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Older News ~ December 2009 -- June 2010

Giant containment box close to being over oil-spewing Gulf well

U.S. joins U.N. council at Iran dinner in New York

Gazette: Charest fires Minister after credit card trouble

Pentagon bans 3 Canadian and 1 American journalist from Guantanamo Khadr trial after they report court-protected name of witness

Welcome to Worldwide Visitors

Buick sales surge as its buyers get younger; up more than 50% through the first four months of the year

Edmonton police officer faces hearing for shooting man who stabbed police dog

Oil hovers near $80 in Europe as investors eye falling euro, rising U.S. crude supplies

Boat with containment box at oil leak site

Conservative Party confirms Helena Guergis dropped as election candidate

Gardiner: Cameron must not emulate Obama

NY Times: Evidence mounts for Taliban role in Times Square car bomb attempt

U.S. productivity gains slow, seen as signal of job growth ahead

Walkom: UK election too close to call; bad time for instability

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Harper to pause business talks in Europe to honour Second World War soldiers

Pennsylvania fireworks store has video of N.Y. bomb suspect buying weak firecrackers which failed to ignite Times Square car bomb

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Dutch line streets to honour Canadian heroes

EU Chief pushes Harper on bank tax; the answer remains 'No'

Jeffrey Simpson: The Greeks are unique, but not by EU standards;
aspects of their financial crisis can be found throughout southern Europe

29 now dead from Nashville-area flooding; Opryland under water, Ryman Auditorium and Predators' arena not flooded

Giant dome for Gulf oil leak is readied to be dropped over broken well at sea bottom

1,000 Ontario police raid Toronto and Ottawa, arresting 78,
recover cash, firearms and drugs, unveil Jamaican mob connection

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Baseball fan gets Tasered for running onto field during Philadelphia Phillies game

RCMP tighten rules on proper use of Tasers in wake of Dziekanski inquiry

Airbus criticized for 'miracle' Hudson crash

Police launch 100 pre-dawn raids from Toronto to Ottawa; sweep involved police forces
in Toronto, York, Durham and Peel regions, along with OPP and the Canadian Border Services

Fears of finding more victims mount as U.S. floodwaters recede; storm death toll nears 30

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Oil spill could delay death of space shuttle

Recently resigned NDP MP Waslycia-Leis to announce bid for Mayor of Winnipeg today

White-collar crime bill to be re-introduced in Parliament

Don Martin: Ignatieff abuses Harper's trust -- "Ignatieff has
never seen a high road he couldn't take into a muddy ditch"

MPs widen probe to include Guergis, cabinet ministers;
Conservatives will back Liberal motion extending lobbying rules

Ash cloud returns to disrupt Irish flights

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Nashville braces for more flooding as Cumberland River swells; storms kill 22 in 3-state area

Blackberry 'predicted a century ago' by pioneering physicist Nikola Tesla

Foreign Minister Cannon boycotts Iranian leader's speech at UN conference on nuclear weapons

World Press Freedom Day commemorated by journalists, military in Kandahar

internet commenting gamechanger: Halifax firefighters obtain IDs of anonymous Internet critics, ponder libel suit

Tories take in more money than opposing parties combined; NDP catching up to Liberals

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19 dead; Tennessee officials brace for more flooding, more deaths

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Obama promises to clean up Gulf spill

Blackburn: Ottawa will defend Canada's dairy and poultry in EU trade talks

No secret about so-called "secret trade talks" with EU; Van Loan and Europeans agree talks going well to broaden Canada's trading horizons

Lapses by FBI and airline allowed Faisal Shahzad to board plane

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Three die in bank torched as thousands of outraged Greeks clashed with police against harsh new spending cuts

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Iconic B.C. Place dome deflated to make way for new roof

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Bomb suspect said to have trained in Pakistan

Times Square bomber arrested:
NY Times: Suspect was a U.S. citizen for just a year Reuters: Bomb suspect told police he acted alone    CBS News: Shahzad was headed for Pakistan, arrested at JFK airport in New York    Reuters: Pakistan vows to help U.S. bring Pakistani-American Shahzad to Justice    WTNH video: Neighbours talk about Shahzad    NY Daily News: Attorney General Eric Holder's statement on Faisal Shahzad's arrest    NY Daily News: We came within a 'millisecond' of 'mass casualties,' expert says    Politico: Cameras can't replace beat cops    AP: FBI searches NYC car bomb suspect's Bridgeport, Connecticut home    NY Times: Unexploded car bomb left trove of evidence    NY Times: Connecticut auto businessmen briefly at bomb inquiry’s focus

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Pakistani man arrested in Times Square terror bomb case; Faisal Shahzad, 30, Connecticut man, naturalized United States citizen

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Clinton spills beans on size of U.S. nuclear arsenal at U.N. gathering; 5,113 warheads -- down 84% from peak of 31,225 in 1967 -- 22,217 warheads when Berlin Wall fell in 1989

Officials increasingly see international link in Times Square bomb attempt

Police search for second man over New York car bomb

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NYPD hunts middle-aged man seen near car bomb

U.S. investigators hunt New York car bomb culprits with wealth of evidence

Pakistani Taliban claim behind thwarted New York bomb attack

Echoes of 2007 London attack in Times Square car bomb

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Times Square car bomb fails to detonate; disaster averted; filled with propane and gasoline tanks, fireworks; motor running; bomb squad stopped it after t-shirt vendor's tip

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Cops evacuate thousands from heart of NYC after 'potential terrorist attack'

Kash Heed stepping down as B.C. Solicitor-General - again

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MS patients rally for experimental treatment

U.S. Senate backs Republican stand against $50B bail-out fund -- 93 - 5

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Klan leader pleads guilty to killing Oklahoma female recruit

Stand-alone auto-theft bill to be re-introduced

Kids tell it like it is: Twitter isn't cool "I hate it when they say, 'Follow me on Twitter,' as if we're interested in every little thing they have to say"

Taliban suicide squad attacks Kandahar compound

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BP says 1 oil leak of 3 is shut off

Karlheinz Schreiber gets eight years in prison; arms lobbyist found guilty of tax evasion in Germany

U.S. requiring airlines to check no-fly list more often; Times Square bomber had been added to list Monday but Emirates Airline was using an older list so didn't flag him

Probe in failed Times Square attack focusing on Pakistani Taliban

ahem... Scotland and Northern Ireland airports closed due to more volcanic ash

EU Ministers: Iceland ash clouds won't ground flights again

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Pride as Canada marks Navy centennial, but sadness for loss of Navy explosives expert Craig Blake in Afghanistan

With $2B deal for CanWest, Shaw wins battle of media titans

Parades in Halifax and Victoria will mark 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy

Iran says plans new war games

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Canadian killed by IED in Afghanistan; Petty Officer Second Class Craig Blake

BP reports progress toward Gulf oil well cap

Feminist senator Nancy Ruth (Jackman) bluntly tells aid groups to drop G8 abortion fight; some feign shock at her language

UK election: New poll suggests Conservatives will win slim majority on Thursday

All-party consensus emerging on how selected MPs can view documents but keep them from public disclosure

After 7 years in prison for corruption, Democrat Traficant runs again for Ohio seat for U.S. House of Representatives which he held for 2 decades

Shaw reaches deal to buy Goldman Sachs stake in Canwest TV assets

B.C. energy minister: Gulf oil spill won't change B.C. position on offshore drilling

Danny Williams promises best practice to protect Canadian east coast as Gulf spill grabs attention of Newfoundland Premier

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Pakistani Taliban leader threatens U.S. suicide attacks

Khadr ends hearing boycott; plea-bargain talks continue

BP says it will pay for Gulf spill's cleanup -- CEO says company isn’t responsible for accident, but is ‘responsible for the oil and for dealing with it’

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Recovery takes hold at Canadian auto dealers as sales surge for Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai

Euro declines on concern Greece bailout may fail to get support

confirmed: United and Continental airlines will merge to form world's largest airline; to be called United Airlines and based out of Chicago

Oil spill threatens to sink Obama's energy plan

United and Continental airlines to merge?

Breaking protocol, Iffy wants extension for GG Jean; eyebrows raised as out-of-touch, long out-of-country Liberal leader politicizes Head of State

Oddly, east coast of Florida may see more oil damage than west coast due to Gulf Stream

Oil spill trims U.S. offshore natural gas supply; 2 wells shut down as precaution

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BP didn't plan for major oil spill; said environmental problems unlikely

Rough seas again thwart cleanup of oil catastrophe

Obama criticized for glacially slow, finger-pointing Gulf response
10 days later, troops finally sent in; 5,000 birthing dolphins will likely die

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Anger mounts in Greece over expected harsh austerity plan

Canada's economic growth best in a decade; deficit $13.3B lower

Leger poll: Harper Tories open up 11-point lead over Iffy Libs -- 36% to 25% -- NDP up to 20% as Layton ails

Fetch the calculator: Income tax deadline is just a few hours away

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Wall Street Journal: Gulf Coast braces for effects of huge slick; BP Chief predicts new regulations

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NY Times: Oil reported to have reached coast

Carney: Greek crisis 'serious,' could threaten Canadian economy

U.S. political season under way and Democrats see major losses ahead

Americans retire later, but keep sharp longer

Greece seals massive rescue deal, outlines deep cuts and tax hikes

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NY Times: ‘very lucky,’ Mayor says, after bomb; hero t-shirt vendor saw smoking Nissan Pathfinder and alerted police; vendor's advice: "See something, say something"

Khadr hearing: battle report was changed because U.S. Special Forces commander had originally thought the young grenade thrower had died of his serious injuries, but he had survived

More vitamin D lowers risk of pre-term births -- women should take up to 20 times recommended dose, new study says

National Enquirer claims Obama affair and cover-up -- tabloid has new cred after exposing John Edwards

Pharmacies step up fight with McGuinty by targeting Liberal MPPs

The dark Col. Russell Williams case:
CBC: New charges unnerve Ottawa community    Toronto Star: The frantic life of the criminal colonel    Ottawa Citizen: Case keeps growing against top airman     National Post: Courtroom packed for latest video appearance    Toronto Sun: Stole women's underwear, pictures    CBC: sexual assault victim from Tweed says she felt "totally betrayed" by police

Canada now has 20 federal political parties as Pirates join 2 Commie parties and legits

New West Partnership between B.C., Alberta and Sask creates country's biggest interprovincial barrier-free trade & investment market

190 cops -- Montreal police, Mounties and SDQ -- raid 23 Montreal locations and nab 30 biker gang drugsters in biggest crack-and-cocaine bust "of the past several years"

American General orders Burger King and Subway out of Kandahar base; but Tim Hortons stays as fave of all NATO troops

Scotia Economics: North American auto market revs up; small car sales down, luxury sales up

U.S. economy grew at 3.2% in first quarter; steady growth but not as strong as in previous recoveries

Sarkozy, other leaders in Shanghai for World Expo

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NY Times: Pakistan, in shift, weighs attack on militant lair

Greece PM: Greece’s survival at stake

Credibility of ratings agencies under fire as Euro debt woes mount

UK election: Damaged Brown seeks to save political career in final tv debate tonight

CIBC: Canada faces 'major drag' on 2011 economic growth

Conference Board: Economy not to return to full capacity until 2014

World markets eye Berlin as debt crisis escalates

Spain downgraded, Europe debt crisis widens

more electronics problems: Toyota to recall about 50,000 Sequoia SUVs

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Canadian Navy marks centennial by reinstating 'executive curl'; celebrates 100 years of honour and service; 3rd largest navy in world at end of WWII

The new Windsor-Detroit Bridge:
Detroit Free Press: Ambassador Bridge owners say Canada-born Gov. Granholm sells border to Canada    Mlive: New bridge would bring 10,000 construction jobs to Michigan    Globe and Mail: Ottawa’s $550-million loan offer for new bridge launches war of words in Michigan     Detroit Free Press: Republican gubernatorial candidate Bouchard slams 2nd bridge plan; admits Ambassador Bridge owners have donated to his campaign    Toronto Sun: Ambassador Bridge owner launches 2nd lawsuit against Canada over 2nd span    Detroit Free Press editorial: Canada's offer removes most roadblocks to new bridge; "A second international crossing at Detroit, with a welcome assist from Canada, is in the best interests of southeast Michigan and the entire state. Legislators ought to move it forward."    Windsor Star: New span still in jeopardy; critically needed for economic health of southwestern Ontario    New bridge website with detailed maps

Pakistani helicopter gunships kill 22 militants near Afghan border

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Obama to see anti-slick efforts in late visit as U.S. pressures BP

Powers: Media wants to sell intrigue and conflict, damn the facts

Blatchford: Media hypocrisy and attention span of a gnat; from screams to whimpers as Afghan testimony which directly contradicts Colvin by two at centre is ignored by media

Obama gov't denies responsibility in Gulf oil leak disaster; says will "keep boot on neck" of BP to stop oil; sends in lawyers, not engineers

Persichilli: Speaker’s ruling not historic, just minority gov't politics

Arizona Deputy shot; illegal immigrants suspected

U.S., Canada, Australia warn citizens of 'imminent' terrorist attacks planned in Indian capital

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Alberta rancher's cougar cam captures wild feast

Brown’s Labour Party loses traditional backing from Guardian newspaper to Clegg; Conservative minority government looking likely

UK election: last week heats up for May 6th vote

Suicide-by-rail phenomenon to be studied

Canadian Forces plans post-Afghanistan review -- no Congo mission

Honda recalls 167,255 Acura TSX cars in U.S.

Fortune: The end of Microsoft: A door opens to a new cloud

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Canada’s economy grows a robust 0.3% in February; first quarter predicted at annualized rate of 5.5%; 14 of 21 sectors advance

top Mountie: RCMP internal discipline 'far too slow'

AP: Cameron takes momentum after confident debate

Lancet study: Global mortality rate down dramatically in past 40 years

Positive Michigan response to Baird offer on new Windsor-Detroit crossing: Will Canada's $550M seal bridge deal?

WSJ: Now a criminal probe looks into Goldman trading

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Third debate turns British election back into horse race; Clegg fading

Arizona grades teachers on fluency

Twin car bombs kill 7 in Baghdad Shiite enclave

Skepticism greets 'researchers' who claim to have found Noah's Ark

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'Colossal’ Stanley Cup monument for Ottawa?

Col. Williams set to accept plea agreement

Col. Williams faces 82 new burglary-related charges

Col. Williams linked to kinky lingerie fetish

Ekos poll: Ignatieff still dropping

Omar Khadr's lawyers reject plea offer

Gulf of Mexico spill could be worse than Exxon Valdez disaster

Obama's late understatement: Oil spill of 'national significance'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jundal declares 'state of emergency' over oil spill

Oil spill threatens Louisiana coast

Gulf of Mexico oil leak 5 times bigger than originally estimated

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Canada Goose pierced by 26-inch arrow smartly lands in yard of retired New Jersey veterinarian

Hébert: Will Speaker's ruling go to courts; how partisan was it?

Franks: There was a middle ground -- and the Speaker found it;
but is it a case for 'middle ground' or for national security?

Reading between the lines of Milliken ruling; options aplenty

Spector: Odds of an election have increased

U.S. Federal Reserve holds interest rates at record low, doesn't fear inflation

UK election: Controversy stirred as PM Brown calls campaigner 'bigoted woman'

Ontario cuts will hurt all, say local pharmacists

Chavez revolution losing steam in Venezuelan slums

Why Powerpoint has become an enemy to U.S. military commanders

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Climate scientist, heated up over satirical Youtube video, threatens lawsuit

Manitoba decides no more discretion for probation officers: Young offenders must follow court orders

Ukrainians vent fury over Russia deal; toss smoke bombs, punches -- Parliamentarians resort to violence after Russian sea fleet lease extended

Australia: Labor gov't shelves emissions scheme

B.C. may ban secret vehicle compartments used for guns and drugs in gangsterland

'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' artist backs down, but protest idea takes on life of its own

Kay: Canadians just don't trust Ignatieff

Harper government makes third attempt to bring democracy to Senate

Harper: Canadians don't want their aid dollars spent on abortions

Habs come from 3-1 deficit to knock out Wash. Capitals, set to play Penguins

Obama breaks precedent, denies individual aid for storm relief in Connecticut

UK election: This was meant to be internet election. So what happened?

Rattled by debt crisis, officials to meet in Europe

Reuters: Greek debt crisis sweeps all before it

Dowd: Goldman Sachs hearings scene out of Godfather II

U.S. Coast Guard may burn off oil slick in Gulf of Mexico

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Overseas markets continue to tumble; Asian markets drop and European shares open lower as a global sell-off widens amid fears of Europe's worsening debt crisis

Greek crisis fears deepen

Investor in Jaffer case claimed Robert DeNiro's son was a pal

Not us: Goldman execs deny wrongdoing in crisis

B vitamin supplements linked to heart, kidney damage in diabetics

Gulf of Mexico oil spill may hit fragile coast this weekend

Detainee transfer documents buried in Canadian military shipping containers

Arrests now piling up for high-profile Quebec corruption task force

U.S. troops take a pounding in Kandahar territory vacated by Canadians

Conference Board: Canadian consumers still wary about economic recovery

Dan Richards: Appreciate your house, but don't expect it to appreciate a lot

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historic ruling: Commons Speaker Peter Milliken delivers mixed ruling on Afghan document challenge
-- says Parliament's rights to documents "embedded" in Constitution, even national security documents;
creates two-week cooling-off/negotiation period for Parliament and Government to come up with way to avoid
public release of documents that could harm national security -- will impose solution after two weeks if no agreement

Act now to help mothers, Bev Oda tells G8 ministers

RIM shows new operating system, stock rebounds

Prentice: Jaffer used Guergis's Commons office for personal business

Ex-Panama dictator Noriega extradited from U.S. to France

Government will legislate end to Clifford Olson's old-age security payments

U.S. Senate readies Goldman Sachs assault -- blasts bank's shorting strategy as executives set to testify

Solberg: Taxes as the price of civilization? Please

U.S. stocks cheapest since 1990 on analyst estimates

Ezra Levant: Unethical CBC pollster Frank Graves must be fired

FDIC shuts down 7 banks in Illinois -- 2010 total now up to 57 shuttered

After Kandahar attacks, UN tells 200 Afghan staffers to stay home, pulls out some foreigners

The high cost of healthcare in U.S. and the growth of medical tourism

Armed man arrested after trying to get close to Obama in North Carolina

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Markets up on positive G20 meeting, U.S. earnings

Oxfam: Despite billions wasted, more foreign aid needed

Suicide bomber targets U.K. ambassador in Yemen

globalist agenda: WWF calls for international accord to govern Arctic Ocean activity

Goldman Sachs: Senate panel 'cherry-picked' e-mails to make us look bad

Fed Gov't to add 2 more advance polling days to vote before federal election

Fire sweeps through slum in Philippine capital, leaving thousands homeless

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BP moves to stop leak at Gulf blast site

Rex Murphy: So much for honourable politics

Taliban poisoning girls to keep them out of school

B.C. Attorney General calls online threats against Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh "despicable"
and "cowardly," and warns the perps the police are investigating Facebook postings

Control of Sikh temples the prize fuelling recent violence

Probe of Buffett investment reveals Goldman Sachs link to hedge fund billionaire

UK Election: Labour slumps to six-month low in latest ICM poll

Canada climbs ranks of world's top companies

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Advocates vow challenges to new Arizona law

Jeffrey Simpson: We shouldn't let diaspora politics twist Canada's foreign policy

Media lawyers not warm on climate scientist’s lawsuit:
case could force newspapers to police bloggers, social networkers

E-mails show Goldman boasting as meltdown unfolds

Arizona Governor signs immigration enforcement bill
-- police can now demand proof of citizenship

Ontario’s ‘education premier’ fails on sex education -- Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals
have only themselves to blame for the last-minute scrapping
of province’s new sex-ed curriculum

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S&P rating cut hits Greece, Portugal: European stocks, Euro melt as
Greece debt cut to junk status, crisis spreads

Canadian dollar sinks on Greek woes

Ford posts $2.1B profit in first quarter

GM Canada will invest $235 million at
power train plant in St. Catharines

Boeing gives $1.25 million to launch new Metro Vancouver tech institute

Hertz to buy Dollar Thrifty for $1.2B -- becomes #2 by jumping over Avis,
still trails outfront leader Enterprise by 30% of market

Abortion funding definitely off the table for Harper G8 health initiative

Royal Bank bumps up mortgage rates again as bond market rates rise

Defiant communist 'Red Shirts' gear up for military onslaught
on their Bangkok camp as they attempt Thai government takeover

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Germany alleges Google Street View camera cars also scan and create database
of private WLAN networks, and record users' unique Mac (Media Access Control) addresses
-- is information "in the air" covered by privacy laws?

Federal Court hearing for banned British MP Galloway delayed until Wednesday

The strong public pushback against expensive blackmail from public unions
in New Jersey and other states

Barring of candidates may change Iraq vote outcome

6.9M quake strikes Taiwan, no damage

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Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski to run to replace dead twin as President

Charest spending cuts target $500 million a year

NY Times: Elite U.S. units step up drive in Kandahar before attack

Look, don't touch, UK scientist Hawking says contact with aliens could be risky for human life

Miss Me Yet?: The freedom agenda after George W. Bush -- dissidents
in the world's most oppressive countries aren't feeling the love from Obama

Kheiriddin: So Mr. Ignatieff, you wanna start a culture war?

Omar Khadr pushes to have statements, video thrown out in court

Controversy as NDP bill would require top judges to be bilingual

Rare united front behind 'Canadian solution' on banking reform

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7 Mexican police officers killed in Ciudad Juarez ambush

Richard Branson: Europe flight ban an overreaction, Virgin founder says

Krauthammer: Joy in losing

Endangered whales could be killed legally for first time in 25 years

Quebec political waves: Bernier willing to call it as he sees it

Conservative Party president questions CBC impartiality in letter to ombudsman
after CBC pollster urges Liberal Party to wage "culture war" against government

Possible rise in mortgage rates pitting couples against one another

Canada's privacy boss Jennifer Stoddart setting rules for the world

NY man pleads guilty in plot to bomb NYC subway

no surprise: Gov't economists' analysis now shows that Obamacare health overhaul
will increase costs and push 15% of hospitals into deficits

4 million Americans to pay health insurance penalty by 2016; penalties to average $1,000

Bank of Canada gives notice on rate hikes, no date

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Iran begins war games in Gulf, Strait of Hormuz

Flaherty: Bill to create national securities regulator coming soon

Republicans block U.S. financial overhaul in procedural vote; able to force key improvements

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Canada Pavilion, World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

survey: Taxes, inflation top Canadians concerns

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Public preview of huge animated baby at Spanish pavilion, World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Don’t be fooled by quick recovery, Mark Carney cautions

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Revolutionary Hubble space telescope turns 20

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South Korea finds evidence of torpedo attack as it raises sunken warship

At least 10 dead as tornadoes rip Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas & Alabama

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Vulcan throws stellar homecoming party for Nimoy

Man accused of murdering wife over Penguins-Senators playoff game

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'Unique' population of killer whales identified off B.C. coast

Bombs kill 69 in Iraq's deadliest day this year

agency watchdog report: SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed

Oil drilling rig sinks in Gulf of Mexico; survivor says no hope for 11 missing, based on their location at time of blast

Gurney: Michael Ignatieff's brand new mistake

Another drop in U.S. unemployment claims

Earth Day: A day to reflect on smog reduction and water improvements since 1970

Web-security giant McAfee paralyzes computers at hospitals, universities worldwide with faulty update

Greek debt-crisis woes worsen

Harper: Early GM loan payback saves Canada money this year and next

G20 brawl brewing this week over bank tax

Obama backers show signs of disappointment

John Ivison: Return property rights to First Nations

Canada rejects IMF bank tax plan

PQ veteran backs Charest on judges issue

update: Oil rig explosion off U.S. coast leaves at least 11 missing, Coast Guard searches

Speaker's ruling to decide whether Government or Parliament holds power

Dosanjh: ‘Distorted’ multiculturalism to blame for rise in Sikh extremism

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GM pays back $8.1B in loans to Canadian and U.S. governments; invests in Kansas & Detroit factories

MIT Prof. Richard Lindzen: Global warmists won't let their political agenda drop
despite the discrediting of their claims

Jaffer denies using drugs or lobbying Feds

Loonie ends down, but still above parity

Curbs on derivatives, including divestiture of derivatives trading
by banks gains support of key GOP Senator

Rare charge finally dropped against Caledonia activist McHale
who had protested against discriminatory OPP treatment of non-natives

Liberal-appointed immigration judge found guilty in sex bribery case

Bi-partisan support building for new financial regulation in U.S.
after Democrats drop $50B contingency fund proposal

much-maligned AIG: A Goldman Sachs victim?

Don Martin: Ignatieff shooting blanks on crime, gun registry;
chickens will come home to roost in next election

AP poll: Americans say U.S. cars top Asian autos

Auditor-General: Time to spend, spend, spend or your public IT goes away

Ontario Medical Association: Stiffer penalties needed for illegal tobacco

Quebec school boards yank France-written French book for perpetuating negative,
bizarre stereotypes about la belle province and Canada

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European airlines press to get everyone home

2nd UK election debate: Upstart Liberal Democrat holds his own again;
Clegg strength may help weak Brown

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NASA releases stunning new images of Sun

tumultuous UK election: 2nd TV debate today is ‘make or break,’ says Cameron

Obama NYC speech today: "Free market was never meant to be a free license
to take whatever you can get, however you can get it" President to tell blue chip Wall Street audience
as he launches a world-shaking revision of financial regulation in U.S.

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Gulf of Mexico air search resumes for 11 missing in oil rig blast

Planes fill the skies over Europe again; but shifting winds send new plume
of volcanic ash over Scandinavia, forcing some airports in Norway and Sweden to close again

IMF: Canada was in better shape heading into recession, and better than rest of G7 heading out of it

50 gunmen assault Mexico hotel and kidnap three guests;
blocked streets in Monterrey, thwarting police response

Live volcanic ash cloud developments from Reuters

link to image
Tracking airport cancellations across Europe (click for updated map)

link to image
Ash cloud continues to scuttle plans for Europe-bound travellers

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gridlock: Fraud, lies and political boosterism -- the big con to sell mass transit

license to print money: Canadians sent 35.3 billion texts in 2009, up 70% over 2008;
texting spawns language change

Where there's smoke, there's cancer; there are more smokers in Ontario today
than there were during the 1960s

B.C. gives go-ahead to 900MW power dam on Peace River; will be third one on mighty river

NATO: F-16 fighters damaged by volcanic ash

Iffy lays down law: Liberal MPs forced to vote against gun bill on 3rd reading;
some Libs supported it on 2nd reading; line in sand?

Fraser Institute: Canadian taxes fastest-growing expense

Conservatives announce will tighten pardon system

Globe investigation: Ontario school boards squander $16.7M by hanging on to retirees

U.S. banks back: Citigroup earns $4.4B in 1Q as trading rebounds

U.S. says Toyota has accepted record $16.4M fine

link to image
updated: Newfoundland travel
unblocked; planes flying again

leaked Top Secret memo to Obama: U.S. Sec'y of Defense Gates
says U.S. lacks a policy to thwart Iran

election issue: UK may use Royal Navy to bring home stranded citizens

Forida's Broward County trying out sensors which locate gunfire source

U.S. recession blues: More bread (needed) in O-HI-O

Threat of new, larger Icelandic eruption looms

Corcoran: Why Goldman charges not likely to stick -- politics a major player
in this headline -- facts don't support spin by SEC

Smoking linked to depression; more than 40% of U.S. adults
who have depression are also smokers, study finds

Quebec Cabinet Ministers rally around Charest;
former Supreme Bastarache investigating judicial taint charges

Latest Liberal tax hike threatens Ontario wine industry

Ontario Fire Sale? And McGuinty asset sales wouldn't be used to balance books!!
just more capital spending... is this poll-driven or just crazy?

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Natynczyk: Soldiers did not unlawfully shoot unarmed Afghan

Krauthammer: Obama's nuclear strutting and fretting -- and a whole lot of empty promise

Canadian manufacturing sales edge up in February; 8th month in a row

Washington Post: Nearly two dozen congressional fundraisers held at
Bruce Springsteen shows in Washington last year; conflicts of interest abounded

South Korea says ship sank after ‘external explosion’

Americans praise Canadian border guard who professionally pried confession from fugitive killer

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bear beat: Vermont bear with head stuck in milk can rescued

Loonie back at parity as Bank of Canada signals higher rates

Another al-Qaeda leader in Iraq killed

AIG considering claims against Goldman Sachs

Edmonton Oilers' owner proposes $1.5B downtown Edmonton development which includes new home for Oilers and 60-story towers

23 dead after 2 bombs hit northwestern Pakistani city

Winnipeg zoo mourns loss of 36-year-old Waldo the grizzly bear

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Loonie swoons in face of Goldman fallout

Canadian copyright bill to be tabled soon

Pew poll: 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust Washington; "Politics has poisoned the well"

breaking update: Top 2 al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq killed in joint U.S.-Iraqi weekend attack; Iraqi panel orders recount of Baghdad votes; could change election outcome

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report: Olympic luger's death 'unforeseeable'

AP exclusive: Taliban say buildup under way in Kandahar to counter planned NATO offensive

something's wrong: Parade risky for BC MP, MLA, says organizer

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Airlines lose $1.7 billion, Germany opens airspace

link to image
Britain opens its airspace as travel crisis begins to ebb

Flights resume in Europe but travel chaos not over

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Whoops of joy as some flights resume over Europe

Brown's Royal Navy rescue faltering, being termed an election stunt;
warships unsuitable for carrying large numbers of civilians

Sky News breaking: More delays as new ash cloud heads towards UK
flights scheduled for Tuesday may have to be cancelled again
Scottish flights appear to still have green light

Europe resumes some air travel despite volcano

Volcanic ash relentless as tremors rock Iceland

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updated: Ash cancels Newfoundland morning flights; fog also a problem

China quake toll nears 2,000 dead

Germany's Lufthansa airline gets green light to fly 15,000 home

BBC: The economic impact of the Iceland volcano eruption

After carriers push to open skies, EU says some air travel could resume Monday; how safe?

Global cooling, acid rain, lung ailments, ozone depletion all in eruption cards

Erupting Iceland volcanoes may put world into extended global cooling -- again;
dumping of ash and CO2 into atmosphere renders global warming debate moot

European airlines send up test flights despite ash; KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines

China's Hu flies in to quake site, toll now tops 1,700

Volcano causing flight disruptions across Canada

Clinton says he got wrong advice on derivatives from Obama adviser Summers;
Clinton-signed, Democrat-passed Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
led directly to 2008 U.S. economic collapse

Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs may face UK, German probes after suit

Ahmadinejad extolls Iran's military might; says no one would dare attack,
Iranian missiles put Israel and U.S. bases in cross-hairs;
Iran's allies say Israel must renounce nukes

U.S. Treasury Sec'y Geithner spins that economy growing faster than expected,
but official U.S. unemployment to remain above 10%

Apply pirating levy to iPods, Canadian artists urge

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Volcanic ash cloud forces Harper, Obama to cancel trip to Poland

From bad to worse: two more Toyota recalls

Drummond: Defusing Canada's debt bomb

Col. Russell Williams: the making of a monster

A bitter pill to swallow -- proposed changes by Ontario to reduce the price
of generic drugs will kill a business model the pharmacy industry has relied upon for decades

Harper's attendance at Polish President's funeral in doubt due to ash-closed airspace

Errant priests’ secret children to sue Roman Catholic Church

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gamechanger: China lends Venezuela $20B, secures oil supply

National Post editorial: troubled human rights tribunals; Cure worse than disease?

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Ongoing volcanic eruption shuts down airspace in 15 countries across Europe and elsewhere

Scarborough Bluffs residents revolt against McGuinty wind power project

Volcano expert: 'No sign of calming down'

scientists: volcano could continue to erupt for months

Transat plane from Glasgow makes it safely to Toronto

Huge ash plume blanketing Europe may last four more days

Wall Street Journal: Goldman Sachs charged with subprime fraud

McGuinty raising Ontario residential hydro bills by $350 a year

U.S. stocks drop on Goldman Sachs fraud suit

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GE profit falls as sales decline in energy, technology units

Australian adventurer rescued by Canadian Forces
460 km NW of Canadian Forces Station Alert after Arctic accident

UN investigators blame Musharraf government, security lapses for Bhutto death

Proposed law aims to stop rip-offs at the gas pump

Credit and debit card code-of-conduct from Flaherty Friday

Grieving twin may decide to step into Polish President’s shoes

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Neil Armstrong takes one giant swipe at Obama over NASA cuts

Prime Minister Harper and three party leaders to fly to Polish President's funeral

Six dimensions of Canada's relatively mild recession

uh oh: U.S. foreclosure rates surge, biggest jump in 5 years

Distinct signs of pilot error in Polish crash

U.S. Fed Chair Bernanke dismisses fears of new asset bubble

U.S. 'tax day' tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government'

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American troops pull out of deadly Korengal Valley as strategy shifts

World poutine-eating contest to be held in Toronto

Saint-Etienne woes symptomatic of risk downside; French town's derivative swaps explode and financial weapons ambush Europe

Blizzard: Dalton McGuinty’s war on drugs -- are pharmacists an easy target in the battle over health care costs?

Ontarians brace for electricity price spike from McGuinty's troubled green policies

Canadians ‘subcontracted torture’ in Afghanistan says former interpreter who saw nothing, heard nothing but claims he 'knows' -- also says Canadian shot a 17-year-old in head

UN's climate bible given 21 Fs on 'report card'

AP poll: U.S. mid-term elections may see many incumbents booted;
Obama and Democrats down to lowest support yet

Europe’s cloud of ash casts pall over world of music

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Tibetans mourn dead as China quake toll hits 791

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1982 BA flight 009 underlines dangers of ash to planes

Dozens dead and 60 wounded in triple explosion in Rangoon

Icleand volcanic ash starting to reach ground across UK

Death toll from Chinese quake rises to 760

Obama statement that U.S. a superpower "whether we like it or not" causes controversy

Statscan: Canada has escaped global recession relatively unscathed -- a 3.3% drop
in GDP over three quarters between fall of 2008 and summer of 2009, shorter and milder
than Canada's previous two recessions -- but U.S. suffered
worst economy since 1930s Depression with a drop of 6%

British civil aviation authorities ordered the closure of the country’s airspace as of noon on Thursday to shield aircraft
from a high altitude cloud of ash -- the closures left airplanes on the tarmac as the rolling cloud -- made up of minute
particles of silicate that can damage airplane engines -- headed from Britain and Scandinavia towards northern France

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Clouds of ash from Icelandic volcano cancel flights across Europe

Death toll from Chinese earthquake rises above 600

Rumbling Iceland volcano forces evacuation of hundreds

Anticipation of Bank of Canada rate hike fuelling mortgage increases, high dollar

China quake toll jumps to 589; 85% of structures destroyed

U.S. faces shortage of 150,000 doctors in 15 years

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Quakes strike western China killing 400, injuring 10,000

Canada and U.S. spearhead global nuclear reduction plan
(says Obama, but not exactly, says Harper)

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Crowds mark 30th anniversary of Terry Fox trek

Canada, U.S., Mexico okay nuclear security pact

Federal Government to crack down on gas overcharging

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Stanley Cup playoffs boost morale, productivity at work: survey

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Nuclear Security Summit urges world acceptance of nuclear terrorism treaty

Ipsos poll: Harper Conservatives jump to 10-point lead over Iffy Liberals

Tobacco companies pay out $325M in lofty fines

Scorching Asian economies lead global growth

The very personal, other side of the story ignored by trampling media and Opposition;
Guergis miscarriage and other family problems before Charlottetown trip

Canadian IPOs may top $6.4B, TMX says

Loonie closes above parity for first time in almost two years

Security forces say Iraqi forces foil 9/11-style plot

U.S. Tea Party movement celebrates roots as thousands rally in Boston, home of original

McGuinty defends Crown, not police, in Jaffer case

U.S. Fed Chair Bernanke predicts slow recovery

Charest to testify in judge selection inquiry

U.S. retail sales up 1.6%, topping forecasts

Cyclone kills 85 in eastern India

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MS patient has 'energy to burn' after undergoing new Italian vein unblocking procedure

BusinessWeek: Canadian Solar gets 176MW of solar project contract offers

NJ Governor undeterred by Teachers Union refusal to fire leader who prayed for his death;
wants teachers to avert $800M education cuts by paying 1.5% of salary
towards their health care coverage

Toyota halts Lexus GX460 sales after Consumer Reports rollover warning;
why didn't Toyota notice? more faulty electronics?

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Charest calls inquiry into how Quebec judges are selected

Harper to attend state funeral for Polish president

Washington Post: Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit

Conference Board: Strong immigration needed to fix pension system

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Consumer Reports calls $68,500 Lexus GX 460 SUV unsafe; gives it a rare "don't buy" warning

Kyrgyzstan President Bakiyev 'will resign if safe'

Harper to push Canadian nuclear safety initiative at Washington gathering

Israel repels militants' attack at Gaza border; 4 Palestinians reported dead

Canadian Forces chief investigator unaware of Afghan detainee ruling; says not his place
to "second-guess" Afghan's investigation

Deal with Ukraine on uranium at nuclear talks

Pakistan nuclear weapons at risk of theft by terrorists, US study warns

National Post: The case for toll roads

Irwin Cotler, MP: Sanctioning Iran: If not now, when?

Stock markets advance amid oilpatch dealmaking, earnings optimism

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Vatican paper praises Beatles, forgives John Lennon remark that band bigger than Jesus

Landslide derails train in northern Italy, 11 dead

Vatican makes it clear bishops must report sex abuse to police

Thailand PM pressured as army chief calls for early elections after
weekend protests left 21 dead and 800 injured

Afghanistan: Helmand Governor seizes Italian medics
for alleged assassination plot; suicide vests found

University of Ottawa report reveals deficit, dissatisfied student body that ranks it 52nd of 53 Canadian universities

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AP investigation: In Toyota court cases, evasion becomes tactic

Flaherty tells G20 bank tax won't work, says it could encourage more risk-taking

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CBC: Toyota blames driver while internal documents reveal different story

GM's electric-drive Volt works in real-world tests

Emergency declared in Lethbridge as heavy snow clobbers Alberta

Russia pledges $50M loans and aid to replenish Kyrgyzstan coffers

Iceland evacuates hundreds as volcano erupts again

Second pharmacy chain, Rexall, to cut services in Ontario after McGuinty drug changes

Ethics Commissioner says no probe of Guergis

China may post 11.7% growth, adding pressure on rates, Yuan peg

Obama says he told China’s Hu that Yuan currency is ‘undervalued’

Royal Bank hikes mortgage rates for second time in two weeks

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Efforts underway to retrieve sunken, fuel-spewing Canadian cruise ship

Yaffe: Iggy to the back of the class

Canadian study: Smoking ban cuts hospital admissions

U.S. says "good news" Kyrgyzstan to keep base deal

Hungary's right-wing opposition wins election

Canadian lawsuit: Toyota received complaints as early as 2004 -- "Lexus dealer owners are using the term ‘franchise threatening' regarding this issue"

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Canada to return weapons-grade uranium to U.S.; Harper makes announcement after arriving in Washington for summit on nuclear security

Russian investigators cite human error in Polish plane crash

Hitchens, Dawkins try for Pope's arrest during UK visit later this year

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Poland moves to fill key positions after crash

Key witness dies before top court can rule on Robert Pickton's appeal

Canadian bankruptcies fall for 4th straight month

U.S. expert panel says premature to say when recession actually ended

AP survey: U.S. recovery to remain sluggish into 2011

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New cancer research effort launched 30 years after Terry Fox inspired the world;
announced at the Mile Zero memorial in St. John's where Fox began his attempt
to run across Canada 30 years ago to the day

Canadian soldier, Pte. Tyler William Todd, 26, killed in Afghanistan by IED

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Polish president's coffin returns home to Warsaw

Terry Fox began legendary Marathon of Hope 30 years ago Monday; he aimed for
$1 million but his foundation has now raised nearly $500 million for cancer research

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Washington Post: In Turkey, military's power over secular democracy slips

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For Poland, plane crash in Russia rips open old wounds

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Polish-Canadians grieve over sudden death of president, officials

obituary Lech Kaczynski: President and patriot of Old Poland

Ward: ‘This tragic, cursed Katyn’ Presidential plane crash en route
to memorial of infamous massacre tears open wounds in Polish psyche

Harper and Jean offer Canadian condolences to Polish people

World leaders pay tribute to Polish leader and offer condolences

96 dead; Polish President's plane crashes in fog-shroud in Smolensk in western Russia

Polish PM understandably cancels imminent visits to Canada, U.S.

David Frum: The coming U.S. mid-term earthquake

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MacKay says Canada will continue training Afghan police after 2011

Explosive device tossed at U.S. consulate in Mexico

Hungarians expected to oust Socialists today

comment: Toronto taxes exorbitant, putting businesses out of business

Robert Fulford: Afghanistan ~ an essential mission in a maddening country

After 21-year conflict, Sudanese struggle with voting

Ontario electricity price rises a concern to industry

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47 world leaders gather to ponder risky hot spots,
nuclear options, and sign some pre-agreed-upon documents

Nuclear security summit begins Monday in Washington, D.C.; theatre or substance?

19 dead as Thailand's Red Shirt protesters clash with troops

Muscovites encircle Polish embassy with flowers and candles

Conrad Black: Squandering what's left of The New York Times' credibility ~ understanding
the pushback against the almighty mainstream media

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Poles mourn, await president’s coffin after crash

Deposed Kyrgyz President defiant, Opposition now in power mulls arrest

Toronto Star source: Friction led to resignation of Toronto mayoralty
candidate Smitherman’s campaign manager

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Top Polish officials were on way to Russia to commemorate 1940 Katyn Forest Massacre
of 21,768 Polish prisoners by Soviets in WWII; President Lech Kaczynski & wife,
military chief, central bank head all dead

Final 4 miners found dead; worst U.S. mining loss of life since 1970

Jailed Col. Williams collecting $12,000 a month in Napanee jail;
BUT has to pay it all back if convicted

Vancouver council approves backyard chickens; does this help avoid Depression-era
city meltdowns; should all towns and cities follow suit?

TV woes: Sinking CNN tries a talk show for fading Anderson Cooper;
Larry King replacement-in-training?

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Arctic: The race to define ‘last border of Canada'

Indonesians compete for Obama's schooling claims; loser wins?

Deposed Kyrgyzstan President accused of looting state's coffers

Canada to contribute $54.6-million more in aid to Haiti;
from Canada's existing aid budget for Haiti

Canadian employment up modestly; jobless rate unchanged

B.C. Solicitor-General Kash Heed resigns; to be questioned by Mounties

Harper praised for handling of Guergis situation

ABC News investigation: USA swimming coaches molested, secretly taped
dozens of teen swimmers; revealed: 36 swim coaches banned
for life because of sexual misconduct with teens

Don Martin: If true, allegations against Guergis
and husband make her a backbencher at best

Embattled federal minister Helena Guergis resigns from Cabinet; Harper has referred
"serious allegations" to RCMP; Guergis will sit outside Conservative caucus

AP exclusive: Future Pope stalled pedophile case

Good news for U.S. economy; wholesale inventories and sales both post gains

Fox News poll: 53% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy

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Canadians pay tribute to WWI soldiers and ‘End of an Era’

Queen Elizabeth sends special message of thanks to Canadians for Vimy Day:
"remarkable generation", "gallant men and women", "unspeakable horror,
unmitigated heroism and - ultimately - of inspiring victory"

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Thousands pay respects at Vimy Ridge commemoration

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CBC: Toyota hid safety information says former company lawyer;
"Toyota has a system of deception and hypocrisy," says Dimitrios Biller

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China says Iran sanctions talks in NY "constructive"

Ekos poll: 60% of Canadians oppose extending Afghan mission; 12% don't care; 28% support

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Gene found that may predict lung cancer in smokers

Krauthammer: Nuclear posturing, Obama-style

Search teams forced to again abandon mine rescue effort

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UK binge drinking problem becomes election issue

Vatican, Canadian church officials tried to keep sex scandal secret

Electricity bills in Ontario set to rise $300 a year by the end of 2011

McGuinty policy fall-out: Shoppers Drug Mart to slash store hours, staff

AP exclusive: Sinaloa cartel takes Ciudad Juarez

MacDonald: Prentice has it right with matching environmental moves with U.S.

184 new Ontario power producers given green light; will produce
more power than Niagara Falls -- when sun is shining and wind is blowing -- which
points out need for more hydro and nuclear power

Blizzard: Illegal, sub-standard contraband tobacco putting children's lives up in smoke

Kyrgyzstan mourns dead in fragile calm after uprising

Miss Newfoundland and Labrador defiant as seal hunt begins

Stupak feels heat, gets out of kitchen; Michigan Democrat retires
after being accused of caving in Obamacare vote and facing sure mid-term defeat

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Newt Gingrich calls Obama 'most radical President in American history'

Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan puts Centerra under pressure

Salutin: Nike ad has Buddhist vibe; raises deeper questions about society

Iraq al-Qaeda group says it's behind Sunday's embassy bombings

Kenney willing to tweak refugee reform bill

BBC: Election fever hits Sudan amid fears of vote rigging

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analysis: Treaty focuses on a threat from the past

Israeli PM Netanyahu is skipping Obama's nuclear security summit next week

Powerful, moderate, nuanced Anatoly Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador to U.S. for 24 years of the Cold War, dies at 90

Russia sends troops to Kyrgyzstan; say there to protect Russian citizens;
but rebels say Russians behind revolt; a planned embarassment to Obama?

Military Police testimony: Detainees seemed ‘delighted’
to be transferred from Canadian to Afghan prisons

TSX loses ground for second day; concern over higher U.S. interest rates

After failed suicide attempt, Col. Williams now on a cowardly hunger strike in Napanee jail,
only 2 blocks from where most recent victim worked

Canada first to ban blood donations from anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome;
virus causing it from same family as HIV

47% of U.S. households escape federal income tax

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Obama, Medvedev sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
to cut nuclear arms; replaces expired SALT

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Kyrgyzstan Opposition takes over; transitional government in place;
will consolidate power for six months

Hoy: Two-faced even by normal standards

analysis: China property bubble puts it on a ‘treadmill to hell’;
60% of GDP relies on construction

Cows absolved of causing global warming with nitrous oxide

U.S. stocks halt global slide, Euro rebounds, Treasuries drop

U.S. Steel resumes talks with Ontario's Nanticoke workers; 8 months after lock-out

Ottawa's WiLan sues 19 companies over Bluetooth patent; biggest names in business on list

Canadian retailers cutting prices to keep shoppers home

Heavy shooting breaks out again in Kyrgyz capital

U.S. retailers report 4th consecutive month of gains

Ousted Kyrgyzstan leader refuses to admit defeat

Italy seizes billion-dollar holdings from crime clan

China: Yuan rises as speculation of policy shift grows

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Loonie flirts with parity as fundamentals strong and may trigger rate rise here first

updated: New mudslide hits slum as Rio de Janeiro death toll rises to over 200

Pressed by West to Act, Karzai fires election officials alleged to have sanctioned corrupt vote

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NY Times: With signing of SALT, disarmament challenge remains

updated: Qatari diplomat was trying to sneak smoke in airplane bathroom;
fighter jets scrambled by NORAD escorted plane

Canadian Churches get apology from Truth and Reconciliation Commission

U.S. Airways and United Airlines said to be in merger talks

Moronic smoking-addicted Qatari envoy was to meet al-Qaeda figure in jail

Daimler's Dieter Zetsche says he will avoid Chrysler mistakes with Renault pact

UK election: Deutsche Bank backs Conservatives to help economy

unexpected: Jobless claims in U.S. increased heading into Easter;
initial jobless applications increased by 18,000 to 460,000

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Narwhal numbers good news for Arctic watchers

Shoppers Drug shares tumble on Ontario's drug plan

Some Thai protesters defy government decree

Royal LePage: Housing market overheating; prices for all key housing types up more than 10% across Canada in the first quarter on national basis

W.Virginia mine rescue teams pulled out after methane warning; recount says only 3 miners missing

Conference Board: Vancouver expected to lead strong growth, but Toronto, Hamilton close behind

Ontario to sign $8B in green energy contracts

Transport Canada eases carry-on luggage restrictions

AP exclusive: Chile gives U.S. weapon-type uranium for safekeeping

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Crews enter ventilated mine at 4:55 a.m. to start final search for 4 missing in W.Virginia coal mine

Drugstore giants take on Ontario over move to cut prescription costs; Shoppers Drug Mart,
Rexall and Pharma Plus threaten layoffs, store closings

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"We need to come clean": leaked internal email from Toyota
official 5 days before January recall

Indonesia economy dodges earthquake bullet

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: Greenspan spars, says he was right 70% of time

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Ottawa prepares for Great War tribute on Vimy anniversary;
Huge crowd expected in Ottawa for tribute to First World War vets

ROB: Canadian bankers tell G20: Don't suffocate our growth

economists: Canada's growth, G7's fastest, won't be hurt by rising Loonie

Harper: Fed Gov't won't meddle in Loonie's rise

Duceppe troublemaking: Newfoundland has right to separate

Despite European and IMF economy backstop,
Greece is back in a familiar economic crisis

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LaHood: Europeans warned of dangerous Toyota
acceleration problem well before U.S.

Kyrgyzstan opposition controls government HQ;
former gov't appears to have fled; 68 dead, 400 hospitalized

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OECD: Canada's roaring growth to lead G7
6.5% in first quarter, 4.5% in 2nd quarter

Canadian Medical Association Journal: Most smokers unaware they have lung illness

Mudslides from heavy rains kill 100+ in Rio de Janeiro

NY Times: Kyrgyzstan leader flees
CBC: Opposition claims power

Ontario drug changes threaten pharmacies, limit choice

Harper slams Karzai's alleged threat to join Taliban

Bernanke: U.S. economy 'not out of woods yet'

Structural weakness? Eurozone economy grinds to halt, 15M now unemployed

Greenspan: don't blame financial crisis on mortgages for poor, blame it on Wall Street
who bundled those mortgages and used them to back other instruments

Thai PM declares state of emergency after protesters storm Parliament

Reuters: Post-bankruptcy GM posts US$4.3-billion loss

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updated: Anti-govt protests sweep Kyrgyzstan, police shoot 17, 180 wounded;
Interior Minister reported beaten to death

2 seismic "events" recorded not far from W. Virginia Mine disaster site just days before

U.S. Federal Reserve: Recovery may lose steam

Contraband cigarettes killing Canadian convenience stores

documents: Toyota lagged in issuing U.S. warnings

poll: Tea Party agenda surpasses Obama in popularity; 48% to 44%

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report: Feds mulling plan to turn Parliament Hill into high-security zone

Avalanches in Canadian Rockies claim 7th victim in less than a month

Rescuers bang pipe in W.Virginia coal mine; no response

Transplant pioneer Dr. Cal Stiller given Canada's top medical award

Security personnel in Toronto during G20 summit will outnumber those at Vancouver Olympics

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

Japanese-owned/operated restaurant in Okinawa caters
only to Americans; no Japanese allowed

Ontario Teachers Pension Plan assets grow to $96.4 billion in 2009;
but its deficit jumped from $2.5B to $17.1B

Canada plans major digital consultation on path to putting country back on top

U.S. appeals court rules FCC doesn't have authority to interfere with internet
providers' discriminatory treatment of users; FCC can't impose so-called 'net neutrality'

Renault and Daimler to exchange stock, develop new small cars together

Budget: Nova Scotia NDP Gov't raising HST to 15%, cutting spending,
reducing civil service by 10%, to balance budget by 2013

latest: Sumatra quake tsunami alerts cancelled

2 Canadians' Olympic hockey flag caper has La Quinta, California considering criminal charges

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U of T sleuths track Internet espionage ring to China

UK PM Brown calls May 6th election

Wamback: Accused Canadian colonel a coward

health news: 1 hour daily exercise fights 'fatso' gene in teens

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Toyota hit with $16M U.S. Gov't fine over delayed recalls in U.S.

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Local tsunami watch for Indian Ocean; none for east Pacific

updated: 7.7M earthquake rips Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

27 Taliban killed in western Afghanistan fighting

At least 49 dead in al-Qaeda blasts at residential buildings in Baghdad

more non-news: Tiger Woods admits he lied and deceived

RBC index: Canadians worry more about money than jobs

Anderson: Michael Ignatieff’s messaging woe

U.S. stops canola meal from 2nd ADM Canada plant

Putin: Russian arms sales to Venezuela may be $5B

More tampered food in Calgary stores

Peter Newman goes to Montreal and sees through the Iffy charade, or does he...?

European study: 1 hour daily exercise fights 'fatso' gene in teens

opinion: Obama now the Condescender-in-Chief? -- Eloquent no more

Canada's Joannie Rochette makes Time magazine's list of most influential people

Canadian dollar reaches parity with U.S. dollar

Obama radically changing U.S. nuclear weapons usage policy;
says will now not use nuclear weapons if attacked by a non-nuclear foe,
even if attacked with biological or chemical weapons

Maoist rebels kill 73 police in central India attack; 24 injured

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update: 25 dead after explosion at underground West Virginia coal mine;
4 still missing; most killed in a U.S. mine since 1984; unusually high
number of safety violations; high methane mine

Russia to withdraw from arms reduction deal if U.S. increases missile defense,
says Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

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report: Vatican deputy led cover-up in U.S. abuse case

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Canadian federal gov't funds food bank food safety with $850,000

latest: Rescue of 114 (so far) at China mine called ‘miracle’; hung on walls for week
to sleep safe from flood waters; 8 days of survival stuns rescuers

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Ballparks, not ballrooms, locale of choice for campaign fundraisers

climate fraud: U.S. Senators question flawed NASA climate data

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link to image
Rare early maps of Canada hit European auction block

Dramatic increase in Haitian immigrants trying to cross border from Canada
link to image
Video allegedly shows U.S. forces firing on unarmed suspects in Baghdad

good idea?: Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio makes inmates pedal to watch TV

Wall Street Journal analysis: Karzai and his Western 'meddling' accusations

link to image
latest: Over 615 aftershocks following 7.2M Mexi/Cali quake

White House slams Karzai for latest anti-American outburst

Erratic Afghan Prez Karzai threatens to join Taliban against NATO because
being pushed by West to reform his gov't and eliminate corruption

43 dead from suicide bomber at NW Pakistan political rally

Powerful 7.2M Baja quake more powerful than Haiti quake but remarkably less devastating

Non-story CP story about who attended Olympic events; Opposition scrambles to say they didn't
support Canadian athletes so as to avoid self-induced 'taint' of actually attending Olympics

Monte Solberg: Grits need less talk and more action

American Spectator: Canadian Gov't given bad advice prior to Copenhagen Conference;
IPCC report mistakenly called "rigorous" only one bit of the
bad advice given to Environment Minister by science bureaucrats

Ian MacDonald: Outspoken Clinton overstays welcome (and sharply defines political hypocrisy)

Canadian Public Safety Minister eyes parole overhaul in wake of sex-abuse pardon

Will law enforcement and media coverage follow?
Greenpeace threatens global warming skeptics: "We know where you live"

Hébert essays on risks & resolutions of Niqab issue in Quebec & Canadian politics

South Korea warship pursuing South Korean supertanker hijacked by pirates
off Somali coast; 300,000 tons of oil owned by Valero

Taliban ammunition 'running low' in Marjah; using human shields

Ontario cottage sales rebound as economy heats up

TSX opens higher on oil prices, U.S. jobs data

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U.S. consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan attacked by Taliban; at least 6 dead

Harper demands answers to how and why disgraced, convicted ex-coach
Graham James pardoned after sex abuse that rocked NHL

BusinessWeek: Peso ascends with Loonie as hedge funds favour NAFTA currencies

U.S. drones batter al-Qaeda and its allies within Pakistan

House Speaker tells Conservative MP he can't post names of MPs absent from Commons to Twitter

updated: Now 35 miners pulled alive from China mine; optimism that many more will be saved

Accused sex killer Col. Russell Williams attempts jailhouse suicide

Solomon: France to hold official debate on climate change

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Australian officials fear coal ship breaking apart on Great Barrier Reef
link to image
Canada becoming odd man out on idea of implementing global bank tax

Spector: Rick Hansen still in the running for Governor General (if there’s a race)

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Monday morning: 2 dead, many aftershocks after 7.2M quake shakes Mexi/Cali border

Daimler agrees to pay $185M fine in U.S. after admitting to bribery
of government officials; bribery was in 22 countries between 1998 and 2008

polls: UK Conservatives poised to win 20-seat majority

2 powerful blasts derail Russian freight train in Dagestan; no injuries

London 2012: The tower and the Olympic curse

updated: State TV says 9 rescued from flooded Chinese mine; 144 still trapped

'We're sorry': Church offers Easter apologies

Ivison: Laws can't assure we'll never be offended

Rescuers and divers enter China's flooded mine

Russia offers Venezuela nuclear help, Chavez says

Home retrofit program not dead, but all funds committed

Rex Murphy: BC circus trial toys with an insanely diluted and degraded
understanding of the once-noble concept of "human rights"

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updated: 7.2M earthquake hits Baja Mexico, near California ~ depth: 10km

surprise: Karzai says NATO Kandahar offensive may not go ahead

U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner counts on delay to give China
space to strengthen Yuan, avert showdown

At least one dead, fires    Major tremblor, multiple aftershocks    Felt as far away as Las Vegas

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Pope's preacher's comment in sermon enrages Jewish groups, victims of clerical sex abuse

U.S. Gov't: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted

Memo to Hillary: MYOB

NS NDP MLA used disabled man's credit card to gamble online, says former patient

Billionaire uncorks wine fraud lawsuit

First 3 months of 2010 coldest ever in Miami Beach, Naples, and West Palm Beach, in south Florida

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updated: 42 dead; al-Qaida suspected as 3 Baghdad blasts target embassies

Gunmen in military uniforms raid Sunni area near Baghdad, killing 25

Adscam Part III: The Showdown "After two years on Benoit Corbeil’s trail,
the RCMP close the sponsorship sting with a dramatic confession,
tying a Liberal official to the scandal"

Adscam Part II: The Chase -- In a stroke of luck, informant ‘C4590’ told police that
not only was he aware cash had changed hands, he had picked up the money

Adscam Part I: Inside the Liberal sponsorship scandal -- how the Mounties got their man

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Orphaned Karmann, the waving wombat nursed back to health by humans

good news/bad news: Windsor auto suppliers struggling
to find skilled workers to meet demand

U.S. extremist group warns of violently removing 30 Governors;
sends letters demanding resignations within 3 days

Sounds heard in China mine where 153 remain trapped

link to image
U.S. Navy runs into second firefight with pirates off the
coast of Africa in 48 hours, sinking pirate mothership

Christie: New Jersey confronts tough truth after years of high taxes
and high-spend Democrats; taxes and spending have to drop

U.S. unveils new airport security measures based on threats and profiles

U.S. job gain best in 3 years but still well below predictions; unemployment rate stuck at 9.7%

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Christian pilgrims flock to Jerusalem for Good Friday

Liberals lose ground in polls with House in session; lack of leadership,
bad choices on display for public to see

'Steady as she goes' for soundest banking system in the world says Flaherty

Toronto Star: Harper has been clear and consistent on Afghanistan, but what would Iffy do?

Catholic church hotline in meltdown over paedophile priests;
German line received 4,000 calls on first day

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Teenage 'Black Widow' identified as behind Moscow bombing

Required reading: Five essential stories of the week

GM sells 230,000 vehicles in China in March; leads all car companies
in world's newest biggest market

Microsoft founders lead tributes to 'father of the PC';
Dr. Ed Roberts died April 1st of pneumonia

Microsoft bid to appeal patent dispute denied by U.S. Federal Circuit
Court of Appeals; likely headed for U.S. Supreme Court

CBS: Obama's approval rating hits new low at 44%

White House: Karzai's anti-Western remarks 'troubling'

4 dead, 3 hurt in blast, fire at Washington refinery;
70 miles north of Seattle on Puget Sound

WestJet's co-operation deal with Southwest in jeopardy

More hypocrisy? Liberals have long track record of writing letters
to newspapers without revealing their affiliations

Canadian auto sales up 14.1%, Ford on top, GM in 4th place with
22% sales drop putting it at sales level of 1919

Toyota sales up 41%, Ford up 40%, Honda up 23% as sales incentives kick in

Somali pirates make big mistake; attack U.S. warship with small arms

Latest U.S. swine-flu problem: getting rid of the unused vaccine

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Canadian economy regaining strength quickly after painful 2009

Canada unveils 'aggressive' vehicle emission rules; carmakers that can't meet
2011 standards can buy emission credits from gov't

MADD slams London council for year-round ban on overnight on-street parking

U.S. manufacturing continues strong uptrend; construction still down

GM sales for 4 big brands jump 43% in March; highlight is Buick up 76%;
4 dropped brands (Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, Hummer) down 88% as inventory drops

Trust biggest casualty in climategate meltdown;
new standards for public information a big gain

Vatican: Pope has immunity in abuse trials

Final Creba trial results in 2 Manslaughter convictions; sentencing April 22

Haiti pledges hit $10B, top targets

Police find explosives in northeast Toronto storage locker, dispose by exploding

What is NASA hiding? Senior scientists admit their data unreliable

Duceppe and Bloc vow to fight rep by pop; claim it's anti-Quebec

Record warm Easter weekend from Ontario east, says Environment Canada

Ontario, Alberta and B.C. to have more MPs under riding
redistribution bill; Commons to rise to 338 seats

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Logistics challenge as men, might and materiel move from Iraq to Afghanistan

PC World's "Top 10 April Fools fake news items for 2010"        Google's best April Fools jokes

Canada and U.S. team up to impose aggressive, standardized emission standards
in both countries by 2016 -- combined fleets of cars and trucks will have to average 35.5 mpg

Roaring Canadian economy, sound fundamentals, may take Loonie beyond parity

1963 letter to then-Pope Paul VI shows Vatican awareness of clergy abuse in U.S.

Chechen rebel leader says he’s behind Moscow bombings

More Afghan finger-pointing: diplomat says military at fault

3 lessons Liberals should learn from Montreal

Harper gives Clinton and Obama a clear message: "Canada sets
Canadian foreign policy, not the U.S. Secretary of State"

Sunshine salary list poses a problem for McGuinty: public employees
making over $100,000 jumped by 19% over last year... Why?

RCMP reaches settlement with mother of tasered Robert Dziekanski

Undiplomatic approach and language from Clinton defended, explained, rationalized,
but actually indefensible from close ally; Clinton and Obama need to zipper it

Ekos poll: Conservatives maintain lead, Liberals don't pick up support with Montreal conference

Car blast kills two in Russia's Dagestan -- may have killed suicide bombers
on a terror mission after premature ignition

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Seniors fear health care remake will hurt Medicare

U.S. factory orders rise for 10th time in 11 months

Hundreds evacuated in Northeast U.S. as rain swells rivers

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Mennonite toddlers hurt when buggy rolls over at West Montrose covered bridge, near Kitchener

Britain turns off Haiti aid and delivers snub to New York donor conference

The sugar plum world of Robert Fowler, one of Iffy's "bright lights"

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U.S. to open Alaskan waters for drilling

U.S. loses another 23,000 jobs while 40,000 gain was forecast; markets down

Canadian economy grows fastest in 3 years -- up 0.6% in January
5th month in a row of increases, latest economic report to top expectations

RIM’s fourth-quarter profits jump to $710M U.S.

Canada's total taxes per person lower than U.S. but
still higher than Spain, Italy and Japan

Canada allocates additional $400M aid to Haiti

Can toads predict earthquakes? Some think so, some think not

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New U.S.-Europe rift inadvertently revealed by Sarkozy;
Obama promised to heal relations not hurt relations with all allies

Canada ranks 2nd highest in low business costs

flip-flop: Obama to allow oil drilling off Virginia coast

Bombardier signs $3.85B financing deal in China

Yellow Pages company buys rival Canpages

Nature: Ancient flood in north Canada froze Arctic & Europe for 1,000 years

Skyservice charter airline to shut down; Sunquest says no one will be stranded

Restaurants cry foul over minimum wage hike, say will cost hours and jobs

Ontario minimum wage jumps today to $10.25/hour, highest in Canada

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Texas town on high alert as Mexican town across border braces for cartel gun battle

Quebec stirs health-care debate with proposed user fee

Exiled ex-Prez Bani-Sadr says Iran Opposition lacks resolve to oust regime

link to image    link to image
New suicide blasts kill 12 in southern Russia

Remove the veil for mugshots or face further charges: police

Brunt: Nostalgia aside, cold, hard numbers pushing Coyotes toward Winnipeg

ABC News: Iran nuke scientist defects to U.S. in 'intelligence coup'

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Clinton: "Government shouldn't intervene in abortion"

McGuinty's pay-freeze "promise" comes with "loopholes" -- still room for bonuses

We've done our share: Harper re-affirms 2011 Afghanistan exit to Clinton

Ontario to tighten taser rules for police

Serbia Parliament apologizes for 1995 massacre

Drive-by shooting in Washington, DC leaves 4 dead, 5 injured

USA Today/Gallup: Obamacare hammered by poll results:
50-60% say too expensive, doesn't do enough

Teen dead, another injured in separate stabbings near schools in Oshawa, Mississauga

153 still trapped: China safety body says rules ignored in mine flood Ontario

when justice fails: Marine's father will not pay court-ordered funeral protesters' fees

Karzai wraps up talks with insurgents -- deal between Afghan President
and militant group Hizb-i-Islami would split Taliban ranks

study: Chocolate could reduce heart risk

Ontario Liberals scrap mandatory review of new health bureaucracy

Libs stammer to defend Iffy 'tax-a-palooza' speech

As Moscow subways exploded, State TV slept

Russian blast accomplices caught on camera

Vatican offers 3 reasons it's not liable for abuse

Vatican, Pope implicated in another possible cover-up in Miami

Tax hike in store for Quebeckers

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Nuclear non-proliferation tops G8 agenda

Labatt closing Lakeport brewery in Hamilton;
Saputo closing milk plant NW of Toronto

Canadian content rules online? Google says no, eh

Kenney intros awaited clean-up of refugee system

Conference Board: 1 in 5 Canucks struggling to hold onto home

Peel police identify 73 child porn suspects in 20 countries

National Bank, CIBC raise mortgage rates

Self-employment: Canadians enter entrepreneurial age

Honda adds 2nd shift at Alliston assembly plant, creating 400 jobs

Chantal Hebert: Where are Liberals' daring ideas?

Canadian Chamber of Commerce says "blindsided" by Ignatieff tax increase platform
for business, will "discourage investment, competitiveness and job creation"

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Don Martin: A Liberal oxymoron -- 'Deep Thinkers' summit produces shallow solutions
Man arrested for death threat against Republican whip Cantor

Canadian health system rated "fair" to "excellent"
by 88% of Canadians; more like, fewer dislike

RBC, TD raise mortgage rates

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Moscow mourns, Russian bombing toll rises to 39

AP analysis: Under Obamacare health premiums could rise 17% for young adults

Green 'think tank' tells environmentalists: Leave climate change science behind

Medvedev: Moscow Metro bombing masterminds 'will be destroyed'

analysis: Putin’s counter-terror legacy under attack

Moscow commuters post grim video and photos online after bombings
warming or not? Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, admits: "We don’t
understand the downward trend that occurred in 1900 or in 1940. We don’t fully
understand the plateau in the last decade."

Cannon announces G8 border project for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pat Sajak on Obamacare opposition and race-baiting

Glavin: 'Ivory Tower' Robert Fowler gets it wrong

NY Times: 9 tied to Michigan Christian militia charged in plot
to murder police officers and their families

Families of Air France crash victims sue in U.S.

Ontario extends 5% tuition hike limit, doubles ceiling on earnings
before impact on loan eligibility kicks in

Useful role for twitter in new politics?

Kay: Refugee consultants a problem needing a fix

Flaming cat puts damper on earth hour for B.C. environment minister

Tories tackle refugee backlog while opening door to more from camps overseas

2009 Toyota Venza slams into Hamilton house; to be examined by police
and Transport Canada

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New Senate reform legislation will cap terms

Foreign Minister Cannon condemns Moscow terrorism on behalf of Canada

On-the-spot: they didn't close down the Metro        NY Times: Russian blog reaction

link to image  link to image
Why no subway is safe from terror attacks

Russia suspects Northern Caucasus in Moscow subway bombing -- female bombers

link to image
At least 38 dead after double-suicide bomber attacks in Moscow subway

Obama condemns 'heinous' Moscow blasts        ‘Black Widows’ linked to blasts

Former aboriginal gang member gets 9 years for shooting toddler

Fowler out to lunch says Kenney, Canada hasn't diminished status on world stage
since Fowler's retirement; points to Haiti and Afghanistan, a doubling of aid
delivery to Africa, and pursuit of free-trade agreements
in the Middle East, South America and Europe

Clinton tells Cannon she wants Canada to stay in Afghanistan past scheduled 2011 pull-out

U.S. attacks 2nd major ally in undiplomatic language as Clinton's prepared statement
rips Canada for hosting Arctic Summit for 5 countries with Arctic coastline
instead of larger group -- American approach to shoot first and listen second
-- Obama fails "good neighbour" test

Toronto ranks 4th out of 24 cities in prosperity,
but 19th best in commute time, at average of 80 minutes

vulcanologist: Undersea volcano imminently threatens southern Italy

South Korea: Mine from North Korea may have sunk naval ship near disputed waters

Posers will get the boot under revisions to refugee system to be introduced soon

Kenney: More refugees would be welcomed to Canada under reform proposals;
emphasis would change to favour those huddled in refugee camps

Michigan-based Christian militia planned massacre in April; group raided by FBI
on weekend; planning to kill police, then attack mourners at funerals

153 trapped in flooded coal mine in northern China

Ottawa Citizen editorial: Deadly choices -- 29 Somali-Canadians lost to drug trade
in Alberta not just an issue for police, also an issue for their community in Ontario

Wall Street Journal: major U.S. apparel retailers map expansion into Canada

Salmonella recall announced for seasoning mixes

Canadian Forces to update the way it recognizes overseas service,
including length of tour of duty and multiple tours

Canadians help lead global fight against child abuse on internet

End of special relationship with U.S. says UK

Haaretz: Relationship with U.S. critical to Israel says Defence Minister Ehud Barak;
Axelrod denies White House snub

unreported until now: Rebel army massacred 321 people in Congo in December

Goldstein: Inconvenient questions -- the simple reality is
none of the solutions proposed by global warmists actually work

Harper said to re-introduce Senate reform Monday

NY Times opinion: It's time to let places like Buffalo fade away

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Canada's 'Arctic Summit' highlights global tensions, competing interests; starts Monday

Earth Hour results worse than previous 2 years

Edmonton power usage drops 3% during Earth Hour

Toronto stays mostly bright for Earth Hour

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Cash-poor U.S. states impose new services taxes

Ford sells Volvo to Chinese automaker Geely

Parliament Hill security beefed up after Greenpeace breach

carbon tax: No matter what Iffy thinks or says, Liberals across Canada and
in Montreal embrace plan to impose carbon tax on Canadians

Iffy reveals not-so-bold policies as "thinking" conference ends: will
over-tax to create $3B accounting buffer, freezing corporate taxes at
current level instead of lowering to create jobs, lowering deficit to $15B
in first 2 years with unexplained program cuts

CBC: Fowler claims Liberals 'shill votes'; "I have the impression they will
endorse anything and everything which might return them to power and
nothing which won't, whatever the merits of either"

Norman Spector on heavy load of civil servants speaking
at Liberal conference
: "Normally, governments only look to public servants
for platform advice when they are tired and plain out of ideas themselves.
Which is not what you’d expect from an opposition party that is ready and raring to govern."

Fowler praises former Ottawa foreign policy for which he was chief adviser;
dumps on policy which lack his fingerprints; rips Israel and its support;
urges Liberals to think like him

Ivory tower Fowler's 'Stockholm Syndrome' showing as
he blasts Liberals and Conservatives for focus on practical problems of daily existence;
says Liberals have lost their principles, which proves he hasn't been paying attention

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Palm Sunday marked around the world -- begin of the holy week of Easter
in celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Obama presses Afghan leaders to quell corruption;
Karzai notified just an hour before Obama arrived

Kheiriddin: Liberals, please think harder

Red River Floodway gates opened; have saved Winnipeg
20 times but flood risk lower this year

poll: U.S. residents becoming aware online gambling not illegal

Montreal: Liberal speakers steal some Conservative ideas, but mostly
put head in sand with bows to discredited carbon taxes and big new spending

Bloomberg: Dollar heads for biggest quarterly gain versus Euro since 2008

Travers: Liberal brand is badly damaged and may not sustain another hit

Bloomberg: Dollar heads for biggest quarterly gain versus Euro since 2008

déjà vu: Flights cancelled as British Airways staff
start 4-day strike but impact may be less than last week's 3-day strike

U.S. first quarter troop deaths double in Afghanistan over same period in 2009

Don Martin: Liberals bring out the dead in search of new life -- new ideas include raising GST

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Russia eliminates 2 of its 11 time zones

NY Times: Agencies suspect Iran is planning new atomic sites

Obama makes surprise 13-hour flight to Afghanistan; in Kabul,
at presidential palace for talks with President Hamid Karzai

Toronto Star's Haroon Siddiqui misses issue, confuses
freedom of Quebec niqab removal with persecution of Taliban forced niqab wearing

Ontario Teachers Pension Plan prepared to adopt light-touch ownership of Camelot
lottery operator; says also interested in buying Ontario Lottery Corp.

Telegraph: Why we can't trust the 'climategate' inquiry -- it's not independent

Obama takes partisan path with 15 'recess appointments'
despite bipartisan opposition and massive majorities in Congress

don't you know who I am?: Former F1 champ Lewis Hamilton nailed by excitable Aussie cops for doing
burn-outs and fishtailing after leaving Melbourne F1 track in loaner Mercedes E500 street car

breaking: Ontario Court throws out Nortel pensioner deal
because "it creates risk rather than eliminates uncertainty"

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update: Hopes fade for 46 missing after South Korean naval disaster

BBC: Can a Pope resign from office?

Cancer-stricken Pat Burns has stimulus arena in Stanstead, Quebec named after him

link to image
Future of 2010 Whistler sliding centre track remains uncertain

Top Cardinal defends Pope, calls for "housecleaning" after widespread,
detailed stories of extreme sexual abuse by Priests emerge in numerous countries

Former bank of Canada Governor Dodge tells Liberal
conference new taxes needed to pay for increasing health care costs

analysis: Votes of white males put Obama into office but as that support
drops over various missteps and 'big government' approach, the votes of
white males look to make Obama a one-term President like unlamented Jimmy Carter

Obama fails again with 2nd pick for transportation security chief

'Transit City' hiccup gets Mayor Miller hacking; raises questions
about longer term transportation picture in greater Toronto area

McGuinty's throttling back of Toronto's 'Transit City' mega-projects
gets thumbs up from most Toronto mayor candidates

Tim Hortons is 2nd fastest-growing restaurant chain in USA with 23% sales growth in 2009

Ontario public sector wage freeze not enough, says Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark

New and nimble GM showing creativity in splitting additional new production
of Equinox/Terrain between 3-shifts-already Ingersoll and Oshawa plants
so it doesn't have to build new capacity and wait months for it to come online

link to image
American teenage shoppers heading back to the malls -- great news for economic recovery

University of Ottawa's President, former Liberal Cabinet Minister Allan Rock,
himself hides under rock and shows no leadership after Coulter denunciation debacle
-- what role did Rock's partisanship play?

opinion: Media hypocrisy and bias on full display this week as Democratric spin
put on several threats to U.S. lawmakers after health bill passage; but were silent
when violence urged against conservatives, and cheered movie "Assassination of George Bush"

Liberals still licking wounds after their hamhanded 'wedge issue' attempt to divide
Conservatives ended up dividing Liberals and shooting selves in foot

link to image
Harper concerned about how Nova Scotia couple treated after U.S. wrong turn
from Stanstead, Quebec across unmarked border into Vermont

Angus Reid poll: 75% of Canadians support Quebec ban on religious
head and face coverings; 95% support in Quebec

Iraq election winner Allawi says open to all in coalition talks

Iffy and Liberals look to catch next wave -- before party sinks completely

Obama's Mideast gamble seen as attempt to risk relationship with Israel
in order to improve relations with Arab-Muslim world

link to image
Canada, Denmark seek end to Greenland boundary battle

nrchandelsblad editorial: The net is closing around Pope Benedict XVI

Tories recovering $350,000 fee paid to Liberal
Dingwall for illegitmate flu vaccine lobbying in 2001

Nova Scotia NDP suspends MLA -- Party says it doesn’t
trust Zinck; Speaker probes irregularities in expense claims

Blizzard: Ontario budget restraint? That's rich

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty clarifies: No GST hit for financial sector
-- rule change that implied a cost to sector of $1-billion was just poorly worded

Canada economic rebound robust -- auto sales, housing starts, job creation,
trade surplus, tax revenue all higher than forecast,
January had smallest monthly federal deficit in more than a year

Canada's Virtue & Moir reprise ice-dance Gold at Turin World Championships

Ontario Finance Minister wants municipalities to freeze wages

Three new Canada Research Chairs named at McMaster University in Hamilton

Half of U.S. home loan modifications by Obama program default again

AT&T takes $1B hit from Obamacare legislation in 1st quarter;
may reduce benefits for employees to avoid future extraordinary tax increases

Former PM Allawi edges current PM al-Maliki in final vote count in Iraq; needs to build coalition

11 killed when truck jumps median on I-65 and hits church van
head-on in Kentucky; 2 children survive in safety seats

U.S., Russia formally agree to cuts in nuclear arms

link to image
update: South Korean navy ship sinks; North link played down -- 46 still missing

Iggy's last stand: Liberal leader needs to deliver speech of his life this weekend in Montreal

Cornwall leads the way: found budget surplus so cut property taxes

Conservatives will move to cut off pensions for lifer,
killer inmates who cost $150,000 per year to house and feed

Only half of taxpayers in private retirement plans, Stats Canada reports

6.2M quake strikes northern Chile

$450-million hotel-casino complex to be built beside B.C. Place on False Creek
-- 8,500 direct and indirect jobs created during construction & operation

GM Canada to add third shift, reinstate more
than 700 workers in Oshawa, add 70 in Ingersoll

Venezuela arrests chief of Globovision news channel for insulting Chavez

Federal Conservatives and Liberals back Quebec ban of religious
headgear in public buildings; Premier Charest says ban will include
nuns who wear head covering as part of religious garb

PC Leader Tim Hudak: Ontario Budget 'failed to put jobs first'

Israeli tanks enter Gaza after two soldiers killed in clashes

Reaction to U.S.-Russia deal to cut nuclear arms

University of Ottawa gets an F in Coulter-culture 101 -- Administrators had
more options to defuse tensions than simply warning right-wing pundit away

link to image
Agreement on nuclear arms reduction treaty has not
been easy for Obama -- Senate approval may be tougher

The decline and fall of the ‘Cap and Trade’ charade

Having a Rae day: Another Iffy gamble goes awry

Ignatieff laments his failure to keep a political audience; fails to understand
that most people just want government to get the job done, invisibly

link to image
Legislation that bans the niqab from government offices,
the education system and health care reflects a broad consensus in Quebec
that equality of the sexes is paramount, rights experts say

Globe & Mail: Michael Ignatieff enters 'Dion-land'

Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner'-- no way to treat a close ally

link to image
Coulter on tour: U.S. should annex 'everything from Calgary west'

court: Edmonton man who stabbed police dog had rights breached

Gordon Lightfoot mulls new 'Edmund Fitzgerald' lyrics

21 Taliban insurgents, 5 Pakistan soldiers die in clashes near
Afghan border; previous day 61 militants died in airstrikes nearby

Sobeys called Calgary police only after 3rd product tampering

TD Bank CEO wants more U.S. expansion

Canadian 'conservative contrarian' Frum dropped by U.S. conservative think tank

Guy before courts is 'not the guy I know:' former friend says of Col. Williams

Col. Williams to appear in court again on April 29

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan acquires Camelot Group PLC,
which holds exclusive licence to operate UK National Lottery, for $590M

link to image
NB's power-hungry industries reel at loss of deal

U.S. wants Canada in Afghanistan past 2011

Ekos Poll: 47% say Harper Tories on right track, Grits on long slide down

Ontario Budget: McGuinty borrows ideas, money -- each Ontarian now owes $9,000 more

Ontario Budget: 8 years of deficits, spending/debt doubled after 7 McGuinty years

Ontario Budget: McGuinty increases per capita debt by 45% in 7 years

Ontario Budget: McGuinty breaks Toronto transit promise, projects delayed

Harper wants pension money back from mass murderer Clifford Olson

Federal Gov't releases 2500 pages of documents on Afghan detainees

Harper defends successful stimulus effort to stablize economy, slams think-tank

TD Bank CEO fears loonie strength, says rate hikes likely

Bernanke: Low interest rates still necessary for recovery

Pope accused of ignoring pleas to stop priest who molested 200 deaf boys

Conductive energy weapon 'cell phones' seized in Edmonton by border agents and RCMP

Patrick Chan skates to silver at world figure skating championships

University of Ottawa provost should apologize to Coulter,
says Canada's main university teachers organization

poll: Young people not hot about climate change

How far is EU willing to go to save Greek economy from collapse?

30 years later, fruits of Reagan arms build-up leads to new nuke pact

Kevin Libin: "Liberals know I haven’t said anything hateful," Ann Coulter explains

Spurned by University of Ottawa thugs and administration, Ann Coulter
gets a big welcome from Calgary -- University of Calgary says part
of its role is to "promote the free exchange of ideas"

Don Martin: Ignatieff's so low, even Tories are sympathetic

link to image
Mexico arrests 'king of heroin' Jose Antonio Medina -- sought on U.S. extradition warrant

11M in U.S. claiming unemployment benefits; Obama job plan not working

Toronto Councillor Rob Ford announces bid for Mayor

Saskatchewan budget produces $20M surplus in 2011

Bin Laden: Weasel scum makes new terror threats

Revised Ontario deficit $3.4 billion lower than forecast

Political satirist and wit Ann Coulter on her disturbing, embarassing
(to most Canadians) treatment by so-called 'students' in Ottawa;
are threats against her and the false fire alarm being actively investigated?

Bloomberg poll: Americans say ‘No’ to Toyota as Ford leads opinion survey

link to image
Criminal probe launched after video shows Victoria police kicking suspects

Senate finds illegal passages in Obamacare bill which will force it to be passed
again by House of Representatives, so other changes remain possible

New Quebec law forces Muslim women to uncover their faces
when dealing with Quebec government services -- Charest says it's "drawing
a line in defense of gender equality and secular public institutions"

report: Obama and Russian President Medvedev
said ready to sign pact to reduce U.S. & Russian nuclear arsenals in 2 weeks

Ignatieff: Liberal MP dissenters face 'internal discipline'

link to image
Body-mounted cameras way of future for cops?

Special Prosecutor may be called for; Democrat alleges he was offered bribe by
White House to drop out of Pennsylvania Senate Dem primary against Sen. Specter

Toronto Star wrings hands over Liberal abortion
vote incompetence; Rae trick meant to trip up Tories, but Iffy's Grits fell

Chantal Hébert sees 2010 election in her cracked crystal ball

BMO & RBC polls: Canadians worried about home prices, mortgage rates

Illegal union donations to Nova Scotia NDP won't be
probed by cops due to 6-month statute of limitations

Bill C-3 will end discrimination against aboriginal women, to fix Charter,
as ordered by courts in 2009 -- reserves fear flood of new residents

Layton: no need for AG to audit MPs

National Association of Scholars takes climategate perps and their
apologists to task, saying their distorted work has let down all scholars

OOPS: Major gap in touted children health care coverage in Obamacare
legislation has Democrats scrambling with red faces -- gap until 2014

Carney says inflation stronger than expected; affects interest rate considerations

Iffy MP calls Liberals "clown city" after series of gaffes & goofs stun Commons

In age of instant internet communications, Canada stops reporting
battlefield injuries which aid enemy in improving kill strategies

Irish bishop John Magee resigns over sex abuse scandal

Bolton: Google stands up to China -- those doing same should be supported

link to image
Capt. Semrau pleads not guilty to battlefield killing charge

Ex-commander of CFB Trenton to make court appearance Thursday

Nestlé caves to pressure and drops Indonesia palm oil supplier accused of forest destruction

Liberals not holding a thinkers conference in Montreal, but an 'academic fantasyland'

link to image        link to image
GM introduces 5 tiny electric concept cars at Shanghai Expo

Toyota tells dealers to replace faulty gas pedals only if complaints

Delingpole: why 'The (shallow) Economist' is not a serious journal

CBC execs act up like young children after CRTC ruling

UN admits flaw in report linking meat and climate change; more exaggeration says will stop registering domain names in China due to
"intrusive new government rules that require applicants to provide extensive personal
data, including photographs of themselves"

link to image
New Brunswick kills controversial power assets sale to Hydro-Québec

Saudi Arabia arrests 113 al-Qaeda suspects; many from Yemen

U.S. new home sales drop 2.2% in February, new record low

Jonas: Obama ruining America -- coolly, calmly and collectedly

Debt, fear of recrimination mar Liberal 'thunkers' conference

Facebook knows when you are happy and sad, it says

poll: 79% of Americans fear U.S. economy could collapse

Liberal MPs join Conservative MPs to vote down Bob Rae abortion motion

Nissan, Renault and Daimler in mutual equity partnership talks

Sad sack Liberals can't even vote straight; need House of Commons training wheels

Daimler charged with violating U.S. bribery laws

French government backs down on carbon tax plan

Key Obamacare implementation dates: 90 days to 2019

Canada's recovery outpaces rest of developed countries

U.S. judge orders release of Gitmo jihadi who recruited 4 - 9/11 hijackers

U.S. home sales drop for 3rd month

Canadians may get e-passports in 2011

link to image
The inconvenient truth about hurricanes for Al Gore

McIntyre: East Anglia appoints another tainted climategate inquiry

Coulter: Canadian Civil Liberties Association says warning an "attempt to curtail speech"

California, in financial crisis, releases prisoners to save $$

Canadian International Trade Tribunal slaps duty on Chinese steel

Netanyahu: "Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital."

Iggy and the Eggheads; Liberal MPs and mortals not invited to gabfest

link to image
Coulter's Ottawa speech cancelled after rowdiness by threatening mob

The sorry state of free speech in canada and the Ann Coulter university farce

U.S. archeologists unearth key fort in battle for North America

U.S. stocks advance, commodities erase losses on earnings, Greece aid

7 minutes after Obamacare Bill signed, 13 U.S. State Attorneys General sue

Stockwell Day rules out cuts to ‘existing’ public-service pensions

link to image
Obama signs landmark trillion-dollar health bill

Sprint, Radio Shack ex-CEOs go into real recycling of portable phones

Woman who threatened PM to undergo mental assessment

Memory loss with age not 'normal'

David Frum takes on the Wall Street Journal over Obamacare claims

Montreal dad to fight fine for loud street hockey game

Google ad model survives EU court ruling, but has to monitor keywords

Older women need daily 1-hour workouts to fend off flab

Liberals make hot air for something called 'the social economy'

Statscan says 2/3 don't get enough vitamin D

Kheiriddin: U.S. health changes open door to Canadian changes

'I'm the victim of a hate crime', author Coulter tells 800 at UWO

Israel defies Obama over Jerusalem settlements

More deaths from unsafe water than from war says UN

2 Peace River Mounties swarmed, beaten in northern Alberta

Sports dignitaries pay tribute to Georgian luger

opinion: Chinese Yuan may be less undervalued than it appears

CRTC gives TV okay to negotiate signal fees with cable and satellite companies

Maple syrup rich in antioxidants says U.S. study

Giant PIMCO pushes Asian bonds, says U.S. and Europe risk
too great due to potential government moves to dampen recovery

At least 11 U.S. States preparing lawsuits against constitutionality
of Obamacare which forces Americans to buy health insurance or pay fine

Ontario to unveil 7-year plan for balancing budget;
no cuts to program spending until after 2011 election

Competition Bureau slams efforts by Canada's real estate agents to open up MLS

Toyota warned dealers of throttle surging in 2002; mentioned electronics, not mats

U.S. health care reform fight shifts from Congress to courts

Cowgate? Meat, dairy diet not causing global warming

link to image
5-Gold ski star Lauren Woolstencroft with her spoils of victory.

VP at U of Ottawa threatens author Coulter with
criminal charges before her talk on freedom of speech

Warner Bros opens video game studio in Montreal; 300 jobs by 2015

Canadian internet usage overtakes television watching

Cpl. Darren James Fitzpatrick, 21, wounded in Afghanistan
by IED blast 2 weeks ago, dies at Edmonton university hospital

Google 'street view' to expand further in Canada; already available for many

Google ends China censorship, shifts site of China service to Hong Kong

Ignatieff Liberals ask academics, experts to ante up $695
to attend 'thinkfest' -- the 'skew is in' says declining academic

Canadian economists boost growth forecasts

McGuinty swipes again: Ontario slaps new 'green' tax on electricity bills

link to image
Athletes march through Whistler Village en route to closing ceremonies March 21, 2010.
'Best Games
end in a
blaze of glory --


Complicated Obamacare health bill means some care benefits start
soon, along with costs; bigger benefits and more costs start later

Rick Hansen starts $200M spinal cord quest; Harper & B.C. give $$

Factbox: U.S. states and healthcare reform

Duceppe likens Bloc to anti-Nazi French résistance; federalists unite to say that's absurd

Canadian real estate agents poised to vote on shakeup of industry

U.S. student loan overhaul slipped into health bill; Gov't takes over from private lenders

U.S. House of Representatives approves landmark bill to extend
health care to millions; passes 219 to 212 as some Democrats vote against
forces States to pay more for Medicare, forces purchase of private health insurance

Legal and political fights over Obamacare health care bill looming for Democrats

U.S. pro-choice, pro-life groups slam Obama executive order on
abortion funding which brought 7 to 12 votes to support of Obamacare bill

Karzai holds peace talks with insurgent faction -- met Hezb-i-Islami
delegation, one of 3 main insurgent groups

Clinton promises U.S. will be a critical friend to Israel

Belleville: Rocked by killings, Ontario city earns nickname 'Murderville'

Taliban kills four Pakistani men, labels them U.S. spies

NY Times: A Major victory for Obamian forces, but at what cost?

NY Times: How Obama decided to take one last attempt at health bill

Obama plans blitz to boost public opinion of health-care effort

NASCAR: Johnson wins Bristol; 3rd win in first 5 races of season

Toyota shareholders sue over fallen stock price

Financial Post: 10 years after the dot-com crash, techs lead rebound

British Airways claims victory as 2/3 crews cross strike lines

Chinese in hot water: writing on how to crash entire U.S. power grid

Volcano erupts in southern Iceland; 450 evacuated, no injuries

EU plans to "put an end" to Iran’s satellite jamming

Obama, Democrats show command of health care votes

Security lapse investigated; explosives on Indian plane in Thiruvananthapuram

link to image
The Lumeneo Smera is nimble and high-rated for safety.
Electric two-seaters
are traffic beaters
and daily budget
brighteners, but
expensive to buy

paid to attend 3-month courses: Taliban trained by Iranians to roadside bomb

Japan Times: Toyota kept 2007 recall slim; downplayed NHTSA alerts

Canada's record-breaking Paralympics haul led by two women

China vows to hit back if targeted by U.S. on value of yuan

Red fight appears won as Fargo ready for 19-foot above flood-level crest

A detailed response to Warmist spin from a climate change skeptic
Mass murderer Clifford Olson piling up pension & GIS while behind bars

Pope doesn't mention rebuke to Irish bishops at Vatican Sunday

Obamacare vote today tight, may hinge on abortion issues

Police arrest second man in Toronto's notorious deathbed robbery

Another fatal avalanche in B.C.; 2 French heli-skiers dead

NY Times: Abortion foes to vote 'yes' on Obamacare after Prez Exec Order

'Liar's Poker' author writes follow-up book on gamblers of Wall Street

Team Canada wins Paralympics Gold in wheelchair curling

Telegraph: WWF hopes to find $60 billion cap-and-trade charade

Shameless Science magazine and "woulda coulda shoulda" for Warmists

The illusion of "scientific consensus" on global warming

British Airways strike ruining holidays, threatening airline's survival

Team Canada sledgers have mixed feelings after two squeaker losses

link to image
U.S. tops Japan for Paralympics Gold in sledge hockey

Viviane Forest wins 5th medal in 5 events: 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Lauren Woolstencroft wins 5th Gold! Paralympics Games record

Judge nixes $3.5B class action against Ontario lottery; separate suits required

Angus Reid poll: Conservatives' Throne & Budget plans get strong embrace

Bill O'Reilly: Has Fox News cable king (for 8 years) become mainstream?

15 states suing to stop federal EPA classifying CO2 as risky gas emission

Will 36 states sue to stop Obamacare? Penalty unconstitutional, say states

Bomb squad at CIBC Tower, investigating 'suspicious package' in Montreal

Canwest/Global National poll: Conservatives have 6% lead over Liberals

5.6M quake hits Cuba at 2:08 pm EDT 27 miles SSW of Guantanamo

Democrats discard dodgy 'deem' process to 'pretend pass' Obamacare; say they have the votes

U.S. insurance companies gobble up corporate bonds in market ‘raining gold’

Despite majorities in Congress, arcane rules critical to Obamacare pass Sunday

U.S. Fed Reserve Chair Bernanke says bank bailouts ‘unconscionable’

Toronto Star ~ Walkom: Why all Canadians are really Red Tories

Canada's $56B deficit now model of fiscal probity; household worth jumps

Black: What the American health care reform debacle can teach U.S. & Canada

Sher-wood & Reebok-CCM say their hockey sticks okay after huge Bauer recall

Average Canadian senior takes 5 prescription drugs daily; 21% take 10 or more

Health Canada okays caffeine in all soft drinks, not just colas

Wal-Mart to slash grocery prices; cutting 10,000 items in U.S.

U of Ottawa Students Fed attempts to block talk by Ann Coulter; free speech?

Electricians caught in middle of gangland hit in Montreal boutique

UK warmists now scaring kids; commercials pulled by watchdog

Judge orders renegotiation of 9/11 settlement for ground zero workers

Another Revelstoke snowmobile avalanche; 1 dead, 1 injured, several missing

link to image
Woolstencroft's 4th gold gives Canada record haul; wins by 5 seconds!

Anomalous warm blob over northern Canada and Greenland having big impact; like el Niño

Chile to sell foreign, domestic debt, may up taxes to cover $30B quake cost

Obamacare: Final health bill omits some of Obama's promises

TSX closes below 12,000 as commodities weigh down averages

At apparent mob hit, man arrested for being with criminals; bail breach

link to image
High of 18 breaks Toronto warm weather record

3-day British Airways strike just hours away; starts at midnight in UK

Haiti: Heavy rains swamp camps holding homeless

MSNBC: Latest Obamacare bill offers 9 major changes in carrot tweak

Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal goes global; 2008 'closure' gone

Fargo quickly building sandbag walls along Red as crest expected Sunday

Obamacare: South Carolina and Florida set to sue if passes

Obamacare 'conveniently' excludes $371B doctor pay-off to hide numbers

200 feared killed in Sierra Leone unofficial gold mine cave-in

Gallup: Record lows for Obama (46% for/48% against) & Congress (16% for/80% against)

Obamacare: GOP sees higher taxes/spending, Medicare cuts, sweetheart deals

Caterpillar says Obamacare health care bill will cost it $100M in first year

Shell, Nexen report major oil discovery off Gulf of Mexico

Science journal: German scientists create 3-D 'invisibility cloak'

Fewer than 50% of Calgarians feel safe in downtown area after 5 pm

U.S. Border Patrol heavies again after inadvertent unmarked border cross

NY Times: Arrests of top Taliban figures ended talks, ex-envoy says

UK will copy 'Own the Podium', after country's media savaged it

Science journal: Capitalism has made society 'kinder' through collaboration

Obamacare bill will affect everybody in North America in various ways

NY Times: Americans will have to pay hefty financial penalties if they don't buy health insurance

Toronto: Councillors make donations to local groups using taxpayers' money

California anti-gang police unit under siege from gangs' booby traps

NY Times: Clinton says U.S. & Russia on brink of arms reduction treaty

$600M tax bonanza of offshore $$ found in forced voluntary disclosures

link to image
Sun: U.S. Ambassador Jacobson and PM Harper with beer.
Harper's hockey
wager beer
headed to
Hockey Hall
of Fame
in Toronto

Cdn core inflation rate nudges up to 2.1%; Loonie jumps sharply above 99 cents

Harper says contraception part of G8 maternal-health negotiation options

Ford & Buick edging out Lexus and Mercedes in latest quality rankings

Police criticize Toyota for unproven "conclusive" claims about NY accident

Latest Toyota recall tiny -- just 2 vehicles (other 498 caught at factory)

Headley spared death penalty in exchange for helping Mumbai investigation

1 man dead, 1 injured, 1 man in custody as murders continue in Belleville

Ludwig Mountie raid yielded variety of books & manuals on terrorism

Competition lowers wireless costs; Public Mobile talk & text for $40

link to image
Montreal police officers on St. Jacques Street in Montreal Thursday after shooting.
Rizzuto link?
2 killed,
2 wounded
Old Montreal

Paralympics: Amazing one-limbed Lauren Woolstencroft wins 3rd Gold

One of heinous hospital thieves arrested in Ajax; 2nd still sought

Paralympics: Team Canada loses to Japan in sledge hockey semis; out of gold contention

Ekos poll: Tories widen lead over Iffy Liberals to 4.2 points

Former Somali fighter in Toronto warns of growing radicalism in Canada

McKeever wins his 2nd Gold in Paralympics 10-km X-country race Thursday

Obamacare: Bill sweetened, Obama cancels Asia trip, showdown vote Sunday

let kids be kids?: Quebec advisory body calls for reduction or end to elementary school homework

Continuing allure of Expo 67; why it was so hot in 1967's 'summer of love'

NY Times: Germany backtracks on Europe rescue for Greece

Transport Min Baird says criminal probe of Toyota recall possible

get the lead out: Bauer recalls 100,000 hockey sticks over lead paint

Obama on Fox: "single best interview of President in a year, by any reporter"

Argentina takes note of UK tabloid claim nuke sub at Falklands to protect oil

insider trading: U.S. Senate banking chair's chief counsel traded stocks in 2008 using inside info

Virginia becomes 34th state to boost interstate speed limits to 70 mph or higher

U.S.: Unconventional home construction creates re-financing & mortgage bind

Tensions mount between Ottawa, Moscow two weeks before Arctic summit

link to image
Globe: Royal Canadian Mounted Police in front of B.C. legislature.
headed for
top tier

Law to beef up sex-offender registry reintroduced by Public Safety Minister

Gesturing rudely at OPP while in possession of stolen goods: not a good idea

editorial: Globe & Mail wants to force its views on developing countries

N. Korea executes 77-yr-old official Pak Nam-ki for disastrous currency reform

Google working with Intel, Sony on TV project which may involve satellite links

Panasonic says 3-D TVs sold out in U.S. in first week; industry optimistic

Official complaints over 'fixed' Toyotas jump to 105

Toyota tells U.S. regulators it's doesn't know how to fix 1.2M wonky Corollas

NY Times: China drawing high-tech research and manufacturing companies from U.S.

New York Governor's race heats up as Dem Levy said to run for Republican nod

Final language/cost of Obamacare bill still secret; passage remains 10 votes short

Catholic Church shaken; Vatican watcher warns of 'nightmare scenario' over scandal

Banned shoplifter now charged with food tampering at same store

$7,000 in heirloom jewellery stolen from deathbed in Toronto hospital; 2 sought

U.S. says CIA payback deadly for senior al-Qaeda operative; killed by drone last week

Britons charged after airport seizure; 'khat' legal elsewhere but not here

New avalanche warning system unveiled in wake of killer Revelstoke slide

Obama denies crisis with Israel; "Friends are going to disagree sometimes"

Woolstencroft wins giant slalom; her 2nd gold of Paralympic Games

Conservatives oppose NDP iPod tax (also on mp3 players, hard drives & laptops)

Gang that couldn't shoot straight; home invader literally shot self in foot

Commons passes bogus, non-binding NDP prorogation motion; Iffy fails to vote

Moronic Toronto Star columnist calls rural MPP a 'hick' and insults non-Toronto folks:
calls him "mook with a soapbox"; time for apology, then firing of Rosie DiManno

Combative, confusing, filibustering Obama denies previous pronouncements;
says Obamacare bill may well remain secret 'til passed; says process irrelevant

Netanyahu: 'Timing of East Jerusalem announcement with Biden trip was technical mishap'

analysis/criticism: Harper breaks political ground with YouTube appearance

Family tree millions of years old: Indonesia’s Hobbit-like humans uncovered

Industry Min Clement: Canadian exporters competitive despite rising loonie

Confident & poised: Fin Min Flaherty not worried about loonie/dollar parity

Leprechauns: the history of the green-favouring 'wee people'

Confirmed dead; Canadian who joined al-Qaeda in Somalia dies in battle

Toronto's TTC Chair Giambrone charges taxpayers over $2400 for ummm... taxis?

As Canadian loonie reaches parity with U.S. $$, question is 'will it last?'

March madness as Obamacare health battle nears climax; phone lines full

2 U.S. drone missile attacks kill 9 insurgents in North Waziristan, Pakistan

Iraq elections: Opposition Allawi coalition pulls ahead in vote counting; first time

climategate: 2 more bricks fall out of IPCC wall of deceit -- rainforests & polar bears

Nicholson: Tory bill proposes publicizing names of violent young offenders

YouTube: 40-minute interview with Harper addresses broad range of subjects

YouTube: Harper says budget deficit can be gone in five years

Transcript of Harper's YouTube appearance Tuesday

Headley to change plea to guilty in Mumbai terror attacks which killed 166

Israel objects to meddling U.S. construction demands

Quebec human rights commission says remove niqab to get medicare card; not religion infringement

opinion: Hedge funds fail when ‘rock stars’ are the ones in charge

Japan service sector demand rises as export recovery spreads

Radical cleric Moktada al-Sadr emerging stronger after Iraq elections

U.S. Federal Reserve pledges to keep rate low for ‘extended period’

poll: N.E. Journal of Medicine says Obamacare may lead to 30% doctor exodus

'Rural Broadband Strategy' providing funding for public internet as CAP wound down

Ignatieff's 'on the road again' tune is at the expense of his credibility

Ethoca introduces free collaborative anti-fraud service for online merchants

B.C. ferry: Navigating officer charged in 2006 fatal Queen of the North sinking

Honda to recall 412,000 vehicles in U.S. for brakes: Element, Odyssey

link to image
A 7-month-old baby, found in bullet-riddled car, was among 3 child survivors of 2 hit-and-run shootings.

U.S. housing construction dropped 5.9% in February

Golden puck from Crosby's stick going to Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Toronto as 11th province? Time to reconsider Confederation?

NDP private member's bill would add new tax to MP3 players, computers

FAA orders checks on Boeing 737s following RyanAir incident in Eindhoven

Tories say 'protection of society' should be primary goal of youth justice

blog: Do as Michael Ignatieff says, not as he does

Now Dems say lack votes to pass Obamacare; Whip suggests delay 'til Easter

Fremont's 4,700 NUMMI workers crushed by Toyota pull-out

NY Times: Rural Haiti struggles to absorb displaced

Red River rises 2 feet at Fargo; Manitoba grain elevators being emptied

Tiger Woods saves golf, will make return at Masters in Augusta, GA on April 8

Hypocritic Ignatieff staying away from Parliament, travelling, for a week

McGuinty to explain plan to cut record $24.7B deficit in March 25 budget

Ottawa hearings: Toyota says should have warned sooner about design flaws

ROB: How Toyota strayed from the quality-control path and lost its way

Toyota apologizes to Canadian car owners; regrets "anxiety and inconvenience"

Beating expectations, setting records, Canadian manufacturing, productivity soar

3 MPs, from 3 parties, present petitions to keep 'Prince of Pot' in Canada for jailtime

China's latest worry: a local-debt mess as 'white elephants' proliferate

Haiti: Emails reveal failed Fed response, Obamians' efforts to point fingers

Annual Montreal march against police violence ends with 100 arrests

Brown, 18, heckled/supported entering Belleville court; bar served under-age

link to image
Canada's 2nd Paralympic Gold won by remarkable Lauren Woolstencroft in slalom

RCMP seized 2200+ pounds of cocaine last week from sailboat in Port Hardy, B.C.

Canada has competitive advantage in health care, Flaherty tells NYC audience

Annual Montreal march against police violence ends with 100 arrests

Dem Caucus chair says 'votes are there' to pass divisive Obamacare this week

FDIC: 2 U.S. bank failures raise 2010 total to 30; Florida, Louisiana

payback time: Junk bond avalanche looms for credit markets

update: reduced to 5.1M, quake hits Valparaiso, Chile offshore

Brian McKeever wins Canada's first Paralympic gold at home

Man who telephoned death threats against Harper, Wall and Hermanson held after court appearance

Toronto cops offer $500 in Cash for Guns program to clean the streets

Six local murders over past few months has smalltown Belleville area in shock

Afghan Prez Karzai upset at Pakistan nab of Taliban #2 with U.S. help?

new energy: Choosing winners and losers in cleantech

el Niño: Get ready for a sunny summer, finally, say experts

New Ottawa fire chief wants sprinklers installed in all new houses

Could Lehman sleight of hand be Ernst & Young's Enron?

National Post: Lack of Paralympic coverage a damned shame

Supreme Court: Death-benefit case could cost Canada billions

Skype gets hype as best hope for next IPO blockbuster

Canada solid; U.S. & U.K. close to losing AAA credit rating says Moody's

no kidding file: Pew says news sites popular but few willing to pay

Pew study: Most online news readers use 5 sites or fewer

Canadian home sales listings drop slightly in February

Sen. Leahy warns Obama about link to Indonesia's Kopassus terror troops

U.S. to unveil sweeping national broadband plan; but slow roll-out

Canada unveils final draft of national emergency response plan

Canadian home sales listings drop slightly in February

Below 600 feet of Antarctica ice scientists surprised to find shrimp cousin

Plans for new fleet of armoured combat vehicles on track

Canadian scientists uncover poppy's painkilling power; could mean cheaper morphine & codeine

link to image
The Revelstoke killer avalanche: 'You had nowhere to go'

Saturday Taliban attacks which killed 35 were attempt to free prison detainees;
these are the very same thugs Ottawa opposition parties defend so vociferously

Man crushed to death by college float during Montreal St. Patrick’s parade

UPI analysis: Obama/Biden have misread Israel amid multiple diplomatic faux pas

5 market themes likely to dominate thinking of investors & traders this week

Lawyer rebuts doubts about runaway Prius driver; Toyota ramps up PR machine

Democrats say lack votes to pass Obamacare, but will make deals this week

Canadian Press news agency twists facts to allege funding cutback

PM Harper congrats silver medallist Colette Bourgonje; Canada's first 2010 Paralympic Games medal

3 linked to U.S. Consulate assassinated in Mexico; 2 are Americans

Wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice rattles the cage with political activist role

   NewsWatchCanada Old News    
        ~ NewsWatchCanada Old News (here) ~      

Toyota asked in 2007 to install software to prevent sudden acceleration; didn't

31 dead, 57 injured: Taliban strikes for 5th time in Kandahar siege

Canadians scooping up low-price housing in U.S. Sunbelt

link to image
The sign in the distance announcing the U.S. border is barely visible to the
left of the speed limit sign. This photo is taken from the boundary line.
Friendly border:
Small sign,
open border,
leads to one more arrest
by U.S. Border Patrol
at the Stanstead, Quebec/
Derby Line,
Vermont border

Reynolds: Civil service contains too many jobs, too little service

American linked to cartoonist terror plot brainwashed 6-year-old son, family says

see: Photo gallery of spectacular opening of Paralympic games in Vancouver

Premier Wen Jiabao sharply defends China’s currency and trade policies

Strong 6.6M earthquake hits northern Japan; no casualties reported

Tens of thousands of protesters surge into Bangkok, urging new election

link to image
They look a little less fearsome when being carried like a pet.
What's next?

Monster comet makes dramatic death dive into sun; caught on video

Powerful, wet storm leaves Northeast U.S. soggy, windblown and dark

Former PM Allawi leads Iraq PM al-Maliki in disputed province

Toyota Prius hits the skids as Hollywood stars favour new wheels

17 terrorists killed as Pakistani jets pound Taliban hide-outs

Alonso wins season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix in debut drive for Ferrari

Ontario scandal: No severance for B.C. tax collectors going from PST to HST

Ameliasburgh: Sisters pick up killer hitchhiker, then contact police

Ottawa straw supplied to Iogen helps fuel F1 Ferrari today in Bahrain GP

M6.4 quake hits sea off Indonesia Sunday; 56km deep, 132 km from land

3 dead, many injured in B.C. avalanche during annual snowmobiling event

BBC wastes tax money by sending 100s of staff on Facebook course

Team Canada beats Italy 4-0 in Paralympics sledge hockey opener

link to image
BC Place to trade world's largest inflatable roof for retractable roof.
Casino and retail
complex to adjoin
BC Place, while
new retractable
roof tops it

How to study whale diseases without endangering scientists or the whales

opinion: New York state government giving state gov't bad name; may get 3rd Governor in 4 years

Nortel reports 4th-quarter profit after major divestitures

Shanghai GM recalls 2,065 Chevrolet Captivas built in S. Korea before 2008

Toyota says Rav4 prizes in Tim Hortons 'Roll Up the Rim' contest are safe

Scott Brown says Obama "still doesn't get" message of his Senate win

Humans are natural pattern-seekers, one reason 'warmists' are taken by simple conclusions;
and the same reason a broad variety of conspiracy theories take root and spread like weeds

graphic water-proof: Edmontonians glued to Gold medal hockey game

Youtube: Ask Stephen Harper about budget; see answers Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 7 p.m. EDT

Sparks fly on Me street as Generation X teaches the 'entitled' ones

long-term study: Women on 'pill' less likely to die of cancer and heart disease

How other countries are dealing with civil service costs as deficits balloon

déjà vu: PM Stephen Harper and GG Michaëlle Jean launch Paralympic Games in BC Place

California sea lions starving as their food swims away to avoid El Niño-heated waters

Nicholson releases terms of detainee documents review by Iaccobucci

Kandahar hit by 4 suicide bombings; at least 30 killed, 40 wounded

Calgary: Nanotechnology scientist accused of plagiarism, misuse of funds

Ameliasburgh: 18-year-old Brown charged with murder, attempted murder; faces judge Monday

Surging loonie, unemployment drop have foreign investors betting on Canada

Sicilian anti-Mafia initiative stretches from Mediterranean to Canada

Cirque not afraid of risk; tweaks vaudeville Banana Shpeel for Big Apple

Vancouver Paralympics: Opening ceremony a perfect blend of ideas

MPs unhappy with refusal of Toyota top exec to appear before Ottawa panel

U.S. woman, 31, held in Ireland in Swedish cartoonist terror/murder plot

18-year-old in court today for Ameliasburgh killings of mother, daughter

Stanley Black & Decker: Two familiar names merge in new tools powerhouse

Driving with early Alzheimer's now seen as much more ill-advised

Third attack in week: Suicide attacker kills 13 in Pakistan; 53 wounded

Iraq's PM Nouri al-Maliki and his coalition leads in early Baghdad vote count

U.S. scrambles on talks; Clinton criticized for harsh words for friend & ally Israel

8,000 honour slain OPP officer as Constable Vu Pham laid to rest in Wingham

Wente: Two solitudes and the niqab; in some ways we're all Quebeckers

Controversial native leader David Ahenakew dies at 76 of cancer

Vancouver beckons with Paralympics, and post-Olympics deals

Jaffer plea deal 'not so unusual' says lawyer; but OPP search was unusual

images and
from 1967
was a party
like none
2017 needs
to be as

Sesquicentennial planning underway at Ottawa brainstorming launch session

2017: Build twin of Canadian Vimy Ridge Memorial here, says Sen. Dallaire

Paralympics opening ceremony tonight but only if you get CTV digital signal

Gregg-Turcotte poll: Canadian centrism embraces "traditionally conservative values"; not activist gov't

December recall: Link between listeriosis cases, contaminated deli meat

Germany's Church sex abuse scandal has now reached Pope Benedict XVI

opinion: Once-respected 'Nature' journal now staffed by moaning ninnies

climategate: 40 inconvenient truths the UN wants to brush under the carpet

link to image
Robert Gibbs wore the Team Canada jersey Friday to pay off debt to Dimitri Soudas.
Obama spokesman
Robert Gibbs
antes up at Friday
media briefing
at White House
after Harper spokesman
Dimitri Soudas
won 2 bets over
Olympic hockey

Abortion may be game-stopper for Obamacare; chair says abortion funding a 'must'

Toyotagate?: People raising doubts about man at wheel of 'out-of-control' LA Prius

New Ukraine President Yanukovych holds phone talks with Stephen Harper

link to image
Plastic accelerator pedal assembly at heart of one of major Toyota recalls.
Parliamentary hearings:
Transport Canada not told
about serious safety issue;
tight-lipped Toyota had
revealed nothing about
acceleration complaints
to Canada or U.S.
Harper: Canada will exit recession stronger than all other major economies

Los Angeles considering draft concept of ‘freeway’ system for bicycles

Toyotagate?: California sues over "defective vehicles & deceptive business practices"

Edmonton: 2 dead, 1 injured in shooting at Great West Chrysler; shooter dead

Ekos poll: Federal budget gains Canadians' approval; only 29% don't like it

Businessweek: Canadian companies poised to issue most debt since 2006

climategate: IPCC’s whitewash ‘review’ AGW camp’s biggest mistake yet?

Good news as U.S. total retail sales up 0.3%; 0.2% drop had been predicted

GM Canada refuses to reinstate dealers as parent did in U.S.

Toyota 'mystified' by runaway Prius in California, crash in New York

NatPost exclusive: Bre-X 'scapegoat' Felderhof still fighting stigma

Christopher Hitchens: Extortion in the Prophet's name

ROB: Who gains/loses from Loonie; why Potash up; why U.S. $$ down

Loonie hits 20-month high; shoots past 98 cents U.S for Spring Break

Ontario job growth picks up; national unemployment down to 8.2%

2 Pakistan suicide bombers kill at least 45 in Lahore; 100 injured

updated   Ameliasburgh: 2 women dead, 1 critical, man arrested in Trenton

Siemens moves Hamilton turbine plant to Charlotte, NC, costing 550 jobs

70-year-old cop killer Fred Preston dies in hospital of shoot-out wounds

Kansas City closes 28 of 61 schools, cuts 700 of 3,000 jobs, incl 285 teachers

Nigeria charges 49 with murder over Christian villages massacres

link to image
A large fissure cuts through highway in Rancagua, Chile
Largest aftershock
so far hits Chile
-- M7.2 -- new President
Pinera rushes troops,
aid to hard-hit areas
Broad overhaul of U.S. financial regulation dimmed Thursday; bank stocks up

biggest U.S. bankruptcy: JPMorgan, Citigroup helped cause Lehman Bros. collapse, report says

U.S. federal appeals court upholds words "under God" in Pledge and "In God We Trust" on currency

B.C.: Tofino set to ban Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McDonalds

9/11 fall-out: New York City to pay up to $657M to settle WTC health cases

Liberals want immigrants to collect Old Age Security after here for 3 years

Vancouver finally hit by snow storm as rest of country enjoys early Spring

Wall Street Journal: Why pro athletes love Toronto -- chic, discreet and increasingly party-filled

Nature: Integrity of climate research has taken very public battering

report: Captured Taliban #2 'singing like a male canary' in Pakistan

Gallup: Obama hits lowest personal approval ever at 46%; fallen far & fast

Alberta revamps oil and gas royalty regime; reverts to 2007 rates

6.9M: Biggest aftershock yet -- and 9 more -- rock Chile as new President sworn in

Obamian backbiting & intrigue as White House embroiled in soap opera

U.S. VP Biden snubs Netanyahu; arrives 90 mins late for dinner
serious diplomatic row erupting over Israel's West Bank houses

climategate: NASA scientists felt NASA GISS data inferior but then mixed it with CRU data

Gallup: 48% of Americans believe global warming threat exaggerated

Ivison: Ignatieff's usual empty rhetoric in throne speech response

Wente: the scourge of invisible racism, real or creation of idle hands?

DNA reveals King Tut's father, lineage of history's monotheistic radical

Miller's shell game with public cash raises tax/spend questions

Radical healthcare overhaul a gamble for rural healthcare, says health group

McGuinty HST scheme gives tax folks $45K severance AND new jobs

Harper: Deficits dithering will doom countries to years of debt

Wall Street Journal: Pelosi office and Massa file; who knew what when?

Canadian housing market shows steady growth; first increase since Dec 2008

Currency stabilizing austerity measures protested by 20,000 in Greece streets

Corcoran: Alternative energy creating a bogus bubble economy?

Bank of Canada gets high marks for inflation control 75 years after founding

Powerful Loonie surge triggers hedging; but can be a double-edged sword

Feds move to address shocking levels of aboriginal TB; longstanding problem

19-year-old Ontario hero rescues stranded fishermen from Lake Erie ice break-up

Harris Decima poll: Tories maintain national lead, Ignatieff drops to lowest ever

Wash Post editorial: Haitian prez drops ball on addressing corruption concerns

U.S. jury awards $2.25M for Windsor female hockey teammates in 2005 bus crash

MPs and Senators snack on seal meat to defy activists and European Union

Youtube: Stephen Harper streaming live Thursday morning from Commons

link to image Tories
climategate: Monbiot despairs of his AGW cause -- 'There goes my life's work'

Freak cold across Mediterranean as snow and ice disrupt "warm climate" holidays

Liberals feared Abu Ghraib-type scandal after signing 2005 detainee agreement

Multi-nationals Shell & Ingersoll-Rand pull out of Iran after media lambasting

Boeing says its tanker will create 10 times more new U.S. jobs than withdrawn plan by Northrop

Crosby's missing stick found en route to Russia; glove in teammate's bag

35 perps snared in Ontario child pornography bust; 2 victims rescued

6 local World Vision employees murdered & 7 injured in Pakistan attack

OECD report says it's time to embrace growth by privatizing Canada Post

U.S. records largest monthly deficit ever; up 14% over Feb. 2009 to $221B

Haiti: Obama removes troops and USS Comfort hospital ship prematurely

Despite $100M surplus from new taxes, Toronto property taxes up 2.9%

Environics poll: Olympics brought benefits for Canada, B.C. & Vancouver

CIBC: Predicted interest hike means Loonie at par with U.S. $$ by summer

"ambulatory prisons": Niqab dispute reveals Quebec's hardening line

Conservatives win first budget votes over amendments

climategate: Himalayan hijinks with missing temps, fabricated conclusions

Fin Times: Copenhagen summit chief says no climate agreement in 2010

2002 Bali bombing suspect confirmed dead in Jakarta police raid

50 Canadian companies may have used recalled BFF ingredient

FDA says Basic Food Flavors knew plant was contaminated with salmonella

no surprise: Canadian pop. changing as immigration sources/patterns change

Resigned congressman fires back at White House over serious allegations

Cisco promises "adrenaline boost" for internet with 100-GPS high-speed router

Toyota knows Prius dangerous; won't recall because can't figure out 'fix'

Jihad Jane: Pennsylvania woman charged with recruiting violent fighters

Frivolous lawsuit? Lohan sues eTrade for $100M over ‘milkaholic’ Lindsay ad

Violent Chile earthquake moved some cities 3 metres towards Pacific Ocean

Biggest food recall ever? Salmonella-affected HVP used in myriad of products

Canadian Government debt: federal, provincial and territorial

Crown assets disposal may get attention rather than later; oil, buildings, etc.

30 homeless in Montreal as fire hits 5 triplexes in suspicious $1M loss

LED lighting sales about to explode: longer lasting, 16X more energy efficient

Misleading Globe jobless recovery story equates gov't jobs with employment generally

California Highway Patrol cruiser helps slow runaway Toyota Prius; fix refused

ESPN: Fishing community says input into extreme new regulations was a charade

Poll: 51% of Americans think world standing of U.S. has dropped under Obama

Detroit considers razing semi-empty neighbourhoods, returning to farmland

link to image
Downtown Detroit, a few blocks from the Renaissance Center, GM's headquarters.
The end of the road?
Barack Obama seems unable
to face up to America's problems
Bank of Nova Scotia $1B profit in 1st quarter; Canada's 3rd largest bank

Northrop pulls out of $40B aerial tanker competition for USAF; Boeing, Boeing

At least 500 Christians slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria religious violence

Angus Reid poll: 92% support wage freeze for MPs, cabinet ministers and senators

Democratic poll finds 60% of Americans believe Obama has U.S. on wrong track

Ontario Throne Speech limp; no deficit plan, long on questions, short on answers

OPP Officer Vu Pham, 37, dead after traffic stop; 70-year-old male in custody

Toyota in denial about acceleration cause; doesn't know, but says not electronics

Toronto cops nail thugs they were tailing, after bank robbery -- in Windsor

Charles Krauthammer: Why Obamacare may be the President's Waterloo

Ferguson: deficits & military overstretch mean U.S. empire about to collapse?

Ontario PCs liken 2010 to 1994, the year before they turfed disastrous Bob Rae

Ignatieff 'malaise' settles over Grits; Lib MP says Iffy's "numbers are not good"

updated: 62% of Iraquis voted despte deadly intimidation; count underway

Vancouver man suing James Cameron for copyright infringement over 'Avatar'

North Korea army says ready to "blow up" South Korea and the U.S.

Governor-General Michaëlle Jean lands in Port-au-Prince for 2-day tour

245 appointed positions eliminated by Treasury Board; most vacant

Canadian dollar hits seven-week high after seven-day rise

Clerk of PCO launches breath of change to bureaucracy with click of mouse

Congressman says resignation forced because he's voting against Obamacare

Cuba to require medical insurance for all visitors

China considers severing peg to U.S. dollar in face of international criticism

AIG liquidations continue as MetLife makes $15.5B global unit purchase

Pakistan terrorist interrogation center car-bombed, killing 12, injuring 61

Tim Hudak ready for strong march to 2011 election after Ottawa convention

McGuinty wants lapdogs not watchdogs in Ombudsman and other Commissioner roles

McGuinty dumping of Ombudsman Andre Marin will haunt 2011 election

American held by Pakistan not notorious al-Qaeda propagandist

Snowball Earth: Sea ice once extended to Equator, proof in Yukon

Canadian unity in 'sweet spot' thanks to Olympic afterglow: pollster

M5.9 earthquake hits eastern Turkey, kills 51    USGS quake details

link to image Thousands remain without
power in Newfoundland
after major ice storm
U.S. troops withdrawing en masse from Haiti; Haitians anxious

'Hurt Locker' wins 6 Oscars: director, picture, script, editing, sound recording/editing

Ottawa blacklists al-Shabab Somali militant group which recruits via internet

Ontario's new funding model for hospitals will create "winners and losers"

Best Picture Oscar-winner 'Hurt Locker' gets guffaws from soldiers for false notes

CSIS interrogated Afghan prisoners to extract soldier-saving info

USA-born al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn nabbed by Pakistan

David Warren: The pampered, privileged public service must be trimmed

Heavily armed RCMP raid Panama sailboat in BC on suspicion of smuggling

As brutal wave of attacks hit Iraq election day, 38 dead in Baghdad alone

Home of Canada's biggest solar farm & others on way, Napanee getting 8 more

Sarah Palin's first speech outside U.S. finds warmth in Calgary crowd of 1200

McGuinty failures have buried Ontario; Hudak says will be powerhouse again

Steve Janke: Ignatieff owed favour by Amir Attaran after Harvard dismissal?

Cape Bretoner praises PM, points out role of Canada Games in elite athlete development

Warmist alarmists trying to spin their way out of climategate but lack the science

Budget 2010: Less red tape, more flexibility welcomed by charities

Calgary-based Resverlogix Corp. seen as succeeding where Pfizer failed

U.S. bank failures now 26 in 2010, as 4 more bite the dust with FDIC help

OOPs: Ottawa's billion dollar poobahs of duplication and waste

Ontario PCs vow lower corporate taxes to lure jobs back: Ottawa conference

Driver in terrifying crash of Toyota Echo one of 156 BC owners in class suit

Two small earthquakes shake Quebec near Ottawa & QC: M3.1 and M3.2

Olympic curler Carolyn Darbyshire a hero at Calgary school hostage-taking

Calgary man shot at RV park in Mexico in attempted overnight robbery

link to image Looming empty for 20 years,
Detroit's majestic
Michigan Central Station
dodges demolition
Robert Fulford: Western guilt is actually misdirected masochism

TD Bank continues to roll subsidiary dice on a U.S. recovery

Harper to broadly ask Canadians for input on pension reform

Pakistani top Taliban deputy believed killed among 2 dozen dead in raid

What's in the schools? Time for climate change reality check

Earnhardt Jr. captures Atlanta pole with 192.716mph lap; fastest COT pole

U.S. long-term fiscal woes even worse than predicted by grim Obama budget

Budget one more reason Ignatieff will have to wait longer for his opening

Lawyers agree Col. Williams will likely seek a change of venue for trial

Small communities not immune from crime; neighbours have to be on alert

Olympic mittens sold out -- 3.5 million sold at $9.60 per pair

NY Times: Acceleration problems in Japan, too, but ignored by Toyota

Conservatives listen, and will drop 'O Canada' change discussion

Flaherty on cross-country budget tour with history lesson on recession

U.S. MSM labels Pentagon shooter as "right-wing" but he was a registered Democrat

GM's sales in China jump 51% in February; was already #1 in China

Pentagon wacko attacker confirmed as 911 'truther', anti-Bush, anti-military pothead

Greek economic meltdown a 'tragedy' but it's a crisis made worse by gov't inaction

Conservative budget "realistic" say economists; spending discipline key

U.S.: Toyota fails to prove investigation; now 60 complaints after 'fix'

GM to reinstate 600 U.S. dealerships slated to be cut; after arbitration

U.S. unemployed up 36,000, rate holds at 9.7%, 'discouraged' workers not counted

Plasticized $10 & $20 bills longer-lasting, harder to counterfeit, more hygienic

Martin's Gold medal-winning curling team mobbed as it stops at London mall

NY Times: Arizona anger over closed rest stops; same problem in Ontario

6.6M aftershocks hit Chile, empty hospitals, send people into streets

by-elections: Ontario PCs roll to one victory, come close in Liberal stronghold

6.5M earthquake hits off Sumatra at 11:07 am EDT

Retired Supreme Justice Iacobucci asked to rule on release of detainee dox

Canada's finances sitting pretty compared to other nations

Economists and others give budget thumbs up; transition to growth under way

Public Service 2-year wage freeze triggers traditional whining from unions

Chile lowers quake death toll to 279 from 802

900 new Tim Hortons to open: Quebec, western Canada, NY, Ohio & Michigan

Turkey warns US over Armenian genocide vote

updated: 6 dead in tour bus accident on I-10 at Phoenix, Arizona

Gunman's foiled attack on Pentagon linked to wild 9/11 conspiracy theory

ho hum: McGuinty prorogues Ontario legislature in standard procedure some think 'special'
AP: Toyota hiding info from "black boxes"; other makers forthcoming
Closing Ceremonies writer Ferguson: no apologies for over-the-top Canadiana

Full text of Finance Minister Flaherty's House of Commons budget speech
$500 million+ high-tech investment in Radarsat through Canadian Space Agency
12,000 new jobs to come from eliminating tariffs on imported production materials
Small, positive measures: banks can't hold cheques as long, bigger pool for BCAP
Plans to cut spending deficit in half over next 2 years, budget balanced by 2015
2010 Budget: the big picture numbers tell a bright picture for economy
Tweaks, but no major changes to retirement savings
New civilian oversight body for Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Budget will pass: Iffy says some Libs will vote against, not enough to defeat
link to image Budget 2010
  • no new taxes
  • no tax increases
  • no transfer cuts to individuals
  • no transfer cuts to provinces
  • multi-sector spending freezes
  • $17.6B cuts over 5 years
  • 2nd yr stimulus of $19B
  • $450M import tarriff cuts
  • $100M work-sharing extension
  • defence cuts of $2.5B after 2012
National Post: The Throne Speech deconstructed
TD Bank profit doubles to $1.3B; earnings beat analyst estimates
63 dead after India temple stampede for free food and clothes
JoNova: The Climate Warming Industry wall of money
EKOS poll: Harper Tories maintaining 3% lead over Liberals
Clement: "More jobs, new jobs, making sure Canada can be innovative, competitive"
63 dead after India temple stampede for free food and clothes
BusinessWeek: Canada’s Flaherty aims to cement recovery, pledge deficit cuts
McGuinty Liberals: If hospitals compete for patients, province can save $2B; patients drive farther
BP CEO: Sees oil price staying in $60-$90/barrel range
Toronto Star: Olympics were an explosion of passion and patriotism
Vancouver Sun: Police deserve a medal for their performance
Natives praise Throne Speech's attention to slain, missing aboriginal women
Full text: Speech from the Throne, Mar. 3, 2010

Job creation main focus of Throne Speech; deficit to drop to $45B in 2011

Ottawa to open telecom sector to greater foreign ownership; lower cell costs?

Gov't also vows to cut red tape, get tough on crime, revisit wording of O Canada & fund Far North research

Freezing Throne Speech: salaries of PM, Cabinet, MPs, Senators, Cabinet offices
urges MPs & Senators to freeze office spending, same for Gov't Depts

Chileans bitter about slow quake response to coastal and outlying areas

GM to max current capacity before re-opening old plants; has hot models

Now, 60 "fixed" Toyotas have "wildly accelerated" out-of-control

30 militants killed in overnight Pakistan battle

Chile earthquake rattles wine industry as millions of bottles' worth is lost

BBC: Money for Ethiopian famine victims diverted to rebels in 1980s

Pop entertainers criticized for exploiting their charity work to bloat egos

Powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocks southern Taiwan

topical humour: Scott Feschuk liveblogs NHL trade deadline & Throne Speech, simultaneously

Political scandal envelops NY Gov. Paterson who replaced scandalized Spitzer

  Climategate Global Warming fraud    
        ~ full NewsWatchCanada Climategate coverage (here) ~      

Afghan officials say former Gitmo detainee now a Taliban commander

"True patriot love thou dost in us command" O Canada back to 1908 lyrics?

802 dead, 19 missing; aid starting to flow to Chileans

Obama makes 35th speech on health care reform; gives umpteenth deadline

Olympic inflatable moose, beavers, players, made in Windsor; for sale

Major blow to Democrats as high-profile, ethics-probed Rangel steps aside

Embassy representatives hunt for missing Canadians in Chile

Full text: Speech from the Throne, Mar. 3, 2010

Job creation main focus of Throne Speech; deficit to drop to $45B in 2011

Ottawa to open telecom sector to greater foreign ownership; lower cell costs?

Gov't also vows to cut red tape, get tough on crime, revisit wording of O Canada & fund Far North research

Freezing Throne Speech: salaries of PM, Cabinet, MPs, Senators, Cabinet offices
urges MPs & Senators to freeze office spending, same for Gov't Depts

225 heroes on HMCS Halifax home from Haiti

link to image Pakistan reveals
Taliban’s secret underground
156-cave network

Royal Bank profit rises 35%; $1.5B in 1st quarter 2nd biggest ever

3 suicide bombings kill at least 30 in Baqouba, Iraq

Toronto Star: 'Jobs of the future' top Tories' agenda

Toyota sued over August crash; killed CHP officer & 3 family members

Canada providing $2 million in humanitarian assistance to Chile

Mismatching polls question methodology and numbers

Is new Canadian Press/Harris-Decima effort an infamous rogue poll? Other recent polls say so

Toyota subsidiary supplied defective part which caused GM recall

Scientists begin PR offensive to cover-up shoddy data & assertions

Harper shifts focus from spending to innovation

'Fixed' Toyota models suddenly accelerate; 52 deaths now linked

2001-2010 was the snowiest decade on record for northern hemisphere

Data shows pre-2007 unrecalled Camrys as unsafe as recalled models

Oakvillians rally against McGuinty gas-fired power plant in urban area

Throne speech, budget to deliver 'Stronger Canada' one-two punch

C/G poll: Economy, health top concerns; economy concern drops 27%

Campbell's go-slow budget to get B.C. 'back out of the red ink'

Liberal candidate not even iffy on Iffy; feels Ignatieff "lacks ability"

British winter coldest for 31 years; what global warming?

Seattle, Vancouver area at risk of mega-quake as bad as Chile 8.8 tremblor

Toyota February sales up 48% in Japan; includes big leap for Lexus

NatPost: The Liberals' super-secret budget position: Bitch a lot

Chile changes mind, will now accept external help; Canada ready & willing

Al Gore's latest warmist lies includes whopper about water vapour

Ugandan landslide kills 80, hundreds missing after heavy rains

Vimy Ridge Day to honour WWI veterans on April 9th

Bankruptcy looms, Greek PM warns

Vocalmedia poster says Citizen makes bogus claims about judge appointments

Ottawa cyber-crime expert helps Spain nail 'Mariposa' thieves; 12.7M PCs infected

U.S.: Big Feb sales growth for Ford, GM, Nissan & Honda; Toyota down 9%

CMHC: Home building to rise in 2010 over 2009

Yuengling in Pottsville, PA thanks loser Obama for bet with free case of beer

U.S. may force all car makers to have brake override systems

Many tight Toyota ties to U.S. legislators determining fate of Toyota safety

Not paying attention? Toyota Canada sales up 255 in February

poll: 31% of Americans believe Toyotas, Lexus unsafe

Obama says "beer in mail"to Harper on bet over Gold medal game

Canwest/Global poll: Tories would coast to win; only 21% like Ignatieff

‘Climategate’ unit's Jones admits he hid data -- because was 'standard practice'

Chilean quake likely shifted Earth’s axis, NASA scientist says

GM recalling 1.3M Chev Cobalt, and Pontiac G4, G5, and Pursuit models to replace power steering motor link for Britain's Parliamentary hearings

Canadian McIntyre submits detailed climategate analysis to Britain's Parliament

To celebrate Olympics Toronto considers closing 2 ski hills

Oh Canada!! 16.6M watch Olympic men’s hockey final

Ipsos poll: Conservatives lead Grits by 8%      Meanwhile, Ekos says Iffy should force election!?!
Six dead after Chile aid plane crash on way to Concepcion

Iffy MIA and out-of-country during country-bonding moments of last 40 years

Budget savings? 20% of public servants could retire over next six years

Harper: budget will be balanced in 'medium term'

Canada: Jobs jump in January triples estimates, unemployment down to 8.3%

'Wise Guys' gang illicitly obtained, scalped $29M in NFL, Boss, Yankees tix

British Prudential buys AIG Asian unit for $35.5B as sell-off continues

Stephen Harper a real fan at Olympics; Iffy cheered for USA at home on TV

Chile quake occurred in zone of 'increased stress'

U.S.: Mixed reports show modest but steady economic recovery

5% growth: Canada's economy surges ahead in fourth quarter

Climategate's Phil Jones to be grilled by British Parliament’s science committee

parental guardians: New Ontario child custody rules start today

Cannon: 254 Canadians unaccounted for in Chile

47 dead as storms batter western France; national disaster proclaimed

Russian President Medvedev demands country's Olympic officials resign

link to image NY Times: Rescues underway slowly
as big aftershocks continue;
troops trying to keep order;
UN preparing to send supplies;
video as quake hit
Chile: Navy erred in not sending tsunami warning; many died along coast

link to image
Poking fun at Canadian stereotypes in Closing Ceremony, was, well... fun.

Fandemonium! Canadian hockey fans celebrate across country (pix)

Wall Street Journal blogs Gold medal hockey game

Nat Post: "more gold medals than U.S. and Russia... combined"

USA team crushed by defeat; Canada celebrates as streets fill

Canada wins Olympic Gold derby 14-10 over runner-up Germany

Harper wins beer wager with Obama

link to image
Canada GOLDEN in OT; 2 hockey golds; winner by Crosby

updated: Woman shot to death in Trenton; two men arrested

Williams: Tight Tweed community still stunned by murderer in their midst

Canadians finish last 96 hours with 14 medals; own the Gold, want one more

Behind the crisis at Toyota: denial, obfuscation, disconnected "dots"

708 now confirmed dead in Chile, as coastal tsunami devastation assessed

Fox supports coyote bounty over growing loss of sheep

Fierce late winter storms in Europe leave 45 dead

IED kills 11 members of Afghan family on road commonly used by Allies

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act; had campaigned against

Gold medal game is 'hottest ticket in history of Canadian sport'

"Destroyed first year in office": Obama likened to Capt. Ahab, healthcare reform to Moby Dick

300+ dead so far; fires from broken gas lines; 90 aftershocks M5 or greater

USGS: Chile afterquakes powerful and plentiful: 33 today by 11 am EDT, including an M6.1

100 feared trapped in toppled Chile apartment building
crews searching rubble; 500,000 homes "severely damaged"

Quebec among most highly indebted industrial economies in the world

Toyoda heading to Beijing to defend tarnished Toyota brand

Canada 3-Gold day; Anderson, Martin & Morrison, Makowsky and Giroux

Gore breaks silence, continues alarmist warmist rant, denies evidence

214 dead in Chile; Tsunami waves spare Hawaii

Chile: Underwater plate cuts 400-mile gash, extends 1960 fault line

Streaming video and twitter picture links from

link to image
1.5-meter tsunami hits New Zealand island

Hawaii braces for tsunami; small impact at start

Chilean-Canadians frantically search for family

Live world ship traffic      Chile twittering at FOX News

U.S. offers help to Chile; Obama returns from child's basketball game to speak

Argentina struck by M6.3 earthquake as Chilean aftershocks continue

Harper: Canada offers immediate assistance to Chile

Google sets up Chile 'Person Finder'; video of burning, collapsed buildings

link to image
This new 15-storey apartment building toppled immediately, trapping hundreds.

Globe and Mail pictures from Chile   NY Times pictures from Chile

Tsunami evacuations ordered for Easter Island, Hawaii immediately
500 mph water waves up to 6 feet warned for B.C., California, Mexico

link to image 122 dead
widespread damage as
Santiago bridges toppled,
towers swaying;
Robinson Crusoe Islands,
660 km off coast
hit by tsunami, historic town
centre of Talca, 105 km from
epicenter, largely collapsed;
so far, 33 aftershocks
Magnitude 5 to 6.9
Aid charities send staff to Chile quake zone: Red Cross, Oxfam

Quake 1,000 times stronger than Haiti; over 100 dead, major damage

USGS re-calibrates, now says Chile quake Magnitude 8.8 blockbuster

CNN: Initial reports of minor damage, power outages

Chile quake news wire

Quake now seen as M8.8; tsunami alert for Hawaii, Japan, Pacific rim

Tsunami warning issued for Chile, Peru after quake

1:34:14 am EDT - Massive 8.5 magnitude quake hits Chile

Marjah offensive prelude to full-blown Kandahar assault as Pakistan scoops Taliban

Being Wayne Gretzky an endless series of autograph requests

Canada now leads the world in gold medals

Blatchford: Canadian women's hockey scandal coming to an end

Canadians clean up on short track; Ohno goes out whining

Rex Murphy: Somehow, we survived prorogation for month of February

Tsunami alert dropped after 6.9 magnitude quake hits off Japan coast

Al Gore in hiding as his claims about global warming now a mockery

U.S. oversight chief says Toyota withheld documents

Canada wins gold, bronze in men's short track

Taliban take responsibility for Kabul hotels attack; 19 dead

Toronto 18 accused pleads guilty, sentenced to one day in jail

Ottawa to launch investigation into Toyota recalls

Growth of Canada's deficit slows as economy recovers, tax revenues rebound

U.S. Secret Service uses 1980s computers; out-of-service 40% of time

CNN poll: 56% of Americans say government too big; poses risk to rights

1 million Americans without power as storm dumps on NorthEast

link to image Ken Read:
'Own The Podium'
about more than
medal count
500,000 Nissan, Suzuki & Toyota subsidiary's cars and vans recalled in Japan due to electronic faults

climategate: Temp sensors compromised by locations next to heat sources

Mississauga Mayor
'Hurricane Hazel'
McCallion becomes
internet sensation
in Mercer video
Cato: Crisis management not Toyota's strong suit

Driver says pedal stuck; Toyota Corolla slams into house

Secret tune-up trips behind the gold for Canada’s hockey women

link to image IOC to investigate
Team Canada's
on-ice celebration
after gold-medal win
Nor'easter knocks out power in coastal N.S.

18 dead after attacks in Kabul strike at foreigners in guesthouses

DiManno: Magical skate ends with bronze for Rochette

link to image
  Haiti 7.0 Earthquake
        ~ full NewsWatchCanada Haiti earthquake coverage (here) ~      

skating: Joannie Rochette takes bronze in amazing skate
Toyota fought Sienna tailgate injuries recall; considered non-recall big 'win'

Despite rhetoric, Obama says no compromise on health bill process, words

Toyota insider: massive cost-cutting, financial focus, cost quality

link to image Canadian women
in classic,
2-0 over USA
Bombardier snags sales & options for 80 CSeries airliners at $6.34B(US)

Martin team also to curl for Gold; out think Sweden in semi-final

Bernard team will curl for Gold; take out Swiss in semi-final

NY Times: The Canadian snowboarder supported by two grocers

Washington Post: Americans discuss/debate whether 'Own the Podium' flopped
UK party says pull fact-challenged Al Gore propaganda film from schools

CNN poll: 25% back Obama health bills; 48% want start-over

WSJ: "Who will win gold medal count? It comes down to curling"

CIBC profits up 344%; 5th largest bank beats estimates
AbitibiBowater wants $500-million in compensation/damages for expropriation

'Toyota defence' might rescue jailed Minnesota man

GOP to Obama: 'Let's start over' on health care reform

U.S. Health summit testing Obamian rhetoric vs reality
15 top Taliban held in Pakistan; some had fled ahead of Marjah offensive

Tim Hortons profit up, boosts dividend

4 in hospital after Quebec City-area train derailment

bobsleigh: Canada wins Gold and Silver in women's 2-man bobs
hockey: Canada eliminates Russia 7-3; first win since 1960
FDIC: 702 U.S. banks in danger of defaulting

High airport taxes in Canada mean boom/expansion for Plattsburgh, NY

Military examines deaths of 3 CFB Borden soldiers over past month

link to image Bombardier wins
$1.4B French train
contract which could
grow to $11.4B
Crocodile tears, but no remorse from Akio Toyoda, say grilling politicians

Toyota pummelled; in U.S. will provide loaners for owners needing repairs

FBI raids Toyota supplier Denso in Detroit

GM to shutter Hummer and 400 dealers after Chinese sale collapses

updated: Killer whale Tilikum kills trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, at SeaWorld, Florida
1992: Tilikum killed trainer Keltie Byrne, 20, at Sealand in Victoria, BC
'Whistler Weasel Workers' touted by New York Times

Tom Brokaw 'love letter to Canada' goes viral on YouTube

Towns: "If the Camry and the Prius were airplanes, they would be grounded."

link to image Canadian Embassy in
Washington hopping
during Olympics;
NDPer supports choice
of Gérard Latulippe,
Ignatieff all partisan again
Canadian media has plenty of positive stories to write about

Persichilli: Ignatieff hype failed to match reality; huge letdown for supporters
Bernier notes wisdom of Canada's moderate approach proven by multiple IPCC frauds

NY Times: Prepared statement says Toyota President will "take full responsibility"

Tofino: "The best surf town in North America is in Canada. Who knew?"

Tretiak: "Crosby plays more like a Russian than Ovechkin"
Quebec shale gas find could redraw Canada's energy map

Not a dry eye in country, after best skate of her life by Joannie Rochette

Pew poll: Young adult voters abandoning Obama in droves; no Hope, no Change cited

Mysterious "Bloom box" fuel cell promises 24/7 alt power; Google, eBay, Staples and FedEx sing praises
WTO: World trade contracted 12 percent in 2009

climategate fall-out: Britain's Weather Office proposes new, open data climate review

Neurobiology of Aging journal: Damaged protein may predict Alzheimer's

Rhode Island school district fires all 74 of its teachers after union blocks plan
Toyota suppliers in Japan angry, say company squeezing them out of business

Zazi planned to blow up New York subway during rush hour to kill thousands

Sen. Inhofe wants criminal investigation of "greatest scientific scandal of our generation"

U.S. Senate environment committee lambastes scientists' compromised ethics, IPCC fictions
U.S. Sen. Boxer and EPA's Jackson suddenly throw IPCC report "under the bus"

latest oops: Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels

Alarmists the new 'deniers' as their Global Warming claims melt, one by one

Putting faces on the gentle family killed by the runaway loaner Lexus
Brutal winter weather blamed for freezing global recovery

Texas congressman on faulty Toyota: "Get the car and tear the damn thing apart"

Liberal judge appointee Steve Ellis solicted sex swap says former refugee
Ashleigh McIvor,
first Olympic women’s
ski-cross champ
link to image
2010 building/expansion plan by Wal-Mart to create 6,500 jobs in Canada this year
Final Harvard report ranks Canada 25th in world broadband speeds
McGuinty admits online gambling may be in the cards for Ontario

Toyota President's Wednesday mea culpa: "We went for growth over engineering"

Toyota to Congress: "Recalls might 'not totally' solve unintended acceleration"
U.S. Gen. McChrystal apologizes for deadly airstrike which killed 21 civilians
Historic ice dance Gold for Virtue and Moir from London & Ilderton

Grieving Rochette and coach thank Canadians for support

2nd man on Moon, Buzz Aldrin tells Canada we don't have to be #1 to be great

late Monday: Lufthansa pilots suspend walkout temporarily, return to work

Newsweek: How Canadian Steve McIntyre broke Michael Mann's hockey stick hoax

Green movement used to reject science, now embrace it, no matter how shoddy

March 4th budget targets spending, no new taxes

Toyota stock ownership and other ties to Democrats raise questions over congressional probes

Canada's deep water Arctic port plans vindicated as U.S. wants one, too

U.S. Congressmen say Toyota misled public about recalls

Ottawa: Man, 19, dead, 6 in custody in one of 3 overnight home invasions

Internal documents show Toyota doesn't trust Obama administration

CNN poll: 86% of Americans say government 'broken'

breakthrough: NYC terrorism suspect Zazi pleads guilty

Bill Bennett sets Glenn Beck straight; personal analogy does injustice to America

opinion: How/why Hillary Clinton will leave State and run for President in 2012

U.S. Governors & Canadian Premiers meeting endorses 'freer trade'

Will Mary Simon be the next Governor-General?

Col Williams: How could accused killer have time to commit those crimes?

Cadillac creating European division; takes on Euro-lux makers

Conference Board says B.C. to be #1 province in Canadian economic growth

Major Canadian appeals court ruling unties police hands in drug investigations

New U.S. climate agency head suppresses contrary data, says critics

100 Toyota dealers to rally in Washington, blame media

Prominent U.S. lobbying firm drops Toyota as client

U.S. mulls ban on 5 BlackBerry smartphone models

U.S. criminal investigation: Toyota slapped with subpoenas

One-third of working Canadians say they will never retire

recon team? -- British plane-spotters face jail in India

Swine flu may have infected 63 million Americans; 45% of 10-to-19 year-olds

Ford not going to hire new workers for at least two more years

Obama health care plan has new capital gains, investment income taxes

Suicide attack kills Afghan warlord accused in Bin Laden Tora Bora escape

NATO airstrike said to have killed Afghan civilians; 27 dead

Carrying life preservers as souvenirs, sunken
SV Concordia survivors arrive home
link to image
Flag flap as flagologists decry Olympic version of Canadian flag as "treason"

Lufthansa pilot says strike due to multiple takeovers and company cash squeeze

GOP calls for doctor/legislators to be included in White House health summit

Obama releases details on last-ditch health care reform plan

Canada remains on expected medal pace; U.S. "over-achieving"

Haiti leader says quake toll could reach 300,000

zoomer math: Ignatieff and Obama just don't get who actually votes

link to image Olympics fever: Big signs,
big masks and big fun
in Vancouver
4-day, 4,000-pilot Lufthansa strike to scramble air travel worldwide

Joannie Rochette to skate Tuesday despite her mom's death

Profits ahead of customer safety?
internal documents: Toyota crowed about saving $100 million in 2007 recall stall action

NY Times op-ed: Evan Bayh on need to end partisanship in U.S. Senate

Sudden heart attack fells mother of Canadian champ Joannie Rochette

Canada well-positioned to gain seat on UN Security Council

A Canadian in U.S. speaks: "At the Olympics, is going for gold un-Canadian?"

Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran

street hockey: Canada trounces U.S. team 16-2 in Afghanistan

Washington Post: Glenn Beck equal opportunity big spending basher at U.S. CPAC

Another major Afghan Taliban operative captured in Pakistan; dominoes falling

Historic meeting of U.S. Governors & Canadian Premiers turns into 'group hug'

Moderate-voice Tamil newspaper’s Scarborough office attacked

Rosie DiManno: Why this Olympics is already a winner

Lorrie Goldstein: Great global warming snow job
"Weather not same thing as climate ... unless David Suzuki says it is"

NRC Chalk River nuclear physicist disappears without trace; gone a month

RCMP probe fraudster who fled to Lebanon leaving $10M in debts

Relieved sunken ship students tell tales of 40-hour ordeal at sea

Portugal floods kill 40, many more feared buried

Suspicious map sparks security sweep at athletes’ village

Robert Fulford: Why is Obama failing?

NY Times: Old complaints about Toyota Rav4 transmission failures re-surface

Toyota going strong in emerging nations, safety issue not an issue

More than 1,000 attend CFB Trenton’s military appreciation rally

McGuinty taketh from you and giveth to buy-election Liberals

Mighty Monty shows manners as well as passion

Rex Murphy: Bed, Bath & Beyond good sense

Pakistan air strike 'kills 30' in South Waziristan

2005 Toyota Camry in focus of acceleration complaints; but no recalls

Frum: Romney on target as he launches campaign for President in 2012

Canadian skeleton athlete Jon Montgomery celebrates his gold medal Friday night.
Shaw wins last-day court fight for CanWest broadcast assets

New Ontario lottery chief Paul Godfrey touts internet gambling

"It was an absolute nightmare. A real life Titanic, but with a happy ending."

Rescued students dock in Rio. Hold hands, weep, after 40 hours at sea.
64 sailors spent many hours adrift  Canadian agency won’t play big role in probe

Rescued students arriving in Rio  Students calm as sailing ship sank -- teacher

Worker on ship housing Olympic security staff had leprosy

Canada to honour late John Babcock, last of 650,000 WWI soldiers

State Farm Insurance now says it alerted U.S. Gov't about Toyota problems in 2004

Canada opposed to G20 imposing global bank tax

12 allied soldiers lost in Afghanistan push into Marjah

U.S. Marines seize Taliban headquarters, IDs, photos

Tiger Woods says 'sorry' for irresponsible behaviour; will golf again

U.S. dollar up, stocks down, after Fed Reserve raises discount rate, first since '06

As climategate revelations continue, Gore, Suzuki et al have gone into hiding

Hockey hero Paul Henderson fights cancer

"Sovereignty is not achievable": Lucien Bouchard

link to image
Canadian college tall ship flips and sinks in gale off Brazil;
all 54 students & 10 crew rescued by Brazilian air force, ships

Top Taliban capture was 'fluke'; U.S. thought target was associate of Mullah Baradar

Last WWI vet, John Babcock, passes at 109; joined forces in Sydenham, ON in 1916

Tories and Grits hammer British gutter press over Olympic snipes

James Delingpole: The official climategate cover-up continues

link to image U.N. nuke watchdog
International Atomic
Energy Agency
warns Iran making
nuclear warhead
Christine Nesbitt Gold in 1,000-metre speed skating; Kristina Groves 4th, narrowly

Whining geezer complains he didn't qualify for luge; says unsafe; threatens suit

Rumours of his death greatly exagerrated, says Gordon Lightfoot

Nanos poll: Facebook groups "should have little or no influence on government"

Hockey buzz:
when Team Canada
takes to ice,
fans know
who they're for,
except Iffy Ignatieff
Jeb Bush: Obama hasn't learned poll drop lesson; Washington remains 'incompetent'

Notorious Shawn Brant arrested once again; mischief under $5,000, probation breach

Ticketmaster forced by FTC to make payments to wronged Springsteen ticket buyers

Jones' gang owes apologies to all those they have libelled in emails and in public and
"to fellow scientists, policymakers, and the millions who trusted him, CRU, and IPCC"

Analysts believe China secretly buying U.S. debt; ties two economies more tightly

Canadian team wins world high school debate title

NY Times: Freakonomics on the smoking gun BBC interview with disgraced Phil Jones

Yvo de Boer resigns as top UN climate official amid Climategate scandal

U.S. unemployment numbers unexpectedly jump by 31,000

More high-ranking al Qaeda arrests by Pakistan with U.S. intel help

Concern expressed that Corolla probe may devastate Toyota brand

Halifax to host meeting of G8 international development ministers in April

read: Austin terror pilot rails against IRS, government, churches in online manifesto/suicide note

updated 5:05pm: Pilot crashes plane into IRS building in Austin, TX; online manifesto

Williams to keep military rank and pay until verdict reached

Williams: Court appearance, remand until March 25; successor takes over Friday

link to image Half of world's
primate species
report says
Toyota President relents under pressure; now says may testify before U.S. Congress

Pruden: The red-hot 'climate change' scam unravels

opinion: U.S. liberals call U.S. "ungovernable" every time they fail at governing...

Crack undercover Mounties stop secret admirer of U.S. VP Biden at Olympics

Canada tried 'diplomatic re-engagement' with Iran 15 months ago; Iran opted out

Bill Nye the Science Guy aka global warmist; Beck attacked for questioning

Climategate 2.0: Why NASA blocked 'Freedom of Information' request for two years

U.S. Republican congressman wants to subpoena Toyota president to testify

U.S. to launch probe Thursday of Toyota Corolla over unsafe power steering

Don Martin: UK media takes gold medal for whining, fabrication, distortion, etc.

Rutgers: Northern hemisphere snow extent second highest on record

March 4 budget will identify cost-cutting to start road back to surplus budgets

Canadians say cut spending, don't increase taxes; civil service objects

Tiger Woods to end months of silence on Friday

U.S. factory production, home starts exceed forecasts; stocks up

3 employees of electric car innovator Tesla killed; California plane crash

Hand-swabbing for explosives residue to be major new airport screening tool

Haiti judge frees 8 of 10 Baptist missionaries charged with child kidnapping

U.S. Marines take control of city government offices as Marjah battle proceeds

Food price deflation nudges Loblaws profits down

9 hospitalized after Who-like crowd crush at Olympic concert

Canada hosts 5 Arctic Ocean nations in March; 3 non-coastal states want in

Toyoda promises "brake-override in future models & quicker disclosure of defects"

Toyota prez Akio Toyoda won't face U.S. Congressional panel; sending U.S. official

Still in denial over sudden acceleration, Toyota now says Corolla steering recall imminent

Toyota Canada on PR offensive: "You tend to be defined not by the challenges but how you respond" (ahem...)

Williams: OPP uses two large trucks to cart evidence from Ottawa home

Williams: Prominent Ottawa defence lawyer Michael Edelson to defend disgraced colonel

Stock already down $31B, Toyota sweats appearance before congressional panel

British oil drilling in Falklands/Malvinas cranks tensions, memories of 1982 war

Washington Post: Haiti earthquake damage estimated up to $14 billion

Boston Herald: "Prof killer a far-left political extremist 'obsessed' with Obama to point of being off-putting"

Nanos poll: 83.9% of Canadians don't want Ignatieff as Prime Minister

Toyota lawsuits in U.S. estimated at $3.6B; death, injury and property damage to drop in re-sale value

link to image Olympic mittens
with maple leaf
in big demand
Dick Morris: "Obama has ruined his presidency and his party"

CNN Poll: 52% of Americans say Obama doesn't deserve 2nd term

The Foundry: Is global warming really a bigger threat than Iran?

Science & Public Policy Institute paper: "Surface temperature records: Policy driven deception?"

The continuing climate meltdown; science not so "settled"

In nod to Supreme Court, Nicholson asks U.S. to exclude info from Khadr trial

Magic moment in history 20 years ago, and Ottawa's key role, honoured

Ricker joins Bilodeau in Gold rush; wins women's snowboard cross

Canada's role in Haiti relief proves need for 'hard power' explains Harper

U.S. urges clothing companies to buy Haiti apparel; mum on other imports

Ford lays off 900 workers at Michigan Mustang plant; Chevy Camaro sales robust

Ignatieff Liberals drop again in latest Harris-Decima poll; Harper now up by 4 points

One of drivers of crashed Belgian trains jumped from engine to coach at last moment

More errors in temp data; Met Office says 'only 5% variance' from claims (ahem...)

Obama goes nuclear in search of votes and jobs; demands cap-and-trade

Russia finally joins U.S. and France to oppose Iranian uranium enrichment

"We're all mixed blood" -- Mohawk condemns Kahnawake evictions as 'racist'

U.S. Gov't demands Toyota recall documents; auto plants idled as demand drops

Judge rules 'Toronto 18' bomb plot participant wasn't entrapped, not credible

Harper visits troops in Jacmel, praises DART work in Haiti

Conoco, BP, Caterpillar smell coffee, leave cap-and-trade lobbying Climate Action Partnership

'Iffy' Ignatieff ignores gobal warming fraud, demands discredited cap-and-trade system

Research in Motion announces new, easier-to-use, much faster browser

'Survival mode' for Democrats means turning against Obama; Hope for Obamian Change drops

climategate: Jones attempt at rehabilitating reputation fails on shoals of documented fraud

Voice of people rising in defiance of bureaucrats, propaganda, and funded climate catastrophiacs

Canadian households sinking further into debt says Vanier Institute study

Harper shoots and scores on NBC Today Show

Globe & Mail: Flaherty unveils new mortgage rules needed to prevent 'negative trends'

Maclean's: The secret life and lies of Col. Williams

Williams: Tread match plus suspicious behaviour made Williams a prime suspect says source

Globe & Mail: Flaherty said to announce stricter mortgage rules Tuesday

100 Taliban killed in Marjah, say commanders; 200 remain, 100 fled

hockey: More Canadians shoot left-handed, more Americans righties

Captured Mullah is most important Taliban figure to be caught since Afghan war began

Joint secret raid captures Taliban’s top commander
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar: Afghan captured in Pakistan,
held secretly, interrogated for several days by U.S. & Pakistan

BBC exposed for its financial links to global warming; follow the money...

Adrian McNair: "I told CBC Climategate is 'the biggest story of the 21st Century'"

Al Qaeda in Yemen is actively recruiting English-speaking individuals: report

Climategate investigation whitewash: Third panel member exposed as warmist

Fears of another quake new Haiti boogeyman; intact houses remain empty

Toyota recall launches supplier CTS out of obscurity; reveals Toyota secret

Australians lead in whining at Olympics after Bilodeau moguls gold

breaking: Haiti school collapses due to heavy rains; 3 children dead

Harper visits Haiti; Canada will help house Haitian Gov't

Weather station fraud is another climategate brick in the wall

Keeping track of warming scandal: What to say to a global warming advocate

Why many meteorologists are breaking with science of global warming

So-called Black Bloc anarchists' vandalism exposes cracks in anti-Olympic fight

Germany dismisses idea of European bail-out fund for Greece

AP: U.S. Government says 34 deaths alleged due to unsafe Toyota vehicles since 2000

hooded hoodlums: Free speech in Canada on display at Vancouver Games

opinion: The persistent practice of removing link of Nazis to socialism

Phil Jones BBC revelations continue to reveal lack of scientific certainty in so-called global warming

Olympic debut: Radical Chevy Volt will use as much power annually as home refrigerator & freezer

Ottawa mother sues Catholic school board after daughter bullied

Technology meets human endeavour at the Olympics

25 non-natives evicted from Mohawk reserve as murky bloodlines become racial tool

Chatroulette: speeding up the randomness and weirdness of normal human contact

Clinton: Iran well on its way to being military dictatorship

breaking: Another Dem Senator bails from re-election run; will Bayh seek Presidency?

Family Day pondering: is Deb Matthews both frittering $$$ and hurting lives?

Alabama killer Prof Amy Bishop was prime suspect in 1993 Harvard letter bombing

Canada housing prices may fall, David Dodge tells Globe & Mail

Turkey 'will aid Iran uranium swap' to help resolve nuclear crisis

3 charged after violent anti-Olympics protest

Belgian two-train commuter crash kills 20

Williams lauded military policeman for his handling of a July murder on base

Williams: The dark star and the stranger in town

NatPost opinion: Sometimes there may be no explanation at all for evil, though we look

2nd missing 27-yr-old woman: Purse, phone found at missing woman's home

Random House Canada hires Globe & Mail crime reporter to write book on Williams

Police remove boxes of evidence from Col. Williams' Ottawa home Sunday

Slain woman's family asks about Williams link to 1987 Toronto death

Canada scores first gold as Bilodeau triumphs in moguls

Bloomberg bombshell: Toyota used ex-NHTSA regulators to stop U.S. safety probes

Harper to visit Haiti Monday to discuss long-term rebuilding

2007 Israel armed forces chief, now retired, says Iran too tough a target

Scientist at heart of Climategate, Phil Jones, admits no temp increase since 1995

Breakthrough in flexible silicon may change the uses of solar cells

'No greenhouse effect' caused by man says Australian scientist

Two missiles fired from American drone killed at least six in North Waziristan, Pakistan

Japan's economy grew above expectations in October-December quarter

Chinese real estate investors eye Canadian housing boom as investment haven

Luger who died in Whistler was terrified of track says grieving father

McMurray wins long Daytona 515; Earnhardt from 10th to 2nd on last lap

Canadians serving as mentors to Afghans and providing air power in offensive

Changes to luge track handicap favourites says American vet Gonzalez

Second Belleville woman has been missing for a month, but just reported

Toyota starts denial offensive, ignoring owners' experiences

Not enough French in Olympics opening ceremony says Heritage Minister

NATO rockets miss target, kill 12 Afghans; General apologizes

link to image 'Great American Race'
Daytona 500 bumps Olympics
off TV for 6+ hours
of 190+mph magic & mayhem
Globe and Mail opinion: Olympics legacy should be a model for national projects

Shovelling out the global warming fraud

Ian Brown waxes poetic on the Opening Ceremonies: "The idea of Canada, on display"

Danica Patrick and her car owner Earnhardt Jr. both kocked out of Saturday undercard race at Daytona in big wrecks

Mississauga arson suspect held after nab at Pearson Airport

Tough slogging, successes for Allied forces in Marjah as Afghan flag raised

Whistler luge track designer also did tracks for 1998, 2002 and 2006 Olympic Games

Allied troops seize Taliban posts; fighting sporadic

Frum: Don't start bombing Iran just yet

Democrat Delahunt released Alabama U. killer in '86 after she killed her brother

Former IPCC author now says "Temp records not reliable as indicators of global change"

33M. Americans watched Opening on NBC; stirring words from Brokaw, Costas

Opening most-watched TV event in Canadian history; live on 11 networks/languages

Democratic Congress won't do his bidding, so Obama turns autocrat after a year of failures

Men's lugers will now start down the course farther, from women's starting point

German designer of Whistler luge track suggests raising walls at end of track

Men's downhill postponed due to snow, rain overnight

Luge Federation declares Whistler luge track safe following fatal crash

Cauldron glitch didn't take away from complex, spectacular opening ceremonies

Four Canadian icons officially open Vancouver Games
Catriona LeMay Doan, Steve Nash, Nancy Greene Raine, Wayne Gretzky light flame

Climate change fanatics attack Canadian Tim Ball with vicious enthusiasm

Ottawa Citizen: Shame on Ignatieff for playing politics in pushing abortion

Female biology professor charged with 3 counts of murder in Alabama meeting attack

Tweed: Williams tried to frame his neighbour with evidence, body location

Canada welcomes the world to Vancouver!
Toyota faces yet another recall; this time it's shafts in 8,000 Tacoma trucks

Georgia chooses to stay at Games to honour fallen Nodar Kumaritashvili

CTV story, Feb. 6th: "When I got on this track, I thought somebody was going to kill themselves"

link to image Georgian luger
killed in
training crash
Whistler track criticized for speed; Furlong: "We are heartbroken beyond words"
IOC president Jacques Rogge holds tears, says Olympic family "in deep mourning"

pre-accident: Whistler Sliding Centre track drops 152 metres, fastest in world

Afghanistan offensive on as 15,000 U.S., British & Afghan troops move

3 dead, woman in custody after gunfire at U of Alabama faculty meeting

NBC to once again tape-delay Olympic events; all events will be live TV in Canada

Protest leads to detour on final day of Olympic torch run; vets wait in vain

American Red Cross issues one month progress report on its Haiti relief effort

Moderate 5.4 earthquake hits Cuba, 160 miles from Port-au-Prince; no injuries/damage

Olympic luge track 'really fast'; multiple training crashes

Economist urges Feds to chop provincial transfers to reduce deficits

Prominent Dutch scientist resigns: "I don’t want to remain a member of organization that "screws up science that badly."

Gunter: Government interference in private disputes; drawing a line

Mystery remains: if not Wayne Gretzky to light the flame, then who?

How the Vancouver Olympic dream began and the dreamers who made it happen

3 billion may be watching the first indoor opening ceremonies in Olympic history tonight

Climategate & IPCC controversies eroding political support for Obama warmist policies

Canada Border Services agents nab cocaine worth $10M in ship container from Chile

Toyota says it will finally start to open up about quality problems in bid to rebuild reputation

Shaw Communications to buy control of CanWest Global

Ottawa Citizen: Police conscious of Bernardo mistakes during Williams probe

Toronto Sun: Williams' DNA not being compared to banked DNA from unsolved crimes?

Mandel: Williams was known as a serial seducer of women, says former friend

Wrongly imprisoned Baltovich wants Williams considered suspect in murder of Elizabeth Bain

Toronto Sun: Williams & Bernardo were partying pals in college, say sources

experts: Serial killers become chameleons to get away with murder

Extended family and friends they never saw any indication Williams had dark side

Col. Williams was estranged from family for much of last decade; little contact with brother

Psychiatrist says talking about the shock of the Williams arrest is the best medicine for residents

Transcript of remarks by Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk at CFB Trenton this week

Residents near CFB Trenton downplay reports of military backlash

Lewis Mackenzie: Media has betrayed readers by its lack of military knowledge

Globe & Mail: Both Marie Comeau and Jessica Lloyd were asphyxiated

Prime Minister Harper salutes B.C.'s 'golden moment' in B.C. legislature

Editor of Nature forced to resign from 'Climategate' review panel

Steve Clark takes over from new Sen. Runciman as Leeds-Grenville PC by-election candidate

GM adds second shift and up to 700 workers at Oshawa plant to make Buick Regal

Shawn O'Sullivan proudly carries Olympic torch in Vancouver after intervention by friends & fans

Angelina Jolie visits and thanks Canadian troops in Jacmel, Haiti

Sen. Nancy Greene wishes Vonn health, but hopes Canadian skiers rule slopes

Beauty alone could make Vancouver Games a success

New Jersey Governor Christie takes charge, declares fiscal emergency as deficit soars

Wife, husband, son all to stand trial for murder in Kingston canal deaths

30 Olympic athletes banned due to drugs; Canadians all clean

U.S. and Afghan troops surround Taliban stronghold, ready for battle

Canadians want Olympic nations to suspend hostilities during Olympic Games

breaking: Bill Clinton "in good spirits" after emergency heart procedure

Weasel mayor Miller wants disgraced Giambrone to stay at helm of money-sink TTC

Obama finds bi-partisan issue: Whacks Toyota for hiding safety defects

Hypocrisy over prorogation shows "outrage" was all a partisan put-on

Giorno clears air: Freedom of Information Act "applies to everybody across government, including political staff"

Conservatives move ahead of Liberals; regain lead in Ekos poll

'Iffy' Ignatieff still stumbling in role as opposition leader

A Liberal's lament for enhancing democracy with an elected Senate

Europe rejects contentious deal to fight terrorism by sharing bank info with U.S.

Daytona Speedweeks: Danica Patrick to make NASCAR Nationwide debut Saturday on legendary track

NASCAR Sprint Cup season starts today: watch Daytona Gatorade Duel Twin races free on your PC

31 years after revolution, Iran says now nuclear power; protesters riot in streets

Wal-Mart Canada plans to power stores through wind, solar energy

Racism defended: How Mohawks measure racial purity and discriminate against non-natives

Cross-jurisdictional teamwork between multiple city and OPP police forces led to arrest

Ex-cons say life will be tough for Williams in Napanee jail; other inmates will "pound him"

'Alleged psychopath' would be better way for media to describe Williams, says columnist

Police poised to re-open Toronto cold cases from 1980s

Special OPP behavioural sciences unit deeply involved in investigation

Col. Williams segregated and on suicide watch at Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee

Williams: Former Russ Sovka is a man it appears no one really knew

Williams: Police search continues at Ottawa home of disgraced commander

Eerie twist: Williams mock-arrested in fundraiser same day Cpl. Comeau's body found

Anti-military backlash feared by soldiers in Trenton

Williams' stepfather stunned by charges, can't figure them out

Canadian Forces National Investigation Service continues working with civilian police

Williams: Interwoven series of events led to arrest of disgraced CFB Trenton Commander

Harper fed up with UN Iran inaction; will use G8 Presidency bully pulpit

Euro staggering stopped by German intervention; said to regret creating the currency

Ohio report says Toledo a centre for human trafficking; cites Canada proximity

Harper pays for his own Olympic tickets; freeloader Iggy refuses to pay

Toyota chops prices on tainted vehicles to save company

Toyota dealers have 70,000 vehicles stranded on dealer lots, unfixed

Olympics BOMBSHELL: Best skier in world, Lindsey Vonn, may miss slopes due to injury

Post-bankruptcy, Air Canada goes after successful Porter Air; lawsuit airborne

Minister Baird goes to Ethiopia to get release of imprisoned Canadian

Canadian real estate agents rave about Google 'street view'

Bodies of two missing Laval future firefighters found in submerged car

Mayoralty candidates want Giambrone out of burning TTC -- NOW!

Former 2-term NDP President Giambrone crash-and-burn all about hubris

Giambrone bails from Toronto mayor race after character revealed; bolts from media

ottawa citizen: Charges move military to review selection process

maclean's: Portrait of an accused Predator

cold cases: Sad memories opened up by revisiting past murders

shocked MacKay: "I stand by our men and women in uniform"

Gen. Natynczyk: Heroic CFB Trenton troops told to 'stand tall'

Don Martin: Murder charges a blow to military morale

Williams: The telling tire tracks, solid police work, unusual evasiveness

Col. Williams "hard to get to know" say bartender, local mayor

Blatchford: Williams confessed to more
than 50 crimes, led police to Lloyd's body

DNA links convicted pipeline bomber Ludwig to recent B.C. attacks

Honda airbag recall doubles to 1M vehicles: Acura, Civic, Accord, Odyssey, CR-V

Obama admits defeat and says he'll accept fewer health changes

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julie Payette, Jann Arden, Michael Buble, Walter Gretzky to carry Olympic torch

Liberal McGuinty to prorogue during by-elections, Olympics; good for goose/gander?

Kentucky lawmaker seeks prayers for Toyota & its workers; what about OWNERS?

Google takes 'street view' technology to Vancouver Olympic venues

Air Canada Jazz buys 15 Bombardier turbo-props; back to Bishop Toronto City Airport?

State Farm Insurance says it warned on Toyota acceleration problems in '07; others in '03

Toyota ready to tackle Washington lawmakers with multi-million dollar lobbying budget

unbelievable: Two Virginia students arrested for 'felony snowball throwing'

Major Afghanistan battle for Marjah imminent as forces gather on outskirts & Taliban digs in

Thirsk: "When we had free time, we didn’t watch videos, we didn’t read books. We just looked out the window..."

In surprise move, Obama finally faces Press after 7 months

"Bush was right," says Obama, for first time, in defending himself...

Vancouver largest city at 2.1M to ever host Winter Olympics

What took so long? Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin awarded Las Vegas stars

Japanese aircraft seat firm with Toyota ownership accused of falsifying safety tests

Chicago cancels more than 500 flights in face of storm; travellers affected continent-wide

Man pulled alive from Haiti rubble 4 weeks after 'quake; delirious, malnourished

CNN Opinion: Open letter from 2003 Nobel Laureate to UN on behalf of Iranian human rights

Williams ruled out as suspect in 2001 MacVicar death at CFB Trenton; Police give no reason

RMC death: Parents of Joe Grozelle, RMC cadet who died mysteriously in 2003, note Williams was at RMC then, too

arrest timeline: Events leading to charges against Col. Russell Williams

FBI expert: "People don’t just wake up one day and say, ‘I’m going to abduct someone and murder them.’ I’m sure there’s a history."

Trenton Mayor: "This is just one individual charged. Not a reflection of how our community perceives the base."

Col. Williams: Police agencies calling Ontario cops for information on homicides; autopsy underway

Col. Williams: Commander nonchalant when Trenton Mayor asked him about Comeau investigation

Tweed: Williams neighbour relieved he's cleared after interrogations, polygraph test

breaking: Distinctive snow tires led police to Hollywood-style case break
sharp cops quickly assembled puzzle and interrogated Williams Sunday

Col. Williams: Cold case analysis looks at 2001 Trenton slaying of NS woman

Col. Williams: Base commander's charges shock Eastern Ontario

Col. Williams: Arrested officer ran single most important forces base in Canada

Col. Williams: Tweed investigation sought specific items in warrants issued last Fall

Could Toyota engineering and customer relations failures damage reputation of other Japanese companies?

Giambrone "has already proven he’s Miller Lite when it comes to playing politics"

Giambrone being battered on Twitter for indiscretions, cynicism, bad judgement, moral character

Leftie Toronto mayor candidate has affair; cynically tells 2nd girlfriend he's doing things for 'appearances'

NY Times: U.S. wants Iranian sanctions 'very soon'

83 failure complaints about 2009-10 Toyota Corolla power steering; accidents, injuries

link to image Mid-Atlantic U.S. states and
southern Ontario brace
as new storm approaches
Honda warns Toyota 'flu' may infect whole car industry as buyers lose faith

Afghan avalanches kill at least 28, strand 1,500

Tymosheko refuses to concede to concede defeat in disputed Ukraine election

Top-drawer writer Ian Brown wins Taylor Prize for moving memoir about disabled son

Canada to purchase Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge? ...carries 25% of trade

Toyota recalling 436,000 2010 Prius, Lexus, and Japan-only Sai hybrid models for bad brakes

Coyne: Obama's U.S. banking changes takes Americans farther away from Canadian model which he likes

Chevy Volt to start rolling off the assembly line at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant on Nov. 1st

global warming?: Siberian cold likely to bring sub-zero temperatures and snow again to UK

Ontario man among 5 killed on Connecticut plant blast

Google laments slow speed of internet, 'net censorship...

Marist College poll shows Obama hitting his lowest approval ranking since taking office

Toyota dealers pull ABC TV ads; anger over 'excessive stories'

Full-screen annotated google map showing area where crimes committed

Global TV: Video and print coverage of the sad and shocking story

Maclean's: Col. Russell Williams’ double life?

Cpl. Marie-France Comeau remembered as charming, intelligent; much-missed

Searchers for Jessica Lloyd were optimistic to the end

Tweed assault victim's story - 'In the company of the devil'

Col. Williams' wife is a top executive with Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in Ottawa; more details

Charged Col. Williams relieved of command at CFB Trenton due to "seriousness of charges"

breaking: Williams remanded to Feb 18th; no personal lawyer, represented by duty counsel today

CFB Trenton Commander murder charges ~ wire stories

Canadian Forces
in shock
over Williams

(interactive map at left
shows key crime locations)
breaking: Publication ban announced on new details about Williams charges

National Post: Bio and career history of CFB Trenton CO Williams

Official OPP press release on charges against CFB Trenton CO

Col. Russ Williams: Took over CFB Trenton as CO in July 2009

1:19 p.m.: Toronto Sun says CFB Base Commander Williams
charged with 2 counts of murder, including fellow soldier

12:55 p.m.: Toronto Sun says CSI "combing through home of CFB Trenton Commander Russ Williams"

12:44 p.m.: Belleville-area newspaper says CFB Trenton Base Commander charged in death of Jessica Lloyd

12:24 p.m.: Belleville news website says police investigating Tweed-area home of CFB Base Commander

breaking: Rumour of high-profile arrest in Belleville missing woman case
local media scrambles for 1 p.m. police press conference

Support down for Australia's Rudd and his CO2 trading scheme says poll

Global warming to become global cooling?

Doug Hoffman: Why I am a global warming skeptic

McGuinty Liberals hold back Nortel pension guarantee for a year until by-election call

latest: 5 still missing; 5 dead after Connecticut power plant explosion

Body found of missing Ontario woman; arrest made

New sanctions on Iran only peaceful path left to end nuke threat

China shuts down hacker training website that collected $1 million in members’ fees

Residents of Toyota, Japan surprised their biggest employer came across as dithering and unprepared

Is U.N. pocketing Haiti relief money by overpricing its involvement?

Special Forces assassins infiltrate Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan

Vancouver Olympic snow techs using dry ice in buried pipes to keep snow frozen

update: 5 confirmed dead in Connecticut power plant explosion; 12 hurt

Vancouver, Washington getting attention as "other Vancouver" during Olympics

Ignatieff has needlessly politicized non-partisan issue of improving women's health in developing countries

Merit pay for teachers creates controversy; some teachers insulted by suggested need

Led by Canada, G7 pledges to forgive Haiti's debt

Ukraine crisis as pro-Moscow candidate narrowly wins Presidency, according to exit polls

La Canada, CA hit by mudslides as saturated hills slide; lost vegetation cover in '09 fires

Republican Party recruits political rookies to take on established Democrats

Climate scientist at heart of Climategate says he's considered suicide

RFK Jr. on memories of snow in DC and why the snow is gone forever (errr.. wait)

Wente: The great global warming collapse

Palin tells Fox Sunday program she 'would be willing' to take on Obama in 2012

Toyota may announce a Prius brakes recall this week

Sec'y Clinton says al-Qaeda threat to U.S. greater than Iran threat

CTV Ottawa (formerly CJOH) newsroom destroyed by fire; equipment, archives lost

Too soon to end stimulus, G7 ministers agree

More mistakes found in climate change report

Bombardier plane orders down 97% in 2009; plenty of back-orders

Mega-storm covers Washington/Baltimore with up to 30" of snow

Iqaluit G7 meeting ends; no Greece action, financial sector reform, no Canadian housing bubble

NB Liberal Premier tosses cabinet minister over NB Power sale disagreement

Nation-wide warrant issued after parolee leaves Ottawa halfway house

Flights cancelled across continent because mid-Atlantic states buried in snow

Toyota troubles seen likely to lead to government mandate for brake override systems

CIBC bank manager and family arrested for armed bank robbery and invasions

Toyota Canada announces it will resume selling 8 models with faulty accelerator pedals

Noonan: In the age of terror, America needs sober, bipartisan leadership

Wall Street Journal: A Crisis Made in Japan ~ Toyota's botched response to its
escalating problems has deep roots in Japan's legal system and corporate tradition.

Europe crisis on Iqualuit plate; Flaherty suggests Canadian bank model for world

lawyer: Toyota lawsuits may hit $1B in Canada and $10B in U.S.

Police name and issue warrant for suspect in $5M Mississauga arson at MP's office

Japanese media hit Toyota president for being tardy and unconvincing

Kingston Penitentiary museum chronicles life behind bars

Son of Leafs GM Burke dies in Indiana snow storm car crash

Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti
takes a ride on a dog sled before the start
of the G7 finance ministers' meeting in
Iqaluit, Nunavut, Feb. 5, 2010.
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Obama admits his haphazard health care overhaul may die on Capitol Hill

Iffy embraces 'wedge politics', tries to create divide over Canadian values

Deadly 'epic snowstorm' hits Washington, mid-Atlantic; stores emptied

What happens when California windmills move to Minnesota? They stop spinning...

Unlawful enemy combatant weasel Omar Khadr NOW suing Canada for $10M (was $100,000)

Danish military storms Somali pirate ship, frees 25

Penn State global warming whitewash motivated by government grants?

How/why 2010 Toyota Prius brakes are different & why Mercedes tried & discarded system in '02

Toyota under fire in UK for its handling of safety recall; hid problem

Full-body scanner now operational at Trudeau airport in Montreal

NS cat ferry decision costs 600 jobs, hammers tourism operators

40 dead after car bombs explode near Shiite pilgrims in Iraqi holy city

NDP's Jack Layton has prostate cancer; will watch Olympics

Calgary surpasses Ottawa, now Canada's fourth largest metro area

Huge new national park for Labrador -- "bigger than Yosemite & Yellowstone combined"

Preview best of 2010 Super Bowl commercials

Dutch point out new mistakes in U.N. climate report

Stocks fall on mixed jobs report, continuing European debt worries

Speed legislation seen linked to huge drop in fatalities on OPP-patrolled roads

Two dead in Haiti aid helicopter crash

$5M arson at MP's Mississauga office may be related to prorogation

Inside the U.S. job numbers as unemployment rate drops

City auditor says Toronto missing $105M

CRTC may force internet providers to enhance rural access

G7 Ministers bring competing visions to Iqualuit conference

Employment up 43,000 in Canada; jobless down to 8.3%, a nine-month low

Deal exempts Canadians from 'Buy American'

Still no Prius brakes recall; Toyota admits knew and didn't tell owners

Toyota President apologizes, at hastily called late night press conference
"I believe what is happening now is a very big problem. We are in a crisis."

link to image Ice Hut buzzing
at Ontario Curling
championship Tankard

(left Ice Rock at Napanee Town Hall)
Latest 'Snowmageddon' monster storm may dump 26" of snow on Washington, DC; politicos flee

Al Franken scorches Axelrod over White House leadership failure on health care

Cohan: We need to hear from the mystery men of the financial crisis

NY Times: Investors fear Europe’s deep woes may extend global slump

Ford announces hybrid brake problems, too; U.S. investigating Prius complaints

Dispute over whether White House revealed secrets when it briefed media on Detroit bomber

Detroit bomber reveals info on radical Imam, after parents' intervention

Confused Toyota says U.S. recall of 2010 Prius for faulty brakes ‘not confirmed’

British/U.S. poised to launch 15,000-soldier offensive with major air support in Afghanistan

Newfoundland Deputy-Premier assails critics as Williams recovers from heart surgery in U.S.

Hockey helps define Canada, Harper tells Sports Illustrated

Bruce Springsteen demands his name be removed from ASCAP lawsuit against bar

Mounties announce new regime for internal investigations

updated: MP Dechert's office hit by arsonist; assistant burned; police offer suspect photo

update: 6.0 Quake off California coast; no damage; same area as Jan. 9 quake  USGS

Canadian companies poised to win exemption from 'Buy American'; drop provincial barriers

Toyota finds software fix for Prius brakes; no recall announced

Oil plunges 5% on renewed economic fear, steepest one-day drop since July

Markets hammer euro states as fiscal fears mount over Spain, Portugal & Greece

link to image Iqualuit gears up to
host G7 Finance Ministers
Friday & Saturday
California Republican primary all shook up as Carly Fiorina's 'Demon Sheep' video goes viral

Warren Buffett stripped of his last AAA Rating as S&P cuts Berkshire Hathaway

media: New solo role for Megyn Kelly puts her in Fox News spotlight

Asia building the biggest bubble in history; pop risk is inflation, recession & worse

U.S. unemployment numbers jump, Europe falters, stock/commodity markets drop

Obama Intel Director Blair says U.S. will kill Americans abroad "if they threaten Americans"

3% of Ohio Lexus owners reported unintended acceleration in 2007 survey but Toyota didn't fix

Bank of England halts bond purchases intended to inject liquidity; fears inflation, says job done

Haiti aid groups now favour tarps, wood and steel over tents

Conflict over new pipeline fees due to contract signed before recession affected oil sands production

NatPost editorial: Ignatieff's "provincial attitude out of place in world of diplomacy & foreign affairs"

Toyota continued denying accelerator issues despite 2008 death of Guadalupe Alberto in out-of-control 2005 Camry

Wall Street Journal: Toyota sinking fast as multiple products found defective, firm stonewalls

Sport Minister Lunn says reports of 'Own the Podium' death premature; to continue

Canada: How and where to watch the Olympics

Pakistan faces backlash on why U.S. troops at school when killed

China hits back at Obama's claims that yuan is undervalued

China renews opposition to Iran sanctions

Toyota finally admits it had found design problem with Prius brakes but had kept silent

Ignatieff opens abortion can of worms, puts it on front burner

Obama wants China to stop artificially depressing its currency

Venezuela: Chavez criticized for turning to Cuba for help with energy crisis

Intelligence officials ‘certain’ U.S. will be attacked in the next six months

Rodriguez: Don't buy the Obama spin on the Christmas day bomber

Boeing to send monster 747-8 on its maiden flight Monday

Toyota concerns about brakes & electronic throttle systems weigh on Nikkei

Tax burden pushes Canada to 103rd in global ranking

Hyundai says it will re-open Canadian manufacturing if sales bump a little more

link to image A guide to the
Toyota nightmare...
Gov't wants to cancel off weeks in March & April so Parliament can tackle new workload

Toyota evasive on how defect issues affect owners in UK

UK Greenpeace director calls for removal of UN IPCC Chair

Iran plays chicken with nuclear ambitions, today's missile test

Cabinet Priorities & Planning Committee has one priority: jobs

Tapscott: 10 key issues that ought to stay on the global agenda: 1 to 5    10 key issues : 6 to 10

oops: IPCC claimed 55% of land on which 60% of Dutch live is below sea level -- true figure is 20%

October 9, 2009 article: Toyota problems due to "defective engine throttle control system"

2010 Prius brake complaints outweigh complaints for all other 2010 cars combined

Time for Toyota President to resign?

Data revision means U.S. jobless 824,000 worse than stated

Toyota still denies knowledge of Wozniak cruise control complaint

8:06pm EDT update: Gunman found dead inside Illinois retail store after shootings

Vancouver police arrest 14 gang members; say unrelated to Olympics

Democrats dump on Obama tax credit for new hires; won't work, expensive

Supreme Court affirms stance: Canada won't seek Khadr repatriation

Toyota launches PR offensive before starting repairs for millions

France to deny citizenship to man who forced burka on wife

Pakistan bomb kills 8, including children and U.S. soldiers

World Cancer Day Thursday: "40 percent of cancers are preventable"

Toyota probe deepens amid confusion over risk; still no Prius recall

Shoppers give thumbs up to grocery buying at Canadian Tire

Toyota crisis worries Honda, boosts rivals

Technology offers more to educators than is being utilized; kids use it at home, should use it at school

LaHood backs off call not to drive recalled Toyotas

Funding freeze damage will be ‘irreparable,’ E. Ont. hospitals warn

Don’t drive recalled Toyotas: U.S. Transportation Secretary

Financial Times: Global MBA rankings 2010

Ontario pulls explosive charges against top cop Fantino

Google digitization of archived newspapers 'lifts haystack off needle' for researchers

Japanese Government orders Toyota to test Prius regenerative brakes for defect

Spector: An expert, ex-Liberal MP speaks out on prorogation

The Eagle,
the Crown and
its discontents
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Grappling with PR bungles, tarnished brand; "Toyota seems to have failed in all counts"

Olympic organizers confident Whistler financial meltdown/sale won't affect games

Victoria hotels see opportunity in cancellation of Vancouver cruise ship 'hotel'

Toronto by-election frothing with NDP claims and counter-claims from Liberal parachutist

Deficit cuts to wait until after two-year stimulus plan finished in 2011

Missile volley from 8 drones kills at least 16 militants in Pakistan

Institutionalized racism: Mohawks say "Not native? Then leave reserve"

Toyota says had complaints on new Prius brakes

Obama not attending Vancouver Olympics; VP Biden and gaggle of stars to attend opening

Kingston quadruple-slaying hearing resumes in Farsi, English and French

Family has convinced Detroit bomber Abdulmutallab to start co-operating

Wozniak says Toyota won't respond to jam problems with Prius cruise control

Apple co-founder Wozniak claims Toyota Prius has "scary" software problem he can duplicate

Jalopnik: How Toyota's president lied to Matt Lauer on Today Show

U.S. wants proof Toyota 'fix' works; officials flew to Japan to force recalls

Intelligence officials: new al-Qaeda attack within 3 to 6 months

Group of 15 economists tell Flaherty they see higher GDP, lower jobless than expected

Desperate Iggy pushes for abortion in Third World to try to smear Harper

U.S. appeals court tosses sentence for millennium bomb plotter Ahmed Ressam

USATODAY study: Planes with maintenance problems regularly fly unsafe

Frum: Obama has chosen the wrong way to reduce oil dependence

Medical journal 'Lancet' retracts study linking vaccines to autism

GM, Ford & Nissan sales jump in January; Toyota, Honda and Chrysler drop

CFB Trenton CO also charged with two counts of both forcible confinement and
break & enter & sexual assault, in regard to two sexual assaults in September, Tweed area

Oscar official website  YouTube Oscar channel

'Avatar' and 'Hurt Locker' lead Oscar nominations with 9 each

Groundhog Day: Shubenacadie Sam, Punxutawney Phil, Wiarton Willie see shadows...

Prentice: It's time to clean up the oil sands

Kansas City Star op-ed: 'The global warming movement is dead'

An inside baseball look at the pettiness and challenged ethics of the Global Warming scientists

updated: Female suicide bomber kills 54 during Karbala pilgrimage

Canadian 911 calls now able to pinpoint to within 300 metres

Reward for Toronto's hooded, pistol-whipping bank robbers

Moving adieu to Kate McGarrigle: 'So fun, so beautiful'

U.S.: Toyota faces losses of "$$$ billions" due to "serious injury and death claims"

Canada: Toyota slammed by multiple class-action lawsuits

Fix is in: composite gas pedal to be stiffened by "steel reinforcement bar," says Toyota

U.S. $3.8T budget includes cap-and-trade and deems it "revenue neutral"

Compulsory full-body scans now at Heathrow in London

Another Climategate apologist/fact-twister/kool-aid drinker even gets Elizabeth May's name wrong...

Toronto council candidate Rob Davis says "Roll back the Toronto car tax"

Human rights champion, former Ontario cabinet minister Keith Norton dead

U.S. still vulnerable to bioterrorism says congressionally chartered expert panel

Roubini, 2007 predictor of recession, says "U.S. growth outlook very dismal"

Microsoft Windows more popular than Apple OS after both upgraded

Another mealy-mouthed journalist with platform rationalizes Global Warming fraud

Haiti adoption FAQ from AM at MSNBC

Moon base plans axed as Obama condemns 'Monopoly money' spending

Guardian story on collapse of 2010 Global Warming pact ignores credibility evaporation

IPCC scientists admit fraud designed to "impact policy-makers and politicians"

Corcoran: U.N. climate agency burns; Cdn IPCC insider demands overhaul;
"dangerous crossing of line between climate advocacy and science at IPCC"

Pakistani troops kill 15 Taliban in Bajaur clashes

Volcano alert after 1,608 quakes 'swarm' Wyoming's Yellowstone Park since Jan 17th

Canadian Ambassador warns treating Taliban better than loyal Afghans will cause problems

Pack of wild dogs kills 9-year-old boy on northern Saskatchewan reserve

North and South Korea meet to discuss economic cooperation

Due to surge Canadian General says Taliban can be crippled in volatile south by summer

Canadian Nursing Association fears nurse exodus to U.S.; shortage already

Time: White House tries to avoid blame for stopping life-saving medevacs from Haiti; distracted by politics?

As usual, Opposition cries wolf and misleads Canadians about being consulted

Vermont puts secession on the front burner; how serious is it?

Iran puts 16 opposition supporters on trial; Obama peepless

Safety/security risk as wind turbines interfering with aviation radar; Raytheon on the case

Canada threatens to bar Danish fleets from ports as shrimp dispute heats up

Obama's former mentor criticizes complacent, drifting Administration

'Avatar' blows by 'Titanic' to #1 and hits $2B mark; no end in sight with Oscar noms Tuesday

New book on Oscar the furry angel of death made famous by 2007 essay in New England Journal of Medicine

White House goofed: Medical assistance flights resuming after ball dropped

Obama's scary $3.8 trillion budget heading to Congress Monday

Canada and U.S. agree on same 17% reduction of emissions from 2005 levels

Lawrence Solomon: Keeping Canadian students in the dark on climate

Swiss jets formed wingtip 'honour guard' to escort Harper plane

Baird meets/greets new Canadians from Haiti at Ottawa airport, vows to keep helping

Delingpole: Climategate: time for the tumbrils

Obama spokesman says 9/11 mastermind "likely to be executed after being tried & convicted"

Obama finds reality more complex than campaign promise to close Guantánamo

NY Times op-ed: Paul Volcker on 'How to reform our financial system'

Obama pivots, warmly embraces nuclear power

AP: Pakistan Taliban leader Mehsud killed by Jan. 14th drone missile

unbelievable: U.S. federal government stopped mercy flights after Florida asked for better coordination

Cap and trade dead in U.S.? Obama says not a must in climate bill

Haiti detains American Baptists taking 33 orphans across border to DR

Chicago cools to hometowner Barack Obama; another Senate loss?

Some Taliban who have crossed sides have found result less than as promised

16 dead as suicide bomber attacks checkpoint in Pakistan

Silver lining in California's January deluge is heavy snowpack's water for reservoirs

Guardian: Yemeni rebel leader accepts cease-fire conditions

NY Times: U.S. speeding up missile defenses in multiple locations in Persian Gulf

Doctor: Quake victims dying after U.S. airlifts stopped

Harper in Davos: "Recovery mile wide, but only inch deep, job creation remains very tentative"

Anecdotal info was mushy foundation for UN report; when will heads roll?

Kudos for new analysis (below) of global temperature data and its manipulation

Powerful new study hammers Global Warming data manipulators:
"Instrumental temperature data for the pre-satellite era (1850-1980) have been so widely, systematically, and unidirectionally tampered with
that it cannot be credibly asserted there has been ANY significant 'global warming' in the 20th century."

read: Supreme Court Khadr decision

Supreme Court backs Harper; Khadr a 'foreign policy' issue

Canadian economy grows again; 0.4% GDP jump more than expected

FINAL: Undefeated Glenn Howard wins 2010 Ontario Tankard in Napanee
Daytona madness starts this weekend with 'Rolex 24 at Daytona'

Toyota reputational meltdown comparable to Tiger Woods

All about Groundhog Day
including Wiarton Willie (right)
link to image
Globe & Mail: U.S. "fear & factionalization" economic roundtable discussion with Ali Velshi (video)

PETA protester pied in Newfoundland; more terrorism?

Newark to Colombia flight diverted to Florida due to no-fly match

NatPost: Inside the drama at ManuLife as it copes with the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown

Extreme cold kills 1 million livestock in Mongolia; 14,000 Red Cross volunteers helping save people

Latin America countries change focus to big fish in drug war

Foreign Policy: Barack Obama and the Jimmy Carter Syndrome

UN in secret peace talks with Taliban

U.S. defends $6.4B
Taiwan arms sales in
teeth of Chinese anger

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Friendly fire kills 7 Afghans as forces open fire on each other, air strike called in

Krauthammer: Scandal grows over handling of Christmas Day Detroit bomber

U.S. growth figures misleading; actually nothing to write home about

Germans refuse to return art plundered by Nazis despite signed agreement

Public pyjama-wearing ban spreads from Cardiff to Shanghai

7,000 Haiti prison escapees running wild, rape rampant

Kuala Lumpur detainees connected to Detroit bomber

DNA database growing, catching criminals, reducing costs

Cannon says Canada interested in Karzai plan, but won't commit money to Taliban Fund yet

Government tweaking, not rewriting Youth Criminal Justice Act, says Nicholson

Doctors retiring faster than they're graduating; can they be trained faster?

White House considers moving 9/11 trial out of New York City

New evidence shows Climategate perp Jones blocked freedom of information requests, breaking law

5.2 China quake
kills one,
100 homes collapse

USGS details

link to image
End seen near for 'Buy American' roadblock

U.S. health care bill on 'life support' according to supporters

10 features missing from Apple's iPad

White House underlings stamp feet as Obama shown wrong on Supreme Court attack

70 - 30 vote returns Bernanke as head of U.S. Federal Reserve

Karzai sees outreach to Taliban best hope for ending 8-year war

Fujitsu had handheld device called 'iPad' since 2002; Apple trademark battle looms

Bombardier well-positioned to build trains for new U.S. high-speed lines

Davos: Bono/Geldof group 'One' attacks $30B. climate change fund

Obama's problem: "No one is sure they believe the guy any more."

Tensions running high after Sri Lankan election result

Wall Street Journal: Apple iPad name draws complaints, snickers

fact check: Obama stretches truth in 'State of Union'

Startpage launches anonymous Web search service

Ford earns $2.7B in 2009; first profit in 4 years

Emissions harmonization policy hasn't changed; Globe barks up tree

60-country London conference creates Taliban reintegration fund

FOXnews: Justice Alito mouths 'not true' as Obama slams Supreme Court

Reuters: comparing Obama 2010 speech to Obama 2009

NY Times: trying to prove he’s the same old campaign Obama

NY Times: speech spent little time on national security

State of the Union:Obama declares 'I don't quit'

AP Fact Check: Obama and the 'hatchet' job

Obama appeals for health bill support, questions lost support,
ignores Louisiana, Nebraska, union backroom deals...

Obama policies create unsustainable level of debt: Republicans

Flaherty: no new bank tax in Canada because 'our banks didn't need bailout'

Russell: Iffy 'aristocratic & aloof, looks & sounds superior & condescending, and odour lingers from his torture support'

Loser Liberal leader Iffy condemns PM's G8 focus on health of women & children in poor countries;
Immorally equates it with government mega-funding for fat cat feminist advocacy groups in Canada

Credit crunch officially over as Bank of Canada and U.S. Fed end 2008 swap deal

Montreal survivors of Auschwitz find 65th anniversary of liberation hard to believe

Apple iPad not revolutionary: just a more expensive, larger, heavier iPhone...

Australians point to Canadian flag adoption 45 years ago as debate heats up

Al-Qaeda and Taliban allies of convenience, only, says Bin Laden son

Why? 14th pedestrian dies in Greater Toronto in 2010

Canada and U.S. okay Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, with conditions

American's assault on Fish Min 'terrorism' says Liberal MP

Britain finally, but barely, crawls out of recession

Harper: G8 meeting to focus on maternal, child health

New Baghdad blast blows up CSI lab, kills 17

GM agrees to sell Saab to much smaller Spyker

Cats and dogs to be taken off menu in China

Better Place charges up with venture capital; will charge electric cars

Loonie drops to 93.90, lowest in a month

Lib MP attacks Kenney for attending Auschwitz liberation ceremony  Lib MP says sorry, he goofed

IMF raises growth forecast for Canada

Crashed Ethiopia plane took wrong turn, 'flew into Beirut storm'

Going negative fails; Democrats' Bush-bashing strategy goes bust

BBC preview of first movie shot entirely shot by chimpanzees

Witnesses say crashed Beirut plane tumbled out of sky

AP: Obama to seek partial spending freeze

Bank of America sued for seizing homes without mortgages; no apology yet

Zakaria: Obama should act more like a president than a prime minister

satire: Understanding appeasement of 20th Century through NBC's appeasement of Jay Leno

3 bombings target landmark hotels in Baghdad; kill 36

U.S. Kerrigan family tragedy addressed by medallist Nancy: ‘Dad was behind me always’

U.S. Bank reform must allow open markets: Bank of Canada

Canadian Supreme Court tosses Wheat Board appeal; proves waste, say Feds

Beau Biden bails from run for dad's old Senate seat, fearing defeat

GM to repay $8.1 B. loans to Canada and U.S. governments by June

All 90 feared dead as Ethiopian airliner crashes into Mediterranean after Beirut takeoff

Green's Liz May trying to avoid mandatory leadership review?
"weak political leader, but strong enough to dominate the 9,000-member Green Party."

Johnny Carson's head writer has message: "Johnny was so different"

'Smaller' new mantra for home buyers: small-house movement in U.S. gaining steam

How and why being a small business owner control freak stops being useful

Pork rinds, borders and keeping health and commerce safe

Unexpected wide field of play for Republicans in 2010 mid-term elections

McCain and McConnell nudge Obama back to centre for real health reforms

Canadian-directed 'Avatar' is #1 for 6th week in row; will pass 'Titanic' this week for #1 all-time, worldwide

humour: How Martha Coakley lost Massachusetts, despite help from Caroline Kennedy...

McGuinty turns Ontario into 'Third World' province with style/substance of Samsung deal say critics

White House says it knows best, takes over 2010 mid-term campaign crisis

'Text education' to be offered to Grade 7 students across Canada

'Mompreneurs' use technology to take home-based businesses to new level

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans in competing protests over Chavez reforms

6 rescued after bus plunges 8 metres into Nova Scotia river in snow storm

GM, Spyker said to meet in Stockholm as latest Saab sale accord nears

Fraudulent letter writing campaigns; shedding Plain Dealer light on 'Ellie Light'

White House said to be in turmoil; how many heads will roll?

9 U.S. banks shuttered in first 3 weeks of 2010; 140 in 2009

Canada November wholesale trade soars on auto increase

Canadian mayors want more, more, more $$$ for infrastructure

Jailed paraplegic allegedly sold drugs, had gun, b-p vest, while in hospital

Clinton praised for internet freedom speech

Black: Incompetent Obama teeters on the edge

Canadian Hollingsworth wins World Cup skeleton title

62% of Canadians want capital punishment for murder as views on crime harden

CDN deficit at $36 B. is on schedule with Government estimate from Fall

Sen. Boxer gives thumbs down to renewal for Fed Reserve Chief Bernanke

Final line-up set for February's Ontario Curling Championship 'Tankard' in Napanee

Baathist election ban squabble sends U.S. VP Biden to Iraq

Obama smells coffee, says important to help small businesses hire

Rocco Rossi offers a 'common sense revolution' for Toronto in first mayor race speech

Canadian political parties now dependent on public handouts: study

Noonan: In the "postromantic political era they hire you/fire you, nothing
personal" ... "immersed in crisis, we vote on policies that affect our lives"

Zuckerman: The decline and fall of Barack Obama

Burger King introduces beer with Whoppers at select U.S. tourist locations

Toyota recalls 2.3 M. cars, sticky gas pedals -- on top of earlier 4.2 M. recall

Lefty 'Air America' radio network bankrupt, deep in debt, no listeners

opinion: Iffy in search for ideas because the Liberals are answer bankrupt

Non-stick pan chemical linked to thyroid disease

Nokia intros free GPS turn-by-turn navigation; Tom Tom and Garmin stocks drop

George Will: Obama and the Democrats on the precipice of failure

Full-body airport scanner up and running in Toronto

Tip of iceberg: Obama seen as anti-business by 77% of U.S. investors

Barney Frank wants to kill off Fannie and Freddie and start mortgage world anew

ACORN employee sues for being caught counselling illegal activities

NBC's Leno-Conan mess offers management lessons

The 'Quants': The swashbuckling mathematical minds behind the market meltdown

Belleville police under fire for tasering Olympic silver medallist

Times: UN panel chief won't quit over false claims about Himalayan glaciers; more errors likely

AP: 29 killed in clashes, suicide attack in Pakistan

NY Times op-ed: To heal Haiti, look to history, not nature

Drone missiles kill 90 in January: CIA gives "bad days to bad people"

Liberal backbenchers sniping at McGuinty's "one-man rule" over $7B Samsung deal

Apollo 7 astronaut: Global Warming debate is fact vs faith; scientific illiteracy real problem

Obama finally turns to Volcker to save his Presidency, after ignoring him since election

UK raises threat level from 'substantial' to 'severe'

Harper record: tax cuts, universal childcare benefits, tougher sentencing, Arctic focus, beefed-up Forces, more respect for provinces

Obama 'stimulus' jobs very expensive, temporary, major $$$ waste when least affordable

Obama's year one legacy, despite rhetoric: unemployment rose in 43 U.S. states last month

Chevreau: Retirement needs both TFSA and RRSP, incomes make for different outcomes

Common ground on job creation; but lots of criticism on rest of Obama budget

Haiti food convoy attacked by 20 armed thugs; UN warns of volatility

opinion: "Most global warming fanatics are out to use cause for their own personal gains"

Analysis of 350 years of UK temps shows no alarming Global Warming jump, or CO2 connection

Bogus temp stations grudgingly convince veteran Telegraph green correspondent

Climategate story exploding overseas - most American media silent

JoNova: The 'Climategate' timeline and the ticking time bomb

Reward offered in cruel B.C. cow stabbings

"Political activism & recruitment to activism should not be the responsibility of universities to promote."

editorial: It's long past time to pasturize IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri

Backpedalling King shows paranoia of Climategate culprits and accomplices

Toyota blasted for putting customers at risk, slow response, questionable fix

PIMCO bond king: "Given current yields, I would prefer to invest money in Canada"

Count Iggy wants cap and trade, says Obama too busy with difficulties to pay attention to Canada

Consultant crackdown promised as Mounties investigate 300 immigrants "at" same address

Smitherman opens door to Toronto road tolls; Giambrone opens campaign to non-citizen voting

Buzz in air as Newfie Premier Williams travels to U.S. for heart surgery

Ottawa calls in Mounties and accountants for Public Works probe

Krugman: U.S. should emulate Canadian banking leadership

Pawlenty: Ponzi scheme on the Potomac

NY Times analysis: Huge deficits may alter U.S. politics and global power

Corcoran: Simpson wrong, plenty of places to cut federal budget

Bill Gates pledges $10B. to research new vaccines & help world's poorest

Bin Laden adopts 'global warming' cause; urges domestic terrorism

Obama blinks; looking for alternative to 9/11 trials in NYC

U.S. economy roars back to life, grows at 5.7% in 4th quarter

DND Inquiry to fact-find June 2006 detainee transfers in Afghanistan

Young offenders changes will better protect community

Five new Canadian Senators named; Liberals lose majority

Davos: Harper boosts sector, assuring 'we will not micromanage banks'

Davos: Bill Clinton & Bill Gates praise Canada and Harper for Haiti and keynote

Davos: Harper calling for global health care action

Peugeot forced to recall cars due to manufacturing alliance with Toyota

Toyota crisis affecting dealers and bottom line, but it's killing car owners...

Toyota still mum but AP source says U.S. Gov't has ok'd pedal fix plans

Toyota recall may total 9 million vehicles; will Lexus be affected, too?

Safety expert says we should expect more Toyota recalls

AP: Toyota NOT fixing customer cars first, sending new parts to factories...

New York Times:
Toyota's slow
awakening to
a deadly problem

link to image
19 Toyota deaths; was pedal problem swept under rug?

Toyota fix for pedal 'next week'; millions remain at risk

Toyota says it has finally found fix for pedal problem; stays mum

Toyota faces Congressional scrutiny; Honda recalls 646,000

Toyota problem remains puzzle; no override means brake can't stop vehicle

Ford plays it safe, halts China truck line using gas pedals by Toyota supplier

analysis: Toyota has been fighting quality woes for years

Massive Toyota recall spreads to Europe, China

Toyota stocks fall for 5th day as widening recalls tarnish reputation

Toyota announces another 1 million vehicles recalled

Toyota blames supplier for faulty part Toyota designed; 19 dead...

GM offers incentives to owners of faulty Toyotas

Conflict of interest?: U.S. Gov't, owner of competing car company (GM), demanded Toyota stop production

G&M blog: Earth to Toyota -- you have a problem...

Toyota blames Ontario company for manufacturing its faulty designs

Politico: Obama facing touch choices after frittering away first year of mandate

Toyota's U.S. woes causing big concern in Japan

Toyota halts sales/assembly of 8 recalled models

link to image New
'Three Beavers'
beer plays up
Canadiana in
B.C. launch

U.N. official says Copenhagen climate deal is at risk

Conan O'Brien gets severance pay-out from NBC for himself and 200 staff; next stop FOX?

Pelosi admits House of Reps lacks votes to OK Senate health bill

New political order tips against Obama to-do list

Chastened Obama retreats on health care; will he finally practise bipartisan politics he promised?

Boxer: Democrats fear every seat up for grabs after Massachusetts defeat

Mr. Brown goes to Washington; thanks supporter John McCain

link to image Beliveau stable,
undergoing tests,
after stroke

IPCC climate science panel apologizes for Himalayan goof-up; more apologies to come?

Obama plans to limit size & complexity of large financial institutions

Recovery to accelerate says Bank of Canada; state debt must be cut

Final line-up set for February's Ontario Curling Championship 'Tankard' in Napanee

Convicted 'Toronto 18' terrorist free after spending one more day in jail: double-credit for time served...

Canada's Sun Life scores marketing coup with name on Miami stadium hosting 2010 Super Bowl

More Global Warming fraud... Single thermometer used to measure world temps above 65 degrees latitude,
NOAA & GISS 'cherry-picking' Canadian data from warmer, southern measuring stations

U.S. intel/security chiefs testify; 'keystone kops' clueless about process, don't know tools available

Average young American now spends practically every waking minute online...

Censorship 2010: China to scan text messages to spot ‘unhealthy content’

Australia working feverishly to save Tasmanian Devil from killer cancer

Health Canada opens door to more vitamins, minerals in foods

La Canada, California pounded by 1.5 inches of rain per hour, winds, mud slides

Can New York Times charge to access their web news, and survive ad losses?

Quebec & N.B. say new utility deal benefits both; more U.S. exports for Quebec

Brown: "my election sends a message" Obama: "I sorta hear the message"

Democratic finger-pointing savages candidate, Obama's failures, ball dropping...

upset winner: 'I'm Scott Brown. I'm from Wrentham. I drive a truck'

Hero 'Toronto 18' informant using compensation to re-locate family, start new life

Jobs, jobs, jobs drives Ontario 'green cluster' deal with Samsung

Bomb alert closes part of Munich airport

Major storm slams southern California: tornado, water spouts, 100 mph winds

8 dead -- Virginia gunman in custody

"My message to my clients? Jump ship now," said one Democratic operative. "Obama can't help you."

Brown Mass win sets off game-changer for U.S. politics

opinion: Reaganite Stockman gives kudos to Obama for bank tax

Gaggle of former world champs to Ontario Tankard in Napanee

Scott Brown roars to Senate upset win in Massachusetts; 1st Republican Senator in solid Dem state since 1972

Harper shuffles cabinet to focus on jobs, trade and economy

Jeffrey Simpson: Why prorogation is a tempest only for those not paying attention

Cadbury win for Kraft repaints food world

Democrats cast blame at each other over Massachusetts Senate campaign

dead by cancer at 63: Tributes pour in for beloved singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle

Globe & Mail: Bold Taliban attack shows vulnerable side of Karzai's Kabul
...but do suicide bombers really prove anything at all by their no-risk missions?

View from the Left: So far, Barack Obama hasn't delivered the goods

20 Taliban killed by new drone-fired missile attack in Pakistan

bogus claim: World misled about Himalayan glacier meltdown

Rocco Rossi gains support of new gaggle of top Tories in Toronto mayor race

U.S. boosts airline security amid new al-Qaeda threat

shocker: Repub. Brown takes lead over Dem. Coakley in Massachusetts Senate race, poll shows

opinion: Obama too interested in remaining cool, aloof, while country suffers

Daifallah: Five ways to cut federal spending

Tim Hortons plans to accelerate global expansion

St. Louis Fed Chair says markets wrong to focus on old-fashioned interest rates
Shanghai conference remarks titled: 'The first phase of the U.S. recovery and beyond'

Roger Ailes: The big Fox in the media henhouse

Data breaches make checking monthly credit card statements more important than ever

Competing Senate politicians advocate new penalties for witness intimidation in Pennsylvania

Brunt: The coming (and going) revolution in sports programming delivery

Census-driven U.S. hiring may drive massive job growth in 2010 says Scotia Capital

C-c-c-cold in Florida -- snow in Naples, below freezing in Miami

Boeing reconsidering short-range 787 Dreamliner; 851 orders for longer range 787s; none for short-range 787

Ont top cop Fantino vows defense against ground-breaking private prosecution

Denzil Minnan-Wong considers run for Toronto Mayor; would be a front-runner

Ludwig released by RCMP without charges for BC pipeline bombings

Employment is job #1 for Harper and cabinet as March budget developed

Geithner on hot seat from Dems/GOP for apparent conspiracy in AIG bail-out

Venezuela crisis: Chávez devalues currency amid fall in oil prices, 25% inflation

Chávez attempts to distract from crisis by claiming U.S. military provocations

Leon Panetta defends CIA, including agents lost in Afghanistan bombing

Rossi picks up support, Smitherman makes mayoralty bid official

Microsoft launches last-minute new appeal against i4i patent-infringement court decision

Will cost $400-$600 million for terrorist trials in New York City; plus disruption costs

Jarring new Quebec emission laws cause uproar, de-stabilize auto sector

UK journalist, U.S. Marine & Afghan soldier killed by IED

Canada Post letter rates up Monday to: $0.57 domestic, $1.00 U.S., $1.70 other countries

U.S. ramps up drone usage; offensive and defensive

opinion: Spies treated poorly by U.S. at same time it depends on them

Powerful 6.5 earthquake 22 miles off coast of Northern California leaves jumble of debris, no injuries

England's MI5 didn't pass on Detroit bomber info due to privacy fears

U.S. savings meltdown prompts new Obama look at retiree annuities

British troops set to hand frontline Afghanistan role to U.S.

Prime suspect in still-unsolved 1982 Tylenol murders must submit DNA

Canadian opposition leaders miss boat, see prorogation as holiday, not work time

The chilling effect of global warming

Detroit bomber pleads 'not guilty' on 6 charges

Body scanner phobia: Shut up and get scanned, already

U.S. lawmakers demand visa chops, no-fly for al Qaeda countries

Why John Tory bowed out of Toronto mayoralty race that was his to win

Ted Koppel: al Qaeda scores big because they force us to play on their ice

Dep Nat'l Security Adviser John Brennan: "I let Obama down" ...ahem, what about us?

Canadian: Detroit bomber roomie in Yemen went radical overnight

Obama fears ghost of Jimmy Carter: orders $Billions in security upgrades

No heads roll: despite "failure to connect & understand intel we already had"

Finally, Obama takes responsibility: "Ultimately, the buck stops with me"

Obama wakes up, smells coffee, says "We are at war" for 1st time

Napolitano confirms: U.S. 'connected dots' on Detroit bomber while bomber en route

ABB power plant worker goes postal -- kills 3, wounds 5 in St. Louis

Obama's Brennan: "I told Leiter to take leave" for six days starting Dec. 26th... so,
Director of the U.S. National Counter-Terrorism Center went on ski vacation a day after Detroit...

One head that should roll: Leiter stayed on Christmas ski vacation

al Qaeda: CIA attack was revenge 'planned by bin Laden inner circle'

Whose head will roll? Napolitano? Blair? Leiter? Brennan? underling?

Kristol: Blair dangerous White House puppet; must go

44 Canadian airport scanners start arriving next week; six months testing done in Kelowna in 2009
-- 'behavioural observation' will be 2nd element of new airport security strategy

Zakaria: Washington overreacting to air scare

Ignatieff briefly interrupts vacation for Photo-Op

Harper: Reliance on security lists proven to be false security

Who's on vacation? 'Iffy' Ignatieff, not Harper -- Lib 'joke' backfires

Harper says real Senate reform coming with Spring session of Parliament

No Spring election planned, say insiders; focus is on economy

Six Liberal Leader wannabes face fines/jail over loans unpaid even after 18-month extension

Canadian Cameron helms two biggest movies of all time as Avatar becomes #2 worldwide to Titanic

Obama security
breach speech
iPhone app ended the snow job from ski resorts

Japan in new whaling pickle after ramming anti-whaling group's protest boat; watch video

Uproar over U.S. Senate Leader Reid's comments about Obama

5,400 evacuated in China due to killer blizzard which flattened 800 homes

Global warming proponents don't let a lot of cold stop them

U.S. and Canadian employment numbers drop; surprise experts

Canada's largest newspaper chain, Canwest's newspaper division for sale; under creditor protection

Bank of Canada won't raise interest rates to cool housing

Another McGuinty Cabinet Minister bails to run for mayor; Watson in Ottawa

Live demo of
full body scanner
Obama TSA nominee blamed U.S. security issues on U.S. links with Israel, France

Iffy admits he would prorogue when legislative program done and "it’s time to reset."

Intel leads Canada to put all airlines on high alert
"increased vigilance" started Saturday night, continues

CBS confirms: Detroit bomber told investigators 20 others trained to blow up jets

U.S. highest priority: identifying other 20 bomber trainees

CBS poll: Obama drops to new low of 46% in job approval

Iran says nuclear scientist murdered by bomb blast

Kodak/Samsung deal follows Kodak wins over Samsung and LG in digital camera patent suits

The GMC Granite concept truck is introduced at the North American International Auto Show Monday, Jan. 11, 2010, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
GMC unveils
urban truck
concept at Detroit
auto show
Cadbury slams Kraft as it fights off hostile takeover

Sentencing delayed 'til Jan 18th for 'Toronto 18' bomb plotter

shocker: Tory says NO to second Toronto mayor run   Tory statement here

After 7 years, and investing $$$ billions, Airbus may scrap giant A400M transport plane

China successfully tests anti-missile missile

Toronto Hydro shockingly matter-of-fact about on-the-street electrocution risks

Lament for Toronto -- if not John Tory, whom?

U.S. green lights Patriot missile sales to Taiwan

Ford takes two top awards at Detroit Auto Show      Electric Cadillac confirmed by GM for 2013

1,000 new Ford jobs in SE Michigan      GM to make all-electric version of Chevy Volt

GM says booming sales mean opening closed plants      Chrysler hiring engineers, others

Grilling the
weather man
for predicting
mild winter
in England
Mini ice age to last for 20-30 years?      Scientist challenges media spin on his research

North Korea calls for peace talks to formally end Korean War & sanctions

'Toronto 18' mentor planned killing people and stock market short-selling
goal to fund new attacks in Chicago, New York, says Crown

Huge NFL Court case may upset all sports leagues, even U.S. banking

RIM announces 50 new jobs in Fredericton

AP Analysis: stimulus billions spent on roads in U.S. had no effect on unemployment rate

Iranian parliament says Ahmadinejad ally to blame for protester deaths

Photo radar big failure in Arizona as people refuse to pay $90 million in fines

Lost City of El Dorado found in Amazon?

AOL-Time Warner: Why biggest merger in American history failed

66 yr old Ontario man mauled to death by his 300 kg pet tiger

Commentary: Sen. Harry Reid, Democrats and the politicization of racism

U.S. rejects North Korea peace talks proposal

Job outlook improves; 54% of firms plan more hiring in 2010

Canwest liquidation wipes out shareholders; 4 suitors lined up

CNN: Chevy Volt outperforms Toyota Prius, electric-to-gas switch imperceptible

Puzzling, inappropriate sculpture of Mao and Lenin disrupts Richmond, B.C.

NDP leery of Iffy's partisanship on prorogation; prefer to be thoughtful

Troop surge turning tide in Afghanistan: U.S. General

6 Western troops killed in Afghanistan

Local Yemeni al-Qaeda leader killed by Yemen government forces

GM: We'll soon sell more in China than the U.S.

Conan O'Brien announces he's leaving The Tonight Show after NBC foul-up

Iraq: Multi-vehicle suicide bombing plot disrupted, 25 arrested, explosives found

Top Tijuana drug lord 'El Teo' captured: Mexico police

Feds force U.S. Steel to live up to Stelco deal
Shuttered Stelco plants have 1,000 workers watch court battle from sidelines

Oil drops to $81 as weather warms slightly in U.S.

Unmanned drone fires missile, kills 13 Taliban

Poll shows increased optimism among Afghans; big jump over Jan. 2009

AP Sources: Washington, DC trial eyed for Bali bomber

US kills FBI-wanted terrorist in Pakistan drone missile strikes

'Toronto 18' leader expresses remorse; pleads guilty to deadly plot

U.S. 'Tea Party' activists aim to take over
Republican Party by assuming party positions from grassroots up

Police: 11-year-old driver cause of fatal California car crash

Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter nabbed in teen sex sting

U.S. Congress subpoenas Geithner's AIG e-mails, phone logs

latest poll: GOP set to win Ted Kennedy's senate seat?

Obama tries Hail Mary in Massachusetts

Dick Morris: Massachusetts race a "game changer"

Supertax on bonuses sends London's super-rich to Switzerland

Canadian soldier killed on foot patrol in Afghanistan

opinion: Massachusetts Senate race close because of Obama overreach, tax increases

In key Massachusetts Senate race, Dem gaffes by calling Curt Schilling "Yankee fan"

Quinnipiac poll shows Obama mired deep in mediocrity

The decline and fall of NBC, the first TV network in the world

Vet Affairs Minister Thompson resigns from Cabinet as grind of job finally gets to him

Desperate, last-minute ad save?

The rise of the alternate media's credibility through accurate, timely story-breaking

Iceland reneging on repaying £3.6 billion emergency loan from England?

Pentagon: Rising percentage of former Gitmo prisoners returning to fight; so why close it?

Dodd history, as polls tank; Dems in trouble due to dismal Obama record

Canada 9th best place to live in world? Mag says France #1, followed by Oz,
Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, U.S., Belgium and Canada

Ford has introduced the world's first inflatable seat belts for use in a mass-produced car. In an accident, compressed air blows up bags inside the belts to help dissipate impact forces over a larger area of the chest and torso, while also controlling head and neck motions to help prevent whiplash-type injuries. Ford intros
seatbelts at
Detroit car show
Loonie/greenback parity soon; economy to grow at 2.5% say canuck economists

Misunderstanding: Books not on on Canadian no-fly list

Health Canada loans 5 million H1N1 flu vaccines to Mexico

Mainstream media
bites leg of
President Obama
-- 'love affair' over?
Obama: "U.S. Intel should have 'uncovered' Christmas Day plot"

'Dozens' of names added to terror no-fly list; several lists 'scrubbed'

60 Minutes:
Why the Mexico/USA
virtual border fence
isn't working
Wizards, warlocks and Mounties help nab U.S. felon in Ottawa

link to image Foreign airport problems?
TSA waited 80 minutes
before reporting Sunday breach
at Newark airport...
Not ready for prime time? Criticism fast and furious over ball dropping by golfing Obama

Obama administration opposes closing lake locks to stop Asian carp

Obama orders reviews, more air marshalls, more, more, more...
Lefties upset by stop in repatriating detainees to Yemen from Gitmo

U.S. suspends transfer of Gitmo detainees back to Yemen
...means 30 Yemenis already cleared for release now won't be...

link to image Elvis

Oops... Slovakia sends real explosive on plane to Ireland with innocent passenger to test security

Yemeni al-Qaeda chief captured; embassies re-open

UK PM Brown a dead man walking?

White House was awaiting de-briefing of Afghani triple agent suicide bomber

Yemen rejects direct intervention by foreign troops

Toronto anti-gang activist may have been slain by 2 accused he had testified against

North Caucasus suicide bombing in Dagestan kills 6 Russian police, wounds 16

Cuba complains new U.S. air screening rules are 'discriminatory' -- duh, yeah

Midwest bracing for heavy snow, wind chills of -50; imaginary global warming?

link to image Reserve
nut-free seats,
Fed watchdog
tells Air Canada,
WH: Spelling error fooled State Department -- lives risked due to typo?

Maker of 'Cybersitter' internet filter sues China for $2.2 billion for copyright infringement

link to image 1,000 jobs, fancy new
Caddy luxury sedan and
updated Chevy Impala
for Oshawa plants
Ontario teacher pension fund buys AIG Canada

Foreign countries already ignoring new U.S. screening rules

link to image Vancouver
gussies up
for Olympic
ESPN 3D sports network begins June 11 with 2010 FIFA World Cup match

Sony, IMAX, Discovery to launch own 3D TV network in 2012

Yemen orders troops into al-Qaeda strongholds

Obama's TSA nominee abused confidential police info for personal reasons; says he forgot

U.S. requests pat-downs on all flights from 14 nations; not Canada

Obama back from 10-day vacation; faces security firestorm

Ford, Chrysler sales jump in December; hot 30+% up over November

link Tuesday: Loonie hits $96.25 as oil rises
Tehran professors denounce violence on protesters at risk to own careers, lives

7.2 earthquake unleashed 10-foot tsunami on Solomon Islands
-- 1,000+ homeless and heavy devastation but rush to high ground saved lives

Six trucks of explosives 'disappear' in Yemen

Yemen hunts and kills al Quaeda as battleground heats up

Opinion: Is Barack Obama the new Jimmy Carter?

Golden retriever named 'Angel' saves boy from B.C. cougar

Karl Rove: New Year's resolutions for Washington

Will Obama be a one-term President?

Canadian firm pioneering economical nano-crystalline cellulose replacement for plastic

Canadian Director Cameron's 'Avatar' passes $1 billion mark in three weeks; joins his 'Titanic'

2,717-foot Dubai tower opens, re-named 'Burj Khalifa' to honour Abu Dhabi leader

Rarest Canadian penny sells for $402,500

Parliament prorogued until March, after Vancouver Olympics

Federal panel green lights long-delayed Mackenzie Valley pipeline

Harper and Layton up in 2009; Ignatieff falls like rock

Dutch to use body scanners for U.S.-bound flights

U.S. 'stopped Dutch installation of full body scanners'

Vancouver Olympics to be held hostage by local bus strike?

Changes to luggage rules for U.S.-bound flights   Toronto Pearson most affected in world by new rules

Yemen says has 300 al Quaeda   CIA says it's hottest spot for group

No carry-on bags for flights from Canada to U.S.

'I’m the first of many', warns plane bomber

Obama finally breaks silence about Detroit terrorism
"We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable"
Saudi-based al Quaeda group claims credit; blames "technical fault" for ignition failure
Napolitano flip-flop: admits "Our system did not work in this instance."
"No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way."

updated: 3,600+ Detroit bomber wire news stories

Montreal mob war under way? Rizzuto Jr. executed in daylight

Britain hails courage of Iranian protesters; Obama still silent

Bomber used PETN, 'highly explosive, colorless organic compound, related to nitroglycerin'

Nigeria probing bomber and his travel from Lagos

Intelligence and security questions from Congress; Obamaites deny problem

Senior U.S. Dem. Senator Chris Dodd quitting due to evaporating poll numbers? Yep

link to image
Record cold & snow grip U.S., Europe; ahem, global warming?

Minneapolis airport re-opens after suspicious bag cleared

California's Bakersfield Airport re-opened after hazmat shutdown

Yemen embassies for U.S., Britain, and now France, Germany and Japan closed

Bomber at CIA base was doctor from Jordan

Spy chiefs turn on Obama after seven CIA agents slaughtered in Afghanistan

GMAC gets $3.8 billion more from U.S. Gov't -- down from expected amount -- Gov't now controls

U.S. slaps new duties on Chinese steel pipe   ...and Chinese steel grating
GM chops Pontiac and Saturn prices by up to 46% to clear inventory

Obama wakes up, smells coffee: "a systemic failure has occurred and I consider that totally unacceptable"

Russia sending spacecraft to blast Earth-bound asteroid?

Team Canada youth movement -- some surprises

Rizzuto mob hit: "You should expect revenge. Otherwise, it means they're over forever. They're history."

Study: 'Green' shoppers more likely to steal and cheat

Despite bluster, Iran a sitting duck if Israel chooses to attack

Trained rats finding landmines in Mozambique

link Bodies of
slain soldiers,
return home
Canada refuses Jordan's request to seize Dead Sea scrolls from ROM

Nigeria says it will use full body scanners at Lagos airport soon

Blame finger pointed at CIA analyst waiting for photo

Carbon monoxide kills family of 3 in Gatineau; power cuts from ice storm led to generator usage

Toll now 95+ dead in Pakistan volleyball suicide bombing

link to image At -35 C.
1,000 greet
Shania Twain
as she carries
Olympic torch
in Timmins
al Qaeda linked to Somalian stopped from axe-killing Danish cartoonist

Nanos: End of year poll finds Conservatives and Harper way out front
Analysis: For Harper, 2009 was a very good year
Karzai: 'sacrifices will not be forgotten'   U.S. Ambassador pays tribute to Michelle Lang
4 slain Canadian soldiers identified; from Alberta, Ontario & Nova Scotia
5 Canadians killed in Afghanistan -- 1 female journalist, 4 soldiers
..."her first patrol 'outside the wire' as an embedded journalist"
8 civilians dead by blast at U.S. base, report says 4 were CIA agents

Report: suicide bomber who killed CIA agents was being courted as informant

Stock market uncertainty remains? Few called called rebound, few think it'll last

Did Ontario teachers' union fund Colombian terrorists?

Shades of 2001: Boston Mayor tries to block Yemeni LNG tankers harbour

China export subsidies to be cut after U.S. complaint to WTO

Iraq PM says Iraq security forces involved in deadly bombings

Canadian factory sales up 2% in October -- double predicted rise

Canadian soldiers patrol in the southern city of Kandahar on December 31.
Canadian soldiers on patrol in Kandahar on December 31st.
Suicide bombing
in Afghanistan
devastates critical
hub for CIA

As thousands of soldiers saluted and a lone piper played a sad lament on New Year's Day, the flag-draped caskets of journalist Michelle Lang and four Canadian soldiers were solemnly placed on a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to begin the 10,000-kilometre journey back to Canada.
Canadians start 10,000 km final journey home from Kandahar

Jimmy Johnson AP Athlete of Year after 4th consecutive NASCAR title

Lawrence Martin mea culpa: PM Harper proved pundits wrong in 2009

Toyota hiring 800 new workers for Woodstock plant

European Science Foundation: Mini ice age could hit in a matter of months, not years

US-backed Yemeni forces kill 30 al Quaida in 2nd attack in week
pre-emptive moves stopped suicide attacks, and embassy, school assaults

Crazy California Senator opposes solar and wind farms in empty, sunny Mojave Desert

Ahmadinejad dismisses US deadline for nuclear deal

Supreme Court of Canada changes libel laws in Star, Citizen ruling
"responsible communication on matters of public interest" new libel defence

Seven-year-old sea lion
Seven-year-old sea lion 'Jay' writes word 'tiger' in Chinese script
to welcome 'Year of Tiger' at Tokyo zoo

Pope unhurt after 2nd attack in year by same woman

4 killed Christmas Eve in Toronto 13th floor scaffold failure

McGuinty: Liberal debt mess real, options even include (gasp) reducing swivel service

Debt-laden Japan shocked by 92.3 trillion Yen budget to ‘save lives’

link to image Seven opposition
leaders arrested
as Mousavi
nephew's body seized
Bomber used same explosive from summer Saudi attack

Obama orders review of flight screenings

2nd FLT 253 emergency in Detroit false alarm

Civil war looming? Now 10 dead in Iran; Obama quiet

Analysis: Detroit terror attack major intel failure; same with Ft. Hood massacre

Homeland Security Chair: "we're forever indebted
to the heroic passengers and flight attendants..."

Bomber's father alerted authorities about son's extremist views 6 months ago

Airport security tightened across North America, heavy delays guaranteed

Britain denied visa to bomber this year; had named bogus college when applied

How al Qaeda terror attempt unfolded

video: Passengers
describe flames for
8 or 9 minutes
-- heroic actions
by quick-thinking
flyers and crew
David Brooks: Best magazine articles of 2009

Krauthammer on 2009: The U.S. year of living fecklessly

Op-ed: Room to build ocean protection on Copenhagen successes

Commentary: Climategaters resort to PR polls since claims have been found clothes-less

Bomber's family, teachers shocked, dismayed

Newsweek: U.S. approved Flight 253 passenger list, Dutch source says

Cartoon of Year?

link to image
Ignatieff: "I don’t need to prove anything to anybody."

Ignatieff: 'My wife and I want to live in Chateau Laurier, not 24 Sussex'

Witnesses saw "a pop and saw some smoke and fire" -- bomber burned, others injured

Burned bomber stopped/arrested in Detroit -- bomb lit, passengers jumped on bomber, "saving 100s of lives"
U.S. jet came from Amsterdam; bomb came from Yemen; 20+ minutes before Detroit...

White House: perp admits al Quaeda link; "We were lucky on this one..."
  Charged: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, son of former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria

Did al Qaeda try to disrupt Muslims in Toronto? Plane flew over half of Canada

Seized North Korea arms cache raises new questions

McDonald's to offer free wifi access at 11,000+ U.S. locations

Canadian company wins appeal as Microsoft nailed by Toronto's i4i Inc. for Word XML code

link to image New, tiny,
cells may
solar power
Official US unemployment down 0.2% to 10% in Nov -- real figure is 17.2% say critics

Canada unemployment down to 8.5%; 79,000 new jobs in Nov; economy strengthens

Toppman: Kennedy Center Honors dishonor artistic breadth

link to image Guelph
Olympic attack:
28-year-old woman
torch bearer
knocked down;
19-year-old female
protester charged
with assault
U.S.: Year's worst TV reporting?

link to image Snoopy
top dog
in pop
SAAB not dead yet, after all; Holland's Spyker makes new offer to GM

Canadian Ray Young moves from GM CFO to GM VP, International Ops

GM names
as CFO
fewer Canadians
believe in
global warming,
tooth fairy, etc.
Ignatieff on the outs? Et tu, Bob Rae?

India: Growing pressure for new states -- "Are 28 states enough for a billion people?"

Five designs now public for twinning Buffalo/Fort Erie Peace Bridge

Latest White House security screw-up: surprised tourists have breakfast with President

Six decades of The Queen's Christmas message in pictures
Queen Elizabeth praises bravery and resolve of forces in Afghanistan

U.S. Senate passes health reform bill, differs from House bill so no changes yet

Osama Bin Laden daughter in refuge in Saudi embassy in Iran

1200 km, $16 Billion Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline awaits final reports before green light

One pleads guilty; 3 still to stand trial in Jane Creba's Boxing Day 2005 murder

Gold not really missing at mint, just errr... misplaced

Afghanistan peace talks gaining increasing traction

Turkey re-considers decision to not send troops to Afghanistan

Gen. Petraeus: Success of Iraq Surge central to Obama's new Afghanistan strategy

Operation Cobra’s Anger hammers Taliban in southern Afghanistan -- 1,000+ troops involved

Canada: Bloodiest summer for allied troops in Afghanistan

Petraeus predicts surge progress in Afghanistan will be slower than Iraq

NATO commits to at least 7,000 new troops

U.S. General answers bluntly on Afghanistan timelines

How to pay for Afghanistan war is a growing question for US politicians/public

Obama plays fast and loose with Afghanistan War history in landmark speech at West Point says Rumsfeld

NORAD video: Santa Claus has successful return to North Pole

link to image Origins of
Santa Claus
and 'naughty & nice'
go back to
depths of
European history
Lt. Andrew Richard Nuttall on final trip home

ESPN voice: Toronto's Dan Shulman named 'Announcer of Decade' by Sports Illustrated

link to image Chevy Orlando, Spark,
Cruze, Camaro convertible,
Corvette Grand Sport
new Aveo and Malibu:
GM reveals peek at
new Chevy models
to be introduced Jan. 11th
Janke: Bridge-building myths and other Copenhagen hogwash

Yakabuski: Americans asked little of Obama, and got little in return

GM makes $1.19 billion in early debt payments to U.S., Canada

Liberal Corbeil released from jail pending appeal of 15-month sentence

Fraud in Europe's carbon cap and trade system over $7 billion

NewsWatchCanada: Copenhagen coverage

After 350 years: Cheques to disappear in UK in 2018

Michael Schumacher confirms 2010 return to F1 with Brawn Mercedes

Statscan: Alberta has first net outflow of people in 15 years

Virginia hostage-taker apologizes to hostages, and in court

Canada's largest solar farm, in Napanee -- 9.1 MW -- to have sibling in 2010

link to image Homer, Marge,
Bart, Lisa,
and Maggie's unreality show
turns 20!
Willard Boyle -- Canadian co-inventor of digital photo technology receives
Nobel Physics Prize in Stockholm at 85 -- home-schooled by mom until 14

Danica Patrick says will run ARCA & Nationwide NASCAR stock car races in 2010
Indy driver first woman to get real stock car chance with top Hendrick equipment

Jeff Gordon-designed,
Kuwaiti $$$-backed
820-acre Fort Erie track
would handle any NASCAR series
but may have hit speed bump --
$400 million Niagara-area
project has neighbourhood enemies
Fort Erie's Canadian Motor Speedway clears 2nd major hurdle

link to image Dream comes true!
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
takes off and lands!
link to image 7th show:Cirque du Soleil's
opens in
Las Vegas
link to image 42 light years
away, scientists
discover Earth-like,
link to image Royal Bank:
Canada to
lead G7
in 2010
link to image WISE
into orbit
link to image Historic voyage:
WISE to map
entire sky at
four infrared

link to image Royal Bank:
Canada to
lead G7
in 2010
link to image Italian Premier
Silvio Berlusconi
remains in hospital
after attack
at Milan rally
link to image Gold medallist
Barbara Ann Scott, 81,
Olympic 'torches' Parliament

Toronto mother's murder was a planned hit, say police

Junior Lake gold find boosts mining company stock

link to image Former top Liberal Corbeil
in slammer for 15 months --
2X Christmas in crowbar hotel
Growing fraud: Fake veteran marched in UK Remembrance Day parade

Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Canada's golden Games leave critics red-faced
Schedules many and varied for decommissioning of facilities used during Olympics
Joking Canada closes Games with moose stampede
Worldwide celebration triggered by Crosby goal
A glorious end to 17 days of make-believe
Liveblogging through the Closing Ceremony
Our Olympic legacy: the world thinks we're cool
U.S. media laughed with us, and toasted Team Canada
CTV Vancouver Olympics home
CTV Vancouver Olympics video
GOOGLE: Vancouver Olympics 'venue view' -- go to the slopes! ice! tracks!
We all grieve with Joannie Rochette
Vancouver Olympics in pictures
Curling explained on wikipedia
Vancouver Sun daily Olympics coverage
Clara Hughes confirmed as Canadian Olympic flag-bearer at her 5th Olympics
Tweed knits 300+ foot red scarf to show it 'Believes' in Canada's Olympic team
Follow the Olympic torch run with Vancouver Sun
Official Vancouver 2010 Olympics website
Wikipedia: Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Wickenheiser, Hefford ready to lead charge to women's hockey Gold threepeat
Vancouver Olympics intros 'fan-to-fan marketplace' for reselling Olympic tix
First Nations say pride, not money is true legacy from 2010 Olympics
Canadian stories U.S. stories
Things learned at 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
Higher electricity costs hammering Canadian businesses, killing jobs; failed McGuinty plan in Ontario forcing business out
David Frum on Ignatieff
Mayor Hazel McCallion urges Mississauga residents to change the face of city council
Non-routine poutine humour
Neil Reynolds: Bernier the Bold’s gold theory deserves greater currency
Toronto 18: The terror cell that changed Canada
Woloshyn: Inquiry bill will sting Mississauga
For the Tommy Douglas records: A landmark fight over the right to information
Mississauga melee nears nadir; Carolyn Parrish gets even more nasty
Ted Woloshyn: Mississauga's best election battle; Ron Starr taking another run at Carolyn Parrish
Asbestos, Quebec: Eyes on a new mine as some predict ghost town
Highway of Heroes: ‘How couldn’t we be here’
Life in Kandahar as Canada enters last year
Windsor-Detroit rail tunnel promises 2,200 jobs; $400M project to replace aging tube, offer higher clearance
Kelly McParland: Mississauga errs by not putting a muzzle on Carolyn Parrish
Ottawa court told Harkat part of Bin Laden 'infrastructure'; ran guest house in Peshawar
Conrad Black: Myths of the Quiet Revolution
Harper warns provinces will also have to cut back spending as tax revenues slump
Samsung & KEPCO to invest $7 B: generate 2,500 MW, 4 export plants, fixed contracts, 16,000 jobs
Controversy swirls over $7 billion Ontario-Samsung energy deal announced today
Canadian economy grows even faster 2 months out of recession
Harper: Canada must follow U.S. lead on climate change
China, Russia add Loonie to cash reserves; Canadian dollar boosted
Harper rules out raising taxes to cut deficit
Clement optimistic: 'economy away from brink, starting to rebound'
Report: Canadian recession 'Made in the U.S.A.'
Stephen Colbert's Canadian roots revealed -- will his anti-Vancouver Olympic rants continue?
Liberals forced to apologize for Harper assassination photo on party website
Don Newman: Ignatieff Libs shoot selves in feet, legs, ears, etc. with HST indecision/mutiny
Toronto to host Bollywood Oscars in 2011; 1st time in North America
Gee: Toronto perfect host for historic G20 in June 2010
Store owner pleads guilty to $5.7 million lotto theft
Don Martin: Harper wins again with China moves
Canadian cabinet gives green light to Globalive's Wind Mobile
Carney: Bank of Canada urges borrowers to be prudent, because rates will definitely rise
Nat Post: Caledonia an ongoing disgrace courtesy of McGuinty
Economy back -- how long until interest rates recover?
Economy of Canada
Government of Canada
Carolyn Parrish strikes again; Mississauga councillor in eye of storm after restaurant meltdown
NY Times: Next stop in foreclosure fight may be courtroom
Controversy trails Ayers in retirement; routine bid to be named Professor Emeritus derailed by '74 book dedication to Robert Kennedy's killer
Reinventing Detroit: The road from ruin
NY Times: Resale fees that only developers could love
On the waterfront. Take Me to the River. Finally.
NY Times editorial: Obama's actions and record the opposite of the 'bold' he promised
The next 5 world earthquakes
NY Times op-ed: Obama's credibility gap
Boston Herald: How hope, change, turned into bum year for Obama
Rex Murphy: Obama's condemnation of Brown's pickup truck showed his snooty nose was plugged
U.S. Supreme Court eases limits on election spending by businesses, unions
Alaskan Senator threatens to handcuff EPA and Obama with obscure Congress move
9 U.S. banks shuttered in first 3 weeks of 2010; 140 in 2009
Boston Herald: How hope, change, turned into bum year for Obama
Presidential Obama? finger-pointing, not 'buck stops here'
Obama's 'Potemkin Politics': grand, public gestures concealing dysfunctional policies
BBC analysis: Yemen yet another quagmire for Obama 'yes we can' approach?
Krauthammer: A terrorist war Obama has denied
David Frum: U.S. looks for bombs instead of terrorists
Analysis: Obama White House can't admit wrong; dangerous pattern
Time's Nina Easton: The End of Audacity -- Obama has
turned U.S. public against 'big government' solutions

Obama: Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech supports 'good wars' praised by supporters and some foes for 'historic speech' -- "war as an instrument of peace"
Obama's strategic blunder in Aghanistan policy -- from an Obama voter
Worst U.S. unemployment in states Obama won big in 2008 what will impact be in 2010 mid-term elections?
Economy of United States
Malign Neglect -- Stephen Hayes on political correctness and institutional stupidity in the case of Nidal Malik Hasan
Obama's mother becomes published author 14 years after her death -- her doctoral dissertation on Indonesia peasant economy edited into book by former thesis adviser
International Business
Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterraneanrule
Wartime secret agent's life comes to light after her death
Brazil economy robust and recovering from lost decades of military rule
China overtakes Germany as world's biggest exporter
Giant Pimco selling off UK/US bonds -- is UK on 'brink of bankruptcy'?
China: Not enough money in world to buy more U.S. debt
England only G20 nation still in recession; £ threatened
Report: N. Korea helped Iran duplicate cruise missiles bought on black market
Making of a martyr: Death of defiant cleric revives Iran's reformists Can anything or anybody stop Iranian reform revolt now?
Russia opens new pacific oil terminal; top exporter role confirmed
India: Growing pressure for new states -- "Are 28 states enough for a billion people?"
BBC: 'Smoking gun' Iranian documents show nuke weapons plans
Cleveland Fed: Why didn’t Canada’s housing market go bust?
124 died in Russian nightclub fire eerily similar to Rhode Island club inferno
Jewish groups back Muslims on Swiss minaret ban
NY Times: Why Taylor Momsen, Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck did not write this headline
China subsidy for rat-proof refrigerators feeds appliance boom
In sour U.S. home market, buying often now beats renting
Did the manufacture of your iPhone make someone sick?
VOIP a welcome addition to cellphones
39 investing secrets
How to kill innovation: Keep asking questions
Reynolds: Current parallels to crash and burn of 1700s economy eerie
Horizon Bank in Washington state, first U.S. bank failure in 2010
New bids emerge for SAAB as dissolution under way
What happened to your $$$: The Three Magi of the Meltdown
Ending tech gap: Fighting trend, China is luring scientists home
Detroit auto show: GM CEO Whitacre predicts return to profit this year
Once-defiant Lordstown UAW Local now focuses on GM’s success
Economist: bubble alert!!! -- Markets too dependent on unsustainable gov't stimulus
RTTNews - Realtime Financial news, Economic news, Forex news, Stock Alerts, Breaking news....
Much-delayed Boeing Dreamliner to fly twice in December
130 U.S. banks failed in 2009; six closed last week


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