graeme Hamilton: ‘Dirty’ to be in power in Ottawa

With Tory majority, Toronto Mayor Ford anticipates ‘a direct line to Ottawa’

Kelly McParland: Stephen Harper’s promising new world

Tasha Kheiriddin: Welcome to the New Canada

John Ivison: Relaxed Harper misplaces the Secret Agenda

Business leaders say Conservative majority positive for B.C., the West

Liberals cool to idea of merger with NDP

Etobicoke-Lakeshore: Tory who brought down Ignatieff was in it to win it

Radwanski: Vote splitting aside, Tories dominant in Ontario

Ousted MPs will take home millions in severance

Bitter Liberals say for leader Ignatieff, ‘the hatchet job is complete’, ignoring fact they triggered election they weren't ready for

Future of Liberals, Bloc uncertain after Tory majority win

Winners and losers in Election 2011

Liberals suffer 'historic defeat' as Tories gain majority

Ignatieff leaving politics; "head held high"

Robert Silver: The Liberal Party: What went wrong and where to next?

Toronto Sun Editorial: Voters nail it, now, can Tories?

NDP pushes into Quebec City ridings as Bloc crushed

Photo Gallery: Calgary centre of country as Conservatives rise in federal election

Matt Gurney: Toronto swings to the right. Will it matter?

Layton: Election stress is the best medicine

Financial Post: Markets likely to cheer Conservative majority

Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe resigns after losing seat

Bloc's now in a political no man's land

NDP surge rolls over usually predictable Montreal

Chris Selley: The election no one predicted

Harper to move fast to use his new authority

CBC breaks Elections Act, broadcasts results before polls close

story changing: Bin Laden's wife not killed in raid, White House now says

Second Sony videogame-service is hacked

Harper settles in home riding as polls open

Bin Laden's death is justice for Canadians who died on 9/11: Harper

Stephen Harper's full statement on Osama bin Laden's death

Lawrence Solomon: Tornadoes could be an omen of global cooling

Toronto Sun: 'Velvet Touch' massage parlour operated for 3 years after Layton was escorted out by police

Toronto Star: Questions emerge over source of Layton 'Velvet Touch' massage parlour leak

Lorrie Goldstein: Liberals need a Stephen Harper

On eve of vote, Duceppe fighting for own riding

John Ivison: Harper regains confidence in final blitz

Ignatieff wants to remain leader; but Liberals have a convention scheduled for December...

CNN: Air France Airbus A-330 'black box' found and recovered from ocean floor

Kingston Whig-Standard: Prime-time visit

'Masturgate' plot thickens as journalist tweets Liberal approached him with 'massage parlour' story about Jack Layton 2 years ago

Global News: Harper admits 'surprise' at NDP surge in polls

Liberals' Montreal strongholds under siege

Stephen Maher: Liberals have only themselves to blame

Layton and Chow among biggest spenders of public money on Parliament Hill says 2010 Toronto Star article

Toronto Councillor George Mammoliti doubts Jack Layton story about massage parlour: "He’s claiming he got a legitimate massage, but the issue here is it’s clear it was a rub and tug and most people in society would know that when they go in. I’d be very surprised that a very smart politician would not have known ... and Jack was very smart."

Abrasive NDP MP Pat Martin verbally attacks another all-candidates questioner and gets his facts wrong

Tim Harper: Harper sees Toronto seats in May 2nd win column

Two-thirds of Canadians support Conservatives' stronger approach to dealing with crime and criminals

Warren Kinsella: Jack Layton, and a campaign’s end

‘Madame Paillé’ urges Quebeckers to vote Bloc

Les MacPherson: NDP surge won't happen, and here's why

Chantal Hébert: The winner of this campaign? Citizen engagement

Jack Layton, the naked Shiatsu massage and the mainstream media cover-up; a tale of morality, self-appointed gatekeepers and media self-censorship

Margaret Wente: Is this Michael Ignatieff’s Kim Campbell moment?

Jeffrey Simpson: The ‘strange death’ of Liberal Canada

A Liberal vote is a vote for Layton: Harper

'Classic' NDP parachute candidate back from Las Vegas hasn't even been in "her" Quebec riding; promises to learn French if she wins

Surprised by NDP surge? Hey, so is party itself; but some say it was all in the plan

Five reasons Canada’s GDP unexpectedly shrank in February

Pakistan-US rift widens as TV station, newspaper, name man they say is CIA station chief in Islamabad

Harper sends Armed Forces to help raise flood dikes in Manitoba

Michael Geist: Tory majority gives Ottawa a crack at breaking the digital logjam

Rob Granatstein: Ruth Ellen Brosseau devalues politicians

Conrad Black: The full measure of Harper’s triumph

Election 2011: looking at the vote increases across the country

Lawrence Solomon: Are high CO2 levels once again saving the Amazon Forest?

National Post: McGuinty has no excuse for secret deals

Gadhafi's time is up, says NATO head

Taliban releases video of captured Toronto man

No sign Pakistan knew of bin Laden presence, says U.S.

After Delicious, YouTube founders acquire business intelligence platform Tap11

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 6 ~ The morning after, the years ahead

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 5 ~ The orange wave rises

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 4 ~ Turning up the heat

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 3 ~ The velocity of indignation

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 2 ~ Not feeling the love

Macleans: Election 2011 Chapter 1 ~ The first mistake

Change of Canada's political landscape reminiscent of British history

U.S. to release Osama bin Laden 'home videos'

Punks in the House of Commons

Christie Blatchford: Well it didn’t take long for the NDP to give us a bunch of fun stories

Stumbling Bloc: party still looking for answers to explain NDP surge

La Presse: The sweet revenge of Jack-the-tenacious

Kevin Libin: Obama bungles his Osama opportunity

Toronto Star: Seeking clarity in conflicting stories on Osama bin Laden’s death

Robert Fulford: Bin Laden’s cult of hate will live on

Reuters: Bin Laden "may have lived in Pakistan for over 7 years"

Reuters: Obama pivots from celebrating Bin laden's death to fretting economy roadblock to his 2012 re-election

Japan Times: 800 nuke plant workers get belated health checkups

Japan Times: Decision to suspend Hamaoka power plant delayed

Stephen Maher: Economy got Harper elected, but now comes the hard part

Bin Laden wife says she spent 6 years in Abbotabad house

Navarro-Génie: Federal subsidy contributed to demise of Bloc

AP: Syrian forces kill another 30 protesters

AP: Al Qaida vows revenge for Osama bin Laden's death

Raid booty shows Bin Laden was in touch with senior Al Qaeda figures

Wall Street Journal: The waterboarding trail to Bin Laden

Canadian Grade 8 students again receive free one-year passes to National Parks

Wall Street Journal: Pakistani Intelligence says split between Bin Laden, Deputy

U.S. unemployment rises to 9% as Canada's drops to 7.6%

Andrew Coyne: The West is in and Ontario has joined it

Jeffrey Simpson: Jack’s Quebec challenge: how to keep smilin’

L. Ian MacDonald: When 'the people' spoke Monday, they said all the right things

L. Ian MacDonald: Toronto's Tory swing the big surprise

Michael Den Tandt: NDP wins expose media hypocrisy

Terence Corcoran: Greens ‘lost’ as growth prevails

Ensight: Voters wanted ‘stability’ and economic focus; haven’t drunk the ‘Orange crush’

Thomas Walkom: NDP’s success undermines its influence

Chantal Hébert: New wave could change shape of Canada-Quebec dialogue

William Watson: Let’s win over the NDP’s accidental MPs

Matt Gurney: McGuinty’s sneaky union pandering shows his desperation

Rex Murphy: Preston Manning’s great achievement

3 judicial recounts could change final House of Commons numbers

Morocco arrests 3 Marrakesh cafe bomb suspects

Bartender MP Brosseau in NDP boot camp; still being hidden from public

National Post: Will the NDP last in Quebec?

loose cannon?: Separatism not dead says19-year-old rookie NDP MP

bail-out: Ignatieff says U of T teaching position to mark 'end of my life as a politician'

Josée Legault: NDP rise is a warning to the Parti Québécois

Rookie Quebec NDP MP missing in action before, and after, election

Montreal Gazette ~ Don MacPherson: New young MPs hit the Jackopot; Traffic cones in NDP orange are about as involved in politics as some of the candidates Quebeckers elected on Monday

Vegas-vacationing NDP MP still missing in action

Father Raymond J. de Souza: How journalists patronized ethnic voters

In Europe, disquiet over Bin Laden and U.S.

NDP complains about quick recall of Parliament, but legislation awaits

Canadian invention: Paper-thin computer set to redefine industry

Talisman rethinks North Sea developments after unexpected 12% tax jump

Chris Vander Doelen: Herding Quebec cats

Walter Robinson: The electoral aftershocks will continue

Important that Obama doesn't "dance in the end zone" and politicize his visit to Ground Zero today

10 ways Barack Obama botched the aftermath of the masterful operation to kill Osama bin Laden

Manitoba dynamic duo a Conservative force to be reckoned with

Rivers cresting in Winnipeg; floodways keeping city high and dry

Warm summer on way after cold winter and spring says Environment Canada

Soldiers to help flood victims in Quebec

Bomb plot in 2004 targeted Montreal subway, U.S. embassy: WikiLeaks

Sinking McGuinty says will try to copy Harper strategy to stay in power

Tom Flanagan: We don’t need a centre party to prevent political polarization

Liberals will re-build, reach out -- slowly, President Alf Apps says

Assad sends more soldiers to crush Syria uprising

CRTC orders Bell, Shaw to offer more local programming

Canadian privacy watchdog wants power to fine companies for data breaches

NDP deputy leader Mulcair doubts U.S. has bin Laden corpse photos

Lorne Gunter: Good luck turning your ‘Stunned MPs’ into a caucus, Mr. Layton

Kelly McParland: First order of Tory business, stop the free lunch

GM projected to have most profitable Q1 in 11 years

Ignatieff finally to call Harper with congratulations, long after Layton, Chretien and world leaders

Obama decides against releasing bin Laden photos

Ontario gave secret wage hike to public-sector workers, documents allege

Syria admits detaining B.C. journalist

Trudeau 'undecided' about Liberal leadership

Reality show stars, students, museum guides: meet the new NDP MPs

Is new Mississauga Tory MP Eve Adams poised for stardom?

GE tries to resurrect second engine for F-35

Elation in Calgary as Harper finally wins majority

another opinion: Why Quebeckers switched en bloc

Pakistan must have known about bin Laden’s compound

Honda adds 833,000 vehicles to air bag recall

L. Ian MacDonald: Return to separatist message spelled doom for Duceppe

Jeff Jedras: A view from the Liberal rank and file

Experts struggle to explain size of shift; a sea change; electorate turned like 'school of fish'

Christie Blatchford: Massaging the truth about Jack Layton

Competitor Bell drops Sun TV from satellite service

Christian Science Monitor: Controversy in death: Seven questions about Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea

North Korea holding 200,000 political prisoners: Amnesty International

Bin Laden given haven by militants linked to Pakistani security forces

CIA chief Panetta: Waterboarding aided bin Laden raid

Federal results cast shadow over coming provincial elections; McGuinty next after federal Liberals’ stunning collapse in Ontario?

Canada’s new divide: It’s about the money

B.C. journalist missing in Syria

Defeated by vote splits, Liberals lick their wounds in Atlantic Canada

Students, ex-Communist, a Cree leader and more join NDP’s swollen Quebec ranks

Red Cross calls for access to Deraa, Syria

NDP's gang of rookies includes 4 McGill students, 19-year-old, Vegas visitor

GM sales jump 26% in April and beat analysts’ estimates as Ford, Nissan miss

CNN: Investigators probe seized computers to thwart al Qaeda plots

Before and after the orange surge: Pollsters reflect on their predictions

With 100 rookie MPs, Parliament faces ‘the proverbial herding of cats’

Hudak smells blood in Ontario after federal vote picks apart Liberals

Matt Gurney: Ontario McGuinty Liberals hope train of losers has reached its last stop

Amid bin Laden news, Canada's election gets even less U.S. attention than usual

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft's Bing to be default search engine on BlackBerry

Computerworld: Ballmer surprises with Microsoft-RIM partnership

Sony's CEO under fire as 25 million more accounts hacked

Sony finally shuts online games service after April breach

Pakistan denies accusations of 'harbouring' bin Laden

bad pr: Hamas condemns U.S. for killing Bin Laden, a "holy warrior"

France says cockpit voice recorder found from 2009 Air France crash in Atlantic

Ignatieff concedes defeat, will not resign as Liberal leader

Early results indicate pollsters wrong about strength of NDP surge

The Great Canadian 'Tweet-in'; the most succinct case of mass civil disobedience in Canadian history

Conservatives make early gains in Atlantic Canada

Sonia Verma: The intelligence trail that led to the killing of the al-Qaeda kingpin

Former NFL star Duerson had brain damage at time of suicide

Winnipeg Free Press: Some Twitter users flouting law by posting election results online

Cops seek suspect after alleged theft of ballot box in Nova Scotia riding

Polling station snags reported across Toronto

CBC: 'Tweet-in' to flout Elections Canada blackout law

Dear Canada: Your election law is no match for twitter

RCMP assessing threat to Canadians after bin Laden death

The death of bin Laden: Who knew and what does it mean?

Muslim scholars argue bin Laden's sea burial a violation of tradition

Video: Timeline of bin Laden's killing

Bin Laden identity confirmed through DNA, buried at sea

Daughter of Canadian 9/11 victim in ‘shock’ over Bin Laden death

Bin Laden killing brings anger, relief in Arab world

The Hindu: Obama or Osama: What’s in a name?

Montreal Gazette: Liberal MP on hook for staffer's huge booze and travel tab

Monte Solberg: Twists and turns made campaign sparkle

John Ibbitson: Final poll predicts Harper win, but majority in question

Peter Worthington: Great pal, lousy PM

Scott Stinson: Liberal campaign loses the message

NASA skips Monday shuttle launch

Angelo Persichilli: Voters took over ‘boring’ election

UK and Italy embassies in Tripoli damaged in mob attack; embassies empty but Libya obligated to protect them; Britain expels Libyan ambassador in retaliation

Rex Murphy: Canada’s smiley-face election

David Frum: Liberals caught in the revenge of the margins

Conrad Black: Exeunt the poltroons of separatism

Election endorsements:
Ottawa Citizen ~ Conservatives
National Post ~ Conservatives
Globe & Mail ~ Conservatives
Brampton Guardian ~ Conservatives
Toronto Star ~ NDP
Inside Toronto ~ Conservatives
Montreal Gazette ~ Conservatives
Vancouver Sun ~ Conservatives
Kitchener-Waterloo Record ~ Conservatives
Toronto Sun ~ Conservatives
Winnipeg Free Press ~ Conservatives
Hamilton Spectator ~ Conservatives
Le Devoir ~ Bloc Quebecois
Edmonton Journal ~ Conservatives
Calgary Herald ~ Conservatives
The Province ~ Conservatives

Conflict in Montreal riding after Liberals appoint pregnant candidate and anger local Greek community for lack of consultation

Kelly McParland: Liberals find that, even in Toronto, the thrill is gone

Matt Gurney: For the Liberals, ignorance is the explanation

Susan Delacourt: What went wrong for the Liberals

John Ivison: Why are Harper supporters heckling the media? One more example that media doesn't want light of day shed on their antagonistic words and methods

Layton’s lesson in the discipline of power

Royal couple put off honeymoon; Prince William to return to work next week

André Pratte: Plus ça change... What’s driving Quebec’s surprise swoon for Jack?

Depleted uranium may provide breakthrough in computing

CBC: The NDP's missing constitution

Terence Corcoran: Jack Layton’s hidden agenda; the NDP's socialist constitution

Toronto Sun: Many 'rub-and-tug' massage parlours in neighbourhood where Jack Layton was found by police, say local merchants

CTV: Layton alleges smear, lawyers up but admits he went to massage parlour

NDP-led coalition would hurt economy, boost taxes: Flaherty

Quebec braces for a shift in political landscape

Details from Le Soleil CROP poll shows tight races around Quebec City

Tiny space telescope reveals super-hot 'super-Earth'

Osama bin Laden died cowering

CNN: Pakistan provided but didn't probe raw telephone data
that made bin Laden raid possible

Decade-long hunt ends with bin Laden’s killing

Bin Laden killed in firefight with U.S. special ops team in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden dead
killed today by American operatives in a firefight
in Abbottabad, Pakistan 60 miles NW of Islamabad
U.S. has bin Laden's body
Obama says "justice has been done"
Worldwide Security Alert
spontaneous street demonstrations breaking out across U.S.
FOX News broke story at 10:39 p.m. EDT

small team attacked OBL compound; 3 other males killed; no U.S. casualties

NY Times: How the Osama announcement leaked out

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL MEMO):
National ~ CPC 38.7%, NDP 30.5%, LIB 20.9%, GRN 3.7%, BQ 5%

Éric Grenier ~ Final poll analysis (May 1):
Conservative minority is predicted
National ~ CPC 36.4% (143 seats), NDP 27.3% (78 seats), LIB 22.8% (60 seats)
BQ 6.7% (27 seats), GRN 5.6% (0 seats), 0 Independents

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Final polling shows Conservatives maintaining lead and on cusp of minority/majority

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll: (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL)
Conservatives lead by 6%, majority possible
National ~ CPC 36%, NDP 30%, LIB 19%, BQ 6%, GRN 6%

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Final poll numbers of committed voters only
National ~ CPC 34.0%, NDP 31.6%, LIB 20.8%, GRN 5.9%, BQ 6.4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Conservatives have 28-point lead in Prairies, Liberals drop
Prairies ~ CPC 55.4%, NDP 27.3%, LIB 10.9%, GRN 6.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Conservatives lead by 13 in British Columbia, NDP drop
British Columbia ~ CPC 40.9%, NDP 27.9%, LIB 23.6%, GRN 6.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Liberals fall to third, NDP leads by 2 in Atlantic Canada, NDP up
Atlantic Canada ~ NDP 34.7%, CPC 32.5%, LIB 30.2%, GRN 2.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
NDP up to 16-point lead, BQ down, Conservatives pass Liberals
Quebec ~ NDP 39.2%, BQ 23.6%, CPC 18.3%, LIB 12.9%, GRN 2.5%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Conservatives lead by 10, NDP up, Liberals down
Ontario ~ CPC 39.3%, NDP 29.4%, LIB 28%, GRN 2.2%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Tories ahead on eve of Election Day
National ~ CPC 37.1%, NDP 31.6%, LIB 20.5%, BQ 5.7%, GRN 3.8%, Und 12.2%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Sunday, May 1 - FINAL):
Harper moves back to Leadership lead as Layton drops 10 points
Leadership Index: Harper 95.3 (up), Layton 87.3 (down)
Ignatieff 34.1 (down), Duceppe 9.7 (down)

Éric Grenier ~ 2nd last poll analysis (May 1, 2011):
Potential seat ceilings for parties as follows:
Conservatives ~ 167, New Democratic Party ~ 126, Liberals ~ 84

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Sunday, May 1):
National ~ CPC 34.6%, NDP 31.4%, LIB 20.4%, GRN 6.3%, BQ 5.4%

Abacus Data poll (Sunday, May 1):
National ~ CPC 37%, NDP 32%, LIB 18%, BQ 7%, GRN 7%
Quebec ~ NDP 40%, BQ 27%, LIB 14%, CPC 13%
Ontario ~ CPC 41%, NDP 29%, LIB 25%

Hill Times/Forum Research poll (Sunday, May 1):
another pollster waffles: "NDP, Tories in virtual dead heat, either could form minority"
National ~ CPC 35%, NDP 33%, LIB 19%
Ontario ~ CPC 36%, NDP 31%, LIB 25%
Toronto GTA ~ CPC 40%, LIB 30%
Quebec ~ NDP 33%, BQ 21%, CPC 16%, LIB 13%
Atlantic ~ CPC 31%, NDP 30%, LIB 26%
Prairies ~ CPC 45%, NDP 33%, LIB 15%
British Columbia ~ CPC 39%, NDP 37%, LIB 15%, GRN 9%

Harper appeals to fiscally conservative Liberals to support the Conservatives

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
Prairies ~ CPC 71%, NDP 20%, LIB 5%, GRN 4%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
British Columbia ~ CPC 48%, NDP 29%, LIB 15%, GRN 8%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
Atlantic Canada ~ NDP 45%, CPC 44%, LIB 11%, GRN 5%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
Quebec ~ NDP 38%, BQ 32%, CPC 15%, LIB 14%, GRN 1%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
Ontario ~ CPC 48%, LIB 25%, NDP 22%, GRN 5%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
poll numbers based on 53% of voters who correctly named
local candidate of party they said they intended to vote for
National ~ CPC 50%, LIB 21%, NDP 20%, BQ 6%, GRN 3%

COMPAS poll (Sunday, May 1):
Most bizarre, unstable, upside-down election since Confederation
Conservative victory predicted, majority remains very possible
NDP has by far most to fear and most to hope for
Parties have different vote volatility and turn-out levels
poll numbers based on all parties having same support turn-out
National ~ CPC 46%, NDP 26%, LIB 17%, BQ 7%, GRN 4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Sunday, May 1):
Layton number jumps, Harper's nudge down within error margin
Leadership Index: Layton 97.4 (up), Harper 88 (down),
Ignatieff 39.1 (down), Duceppe 8 (down)

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
Conservatives have strong 35-point lead in Prairies
Prairies ~ CPC 60.5%, NDP 25.0%, LIB 12.9%, GRN 1.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
Conservatives lead by 7 in British Columbia, little movement
British Columbia ~ CPC 41.2%, NDP 34.9%, LIB 17.9%, GRN 5.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
Liberal lead cut to 1.5 in Atlantic Canada, NDP up
Atlantic Canada ~ LIB 34.4%, CPC 32.9%, NDP 29.1%, GRN 3.6%

CTV: Conservative national lead narrows to 6 points over NDP

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
NDP down again, now 14-point lead, BQ up, Libs down, Conservatives up
Quebec ~ NDP 37.4%, BQ 23.9%, LIB 18.1%, CPC 16.7%, GRN 1.3%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
Conservatives up, Liberals, NDP down
Ontario ~ CPC 36.2%, LIB 31.1%, NDP 27.4%, GRN 4.4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, May 1):
Conservatives lead now 6 points, NDP up, Liberals down
National ~ CPC 37.0%, NDP 30.6%, LIB 22.7%, BQ 5.5%, GRN 3.2%, Und 11%

Prince refused to sign pre-nuptial deal
William ‘loves Kate and trusts her implicitly’

COMPAS Research poll (Saturday, April 30):
May 2nd "feast or famine" for NDP; 76% of support says could "change vote"
high proportion of NDP voters say don't know candidate's name

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Saturday, April 30):
Harper increases leadership advantage over Layton to 14 points
Leadership Index: Harper 94.5 (down), Layton 80.5 (down),
Ignatieff 45.2 (up), Duceppe 9.5 (down)

Gadhafi survives NATO airstrike that allegedly kills youngest son Saif al-Arab Gadhafi

QMI Leger Marketing poll (Saturday, April 30):
National ~ CPC 36%, NDP 31%, LIB 21%, BQ 7%, GRN 4%
Quebec ~ NDP 40%, BQ 27%, LIB 15%, CPC 15%, GRN 2%
Ontario ~ CPC 38%, NDP 30%, LIB 27%, GRN 4%
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 34%, NDP 33%, LIB 28%, GRN 4%
British Columbia ~ CPC 42%, NDP 32%, LIB 16%, GRN 9%
Alberta ~ CPC 63%, NDP 18%, LIB 13%, GRN 5%
Manitoba/Saskatchewan ~ CPC 49%, NDP 30%, LIB 16%, GRN 4%

La Presse/Toronto Star Angus Reid poll (Saturday, April 30):
National ~ CPC 37%, NDP 33%, LIB 19%, GRN 4%
Quebec ~ NDP 45%, BQ 26%, LIB 16%, CPC 13%
Ontario ~ CPC 41%, NDP 27%, LIB 26%, GRN 5%

Toronto Star: Harper appeals to Liberal supporters to vote Tory to stop NDP

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
Conservatives have 65% of votes in Prairies
Prairies ~ CPC 65.1%, NDP 19.4%, LIB 13.3%, GRN 2.2%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
Conservatives lead up to 9 in British Columbia, NDP, Liberals down
British Columbia ~ CPC 43.5%, NDP 34.7%, LIB 16.2%, GRN 5.5%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
Liberals increase lead cut to 3 in Atlantic Canada, NDP back in third
Atlantic Canada ~ LIB 37.8%, CPC 34.5%, NDP 23.0%, GRN 2.0%

CTV: Tories ahead of NDP by 8 points, latest poll shows

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
NDP down, still 17-point lead, BQ down, Libs, Conservatives up
Quebec ~ NDP 39.0%, BQ 22.2%, LIB 19.1%, CPC 16.3%, GRN 1.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
Conservative hold lead, Liberals up, NDP stalls
Ontario ~ CPC 35.3%, LIB 31.7%, NDP 28.5%, GRN 3.8%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday, April 30):
Conservatives up, now lead by 8 points, NDP down
National ~ CPC 38.0%, NDP 29.6%, LIB 23.3%, BQ 5.2%, GRN 3.1%, Und 12.7%

You don't know Jack: Layton's Toronto career: If you only knew

Toronto Sun: Layton found naked in bawdy house in 1996 raid
Ex-cop: warned Metro councillor about dangers of
hanging out in bawdy houses run by Asian triad gangs

Campaign Bombshell: Massage parlour found-in Jack Layton
says he didn't know it was "that kind" of massage parlour;
Chow and Layton admit Jack was found by police in 1996
massage parlour raid while a Metro Toronto councillor;
NDP threatens legal action; was there a cover-up?

Toronto Star endorses Jack Layton and NDP: "Ignatieff has spent
the past few days lamenting the loss of the centre ground of Canadian politics
and attacking the NDP as spendthrifts and 'boy scouts'. His party’s collapse in Quebec
raises the question of whether it can truly be considered a national force
at this point. Liberal governments built much of what is best
about this country -- but voters are sending a clear message that they don’t feel they owe
the Liberals anything for what the party did once upon a time.
Nor do they believe the party has fully purged itself of the cronyism and corruption
of the past. Elections are about the future, and the Liberals have not made
a persuasive case for themselves as the alternative in 2011."

A Harper government would benefit taxpayers, Toronto Mayor Ford tells big rally
says Liberal and NDP platforms would increase taxes and he had to speak out

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll (Friday, April 29) :
NDP surge puts Conservative majority at risk as Liberals collapse
National ~ CPC 38%, NDP 33%, LIB 18%, GRN 4%
Ontario ~ CPC 40%, NDP 34%, LIB 21%, GRN 6%
Quebec ~ NDP 42%, BQ 26%, CPC 15%, LIB 13%
British Columbia ~ CPC 42%, NDP 29%, LIB 26%, GRN 3%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Friday, April 29):
Big shift: Harper regains leadership advantage on competence, Iggy still dropping
Leadership Index: Harper 101.3 (up), Layton 91.9 (down),
Ignatieff 30.3 (down), Duceppe 11.6 (down)

Royal Wedding coverage

The Province endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party: "Harper
is the leader who has shown he understands the need to control public spending,
who will stand up for a strong, unified Canada, and who will
focus his policies on the needs of taxpayers."

Ekos projection: New Ontario vote splitting favours Conservatives
MP seat projections: CPC 146, NDP 109, LIB 42

Brampton Guardian endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party: "Canadians
on Monday will once again be asked to make a decision on who should govern
this country and it’s a chance once and for all for the minority status of the
Stephen Harper government to end. Harper is not lovable or sexy, but he
deserves a majority and a chance to lead the country to a complete economic
recovery and beyond -- a recovery that his government is partly responsible
for and which is the envy of the industrialized world."

More than 40 arrested in London along wedding route

Left-wing thugs crash Montreal Harper rally violent confrontation causes delay

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Friday, April 29):
NDP still closing on Conservatives; Liberal declines continue
National ~ CPC 34.5%, NDP 29.7%, LIB 20%, GRN 6.9%, BQ 6.3%
Quebec ~ NDP 39.6%, BQ 26.2%, CPC 13.6%, LIB 13.2%
Ontario ~ CPC 38.9%, LIB 26.6%, NDP 26.2%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
Conservatives increase lead to 37 in Prairies, NDP & Liberals down
Prairies ~ CPC 60.0%, NDP 22.8%, LIB 13.3%, GRN 3.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
Conservatives lead now 8 in British Columbia, NDP jump up, Liberals down
British Columbia ~ CPC 43.0%, NDP 35.2%, LIB 18.2%, GRN 3.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
Liberals increase lead to 6 in Atlantic Canada, NDP in third
Atlantic Canada ~ LIB 35.4%, CPC 29.2%, NDP 25.8%, GRN 6.8%

CTV: Conservatives hold lead, NDP trends up in Ontario, B.C.

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
NDP solid 18-point lead, Liberals/Conservatives nudge up
Quebec ~ NDP 41.4%, BQ 23.6%, LIB 16.1%, CPC 15.8%, GRN 1.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
Conservative lead narrows, Liberals hold second
Ontario ~ CPC 36.3%, LIB 29.8%, NDP 28.5%, GRN 5.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday, April 29):
Conservatives now lead by 5 points
National ~ CPC 36.4%, NDP 31.2%, LIB 22%, BQ 5.7%, GRN 4%, Undecided 15%

Royal wedding route in Google 3D, maps, etc.

Inside Toronto endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party: "We think Canada
has spent too much time worrying about federal elections during the past seven years.
We think this has negatively affected public policy and economic growth."

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Thursday, April 28):
Layton leads, Harper second, Ignatieff still dropping
Leadership Index: Layton 95.3 (up), Harper 83.2 (up),
Ignatieff 34.3 (down), Duceppe 14.2 (up)

Ekos seat projections:
CPC 139, NDP 98, LIB 56, BQ 14, IND 1, GRN 0

National Post endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party: "If the Tories
do not get a majority, we could end up with a government led by quasi-separatist
socialists, propped up by full-blown separatists and leavened by a rudderless Liberal
party in a state of leadership flux... The time has come to break this logjam,
which is why we urge our readers to vote Conservative on May 2."

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll: (Thursday, April 28)
High error margins cloud reliability of regional numbers
National ~ CPC 35%, NDP 30%, LIB 22%
Quebec ~ NDP 42%, BQ 22%
Ontario ~ LIB 34%, CPC 33%, NDP 25%

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Thursday, April 28):
National ~ CPC 34.8%, NDP 27.5%, LIB 22.3%, GRN 6.8%, BQ 6.1%
Quebec ~ NDP 37.2%, BQ 25.4%, LIB 16.7%, CPC 13.8%, GRN 4.2%
Ontario ~ CPC 39.9%, LIB 28.4%, NDP 22.8%, GRN 6.5%

update: Wednesday night tornado toll now 246

Chantal Hébert: A Liberal campaign of self-destruction

Dozens of tornadoes kill 200+ in 6 Southern U.S. states
dozens of twisters wipe out entire towns in brutal night
deadliest outbreak in nearly 40 years

CTV: Harper keeps up push for Conservative majority

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
Conservatives increase lead to 27.5 in Prairies with over half of support
Prairies ~ CPC 53.8%, NDP 26.0%, LIB 14.6%, GRN 4.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
Conservatives lead by 18.5 in British Columbia, NDP & Liberals down
British Columbia ~ CPC 45.3%, NDP 26.9%, LIB 23.1%, GRN 4.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
Liberals take over lead by 4 in Atlantic Canada
Atlantic Canada ~ LIB 33.3%, CPC 29.4%, NDP 29.2%, GRN 5.1%

CTV: NDP's rise continues, Conservative national lead shrinks
Liberals still slipping, NDP up 10.5 points since March 15th

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
NDP strengthen Quebec lead, Bloc steady in second
Quebec ~ NDP 42.5%, BQ 25.1%, LIB 15.0%, CPC 13.5%, GRN 2.4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
Conservatives increase lead to 11, Liberals hold second
Ontario ~ CPC 41.1%, LIB 27.9%, NDP 26.1%, GRN 4.5%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday, April 28):
Conservative lead narrows to 6 points, NDP still trending up
National ~ CPC 36.6%, NDP 30.4%, LIB 21.9%, BQ 6%, GRN 4.1%

Globe & Mail endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party:
Harper "has built the Conservatives into arguably the only truly
national party, and during his five years in office has
demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform.
Canadians take Mr. Harper's successful stewardship
of the economy for granted, which is high praise."

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll (Wednesday, April 27) :
Layton surges but trails Harper on competence, particularly with economy
"On all the issues of competence, ... Harper continues to lead the pack," Bricker
Best Prime Minister: Layton 45%, Harper 42%, Ignatieff 13%

Harper 'challenges' Canadians to vote Conservative,
avoid 'smiles and snake oil'

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Layton jumps, Harper drops, Ignatieff flat
Leadership Index: Layton 86.2 (up), Harper 82.7 (down),
Ignatieff 40.1 (down), Duceppe 10.6 (up)

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Liberals fall, Conservatives and NDP hold steady
National ~ CPC 34%, NDP 28.1%, LIB 22.9%, BQ 6.6%, GRN 6.5%
Quebec ~ NDP 37.2%, BQ 27%, CPC 14.9%, LIB 14.7%
Ontario ~ CPC 38%, LIB 29%, NDP 24.4%, GRN 7%

Hill Times: Trudeau, Garneau, Jennings, Kennedy, Volpe likely Liberal 'name' losers

Hill Times/Forum Research poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Liberals set to lose long-held bastions in Montreal & Toronto
National ~ CPC 34%, NDP 31%, LIB 22%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Conservatives lead by 21 in Prairies with almost half of support
Prairies ~ CPC 49.6%, NDP 28.2%, LIB 17.7%, GRN 3.8%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Conservatives lead by 13 in British Columbia, NDP & Liberals steady
British Columbia ~ CPC 40.9%, NDP 27.7%, LIB 24.8%, GRN 6.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Conservatives lead by 9 in Atlantic Canada, NDP & Green up
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 37.8%, LIB 29.0%, NDP 26.5%, GRN 6.7%

CTV: NDP in second place behind steady Tories holding campaign lead of 10 points
Liberals still slipping, NDP up 8 points since March 15th

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
NDP strengthen Quebec lead, Bloc steady in second
Quebec ~ NDP 36.5%, BQ 27.4%, LIB 20.3%, CPC 13.6%, GRN 2.0%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Conservatives increase lead to 11, Liberals hold second
Ontario ~ CPC 46.9%, LIB 25.7%, NDP 21%, GRN 6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday, April 27):
Conservatives lead by 10, NDP second and trending up
National ~ CPC 37.8%, NDP 27.8%, LIB 22.9%, BQ 5.8%, GRN 4.7%

David Akin: Liberal flop may reshape all parties

La Presse/Toronto Star Angus Reid poll (Wednesday, April 27):
National ~ CPC 35%, NDP 30%, LIB 22%, BQ 7%, GRN 5%
Quebec ~ NDP 38%, BQ 29%, LIB 16%, CPC 14%, GRN 2%
Ontario ~ CPC 37%, LIB 30%, NDP 27%, GRN 6%
British Columbia ~ CPC 44%, NDP 30%, LIB 16%, GRN 10%
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 35%, NDP 32%, LIB 29%, GRN 4%

Bitter Liberal Senator Larry Campbell
says Liberals & NDP '2 peas in a pod' and should merge

Democratic Space releases most detailed seat projections yet
provides numbers for all 308 electoral districts
points to Conservative majority with 161 to 180 seats

Democratic Space projection (Tuesday, April 26):
Ontario ~ CPC 45.2%, LIB 29.2%, NDP 19.0%, GRN 5.7%
Quebec ~ NDP 32.9%, BQ 28.5%, LIB 18.3%, CPC 17.4%, GRN 2.0%, IND 0.8%

Democratic Space projection (Tuesday, April 26):
National ~ CPC 40.7%, NDP 23.6%, LIB 23.2%, BQ 6.6%, GRN 4.7%
Seats ~ CPC 161, LIB 57, NDP 53, BQ 36, IND 1, GRN 0

John Ivison: Cats have nine lives, the Liberal Party may not

good news: Manitoba river levels decline, lowering flood risk

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Tuesday, April 26):
NDP surfing Quebec wave, but will it come ashore in Ontario?
National ~ CPC 33.9%, NDP 27.9%, LIB 24%, GRN 6.8%, BQ 6.0%

Chantal Hébert: Why Gilles Duceppe has overstayed his welcome

Environics poll (Monday, April 25):
Clear Conservative lead; Quebec surge carries NDP to second
National ~ CPC 39%, NDP 25%, LIB 22%, BQ 7%, GRN 6%

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Monday, April 25):
Tories lead, NDP leapfrogs Liberals to land in second
National ~ CPC 33.7%, NDP 28%, LIB 23.7%, GRN 7.2%, BQ 6.2%

Harper ready 'to hit the ground running' post-election

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Monday, April 25):
Harper up, Layton a steady second, Duceppe down
Leadership Index: Harper 105.7 (up), Layton 73.2 (down),
Ignatieff 40.5 (up), Duceppe 5.3 (down)

Afghanistan's great escape: how 480 Taliban prisoners broke out of jail

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday, April 25):
Conservatives widen lead in Atlantic Canada, NDP nudge down
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 47.5%, LIB 29.8%, NDP 21%, GRN 1.7%

CTV: 18.5 pt lead means new seats as Conservatives trend up,
Liberals slipping, in battleground Ontario

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday, April 25):
NDP take over Quebec lead, Bloc drop again, still in second place
Quebec ~ NDP 30.2%, BQ 27.4%, LIB 22.0%, CPC 14.1%, GRN 2.3%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday, April 25):
Ontario ~ CPC 47.8%, LIB 29.3%, NDP 16.9%, GRN 5.4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday, April 25):
Tories now lead by 14 points, Liberals & NDP still statistically tied
National ~ CPC 39.2%, LIB 25.6%, NDP 23.6%, BQ 6.5%, GRN 3.6%

Ignatieff, Layton cross paths in Toronto

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Sunday, April 24):
Harper up, ahead of Layton by 20 points, Ignatieff drops again
Leadership Index: Harper 93.9 (up), Layton 73.7 (up),
Ignatieff 38.4 (down), Duceppe 11.2 (down)

Don’t put ‘absolute trust’ in politicians, Harper says

No Quebec-style bump in polls for NDP in Ontario

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
British Columbia ~ CPC 44.9%, NDP 28.5%, LIB 22.9%, GRN 3.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
Prairies ~ CPC 49.8%, NDP 23.5%, LIB 22.3%, GRN 3.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 42.4%, LIB 30.5%, NDP 25.4%, GRN 1.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
Quebec ~ BQ 30.3%, NDP 26.8%, LIB 20.2%, CPC 15.6%, GRN 2.2%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
Ontario ~ CPC 44.4%, LIB 32.9%, NDP 16.9%, GRN 5.4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday, April 24):
Tories up lead to 13, Liberals & NDP still statistically tied
National ~ CPC 38.6%, LIB 25.9%, NDP 23.2%, BQ 7.2%, GRN 3.7%

Ignatieff booed by 4,000 in former heart of Mississauga support
attends hockey play-off while campaign media skips game

Matt Gurney: Butchers and dictators can’t be touched. Canadians? Let the war crime trials begin

Over 800 inmates escape 2 Tunisian prisons; guards on strike and fires set

Many voters don't understand enough about how government operates to vote, experts say

Election seen through New Brunswick eyes

Brian Lilley: NDP promises all a bunch of hogwash

More NDP electoral fraud and cover-up revealed: MIA Toronto NDP candidate with fake picture is actually a Thunder Bay campaign worker

2 Canadians among 15 killed in explosion at Marrakech cafe

Two ranking BQ members bolting from Duceppe and voting for 'fellow traveller' Jack Layton; remain committed to separatism

Jack Layton eager to undertake NDP-led coalition; confirms will bump aside majority party if necessary and do what Stephen Harper has said from start of campaign

In 98% French-speaking riding, NDP candidate speaks little French, lives/works 400km away

Prof. Jack Mintz reiterates that NDP cap-and-trade proposal will add 10 cents to cost of a litre of gasoline, explains math

Liberals scramble to save furniture, practice blame game and mumble about hapless 'going rogue' Iggy in election’s dying days

Cradle of the NDP unrocked by Layton’s surge

Tasha Kheiriddin: Michael Ignatieff, you got to be kidding

update: Wednesday tornado toll now at 295

Sony faces class-action lawsuits over PlayStation breach

Montreal Gazette editorial: Up close, the NDP's seduction loses its appeal; not really a federalist party

Randy Boswell: NDP, Liberals have a long history of co-operation

Ignatieff says put NDP ‘under the microscope’

John Ivison: The risks of radical change: unemployment, falling dollar, higher gas costs

Lorne Gunter: The impressive NDP surge won’t stop a Tory majority

Thomas Walkom: The 1990 vomit bag government re-visited?

Don MacPherson: Bloc pulled goalie, but failed to score

Barbara Yaffe: When the issue is affordability, The Jack Factor comes into play

Roy Green: Liberal narcissism driving voters to NDP

Warren Kinsella: NDP "strength in places like Quebec may end up being largely illusory -- they literally have no one on the ground to GOTV" (get out the vote)

Warren Kinsella: "So sit back and enjoy your cup of hemlock, federal Liberal ostriches. It’ll all be over soon."

Five signs of Liberal anxiety

Iggy loses it, tells Toronto Star editorial board that other side "can go to hell"

Global investors eye NDP’s surge in Canada

Unions want open-door policy with Layton to continue

Will electing Layton raise your mortgage payments?

Martin Regg Cohn: The rise and stall of the NDP in Ontario

Layton skates and attacks back

Scott Stinson: Liberals, NDP maybe not so compatible

Economy, standard of living number one election issue for Canada's youth

Kevin Libin: Where's the outrage as U.S. group crosses boundaries in election meddling?

Graeme Hamilton: NDP look a lot like Bloc in Quebec

George Jonas: The environmentalists need to stop crying wolf

Afghan officer fires on U.S. troops, kills 9

Obama to nominate CIA Chief Leon Panetta for Defense Secretary; Gen. David Petraeus in line to replace him at CIA

White House finally releases Obama's original birth certificate

Norman Spector: Playing high-stakes constitutional poker

Jeffrey Simpson: Noisy differences, quiet agreements

NDP candidate partying in Las Vegas during election; problem attracting credible candidates?

Jack Layton’s risky potential MPs in Quebec

L. Ian MacDonald: It's game on in Lac-Saint-Louis for Larry Smith

Bruce Anderson: NDP surge teaches useful lesson on low-engagement voters

Warren Kinsella: The Liberals’ 3 strikes; decisions that made the election a red streak of horror

Former PM Joe Clark endorses old ally Brison, but no support for Liberal Party

Former Bloc MP rips into Duceppe’s ‘frightful’ campaign

Elections Canada official fired for illegal removal of Conservative signs

Tories chart frugal final course through vote-rich Central Canada

Kelly McParland: Global warning melts NDP support overnight

Terence Corcoran: Just a smiling Jack-in-the-box

Which one of these pollsters is off their meds?

Confident Harper asks Ontarians to side with party in power

Harper spurs local Tories: 'Windsor is coming back'

John Sainsbury: Rewriting history for political gain; Ignatieff caught again

Ignatieff to make last stand in Ontario, trying to save seats at risk; no last day coast-to-coast flight

Paul Wells: Stephen Harper is winning (written pre-Ekos & Environics polls)

Ekos projects 100 seats for NDP, Bloc drop to 14

With time running out, Ignatieff bids adieu to B.C.

Should Ignatieff get another chance?

Harper pledges Senate reform, but without constitutional wrangling

Ignatieff gives conflicting reports on his time and experiences in Serbia

John Ibbitson: ‘I don’t feel squeezed,’ Ignatieff says in launching two-front assault

A passport to learning, but not to the job market

Layton scoffs at strategic voting: ‘What sense would that make?’

NDP makes hay of Ignatieff truancy as ‘serene’ Liberals lash out

Joe Volpe turfs campaign worker caught trashing Green pamphlets; Greens lodging complaint with Elections Canada

Photos of Toronto Liberal Joe Volpe (Eglinton-Lawrence) back accusation he's trashing Green Party brochures as he canvasses

Stephen Gordon: How sensible tax policy gets mired in politics

Harper, Ignatieff both have choice of three voting stations to cast a ballot

Radwanski: How Tory rush to kill per-vote subsidy could backfire

Ignatieff grilled over sponsorship on Quebec TV

Corbella: Layton as PM would tank Canada's economy

Angelo Persichilli: Liberals shooting blanks at a ghost

NDP promises aren’t meant for power

Ignatieff ignores ADSCAM sponsorship scandal, defends role of Chrétien in campaign

Ignatieff says would work with Layton in NDP-led 'coalition'

NDP backtracks on pace of green spending, carbon trading scheme in platform

Canada: Where political donations come from, go to

Matt Gurney: Liberals love democracy, except when it’s ‘unprincipled’

Boswell: ‘Trust’ message backfires on Liberals

Éric Grenier: Tory majority could hinge on where votes bleed to NDP in final week

John Ibbitson: Ignatieff a master of delivery, but who’s listening? As votes slip away, reduced to pleading

Ignatieff works to quell orange tide

Susan Delacourt: Sleeping Liberals need wake-up call to avoid 2008 repeat

Martin Regg Cohn: Tories beating Liberals at their own game of ethnic politics

Wall Street Journal: Canada reduces deficit by a third; U.S. gets credit warning

David Frum: Why Canada should vote Conservative

Éric Grenier: How high could the party totals get? Polls suggest vote ceilings

Another Liberal MP asked to repay improperly claimed expenses

Joël-Denis Bellavance/La Presse: The NDP rise changes political spectrum

Don't vote for an NDP 'amateur hour': Ignatieff

Jeffrey Simpson: The Liberals’ health-care folly

Going for broke: Duceppe recruits Parizeau, says Quebecers 'want a country'

Rex Murphy: Setting the post-election stage

Conrad Black: Royal Wedding a reminder of why the monarchy remains useful

How China’s ‘crooked consultants’ help the rich enter Canada

Roy Green: Sympathy for murderers, but not the murdered

Tornado closes St. Louis airport, damages nearby cities

Tory crowd drowns out question about support from man acquitted in Air India

Rex Murphy: Ignatieff’s coalition comments come too late to be a mistake

Robert Fulford: There’s only one thing Harper and Lester B. Pearson share

Graeme Hamilton: In the Quebec City region, the voters are immune to left-leaning politics

Kelly McParland: Liberal remedy to Layton is to look in the mirror

Student vote faces end-of-year crunch

Calgary Herald editorial: Ignatieff is legally right, but morally wrong

Molson and roots rock during Harper’s campaign pause

NDP rise creates new political math, with possible impact on Tory majority hopes

David Akin: Let the seat projection silly season begin!

Stephen Taylor: If the NDP surge holds, this is a game changer for our politics

Advance polls across Canada overflowing with voters

Ignatieff lost in land of low polls

Le Devoir: The NDP temptation; still excessively centralist?

Bruce Anderson: Poll fluctuations sound of people thinking out loud, not deciding

Laurier Institute: Poll analysis says CPC 149, LIB 68, NDP 52

Ottawa Citizen: Fair Vote Canada says its voting model interprets polls to produce 201-seat majority for Conservatives

Josee Legault: New polls may push even more Quebecers toward Layton camp

Layton's remarkable campaign means Stornoway plausible; how will Liberal Empire strike back?

U.S. missiles kill 25 in Pakistan

Syrian activists vow largest protests

Japan seals off no-go zone around Fukushima nuclear plant

Libyan rebels report progress in Misrata fighting

Canadian retail sales bounce back but auto sales still soft

Edmonton-Strathcona Tory candidate filing election complaint over 550 bogus names on electors list

CBC: Carson correspondence demonstrates his office follows conflict-of-interest rules says Harper

Adam Radwanski: How Ignatieff fell into a Tory trap

Stephen Harper wages late-stage battle for Atlantic Canada

Preston Manning: Economic recovery? Harper’s your man

Andrew Coyne: The odds are against Ignatieff's Grits

How Liberals are losing a two-front war

Tory campaign releases Carson ethics letters; despite hype, no scandal, just run-of-the-mill correspondence by-the-book

Premier Wall slams Ignatieff over post-election musings

37 Days: They will make constitutional scholars of us yet

John Ivison: Ignatieff will/won’t vote down Tory budget

Pundits' Guide: Why the Conservatives love the 'strategic' voting websites

Lawrence Martin: This campaign’s about plodders, not prophets

What if there is no tablet market?

Calgary Herald: NDP-led coalition is a scary thought

Bruce Anderson: This ‘election about nothing’ is all of a sudden anything but

British police beef up security for royal wedding route

Multiple civilian deaths in Misrata fighting

Ignatieff makes post-election threat explicit: Harper has no choice but ‘to put water in his wine’

Steve Janke: Liberal-NDP alliance would be bonanza for Bloc

Pragmatism would be hallmark of a Harper majority: consensus

In deficit crisis, U.S. hurries to sell GM stake

L. Ian MacDonald: Jack-mania unlikely to lead to Quebec NDP seats

Toronto Star speculation: Anger toward Bloc on rise in English Canada?

Ignatieff facing questions about role in Iraq war

Christina Blizzard: Ontario jail closures impact; province will ship more prisoners longer distances

hypocrisy watch: Obama can host a prayer breakfast. Harper can’t

The Telegraph: Egypt and Iran forging closer links with ambassadors exchange plan

John Ivison: York Centre key battleground between Tories, Grits

Vancouver rejects proposed big casino in downtown core

Chris Selley: Get ready for the status quo

Toyota extends shutdowns at plants in Canada, U.S.

Youth shelter donation Alberta's gift to royal couple

Fidel Castro officially quits Cuban government

McDonald's Canada to hire 4,000 across Canada

At least 800 civilians killed in Egypt protests: probe

Multiple sclerosis tied to low sun, mononucleosis

Bronwyn Eyre: Media too quick to give Ignatieff a free ride

Ignatieff 'star' candidate flames out; comes last of 6 hopefuls at Belleville all-candidates meeting

Quebec autoworkers back Duceppe over Layton

Harper hopes northern highway promise will help pave way to election victory

F-35 engine costs: ‘cutting the numbers’

Harper announces completion of last 140 km of historic Dempster Highway to link Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk; roads from sea to sea to sea

Tories battle to keep handle on their Quebec City stronghold

Military personnel heading to ballot box to cast early election votes

Pregnant Canadian, husband among 15 killed in Morocco bombing

Libya: NATO intercepts boats laying mines outside Misurata

Have a beer with Jack - but don't let him near the economy; billions promised for small business, seniors, students, aboriginals, police, veterans, doctors, foreign aid would dig deficit even deeper

Charles Adler: Surprise bedfellows; NDP surge could yield new partnership between Tories, Grits

PM Layton? Not under any realistic scenario; New political landscape may still leave Harper on top, since Liberal backrooms would never allow a deal that puts Layton in charge

L. Ian MacDonald: Gilles Duceppe -- the day he blew it

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to endorse Harper at Brampton rally tonight

The '#hashtagfail' blog dedicated to NDP 'not ready for prime time' candidates

le Journal de Montreal: Gilles Duceppe at risk of losing his Laurier-Sainte-Marie riding in Montreal

Scott Stinson: Scrutiny something new for the NDP

Lorrie Goldstein: Jack Layton's economic kneecapping; NDP's proposed cap-and-trade scheme is utter madness

La Presse: Regional CROP poll in Quebec shows NDP surge real and taking from all opponents

Toronto Star: Exclusive: Majority out of reach, Tories say

Department of Defence under-spends by $1B+ making deficit now $12B+ lower than expected

Toronto Sun editorial: Fire these gun registry turncoats

Laureen Harper characterized as political asset in Wikileaks dump; Ignatieff knocked for tardy return from vacation at his villa in France

transcript: Harper interview with Mark Kennedy and John Ibbitson

INTERVIEW: Handing Layton power would 'stop our recovery in its tracks' says Stephen Harper

Layton defends AWOL 'clown' candidates by blaming others; shows glaring contenpt for voters and democracy; ignores fact NDP helped trigger election

One voter: Brent Tyler, 55, language activist, amateur actor

Ignatieff steps in it; says all candidates must be bilingual, then just Quebec candidates, then says 'okay' if Quebec candidates only speak French

The Economist: Stephen Harper and that elusive majority; A last-minute surge for the left might end up benefiting the right

Harper heads to Quebec rally hoping to capitalize on Bloc collapse

Harper predicts pain at gas pumps should Layton grab share of power; up at least 10 cents a litre

Harper shifts attack to NDP-led coalition

Kelly McParland: The opposite of ‘stability’ is ‘NDP government’

Chrysler to re-pay $6.6B of government bailout loans from U.S. and Canada

MIA watch: Another NDP candidate on vacation during election: Richmond-Arthabaska 'hopeful' in France for 3 weeks

Judge rules against hearing AG appeal from US-backed attempt to influence Canadian election

Afghan pilot who killed 9 U.S. trainers had been highly screened

Monster mile-wide tornado hits downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama; at least 15 dead

NDP-led coalition would risk unity, economy, Harper says

Layton second coming of Rae, warns Harper

Joe Warmington: Layton's strength good for voters; but Conservative vote solid nationwide

U.S. Ambassador shocked by aerial view of Manitoba flood zone

Adam Radwanski: Does NDP pose more of a threat to national unity than the Bloc?

CP: Top civil servants told to focus on NDP position on constitutional reform

CBS: Libya death toll as high as 30,000

Ignatieff leaves door open to possible NDP-Liberal merger; but slams Layton policies

John Ivison: The Tories don’t need to panic, but they should be afraid

Tasha Kheiriddin: How do you spell desperate? L-I-B-E-R-A-L

Layton backs away from spotlight, dodges scrutiny, as popularity surges; MIA candidates a sticky issue

Layton questioned on NDP pledges about truancy when several candidates on vacation during election

Growing NDP support 'crystallizes' coalition threat: Harper

Ignatieff pleads with Quebeckers, Rae and Dosanjh renounce NDP

Lorne Gunter: The NDP surge will give Harper his majority

Trudeau: Liberals ‘having a little bit of trouble connecting with voters’

High radiation levels found at Ohio nuclear plant on Lake Erie

Telegraph: Sony admits massive PlayStation Network 77M user data theft

John Robson: We're a nation of takers, not makers

Anthony Di Domizio: Wipeout! Electoral tsunami analysis

Acerbic NDP MP Pat Martin slanders constituent during all-candidates meeting, refuses to make public apology

Malik says he supports two Liberal candidates in B.C., but Ignatieff silent

16 journalists, including a Canadian, missing or detained in Libya

Record number of 2,056,001 Canadians find holiday advance polls convenient

Wall Street Journal: Computers, too, can give away location; Google and Apple both collect it

CN profit surges 31%

Layton wants to re-open Constitution to include Quebec

Scott Stinson: Has Ignatieff found a message that works?

Harper not interested in re-opening Constitution

Ford posts best first-quarter profit in 13 years

Quebec, Ontario trends put Liberals on eroding ground

Brutal assault continues on key Syrian town

Jonas Himmelstrand: Universal daycare leaves Sweden’s children less educated

WikiLeaks documents reveal Canada’s alleged 9/11 link

Guantánamo Bay files rewrite the story of Osama bin Laden's Tora Bora escape

Kremlin chief wants new nuclear rules post-Chernobyl

Ontario: Is the legacy of Rae’s days in power keeping Jack back?

Elections Canada sets final campaign spending limits

Layton avoids naming green initiatives at risk; numbers don't add up

Pentagon kills second engine development for F-35, saves $1M per day

Clement to meet with Diamond Aircraft prez after election

Ontario sold power at a loss on Earth Day

Japanese auto production at half-pace for Q2; Toyota may fall behind GM and VW in global sales

500 arrested in Syria crackdown

F-35 to cost more than originally forecast, but still on budget: DND

U.S. viewed Montreal mosque as hub for Islamist militants: leaked Gitmo documents

25 killed as Syrian army moves to crush revolt

Irish militants threaten to kill police over Queen's visit

Alternative energy investors run for the exits

BBC: Syrian army 'attacks protest city of Deraa' with tanks

Iran says it has found a new espionage virus in its computer systems

Leaked U.S. documents show assessments of Guantanamo detainees

Bill Gates now biggest CN shareholder

U.S. mulls sanctions against Syria amidst violent crackdown

Ottawa may help Canadians evacuate Syria

Wall Street Journal: Syrian military ramps up crackdown

Neil Reynolds: What is the right size for nuclear power?

Guardian: Kandahar break-out real blow for allies in Afghanistan

Hijacker with nail clipper subdued by Alitalia crew; wanted to fly to Libya

More than 400 escape Kandahar prison

8 convicts hospitalized in prison melee north of Kingston

Air strike flattens another building in Gadhafi compound

Evacuation imminent for 600 Roseau River First Nation residents as flood waters threaten

San Francisco Chronicle: Maybe tablets really ARE a fad

Power paradox: why Quebecers stay on the political margins

Liberal focus on Harper 'trust' a low priority for Canadians

Costly gasoline clouds Obama re-election prospects

Japan to launch massive search for quake bodies with more than 20,000 soldiers

How not to be a boss: Employee relations at Steve’s Music hit a sour note

Yemen’s Saleh agrees to quit in return for immunity

Washington Post: Syrian forces fire on crowds mourning Friday’s scores of dead; at least 11 dead

George Jonas: 'Free' health care will see me and my friends bankrupt Canada

TIME: An inside look at the US-Pakistan feud over drones

Deadly drone raid sparks Pakistan protest

VOA: Pakistan army chief: Forces have 'broken the back' of insurgents

Orange is the colour of a Tory majority win: pollster Allan Gregg

Sub-contract on European train order could net billions for Bombardier

Montreal Gazette: Quebec vote still an enigma

NY Times: Amazon’s trouble raises cloud computing doubts

Libya says army may halt fighting in Misrata and let 'tribes' fight for them

Tornado causes injuries at St. Louis airport, Busch Stadium cleared, as twister warnings blare across Oklahoma, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois

Harper supports Quebec Independent candidate Andre Arthur; not running candidate against him

Charles Krauthammer: The U.S. racing form, 2012

The U.S. dollar, less almighty: Big investors see possible long-term currency weakness

At least 70 dead in Syria's bloodiest day of unrest

Amazon still working on cloud mega-glitch 24 hours later

Sen. McCain visits Libyan rebels, urges international recognition

Toyota car production disrupted until November

Canadian software program takes Apple's eye off your phone

Two more Saskatchewan communities declare flood emergencies

Samsung counter-sues Apple over battle for £100B smartphone industry

How police have obtained iPhone, iPad tracking logs

CNN: Explosions, planes heard in Tripoli; rebels seize border crossing

Japan budgets $50B for initial rebuild

‘Jackomania’ in Quebec puts Layton in opponents’ crosshairs

Will NDP’s West Coast surge pay off for Tories?

U.S. approves use of armed Predator drones in Libya

Vancouver Sun: NDP surge means Layton’s promises deserve some scrutiny

Conservatives remain on defensive as polls slip into their favour

Scott Stinson: Jack Layton the secret to NDP success

Matt Gurney: A strong NDP is bad for the Liberals, but might be good for Canada

Kelly McParland: Ignatieff finds a burning bag on his doorstep and steps on it

Apple admits iPhones also send user location data back to Apple, every 12 hours at user's cost

Android phones also record user-locations

Telegraph: Quiet grumbling in Japan over foreigners who left suddenly after March 11th quake

6.3M quake hits Japan as evacuation zone sealed off

John Ivison: Israel the issue in Liberal stronghold

William Johnson: Take heed, Canada - there’s renewed radicalism in Quebec

Liberals buy network airtime on Easter Sunday to run half-hour ‘TV special’ with Michael Ignatieff

Japan Times: 90% of disaster casualties drowned

Asylum seekers riot, torch buildings in Australia

breaking scandal: iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Nanos poll: Faring well from B.C. to Ontario, Harper faces ‘fault line’ in Quebec

Schoenborn’s ex-wife: Keep ‘killers like this’ locked up

Jeffrey Simpson: NDP vows are spoken to be broken

election reindeer games: Fraudsters posing as campaign volunteers for Conservative Larry Smith

Paula Simons: Ban on Twitter, Facebook election-night posts draconian

Harper: Canada headed for 'black hole' under coalition

crux of the matter blog: Honesty challenged or flip-flopper, Ignatieff not fit to be PM

How low can U.S. dollar go?

Scott Stinson: Liberals struggling for breath; ignored healthcare before election, now call it 'top priority'

Elections Canada issues social media warning

update: Film director Hetherington, Vanity Fair photog killed, 2 other Western journalists seriously injured

Francophones ‘squeezing’ Liberals; francophone Liberals seen switching to the NDP and the Conservatives

McGuinty appeals for someone else to fix health care

Loonie rallies as oil marks gains

Gold tops $1,500 on outlook for escalating U.S. debt, dollar

Angus Reid poll: 83% of Americans rate economic conditions in U.S. as 'very poor' or 'poor'

Ignatieff lays out how he could become Prime Minister even if loses election; surly interview with Mansbridge on CBC's The National shows Harper right about 'coalition of losers' warning

Canadian inflation accelerates to highest rate in two years on jump in oil

China responds cautiously to U.S. debt move

Obama tour to promote debt plan without dwelling on S&P report, aides say

Britain sending military team to Libya

London's Diamond Aircraft dials back request, wants gov't money before election

NY Times: Shares try to rebound a day after warning on U.S. outlook

TEPCO starts moving highly radioactive Fukushima water to storage facility

Layton would consider 'some arrangement' with other parties if Tories win minority

Left-wing split could help Conservatives to majority

Liberal charged with stealing Conservative signs in Brampton

Most Canadians believe penguins may live in Arctic

Windsor ranked among top 10 'American' cities by Financial Times of London

GM to join Ford and Toyota in raising car prices due to oil, metal costs

Mark Colvin: Journalism's new wave: the world in a tweet; journalism revolutions from 1974 to 2011

Wall Street slides, Nasdaq falls 2% in reaction Standard & Poor cutting long-term outlook for USA

S&P affirms AAA credit rating for USA, but places debt on negative outlook

Christopher Waddell: The NDP and online polls

no surprise: Ex-MPs don't take responsibility for Parliament dysfunction

UK PM speaks out against coalition government because it reduces accountability to platforms

BBC: World Bank president says world 'one shock away from crisis'

Layton Montreal rally biggest NDP gathering in Quebec in history

Duceppe goes nuclear to avert big loss:
'Now is time for sovereignist Quebecers to fight for independence'

NDP platform 'science fiction,' Ignatieff says

Harper promotes religious freedom office

Chantal Hébert: Why Quebec is loving Jack, leaving Gilles

Wiseman says real story isn't Liberal collapse/NDP surge,
but Election Day scope of growing Harper majority

Toronto Star Angus Reid poll (Friday):
Catholic support (outside Quebec) CPC 50%, LIB 25%, NDP 19%, GRN 4%
Protestant support (outside Quebec) CPC 56%, LIB 22%, NDP 18%, GRN 4%

John Ivison: Harper’s low-risk method could pay off at the polls

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Friday):
Leadership Index: Harper (down) 88.1, Layton 72.9 (up),
Ignatieff 44.4 (up), Duceppe 11.2 (down)

Éric Grenier: Drip, drip, drip - Conservatives and NDP make gains

Canada election: Advance polls open at noon today, Good Friday

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
British Columbia ~ CPC 47.8%, NDP 29.1%, LIB 19%, GRN 3.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
Tories lead by 12, Liberals & NDP statistically tied
National ~ CPC 37.8%, LIB 26.1%, NDP 23.7%, BQ 7.4%, GRN 3.5%

Leger-QMI poll: Quebec questions future of the Bloc
69% of Bloc supporters have NDP as second choice

Harper on track to balance budget ahead of schedule
federal deficit over $11B+ better than forecast

Hill Times/Forum Research poll (Thursday):
National ~ CPC 36%, NDP 25%, LIB 23%, BQ 6%, GRN 6%

As polls show Liberal vote collapses in Quebec, B.C. and Ontario, questions arise:
temporary shift? where will votes go? are 'ground games' ready?
NDP has first chance at being Official Opposition

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Thursday):
Leadership Index: Harper (down) 90.0, Layton 66.6 (down),
Ignatieff 36.7 (down), Duceppe 15.3 (up)

CBC: Harper vows not to form government without most seats

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid (Thursday) poll:
NDP make historic gains while Tories headed for majority
National ~ CPC 43%, NDP 24%, LIB 21%, BQ 6%, GRN 4%
Quebec ~ NDP 28%, BQ 27%, CPC 24%, LIB 20%, GRN 0%
Ontario ~ CPC 41%, LIB 27%, NDP 22%, GRN 6%
British Columbia ~ CPC 46%, NDP 32%, LIB 12%, GRN 9%
48% support for Harper majority government over 3-party coalition

Ekos-iPolitics poll (Thursday):
National ~ CPC 34.4%, LIB 24.7%, NDP 24.7%, GRN 7.8%, BQ 6.5%

Jack Layton & wife Olivia Chow catch up on news during station break Thursday morning.
NDP chief was first leader to visit Sun News network, in its first week. Layton was
clearly buoyed by good news from Quebec polls showing NDP surging to top.

Rheal Seguin: NDP surge in Quebec is good news for Conservatives

With NDP surging, pollster Nik Nanos sees ‘wild ride’ ahead

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday):
Quebec ~ BQ 32.0%, NDP 23.4%, LIB 20.8%, CPC 17.5%, GRN 1.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday):
National ~ CPC 39.0%, LIB 26.7.4%, NDP 22.1%, BQ 7.5%, GRN 3.4%

Le Devoir: Who will NDP hurt in Quebec? Justin Trudeau, says pollster
Jean-Marc Leger, could be among high-profile Liberals knocked off

Ekos-iPolitics poll: NDP surges in Quebec
NDP 31.1%, BQ 23.7%, LIB 20.6%, CPC 16.9%, GRN 8.4%

La Presse/CROP poll: The NDP take lead in Quebec
NDP 36%, BQ 31%, CPC 17%, LPC 13%

CBC The National: Peter Mansbridge said Wednesday night that Thursday's
CROP poll in La Presse will show NDP leading in Quebec after slump of Bloc support

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid healthcare poll:
Who do you trust on healthcare? NDP 46%, Conservatives 30%, Liberals 20%

In bid to take lead on Libya campaign, Sarkozy vows to intensify air strikes

Politicians must decide whether to send
more planes to Libya, Canadian General says

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Wednesday):
Leadership Index: Harper (down) 92.8, Layton 76.8 (up),
Ignatieff 41.5 (down), Duceppe 10.8 (down)

McParland: Michael Ignatieff pulls a coalition out of his hat

Harper says coalition foremost on opposition parties' post-election agenda

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
B.C. ~ CPC 41.8%, LIB 25.9%, NDP 24.7%, GRN 6.8%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
National ~ CPC 39.1%, LIB 28.4%, NDP 19.8%, BQ 7.7%, GRN 3.9%

Mansbridge 'National' interview election turning point?
Liberals could still govern if Harper wins minority: Ignatieff

survey says: Canada second happiest country in the world

Abacus Data poll: Lower Churchill loan guarantee gets 63% ‘thumbs up’ from Canadians

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Tuesday):
Leadership Index: Harper (up) 110.6, Layton 59.5 (up),
Ignatieff 49.1 (up), Duceppe 15.5 (down)

CityNews/Maclean's Innovative Research poll (Tuesday):
CPC 39%, LIB 28%, NDP 17%, BQ 9%, GRN 7%
Best PM ~ Harper 36%, Ignatieff 22%, Layton 20%

Ekos pollster Graves says economy ballot question turning for Tories

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Tuesday):
Ontario ~ CPC 46.0%, LIB 36.9%, NDP 12.5%, GRN 4.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Tuesday):
National ~ CPC 39.8%, LIB 30.2%, NDP 17.3%, BQ 8.6%, GRN 3.1%

Chantal Hébert: Changing gears unlikely to give Liberals much traction

Ekos-iPolitics poll:
National ~ CPC 37.4%, LIB 24.9%, NDP 20%, GRN 8.4%, BQ 7.8%

Nanos leadership poll: Layton’s edge on Ignatieff will be hard to lose

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Monday):
Leadership Index: Harper (up) 95.9, Layton 58.1 (up),
Ignatieff 40.5 (down), Duceppe 17.4 (down)

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 36%, LIB 28%, NDP 19%, BQ 8%, GRN 7%

Liberals back down and they will remove attack health ad

CBC Reality Check: Liberals wouldn't admit it until CBC proved it,
but Harper did not say the words attributed to him

Tories demand Liberals pull attack ad; mis-attributes quote to Harper but knew
real source in 2004; ad planned 6 months ago Liberal told Globe & Mail earlier today

Monday polls show conflicting standing for NDP

Abacus Data poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 37%, LIB 29%, NDP 20%, BQ 8%, GRN 5%

Angus Reid poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 36%, LIB 25%, NDP 25%, BQ 9%, GRN 5%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday):
Ontario ~ CPC 45.2%, LIB 36.5%, NDP 14.5%, GRN 3.9%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 39.8%, LIB 29.8%, NDP 17.4%, BQ 8.6%, GRN 3.4%

QMI/Leger poll: Layton gaining on Bloc in Quebec but may not translate into seats; NDP vote still 'volatile'

QMI/Leger poll: Tories hold lead over Liberals while NDP surges

Ontario, B.C. voters find Ignatieff's 3 decades away from Canada an election issue

QMI/Leger poll: Layton popularity lifting NDP

Neil Reynolds: Want a coalition scenario? Try Duceppe as PM

Election’s pivotal stretch starts with new motifs: health care, unity

Conservative majority best defence against separatists: Harper

Deadly tornado outbreak among largest in U.S. history;
storms launched 241 twisters over 14 states,
killing at least 44 people from Oklahoma to North Carolina and Virginia

Oops: Ignatieff oblivious to separatism; says he "doesn't care"

John Ibbitson: Harper warns against advancing Quebec separatism;
national unity emerging as significant campaign issue

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Sunday):
Leadership Index: Harper (down) 91.6, Layton 56.9 (down), Ignatieff 51.9 (up), Duceppe 19.5 (up)

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday):
Ontario ~ CPC 42.8%, LIB 37.4%, NDP 17.1%, GRN 2.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday):
National ~ CPC 39.0%, LIB 28.3%, NDP 18.4%, BQ 9.6%, GRN 3.6%

Manitoba says flooding 'unprecedented' in scope/scale

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Saturday):
Leadership Index: Harper (up) 105.4, Layton 67.6 (up), Ignatieff 49.5 (up), Duceppe 9.8 (down)

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday):
Ontario ~ CPC 40.7%, LIB 38.8%, NDP 18.4%, GRN 2.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday):
National ~ CPC 38.8%, LIB 28.8%, NDP 19.2%, BQ 8.5%, GRN 3.4%

Toronto Star/Angus Reid poll (Saturday):
Who won debate? Harper 43%, Layton 24%, Ignatieff 15%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Friday):
Leadership Index: Harper (down) 103.3, Layton 60.4 (up), Ignatieff 42.5 (down), Duceppe 19 (up)

Elections Canada agrees Guelph special balloting "not properly authorized" but accepts ballots

Elections Canada ends special polls on campuses
after unauthorized Guelph fiasco

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
Prairies ~ CPC 56.5%, LIB 24.2%, NDP 16.0%, GRN 3.0%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
National ~ CPC 38.7%, LIB 28.8%, NDP 18.6%, BQ 9.0%, GRN 3.7%

Illegal Guelph polling station allegedly broke numerous Elections Canada rules

Conservative Party officially requests Guelph 'special' votes not be counted

Illegal, unsanctioned 'special ballot' polling station at University of Guelph broke numerous
Elections Canada requirements; 700 ballots cast under official protest by Conservative Party

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll: Harper’s leadership rating jumps after debate

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Thursday):
Leadership Index: Harper (up) 122.8, Layton 57.3 (up), Ignatieff 52.7 (up), Duceppe 13.8 (down)

3 Stooges election video goes viral

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday):
Atlantic Canada ~ CPC 49.3%, LIB 35.6%, NDP 14.0%, GRN 0.5%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday):
National ~ CPC 38.9%, LIB 31.1%, NDP 18.3%, BQ 7.5%, GRN 3.1%

Radwanski: Much sound and fury between leaders with no shot at governing

French TV debate turns back the clock

COMPAS Research poll says Harper top choice for battlefield commander:
Harper 56%, Layton 18%, Ignatieff 14%

Vancouver Sun: French debate won't change voters' minds: Observers

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Wednesday):
Leadership Index: Harper (up) 94.9, Layton 57.1 (up), Ignatieff 49.6 (down)

Large-sample COMPAS Research poll says Conservative majority:
National ~ CPC 45%, LIB 24%, NDP 16%, BQ 8%, GRN 7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
Prairies ~ CPC 53.9%, LIB 24.2%, NDP 18.7%, GRN 2.8%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
National ~ CPC 39.9%, LIB 30.4%, NDP 16.3%, BQ 9.1%, GRN 3.8%

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid post-debate poll:
Harper 42%, Layton 25%, Ignatieff 23%, Duceppe 2%

Leger post-debate poll: Harper winner say 37%; Ignatieff won say 21%

Barbara Yaffe: 'Prime-ministerial' Harper clear winner of leadership debate

John Ivison: Harper won debate by avoiding blunders

Iggy scorns that Harper can "try" to form a government after election;
Harper pounces on code that opposition would block confidence to create coalition

Harper solid, Ignatieff gaffes on coalition,
Layton zings, Duceppe in own world

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid pre-debate poll (Tuesday):
"Who will win debate?" Harper 33%, Ignatieff 24%, Layton 13%, Duceppe 2%

Debate Primer: CBC, CTV, Global ~ 7 p.m. EST

CityNews/Maclean's Magazine Innovative Research poll (Tuesday):
CPC 39%, LIB 28%, NDP 17%, BQ 9%, GRN 7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Tuesday):
Leadership Index: Harper 94, Layton 54.1, Ignatieff 48.4, Duceppe 20.7, May 12.7

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Tuesday):
Quebec ~ BQ 33.1%, CPC 23.2%, LIB 20.8%, NDP 18.1%, GRN 3.1%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Tuesday):
National ~ CPC 39.7%, LIB 31.2%, NDP 16.8%, BQ 7.8%, GRN 4.0%

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll (Tuesday):
Best Prime Minister ~ Harper 47%, Layton 35%, Ignatieff 19%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Monday):
Leadership Index: Harper 109.6, Layton 47.8, Ignatieff 44.7, May 12, Duceppe 8.9

Canadian Press/Harris Decima poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 40%, LIB 28%, NDP 15%, BQ 9%, GRN 8%
Quebec ~ BQ 34%, CPC 24%, LIB 20%, NDP 11.1%, GRN 6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday):
Ontario ~ CPC 43.6%, LIB 36.6%, NDP 13.1%, GRN 6.3%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday):
National ~ CPC 41.2%, LIB 30.4%, NDP 15.2%, BQ 7.8%, GRN 4.6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll (Sunday):
Leadership Index: Harper 101.5, Ignatieff 51.9, Layton 51.0

Ignatieff caught double-talking; denies having voted in foreign
countries, but told The Glasgow Herald in 2004:
"I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November"

Strong 7.1M earthquake jolts northeast Japan, near Iwaki, Honshu;
shallow quake; one meter tsunami advisory cancelled

Hockey talks: French-language leaders' debate moved to Wednesday

Toronto's worried Parkdale neighbourhood mobilizes
to protect citizens as attacks continue

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday):
CPC 39.5%, LIB 31.6%, NDP 14.7%, BQ 8.1%, GRN 4.8%

Evacuation orders given as Red River cuts off access to dozens of homes

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll (Saturday):
Tories, NDP get top marks for national campaigns; frequent elections unpopular

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday):
CPC 40.5%, LIB 31.7%, NDP 13.2%, BQ 9.2%, GRN 4.0%

Red River floodway kicks in today; act now, province warns

Republicans force $$ billions in spending cuts for 2011;
U.S. Gov't shutdown avoided at last minute

Global News Ipsos Reid poll (Friday):
CPC 41%, LIB 26%, NDP 19%, GRN 4%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
CPC 40.6%, LIB 31.1%, NDP 14.9%, BQ 8.7%, GRN 3.4%

Conservative Party platform 'Here for Canada'

Stephen Harper releases Conservatives' 'Here for Canada' platform in Mississauga;
Budget balance by 2014: Focus on jobs creation, families, deficit elimination,
tough on crime, and investing in North

Water leaks found at Onagawa nuclear power plant after Thursday quake

Compas CEO poll: top issue: economy; best PM: Harper 74%, Ignatieff 20%

Conservative majority would hustle blocked crime bills into law all at once

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll:
Leadership Index: Harper 106.2, Layton 48.4, Ignatieff 45.4

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Thursday):
CPC 39.6%, LIB 30.4%, NDP 17.2%, BQ 8.3%, GRN 3.2%

Gunman attacks Brazil elementary school, at least 13 dead

updated: Powerful 7.1M - 7.4M shallow quake hits Japan; same location as March 11th monster,
tsunami alert issued/dropped, cities in dark; Aomiri, Akita thermal power plants shut down,
nuclear plants lose external power

How former politicians dealt with confrontation

Toronto Star/La Presse Angus Reid poll (Thursday):
National CPC 38%, LIB 27%, NDP 21%, BQ 8%, GRN 6%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
Quebec BQ 36.8%, CPC 23.3%, NDP 18.8%, LIB 17.9%

latest election scandal:
Metro Vancouver Liberal candidate convicted of drunk-driving

Liberals drop Quebec candidate over comments on aboriginals

Liberal candidate said to have long history of racist remarks

Liberal candidate, founder of a white supremacy group in Quebec,
accused of racist comments about Aboriginal people

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Wednesday):
CPC 39.7%, LIB 29.9%, NDP 17.4%, BQ 8.3%, GRN 3.8%

Australian video supporting Canadian Greens violates election laws

Kelly McParland: Harper seeks absolute power, and wants to be a genie, too

A new Canada? Harper wraps himself in a different kind of flag

expert: Voice of slain kids’ mom must be heard when determining freedoms for killer Schoenborn

Sun News Network rises today

Economy catching up to health care as main priority

Eric Duhaime: Change funding rules to block the Bloc

Peter Worthington: Majority in PM’s reach; Harper has enhanced Canada’s prestige and deserves his reward

Keith Beardsley: Liberals drag out ghosts of governments past

'Dour Stalinist' the B.C. NDP 'Casinogate' opponent the B.C. Liberals wanted

Adrian Dix elected new leader of B.C. NDP

Toronto Star: Harper says majority needed to stop sovereignists

Oops, Liberal criticism misses mark, F-35 engines included

Japan quake/tsunami/nuclear disasters hit Canadian economy

How bad is the pro-Liberal media bias?

Steve Paikin: 'Who do I think won the debate? The truth is, I can never tell'

Harper's 1978 experience on 'Reach for the Top' and the brainiac who beat him

PQ leader Marois predicts another sovereignty referendum

PQ leader Marois scores 93% in party leadership review vote

Ignatieff's excuse for missing votes in Commons: how does it hold up?

Robert Fulford: Mao outmurdered Hitler and Stalin combined

All eyes turned to Sun News as conservative channel set to launch

Former Liberal sees red over unwanted sign; replaces with blue

Effect of Prairie floods ripples into grocery aisles of world

Harper expands tough-on crime agenda; wants monthly drug tests in prisons

Guergis protests too much

Ignatieff channels Springsteen, gets song title wrong; doesn't listen to Canadian music?

Stéphane Dion called for Guergis firing in 2008

Surrounded by Conservative ridings, it looks like Kingston is ready to go blue again

Ontario giving away power, but not to homeowners

Hatchet job on Scarborough candidate because he shortens his first name by 2 letters; is political motivation behind media attack on Gavan Paranchothy?

Gadhafi daughter vows her father will not step down

Guardian: Japan to pay compensation to Fukushima nuclear plant evacuees

Ontario man has mad cow disease, officials confirm

Jim Hendry: Lower corporate taxes an economic winner

Thomas Walkom: In B.C., an NDP stronghold in mortal peril

John Ibbitson: Debates launch party leaders into a make-or-break week

William Watson: Obama's euphemistic budget talk

Ford F-150 recall expanded to 1.3 million trucks

Prairie provinces fight rising floodwaters

Japan to assess its dumping of toxic water

Strong loonie helping small business investment, report says

Ignatieff questioned over interview with radical Sikh radio host who celebrated beating of Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh in 1985

Japan police find 10 bodies in nuclear zone

Japan Times: Fisheries hit by safety fears

Flaherty, the happy warrior, tries to raise a Conservative tide in Ontario

NDP candidate for Ajax-Pickering isn't campaigning; he's on a beach in Dominican Republic

Pentagon says it has kept up some strikes on Libya

Green candidate quits after old Facebook rape post reported

Ignatieff should reject subsidy ballot dollars for Liberal 'featherheads' candidate says Brazeau

U.S. Navy's laser test could put heat on Somali pirates; motorboat engine bursts into flames

Mubarak detained for investigation over killings of protesters, corruption

Iggy's flood condolences hit wrong target

Stephen Maher: Harper cool under attacks but only polls will tell who won debate

Liberals draw shipyards’ ire as they inject politics into ship-acquisition project

Study suggests MS vein blocking could be symptom rather than cause of MS

Unpaid writer files $105M class-action suit against Huffington Post, AOL

Ryan says deficit 'grand bargain' with Obama unlikely

Obama outlines another new deficit-reduction plan, slams GOP proposal

Ontario court strikes down Canada’s pot laws

BBC: Summit urges Gadhafi to stand down

CBC: Libyan capital area struck by explosions

Hydro-Quebec official gets pie in face

Barbara Kay: It’s time for Montreal’s anglos to vote for a Tory majority

Texas and Ohio upset after Space Shuttle retirement decision

Supply crunch coming for cameras, electronics from Japan

Canadians tolerant, hard-working -- but worry a lot, says international think-tank

Manitoba budget includes spending increases, tax cuts

Guardian: Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters

Racist André Forbes still official Liberal candidate in Manicougan despite Ignatieff's claims to have 'fired' him

Ezra Levant: In the crosshairs; VoteCompass reveals the details, and it proves the flaws in CBC’s game

Ontario: New Windsor Jail to cost $336M

Chris Vander Doelen: McGuinty online expenses 'a stunt'

Air France Superjumbo A-380 spins commuter jet in runway collision at New York's JFK Airport

Prosecutor says several in custody for Belarus bombing

Don Macpherson: A crucial week in the political life of Gilles Duceppe

Stelmach rips Ignatieff, Layton for oilsands policies that hurt West, divide Canada

'American Democrat' for Prime Minister of Canada? Or another non-citizen caught voting in U.S. election?

B.C. Premier Christy Clark announces she'll run in Vancouver-Point Grey by-election

Watson: Who can complain about this election?

Afghan training mission headed for volatile area; source puts political spin on details

Chantal Hébert: Winning debate isn’t always about knockout performance

Cannon leaves hustings to attend second round of Libya crisis talks

Chris Selley: Ignatieff’s lengthy time outside Canada a problem for voters

Carlson: Doing away with per-vote subsidy could alter electoral landscape

Bruce Anderson: Debate advice for Harper: accentuate the positive, because a lot is and it will help you

Tasha Kheiriddin: Blueprint for a Liberal-NDP coalition -- and it ain’t pretty

NY Times: Japan Fukushima nuclear disaster put on par with Chernobyl

Ivory Coast entering a 'new age of hope' says new President Alassane Ouattara

Milke: Bloc separatists most dependent on political subsidies

economists: Higher corporate taxes = lower wages

Politico: Canadian candidate Ignatieff talked of voting elsewhere

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo held after French troops move in

At least 11 dead after explosion hits Belarus subway station

Libyan rebels reject African Union peace plan

Toronto Sun editorial: Minority equals coalition takeover

Windsor businesses keen on Tory majority, according to Chamber survey

AP: U.S. has blocked 350 people from boarding planes since 2009

Guardian: The magic of the mid-life mind; when it comes to the big stuff, middle-aged brains outperform the rest

Wall Street Journal: Obama finally joins debate on cutting his historic deficits

China tells U.S. to quit as human rights judge

Kevin Libin: Tories target urban ridings

Leaders cut appearances ahead of debates

John Ibbitson: Ignatieff’s six-minute debate challenge: Win the face-off

It’s curtains for veils as France rolls out anti-niqab law

Japan Times: Decommissioning reactors to take decades, untold millions

Red River Valley flood fight shifts north of Fargo

Brian Lilley: Ignatieff promises to go soft on crime to save money

Liberals still misleading Canadians on F-35; willing to throw away 100s of $$ millions in political ploy

Ipsos Reid poll: 20% of voters using social media for election discussion

20 Canadians have joined Somalian terror group

Tokyo to bid for Olympics in wake of earthquake?

Layton commits to push his thin platform "after election"; coalition talk?

Kathleen Parker: Demonizing the GOP, losing the budget battle

John Ivison: NDP cranks up spending promises to 11

NATO air strikes destroy 25 more Gadhafi tanks in Libya

BBC TV veteran Ignatieff gets advice on how to be somebody else in the debate

Jennifer Rubin: Two telling budget speeches

Red River level drops; voluntary evacuations end

Bloc and NDP want French debate re-scheduled to avoid conflict with Montreal play-off game

Liberals promote $28B 'fantasy' budget says Harper

NDP unveils $9B election platform, massive corporate tax increases

Goldstein: Denmark has seen Ontario's future (and it's expensive)

Tom Kent: The opposition hurts itself by defending political subsidies

Liberals use smoke and mirrors after losing 39 candidates before election and more since

NATO destroys 17 Libyan tanks

Harper becomes ‘volleyball dad’ in break from campaign

Activists give Boehner a nod of approval

Liberal Senator expensed $32,000 while awaiting fraud verdict

Gunman opens fire in Dutch mall, killing 6

France vows 'strong response' as Gbagbo launches fresh attack

Health care transfers from feds appear safe no matter who wins election

UN says Ivory Coast negotiation was a 'trick'

Canadian ethnic media have a shared outlet ‘to reach political leaders’

Suicide bomber strikes inside Afghan Defense Ministry, 1 dead

Reuters: Huckabee is high in polls, but on the fence for 2012

Who will replace Ignatieff after the election?

Killer escapes prison in B.C. as Liberals speak against prison funding

Microsoft patent fight against Canadian firm in U.S. Supreme Court divides companies

PQ delegates vote for, then against having all commercial signs in French only

Yemen forces fire on protesters, 22 hurt

Libyan rebels resist Ajdabiya assault

Tories 'stand up for victims of crime'

Goldstein: Ignatieff’s dangerous emissions; do the Liberals know what they’re promising on climate change? Do they care they’re being reckless?

Special ballots: The ins and outs of getting your vote in early

Quebec closer to sovereignty: Duceppe

Robson: Ignatieff unconnected, cannot be trusted

43 perish as tornadoes rip across United States

Tories would be tough on sex offenders: Harper

16% of Canadian voters say will vote but still undecided

Conservative Cheryl Gallant stands up for excluded Green Party candidate at all-candidates meeting organized by radio station

Tim Powers: Liberals decide to go backwards

Liberals 'hope' message underlined by fear as Tory majority looms

Shanoff: Error in the DNA; how judges get themselves in trouble

Adler: Iggy skips votes -- he doesn’t deserve ours

David Frum: Ignatieff signals a return to duplicity on Israel

Japan says 28 got high radiation doses

Harper calls Liberal health-care record 'shameful'

Taliban sleeper agent kills 9 at Afghan base

Tornadoes kill 17, wipe out families in Alabama, Mississippi

Former Saskatchewan premier Blakeney dies at 85

Ibbotson: Liberals go for the gutter, use health scare tactics again

Doug Saunders: Why we should abolish corporate tax -- it has been a worldwide failure

No more planes for Libya withouit Parliamentary approval, says Harper

Macleans: 2 out of 5 on the 'Bull Meter' for Ignatieff to say "worst level of joblessness in a generation"

Toronto Star: Dating company poll says party with most attractive followers? Conservative

Coyotes deal on last leg, True North ready to bring the dogies north to Winnipeg

Small Oklahoma town hit by killer tornado

Graeme Hamilton: PQ plans to make next PM’s life hard

Globe & Mail editorial: With disturbed murderers, put the public before escorted passes; public protection ought to come first, and the law should say so more clearly

Federal politicians back restrictions on release of violent offenders after Allan Schoenborn case exposes holes in sentencing

Powers: The Helena Guergis challenge

In Brampton, a suburban boom city grows on fertile electoral ground

Solberg: Debate separates leaders from chaff

Hébert: Debates keep Harper on road to majority

CBC Reality Check: The AG's report -- why did the 'Gang of 3' try to mislead Canadians?

37 Days: Coalition central to French debate

Tasha Kheiriddin: French debate shows what’s Bloc-ing Quebec -- and Canada

Kelly McParland: Ignatieff tells Quebec it’s OK to rate Canada as second best

Debate gives Duceppe a lift, but will Quebeckers respond?

Iggy wants UN approval for military missions, except when he can't get it

Ontario's economy grows for sixth straight quarter

Washington Post: House debates GOP budget plan, sets vote on deal that averted shutdown

Harper pledges boost to rural economic development

Harper targets more swing ridings in push for majority

John Ibbitson: Harper woos Quebeckers with pledge to move key federal agency

Manitoba's factories boost sales

U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray

NATO nations commit to ending Gadhafi rule

CBC: Anti-aircraft fire reported in Tripoli

Matt Gurney: Save the debates. Disinvite Duceppe

Tasha Kheiriddin: Michael Ignatieff’s slowly deflating balloon

John Ivison: Harper’s post-debate remark: 'That was easy'

Harper was debate winner in body language: expert

Media watcher said she was "disappointed" in Ignatieff's performance, while Harper "did very well"

Chris Selley: Ignatieff sticks to script, misses opportunity to close gap on Harper

Huffington Post: Harper fends off attacks in election debate; Iggy stumbles on prepared lines

CBC: fact-checking the debate claims

Nanos Leadership poll shows blip after release of draft AG report, but Harper still way ahead, Layton second, Iggy third

Terence Corcoran: Minzbergism versus corporate tax cuts

Controversies not sticking to Conservatives, PM Harper 'like Teflon,' says prof

Kheiriddin: Stephen Harper: the federal Rob Ford?

G8 report leak won't taint A-G Fraser's reputation, say experts

Toronto Sun editorial: Why Auditor General’s G8 report is worthless

Reuters: AG did not condemn us say Conservatives, urge report released

Calgary Herald says 'release the AG report'

Globe & Mail agrees that AG report should be released

John Ivison: Canada’s election choice, between the peacock and the despot

Second leaked draft of AG report has different language, seeks greater "transparency"

Tories brace, rivals mobilize after explosive draft AG report on G8

update: Report on G8 spending won’t be released, Auditor General says

AG Sheila Fraser refuses to release leaked report into G8 spending: "I strongly caution the public to wait until our final report . . . has been tabled in Parliament and made public."

Story on leaked draft report from Auditor-General alleges G8 spending inappropriate; Conservatives call for release of final report

'The Ignatieff coalition will end the DRIC bridge' to Detroit, candidate Watson charges

Newfoundland Premier defends faith in Harper

L. Ian MacDonald: While media do their best to trip up Harper, he's landing on his feet

About prayer: Duceppe believes in separation of church, state

May says she doesn't like debate change for hockey

Manitoba Premier vows permanent protection as prairies brace for floods

Telegraph: Gadhafi 'accepts road map to peace' from African Union

George F. Will: Glendale Arizona’s sports mania encounters a hard check

UN, French fire on Gbagbo residence in Ivory Coast

Harper blasts Pierre Trudeau’s bloated spending record

Fervor of Wisconsin union bloat debate shifts to recall elections after Supreme Court election won by Republican

Month after quake, Japan homeless move into houses

Canadian firm undertakes large-scale oil sands project in Utah, first in U.S.; attracts predictable opposition

Bob Dylan performs in peaceful Vietnam

Foreign-owned London aircraft maker cranks up political threats; expects $35M government money without due diligence

Warm welcome from Pickering and Scarborough activists on either side of proposed new Rouge River National Park

Tories pledge to create 11,500-acre national park in Rouge Valley on east edge of Toronto, from Lake Ontario north

NYSE rejects Nasdaq-ICE bid

John Snobelen: How to save the political debates

Harper tells Quebec farmers that marketing boards and farm support will continue

LeBreton says Harper needn't make any image changes to win majority

John Ibbitson: Has U.S.-style 'voter suppression' made it to Canada's election? or is it a claim made to mask political failings?

Mark Bonokoski: Prime Minister Stephen Harper hated by Press Gallery

Éric Grenier: Polls suggest Harper just shy of projected majority as momentum wanes after week two

Mubarak threatens to sue over allegations against him in first public comments since Feb. 11 ouster

The Guardian: Libyan rebel defences 'failing' as Gadhafi forces move towards Benghazi

Duceppe slams Tory slogan

Red River close to cresting in Fargo

Egyptian protesters defy military, return to Tahrir Square

Housing starts jump in March: CMHC

John Ivison: Ignatieff needs to stop talking about himself (because the 'Just visiting' meme just won't go away)

Iggy publicly disagrees with Liberals Bob Rae and David McGuinty as campaign wires crossed; actually likes a Conservative campaign pledge after he finds it's popular

Chantal Hébert: What Duceppe needs is a campaign narrative (especially when Conservative rallies are the most popular)

Foreign company threatens government; says will shut plant if not given $35M during election

Not too hot, not too cold: Why jobs numbers work for Tories

John Ivison: NDP the option on the Left Coast

Winnipeg begging for more help with sandbagging

Escorted leave for triple child-killer Schoenborn shocks Merritt, B.C.

Tories would create 'Office of Religious Freedom'

Premier Stelmach invitation to Barack Obama: Come see Alberta oil sands for yourself

Conservative health funding at 6% after 2014 was in budget; Ignatieff got it wrong today when he claimed they wouldn't

Montreal theatre gig cancelled for convicted killer Bertrand Cantat

Silver lining in job numbers: 90,600 new full-time jobs, 24,000 new construction jobs in March

Harper promises shelter from F-35 overruns

Canada unemployment rate down to 7.7%; net job loss of 1,500 as workforce moves from part-time to full-time work, including self-employment, say economists

Harper vows command of Pacific Fleet will remain in Esquimalt

Charles Adler: Plan to vote Liberal? If you do, read this first. See what kind of man Iggy is standing by

Liberals, Tories face off in Steeltown

Don Braid: Ralph Klein suffering from progressive dementia

B.C. provincial Liberal government gets it, rules out controversial hydro-rate hikes

Bones found in Mexico pit used by body dissolver

Tory’s mini-promises target key ridings

Duceppe’s former deputy assails Bloc Leader’s ‘aseptic’ campaign

22 Syrian protesters killed says rights activist

The Guardian: The myth of tribal Libya

Jonathan Chevreau: TFSA tax break works for all incomes

Lorne Gunter: Liberals embrace ‘dumber on crime’ strategy

U.S. Army Corps activates electrified barrier to stop Asian Carp from entering Great Lakes

Obama, Congressional leaders short of deficit-cutting deal as gov't shutdown looms

Loonie climbs ahead of March jobs data

Work set to start on long-awaited China Disneyland in Shanghai

Corn prices hit record highs in Chicago

Pro-Ouattara forces blockade Gbagbo’s bunker

Oil prices top $110 (US); highest since September 2008

Cancer faker Kirilow spared jail

Rebels blame NATO for Libya air strike; 5 dead

Obama threatens to veto budget bill if it passes; U.S. Government shutdown appears more likely

Green Party releases platform; mixed-bag borrows from others, legalizes/taxes marijuana, maintains fiction that party could form a government

Kelly McParland: Canada’s election without a cause

In bunker, Ivory's Coast's Gbagbo plays final hand

Harper takes on Bloc in Quebec heartland

Loonie rises to $103.75 midday as Canadian economy rockets along at 5.2% clip

FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive - Boeing 737-400 -- plane used by Ignatieff campaign;
All 737-400 craft at risk; planes with fewer than 30,000 flight cycles must inspect within 20 days

Canada to lead G7 in growth in first half of 2011: OECD

Reuters: Gbagbo negotiating exit from Ivory Coast

Air at many Quebec worksites high in asbestos levels: study

May tells Sandi Rinaldo on CTVnewsnet that she will be at leaders' debates, "some way"

Judge denies Elizabeth May’s bid to join leaders' debates

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday): British Columbia CPC 49.7%, LIB 23.4%, NDP 20.6%

Asbestos is safe, Duceppe says reluctantly

Cities bristle at Liberal plan to scuttle $1B infrastructure fund

Montreal Gazette: Martelly is Haiti election winner

Survey finds Canadian firms fear oil prices, strong loonie

Liberal platform numbers 'don't add up,' Harper says

John Ibbotson: With new platform, Liberals chart course back to Trudeauville

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Monday):
CPC 42.3%, LIB 28.4%, NDP 16.4%, GRN 3.8%

McParland: Liberals wrap a costly revolution in soothing blandishments

Contrasting with much-older opponents, high-energy Harper offers pro-fitness tax credits

Liberals commit to aggressive cap-and-trade on scale of National Energy Program,
bury it on page 46 of platform, refuse to talk about it

6.7M shallow quake hits in ocean south
of Java, Indonesia; tsunami alert dropped

John Ivison: Liberal platform is buyer beware
"none of the sound ideas are original and few of the original ideas are sound"

Liberals lay out $8B 'families' platform

Stephen Harper plays road hockey in Ottawa, Sunday.

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Sunday):
CPC 40.7%, LIB 29.4%, NDP 16.9%, BQ 8.0%, GRN 4.0%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Saturday):
CPC 41.3%, LIB 30.3%, NDP 16.0%, BQ 8.5%, GRN 3.7%

Daily Mail: Tsunami dog found alive and well in Japan
after 3 weeks adrift at sea on a floating house

37 Days: Pollsters say concerns about accuracy are overblown

iPolitics EKOS poll:
CPC 36.9%, LIB 26.2%, NDP 17.2%, GRN 8.7%, BQ 8.5%

Red Cross: Slaughter in Ivory Coast; '800 killed in one city alone'

John Ivison: Ignatieff plucks another billion from the money tree; no job creation plans

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll:
50% want Harper majority over Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll: Regional poll numbers could ‘turn over a lot of seats’ for Harper
Conservatives now at 47.2% in Ontario as national numbers continue up, Liberals steady at 32.7%

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll (Friday):
CPC 39.4%, LIB 31.7%, NDP 16.1%, BQ 8.5%, GRN 4.4%

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll:
45% want majority government; 2-1 split for Harper to lead it

Stephen Maher: Liberals balked at one-on-one debating, claim opposite

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll:
Leadership Index: S. Harper 105, M. Ignatieff 46, J. Layton 40

Harper commits to financial support for green energy projects nationwide

experts: Ignatieff short on cash for campaign promises

Lower Churchill hydro project ‘big chance’ to make climate gains: Harper

Reuters: Nanos daily tracking poll:
CPC up 39.1%, LIB up 32.7%, NDP down 15.9%, BQ down 8.7%, GRN down 3.7%

Bloomberg: Canadian economy keeps jumping; GDP up .5% in January

Harper would turn Halifax Harbour into international trade hub

John Ivison: Canada doomed to endless elections until a majority?
Iggy says no compromise; to vote against Harper budget after election

CP24/CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos issues poll:
Health 28.5%, Jobs/Economy 19.5%, Education 7.9%, High Taxes 4.8%, Environment 4.7%

As May demands TV debate spot, Harper suggests debate between him and "coalition leader" Ignatieff

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos poll:
CPC 38.4%, LIB 28.7%, NDP 19.6%, BQ 9.1%, GRN 4.1%

Montreal Gazette: Liberals facing rout in Quebec if poll results stand up
CROP poll: BQ 38%, CPC 23%, NDP 20%, LIB 11%

video: Maria Aragon and Stephen Harper sing on the campaign trail

Harper joins Lady Gaga superfan Maria Aragon to croon
Gaga's 'Born This Way' and Lennon's Imagine'

Election spending: Voters can't always be bought

John Ivison: Taxing corporations to give students free money

Liberals want to give $1,000 a year to high-school students;
$1,500 a year to low-income families; replaces education and textbook tax credits

Canadian Press/Harris-Decima poll:
CPC 38%, LIB 24%, NDP 19%, BQ 10%, GRN 7%

Crews cleaning up spilled jet fuel from Ontario train wreck

Ultimate scary video of tsunami destroying Japanese city of Kesennuma

QMI Agency/Léger Marketing poll: Few believe Ignatieff on coalition issue
Don't believe: 83% overall; 86% of Tories; 50% of NDP; 66% of BQ
Meanwhile, only 32% of Liberals say they believe the Liberal Leader

Sher-Wood takes rest of hockey stick manufacturing to China

RBC studies sale of U.S. retail bank

Fraud artist targets Conservative candidate in Oshawa

Obama meeting fails to end stalemate over U.S. Federal budget

U.S. highway deaths fall to lowest levels since 1949

Stephen Gordon: Corporate tax cuts: A look under the hood

Howard Kurtz: Glenn Beck, Fox agree to divorce

Where does Ignatieff stand on crime? Everywhere

Red Green regular Wayne Robson dies

Canada adds personnel to NATO mission

Harper puts focus on budget plan loans to help immigrants get Canadian credentials

Gbagbo's refusal to cede power sparks brutal assault on bunker

Ignatieff has slim chance of mending battered image, stuck in low third place for leader, says pollster

Apps: ‘Damn right’ the Liberals will ‘raise taxes’!

Peter Foster: All the hysteria that’s fit to print; NY Times hatchet job on Keystone project reads like a radical environmental tract

Duceppe's coalition talk betrays founding principles of Bloc

Grey Globe goes lefty

Harper's 'permanent campaign' paying off

Walkom: At the door in a longheld Liberal riding, voters are wary and skeptical

Christina Blizzard: Outrageous! Huge payouts to fat-cat bureaucrats who quit their jobs is nuts

Tories target rural Quebec

Harper’s fear: 70s-style Liberal-NDP government

Newfoundland Tories target Ignatieff over seal hunt

Ignatieff forced to defend oilsands after dumping on them

Barbara Yaffe: Conservatives would maintain swagger with majority status

Liberal and NDP tax increases stir opposition in B.C.

Duceppe the 'Globetrotter of sovereignty', says Harper

Recovering Layton admits health system served him well

Wall Street Journal: Boeing miscalculated risks

Southwest grounds 2 more 737 jets over cracks

High doses of vitamin D reduce breast cancers in mice

Ezra Levant: Iggy's Alberta attack

Lorrie Goldstein: Cap-and-trade -- useless, dumb, and reckless

Michael Den Tandt: Michael Ignatieff's policies target Jack Layton's base

Proctor's psychopath killers should never go free: parents

GOP prepares new short-term deficit-chopping spending measure ahead of White House summit

Toronto's iconic Metro Convention Centre for sale by federal government

Duceppe away visiting candidate as platform highlights detailed; downplays no mention of sovereignty/separatism

surprise: Obama launches re-election bid

Toyota preparing for North American shutdown due to parts shortages

Winnipeggers told to build sandbag dikes by Sunday

Peanut fight avoided as NDP incumbent crashes Harper campaign stop

Canadian North airline awaits word on Boeing 737-300

Qantas' Boeing 737 aircraft fleet up for sale

Southwest returns 737-300s to service as type keeps flying

Google stalking horse bidder for Nortel patents; bids $900M U.S.

Harper reaffirms vow to scrap expensive long gun registry

Opposition roulette continues; former B.C. Lib candidate throws support behind NDP

McDonald's to hire 50,000 U.S. workers - in 1 day

vote-buying 101: First, Iggy said he'd wait 'til he was elected, then the next day he promised a $35M government loan, and then he mocked the current government for doing due diligence before committing taxpayers' money

Steve Val: Analysis of Nanos polls shows Conservatives up in British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, Liberals dropping in Atlantic Canada, but rebounding in Ontario where Conservatives lead and previously held most seats except Toronto and Northern Ontario; major shift in Quebec sees Bloc dropping

Experts predict another low voter turnout

Layton defends candidate against separatist slurs, dismisses Liberal promises as hollow

New studies on Alzheimer’s uncover genetic links

Libya: 400 illegal immigrants 'disappear' on way to Italy

Tories to expand fitness credit once deficit gone

Éric Grenier: Analysis of aggregated polls sees Conservatives gain 7 seats, Liberals lose 4 after first week of campaign

Riding roster roulette includes 2008 Bloc candidate Gérald Labelle running for Conservatives in Honoré-Mercier, former Green candidate Karen Shillington running for NDP in Vancouver Centre, and longtime Liberal Joyce Bateman running for Conservatives in Winnipeg South Centre

Ontario protest over wind turbines turns angry

NY Times: Nuclear expert on Fukushima: "Clearly, we’re witnessing one of the greatest disasters in modern time."

Ottawa Liberal's signs are defaced with spray-on gun sights

Constituents say Ignatieff invisible in blue collar district he represents but doesn't live in, despite commitments

Quebec National Assembly speaker resigns

Macleans: 3 out of 5 on the 'Bull Meter' for Ignatieff to say "nothing" got done at G8/G20 summits

Ignatieff’s Ontario problem -- McGuinty

Canadians living longer than Americans, new research shows

John Ibbotson: Nunavut now leaning Tory

G&M analysis: Fears about scrapping per-vote subsidies wildly off target

Former F1 champ Kimi Raikkonen to race in NASCAR truck series for Kyle Busch team

Southwest Airlines cancels 300 flights Saturday to inspect fleet of 737s

Japan nuclear struggle focuses on cracked No. 2 reactor pit

Car bomb kills policeman in Northern Ireland

Libyan rebels say international air strike accidentally killed rebel fighters; rebels were celebrating by shooting into air when attacked

3-foot hole blows out in roof of Southwest Airlines 737 at 11,000-feet; all 118 passengers safe; emergency landing in Yuma, Arizona successful

Experts: Scrapping Fukushima plant could take decades

Trace radioactivity from Japanese reactors detected across Canada

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll: If Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition 59% want Layton as leader

Duceppe faces NDP call to expel incumbent over aboriginal slur

Carol Goar: How to navigate a thicket of polls

Hill Times: Harper sticks to tight script, media more aggressive, tension 'more intense' following prime minister on campaign trail

Kelly McParland: Liberals' so-called ‘pension plan’ is just a government-run RRSP

'To be or not to be' the twitter election

Ignatieff dithers on federal loan to London aircraft manufacturer after attacking Conservatives 3 times in House of Commons for not quickly approving loan

CBC sued for criminal libel over 5th Estate program that gave harsh charcterization of Canadian apparel tycoon

Globe & Mail Reality Check: Corporate tax hikes: A Liberal pillar on shaky ground

Vancouver airport named best in North America

Tories would soon finish free-trade deals with EU, India says Harper

India-Pakistan game sets stage for talks

Bombardier net jumps 82%, sees pick-up in business-jet orders

Day of defections takes candidates, NDP and Liberal parties by surprise

D'Arcy Jenish: Harper judged it right: Fixes are needed

Tasha Kheiriddin: Coalition is the gift that keeps on giving

CBC: Political sea change in Newfoundland and Labrador

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s transit plan wins provincial approval

Duceppe says 2 steps to sovereignty: stopping Harper majority and electing PQ

Harper vows to extend write-off tax break for manufacturers due to expire at end of 2011

Ignatieff wants to add new retirement option on top of CPP

Fantino’s Liberal rival defects, throws support behind Tories

People know we're sovereignists: Duceppe

Minister defends anti human-smuggling ad

Aglukkaq so far unopposed in Nunavut

Layton jumps through hoops, says candidate's defection not a snub to NDP

Harper to back $6.4B Lower Churchill power mega-project

coalition alert: Elgin-Middlesex-London NDP candidate quits, throws support to Liberal rival

Kelly McParland: The 'big red tent' for people with no clue

Axworthy report calls for overhaul of leaders' debates

Stephen Harper takes a break from campaign trail to watch historic Pakistan/India cricket match with the Joshi and Chaudry families in Brampton.

Rebels retreat from Libya oil port under attack

Toronto school board plan to turn Oakwood Collegiate into an Africentric high school put on hold amid packed and angry protest; attacked as "segregation" and "building walls" in community

Another star candidate joins Conservative roster of candidates in Newfoundland

Understanding the coalition monkey, and why he/she hasn't been put to bed; 'no' doesn't mean 'no' for Iggy

Quebec starts prep for next Olympic bid

not ready for prime time?: Ignatieff's messy education promise and all the hanging questions and unanswered holes in it

Layton's credit card plan unrealistic, consumer watchdog says

Liberal cousins at odds on taxes; Ontario says corporate tax cuts "integral" part of growth strategy, Ignatieff says opposite

Japan's Edano: Can't say when nuclear plant will be under control

CBC political preference "tool" a joke, defaults to Liberal, says Queen's University professor

Majority government or bust, Harper warns Conservative supporters

Margaret Wente: The only question is how many seats the Liberals will lose

Former MP John Cummins announces candidacy for B.C. Conservatives leadership post

Tim Powers: On coalition, Gilles Duceppe’s credibility is questionable

Liberal plan is to polarize electorate, take seats from NDP

Conservatives tout fully costed $1,000 EI break for small businesses that was in last week's budget

Gary Mason: Cummins just the man B.C. Tories have been waiting for

Coalition fires still burning

David Warren: When election silliness ends, let them do their job

Charles Krauthammer: Ryan’s Leap; the GOP budget chairman is right, bold, and vulnerable to demagoguery

Christina Blizzard: Union blackmail ramps up in Ontario

NY Times: US-Japanese team draws up plan to decommission and remove 4 problematic, radioactive Fukushima reactors

Eric Duhaime: Coalition forces quietly creeping to a deal

B.C. musician describes vicious beating by teens

Legendary French actor withdraws from festival that includes his daughter’s killer; Canada will block killer from coming to Quebec stage

Winnipeg makes urgent call for sandbagging help tonight from citizens as Red River rises

U.S. gov't may use Facebook, Twitter for terror alerts

Japan's ambassador to Cote d'Ivoire rescued by French military

Vin Weber: Obama’s shutdown strategy is incomprehensible

TEPCO pumps nitrogen into Fukushima reactor 1; aimed at preventing more hydrogen explosions

Japan: Radiation eases; police search for 2,400 missing in 10- to 20-km exclusion zone

Libya military demands force UK PM David Cameron to re-think defence cuts

Conservative platform release Friday: to feature job creation, more support for seniors, deficit-cutting plan, new crime laws and northern investment

Simons drops out of B.C. NDP leadership race, supports Horgan

Freeway pollution causes brain damage in mice

Controversial Alberta Liberal candidate fought for government-paid trip to Switzerland for 7 years, wasting taxpayers' money

Liberals won’t fire Alberta candidate for ‘disgraceful’ radio remarks on sexual assaults

Ignatieff pledges to rebuild Montreal's Champlain "bridge like new" in 10 years in fuzzy promise; a new bridge would cost over $1B

Harper pledges to double tax-free savings limits

Chrysler cancels overtime in Brampton due to Japanese parts shortage

Paul Wells: The sound of stopping Harper; just as he predicted

Just visiting? No vote for Iggy's wife -- she's not a Canadian citizen

Democracy's dawn in the Middle East

Security risk: the words not mentioned by campaigns or media

Loonie reaches highs not seen since 2007; ends day at $104.12

Leaders to go head-to-head in televised debates

Portugal asks EU for financial aid

Gadhafi writes to Obama asking for NATO attacks to end

Montreal's Champlain Bridge: old before its time

Liberals aren’t living up to their own slogans

Dish Network wins Blockbuster bankruptcy auction

Harper to pledge loans to help immigrants upgrade skills

Air Miles among major firms hit by monster data breach

Tasha Kheiriddin: Bloc platform a reason to vote Conservative -- outside Quebec

Showdown in Steeltown

Ignatieff’s the victim as the Liberal brand loses its lustre

Mega-billions Ontario Teachers’ pension plan faces deficit

Ontario opposition outraged over massive $762,000 payout to ex-Deputy Minister of Health

Kelly McParland: Liberals hide their agenda on Canada’s military

U.S. federal government shutdown looming closer

Manitoba follows Saskatchewan lead, will fund 'liberation therapy' trials for MS

Picture of Conservative-voting family featured in pages of Liberal platform, Conservative TV commercial

Leakage of highly radioactive water from cracked concrete pit at Fukushima reactor No. 2 has been stopped

Media aflutter after memo suggests FBI had mole inside ABC News in 1990s

Futurity: Renewable fuel made from CO2 funded by U.S. Department of Energy

CN, Olympic Towers, other icons showing Japan's colours in support

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall concerned about impact of latest Liberal green plan on West

TEPCO gives up plan for two new reactors at stricken Fukushima plant

Stephen Gordon: Hard to see prosperity in Liberals’ productivity program

Canadian Press/Harris-Decima poll: CPC 37%, LIB 26% in two-week sampling of 2,000 respondents

Student at Toronto school tests positive for TB

updated: 32 killed after UN plane crashes in Congo

Polls refuse to bend to Ignatieff charm offensive

Rex Murphy: Newfoundland’s three-gigawatt insult to Gilles Duceppe

Can Magna fulfill Ford's dream of Soybean Car?

Libyan rebels retake much of key oil town

Yemen police kill at least 12 protesters

Where the leaders start week 2

Andrew Coyne: That 70s tax-and-spend platform

European radiation experts determine 200,000 cancers likely from Fukushima

Seven tons an hour of radioactive water escaping Fukushima; plug efforts not working

Toronto Star: Business gives thumbs down to Liberals' tax hike

NTSB: Southwest jet had pre-existing fatigue

Engineers pin hopes on polymer to stop nuke leak

Baseball and politics: Harper a Blue Jays fan, Ignatieff roots for Red Sox

Bodies of 2 missing workers found at Fukushima plant

Tories will make fitness credit available for all

UN workers dragged from bunker and killed by insurgents, top envoy says

Liberal candidate smells coffee, drops out after 3 days

Afghan riots over Koran-burning: 2 days, 20 dead

Joe O’Connor: No all-clear for Japanese

David Frum: Bringing out the worst in Ignatieff

Colby Cosh: The Ignatieffalump in the room

Tories attack Ignatieff tax-and-spend promises

Layton fends off questions about seeming lack of energy on NDP campaign

Pundits Guide: Some detailed analysis and criticism of CBC Compass tool

Ezra Levant: CBC Bias and secrecy; Why won't Liberal-leaning broadcaster open up about survey?

The Guardian: Liberals had choice of one-on-one debate but turned it down says Harper

Greens an over-hyped fringe party

CTV/Globe & Mail Nanos leadership poll:
Leadership Index: Harper 98, Layton 49.8, Ignatieff 44; Ignatieff down, Layton up, Harper still way ahead

Harper only leader to visit all 10 provinces in first week of campaign

Paradis says HST compensation for Quebec will cost $2.2B; only 'technical issues' before can be signed

Roy Green: Liberals willing to trade job losses for votes

Chris Selley: Michael Ignatieff’s first road week, across the media

Pastor Terry Jones: Afghan anti-UN violence 'proves' my point

Harper pledges to settle multi-billion-dollar HST feud with Quebec

Repeat elections and constant campaigns are caused by lack of discipline that comes from per-vote subsidy; Harper vows to scrap the huge annual payments to political parties

Mob kills 8 U.N. workers in Afghanistan; related to sermon about Koran burning in Florida

2 veteran U.S. skydivers die when chutes tangle while training Canadian soldiers in California

Nasdaq, ICE bid $11.3 billion to buy NYSE

How and why the TV consortium excluded Elizabeth May

Harper reiterates boost for retraining programs, work sharing that wwere in last week's in budget

sad end: German celebrity polar bear Knut drowned, pathologist says; encephalitic swelling of brain caused fall

NDP candidate in Mississauga-Erindale quits to support Conservative Dechert; had also been NDP candidate in 2008

CBC vote quiz creator worked for Ignatieff

Senior aide to Saif Gadhafi said to have left Libya for London for 'exit strategy' talks

National Post: CBC Compass bias a big issue on twitter; calls you a 'Liberal' if you answer neutral to all questions

CBC bias: Skewed CBC 'Compass' tool Liberal Party member and Director of Analytics, Peter Loewen, was member of Ignatieff 2006 leadership campaign

Ireland says bank rescue needs further 24 billion euros

Layton wants to reduce Canada's oil production

Broadcasters rule out one-on-one debate between Harper and Ignatieff, confirm May’s exclusion

Japan's nuclear rescuers: 'inevitable some may die within weeks'

Ignatieff raises taxes; pledges $500M to $1B for childcare

Chantal Hébert: Why Elizabeth May doesn’t belong in election debates

Could a Harper-vs-Ignatieff tilt make election debates less boring?

Economy trumps all in culturally diverse Vancouver South

Election debate dates set for April 12 & 14; English, then French

Identical twins not actually identical, shocking Canadian research finds

Obama describes Canada as a reliable energy partner in major speech

Elections Canada gives political parties initial spending guidelines

Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa defects to UK

Obama authorizes secret support for Libya rebels: U.S. officials

Harper and Ignatieff both game for head-to-head debate

NDP tax breaks, Liberal tax increases and Harper plays cricket as 905 election battleground heats up

NDP would hike corporate taxes but reward local ‘job creators’; what about small business corporations?

Terrorism suspect arrested at Toronto airport

Duceppe sticks close to home despite charges of being Montreal-centric; 5th day in a row in Montreal and environs

Montreal’s transit sees more action than Toronto’s but rating nothing to brag about

Nova Scotia budget promises to cut small business tax

Liberals launch major onslaught of attack ads; but are they too much, too confusing, and too late?

UK: Coalition leaders in agreement shock

Macleans: 4 out of 5 on the 'Bull Meter' for Ignatieff to say his family came to Canada with "nothing"

Toyota rationing parts to dealers to avert hoarding

NY Times: Syria’s cabinet resigns; concessions expected

Canadians think PM should change plans on not attending royal wedding

'Invisible' Elizabeth May, leader of off-the-radar Green Party, excluded from both televised Leaders debates by broadcast consortium because party has no MPs

Christina Blizzard: Liberals running on empty

Ontario PC leader Hudak says Ontario families need relief from tax and spend McGuinty Liberals

Ontario budget: deficit $16.3B, no balanced budget until 2017-18

Coalition talk in 1997 was about uniting right not seizing power, Harper says

Ignatieff hoisted on his own petard in Quebec

Radiation from Japan reactor detected in B.C. seaweed, rainwater; no risk to humans

At least 53 killed in Iraqi gunmen's attack in Saddam Hussein's hometown

Libyan soldiers accused of rape 'want to defend honour' by killing woman who made claim

Clinton: Libya military action will continue until Gaddafi bows to UN demand

Libyan rebels flee onslaught as world debates country’s future

Popular councillor Eve Adams joins the fray in Brampton for Conservatives

No way to prevent Mountie massacre: Mayerthorpe report

6.5M quake rocks Japan; tsunami alert but no apparent tsunami

Harper on coalition attack; urges end to political deadlock
caused by "Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois coalition"

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll: Canadians trust Harper to be best leader

Rex Murphy: Please Mr. Ignatieff, no more lectures on contempt

John Ivison: Ignatieff’s coalition stance is still ambiguous

Harper: Vote for coalition is vote for 'reckless' coalition

Elizabeth May launches Green Party campaign in her third riding
in third province after two losses; chastises voters for not voting
says will issue daily challenge for agreement to other parties

Contrasts: Ignatieff shivers through outside launch speech on frigid Parliament Hill with a huddle of MPs shivering beside him, while Layton and Duceppe launch their national campaigns by speaking to supporters inside warm hotels in Ottawa and Montreal, respectively; Ignatieff finally says 'no' to coalition, while Layton says he's open to it and Duceppe says he was courted in 2004

Kelly McParland: Liberals have no ‘right’ answer to coalition questions

Ignatieff says he will immediately raise corporate taxes,
immediately after saying he won't raise taxes

Election to be held May 2nd

Brennan: Economy top issue, Toronto Star/La Presse Angus Reid poll shows

Le Devoir/Léger Marketing poll:
Ontario: CPC 41%, LIB 31%, NDP 19%, GRN 7%

Le Devoir/Léger Marketing poll:
Quebec: BQ 39%, CPC 22%, LIB 18%, NDP 16%, GRN 4%

Le Devoir/Léger Marketing poll:
Canada: CPC 39%, LIB 23%, NDP 19%, GRN 7%

Toronto Star/La Presse poll puts Harper Conservatives on brink of majority

Toronto Star/La Presse Angus Reid poll:
CPC 39%, LIB 25%, NDP 19%, BQ 10%, GRN 7%

Chantal Hébert: Huge hurdles ahead for Michael Ignatieff

Andrew Coyne: Iggy’s coalition problem

John Ivison: The first gaffe goes to Ignatieff

Canadian to lead NATO's Libya mission

Ignatieff puts his foot in it at first microphone: refuses to answer questions about coalition,
insults and rebuffs media questions, says "let me be clear" then isn't clear;
says he's a democrat "from the bottom of my feet to the top of my toes";
media vow to ask about "coalition monkey" every day until Iggy answers, he strides off

MPs vote along party lines 156-145 to trigger election
voting date not set; Independent MPs voted for government

analysis: Dodging talk on coalition could hurt Liberals

David Akin: Polling above 40% typically translates into a majority government

John Ivison: Tories shrug off opposition attacks, surge to 19 point lead

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll:
CPC 43%, LIB 24%, NDP 16%, GRN 6%

New poll shows Conservatives moving up into majority territory,
with Liberals dropping, NDP rising, and Green out of picture

CBC: Canada sending 2 CP-140 Auroras (maritime surveillance aircraft) to Libya

John Ivison: Coalition looking like option as Harper fights for a majority

Ignatieff still ducks coalition questions; Layton loves talking coalition

Canadian bombers pound Libyan ammo depot

'I won't go into election willingly', Harper says

Liberals plan to topple Tories despite Harper's appeal to 'step back' from the brink in time of 2 wars, world economic instability

Harper calls election unnecessary; oppposition 'trigger-happy'

John Ibbitson: Why a defeated budget helps Harper’s hunt for a majority

Japan now estimates quake damage at up to $300B

Jets continue to pound Libya as diplomatic battle rages over operational control

IAEA unsure where Japan plant radiation coming from

John Ibbitson: A Tory fig leaf that leaves New Democrats nearly naked

Very shallow (1 km) on-shore 5.7M afterquake hits near Fukushima nuclear plant

Budget: five sides of a carefully crafted financial roadmap

Flaherty says budget won't change, this isn't collective bargaining; it's up to opposition to show up and vote for or against it. Says Canadians will speak out in favour of Budget.

Budget: positive reviews for prudence, accuracy of past predictions

Layton coy, won't say what changes would get his support. Says can't be bought.

Ignatieff tongue-tied, won't answer questions put to him on CBC, says will make decisions tomorrow. Complains about cost of jets and prisons, but neither jets nor prisons are actually in the budget.

Canadian Election predicted to be May 2nd or 9th; NDP says ready to go

Election brinkmanship: NDP's Layton attacks budget which delivers
much of what he asked for, and says NDP will vote against it

2011 Flaherty Budget Speech

2011 Flaherty Budget Plan

2011 Flaherty Budget in Brief

Flaherty starting to deliver budget in House of Commons; Ignatieff and Duceppe have run out and said they'll vote against it

BUDGET: deficit gone by 2015, down to $30B this year; Guaranteed Income Supplement increase for poorest of seniors; temporary hiring credit for small business with an EI holiday for one year; forgiveness of portion of student loans for doctors and nurses in rural areas; tax credits for family caregivers, volunteer firemen, arts courses for children

MacKay: Embargo against weapons and mercenaries now being enforced in Mediterranean off Libya
Canada's refuelling air tankers "highly valued" by other members of coalition
air control is currently American, but Canadian chain of command follows normal channels
control of "naval component" is currently through NATO, enforcing sanctions

Layton to sleep on budget vote? Liberals out to lunch?

Eyes on Layton ahead of budget; sounding more conciliatory

Budget cobbled together by listening to Canadians incl opposition parties

Flaherty's skill, pragmatism has made him 3rd-longest serving fed finance minister in past 50 years

Libya intervention 'may have averted massacre' - UK PM Cameron

CBC: Flaherty budget to include student loan forgiveness for rural doctors and nurses,
$400M to renew home energy retro-fit program, and new employment program for veterans

Buoyed by strikes, Libya rebels try to advance

Libyans used journalists from CNN and Reuters Sunday night
to stop attacks on Gadhafi HQ; planes with missiles forced
to turn back after Libyans took journalists to see initial damage

Obama at Chile news conference: process of Libyan "actions ensures legitimacy"; usually "U.S. military carries the whole burden"; NATO will take on Libya co-ordination role as they have the capabilities to do that

Divisions aplenty rise over Libyan intervention;
notably including between Russian President and Prime Minister

CTV/Globe & Mail poll: CPC 39%, LPC 28%,
NDP 20%, BQ 10%, GRN 4%

UN needs 'complete leadership overhaul', says British study

Globe & Mail: Harper unveils income-splitting plan; will follow balanced budget

Conservative family tax cut to allow income sharing for couples with dependent children under 18 years of age; affects 1.8 million Canadians

Telegraph: Syria power struggle behind failure to end emergency rule

78 die in accidental Yemen munitions blast that increases fear of chaos

Conservatives expected to unveil deficit-contingent family tax cut

updated: Only 2 still missing after apartment building explosion in Woodstock, Ontario; systematic excavation, class action lawsuit underway

NY Times: Japan fears Fukushima reactor leak of contaminated water into ocean

Japan Times: Wild radiation spike in No. 2 reactor proves false; level in reactor still dangerous at 1 sievert per hour

Barbara Yaffe: Harper is on track to win his majority

Globe & Mail: Liberal corporate tax plan just election bumph; numbers don't add up

Forum Research poll: CPC 41%, LIB 24%, NDP 19%, BQ 10%; economy most important issue at 62%

Toronto Sun editorial: Iggy coalition liberally panned; majority of Liberals in Léger poll would want Layton to lead an NDP-Liberal coalition

Ipsos: 49% of Canadians believe Harper best choice for Prime Minister, Layton (34%) bests Ignatieff (17%)

Charles Adler: Coalition of the losers; If this election yields yet another Tory minority, expect a three-headed monster to grab at power

Mark MacKinnon: Fear grows near another nuclear plant in Japan

Duceppe equates minority support with coalition; language problem or mischief-making?

Train car on fire, gas line severed after Port Hope freight derailment

7 injured, 9 missing after gas explosion in Woodstock apartment building

Why campaign coverage sucks (view from USA)

Ontario Green Party candidate calls herself: "future leader of the Green Party of Canada"

Radioactivity jumps to 1,850 times normal in sea off Fukushima plant

John Snobelen: Canada controlled by traitors of Bloc Quebecois

Ipsos leadership poll boosts Harper and Layton, devastating for Ignatieff

Gates: Intel shows Gadhafi planting bodies at attack sites

Japan's auto industry and the regional impact of the quake/tsunami/nuclear disasters

Why tax cuts create jobs

David Akin: Liberals lose a Quebec candidate (already)

Vancouver Sun: For Ignatieff, coalition question looms large

David Akin: As they fall, Tories raise coalition spectre

St. Catharines Standard: Federal elections are local elections

Globe & Mail: 50 ridings to watch (and why) in the 2011 election

Ontario's Premier McGuinty says he won't campaign with Ignatieff

opinion: Fukushima is not a "nuclear accident"; it was hit by a natural disaster 8 times more powerful than designed to withstand

Ignatieff: Has he lost his lustre? "numbers worse than Dion" prior to 2008 election

Japan Times: Japan death toll tops 10,000 but nuke crisis hampers search; estimated 240,000 people sheltering in 1,900 evacuation centers

Japan Times: 'Voluntary' evacuation set for 20 to 30 km

Japan Times: Injuries point to fuel rod damage in reactor No. 3; radiation in basement water 10,000 times above normal

Matt Gurney: Liberals join the coalition of the unwilling-to-admit-it

Election ads make it personal for Ignatieff, opening up his loose claims to scrutiny

Matt Gurney: oops! Ontario Liberals back corporate tax cuts, privatization and prisons

'Enough is enough': Ignatieff introduces non-confidence motion

Thursday 6.8M quake toll now at least 64 dead in Myanmar, Thailand

L. Ian MacDonald: Election battle -- Tory competence vs. Liberal trust

Syria 'ready to explode' as desperation grows

Reverse Model T: some Fords won't be painted black due to Japan quake pigment disruption

New Parks Canada website shows thousands of historic places in Canada

APTN journalists miscast story, Carson wasn't lobbying, just helping, says distraught fiancee

Myanmar quake toll rises to 25

map: Radiation extends past zone, new report says

Canada vows to hold Iran to the fire over human rights abuses

National Post editorial board: Keep separatists out of the government; no coalition

Montreal officials upset because Liberal candidate already posting election signs

Myanmar 6.8M quake killed one, damaged foundations

Nanaimo: Local Grits unprepared despite plenty of warning from Iggy

Don MacPherson: How a pssh-ing match turned into an election

Dan Arnold: Tories are here for Canada, unlike that lying foreign arriviste, Ignatieff

Canada to send more military assets to Libya

6.8M shallow quake hits Myanmar

Allies target ground force fighting near main towns

CTV: French warplanes hit Libyan airbase in overnight raids

Windsor Star - Editorial: Federal budget "a sensible economic blueprint"

The Guardian: Syrians have broken the fear barrier; protests in Deraa show Syria's revolutionary spirit is now gathering pace

CNN: Toyota tells 13 U.S., Mexican and Canadian plants 'prepare to shut down' due to parts shortages

Globe & Mail: Tories, Quebec ink oil exploration, assignment of royalties deal

Globe & Mail: Parties set for 4th federal election in 7 years

Anxiety in Tokyo over radiation in tap water

David Frum: The disastrous legacy of Pierre Trudeau

Libya shows why Canada needs jets: 'be prepared'

25 embassies close or move as radiation fears hit Tokyo

Nearly 500 bills to die when election forced; where's howl from anti-prorogation folks?

Coast Guard move to de-staff Canada's lighthouses halted by Minister after Senate report

Canada steps up import controls for Japanese food, resists outright ban

10 bills received Royal Assent today

Peter MacKay: Election will halt plans for big Atlantic projects

Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

BlackBerry to match Apple iPad2 on price of RIM PlayBook

2,000-foot TV tower in Fairchild, WI falls in wind/icestorm; station to maintain news presence on internet in meantime

Damage hundreds of miles from Japan quake epicentres includes reclaimed land at Tokyo Disneyland and around harbours which went liquid during shaking

'Gadhafi is killing civilians,' residents say, as attacks escalate

Budget: Keep the corporate tax-rate changes, invest in Canada’s future

Taxpayers' federation opposes convicted fraudster Liberal Senator and former Liberal MP Raymond Lavigne from receiving public pension after his sudden resignation

Ezra Levant: Why is Iggy trying to revise history?

Canada conducts first Libya mission; patrols Libyan coast with 4 CF-18s

Canadian wait times for priority surgeries improve on national basis

'Negligible' amounts of radiation from Japan detected in B.C.

Thorium, the safe nuclear road less taken, except by China

Ontario’s Power Trip: No relief in sight from rising costs

Wall Street Journal: As little girls and boys grow, they think alike

Disaster takes focus off Japan's rows with neighbors, may improve ties

A mom’s brain grows after birth

Flaherty budget to meet at least two of four NDP demands

John Ivison: Tories calling NDP’s bluff on budget

Libyan mission a 'moral duty,' MacKay says

No quick fix seen at Japan's nuclear plant

Deals help push the Dow back above 12,000

Rival tanks deploy in streets of Yemen's capital

Liberal Senator Lavigne resigns from Senate after conviction for fraud; appointed to Senate by Jean Chretien in 2002

Opposition-majority Committee sets precedent in trying to force election by finding Government in contempt

Harper gains advantage with Libya participation: experts

Death toll in Pakistan mine explosion rises to 21

Conflict-of-interest, Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi and her (SEIU, AFL-CIO) political operative son; the eternal tangle of U.S. politics and appointed judges

Globe columnist says Harper has reason to worry when he's running 43 points ahead of Ignatieff on issue of leadership; ahem, media clearly wants an election

Japan's triple disaster estimated to cost up to $235B

UK joins in second night of missile strikes on Libya

AT&T to buy T-Mobile USA for $39B

Seattle Times: 3 foreign reporters missing in Libya

Syrians fire on thousands of protesters, killing 1

France sends aircraft carrier to join Libya campaign

Rubber bullets fly at anti-Obama protest by communists in Brazil

Matt Gurney: For Gadhafi’s troops, the best chance is to push forward

George Jonas: Libya’s tricky dictator bets on luck one more time

Japan 9M earthquake stirred South Florida water table 34 minutes later

Why an election makes no sense for the NDP, Liberals and Canada

Nanos poll: Ontario Tories maintain strong lead over Ontario Liberals and their legacy of expensive experiments

McGuinty-Martin actions contemptible and precedent-setting in hijack of Parliamentary Committee

March of Democracy: 'Enough!' the Arabs say, but will it be enough?

Blankets from Canada and other donors helping Japanese survivors through cold nights in refugee centers

Thomas Walkom: Opposition takes a hit as Harper shows leadership in taking on Gadhafi

Budget to take spotlight off contempt vote -- for a while

Canadians make malaria breakthrough

Naomi Lakritz: Trudeau's weasel words 'absolutely unacceptable'

Federal budget to set table for election battle over economy

Charles Adler: Multiculturalism mine; You almost want to excuse Trudeau for falling into dad’s trap. Almost

Tories produce pair of CIDA memos to back up Bev Oda; opposition coalition harrumphs

Thousands welcome former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide arrival today in Haiti

Japan toll surpasses 6,900 dead, 10,700 missing

Starting April 1st Gov't of Canada departments will pro-actively release summaries of completed access to information requests

Gov't of Canada expands Open Government initiative with new data and info access

Apologetic Bev Oda concedes she sowed confusion over aid decision; but memo was an internal document directing her department, not a public document

Honda recalling 51,000 Civics and Odysseys

Libya says will release 4 NY Times journalists

Harper confirms involvement of Canada in Libya NFZ; will seek support of Parliament if goes longer than a few months

Opposition majority decides to trigger election with bogus 'contempt of Parliament' decision, showing partisan nature of reindeer games being played in Ottawa while crises break out around world

AP fact check: How Obama's Libya claims fit the facts

Obama takes credit for efforts of Clinton, Allies and freedom fighters in Libya

Matt Gurney: McGuinty’s boomerang gaffe -- Throw it away, it comes right back

TSX down as commodities fall

Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Via Rail travel cancelled until Wednesday after CN derailment

Liberal John McCallum admits Ignatieff's corporate tax hike will cost jobs

Layton campaigns in B.C. with a brave face, despite injured hip

Coalition would sow instability, Harper warns new Canadians

Lorne Gunter: A close election? Don't bet on it; Harper's Tories enter campaign in commanding position

Dominance of coalition chatter betrays an embarrassing truth

Chantal Hébert: Liberals march to distant beat of Tory drummer

Brian Lilley: Coalition chatter won’t stop

Cpl. Yannick Scherrer, 24, Canadian soldier killed in Afghan blast

Neil Reynolds: Where was Teddy Roosevelt when we needed him?

Ottawa Sun: Coalition sniping intensifies

Ottawa Sun editorial: Michael Ignatieff must answer the coalition question

quotes: Ignatieff talked about doing coalition many times, ruled it out once

Indian navy rescues Iranian ship, captures 16 Somali pirates

Video shows what Layton said in 2004 about coalition isn't what he's saying now

Harper, Layton, Duceppe sought 'co-opposition' in 2004 letter to GG, not coalition

Air Farce founder Roger Abbott, 64, dies

Libyan rebels sweep westwards

Libyan rebels reclaim lost ground; NATO to expand its role

U.S. to cut Libya role soon, focus on Gadhafi exit

Ignatieff finally says firm 'no' to coalition; but can he be trusted? He said the same thing in the 2008 election

Harper, Duceppe ramp up war of words

Flaherty says the budget introduced after the election will be fundamentally the same, with some updating

Connie Woodcock: Elizabeth May's Green Party on the fringe

Local Ottawa campaign machines kick into high gear

Duceppe campaign, Coyne in Twitter dustup over coalition accusations

Panama Canal gets a revamp -- and so does global trade

Radiation spikes in sea near Fukushima plant

Yemen Government official: deal on President's ouster being worked out

Syria's Assad faces crisis as mourners burn buildings

updated: Libyan rebels take back Ajdabiyah

U.S., allies ponder arming Libyan rebels

Charles Krauthammer: Obama and Libya: The professor’s war

France24: Blasts rock military site in Tripoli

Canadian Forces image gallery for Operation Odyssey Dawn

Harper to visit Governor-General Saturday morning

Syria rocked by massive unrest

Political ground shifts as Canadians head into exciting campaign

Yemen's Saleh ready to cede power, but only to 'safe hands'

Ekos: Friday poll sees 7% lead and another Conservative minority in cards

Tasha Kheiriddin: If it’s 1993 again, the Liberals should be worried

Rex Murphy: If nothing else, the election will mean the last of familiar faces

Warren Kinsella: Liberal shellacking? Poll numbers remind this Grit of 1984 gutting, so why run now?

Michael Den Tandt: Ignatieff needs to give reasons why

Globe & Mail: Liberals take emphasis off Ignatieff on their campaign bus and materials while NDP makes Layton huge

GM, Chrysler suing car carrier Allied; claim Allied holding vehicles 'hostage'

Japan Times: Radiation in the water, food, soil: But what are the risks?

NATO deal on taking over Libya command reached but but talks go on with Turkey

Conservatives announce funding help for gay refugees

Japan faces its next chore: cleaning up

McGill student sorry for hateful tweets

At least 37 Syrian protesters killed, hospital says

National Post: Election battlegrounds graphic

Lorne Gunter: Liberals, NDP will get burned unless they’re honest about coalition

Roy Green: The central election question is -- coalition, yes or no?

Globe & Mail: Win or lose, Flaherty will stand by his budget; it will be re-introduced if Conservatives win

Hamilton Spectator - Editorial: Budget "not bad enough to justify toppling the government and causing an election"

Globe & Mail: The Tories’ buried budget line: important funding for brain research

Allied air strikes fail to dislodge Gadhafi armour, but knocking off vehicles and artillery during daylight

Gadhafi forces roll back as rebels try to organize; Gadhafi air force effectively destroyed

Japanese shares sink into negative territory

TEPCO still working on pumps as black smoke disrupts efforts

Cost of accountability may be disproportionate to value, Harper told

Bomb sat for weeks in 'lost and found' at Detroit federal office

Obama was in process of $77M arms sale to Libya when revolt broke out; sale cancelled by events

Reindeer games continue on Parliament Hill as opposition forces election without voting on budget

Another Tory minority would result in coalition challenge: Giorno

Portugal government looks to fall over austerity budget

Liberal MP wants court to gag nanny until after election

Mark Bonokoski : Iggy's Liberals want to run on trust?

Jeffrey Simpson: One adroit budget, one more Conservative government

U.S. bombed wreckage of crashed F-15 overnight

Syria: 15 killed in clashes between protesters, security forces

Canada barrelling toward spring election campaign; opposition ignores budget, campaign plans made

Eiffel Tower evacuated due to bomb threat

Norway waffles on F-16 role, cowed by Gadhafi propaganda

One killed, dozens hurt in Jerusalem bombing

Japan's nuclear safety agency expects to restore Fukushima cooling soon

The leaky New York Times paywall

Flaherty budget will be big plank in coming election; to stand on and to whack with

Democrats play down first birthday of 'Obamacare'

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) liked budget, says it would have helped 525,000 of their member small businesses

Obama: Reiterates U.S. will turn over control of Libya effort

John Ivison: Flaherty's rational budget no match for Layton's "irrational hatred"

Barbara Yaffe: Former Chretien Finance Minister John Manley praises Flaherty budget for increasing federal revenue from corporate income taxes while reducing rates; hails resulting improvement in Canadian business competitiveness

Guergis' sister opens herself up to legal charges for questionable actions as EDA chief financial officer

Transit sees promise in budget commitment for new infrastructure plan

Canadian Bankers Association: Federal budget keeps the focus on Canada's economic competitiveness

Canadian life and health insurers welcome the federal budget

Polytechnics Canada welcomes innovation boost in federal budget

GM sells Ally Bank preferred shares for $1B

Business bemoans uncertainty from lame duck budget

Material on work computer private, court rules

B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon likes federal budget

Hill Times: Is it time for Liberals to put up or shut up?

Japanese refugees struggle for normalcy; electricity restored to part of Fukushima plant

No sympathy for this Khadr; judging terrorists by wrong standards

Mark Bonokoski: Budget starts war of words

Michael Den Tandt: Ignatieff messages off-tune

As bombs fall on Libyan capital, criticism of Gadhafi grows bolder

BBC may stop screening programmes at night to cut costs

Repair crews return to nuclear plant as Japan's disaster toll rises

Gadhafi forces shelling Misrata kill children

U.S. F-15 fighter jet crash lands in field near Benghazi after mechanical problem; pilots rescued

Shallow 6.6M afterquake hits along Honshu line as huge aftershocks continue regularly

Lawrence Solomon: Reactor victims will benefit, studies show, oddly enough

Yemen’s top generals defect, back democracy protesters

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission orders review of Canadian reactor safety plans

NY Times journalists released from Libyan custody

Foreign media take flak for fanning fears over Japanese nuclear issues

Dead and missing now at 21,000 in Japan

Tokyo Electric resumes rolling blackouts after 3-day suspension

Allied planes bomb Gadhafi command and control compound again

New smoke seen at Japan reactor

Allies strike Libya for second night

Gwynne Dyer: Today Libya, tomorrow Syria?

Middle East press welcomes Libya intervention

More than 8,000 Libyans killed in revolt: rebel

Beltway Confidential: Shouldn't Canada - our largest oil supplier - come before Brazil?

Propaganda war rages as report surfaces Gadhafi son killed

Sprint suggests AT&T purchase of T-Mobile may not pass anti-trust filters

Radiation fears grow in Japan

Workers pulled at Fukushima nuclear plant as smoke rises

Canadian military jets join Libya air patrols

Russia and China abstained from security council vote last week, getting vocal now; they had their chance

AlJazeera: Strike hits Gadhafi compound in Tripoli; acolytes whimper he was targeted

Vancouver Sun: Electricity restored at three reactors in Japan

Anti-war groups protest against anti-Gadhafi air strikes; small group protests outside 10 Downing Street supporting dictator Gadhafi

Coalition air strikes see waning support from Arabs, China and Russia; Arab League and China express regret as Moscow suggests US-led coalition is going beyond its mandate

Egypt: Constitution changes pass in referendum

No-Fly Zone essentially in force: Mullen, Chairman, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

Qatar rises to occasion, announces to join military operation against Libya

Head of Arab League doesn't understand what a no-fly zone entails, criticizes bombing; wants re-think

Rex Murphy: When crisis strikes the world, Obama falls silent

CNN: Hillary Clinton did heavy diplomatic lifting to bring together American will to save Libyans as Obama dithered in White House

Endgame in Libya: French jets hit first, taking out tanks and firing a salvo for freedom

The Guardian: Now Libyans can finish their revolution

Endgame in Libya: how the world called time on Gadhafi -- exactly 8 years after Tomahawk cruise missiles started the end for Saddam Hussein

Egypt: ElBaradei assaulted as ‘unprecedented’ numbers vote on reform

Germany bails on stopping dictator; France shows leadership

Yakabuski: Obama showing weak American leadership to the world; bullies rejoice

Repairs to tsunami and quake-shattered infrastructure start but relocation urged

Japan Times: Yen declines as G7 starts intervention

Gingrich on Libya: Thankfully, French not distracted by March madness basketball brackets

European governments "completely puzzled" about U.S. position on Libya

Water pump in use at last at Japan reactor No. 5

Security cancels Obama speech outside in Rio de Janeiro Sunday

Washington Post: Obama, Gates to leave Washington for official visits as Libya crisis deepens

Charles Krauthammer: It’s still an empty lockbox

War by global committee; too many commanders-in-chief
could save Gadhafi and undermine U.S. interests

Crunching numbers: Tories and Bloc poised for modest gains in snap election, if nothing changes

Canada may take on large share of Libya mission

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid: Voters think Conservatives best party to deliver honest government

Japan warns on quake deaths rise: Police in Japan say 15,000 people may have been killed in a single prefecture, Miyagi

French jets resume Libya sorties; meet no resistance

Miracle in Mikako: Grandmother and boy pulled from rubble 9 days after tsunami smashed city

How the Allied air forces stack up

Gadhafi vows ‘long war’ in rambling diatribe

Allies eliminate tank and armour column outside Benghazi

CNN: 4 B-2 stealth bombers, 4 F-15s and 8 F-16s
hit Libya airfields Sunday morning from bases in U.S.

Water-spraying/pumping having desired cooling effect at Fukushima plant

Gadhafi in hiding, threatens retaliation

Tomahawk cruise missile launches from USS Barry on its way to Libyan target

Canada one of four principal Allies in enforcing no-fly zone

Pentagon says 110 to 112 cruise missiles fired by UK submarine and
U.S. ships and subs at "over 20 targets"; "shaping battle space"
"first phase of a multi-phase operation"

Harper calls Libya mission "act of war" to protect innocent civilians

breaking: Operation Odyssey Dawn -- cruise missiles fired
at Tripoli, Misrata and other cities; 25 Allied ships off Libya coast

U.S. fires Tomahawk cruise missiles; former Libyan
Ambassador to U.S. offers profuse, emotional "thank you" on TV

"Our planes are already preventing air attacks
on the city": French President Sarkozy

France 24: French war planes destroy
their first Gadhafi targets, destroying tanks

Stephen Harper: Canadian troops on sea and in air
in Libya liberation face real risk in 'acts of war'

Benghazi rebels plead for Libya air strikes
as Gadhafi forces advance; Obama put process
over action for a month while Gadhafi killed

Washington Post: French fighter jet fires on Libyan military vehicle

Allied planes finally fly over Libya as Gadhafi hits Benghazi

Plane shot down over rebel-held Benghazi in eastern Libya

Explosions, fighter jet heard in Libya's Benghazi

update: nope, media wrong: Survivor of Japan quake pulled from rubble after 8 days

Harper headed to France for Libya talks tonight

Obama tells Gadhafi it's time to go...

Al-Jazeera: Libya declares ceasefire but fighting goes on

Gadhafi forces shell city despite declared ceasefire

World powers mull moves after Libya declares ceasefire

Unit by unit: Q & A on what's at issue with each of the Fukushima reactors

Fukushima plant worker blogged from inside crippled reactor building

Capping and embedding Fukushima reactors with concrete not impossible
says TEPCO, but cooling is first priority

SDF using 7 fire engines to shoot 50 tonnes of water into reactor No. 3;
water stream appears to be accurate and working;
live coverage by NHK from helicopter 30 km away

Rebels in Benghazi celebrate as UN clears way for air raids

updated: Canada sending 6 CF-18s to help police No-Fly Zone over Libya

Italy bases to be used for No-Fly Zone planes

UN-authorized military strikes on Libya expected "within hours"

UK praises American shift over Libya

Egypt said to be arming Libya rebels

France24: Qatar, Emirates to join Libya air strikes

UN Security Council 'No-Fly Zone' vote: 10 for, 0 against, 5 abstentions

Britain, France ready to help enforce Libya no-fly zone if UN votes yes tonight

Guardian: Obama finally makes decision on Libya after weeks of dithering

Canadian Gov't charters 2 busses to bring Canadians south from hard-hit areas of Northern Japan

Gadhafi takes key towns as NATO squabbles over Libya action

Japan Times: Identification of dead taxing as toll soars; nearly 13,000 dead or missing; 430,000 in 2,400 shelters

Kelly McParland: Liberals put their hopes in the Greater Fool

Despite concerns, Canadian staying in Sendai

Gwynne Dyer: The Libyan revolution's best hope? Egypt

Blackouts ravaging faltering Japanese economy

Pakistan demands apology over Thursday drone strike which killed 35

Budget Officer Page "making up numbers" and comparing apples and oranges says DND procurement DM; says no basis to Page's inflated F-35 estimates

Loonies, Toonies getting lighter

Quebec budget revamps pensions to create voluntary plan for all workers

NY starts spot check of tour busses after Bronx crash, sidelines 8 drivers in check of 36 busses

Canadian data points to strong January growth

Budget to pare back deficit by 25% in coming year, Harper vows

New York Times again trying to charge for news; Canada first, then the world!

Canada economic health is in the numbers

Outlook brightens for growth, jobs in Ontario, Quebec

Scared cat survives quake and tsunami: reunited with owner during TV interview in broken house

O'Keefe says gotcha! goal is to get the truth; NPR latest victim

Canadian Gov't warns against travelling within 80 km of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan

Air Canada cuts routes as fuel prices sting

Prime Minister asks Mounties to probe activities of former aide Bruce Carson after allegations made by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Norway joins Canada to fight EU seal ban

Liberals' election strategy comes down to 'Let's get it over with'; big loss inevitable and their aging, unpopular leader needs replacement

Chantal Hébert: Tories have made major inroads in Ontario’s auto belt

Quebec City aiport expansion announced by federal gov't

Tories release more documentation on costs of upgrading prisons after partisan Speaker ruling; now Brison claims too much info released

Canadian January factory sales leap 4.5%

Knowledge Infrastructure Program: Libs and NDP getting more and I get attacked for saying so -- 2009 article worth a revisit for hypocrisy innoculation

RCMP warns against Japanese earthquake donation scams; fraudsters create phony websites

Cirque du Soleil is moving 300 artists and staff from two of its shows out of Japan in the wake of Friday's earthquake and tsunami; sent to Macau because of temporary shutdown of Tokyo Disneyland

Léger poll analysis: Liberal drop in Ontario points to Conservative majority in Monday's poll

B.C. residents grabbing iodine to guard against Japanese radiation

Barbara Kay: Trudeau the multiculturalist walks into trap of his own making, betraying "the soft bigotry of low expectations"

Miyagi coastal whaling port pulverized, little more than memory

AP: Barack H. Obama Elementary School, in Asbury Park, NJ to close

Konrad Yakabuski: Spectator President? As crises unfold around him, Obama seems curiously unengaged

G7 acts to reduce value of yen

Yen hits record high against dollar in Sydney

Japan Times: Choppers, fire trucks try to deliver water on reactors but success uneven at best

Gadhafi threatens to retaliate in the Mediterranean area if Libya attacked

Gadhafi's forces surround gateway city to Libyan rebel territory, 30 killed

U.S. Navy to begin voluntary evacuation of families in Japan

Nicholas Kristof: Bahrain pulls a Gadhafi

U.S. debt jumped $72B same day U.S. House voted to cut spending $6B

Specter of rebel rout finally helps shift U.S. policy on Libya

Toyota shares tumble after yen hits record high vs dollar

Yen hits postwar record against the dollar

Battle for Benghazi looms, Libya army issues ultimatum

Nervous markets rattled by EU comments on Japan

IAEA chief Amano to visit Japan possibly Thursday

Excellent Japan quake viewer from Texas Tech University

hypocrisy in the USA: Little backlash when Schumer led probe of U.S. muslim radicalization

U.S. urges wider no-go area around Fukushima plant

CIA contractor Ray Davis freed over Pakistan killings; money paid to families

4 New York Times journalists missing in Libya

Obama criticized for being AWOL during wars & disasters; played golf, went to yackfest, picks NCAA teams while Japan in turmoil and Gadhafi on march

Young leaders of Egypt's revolt snub Clinton in Cairo

Japan disaster sends an auto shock wave

NY Times: Two protesters dead as Bahrain declares state of emergency

Gadhafi forces seize another rebel stronghold

U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday passed a new measure blending $6B in budget cuts with enough money to keep the U.S. Government running for an additional 3 weeks

80,000 Japanese defense personnel mobilized for rescue work, official death toll nears 3,700

Canada sending planeload of 25,000 woven thermal wool blankets from emergency relief stockpile to Japan Wednesday morning

Japanese shares rally to regain some lost ground as Nikkei opens Wednesday morning

NY Times: Workers strain to retake control after blast and fire at Japan plant

Israel intercepts arms-filled ship bound for Gaza

CNN: Gadhafi forces gain ground in march toward Benghazi

Germany to shut down 7 pre-1980 nuclear reactors

Kyodo: Spent nuke fuel pool may be boiling, further radiation leak feared

Bodies wash ashore by the hundreds as Japan faces mounting toll in triple catastrophe and survivots short on supplies

Obama's team seeks new ways to fire up his disappointed base

2nd U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, the docked USS George Washington also detects radiation

Heroic Fukushima workers risking lives to stay on job trying to cool overheated reactors

NY Times: Panic selling depresses stock markets in Japan and rest of Asia

TEPCO press release for rolling blackouts starting March 16th

U.S. urges restraint by Gulf nations in Bahrain

Rasmussen poll shows Obama approval dropping as crises, inaction mount

Detailed models used to inform public about plant status

Reuters crisis timeline: TEPCO says situation "not so good";
2 of 4 water drops hit their mark; radiation levels "unchanged";
more water dops under consideration

Reuters: Japan blames yen spike on speculators

Youtube: Watching 6 Japanese TV channels as 9.0M quake hit Friday
some go right to coverage, others linger with commercials/shows

Chosun: Chinook choppers douse quake-damaged plant with water

Reuters: Japan to again try to use military helicopters to douse rogue reactors with water

AP: New power line to Fukushima may allow re-start of electric water pumps at plant; other problems: surge in radiation levels, unexplained white smoke and spent fuel rods that U.S. officials said might be on the verge of spewing more radioactive material

CBC: Japan denies meltdown threat assessment by U.S.

Kyodo News: Steam at Fukushima No. 3 reactor, massive water injection planned

Kyodo News: U.S. to fly spy plane over Fukushima nuclear plant for closer look

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Jaczko says ‘no water’ in spent-fuel pool

U.S. stocks plunge on nuclear worries, evacuation warnings

4.7M quake hits western Quebec

Last defense at troubled reactors: 50 Japanese workers

NY Times: Peril and confusion at Japanese nuclear plant

Reuters: Japan scrambles to pull plant back from brink

Emperor Akihito delivers rare address on nuclear crisis

Japanese Governor of Fukushima area criticizes official handling of evacuation

Fukushima upgraded to 6 on 7-point nuclear accident scale

TEPCO considers helicopter spraying of water
and boric acid to stop reactor fires and resume cooling;
may ask for assistance of U.S. military

Asian shares mostly higher; Tokyo shares up, mood cautious

6.0M offshore afterquake at shallow depth of 8.5 km at 12:52 p.m. near Chiba shook Tokyo (60 miles west)

Wikipedia info page for Fukushima power plant

Reuters -- updated: Workers return after temporary withdrawal due to high radioactivity
levels at stricken Fukushima plant; units 3 and 4 have had huge holes blown in their walls
by suspected hydrogen explosions; the hydrogen is suspected of off-venting from rapid oxidation
of zirconium fuel bundle sheathing under higher temperatures after coolant loss

464 afterquakes in past 113.5 hours,
504 quake 'events' in past 7 days (from USGS data)

Postmedia News/Global National Ipsos Reid poll: CPC 40%, LPC 27%, NDP 16%, BLOC 11%, GRN 5%; only 27% of Canadians believe opposition parties should vote against next week's budget; 40% say budget should be supported

Breaking: Fire breaks out at Japan Fukushima Daiichi No.4 reactor

TEPCO may be held liable for Fukushima plant explosions

6.0M quake southwest of Tokyo shakes confidence

Foreigners flee Japan as nuclear threat mounts

Graphic: How much radiation is being released by Japan’s runaway reactors?

Afterquakes not slowing; range from 4M to 6.4M overnight

Woman, 70, found alive in her washed-away house 4 days after tsunami

Reuters: Japan braces for potential radiation catastrophe

IAEA says stored nuclear fuel burned in unit 4, and
"radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere"

Kyodo: Japan PM Kan raps TEPCO for handling of Fukushima crisis

Millions of quake victims face freezing temperatures as snow is forecast

Reuters: Bank of Japan pumps more funds into banking system on Tuesday

Expansion of evacuation zones broadcast on NHK television. (NHK)

Washington Post: Japan steps closer to a full-blown nuclear catastrophe

LA Times: Japan's Nikkei stock index plunges 13% on nuclear fears

WSJ: Nuclear risk rising in Japan; crisis spreads to third reactor as operators struggle to prevent large-scale radiation leaks

WSJ: Escalated crisis as Japan PM Kan urges people within 30 km of plant to stay indoors

Kyodo news update: Unit 4 reactor fire apparently put out: Tokyo Electric

breaking Kyodo news: New hydrogen explosion at Fukushima unit 4 reactor

Japan PM says radiation spreading from damaged reactors, risks of more leaks

AP: Bottom of nuclear reactor container suspected damaged

updated Kyodo news: Container damaged, radiation leaking at Fukushima plant

breaking: report on BBC that today's reactor explosion breached reactor container

USGS upgrades quake to 9.0 Magnitude, following earlier revision to 9.0M by Japan Meteorological Agency

3rd explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant this time hits reactor #2

411 afterquakes in past 85 hours,
451 quake 'events' in past 7 days (USGS)

National Post: Japan battles against nuclear meltdown amid search for survivors

NY Times: Death toll estimate in Japan soars as relief efforts intensify; property damage as high as $35B

WSJ: Plant closures imperil global supplies; auto makers and chip companies, even those left unscathed, halt most operations ahead of planned power outages due to destroyed nuclear plants

Wall Street Journal: Japan disasters will re-shape world economy,
depress U.S. dollar, raise yen and focus U.S. budget debate

Reuters: new reactor blast unlikely to cause big leak

Japanese TV video of explosion at Fukushima #3 reactor (March 14th)

367 afterquakes in past 68.5 hours,
407 quake 'events' in past 7 days (USGS)

updated: 10-foot tsunami warning cancelled in northeastern Japan near Soma
false alert triggered when seismograph picked up Fukushima hydrogen explosion

Second hydrogen explosion at Fukushima power plant; reactor building #3;
reactor container remains secure; explosion felt 30 miles away

Video as Friday tsunami hit Miyako and Kamaishi (BBC/Reuters)

Japan tsunami survivor Hiromitsu Shinkawa found 10 miles out at sea (AP)

Google before and after gallery showing tsunami devastation (Google)

345 afterquakes in past 60.5 hours,
385 quake 'events' in past 7 days (USGS)

Shinmoedake volcano in southern Japan erupts

Now problems at 3rd nuclear plant; radiation leakage at Onagawa, pump failure at Tokai, multiple failures at Fukushima; at least 6 reactors in total now at risk

Minister warns of fresh Fukushima explosion threat

Japan Meteorological Agency revises quake ranking to 9.0M

6.2M quake hits near Tokyo; 267 afterquakes in past 42.5 hours,
307 quake 'events' in past 7 days (USGS)

Russia increases supply of electricity, coal & liquified natural gas to Japan

Fukushima explosion did not affect reactor container says Japan Chief Cabinet Sec'y

Survivors wait to be rescued in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, on March 12, 2011. (Kyodo/Reuters)

USGS: Latest aftershock is 6M and very shallow at 2.7 miles, close to location of big quake

9,500 residents reportedly missing in Japanese port city of Minamisanriku. (Kyodo News)

CNN: Quake moved Japan land mass 8 feet; shifted Earth's axis by 4 inches

Fukushima nuclear plant was originally scheduled for shutdown on March 26, 2011; 40 years after construction, 10-year extension granted in February 2011

Reuters: No Chernobyl-type radiation release; core intact, needs cooling

Wednesday's 7.2M foreshock (as reported here, below) was only the biggest of a string of foreshocks

Reuters: Radiation leaking from Japan's quake-hit nuclear

NY Times: Evacuation zone around Fukushima plant doubled, to 12 miles

BBC: Video of violent blast at Japan nuclear power plant

Shaking, smoke seen at Japanese nuclear plant facing possible meltdown

Japan faces nuclear meltdown at risk after explosion at Fukushima plant

Quake and tsunami leave wake of destruction across northern Japan

Large 5M and 6M after-quakes keep shaking Japan

Hundreds officially killed as massive earthquake, tsunami hit Japan

Official Japan death toll 300. Kyodo reporting 88,000 people missing.

Friend in Tokyo at 6:30 a.m. ET via Facebook: "Now, 24 after-quakes later (each over 5.2 level) the city is blacked out except for emergency lights, trains can't run tonight, and I've got a few hours of walking to get home, around the Imperial Palace."

If you are anywhere on West Coast of U.S. or Canada, head for higher ground asap!

Early video from NHK television and other sources of initial seconds of quake and then as tsunami sweeps into port of Kamaishi, inundating a dockland area, sweeping cars into water and forcing boats onshore.

300 bodies found along Japan coast. Nuclear plant under emergency cooling, evacuations warned. Some Japanese cities levelled. Caller from Tokyo to Fox News at 5:15 a.m. ET says fires are widespread in Tokyo. Power is out for most people and all public transit is idled.

NOAA/NWS/West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center: 'Deep ocean sensors indicate a large tsunami has been generated'

Insensitive, giggling CNN anchor jokes about being "flooded with tweets" is blasted by people on twitter; coverage on BBC, Fox News, NHK all excellent and with appropriate gravity as this historic disaster unfolds

If you are anywhere on a Pacific Coast, head for higher ground asap!

Media warnings going out to all countries in tsunami path

Japan PM to serve as head of emergency response centre; asks for calm; no radioactive material has escaped from power plants; about 4 million homes in and around Tokyo without power

7th largest earthquake in recorded history

If you are anywhere on a Pacific Coast, head for higher ground asap!

Major damage across Japan; oil refinery on fire, other fires, vehicles washed off roads; thousands of fatalities anticipated; many, many square miles of land inundated, airport flooded, after-shocks continuing

6.8M after-shock hits near Tokyo as cluster of big quakes lays waste with tsunami walls of water

7.1M latest of major after-shocks hammering Japan

Tsunami swept miles inland taking people, cars, trucks, boats and buildings with it; tsunami watch for U.S. and Canadian Pacific coasts

Japan quake upgraded to 8.9M monster; shook for many minutes

Dramatic live TV pictures of tsunami sweeping ashore and pushing cars, boats and buildings

7.9M shallow quake off Japan coast; tsunami warnings

Bill Clinton says U.S. should support a no-fly zone in Libya

Vision Critical/Angus Reid poll: Tories stay ahead as Ignatieff drops; CPC 39%, LPC 23%, NDP 17%, GRN 9%

Conservatives hold 'clear' lead: EKOS poll; CPC 35.2%, LPC 27.8%, NDP 14.9%, GRN 10.1%

Ottawa deficit position $14B better than expected, TD Bank says

Bloomberg: Harper says NHL must address head injury issue

Outrage grows after NHL sees no evil in Chara’s violent hit

14 dead, 135 injured in China quake

El Baradei confirms candidacy for Egyptian Presidency; wants reform pace to slow to get things right, block Muslim Brotherhood

Demonstrators attacked in Egypt's Tahrir Square

Maple Leaf Tartan now an official symbol of Canada

6.3M after-shock hits offshore Japan

Space shuttle 'Discovery' ends "perfect" mission with pinpoint landing as all-time space champ

No damage from small tsunami; but large after-shocks continue

Japan earthquake: 7.2M tremor shakes Tokyo buildings

Huge 7.2M Japan quake the biggest of a cluster of big quakes in last day; shallow and about 100 miles offshore

Fructose can trigger cancer cells to grow faster, study finds

Harper links economic damage from Japanese quake and opposition threat of a snap election to fragility of world economy

FBI charges fugitive Canadian of training al-Qaida members

Rex Murphy: Remembering Larry Zolf

Lorne Gunter: Ignatieff’s boneheaded move on Quebec arena funding

MLSE auction part of larger trend

Canada's Q4 productivity better than expected

Trudeau blames Conservatives for his support for 'honour killings'; takes nearly 24 hours for retraction

Trudeau forced to retract his waffle words on 'honour killings'; had attacked gov't for calling them 'barbaric'

Japan fears cause TSX to shed year’s gains

NASDAQ considers rival bid for NYSE

Lumber stocks jump on scenes of quake devastation

Canadians have regained ground lost to stock market crash of 2008

Federal gov't monitoring situation and Canadians not likely to be in danger from nuclear fall-out

Bribery, ethics and "unpublishing"

Trudeau blasts feds for calling honour killings 'barbaric'

Leger poll: CPC 36%, LPC 23%, NDP 18%, BLOC 10%, GRN 10%

Slate: Overreaction to Japan reactor woes?

Embassy still trying to reach Canadians in Japan's quake zone

Chuck Strahl's son to attempt to fill dad's shoes as Conservative MP in Chilliwack-Fraser Valley

Political cynicism reigns as Iggy promises a Liberal Gov't would help pay for Quebec City Arena

Gilbert Gottfried canned as AFLAC Duck voice after disgusting tweets about Japan quake/tsunami tragedy

If 351 stalled U.S. energy projects green lighted, would create as many as 1.9M jobs and increase U.S. GDP by $1.1T says U.S. Chamber of Commerce study

Quake sell-off wipes $287 billion off Tokyo stock market

Saudi Arabia sends troops into Bahrain to counter weeks of protests by Shi'ite Muslim majority

CNN: Why Japan relies on nuclear power

NY Times: the mechanics of a partial meltdown

Conservatives targeting Northern Ontario

Toyota, Honda shares fall after quake

Rebels appear to slow government forces' advance in Libya

Radiation detected on USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier so U.S. Seventh Fleet moved further to sea

Japan's shipping, energy sectors begin march back from quake

Experts say Japan tectonic plate moved eastward by 20 meters during quake

'Baby Joseph' flown from London to U.S. hospital in St. Louis

Japan nuclear situation not a health risk to Canada

Would-be MLSE buyers face new burden

Argyle shows the value of owning the podium

George F. Will: The U.S. Supreme Court and the health-care mandate muddle

Reuters analysis: Tiny Bahrain could provoke regional conflict

Wisconsin unions try to sneak new contracts in under the wire as Democrat Secretary of State delays putting contract-control bill into force

Air and ground: Gadhafi, rebels each claim control

AP Spin Meter: Obama steers clear of action on guns

Official tsunami-quake death toll up to 2,414

No looting in Japan; setting an example for the world

Reuters: Nuclear industry in turmoil after Japan quake

Globe & Mail: Threat of nuclear meltdown sparks a quiet panic in Japan

AP: Oil below $99 as Japan disaster stuns economy

BBC video: 'Everything was destroyed, swept away'

LA Times: Grim recovery effort along Japan's coast; the dead, the dazed, coping with the aftermath

NY Times: Stunning interactive before/after photos by GeoEye

Reuters analysis: Quake impact seen deep and long, recession possible

Toronto Star: Second nuclear explosion leaves Japan shaken, in shock

Reuters analysis: Seawater cooling helps but Japan nuclear crisis is not over

Bank of Japan injects record 7 trillion yen to soothe markets

500,000 refugees from quake/tsunami as temperatures drop below freezing; dramatic rescue of 60-year-old man clinging to his house roof 9 miles offshore in Pacific Ocean has stunned and inspired rescue personnel on land and sea

Quebec missionary killed by tsunami in Sendai as car hit while he was leaving town

Bloomberg: Global stock rally may withstand Japan disaster as economic growth tops 4%

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan confirms it is selling its controlling shares in Toronto Maple Leafs

At least one Canadian dead in Japanese quake, gov't confirms

Kelly McParland: The Bush doctrine versus the Obama retreat

Canadian Conservative roots much older than Canada Segal explains in new book

Freak NYC bus accident kills 15 as bus top sliced off by sign

Treasury Board Prez Stockwell Day won't run in next election

Phyllis Chesler: Turning a blind eye to Islam’s brutal treatment of women

Rex Murphy: Alert me when we get to Saudi Arabian Gender Apartheid Week

What the humanitarian, anti-war left sowed in Iraq, it is now reaping in Libya

NY Times: The flaws which doomed Obama's poor plan for a Florida bullet train

Nova Scotia NDP Government decision to start new paving operation in-house angers truckers

Ignatieff gets no respect in devastating profile in New York Times

Napanee students' plane was delayed or they would have landed in Japan at time of quake; due to late departure from Chicago plane was diverted to Alaska

Japan oil, gas imports likely up post-quake; Tepco may take hit

Tsunami destruction has played out before on Canadian coasts

3 men who discovered bomb along Spokane parade route say they later lost jobs

NPR journalists denounce former executive's 'tea party' remarks

Positive job growth in Canada slows to 15,100 in February; unemployment remains at 7.8%

Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne guilty of fraud; misused Senate funds and pocketed expenses that were actually run up by his staff

Push to ban head hits on the ice heats up for NHL

Stephen Brunt: Bettman fiddles while NHL burns

Sarkozy and Cameron: Gadhafi must step down now

NATO to move ships but delays Libya no-fly zone

Ignatieff’s numbers plummet as Tories unleash another attack ad

Canadian NHL sponsors express concern over violence

Canadiens owner Molson lashes out at NHL in letter to fans

TSX drops for fourth straight day, down 200-plus points

New era of plastic money to start with $100 bills in November

The ‘hockey play’ defence is getting old

Montreal police investigating Chara hit

Chara’s non-suspension sparks debate among players

Bettman tells Air Canada to mind its own business; says NHL will fly on other airplanes instead

Air Canada stance a first for pro sports? Airline leads the way in promoting athlete safety by threatening sponsorship $$

Air Canada threatening to withdraw NHL sponsorship over Chara hit

Canadians react to Chara hit

Web start-ups get upper hand over investors

Did Bill Keller compromise NY Times coverage of Fox News by criticizing Fox News?

Government will make up own mind on TMX/LSE merger: Clement

Gadhafi sets oil installations ablaze in Libya as battles rage

TD, CIBC, National Bank of Canada oppose TMX-LSE merger deal: report

Liberals caught in their own tax trap; voted to reduce taxes now want to raise them, with jobs at risk, including their own

cold, eh: Canadians’ internet usage nearly double the worldwide average

Christie Blatchford: The dying cry of Toronto's leftover left

Tamil migrant from MV Sun Sea ordered deported over ties to terror group

New Canadian regulations make banks more consumer-friendly

Sun News channel to launch on April 18th; Sun columnist Brian Lilley to host prime-time show

Japan Times: Death toll may surpass 10,000 in Miyagi prefecture alone

Japan Times: Rolling blackouts set for nine prefectures as nuclear shutdowns impact electricity availability

Death toll estimate rises to 10,000 in Japan amid fears of nuclear meltdown

Chief State Dept spokesman Crowley fired after he criticizes Obama

2nd Fukushima reactor being cooled with seawater; renders reactor unusable in future but hoped to avert meltdown

Japan nuclear crisis could cause reassessment in U.S.

Radiation levels rise above limit at quake-hit plant: Kyodo

Japan's TEPCO: air release starts at No.3 reactor; venting to prevent another explosion

2nd reactor at quake-damaged plant loses cooling; authorities scrambling to prevent possible meltdown, radiation release

Arab states back Libya no-fly zone against Gadhafi

Missing cruise ship found with all safe; had been feared lost at sea after tsunami

Lights shut off at landmarks in Japan as electricity concern spread

Telecom operators report quake-damaged undersea cables

Canada Gov't operations centre buzzing 24/7; 13 Canadians known to be in Japan affected areas

Japan Times: SDF in full deployment, help welcomed from abroad; U.S. Navy has 6 ships en route

Bank of Japan pledges emergency action; auto output and exports, including parts exports to U.S. plants halted

National Post: incredible photo gallery of Japanese quake/tsunami damage

Sanctions kill off Libya's vital shipping trade

Reuters factbox: Japan quake's impact on U.S. companies

Rescue efforts gear up in devastated Japan

Bloomberg: Canadian currency touches strongest level in 3 years on oil, risk appetite

Japan scrambles to reach trapped victims amid devastation

TSX closes higher despite quake

Canada dollar beats back sell-off after quake, weak jobs data

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the Japan earthquake and tsunami

Venting radioactive steam hoped to avoid explosion at coolant-challenged Japan nuclear plant

updated LA Times: Much of Crescent City, California harbor destroyed; 4 people swept into sea, at least 1 dead

Guardian: Libya rebels appeal for air strikes against Gadhafi

CNN: Libyan attack oil port, blow up oil storage tanks

NY Times: Maps and reach of Japanese earthquake cluster

Minimal tsunami effects on B.C. coast

6-foot tsunami waves sweep Hawaii, no major damage yet

3,000 ordered to evacuate near quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant

U.S. oil drops below $100 as Japan's refineries shut after quake

Britons tell of devastation as Japan quake closes Tokyo's Narita airport

Wisconsin governor cancels layoffs

Oil falls to near $101 after massive Japan quake

Toppled buildings in Wednesday's China quake raise questions

Canada ‘will always stand by’ Israel, Harper says

NY Times: latest tape increases pressure for NPR to clean house; what other tapes lurk?

irony: While Obama at 'bully' event in Florida, EU prepares for emergency summit on Libya

Dow sinks below 12,000 on Saudi, economy fears

Saudi police fire in air to disperse protest

UN says Libyan bombing may be crimes against humanity

Time for some timely cruise missiles? Rebels retreat from Libyan oil port amid barrage

Obama's top intelligence adviser attacked for saying Gadhafi will defeat rebels; White House says he's wrong

Gov. Scott Walker: Why I'm fighting in Wisconsin; we can avoid mass teacher layoffs and reward our best performers

Wisconsin lawmakers pass bill removing expensive collective bargaining issues from public union negotiations

Karl Rove: Political campaigns go viral; the impact of internet on elections has only begun to be felt

Reuters: A million Libyans need aid as UK, France seek no-fly zone

France24: Escalating violence spurs stronger calls for Libya no-fly zone

Jerusalem Post: Israel may seek additional $20B in U.S. defense aid

If Gadhafi survives, other regimes in region will wonder just what, exactly, are benefits of an alliance with a diffident America

West shuns Libyan crude; oil price spike continues as energy giants, banks stop trading with Gadhafi

NATO increases air-borne surveillance of Libya

NY Times: Discord fills Washington on possible Libya intervention

As Obama dithers, Libyan warplanes strike rebels at oil port

Oil nears $107 a barrel, U.S. gasoline above $3.50 per gallon

Clashes reported in Cairo for first time since Mubarak ousted; Plainclothed men armed with knives and molotov cocktails attacked demonstrators protesting abuses by state security forces

The 2011 oil shock: More of a threat to the world economy than investors seem to think

Ottawa warns Canadians in Yemen to leave while they can as protests turn violent

British soldiers detained by Libyan rebels reportedly released

update: 6.2M shallow quake hits Chile Sunday morning; no significant damage

Reuters: Intense gunfire in Tripoli before dawn

Wall Street Journal: U.S. wavers on 'regime change'

Arab TV stations report heavy death toll, wounded in Zawiyah battles

BBC: Protests in Tripoli after prayers

Libya clashes widen, unrest erupts in Tripoli

Washington Post: Obama signals willingness to intervene militarily in Libya if crisis worsens

Canadian Press/Harris-Decima poll: National CPC 36%, LIB 28%, NDP 15%; Ontario CPC 39%, LIB 37%

Police arrest scores in mob crackdown in Italy, Germany; suspects also sought in Canada and elsewhere

NY Times: Uproar after NPR Executive repeatedly calls Tea Partiers ‘racist’

Who wants a pre-owned shuttle? Everyone

Liberals fail to show for work

Michael Den Tandt: Right time for election call

John Robson: The case of the disappearing scandal; other parties did exactly what they're yelling at the Conservatives for doing; real scandal is at Elections Canada

Caterpillar's problem with Peoria; why an American icon is looking beyond Illinois for its future

Boeing get boosts from China orders for stretched 747 and 787 Dreamliner models

CRTC approves BCE's purchase of CTVglobemedia with strings attached

BBC: New net rules set to make cookies crumble

Scott Stinson: Ignatieff riding toward his Last Stand; do Liberals want to speed up their Iffy replacement?

Honda, Toyota, Chrysler recalls

Bruce Anderson: Fighting election on content of Flaherty’s budget would be foolish

Western Digital agrees to buy/merge with Hitachi hard-drive unit for $4.3B

Why Jim Flaherty is a great Finance Minister in the age of uncertainty

Chantal Hébert: Spring vote could be best bet for Layton, NDP; or just for Mulcair?

Neil Reynolds: The withering of the state

Thomas Mulcair: NDP leader-in-waiting, impatiently?

poll: Canada's reputation on the rise

Ottawa won't be working with UK on building warships

HSBC wants to move its HQ from London to Hong Kong due to new operating costs in UK

Kenney takes heat for aide's ‘unfortunate error'; Minister was on his way to Islamabad for funeral for slain Bhatti

Toronto Sun editorial: It's time tough Toronto budget questions were asked, such as "should we be doing this?", and Rob Ford is right man to have at helm when they're asked

Michael Den Tandt: Hard-working Ontarians tired of being pushed down; 'Ford Nation' exists across Ontario

Ontario carbon-fighter Murray leaves heavy and expensive carbon footprint

Keith Beardsley: While Libya burns, trivia consumes Question Period

Lorrie Goldstein: Dalton McGuinty's mind games hide his horrendous power record

Telegraph: Britain currently training 100 members of Gadhafi's feared police

Wall Street Journal: Why the U.S. dollar's reign is near an end

Rex Murphy: Western culture, brought to you by bigots, drunkards and creeps

Niall Ferguson: Why the West is now in decline

Lawrence Solomon: Don’t count on constant electricity under renewable energy, says UK electricity CEO

Terence Corcoran: Why the Canadian public sector is hanging on for all it’s worth

Libyan rebels reportedly seize British SAS troops

Chantal Hébert: Public opinion won’t shift radically before vote; a majority in play

Tory Minister Verner justifies Ottawa's decision not to fund Quebec City arena

Gadhafi hometown of Sirt captured

Saudi Arabia bans all protests

We're cruising into an election, and Harper's in the driver's seat

Charlie Sheen to use notoriety to benefit others; plans trip to Haiti to draw attention there

Influential ally abandons Yemen's president

Toronto 18 terrorist's rambling plea fails to sway judge; gets life sentence

Stephen Brunt: Is the end of the Coyotes approaching in Glendale?

Is the U.S. jobs report strong, or ‘yet another false start’?

Mubarak, inner circle stashed money in Canadian banks

Forum Research poll: Ontario Liberals losing hold on Toronto

U.S. February payrolls jump, jobless rate nears 2-year low

Canada expedites special law to freeze foreign assets

More Canadians rescued from Libya as Dutch chopper commandos captured

Latest Bombardier aircraft order could be largest in aviation history

Hudak and Fideli attack one-size-fits-all Toronto solutions

Sudden loss of veteran journalist Jim Travers shocks and saddens Parliament Hill

Roy Green: With enemies like the Liberals, Harper may not need friends

Kelly McParland: Toronto Star in danger of going zero-for-three in Tory smear jobs

Naval mission signals Ottawa's hardening stand on Libyan crisis

Tim Hudak vows to ROMA/OGRA Conference in keynote speech that he will return Ontario decision-making to local level

Canada moves to freeze assets of ousted Tunisian leader, family

John Ivison: A small step toward First Nations accountability as Block private members' bill passes 2nd reading due to Liberal defections

Toronto Star/La Presse Vision Critical/Angus Reid poll: McGuinty still at 16% approval level

U.S. makes biggest Canada feed wheat buy in decade

She said, she said; Ouimet rips Fraser for 'erroneous' report, questions numbers, analysis, conclusions; government couldn't fire her because she was an officer of Parliament

Opposition playing reindeer games while government focus is on economy, says Harper

Rector of Queen’s University celebrates Israeli Apartheid Week, declares Israel guilty of ‘genocide’

Gadhafi's son vows full-scale military action against Libyan rebels

Cabinet gives Mackenzie pipeline go-ahead

New estimate of F-35 costs based on a lot of guesswork; yet only minor variance from DND estimates despite different time-frame

Brent tops $116 as Gadhafi bombs Libyan oil facilities

HaloIPT wireless charging technology recognized at Cleanequity Monaco

Liberal Speaker Milliken shows true stripes in rulings against government

Charlie Sheen will recover before McGuinty gets over addiction to over-spending says Hudak

U.S. deports Canadian convicted in 2000 Alaska pipeline bomb plot

Young Mexican police chief seeks U.S. asylum after death threats in deadly town

Democrat Senators refuse to return from self-imposed exile in Illinois so Wisconsin removes budget measures from bill and Senate votes to remove expensive collective bargaining elements from Wisconsin public union quiver; measure will save state $$ billions

U.S. government debt eliminated from holdings of Pimco, world's biggest bond fund

BBC crew says beaten, threatened by Libyan forces

France24: How long can Gadhafi and his forces hold out?

IBM lifts Dow after broker comments

Egypt sectarian strife kills 13, challenge to army

Obama still dithers; no-fly zone a UN decision, says Hillary Clinton, as Gadhafi fighters strafe freedom fighters

Reuters: As oil muddies outlook, U.S. Federal Reserve policy less certain

Gadhafi ouster reports cause confusion

CBS News: Democrat Sen. Manchin attacks Obama for "lack of leadership"

Reuters analysis: al Qaida sees mileage in long Libya war, West role

Ousted Egyptian dictator Mubarak loses appeal to stop prosecutors seizing his billions

Court upholds sacking of Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus; microlending under increasing criticism for exploiting poor

Rajaratnam faces jury in huge insider trading case

Oil drops to $113 as OPEC discusses raising output

Michael Geist: Liberal MP Dan McTeague: repeat copyright infringer?

Daily Mail: Gadhafi hints he is ready to leave Libya (but 'only if rebel council gives him a pile of cash and promises not to prosecute')

Two-week gasoline price rise in U.S. second biggest ever

Oil's march higher sparks fear in the markets

Gadhafi insists al Qaeda is to blame for chaos and killings

Egyptian migrant workers continue to flee Libya

Loonie hits $103.02 as rising prices of oil and gold push it up

U.S. airlines simply cancel flights to avoid flight delay fines

Parts of quake-hit Christchurch to be abandoned

how conflicts grow: 'Syrian mercenaries, warplanes aiding Gadhafi'

Reuters: Oil hits 2.5-year highs as Libya turmoil deepens

Rescue call-off in Nevada mine death raises deep questions

Zimbabwe to defy UN sanctions and sell uranium to Iran

Gadhafi has enough military power at his disposal to make dislodging him a bloody and uncertain business

New Egypt PM names most of new Cabinet

Daily Mail: The Group of 18: Found at last, the rogue genes behind heart disease

Libya could split, says UK Defense Sec'y, as regime hits rebels hard

witness: Joy as opposition beats back Gadhafi forces in Misrata

John Bolton: While the White House slept: Once again, our government was caught off guard by the Middle East

France24: Rebels deny pro-Gadhafi forces' claims of major gains

Ras Lanuf: Rebels shoot plane out of sky with rocket-propelled grenade launcher

Gadhafi strikes back with warplanes to try to stem advance of liberation forces

Xinhuanet: China's latest five-year blueprint said to be significant to whole world

Toronto 18: The defining case for trying terrorists

U.S. offers aid for Egyptian democracy, but quietly

Libya: fate of key cities unclear as Gadhafi claims 'victories'

Egypt GDRs slide as Bourse debacle threatens ‘pariah’ status

Egyptians attack hated security force's HQ

Hudak says an Ontario PC government will complete 407 to 35/115 in one project

Canadian Herc pulls more Canadians, Americans, Brits, Ukrainians and others from Libya today

Charles Krauthammer: From Baghdad to Benghazi everyone is a convert to George W. Bush's freedom agenda, while Obama's foreign policy has been shelved

Libyan opposition claims gains in westward push

Yemen's leader rejects opposition plan

Libyan jet fighter crashes in rebel-held east

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