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Selected Older News Items and World Media Links

Aussie wins award for condensing irrigation device
that harvests water from air and is solar-powered

'Canada' top brand among travellers

Forbes: Canada now best country in world for business
"As U.S. struggles, Canada soars to top"

Panda-cub-monium: Patience nets photographer unique baby bear photos

Photo catches 5-week-old yawning Panda saying 'hi'. ~ photo: Dr. Katherine Feng Minden/Solent

Mama carries this cub in her mouth just a few hours after birth. ~ photo: Dr. Katherine Feng Minden/Solent
Detroit: Rocky has 'grate' day; freed with veggie oil & soap
National Geographic: The first complete views of
the wreck of the legendary RMS Titanic [zoomable]

Marc Grove: My journey from liberal to conservative
IMF: Canada outlook "broadly favorable" --
"especially compared to other G7 countries"
Stupid Government file:
EU bans bottlers from saying water stops dehydration

Tangled eaglet rescued from fishing line on live web TV

Canadian 'Clark the talking dog' a runaway viral hit

Winnipeg Free Press: Manitobans beavering away building dikes;
province plans to divert Assiniboine and save a dozen communities

Baby bats among victims of Australian floods

Why did the Winnipeg goslings cross the railroad?

viral video: nimble Canadian beaver plays chicken on highway

U.S. Census: Fastest growth in states with lower income tax

A 10-day-old baby dolphin recovers in Uruguay after washing up on a beach.

Canadian stories U.S. stories
Things learned at 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
Higher electricity costs hammering Canadian businesses, killing jobs; failed McGuinty plan in Ontario forcing business out
David Frum on Ignatieff
Mayor Hazel McCallion urges Mississauga residents to change the face of city council
Non-routine poutine humour
Neil Reynolds: Bernier the Bold’s gold theory deserves greater currency
Toronto 18: The terror cell that changed Canada
Woloshyn: Inquiry bill will sting Mississauga
For the Tommy Douglas records: A landmark fight over the right to information
Mississauga melee nears nadir; Carolyn Parrish gets even more nasty
Ted Woloshyn: Mississauga's best election battle; Ron Starr taking another run at Carolyn Parrish
Asbestos, Quebec: Eyes on a new mine as some predict ghost town
Highway of Heroes: ‘How couldn’t we be here’
Life in Kandahar as Canada enters last year
Windsor-Detroit rail tunnel promises 2,200 jobs; $400M project to replace aging tube, offer higher clearance
Kelly McParland: Mississauga errs by not putting a muzzle on Carolyn Parrish
Ottawa court told Harkat part of Bin Laden 'infrastructure'; ran guest house in Peshawar
Conrad Black: Myths of the Quiet Revolution
Harper warns provinces will also have to cut back spending as tax revenues slump
Samsung & KEPCO to invest $7 B: generate 2,500 MW, 4 export plants, fixed contracts, 16,000 jobs
Controversy swirls over $7 billion Ontario-Samsung energy deal announced today
Canadian economy grows even faster 2 months out of recession
Harper: Canada must follow U.S. lead on climate change
China, Russia add Loonie to cash reserves; Canadian dollar boosted
Harper rules out raising taxes to cut deficit
Clement optimistic: 'economy away from brink, starting to rebound'
Report: Canadian recession 'Made in the U.S.A.'
Stephen Colbert's Canadian roots revealed -- will his anti-Vancouver Olympic rants continue?
Liberals forced to apologize for Harper assassination photo on party website
Don Newman: Ignatieff Libs shoot selves in feet, legs, ears, etc. with HST indecision/mutiny
Toronto to host Bollywood Oscars in 2011; 1st time in North America
Gee: Toronto perfect host for historic G20 in June 2010
Store owner pleads guilty to $5.7 million lotto theft
Don Martin: Harper wins again with China moves
Canadian cabinet gives green light to Globalive's Wind Mobile
Carney: Bank of Canada urges borrowers to be prudent, because rates will definitely rise
Nat Post: Caledonia an ongoing disgrace courtesy of McGuinty
Economy back -- how long until interest rates recover?
Economy of Canada
Government of Canada
Carolyn Parrish strikes again; Mississauga councillor in eye of storm after restaurant meltdown
NY Times: Next stop in foreclosure fight may be courtroom
Controversy trails Ayers in retirement; routine bid to be named Professor Emeritus derailed by '74 book dedication to Robert Kennedy's killer
Reinventing Detroit: The road from ruin
NY Times: Resale fees that only developers could love
On the waterfront. Take Me to the River. Finally.
NY Times editorial: Obama's actions and record the opposite of the 'bold' he promised
The next 5 world earthquakes
NY Times op-ed: Obama's credibility gap
Boston Herald: How hope, change, turned into bum year for Obama
Rex Murphy: Obama's condemnation of Brown's pickup truck showed his snooty nose was plugged
U.S. Supreme Court eases limits on election spending by businesses, unions
Alaskan Senator threatens to handcuff EPA and Obama with obscure Congress move
9 U.S. banks shuttered in first 3 weeks of 2010; 140 in 2009
Boston Herald: How hope, change, turned into bum year for Obama
Presidential Obama? finger-pointing, not 'buck stops here'
Obama's 'Potemkin Politics': grand, public gestures concealing dysfunctional policies
BBC analysis: Yemen yet another quagmire for Obama 'yes we can' approach?
Krauthammer: A terrorist war Obama has denied
David Frum: U.S. looks for bombs instead of terrorists
Analysis: Obama White House can't admit wrong; dangerous pattern
Time's Nina Easton: The End of Audacity -- Obama has
turned U.S. public against 'big government' solutions

Obama: Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech supports 'good wars' praised by supporters and some foes for 'historic speech' -- "war as an instrument of peace"
Obama's strategic blunder in Aghanistan policy -- from an Obama voter
Worst U.S. unemployment in states Obama won big in 2008 what will impact be in 2010 mid-term elections?
Economy of United States
Malign Neglect -- Stephen Hayes on political correctness and institutional stupidity in the case of Nidal Malik Hasan
Obama's mother becomes published author 14 years after her death -- her doctoral dissertation on Indonesia peasant economy edited into book by former thesis adviser
International Business
Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean
Wartime secret agent's life comes to light after her death
Brazil economy robust and recovering from lost decades of military rule
China overtakes Germany as world's biggest exporter
Giant Pimco selling off UK/US bonds -- is UK on 'brink of bankruptcy'?
China: Not enough money in world to buy more U.S. debt
England only G20 nation still in recession; £ threatened
Report: N. Korea helped Iran duplicate cruise missiles bought on black market
Making of a martyr: Death of defiant cleric revives Iran's reformists Can anything or anybody stop Iranian reform revolt now?
Russia opens new pacific oil terminal; top exporter role confirmed
India: Growing pressure for new states -- "Are 28 states enough for a billion people?"
BBC: 'Smoking gun' Iranian documents show nuke weapons plans
Cleveland Fed: Why didn’t Canada’s housing market go bust?
124 died in Russian nightclub fire eerily similar to Rhode Island club inferno
Jewish groups back Muslims on Swiss minaret ban
NY Times: Why Taylor Momsen, Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck did not write this headline
China subsidy for rat-proof refrigerators feeds appliance boom
In sour U.S. home market, buying often now beats renting
Did the manufacture of your iPhone make someone sick?
VOIP a welcome addition to cellphones
39 investing secrets
How to kill innovation: Keep asking questions
Reynolds: Current parallels to crash and burn of 1700s economy eerie
Horizon Bank in Washington state, first U.S. bank failure in 2010
New bids emerge for SAAB as dissolution under way
What happened to your $$$: The Three Magi of the Meltdown
Ending tech gap: Fighting trend, China is luring scientists home
Detroit auto show: GM CEO Whitacre predicts return to profit this year
Once-defiant Lordstown UAW Local now focuses on GM’s success
Economist: bubble alert!!! -- Markets too dependent on unsustainable gov't stimulus
RTTNews - Realtime Financial news, Economic news, Forex news, Stock Alerts, Breaking news....
Much-delayed Boeing Dreamliner to fly twice in December
130 U.S. banks failed in 2009; six closed last week
The Global Warming Mythology
More honesty and openness required says UK climate chief
More Global Warming fraud... Single thermometer used to measure world temps above 65 degrees latitude, NOAA & GISS 'cherry-picking' Canadian data from warmer, southern measuring stations
Apollo 7 astronaut: Global Warming debate is fact vs faith; scientific illiteracy real problem
As Climategate becomes Pressgate, questions for the lapdog media
bogus claim: World misled about Himalayan glacier meltdown Climate change debate continues in 'letters to editor' columns with sincere certainty creating doubt and animosity
The New Big Lie: Climategate emails "not significant"
Prentice attacks Copenhagen mutiny by Ontario, Quebec & Miller
Prentice: Copenhagen Accord a positive agreement for Canada
Read the final Copenhagen Accord
Corcoran: Trouble over tree rings - Prt 2
Corcoran: A 2,000-page epic of science and skepticism - Prt 1
Re-look at 160 years of data by UK weather service -- Met Office has weather data back to 1854 -- because "public confidence in the science on man-made global warming has been shattered"
UN says it takes underlying climategate fraud issue very seriously launches major investigation before Copenhagen summit
G&M: Breach in global-warming bunker shakes foundations of climate science
Hide the decline - The indispensable A-Z in the climate debate
Apollo 7 astronaut: Global Warming debate is fact vs faith; scientific illiteracy real problem
First Climategate and now Glaciergate
Mr. Gore, your solution to Global Warming is wrong
Climate Depot: Climategate pulls back fraud wizards' curtain
UN IPCC Expert: Consensus is a lie, GW Stopped in 1998 & southern hemisphere is cooling!
Briggs blog: A Citizens Guide to Global Warming
Less than half of published climate scientists support global warming theory!
Toronto Star: Red faces at NASA over climate-change blunder
Dust getting its due as a major player in climate, disease
Time to ice Rover and Fluffy if you want to save the planet?
Penn State Will Investigate 'Climategate'
Ecomyths: how to understand contemporary issues
Latest "Global Warming" Temps
International Climate Science Coalition
10 Myths of Global Warming
Tree Hugger - green angels or political naifs?
Hypocrite alarmism exploiter Al Gore refuses to adopt personal energy ethics pledge 'All the junk that's fit to debunk'
Scientific American's response to global warming critics
UK Telegraph: History of Climate Change
E85 Ethanol Producers
Read all the Climategate emails and documents and judge for yourself
Climate Audit -- Steve McIntyre checks the numbers
East Anglia climatologist at centre of email scandal steps aside
1975: "planet cooling for 30 years, Ice Age returning" 2009: "Nope, it's hot, ignore the data, trust us"
News Features
Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen of 'Naked Gun' fame dies at age 84
Honestly, the brain doesn’t lie
Scientists and soldiers solve a bee mystery
How handwriting trains the brain; forming letters is key to learning, memory, ideas
LA Times: Toronto gets a film and arts museum rolled into one as Bell Lightbox
Edwin Newman, journalist, dies at 91
U.S. scientist finds the sleep switch in our brain
Receipts contain bisphenol A
B.C. ranchers defend feeding wine to cattle
At least five new planets discovered
Harrison Price, a planner of Disney Parks, dies at 89
Business risks in summertime: Too hot to handle? Dangers range from casual attire to vacation requests
Mariano Rivera, King of the Closers
Americans are treated, and overtreated, to death
A decade later, genetic map yields few new cures
Christopher Hitchens: An Orwell for our time
Canadian-born legend Art Linkletter, TV host, dies at 97
Scientists create artificial life: World first as genome pioneer makes designer microbe from scratch
Mice show pain through facial expressions, research finds
Obsessively seeking original occupant; who was first to live where you live?
Science and sophistry: the debate over high-fructose corn syrup
lives lived: Allen Swift, voice actor for radio and TV, dies at 87
MI5 papers reveal pre-war fears of Hitler Youth link-up with Boy Scouts
The mystery of Hitler's 'spyclists'
The heat over bubbling Arctic methane
Autism and toxins: what do we know, and what do we know we don't know?
AARP studies D.C. seniors who join aging-in-place networks
What's in Household Dust?
Retirees trade work for rent at cash-poor parks
Happiness wards off heart disease, study suggests
Harvard Business Press books that topped 2009’s 'Best of' lists
Secrets of worm grunting support Darwin's instincts after 127 years
U.S. idea to shed body armour in Afghanistan to help 'bonding' with locals not popular with Canadians
How to deal with the e-snub; or, why not to e-snub
The real Serpico remains true to himself after 4 decades
Times: How to keep your body in optimum shape at every age
Charter schools growing in Los Angeles; students coming from public & private schools
WSJ book review: The timeless challenge of trying to define time
Eye test that spots Alzheimer's 20 years before symptoms: Middle-aged could be screened at routine optician's visit
All fibers in foods not created equal
Why hockey players can use Pilates to fight injury
NY Times 'Best of': The 11 best foods you aren’t eating
For the 55+ set: Like a college visit, minus the kegs
Radon gas identified as America's leading in-home killer
An inside look at how Germany has rebuilt itself; It’s been two decades since the Berlin wall came down
Geist: U.S. uses domain names as new way to regulate the Net
Edmonton's Motoraunt, Cadillac of burger joints, is forced to hit the road once more; Iconic diner was built on the chassis of an old Eldorado
It's good to think - but not too much, scientists say; mapping brain differences between thinkers and non-thinkers
The Curious Case of Jerod Morris and Damien Cox
Disputing Darwin: Researchers claim move toward empty living space drove evolution
Wall Street Journal: The end of management; Corporate bureaucracy is becoming obsolete. Why managers should act like venture capitalists
Sex lab holds key to knee orgasms and the cheating vaccine
Mannix, we hardly knew ya!
Gene analysis: A secret of longevity emerges
wisdom real: Ageing brains retain knowledge, study finds
Trivial Pursuit's place in Canadian cultural history
Phys Ed: Can pickle juice stop muscle cramps?
Bletchley Park WWII archive to go online
For very young, peril lurks in lithium cell batteries
Virginia launching portable housing for aging relatives
Blinking often 'sign of a wandering mind'
lives lived: Elizabeth Post of the etiquette family dies at 89
Tony Wilson: Want to buy a franchise? Read this first
Human brains grow, change and can heal themselves
Leon Harris: Understanding the rise and fall of local TV news in USA
'A poor sort of memory:' Teaching self-preservation at Baycrest
Canada: A-Z guide to things Canadian
Reitman and son: Filmmaking is a family business
Top 10 foods for a good night's sleep
AP: Genetic screening credited with major reduction in inherited diseases
Obama's five collaboration mistakes and how to avoid them
Root foods full of vitamins, minerals, fibre but not calories
Nutrient 'cocktail' appears to improve Alzheimer's dementia symptoms
Time: How cocaine scrambles genes in the brain
Essay: Joel Achenbach on the 2000s: The decade we didn't see coming
link to image
10 foods that are good for you and why
10 ways to cut your travel costs this year
Digging through the Dutch roots of Manhattan and New York
Canadian study: Sepsis bigger killer than strokes & heart attacks deadly sepsis infections preventable, but often starts in hospitals
What is Sepsis (detailed answer)?
Sepsis explained in simple English
Top 10 cycling routes in the world (#1 is Canadian!)
Street names: from whence and why?
The Who tragedy: 30 Years Later
What is Cap and Trade?
Why Cap and Trade would be bad for both the environment and the economy -- Youtube video by two EPA lawyers
Why and how drinking too much water can be bad for you
NPR: The 10 Best Cookbooks of 2009
225 inspiring photography tips
45% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates
Classic profiteroles recipe

Canadian history Environment
Canadian Register of Historic Places
Toronto's 'new' City Hall turns 45
The 'lost villages' under the St. Lawrence Seaway
United Empire Loyalist Centre and Park - Adolphustown
Settlement of Adolphustown
1878-1880 digital maps of Ontario Counties showing names of property owners
Loyalist Township -- on the Bay of Quinte
Hastings County GenWeb Project (Northumberland and Lennox & Addington content, too)
Prince Edward County GenWeb
Lennox and Addington County museum and Archives
Northumberland County History and Genealogy
Prince Edward County GenWeb
Town of Napanee
South Fredericksburgh Heritage Committee
Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre, Ameliasburgh
Ontario Genealogical Society, Kingston Branch
The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
I Found It! dedicated genealogy search engine
Canadian history timeline
Cyndi's list of Genealogy sites on the Internet
Early Canadiana Online -- primary document searches
Canadian genealogy & history links
OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid)
Olive Tree Index to United Empire Loyalists
Kawartha Ancestral Research Association
A Loyalist bibliography
Canadian Friends Historical Association -- Quakers
Ontario Genealogy Records Online
Genealogy Help List Canada
Free obituaries on-line
The big gEDcom and related areas
National Archives of Canada -- Canadian Genealogy Centre
Archives of Ontario
Bill Martin's Ontario genealogy pages
Mormon Family Search site

Giant carnivorous whale terrorized ancient oceans
Some bees not that busy after all
Tuna's end
As the Sun awakens, NASA keeps a wary eye on space weather
Dinosaurs died from sudden temperature drop 'not comet strike', scientists claim
48-mile-long iceberg calves off Antarctica; currents, ocean oxygen levels may be affected, say scientists
link to image
Watch live hibernating Kermode Bear in British Columbia on webcam
Benefits of trees in urban areas (and generally)
4,000 square kilometre paradise for polar bears, caribou and beluga whales Manitoba-protected boreal forest & coast along Hudson Bay an eco-tourism oasis
Solar and Alternate Energy
Jatin Nathwani: Does Ontario’s Green Energy Act pass the ‘net benefit’ test?
Half of German solar firms could go under
California licenses world’s biggest solar thermal plant for Mojave desert -- 1,000MW; in contrast, only 481MW of solar panels installed in all U.S. in 2009
California Edison blankets warehouse roofs with solar panels
Solar panel maker Suntech picks Phoenix suburb, Goodyear, for new factory
Cheap hot water? Just add sunshine
NY Governor Patterson announces major Syracuse solar power initiative
Bay Street snubs green revolution
Canada's largest solar farm, in Napanee -- 9.1 MW -- to have sibling in 2010
Rush is on to lock up rights to flat GTA rooftops
New, tiny, glitter-sized photovoltaic cells may revolutionize solar power
First solar-powered airplane flies -- briefly
A guide to installing rooftop solar power
Ellensburg (WA) residents invest in community solar power park reduce their individual & collective electricity costs
Mainstream power? Lowe's to sell solar panels
Flywheel batteries -- a new spin on energy storage
Saving energy with solar power -- using homemade solar panels
Scientific American blog: Should you add batteries to your solar array?
Solar added to fossil fuel plants in pilot project
California approves world's first orbiting solar plant

New piezo-electric railways harvest energy from passing trains
National Geographic: Tough road to getting LED lights on the streets
Why PEI’s wind plan is dying
Wind power's health debate rages as siting of latest Eastern Ontario wind farm challenged
Wind drives growing use of batteries
Ethanol likely to have major role as fuel
Hybrid plant shelved in California
Exxon invests $600M in oil from algae
In Utah, company to store energy in compressed air vaults underground
Margaret Wente: Welcome to the wacky world of green power
Future fuel: algae-produced oils?
$36 million U.S. Government-backed Geysers geothermal project shut down due to risk of triggering California earthquakes
Technology Automobility News
Fast Company: wi-fi-connected lightbulbs, coming to smart homes in 2012
Entrepreneurs find gold in used phones
Computers set for quantum leap
NY Times: Spinal-fluid test is found to predict Alzheimer’s
To pack a stadium, provide video better than TV
The Canadian who holds the key to the Internet
A dam big project: Incredible images of construction work on 1,900ft-long Hoover Bridge
Palm may be forced out of market it launched
How those ubiquitous 'Hitler' parodies are made by tweaking subtitles
U-2 spy plane evades the day of retirement 54 years after first flight in cold war service
Digital location applications means never having to say you're sorry you missed a party
Nuclear reactors shrinking in size; safety remains issue
Next level for touch-screen technology; Canadian researcher blazing path to a Jetsons-like world
Dot-com: ‘three letters and a punctuation mark’ that changed the world -- first dot-com was on March 15, 1985
Thalidomide puzzle finally being solved, 50 years after heartbreak drug killed and maimed tens of thousands
Three 'recent' technology innovations that changed America: TV, interstate highway system and the internet -- which is most important?
X-15 test pilot Robert M. White, who made history with a 1962 test flight into space, dies at 85
Smart grid could turn appliances into spies, experts warn
Adobe Photoshop turns 20
Mites the culprit in mass bee deaths
How the web changed the world
Facebook secuity settings to change now
NY Times: Language as a blunt tool of the digital age
Time: Top 10 scientific discoveries of 2009
Google loses to Canadian Groovle domain name claim
Canadian-developed DNA technology helps identify mislabelled foods
Discover Magazine blogs
WISE satellite set to map the infrared universe
will provide info on looming asteroids/meteorites

Forrest Gump approach: "The sky is like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get."

Canadian companies want to clean major India River before 2010 Commonwealth Games
International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 7-10, 2010 expecting 2700 companies and big tech launches

Keystone parkway Is the greenest highway intersection in the U.S.
Ralph Lauren ~ a real car guy: Engine of Style
For the car of the future: Less is more
'I'm not a car guy': On the road with the new man at GM's wheel
Morgan returns to its 3-wheel roots
Chuck Jordan, innovative GM designer, dies at 83
Detroit’s monsters thrive on a diet of cheap gas in Caracas, Venezuela
Last gasp for Dodge’s asp?
link to image
Giant lane-straddling bus would create "moving tunnel" on urban roads
Victoria, B.C. the birthplace of car licence plate
link to image
Jaguar C-X75 range-extended turbine electric
link to image
Canada's electric car technology on show
2011 Jaguar XJ breaks the mold, and will break hearts
Gasoline cleaner choice for spark-plugless engine
Celebrating 50 years of Mosport
link to image
A used-car deal for the ages: 30 Bugattis sold in 1964 for a song
James Bond Aston Martin, DB2 racer star in $6.8M auction
Classic Alvis TE
1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan coupe -- a modest car for a man of means
An irreverent look at mopeds, scooters and their history
link to image
Running the backwoods of Georgia in a Lotus Exige 240-S
Michael Paul Smith builds scale models to house some of the model cars in his collection and depicts them in fictional town of Elgin Park, circa 1964
Porsche’s stealth debut of stunning 198 mph 918 hybrid
Toyota woes highlight hi-tech car pitfalls
Time: The rise of Toyota
Should Chevy Corvette have 2 versions?
Futuristic Kia hybrid has 746-mile range
In a Prius preserve, shaken fans due to defects
GM to build its own electric motors for hybrids, all-electrics
link to image
Mercedes winged SLS targets Porsche, luxury supremacy
NY Times: Less drama in Detroit as Lutz leaves the stage
review: Crash Course: The American automobile industry’s road from glory to disaster
Maharani: The '56 Cadillac with the kitchen sink
The best-ever movie chase scene was 10 minutes of 'Bullitt' -- follow this video quest for the streets and scenes of Steve McQueen's San Francisco
How Hyundai got hip
#1 in biggest world market: GM China sales up 67% in 2009
2010 Buick LaCrosse stirs up new allure
Tata Motors' Nano: World's cheapest car ($2,500) to be unveiled in Detroit
Nissan Leaf plug-in electric car trumpets low cost
Quebec adopts strict California car pollution standards, first province in Canada to do so, joins Vermont, Maine, New York
Famous defunct auto brands
Restored Mopar gems on the Prairies
See it: Chevy Volt video preview drive
link to image
1909 Maxwell DA: History that’s more than the sum of its parts
Ford and GM announce auto wifi
Form over function in 2010 Acura ZDX with multiple blind spots
Europe's version of Chevy Volt is called Ampera -- BBC likes it and unlike other electrics, the Ampera/Volt uses electric motors with gas engine solely to charge batteries on long trips -- full plug-in charge in 3 hours
LA Car Show: Chevy Volt as good as clippings

Selected Video

Famous wind-blown Canadian ducks at Woodbine race track in Toronto (ducks not hurt; horse racing was suspended due to wind so racing cameraman watched ducks)

So a deer walks into a bar...

Northern Lights -- live after dusk

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