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Haiti 7.0 Earthquake

link to image

Haiti news wire

Haitian police escort Duvalier from hotel

Lorne Gunter: Why Haiti can't recover

Former dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier back in Haiti for first time since ouster in 1986

Newsweek: Still trying to rise above the rubble; one year after massive earthquake, little reason for optimism in Haiti

Haiti revises quake death toll up to over 316,000

Time: NGOs and Haiti's incompetent political class should share blame for recovery's failure, continuing misery

City of Montreal to train Haitian bureaucrats

Canada announces over $90M worth of new projects to help Haiti

‘Massive irregularities’ detected in Haiti presidential vote

Canadian company vies to build plastic houses in Haiti

Would-be Haitian contractors miss out on aid

Palin urges Americans 'not to forget Haiti'; former Alaska governor wraps up a two-day visit to the Caribbean country

Fat takes two bullets, and Haiti's torment continues

Canada shuts down its Haiti embassy due to riots

Haiti fears violence in election wake; inconclusive result means a run-off vote January 16th;
protests and sporadic gunfire erupted in Port-au-Prince Tuesday night

BBC: UN peacekeepers to blame for Haiti cholera says report

BBC: Haiti confirms scores of deaths due to cholera outbreak

Six months on, Haiti remains covered in rubble

Fatal accident halts demolition work in Jacmel

Haiti pledges hit $10B, top targets

Canada allocates another $400M to Haiti

Britain turns off Haiti aid and delivers snub to New York donor conference

Haiti: Heavy rains swamp camps holding homeless

NY Times: Rural Haiti struggles to absorb displaced

NWC visitors/locations since 9/11/10

Haiti: Emails reveal failed Fed response, Obamians' efforts to point fingers

U.S. troops withdrawing en masse from Haiti; Haitians anxious

Haiti leader says quake toll could reach 300,000

Victoria seniors knit blankets for Haitian orphans

UN official critical of UN's Haiti earthquake response

Haiti judge frees 8 of 10 Baptist missionaries charged with child kidnapping

Washington Post: Haiti earthquake damage estimated up to $14 billion

Canada's role in Haiti relief proves need for 'hard power' explains Harper

U.S. urges clothing companies to buy Haiti apparel; mum on other imports

Harper visits troops in Jacmel, praises DART work in Haiti

Injured survivors' fate unclear after treatment in the U.S.

Fears of another quake new Haiti boogeyman; intact houses remain empty

breaking: Haiti school collapses due to heavy rains; 3 children dead

American Red Cross issues one month progress report on its Haiti relief effort

Angelina Jolie visits and thanks Canadian troops in Jacmel, Haiti

Man pulled alive from Haiti rubble 4 weeks after 'quake; delirious, malnourished

Is U.N. pocketing Haiti relief money by overpricing its involvement?

Led by Canada, G7 pledges to forgive Haiti's debt

Two dead in Haiti aid helicopter crash

Haiti aid groups now favour tarps, wood and steel over tents

Haiti food convoy attacked by 20 armed thugs; UN warns of volatility

Quest for normalcy dominant in Léogâne, close to quake epicenter

Haiti adoption FAQ from AM at MSNBC

White House goofed: Medical assistance flights resuming after ball dropped

unbelievable: U.S. federal government stopped mercy flights after Florida asked for better coordination

Haiti detains American Baptists taking 33 orphans across border to DR

US engineer: Rubble from Haiti earthquake could fill 5 Louisiana Superdomes

Onset of rainy season harbours new dangers for Haitians

Haiti: New food distribution schedule implemented after multiple failures

Doctor: Quake victims dying after U.S. airlifts stopped over dispute

Photos of drinking, grinning aid mission doctors cause uproar in Puerto Rico

link to image Canadians bring
mobile surgical unit
to hard-hit Jacmel

Chance and fate mattered as quake hit so many lives at Hotel Montana

WSJ: Haiti aid efforts go awry in the 'convoy to nowhere'

7,000 Haiti prison escapees running wild, rape rampant

Food distribution being thrown off by survivors' unexpected movements

Quake may have revealed Haiti oil and natural gas reserves

NASCAR Canada: Race official/paramedic collecting money and supplies for Haiti

relief: AP says Haiti Gov't gets 1 penny of U.S. quake aid dollar

15 days: Quake rescuers find girl alive!

New Orleans native says Haiti quake much worse than Katrina

Flaherty urges creditors to cancel Haitian debt

USNS Comfort: saving lives and giving comfort, just offshore

35-year-old man rescued Tuesday after trapped 14 days; expected to survive

Montreal conference: 'Friends of Haiti' make 10-year commitment

Haiti government leaders forced to defend their low profile since quake

Montreal conference: Harper & Clinton say important to have Haitians set priorities for rebuild

update: $40 million from Canadian telethons, including matching funds from Gov't

surprise: Haiti now has too many doctors (but still not enough nurses)

Montreal conference: Harper says Haiti needs long-term commitments to "Build Back Better"

Montreal conference: Haiti needs to ‘rely strongly' on partners, Haitian leader says

Haiti PM formally thanks Canadian PM: 'marvellous' support beginning "within minutes"

Tents, tents, tents: say aid groups in an asap housing pitch

Black: Canada has useful roles to play in Haiti, beyond the immediate aid needs

Canadian soldiers and sailors make differences from DART to toilets

link to image First orphans
arrive in cold
new homeland

link to image Flag-draped coffins
of fallen Mounties
arrive at CFB Trenton

Man rescued from rubble unhurt after 11-day entombment

Clooney telethon raises $57M; total doesn't yet include corp donations, iTune sales

Canada removes cap after public giving hits $60M; will keep matching donations

Guardian: Haiti aid effort 'could have saved more'

Canada's English & French telethons raise $32 M, incl Fed Gov't matching funds

Haiti government emerges to call off search-and-rescue

link to image Grim-faced celebs
unite to
help Haiti in

Harper says long-term challenge in Haiti is to rescue 'shattered society'

Rescues continue, 10 days later; heavy migration out to countryside

Haitians now concentrating on rebuilding homes, lives after surviving quake

First 86 Haiti orphans cleared for flight to Canada

Canadian troops in Jacmel: "We’re here to help, not to control these people."

Emotional roller coaster for media covering earthquake aftermath

Hugo Chavez says Haiti earthquake caused by U.S. weather weapon

Haiti turns down 800 troops from Dominican Republic; agrees to 150 DR troops to line border road

Desperate survivors who haven't eaten for days not 'looters' if just trying to find food or water

Celine Dion, James Cameron, Michael J. Fox and Tragically Hip headline 'Canada for Haiti'

Port re-opens, search-and-rescue teams leaving, 400,000 to go to new villages

NASCAR's Hendrick adds 2nd plane to Haiti relief; flies out 26 orphans

'Canada for Haiti' TV special to precede international fundraiser Friday

6-year-old among first patients on
U.S. hospital ship 'Comfort', airlifted
aboard even before arrival in Haiti

link to image
Gen. Honoré: Evacuate most vulnerable, communications at street level vital, missing link, criticizes USAID
for too few choppers, should have turned roads into a 2nd & 3rd airfield, 5 days to drop food, lives cost...

link to image Canadian Hercs, choppers and
warship bring hope to Jacmel;
first aid for south coast victims

UN 'buffoons' cursed, guns but 'no tents' response mocked; "entire city will have to be levelled" before re-built

Miracle man: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta saving lives daily and reporting between patients

Shaken Haiti President holds first press conference; no good news

2,000 U.S. Marines diverted from wars to Haiti; 16,000 there by end of week

Royal Caribbean defends cruise-ship calls on Haiti after earthquake

Cdn embassy damaged by aftershock; Ottawa fast-tracks adoptions

Geologists explain today's 6.1 aftershock

'Hope for Haiti' telethon: Springsteen, Bono, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Taylor Swift confirmed

Joint NYPD-FDNY rescue team pulls two miracles out of rubble

breaking: 6.1 aftershock at 6 a.m. rattles Haiti, nerves

Haiti TV coverage: Reporters saving lives is good, but selling it on TV feels bad

Hillary Clinton travelling to Montreal for Haiti talks

Miami Herald: Latest developments in Haiti

Despite fears of rioting, U.S. starting airdrops

Wyclef Jean defends his charity, payments to self, says mistakes made

France accuses U.S. of 'occupying' Haiti as troops flood in, aid flights blocked

Canadian troops deploy, begin aid efforts

11 Canadians confirmed dead in Haiti

Goodspeed: Haiti "has virtually ceased to
Wyclef Jean rapped for 'shady' charity from which he profits

Canadians donating at record pace; $22.5 million to Red Cross alone

Canada sending additional 1,000 soldiers to Haiti this week; 2,000 in total

VOA: Search for survivors offers small glimmer of hope as aid trickles to Haiti

Rescues beat dimming odds in Haiti but fall short of need

Montreal to host international Haiti aid summit amid historic relief effort

Gen. Honore: U.S. military should have reached Haiti many hours sooner

U.S. clueless in Haiti?

Why? Médecins sans Frontières cargo plane carrying inflatable hospital blocked from landing at Port-au-Prince airport

Cruise ships still docking in Haiti

Toronto Star editorial: Stephen Harper and Michaëlle Jean praised

Safety becomes major concerns as looters killed by lynch mobs in street

9/11 rescue veterans saving lives again

35 stunning photographs

Updated killed/missing counts by country

Canadian evacuees traumatized by quake and chaotic aftermath

Harper:Canada in Haiti for long haul

NY Times: World pledges quake aid, Haitians still waiting

Is media helping or hurting arrival of help and supplies?

NY Times: Latest updates on rescue and recovery in Haiti

link to image
Frictions increase; accusations about rescue priorities claim foreigners saved first

Doctors leave patients behind; CNN doctor/reporter and his crew stay to care for patients overnight

opinion: Rebuilding Haiti will mean re-thinking past missteps that had good intentions

Looting unchecked as aid not being evenly distributed

Wyclef Jean's 'Yele' charity under fire for abuse of donation funds, questionable payments

Spector vision: Media overload means less water and food for those suffering

Canada to give immigration priority to Haiti earthquake survivors

2nd Canadian Mountie found dead; Canadian toll now 8

Logistics still creating friction, but food and water getting to people

Sandra Bullock donates $1 million to Haiti; Madonna gives $250,000

Bush and Clinton take reins of U.S. fundraising effort; flank Obama at White House announcement

Initial UK Haiti earthquake appeal nets £12m

France proposes strategies for re-building Haiti

Economics and the impact of natural disasters on death tolls

Canada flying C-17s, C-131 Hercules and Boeing 767s
back and forth to Haiti; relief in, survivors out

Haiti aid flow so heavy airport can't handle it, some planes turned away

Canadians fly home from Haiti as death toll nears 200,000

Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Shopper's and credit card companies all donating to relief effort

video: AP Port-au-Prince bureau chief recounts quake escape, shows damage

200,000 dead latest estimate; 40,000 already buried

800 Canadian soldiers on way to Haiti; C-17s shuttle daily

U.S. wireless firms speed up texted Haiti donations

Facebook users booted for hitting message limit
Users sending floods of Haiti messages mistaken for spammers

Text donations for Haiti earthquake overwhelm Red Cross
$8 million donated via text messages so far; Red Cross says it's climbing fast

Haitians illegally in U.S. given protected status

NASCAR owner Rick Hendrick donating 45-passenger plane for daily mercy flights between U.S. and Haiti

French President Sarkozy calls for international donors conference to help Haiti

Incredulity greets Pat Robertson's pronouncements, mangling of Haitian history

Criticism for slow U.S. military response: media, China faster, hospital ship a week away

Wyclef Jean helping in search and rescue and fundraising, too

update: 5.4 earthquake hits Venezuela

Aid mission rolls out in 'record time' as warships leave Halifax for Haiti

Aid efforts hampered by airport bottleneck; U.S. aircraft carrier arrives with choppers

Angry Haitians block roads with corpses

France pushes other countries to cancel Haitian debt

Pan Am Health Org: Haiti death toll 50,000 to 100,000

Gen. Mullen: 9,000 to 10,000 U.S. troops in Haiti by Monday

Mountie among four Canadians confirmed dead

link to image Rescue planes,
ships and
personnel busy
in Haiti
NY Times: Before & after aerial photos of Port-au-Prince

UN stores secure; 6,000 tons of food about to be distributed

Aid struggle hampered by blocked roads; vile looters start to roam streets

Two Canadian destroyers en route to Haiti with supplies, rescuers

1400 Canadians remain missing in Haiti

link to image Canadian C-17
deliver DART
(Disaster Assistance
Response Team)
and other supplies
to Haiti while bringing
wounded Canadians home.
Canadians step forward, donating $3 million in first 48 hours

Canadian weasel media shows it still views everything
through negative political lens... shame...shame...

B.C. gives $500K for earthquake relief

Unscathed by Haiti quake, Dominican next door fears economic aftershocks

The moment Haiti
changed forever
in Port-au-Prince,
on video,
as the earthquake
hit on Tuesday.
The rush to rescue
planes piling into Port-au-Prince
from Canada, Brazil, USA
U.S. Coast Guard stunned
by devastation,
search dogs saving lives
Port-au-Prince morgue becomes mountain of anguish

Tensions mount in devastated capital
as nations step up aid pledges to Haiti

CSM: Hundreds dead: UN confronts largest tragedy in own history

Jan. 14/10
Katie Couric
CBS News
from Port-au-Prince
Google Earth gets Haiti earthquake imagery as tech firms mobilize to help relief effort

CSM: Infrastructure deficits mean when disasters hit third world, speed up donations

Airlines and hotels enable travellers to give points to the Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief

CNN: Money needed most in Haiti earthquake relief efforts

Five days into new job, USAID chief tackles Haiti earthquake response

Innovative fund-raising: Online poker tournaments helping Haiti victims

CNN's Anderson Cooper first network reporter into Haiti;
his chopper nearly clipped by plane above Port-au-Prince

George Clooney planning telethon for Haiti earthquake relief

Ottawa to match donations for Haiti

NY Times: Agony sets in as medics focus on the survivors

United Nations announcing airlift of 86 metric tons of food, enough for 500,000 emergency meals

Official fears 100,000 dead; gunshots heard Wednesday night; machinery MIA

FBI warning of Haiti earthquake scams

Two U.S. football and soccer stars with Haitian roots urge open wallets for Haiti

North Carolina sends coast guard cutter and Hercules transport aircraft to Haiti

Lance Armstrong pledges $250,000 to Haiti earthquake victims

150 U.N. staff members remain trapped under rubble in Haiti

Canada mobilizes disaster response team; C-17 flying DART to Haiti Thursday morning
Harper says "search and rescue" top priority; co-ordinating efforts with U.S.

Canadian toll in Haiti quake rises to 3

International aid pledges for Haiti quake relief

Wednesday, 6 p.m. news summary
from Port-au-Prince,
still aftershocks.
U.S. spearheads global response; no help offer from Cuba

Earthquake's power equal to that of several nuclear bombs

Concrete buildings have collapsed everywhere, crushing their inhabitants.

Companies send $$$; Canadian Wal-Mart stores accept Red Cross donations

USAID sniffer dogs and handlers head out to save people.

Haitian-born Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean speaks movingly

CNN's Anderson Cooper
says bodies everywhere,
rescue activities frantic.
The search-and-rescue
work is non-stop
under crumbled structures.

Thousands trapped with no heavy machinery to do the heavy lifting.

American Red Cross says it has run out of medical supplies in Haiti

Pat Robertson
blames 'pact with devil'
for Haiti earthquake
Canadian DART team, destroyer, supplies soon on way

Ontario nurse dead, arrived 90 minutes before quake to set up clinics

Vatican: Archbishop dead, cathedral and all major churches & seminaries in Port-au-Prince levelled

Haitian Senator Latortue: "500,000 could be dead, but nobody knows..."

Haitian PM: "death toll could be well over 100,000..."

CBC: Canadians can't tweet donations, so here's how to give to Red Cross

Haiti earthquake wire      U.S. Geological Services

AP: UN peacekeeping HQ collapsed, 200-250 dead, including UN head

International Red Cross says 3 million affected by quake
Haitian Red Cross staff overwhelmed; no coordinated aid effort yet

Canada eager to help; UK, U.S., France have help on the way

BBC: confirms dead UN peacekeepers from Brazil, Jordan, China
Hotel Montana is collapsed with 200 tourists feared trapped

AP update 10:52 p.m. EST: corpses everywhere, piled in streets, schools, prisons
collapsed, inmates escaped, U.S. ferrying injured Americans to hospital at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, confirmed Jordanian
peacekeeper deaths, "tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and many have perished"
"withering force, toppling everything from simple shacks to the ornate National Palace"
"damage from the quake is staggering"
"HQ of 9,000-member Haiti peacekeeping mission & other U.N. installations seriously damaged"
Catholic Relief Services: "there must be thousands of people dead"

"U.N. peacekeepers, most of whom are from Brazil, were trying to rescue survivors
from their collapsed five-story headquarters, but U.N. peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said
late Tuesday that "as we speak no one has been rescued."

Full assessment to await morning as rescues underway throughout flattened Port-au-Prince.

Earthquake rubble and
chaos in Port-au-Prince.
Cement dust rises
over Port-au-Prince
as buildings crumble
in quake aftermath.
Harper: "Canada stands ready to provide any necessary assistance
to the people of Haiti during this time of need."

CBC: Thousands feared dead

Associated Press: "total disaster and chaos"

Reuters: "chaos on the streets with people sobbing and appearing dazed amid the rubble"

Canadians concerned about relatives in Haiti can call
the emergency operations centre in Ottawa at 1-800-387-3124

New York Times and other pictures including levelled National Palace, rescue attempts (below)
link to image link to image
link to image
link to image
link to image

National Palace before
and after being destroyed
by the earthquake.
Reuters picture (below)
link to image
New York Times picture (below) via Twitter

Reuters: "dozens of dead and injured people in the rubble"
"Everything started shaking, people were screaming, houses started collapsing ... it's total chaos"

Nat Post: multi-story buildings levelled; rescues underway

hit 10 miles inland; schools, hospital, palace, churches collapsed, hotels are damaged
panic and blood in streets; tremblor struck at depth of 8 km
USGS: 5.9, 5.5, 5.1 aftershocks (at least 13 above 4.5); largest quake in area since 1770
large, long, shallow quake, worst possible combination

Island of Hispaniola shared by Haiti & Dominican Republic; some damage also in DR

Canadians concerned about relatives in Haiti can call
the emergency operations centre in Ottawa at 1-800-387-3124

The Los Angeles County Fire Department urban search and rescue
team loads equipment as it prepares to travel to Haiti to help with rescue efforts.
CBS video
from Reuters
shows injured, destruction
and desperation

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