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Older News ~ June 2010 -- November 2010

Citing deficit, Obama proposes freezing federal worker pay, apologizes

Apprehended Mexican drug gang leader confesses to ordering thousands of killings

EU backs US$115B Irish bailout

Charles Krauthammer: The irrelevance of START

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Cooling climate change: common sense sets in as dire predictions fail to appear
and sham of climate warming dawns, while naive early adopters such as
Spain and Ontario suffer long-term economic damage

Record snow falls in Northern England, more on the way

U.S. Black Friday retail sales edge up only slightly

WikiLeaks won't harm Canada-U.S relations: Cannon

Afghan police officer kills 6 NATO troops during training

Wikileaks: Leaked papers show U.S. has been under intense pressure to attack Iran

Russian cargo plane crashes into Pakistani housing complex; 8 crew dead; on mercy flight to Sudan

Ottawa's autumn 2010 deficit shrunk 40% from autumn 2009

Somali-born American teen grabbed by FBI after plotting tree ceremony car-bombing in Oregon

New artillery fire from North Korea apparently just practice rounds on its own territory

Canadian Colonel says Taliban defeated on battlefield

Visitors to Canada boost spending by 2.3% in Q3 2010; Canadian tourists reduce spending abroad

Deal on Ireland's €85B Euro bailout could come Sunday

Climate craziness cools in Cancun
Vermiculite insulation from Montana mine, source of 70% used in world,
fingered as asbestos-contaminated and deadly cancer killer-in-waiting;
sold for decades and until recent years

Iranian nuclear scientist killed, another injured in Tehran bombings

Canada to introduce world’s toughest lead regulations for toys

Canada to match U.S. emissions standards, says Baird, but U.S. state-by-state checkerboard approach will not make it easy

VOA: At least 12 now officially dead from Pakistan cargo-plane crash into neighbourhood

McGuinty clowns strike again: This eco fee is WEEE-diculous

BBC: Brazilian forces seize Rio drug trafficker stronghold

Senate power finally tips to Tories after many decades of Liberal control; hypocritical hand-wringing aplenty among Liberals

Liberal Party continues to pay for the Adscam rip-off, as civil cases take their toll

Canadian Press gets new owners

Toronto 18 terrorist gets 10 years in jail

Ottawa halts change that would leave low-income seniors in lurch

CRTC gives green light to Sun TV

Adrian MacNair: The religious zealotry of climate change fanatics

Michael Ignatieff courted Conservative by-election candidate Julian Fantino but was rebuffed; now attacks him

Kelly McParland: Danny Williams’ adventures in Tantrumstan

Tasha Kheiriddin: Sarah Palin, please shut up

Former Canadian Forces commander resigns before court martial

Canada won't attend UN 'hatefest' conference

Quebec follows Harper lead and sets top political donation limit at $1,000

Tories, Liberals in harmony over Afghanistan training mission

Charest survives confidence vote

Harper government tightens rules for bureaucrat spending

Husband of Belleville police chief gets 30 days in jail, communication restrictions, for beating her in jealous rage

Saint John bridge to be fixed, transferred to NB ownership and have tolls removed

Wall Street Journal: Currency markets in flux over euro, dollar prospects

Deborah Coyne fires back at Toronto Star for its weird, creepy A1 piece on her daughter

Ignatieff 's 'enthusiasm gap' a chasm

Abbott confirms run for B.C. Liberal leadership; says will hold HST referendum

TD Bank chief calls for lower taxes for lower income Canadians

SIU won’t lay charges in six G20 cases where injury allegedly caused by police

Canada setting up private booths to draw curtain on pat-down uproar

Feds commit $275.6M for research chairs at 53 universities; U of T VP Research says: "This program is vital for Canada, since it contributes to the development of first-class training and competitive research in Canada and abroad"

North Korea continues sabre-rattling, threatens 'brink of war' being approached

Washington Post: U.S. embassies warn allies of possible fallout from new WikiLeaks disclosure

Jerusalem Post: 'Wikileaks documents show Turkey helped al-Qaida'

Canadian political landscape changes again as Premier Danny Williams steps down after power deal

Eric Reguly: The good ship Euro is sinking; assurances at its birth in 1999 are laughable now

Police reviewing their procedures in Williams case

Williams investigation remains an open file; cold cases across Canada are being examined: Police

U.S. sends USS George Washington aircraft carrier battle group to Yellow Sea between Korea and China

Green volts or Re-volt? how to kill an economic powerhouse:
McGuinty's pricey green dreams; government's own study says "Ontario Liberals have grossly underestimated
the Act's cost to electricity consumers and overestimated the net number of new jobs
created by the hoped-for switch from carbon energy to wind, solar, hydro
and biofuel" ~ "switch to green energy may produce 50,000 new jobs, [but] the higher energy prices
the Act will provoke could kill that many (or more) jobs in existing energy-intensive industries
such as manufacturing and agriculture"

Sydney Morning Herald: North Korean dictator-in-waiting linked to deadly artillery attack

Telegraph: South Korea warns North Korea it will 'sternly retaliate' to any further provocation

Guardian: North Korea internationally condemned over South Korea attack

NY Times: North and South Korea exchange artillery fire, killing two

Irish PM is forced to agree to dissolve government

€90B Euro Irish bailout ends in turmoil -- now Europe fears crisis will spread

propane leaks: Half of Mexican hotel where Canadians killed in explosion ordered closed

Mexico to investigate resort explosion as a homicide

Wall Street Journal: U.S. about to pounce after massive 3-year insider trading investigation

Peter Foster: Canada dodges carbon suicide; Harper right to kill ‘irresponsible’ bill that would have erased legions of jobs

Laurel and Hardy?: McGuinty Liberals still bungling, say Ontario hydro rates will jump 46% in next five years!

IPCC Official: "Climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth"

Greg Weston: The inconvenient truth about the defeated NDP climate change bill: "eliminating all the cars, trucks, bulldozers, railways and airlines in the country wouldn't get even halfway to meeting the requirements in the bill"

CTV: Opposition blocks Senate reform by denying unanimous consent to 8-year term limits

Harper to ask for Commons' unanimous consent to limit Senate terms to 8 years

No U.S.-style airport pat-downs in Canada: Strahl

China and Russia to stop using U.S. dollar for bilateral trade as relationship improves

Tories easily win vote on F-35 purchase, protect Canadian jobs, as Iffy and NDP vote against

MacKay blasts ‘disgusting’ fake bereavement calls

Charest vows to clean up corruption

Ireland unveils 4-year plan to cut $20 billion from deficits amid bailout

9 people charged in Belgium following anti-terror raids in 3 European nations

Central Alberta 2nd coldest place on Earth Tuesday

barbarism: Indian village bans cellphones for unwed women to stop forbidden marriages that are often punished by death

Irish angry, stunned over political turmoil

29 miners' deaths a national tragedy, New Zealand PM says

Toronto-area by-election could bring bad news for Iggy

13 Asian nations pledge to save wild tigers

Chinese Premier Wen calls for more trade between China, Russia

Oracle ruling tarnishes SAP's U.S. reputation; court rules must pay $1.3B judgement for intellectual property theft

NY Times: Taliban impostor leader in secret talks was was "paid a lot of money" says Western diplomat

jump ship watch: Another McGuinty Liberal MPP has had enough

Ontario Liberals admit electricity bills to double by 2030 as they throw money at unreliable 'green' power

Chemical explosion at Windsor high school; 4 hurt

Toronto Star: Liberals in awkward spot on Afghanistan

Stephen Harper earns praise for pro-Israeli stand

National Post: Cambodia tragedy: 'screaming and panic' and nowhere to run

More than 80 on-reserve politicians paid more than PM

Scientific American: Climate Heretic: Judith Curry turns on her colleagues

Climate change no longer scary in Europe

Climategate -- still the issue, one year later

Al-Qaeda affiliate threatens more small-scale bomb attacks

Jimmie Johnson comes back to win 5th consecutive NASCAR Championship

Michael Ignatieff faces daunting 'enthusiasm gap'; hard to move forward when they're laughing at you; 59% of Liberal voters want new leader

Kelly McParland: McGuinty and Charest ignore the lesson of Gordon Campbell

Canadian job protection behind feud with UAE; Gulf state wanted A-380 hub in Toronto

Randall Denley: You'll be paying for hydro savings; McGuinty's gambit little more than smoke and mirrors

Zamboni says stent procedure used in Costa Rica too risky to use in MS procedure; expresses sorrow over death of Niagara Falls man after stent blockage

Rescue still on hold for 29 trapped in New Zealand coal mine

Another Ontario Liberal MPP bails on McGuinty mess as House Leader Monique Smith calls it quits

Chantal Hébert: Ignatieff and Liberal base moving farther apart

Military retrieves, burns Russell Williams’ uniforms

Germany says Namibia terror scare only security test; wires, timer, but no explosives

Rescue team yet to enter New Zealand coal mine due to unsafe conditions; 27 remain trapped, condition unknown

Norman Spector: Globe editorial gets facts wrong; Senate veto is here to stay

Alberta's cookie eating health boss loses job

U.S. calls North Korean artillery strike an armistice violation

China asked to use influence on North Korea

Satellite radio companies XM Canada, Sirius Canada merge in $520M deal

Most of Europe to be blanketed in snow over next few days

McGuinty plan requires an expensive leap of faith for Ontario power consumers; $9B for solar supplying only 1.5% of power needs

expert: Ottawa has authority to step in when there are First Nations finance illegalities

revealed: Russell Williams’ vehicle spotted by police officer before he killed Jessica Lloyd

Randy Quaid says Canada’s refugee system saved his life

Ezra Levant: Canadians don't buy anti-oilsands message

Brig.-Gen. Ménard to face court martial

The Irish tragedy and its lessons for Canada

USA TODAY/Gallup poll: Tea Party support grows; USA divided

Zogby poll: Obama job approval sinks to 39%, as even Democrat support melts away

Black Friday morphing into Black November

EU urges feuding Ireland not to delay budget

Feds won't back Edmonton's bid to host Expo 2017

update: 339 killed in panic at Cambodian water festival

Washington Post: CBC story on UN evidence linking Hezbollah to Hariri death and clearing Israel is a bombshell

NY Times: in Ireland, call for election and warning from Moody’s

New Zealand mine: relatives told to brace for deaths

Christopher Booker: The European 'dream’ has finally collided with reality

Telegraph: Margaret Thatcher knew the single currency would devastate Europe

UN had evidence linking Hezbollah to murder of Lebanese PM but sat on it: CBC

Diplomat consultations underway about reported North Korean uranium enrichment

Ontario voters would turf McGuinty: poll

Obama’s former Commerce Secretary nominee: U.S. economy is on 'unsustainable track'

NY Times: North Korea nuclear installation report validates concern, Mullen says

Telegraph: Ireland will request EU and IMF bailout package

Charles Krauthammer: 'Don't touch my junk' touches nerve in busy fly week before U.S. Thanksgiving

B.C. NDP votes against leadership convention

Target plots 200-store push into Canada

Lucky Liberals, NDP neck and neck if B.C. election held now: Poll

James draws "line in the sand" on her leadership; "Enough of this infighting," declares BC NDP boss, vowing to decide on her future after weighing support on Saturday

Ireland nears aid deal as contagion fears persist

get ready: Winter driving in Winnipeg's first snowfall (video)

Canadian investors in 'dark pools' to face minimum order sizes

Canada praised by NATO Secretary-General for its "absolutely essential" commitment of military trainers in Afghanistan

WSJ: Irish Prime Minister says talks with EU 'going well'

Reuters analysis: IMF aid could be killer blow for Fianna Fail

Montreal Gazette: The Senate was right to kill the NDP climate-change bill; proposed law set irresponsible targets that would have cost thousands of jobs

WSJ: Australian dollar up late, details awaited on Irish rescue

Chinese firm re-routed U.S. internet traffic, including military and government communications, through Chinese servers for 18 minutes on April 8th, report says

Ireland concedes insolvency; Europe swoops in with bail-out

Telegraph: 'Bomb' found on Germany-bound plane in Namibia

Canadian CF-18 fighter jet crashes near Cold Lake base, pilot ejects

Euro advances for second day on optimism debt problems will be contained;
U.S. dollar declined against 14 of its 16 most-active counterparts

B.C. government cancels Campbell's planned 15% income tax cut; didn't want to "tie hands" of next Premier

Nigerian military's land, air and marine assault rescues 19 oil delta hostages, including Canadian Robert Croke

Retired generals praise Afghan training decision

Harper congratulates royal couple on engagement, invites them to visit Canada

Royal family approves, PM delighted: Prince William and Kate Middleton to marry

At least 61 killed after 4-storey apartment building collapses in India

Shanghai blaze death toll climbs to 53

WSJ: GM bankers pushed for bigger deal; real trading to start Friday

Team with Canadian involvement from UBC and SFU solves anti-matter puzzle

Obama losing battle to close Guantanamo; judge ruling on evidence paved way for Tanzanian terrorist to win on 285 of 286 charges against him

WSJ: U.S. stocks soar with Irish rescue chatter, GM excitement

Canada, Ontario sell GM stock as IPO price exceeded

WSJ: General Motors opens up 6% post-IPO on first day of stock trading in New York and Toronto

Wall Street Journal: Putting the brakes on the GM IPO fervor

Joe Warmington: McGuinty clueless about ordinary Ontarians

Businessweek: GM IPO raises at least $20B

Failure of civilian trial of Guantanamo detainee charged with 12 counts of terrorism from 1998 al-Qaeda U.S. Embassy bombings -- only 1 conviction, on conspiracy, despite being caught with detonators -- shows folly of Obama approach of civilian trials for terrorists

Air India bomber should get close to 14-year sentence: Prosecutor

Bloomberg: Canada said to resist U.S. push to sell more GM shares in IPO

U.S. Sen. Manchin says Reid vows cap-and-trade bill is dead

Canadian Senate votes down ridiculous NDP climate change bill in light of U.S. backdown

CNNmoney: Should you invest in GM?

GM bailout one of Harper’s wisest moves?

Canada to pull civilian staff from Kandahar, base trainers in Kabul

George Gilder: California's destructive green jobs lobby

NY Times: 80-year-old U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel convicted on all but one of 13 ethics violations; elected for 21st time this month; likely to get only slap on wrist

easier to say than do: The challenge of ensuring all residents of 2nd largest country in the world have access to full broadband internet

Afghan training mission said to keep 950 troops behind wire; announcement expected Tuesday

Judith Miller: Obama's Asia tour fails to achieve goals

Ottawa had pressed BHP to build world’s largest potash mine

Caterpillar buys Bucyrus for $7.6B; adds major mining products

Rolls-Royce replacing A380 engines on super-jumbo jets

view from England: The climate change scare is dying, but do our MPs notice?

Elections Canada wants to add another level of bureaucracy to election refunds audits; Tories and Liberals say 'no', big gov't advocates Bloc and NDP say 'yes'

Paul and Rachel Chandler, British couple freed by Somali pirates, arrive in Kenya

Ontario: Another Queen's Park eco-mess

30 unaccounted for after explosion in New Zealand coal mine

CBC: Air India trial perjurer Reyat apologizes

National securities regulator proposes Canadian stock circuit breakers

CBC: Obama's U.S. car czar fined $6.2M for paying kickbacks to pension officials

BBC: Burma sanctions may be nearing end

Reuters: NATO to back gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan

Ontario economic statement: deficit down to $18.7B; $1B from municipal employees pension fund for software licensing used to reduce hydro rates by 10%

OECD: Canadian economy growth at 3% this year, 2.3% in 2011, and 3% again in 2012; unemployment projected to drop from 8.1% to 7.8% to 7.4%

$6.2B Atlantic Canada "transformational" power deal to build Lower Churchill River hydro power project will reshape market; includes undersea cable from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, U.S. export potential

CNNmoney: U.S. has spent $319B on unemployment benefits over past 3 years, including numerous extensions

Ontario goes rogue, plans to regulate derivatives markets on own

Washington Post: U.S. Democrats drink laced kool-aid, vote Titanic captain Pelosi to be Minority Leader in 2011

Breaks cabinet solidarity, Bill Bennett removed from B.C. cabinet

BBC: Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi appears to have 'foot soldiers' support' for democracy push

Government recognizes challenge of new copyright bill in a fast-changing technological world

McGuinty Liberals backtrack on massive electricity rate increases by giving consumers back 10%; but still much higher than before

NY Times: Obama finds elections have consequences as arms treaty with Russia appears to be dead duck during lame duck session

Wall Street Journal: GM raises size of IPO sharply; high demand raises price, too

Washington Post: Canada confirms up to 950 troops to remain in Afghanistan for Afghan training

Canadian factory sales fall 0.6% in September; manufacturing numbers dragged down by auto production

muzzling Christie Blatchford: Latest tool in war on free speech: bike locks

Sears Canada profit plunges 61%

Speculation grows over cause of Mexico resort blast

Protestors in Haiti attack UN peacekeepers in cholera backlash

Neil Reynolds: 'All I wanted to do is build a house'; time to scale back bureaucracy and pasturize building inspectors?

Cornwall, Ontario: the next Hollywood of the North?

U.S. October retail sales post best showing since March

Toronto Sun Editorial: McGuinty Liberals fail 'Budgeting for Dummies'

BHP withdraws Potash Corp. bid

Chrystia Freeland: It’s a whole new game, and the U.S. doesn’t like the rules

42 die in Shanghai high-rise fire

At least 8 dead, 90 injured after downtown Shanghai apartment block blaze

CBC: 4 Canadians killed in Mexico hotel blast; natural gas explosion

Explosion blasts Mexican resort, Canadians may be among dead

No need to panic after summits end without clear deals: Harper

After G20 rancor, APEC leaders push free trade

BBC: G20 disappoints world's media

G20 leaders agree: Let’s put off decisions until next year

Harper’s turnaround: PM says he felt he had to extend Afghan mission

Ottawa pauses for Remembrance Day at War Memorial

11 million 2010 25-cent poppy coins now in circulation

In Seoul, Harper honours Korean War veterans

UPS package from Yemen to Chicago via Philadelphia would have blown up over Quebec, says Scotland Yard

Sky News live coverage: UK protest violence growing

UK protest over tuition increase descends into all-out black bloc-tactic violence and anarchy

UK students protest in London, set fires, break into Conservative Party HQ

Harper lands in Korea for G20 meetings to tackle looming currency crisis; 50,000 police massed to provide security as violent protests start

Retired public servant Roger Clement pleads guilty to Ottawa bank firebombing

Salman an-Noor Hossain of Toronto added to Interpol's list of fugitives; cheered soldier's deaths; urged genocide in Canada

Patrick Renaud thwarted first Nazi jets as Lancaster tail gunner during WWII

excerpt: Harper’s powerful speech on Israel, anti-Semitism

NATO says 5 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Aung San Suu Kyi could call for lifting of Burma sanctions; Western governments may be forced to reconsider measures widely criticized as uncoordinated, poorly targeted and ineffective

Iran, Venezuela plan to build rival to Panama Canal

The Telegraph: The Decider returns to haunt Mr. Nuance as George W. Bush eclipses Barack Obama

Lawrence Solomon: Port Hope - a hot spot that may be cool

Charles Krauthammer: Why President Obama is right about India

NY Times: Obama seeks lift in Japan after bumpy ride in Seoul

John Ivison: Michael Ignatieff does his self-destruct trick again

G20 refuses to back U.S. push on China's currency; but agreed to refrain from "competitive devaluation" of currencies

Nissan recalling more than 600,000 vehicles for steering, battery problems

Harper doubtful G20 can solve currency imbalances

Tim Hortons closes 36 stores, 18 kiosks, in NE U.S.; has plans to open 300 U.S. locations

Muslim extremists in UK burn giant poppy in disruptive protest of Armistice Day

Canadian Tire profit jumps 21%; hikes dividend

Rizzuto's killer may have hidden in woods with high-powered rifle; quick, call the gun registry...

RIM climbs to highest since June on plan for tablet under $500

New veterans ombudsman begins job on Remembrance Day

Man who used disguise on plane must stay in custody for a month, IRB rules

GE to buy 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015, including 12,000 Chevrolet Volts

Russian newspaper claims high-ranking 'double agent' revealed embedded moles in U.S. in June

Obama gets no Korea trade deal; has his hands full at home and abroad

Harper confirms Canada to leave 'trainers' in Afghanistan

Montreal mob leader Nicolo Rizzuto murdered

Loonie closes at parity with U.S. greenback

Yemen mail bomb could have exploded over eastern U.S.: British authorities

Wall Street Journal: Ireland's fate tied to doomed banks

Canadian archaeologist says beer sowed the seeds of civilization

Singapore Airlines follows Qantas in pulling super-jumbo Airbus A380s from service due to engine leaks

Boeing suspends 787 test flights after super-jumbo loses electric power after fire, forced to land in Laredo, Texas

IEA says China energy demand to surge 75% in next 25 years; by 2012 will pass U.S. as world's biggest electricity consumer

AP: GM reports $2B 3Q profit ahead of stock offering

Spam to eat and a slow tow for thousands on stricken cruise ship

Ireland's crisis flares as investors dump bonds

Obama letter: Strong recovery most important contribution U.S. can make to global economy

CIBC analyst known for his accuracy sees Loonie, commodities dropping; says QE2 won't have feared negative impact on world currency balances because most new money won't 'flood' market

Loonie recovers Wednesday morning, approaches parity again

Netanyahu defends building plans: 'Jerusalem isn't a settlement'

AP: Pentagon can't explain 'missile' off California

Will Springsteen attend Niagara Parkinson's fundraiser?

Ambassador Bridge owner loses again in court over illegal buildings on Detroit side

Two charged in alleged theft of $3.7M from First Nation’s treaty fund

Loonie pushes past greenback, then eases back

David Frum: Ignatieff’s confused, pointless thoughts on why anti-Semitism is bad

Bush memoirs capture headlines worldwide as he tells the 'behind the curtains' challenges he faced in a decisive 8 years in White House

Reuters: Afghans detain suspected insurgents onboard plane

Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi released

Conrad Black: This is Canada’s moment, despite our minor flaws

UK newspaper goes after and unmasks radical thugs who desecrated Armistice Day with poppy burning and pro-al Qaeda rants

‘Smart’ electricity meters draw complaints of inaccuracy across U.S.

NY Times Editorial: Waiting for Obama

Aid agencies claim 200,000 Haitians will get cholera

Pardoned inmates to pay full cost of pardons, not just 1/3

Canada to begin free-trade negotiations with India

Increased benefits coming for wounded veterans

Canadian researchers pinpoint cause of tinnitus; common in returning soldiers

We cannot forget: ‘We were freedom’

Five overlooked Canadian sailors honoured

Families of fallen soldiers make trip to Kandahar to pay respects

Remembrance Day poppies: a history

Bloomberg: UK PM Cameron risks spat with Chinese by wearing poppy during visit

Indonesian volcano erupts again, more flights cancelled

China's trade surplus jumps ahead of G20

Key issues on table at Seoul G20 summit

Raise ordered for thousands of nurses despite Ontario wage-freeze push

Royal British Legion releases '2 Minute Silence' as a single

Rex Murphy: Poppies show our regret at war’s horrors, not our love for it

David Frum: What the U.S. mid-term elections mean for Canada

Britain's 'The Guardian' gets facts wrong on Sun TV story; claims Fox owner Murdoch behind Canadian news station

Republicans may yet have upper hand in Senate

GM sells record 2 million cars in China, bests U.S. tally

BHP e-mails raise doubts about future of Saskatchewan mine and claims made by BHP

Carbon trading grinds to a halt in U.S.

Canada creates new security rules for passengers following bomb scare

15,000 flee Burma in post-election violence

Germany: U.S. economic policy "clueless"

President Bush: Cheney angry Bush did not pardon Libby

Obama's Indonesia visit still on despite volcano

Many flee Indonesia volcano amid fears of latest eruption

Qantas extends grounding of A380s over engine leaks

Will Obama cancel Indonesia trip due to flight risk from volcanic ash?

Carbon trade ends on quiet death of Chicago Climate Exchange

MacKay: Ottawa could keep troops in Afghanistan for training

John McCain urges Canada to consider non-combat role in Afghanistan

Charles Krauthammer: A return to the norm after Democrats spectacularly misjudge their mandate and take an unwilling country through a two-year experiment in hyper-liberalism

Tories to seek review of investment act

State media: Rescuers recover 'black box' of crashed plane in Cuba

Google maps error sparks invasion of Costa Rica by Nicaragua

TSX closes higher on record gold price

More unacknowledged 'climategate' fraud found as hundreds of temperature land stations actually located over water

Human rights tribunal rules for two prematurely retired Air Canada pilots

Charges dismissed against driver in deadly LA Toyota crash

N.S. floods prompt state of emergency

Up 7.6% from 2009, Canadian mortgages top $1 trillion

Obama oratory empty in India?

Obama backs India's drive for permanent seat on UN Security Council

Kelly McParland: Carolyn Parrish wears out another welcome

Margaret Wente: When it comes to power in Ontario, we’re in the dark

Lorrie Goldstein: Criminal manipulation -- crime rates no measure of the impact on victims, the failure of sentencing, or of justice denied

CBC interactive gun registry vote map: How MPs voted across Canada

link to image
Three decades after his death, Terry Fox’s inspiration runs strong

link to image
Italian 'lifedogs' leap from speeding boats to save swimmers

Ottawa Citizen: Electricity prices in Ontario are "going up like a rocket"; homeowners should be ‘outraged’, expert says, as increases hammer citizens without warning

link to image
One dead, 12 injured after Napanee firefighters and wives involved in back-to-back crashes

link to image
Iffy's bus breaks down on first day of cross-country 'connection' tour

Obama defends QE2 ahead of G20 in South Korea; gets support from India PM

U.S. Federal Reserve's ‘QE2’ imperils emerging economies, China says

McMaster University scientists convert skin into blood cells, create potential new transfusion source, other implications

Volcano ash stops some Jakarta flights

BBC: Death toll in Pakistan mosque suicide bombing over 70

Jim Prentice leaves hole in cabinet as he leaves politics for senior jobs at CIBC

BBC: Second Qantas jet in engine scare

EU officials impressed by Alberta oilsands visit; will give oilsands products fair treatment in fuel-quality legislation

Canadian among 5 foreigners kidnapped in raid on offshore Nigeria oil rig

study: Canada bests USA in 'brand performance'

CBSA investigating leak of photo of masked Air Canada passenger

Ipsos Reid poll: Conservatives remain well ahead at 35% compared to 29% for Liberals

Disguised man boarded Air Canada flight in Hong Kong; revealed himself on flight; applied for refugee status upon landing in Canada

Hurricane Tomas lashes Haiti with wind, rain

Still no cause for Cuban plane crash which killed 68

Volcano-related(?) engine failure forces Qantas superjumbo A380 airliner to return to Singapore

Harper Government says 'no' to Potash Corp takeover by BHP Billiton; must wait statutory 30 days before giving final decision

Embattled B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell resigns; served since 2001

Obama admits he took "a shellacking"; says willing to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and energy policy

Barbara Yaffe: Bad news for Obama might not be so bad for Canada

Scott Stinson: CNN election coverage a muddle with too many disagreeing "experts" talking all at once and then silenced for long periods

Roy Green: Mr. Obama, you own this mess

Krauthammer: 'Obama agenda dead,' 'He tried a 2-year experiment in hyper-liberalism and the country has said no'

Globe & Mail: Winners and losers

Republican House Leader John Boehner: "The American people’s voice was heard at the ballot box"

U.S. Mid-term Elections blog: As polls close at 7 p.m. EDT, FOX projects 2 Senate wins for Republicans; new candidate Rand Paul holding Kentucky for Republicans and Dan Coats Republican Senate pick-up win in Indiana for Republicans from retiring Dem Sen. Evan Bayh; AP projects Democrat Senate win for incumbent Patrick Leahy in Vermont; AP makes safe prediction that incumbent Jim DeMint has won South Carolina Senate seat for Republicans; FOX projects Republican Senate pick-up win in Florida for Marco Rubio at 7:33 p.m.; FOX projects Republican Senate pick-up win in New Hampshire for Kelly Ayotte at 7:34 p.m.; FOX projects Connecticut Senate hold for Democrats with Richard Blumenthal; FOX projects Republican Senate pick-up win for Roy Blunt in Missouri; FOX projects Republican Senate hold for Rob Portman in Ohio; FOX projects Democrat Senate hold in Delaware for Chris Coons; FOX projects Republican Senate hold for Richard Shelby in Alabama; FOX projects an historic 60-seat House of Representatives pick-up for Republicans meaning they would take control; this would be biggest change in House since 1948; AP and FOX call Republican Senate pick-up win in Wisconsin with Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold; FOX projects Democratic Senate hold for Barbara Boxer in California(D) wins; California pro-marijuana proposition defeated; presumptive House Speaker John Boehner vows to cut spending, cut the size of government and "get people back to work" -- "the people's agenda is our agenda", says vote tells Obama "change course" and commit to making changes they want, if so, Boehner says Republicans will support Obama, says not time to celebrate when there's 10% unemployment, "time to roll up sleeves and get to work", gets emotional and teary, talks about pursuing American Dream, and out-of-touch Washington, thanks 11 brothers and sisters, and wife and daughters, at 11:46 p.m.; bellwether Ohio goes Republican with John Kasich as Governor despite heavy push by Obama and Biden, Rob Portman as Senator; Republican Senate pick-up win for Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania after close race; Republican Senate pick-up win for Mark Kirk in Illinois in Obama's former Senate seat; FOX calls Democrat Senate hold in Nevada for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in close race; "write-in" leading in Alaska which includes Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski who lost the Republican nomination to Joe Miller, vote count may take days if "write-in" wins as all will have to be read to find out if any write-in candidate (of more than 60) has more votes than another candidate

Ignatieff’s mixed message on mining leaves Liberal heads spinning

Lame duck Toronto Mayor Miller says Toronto can't afford subway expansion (but it could afford his 7 years of waste?)

Ignatieff has now missed the most votes in the House of Commons of all Members of Parliament, despite his empty rhetoric about getting back to Ottawa to do "the people's business"; misses votes 76% of the time

Strikes continue but with dwindling numbers of protesters in France after pension bill passes

More Ignatieff hypocrisy: misses vote and has enough of his Liberal MPs avoid Commons vote to bury his own MP’s mining bill

F-35 unit costs to match those of F-18s purchased in 1980

Will Michael Ignatieff bury his own MP’s mining bill?

Feds to axe HST from poppy sales

FOX News: Live Coverage

New York Times: Live Coverage

Wall Street Journal: Live Coverage

CNN: Blasts in Baghdad kill at least 50

Bombs explode at Swiss and Russian embassies in Athens; police find suspect packages at two other embassies

Suspect package found at German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin

More parcel bombs sent to embassies in Athens; leftist militants suspected

Canada: 'robust’ intelligence network aims to deter asylum seekers

Greek police intercept parcel bomb addressed to Sarkozy

NY Times: Bomb plot shows key role played by intelligence

Yemen frees student held over parcel bombs; says she was victim of identity theft

Al Qaeda bomb-maker top suspect in parcel plot

National Post: Omar Khadr handed 40-year sentence

Panda-monium -- China to send giant pandas to Canadian zoos -- in Calgary, Toronto and Granby

Bombs from Yemen flew on passenger aircraft before found after tip-off from Saudia Arabia; lawyer claims arrested perp was "duped" into sending the bombs

Daily Mail: No evidence Yemeni bombs designed to explode over England, says PM Cameron

Yemeni woman suspected of sending cargo bombs arrested with her mother

Reuters: UK says device found at airport could have exploded and would have downed plane

Toxic cloud sparks evacuation in Scarborough

Torontonians ordered to stay inside due to corrosive chemical cloud

Drop-out rates down by 50% since 1990 says StatsCan

Toronto water main break strands thousands at subway stations; service now resumed

Ottawa: McGuinty power rate increases hammering people on fixed incomes; choice between food and heat

Montreal: 22 murder charges laid against Hells Angels kingpin who was on the lam for 2 years

October vehicle sales "best in years"

Britain and France sign landmark 50-year mutual defence deal

Haiti braces for possible late-season hurricane

U.S. may cut dollar value by 20% through QE2 over next few years; $500B move may happen this week; will impact currencies worldwide

U.S. to spend $200M a day for Obama's visit to Mumbai

Ignatieff and his Liberals on downward slope; trail Harper and Conservatives by 9 points in former Ontario fortress

Harper's new chief of staff Nigel Wright commits to 'ethical wall'

GM IPO to sell $10B of common stock

U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on violent video games

Mexico newspaper begs drug lords to spare reporters

Officials suspect parcels intercepted in September were the "dry run" for last week's embedded bombs from Yemen

Canadian ban on Yemen cargo covers both freight and passenger flights

Marcus Gee: Toronto transit capital and operating expenses keep going up, more riders or not

Exercise wards off colds for multiple reasons: U.S. study

Reuters: Brazilian president-elect Rousseff's economic proposals

Mercedes Stephenson: Flying off the handle; Iggy ignores facts with dangerous F-35 plan that’s just like Sea King debacle

Former UN ambassador ‘shocked’ by young-voter apathy in Canada; fails to equate non-participation with status quo satisfaction

Telegraph: Obama's world turned upside down as Democrats face electoral disaster; by abandoning his own rhetoric of bipartisanship, Obama divided America and set the course for a heavy Democratic defeat in Tuesday's mid-term elections

National Post: David Chen, a true hero

Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) called for death of Salman Rushdie but Jon Stewart invited him to play on National Mall in Washington, D.C. anyway; was faux rally by Colbert and Stewart really non-political?

Christina Blizzard: McGuinty won't be able to pull wool over voters' eyes again

Joe Warmington: Housing sale a test for Ford; why are $$$ millions worth of city-owned housing being dumped for a relative pittance?

Two Liberal MPs nailed in rent scam; forced to pay back treasury

Urban Scrawl: Toronto not so divided after all

Lawsuit alleges Toyota secretly re-purchased problem vehicles

Twittish Liberal Murray finally makes unqualified apology for calling PCs anti-gay bigots; admits had no proof; has history of name-calling

U.S. added jobs last month for first time since May

European stocks climb to six-month high as BNP Paribas, BHP Billiton rally after U.S. Federal Reserve announces decision to buy $600B in bonds

David Frum: Republicans got away with it. Now they need ideas, not anger

Some GM shares from U.S., Canadian and Ontario governments to be sold in November 18th IPO; the $15B stock sale would reduce government ownership below 50%

U.S. Federal Reserve to buy $600B in U.S. bonds to aid economy

Laureen Harper asks Iranian president to block woman’s execution

Today’s U.S. Federal Reserve decision: Hope, angst, speculation and debate

Making blind estimates, Parliamentary Budget Officer says deficit will be slightly higher; of course, it will be slightly lower if Government actions don't fit his presumptions

Cure for common cold at hand; British discovery found immune system can destroy cold viruses; trick will be to help that happen

Ottawa vetoes controversial Prosperity mine project in B.C.

Ipsos-Reid poll: 43% say Harper best choice for PM, Layton in 2nd place, Iggy weak 3rd

Lucky Moose grocer's citizen's arrest case leading to changes in Criminal Code says Harper; happy "common sense" prevailed

Ontario Liberals say one thing, do another; puzzled, they can't explain why

Reuters thumbnails: Key players in the U.S. Tea Party movement

Nate Silver: Agreeing to disagree: size of Republican wave hard to predict, but predicts historic Republican gain of 53, with some models saying 77, others 23; 39 needed to change House from Dems to GOP

Gallup: 15-point gap in favour of Republican candidates among likely voters unprecedented in Gallup polling and could result in the largest Republican margin in House voting in several generations

Daily Beast flashback: 1994 mid-term predictions under-estimated Republican gains by average of 50%; deja vu?

Reuters: Scenarios -- U.S. election trends could be evident early

Reuters: 20 reasons U.S. Democrats are the walking "dead"

FOXnews: How to watch U.S. mid-term elections; when polls close; key races

Wall Street Journal: Pressure builds on Obama to shake up inner circle

Alberta native chief suspends democracy; natives protest by blockading reserve

It’s going to be a bloody night for Obama

Christopher Hitchens: Sloppy polls and lazy journalists as Obama remains the demeaning elitist he always was

Yemen charges fugitive U.S.-born radical cleric al-Awlaki in absentia

Tasha Kheiriddin: President Obama’s Waterloo

BP raises spill cost as profit dives

Electricity bills up as 'smart' meters start up in Ontario

Prince Edward County mayor-elect opposes turbines, opposes McGuinty gov't

Wind not a "viable" power source, wind conference told; wind opponents blast government and industry

Ontario municipal power utilities making donations to Ontario Liberal Party; Why?

Condo sales surge in Ontario cities

Stephen Taylor: Where parties stand on Omar Khadr; NDP wants to compensate admitted, convicted killer for being in jail

At least 37 dead and 56 injured as hostagetaking at Baghdad church ends in bloodbath

Rex Murphy: A last gasp for the U.S. two-party system?

Premier Campbell’s tax charts misleading, deceptive, experts say

Charles Krauthammer: The great campaign of 2010; Obama's future on the chopping block

Don Martin: Liberal senator shreds Ignatieff’s position on F-35s

Conrad Black has major court victory

Toronto grocer David Chen acquitted in citizen's-arrest case

Michele Mandel: End the farce! Chinatown grocer must be acquitted

Toronto grocer thwarts another thief on eve of verdict

Khadr ‘must be punished severely,’ prosecutor says in closing arguments

The Guardian: Explosive package bore al-Qaida hallmarks, Dubai police say

Chaotic evacuation after Indonesian volcano erupts again; 2 more die bringing total to 38 dead since 26th; 50,000 in temporary shelters after earlier evacuations

CBSnews: Two bombs found were made from printer toner cartridges and cellphone parts with wires, powder and a syringe; worldwide search on "for between 10-20 packages shipped out of the UPS office in Sanna, Yemen during the same time frame"

NY Times: Yemen base for multiple al Qaeda attacks on U.S.

Reuters: White House says Saudi Arabia helped spot Yemen explosives threat

The Guardian: Explosive packages found on planes bound for U.S.

Obama says 'credible' terrorist threat being probed

FOXnews: Emirates plane lands at JFK after Canadian and U.S. fighter jet escort; being greeted by FBI

3 p.m. breaking news: Canadian F-18s intercept Emirates commercial airliner FLT 201 from UAE, escort it into U.S. airspace, hand over escort duties to U.S. F-15s, en route to JFK Airport in New York; landing before 3:30 p.m., reportedly contains suspicious package from Yemen, Obama to address media from White House

FOXnews: Authorities investigating several suspicious packages that originated from Yemen

Chicago synagogues might have been target of suspicious packages; Jewish United Fund in Chicago confirms report regarding UPS cargo planes from Yemen

CNN: High alert in U.S. after suspicious package found in UK; Yemen connection; "manipulated" toner cartridge

ABC News: UPS planes, truck being examined in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois

BBC: UPS cargo planes grounded in Newark, NJ and Philadelphia security scare

Canadian economy bounces back: grows 0.3% in August

Health-care spending to reach $192B in 2010; spending growth slowing

Soldier's widow to Khadr: you will 'forever be a murderer'

Nissan recalling 2.14M vehicles globally on engine defect

Death toll in Indonesian tsunami, volcano tops 340

Sam Katz returns as Mayor of Winnipeg; defeats Judy Wasylycia-Leis, who had resigned as NDP MP to run

B.C. Premier Campbell pledges 15% income-tax cut to fend off HST criticisms

Joe Warmington: Liberals a bunch of crybabies

Angus Reid poll: Harper Conservatives up again to 37% support, Liberals stuck at 26%, NDP up, Green Party down

More than 270 dead, 412 missing in Indonesia after quake and tsunami

Massive windstorm misses southern Ontario; hammers U.S. states west/south/east of Great Lakes

Khadr a ‘rock star’ in Guantanamo, psychiatrist testifies, because he killed American soldier; where are the Canadian weasels now who kept calling him 'innocent' for partisan reasons?

Monster U.S. storm hitting Ontario, expected to slide past Montreal

'Weather bomb' heads for southern Ontario; severe thunderstorms, hail and damaging winds later in the day; Environment Canada severe weather bulletin says "lesser risk of a tornado"

Omar Khadr admits throwing grenade, ‘happy’ at U.S. death

A double victory for Hazel McCallion; she wins (for 12th time ~ pulling 76% of the vote against a field of 16 candidates) and Ron Starr wins council seat, knocking off disruptive Carolyn Parrish, former Liberal MP

Torontonians voted en masse Monday to support Ford’s promise to cut taxes, eliminate thousands of public-sector jobs, contract out city services and to 'stop the gravy train' that he holds responsible for contributing to 'millions and millions' wasted at City Hall; 16 new faces on Toronto Council as 7 defeated

Ford thanks Toronto for the ‘vote of confidence’

Globe & Mail: Toronto, GTA and Hamilton-Niagara municipal election results

ONTARIO MUNICIPAL ELECTION blog: CP24 projects Rob Ford as new Mayor of Toronto only 8 minutes after polls close; Ford accepts projection and says cost-chopping is job #1; car registration tax first on chopping block; says call me "Rob" not "His Worship"; Toronto Council left-winger Bussin loses; Ford's brother Doug Ford wins Etobicoke council seat; Jim Watson new Mayor of Ottawa (48% of vote after 59% of polls reporting); mayor race too close to call in London; Gord Schermerhorn back as Mayor of Napanee; Hazel McCallion again Mayor of Mississauga for 12th time ~ leads with 76.3% of votes after counting of 73.2% of votes cast; tight race for Mayor in Oakville; Ron Starr topples incumbent troublemaker Carolyn Parrish in Mississauga Ward 6 by 1889 votes despite weekend smear campaign by forces unknown which led to open Starr endorsement by legendary Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion; long-time broadcaster Bob Bratina new Mayor of Hamilton; Dave Ryan returned as Mayor of Pickering; Jim Diodati new Mayor of Niagara Falls; Rob Burton re-elected Mayor of Oakville; Gord Krantz re-elected Mayor of Milton; Mark Gerretsen new Mayor of Kingston (son of former Mayor and current MPP John Gerretsen); Rick Goldring new Mayor of Burlington; Eddie Francis returns as Mayor of Windsor

Report suggests aging population isn’t driving Canadian health costs, after all

Canadian athlete returns from Commonwealth Games with confirmed case of typhoid fever

L. Ian MacDonald: Liberals pointless in plan to ground F-35s

Top soldier apologizes for handling of suicide

German unemployment dips to 18-yr low in October

New Canadian e-passports won't have biometric data

CRTC green lights usage-based internet billing

EU sets course for economic treaty change, new safety net

Gunmen kill at least 13 men at Mexico car wash

Feds want to create joint Canada-U.S. teams to crack down on smugglers

George Jonas: Germans shocked to see government admit that multiculturalism has failed

Barbara Kay: Russell Williams deserves to die; the case for capital punishment

TSX nets modest gain as RIM jumps, Rogers Communications earnings disappoint

McGuinty Minister Murray grudgingly offers late apology for tweet accusing Rob Ford, Tim Hudak and Stephen Harper of bigotry: McGuinty refuses to apologize for or fire his Minister

Tasha Kheiriddin: Rob Ford, the real candidate of inclusiveness

Globe & Mail Editorial: Rob Ford’s election is a mandate for change

Loonie surges, greenback sinks after weak G20 pledge

Flaherty urges G20 to follow through on TO reforms

Folks have tired of the Parrish politics of personal ambition and personal vendettas

Lorne Gunter: Liberals defend sanctity of free speech for liberals only

Rex Murphy: NPR firing of Juan Williams assists the fatwa on free speech

City-owned London Convention Centre refuses to host Mark Steyn lecture on free speech

No big names on Ford's donor list; raised campaign funds with many small donations; Smitherman refuses to release donor list before election

Clinton feels Alberta oil sands oil is a superior choice to oil from Persian Gulf oil; backs Alberta to Texas Keystone XL pipeline

Thin-skinned, belligerent Smitherman shows true colours at CFRB debate; silent when asked what he's ever done for Toronto

Christina Blizzard: It’s eHealth -- the sequel; more big waste on Smitherman and McGuinty's watch

Indonesia tsunami death toll surpasses 400

North, South Korea trade shots; no injuries

poll: 56% of likely 2012 U.S. voters want Obama fired

Microsoft fiscal 1Q net income rises 51%

IMF praises Canadian moves but says risks to Canadian economy mounting

Gulf spill panel: BP and Halliburton ignored Macondo cement flaws

lawsuit: Toyota tried to hide acceleration problem

Potash shares hit by fears Ottawa could quash BHP takeover attempt

Rob Ford tapped into a zeitgeist that goes beyond Toronto

NY Times: Obama's loose lips sink ship on Jon Stewart show

Van Loan: Warning on EU-Canada trade deal ideological and misguided

Man charged in bomb plot against DC subway

Russia plans color-coded anti-terror alerts

Argentina's powerful ex-President Kirchner dies suddenly, at 60; wife is current President

NY Times: E-mail spam falls after Russian crackdown

Pedophile victims want proceeds from giant stadium mass honouring Brother Andre

The stimulus audit: $47B program gets thumbs up from Auditor-General

Skewed polls missed Ford surge

doing things differently: New Toronto Mayor's brother, Councillor Doug Ford, to donate his entire Toronto Council salary to community groups

What Rob Ford’s victory means for Stephen Harper

The Super La Nina and the coming winter; things might get real cold

Christie Blatchford: Rob Ford ~ The people’s choice, in spite of themselves

Lorrie Goldstein: Rob Ford slays a goliath; the Liberals’ entire 'big red machine', backed by the Toronto Star, worked desperately to defeat Rob Ford

Charles Krauthammer: Obama underappreciation syndrome

Canada's 'obsolete' health system needs private-care injection: Liberal MP Keith Martin

B.C.'s Premier best fiscal manager, Ontario's worst

book excerpt: Christie Blatchford's 'Caledonia: The town that law forgot'

Strike ends at 3 of 12 blocked French refineries

Federal by-elections set for Ontario, Manitoba

Belleville to debut 2010 poppy quarter

BBC: Randy Quaid and wife request asylum in Canada

G20 pledge to avoid devaluations in push to defuse global trade tension

WikiLeaks founder on the run, chased by turmoil

Toronto mayor: Ford back in driver's seat: Ekos poll

French Senate approves raising retirement age to 62

Jakarta Globe: Tsunami warning lifted

Indonesia issues tsunami warning after strong quake

Monster 7.5M underwater quake off Sumatra; near catastrophic 2004 quake

16-year sentence for Toronto 18 terror ringleader

Khadr the killer; no sympathy for the devil

Omar Khadr pleads guilty to all 5 terrorism charges at Guantanamo Bay military tribunal; plea deal hinted

Christie Blatchford: Williams caught in a cat and mouse game

Harper seals Swiss tax treaty; will free up records of tax evaders

Feds look at court action to claw back killer colonel's military pension

Healing event in Belleville today in wake of Williams crimes

Ottawa posts $5.8-billion deficit in August, but remains on track for year; expenditures in transfers to provinces, First Nations and infrastructure projects rose by $2.5B

Supreme Court grants 'public interest' protection for press sources; anonymous source gave Globe & Mail reporter details on the Liberal Adscam rip-off

6.9M quake hits Baja California, Mexico; latest in cluster of temblors

No benefits for Williams, Harper vows

Live Globe & Mail blogging Thursday from Williams plea and sentencing hearing in Belleville; sentencing today; Crown attorney requests that aside from his sentence, Williams be handed a lifetime weapons ban, be listed on the sex offenders registry, provide DNA sample, pay compensation to victims, and that his Nissan Pathfinder SUV be crushed; defence lawyer calls his client's crimes "abhorrent and unthinkable"; Williams addresses courtroom ""I stand before you indescribably ashamed... I know that the crimes I have committed have damaged many people... I have committed despicable crimes...betraying my family, my friends and colleagues and the Canadian Forces... I shall spend the rest of my life regretting that I have ended two vibrant, innocent and cherished lives"; Williams sentenced to two concurrent 25-year life sentences plus 10-year terms on the two sex attacks and one year apiece for the 82 break-ins, all to be served concurrently; he is to be sent immediately to Kingston Penitentiary to begin serving his term; judge praises the police investigation and asks media to not harass the many victims

NY Times: Sarkozy strengthens moves against French protesters

Neighbour says Williams home in Tweed should be bulldozed; has become a sick tourist attraction

Christie Blatchford: Russell Williams is the new Paul Bernardo

Confession of a killer: The special police unit that got Russell Williams talking

Live Globe & Mail blogging Wednesday from Williams plea and sentencing hearing in Belleville; video confession to be played before court; dramatic video of expert interrogation rivets courtroom attention as OPP Det. Sgt. Smyth corners Williams and extracts confession; Williams cries in prisoner's box; Williams feeling sorry for himself, not his victims as he whimpers on video; afternoon session has victim impact statements; Williams shattered many lives; OPP lead investigator crying as he hears victim impact statements; Lloyd's brother glares at Williams as he describes void in family; Lloyd's mom says life will never be the same, she is a broken woman; Judge expresses condolences to all

Capital punishment debate over, says Toews; Supreme Court ruling means Williams will have to be imprisoned like Bernardo, not executed

Williams coverage poses questions, causes conflict in Canadian newsrooms; NewsWatchCanada has provided links to detailed mainstream coverage, but has displayed no crime-scene pictures out of respect to victims

Jessica Lloyd begged her killer: "Make sure my mom knows I love her"; didn't know her killer; courtroom in tears as details read into record

Williams' video captured his murder victims pleading for their lives before death; one fought him, one tried to comply, both suffered same fate

Murder victim struggled with Williams before being killed

Christie Blatchford: Williams did the devil’s work with such ferocious drive

Live Globe & Mail blogging Tuesday from Williams plea and sentencing hearing in Belleville; after graphic and very detailed descriptions of two shockingly cruel assaults, confinements and murders, but without courtroom display of extensive pictures and video taken by perp, judge has found Williams guilty on all 88 charges

Bank of Canada holds rate at 1%

Williams trial continues: More shocking details expected

Sydney Morning Herald: Secret life of cross-dressing killer colonel revealed

Live Globe & Mail blogging Monday from Col. Williams plea and sentencing hearing in Belleville: "nobody in the packed courtroom has ever seen anything so appalling"; Williams to be stripped of rank and decorations by DND asap

The case against Col. Williams: He took videos of the crimes

Col. Williams told interrogators he was distressed by death of his cat

Serial killers keep spouses in dark, not trusting anyone with their secrets

Col. Williams pleads guilty to murders

David Warren: Canada stands tall; Harper refused to sell out Israel for UN seat

Solar rules will hurt Ontario, group warns

Toyota recall pushes its 2010 recalls over 5M

Wall urges rejection of bid for Potash Corp.

Coalition forces routing Taliban in key Afghan region

Bloomberg: Google's 2.4% tax rate shows how $60B lost to U.S. tax loopholes

Gallup: Obama's approval rating at new low in most recent quarter; 44.7% compares with George W. Bush at 67.3% at same stage of Presidency

Toyota recalling 1.5M cars for brake and fuel pump problems

NPR supporters unhappy with high-profile Juan Williams firing

William Kristol: National Politically-correct radio; no inconvenient truths here, please

U.S. left-wing National Public Radio fires long-time public affairs analyst Juan Williams for his analysis of muslim relations on Fox News O'Reilly program

Auditor-General says consultants billed Ontario thousands for personal vacations and expenses; Smitherman was Health Minister during this and eHealth waste

Kelly McParland: Rob Ford versus Justin Trudeau and the unions. Your choice

Britain slashes spending, raises pension age for men and women to 66 by 2020; 500,000 job cuts

Canada buys 370-acre Nortel 'campus' in Ottawa for $208M; 2M+ square feet, 11 buildings

der Spiegel: Obama's lost magic

Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) expecting more than 27,000 film buffs, art lovers, producers, and cartoon fans

Spain's solar deals on edge of bankruptcy as subsidies founder; lesson for Ontario and others

Candice Hoeppner butts heads with Ignatieff on pay equity; Iffy's MPs cry foul when he has to defend his trademark flip-flops and inconsistencies in Status of Women committee

Google broke Canadian privacy laws: watchdog

Chinese eye Whistler business and tourism opportunities

John Ivison: Addressing native education a too-long-ignored priority

Basi-Virk political corruption trial ends in surprise guilty pleas; B.C. Liberal aides change their pleas

U.S., Canada pay most for cell phone service

The Philippines: Super typhoon Megi 'biggest in 20 years'

Dozens of Indian band chiefs across Canada paid more than provincial premiers

Department of National Defence expected to buy huge former Nortel property in Nepean; would consolidate staff from almost 40 locations across Ottawa area

Zambia questions Chinese mine managers over shooting of miners

Zamboni: ‘Liberation therapy’ doctor now warning MS patients to wait

Calgary's underdog mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi defies categories

Mystery poll shows Ford holding lead in Toronto mayor race after drop-outs reduce field to 3 main candidates

Provincial appointee to run Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society after McGuinty mandate forces higher costs and lay-offs only option under provincial funding formula; McGuinty mess will affect every CAS in Ontario

Michael Taube: It’s high time Rossi’s supporters get behind Ford

Canada's inflation rate edges up to 1.9%

BBC: Haiti confirms scores of deaths due to cholera outbreak

Federal Gov't hammers human smugglers with new penalties, processing procedure

Moon really is 'silvery' Nasa discovers; and has lots of water and mercury

Hudak lays out 4-point plan for Ontario economy; McGuinty has lost touch with real world

NY Times: French leader Sarkozy vows to punish violent protesters

Canadian dollar gains again on weaker greenback; up 0.26 of a cent to 98.09 cents (U.S.)

'What happened to all the hurricanes, Al?' Worldwide hurricane activity hasn't just slowed since Katrina, it's dropped off a cliff

Bank of Canada rate cut not ruled out; says economic outlook for Canada has changed, with recovery to be more gradual at 3% in 2010 instead of previous forecast of 3.5%; 2011 growth forecast now 2.3%, down from 2.9%; "This more modest growth profile reflects a more gradual global recovery and a more subdued profile for household spending"

Ontario Auditor General reveals widespread use and abuse of consultants by hospitals and other health-care bodies, often without tender

Vancouver replacing unloved modernist Terry Fox memorial with new one by Douglas Coupland, supported by Fox family

Khadr has never renounced jihad, says expert on evil

French fuel depots forced open amid riots; government threatens to send in elite paramilitary officers to quell violence

Block Potash Corp. takeover by BHP, Saskatchewan expected to tell Ottawa

Keith Beardsley: Liberals aim to claim ‘warm and fuzzy’ vote

Nevada Senate candidate Angle calls Canadian border 'porous'; Canadian Ambassador Doer says no 9/11 terrorists crossed border; it's U.S. that controls access from Canada, not Canadian border police, and they did catch LA airport bomber Ressam at border in 1999

Drop in gold prices weighs on TSX; follows China upping its interest rates, drop in oil

RIM’s Balsillie bites back at Apple

rogue poll? Tories lead Liberals by only 2 points says new poll

Why Loonie sank from parity to 97 cents in 5 days

Inflation-bond premiums rise as policy makers meet on rates: Canada credit

Politico: Republicans put 99 Democrat-held House seats in danger

After 24 hours of National Assembly debate, English education bill becomes law; public debate continues

Don Martin: Nenshi victory puts Calgary’s Cowtown image to rest

Calgarian becomes Canada's first Muslim mayor

Miller endorsement hurt Pantalone in Toronto mayor race, poll finds

NATO: Osama bin Laden 'living comfortably in Pakistan'

Wall Street Journal: What Bernanke didn't say; the dollar? someone else's problem

Nor'easter causes crashes, power outages; PEI ferries cancelled and Moncton airport loses power as winds, rain lash Atlantic Canada

Widespread gains reported in Canadian manufacturing sector; sales increased 2% in August to $45.1B

14 words from Bernanke fire up stocks, dampen the dollar

Harper says Canada unswayed by UN's 'secret votes'; "our engagement internationally is based on the principles this country holds dear, not on popularity"

John Ivison: Khadr plea deal could be good news for the Conservatives

QE2: Who's the currency manipulator now? today, the markets witnessed one for the history books, a rare triple parity event for freely floated currencies, featuring the Aussie, Canadian and U.S. dollars

U.S. federal judge rules states' suit over Obamacare can go to trial

Chen trial hears thief stole earlier in day

Power slowly coming back in Toronto core after early morning blackout

U.S. trade gap climbs more than forecast as imports increase

Canada first to declare bisphenol A toxic

Maxime Bernier: Ottawa should quit intruding on provincial jurisdiction

Loonie rises to 99.86 cents (U.S.)

U.S. mid-term elections: Karl Rove wants to meet White House 'idiot' who dreamed up funding attack

Dozens of countries lie to Canada, in writing; written guarantees from more voting nations than voted for Canada show extreme hypocrisy; African nations voted for Canada, while Islamic nations voted against

France approves plan to strip foreign-born criminals of French nationality

ABCnews/Yahoo poll: Anger fuels U.S. mid-term election atmosphere; 85% say angry or very dissatisfied with economy, mostly upset at Obama and Democrats

Canadian company ATCO provides 33 modular units to assist miners on their exit from Chilean mine

Leftie George Soros saving his billions this year, not betting on Democrats; "I don't believe in standing in the way of an avalanche"

Matt Gurney: Canadian Arab Federation casts its vote against Canada

Paul Wells: Ignatieff’s shrinking ambition

Former top cop Julian Fantino running for federal Tories in Vaughan

Flaherty to give budget update today in Mississauaga at 1 p.m.

Conrad Black: Canada deserves a UN seat, even if the UN does not deserve us

Toronto Sun Editorial: Why is David Chen on trial?

Kim Jong-Un appears alongside his father at military review; latest sign rise to dictator sure thing

Polls suggest major council 'house cleaning' in Toronto as free-spending and taxing incumbents trail in a number of races

Rex Murphy: Shun those who steal the goods and labour of good men

CBC: Toronto mayor hopeful Rob Ford promises $1.7B surplus

Toronto cop’s lawsuit shows bubble may be bursting for anonymous online comments; media finally realizing story 'comments' pose lawsuit risk and aren't always 'free speech'

Seoul on high alert for G20 security threats in next month

Bureaucrats see "hoarders" as one more target as they increase their demands for more bureaucrats to stop hoarding

Globe and Mail: Failing boys and the powder keg of sexual politics

Chinese media that cheered Chile mine rescue fall mostly quiet after blast traps 16 at home, kills 21

Iffy wrong on tax increase plan

Support for BC Premier Gordon Campbell hits 'rock bottom' at 9%; NDP has a 25-point lead over Liberals

Harper makes cameo appearance on Murdoch Mysteries TV episode

Kelly McParland: Khadr’s guilty plea should tell us something

The loonacy of parity: How a strong dollar is weakening Canada

David Frum: Asking why America did not support Canada at the UN

Dutch MP Wilders not guilty on all counts of inciting hatred against Muslims

National Post: Khadr’s father tried to kill me says aid worker

Canadian veterans suffering from Lou Gehrig's to get benefits, home-care support

Van Loan says UAE discussions still on; no final decision on landing rights

Andrew Coyne: A diplomatic game worth losing

Charles Krauthammer: Your U.S. pre-election post-mortem

Ontario Liberals dislike McGuinty as much as rest of population; leadership race starts stirring a year before election

Vancouver Sun: HST stirs a revolt in Ontario with election looming next year; polls show voters hate the tax and want the governing Liberals out

Justin Trudeau: 'Maggie always smarter than Pierre'

Gurney: Ontario acts first, worries about cost later

Hudak vows flat-rate option for electricity

UAE sought to sink Canada's UN bid

Loonie drops below parity at 10 a.m.

Sarah Palin promises Vancouver audience to be ‘more rogue’ in future political run

India turned its back on Canada during bid for Security Council seat

Joseph Quesnel: Natives deserve the right to own private property

Loonie’s not on steroids, U.S. dollar is on the mat

Loonie hits parity with U.S. greenback

Why did Obama choose to deep-six Canada's UN Security Council bid? Is this what an ally does?

Harper hails close ties with China

Reuters-Ipsos poll: Obama approval drops to 43% driven by Democrat voter defections; new low

Niqab must be removed if trial fairness jeopardized, Ontario Court of Appeal rules

David Brooks: The paralysis of the state

Ontario scraps controversial ‘eco fees’ in latest about-face by McGuinty

Colin Robertson: Yes, we deserve a seat; nothing about Stephen Harper's foreign policy agenda disqualifies Canada from serving on the UN Security Council -- a position that still matters

Cargo plane full of NATO supplies crashes near Kabul

Canada drops Security Council bid after second-round vote against Portugal

Macleans: The political genius of Rob Ford

Bloomberg poll: Obama loses support as joblessness prompts growing U.S. discontent; independents and women leading charge away from Obama

Chilean rescue crews finish first successful test of escape shaft

ground-breaking technology: Chevrolet Volt an amazing feat

Chile's rescued miners ask media to keep distance

ABC News: Chilean miners didn't face many of risks media said they did

'Canadian dream ... no longer exists,' Duceppe tells U.S.; traitor says Quebec separation coming soon and U.S. would be #1 ally

More Chilean miners to return home

The man who shaped how a billion viewers saw the Chile mine rescue

BBC: Chile mine rescue 'to cost $20m'

"We waited for death in the dark and dust, waited for death..."

Chile's textbook mine rescue brings global respect

Khadr expected to serve 8 years under plea deal

Commonwealth Games 2010 finish with India triumphant

Ekos poll: Conservatives widen lead; Harper up, Iffy down

Some of Chilean miners may go home from hospital as early as today

World's media hail 'Miracle of San Jose'; watched live worldwide

Nanos poll: Harper Conservatives open 4+ point lead over rivals

Exhausted but happy, Chile miners' families savor heroic rescue; 9 hours ahead of schedule all rescued, and rescuers raised from mine; major kudos to Chilean President who believed in and fast-tracked search and unprecedented rescue

BBC: Key moments in Chile miners rescue

Now, after 69 days, all 33 Chilean miners have been rescued

Location of Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine

Crews continue lifting Chilean miners to surface

NY Times: First miner hoisted to freedom in Chile just after 11 p.m. EDT; embraced by euphoric Chilean President and country

NY Times: Rescuers lower escape capsule in test at Chilean mine

updated: Chile mine rescue delayed by 2 hours; first lift now begins after 9 p.m. EDT

fiscal update: Flaherty hints at increase in health transfers; deficit shrinking; balanced budget by 2015/16

'Heavy metals in Chinese cigarettes' pose high risk; "three times the level of lead, cadmium, and arsenic compared to Canadian cigarette brands"

Chile says rescue drill should reach trapped miners within 24 hours

Jerusalem Post: Arab League to give U.S. one month to save peace talks: report

Canadian full-time jobs up by 37,100, part-time jobs down by 43,700 in September, as national unemployment rate drops from 8.1% to 8%

$9B F-35 jets 'the best deal': Harper

F-35 jet deal just the start says Winnipeg's Bristol Aerospace; officials predict more work on parts for jet as PM pays visit

Reuters: China calls Nobel Peace Prize award an "obscenity"

China censors Nobel award news after imprisoned Chinese scholar Liu Xiaobo named the 2010 Peace Prize winner

Cancel Holland Marsh power plant too, critics urge McGuinty

CBC won't release director's expenses

Wall Street Journal reviews history of deep-water oil drilling in U.S. and finds lessons to be learned

Kelly McParland: Oakville power plant explodes on McGuinty

former Top Secret documents reveal: U.S. often weighed North Korea 'nuclear option'

Pakistan to reopen border crossing used by NATO after 10-day blockade; almost 150 trucks torched while waiting

Continuation of special short-term EI programs under review, says Flaherty

40 commuters killed in Ukraine as train plows into bus at level crossing

Thanksgiving: Canadians the lucky ones

UAE foolishly blocks overflight by Defence Minister MacKay and Gen. Natynczyk as their blackmail demands for more commercial landing rights in Canada rebuffed by Canadian Government; Camp Mirage must be removed within month

Catherine Ford: Thanksgiving works for anyone

Wall Street Journal: IMF meeting fails to resolve conflict over currencies

Amid fears of 'currency war' Flaherty takes aim at China

Hayden and Cochrane both double-gold for Canada in New Delhi pool

Rescue tunnel finally reaches Chile's San Jose miners

Charles Krauthammer: The Colbert Democrats; "Obama, abetted by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, tried to take a center-right country to the left"

No right to a lawyer during interrogation, Supreme Court of Canada rules

Dr. Hal Lewis resigns from American Physical Society after 67 years; climategate "is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist"

As U.S. economy slumps, natural gas price plunges

David Chen trial: Charged Chinatown grocer waited for police for hours after apprehending previous shoplifters

Iffy tells Liberal caucus: ‘frustrated’ with stagnation in polls

Ottawa residents react to Williams plea plan

McGuinty caves on Oakville power plant at a cost of many millions; thinks it will save two MPPs

Windsor public school board to look at year-round classes

Charest making lemonade from Maclean's magazine lemons

Disgraced Col. Williams expected in court today as 80+ charges hang over his head

Rob Ford successfully uses Obama-style 'robocalls' to connect with voters

Don Martin: Duceppe memoir icing on PM’s cake; coalition was "his idea"

Christie Blatchford: Thief plays the victim in trial of Toronto grocer

NY Times op-ed: Credit for the recovery; things not what they seem

Obama administration blocked efforts by government scientists to tell public how bad Gulf oil spill could become, says Obama panel

UAE tries to blackmail Canada; as a result DND may pull forces from UAE base

Chong motion passes in Commons 235-44; may radically change Question Period

John Ivison: Ottawa looking to open up natives’ books; Liberals predictably protest

Former Jay Roy Halladay has no-hitter in play-off debut; also gets hit and scores run; 1st play-off no-hitter since 1956

Court rejects francophone census challenge

$155.5M to add beds at 6 federal prisons to address overcrowding

Lorry Goldstein: Why are Rob Ford’s critics so angry? because they are losing...

Montreal Gazette editorial: Prosecution of David Chen amounts to persecution

Arthur Laffer: Imposing state income taxes has been a disaster every time

AP-GfK poll: Working-class whites shunning U.S. Democrats as Obama seen to mishandle economy

Thailand government will decide 'Merchant of Death's' fate, weighing ties with U.S. and Russia

Hungary: Toxic sludge becomes red river of death; alumina reservoir fails and swamps 7 villages

Ethics commissioner blunts opposition daggers about incoming PMO boss

history by vignette: The October Crisis, 40 years later

Paul Wells: A fresh take on Trudeau’s act

Parliament Hill showdown 40 years ago: Tim Ralfe pushes Trudeau: "Just watch me"

8 German militants killed in Pakistan drone strike; Europe terror alert was sparked by German jihadis training in Pakistan

Gallup: U.S. unemployment at 10.1% in September; up sharply from 9.3% in August and 8.9% in July

Terence Corcoran: Ontario's Liberal power failure at feet of McGuinty and Smitherman, but crushes every citizen and every business

'It's a huge relief': Ontario residents react to news Williams will plead guilty

Canada will lead economic growth: IMF

John Ivison: Winds of populist anger might fill Conservatives’ sails

Dozois-Prevost weightlifting gold highlights three-medal day for Canada

Anti-Taliban governor, at least 14 others killed in Afghanistan mosque blast

Harper says federal oilsands panel will focus on facts, not fundraising agendas

John Ivison: Taking the 'socialist' out of the NDP

Mainstream media bias ignores shocking global warming video that blows up children

Non-Mohawk expulsions put on hold at Kahnawake

China should speed up yuan appreciation: IMF

Don Martin: Harper stock tip proves prescient; TSX up 26% in 2 years

Legal defeat for global warming in Kiwigate scandal

Governor-General not a political referee, Johnston rightly says

Flaherty warns of currency war; Loonie surges to 5-month high as U.S. dollar slides against other currencies

L. Ian MacDonald: Taming question period; MP Michael Chong has some modest proposals that make a lot of sense

Rogers buys Atria Networks for $425M, may pressure sale of Cogeco, of which Rogers owns 30%

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case against disgusting Westboro Baptist Church which pickets military and other funerals in U.S. and Canada

NY Times: Toyota says 65% of 6M recall repairs are completed; sudden acceleration complaints down

hogtown: Pigs escape onto busy Toronto highway

Commonwealth Games: Loud cheers greet Canadian athletes

Muslim group welcomes cancellation of imam’s speech at DND HQ

Foreign Affairs urges vigilance for Canadians in Europe

Thousands rally in bid to bring Nordiques back to Quebec

David Johnston is Canada's 28th Governor General

TV images shows French and African al Qaida hostages in desert

Chances are 100% of alien life existing on Earth-like recently discovered planet, scientists say

Toronto Star-Angus Reid poll: Ontario revolt brewing as 76% want McGuinty out, competence in, after 7 years of new taxes, high spending, high deficits

Canadian auto sales nearing record level

38 years ago today Paul Henderson scored THE goal; owner of Henderson jersey launches contest for promised homecoming tour

Ontario Superior Court tosses prostitution laws' provisions

New Brunswick Liberal leader ponders resignation after landslide loss to Tories

Hundreds feared dead in Mexico landslide; 300 homes thought buried, 500 to 1,000 may be dead

Globe & Mail: Live New Brunswick election results

CBC: New Brunswick Tories win majority government

Thousands honour fallen officers at Parliament Hill ceremony

Barbara Kay: Don’t regulate prostitutes. Rescue them

Canadian stocks rise as gold, silver climb to record highs

Quebec spammer must pay Facebook $1B

Christie Blatchford: Of public servants and private torment

PR piece and claims made by CIC's Delic, bumped from speech at DND HQ, can't hide associations, comments and radical assertions of muslim group

Car bomb explodes outside Northern Ireland shopping centre

Chile president sees miners rescued before Oct. 15

Johnston "gets" broad and interactive role of Governor-General; says unafraid to consult with predecessors and dialogue with PM

Belleville police chief’s husband pleads guilty to violently assaulting her; breaking her arm

Flaherty says a cooling economy won’t change next budget; "We’re on track with respect to the economy"

John Ivison: Ignatieff’s unfunded promises adding up fast

Igor relief effort to wrap up

Federal gov't announces details of internet security strategy

first medals: Ryan Cochrane captures Canada's first Gold, in the men's 400-metre freestyle pool; first Canadian in 72 years to win the 400 at a Commonwealth Games

NY Times: Run-off on Oct. 31st will decide the Presidency of Brazil; favoured candidate gets under 47% support in 3-person race

Doctor drain turns to gain: Physicians move north

Doctor confirms first case of dengue fever at Commonwealth Games

CBC: Horns, drums, children launch Commonwealth Games

Politico: A portrait of the hypocrisy, deceit, infighting and politics-as-usual in the Obama Administration, emerges by the book

Delay in Bloc MP’s resignation could push 4 by-elections into Christmas Holidays

IMF says China policy to help yuan revalue

Two American missile strikes kill 12 militants in northwestern Pakistan tribal region Saturday

Governor General David Johnston lays out his vision for Canada’s future

James Delingpole: Eco-fascism jumps the shark: massive, epic fail!

U.S. Steel shutting down Hamilton Works (former Stelco) indefinitely

David Johnston sworn in as Governor-General

Harper announces legacy gift to Michaëlle Jean Foundation that will help needy Canadian youth

GG designate Johnston arrives in Senate chamber

BMW recalls 350,000 cars for brakes problem

U.S., EU join fight over Ontario’s green energy plan

Charles Krauthammer: Why is Obama sending troops to Afghanistan?

L Ian MacDonald: Norm Atkins was the Big Blue Machine

Disease wipes out Afghan opium crop

Oil find fuels hopes for independence in Greenland

Ecuador army rescues President Rafael Correa from hospital after siege by police; claims attempted coup

Reuters: Flaherty cites recovery as he limits EI premiums increase

Environment Minister appoints expert panel to advise on how water quality affected by oilsands, and what to do if problems; to report in 60 days

Globe & Mail: Ottawa to scale back EI premium increase set for January

CTV: EI vote fails as Bloc, NDP and some Liberals vote for it, but Iffy doesn't even show up to vote

The 1984 Canadian federal election campaign through the lens of CBC's 'The House' on July 21, 1984

Iffy flip-flops again, now opposes radical EI bill

Atkins: A Big Blue legend passes on

Tories, NDP smell blood as McGuinty support falls off cliff

Legendary Sen. Norm Atkins dead at 76

Fewer crime victims going to police: Statscan

Delhi gripped by fear on eve of Commonwealth Games

CTV: Statscan report shows reported violent crimes rose sharply in Manitoba over last 10 years

supporters: Obama remarks are "condescending"

Terror plot against Britain stopped by drone strike?; al-Qaida plot to attack Britain in a Mumbai-style attack said to be thwarted by drone strike in Pakistan

North Korea: Son of Kim Jong-il appointed to prominent party post, vice chair of ruling Workers' Party's powerful Central Military Commission; seen as step before ascension to succeed father as dictator

Don Martin: A Governor General who delivered

Scotland Yard arrests 19 for major bank hack

China moves to restore rare earth exports to Japan

Tories will stick with census plan: Harper

John Ivison: For his own sake, Ignatieff should rule out a coalition

Quinnipiac University poll: WWE's McMahon catches up to Obama pal in Connecticut Senate race

Ottawa adds $52.5 million for long-term care of veterans

Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll: U.S. Tea-Party movement gathers strength

Canadian Steve McIntyre: named one of the top 50 people who matter; joins world leaders in grouping

Liberals’ objection to CF-35 fighter-jets deal puts high-calibre jobs at risk, industry warns

Northwest Saudi Arabia vulnerable to new volcano, geologists say

Michaëlle Jean breaks silence on prorogation; says needed to reflect on issues to get decision right

InformationWeek: Five ways PlayBook kills iPad

1 in 4 Canadians victim of crime: StatsCan

RIM’s PlayBook -- where it has the edge over iPad

RIM’s Balsillie sees Blackberry PlayBook as 'game changer'

Chantal Hébert: Polls suggest volatility in Ontario federal landscape

Ad campaign for assisted suicide banned from Canadian airwaves

Both sides claim victory in Venezuela election

Immigration reform group argues Canada lets in too many immigrants; country has nothing to fear from a real debate on the issue, former ambassador says

Canada slowdown won't alter deficit plan: Flaherty

Brutal storm drops 200+ millimetres of rain, cuts off B.C. communities

real climate science involves research: European climate, Alpine glaciers and Arctic ice in relation to North Atlantic SST record

Monday's NB election may hinge on close ridings

Controversial Maclean’s issue flies off shelves in Quebec

Mississauga's Hazel McCallion: The proactive mayor who puts her city and its people first

The Rise of English: How our language came to dominate the world, Part 1

Wall Street Journal: The Democrats' tax retreat as their economic policies since 2006 are being repudiated

Party will keep up support for controversial MS treatment: NB Tory leader

U.S. diplomat: Healthy U.S.-Japan alliance vital amid Asia's changing security dynamics

Death toll from Asian floods tops 100

third attack in a row: Gunmen again attack NATO supply trucks in Pakistan

Liberals fraud public after Question Period riposte

Iffy unveils $1B pie-in-the-sky homecare plan; just another Liberal promise intended for election use, not implementation

Bombardier to win $1B Montreal subway car order

Semrau demoted, kicked out of Canadian Forces for battlefield mercy killing

Christina Blizzard: McGuinty energy missteps hammer fixed-income seniors

MPs whine about having to serve their constituents; looking up phone numbers, giving basic advice deemed 'overload'

Experts question Emanuel's eligibility to run for Mayor of Chicago; not a legal resident of city

How the Tories won in New Brunswick: preparation

Good night's sleep helps with weight loss, study says

Monsanto’s fortunes turn sour

Green candidate colours Brazil run-off vote

'Boom times' over, Flaherty told

Lawrence Martin: The caving of three provincial Grit fortresses

'Cat diplomacy' rears furry head in White House

Angus Reid poll shows 44% don't want Fall election; Conservatives and Greens up, Liberals and NDP down

AP: French trader appealing sentence, $6.7B in damages

LA Times: Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others not so much; Presidents with approval ratings below 50% at mid-term time always see their party suffer substantial losses in congress

Coroner’s report into Georgian luger’s Olympic death released; all international standards met by track, but standards may need revisiting; athletes need more acclimatization time to cope with high speeds

George Galloway: peacock, terrorist supporter and shameless narcissist, as well as loud hypocrite

Dutch anti-Islam politician goes on trial

Bloomberg: Expert consensus is for higher-than-predicted growth in Canadian economy, bringing an extra $19.5B in tax revenue to federal government

Taliban claims responsibility for multiple attacks on NATO supply trucks

Life insurance policyholders win $450M class-action lawsuit payout

Palestinians want to keep peace talks alive says Mitchell

It's time to report radicalized youth to authorities, Vic Toews urges extremist-linked communities

Margaret Wente: B.C.’s fishy salmon science

Chicago Tribune: U.S. warns of possible attacks in Europe, alerts travellers

Booming Brazil heads to the polls

Indonesia train crash kills 36, injures many

Robert Fulford: Missing Rick Salutin, an unpredictable leftist

Ottawa to waive 25% tariff on foreign ship purchases to help Canadian shipping industry modernize

Business and unions both give thumbs up to modest hike in EI premiums

Iffy walks out on Liberal MP Kennedy's support for U.S. war resisters; another flip-flop or ball drop?

Defence Minister MacKay bans Canadian Islamic Congress imam from Defence Department event next week for Islamic History Month

full disclosure: Public records show broad range of lobbyists which have lobbied Harper

CNN quickly fires controversial host Rick Sanchez over outrageous radio slurs; latest CNN problem

Loonie hits 8-week high as U.S. greenback slides after Federal Reserve official makes comment

Global manhunt for Canadian muslim students

Dozens of NATO oil tankers attacked in Pakistan

NATO captures two insurgent leaders in Afghanistan, kills 15 Taliban in firefight

anti-robbery campaign: 'No hats, no hoods, no sunglasses

Dozens claim to be rightful Ontario lotto $12.5M winner after trio charged with ticket theft from 2003

Tempest in teapot: of course the Queen is to be consulted in major Canadian constitutional questions

Daily Mail: Back from the dead: One-third of 'extinct' animals turn up again

Wall Street Journal: Loonie posts intraday rebound to finish stronger

National Post: The cult of Craig Kielburger

NY Times: Signaling tensions, Pakistan shuts NATO route

Fisher-Price recalls 11 million toys due to fall, choking and laceration hazards

Outgoing GG extends 'thank you' to Canadians as new GG assumes office

Celebration short-lived for sex workers

Former prostitute 'shocked' by Ontario court decision which threw out several anti-prostitution laws

quasi-judicial overreach?: Human Rights Tribunal rules it can name university deans

Monkeys on security duty at Commonwealth Games

Survey says Ontario women fear hospitals, disappointed with McGuinty health care

Rain hampers rescue efforts in Mexican mudslide; dead and missing estimates drop

Terror plot uncovered in Europe

Deputy governor, 6 others killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing

Suppression of differing viewpoints on climate change continues unabated; Nature Magazine latest censor

Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, U.S. survey says

L.A.'s hottest day ever -- over 113F, after cold summer

U.S. tries to make it easier to wiretap the internet; follows India lead

L. Ian MacDonald: Harper hires a game-changer to run his office

Hill Times: New lobby rules could have chill effect on government relations, say stakeholders; some like, some don't

Solberg: I wish governments would just leave us alone

Daily Express: Terrorists plan to kill British athletes at Commonwealth Games

Newfoundland town transforms into Igor relief hub

Mexican soldiers capture another drug chief

4 Sahara army chiefs meet to draft plan to rescue 7 hostages from al Qaida

New Mafia?: Crime families rule Toronto: Italy

David Frum: 2010 U.S. mid-term elections just a prologue for the battles to come

Clean up continues as military deploy 3 ships to Newfoundland; road links remain broken

Olive: Carney is a game-changing central banker

Reimbursed consumers not entitled to damages in massive Hannaford data breach, Maine Supreme Court rules

Obama's no-good, very bad week

Norman Spector: Will House of Commons demand Maclean’s apologize to Quebec?

Performance-based funding: B.C.'s carrot in the quest for better health care

Venezuela: Chávez fights to keep control of National Assembly

U.S. backs $30B in bonds to stabilize credit unions buffeted by sub-prime legacy

Rex Murphy: Once a noble dream, the UN is now a joke

Tories poised to seize rare Senate majority; two Liberals set to retire; third faces expulsion

David Johnston becomes Governor General this week: Rideau Hall's man of mystery

Toronto-bound CP freight train violently derails west of Montreal; two crew unhurt

Alleged bomber on Pakistan-bound plane innocent, on way to his wedding; police investigating tipster

Navy ship arrives in Newfoundland for Igor cleanup

RCMP investigate possible hoax in Pakistan plane bomb scare

"I have never seen anything like this" in this country: Harper, on Igor's damage

Canadian man arrested in Sweden after plane bomb tip; Pakistani International Airlines Boeing 777 with 273 passengers requested permission to land after explosives alert came from Canada; plane en route from Toronto to Karachi

Conservatives up, Liberals down, NDP drop to tie with Green Party in latest poll for Postmedia News/Global Television

Newfoundland welcomes military help after Hurricane Igor hammering

updated: 14 sent to hospital, 1200 homeless after Toronto firefighters battle six-alarm highrise blaze on 24th floor at Wellesley/Bleecker downtown

First Nations group demands long-gun registry exemption

Harper sends military to help Newfoundland after storm

Ontario power consumers hit yet again by secret McGuinty deal giving power producers more money

Harper makes impassioned UN speech to court Security Council votes

Globe & Mail Editorial: In fact, we should 'teach to the test'

University of Toronto engineering students' 'Snowbird' claims record for sustained flight of a human-powered ornithopter

Gun registry lives, but Harper vows to keep up the fight as NDP and Liberals flip-flop

Newfoundland begins cleanup after Igor

Hurricane Igor batters Newfoundland; flooding, states of emergency in many towns, disaster assistance coming from Ottawa; Igor heading up Labrador coast towards Baffin Island

Canada hikes contribution to global health and anti-poverty fund by 20%; Stephen Harper makes announcement in UN General Assembly hall

Election could derail Canadian economic recovery

Ignatieff policies would cost Canada 400,000 jobs, warns Flaherty

New Westminster issues apology for racism against Chinese Canadians; formal apology for late 19th, early 20th century first by a municipal government in Canada

Harris-Decima poll: Tories at 33%, Liberals at 30% and New Democrats at 14% -- NDP support slumps to worst showing this year; as NDP MPs bail on local constituents' opposition to long gun registry, NDP support drops by a third

Now showing in a sky (and web browser) near you -- the Northern Lights
(link at bottom of this page, in Video section)

15 years after Liberals rammed through the long-gun registry, without compromise, Iffy asks for compromise; meanwhile, registry an ineffectual waste of tax dollars and Tories say they will hold flip-flopping MPs to account

Voter fury set to sink New Brunswick Liberals

Obama's fallen economic all-stars

Anxious residents wait after Toronto highrise fire leaves 1,700 homeless

Canadians set to arrive at Commonwealth athletes’ village

3 dead; plane crash shocks Calgary hockey community

France believes hostages captured by al-Qaida in Niger are alive

NATO says 3 service members killed, clash leaves 30 insurgents dead in eastern Afghanistan

Polish President, Ukrainian PM commemorate Katyn Forest Massacre victims

Obama 'Hope' poster artist losing hope

Col. Williams to defend against sex assault civil case

Markets buoyed by U.S. economic data

Canadian monthly deficit shrinks as economy grows; from July 2009 to July 2010, deficit dropped from $5.8B to $500M

Ahmadinejad's UN speech helps Israel prove he's irrational and dangerous

How Tim Hortons will take over the world

PM hails Canada as model global citizen in UN pitch; commits to working hard to solve world problems

Ethoca: Who pays for all the card fraud that you don't? You do!

MSNBC: Fraud puzzle -- the stolen packages kept coming and coming

Commonwealth Games fiasco: "The people of New Delhi are very upset"

surprise: Peer reviewed study says current Arctic sea ice is more extensive than most of the past 9000 years

Ahmadinejad condemns capitalism in UN speech, U.S. and Allies walk out; Canada and more than 30 other countries join General Assembly exodus

NY Times: Rep. Issa would lead 'climategate' probe if House goes to GOP

Harper to tour hurricane damage in Newfoundland

Weak data and investor jitters pull TSX lower

Bautista hits milestone homer No. 50

Solberg: Drop barriers to stimulate economy

Peter Worthington: Stormy weather for IPCC; ‘Disgraced’ railway engineer boss of climate change panel faces heat over ‘shoddy’ work

Ottawa Sun Editorial: Don't forget gun wimps when election writ drops

climategate: Pressure mounting for Rajendra Pachauri to resign as IPCC head

Warren Buffett: "We're still in a recession"

We’ll win in the end, Hoeppner vows; says best chance for victory lies in Conservative majority

Top FARC rebel leader killed in gunfight with Colombian army

Harper to address UN general Assembly as Canada up against Germany and Portugal for Security Council

U.S. lauds Russia on barring arms for Iran

Stocks fall worldwide as worries mount over global recovery

Harper takes tactical advantage as bid to scuttle gun registry fails: Pollsters

Ivison: Conservatives’ Hoeppner a victor in defeat

Power out in parts of Newfoundland until Thursday

Liberal MP Simms says he voted for gun registry because his father committed suicide with a rifle in June; admits registry didn't stop it, and couldn't have

Man drops lawsuit against Manitoba judge involved in sex scandal; suit against her husband remains

CBC's "blatant agenda-driven reporting" runs without facts or evidence to distort gun registry debate

Globe Editorial: Gun registry’s price was not as advertised

National Post: 4 reasons the long gun registry should be scrapped

Stoffer admits NDP pressure led him to flip-flop on gun vote and lose friends and supporters

Reuters: Canada manufacturing up in August; composite up 0.5%, besting expectations

Bloomberg: Canada retail sales tick down 0.1% in July as furniture and electronics sales both take huge drop during slow July housing market

Bell pledges $50-million for mental health charities

Wall Street Journal: RIM readies its answer to iPad

Reuters: China's Sinochem hires Deutsche Bank and Citigroup to evaluate Potash Corp. as it considers bid

Newsbusters: Eight Democrats arrested in Bell 'Corruption on Steroids' but not a single mention of party affiliation from media

AP wirestory: Ex-city manager among 8 arrested in Bell, California scandal (shhh... doesn't mention they're all Democrats)

Teachers at 10 Ontario schools investigated in test cheating

Halifax Chronicle Herald: Marilla Stephenson laments Stoffer's waffling; "Wanted: Politicians who stand up for what they believe in"

Stoffer doesn’t stick to his guns; having long opposed long gun registry, NDP MP now says he’ll vote to save it; but what if he's hung out to dry by Liberal vote avoiders?

Rare North Korea meeting on September expected to deal with naming successor to ailing Kim Jong-il

CPP buys malls in Victoria, Prince George

Tories said to target ‘mass arrivals’ under revamped plan for asylum seekers

'Fordamania' is about spending wisely, taxing less, and serving citizens, says Ford

Kevin Libin: The third party no one talks about; shadowy, deep-pocketed Avaaz attempts to influence Canadian politics from its base in New York, spending heavily to defeat candidates, change policy

Harper: Foreign takeover of Potash Corp. will not get automatic approval

Tories have 'significant agenda' for House of Commons this fall; 42 bills on Order Paper

U.S. Republicans to unveil 'governing agenda' Thursday; to reduce unemployment and government spending

Flu shot linked to reduced heart attack risk

Dan Leger: Battle plan to fight twin evils: complacency & dependence

France at 'imminent' risk of terrorist attack, intelligence indicates

Jason Kenney, Australian officials discuss in Melbourne how to deal with human smuggling

'Ethical Oil', Ezra Levant book: Oilsands critics drive business to Saudis, Iran, Sudan and Nigeria -- while Canada's oil is greener, more economical and more socially beneficial

Wall Street Journal: National Bureau of Economic Research says U.S. recession ended in June 2009 and was longest since WWII; no reduction of U.S. unemployment on horizon

French troops land in Niger to step up the hunt for seven foreign nuclear workers kidnapped last week by al Qaida's north Africa branch

Nanos poll: Support for Ford spreading across Toronto; leads in every region of Toronto as well as every age group, gender, and nearly every political affiliation

Nanos Globe/CTV/CP24 poll: Ford jumps out to 24 point lead among decided voters for Toronto mayor

Brazil: Former guerilla set to be world's most powerful woman

Rising floodwaters force evacuation of B.C. reserve

Flaherty’s endorsement of Ford catches some off guard

consensus: Colbert 'made mockery' of Congress

Conrad Black: Sarah Thomson, the woman Toronto needs

London Free Press: Ontario's wind power gusto risks blowback

Yakabuski: Glenn Beck, the 46-year-old whirling dervish of American airwaves, arenas and publishing, is a deepening force in American political life and a marketing phenomenon

Globe: Nigel Wright as Harper's next Chief of Staff gets two thumbs up from a broad range of people inside and outside political ring

China demands Japan apology as boat captain returns

India's Industry Minister says India target of 'unfair' criticism over Commonwealth Games

John Ivison on Nigel Wright: Harper’s new ‘fist’ will put economy first

Harper's new Chief of Staff: Nigel Wright is cut from different cloth

Ahmadinejad toys with world, says Iran could end enrichment if sent nuclear fuel for medical reactor

Democrats make mockery of immigration committee meeting by calling comedian Stephen Colbert to come and deliver a comedy routine

Toronto Sun: Harper taps Nigel Wright, veteran of Bay Street, as new Chief of Staff

First International Symposium on Adverse Health and Wind Turbines to be held in Picton, ON, Oct 29-31

Commonwealth Games conditions improve

Charles Krauthammer: Visigoths at the gate?

U.S. wants China to move faster on currency reform

Officials confident Commonwealth Games will proceed so give Canadian athletes OK for India

1991 Soviet coup plotter Yanayev dies at 73

Amid tension, Japan is releasing Chinese captain

Toronto mayor frontrunner Ford says voters have most concern over wasteful spending; wants to ditch new spending and concentrate on basics, such as turning off lights in city buildings at night to save power costs

RCMP implementing new recruitment drive for women and minorities so force better reflects Canadian population

Brian Lilley: The 45-day work year

Insulin may hold key to 'diabetes of the brain'

Politico: Bill Clinton offers advice for Obama in face of daunting mid-term elections; recognizes Republican successes

Ex-air force officers to break imposed silence on UFOs; say they know things that have been suppressed for decades

Bastarache Inquiry: Jean Charest denies being told of influence-peddling

G8 and G20 stimulus: Hundreds of suppliers involved in providing everything from bug spray, to rental vehicles, meals, fencing, parking and communication equipment

Christina Blizzard: Enviro-babble threatens Ontario

Judge questions Public Safety Minister decisions to choose whether two convicted international drug traffickers allowed to serve sentences in Canada or must stay in U.S. cells; but in contradiction, says doesn't challenge Minister's authority

GOP 'Pledge to America' appeals to voters

Wall Street Journal: Controversy brewing as government-owned GM resumes making U.S. political donations?

Bono's ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity

Duhaime: Environmental ayatollahs are a bit much

Don Martin: Tories on target for next vote

Conference Board predicts public service jobs in Ottawa area could decline by 6,200 in 2011

Blockbuster files for U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; Canadian operation not affected

Obama targets Middle East peace within a year

Privacy breach unacceptable: Harper

U.S.: jobless claims rise by 12,000; worse than expected

Canada: Number receiving EI benefits dropped again in July; down 31,400

Tensions between China, Japan escalate

CBS: Text of Republicans' 'Pledge to America' which is to be released Thursday

Washington Post: Obama White House a battleground over Afghanistan, terrorism, personality clashes, political considerations, says Woodwrd

Blockbuster video bankruptcy filing imminent

Southern California's summer to end with a chill: It was the coldest in decades

Jeffrey Simpson finds religion and wants to see McGuinty recognize the mess he has made of Ontario finances

Commonwealth Games given 48 hours to save itself

Quebec admits public outcry killed health user fee

CBC: Canadian archers pull out of Delhi Commonwealth Games

Prime Minister rejects proposal to detain ‘mass arrival’ refugee claimants; Harper wants new policy to focus on ringleaders of human smuggling, rather than migrants

BBC: Concerns mount over Delhi Games as athletes pull out

Jaffer-Gillani relationship exposed in new documents

Hébert: Global turmoil since 9/11, fractured governments

Bob Woodward book says aides doubt Obama's Afghan strategy

Kheiriddin: Ottawa, depression capital of Canada?

New tea party: energy, money and detente with GOP

Ahmadinejad blames capitalism for poverty; German Chancellor Angela Merkel counters that market economies are key to lifting world's least developed countries out of poverty

Ignatieff smears Canada internationally for crass political gain

Commonwealth Games continue to be plagued by chaos and controversy

Hurricane Igor sideswipes Atlantic Canada with heavy rains, flooding, closed bridges

Tasha Kheiriddin: A backlash against the know-it-alls

Tory MP Gord Brown pushes Premiers for MS treatment

NB election: Alward's PC manifesto commits to balanced budgets in 4 years by slashing gov't spending, cancelling tax breaks for wealthiest, trimming civil service and freezing corporate tax rates

Reuters: Two-party consensus emerging on danger of U.S. debt and need for fiscal restructuring

Nine Nato troops killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Don Martin: The House is back and Liberals haven't done any homework

Globe and Mail: Ford surge puts campaign and team under pressure to keep it going

U.S.: Time may have come for bank 'bail-in' scheme

relations tense: China says boat row rules out meeting with Japanese PM

Christie Blatchford: Mississauga inquiry should be called the Hazel McCallion show

Commonwealth Games boss says athletes village 'seriously compromised'

Physicist says fossil fuel burning is insignificant in the global carbon pool; bails on the man-made global warming movement, calling it a ‘corrupt social phenomenon’

Saudi king meets top counter-terror officials from Canada and U.S.

Atlantic Canada braces for Hurricane Igor as it leaves Bermuda; sends big waves to U.S. east coast

Igor passes near Bermuda as Cat 1 hurricane; some flooding, power out, no serious damage reported

PM Harper salutes "the brave Canadian heroes who fought on the side of democracy and freedom during the Battle of Britain -- the first major campaign fought entirely by air forces and one of the most important battles of the 20th century. It marked a crucial turning point in the Second World War."

Hurricane Igor weakens to Cat 1 storm; maximum sustained winds of 90 miles (144 km) per hour

Dangerous Hurricane Igor begins Bermuda siege; Premier calls it "one of the worst hurricanes to ever threaten our shores"

Conditions in Bermuda deteriorate as Hurricane Igor approaches

Air India bombmaker convicted of perjury; Inderjit Singh Reyat guilty of lying in 2003 terror trial

Hurricane Igor churns toward Bermuda; Tropical Storm Julia weakens further

link to image
Afghan vote marked by light turnout and attacks

Hurricane Karl kills 2 in Mexico, now a tropical depression

U.S. Senators call oilsands 'very impressive' after tour with Alberta Premier

Afghan poll workers found dead

John Snobelen: McSneaky slamming Hudak for hidden agenda is rich

'Serious concerns' of voter fraud in Afghan election

Neil Reynolds: Good economics, and basketball: Just let the players play

G20 ringleader arrested after taking part in university panel discussion; was out on $100,000 bail

Federal gov't to increase injured veterans' pensions, numbers that qualify

Montreal criminals switching specialties: police; auto thefts down but pot dealers have tripled

Charles Krauthammer: The Buckley rule; if DeMint and Palin care about the GOP keeping the Senate, they should stump for O'Donnell

Politico: Delaware Senate upstart stuns both political establishments; Christine O'Donnell hits the elitism that stifles Americans at Values Voter Summit

Globe and Mail: Rand Paul’s unlikely Kentucky campaign shows the Tea Party’s strength

NY Times: Missouri tells judges cost of sentences; controversial practice seen as thwarting justice

Frost kills Prairie crops, Wheat Board sees quality concerns

Harper 'will not rest' until long gun registry gone

Calgary Herald: Flaherty tells Alberta opponents face-to-face why Canada needs a national securities regulator, despite Alberta and Quebec opposition

Authorities confirm 2 rare tornadoes struck New York City during violent Thursday storm

Stop 'cradling' criminals; Hudak's Ontario Tories urge McGuinty to strip provincial inmates of pensions

Washington, DC TV station fires veteran anchor after Obama donation links to BP aired

der Spiegel: 'Obama has underestimated the frustration in the country'

UN asks member states for record $2B in aid for Pakistan

Denying long-term support to alcoholics is discrimination says Ontario court

the rat comes back: deported, convicted killer back in Canada months later; time for real pen time in lieu of deportation for scum?

Gold hits all-time high, retreats

Kevin Libin: Insulted ‘elites’ finally know how the other guy feels

Wall Street Journal: Tribe's roll of dice rattles lenders as Connecticut's native-owned Foxwoods casino hits wall of unexplored risk

39 months later Toronto's $11.5M 'Homeless Hilton' shelter boondoggle still not giving shelter

Renowned Sick Kids orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kellie Leitch to announce candidacy for Conservative nomination in Guergis-held riding

Tim Hortons caught up in HST taxing detail

Canada confident of claim on Arctic underwater mountain range

Politico: White House says New York Times story about ad attacks on Tea Party/GOP '100% wrong'

Shooting puts New Delhi on high alert ahead of Commonwealth Games

OECD: U.S. should impose value-added tax for economic turnaround

Manganese in well water strongly linked to students' lower IQ scores

Foreigners maintain Canadian bond appetite

U.S. net worth 23% below pre-recession level

Financial support for wounded soldiers upped by $2B with new payments; more changes on way

BP gulf well finally dead

New Zealand stadium crushed by snow: "We've never had a snow fall this big before, in our history"

U.S. missile kills 5 militants in Pakistan

Strobel: And now the lineup for SUN TV News

Salim Mansur: Muslims fear Muslims more than Jones

Peter Howell: Simply a spectacular year at TIFF; Sure, the Lightbox is great. The films screening inside were pretty terrific, too

The case for single-sex schools: Letting girls be girls and boys be boys

Sun’s magnetics remain in a funk: sunspots may be on their way out; which could mean prolonged cooling period on its way

Pope meets with abuse victims as thousands protest

NB election: Tory leader defends tax freeze; Foolish Liberals scramble to attack Conservative plan to freeze property taxes for seniors over 65 to allow them to stay in their homes; complain it would stop their tax-and-spend municipal cousins from errr... taxing and spending

What factor did race and gender play in GM and Chrysler dealerships forced to close by Obama car czar?

Canadian air passengers must show ‘entire face’ under tougher air security rules

Sarah Palin: Primaries are over, GOP must unite

Research In Motion shares gain after positive profit report

B.C. judge dismisses HST challenge

Bloomberg: Flaherty says Canada deficit will drop to about $50B from higher Spring projection

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver Canadians join Toronto Blue Jays farm system

Lilley: Liberals & NDP engage in futile battle; polls show wide majority of both urban & rural Canadians want useless, expensive long gun registry scrapped

L. Ian MacDonald: Grits have short, hyper-expensive memory fighting F-35s; is Donolo one-trick pony?

NY Times: U.S. consumer prices remain steady; deflation the new risk

National Review: The rout is on in surprising places

Ex-Los Alamos scientist, wife indicted in conspiracy to sell atomic weapon secrets to Venezuela

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Russian aircraft buzz U.S. Navy ship off Alaska coast; come within 100 feet of frigate

Hurricane Karl strengthens to Cat 3 as about to hit Mexico

Hurricane Julia drops to Cat 3, Igor remains Cat 4 as it bears down on Bermuda; both may miss mainland, sending only waves and rain in sideswipe

Rare double hurricanes roil Atlantic as both Igor and Julia stick at Cat 4

link to image
Hurricane Igor to hit Bermuda on weekend; likely to miss U.S.-Canada east coast

Higher electricity costs hammering Canadian businesses, killing jobs; failed McGuinty plan in Ontario forcing business out

Hurricane Igor leaps to Cat 4 over Atlantic

Dutch politician Geert Wilders' 9/11 ground zero speech

link to image
Rex Murphy: Nine years later, tragedy replaced by farce

Boeing sells 50 737s to Russian airline; options for 35

OECD: Global economic recovery weaker than expected

6 arrested in UK in terror threat to Pope

Rescue hole reaches Chilean miners; now bore needs to be widened enough for rescue

How will the Stewart/Colbert 'Restoring Sanity' Oct. 30 rally in Washington, DC affect U.S. mid-term elections?

Tony Wilson: HST good public policy and good tax

Arbitrator nixes Ontario's plans for wage freezes

BP relief well finally intercepts ruptured Gulf well

BBC: Karachi shut down after killing of Imran Farooq

The Climategate Inquiries: A detailed assessment of the Climategate inquiries set up by the University of East Anglia and others finds key questions and most serious allegations avoided

Springsteen, De Niro, Eastwood, Redford: American icons invade Toronto for 35th TIFF

Scotiabank to buy Brazilian bank

Rebels kill NATO soldiers, civilians ahead of Afghan polls

TSX slightly ahead as gold stocks climb

Ottawa plans three new measures to bolster economy

Pope on UK visit admits failures in abuse scandal

Unelected Toronto-area transit authority head asks mayoral candidates to put the brakes on new plans; who does he think he is? Bureaucrats gone wild...

U.S. homes lost to foreclosure up 25% on year

Reuters: Nikkei retreats from 5-wk high; eyes on yen

TSX dips as Japanese intervention to push down yen triggers commodity selling

Lorrie Goldstein: Don't be a boob at our expense; Liberal elitism always bubbles to the surface

Explosives charges laid in homegrown terror plot

Springsteen talks Dylan, darkness and the 'survivor guilt' of fame; "The artists we love, they put their fingerprint on your imagination, and on your heart and your soul"

Bruce Springsteen oozes cool on the TIFF red carpet (scroll to bottom of page for NWC red carpet arrival video)

Tory ministers defend $9B F-35 fighters; a competition for contract would have been ridiculous after Lockheed-Martin won the U.S. competition in 2001 and Boeing lost; "Frankly, it would be dishonest. It would be a waste of time and a waste of resources," says Ambrose; opposition wasting committee time trying to scratch up electoral sleight-of-hand

Home sales rise for first time since March

Stocks climb on bank reform, China growth, deals

Cuba to cut 500,000 gov't workers; reform salaries

Judge dismisses Crown appeal to deny G20 ‘ringleaders’ bail

Heroin-smuggling allegations ‘unfounded,’ Canadian Forces say

Neil Reynolds: More Americans than Chinese? A lot can happen in 100 years

Obama picks Goolsbee, whose loose lips caused 2008 Canada-U.S. row, to save his economic bacon

Bureaucrats misled MPs in 2004 and 2007 on relocation numbers for movers' contract; more smelly Liberal baggage?

MV Sun Sea migrants' information stolen from Tamil group's office

Man charged over website libel against Calgary police

Quebec's economy blooming, Bachand says; warns U.S. troubled economy could rain on our parade

Accused fraud artist runs for Mayor of Toronto; says leadership, investment needed

Afghanistan hit by eve-of-poll kidnappings; two Afghan candidates for Saturday's parliamentary elections and 18 poll officials and campaign workers have been kidnapped

RIM surges after forecasting sales above analysts' estimates

Over 60 killed in 'accidental' Sri Lanka blast near police station

good sign for U.S. economy: Most Americans not paying overdraft fees says American Bankers' survey

Chechen separatist leader Zakayev arrested in Poland

American Thinker: White House science czar says 'global warming' is 'dangerous misnomer'

RIM defies doubters

Europe claims victory in latest aviation subsidy row

Reflexively, without thinking of the bureaucratic costs and impact on the economy and personal freedom, an Ontario NDP MPP wants to license landlords; if bed bugs are target, target bed bugs...

RIM posts record profit; BlackBerry maker beats expectations, ships record 12.1M smart phones in second quarter

3 U.S. senators head to Alberta, Saskatchewan in wake of Pelosi Ottawa visit

Baird takes aim at 'Toronto elites' over gun registry fight

GM U.S. says Treasury will sell its stake over time, not when IPO hits, so taxpayers get a good return

Habs dismiss PQ complaint that they're a Canadian propaganda tool

German airforce grounds Eurofighters over glitch

Europe stalked by spectre of mass unemployment

Lawrence Solomon: Chilling evidence from the sun

Japan takes issue with McGuinty’s green energy plan for Ontario; files complaint with WTO over preference for local equipment

Russia-Norway pact on Arctic zone shows Canada not alone in making Arctic an urgent priority

Manila officials, police face hostage crisis raps; Canadians died as bus rushed by police

Rocco Rossi lays out his roadmap for Toronto mayor campaign and for city

Hudak outlines Tory priorities for new Ontario Legislature session

America over a barrel; As an ethical source of U.S. oil imports, Canada stands alone

O'Donnell primary victory controversial; Tea Party victories adding up

Harper to hit the road to discuss economic action plan with Canadians

Kory Teneycke quits Sun TV

More people surviving cancer, StatsCan says

Flawed smart meters simply McGuinty 'tax machines'; need to really reduce off-peak rates in Ontario to persuade electricity demand changes, says Hudak

link to image
Islam divides angry America on 9/11 anniversary

link to image
Robert Fulford: Lessons of 9/11

Harper pays tribute to those killed on 9/11, including 24 Canadians; warns: "Sadly, the threat of terrorism is still very much a global reality, including right here at home"

link to image
World marks 9th anniversary of 9/11

link to image
4 Toronto-bound bus passengers dead in early morning Syracuse bus crash; en route from Philadelphia, hits off-route low Parkway bridge

'Massive activities' from Canadian troops coming in Afghanistan: Lt-Gen

Bell to take full control of CTV in deal that re-shapes Canadian media landscape; $1.3B deal also breaks up CTVglobemedia; Thomson family to again fully control Globe as Torstar, Teachers bow out

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At least 6 dead, 30 injured, 100s evacuated, 53 homes destroyed, 120 buildings damaged as huge ruptured gas-line-fed fire rips through San Francisco suburb of San Bruno Thursday night; more dead anticipated as smoking ruins investigated; 30-inch diameter gas line was under 1,000 psi

Wall Street Journal: World's soundest banks are Canadian says World Economic Forum for 3rd straight year

NY Times: Unsteady Florida Pastor calls off Koran burning after call from U.S. Defense Secretary Gates, then re-considers

B.C. attorney-general orders full public inquiry ordered into Pickton investigation

Harper and MacKay condemn Koran burning plan by Florida church

link to image
12th time: Mississauga Mayor 'Hurricane' Hazel McCallion runs again at 89; asks voters to pick council that works with her for good of city

Tories target human trafficking in campaign

Turkish reforms pass by wide margin

Don Martin: The cure for charisma deficit in federal politics is in municipalities

Megabus driver ‘made a wrong turn’ in crash that killed four

California gas pipeline was ranked high risk; death toll revised back to 4, down from 7 reported Saturday night; 6 people still missing

loose lips sink ships: New Hampshire burglars picked houses based on Facebook updates

Peter Foster: The oil sands and the Democrats’ death march

Federal government to extend matching contributions for Pakistan flood relief

Two Afghans killed during Koran-burning protests

Boston Herald: Keeping up with Rev. Terry Jones was just a media farce

Florida Koran burning called off, but man burns pages of Koran near Ground Zero; crowd witnesses say appalled

Two local church ministers burn copies of Koran in Nashville

Turkey prepares to vote in constitutional referendum; 26 amendments on the table

Tyranny: How to destroy a business with environmental red tape

Hazel McCallion's picks for Mississauaga council

Hail to the chef: McLeod, Harper and other Conservative foodies share recipes in new cookbook

Enbridge digs up leaking Illinois pipeline

Eco-terrorism has long history and the Al Gore link has been central in some of the worst cases, not just at Discovery Channel siege

Toronto Star: Toronto council will swing to right after years of leftie excess, high taxes and waste

Castro recants; says he was misinterpreted

Senior Iranian diplomat quits post in Finland to join opposition

David Frum: The myths of 9/11

800 inmates escape during prison attack in Nigeria

$1M more for GPS-based convict tracking tool

Shaken McGuinty tries to dodge wind turbine protesters

New wacko says will burn Koran on steps of the Wyoming State Capitol on Saturday; meanwhile, a local Cheyenne Muslim is among those walking to Capitol building with Christian Unitarian Universalist Church honouring 9/11 anniversary with theme "Standing on the Side of Love with our Muslim Brothers and Sisters"

AFP: Koran burning threat ignites debate on media coverage; AP joins Fox News to not "provide coverage of events that are gratuitously manufactured to provoke and offend"

A third NDP MP caves to Layton to vote against bill to end long-gun registry; put party loyalty before constituents' demands

Hurricane Hazel targets loudmouth, disruptive Parrish; Starr wants return to civility and stability in Mississauga

Christina Blizzard: McGuinty cruising for nasty lesson; still not up to the job

Lorrie Goldstein: Why we should hope for global warming

Rosie DiManno: Long-gun registry won’t save the lives of spouses; "it’s a misleading and dramatically overwrought hypothesis"

Dallas News: Obama's former Budget Director Peter Orszag calls on Obama to leave Bush tax cuts in place to save jobs

Obama support drops to new low at 41%

Fox News says it will not cover burning of Koran if it happens

Afghan prisons not 'torture chambers,' Canadian General testifies to Military Police Complaints Commission

PM to mull stimulus cash deadline; Sask seeks extension due to weather delays

Canadian drill rig could speed rescue of trapped Chile miners

Ottawa taps former spy chief Ward Elcock for human smuggling file

Tamil boat migrant gives conflicting story; Tiger or innocent?

BP report pins most of blame on others; contractors Transocean and Halliburton reject findings

Taliban chief says victory in Afghanistan "close"

study: Mental health leaves cost Canadian economy $51 billion a year

Nancy Pelosi a willing listener in crucial oil-sands talks with Ed Stelmach; Alberta Premier optimistic after long dinner with U.S. House Speaker

B.C. study a ‘eureka moment’ in fight against ovarian cancer

Jeffrey Goldberg ~ Atlantic: Fidel says 'Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore'

Jeffrey Goldberg ~ Atlantic: Elder statesman Fidel Castro tells Ahmadinejad -- 'Stop slandering the Jews' -- and regrets his role in brinkmanship of 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

NY Times suddenly notices Obama's disdain for traditional allies of U.S. amid crumbling support

Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought; rate at which ice disappearing has been seriously overestimated, according to new research

Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel ready to quit; growing tired of the 'idealism' of Barack Obama's inner circle

U.S. Gov't scientists and BP say microbes are eating BP oil in Gulf without using up oxygen

Enbridge fixes pipeline ahead of restart; oil falls

End of Bush tax cuts will bring double-dip recession, economist warns

Tarmac delays exceeding 3 hours decline in U.S. after threat of fines

At least 33 survive plane crash with 51 aboard in Venezuela

Wall Street Journal: UPS and FedEx embrace logistics business to fill their planes, trucks and warehouses and enable companies to quickly ramp up to export opportunities

Newfoundland to join Saskatchewan in funding studies of controversial MS treatment

Mexico captures another top drug cartel suspect

Clinton travels to Mideast to resume talks, encourage both sides to focus on mutual help

Broken drill bit complicates Chile miners' rescue

Harper seeks policy input from MPs and Senators with innovative new Government committee system; fresh, big departure from Canada's long drift toward top-down policy-making

Desperate Liberals admit they're posturing on CF-35 jet purchase; trying to find issue to move votes; but willing to play with Canadians' security to do so; Tory MP Laurie Hawn, former CF-18 squadron commander, is armed and ready for the verbal firefight; he flew the first CF-18 delivered 28 years ago; the first CF-35 will land here in 2015

American Thinker: Democratic Party death panels

From the Prairies to Baghdad: Iraq becomes Canada’s second biggest wheat buyer

LA Times: Obama's electoral coalition is crumbling

Heather Mallick, Joseph Atkinson and moral hypocrisy; three of a kind

Peter Worthington: Sun TV's foes helping its cause

Coast to coast, U.S. tea party supporters promote their cause

Christian worshippers attacked in Indonesia

Netanyahu silent on Obama settlement freeze remarks; Obama says extending settlement moratorium "makes sense"

Lawrence Solomon: Break up Pakistan

NY Times op-ed: U.S. capital and hence loans are shrinking due to moves by Obama and friends; the result is an economy in neutral

Billboards to target waffling MPs in campaign to end expensive and useless long-gun registry

Five still missing after California gas-line explosion; 2 more dead found

Canadians not among 4 killed in bus crash in Syracuse suburb; bus was taking short non-standard parkway route between local stop off northbound I-81 to westbound I-90

Duelling demonstrations begin after 9/11 memorial

Karzai marks 9/11 with appeal over civilian deaths; insists origins of continuing Taliban insurgency are not in Afghanistan

Up to 85 inmates escape in Mexican jailbreak on Texas border

Unemployment rate drops to 7.3% in B.C.

Reuters: Bank of Canada's Carney warns global recovery at risk; U.S. weakness could worsen outlook for Canada

Wall Street Journal: Jobless rate nudges up 0.1% in Canada as more look for work; jump of 35,800 new jobs last month beat predictions

Bill Marshall: TIFF at 35, the best film festival in the world, says proud co-founder

Strengthening La Nina could mean more hurricanes; La Nina marked by cooling of tropical Pacific Ocean; hey, what happened to global warming?

Neil Reynolds: The strangling of U.S. economic freedom; Washington’s reckless rush of spending to ease the downturn will lead to a permanent decline in per capita GDP

Charles Krauthammer: Your move, Mr. Abbas; peace in our time?

Flaherty confirms EI premiums will rise after two-year pause during recession

CMHC says housing starts fell 3% in August

Quebec arena funding means money for all arenas: Harper

TIFF celebrity guest list grows

American Thinker: Time for an Islamaphobia beer summit

Judge orders City of Montreal and blue-collar staff to compensate icy sidewalk victims

study: Vitamin B could put off Alzheimer’s

study: Canada tied for 2nd most charitable in world with Ireland; New Zealand and Australia tied for first

U.S. appeals court halts torture lawsuit

U.S. highway deaths fall to 33,808 in 2009, lowest tally since 1950

Loonie up almost a penny after Bank rate hike

Wall Street Journal: Canada bonds tumble sharply as Bank of Canada raises rates

Ottawa responds quickly to uncap overwhelmed student loan program; recession driving students back to class

Labour Day stats, comparisons and anecdotal insights see Canadians more upbeat than a year ago

Nate Silver: Predictive model shows Republicans poised to control 30 Governor seats, with others possible

Charles Krauthammer: A distracted commander-in-chief; Obama's military leadership can only be called scandalous

Iffy basically twitless despite claiming to have spewed 40,000 km worth of diesel fumes this summer

no kidding: BBC had "massive bias to left" says director general

Obama's much-vaunted new Oval Office rug misquotes Martin Luther King Jr.; words matter

Donna Laframboise: The book the IPCC plagiarized

Manpower survey: Canadian job market at its brightest in nearly 2 years

Strikes hit France, London; Public transit grinds to a halt with tourists, commuters bearing brunt of wave of discontent over austerity measures

Nova Scotia power crews still restoring power to thousands after Earl

Earl leaves tens of thousands without power in N.S.

Halifax Chronicle Herald: Earl hammers Nova Scotia; wind speeds of 120 kph; road to Peggy's Cove closed to keep storm-watchers away from dangerous, pounding surf

NZ's Canterbury earthquake really three quakes?

link to image
New Zealand shaken by 7.1M quake; damage extensive

Australian election loser stays on as PM after assembling coalition with one vote more than Opposition; how long 'til a lost vote of confidence?

Quebec minister Claude Béchard dies; resigned from cabinet this morning due to cancer

Paul Schneidereit: Campaign to stop Sun TV news channel is attempt at censorship, and won't work

Women, kids among 12 dead, 60 wounded in NW Pakistan bombing

Bastarache inquiry: Hearings are a plot against Bellemare says his lawyer

American Thinker: The most profound victims of the Obama hoax

U.S. Gen. Petraeus warns small church's plan to burn Korans could endanger troops

Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll: Anti-incumbent wave building in U.S.

study: Aid after 2005 quake won trust in Pakistan

New migrant ship may be on the way to Canada

Electricty rates already up over 17% since April, but Ottawa Hydro wants to take it higher; the McGuinty job-killer gets worse

Adrian MacNair: Canada, the whiney country; world leader in labour stoppages

Full-day kindergarten in Ontario gets failing grade

Obama to unveil latest, $50B stimulus plan, targeted at transportation infrastructure

Despite announced combat end, U.S. military joins Baghdad battle as Iraqui military outpost attacked

B.C. NDP admit won't dump HST if elected

Tough building standards protected New Zealanders as powerful quake ripped new fault line across country and ocean floor

ROB: Banks struggle to boost loans as demand ebbs in weak rebound

Premiers Stelmach, Wall and Charest to meet with U.S. House Speaker Pelosi in Ottawa this week

Globe & Mail: Time to end long gun registry

link to image
Adorable red pandas Winnipeg zoo's newest babies

Parliamentary departures may play a role in coming gun registry vote

pain researchers: Pain management a fundamental human right

Flood-hit Pakistan struggles to rebuild its food system from scratch

Quebec ponies up for NHL-sized arena

Number of women candidates more than doubles from last N.B. election

der Spiegel: Controversial German book about integrating immigrant Muslims into German culture has split country between revulsion and embrace as it becomes a bestseller

Tom Clark leaves CTV after almost 40 years

LA Times: It's a long shot, but Republican could win Senate

NY Times: Obama to propose tax write-off for capital investments

Canada seeks answers to immigration-fraud issues in Europe

New Brunswick PCs hit Liberals hard with their broken record

Canadian Press wire service pushes story on slow news day that criticizes federal government for ensuring federal stimulus dollars are reflected in Economic Action Plan signage

Dozens dead in Guatemala after landslides bury highway, cars and bus

Taliban suicide attack in NW Pakistan kills 17 people

Goldman shutting proprietary trading; will some just go offshore?

Dutch coalition talks break down; still no government months after election

Up-to-date Earl tracking from U.S. National Hurricane Center
Emergency officials urge Atlantic Canadians to prepare

link to image
AP: Earl drops to Tropical Storm status; sustained wind speeds of 70 mph; moving east and faster, heads for Nova Scotia after soaking U.S. east coast

Hurricane Earl gathering strength and heading toward Labour Day weekend direct hit on Maritimes and upper U.S. East coast

U.S. Federal Gov't sues Phoenix police chief for enforcing federal immigration laws

Christie Blatchford: CBC self-congratulatory smugness, and who said risqué photos have anything to do with credibility on the bench?

McParland: Margaret Atwood’s selective support for press freedom

All 13 workers safe after Gulf oil rig explodes off Louisiana coast; not a producing well, so no oil spill expected

Adrian MacNair: NDP conflicted on gun registry by its rural roots, urban voters; Mallick doesn't understand role of gun registry, or domestic violence

Wall Street Journal: Outlook dimming for Democrats

New York’s tap water is full of shrimp. Boston's, too

Republicans jumping to big lead in mid-term race polls; their largest lead in 68 years of Gallup polling

U.S.: GM, Ford sales slump as `nervous' buyers stay away; numbers look worse compared with August 2009 when 'cash for clunkers' boosted sales

Military sees F-35’s stealth as way to assert sovereignty at country's boundaries

60 militants killed as Pakistan jets target hide-outs

Swedish prosecutor reopens rape probe against WikiLeaks founder

Loonie rebounds with risk sentiment, bonds fall

Wall Street Journal: Couche-Tard boosts Casey's offer on buyback support

Abbott scorns Labor-Greens deal as bad for rural Australia

Stakes raised in Charest influence peddling case

Palin power in Alaska as Sen. Lisa Murkowski concedes Alaska Republican primary race to tea party candidate Miller backed by Sarah Palin

U.S. thinks arrested pair in Amsterdam not dry-run terrorists says source

Netanyahu, negotiating team head for peace talks in U.S.

Bank of Nova Scotia profit rises 13.9% on strong loans

Canada remains a challenge for bold backer of Wind Mobile; has more subscribers in North Korea than Canada

Wall Street Journal: Canada burnishes its position as Arctic power

Death toll rises to 65 in Friday attack on Pakistanis

The renaissance of Rocco Rossi; Toronto mayor candidate changes team, policies, gets bump

BP removes failed blowout preventer from Gulf well

U.S. jobless rate up to 9.6% as hiring down & job seekers up

43 dead after blast targets religious rally in Pakistan

Bell, Rogers not happy to share internet speed with small, contracted ISPs such as Teksavvy; sees competition, loss of competitive advantage; great news for consumers, however

TD says U.S. banks to resemble Canada’s

Harper laughs at ‘bizarre’ Bloc complaints over national park passes

some good news: U.S. jobless claims drop, retail sales edge up

Kheiriddin: Bloc Quebecois feels threatened by national parks

TD quarterly net up 29%

Texas memory chip breakthrough has big implications for all gadgets

Karl Rove: Obama's 'Come home America' speech; A dangerous world needs stronger U.S. leadership

Website of Discovery Channel gunman hosted in B.C.; RCMP interested

American billionaire leftie Soros wants a say in what's on your TV; trying to stop Sun TV news channel; hamhanded foreigners get basic facts wrong

Quebecor wants Sun TV News on cable, satellite

Harper in Quebec: ‘I hope we see the Nordiques return’

update: Hostage-taker shot and killed by police, hostages freed -- Armed environmental wacko with one or more strapped-on bombs takes employees hostage inside Discovery Channel building near Washington, D.C.; published angry online manifesto condemning human civilization; also blasts immigration, farming, weapons of mass destruction, automotive pollution "and the whole blasted human economy"

memories of Rae days: The bills arrive for McGuinty's Ontario spending binge: Hudak and common sense waiting in the wings

New rigorous pat downs at U.S. airports are really 'groping', complains ACLU

NB Liberals promise plan to create 20,000 jobs if and only after they get elected...

Summer 2010 -- Boy that was short! Temperatures plunging in Alps, snow in European forecast

Taste for tea party in Canada? Facebook page testing waters

Chantal Hébert: If Charest steps down, Canada loses key ally

TSX closes up for 4th straight day; U.S. markets fall

NY Times: U.S. Border Patrol increasingly active across territory south of Great Lakes

Quotes attributed to Charest don't sound like him

Wall Street Journal: Indian auto boom gets bubbly

Former CSIS boss warned about domestic terrorism

Monte Solberg: Chiefs may be part of crime solution

ahem... neutral media?: Obama & Democrats received 88% of 2008 political contributions from TV network execs, writers, reporters

Lorrie Goldstein: Rob Ford's harshest critics are boosting his bid to become Toronto’s mayor; when the bad, the tarnished, and the fools attack you, they make you look better

7 U.S. troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting

Fallen motorcycle passenger run over by cars, killed, as driver speeds off to evade police on 401 east of Toronto

Neil Reynolds: Ontario, like California, going for broke

19 killed in shootout near Chechen President's home after rebel attack

Antarctic cold snap kills millions of aquatic animals in the Amazon; freshwater species hit hard by cold, killing an estimated 6M fish and thousands of alligators, turtles and river dolphins in Bolivia

U.S. News and World Report: The most fiscally irresponsible government in U.S. history

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll: Iffy still least-popular federal leader after summer bus rides & bbqs; earns net negative score in every region of the country, among men and women, all age groups and all education levelsl; in contrast, Harper popularity up by 4 points

Police swapped circuit boards ahead of Ottawa terror arrests

link to image
Cruise ship exploring Northwest Passage runs aground; hits uncharted shoal

link to image
Sumatra volcano erupts; thousands flee overnight; first eruption in 400 years

Eighth suspect now sought in terror plot

Another Obama flip-flop say U.S. Republicans, as President takes credit for Bush's Iraq war strategy he vocally opposed

Liberals and coalition talk; what Harper wants Canadians to know

Fearing the future, few Iraqis cheer U.S. departure

Iraq's PM: End of U.S. combat operations on Tuesday marks return of Iraq sovereignty and means it now stands as equal to the U.S., despite political deadlock and persistent violence

U.S.-born Mexican drug lord 'La Barbie' captured by federal police in Mexico in major coup

Two on United Airlines flight from Chicago arrested in Amsterdam for dry-run prep of terrorist attack

link to image
Canadian soldier Brian Pinksen, 21, from Newfoundland dies in German hospital a week after roadside IED blast in Afghanistan

Hunt for G20 riot ringleaders goes hi-tech

what privacy?: Retargeting ads follow web surfers from site to site

David Frum: Iraq in hindsight; what if there hadn't been a war?

report: UN's IPCC needs to make changes to reduce errors and bias

Canada auto sales near 3-year high in summer

NY Times op-ed: Mr. Beck goes to Washington

Conrad Black: American apocalypse

study: Smoking increases depression in teens

Obama or Obozo: On Omar Khadr, even Bushies are biting vacillating Obama

Politico: Republicans ready to dig into Obama White House/Democrat-related corruption and scandals after mid-term elections in November; including Sestak & Romanoff, the who-you-know stench from the $$$ billions of bail-outs, the Countrywide sweetheart insider list, the favouritism shown to the New Black Panther Party in prosecution droppings, ACORN corruption, and the BP/Government sleep-together

Failure of al-Qaida Norway bomb plot underscores terrorists' weaknesses, and their persistence and wide-ranging targets

Charles Krauthammer: The last refuge of a liberal

Parliament Hill and Montreal subway system were targets of terror plot foiled this week with the arrests of three suspects: former counterterrorism officer

Ottawa urges immigrant communities to report suspicious behaviour

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4th man arrested in Ottawa in terror plot; search warrant executed; London arrestee returned to Ottawa

Harper announces beluga whale protection, hops on ATV during tour of North

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3 arrested Ontario men face terror conspiracy charges; possessed schematics and quantity of bomb parts enabling remote detonations; links to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Third terror suspect arrested Thursday morning; Canadian-born physician and McGill grad tried out for 'Canadian Idol' TV talent show in 2008

Radicalization in Canada top intelligence priority

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Harper dances with Inuvialuit performers

Ottawa terrorism suspects make court appearance, neighbours shocked; RCMP say more arrests likely; news conference later today

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Two arrested in Ottawa after multiple raids in al-Qaida terror probe

Canadian Ken Leung killed on Philippine hostage bus as he charges shooter to save lives; his 2 daughters also die; son in coma

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Cambridge Bay in Nunavut to be site of high Arctic research station

As Stephen Harper touches down, optimism reigns in the North

Toyota's 15th recall this year raises total recalled worldwide since November to over 11M; latest recall of 1.13M vehicles in U.S. is for Corolla engine problems

Federal deficit shrinks to $2.8 billion in June; GST major factor

NY Times: Fed Chair Bernanke signals U.S. Federal Reserve is ready to prop up economy; acknowledges the traditional trade-off between inflation and employment has become all but obsolete

Mexico starts identifying 72 massacred migrants; victims of Mexico's biggest drug-gang massacre were trying to reach Texas

Massive opium poppy field discovered in B.C.; 7-acre field contained 60,000 poppy plants

New U.S. jobless claims drop for 1st time in 4 weeks

AP factchecks Joe Biden: Stimulus assessments overly optimistic

Tom Kent: Paying for politics and putting power where it should be; time to scale back public money to political parties

UN peacekeepers unaware of Congo mass rape for two weeks

NY Times: Speculation rampant as North Korea's Kim Jong-il said to be in China as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visits Pyongyang at the North’s invitation

Patterson: Al Gore's global-warming crusade shrinks

Deere, world's largest maker of farm machinery, quits discredited climate coalition supporting cap-and-trade

Canadian Medical Association votes for ban on mixed martial arts (MMA) matches

CIBC profit jumps 47%

Jeffrey Simpson: For blood-on-the-floor politics, nothing beats Australia

Bloomberg: Santander analyst made insider trades before BHP bid for Potash Corp, SEC says

NY Times: 800,000 in Pakistan reachable only by air

Hudak: Municipalities should have veto over local energy projects

Clint Eastwood, Bruce Springsteen confirmed for TIFF; icons will join unprecedented line-up of almost 500 of Hollywood elite for 35th Toronto International Film Festival

Hemp body for electric cars said to save weight, manufacturing costs; Henry Ford built a hemp car body in 1940

Obama stimulus spending costing more than entire Iraq war

think-tank: Ontario's growth slowed by low economic freedom

poll: Iraqis say 'wrong time' for U.S. withdrawal

Government ‘aware’ Canadians may have been involved in Philippines bus massacre; 5 hostages were Canadian, 3 were killed, reports claim

U.S. stocks slump, treasury bonds rally on homes sales report

Sales of U.S. existing homes plunged in July by 27% to 3.83M rate; lowest in a decade and much worse than experts forecast

Will a new tower block the Empire State Building? A fight on New York’s skyline

143 prisoners in Ontario mistakenly allowed to walk free since 2002; gov't won't say who, their charges, or the results

Ontario debt tops record $200B; McGuinty Liberals say no balanced budgets for 7 years

Harper: Arctic sovereignty ‘first priority’ for north

poll: Ford remains in lead for Toronto mayor

Australia election: Governor-General Quentin Bryce seeks advice on conflict of interest

Six of 15 tourists die as hostage-taking gunman killed in Manila police shoot-out

From King of the World to Chicken of the Sea: Director James Cameron challenges climate skeptics to debate and then bails out at last minute

Third Canadian case of 'superbug' detected in Toronto area; earlier cases in B.C. and Alberta

Australia has hung parliament as conservative Liberal/National coalition party edges ahead of PM Julia Gillard's Australian Labor Party by 72 seats to 70 after snap election call; independent MPs hold balance of power and may side with Gillard, PM for only 8 weeks

New Jersey addresses bureaucrat shuffles that ensure tenure for undeserving

Police mistreated families of missing women, Pickton report finds

L. Ian MacDonald: GM thrives as bailout proves good for Canada

Flanagan: Why should we just shut up and do what Statistics Canada tells us to do?

Beckapalooza: Glenn Beck calls for national revival of faith, hope and charity; attendance estimates range up to 500,000 on Washington Mall

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen launches patent war; sues Google, Facebook, eBay, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and YouTube

Yahoo's anti-guide to Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally in Washington today    Washington Post: Martin Luther King Jr. legacy debated before Beck's rally    Charlotte Observer: 'Enough is enough' says doctor as Carolinians join groups headed to D.C. for Beck rally    Washington Post: Network treatment of Beck's rally varies from fair and balanced to antagonistic    NowPublic: Following Beck's 'Restoring Honour' rally on Facebook, Ustream and Twitter

Militants attack NATO bases in Afghanistan; 13 attackers killed, no NATO fatalities

Sockeye salmon run climbs to 30M, prices drop and fishermen make money

Montreal Gazette: The horror of terror when it comes from within

Australia's Intoll backs $3.5B CPPIB takeover

U.S. economic growth slows to 1.6% in the spring; below forecasts, drops from 3.7% in 1st quarter

NY Times: Facing long mine rescue, Chile spares no expense

here we go again: Toyota recalls 1.33M Corollas, Matrixes in U.S. and Canada

Eric Duhatschek: Hawkish ex-baseball union honcho Donald Fehr takes control of NHLPA

Pakistani Taliban threaten attacks on foreign flood aid workers

Police offer latest G20 wanted list; highlights those who came to do damage: 'The worst of the worst'

NB election: PCs focus on jobs, jobs, jobs

Royal Bank profit down by 18%

New Brunswick election kicks off with electricity costs and promised rate freeze by PCs topping issues

Electric vehicle chargers announced for Manhattan parking lots

Google to allow free phone calls within and between Canada and U.S. from Gmail

Canadian payrolls, earnings rise in June

Mexican marines find 72 bodies of central and south American illegal immigrants at ranch in northern Mexico

U.S. durable goods orders show sign of cooling economy

Lorrie Goldstein: 'Liberal' T.O. finally is PO'd

Philippines probes blame for botched hijack bus rescue

Dutch company cancels $700M LNG terminal for Nova Scotia; cites declining market demand

Chinese crash first for Brazil's Embraer regional E-jet planes; government minister and staff on board; airline suspends all flights today

Charest denies explosive allegations from Bellemare; facts and characterization 'wrong'

With biggest salmon run in nearly a century, hope returns to B.C.'s Fraser River

The biggest environmental scandal in history?

2nd bore hole reaches 33 trapped in Chile mine; 3rd bore hole underway; ventilation and food/water are priorities

update: 43 die, dozens injured as jet misses runway in China

breaking: Passenger plane with 91 on board crashes in China

Wall Street Journal: Facing budget gaps, U.S. cities sell parking, airports, zoo

Canadian retail sales edged up in June; growth 'hurt' by drop in oil prices

Bloody revolt in Russia's future, opposition leader warns

Troops kill 40 militants east of Afghan capital

Suicide bomber attacks Somali hotel, killing at least 32, including 6 MPs

Belleville mayor denies affair with police chief

Philippines police: Authorities botched hostage rescue

Jim Coyle: Poll shows McGuinty big liability for Ontario Liberals; Hudak big asset for Ontario PCs as McGuinty goof-ups pile up

Rescuing 33 miners trapped in Chile to take 120 days

Lorrie Goldstein: Canada’s big crime problem; unreported incidents and a stubbornly high crime rate are a genuine cause for concern despite hug-a-thug mentality of mainstream media

Harper government will match Pakistan flood donations made between August 2nd and September 12th; no upper limit

Iran unveils bomber drone; tension ratchets up

Another 150,000 displaced as floods engulf more Pakistani towns

In striking shift, U.S. small investors flee stock market; withdrew a staggering $33.12B from domestic stock market mutual funds in the first 7 months of 2010

Obama seeks elusive prize -- Mideast deal; but also likes taking spotlight off mid-term elections

Iffy's summer tour a flop says Leger poll; Liberals waste taxpayers' money once again

New consolidated government payroll centre in Miramichi, NB will employ 550 people by 2016

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Gunmen fighting Rio police invade luxury Intercontinetal Hotel

Canada to match Pakistan flood donations; details coming from Baird

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Harper's Arctic policy priority No. 1: settle border disputes

David Branchflower: Tax cuts are only way to economic growth

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40 spectators trampled as bull jumps out of ring in Spain

Windsor Star: Hudak's Grit attack an AMO hit; harpoons McGuinty ball droppers, draws major response when asks mayors "What would Ontario be like if the provincial government stopped overspending, overtaxing, and micro-mismanaging everything from health care to hydro rates?"

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Six friendly black bears found guarding B.C. grow-op

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France set to start expulsions of Gypsies

Parker Gallant: Ontario’s power trip: Power without the people

Ontario hydro bills need fix, federal measurement agency says; smart meters, which measure time-of-use electricity consumption, inaccurately charging at least 150,000 Ontarians for power

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Massive rebound of sockeye salmon stocks in Fraser River; estimated at 14M

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Canadian scientists discover pattern of DNA mutation in 40 diseases

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Lightning-hit, 737 with 131 passengers crashes on Colombian island; 1 killed

RCMP eyes Canadian financial ties to Tamil migrant ship

Charles Krauthammer: Moral myopia at Ground Zero

GM names Hyundai's Christopher Perry to lead Chevrolet brand marketing

gamechanger: Central Israel oil discovery estimated at 1.5B barrels

Harper slams EU seal ban; will seek WTO panel; European court grants temporary injunction to Inuit groups so they can challenge legality of ban, which Canada's Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami leader Mary Simon called "illegal and immoral"

Changing of the guard: Kevin Newman leaves anchor desk this week at Global

Christina Blizzard: Hitching Ontario's wagon to fights, gambling; the sad McGuintyfication of Ontario

Wyclef Jean in hiding in Haiti after threats over presidential run

CBC claim that RCMP demotion linked to gun registry untrue says Harper

McGuinty's emergency shuffle: Gerretsen demoted over eco fee fiasco; rookie MLA and former Winnipeg mayor Murray into cabinet

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Bendable bike is its own lock

GM to list on NYSE, TSX after IPO

Ottawa enlarges G20 compensation area

Efforts to move planned New York mosque further from Ground Zero make progress

Wife of Canadian 9/11 victim critical of Ground Zero mosque plans

McGuinty to shuffle deck chairs on Titanic...

BBC: Chalk River nuclear reactor to resume isotope production

Guy Lafleur wins perjury appeal

NY Times: Lou Gehrig may not have had 'Lou Gehrig's disease'; study says brain trauma can mimic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Markets up on Potash Corp. rejected bid

Canada factory sales eke out tiny gain in June

Howard Kurtz: Making of a mosque mess

Scott Stinson: Canadians have same BPA levels as other people! Scared yet?

Manitoba health minister wants national trials of controversial MS procedure

Banning DDT caused bed bug boom

Toxic BPA found in 91% of Canadians

Court extends stay on same-sex marriages in California until at least December as case is appealed; expected to then go to Supreme Court

AP: U.S. Border Patrol sees spike in suicides along Mexican border, no mention of any agents' deaths along Canadian border

Canadians' lead levels show dramatic drop

Karzai shocks NATO by moving to disband private security firms in Afghanistan within 4 months

Support waning in Florida for offshore oil drilling ban

David Frum: What went wrong in the Islamic world?

Iran announces details for 10 new mountain-embedded nuclear enrichment sites

Injuries reported in 4.5M Italian quake

Existing home sales fall, new sales tax blamed

George Jonas: Your data or your freedom

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2011 Ontario election countdown underway; accountant Marilissa Gosselin latest PC candidate nominated, in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Soviet legacy lingers as Estonia defines its people

Extreme heat in B.C. raises fire risks, potential for evacuations

Smugglers may have made more than $20-million from Tamil ship

Rex Murphy: 9/11 mosque is testing America’s tolerance

Wall Street Journal: Oracle's Java suit gives jolt

RIM reported to have made deal with India

Two studies tie Tylenol to asthma and allergies; one study says acetaminophen could be responsible for as many as 4 in 10 cases of wheezing and severe asthma in teens

Spanish galleon gold bar worth $550,000 stolen from Mel Fisher's museum in Key West, Florida

Arizona police nab fugitives thought to have been headed for western Canada

New U.S. jobless claims top 500,000; unexpected results show frail economy

Roger Clemens indicted for lying to U.S. Congress

NY Times: Gulf oil plume is not breaking down fast, research says; contradicts NOAA report

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Harper backs Bluenose repairs

Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt

KPMG survey: Canadians concerned about privacy and security

Wall Street Journal: GM IPO seen to raise $10B

GM launches IPO registration, will be listed on Toronto and New York stock exchanges; first step in paying back 3 governments which saved it from collapse

What today’s U.S. college student believes...

Number of EI recipients up slightly for third straight month in June says StatsCan

Blagojevich prosecutors pledge retrial asap; Blagojevich says "the government threw everything but the kitchen sink at me. They could not prove I did anything wrong -- except for one nebulous charge from 5 years ago."

Mistrial? Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich convicted on only one of 24 counts; jurors cite lack of "smoking gun"; not convicted of trying to sell Obama's former Senate seat

Michael Mann gets a whack with the hockey stick

Factories aid bumpy U.S. recovery, housing still weak

Latest energy formula could burn McGuinty

Wall Street finds some good news, and rises; better-than-expected earnings from Home Depot and Wal-Mart

Court OKs billion-dollar payout to Magna chairman

Website launched by Tory MP Candice Hoeppner to end expensive, red-tape-bound long gun registry

U.S. housing construction rises 1.7% in July

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World Bank offers Pakistan $900M flood relief loan

GM recalls 250K vehicles; seat belts may not latch

Tom Shales: Nights with Johnny Carson: As long as it's been, we still long for them

Canadian Islamic website: From Islam's defence to rejoicing in Hitchens' cancer

Britain puts decarbonization on hold

Study says smokers cost Quebec $930M a year; 33% of hospital beds occupied by current or ex-smokers

Bloomberg: Yen falls versus Euro on rebound in Asian stocks, intervention speculation

updated: Baghdad suicide bomb hits army recruits, kills 61

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid breaks with Obama over proposed ground zero mosque

Air strike kills al-Qaida cell leader in Afghan north

U.S. Defense Secretary Gates to retire in 2011

Hudak demands LHIN answers; why are 31 hospital beds moving from North Bay to Sudbury?

Terence Corcoran: The climate climate: cool and getting colder

Man who told police about Pickton in 1998 still haunted by unnecessary deaths

China overtakes Japan as world’s No. 2 economy

PCmag: Barrie parents blame wi-fi networks for changes in children; want banned from schools

California 200 crash kills 8 after off-roader goes airborne into crowd

Cholera confirmed in Pakistani flood disaster

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Canada's aid pledge to Pakistan up to $30 M

The end of online privacy -- is here

Pakistan's Zardari said to have diverted millions of 2005 quake aid to other causes

TSX down for fourth straight day

Conrad Black given green light to sue 9 former Hollinger directors and officials for libel in Ontario; group includes Henry Kissinger, James Thompson

U.S. retail sales post July gain as auto sales increase

Democratic death slide; the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth

Repaired Chalk River reactor set to re-start; world's oldest operating nuclear reactor and world's largest supplier of isotopes could resume production next week

Charges laid over fire set outside gate to PM’s residence

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Man remains in custody after fire lit near PM's home at 24 Sussex Drive

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Migrants starting to be delivered to Victoria hospital

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Toews says Tamil boat testing Canada’s response; government believes two other ships ready to come, calls on allies to help stop human smuggling

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Tamil migrants arrive by ship at CFB Esquimalt

Trial of Omar Khadr delayed at least a month as lawyer in hospital

Tamil ship to arrive in B.C. today under Navy escort

Canadian authorities board Tamil ship off B.C. coast

Omar Khadr’s lawyer collapses at trial; taken from court in ambulance at end of opening day

Khadr took comfort in thoughts of killing soldier: U.S. prosecutor

McGuinty government two years behind in releasing LHIN annual reports; what is being hidden?

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U.S. Government in new global warming scandal -- NOAA disgraced as Lake Michigan temps shown well above boiling point; supported claim that Great Lakes temps jumped

Federal Government removes jail threat for regular, short-form census

Christie Blatchford: Ontario Ombudsman ‘floored’ with ‘defensive and recalcitrant’ response of health network during recent probe; "LHINs have simply added to the enormous administrative costs Ontarians pay to have health care delivered unevenly and opaquely"

Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll: Harper Conservative support at 34%, with Iffy Liberals at 28%

Ontario health agency blasted over private meetings; Ontario Ombudsman André Marin says Niagara-area agency held closed meetings that were ‘plainly illegal’ to talk about shutting emergency rooms

Globe and Mail: Statscan knocked for wonky July employment numbers; continuing failure to accurately count teachers in summer casts doubt on employment plunge, reputation for accuracy

Omar Khadr's confessions can be used in trial, judge rules

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China rescuers search sludge for mudslide survivors

The Plague kills Saskatchewan prairie dog

McGuinty announces another solar plan price adjustment; backs down on July cuts; can't spell "planning"

Telegraph: The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama Presidency is in meltdown

Canadian soldiers receive commendations for stopping Taliban attack on NATO base

Canadian Bill of Rights now 50 years old: Dief’s gift long forgotten, but shouldn't be

B.C. posts dramatic drop in July real estate sales

Past earmark efforts now seen as liability for U.S. lawmakers seeking re-election; era of appropriator on the wane

Growth of Euro-area economy beats forecasts; 1% rise in GDP in 16-nation Euro area fastest in 4 years; led by Germany’s best quarterly performance since reunification

WikiLeaks says about to release new Afghan files

Kerry sets visit to Pakistan as U.S. boosts flood aid

U.S. jobless claims up; highest level since February

Poll gives Rob Ford commanding lead in race for Toronto mayor; Etobicoke councillor has backing of 37.6% of decided voters, nearly nine points ahead of closest rival; resonating Ford message is 'cut wasteful spending'

Canada Revenue Agency ordered to pay gang $200,000 for infringing on rights

GM posts $1.33-billion 2nd quarter profit

Calgary team's neurochip can read the brain like never before

Casino workers' union warns against Ontario starting online gambling

Environmentalist shows little class or common sense in obscene email barrage at company for which he once did work

Cisco sees "unusual uncertainty," sales disappoint

Neil Reynolds: 1936 still hottest July; with heat, we adapt, as always

Calgary's July hailstorm insurance claims set Canadian record at $400M

Canada's trade deficit unexpectedly widens; exports drop 2.5% as limping world economy whacks Canada

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Belleville Police Chief says she's a victim of domestic violence

David Olive: Nations can’t afford to be no-BlackBerry zones

Durhane Wong-Rieger: Patient-centred health care -- what a concept

Globe's Jeffrey Simpson wants to end public subsidy for political parties, as Flaherty suggested in 2008, but then wants to raise donation limit to benefit Liberals; instead let's keep limit where it is and dump the subsidy as an election issue...

Obama spokesman Gibbs says leftwing critics of Obama 'ought to be drug tested'; White House press secretary says Obama's critics on the left are 'crazy' -- and then tries to apologize

NDP MP retreats on ill-considered call to rename bridge in Ottawa to honour Mandela

U.S. trade gap largest since October 2008 as Obama economics take firm grip

Obama hits historic low in approval rating

Laurence Kotlikoff: U.S. is bankrupt and we don't even know it

Jails on alert as ship of Tamils makes its way to B.C.

Ontario bets big on online gambling; will offer Internet gaming in 2010, says finance minister

Gaza tensions halt mail delivery: Canada Post

Bloomberg: Russia heat wave may kill 15,000, shave $15B off GDP

Globe and Mail ROB: Why real estate slowdown is ‘most dramatic' in Canada

N.Y. hotel law change a blow to tourists

U.S. B2 bomber engineer convicted of selling military technology to China

U.S. productivity falls 0.9% in second quarter

TTR, union reach tentative deal to avoid rail strike

Bloomberg: Canadian new home construction declines 1.6% to 7-month low, CMHC says

Russia says Iran's nuclear plant to start next week

Rare sharing of data leads to progress on Alzheimer’s

BBC: Afghan army offensive goes 'disastrously wrong'; NATO ground and air support called in; Taliban commander and deputy killed, but 7 Afghan soldiers killed

Wall Street Journal: GM's new CEO Akerson has legacy of pushing for results

Oracle sues Google over Java use in Android

Bloomberg Businessweek: Tim Hortons surges on earnings, sale of joint venture

Tim Hortons profits up 21% to $94M

New charges of conspiracy, intimidation of a police officer and obstruction of justice laid against G20 ringleader, Kelly Pflug-Back, 21; now faces 13 charges

Ignatieff communications adviser killed as his motorcycle collides with SUV in Ottawa

Canadian Navy escorting suspected Tamil ship into B.C.

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Pakistan flood waters recede as tent cities spring up

Controversy in U.S. as emergency $26B bill to save union and school jobs is partly funded by reducing food stamp program by $12B

Windsor establishing international airport freight hub

Greyhound Canada threatens to lock out workers in Ontario and Quebec Thursday after contract offer rejected

‘Double-dip’ fears grow in U.S.; slowing growth in the U.S., China, Britain and Canada rattle stock markets

WHO list reveals H1N1 flu advisors with industry ties

GM IPO filing could come by Friday; will mean $$$ for Canadian and Ontario governments, as well as U.S. Gov't

Discovery of 'Britain's oldest house' opens window on ancient culture

Superbug from India found in Canada

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Suspected people-smuggling ship now in Canadian waters

Thousands of British online banking customers have accounts emptied by 'most dangerous trojan virus ever created'; attack is ongoing

Greens expect Fall election, bend party constitution to keep leader Liz May in cushy job

Sad scene on Alaska mountainside after crash that killed revered former Sen. Stevens and four others

Montana border with B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan fortified in search for 'Bonnie and Clyde' Arizona fugitives

U.S. stocks join global retreat on concern economic recovery is faltering

600 fires burning; new fears Russian wildfires could send Chernobyl waste in smoke to Moscow

Bloomberg: Dealers beg for cars as automakers' new discipline curbs sales, but bumps profits and creates new demand

Liberal MP uses disgusting accusations to try to take political advantage of Pakistan flood situation

As Pakistanis flee flood zone in worst natural disaster in nation's history, officials decry lack of international aid

Ontario to compensate victims of disgraced forensic pathologist

Loonie falls nearly a cent

Wall Street Journal: U.S. stocks slide as Chinese data add to Fed anxiety

5 dead in DeHavilland Otter crash in Alaska; former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens confirmed dead; former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe also on plane

David Rosenberg: All evidence suggests recovery is far from normal

Sweet home Chicago? for Obama, maybe not

NY Times: Spinal-fluid test is found to predict Alzheimer’s

Chrysler narrows 2Q loss from 1Q on growing sales

Millions of dead fish and water-dependent species killed by cold in Bolivia; rivers choked with decomposing bodies

Swine flu pandemic all over but the finger-pointing

Canada's 'addiction to rule-making'

Lorrie Goldstein: Digging deeper into crime stats, last year’s violent crime rate 316% higher than 1962; why is a minor "improvement" in the crime "rate" seen as reason to celebrate; isn't all crime just "bad"?

link to image
Small-arms fire downed Canadian Chinook chopper

Nearly 100 killed as mudslides devastate China town

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to halt Omar Khadr Guantanamo trial

Premiers setting up national agency to buy $10B in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies a year; extra purchasing power said to reduce costs

Two trapped after huge B.C. landslide hits Meager Creek area near Pemberton; creek blocked and forming a lake, 14 rescued by air

Harper says jobs loss shows economy fragile, but rules out more stimulus for now

link to image
Half a million evacuated from Pakistan floods

Lobbyist restrictions to be extended to all MPs and Senators

Canada unexpectedly loses 9,300 jobs in July

Peggy Noonan: America is at risk of boiling over; runaway American Dream ran away from home

Conrad Black drops bid to return to Canada; would have been forced to reveal finances

link to image
Analysis of Arctic ice graphs and figures show misleading claims about big ice loss

Students in year-round schools do better, says study

Superman comic saves family home from foreclosure

Chatham Liberal candidate, charged with assault in June, drops off ballot

Obama's chief economic adviser, Christina Romer, bails after advice continually ignored

Politics and hockey make Olympic bedfellows

Canadian and U.S. markets down on U.S. job numbers

New claims for U.S. jobless benefits rise to 479,000; rose when drop was predicted

Lower markets and interest rates drive Manulife to $2.4-billion loss in second quarter

Russia to halt grain exports; wheat price jumps on world markets; good news for Canadian grain farmers

Canadian Chinook military helicopter makes 'hard landing' in Afghanistan, catches fire; some injuries

Bob Hepburn: Health care in McGuinty's Ontario is cracking under stress

link to image
Detroit's mounting a comeback -- believe it

U.S. heads for 'civil war' over health insurance

Monte Solberg: Iggy's retro bus message needs modern tune-up

C2C Journal: Memo to the media narcissists: It’s not all about you

link to image
Crime overhaul targets gang leaders, madams and bookies

Will Springsteen intro 'Darkness' film debut at Toronto International Film Festival?

Austerity in Europe leaves major public projects hanging

Carpet-cleaning contracts behind probe of Ontario ministries; search warrant shows suspected fraud totalling over $390,000

‘Static Kill’ appears to be working in Gulf well, BP says

Ottawa was hot in July, but July in 1955 and 1921 were hotter; August to stay hot

Conservatives raise nearly double the combined amount of their 4 major rivals

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Waning support for Obama on wars; 48% in February, 36% now

Gurmukh Singh: Mandatory English would plug leaky border

Adrian MacNair: Census bureaucrats are unhappy. Oh boo-hoo

link to image
Now 1500+ dead; killer flooding spreads to Pakistan's heartland

Wall Street Journal: The salt hiding in your diet; even your taste buds may not know: culprits include cereal, sliced bread and roast chicken

Closure of Cape Breton’s oldest synagogue marks end of era

Muslims surprised veiled women passed air security checkpoint

link to image
Jean Chretien on the mend following emergency brain surgery

$182M investment over the next two years will help fund research infrastructure and attract top scientists to Canadian universities

link to image
Thousands ordered to leave homes after massive landslide; thousands more on alert after avalanche north of Pemberton diverts river, blocks creek

John Baird named new House Leader in cabinet shuffle

Ambassador Bridge owner vows to build 2nd bridge beside original despite approval problems

link to image
Michigan Democratic candidate for Governor takes big donations from Ambassador Bridge owner, then attacks competing public-owned bridge project favoured by Windsor and Detroit

London Free Press: Hudak blasts ridiculous Ontario power plans; rates jumping 17% will "chase seniors from their homes and turn the lights out on businesses across province"

link to image
Provincial forest fire budget up in flames as B.C. burns

BBC: Abdullah Khadr, Canadian accused of buying weapons for al-Qaida freed; brother of Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr

Toronto Star Editorial: Cuba’s tainted image

link to image
Solar eruptions could send Northern Lights to southern Canadians for a glimpse

LA Times: Insurgent squad of six attacks NATO Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan; all six killed

link to image
2010 not so hot, despite media hype and anecdotal observations: NOAA graphs: 62% of continental U.S. below normal in 2010

Frozen Tropics as La Niña takes hold

Wall Street closely watching Fed's next move

China’s trade surplus climbs to $28.7B

Washington Post: Pentagon to cut thousands of jobs, defense secretary says

China mudslide death toll doubles to over 700, still 1,000 missing

Iffy threatens 4th federal election in 6 years; same toothless threat as last year?

BBC: Honda recalls 384,000 U.S. vehicles; plus 44,000 vehicles in Canada; third recall for same issue

link to image
UN says Pakistan floods worse than 2004 tsunami

Iffy ignores 800-pound gorilla in room; resignation of disgraced candidate, lack of new candidate not addressed at cookie cutter bus hop in Chatham

German mosque used by 9/11 attackers shut down

The big role of $$$ in U.S. politics; and why it may make difference between a good year and great year for GOP at polls

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Snow in Brazil, below zero Celsius in the River Plate and tropical fish frozen

Wife of slain U.S. medic to attend Khadr trial

Nunavut judge blocks seismic testing in Lancaster Sound

LA Times: Now, coffee shops are taking Wi-Fi off the menu

Reclaimed timber takes on environmental lustre

B.C. mudslide: two men rescued, as evacuation order rescinded; 40-million-cubic-metre avalanche travelled at 30 metres-per-second

J.P. Arencibia homers twice in historic major league debut; rookie goes 4-for-5 in fairy tale start for Blue Jays; first player since 1900 to have pair of home runs and quartet of hits in big league debut as Jays hammer Rays 17-11 with 8 homers

Argentina has colder winter than Antarctica, spurring record power imports

Washington Post: Taliban attack kills 10 U.S., foreign doctors on charitable medical mission in northern Afghanistan

Pickton touted rendering plant for disposal of bodies

Smoke from Russian fires blankets Moscow

Vancouver Sun: B.C. gains 16,000 jobs while rest of Canada loses 9,300 jobs in July

U.S. loses 131,000 jobs in July; markets down in reaction to unexpected job losses in Canada & U.S.

Rally in Regina supports Saskatchewan government's plan to fund controversial MS therapy

Charles Krauthammer: Annals of executive overreach; when bureaucrats start legislating

More jobs needed to lift consumers, drive U.S. recovery

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Expert embarrassment in climate change; blacklisting and the comfortable clone syndrome

85 die in floods in Indian Kashmir

Pentagon demands WikiLeaks hand over 15,000 still-unrevealed Afghan war documents

Revelations about Pickton’s 1997 arrest and release fuel calls for inquiry

John Tory still not running for Toronto mayor -- officially and finally

Media speculation wide-ranging on expected Friday cabinet shuffle

Imprisoned Tariq Aziz implores Obama to not pull out and leave Iraq "to the wolves"

Gallup: Blacks and whites continue to differ sharply on Obama

Obamas lambasted for wasting public money on lavish vacations while country suffers

Taliban assassination of key U.S. ally adds to Pakistan's crises

Ipsos Reid poll: Canadians want to end Afghan mission in 2011

Toronto Star: Hudak's Tories seek light on McGuinty's 'secretive' recycling agency

Six months on, Haiti remains covered in rubble

the Charter iceberg: Police breached the Charter 6 times investigating Pickton; when do "rights" of criminals become "wrongs" for society?

Scientists skeptical of Obama claims BP's spill doesn't threat Gulf

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Crime is down? That's a damned lie

McGuinty led foolish eco-fee push over cabinet objections

new court documents reveal: Pickton was arrested and charged with attempted murder in 1997, but Crown stayed the charges; then he killed dozens more women; will heads roll?

NY Times: Iran denies reports of attack on Ahmadinejad

Charles Krauthammer: Iran starts feeling heat

Ottawa moves to make Canada less inviting to U.S. military deserters

GM sales up, Ford levels off

TSX posts solid triple-digit gain at midday

At least 35 dead in Pakistan violence sparked by Karachi's 300th assassination this year

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At least 5 dead as clash at Israeli-Lebanon border turns lethal

War against Taliban 'being lost' says Pakistan President Zardari

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Canadian’s spin on windmill design touted as green-energy breakthrough

318 wildfires continue to blaze in B.C.

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B.C. water bomber crew of 2 confirmed killed fighting fire in Fraser Canyon

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Black box found at Pakistan plane crash site

MacKay vows: "We are going to be there to meet and greet them every time"; Russian military planes have tested northern border responses 50 times in last 3 years, most recently on Wednesday

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here we grow again: Canadian economy grew 0.1% in May after flat April

Supremes rule 9-0 that Pickton guilty verdict stands; victims’ families split after top court rejects Pickton's bid for a new trial; Some relieved, others upset they’ll never have their day in court

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How the Arctic search team found HMS Investigator

link to image
Enbridge ramps up effort to clean Michigan river oil spill

HMS Investigator quickly found with side-scan sonar, intact, sitting upright in silt with masts missing; 422-tonne, long-lost ship considered ‘fundamental’ to Canadian Arctic sovereignty; missing for 155 years

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Plane crash in Pakistan kills all 152 on board

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The cold northern hunt for HMS Investigator

War Logs: U.S. asked Canada to pressure Saudis, South Africans on Taliban

War Logs: Canada condemns release; Cannon says Canadian lives put at risk

WikiLeaks: More US documents coming on Afghan war

War Logs: Massive inquiry launched into source of leaks

Pakistan: Afghan 'War Logs' leak 'irresponsible', inaccurate

War Logs: Pakistan aids insurgency in Afghanistan

New York Times: Wikileaks release of Afghanistan 'War Logs' has gaps, but lots of detail, in 92,000 pages covering 2001 through 2009; White House not amused at document dump

Europe slashes low-carbon energy subsidies as budgets shrink

Climate change debate has been "lost"; instead, "green" issues must be advanced on own merit

Turbines too loud? Take $5Gs

BP accused of ‘carpet-bombing’ toxic dispersants during clean-up

NY Times: Two Mideast states say they will foolishly block BlackBerry

The maintenance of hope: Germany's secret to recovery

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Iran transforming Afghan war

David Frum: Two countries, one carbon tax

Miami Herald: Recovery in the Gulf: A test of technology, nature and time

NY Times: Targeted killing is new U.S. focus in Afghanistan

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Still 438 wildfires burning in Russia

Now more than 800 dead in Pakistan floods

Alcohol can lessen the pain of arthritis

Vancouver police apologize for not catching Pickton sooner; 'When faced with the worst, we should have done better'

Wildfires in Russia threatening over 200 villages

George Jonas: Drop the census charade

TSX ends July with gains, but still down from April highs

NY Times: With U.S. recovery slowing, jobs outlook dims

Maritimes economy hinges on Halifax, study says

U.S. economic recovery losing speed; growth of 2.4% in second quarter the weakest in nearly a year

Pakistan flood death toll hits 430

2nd missing U.S. sailor's body recovered in Afghanistan

Toyota recalls more than 416,000 sedans in U.S., Canada; steering defect is on models from 2000 to 2004, range of models, including Lexus

McGuinty finally admits OPP probe of three ministries over 'irregular financial transactions'

Mike Strobel: 10 reasons why John Tory should run for Mayor of Toronto

Quebec, Ottawa on board innovative in-river turbine St. Lawrence power project

150 hectare wildfire near Kamloops forces up to 125 to evacuate

Canadian home prices rose 1.3% in May; largest monthly gain since last September

Team of scientists to explore Titanic and create a detailed 3D map

U.S. federal judge provokes constitutional crisis by suspending parts of Arizona law which enforced federal immigration law

Bloomberg: Capital goods orders in U.S. climb, signaling investment pickup

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California wildfires destroy 30-plus houses

WikiLeaks document claim that friendly fire killed Canadian soldiers unravels in face of truth

Everyone must show face at airports, Baird says

Just 3% of criminal cases end in acquittal

Robert Fulford: The end of secrecy

Forbes: The death of the global warming movement

Canadian, U.S. job reports expected to tell different stories

Financial Times: Spain cuts subsidies for solar power plants

Mini van collides with motorhome, killing 6 in B.C.; neither speed nor alcohol a factor, RCMP say

NY Times: To help Democrats in the Fall, Obama may stay away

Conrad Black: My prison education

Green Party names ex-NHLer Laraque as second Deputy Leader, replacing defector to Bloc

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Israel targets smuggling tunnels in Gaza in 2nd wave of retaliation for rain of Hamas rockets

Israeli airstrike kills senior Hamas rocket maker

Canadian Forces cancels CF-18 air show flights following Lethbridge practice crash

Israel strikes back at Gaza targets after yet another Hamas missile attack

major blow: Mexican drug lord killed by soldiers in raid on posh lair in Guadalajara

Rogue GI Bradley Manning sent from Kuwait to U.S. custody in WikiLeaks probe as Pentagon expresses concern about Taliban use of documents to kill Afghans

The WikiLeaks logs may expose Afghans to undue retribution

Loose lips sink jobs; Iffy's rhetorical excess cost Quebec asbestos jobs

Diplomatic threats cause Cuba to release Ontario man

Toronto's Metrolinx orders $54M worth of tunnelling machines to dig 12 km tunnel from Black Creek Drive to Laird Avenue under Eglinton (and Yonge subway)

Ian Mulgrew: Governments have enough data without long-form census

India is the world's next growth engine; by 2020, it will add 110 million people to its working ranks; these 'boomers' will change the world

Canada commits $110M to fight diabetes in aboriginal communities

Marcus Gee: John Tory could enter Toronto’s mayoral race late -- and win

Canada warns Cuba that tourism could take a hit over stranded Canadian teen

Michigan declares Canadian-owned crude pipeline spill a disaster area

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Montreal one of world's happiest places

Spanish region of Catalonia votes to ban bullfighting

LA Times: The new journalism; the end of gatekeeping

Detailed climategate analysis: "we see a small team of incompetent cowboys, abusing almost every aspect of the framework of science to build a fortress around their 'old boys’ club', to prevent real scientists from seeing the shambles of their 'research'

Terence Corcoran: Time for census reform

Gulf spill breaking up faster than expected; Dissolution of oil should reduce risk of injury to wildlife, but many uncertainties remain

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Zedonk hybrid born at Georgia wildlife preserve

France declares war against al-Qaida; launches attack on North Africa base camp

Adam Shaheen: How Conrad Black made me a Canadian

Washington Post: GM to sell Volt for $41K, lease for $350 a month

Peru government declares 'cold wave' emergency in 16 regions; 400+ deaths attributed to cold weather

Blast hits Japanese oil tanker near Oman; has 2M barrels of crude, none leaking

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Canada-U.S. work quietly underway to resolve Beaufort Sea boundary dispute

Emotional former stats czar says he quit over credibility

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Barge hits well near Gulf, sends oil, gas spewing

Saskatchewan Premier calls for clinical trials of MS Zamboni treatment

CF-18 crash pilot Bews applauds ejection seat

British PM Cameron backs Turkey’s bid to join EU

Wall Street Journal: BP posts $17.15B loss, names Dudley as new CEO; will sell up to $30B in assets over next 18 months to pay for spill costs

Reuters: North Dakota, Alaska lead U.S. job creation; 40 states have fewer jobs now than 5 years ago

Daily Mail: Humans survived ice age by sheltering in South African 'Garden of Eden', say scientists in new research paper

Time: Cold weather proves killer in parts of South America

Iraqi militants stealing bags of blood from hospitals

Andrew Exum, NY Times op-ed: Getting lost in the fog of war; nothing new or significant in 'War Logs'; WikiLeaks' hyperbole is over-the-top, this out-of-context, contradictory document leak pales in comparison to coherent narrative presented by Pentagon Papers in 1971

Ottawa delays payments to Sikorsky for late, late military helicopters

Canada cancels passport of accused Russian spy who remains at large

Monte Solberg: Forms, damn forms and statistics

French President Sarkozy condemns al-Qaida killing of hostage Michel Germaneau, 78, volunteer aid worker

Wall Street gains ground after positive housing data

U.S. home sales surge in June; still 60% below average annualized rate for last decade

Robert Fulford: North Korea, an antique nightmare

Wall Street Journal: Deflation defies expectations -- and solutions

Rocket attack in Afghanistan kills 45 - 50 civilians

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Bomb kills 6 at Baghdad office of Arabic tv news channel

CIBC: Double-dip recession unlikely

Christie Blatchford: WikiLeaks hardly presenting a revelation on Afghan war

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Roger Tomlinson, Ottawa geographer and inventor of computerized GIS mapping, given rare, prestigious National Geographic Magazine award for changing the world

DND, families of dead soldiers say Wiki-leaked friendly-fire report is wrong

Wikileaks Afghanistan: leak inquiry centres on charged U.S. intelligence analyst Bradley Manning

Left-wing environmental scientist bails out of global warming movement; Declares it a 'corrupt social phenomenon...strictly an imaginary problem of the first world middle class'

Sun Editorial: Stop Iggy's bus we want off

122 of 400+ 'Journolist' names; conspiracy widespread through opinion-making media machinery in U.S.

Daily Caller: 2008 -- The year journalism really died

'Journolist' liberal media conspiracy in U.S. has overtones of criminality in additon to obvious attempt to shape embedded liberal media bias by 400+ "journalists" on a mission

LA Times: Mexican massacre of 17 aided and abetted by prison guards who loaned weapons to temporarily freed inmates to carry out deadly raid: Mexico police

Calgary Liberal candidate causing headaches for Iffy as she tries to appear "engaged" with community; calls Calgary police "racist"

Ontario tightens noose on young drivers; no alcohol allowed in blood for drivers 21 and under

EU tightens sanctions over Iran nuclear program

Omar Khadr trial to proceed as a result of Federal Court of Appeal agreement with Harper Government that a Federal Court judge had overstepped his authority; trial likely over before any new ruling

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Canadian Paula Findlay wins world triathlon race

Defence Minister MacKay praises Capt. Brian Bews who saved himself by ejecting from his dying quail CF-18 just in time; pictures seen around the world

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ahem... what?: New York aims to euthanize 165,000 Canada Geese

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Daily Mail: Seconds from disaster: CF-18 pilot Captain Brian Bews, 36, ejects from fighter jet in moments before it crashes in giant ball of flame in Lethbridge during air show practice; eyewitnesses report parts flying off before pilot ejection; Bews safe in hospital after being dragged across runway by parachute

Pakistan suicide bomber targets mourners at a funeral for a cabinet minister's son killed by Taliban; kills 7

British plan to de-centralize National Health Service would eliminate layers of management,
cut thousands of jobs, save billions, and put healthcare decisions in hands of patients and local clinicians

Canada to impose tough new sanctions on Iran

Obama war strategy losing Congressional support

NASA's deep space camera locates 140 'Earths'

The Economist book review: The Youth Pill: Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Ageing Revolution

Iran plans to build nuclear fusion reactor

Rex Murphy: A Dickensian hero in the age of Enron

Quebec film commissioner wants to save former St-Vincent-de-Paul Penitentiary, one of Canada's most notorious prisons; star of films after long career protecting Canadians

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U.S. aircraft carrier ups pressure on North Korea

Mexican police find 51 bodies in mass grave

Taliban may have captured two U.S. service members missing in Afghanistan

Iran prepared for war; "if a country attacks us, we will confront it and chase it overseas"

Wall Street Journal: Canada's bonds end lower as investors lean into risk

As he expected, court rules Conrad Black can't return to Canada yet

U.S. climate bill in doubt as Democrats delay action to avoid more political damage in November mid-term elections

Ontario provincial park sets up wi-fi for campers; got idea from California; no more "get away from it all"

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Russia says ready to resume NATO military ties

Tropical Storm Bonnie accelerates toward Florida Keys, on course for Gulf

India develops world's cheapest 'laptop' at $35

Supreme Court: Canadians entitled to compensation when charter rights breached, even when not done in bad faith

Charles Krauthammer: Beware the lame ducks in Washington, circa 2010

Ford posts another quarterly profit as sales climb; reduces U.S. sales forecast

GM, eclipsed at home, soars to top in China

UN "falling apart" under Ban Ki-moon: ex-official

Neil Reynolds: Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself

The Economist: Leviathan's spyglass; The traditional census is dying, and a good thing too

StatsCan boss quits over census changes; shamed out by his organization

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'Vibration' packs aim to replace batteries for gadgets

John Ivison: Dalton McGuinty the donkey of Canadian politics

Ontario wants public sector unions to accept two-year wage freeze; smelling the coffee, or posturing before the 2011 election?

Michael Geist: the sticky local issues and products such as "Parma" ham which face international trade negotiators

B.C. gov't gambling site exposed personal information

Replace Indian Act: AFN national chief

87.1% higher GST revenue sends deficit down

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Reuters: GM plans to file for IPO during week of August 16

Liberals, NDP support race-based hiring

Federal government hiring practices, including discrimination based on race and ethnicity, under review

Washington Post: Top Secret America, part 3

breaking news: Entire Toronto subway system shut down by signal problems has now resumed

Quebec prison riot leaves two dead, six injured

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Prime suspect in G20 damage, Pflug-Back turns herself in after Toronto Police release new list of G20 'wanted'; police have pictures of her in and out of her 'black bloc' clothing organizing and directing violence with a megaphone; same perp who assaulted Olympic torch bearer in Guelph in January

'Facilitator' of G20 vandalism identified as Kelly Pflug-Back, 21; faces 6 counts of mischief over $5,000; known to police

Barbara Yaffe: In oddball election analysis, Liberal Party Prez Apps says Iffy seen as an "aloof loner entirely lacking in charisma"

Washington Post: Part 2 of 'Top Secret America'

U.S., Canada lead world in prosecuting those who transmit AIDS virus

Control your debts, central bank tells Canadians

Canada announces new plan to co-ordinate HIV research;
partners with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

LA Times: 1 of 2 abducted U.S. sailors killed

Mississippi native Bob Dudley set to succeed disgraced Tony Hayward as BP CEO; Gulf fall-out continues

Neil Reynolds: Let’s make a deal: Stop the growth of the welfare state

Canada's ascent in video games industry fuels uproar in UK

Death toll at German music festival rises to 19

Corbella: Lies, damned lies, and statistics... and crime

Gunter: Recent StatsCan crime stats misleading and hide fact that in last 50 years, actual rates are up threefold, violent incidents up fivefold

David Frum: Lord Conrad Black... of Canada

Clothed Tony Clement jumps into Muskoka River to save drowning woman

BBC: The 'unravelling relationship' between Russia and Iran

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Now 18 dead in 'Love Parade' stampede in Germany

bombshell: BP's Gulf rig’s emergency siren was turned off so it wouldn't waken crew members, technician testifies

Six drone-fired U.S. missiles kill 16 militants in NW Pakistan

Virginia Senator calls for ending U.S. diversity programs

NY Times: Fiat pushes work ethic at Italian plant

Terence Corcoran: Taking leave of the census

7 of 91 EU banks fail 'stress' test

Federal Court: CSIS can't ensure they aren't using evidence obtained by torture

13 German banks pass EU stress test; the one bank that failed test had been rescued by German gov't

"Massive disconnect between Stewardship Ontario and the Environment ministry"; lots of finger pointing as McGuinty gov't fumbles again

Col. Williams appears in court by TV; set for pre-trial hearing on Aug. 26

Vancouver cop apologizes for pushing disabled woman

Few aware of labour rights in Toronto’s Chinatown; workers exploited with low wages, long hours

Air Canada loses Federal Court challenge to Toronto Port Authority

Canadian inflation cools in June

Broken Europe: Once again, the Irish are leaving home; With unemployment above 13%, some are abandoning homes and cars

Canadian retail sales drop in May by .2% as gas prices drop

Terence Corcoran: I hope Black’s enemies like crow

Experts identify three culprits for gluten allergy

175 people killed in South America cold spell

Cold snap freezes South America: beaches whitened, some areas experience snow for the first time in living memory

Ford to offer hybrid sedan at same price as gas model

Smartphone woes hurt Nokia results

BBC: Canadian archaeologists hunt long-lost Arctic explorers

Russian hydroelectric power station terrorist blast kills two

NJ Gov. Christie to intro clean-up plans for Atlantic City and Meadowlands, two blighted state gems

Report: NHL nixes Kovalchuk's 17-year deal

Korean companies make oilsands move

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Canadian soldier Sapper Brian Collier killed in Afghanistan

China denies claims it's the world's largest energy consumer

U.S. home construction declined 5% in June

Facebook in court over patent infringement

Canadian reported crime down 3%; violent crime rate falls more slowly than overall decline

More phonemakers condemn Apple's defence of iPhone 4

Three Gorges Dam stands flooding test; Canadian technology/expertise at play

Montreal couple hit by lightning fighting for their lives

Ontario failed miserably at delivering H1N1 vaccine but still saved 1M from getting flu; worst in country at vaccine delivery

Black return to jail unlikely, expert says

One-third of arrests by Vancouver police come from outside the city

Racist USDA bureaucrat forced to resign after bragging to NAACP meeting about poor way she treated a white farmer facing farm loss

Outpacing U.S., China now the world’s largest gorger of energy

Cameron: Releasing Lockerbie bomber was wrong

Adam Radwanski: 'Eco fees' issue caught McGuinty Liberals off guard; eyes off the ball

McGuinty backtracks again after ill-considered eco fees raise consumer ire

Conrad Black granted bail after Supreme Court ruling triggers re-think

Capt. Robert Semrau acquitted of murder; military panel finds him guilty of disgraceful conduct

Fraser Institute: No more free ride on census data

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Dozens killed in high-speed rail collision in India

Roadside bombs kill 6 Afghan police, 2 U.S. troops

New York Times: U.S. allows BP to keep well closed for another day

Briton buys Europe’s entire cocoa supply, analysts suspect market cornering

Gunmen kill 17 at party in Mexico

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Engineers detect seepage near BP oil well; Officials worried it could indicate problems with cap that has stopped oil from gushing

Too much of a good thing: Growth in wind power makes life difficult for grid managers

BP says no more oil into Gulf; Obama says dump more oil into Gulf

Sea Ice: an inconvenient July; slowest July Arctic melt in the 8-year JAXA record

Washington Post ombudsman nails paper for ignoring dropped charges against Black Panthers for voter intimidation

Virginia Governor looks for path out of government booze monopoly

Christina Blizzard: McGuinty's insurance debacle; Remember the Liberals promising to roll back insurance premiums by 10%?

Jeff Rubin: Oil must rise to make oil sands economical

43 killed, 40 wounded in Iraq suicide attacks targeted former members of al-Qaida who switched to government side

U.S. brands surpass imports in 'vehicle appeal' for first time since 1997

Iffy: from snoozer to confused chooser

Rex Murphy: Iffy's broken down, Obama's out of gas

Red Deer citizens rally to save dog-attacking beavers

Spain’s unemployment devastates residents, adds country to European nations in crisis

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Peter Van Loan: Europe trade quickest way to trade growth

Apple: iPhone 4's not perfect -- take a free case or full refund

BP is encouraged by early results from cap on Gulf well; no sign of underground leak

McGuinty's sudden rate cut for solar power a blow to green energy

Tesla, Toyota to make electric RAV4 for U.S.

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It's Canada's national symbol, but Red Deer beaver puts fear in pet owners

Could Apple's iPhone 4 be cursed? dogged by suicide, two lost prototypes and a shaky debut

Obama pours billions into batteries

Goldman Sachs agrees to settle SEC fraud case for $550M

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? UK national supercomputer in Edinburgh says short answer: the chicken

Toyota finally concedes some acceleration flaws; class-action suits await

Politico: Why President Obama loses by winning

'Hockey Musical' to open Toronto Film Fest

Vatican extends sex abuse statute of limitations from 10 to 20 years

John Ivison: Iffy denies he's headed to University of Toronto after next election

James Travers: U of T offers Ignatieff an exit plan

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Washington Post gets all alarmist in two-year investigation into hidden world of U.S. counter-terrorism/intelligence; says gaps, redundancy, huge costs and too large to be controlled effectively

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Cap initially holding; oil stays stopped; BP may start taking oil from well

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Chased truck carrying illegal cigarettes spills contents along highways 15 and 401 in Kingston as police nab perp

link to image
Conservatives announce $9B purchase of 65 CF-35 Joint Strike Fighters to replace aging CF-18s; JSF funded by U.S., Canada, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands

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Genetically altered mosquito may spell end of malaria

Canadian leading economic indicators continue to reflect recovery's strength

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BP: Oil leak at least temporarily stopped, after 87 days

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CTV hot air balloon catches fire, crashes in Ottawa; no injuries

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Toronto Police release G20 ‘most wanted’ list

link to image
Liberals have fingers crossed today that Iffy's bus won't end up on hook again

Tens of thousands of Americans give up looking for work, artificially lowering official unemployment rate in 39 states; only 21 states saw net job gains in June as economic recovery slows

The New York Times stand on Kagan confirmation, and what's at stake

Toyota subpoenaed by federal grand jury in New York on steering flaws

Bank of Canada raises overnight rate to .75%; second consecutive monthly rate hike

Elizabeth May says Green Party constitution meaningless, wants to keep her job after deadline

Clinton unveils aid package to Pakistan, then flies to Afghanistan

BP considers new plan to permanently seal well

Toronto Police arrest seven more G20 protesters

Onex, CPPIB may bid for Tomkins; North American buyers scooping up British engineering companies in 2010 as £ drops

Reuters: Foreign buys of Canadian securities hit record in May

Search resumes for fourth Newfoundlander lost at sea; 4 headed out on calm night that turned dangerous, 3 bodies found Sunday

Port of Montreal lockout halts operations

link to image
Guardian: Trade deal promises bright future for Afghanistan's farmers

U.S. Department of Energy funding for East Anglia Climate Research Unit placed on hold because of 'climategate' fudging

Canadian researchers reveal anti-HIV treatment breakthrough

Big Brother? U.S. Gov't shuts down WordPress host with 73,000 blogs over copyright issues

Reuters: BP canvassing investors on possible break-up

Britain confirms will pull out of Afghanistan by 2014

Michael den Tandt: Ignatieff vague, timid

Charles Krauthammer: Opposition underestimates radical Obama's chops and results at their own peril; his eye is on 2012

Neil Reynolds: U.K. ‘vicious’ budget fails to heal the welfare state; The rhetoric about attacks on the poor are blatantly false. If anything, the incentive to not work is increased

Old Spice commercials take topicality and responsiveness to new heights in viral video assault

link to image
Scientists find new creatures in Atlantic

Ottawa Tamil organization loses charitable status due to terrorist link

Angelo Persichilli: Michael Ignatieff won’t find beef on barbecue circuit

Terence Corcoran: Bad politics in climate blacklist

The Liberals on the bus go down and down...

RIM fires back at Apple over antenna claims

U.S. State Department analyst, wife jailed for spying for Cuba; great-grandson of Alexander Graham Bell

OPP probes Ontario Ministry staff; Anti-rackets branch raids downtown offices, investigates ‘irregular transactions’ with vendors

Why is NASA making misleading temperature statements? A hidden agenda?

4 dead after Quebec float plane crash

High demand crashes B.C. Gov't gambling website on first day

At least 27 dead in suicide attack on Iranian mosque; Revolutionary Guards among victims

Police arrest two suspects on G20 ‘most wanted’ list

TSX drops sharply amid weak U.S. earnings

Foreign media says ship full of migrants heading to Canada; authorities monitoring

shoot the messenger/can't handle the truth: Iffy says CSIS boss should resign over 'infiltration' remarks

British Columbia launches North America's first government-run online casino

link to image
Tyendinaga airport arson tab climbs to $800,000; Tyendinaga Mohawk Council offering $25,000 reward for leads

'Wacko' deer attacking residents in Cranbrook, BC

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board bids $3.2B for owners of 30% of Hwy. 407

St. Lawrence Seaway still shut after fuel spill; 16 freighters stalled near lock as cleanup continues

link to image
Daily dose of vitamin D should be doubled

Belleville snubbed by Iffy, as he drives through

Harper Conservatives have reached a significant turning point for the country

Canadian shipyards gear up for boom time as MacKay announces Canada will spend $2.6B to build two Navy supply ships

Canadian manufacturing sales up; 8 times in 9 months

BP lobbied U.K. in Libya prisoner transfer case that saw release of Lockerbie bomber; bombshell one more black mark on BP

Canada, U.S. announce enhanced border security plans

Kelly McParland: Maybe Ignatieff just isn’t that smart

link to image
St. Lawrence Seaway south of Montreal remains closed due to bunker fuel oil leak from Canada Steamship Lines freighter, owned by Paul Martin's family

Canadian businesses predict higher sales in coming year

link to image
B.C. wildfires starting to pop up all over; firefighters winning so far

Washington Post: Deadly Uganda bombings could indicate new roles for al-Qaida affiliates

link to image
Government to announce billions for new aircraft, ships

link to image
update: now at least 74 dead after bombs strike World Cup watchers in Uganda; al-Qaida-linked group blamed

link to image
Confidence: Canadian business has it; U.S. doesn't

New U.S. jobless claims drop more than expected; still 4.6M collecting benefits

Canadian vehicle sales up in May, June

Drowning risk greater for immigrants

link to image
Leak forces new delay to BP oil cap test

Pakistan, India seek to rebuild trust with talks

U.S. paid Iranian nuclear scientist $5 million for aid to CIA, officials say

Quebec Superior Court grants permission for class-action suit against Royal Bank by Earl Jones' bilked clients

Michael Geist: Federal Court of Appeal rules ISPs are not broadcasters; would change if they don't remain content-neutral as conduits

BP to begin slowly choking off Gulf oil geyser; new cap in place

NBC's Dawna Friesen to replace Global National’s retiring Kevin Newman; was a colleague of Lisa LaFlamme at CTV

Quebec Medicare to cover in vitro costs starting in August

National securities regulator to operate from multiple connected locations across country to keep local tabs on national picture

Israel sends warning to Gaza-bound Libyan vessel

Italy arrests hundreds in mob sweep

U.S. trade gap widens as imports/exports both rise

French parliament approves ban on face veils

Uganda says it thwarted another bombing

Lawsuit claims Facebook has another owner

Liberal Senators skip vote for cottage time; budget passes easily

Mort Zuckerman: Obama is barely treading water; "Obama's rise has been spectacular, but so too has been his fall"

poll: B.C. Liberals' popularity continues to slip after HST

Christie Blatchford: The Canadian appetite for prissiness

King Arthur’s 'round table' discovered?

Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade rights until 2020; XP still used by 74% of businesses

Canada leads G8 in per capita asylum-seekers

U.S. paper: "Hip" Ottawa has awoken from its slumber; nation’s capital ‘lively, smart, quirky’

Jeff Jedras: The wheels on the Liberal bus go ’round and ’round

Heads of Obama's national debt commission paint gloomy picture as U.S. struggles with out-of-control spending

Mysterious explosion destroys Laval home; occupant severely burned

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Rex Murphy: This is a Green column. It must be good for you

U.S. Liberals analyze their Obama 'despair'

Robert Fulford: The anti-Israel boycott campaign’s record of total failure

link to image
Kelly McParland: Ontario pays the price of environmental posturing

Harper, Ignatieff spar at Stampede

New Northwest Passage rules violate international law: global shippers

Natasha Fatah: What police state? It's all a matter of perspective

Peter Worthington: France takes on oppressive religious headgear

Repeated warnings to repair private Oliver dam went unheeded

U.S. home foreclosures on track for 1M in 2010

Blast in Pakistan's Swat Valley kills 5, wounds 58

Chris Cillizza: Obama's erosion among white voters continues, especially among Democrats

Alberta Liberal leader slams Iffy

Clive Crook: Climategate and the big green lie

Flock of 18 Canada geese beaten, shot in New Jersey town

Iranian nuclear scientist recounts 'CIA abduction'

link to image
Chez Piggy with Iggy

At least 8 NATO troops dead in new Afghan attacks

Financial Times: Obama faces growing credibility crisis with no light at end of tunnel

forecast: Fraser River sockeye salmon on the rebound

Arson investigators at Calgary fire scene pelted by screws from slingshot; 2 arrested

Thirst for risk drives Loonie higher

Search underway as turncoat Afghan soldier kills 3 British troopers, escapes

Poor iPhone 4 review sends Apple Inc. shares sliding

Canadians biggest foreign buyers of U.S. real estate

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LAPD find 'dozens' of 50-pound bundles of marijuana in railroad tank car

Australia gov't reshapes climate policy before election

Democrat pollster: Obama is a socialist

12th person held in Russia spy case

Neil Reynolds: The disintegration of the welfare state

Tim Hudak: Ontario PCs would scrap McGuinty's eco fee tax grab

1/3 of Canadians do not have a savings plan: survey

Stocks surge after Alcoa, CSX report strong profit

New York Times: George Steinbrenner, Yankees’ owner, dies at 80; changed pro sports through free agency, creating own media network

Canada cautious with Haiti funding after Bill Clinton expesses reconstruction concerns

Secret gold swap has spooked the market

Tasha Kheiriddin: Is that a whiff of sulfur coming from the Liberal bus?

Former funny man Franken may have won U.S. Senate race due to felons voting illegally

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Opposition MPs courting disaster with public by demanding G20 inquiry

New York Times: Did Apple make a lemon? Design flaw in iPhone 4, testers say

Ottawa looking at adding 'honour crimes' to Criminal Code

Disgraced Canadian General charged with obstruction of justice, two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline

Ontario Supercorp dead in the water; McGuinty Gov't wakes up, smells coffee, says bad idea "too unwieldy"

Japan PM rules out snap general election after Upper House election setback

Lawrence Solomon: The IPCC’s First Test in "a New World of Openness"

Harper’s quest for a new Governor-General: partisans need not apply

Michael Coren: Traitors in our midst; It’s our patriotic duty to speak out against anti-Canadian factions

Japan gov't handed polls defeat over tax increase plan

Obama spokesman Gibbs says Democrats could lose House of Representatives majority in Fall mid-terms

Conrad Black: Canada is great, but needs great projects

Lawrence Solomon: Reopen Climategate hearings, says UK parliamentarian

For lumber mill towns, China market beckons

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Canadian 'Xcelsior' could be future of urban bus design

Canada adds 93,000 jobs in June; job growth 5 times greater than predicted by economists; national unemployment rate falls below 8% for first time since January, 2009

Bloomberg: Canada first in G7 to recover Great Recession's job losses

Lloyd Robertson announces retirement after 35 years anchoring CTV National News, in mid-2011; but not retiring from CTV

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ekos poll: Harper Conservatives jump to lead of 10+ points as Liberals sink to lowest in past year

After 81 days, U.S. says new, tighter-fitting cap may stop leaking Gulf well

Canadian Colonel in Haiti removed

McGuinty cuts solar price; investors hot under collar

Marine Museum of Great Lakes in financial trouble

TSX closes up as jobs growth, gold prices prove winning combination

Charles Krauthammer: The selective modesty of Barack Obama

RIM shares jump on China expansion

Chantal Hébert: Johnston appointment ends rock star era at Rideau Hall

Keith Beardsley: Opposition MPs available to feign outrage, waste money

CNN Editor fired after tweeting praise for terrorist

Neil Reynolds: Pretend austerity programs are not a solution

IMF raises world growth forecast but risks rising

Canadian new house prices rose 0.3% in May

3 held in Norway over al-Qaeda bomb plot

anti-terrorism: U.S. to access Europeans' bank data in new deal

Toronto City Council commends ‘outstanding’ police G20 work; votes 36-0 in support

Toronto police publish photos, seek identities of G20 vandals

Expected Climategate whitewash takes focus off Britain's crazy £50 billion annual climate bill

Omar Khadr fires American lawyers days before Gitmo hearings to resume

Suicide bomber kills atleast 35 Iraqi Shia pilgrims

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Movement to rename Ottawa's Wellington Street to Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard raises tempers

Q&A: Talking truths about our air-conditioned world

Canadian 'rube' guilty of bid to send nuclear material to Iran

Solar plane takes off for 24-hour test flight

NATO airstrike accidentally kills 5 Afghan troops

U.S. lobby against TransCanada's Keystone pipeline delivering Alberta oil to U.S. refineries misses whole point; tankers from enemies or pipeline from friends?

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Heat wave continues across Ontario, Quebec

Neil Reynolds: Sadly, the Keynesian delusion keeps working its magic

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401 eastbound shut down again at Kingston as truck driver killed, road plugged by debris

French 'burqa ban' goes before parliament

Vancouver home sales drop sharply; down 30%

Michaëlle Jean's husband, former separatist-sympathizer Jean-Daniel Lafond, says Quebec's independence struggle is dead

opinion: I’m happy to be right wing

Toronto blackout leaves Royals in the dark; 250,000 were without power after transformer blew up in heat wave

Former NHL enforcer Bob Probert dies of heart attack on family outing on Lake St. Clair

busted: The Economist photoshops Obama to make him look more depressed and alone at waterside photo-op

Israel loosens embargo; still stopping construction materials

Komorowski win strengthens Polish government

Obama’s exit deadline unrealistic, says Afghan envoy to Washington; politically-timed decision is "prolonging the war"

Vale reaches tentative deal with Sudbury miners to end historic strike

Saskatchewan tornado stronger than first thought; now seen as F3 with winds exceeding 300 kmph

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Fireworks to highlight U.S. July 4th celebrations

Lawrence Solomon: Catastrophism collapses, democratically

$500,000 missing from Liberal Party ledgers; or is it?

Trading day: Canadian markets fall Friday

2 Russian spy suspects admit using fake names

Ecuadorian gang kingpin deported from Canada along with 3 henchmen

Lufthansa places $317M U.S. jet order with Bombardier

Reuters: GM's sales in China top U.S. sales

Krauthammer: Terror -- and lack of candour in describing the Islamist ideology behind it

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Solar-powered plane flies for 26 hours

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CTV: Harper chooses legal academic David Johnston as next GG; President of University of Waterloo, former Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill, former Dean of Law at University of Western Ontario, moderated 1984 TV election debate between Turner and Mulroney

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The Queen marks 53 years of UN changes, challenges

Ontario’s aging grid puts province at risk of more blackouts

Harper announces $20M for science education in Africa and $45M for post-doctoral fellowships in Canada; meets with Prof. Stephen Hawking in Waterloo

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How to keep your pet safe as temperatures rise

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'Big Bang' telescope sends back first image

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Royal Visit: Queen wins hearts with relentless energy

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GG Michaëlle Jean busy with panda diplomacy in China; 3 Canadian zoos want iconic beasts

Queen to visit New York City on Tuesday, on way home; will address UN, visit 9/11 memorial

Tories play down fall election threat after Senate budget bill flap

Omar Khadr case in limbo; Pentagon relents on journalist Gitmo ban

Large blast has hit city centre in Afghanistan's Kandahar city; 5 coalition troops killed in attacks

Lawrence Solomon: It’s official, there’s no consensus on climate change

China’s trade surplus widens, adding pressure on Yuan

MPs also targets of foreign influence, spy chief says

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Roy Rogers auction in NYC includes stuffed Trigger

Clouds of doubt still hang over climate scientists

Twin suicide bombs kill 62 in Pakistan tribal area

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New York Times: Prisoner swap in Vienna ends U.S.-Russia espionage case

Economists talk about Canada's glowing jobs numbers

TSX, loonie rise amid jobs data

10 convicted Russian sleeper agents leave U.S. in swap with Russia for U.S. spies held there

preview: Stephen Harper! the musical

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Parking garage collapses in downtown Windsor

Markets up on IMF outlook, slightly improved U.S. jobless numbers

Gunter: How Liberal elites lost touch with Canadians

Tom Adams: Environmentalists to blame for blackout

Ontario police set to charge Muslim extremist

BP pushing to stop Gulf leak by July 27

Lyme disease on the rise; be prepared

Suicide barriers may not prevent people from jumping elsewhere, study finds

Chalk River reactor gets green light to restart

AP report: 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico prompt leak concerns

Montreal cops say string of Italian cafe firebombings the work of street gangs

Russia and U.S. said to be planning spy exchange

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Christie Blatchford: ‘G17’ defendants mostly white kids with good teeth

video: Hawking praises funding for doctoral scholarships

What rift? Obama, Netanyahu say bond 'unbreakable'

Hamas arrests alleged collaborators with Israel

Toronto’s baby blackout

New Ontario eco fee slips under radar amid HST changes

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Autism, dementia, chronic pain, schizophrenia, more than 135 brain diseases so far, linked to protein defects in nerve cells

Bail postponed for Toronto man arrested before G20

Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report; admits to more mistakes

Obama wiggling on pledge to exit Afghanistan

Climategate inquiry chairman admits he failed to check the science

Climategate was 'a game-changer' in science reporting, say climatologists

National Energy Board considering forcing oil companies to drill secondary relief wells in any deepwater Arctic exploration project

China to spend big in Canada

Christie Blatchford: Self-anointed G20 ‘journalists’ should get real; journalists covering the protests were due no special rights, access or protection

Million people fill streets of Toronto for always-upbeat Gay Pride Parade; no security issues, no blac bloc, just rainbow colours, peace and love

Canadian Press wire service moving to end co-operative; to be owned by Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and La Presse

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Beavers making big comeback; were down to 100,000, now number over 20 million

Almost half of MPs moonlight, run businesses, have extra income

NY man blows off his arm while lighting fireworks at party; doctors to try to reattach

Gun rights a telling trigger issue at Kagan’s hearings

Pickup sales power Ford Canada to best month in decade

Quebec explosion linked to G20 violence, says professor

Rex Murphy: Stephen Harper's sunshine moment

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Spoiled moms protect their spoiled brats

Apple says iPhone 4 algorithm is to blame, not antenna; 'fix' ready in a few weeks won't help performance

James Travers reveals his flawed perception of Canada's history is behind his cynical, critical interpretations of the present

G.E. chief Immelt slams Obama & China; formerly Obama insider

Confession from one suspect in Russian spy ring in U.S.

Shell rejects $420M Montreal refinery/gas stations bid; 500 jobs at stake

Daylight hit on Rizzuto under-boss signals end of Rizzuto family crime dominance in Montreal

Britain announces intent to forge closer ties with emerging powers including India, China and Brazil, and play a stronger role in the European Union

Arrest of Russian spy ring takes heat off comments by CSIS director Fadden who bluntly told us there were spies among us, and was pilloried by the naifs

HST’s Canada Day gift? Higher gas prices

Canada’s brand: More than peace, order and good government

Future unsure for Liberal candidate facing charges

Al Qaeda mastermind linked to massive 2009 NYC subway bomb plot

Canadian household debt rate is slowing

U.S. Steel will challenge Canadian Federal Court decision upholding Investment Canada Act on Stelco buy

M6.2 quake hits southern Mexico

Moscow admit suspects in alleged spy ring are Russian

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Montreal: Power back after West Island tornado

U.S. consumer confidence tumbles in June; Conference Board index drops almost 10 points

Obligatory denial, outrage from Russians over spying allegations

South Korea passes bill to legalize chemical castration for child sex offenders

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Queen's busy, hot day doesn't slow her down; ends with Queen's Plate

Church's head, the Queen, hears sermon on evolution of Anglican Church

Canada praised for boreal forest conservation efforts

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Queen arrives in Winnipeg Saturday; opens terminal, seals letter in time capsule

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State of emergency declared at tornado-hit reserve in Saskatchewan as harsh weather wallops the West

Tornado hits Saskatchewan reserve; no injuries reported

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Flood emergency in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Angus Reid poll finds 69% of Canadians disgusted by G20 protesters, 59% ashamed, 57% angry, and 54% sad. Torontonians' disgust was 81%, anger 74%, sadness 65%, shame 61%

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Anti-military group claims responsibility for blast at Canadian Forces office in Trois-Rivières

RBC: Canadians upbeat on economy but edgy on personal finances

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CLAC claims Quebecers were targeted at G20, says 'violence towards property is minimal'; many protest in masks, cowardly hiding their guilty faces

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Queen celebrates Canada Day on Parliament Hill

Queen on Canada Day: "This nation has dedicated itself to being a caring home for its own, a sanctuary for others and an example to the world."

Since 1867: at 143, Canada one of oldest democracies

Thousands greet/cheer Queen in Ottawa as she unveils statue of Oscar Peterson

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Ottawa Royal Visit: Was that the Queen -- or the Beatles?

grassroots unhappy? Green Party Leader Elizabeth May fighting to avoid mandatory leadership review

At least 221 killed after fuel tanker crashes/explodes in DR Congo

Merkel says $945B EU rescue deal only bought some time for the Euro

Al Gore masseuse assault case re-opened in Oregon

Longest-serving Senator, ex-KKK member Byrd honoured with his beloved Appalachian mountain music, tributes from Clinton, Obama

Toyota recall of 270,000 high-end vehicles may cost it $228M

Ryanair plans cut-rate tickets for "standing-room" on short flights; coin-operated washrooms

Canadian dollar firms up as U.S. jobs report digested

New York Times: 6 suicide bombers storm U.S. aid compound in Afghanistan; kill 4, wound 23

AP: Volunteers ready but left out of spill cleanup by Obama and BP

Canadian peat moss among 18 processes being evaluated by Florida to clean up oil

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42 dead after suicide attacks on Sufi shrine in Lahore, Pakistan

U.S. officially loses 125,000 jobs; another 652,000 unemployed stop looking for work

Montreal G20 protesters get facts wrong, demand their "friends" be released from jail; don't get it that mob rule doesn't work in Canada

Canada makes dam big gift to Afghanistan; supplying water to parched countryside

Wall Street Journal: the Dodd-Frank financial fiasco

U.S. jobless claims up by 13,000; drop was expected

105,000 U.S. job losses forecast for June

Why Microsoft's Kin phones were destined to fail

U of O Prez Rock was behind anti-Coulter effort, emails show; misunderstands role of university as a place for discussion/debate

Quarterly stock tumble worst since Lehman collapse

Toyota says 270,000 vehicles have faulty engines; Japanese and exported Lexus and other models; pondering recall

Down, down, down is the U.S. stock market tune

Michael J. Fox, Julie Payette, Olympic CEO John Furlong appointed to Order of Canada

How we lost Dominion Day...

Cypriot police still looking for vanished Russian spying suspect

Teachers slams Maple Leaf poison pill

Norman Spector: Olympics, G20 and black bloc

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Wind, waves from Hurricane Alex halt oil cleanup

Canadian economy stands still in April as retail sales drop

Ireland's export-driven economy returns to GDP growth, but unemployment rises to 13.4%

NY suspect dubbed femme fatale of Russian spy case

8 militants killed as Taliban attack NATO airbase at Jalalabad, near Kabul

surprise! Alleged Canadian/Russian spymaster gets Cyprus bail; disappears

U.S. finally openly accepting offers of Gulf help from other nations; takes 22 offers of assistance from 12 countries; some of Canada's offers accepted, others made in April ignored

Now, 4th Russian spy said to have posed as Canadian; still at large

Pilloried, fired for "wimps in White House" remark, McChrystal chooses retirement

3 of 10 alleged Russian spies nabbed by U.S. posed as Canadians

FTC: Scammers stole millions, using virtual companies, taking small amounts from each victim

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Tourism spending up, buoyed by Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Don Martin: Harper really loves the Queen

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Queen reviews international fleet aboard HMCS St. John's

Media, public misinterpret Public Works Protection Act -- still blame government

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Weapons seized in G20 arrests put on display

Petraeus vows long-term commitment in Afghan war

Masked cowards clash with Greek police; 7 police injured, 13 perps arrested

Stock markets fall after downward revision to China data

Toronto police tactic -- kettling -- successfully isolates, smothers mobs; complaints when used, but value undeniable in stopping violence

Miller acting like real mayor; backs Police Chief, says not time for "politics"

Poland's interim president leads late incumbent's twin in election poll

Jonathan Kay: Toronto, city of wimps

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Hume: On her 22nd tour of Canada, Her Majesty stops the rain

Ibbotson: Harper shifts focus to Asia

Queen: "Canadians have by their own endeavours built a country and a society which is widely admired across the world. I am fortunate to have been a witness to many of the developments and accomplishments of modern Canada. As Queen of Canada for nearly six decades, my pride in this country remains undimmed. ... It is very good to be home."

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Queen Elizabeth arrives in Halifax rain

Ibbitson: Kudos in order as PM shepherds G20 to surprising consensus

Moral authority helps Canada score major win on bank tax

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CBC admits: Harper "has won a significant victory in securing specific deficit reduction targets"

link to image
G20 leaders agree to Harper's call for deep cuts to deficits by 2013

Japanese PM sees many alternatives to bank tax

Canada beats back bank tax at G20

1,000 protesters shut down College Street in Toronto Monday afternoon; launch taunts, verbal abuse at police HQ -- keep that temp jail open...

Rex Murphy: Hooligans coddled for too long

Stocks rise after U.S. consumer spending ticks higher

AP summary story on G20 riots is balanced and fair

China flies under the radar -- and walks away a winner

The G20 prescription for the economy

Final G20 Toronto Summit Declaration

opinion: They took Toronto's streets, but for what?

Merkel and Cameron watch Germany beat England 4-1 in World Cup

10 alleged Russian secret agents arrested in U.S.

Krauthammer: The 7/11 Afghanistan deadline and Obama's problem

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down part of 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley law

Boeing shares tumble 44% before exchanges cancel trades

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St. Lawrence River too low; dam at Cornwall to release more water from already-low Lake Ontario

Statscan: Canada's population tops 34 million

G20-related detentions biggest mass arrests in Canadian history

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Black Bloc radicals will be caught: police

Greenpeace, police and PMO denounce Black Bloc thugs with "adrenaline addiction to violence"

G20 Sunday timeline for police & arrestees

Sunday morning raids lead to biggest series of G20 arrests; molotov cocktails, black clothing, bricks, bats and sharpened sticks seized at raids around locked down U of T campus buildings

embedded: Watching the scum form; reporters infiltrate protesters and live to tell tale

Black Bloc criminals: cowards hiding in crowds

The incoherent logic and rationalization of a "naive and curious" self-delusional perp in the G20 crowd

factbox: G20 leaders and problems they face

Picfog Twitter pix of G20 riots in Toronto

G20: Two arrested with molotov cocktails; three injured in confrontation at Queen/John Streets

Final G8 communique

G20: Pre-dawn raids in Toronto homes result in four arrests

link to image
Police arrest nearly 500 after violent G20 riots

Don Martin: A smart response to a bad situation

PMO: "Free speech is a principle of our democracy. But the thugs that prompted violence earlier today represent in no way, shape or form the Canadian way of life."

EU President: Most G20 countries have agreed to debt-reduction targets

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Twitter pic: reports cowardly anarchists ditching black clothes and leaving Toronto core

"This isn't our Toronto. My response is anger," Mayor David Miller

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Time for new prison cells?

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Anarchist scum act as expected; police ready with moving walls of force

'Black Bloc' anarchists trash downtown Toronto; leave destruction in wake

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2 police cruisers torched by Black Bloc; windows smashed along Yonge

CBC news crew attacked, other violence as G20 protest turns ugly

Major G20 protest underway in Toronto; anarchist 'Black Bloc' cowardly hide among peaceful naifs,
with faces hidden, vow to break through security fence and wreak havoc

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G8 wraps with rebuke of Iran, North Korea

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G8: Canada paying big share of $7.3-billion maternal health plan

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Police attacked, form up to halt rowdy G20 protest in Toronto

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G8: Canada to commit at least $2B to maternal health program

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Chinese president Hu welcomed; pitches Sino-Canadian co-operation

FOX opinion: G20 nations should look to Canada for how to build a better economy

Gulf mess: Avertible catastrophe

Obama's CIA chief Panetta admits 'Afghan war tougher than we thought'

Tornado watch issued for southwestern Ontario

Kyrgyz vote to form democracy

Conrad Black: Harper’s hour to shine

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2 Canadian soldier-medics killed by IED in Afghanistan

Gallup: Conservatives grow to make up 42% of U.S. electorate; self-described moderates at 35%, liberals at 20%

select quotes: what world pundits are saying about G8/G20

G8: Lineup to exit leaves little time in Afghanistan

Ottawa extends deadline on TFSA penalty tax

Storm may slam Gulf, BP cleanup sites

Milliken expected to announce won't run again as MP; longest serving Speaker; next G-G?

1 of 3 Ottawa firebomb suspects granted bail; ordered to stay away from G20

Wall Street Journal: Sweeping overhaul agreed to, will put U.S. banks and financial markets under tighter government control for years to come

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G8: creative marketing strikes again

Environment Canada confirms two tornadoes hit Midland; F1 and F2

Kay: Politicians should skip parades that preach hate

Apple headache?: new iPhone quickly develops bad rap for dropping calls

BBC: Parcel bomb kills aide to Greek counter-terrorism minister

CBC: highest levels of government aware of CSIS info for years

Wall Street Journal: BP relied on faulty U.S. data in developing criticized response plans

Oil spill continues to hurt Obama credibility, polling; most Americans say President has failed

Striking Novotel workers block cars at downtown Toronto hotel

Forest Hill businessman/hacker faces weapons, explosive charges following G20 police investigation

link to image
New police powers could create legal trap for protesters

Washington Post: At G8, Obama faces hard sell on public stimulus spending to boost recovery

Coverage of nut-filled G20 protests pose unique challenges for journalists

Anarchists plan to hijack "organized" labour march at G20 Saturday afternoon; sheep being bussed in from all over Ontario as unions whip the troops

G20 protesters: How to tell the nuts from the flakes

Protest in Huntsville draws chuckles

After government tests show leaks in rear-end collisions, Toyota halts sales of 2010 Lexus HS 250h hybrid, issues recall

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not their fault: iPhone reception problem? Hold it differently, Apple says

Sydney Morning Herald: World leaders flying into a fiscal storm

Radwanski: Will typical Liberal communications mess doom McGuinty's 'Supercorp' before it flies?

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Canada urges G20 nations to cut deficits in half by 2013

link to image
G8, G20 leaders start arriving in Toronto

link to image
Ontario-Quebec tremor reflects potentially disastrous fault lines

link to image
Midland, Ontario hit by tornado; trailer park destroyed

link to image
5.0M Quebec quake damages buildings, highway; felt broadly

Canadian mall owner wins bidding for Henderson sweater at $1.2M; will put it on countrywide tour, including small towns and Hockey Hall of Fame

Harper to formally apologize today to Air India families; 25th anniversary of Flight 182 bombing which killed all 329 aboard

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Bids for Paul Henderson jersey top $1M

CSIS bombshell: Foreign governments recruiting spies across Canada; two provinces have cabinet ministers "under influence" of outside powers

Canada warns against protectionism

poll: Canada global heavyweight in eyes of emerging powers

link to image
poll: The world would love to be Canadian